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  1. Hang in there – you’re hitting the home stretch!
    Then you can collapse and tell us how stressfully exciting and nearly overwhelming it all was.

  2. I seem to send you food posts, no matter what town you’re in. Get yourself some Momofuku crack pie or cereal milk today to celebrate:). You deserve it!

  3. I’m in New York, too (I mean, I live here, but still)! So excited to leave work early and come be weird with you tonight <3

  4. 😥 Stuck in CT due to the crazy snowstorm. Cannot believe I am not going to be able to finally meet you and thank you not only for making me laugh at some of the worst times in my life, but for giving all of your readers a place were weirdness is celebrated.
    Hope tonight is a smash – I am with you in spirit.

  5. You are almost done with your tour! You’ve got this in the bag!

    And speaking of bags, I got an email that my tote is on its way! Good things!

  6. Have fun in New York! Stay warm. You’re almost done, and from what I’ve been reading, everyone has loved you. It seems that sometime I’ll have to go Austin, and a booksigning there, unless you come to Minnesota again.

  7. Keep your wits about you, Jenny. New York is nothing like the Frank Sinatra and Billy Joel songs claim. There be dragons. And sudden overwhelming whiffs of public urination. And the best damn tacos on earth at San Loco Tacos, 111 Stanton Street. They have a huge sign inside that says, “Our food is made from an old family recipe…” but long ago, someone came in and painted a period between the words old and family, so now it says that their food is made from an old family.

  8. And this is more serious, and well mushy. I am amazed at the courage of a woman who gets anxious meeting people, who will still go on a book tour to promote a book that means so much to so many of us. And I am amazed by the courage of people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, and yet still find a way to come and see you.

    I read about your first book tour in “Furiously Happy”, but now I am experiencing it vicariously as it happens. It so clear from twitter and Facebook that you have truly inspired people to be brave, to be wierd, and to be wonderful.

    I don’t have that kind of anxiety, and what I deal with is depression. I understand the courage it takes to face depression every day, and stare it down (well, maybe chase it away with a broom and some drinks). But I am impressed by this kind of courage. Wierd on, you amazing bad-ass mother fuckers. We should all celebrate with vicarious book tour margaritas. (But the margaritas would be real).

  9. Have fun, and make sure the table has a covering you can hide under if needed. Just got my copies in the mail and am setting aside time to just read it first!!!

  10. Wow. I can’t believe that your tour is almost over. Seems like you just started it. I hope you have had a blast. Your pictures look like you have. 🙂 Safe Travels.

  11. Your book tour is almost over Jenny!! I’m actually listening to Furiously Happy as I write this, lol. You are awesome, I can’t say that enough. I can’t wait to meet you in California! I’ll also be getting together with family while I’m there, but you are the real reason I’m taking this trip. Exciting!

  12. I’m from SoCal, but a two hour drive from La Jolla. Will try to come see you. I have several people I want to give all your books to. One is my cousin who wrote a children’s book about an alligator who likes to read. My cousin’s husband illustrated the book.

  13. I am so bummed out! I started reading this today and got all excited for a reason to leave my house. I live in Louisville and got SUPER excited when I saw you actually had it on your tour and then I looked at the dates. Then I realized it was 3 days ago and I missed it. BIG tears. Come back, please!!!! I’m not above begging – you are my hero! I guess I can be surprised and baffled that I had a brief moment of extreme excitement in the midst of weeks of deep depression. And I hope it means that there is a light coming at the end of this tunnel.

  14. Sincerely hoping for a Pacific Northwest date. I am in Montana and nobody ever comes here. But I am willing to drive to WA or OR to see you! 🙂

  15. Due to being broke so I don’t have Prime, and ansnowst mine just came today even though I preordered in July. I’m soooo happy! And also I should have ordered two. One to read andnonento color. So I might need to buy another one. When are you coming to the DC area?

  16. Looking forward to seeing you at Warwick’s in California on Monday night. Thank you for always being a lighthouse within the storm. You bring much needed light into the darkness.

  17. I will be there in California. There is an event that day I am volunteering for and I told them there was no way I will missing the chance to meet you! See you in La Jolla!!!!

  18. I’m two blocks away right now and I’m so excited to see you. I wanted to bring you a gift or write you a letter but I have too much to say and too little ADHD medication to say it all on one page.

    A summary: I love you and thank you for everything.

  19. The last sentence in my earlier comment made no sense. The period someone painted is between the words family and recipe, transforming the message into one that now says “Our food is made from an old family.” Except that now it’s not funny anymore.

  20. Are you SURE you can’t just swing up to Portland for a quick stop at Powell’s?? Pleeeeeeease????

  21. Dear Jenny, last night I went to bed filled with great intentions of jumping up early and finally tackling those crucial items on my To Do list (many of which have languished on there for years). Unfortunately, I didn’t wake up until 1:30 pm, wondering whom and where I was, quickly realizing that once again I had fucked up big time, as it was one of those days when getting out of bed, taking my meds (including my giant Lamictal horse pill which often makes me barf), and try to pretend I was a normal, productive person who just happened to be on Hawaiian time (i.e. 7 hours behind everyone else in the vicinity) which of course didn’t help and never does. Listening to Furiously Happy for the billionth time, I came to chapter 12, where you are locked in the bathroom, when I started weeping uncontrollably, for myself, you, and all of us in what I like to call “The Club.” I wished I was your mom/someone who could be with you st those times to hold and comfort, knowing there was probably nothing I could do, except empathize and whisper, “it always gets better.” I wished I could do that for myself. I wish I could do that for every helpless, sad kid who can’t even put into words this dark pit that follows us around, tripping us up and swallowing us up whole time very chance it gets. (I know you aren’t a kid, but helping them is my thing.) not sure how to stop babbling and wrap this up, so will try: THANK YOU for understanding what it’s like for us, and writing about it so eloquently. Because even a Victor can never truly understand this journey if they haven’t actually ridden the scary, dangerous crazy train.

  22. Today wasn’t a leave the house kind of day for me. I’m sorry to miss the booksigning but I hope it went great. I was sending you lots of love. 🙂

    If I’d attended, I wanted to ask you… would you recommend reading “You Are Here” straight through and then going back to color or should I color page by page?


  23. You totally forgot Washington DC….or better yet, there is a Barnes and Noble in Fredericksburg, Virginia that could use some love…

  24. Floyd the Pink Flamingo and I are still riding our high from NC! Please take good care of yourself. We love you!

  25. Hi Jenny! My copy of You Are Here came in the mail today! It was especially awesome because it wasn’t supposed to arrive until the 29th. It’s just what I needed. Thank you so much for writing it.

  26. I pre-ordered two copies which we received last week! My daughter and I are laughing and sharing the books – she’s colored like crazy in her copy and I’ve added my own words and doodles in mine. I told her that when I’m old I hope we’ll be able to look through our copies together <3 I’m not sure she understands that her Mom has a mental health file inches thick but I think she’s coming to understand me and probably herself a little bit better. Elle is 10 and very worldly – that Mom invited her to read cuss words is a big part of the fun right now! Thanks for all that you do and share. A dangerous mind is a scary place to run around in alone.

  27. Hi Jenny, your books are the world to me. Any chance you might come to New Zealand one day? I’ll buy you a muffin.

  28. I wish we could spread you around like apple butter on a hot bun. Sadly, you would not feel well if you were that thin. Fuck being thin anyway. I hope you realize on a daily basis that your courage and honesty look an awful lot like love to a world weary of professional users and pretenders. I wish you the time and energy to care for yourself until you can get back home and until then, take a look at all the faces of those you have helped. Thank you.

  29. I just got your book in the mail (preordered months ago!). I expected to be happy, I expected to be charmed and delighted, and I’m all those things. I did not expect to cry. Thank you.

  30. My copy of you are here finally came. And not even half way through I had tears running down my face (although the dino made me laugh…good use for those arms). Thanks Jenny (I mean that in a totally non-sarcastic way)…it’s surprising just how often you seem to say exactly what I don’t even realize I need to hear. And it was really cool to see what you tied to the pics we’ve seen here before the book came out

  31. I’ve been watching your posts, rooting for you because I know you love meeting lovely people but I also know how hard it is. And it’s so close to you being able to go home!!!

    I just got You Are Here. I’ve only glanced at it because I’m kind of saving it for when I need it.

    I wish I could come meet you but I live in the middle of nowhere, 6 hours from your closest stop. Someday!

  32. Hi Jenny,
    I’m not sure if you read these, but I thought I’d give it a shot. I live in San Diego and am so excited that you are going to be here tomorrow. I have been looking forward to seeing you since you announced your tour dates. I suffer from anxiety and depression and really outside of work and one friend’s house down the street, I try not to venture out. Of course, I am able to take care of the mundane life things, however, it takes a lot of energy and count downs and preparation to go out and do my chores that I’m left feeling like it will be a long time before I will be able to do it again. I’m going to come to Warwick’s tomorrow and I’m going to bring my little emotional support dog and bff, Andy, and I hope I can brace the crowd and meet you. I adore you and got my copy of your last book through one of your amazing pass it on activities. If I don’t make it though, let me express my thanks for making me feel not so alone in dealing with my baggage. With ❤, Heather & Andy

  33. What, no Washongton? I’m crushed!! I need another signed Jenny Lawson book!

  34. Yeah got your book today.I am from India so the time given to me was 28th March. I was supposed to be on vacation then. Now I can take the book. Yea.

  35. Damn, I’m a train ride away from NY. Two appointments today. I guess that you’ll have to do the book signing without me…again.
    Best of luck and congratulations on your new book!

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