It’s going to be okay.

UPDATED: It’s the morning after now and I feel like I got hit with a truck.  But what I said in this post is still valid and I stand behind it.  I’m updating this post though with a very helpful comment was left on my last Facebook post and I’m sharing it here in case you need it: “For those who could use some support, text 741741. Free, confidential, anonymous. There may be some slower response times than the usual < 5 minutes, but crisis counselors are doing an amazing job responding to such a huge influx. LGBTQ, people of color, assault survivors, differently abled, other religions – ANYONE feeling overwhelmed about what this means for you? Feeling alone, anxious, maybe even in despair? There is help. Sending you love. Just in case anyone reading this needs help tonight or another night.”


It’s election day morning and I’ve thought a lot about what to write here.  I’ve rewritten it a dozen times.  If you read here you already know I’m super liberal so you can probably guess who I voted for.  If you’re like me (even if you voted for the person I despise) you’ve watched each debate and ad and tweet and endless, crazy bullshit and you feel an incredible amount of anxiety over what will happen today.  I feel it too.  And the thing I most want to hear right now is the thing I’m telling you.

We’re going to be okay.

We will. Because no matter who wins and no matter who you voted for you will still have the opportunity to fight each day for what you want to see in the world.  Fight for justice or kindness or acceptance or love or equality or whatever it is that is still lacking.  You will not fight alone. You still make a difference. In some cases you make more of a difference than a President ever will. Either way, you’ll be needed tomorrow (and every day after) to promote joy and love and grace even if you’re tired.  You will be better for it and so will the world.

We’re going to be okay. Even if the next President ends up being a sack full of sick ferrets we will be okay. We will still have our family. We will still have love. We will still have people fighting for what they believe in. We will have a better understanding of who we are as people and how we need to get better. We will have a better understanding of our capacity for love and for fear. We will have parties who know that their secrets are never really secret and that they need to be better. That benefits us all.  We will have seen disgusting behavior exposed so our children know what is and is not okay. We will have seen how easy it is to spread lies. We will have proof for our children that anybody (No, really…ANYBODY) can be President. We will have hard conversations at family dinners where we change minds and hearts and sometimes find our own changed and challenged. We will do it softly or we will do it loudly but we will not stop because we are Americans and it is our constitutional right to sometimes be stupid assholes and sometimes be noble and selfless and most of the time be a bit of both. We will have a reason to fight harder for what we believe in, and a reason to choose a good fight…one that makes a difference in positive ways for all of us. And that’s what America is all about.

Even during the darkest parts of history you can look back and see the glimmers of goodness shining through, and the light winning over, and the unlikely heroes being made, and the people becoming sharper and stronger and more clearly defining who they are and what they stand for, because they had no other choice but to choose. And that is necessary. It is hard. It is terrible. It is scary. It is beautiful. It is all of those at once but turned up to eleven. And that is us. And no matter what happens on election day, we will be okay. We will still be us. We will still be imperfect and flawed and good and bad and scared and brave and we will have so many more opportunities to become better than we are. To maybe even be better than okay. To maybe one day be great.

But until that day comes…we’re going to be okay.

I promise.

PS. If I could limit comments to just the usual readers then I know they would be funny and kind and compassionate, but I suspect this might get attention from people outside of this community so maybe skip the comments here for once. Or if you see people being shitty in the comment section about me or you or whoever it is you’re voting for just ignore them. Let them vent. Yelling into the void in my comment section might let them blow off the steam they need so they don’t take it out on their family or friends, and that is a good thing. Ignoring it and still beaming out love (or at least a good, Southern “Oh, bless their stupid hearts”) is your selfless act for the day. Because like it or not, we’re all in this together.

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  1. Love your comments! For someone with a “broken” brain, you have a very fine mind. 🙂

  2. I’m hoping for the best for all Americans, and sending all my love from Canada.

  3. It’s been very hard to remember we’re going to be okay when it all just looks like gloom and doom, no matter what the outcome may be. Thanks for being a voice of calm in the middle of the mess.

  4. Thank you for this. You have been – and continue to be – a bright, shining light that keeps me here.

  5. “Either way, you’ll be needed tomorrow (and every day after) to promote joy and love and grace even if you’re tired. You will be better for it and so will the world.”

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I needed to hear this today.

  6. The best part of today (regardless of what happens) was knowing my kids SEE that anyone can be whatever they work towards… even be President. It’s an amazing time.

  7. Thank you Jenny! I needed to hear this so much. My anxiety has been off the charts lately over all this election junk. You are right as Dumbledore said, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” I appreciate you and your writing.

  8. Thank you thank you thank you. Been having terrible election anxiety. But I brought my new kitten, Cloud, to the office today and her fuzzy cute self is helping tremendously.

  9. Love is all that matters! Shining my light today because you have shined so brightly for me the past few months.

  10. Jenny, you always know the right thing to say somehow…even your comment about comments. I needed this this morning!

  11. Thank you for writing this, I’m so scared I’m crying and having panic attacks. Gonna keep reading this all day.

  12. So well said. No matter what we will survive and live to fight another day. I’m gonna use the sick ferrets line, btw. 💖

  13. Thank you!!! These have seriously been my exact thought these past few days. My daughter has had so much anxiety about this election and I just keep telling her “no matter what, we are going to be ok! I promise!” Nobody can destroy what America stands for in 4 short years.

  14. Thanks for this! I can’t imagine living in a split house right now (and for the last 18 months). Just listening to my dad once a week is enough for me.

  15. This was beautifully said. I’m hoping that people will remember love today,especially towards family members with opposing views. And “bag of sick ferrets” has me giggling.

  16. Love this – I’m hoping for the best, but I know we’ll be OK no matter what happens….

  17. I JUST had this conversation with my kiddos the other night. That whatever happens we are in control of how we behave in the world and we can make a difference by just treating people the way we want to be treated. That we are all going to be ok no matter what. We have each other and we have our family and friends and all together we can have a positive impact in the world.

  18. We will be okay because we HAVE to be. But it’s still okay to be a little freaked out, too.

  19. Thanks for this! I will keep it and reread it when I feel like the whole world will end over our government.

  20. thank you for this. For showing that we liberals are patriots too. Our country is amazing–sometimes infuriating–but good and brave and full of hope. Beautifully written Jenny.

  21. Well said, Jenny. As one of the rest of the world, watching in horrified fascination, it’s good to be reminded that most of you are decent people trying to make the best of a ghastly choice. I wish you all strength and faith in a future that will turn out much better than all this election exaggeration and drama has been threatening. Life will go on!

  22. Yes. The work of reaching out to friends and family and neighbors — especially people who are wounded and hurt and angry and disagreeable — falls on us. Let’s love each other well and love this messy experiment of a country… Let’s overcome.

  23. It’s going to be OK. Best wishes from a tired Australian (it’s the wee hours here).

  24. I didn’t realize how much anxiety I was having about this election until just a few days ago. It feels SO BIG, and it’s nice to know I’m not the only one feeling this way.

  25. Jenny, you are absolutely correct. We will, as individuals and as a society, survive whatever happens this week. Because, to paraphrase Anne Frank, people are generally good. (Sometimes ya gotta look pretty deep or give ’em a smack upside the head to find goodness, but it’s there.) Everyone of us has loved and has been loved by something of someone.

    Today is a day of deep cleansing breaths, giving skritches to animals, looking at cute cat videos (or dog or hedgehog or…), and treating those with whom we interact with kindness and grace. As Mary Oliver said in one of her poems, I am married to amazement. I hope we all find something truly amazing today.


  26. “… we will not stop because we are Americans and it is our constitutional right to sometimes be stupid assholes and sometimes be noble and selfless and most of the time be a bit of both. ”
    ^^^ LOVE THIS SO MUCH ^^^

  27. Once again, you have crawled up inside my head and written exactly what I have been trying to think. Or hoping to think. Or something like that. (Except for describing the possibility of the new President being a “sack full of sick ferrets”. That is all you. Beautifully you. And I LOVE it!) Thank you!

  28. Democracy means we can agree to disagree with others’ voting choices, but respect and kindness should always be ahead of political affiliations. Thank you jenny for your wise words.

  29. What an uplifting post. My shoulders actually came down while I read this. Thank you for putting things into a positive and hope filled perspective. Funny AND smart. You’ve got it goin’ on girl!

  30. I’ll happily sponsor you and the family to come to Oz when/if it all goes to poo, which coiuld happen no matter who gets in…i want to be bi-partisan on my outlook 🙂

    Sure there are a shit ton of animals here that will kill you, but at least theyre not armed with assault rifles 🙂

    Plus you still need to hug a koala…..

  31. Thank you, Jenny! We will survive all this. I’ve decided to survive the day by staying off the computer and keeping the TV switched off and then going out and doing something good. I challenge everyone! I’m getting some Toys for Tots items, cleaning blankets to be donated to a blanket drive (a commercial washer in my house would be awesome at this point), making food and snacks for the drama club as they go into their six hour rehearsal tonight, and buying a few boxes of coffee for the road crew at the end of my block. Because let’s face it, I can’t walk from my house to my car when it’s cold out without claiming frostbite for the next 3 hours. And they work in the frost and wind for 10, 12, 14 hours a day. That way, we don’t need to wait for election results to hope the world gets better. It already will be better just because we put some good into it.

  32. Thank you so much for writing this! I’m not as scared about the outcome of this election as I am about people’s reactions to it. We’re all in this together and love is more important than a win or a loss.

  33. I’m not a regular commenter but I do read regularly. I only feel comfortable telling you (not the people I see every day) that I can’t fight any longer. I need to give up for a while.

    (A self-care break is always a good thing and nothing to be ashamed about. Rest. Watch cat videos. Come back when you feel ready again. Let others pick up the banner while you heal. Sometimes fighting means fighting for your own mental health and respecting when you need to take a break and recuperate. ~ Jenny)

  34. Sadly, half my family is going the diseased ferret route. Bless their stupid hearts. I still somehow love them.

    It will all be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end. (Badly quoted from Best Exotic Marigold Hotel). Love you!

  35. This is really the only message there is. It’s us, at the end of the day, every day, tending the places we live.

  36. Exactly what I needed to read this morning. My shoulders actually lowered as I read your positive and hope filled post. Thank you! I love the message, “Be the change you want to see in the world” and that’s what I’m taking from what you wrote. Funny AND smart. You got it going on girl!

  37. Oh stop talking sense and being reasonable. I’ve set up a nice little sideline selling Apocalypse Supplies to both sides of the aisle and reason and common sense impacts my profit margin. “Oh my god sir, if Hillary wins, she’s a-going to get all your guns! Buy this AK47. Now I know I said the same thing about Obama, and he’s had eight solid years and yet here we are still with guns everywhere, but this time I really mean it! She’s a woman… you know what they’re like, so buy 10,000 rounds of ammo and we’ll throw in this gas mask free.”
    “Oh my god sir, if Trump wins, he’s going to push the button and we’re all going to die! Can I interest you in this free-range organic vaccine-free line of MREs to stock your off the grid minimalist, low-carbon-footprint bunker? I’ll throw in this here composting toilet for free! You know how good compost will be once the Orange Nazis take control”.

  38. I’m in the UK and I’m staying up to watch the results come in (from about 4am our time). I admit to being scared. Absolutely terrified, in fact.

    But you’re right. Whatever happens, we’ve still got our friends and our loved ones. And we’ve still got this tight community of Bloggessors, ready to laugh at danger… or at least make space under the table so we can all hide from it together. x

  39. Truth. Well put and thank you for not being divisive. We can’t all agree on candidates or positions, but we can all agree to not be jerks about it and instead focus on the fact that there are over 300million of us and not that many of them (politicians).

  40. Beautifully put. Tomorrow we all need to join hands and get to work fixing stuff!

  41. I will be re-reading this throughout this horrible, amazing day. Thank you for putting into words the exact sentiments that our anxiety attacky hearts needed today!

  42. Are you a member of Pantsuit Nation? It’s a private Facebook page for HRC supporters and it’s full of positive energy. You have to be invited by a member to join. Email me if you’re interested,

    (Already a member. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  43. There is always, always good to be found in the world, and we can choose to use our voices to encourage and uplift each other, even in the midst of our own brokenness and fear.

    Thank you for sharing this today. May we all find peace today, and keep love in our hearts.

    Your Friendly Local Texas Hippy Pollyanna

  44. Jenny I love it. And to Maureen who commented uplist at #60 — what a wonderful wonderful set of ideas you have. That road crew is going to get a really pleasant surprise.

  45. No matter what happens at a national level, all that matters in the end is what you do at a personal level, thats where the real winning takes place

  46. All the best to you, citizens of the U.S.A. as you vote today! And to you, Jenny. I hope that today is a good day for you and for those who rely on this community to see them through rough days.

    Those of us here in Canada have always seen the USA as a bit of a loud, brash uncle who says crazy shit at family dinner, but we love you anyway because you’ve got your heart in the right place. We’ll just be up here, north of the border, biting our nails all day, hoping that things turn out well – no matter which way things go today. We can’t help but hope that HC gets in, b/c we’re generally a little more Liberal up here than you might think. If Clinton does win, we just want to remind the more conservative among you that we’ve got gay marriage, and gun control, and multiculturalism is right in our constitution (yes, we’ve got one of those too), so, that whole “moving to Canada if Hillary gets in” thing, might not work out so well for you.

  47. You absolute star!
    From England and Spain (live in one,come from the other), the rest of the world is watching you guys and we’re all quite worried, both in a “are you ok,America?” and in a “the fuck are you guys doing?” way.
    Your post made me feel better. Whomever you choose is going to affect the rest of the world,but the rest of you fighting to right wrongs also affect the world.
    Lots of love

  48. Thank you so much for putting this out there…it is so true and I have thought about this over and over again lately…We Will Be Ok…no matter what, we always are, we are Americans and even though we act like idiots sometimes we do come through together. I hope we can pull together after today and be at the very least…ok!

  49. Thank you for not going too super political because I am so not a liberal… But I think most of us agree that either choice is awful… Just maybe not agree which is more awful.

    Anyway we are all feeling the same way today. I’m very anxious about this election and it’s nice to come here to talk about that feeling without being yelled at (because thats all people are doing about the election this year)… And remember that we are more than politics. This was the perfect thing to write today and anyone who gives you shit for this post is an idiot.

  50. Sharing this even though I have sworn not to post any political anything because THIS is what I want America to be. This attitude needs to make it around the entire world! It will be ok. Not “it will be OK if…(insert demand here)”. Thank you Jenny. For saying what others can’t and don’t and won’t.

  51. Thank you. You’re so right. This isn’t ever over, and we will all have plenty of chances to help shape the country and the world we want for our children. We will have countless chances to be kind and inclusive and supportive and open. Each and every day – in big ways and small. And thank goodness for that! xo

  52. Just reading “we will be okay” made me exhale deeply, followed by a sense of calm. Thanks, I definitely needed that.

  53. I love you, Jenny. I love what you put out into the world. You are one of the reasons we will be OK. I hope I can be a reason we will all be OK, too: you inspire me.

  54. Man, this election is giving me anxiety and I’m not even American. We’re all watching and thinking of you guys (those “nasty women,” the mexican-americans, the muslim-americans, jst everyone Trump has targeted).

    Holy balls stay strong.

  55. This post clearly shows that YOU are fabulous. No matter the struggles, no matter the ailments – only a beautiful, strong soul could write these words. YOUR words. What a gift you are to the world!

  56. I am so,anxious today….. and cannot even turn on regular tv… I am Netflix and Amazon priming today!!

  57. To Elizabeth #54 – I’d like to give you a phrase I learned at my first job after college. “Stopping out”. That’s what Stanford University calls it when a student decides to take a year or two off — it’s formal, the school knows you’re returning, you’re just changing the year on your diploma. Many students get a job to pay for more years of school, to get experience in their field to make sure they’re not going to hate what they studied when they really get to it. Some go into the peace corps. Those who have the talent&backing use it for athletic competitions, art projects, travel, missionary work. The difference is just two letters — they’re not dropping out. They’re stopping out.

    It works in our personal lives too. Take the time you need – STOP OUT. Go out and breathe some clean air, or get cozy inside, or go to a museum or paint or do yoga or pray — do what gives you comfort and strength.

    I need to remind myself of this from time to time when I’m feeling overwhelmed by work or by family situations — because then I feel guilty for wanting to do nothing but read on an afternoon when I have the house to myself. But I’m not abandoning my family. I’m taking care of myself. And that’s A.O.K.

    Hang tight everyone!

  58. Thank you so much. Somehow you always post what I need to hear. On a different note, have you ever talked/posted/written about how you survive in a marriage where your political views are so opposed? I am really struggling with that right now.

    (I’m very lucky that Victor is a Republican fiscally and I’m a liberal for social justice reasons so we very seldom get mad at each other on the things we really care about. Victor isn’t opposed to gay marriage or women’s rights or ending racism or any of the things that I care about so mainly we just argue about the ways to accomplish those things. Most of the time we err on the side of respecting each others beliefs even if they seem insane. I think both of us have changed a bit in the time we’ve been married and that flexibility and open-mindedness is hard-won, but worth the effort.~ Jenny)

  59. Canada has been watching and worrying for some time now. sigh, I want to cut and paste this into every facebook account everywhere, beautifully written, you truly are an inspiration to so very many.

  60. Thank you, Jennie, from the bottom of my terrified, anxiety-ridden heart. You made me feel more hopeful than I’ve felt in a long time. I do believe you.

  61. Bless YOUR seeet wonderful heart Jenny – this post is so needed. Thank you. Sincerely, thank you 💚

  62. The whole wide world is watching, reading and losing sleep over this. No pressure! 🙂 I’m with her btw. Even though I don’t live in the USA.

  63. I love the hell out of this post. No matter what happens, things will be okay. Something everyone needs to hear today.

  64. Thank you. I needed this. I am, in the words of my beloved brother-in-law, tore up from the floor up over this election. It really will be okay, but I may need to take a social media break for a little while to recover.

  65. Thanks so much for this, Jenny. My heart is racing, my pulse is pounding with anxiety over the outcome today. I will hold onto your words. We will be ok, together.

  66. I’ve read your blog on and off over the years. We do not align politically but that’s ok. You have made me laugh long and hard on days when I didn’t think I could laugh. I just wanted to say from the third aisle (in case you care who I voted for) that I agree with this post 100%. Well written and thank you.

  67. So much yes. Thank you. This is perfect and exactly what I needed. I am so anxious about the results but hearing someone who I consider to be WAY smarter than the average bear say “We’re gonna be ok no matter what”

  68. I am checking out today. No tv, limiting facebook to only positive and finding a good book to read. What will happen will happen and I believe like you that we will be ok. Going to La Cantera, and the rim and do mindless shopping.

    (That’s my neighborhood! Such a small world. ~ Jenny)

  69. I think it’s a blessing that Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years all happen after the elections. We can be thankful that after a couple hundred years, we still have a peaceful transition from one administration to the next, and then we have the holidays to patch up any differences and move on and make ourselves better people. And encourage our elected leaders to do the same. 💖

  70. I needed to hear this. I am so worried. But this helped a lot – “Even if the next President ends up being a sack full of sick ferrets we will be okay.”
    Thank you!

  71. “Even if the next President ends up being a sack full of sick ferrets we will be okay.” 😀 😀 😀 Like many others, I needed to hear this today. Helps tamp down the nausea. 🙂

  72. Thank you for your inspiring words today Jenny. I woke up this morning afraid of how things might turn out if the “wrong” person wins today. And you’ve help me realize that I don’t have to be afraid.

  73. Thank you Jenny. Thank you for writing this. Well said & something we all need today.

  74. never posted here before but I do love to read your blog. Just want to say this was just what I needed to hear today. Thank you!

  75. Thank you for this! So much anxiety today….. but in the end, you are right. America will still be standing and love that shines forth can not be diminished.

  76. I’m worried, and I’m not an American. I am an Aussie splitting her time between Germany and the UK. The things going on, changes have to be made. Your post was what was needed today. Hopefully sanity will prevail because there is enough madness in the world.

  77. Thank you for this. I don’t feel okay. I don’t feel like it’s going to be okay. I will probably read this a bunch today. I may tape it to my mirror and read it every morning. I so badly want to feel okay.

  78. I have been reading Pantsuit Nation today and just being awed and inspired (autocorrect wanted to charge that to PORPOISED) by the people posting. You just did the same.
    This election isn’t about political parties, at least it shouldn’t be any more – it is about human decency.
    I’ve been reading page after page today of why people are voting for HC, and it’s been heartbreaking, and joyous, and chilling and above all truthful reading. There are REPUBLICANS I’m reading posts by, and it’s hard for them, but they recognise someone who has finally given them hope. LGBTQ people, mums, great grandmums, women who remember what it used to be like in the 30s, before we even had the vote, women actually IN LABOUR going to vote.
    I want someone to get in who has never stopped working, her entire career, to better the lives of those around her. I tell you, reading dyed in the wool Republicans saying this too, no matter how hard it is for them, has pretty much moved me to tears. They are showing love and compassion, and they too have given me hope.

  79. Thank you so much for this, Jenny. This election cycle has been so stressful and scary. It’s great to be reminded that we all still have power to work for the good outside of this circus. 🙂

  80. Damn straight!
    “We are Americans and it is our constitutional right to sometimes be stupid assholes and sometimes be noble and selfless and most of the time be a bit of both.”

  81. As a keen follower of US politics for most of my life, which is odd being an aussie,i cant help wondering what the late great Meet The Press moderator Tim Russert (i havent been able to watch it since he passed) would have made of this mess…i like to think he’d have approached it like Jenny has, try and reassure people that it would be ok…

  82. I say this pretty much daily, but today I mean it more and deeper than ever: I love you, Jenny Lawson, and I’m so glad you’re in the world.

  83. I’ve been inside of this emotional bouncy house of the Presidential race for 2 years now, and I am completely worn out, exhausted, and super worried for our country. You are so right, though. We’re still what makes us “US”, and we’ll be okay. I’ll keep reminding myself of that today and tomorrow and on and on. <3

  84. I don’t know if I’ll be okay. One candidate has made no bones about being against some of the things I have to rely on for my survival. Even though I appreciate the love and understanding around me, and I try every day to reflect it, I’m still worried.

  85. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Like many above, I desperately needed to hear this today.

  86. As someone who can’t vote this year (not a citizen), I want to say thank you to everyone who votes no matter who they vote for. I look forward to voting in the next election!

  87. For anyone feeling super anxious and looking for a momentary distraction, Houston Zoo is livestreaming from various exhibits all day on Facebook and San Francisco Zoo is spending an hour with the red pandas at 10am Pacific. Just wanted to share.

  88. As always your comments are spot on. I think we all needed to read this today. I’m not Southern, but “Oh, bless their stupid hearts” will be my new mantra for the day. <3

  89. For the first time since I turned 18 sometime in the 80’s, I have not wanted to vote at all. I still haven’t made a decision on what I’m going to do today, and that triggers my anxiety. The choices trigger my anxiety. What could happen if either candidate ends up in office makes me anxious.

    This post definitely helps today when I have work stress, moving stress, finding a new home stress, dog eating chargers stress, I still don’t have a replacement for my lemon of a car stress, and a thousand other little stressors threatening to push me under my desk into a fetal position. Thank you.

  90. Thank you for your words here; they were the ones I needed to see. As the hours pass, my anxiety rises, and I think it’s out of commiseration and an attempt to save my sanity that my phone has refused to load social media apps today. Hugs and mojo to whomever needs them and thank you for these words, Jenny.

  91. I will indeed be okay, as will virtually everyone reading this blog. Sadly, just like during the darkest moments in our history, depending on the outcome, there are Americans who won’t. Because I couldn’t fully support any of the candidates based on my own values, I voted for them. Those whose lives and livelihoods may well depend on the outcome of this election.

  92. I love your description of an unsavory politician as a “sack full of sick ferrets”. Unlike some of our politicians, I will except the outcome of the election. I may not like it, but I have cast my vote to do what I can. I will still donate to causes I believe in and I will still speak out against hate. I am truly hoping that no matter what, you are right an “We will be okay”.

  93. Elizabeth #54 I can imagine you’re worn out, the UK EU referendum brought about so much nastiness and so many lies, half truths and worst of all, heaps of hate. I almost lost a friend because of it, because we were on opposite sides and there came a time she thought we disagreed too much on the issues. That shocked me, as did some of the things said by her and some of the other people I thought I knew. I took a break from it all for a month or so, and still I keep opting out every so often. It’s so important to your mental and physical health to move away from things that feel toxic. Take good care and my advice is once you’ve heard the news, switch of the TV, don’t read newspapers and avoid contact with people who don’t enrich your life for a while.

  94. I noticed someone post a clip from Mary Poppins and it made me think that this post may just be the “spoonful of sugar” that many of us need today. Thank you.

  95. I have been dealing with a minor panic attack for the last month because of this whole thing. I’m not a fan of either candidate & I keep asking myself how, out of over 300,000,000 people in this country we ended up with this choice. I’m tired of the mud, and hate, and name calling. I’m tired of hearing how two grown-ass adults have devolved into assaulting each other over political differences. So…. my defense has been to go to this kind of thing:
    It makes me happy. 🙂

  96. I do appreciate this post, but the only thing I want to say is…it might not be okay for everyone. Some people may be targeted, killed, thrown out of this country for things that they can’t help or change – depending on how this election goes. It’s easy to say it’ll be fine when you’re in the majority, because it will be – none of the candidates are actually directly threatening you. So, for the sake of all the people who were not born into automatic rights and privileges, I really hope the election results allow THEM to have choices and the opportunity to make a difference for the next four years. Without just having to fight for their basic lives and rights every single day, because that’s exhausting.

  97. Your PS is one of the best responses to hate I’ve ever read. Your compassionate heart is a wonderful and inspiring thing!

  98. I can’t say anything but thank you for this post — and yes, “sackful of sick ferrets” is a damn fine description.

  99. Thanks Jenny. And your blog is one of the few places on the internet that the warning about reading comments can be ignored.

  100. You are absolutely right, no matter what, it WILL be okay. We will all come together, because bless their stupid hearts this IS still the greatest country in the world.

  101. You are right, but for fuck’s sake, we cannot elect a sack full of sick ferrets as our next president!

  102. Jenny, I cannot tell you how much I needed this post today! I woke up to a panic attack wicked early and I had nightmares all night which sucks cuz I’ve been fighting a debilitating fatigue for months now and need all the sleep I can get!!! I was worried about if I would be able to deal with what I feel the worst outcome of this election could be in my current state of mental illness, but your words are exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve already done my part and voted, so I just need to remind myself, whatever will be, will be, and I’ll still have my loved ones and this community and, eventually, I will have my physical and mental health back and can fight against injustices again, because let’s face it, they will still exist whatever the outcome is and so will people who feel the need to make stands.

  103. I will vote differently than you did but I love the statement that you shared here. I really want everyone to unite and keep American weird and awesome. Please keep writing books that make us all feel like a community 🙂

  104. Beautifully put. I especially liked this line: “because we are Americans and it is our constitutional right to sometimes be stupid assholes and sometimes be noble and selfless and most of the time be a bit of both.” the the anyone (no really, ANYONE) one was very good too.

  105. I have avoided FB like the plague ever since I had nasty PTSD related panic attack while in a heated debate. I can’t fathom this nightmare or choices. Your words are very conforting. Inalmost want to share them on FB. But not enough to go there.

    Much love, lady.

  106. Since both candidates suck serious noogies, I came soooo close to blowing my vote on a write-in candidate. I very seriously considered writing in YOUR name – “Jenny Lawson.”

    My only regret is that I didn’t think this through a year ago. With your following, I think we could have won the vote and there’d be unicorns, gravy, and mental healthcare for everyone.

    Jenny Lawson for President 2020!

  107. I am one of your neighbours from north of the border and find myself overwhelmed with anxiety and dread at the possibility of America voting in a complete douche for President. How in the fuck did it even get this far? It is disturbing that I live in a world where some people have not only allowed and accepted hate but celebrate it. Your post, however, made me feel a whole hell of a lot better and reminded me of the things that matter. Tonight like a good Canadian, I will drink beer with my friends and know that no matter what happens we have each other…and a shit ton more beer. Thank you for this, Jenny, and for keeping it real. Good luck to you all!

  108. Thank you for the positivity! We so need more of that today! (And more shit ferrets would be great, too.)

  109. Very nice, and very right. As I said to a friend who was threatening to leave the country if the candidate they despised got elected: I’m not going anywhere. SOMEONE has to stay and form The Resistance! 🙂 Rock on.

  110. I’m having terrible election anxiety and I’m not even American. People should always be kind and good, no matter what. And they should always remember to help more than just their families and friends because there are people out there who don’t have anyone. Go. Go forth and be a great nation, no matter what happens.

  111. i think my ego has been blown up by the immense amount of people who arent americans weighing in on how they’re nervous about what we’re doing and who we’re choosing. hang in there guys ‘were going to make the right choice!

  112. As always, exactly what I needed to see. I need this day to be over. The whole thing is making me ill and the kids at school are even stressed about it. Thank you. I’m going to read Let’s Pretend…again tonight.

  113. Thank you! I am crying at my desk because this is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today.

  114. Jenny, you have the ability to say what other cannot. That was said perfectly. Thank you.

  115. Longtime reader, first time commenter. THANK YOU for this, Jenny. You are right – we will all be ok, and we will all keep doing our good work to love each other and to promote kindness, tolerance, and fairness in our world. Also, to people who need hope today – get a friend to invite you to the Pantsuit Nation group on Facebook – the happy tears just keep flowing.

  116. YOU GUYS. Thank you for this. I’m a Canadian living in France, and watching the news closely. All the comments on news sites and social media are so full of anger and hatred and closed-mindedness (on both sides), and I’ve been feeling anxious about today, but also about where our American neighbours are taking their country. This post, and your comments of love and hope and support and optimism, have brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for this.

  117. I didn’t know I needed this until I read it. I am so fiercely grateful for you, Jenny Lawson.

  118. THIS – THIS IS WHAT I NEEDED TODAY! I also challenge the tech savvy people that when you vote there’s an ap (or magic) that makes all election related stuff turn into happy memes or videos of kittens doing funny stuff!

  119. The amount of anxiety I felt even early voting…like this whole day I just want to throw up.

    Thank you Jenny. <3

  120. Thank you, Jenny. Your words are a salve to my soul. Can’t say I won’t take a Xanax while the results come in, but I will be the change I want to see in the world.

  121. Jenny, if you’re not already on Pantsuit Nation on FaceBook, go now! If you need a boost, GO.

    Everywhere we look, the news is so depressing and terrifying, but the Pantsuit Nation is there, with upbeat, joyful, badass posts of so many people — men, women, people of color, different religions, different abilities — voting in their pantsuits or their white clothing or just voting.

    (It saddens me that this is a “secret” FB group — you can follow without others in your timeline seeing your posts and such — but it’s there; all the people who are pulling for this nation to go in a better direction). There’s also a twitter feed by the same name, but it’s not private or secret and I don’t think it was started by the same folks.

    Anyway, we’re with you, through every ulcer-inducing heart-stopping terror-inducing moment of this unbearable contest between progress and insanity.

  122. I think you could have used a better analogy, like sack full of rabid skunks, because trust me, you would probably prefer that your un-favorite candidate was like a sick ferret. Sick ferrets are too sick to be trouble makers, they no longer have the will to move. Someone else has to make the decisions.

    However, I get your point. I just hate people picking on my favorite pet.

    Other than that, great post! I too am hoping for a positive outcome from the US election.

  123. Thank you. Knowing what you have shared recently, this is extra helpful. It is hard , in times like these, to see the light that you KNOW is there. This post is a great reminder.

  124. Long time reader here but I don’t think I have ever commented before today. Thank you for saying what so many of us needed to here! I plan on re-reading this post through the day as my anxiety kicks in! =)

  125. So sick of election commercials. I don’t like her but can’t stand him so I voted weeks ago for her. And I’m still registered republican. But the party of rich guys are losing me. I’m conservative when it comes to money but I believe all people need health insurance and remember what it was like when I didn’t have it. Scary, held my breath until I got it. Had a herniated disc in my back, amazing pain and no insurance. A security guard helped me walk into work.

    So probably we’ll have our first woman president, about time. Let’s hope she thinks about what she’s doing before she does it

    Sent from my iPhone


  126. Jenny: anybody being shitty to you in the comments. Well I’m from Canada. And anybody who is shitty in the comments (well I haven’t read the comments but whatever) probably is ignorant as shit and so I’m gonna be as irreverent as shit. The shitty commenter thinks I own a dog sled team and live in an igloo. So I’m gonna take said shitty commenter and drag their ass up to my igloo and make them live, jog, breathe, drive, work and toil in my ugly ass winter for a year as punishment for insulting my favorite person on the planet. So there.

  127. Thank you Jennny. Like many here my anxiety has been out of control during the past month or so. Your wise words make me feel a bit better. 💕💖

  128. Thank you…have had my first bonafide anxiety experience this elections season. So need to hear we are all goingt o be ok..Sending love

  129. Thanks, Jenny. I always read your posts though this is the first time I’ve commented. I really think we’ve got this one but my anxiety level is still sky high.

  130. Beautifully said. I’m encouraging everyone to get out to vote, even those that I know are for the sack full of sick ferrets, because we are blessed to live where we have a choice in who rules our country. That is not something that should be taken lightly or shrugged off. And, as you put it, no matter what the outcome is, it’s going to be okay.

  131. Jenny– you are so amazing! If only everyone could learn to just spread love and positivity like you do 😚😚😚

  132. Thank you so much, Jenny. Beautifully expressed, and we all needed to hear this today.

  133. I love to watch a good train wreck as much as the next person, I just never thought the train wreck would be my entire country. Whatever the outcome, peace always and as we do keep on keepin on. As always I love your light side and your dark sides, sisterfriend.

  134. Thank you Jenny, Please continue to distill these times into words of concentrated life. Then serve then to us over the ice of your wit. YOU ROCK!

  135. Wow! Look how many wonderful posts! For depression sufferers, we sure know how to work the positive. (Proves it’s not just about the emotion)

  136. Oh my, I wish I could be as calm… I am German, living in Germany, so at first sight not so much affected by it, but I cannot tell you just HOW MUCH one possible outcome scares me! And that is because I think in that case it won’t be ok for many people. I know some people will feel an impact in any case, but IMHO there is only one candidate who openly threatened people, and who stirred an atmosphere of hate and fear. So i truly truly truly hope that we will all be okay, but I think it could very well be that we won’t be.

  137. In this moment, I love and admire you more than ever before. Thank you for reminding me what our real responsibilities are to each other and the world we want to live in. You’re so wise! xoxo

  138. I have been very quiet about my opinions. I figure if I can get along with the Hubby, who is voting differently than me, I can get along with strangers. I’m with her and I’m with you 🙂

  139. I love everything you’ve said here. I didn’t take your advice on skipping the comments, and I am so glad. Even divided the Bloggess community is strong. I will be sharing it, though. You put everything far better than I’ve been able to. Thank you for being a sane voice in the sea of fear. I hope you take your own advice about staying out of the comments, because I have a feeling that by the end of the day it will be a mess.
    I know it will never happen, but I would vote for you and Victor on a mixed ticket in a heartbeat. P & VP Lawson FTW.

  140. Hatred must be stopped, but, yes, we will prevail. “We survived ‘President X,’ and ‘President Y,’ and ‘President Z,’ so we’ll survive this horror show of a President” is definitely the sane answer. Love to you.

  141. yes, we will be ok. we have lots of very sensible 200+ year old laws in place to ensure smooth transition of power from one leader to the next without violence. this will help make us all okay. empathy and respect must prevail despite our differences. Disagreement is okay. Conflict is not.

    thank you Jenny!

    And don’t think we didn’t notice that Spinal Tap reference! 🙂

  142. Every word is perfect. I, the never posting FB person, shared the link. Everyone in the world that I like will find this comforting and inspiring.

  143. Well written article, good job .I’m hoping for the best for all Americans, and sending all my love from Canada.

  144. Spending the day with my horses. Their politics are sunshine and grass and skritches on their foreheads. I think we humans need more of that. Especially the forehead thing. 😉 My mare nuzzled off my “I voted” sticker, so that was a great start. We are all in the sunshine together today and every day following. Hugs to you, Jenny.

  145. I’m just hoping you have enough checks and balances in your system that no matter who wins the rest of the world will be safe.

  146. A very good post. I felt better while reading it, but I’m still terrified HE COULD WIN. I was in line to vote before 6am this morning.

  147. I have a wisdom tooth that is a ticking time bomb and needs to be extracted. I SERIOUSLY thought about scheduling that today because I get Xanax from Dentist for my appointments. I chickened out. Because I want to go for FroYo later and I made a mistake of Googling “Dry Socket”. EEEEK!!! Priorities. But my hubby took the day off just for the hell of it (we voted by mail a few weeks ago).We watched Zootopia instead which is like the animated light version of Breaking BAaAAAAAD (bah ha ha ha) but it had major social commentary and made me cry because it was cheesy as hell but so deep on a layer I sobbed like a weirdo.

  148. Though I tend to lean away from liberal views, I can appreciate the sentiment here. What I am learning is that, above all else love, compassion is greater than any opinion out there. And even though I am watching the back and forth from the sidelines in quiet concern, I am grateful to the ones like yourself that can say to everyone, We will be okay.

    So, thanks.

  149. To quote Laura Nyro: Give with your heart and love will come to you….Fresh dreams to deliver, a white dove’s gonna come today.
    Thank you Jenny you are a wonderful writer.

  150. Thank you for these beautiful words, which feel like aloe vera on a fresh burn. I find this the very best piece written during this entire election season. And I’ll be appropriating “sack of sick ferrets” into my everyday vocabulary, but I’ll try to remember to credit you when people love it as much as I do.

  151. No matter what, we can all be good. Love this.

    p.s. Canada will not be paying for a wall. 😉

  152. “Nothing is black and white, nothing’s ‘us or them.’ But then there are magical, beautiful things in the world. There’s incredible acts of kindness and bravery, and in the most unlikely places, and it gives you hope.” -Dave Matthew

    Let’s be a part of the magical, the beautiful, and do incredible acts of kindness and bravery. Where there is fear, drive it out with love. Where there is anxiety, fill it with acts of bravery. The world is so much bigger than politics.

  153. thanks for putting things into perspective. I had been spirralling into despair today. The elections were getting me down ontop of life’s other stress. Your words made me properly emotional but it was good emotionalness.

  154. I want to believe you, Jenny, but I’m a gay lady in a country where old white people don’t like my kind.
    This election made my skin crawl. My passport and cash are ready for an escape.

  155. I wish I could believe it would be okay for everyone if Trump wins but I’ve seen too many people die, some by violence and others by suicide, because of the current culture to believe that it will get better under Trump’s policies and the culture he represents. I’m scared, I’m absolutely terrified about what this will mean for my friends across the border (I’m Canadian) and I’m terrified of what it means for the world.

    The only thing that gives me hope is that there are enough of you who are afraid of the same thing so are working to make sure it doesn’t happen.

  156. “Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story…” Desiderata

  157. I absolutely love this, Jenny! And I needed it, because my husband is a diehard republican who thinks Trump is vile but wants him to win, and I’m an “I don’t know what” who doesn’t want Trump to win, so EITHER WAY one of us will be disappointed. Nice to remember the world goes on.

  158. So needed this today! Thank you. I was trying to find some positive in all of this; I think it’s that at the end of the day we live somewhere that we can talk about a shitty election and be ok. We can and will still love live taste see feel and be ok.

  159. Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light. ~Albus Dumbledore

  160. How anyone could ever send you hate mail is beyond me! Your post is a wonderful breath of fresh air today. YOU definitely make the world a better place 🙂

  161. Yes!! All the yes! I’d like to add that we’ll also still have checks & balances, puppies, and cookies. That seems pretty important. Love to the community!

  162. Love this ❣️ You’re do right , no matter what we can go on . ” kindness is love with its work boots on 😊”

  163. Thank you, Jenny. And, thank you to everyone leaving a comment of thanks and yes and we are all in this together. This is the good that this election has given us. Being scared of the dark has allowed us to reach for each other’s hands.

  164. Love wins. Hope wins. Grace wins. Thanks for making me feel okay today and always. Kindness wins.

  165. I’m just chilling today doing crafts, trying not to get anxious over the election. I never talk politics cos growing up my father caused many fights over politics. Made many holidays excruciating. So this year it has hard to try to explain to people that I do not wish to discuss my beliefs. I will reserve that for the voting booth. Very nice article, well said….jen

  166. Love you. Love your words for today. I NEEDED them. Best wishes to all with cuddly kittens and/or scary troglodytes to all – your choice.

  167. Thank you, very well said. Every voter should get a copy of your post as they exit the polls

  168. Not only do I love this post, I love your comment about commenters blowing off steam so they don’t hurt someone they love. I hope nobody gets obnoxious though. I honestly don’t know if we’ll be okay, but I love what you said and it gives me hope. I vote against someone instead of for someone for the first time in my life. Gonna drink vodka and watch Idiocracy all night… hang on and hang IN!!!

  169. Thank you, well said; Every voter should get a copy of your post as they leave the polling booth

  170. As a true Canadian, first I’d like to say, “I’m sorry” (because that’s what we do) then I’d like to hold the door for you because you’d be more than welcome here (there’s still plenty of room in my igloo). But most of all I’d like to say keep being you Jenny because you’re what makes America real and great. Thank you for the reminder to be kind even when it feels really hard.

  171. Thank you for this amazing thing that is just what I needed and that introduced me to your awesomeness!

  172. Dearest Jenny – thank you for reminding me that, no matter what is happening elsewhere in the world, I have power over the kindness and gentleness displayed in my own life. You bring such peace to my soul.

  173. I loved this post and the comments. Unless I blinked at the wrong moment there is not one nasty comment. It continues to amaze me that while you describe yourself as broken you write with more sanity and compassion than so many “normal” people. You lowered my anxiety level. Good luck to you all from a northern neighbour

  174. I’ve been glancing from across the room at stuff too far away to read with all the sounds muted. I saw your post in the pile awhile back. I finally tiptoed back to peek at the incoming pile, yours remains on top, so I trusted it was a good way to get my eyes ready for more. And it was. ❤

  175. THANKS JENNY I have been so worried about this bloody AWFUL process your words helped me a lot today!

  176. My sister just sent this to me, and I see her comment here. Thanks and love to both of you. This is good and true and wonderful.

  177. Thank you Jenny…I’ve been trying to figure out why I’ve spent the day either barely able to breathe or in full-on attack mode…as I was reading your post it was like that panic started to recede. I wasn’t going to vote, since it all seemed hopeless and the schoolyard bickering seems unlikely to actually end regardless the results.

    However, I actually voted today, for the first time ever (I’ve never registered before), and while I still have my doubts about what will happen over the next four years, I can at least say that I exercised my constitutional right to vote to prevent the election of someone who wants women to give up that right. I don’t fully agree with any of the candidates’ platforms, but I think that’s ok (though it gets lost in the static) – as long I am ok with the decision I make (and others with their own decisions), that is the most I can ask for (even if that decision is a move of prevention rather than promotion).

  178. Preach. Either way, some lessons will be learned and we’ll all muddle through. I’m choosing hope today. And Cadbury mini eggs. Always Cadbury mini eggs.

  179. A good reminder that our founding fathers (and mothers too!) built in a lot of safeguards to prevent one unhinged individual from being able to do too much damage. Election rhetoric gets very apocalyptic, but we will survive no matter what. And people really are mostly good, and mostly kind, and even when they do things we think are terrible it is usually because they feel like it is the best decision they can make for them and theirs.

  180. Not going to be okay if Trump wins. Sorry, it is your wealth and White Privilege speaking there.

  181. Hey Jenny,
    What a thoughtful, kind post. Australians are closely watching the election and the hoo ha around it is enthralling and appalling at the same time. We have our own political sacks of ferrets here, for sure. Actually I think it is illegal to have ferrets in Queensland. It is illegal to have pet rabbits.

  182. This wasn’t the first ugly slugfest of an election cycle, and truth told, it really isn’t the norm either. I am grateful to live in a country where we have a big-ol’ Festivus celebration every two years (complete with festival Poll and airing of grievences). So much fighting tells me one thing: there’s a lot of people, of many stripes, that give a damned. People giving a damned is why we have a democracy, and why the whole thing hasn’t fallen apart already. Giving a damned is the messy hot-glue mess that makes the work, even if only barely at times.

  183. You totally nailed this blog post. You’re amazing. And thank you (from someone not even living in the US right now).

  184. I could not have said this better myself. Thank you for putting into words what I needed to hear.

  185. I know it’s cliché to say I needed this, but God I needed this. I’ve been having anxiety attacks all month about the outcome tonight and I’ve been googling cats in hats and watching YouTube videos of guilty dogs just to get through the day. But I just needed to know that there are people who are scared about this election AND that it will be ok.

  186. Perfection, as usual you always know the right thing to write. I worried about reading the comments I really can’t believe that you got over 304 positive comments without me needing to think ” well, bless their stupid, anonymous heart”. You did good Jenny. I hope we win big today for America and the world. I will now go check and see how to get an invitation to Pantsuit Nation. Thank you for such a common sense blog post today that was definitely needed. I also agree with Daisy #246. Lawson in 2020 FTW.

  187. THANK YOU , JENNY !
    You shared your positivity and optimism with us and it literally meant a lot – to realize you thought it – then cared enough to share it – you were not greedy but generous with it and I and most probably we APPRECIATE YOU !!!!! YEAH FOR YOU !!!!!!!

  188. One of the best posts I have read about the election. I’m in Snowy Scotland and really hoping you guys will be ok and common sense prevails x

  189. Jenny, you love ferrets. How could you insult even diseased ferrets by comparing them to he who shall not be named? I’d rather have diseased ferrets run the country. You could compare him to diseased ferret poop.

  190. Thank you. I enjoy reading things that are not said by spit-flying fanatics. I am neither particularly “Liberal” nor “Conservative”. Vote your conscience. Always. You are the one who has to live with yourself. (I have not enjoyed the news and politicking this year at all! I did, however enjoy “sick sack of ferrets!!!”)

  191. Thank you, this is what I needed to hear. I have voted and I hope with all my little heart that a demagogue does not become the President, but your works have quelled some of that anxiety. I appreciate you putting yourself out there everyday even when all you want to is hide. Thank you.

  192. Thank you for this post, Jenny. I have been feeling so much anxiety and fear and nausea over this election for far too long. You have put it into perspective for me. I know that I will be coming back to read your words of wisdom and sanity many times tonight before the circus called the presidential election is over. You are a wise woman indeed and I love you.

  193. This is the most comforting thing I have read in a long time. This election has my soul gripped in terror. It is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you so much.

  194. Hey Jenny,

    Canadian here living close to the border. I am also worried about the election but you are right about love and I hope things survive during the next four years. Then hopefully it will not be end hopefully bahaha. But if it is I’ll just go up in the CN tower drink some wine and watch the world burn it will look interesting in the rotating circle. Also a nice view during the zombie apocalypse. With my cat who will.most likely eat me before the zombies get me. Evil cat no loyalty or love. Why can’t we be whales they seem happy and fat in the polluted ocean. Oh well, just need to use the love that was given to me to share and change as many lives as I can ^_^

  195. Everybody else said it but I have to tell you how perfect your post is today. For me, today is just the tip of the iceberg and I needed your good words all the way down. Thank you. Jamie

  196. Hey Jenny,
    (I don’t know if my post it the first time so it might look like a repeat) Love the post. I am also anxious about what is going on about the election. But you are right about love and being able to survive with what ever happens it will only take four years for us to keep things together till a new start. But if all else fails I am going into the CN tower if it not distoryed by airplanes or warheads. I sit with my family if they survive and find the most expensive wine and watch the world burn with my cat. If there is a zombie apocalypse then I’ll drink and drop pennies off of it and kill them that way bahaha. Gravity. But we survive and there is no zombie apocalypse well reality just stays boring and I’ll just work my butt off for a better future while changing as many lives as I can in the process for the better I hope it could become a double edge sword. Good luck world. Coming from a Canadian.

  197. I’m with her and with you! And I hope America pulls its head out of its a$$ even if Drumpf wins and really does make America great again by not giving in to hate. You are so loved by so many and bring such joy to us all. Hate mail be damned! (and I’m getting all Mama-bear in my head over the idea of you getting hate mail!).

  198. Thank you for talking us down, Jenny! Maybe I’ll have some fingernails left when this is over. 🙂

  199. Jenny, thank you. I love you telling US it will be okay.
    I think you’re right. No matter who does what to whom, in our own small worlds
    we will be okay, and that’s what matters, isnt it.

    Fingers crossed, lady.

  200. Reading this at 9:30 PM EST on election night and really needing the reassurance. Thanks for that. 🙂 Now back to breathing into a paper bag…

  201. yes…though I still feel I should be resurrecting my labor breathing techniques. Puff puff! 😊😨😊 thanks for the reminder. Hugs

  202. Thank you Jenny. I needed to see this right now as my anxiety is over the top at the moment. I will hold onto your words tightly as I am so afraid of what I am seeing. Love you

  203. Thank you. You have no idea how much I needed this right now. Also sack full of sick ferrets is my new favorite phrase. Much love Jenny.

  204. I am not reading the comments but I just have to say thank you for this, I love you!

  205. Thank you!! You are so right–we can still wake up tomorrow and love our families and work through things together!

  206. You and all your readers have become my people Such love, such humor, such craziness! Who wouldn;t love this family, broken or no.

  207. this is brillant. it’s also exactly what I needed to hear. I can breathe again. so… (taking a deep breath) Thank you very much!
    ps.I did repost with your credit…

  208. This was gorgeous and full of good points, but I don’t feel that I, my friends or this country really will be OK. Hatred – viciously aggressive hatred – is winning, and that’s breaking my heart.

  209. I’m going to read this aloud to my daughter tomorrow because all I can think to say myself is, “People are fucking awful and stupid. That’s how this happened.” Thanks for the words.

  210. I’m a nervous wreck right now. I don’t understand how hate like this is accepted, let alone so widely. I’m scared and I needed to hear this, it made me feel less alone. I’m trying to make myself believe (not just in my brain, but my heart) that everything will be okay. I don’t know how long that will take, but it’ll happen. You’re right. We’re better than this. And no matter what, we still will be tomorrow. Thank you, Jenny!

  211. Thank you so much. I needed to hear this. My father-in-law passed away earlier today, so it’s hard to deal with that along with election anxiety. I really needed this reminder. And I find it uplifting that the comments section is full of love and support. Your website is the only one where I read the comments, and find them helpful! Thank you, thank you, thank you. And now I’m going to go read Furiously Happy because I need to laugh!

  212. You Rock! I’ve been trying to convince all of my friends of this but you’re better at it so I’m sharing your post.

    Both candidates sow fear. Fear is the mind killer, the little death (Dune). Rise above it.

  213. Even if he who must not be named wins he’s still constrained by laws, the constitution and the other branches of government. Even the republicans won’t side with him so it shouldn’t be hard to override a veto. we will survive.

  214. I don’t comment here. But tonight I wanted to thank you and say that I am co-opting this for my own use, with your byline of course…..because this is important and needs to be shared.

  215. (Lol I didn’t read any of the other comments.)

    I needed to come to you right now, on this post, because this election night is seriously doing things to my mind that have never happened before. (Not, like, “I-might-hurt-myself” things, I cannot stress enough.) Like, even though I know I’m going to still be alive after this (Cannot. Stress. Enough.), I feel like the person I am now is going to die tonight. (Hell, even if things go the way I want them to, I think I’ll be changed by this experience.) One one hand, I feel like I might just shut myself up in a locked room and talk to other people as little as possible and become the kind of hermit you only hear about on TLC.
    But, at some point, it just occurred to me that maybe it won’t happen like that…and that this is exactly the kind of situation that could serve as a gateway to becoming Furiously Happy. Like, I literally namedropped that in a note I’m writing to give to my therapist (and then added, “if [you’re not familiar with that], pause here: I brought the book in my backpack”). Like, from here it looks like a 50/50 chance, sometimes shifting to 60/40, advantage shut-in. But, like, how could I NOT share this with you?

    (If one gets the impression that I’ve led a pretty sheltered life for this to be the most stressful thing that has ever happened to me, then…that would be correct. Oh well.)

    Also, if you’ll forgive me taking a little advantage: don’t I remember reading one time that you don’t respond to any comments after the 10th one, unless they ask a direct question? 😉

  216. THANK YOU!! Do you want to come over and make a Fort under my dining table and we can cry and color pictures? I am scared of a sack of sick ferrets, but your voice of reason makes me feel better.

  217. Thanks. Needed that. Been anxious all day.
    Love your soul woman. Can’t tell you enough how you’ve saved me!

  218. Thank you for this post. I am going to print it out so that I always have a reminder that we will be ok.

  219. Jenny, I can always count on you when I feel at my worst. This is exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. And I love your entire community and all that you (and they) have done to make things less bleak, less lonely, and more loving and kind.

  220. Oh man oh man. Did I ever need to read this tonight. Thank you. This evening, I’m hanging in there with Mr. Jim Wright. Some of his words, from his latest blog on Stonekettle Station: “Resolve is easy when you’re winning. But true character is how you face defeat and adversity — and what you do afterward. …And we will face it. Together.”

  221. Thank you. This is exactly what I needed to hear. No maybe I can go to sleep, because I am terrified about what this election means. I told my kids earlier this evening that we would have to work extra hard to be loving, respectful, understanding, kind, and protective of others. To combat the stuff from him. Thank you for always being a source of light and understanding for me.

  222. From the incomparable Sir Terry Pratchett, a very wise man and champion against the dark forces:
    “There is no way things should be. There is only what happens, and what we do.”
    Sending support to American friends from Australia xxx
    PS We have a spare bed and a couch if anyone needs them 😉

  223. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    I am so dismayed because this is not the country or the people that I thought. For the first time in my life, I don’t feel lucky to live in the USA.

  224. Thank you, Jenny. I am just reading this now and I’m not going to read the comments tonight but you always find some way to say what needs to be said, despite (or likely because of) your own struggles. Thanks for being a light in the dark!

  225. Jenny – I just knew this was the right place to go in desperate times. I am posting from Australia – many of us are in deep shock at the moment. The 2 Americans in my place of work were hugging and desolate today. Thank you for the reminder that there are decent, supportive, caring people who will rally together and support one another. Please know that we are supporting you from many parts of the globe.

  226. I’ve followed your blog for quite awhile, but I’ve never commented until now. Like the others, I had to thank you for posting this. And while I’m at it, thank you for everything else you’ve done through this blog that has helped so many people, myself included. Peace and pandas…

  227. I know this isn’t the post you put on Facebook (or Twitter I can’t remember) with the crisis center text information but I spoke (text) to them and while I did that I decided I needed to take a break from social medi so I wasn’t able to reply to that post. I’ve had to take two Xanax already so I’m a little rambly (which Apple is telling me is not a word but screw you Apple all words were once not words…that’s how words start) but I wanted to say thank you for posting that info. Making the decision to go on a break with social media made me feel like I was able to gain some sort of control. Plus they (the crisis people) brought up trying adult coloring books and i of course thought of you. I can’t do coloring books because my hands shake too bad but then it jogged a memory of how I use to do puzzles and how relaxing those were for me. Rambling again.

    And I’m also going to read Let’s Pretend again again (the double again was on purpose because I thought it was more clever than just saying “for the third time” like a normal person would) because it was the first book I’ve ever read that made me laugh so hard I had to stop reading because of the tears in my eyes.

    So thanks you twice. Once for being weird and messed up too and knowing that other weird and messed up people needed the crisis line tonight. Secondly for having the weirdest, wonderful, crazy childhood and putting those experiences on paper bringing joy to the weird ones of this world.

  228. Wow Jenny… truer words hardly spoken! What a beautiful message! I am not American, and sometimes I feel, I am not even human (9:)) but your words run deep and applies to every part of the world.. first world or not. Here in South Africa we feel your anticipation/aggravation/tension/hope as it will ultimately ripple into even our walks of life. Reading your post and your thoughts on this very sensitive issue, has brightened the topic, the day and has cast a rainbow coloured umbrella over you all! I hope many people will read it, be inspired by it and learn from it.. what a beautiful, refreshing frame of mind you have passed on. Bless you xxx

  229. It’s the morning after and despite the outcome, the sun will come up and my children will need me to tell them it will all be ok. My anxiety has been so bad the last week that it’s probably my fault as much as our new “bag of sick ferrets” in chief’s fault if they are scared. I wasn’t sure I could muster the strength to tell them it will all be ok because it still feels like a lie inside me. I’m seeing the world react and the markets tank and it just feels bleak. But then I read this and I am starting to feel like I can see a bit of the good again. It will start with me telling them it’ll be ok and then me MAKING it ok for them. I just have to steel myself and do it. I have to work hard to be the kindness and love they need to see. So bless your beautiful heart for this post. Your words will be with me today…and probably every day for some time to come…we love you!!!

  230. I can’t believe ththe results. It makes me want to cry. But it also makes me want to get even more active

  231. Thank you. You always seem to know the right words.
    I’m half-way around the world from you and I’m still horrified.

  232. You made me smile this morning and that was hard to do. Thank you and I think you’re right, but this is a tough one.

  233. I weep for the future of our country. On a bright note – and I searched very hard to find one – recreational marijuana laws passed in more states, so there is an option to move and try to stay stoned for the next 4 years.

  234. Thank you. That was very well put. And, given the results of the election, made me feel a tiny bit better.

  235. I want to say thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. It’s what I’d like to say, but am not good enough with words. So….THANK YOU!

  236. I read this yesterday but had to read it again today. I will hold these thoughts in my head and my heart as we face whatever lies ahead.

  237. Trying to work my way out of this state of stunned nauseous disbelief. Thank you for the encouraging words. Hugs, peace and love to everyone.

  238. On the other end of the scale, a Somali-American Muslim woman was just elected to the Minnesota state legislature. She spent several years as a refugee and arrived in the US at the age of 12. So, there’s that bright spark.

  239. I keep on dodging the official newsreports and trying to find a different reality on various sources such as Twitter and Facebook, or colleagues. But everywhere, the same desperation. I hope you’re right. I know we are here. We are going to be okay. If it’s not okay, it’s simply not over yet.

  240. I really wanted to read some crazy comments. Damn your rational and sane (and loving and accepting) followers!!!

  241. So thankful for the posts from Canada – you may see an influx of jaded Americans soon! And I’m not even fond of my male cat today, he knocked over my flowers. And Jenny, please know that you do more good than you can conceive!

  242. Your post is helping.

    I’m still scared and nauseated, but I’m going to use the fear to motivate me to make it okay for people who might not be OK. I’m not cut out for public office, but I may be able to put my considerable optimism to work. (Well, once I stop feeling like I’m going to vomit.)

    Breathe. I want it to be OK, too.

  243. Just like in life, let’s not let one person effect our day.We are not doomed because of the care love and compassion of us…US.

  244. I wish I could believe this. Given the impact on the Court, this will likely fuck up this country for generations. I don’t expect to see a return to civilization within my lifetime.
    America has crowned hatred and ignorance as its defining features.

    I want to go to sleep and never wake up.

  245. Thank you so much Jenny- I need this! I lost my mother 10 months ago, and now I’ve lost my government. Because of my beliefs I’m sure I’ll see my mother again, but I’m not sure I’l ever see my government again- and that’s a difficult pill to swallow. I’m just thankful my mother wasn’t here to see this debacle – it would have killed her! (Trying for a little humor!)
    For all of us here, we need to make sure the dark doesn’t win- light must prevail!

  246. I needed to read this today after going into a cold sweat from the results. Panic has set in. Being a Latina , gay, and a survivor of sexual assault I could only mourn for our immediate future. But as you say, we will be okay. We are strong, we have survived dark times in the past and we will survive this, with support from one another. We are a country that has always valued democracy, and those checks and balances will carry us through. Being a veteran, I swore to uphold a person’s right to their freedom and right to choice. I can only hope to have the same rights as everyone else. Here’s to a very speedy four years, please may they fly by in the blink of an eye and that we all come out unscathed at the end.

  247. Oh bless thier stupid hearts. Thank you.. Ive vented and now can move on and work to make sure I fight the fight for love and my children know and see what that looks like. 🙂

  248. What a wonderful person you are, Jenny! Of course you offer refuge to those who need it in this mind-bogglingly difficult time. Tell the depression to go to hell; you are AWESOME.

  249. I am not okay. I am so not okay. I don’t know how to go on from here. I don’t think I can do it.

    (You aren’t alone. A lot of us feel aimless and scared. But wait. The path will show itself. Keep breathing. ~ Jenny)

  250. Amazed by all the love being spread on this post. Jenny, you did it again. Brought people together to lift each other up during such dark times.

    Sending love and hugs to you all.

  251. From a brain that works scarily a lot like yours and has me in a really dark place today….thank you, Jenny. You are humanprozac and Xanax and chocolate all rolled into one.

  252. Thank you.
    While I knew this and mentally prepared myself for this situation, I’m still not thinking rationally (or am I?)
    I needed this.

  253. Thank you for this. And also “sack of sick ferrets.” First thing to make me smile today.

  254. Thank you, Jenny, for your words of wisdom. I’m struggling this morning as is a friend of mine. She’s having a harder time than I am and I was trying to keep both our heads above water first thing this morning. We are contemplating our next moves and yes, we mean that more than literally as we both have Visas. Blessings on you. And thank you again. {hugs}

  255. For folks who believe that Changes Are Needed, know that Not All Changes are for the better. For example: When Cinderella’s real mom died. Was the Stepmother a change for the better? And underwear: Would you take off the ones you are wearing right now and swap with dirt encrusted ones you found under your teenage son’s bed? That would also be a change. I am very much afraid that while we will survive the contempt and disrespect that seems to routinely issue from the mouth of a Sack of Sick Ferrets, we will be constantly ashamed of the choice our nation has made. Fortunately, as another thoughtful poster commented, there are Constitutional restraints in place. Thank God. Thank Goodness, and Thank our Forefathers.

  256. As a country, we’ve made it through worse: the civil war, two world wars, the great depression, etc. We, as a country, will make it through this also. Some of us as citizens will not, as our health insurance is about to be taken away.. Thank you for this post, and I’m just very glad that I got my cataract surgeries last year while the ACA was in effect to help pay for them.

  257. I like your thoughts and the wisdom therein. I am having trouble adjusting from an potentially exciting future of America to one where we were thrown back into the cave again. I won’t forget how many people came together for this fight for the future. Now we have to be calm. We have to be clever. Trump cannot abide following someone else’s rules like The Constitution and The Bill of Rights and laws and the way things are done in Congress, the Federal Government and the individual state and local governments. I expect to see many meltdowns. I expect that at some point someone will call for impeachment. After seeing the way Trump behaves it won’t be long.

  258. Lovely message, Jenny. I’m Canadian and I truly hope this…well, SHOCK to the system is what it is…will motivate Democrats in your country to fight for real change. But you guys are our neighbours, our friends and our allies, and that is something that won’t change (one hopes). Sending peace and love to all <3

  259. I’m sorry America and Jenny, from Prince Edward Island (You can totally bunk with me for a vacation from Trump-gate if you like, I make awesome forts and wickedly good slurpees.)

  260. I am getting more and more depressed. It’s not merely the next four years: this country and the world will suffer for decades, because with the WH and both houses of Congress, they will have control of the courts, removing our last defense.
    I want to quit. I am ashamed of this country and violently angry. The only thing that might keep me from cutting and running would be guilt at abandoning young women, POC, LGBTQ+, the poor, the disabled, non-christians in their fight for survival.
    I want it over. I want it all over.

  261. I love your thoughts on this. For what it’s worth, I find myself channeling Buffy from Season 7, specifically:
    “I’m beyond tired. I’m beyond scared. I’m standing on the mouth of hell and it is gonna swallow me whole. And it’ll choke on me.” Also, “There is only one thing on this earth more powerful than evil, and that’s us.”

    The whole speech is pretty powerful [you can Google it] but those are the 2 points that empower me most. I love her defiance and unwillingness to let an overwhelming power beat her and her friends, & to instead stand up to it still. This is not the end. I think if we keep standing up and holding hands we’ll be okay.

  262. I have had this post opened on my desktop all day at work. When I feel like crying, I open it up – I need to be told “It’s going to be okay” a lot today.

  263. I’ve read this more than once today, trying to internalize it. I turned off the results last night when my optimism turned to panic and disbelief. I started out numb this morning, and then as I sat and stared at a picture of my three-year-old daughter on my phone, typing out an Instagram post, the tears came. I’ve spent the day trying to keep busy at work, but every time I allow myself to think about her and the ramifications this has on her life, I cry again.

    She’s the reason I refuse to give in to the hopelessness I feel right now. She’s the reason I’m going to keep fighting against what just happened. Right now, the best way I can think of do that is to continue teaching her to be kind above all else, to be brave, to be curious, to speak-up, to help anywhere she sees a need.

    This is going to sound odd, maybe, but I don’t think I realized how much I love my daughter until this morning.

  264. It goes like this: Get up. Make your bed. Be kind and lift each other up. Do what you can to dismantle the patriarchy. Try to get some veggies with dinner. Have a good night’s sleep. Repeat.

  265. My response to the last 24 hrs – There are those that choose to define themselves with hate, so I will choose to define myself with compassion and understanding. I will not “hate” someone because of what or who they believe in even if I disagree. I will try to understand their ideals and offer them a chance to understand mine. I will continue to teach my children that who someone loves, how they define themselves, where they are from, or how they worship does not negate their humanity. I may not have the ability to change a nation, but I have the ability to change me. That will have to do for now.

  266. It’s definitely going to be ok. The thing about democracy is that no one person can really run the show. The president may be at the wheel but the car isn’t going anywhere without the gas pedal, and even if the car is stuck at full throttle, you can always slam on the breaks.

    Furthermore, I have a feeling that the only reason your new president even entered this race was to prove that he could. To satisfy his ego. I take every word that has escaped his lips during his campaign as nothing more than words designed to confuse, disorient, manipulate potential voters. Most of the “plans” and “promises” will never see the light of day.

    I come from the land of Rob Ford. Believe me, this circus act will come to an end and you will survive. In the end you will have a story about that time a big orange clown hijacked the White House. It’s going to be fine.

  267. have been following you but not making comments so today, thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! Your compassion, consideration, generosity, and clarity have such power today.

  268. Thank you as always for being a lighthouse in these stormy days. To all of us struggling today, the sun will come back at some point. Be gentle with yourself, give yourself time to be angry/sad/shocked. Give yourself time to mourn the future you believed we’d be heading into today. And take some comfort in knowing that he didn’t win the popular vote, so in reality the majority of the country isn’t espousing the rhetoric of fear mongering and hatred.

  269. Thanks for the kind words. I am almost to the place you are, but I cannot help thinking about the vulnerable in this country and what will happen to them.

    My sister needs an operation and is on “Obamacare” and is trying desperately to schedule her surgery before Trump takes office and takes health care away from her, who suffers from severe depression.

    I think about the men and women who were only able to be joined together in marriage because of the openminded policies of the current administration and feel for them if their unions are no longer seen as valid.

    And I look at what destruction Trump plus a Republican Congress plus a Conservative Court could do for so many, especially the people who weren’t born in this country but have chosen it to birth and raise their children to become citizens. I can’t help but to see a future where families will be torn apart.

    So thank you, Jenny, for the words of strength. I will one day (hopefully soon) get to where you are, but for now I am scared and I am sad.

  270. You know, I remember feeling really, really sick with worry when an aging, former actor beat an incumbent POTUS to be the ruler of one of the two top world superpowers. My recollection is that the world was much more volatile and dangerous back then, especially compared to modern media’s 24/7 in-your-face news cycles.
    We made it through that okay, then. We’ll make it through this okay…

  271. I woke up with an all-too-often lump in my throat. Except this time, when I turned on my TV at 2 am to begin my freelance work for the day, I read it in big letters. The Truth. The Truth that I am an agoraphobe for a reason, The Truth I npolonger trust anyone who spoke of him in a respectable. I have to explain to my 11 years old, much like yours, that bullies will always be bullies and how to hate won, this time.

    I curled into a ball and mourned. Tomorrow, perhaps the next stage of grief will come.

  272. I’m sorry but I just don’t feel like it’s going to be ok. I have ptsd and am so scared that if one ptsd person does something horrible it will be my group he turns his hate on. Maybe I will have a tiny hope someday but am just so sad and scared and alone today.

  273. Thank you for your words. Thank you for being a light in the darkness, even when you are in the dark and can’t see your own light. I truly want to believe it will still be ok. I eagerly await the 7th annual James Garfield Christmas miracle to help me believe, because right about now I think we could all use a miracle or two, and some “mother-fuckin’ festivity up in here y’all”

  274. Thank you. Going through various stages of grief right now with the hope that eventually I hit acceptance. For once reading comments made me feel less shitty, it renewed my faith in people. So for whatever the next 4 years brings, thank you for reminding me that my country is not completely full of intolerant white men regardless of how they vote.

  275. Thank you. You’re amazing, even if you can’t keep track of just where the taxidermied chick came from (okay, you did eventuality a, so points to you there. Extra points for the giggles you gave me).

  276. I want so badly to believe that it’ll be OK. I want to have hope. But I don’t. I don’t feel OK. I don’t know what to do.

  277. Thanks for a bit of hope. I sure needed it.

    I’m trying to understand why people would find bigotry, bullying, and groping to be acceptable traits in the person who represents them. Do they do this themselves? Do they secretly wished they could but know they aren’t rich and powerful enough to get away with it? Do they think that this was all some sort of TV show with no real consequences?

    One thing I do understand: they can never defeat love, tolerance, open-mindedness, and a sense of humor. Which you have in spades.

    Thank you so much for your blog.

  278. You always know the right thing to say. And, silver lining, this is the sort of thing that makes people stand up together and for each other. I’m sending extra love South. PS, Canada is just across the border with open arms and donuts…we always have donuts. It’s cold up here but you’ve got members of your tribe up here too, if it all gets too much down there for a while.

  279. Someone mentioned upthread that it’s easy to say “It’ll be okay” when you’re white and straight and wealthy. I understand that fear and absolutely promise from the bottom of my heart that I’ll protect you to the best of my ability…that I’ll fight for you and be your advocate and ally. Please take courage. There are more good people in the world than bad.

  280. Thank you. Your website is an oasis and a place to go when I’m not feeling my strongest. dougR

  281. Some things will be OK for some people and some things will not be OK for some people. And that is how it ALWAYS is, no matter what else is going on. The thing I remember is that it does no one and nothing any good for any of us to run around like chickens with our heads cut off, or to despair, or to give up, or to think that it is all doom ahead. WE DON’T KNOW what will happen next! We never do. So…..the only sane thing to do is wait and see what happens! If something happens right in front of you that you think is wrong and you can make a move to change it….do. If you can’t do anything about it….don’t let it destroy you. That doesn’t help anyone. In the immortal words: Just remain calm and carry on. The world has seen, and survived, a lot worse than this. Just carry on. For most people, it really won’t make a whole lot of difference. You will get different health insurance if you need to. You have done that before. You will love who you love anyway. You did that before. You will live your life anyway. You have been living it all along. If you don’t believe that this will adversely affect your daily life, then it doesn’t need to. You can make that choice.

  282. I’m terrified. I want it to be okay but I just don’t know. I hate that so much hate has been dredged up. It’s been there all along, that’s even scarier. It’s been given a lift out of the shadows. I hope that will help destroy it, like sunlight on a vampire, but I just don’t know. This has been an awful year for me made even more awful now. I’m sick with worry.

  283. Great blog and wonderful to read something so positive at a time when things look bleak. But what if it isn’t going to be okay?

  284. Don’t forget, over one half of America voted for Hillary, more who would have weren’t able to vote. WE WILL, AND DO, STAND UP FOR ALL OF YOU!

  285. Jenny, I want to thank you for your rational, mature approach to all this. I totally expected to find wednesday’s comments full of mean, ugly, and vicious rantings, after tuesday’s comments were so gracious and respectful. But I was surprised to see how gracious and respectful (though grieved and distraught) most of wednesday’s comments were. And I think you helped set the tone for that. It’s far better and more helpful than what the media and hollywood people are doing as they throw around accusations that everyone from small-town cities that voted for Trump are racist, woman-haters. It is those kinds of attitudes and emotional, unfair judgments that are going to hurt our country more, cause division, and lead to problems that don’t have to happen. Thank you for setting a more optimistic, respectful tone. Did any see Miley Cyrus’ (?spelling?) video? She did a great job too. We all take our turns getting presidents we don’t like. But the right to vote and the fact that we can have different beliefs is something that makes our country great.

  286. I live in Australia but got really sad and scared about the election because it feels like there’s a lot of hate in the world at the moment. I just read every single comment and there was no hate there. Maybe sadness (and one person who was happy about Trump but not spewing hatred – just ‘woops’). Two people quoted Dumbledore. I actually feel a lot better now. Thanks x

  287. I saw the top part of your post that you added on Wed about seeking help posted all over FB today. Sadly you were not credited but just wanted you to know that people all over appreciate your words and advice even if they do not know they come from you.

  288. I have two daughters who I needed to break the news to yesterday morning. The younger one, 6, burst instantly into hot tears. The older one, at ten, is already seemingly so used to disappointment of this order that she looked at me, blinked, and then steeled herself against it and went about her morning. This second one, while less messy, was so much worse, becuase I feel like it’s exactly what women everywhere have to do. We steel ourselves against the shitstorm. Scratch that. We walk right into the shitstorm.

  289. I was saddened to see all the violence and protesting in the aftermath of the election. It only makes matters worse, to me it showed how ugly our society has become. I don’t understand how that rage and violent behavior does any good , it makes it all of us look so bad. Jenny you have shared with the world your inner most struggles, your true self. With your openness I for one feel a deep connection and understanding of who you really are as a person. You have openly shared and bared our soul for all to see, that took an enormous amount courage. I don’t always agree with your opinion but that is on me not you. I’m not going to go out in the name of protest and set cars on fire or loot my local convenience store because I don’t see eye to eye with you on something. Our opinions do not define who we are, what defines us more is how we react to the opinions of those we do not agree with.

  290. I tell myself it’s going to be okay. And then I read another story of someone who was verbally attacked on Wednesday by a total stranger because people feel free to do that. And my belief in it being okay falls apart.

    I am sharing out your first paragraph with the number to text on facebook because so many people I know are in despair. And I may be going to text it myself.

  291. I needed this. As a young women with chronic mental illness belonging to a minority race, this has been hard. All of it. I’m just so tired–as I’m sure many are. Lately, you’ve been my ray of sunshine, Jenny.

  292. And this is why I pimped so many of your books in the dark heart of Texas. You have a knack for making people step outside their insular little worlds and consider that opening up to others could be the best thing that ever happened to them. Thanks for this post. You made me feel better.

  293. I agree 100% with the “We’re going to be OK”. I didn’t vote for either Democrat nor Republican. That would have been picking the “lesser of two evils” at this point. Strangely enough, there were other parties out there.

    Either way, we’ll still be OK as a country if we all just remember we’re human; regardless of race, skin color, religion, sexual preferences, whatever. We will all be remembered after we die by how we made others feel, not about anything else.

    So keep being kind and love with all you’ve got…something the Government can never take nor give.

    Thank you Jenny. Chin up and let’s keep going.

  294. Perfect, Madam, as always.

    One suggestion for the despondent: puppies. Go somewhere where there are multiple puppies, sit down and let ’em swarm all over you. Your mind will go blank with abject pleasure. Better than Xanax.

  295. Thank you. I cried as I read and I’m sure it released some tension. Thank you for the positives amidst this political sea off darkness. 🙂

  296. We WILL be okay. I tell my girls ALL the time “Be a good person and do good things” that’s really all you have control over……and it matters, A LOT!

  297. I work at the International Rescue Committee – an institution which, among other things, resettles refugees in the US – and y’all, it was GRIM in the office yesterday. But our CEO called a mass staff meeting to buck us all up a bit, and he said something really fantastic at the beginning. He reminded us that if we were feeling upset or sad or angry or frustrated or in mourning, that…that was good. Because it meant that we cared enough about our ideals, and our vision for this country, that we were CAPABLE of being hurt when they were dashed. And the good thing about ideals is…you can still live by them yourself.

    So this just means that we have to step up for caring about and for each other now, since our government isn’t going to be as able to do that any more for a while. And you can do that in little ways as well as big, and you can do that locally as well as for the larger community. In fact, you need to care for the closer circle now and then so they have the ability to go take care of the world themselves too. And take care of yourself too, so YOU can keep going.

    (Oh – the IRC web site is .)

  298. Thank you! I am a white male, so I should be one of the “safe” people in Trump’s America, but I don’t feel safe. I am scared. This helps.

  299. Hey Jenny! I’m getting through all this by reading your books!! They are helping a lot right now!

  300. I may have to Uninstaller twitter and Facebook from my phone for a while. Until I get a grip. I think I’m internalizing social media wHicham isn’t like me. But my day job consists of social work and social media is compounding my compassion fatigue.

  301. Thank you for the light you shine Jenny. As JK said, “We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.”

  302. Thank you for this. I think your post was the best response to the 2016 Election that I’ve read all week. I appreciate your perspective so much <3

  303. Thank you for the positivity, Jenny. Having a devil of a time trying to find the single sliver of hope to hold on to and it’s nice to know I’m not the only one. Sadly the crisis line, however well intentioned, was full of platitudes that, ironically, ended up making me feel less complete as a human. Like an angsty cliché who just needs to get past it. But that’s probably more the monkey of depression’s fault than their counselor’s. Point is: thank you for everything — in times of crisis and every day. Thank you.

  304. I’ve never posted here before; just read. I am so lost right now, I’ve deactivated FB, not checking Twitter, not reading or watching any news. I cannot understand it all. Depression/Anxiety growing by the minute. Thank you for what you said. I’m not alone. It’s going to be okay. I just have to hold onto that. I feel like the world is upside down. Thank you, thank you, thank you; my cats say thank me-you, too. They all know when I’m crazy, sometimes before I do.

  305. Except now I’m in an internet conversation with someone who is telling me” it will be ok, give him a chance , he’s a good man” and I think – really? based on what ?

  306. Well said… this is the message I’ve been sending to my 8th grade students and my own children. We each have the power within us to create the change that we want to see in the world. We can all make a positive difference. Thank you for this post!

  307. This seems like a group that would appreciate the power of the safety pin. Google it- join us. Feels good to do something small and help other people feel safe.

  308. First, I am a Trump voter but keep reading. I may disagree with you on politics, but I wanted to tell you I enjoyed your post. I also want to tell you I enjoyed your book very much. It is not often a book can make me laugh out loud, but your book did just that. I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing.

  309. We’re going to be okay with the new president. He has a very good relationship with other countries which can help America, such as Miss Russia, Miss Cuba, and Miss Puerto Rico.

  310. Hi Jenny, I was going to send you an e-mail but then you said you rarely open it so here I am to say that 2 days ago I read about your book Furiously Happy in one of the pages I follow recommending it in case you were down because of the elections, then I immediately found it online and started to read it finished it today. I’d like to thank you because it had been more than 6 months that I couldn’t get back to my reading habit after a crisis. I’m a keen reader and I write too, actually I wrote a children’s book that is in production. But I’ve been struggling with depression, anxiety and panic attacks for 5 years since my father passed away. I’ve tried talking with a therapist but I didn’t like them because I felt like they only wanted to stuff me with drugs and I don’t like taking medicine, never did. So what has saved me is comedy (I watch a lot of sitcoms and stand up), reading and writing, but when I have a crisis I just can’t concentrate and get “reader’s block” and it doesn’t matter how hard I try I cannot get to read anything and then this week when I started your book and finished it in 3 days I was so happy. So Thank you for writing about the things you write and for making me feel better and get back to reading. Your book Let’s pretend this never happened has been in my reading list for a few months but I cannot get to buy it because I’m in Brazil and here we can only get the translation (I don’t even know if there is a translation in Portuguese of your book) but the thing is that I like to read in English so I’m waiting for someone that is traveling to the US to bring it for me cause I couldn’t find it online. Anyway, thanks for you sense of humor about your condition, I’ve tried to make fun of my condition once and a person told me to stop because I was making people uncomfortable, so I guess you are lucky to have people around you with the same sense of humor as you. Keep it up!!! Edna from Brazil

  311. Thank you, things in my life are not going so well and the election was like the bomb on top of my depression flavored anxiety sprinkled banana split that I did not intend to order. I always find comfort in your posts though and I appreciate that and you. ^_^ Also, love the animal pictures- as always.

  312. It’s a week after Election Day, and I had another full-on sobbing fit this morning. The enormity of what could happen, what is happening, is overwhelming to me. I just found your post and am printing it out so I can sleep with it under my pillow. Your words brought me some peace, and these words–especially “sack full of sick ferrets”–are going to be my mantra. I will continue to love and care and fight for what is right. Thank you for saying what I needed to hear.

  313. Struggling mightily a week later. Grateful for the validation of like minds; unhappy that the fear is legitimate.

  314. It’s so refreshing to read this. I had such terrible anxiety leading up to, and on the day of this election. And have been so sad and depressed and re-traumatized by the results. I have lived through the devastating effects of sexual violence, and seeing that someone can abuse and use women and then be elected president has shattered my faith in our country and government. How can we trust a president that behaves this way towards people? That condones violence, mocks people with disabilities, discriminates against people of different races and religions… I will be looking up the number you shared at the top of your post, and hopefully getting past my fear of the phone to contact it. In the meantime, than you for your words of hope. I needed them. We all do. <3

  315. Loved this comment, Bloggess! I wasn’t sure if you would be a liberal, but I wanted to read anyway. My wife and I are huge liberals, with the rest of our family being right wing. After that crazy election, the one I thought Hillary would win without blinking, it is so good to read this. Also, after all the crazies Trump is bringing into the Cabinet. And, why not bring a few more from the Trump family to work in the White House also. But, I go back to what you said, we will be okay. Hopefully, you still feel that way after all this time. I’m trying to have faith in the Democratic system of our country, but why did it have to be Trump? God bless us all!!!!

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