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  1. So not in Austin, but with you in spirit.

    Now off to gift your book to someone; I know women aren’t supposed to spend money today but I think it is okay if you’re supporting a woman (even if some men may benefit as a side-result.) Not in a political or good mood today, except when I look at your new book and it makes me laugh-out-loud at work (I like the idea of salting assholes to find out if they’re actually demons.)

  2. Waited 3 years, hoping to see you and/or Luvvie Ajayi in Austin…then I moved two months ago, and who’s having book tours in Austin? Both of you! You’re welcome, Austin?

  3. Have fun – enjoy the adoring fans! When you fly from Austin to N.O., wave mid-way and I’ll wave back from Houston!

  4. Good luck! Enjoy Austin as much as you have time for, because it’s one cool-as-hell city and, from what I’m told, a bastion of things among many places that don’t like those things.

  5. Can’t wait for tonight! Your new book arrived in the mail yesterday. It’s wonderful!

  6. I just started reading it, and I looooove all the spaces for extra creativity. I have to show you what I did with that black page! <3

  7. Well, one bummer. I just read BookPeople’s rules for the booksigning. I guess I shouldn’t have pre-ordered on Amazon! Maybe I can buy a copy for Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and they’ll let me in line? (I enjoyed both of your first two books via audiobooks.) Regardless, I can’t wait for tonight!

  8. Wishing you luck and sending you a protective shield (like a hug, but different). I received my copy of your book yesterday (plus extra copies for gifts), and I am totally impressed! The drawings are marvelous, but the writing makes it so much more special than a typical coloring book. After seeing what a beautiful job you did on the drawing you posted on your blog, I’m a little intimidated. But hey, no one is going to see mine but me. If I color like a six-year-old with an eye patch (which I was, once), then that’s just my special flair. Love you!

  9. Yay! I will totally be there tonight to cheer you on (and trying to contain my excitement to normal levels). While you are here, you MUST try some Austin quisine. I highly recommend a Trailer Park Trashy (yes, that’s real) from Torchys. See you tonight!

  10. I would definitely be there if I could. I’m in South Carolina…have fun! Also where on here can I thank the person that got me the you are here book! It arrived yesterday and made my whole month! thank you so much Carol. :o)

  11. I received my copy of the book in the mail yesterday and read the whole thing front to back – it’s wonderful! Today I plan on spending some time coloring. Thank you so much for being you.

  12. If I were near Texas, I’d be there. I preordered one and my daughter gifted me. I’m rich!

  13. I will see you in Austin tonight! I’ve been looking forward to it since I read that you would be here!

  14. Welcome to Austin – sorry the weather’s a bit pissy today. As you know BookPeople is amazing, but hopefully you can relax a bit while you’re here. And if you feel like sneaking away, 24 Diner across the street has good food or The Tavern a couple of blocks north can still give you a decent unpretentious burger (beef or veggie) just as they did 80+ years ago…

  15. Watch out for Princess, The Bad Unicorn… she’s been promised a human Texan buffet cuz they’re cornfed 😉

  16. If I had the resources, I would literally fly out there all the way from Alberta just to meet you. Also if I had the energy. Actually, maybe in my next life. Will you be there? Oh wait, I already resolved to come back as a cat. That might not work out so great. I think what I’ll do is get a picture of your signature, cut it out, and glue it to the inside cover because your signature is like really cool.

  17. Wishing you peace & calm on a stressful day! And if that’s not happening, I wish you a cozy blanket fort with comfy pillows. Good luck!

  18. Lucky for all the Austin folk. I’m sure it will be a fun night full of like-minded awesome souls. To all lucky enough to be going, enjoy yourself 😄

  19. Wish I were in Austin! I visited once and it was great….but would be even better to get to see you! Go knock their socks off and keep it weird!

  20. I had hoped to be there (I’m in DFW) but work prevented it. Stupid adulthood. I’ll be in my pillow fort if anyone needs me.

    Have a ball tonight!

  21. I wish I were in Austin, I love Austin. Have a Conan’s pizza – they’re so good! Instead I’m in Vegas, where you won’t be coming so I can only be there in spirit.

  22. My aunt lives on Austin, bit Gramma is in the hospital, so now she’s here. We’re anxiously awaiting your book.

  23. I read through half of this last night with my daughter … I love love love it and so did she. (Although I have to admit she’s young enough that I flipped past some of the 4-letter-word pages to keep her father from flipping out 🙂 )

  24. Followup to my comment – that’s not a humongo criticism. First off this is marketed to adults. Second and more importantly, I too have the mouth of a sailor. The husband’s asked me to try not to pass it on to our grade-school kid!

  25. JENNY!!!!!! OMG… I got your book yesterday and couldn’t stop reading it out loud to my hubby and telling him how amazingly weird and wonderful you are and how all your readers are like long lost weirdo best friends and he just stared at me and said “Huh… okay.” I SO hope you come somewhere near KC so I can meet you in person and hug you GIGANTICALLY for being broken and yet somehow so much more together than anyone I’ve ever virtually met and how much I want to build a pillow fort and talk for hours about nonsense that ends up being the most perfectly sensible outcome. When I read your words I laugh and cry and feel like all the things that muddle my mind aren’t just ME. You help me realize they are part of me and even when they are bad, they are shaping me. You never give up and you bring so much light into the world, even when the light has dimmed for you. AND you let us help you. It’s just so wonderful. Have a safe trip to all the signings and HANG IN THERE BABY!!!!! <3

  26. I wish I was near Austin, or any of the other places that you are touring. Got my book yesterday, have already read most of it, and LOVE IT!!! I plan to copy some of your awesome drawings and give them to my peeps that are also going through times. YOU ROCK! My kids also love when I read them passages in your book. Makes them feel that their childhood is crazy but that they can get through it and find their place in the world.

  27. Good luck on your tour! I won’t be seeing you as I’m in Minneapolis and you can only go so many places, but I’m thinking of you. And enjoying my beautiful new copy of your book! <3

  28. I’m driving up from San Antonio and am so excited I can’t concentrate on work.

  29. Ahh please come back to Canada. It’s not fair. I only recently started to love your books in the last year.

  30. you can do this! I wish I could come, but being on a whole other continent and all..
    Anxiously awaiting my copy that Iain got for my booksgiving :D. You rock

  31. I’m not in Austin, but I will be in San Diego the DAY AFTER YOU ARE THERE. Any chance you’ll be in the Seattle area? I would even drive to Portland to see you. I would. I don’t like people. I would suffer the 2 hr drive and driving in Portland and parking in Portland to see you. But if you just came to Tacoma or Seattle- that would be swell too. But somewhere more south of Seattle- because traffic is cray cray. Please. Please come to Seattle-ish. I will introduce you to my slimey little slug friend, Paul 😀 Paul the slug wants to meet you. He wants tips on how to be a Texas cowboy in a rainy climate of course. 😉

  32. I’m in Austin, and I will see you tonight! I’m kinda fangirling about it. 🙂

  33. Read the whole thing in bed last night and carrying it with me today. Have a good first stop!

  34. I pre-ordered two copies of your book by mistake. Not even mad. I told my friend i’d give her one and now i’m sad because I want to keep both. ha! But she’s getting the other copy because I love her and your work.
    The new book made me cry but in a good way because the mantras in there are what I need. I was going to put right now but i’ve become aware lately that this isn’t a right now problem, it’s a lifelong life thing i’ll have to deal with… for my whole life. That is sort of a sentence.

    Thank you for the new work and for sharing yourself with us.

  35. How is it possible that Santa Fe, New Mexico is not on your book tour schedule?

  36. I can’t tell you how much I want to be there tonight!!!! If I weren’t sending my baby off to NYC (his high school band is performing at Carnegie Hall this weekend – CARNEGIE HALL!!) today, I would be the first in line! I really would love to show you in person how I colored your page, and I’m hoping folks come with books they’ve already colored in because it is the BEST experience seeing how your drawings inspire beautiful creativity in others! You’re gonna love seeingredients your pages colored! It’s the best thing about authoring a coloring book, the best! Cheers to your book tour, may your journeys be safe & super fun even while terrifying.

  37. I’ll be there!! Welcome to the ATX! Hope you get to enjoy the city a bit during the day. 🙂

  38. Hubby and I just got in the car to drive down from Dallas! Can’t wait!!!

  39. You can do it! I received my copy today and I am so happy! It’s beautiful. My favourite for now is “Weird on, you bad-ass motherfucker” (I hope it’s not inappropriate to put it out here like this). I took a picture of it so I can look at it when needed.

  40. I received your book yesterday! Actually, I bought three. I knew I would want extra to gift. I am surprised (in a very good way) by the amount of prose and poetry that accompany your doodlicious art. I am trying hard not to zip through, but to savor and ponder.

    I should have bought 5….

    Thank you — hugs

  41. I would come to all your tour stops if I could! Alas, you aren’t going to be anywhere near me in the Northeast 🙁

  42. I love that song…always chokes me up.
    Anyway, I sure do wish Minnesota was anywhere near any of your tour dates but I will just have to be satisfied with your book instead. By the way…I LOVE IT! Good luck Jenny!

  43. I’m not in Austin, unfortunately, I’m way off yonder in Vermont — no, no, a little higher, a tad east — yeah, there! I just wanted you to know how much I admire you going on the road at all with all the panic and pain you have. I am sure I would want the road to come to me. No, not THAT close! I don’t think we are giving you nearly enough love for your willingness to say thank you and reach out to us by doing this. I love you! Sending hugs. Lorinda

  44. Good luck, Jenny! Make sure the carpet is clean before you make a blanket fort in the bookstore! I hear Austin is beatiful, but I won’t be there unless the winds here in Minnesota blow me there. My cat will probably be there first.

  45. I will be there in spirit! I bought a copy of your book, and it arrived yesterday! I am so happy! And it is even more wonderful that i had ever imagined. I bought it for my sister, but I am going to have to get her a copy of her own. I can’t part with this one.

    AND I just found out that my indie bookstore is going to have some of your prints! I will be there with bells on, if I can remember which day Indie Bookstore day is!

  46. Oh great, I’m adding this to the list of reasons I wish I were in Austin. Even after you leave I’ll wish I was in Austin but now I’ll also be wishing I had a time machine so I could go back and go to BookPeople to attend your reading.

  47. Pre-ordered AGES ago and cannot wait to get my copy. Assume you’re coming to San Francisco?? If so…see you there! Have fun. Don’t be terrified!

  48. I wanted to come but couldn’t get out of going to work! Damned money! I have asked for two very special signings from you though!
    BTW, I am so happy you found coloring (even with your own book) to be helpful!
    You are AMAZING!

  49. Funny enough, I’m on my speaking tour and I’m currently in delayed flight purgatory in Dallas… the temptation to skip going to Wisconsin and make the three hour drive is very real, but then I remember have to pay bills and whatnot. I will say that, despite my pre-order of You Are Here sitting at home in my mailbox, I purchased a copy here in the airport because the continuing delay of this flight is causing me some major anxiety and there’s a lack of puppies to pet… so I’m furiously coloring.

  50. Got you book in the mail yesterday! Thank you for this wonderful book. Best wishes on your tour.

  51. One day I’ll visit Austin, I have a friend or two from there. I hear it’s different to the rest of Texas.

  52. (gloating alert) I bought two books. One will be sent to BFF in California. SEE YOU TONIGHT! Already ready and reading. YAY!!!!

  53. Can’t wait to see you in Raleigh on Saturday. I’m bringing my daughter who absolutely loves you too. Have been waiting forever for you to come this way.

  54. I’ll be in Austin in June–sorry I’m missing you! I hope it’s nice–I’ve never been there before, but I’ll try to go to Bookpeople and buy another copy of your book there so I can say it got it at the source!

  55. I will try to drop by when you are in Louisville! Hopefully I don’t make a fool of myself like I did when I met Jason Marsden.

  56. I AM in Austin! But I’m getting ready to leave for Hawaii tomorrow and can’t make it tonight. Don’t get jealous, I’ll be helping chaperone 400 high schoolers on this trip. My coloring book is supposed to be here today, just in time for a long plane ride. Sorry to miss your visit. You rock!

  57. So I’m confused – the book was just released and Amazon is already showing 6 “Used”. Who in the world are these people and why would they voluntarily be selling this book? Ugh.

    Houston loves you Jenny! (Houstonians, I mean. Well, the city too. It misses you.)

  58. I received my copy of You Are Here in the mail yesterday. Is it weird that I wanted to stroke it, like the back of the hand of a dear friend?

  59. Got your book yesterday in Fort Worth and sending you calming thoughts and energy for your book tour. Trying to figure out how i am going to find wall space once i frame all coloring i am going to be doing from your book. Think it will take 55 frames with several of them glass on both sides. Its a great “problem” to solve! Thank you!

  60. I am in Austin just for this and I am so excited about it! Just got my book today too! I am also terrified because I’m here by myself and anxiety, but still very excited.

  61. I’ll be seeing you in La Jolla, CA in under two weeks! I’m so excited!
    For people here who have been to one of Jenny’s book-tour stops before, anyone want to give me a little clue of what’s going to happen? Is there going to be a reading, what is she going to do, we get to get books signed right?

  62. Not in Austin and really wish I could meet you here in Washington but one day I’ll meet you for sure. I’ll make sure of it!

  63. Got 3 copies of your book yesterday from Amazon. I’m still trying to decide whether or not to send them to my sisters. They need it but, meh. I’ve started coloring in mine with a blacks Sharpie. Don’t think I will color too much though.
    Also, just picked up my first script for Xanax today. Holy shit I’m broken! Maybe it will help me sleep.

  64. I hope your night is wonderful! Enjoy Austin!

    Your book arrived yesterday and it’s even better than I imagined. Thank you so much for continuing to share your art and words with all of us strange and damaged and amazingly, wonderfully weird people! <3

  65. Io am in a austin and I didn’t know you were here and I’m so angry!!!!! I can’t believe I missed being able to meet you finally!!! Arghhhh

  66. Your book arrived yesterday. My husband brought the package to me and jokingly said “it’s a present for me, right?” I felt the package and said “hang on – it probably is!” Opened it and gave it to him (because really it was a present for him, although I’m keeping the tote bag). Great book! thank you for all you do for us!

  67. Loved listening to you @bookpeople tonight, as did my husband, but you are going to have to settle an argument. All the way home he tried to figure out what your daughter’s Pegasus’ wings might be made of. He says vulture, I say either man- made materials or else pterodactyl. Kindly help. He is obnoxious when he thinks he has won an argument. Unless it is vulture, and then you are clearly too busy to answer. And thanks, this was the first time I have been out of my house in two weeks to go anywhere but the vet’s office or Costco. The outside is still a horrible, scary place, but it is nice to know I am not the only one architecting fortifications to my.pillow fort in my mind whenever I make eye contact with a stranger.

  68. Ok. Deep breaths. Jenny, this book is fantastic and heartbreaking and whimsical and lifesaving. But now I have an ethical dilemma. As a child/adolescent therapist this is going in every coping toolbox I can think of!

  69. I keep reading “Jenny, You Are Lawson Here” on the image and it makes me giggle. And wonder.

  70. Shit, I had a paragraph on your blog and went to look up something and lost it 🙁 Anyway My name Is Stephen Kinsman and I just finished Furiously Happy on my Kindle, But had to see that damn Racoon. I am 37 years old and have had intractable Epilepsy since I was 7. My meds have fucked up side effects…that are not the fun happy stoned kinda side effects! You inspired me to start my own site/blog http://www.mysoulwithadisorder.com I have the money and time to do a wordpress site but I went with weebly. I have a FB site as well. Epilepsy is a big part of me! It limits me from driving anything even a tricycle, because I blank out. I am told how brave I am going through 2 surgeries for it. Mother nature was not so nurturing when I was born. We all have mutated genes and my ma and pa’s chromosomes had to make love and form in my brain what is called Band Hetertopia.So unless aliens visit and give me a new brain it always going to be a struggle. I have a world of knowledge and yet i feel as though I have nothing. You know!!! I admire your strength. I tried to write a book 10years ago and never followed through with it. Please I would love to tell you more. You changed me and enabled me to embrace the shitty things in life! thank you for allowing people to provide their website below :))

  71. This is one of the things I miss about not living in Austin any more. Book People, but also Book People with you in it. (I just finished my first reading of You Are Here, and I’m simultaneously laughing and mopey. I need to breathe and cry a little before diving back in.)

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