You need this today. For real.

I had a post written about election day but I’m not sure I’m going to post it because it’ll probably piss some people off and I’m not sure I want to deal with that so instead I’m going to think on it for today and post this because it made me laugh so hard I scared the lady at the drive-thru this morning.  Worth it.

This guy photoshops himself into the Kardashian’s instagram photos and it is made of magic.  The captions make it even better.  Click here and be sure to read the captions.  You need this today.


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  1. Oh the indifferent gods, this is brilliant. 😀 I saw a picture or two of him PSed into Kendall Jenner’s photos, but now I’mma have to follow this guy.

  2. I did need this today. Thank you. This election may kill me. I can’t even distract myself with work today because I’m home with a sick kid. Time to turn off interwebs until Jesus comes again, which might be soon.

  3. I almost choked on my coffee. Luckily I didn’t, otherwise I wouldn’t have got to see all the photos, and I now know (although, to be honest I should already have known this) not to read your posts whilst drinking a hot cup of coffee

  4. Thank you for sharing a laugh. We all need these. I’m pretty darn sure your comments about the election would align my with. One. But I think you’ll be a lot happier if you don’t post them. Choose happy. There’s more than enough anger and attacking going on right now. Don’t jump into it.

  5. How in the world did he do some of this stuff? Like the videos especially. I am laughing so hard while being amazed!

    (The milk video. HOW? I laughed so hard I stopped breathing for a minute. ~ Jenny)

  6. How did you even know?! I totally needed this today! I just followed Kirby. This is the best thing ever. Thank you!!

  7. I’m holding my breath until I get the election day post! Like you, I also worry about pissing people off, but remind myself it’ll be approximately 50% of the reaction, no matter what I say.

  8. Perfect use of photoshop. Why airbrush cellulite out of thighs when you could be attending a virtual donkey birthday party? What a guy, genius!

  9. The video of her dancing and him in the background and he spills the milk and then falls! I laughed until I had a stomachache. My kids are just looking at me like I’ve lost my mind. Thank you so much! I needed this. We all needed this.

  10. I am in the fortunate position of only knowing 3 things about the family. 1. They all have K names and 2. the dad (step-dad?) was something to do with OJ and has had gender reassignment. 3. They are always on TV shows I don’t watch or in magazines/newspapers I don’t buy. I’m not even sure about the second one. Upshot, this is pretty much lost on me, although I suspect the irony would be that the one with talent is the one who photoshopped themselves into the photo.

    As for the US elections, they’re making our Brexit campaign and aftermath look like sensible democracy, which is some amazing feat.

  11. Do only what you can do and don’t feel like you owe anyone but yourself anything.

    Good luck down there

    From Canada

  12. Now if he could just photoshop the other kardashians out!

    I’ve already sent in my ballot and kinda sorta wanna go to sleep until Wednesday (or at least stay in my room with a bunch of cuddly animals and some single malt scotch). Can someone stop the world? I’d like to get off.

  13. Kirby has no shame. Having mini horses myself, I have to say that Gary is NOT a pony. It looks like a mini cow (not a calf) but he is cute tho. Great post for Monday. 😀

  14. This is so wonderful I have no words. That’s for this and you are right about politics. I should have kept my mouth shut earlier on instragram and now I’m being blasted so… Still, I have to say #nevertrump

  15. The Kardashians make my feet itch… when I have shoes on…….lace-up shoes…….when I’m in a public place where it’s frowned upon to take your shoes off and scratch frantically between your toes…….like in a Pizza Place. Having said that though…..Kirby is hilarious!

  16. Omg his photoshops are on point. I started to believe he was really in the pictures. Thanks Jenny this made my day.

  17. Here’s something else some of us might be able to use. My girls love this video, because of all the ‘amazing things they choose to do’. I love the song, for the words that remind us ‘when’ not if ‘I get back on my feet’

  18. Election rant… they are all fucking cockwaffles, There. I said it for you. You can thank me later.

  19. I suppose I would find this funny if I had any clue about who these people were. I know of them, but there or more important things on the planet. From what I gather, they are famous for nothing, so ridicule away…and btw, I am in my 30’s, I still don’t really know who they are (they all look the same to me)

    (Do you mean the Kardashians? I’ve never seen an episode and I still think this is hilarious. Just know it’s a man inserting himself in photos of people who think they are on a constant photoshoot. And actually are sometimes. ~ Jenny)

  20. Just fabulous. Kirby is my new hero. He is the perfect antidote to that family’s vapid narcissism. A welcome break from the election anxiety. And this is why i do actually still love America.

  21. I think that if you had posted this earlier there might have been a movement of “Kirby for ”

  22. Kirby was needed today. I’m honestly scared about tomorrow! That can’t be good. My anxiety is creeping up the more the day sets in and I wish I wasn’t home alone. Thinking it might be a good idea to just go back to bed for a few days. (Or 4 years?) Probably a good move on your part not to publish the election post because everyone is so on edge right now. Thank you for giving me Kirby to laugh about. <3

  23. Very cool. From across the big pond, your election process is a mystery. All the best friends in the USA. I hope the outcome is the best for everyone.

  24. @TheBloggess I’m like 89% positive Kirby Kardashian is WAAAYYYY more important than Trump/Clinton. smdh #pornstache

  25. While I would love to read your take on the election, I applaud (clappety, clap, clay, clap) your decision to look after yourself.
    And Kirby… So many giggles for 5:39am.thanks for making my day (already !)

  26. I’ve been curious about what Victor is doing this election cycle. I feel like it would be impossible for someone who got you James Garfield like some kind of goddamn American hero to vote for the republican candidate this year. Hope all’s well.

    (I can’t share who he voted for because I respect his privacy, but I will say that I’m very proud to be his wife today. ~ Jenny)

  27. You always know what I need. Just like my mum. Thank you Bloggess for being up with the interwebs.

  28. I just sat through a lovely political rant by a coworker, then read this post. Thank you thank you thank you for the mental floss!

  29. I was thinking “this man’s photoshop skills are on point” but then I saw there were videos and now I think he’s just won the internet.

  30. I had to search for parenting blogs for an adolescent psychology class and came across yours. I followed your advice and went to this dude’s Instagram page. Oh my gracious, I couldn’t stop laughing in the library. Funny stuff; cleverness at its finest. Now to read your blog…

  31. Oh gosh, I think I saw this before. He does a brilliant job with Photoshop, and these are so hilarious. For a moment, I thought they were all with Lil’ Sebastian from Parks & Rec.

  32. Thank YOU, ma’am! That is awesome and hilarious! I needed to actually laugh!
    That guy is the shizznite! Captions AND photos!

  33. Well, now it looks like I will have to subscribe to Instagram too. This is too funny to ignore. Curse you Social Media!

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  35. OH this guy is exactly, exactly what I needed. He’s so brilliant I’m getting back on instagram just to follow him. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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