Want a signed copy of YOU ARE HERE?

Last night was the first stop on the YOU ARE HERE book tour and it was amazing!  Thanks so much if you came out.  It was terrifying until I looked out at a sea of people who looked equally terrified and then we all laughed and it was awesome.

I asked everyone to take a picture of themselves cradling an invisible baby raccoon and they were like, “You’re weird but we support you.”

Also, I signed an extra 100 copies of YOU ARE HERE at BookPeople in Austin and they will ship them anywhere so if you can’t make it on a stop and you want a signed copy you can get one while they last here.  Just type in “SIGNED COPY” in the comments field during checkout.


Next stop, New Orleans!

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  1. Signed copy!

    It would make an awesome addition to my Jenny Lawson signed book collection!

  2. Will you be signing book plates? I already bought the book but am too far from your tour locations. Thanks for making this book!

  3. Super happy for all that got to go. Grateful that I got to meet you in Minneapolis for the last tour! My books haven’t arrived yet but I’m so excited!

  4. I am so happy that you signed more copies to offer to those of us not on the tour route this time around! Super excited and have ordered my copy!

  5. Signed copy! I will make it to one of your book dates one of these times. You are just so awesome!

  6. I’m glad that Austin went well. And it’s important to know how to cradle baby raccoons. You might find one in the forest and have to save it. (It’s more likely to be near the garbage cans, but forest sounds better). I have decided that the best thing to do is get two copies of your book – one to color and one to keep. So a signed copy sounds pretty awesome.
    And I’m not a huge fan of coloring, but I have been checking out glittery gel pens on Amazon!

    Have fun in New Orleans. I think they start out wierder (in a good way) than many people, so you should see some wonderful wierd people. We are strange in Minnesota, but differently from NOLA, not that we’re competing.

  7. So I needed a second copy anyway, so I guess I’m doing this!

    I look at the photos and wonder how many of those are my Tweeps. Whose photo am I looking at? Whose smiling faces? If you’re pictured, and we’re twitter pals, let me know so I can circle your face with a giant heart! I know your humor, not your faces.

  8. I second the query regarding if you are signing book plates again. I pre-ordered my copy, so it’s already here (yay!!! <3 ) but I can’t reach any of the book signings…

  9. Jenny. My book came last night. I stood at the counter in my kitchen and read it for over an hour. I kept running my fingers over the drawings and the words. It made me cry. I know how many people this book is helping as much as it helped me. I spent the evening colouring raindrops and smiling. Yesterday was a good day but I know there will be hard days again and I’m glad to have this book on my nightstand. Thank you.

  10. I can’t wait to get my copy
    My world has gone a little sideways, and reading/coloring a new book will help a bit
    Jenny you should come to Hawaii!!!

  11. Got mine yesterday… very cool… especilaly loved the I Belong To Me page, as I am a songwriter and recently wrote a song with the same title!

  12. Recently read your first 2 books and am a huge fan. Finally, someone else who thinks like me. Please come to Pittsburgh PA we love you.

  13. It was fun hearing you speak last night! Thank you for being yourself and sharing your uniqueness. This is a worrisome time for me, but you make me laugh and that is so priceless. Also, I was laid off from my job in October and have been searching for my next adventure since then, without success. Yet. I had my previous job for 12 years, and although I worked hard, I often felt like I had wandered into the wrong party. In meetings I began to doodle….similar in some ways to what you do when you draw. It was frankly my favorite part of those meetings-it was like the real me was finding a way to keep me company…if that makes sense. So thank you for saying that these special secret things have worth. That meant a lot to me.

  14. Oh, how I wish you would come to the DC area. A dear friend of mine and I are sharing your book. We love each page – your amazing pictures, your poignant words.

  15. Virginia. Virginia. Please, next time, Virginia. Or even Maryland. Or Washington DC. They are near Virginia, as Virginia is near them. (Coincidence?) Have a great tour.

  16. Wow, Carrie above me said basically the same thing, and I hadn’t read her post first. DC. MD. VA. The same basic blob. And we won’t let Tr**p anywhere near you.

  17. I love the room full of #bloggesstribe. I’m a good kind of jealous for all the awesomeness 😄

  18. Can you ask them to cradle Alpacas next time? Because I recently found that Alpacas are adorable. It’s your audience, of course, so you can ask them to cradle whatever you want but in case you get bored with all the raccoon cradling, Alpacas would be a nice alternative. :o)

  19. second (hopefully signed!) copy purchased for me because my coworkers are infatuated with my original book and i want to share it with them.

  20. I pre-ordered my copy, loved it so much I’ve ordered a copy for my nephew; will be ordering one for my niece next pay-period. I know you’re a little anxious (in general and specifically about how much people are loving this book 😉 ) so I wanted to assure you that people are loving this book. Keep going girl, you’ve got this tour stuff – you just need to keep reminding yourself that it’s simply your online peeps crawling out into public to be near you!

  21. Amazing, Jenny! I don’t think it’s common to have such a huge turn out at book signings these days. Congratulations! Keep showing that people still love books, and are willing to enter an uncomfortable situation just to support an author they love.

  22. Got my You Are Here and I haven’t put it down since it arrived…. makes driving a bit challenging. Also didn’t know if you knew that there’s a western end to New York State… try coming to Buffalo! Talking Leaves on Elmwood Ave is small with a cafe! Or of course, there’s B&N, too, if you must. We don’t have snow at the moment, but if you wait a few hours, we will! Do come, Jenny!

  23. The SECRET is…we are all just as terrified as you are. Some of us can mask it better. Love your new book. Want to keep it perfect but plan to COLOR IN IT ANYWAY.

  24. I attended your Let’s Pretend tour stop in NJ as someone who didn’t know you at all and was just picking up the book for my wife.
    I’ll be attending the You Are Here tour stop in NYC as a fan.

  25. You made a special friend of mine feel even more special last night, Ms Jenny. I cried when I saw the photos of you with Katherine while signing her books. Bless you for keeping us misfits in the light of laughter. You are loved.

  26. Just glancing at the number of people in those photos who obviously know good literature when they read it warms my heart, it does. Just remember on your next stop, Jenny, if someone yells something to you that begins with the words “Show us your…”, you are in a bookstore and clamoring for Mardi Gras beads is considered public indecency unless you’re out walking Bourbon Street.

  27. Aww looks like your tour won’t be anywhere near me this time. Have a great time and safe travels!

  28. SIGNED COPY, PLEASE! Sorry about yelling. I live about 70 miles from Austin and don’t get out much. Glad you had a great time. There are some wonderful people in this state, just not in the legislature. 🙂

  29. The copy I ordered last summer from Amazon shipped to my ex’s house. (He cheated and dumped me after I supported him financially for 11.5 years. So ya.. Asshat.) He refuses to give me the copy that showed up at his door on Monday. So I just ordered a signed copy to replace it. Whatever. Now it’s even better. Thanks for being you! You’ve really helped me out since January 1st especially, but even before that. Love you bunches.

  30. I’m so glad your first book tour stop was amazing! You might have been terrified, but you look happy and your necklace is awesome!

  31. I might not be able to make it to a stop on the tour, but I’m here cradling an invisible baby raccoon in spirit, because that’s not weird at all.

  32. Hey. What everyone else said. Plus-you look spectacular in Burgundy/Red.

  33. I could be misreading, but I don’t think she’s giving out signed copies. I think she’s linking you to a place where you can buy a signed copy because she signed some extras for people who can’t make it to a book signing.

  34. Reading your new book now and enjoying it so much! I could have finished it last night but forced myself to slow down and savour it. The illustrations are enchanting and the words are both comforting and inspiring. Well done on another awesome book, Jenny. I’ve started colouring in the pictures too – I wasn’t going to (I work in a library so I try to keep my books in pristine condition) – but in the end I couldn’t resist. Thank you so, so much.

  35. She left out the part where she gave us all awesome temporary tattoos!

  36. Last night was amazing!!! Except for the part where I stood in line for an hour and then when I had my moment I sputtered and stuttered and acted like a crazy person (crazier, I mean, than normal!!) I was horrified!! When I got home my husband was flipping through the book and commented that your autograph looks more like Jenny Awesome than Jenny Lawson. I am pretty sure he gets it.

  37. I just want to say that you look really pretty here. I know, we’re all feminists here and we’re more than our looks and we don’t care and blah, blah, blah. But still. You do look pretty, so I’m telling you. Good luck with the rest of your book tour! I wish you were coming to Charlottesville!!!

  38. It was so kind of you to sign books for those of us who couldn’t wait in the long lines last night, I joyfully picked up my copy this afternoon. You are funny and encouraging–it is so true that even if you never write another book please know that what you have already put out into the world has made it a better place. Thank you for being brave, empathetic and for all the laughs.

  39. I enjoy the pictures of everyone having a good time!! And “holding a baby raccoon” should be a yoga pose, with controlled breathing. Hugs Jenny!!!

  40. Don’t forget to go to café Du Monde for beignets. I miss them so much yummy. Have fun in NOLA

  41. Oh my God look at that crowd. Is that what it’s going to be like when I see you? Whoa boy I’m going to need an anxiety pill. Goodness.I’ll brave the crowd for you though, and I know it will be so worth it! I can’t wait!

  42. I didn’t plan to buy this book, although I bought the previous two (just being honest!) because I’m not really down with the adult coloring book thing, but I saw it in Target today, so I thought I would take a look. I picked it up and read a few pages.

    I made it to like, the 4th page without crying and put three copies in my cart. Only because that was all they had; I would have bought more. And not just because I was in Target and buying too much stuff is what you do there. I loved it. I might never color in it; I don’t care. I have so many people I want to share it with. Thank you. It’s my favorite one of your books, hands down.

  43. Let’s Pretend This Never Happened is the funniest book I.Have.Ever.Read.

  44. Seriously. Would it be considered a misuse of mental health time if I bunked out of work a few hours early on Wednesday to make the Philadelphia signing?

  45. I wish I could manage to bus down from Boston for the NYC stop, but seeing as I’m trying to get all my internship hours in this semester, I don’t think it’s going to happen, damn it. sigh What I can do is tell you to go eat at The Gumbo Shop in the French Quarter of New Orleans if you have a chance, because both times I was there the food was amazing, and they even sold a cookbook with some of their wonderful recipes…or get a muffaletta somewhere and find a couple of other people to help you eat it, because they’re damn near the size of a hubcap…or buy some pralines (pronounced “praaa-leens”)…or, hell, eat just about anything local, because the food is amazing. (Hopefully Victor and Hailey are with you, since it’s near the weekend?) The book is wonderful and amazing and all the usual superlatives and made me cry, and I showed it to the shrink who’s helping me work on my anxiety, who thought it looked very interesting, but seemed alarmed that I knew so much about your life, which led to me babbling that no, Jenny writes about her life, I’m not a crazed stalker, I swear…so thanks for making me look even crazier in front of a mental health professional. 😉 (Seriously, we all love you, so take care of yourself–you’ll do just fine–and go have some pralines, OK? They make everything better, I promise, especially the chocolate and rum ones.)

  46. This is totally unrelated. But I have to tell you- my boyfriend and I ALWAYS need more wasabi. Always.

  47. You are going to be one tired lady by the time you get to NC! Anything we can bring you to help you power through besides our love and support?

  48. I am going to miss your stop in La Jolla at Warwick’s by ONE freaking day. I’m bummed. I ordered another copy just now, hopefully they still had signed copies in stock. My other books are signed, didn’t want to break up the set, we just got the girls together!

  49. Thank you. This has been a hard year and last year for me. I got a copy of your book and it’s awesome. I wish I could someday meet you, but feel like it’s improbable.

    But yes, this year includes the possibility of not just one unemployed person, but two. I’m afraid and it feels potentially dark but exciting.

  50. When in NY, why not stop by Resobox and check out the amigurumi exhibition? I´m one of the participants!

  51. I remember really “Let’s pretend this never happened” whilst on the bus. It is the first book I have ever read that has truly made me cackle in public. Embrace the weird.

  52. Loving the outfit! Dress? Top? Not sure but its super cute with the necklace!

  53. Sooo….when you say they’ll ship anywhere, did they mean Australia? If so, SIGNED COPY pretty please with salted caramel sauce on top and a miniature tardis made of sugar, too.

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  55. I just received a copy of “You Are Here” from my sister today. What an unexpected gift. Can’t wait to read it! Though, I loved “Furiously Happy”, and enjoyed listening to your reading of it. Lots of positivity!! 🙂

  56. Come to Toronto, Ontario there are lot’s of crazy people here that need to her your stories.

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