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  1. I’m coming tonight! Traveling from South Jersey. It’s my first book signing so I hope I don’t mess it up somehow..

  2. Yes, Philadelphia! If you see the Liberty Bell, remember it is supposed to be cracked. (Like me). Rest up! But also have someone find you a good Philly Cheese Steak.

  3. I’ll be seeing you tonight. My sweetheart will be with me, fighting their agoraphobia.

  4. You’re over halfway through your tour – then you get to go home and hide and recuperate for a bit! : ) I’m so glad you put NC on your tour this year – I really enjoyed getting to hear your talk and meet you! And more glad that you didn’t get arrested!

  5. counting the days until you’re in San Diego – it’s gentle and warm here!

  6. Yay! Philly is freeeeeezing today. Sorry ’bout that. But it is definitely a great opportunity to see the freakiness of the city in full-force.

  7. We are awaiting your arrival in NYC – it’s just ONE DAY AWAY! WOO HOOO!! Can’t wait 🙂

  8. I hate this…I want to go SO BADLY but I can’t convince my fiancee to come with me and because I have, like, the BIGGEST crush on you she totally wants to make sure I’m not a complete idiot and don’t embarrass myself in front of you … because, you know … just in case one day I got a shot 🙂 Sigh….I will still try though.

  9. I’ll be there. I was excited, but a little anxious about it. So, my husband, who is the greatest man in the world (most of the time), is making sure that I get there to meet you. I can’t wait and I apologize in advance if I’m a total derp, or a little strange.

  10. Why can’t wednsday be portland oregon day? Or salem , Eugene or Seattle even…..

  11. If I had a time machine, I could set the dial for 1997 and find myself conveniently located just outside of Philadelphia on the Jersey side. But then it would be more than a decade prior to the publication of your first book, so I’m not sure why I’d expect you to be on a book tour. So then I’d adjust the dial back to 2017, but that would plop me directly back into Albuquerque, NM and almost a continent away from Philly. You know what? Scrap all of that and pretend I said nothing.

  12. You’re almost to the end, Jenny! I’m proud of you.

    If only I could teleport to La Jolla. Have a blast, you lucky fucks.

  13. March is a really, really hard time for me and my mom. My grandpa died in March, and it seems like every year bad stuff happens. This year my best friend’s mother died, my other friend’s dog died, and now my camera won’t work and I’m supposed to see you in La Jolla on the 20th and I can’t possibly go without a camera!! (My phone has no camera) We are super-tight on money because of this planned trip to La Jolla, so I don’t know if I can afford a new camera right now. March sucks. But one way or another I will see you on the 20th!

  14. This has probably been asked a zillion times and I’m certainly no technology whiz…but do you think it would ever be possible for someone to Facebook Live or similar at one of your readings? Am I the 1000000th person to ask this? Probably!

  15. Can’t make the tour, but just got an email that I’ll get a bag – super excited! (Also book is awesome, might have to get another so I can have a pristine one and one to mark up)

  16. That is somewhere I have always wanted to visit. Too bad with you hoping so quickly from one to the next you probably don’t get much time to sightsee or drop fairy houses in random parks. Hope it’s another awesome event for you!

  17. I can’t believe that I am THIS excited about a bag…BUT I AM! Mine is coming in the mail and I am going to ‘Weird On’ while I anxiously await its arrival! Can’t see you in person but soon I will carry a little piece of you on my arm and that is a great consolation. Enjoy Philly!

  18. So, I’ve been looking forward to seeing you here ever since you posted you were coming to Philly. I had a plan, I mentally prepared and then last night I started getting anxiety. And today it is full blown. I hate driving, hate the city, hate leaving the comfort of my “known” paths that I walk, I’m scared of meeting the person who means so much to me and facing all that alone. I’ve thought of a million excuses of why it’s ok not to go or shouldn’t go. My anxiety is filling my head with scared thoughts and reasons I shouldn’t put myself though this.

    BUT I’m going to try. Why? Because I know I will regret it. Because thanking you in person is important. And because I WON’T let my illness take this away from me. It has taken so many things throughout my life, things Iook back on now and think dammit, why didn’t I do that! Not this time. I’m going to gulp some Xanax, hold my healing stones, wear my comfort scarf, put on my red glitter Converse and GO.

    And hope I don’t burst into tears when I see you!

  19. I so wish I could be there! Every picture I see seems like everyone is having a blast. I really hope you make it to Orlando one of these days or we somehow cross paths when I’m on the road for work! Have all the fun and safe travels!

  20. I’m so very bummed that my dear friend Bethany and I had to call it. Snow storm Stella has won this one. We’ve assured each other that this is not your last book or book tour and the chance to meet you in person will surely come again! Soooo, no pressure! Good luck on the rest of your tour and I shall drown my sorrows with coloring You Are Here. Love and hugs for your super [snowed in] fans in Central NY.

  21. We came to your appearance in Louisville this past Monday. It was wonderful to see you and get You Are Here. We loved the temporary tattoos so much I had my husband put one on my butt (Professionally Strange) for my colonoscopy today as a nice surprise for the doctors and nurses.

  22. I just got notice that my free book bag is being shipped!! So excited!! Thanks for bein awesome

  23. I just moved from Kentucky! Argh!! I hope you come to Canada sometime! If you are anywhere near Calgary I would drop everything to come say hello and gush a bit.

  24. I wish I could be there! I just read the first few pages of “You Are Here” and I intentionally set it aside to feel the feels in this moment. You are magic in all the ways you touch people…all sorts of people with all sorts of issues or non-issues or just bad gas. You are special and you have a gift and I can’t tell you how much it means to me every time you flow through the pages and into my heart!

  25. I will not be joining you on your tour, sadly. Instead I went to my local Chapters/indigo bookstore where I saw the most beautiful endcap display of You Are Here. I bought one for my niece’s 23rd birthday and now my husband wants his own copy. We love you up here in Canada too. Come in the summertime when its pretty and all the snow is gone!

  26. Hi Jenny,

    My mom and I had to leave your book signing right as it was starting. We had to catch a train out of the city and back to the suburbs and weren’t going to make it. But, I was there and really wish we could have stayed to say hello.

  27. Hi Jenny,

    My mom and I had to leave your book signing right as it was starting. We had to catch a train out of the city and back to the suburbs and weren’t going to make it. But, I was there and really wish we could have stayed to say hello.

  28. I’m listening To Furiously Happy on audio book currently and thought, “I’d really like to see her in real life!” so I strolled on over to your blog, at 9pm, and saw you were IN MY CITY two hours prior. Darn it! Hope it went well!

  29. I’m nowhere close to Pennsylvania. So instead I bought your book and then you and I had a nice, quiet lunch (steak sandwich, fries and gravy). I’m not sure what the other patrons thought of my occasional loud guffaw’s and subsequent mild choking, but then I’m not sure I care – We had a lovely time. Thank you.

  30. I had to leave before the book signing but I wanted to say how great it was to see
    you and hear you talk about hope and survival in the face of depression. Your blogs and books have gotten me through so much. I wanted you to know how much it’s meant to me but I don’t have the words. Just know you’ve helped me take care of myself and this has allowed me to help others. It just so happens that since your first book and your last book, I became a psychiatrist. You’ve inspired me to inspire others and I can never thank you enough!

  31. Oh man – so bummed 🙁 I live in Colorado where you aren’t stopping. My husband was actually working in Philadelphia this week and being the sweet guy he is, was going to attend for me! Actually, for me and my sister. Alas, he had to fly home early because of the storm and missed going. AAAHHHHHHHH

    Have a great time and hopefully you make your way out to Boulder Colorado where we would love to have you!!!

  32. I wish I could come see you!! Sadly I am in a small town on the eastern plains of Colorado. We don’t have a book store, we do have a book club, we eat and chat a lot. If you come by Hugo I will make cookies!!! I promise!!!

  33. We were there! It was fabulous! So glad you made it with the delays and all. My daughter gave you her business card, but she didn’t tell you that the picture on it is her artwork! Be safe in your travels and know your tribe is there for you.

  34. I would come and see you but am in England and is kinda far. But if you’re ever this way i will TOTALLY come and see you x

  35. Just started reading your work, but I love it! you’re what comedy writers should aspire to be- funny but real. Wish you were coming somewhere in MO!

  36. I hope the weather didn’t keep you stuck in NY unable to get to sunny California. And if it did, I hope you were able to spend some fun time playing with snow.

  37. Don’t know if you like Hard Rock music but if you do then you should listen to a song called ‘Lies Of The Beautiful People’ by Six Americans. After reading the chapter in Furiously Funny where you talk about the shinny people it reminded me of this. Basically it says not to believe the lies told by the so called perfect people.

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