The one where I make it up to you and we get matching tattoos.

Hey.  I’m still sick but I’m like 23% less mostly dead than I was and that is a HUGE improvement.  And for sticking around I’m doing something (two things, technically) fun as a thank you.  You’re welcome.

First is something that my publisher is doing to say thanks….they’re giving away 25 Jenny Lawson In A Box prizes.  I’m not actually in the box (which is good because I am way more trouble than you would expect) but the box will include a copy of my new book YOU ARE HERE, a copy of Furiously Happy, a YOU ARE HERE tote bag, tattoos, colored pencils and whatever else they have laying around the Flatiron building.  This stuff, basically:

Just click RIGHT HERE to enter and have a chance at winning one of the packages.  (No purchase necessary.  They don’t spam you or sell your info, fyi.)

And as a special thank you from me I’m going to give out a bunch of YOU ARE HERE temporary tattoos to a bunch of people who bought a copy of YOU ARE HERE for someone else, because I keep seeing people giving them to friends or family or leaving them in therapy waiting rooms like demented Gideon Bibles and that is so awesome I want to give you something in return, but first I’m going to sign the clear cover on the tats so that you can take it off and slip it into your book and it’s like I signed it.  Or put it on your chest and it’s like I signed that.  Or slide it onto your lease agreement and now we’re roommates.  The choices are endless.

I’m not describing this correctly because cold medicine exists but look at this video and you’ll understand.

If you want a chance to win the package go to my publisher’s page here.  If you want a chance to win the signed tattoos just leave a comment telling me if you bought the book as a gift for someone who needed it (it’s okay if the person who needed it was you) and I’ll choose a bunch of people at random to get signed tattoos.  (But you won’t get them until next week at least because I don’t want to send you my germs and end up being Typhoid Mary, part 2.)

PS. Speaking of cold medicine, if you’re not on twitter you missed this.

PPS. I have an app now to keep track of my meds so I don’t accidentally die.  No worries.  Unless my phone runs out of battery.  Then we’re all fucked.

PPPS. I’m too sick to spellcheck.  Forgive me.

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  1. I’m glad you’re 23% beyond Mostly Dead. Mostly Dead is still slightly alive. All dead, well… With all dead, there’s only one thing you can do. Go through your pockets and look for loose change. Good luck with the miracle meds (and the non-dead phone app)! Love you forever!!!

  2. I preordered this book as soon as I saw it on your blog. Every night before bed I take a couple minutes to just chill and color and read what you said. I’m going through a bit of a rough patch but I’ve got your book to look forward to every night

  3. I’m kinda sad that the draw is only open to US residents. I get that international shipping might be a bit pricey but still…

  4. Even sickly, you make all the bad stuff better. Thanks for spreading your Jennyness around! And no worries, we don’t mind the germs😝

    Gabe Burkhardt recently posted “I Can’t” because Depression Lies.

  5. I got my copy…I loved it and found it inspiring so I bought a copy for a friend that could also benefit from it! Thank you for gifting us with this great book!

  6. I have given it to three people; two of which have anxiety disorder and the third just because you are hysterical and I loved the book.

  7. I bought the book for myself AND for a friend who needed it. And I’m not done buying! I gift your books like gold. Because they are!

  8. Jenny,

    I’m getting an error message when entering my postal code. (I’m a Canuck). Is the contest only open to US residents?

  9. I preordered it month ago as a surprise for my friend, when it was delivered I just got a text saying “is this your doing”

    She’s read it now and loves it!

  10. 10
    Evangelina Joyce

    Hi Jenny, I bought the book for me and I live it. I don’t think I’m a little off I think I like good writing and amazing art … Mainly ’cause I’m not great at either.
    Thanks so much.

  11. Bought one for myself, then bought one for my BFF for 40 years, who was super sick (she’s feeling better, and she LOVED the book!).

  12. 12

    Hi Jenny! I purchased a copy for myself, a copy for my daughter, and a copy for one of my best friends. My daughter is 13 and she loves you and she would love the temporary tattoos! She’d actually live a real one, but I’m going to make her wait a looong time for that! Thanks!

  13. I have bad germs too! And I would love some signed tattoos. I bought this book for me and a couple of others, and I love it!

    brijens recently posted Beauty Begets Hope: Missing Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

  14. I bought the book because I needed it. But I have a friend who’s grandmother is doing very poorly, and if she passes I’ll buy another copy for her, too.

    Also I’m mentioned in that twitter moment and it’s the highlight of my year so far. (I’m @amynorris)

    Glad you’re feeling better 🙂

  15. I bought three copies! One for myself, one for my best friend, and one because I was sure I’d discover someone else who needed it, AND I DID! She hasn’t gotten it yet, but will soon! I love this book so much! Coloring is my meditation, and I’m so glad that some of my friends (these close to me and these I’ve met through THIS BLOG) get to share this together. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  16. So happy you are getting better! Seeing your witty remarks and snarky comments really shows us you are on the mend!
    Love “You Are Here”. I bought it for myself, read it (without coloring..that was the hardest part) and passed it on to my husband that needs your insights / words to understand his wife in a way that I cannot put into words but you did (BUT I DID MAKE HIM PROMISE NOT TO COLOR A THING, IT IS MINE AFTER ALL). So, as I very impatiently await the return of the book so that I can color the pages I have been plotting out the coloring plan in my head.

    thompsonhouseblog recently posted If I Kept Writing, Would You Keep Reading?.

  17. I bought a copy myself and had a copy sent to my sister 🙂

  18. Good to hear you sounding normal again (well, as normal as you ever sound, which is not all that normal, now that I think about it, but still…)

  19. ive given 5 signed books you are where and furiously happy to tribe members @matthbratt @lone_alien @snowxwons and on way to another (they couldnt meet you) and 1 to boss going through a love a tattoo please.

  20. 20
    Daphne Lofquist

    I pre-ordered as soon as I possibly could, so I bought it for myself. It was delivered at the perfect time because I was in the midst of a depressive episode, but didn’t know it, and is one of the several things that is helping me out of this episode. Depression Lies is one of the best quotes I’ve ever heard/read that is actually helpful. Thank you for being your wonderful, quirky, and weird self. You Rock!

  21. I bought the book originally for myself, but then a friend seemed like she needed it, so I mailed it to her, so then I had to order another one for myself. Maybe two. And I would love to win tattoos!

  22. Awesome, signed up! Glad you are normal again…whatever the hell that is…and by the way are any of us normal and do we really want to be…

    The Hellion recently posted 15 Signs You Are Getting Old…er.

  23. 23

    my best friend and i both have depression and anxiety. as soon as i got through reading my copy of You Are Here i IMMEDIATELY ordered one to have sent to her house! i knew she would love and benefit from it as much as me.
    p.s. feel better soon! <3

  24. I bought two just so I would be able to have one. And then my daughter took her copy for herself and then mine to give to a friend. so I am bookless. Which is sad. And spellcheck is telling me bookless is not a word – but it totally is.

  25. 25

    Yay to you feeling better, just in time for cadbury egg day. Peeps day?

  26. I got the book for me… Sometimes it’s just good to know I’m not alone. Well, I’m married, but you know what I mean. I guess that’s it. You do know what I mean. And it helps, Especially when you’ve been hiding from the housepainters for two weeks for instance and you feel like a freak for not just offering them coffee… Thanks. Hope you feel better soon!

  27. I bought the book for me. But really, after I read it, I need it for my 12 year old daughter. Middle school is a scary time and I am hoping she finds solace in the book and understands that her weird is totally great. Probably the best book I bought this year.

  28. I’m glad you’re 23% less mostly dead, and I hope you feel 100% better SOON! Keep the phone charged, rest, and let Dorothy Barker and company take good care of you.

  29. I bought one for myself and one for my bestie, Tara for her birthday! We both love it!

  30. I have purchased two copies. One for myself the day you said you would have a third book coming out. I recently bought a second copy for my 16 year old daughter to help her cope with the suicide of her cousin, my nephew. It is hard for her to understand why he could not continue to fight the same demons she fights, that most of my family has fought for generations. Sometimes life really does suck monkey balls. Thank you, Jenny. Your work has been a salve to my mental illness and a bridge for my daughter and myself.

  31. Bought it for myself. Coloring gets me through the numb phase until I can start feeling again. Thank you for being here <3

  32. Out of curiosity, what’s the app you use for your meds? I’m starting on new meds soon (TERRIFYING) and would love any help keeping myself organized!

  33. Can I request a custom temporary tattoo? I would like to rock a tramp stamp emblazoned with the words “Placed Here By The Gideons”. Thanks in advance, Jenny.

    desertcurmudgeon recently posted Slap In The Face.

  34. My husband OD’d on cough medicine once but it was before Twitter and camera phones so the evidence is lost. I remember it though and wanted some of what he was having by the end of the evening. Get well Typhoid Mary!

  35. 35
    Jennifer Dengler

    I bought both of your audio books for me! Loved every minute of them.

  36. 36
    Jamie Tickel

    I wasn’t able to make it to any of the tour dates and would love to have my copy of You Are Here “signed.”

  37. I did both! Bought two copies for me (one to color, one to keep) and one for a new friend who is just coming to terms with admitting to others that she has anxiety and other issues. Couldn’t have come at a better time for me. It’s been a crappy month. Although hey I’m not Typhoid Mary so you win! Even though you don’t want to win! Yay you!

  38. I bought my copy for me because I needed it. I have all three of your books now, and I always go back to them and read certain parts when I need to feel less alone. Lots of love!

  39. 39
    Karen Hambly

    I bought a copy for my daughter. Sadly it’s not as relaxing for her as it should be because her bird is being an asshole and insists on helping her colour. I also have an extra copy that I’m just waiting to give to someone when the time is right. Heal on Jenny. Thanks for the great books.

  40. I bought it for myself originally but discovered that a good friend of mine needed it more than I did, so I gave it to her. I’m doing a Take 2 on buying the book for myself soon so that the ‘Jenny Lawson’ spot on my book shelf can be up to date!

  41. Glad you’re less mostly dead! (Mostly less dead? Not sure of the correct syntax for that sentiment… bet some of that good cough syrup would help)

    actualconversationswithmyhusband recently posted Spring Needs Some Viagra.

  42. I forgot to tell you that I DID buy your book – one for me, and one for my daughter. We were lucky enough to see you in Raleigh – Pre-Pneumonia. I’m going to buy another one for a friend, too. I’m glad you’re 23% less mostly dead, and I hope you feel 100% better SOON! Keep the phone charged, rest, and let Dorothy Barker and company take good care of you.

  43. I bought a copy for my mom. This is also the first coloring book I bought for myself as an adult. I bought us both cool pens and am making coloring the books together our new thing. It’s helping us both with our anxiety AND giving us something silly to share. Thank you for that!

  44. SQUEEEE! i bought 12 so far but only have three in my posession because i wanted one to color and one not to and i needed a spare because i keep giving them away to everyone but i will need more not that you have me the idea of leaving them in waiting rooms…
    Amazon asked me yesterday if i needed it as a dash button 😶

  45. So far have bought 3 copies and need at least 2 more…and maybe a 3rd if I don’t get over being anxious about coloring “wrong”. sigh

  46. I miscarried my first baby (I think we talked about this on FB) so it’s been a super shitty week. I hope I win this — it would make me smile 🙂 🙂 You are so awesome and generous for giving this away. I hope you feel better soon!!!!! xoxo

  47. I had to scroll way too far for my age to enter at MacMillan… and I bought two You Are Here for me and one for my sister in NYC. I would LOVE a signed tattoo! Thanks Jenny! Glad you are on the mend!

  48. 48
    Amy M Halperin

    Pre-ordered 2 copies of YAH. When they arrived, I couldn’t remember who I got the second copy for. Same day one of my dearest friends, who also suffers from depression and anxiety, was having a really bad day. So I figured “huh, must be for M”
    Gave it to her and she called the next day to thank me and tell me how much she needed it!

    so my subconscious knows what’s doing anyway

  49. I bought a copy for myself and one for a friend because we’re both slightly irregular!

  50. I got it for myself.

  51. Entered….and those might become permanent tattoos

  52. I bought it for me, mainly. And my 13 year old. We both love it.. and everything you write.

    Thank you.

  53. I bought a copy of you are here for my sister. I introduced her to furiously Happy which she consumed in a day before we came to see you in Des Moines last summer.
    I thought she needed it in her arsenal of awesome.

  54. I pre-ordered You are Here because I loved your books and your illustrations from the road. I was expecting just another adult coloring book (shame on me for forgetting who the author was), and was FURIOUSLY HAPPY when I discovered not only your illustrations, but also your commentary. It came at a time when it was sorely needed. Shared with my therapist and will be on my re-order list for my friends that may need it. BeeTeeDubs, I so want a ‘furiously happy’ temporary tat.

  55. I would love to get one of the tattoos, but again…I’m in Europe, so if it’s only for US residents, I’m out of the question.
    Anyway, I’m really into having one of your drawings on my skin since I got the book, so I may just get it inked. Like, for real. Real real. Tattoo gun and all the buzz real. Yay!

  56. You Are Here is my favorite gift this year – bought one for my bestie, and then another for a friend going through a rough patch! Many thanks for your wonderful, quirky creation 🙂

  57. Hi Jenny, I am glad you are not dead. I bought two copies of you are here because they are awesome. I have given one to my daughter and one to my friend’s daughter who both need it very very much I would very much like to have my own copy of your tattoos. I know it sounds like I’m being greedy. Sorry.
    Mark kernohan

  58. It was only 1% that killed the dinosaurs so you are WAAAAAY ahead, girlfriend!

    I preorded YOU ARE HERE for myself then got one each for my nieces when we were in the campus bookstore. I also force Dave, my husband, to look at my colorings and tell me how great they are and hang them up on our fridge.

  59. I actually boought 3 copies. One for me, one for my daughter, and one for a friend. Glad you’re feeling a little better!!

  60. Glad you are starting to find your way back! I bought your latest and greatest book for my 14 year old daughter who fights with bipolar everyday. The tattoos would make her day!

  61. That crud is going around LIKE CRAZY. I’m 100% happy that you’re 23% better. If I sound weird it’s because I’m still on drugs too.

  62. I pre-ordered You Are Here and took it with me to visit a dear friend across the country. I ended up leaving it for her, because it seemed like she needed it, and ordered a new copy for myself. It’s a wonderful book and I plan on buying copies for many of my friends this year because it just seems like something everyone could use right now. Thank you for being you. ❤

  63. 63
    Smuddle Buddy

    I did buy some books as gifts but I was lucky enough to get to meet you in Raleigh and get signed copies of the books so please give away 4 tattoo sheets to someone else and instead send me a picture of the mini-George holding a butterfly in some random place. ✌️❤️🔨🐵

  64. I bought your book for myself. I pre-ordered about 4.32 minutes after you initially mentioned it on your blog. 🙂
    Also, I am glad you’re 23% less mostly dead. When you posted “I’m not dead yet.” I thought of Monty Python 🙂

  65. I bought the book for me. And I’m loving it.

  66. I bought the book for myself and my slightly irregular niece who was having a particularly difficult day and Amazon dropped it on her porch JUST IN TIME, in time for almost anything. She needed it. I needed it. We all need it. And I have given away 2 copies of Furiously Happy and I need that book again too. It needs to be read daily.

  67. Did someone send Miracle Max over with a chocolate coated “mostly dead” pill to fix you? Because I feel like that might make a person more than slightly irregular…

    Jess@NoPithyPhrase recently posted Progress Smells Like Eucalyptus, and I'm Confused.

  68. 68
    Amanda Spence

    My 5 month old son is having surgery to repair his skull in s couple weeks, and I bought “You Are Here” to help minimize my anxiety between now and then, and to also keep me busy while we’re waiting during his surgery.

    Thank you for both giveaways. They’re amazing.

  69. I’m glad you are on the mend! Being sick is AWFUL!

    I did give my copy to my sister, and now I have two other to buy for, not including myself. My therapist friend is even recommending your book to their patients because it is SO much more than a coloring book.

    becomingcliche recently posted Notes From the Zookeeper: Working With Venomous Snakes.

  70. Bought it for me because I really really needed it. I think you know. Been coloring my fool head off – helps keep the ugly thoughts at bay. Plus I got a book bag! As soon as I get paid will get it for two of my sisters who will definitely enjoy it.
    Glad you are getting better! On day 18 of my cough. 18!!!!

  71. 71

    Hi Jenny!! I bought a copy of your book for myself and I also bought one for my best friend because who doesn’t need to ‘Weird on’. We both love the book. Personally, being bipolar, coloring and reading your book has helped quiet my brain. Thank you!!!

  72. I bought the book for me and I got one as a surprise for my daughter. She knows about Beyonce, but not much else as I’ve been a bit selfish about sharing you…I don’t know why, zillions of others know about you…But I’m going to give her You Are Here as a starting point on all things Jenny for her. I also bought an extra book to give away to someone who needs it, but I don’t know them yet. Seriously, it’s just waiting for me to meet that person…Maybe tomorrow or ten years from tomorrow…But I know it will change their life too!
    Thank you!!!

  73. The person hat needed the book was me. Your stuff always makes me better. Like you I’m sick. Also I’m pretty sure Typhoid Mary lives with me because my husband is never happy until he makes me sick when he has something. Except I have to take care of a toddler when I’m sick. He gets to lay around.

  74. Bought the book for a friend of mine going through a mid-life divorce. She found so much inspiration, and laughter in it, and is happy to know she’s not the only weirdo out here. KKMF!

  75. 75
    Katherine Falgout

    I ordered a copy for myself, because I have some wonderfully awesome anxiety issues that like crashing around my head, like an unexpected drunk frat guy.

  76. I loved my copy so much (just what I needed right then, perfect) so I of course went and made sure my SIL had a copy too.
    You: keep taking care of yourself. REST. REST REST REST.

  77. Hi Jenny,
    Glad to hear you are feeling better. I was following your cold medicine thread on Twitter lastnight and it was a hoot! Lots of Love xoxo Renee

    The Pop Culture Rainman™ recently posted Spring 2017 Unicorn Trends: Unicorn Food, Unicorn Beauty and Style Inspo!.

  78. 78
    Jenny Taylor

    I bought a copy of Furiously Happy for my sister and a copy of You Are Here for my niece…I got you to sign them both in Kentucky! 😉 Thanks again…it was wonderful to meet you <3

  79. 79
    Patricia Taff

    I bought myself a copy because I need a Jenny fix daily to remind me to carry on. The coloring pages are a bonus.
    I just moved back to my hometown to take care of my mother who has Alzheimer’s; after I swore I’d never live here again. It’s taken me five months to unpack enough to get through the living room of boxes.
    One good thing is that I reconnected with a high school friend I hadn’t seen in over forty years. Her husband died a few years ago and has been depressed. I found out she loves to color so I bought You Are Here as a thank you for helping me. I am saving it for her birthday and a set of tats would be awesome.

  80. I bought You are Here for each of my kiddos 🙂

  81. It made me a little sad to have to scroll SO FAR DOWN to find my birth year. That’s how I know I am old.

  82. I bought You Are Here for my best friend who has been having a really rough year. She loved it, of course! Your books have magical healing properties, I am convinced.

  83. I haven’t even bought the book for myself yet, much less anyone else, but now I want a “slightly irregular” tattoo for my right boob, which tried to kill me three years ago. It’s still there, less the chunk that held the cancerous tumor, but it’s kind of bruisy and blemished and it quietly screams “SOMETHING HAPPENED HERE.” recently posted From My RV Kitchen: Sinful Chocolate Fudge Pie.

  84. I bought one for me (because I can) and getting ready to surprise my BFF with one. I might need another copy too…one to color and one to have when I mess up my coloring.

  85. I bought a copy of the book for myself, my mom, two of my friends, and a copy I havent figured out who to give it to yet. I would love those tattoos and honestly I would most likely get a few of them a real ones. Thank you for continuously saving me. I honestly wouldn’t still be here if it wasn’t for you and this world you created.

  86. I bought the book fro myself, gave a copy to my mom, and convinced my boyfriend’s sister to get it lol.

  87. I totally bought for myself! Not even gonna lie. Wanted it. Needed it. I’ve needed them all. And, while I didn’t buy this book for my friends, I DID buy Furiously Happy for them. And then you signed them. In fucking person!! It was awesome. This would be too. Not as much as meeting you, but I am far from picky. ❤❤❤

  88. I bought the book primarily for me, but secondarily to share with members of my family who still don’t get that my depression/anxiety is a real thing. I’m hoping the humor and beauty of your book will enlighten them. And now I’m going to have to go buy more to just leave in random places because it is way more fun than a Gideon bible.

    Glad you are on the mend!!

  89. Also, can we just buy the tattoos?

  90. I pre-ordered your book TWICE without realizing it! So I gave the second copy to my best friend. Keep writing and drawing. It’s nice to know that we are in good (albeit germy!) company.

  91. I bought a copy for myself, and then went back and bought a copy for my best friend because I knew she needed it from the minute I opened it.

  92. I bought a copy of my daughter but I haven’t given it to her yet – this would be perfect! I am so glad you are on the way to being undead! Oh . . . that’s not right . . . Keep feeling better!

  93. This is amazing!!! I bought the book for my 3 nieces (ages 15-20) and a dear friend I have know for 40 years who lives in a different state. 😁 It has been awesome getting messages from them all and talking about different parts of the book. Thank you thank you!!!! 💛

  94. I bought it for myself and my lady friend. I love it. Whenever I get to a part that really resonates and I want to think about it awhile, I take out the colored pens and just start filling in one of the pictures. Its genius, what you’ve done here. Thank you. Please send me tattoos! <3

  95. My friend Anne deserves tattoos because she bought me this book and it caused a fight between me & my husband. He texted me from work saying I should go pick up a package (we live in large apt complex with office in separate building). So I stopped in the middle of work, walked over to the office, in the rain, uphill both ways, pollen season, gave myself an asthma attack. Got home, opened the box they’d handed me, and saw it was an action figure he’d ordered. I was furious and did something I’ve never done before: I called him up at work specifically to fuss at him. But I’m really bad at being mad at people, so after choking out how angry I was at walking in the rain to get his “stupid hawk wings guy and I know that’s not his name but I don’t care,” mostly I just cried and apologized because I felt so petty and because I’ve been so stressed. Well, my lovely friend Anne had ordered me the book because of said stress, and it had been placed in our mailbox, not delivered to the office. My husband came home from work with roses in one hand and the book in the other, and it made me feel even worse because it’s like when you accidentally step on a dog’s tail but the poor pup is the one who wants to make up with you. Anyway, Anne kept texting me apologies all night, even though she’d done nothing wrong. So, please, Anne deserves apology/thank you tattoos.Technically so does my husband, even though he didn’t buy the book and wouldn’t use them.

  96. Poor Canadians! Here’s what the contest rules say they must do:

    “If an entrant selected in the drawing is a resident of Canada, to be declared a winner he/she must correctly answer, without assistance of any kind, a time-limited mathematical skill-testing question to be administered by telephone or email.”

    Better brush up on your calculus, Canucks!

  97. 97
    Karen olshansky

    My sister bought both of your books for me for my birthday. Best gifts ever. Made ne laugh,cry, hyperventilate. So comforting to know I’m not alone with my anxiety and depression. I’D love to give her these tattoos. Love you Jenny. Stay wonderfully crazy!

  98. Yay for being slightly less dead. You are so thoughtful about not spreading your plague to your fans. I have been coloring in You Are Here as a substitute for my self-harm and I love it because I know the drawings were done for a similar reason so it feels like I’m connecting with you over our struggles without actually having to talk. I hate talking when I’m feeling like self-harm so having a coonection that doesn’t require talking (or you even knowing) is the best way I have right now to not feel isolated while also not having the pressure of being a real person.

  99. I love those tattoos! I bought a copy of You are Here for myself and one for a friend who I’ve introduced to you in the past by sharing your other books with her. I didn’t want to share this book though so I got her her own copy 🙂

  100. I bought the book for myself, then realized I had no colouring implements XD. So I’ve been reading it and loaning it to people I thought needed it.

  101. 101

    I received my copy from someone here and then bought a copy for my bestie. She found out recently that she only has 6 months to live cause of brain cancer and I want her to color and smile as much as possible.

  102. I pre-ordered your book for myself. I knew I needed it and I wanted to support you, because of all the great things you do.

  103. bought it for myself and a friend. we both needed it. hope youre on the mend soon jenny. xo.

  104. Mostly not dead is an improvement.

    I hope your voice comes back soon. Until then, you need a whiteboard to hang around your neck, like the Buffy episode “Hush”. Or you could just let them guess, if you feel up to charades.

    I entered the contest; fingers crossed!

  105. I bought the book for myself, because I needed it badly. The very first page I opened to was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you, thank you. And I’m so glad you’re feeling slightly better! Here’s to much improvement over the next few days.

  106. I preordered the book as soon as you told us about it. I knew I needed it but I didn’t know at the time how much other people in my world would need it too. Thank you for making the pages perforated so I can share pages with other folks. One went to a friend who has trouble with her idle hands trying to hurt her. One went to a friend that is currently inpatient trying to keep the voices at bay. I still want a tattoo of the feather drawing that you posted before the book came out (and that make it into the book!) but I’m scared of needles so I haven’t really done it. So one of your temporary tattoos would be awesome! I hope you are even more well tomorrow. If not, make a pillow fort, grab a cat and a wine slushie and take the day off.

  107. I pre-ordered You Are Here from Amazon so it was a delight to get it as a surprise in the mail. That’s the cool part about pre-ordering. You usually forget about it since it’s been a few months and then BAM! A gift in the mail.

    I keep it on my end table in the living room so I walk past it all day long and look down and see “You Are Here.” Which is a great daily reminder.

    I also think the temporary tatoos would go nicely with my permanent ones.

  108. 108
    Jeanne Pettengill

    One for myself. One for my momma who needed you even though she didn’t know who you were. One for my teacher friend who regularly works with 13 year olds. Texting links to your Beyoncé post as a means to introduce you to others in my tiny world.

    Thank you.

  109. I bought the book for myself. I have recently separated from my husband, have two kids on the autism spectrum and attend barber school at night and on saturdays. I bought this book and carry it with me so that I can have tiny pieces of “me time” when I need it.

  110. I purchased this book for myself, it sits on my coffee table as a daily reminder that I make it through the day, I just need to focus on each hour first.

  111. 111
    Rachelle Surette

    Jenny, are those tattoos for sale somewhere? I bought your book and got a book bag for pre-order but don’t want to enter the giveaway since the book was for me. But I WANT those temporary tattoos!

  112. I’m buying one for my cousin today– when your facebook status says “what more do you want from me?!”, clearly you need a little jenny lawson in your life.

  113. Thank you so much for being you! I bought this book for myself and my 2 besties and will be giving my sister one for her bday in May. Hope you and Hailey get better soon and congrats on the app and not dying!

  114. I bought one for me! Going through chemo and it was sorely needed. 🙂

  115. I preordered the book back in July, before you came to Cedar Rapids IA to visit us. BeeTeeDubs, meeting you was amazing. I’m buying a copy for my friend Kenzie but not til tomorrow which is payday. It was supposed to be last payday but you know how that goes. Anyway, I’d love me some Jenny tattoos!

  116. 116
    Sacha (pronounced SAH-sha

    Hi Jenny, I purchased your coloring book for a very deserving messed up friend. That friend was me. I’m working on being a friend to myself and the tattoos will help, so that I can be a good friend to others as well. I will share the tattoos. Thank you.

  117. I bought a copy of the book for myself, my mom, two of my friends, and a copy I havent figured out who to give it to yet. I would love those tattoos and honestly I would most likely get a few of them a real ones. Thank you for continuously saving me. I honestly wouldn’t still be here if it wasn’t for you and this world you created.

    (Sorry first one my name was . Which I’m obviously not a punctuation so I fixed it and am trying again)

  118. Those tats might look good on my nipple-less boobs after double boobectomies. Why do anything permanent when the Bloggess has such cool ones to try out?

    susielindau recently posted I Celebrated a Birthday, But Failed to Save a Life..

  119. I bought the book for most of my friends because everyone needs it!

  120. Well, I pre-ordered for me but then I had to get one for my friend who was having a hard time, and another for my other friend cause it was perfect for her …and another for my mom cause she actually NEEDS it. I’m pretty sure it won’t end there. Can I have some tattoos? ‘Cause that’d be rad!

  121. 121
    Katy Fernandez

    I ordered your book as soon as you said it was being published. As soon as I saw it in person, I had to get copies for my daughter, my mom, my (3) sisters, and a dear friend. And I got a book bag, which I absolutely adore. It is so much more than I had anticipated or expected. You are a treasure.

  122. 122
    Heather Anne

    I bought this book for most of my friends because everyone needs it!

  123. Awesome! I like every tattoos. I have none, but I try those two weeks ones every once in a while. Between C-PTSD, and BPD, I’m a little weary of putting anything perm on. Lol! I change my mind too much. I’m so glad you are edging up the feeling better percentages.

    fallingtowardsfair recently posted Inking stuff still….

  124. I bought the book for myself as a pick me up the day I was prescribed a wheelchair. Now I’m buying a second copy for a friend who just got her chair. Thank you, we both need it.

  125. I’m really glad you are 23% less dead. I bought the book for myself, but I’m really hoping to win the publisher’s contest so I can give my sister BOTH books.

  126. Every time I’ve read this posts I have a “she’s been mostly dead all week” princess bride themed thought. Glad you are doing better! I bought the book for my son and I. My son has aspergers and anxiety and going to school every day is a challenge of major proportions for him. He fights the battle everyday and I’m so proud of him. Last year we missed 1/2 of the school year due to his anxiety. This year he’s back and on honor roll. But still says “I hate this” every day. Thank you for the book. We’ve read most of it together and each picked a page we wanted to color.

  127. I bought You Are Here and shared it with my children. They are struggling in middle and high school and I love spending time with them just poring over the pages and pointing things out to each other. I’m so glad you’re feeling better!

  128. 128
    Jessica Parker

    I bought it for me. It provides me a few minutes every night to remind myself that things are beautiful and weird and wonderful and that makes me happy 🙂

  129. Wow, Jenny – you’re super cool even when you’re dead. Or almost dead. In any case, I hope you can cross the dead/not dead barrier (towards not-dead) enough that you can get outside for some sunshine and fresh air. The front helped that for a little while and you might feel just a touch more alive. Take care of yourself!

  130. I pre-ordered for me and my friend and her daughter. We all love it. The daughter is going through a tough time and she’s only 15. Your words and drawings are helping us all. Thank you!

  131. The first copy was for me, who really needed it, and the second copy I ordered last week was for a good friend, who also really needs it right now.

  132. For Christ’s sake, KEEP YOUR PHONE CHARGED…we need you goddammit!! You amaze me that even in sickness and on the brink of death you are thinking of us. I love the ever-loving shit out of you, Jenny! Thank you for being you and for bringing so much happy to our lives! MUAH!!

    the incurable dreamer recently posted beautifully broken.

  133. I bough each of your books for my daughter after she kept “borrowing” mine!

  134. 134

    Since you’re still feeling crummy here is something to brighten your day:

    It’s a Pixar short and it makes me happy :). I hope it does the same for you!

  135. I purchased a copy for myself and a great friend who struggles daily with bipolar disorder. She doesn’t have a ton of support so I saw this book and just had to get it for her.

  136. I bought it for myself AND my sister!

  137. So, I bought 15 copies of your newest book. I’m giving one to my mom, keeping one for me, five are going to women that I used to work with, and the rest are going to my current staff members. I think you have created something for all, for each of us. Thank you.

  138. I purchased the book for my teenage daughter who struggles with anxiety and depression. She uses coloring books as a coping mechanism.

  139. 139

    I pre-ordered the book as soon as you announced it was available, and it is all for me, but I will share with family members if they have washed their hands first or wear gloves. I am the only person allowed to color in it, but I am scared to ruin the pictures so all my colored pencils are still virgins in their box.

  140. This is so cool. Thanks to you and your publisher. I’m so glad you are feeling better. Sorry to hear Hailey caught it though. I told my blood draw lady about your Furiously Happy book, she’s a spoonie too, and she bought the book! Yay! Keep feeling better. Love ya

  141. I bought a Furiously Happy for someone, does that count? I hope it counts. Because tattoos. ☺️ But also, someone else actually followed your rules, unlike me, and sent me a copy of You Are Here. They aren’t just trying to scam tattoos by doing sorta what you said but not exactly what you said and then begging for tattoos. 😇 I hope they see this post from you and speak up and get free shiz ☺️

  142. 142
    Kris Reeder

    Great! I totally pre-ordered for me. Although I wasn’t sure if my anxiety could handle for fear of getting outside the lines. Damn OCD.
    I am giving a book to my therapist. I love it!

  143. Preordered two of the books (both for me). Am considering ordering an autographed copy (as soon as the bank sends new “uncompromised” credit cards; until then my shopping wings are clipped.) Brought two “Furiously Happy” and two “Let’s Pretend” and shared copies with a friend who needed them. Maybe she’ll get an extra (third) copy of “You are Here”.

  144. 144
    Wendy Neal

    I bought two copies-one for myself and one for my mom. My mom has struggled with mental illness all of her life. I just learned about her early struggles in the last year or so. When she coming up, there was such a stigma on mental illness so she hid that she struggled with it. Coloring helps her and does puzzles and other things.

  145. Bought two for myself and one for my sister. That counts right?!?!? Glad you are starting to not be dead Jenny!

  146. I bought two copies of the book–one for me, because you are hilarious and I want to give you all the encouragement I possibly can. And the other for my sweet daughter who is somehow managing to stay in college her freshman year with crappy roommates and panic/anxiety issues and hard mechanical engineering classes AND missing her mom. SO. BRAVE. She deserved a coloring book that has reassuring/Screw You world writings in it.

    You DO know you are the rope thrown to many who are drowning, right?

  147. 147
    Johana Jimenez

    I preordered it because I love all your stuff, and just wanted to have it even tho I am not good at coloring or any art. But I had no idea how much I needed it when it arrived. Thank you and glad you’re 23% less dead 🙂

  148. Bought the book. Love it! Love the tattoos, too!!

  149. Aw there’s no option for those of us in the UK to enter 🙁 that’s ok we still love you!

  150. I would love to say I bought this book for someone but I bought it for me. I kept meaning to pre-order it but whenever I went to do it something came up and I never did. Then one day I was having a crappy day and Amazon reminded me that your book was in my cart and I yelled at my husband that I am buying this today because I need and I don’t care if thats my lunch for the week and so I bought it. I am however loaning out my copies of your book to my friends that need it and letting them know its ok to highlight and make notes and share because that is what you are all about and they are reading my highlights and notes and that its ok because thats the point of the book. I love your weirdness and thank you for not dying because we need you!

  151. I would love, love, love a chance at the tattoos. 🙂 I pre-ordered the book for myself. I started reading through it when I got and I just started coloring a page to de-stress from working a shit-ton of overtime. I’ve been exhausted and a little down lately but today is a sunny spring day and I’m looking toward the weekend. Glad you’re slowly on the mend. <3

  152. I bought 2 books (and got the tote bags) for my mom and I. My mom’s an avid coloring book fan. This is my first one. I recently dislocated my shoulder so this book has been a great distraction from me at night while dealing with the ongoing pain and muscle spasms keeping me awake.

  153. Bought one for myself and two friends. Would love to gift the tattoos, or maybe test drive one myself! Thank you and I hope you feel better soon!

  154. SO glad you are getting better (illness-wise, of course). I’ll confess, I bought You Are Here as a gift to myself. 2016 was a mentally rough year, so I deserved it. And you deserved the sell. I love the book, though I haven’t been able to bring myself to color in it yet because what if I’m terrible at coloring now? It would be a shame to deface a treasure. I probably need to practice on some lesser pages. But reading the book and focusing on the designs is repeatably enjoyable. And my cat likes snoozing on it when I’m done. (I think I tried to tweet a pic of that to you, but I’m not sure it worked. I should have just put it on FB.) Thanks, again and again, for being you.

  155. I bought a copy of “You Are Here” for Dana Powers on February 7th for your “Buy Someone a Book” Day. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  156. I bought 2: one to color, and one to keep un-screwed-up by my attempts.

    I’m so glad you’re resurfacing. Continue to get well please!

  157. So glad you are feeling betterish. I’m waiting on another copy of your books for my daughter. She is struggling and all I could think was she needs a little Jenny in her life. 💜

  158. I ended up getting 2 of the books – one to keep pristine as it is because I love it, and one to actually color in, as therapy for myself. 🙂

  159. I bought 2 for myself: one for coloring and one to keep in perfect condition ^-^ Thanks so much for making it!

  160. I’m a high school teacher and as soon answer my copy arrived, I told all of my students about it. (They thanked me by giving me the plague. Sniffle. Cough.) Then I ordered two more copies to share with other teachers who needed the encouragement. (The books creeped them out a little because they said your writing voice sounds like me, especially the Giving Tree diatribe. Weird.)

  161. So glad you are feeling betterish. I’m waiting for a copy of your books for my daughter. She’s struggling and all I could think was that she needed a little Jenny in her life.

  162. I order a book for me and one for my mom! It is amazing!

  163. This is so sweet of you and your publisher! After hearing you talk about You Are Here in Kentucky, I realized that I needed it. My depression and anxiety has been coming back and leaving like harsh waves. I’ve loved it so much that I want to get my family and friends a copy, too.

    Taylor recently posted The situation has been assessed and cracked..

  164. I bought 4 copies–one for myself and three for friends. We all agree it is better therapy than our therapists provide. 😁

  165. I’d take some temp tattoos, but I’d also just be happy to buy it because you’re the best. But if I win some, cool!
    Don’t die, ET.

  166. So, does that mean you are only 77% zombie vampire now? I hope you don’t catch the “sparklies”, that would really suck, but very glad you are feeling better. Now thinking of getting the “you are here” tattoo in permanent, I LOVE that! Get better soon, and keep your chin up (unless you are trying to look down, then its too hard 😉 )

  167. I pre-ordered 5 of them for me and people in my life. Once I started giving them out I kept thinking of more people who would enjoy it. I gave one to my manager at worm going through some things. My coworker who is always there when I need someone to talk to. My roommate, who has been one of my best friends for years and has taken me to the ER twice for random crazy things that happen to me in the past year. I then saw the Target version so I bought one of those for myself (so I now have to versions). One for my old salon manager who is my dogs groomer, shes also had a few rough months. And of course one for my mom for EVERYTHING she’s done for me (most recently taking care of my dog after her dental because I was out of town), and she’s the one who got me started reading your blog to help me with my own depression and feeling not alone.

  168. Well I started out buying a copy for myself. Then I read it covered to cover and had to promptly order two more copies. One for my mom who is still recovering from losing my dad earlier this year and one to give to a friend. I’m not sure which friend yet. But it’s happening. 🙂

  169. My husband bought me the book as a Christmas gift. I loved it so much that I bought another copy for myself because I needed one uncolored and one I could make messy. A third with signed tattoo’s and I might just pass out. 🙂

    Glad you are 23% better. 23% better is better than 23% worse. 🙂

  170. Registered! So glad you are starting to wake from the dead. Are you sure you’re not a zombie though? Either way we still love you!

    Shari recently posted Reiki.

  171. Pre-ordered the book and accidentally-on-purpose left it laying about the living room for my dearest who struggles with anxiety and depression too. He has found joy in your books and blog and this makes me oh so happy that we have found you. <3

  172. I bought this book for other people during the Booksgiving. I wish publishers would include military addresses (APO, FPO, etc.) in the drop down for states when they are having a giveaway. It costs the same to ship to the military as it does to ship to a state!

  173. Glad you are on the mend! I cried when I read through You Are Here and now I have a friend that I just send all of your books to her because she is struggling. she LOVED You Are Here

  174. 174
    Tim Fraker

    I bought a copy for myself because I needed it. Then I bought one for a friend because she needed it. Thank you for writing these books, they mean so much to me.

  175. 175

    Is there somewhere we can buy the temporary tattoos?

  176. 176
    Julie Enyeart

    I bought the book as a gift to me because I desperately need and deserve it! Love you!

  177. Welcome back to the land of the (mostly) well! I did buy the book for myself on the first day of preorder, not realizing how much I would need it when it finally arrived. Divorce is shit even when it’s my choice. Thanks for being there!

  178. I bought the book for myself, but after reading it knew I had to get one for my sister as well! I give it to her next week when she comes for a visit.

    Thank you!

  179. I bought it for my husband’s birthday and we plan to color it together. Not at the same time. That’s a recipe for fighting. But, like secret little visual love letters to each other. We’d love the temporary tattoos, they look awesome!

  180. I bought my sis a book, she is going through SOOOO much right now, and really needed your help. Thanks for sharing it with her. I would love the tattoos if you have them!

  181. 181
    Kristin Lichtenauer

    I bought Furiously Happy for one of my best friends. She and I text each other quotes from the book – causing me to spontaneously laugh out loud at work…making me look event more irregular. 😉

  182. I got it and when i first read it i hit the pic that says “haters gonna hate, players gonna play, im just gonna hide in the closet because i have social anxiety.” I saw that and almost cried because it is SO me!
    PS glad your feeling a little less dead.

  183. I ordered a copy for me (someone who REALLY needed it). I also have a bunch of tattoos already, so these would fit right in.

  184. I’m new to this commenting thing but those tats look pretty interesting. I think you’re pretty interesting as well

  185. I pre-ordered it for myself and you went to Hawaii with me because I have trouble flying. It helped. So did the Ativan. Feel better!

  186. Those tattoos are scrumtrilescent… and so are you! I bought You are Here for myself as I got so excited by the concept I could hardly contain myself. You are such a light for so many of us. So glad you are feeling 23% better! Cheers on you Jenny!

  187. I bought one for me and a second one for my daughter. She’s a freshman in college 2000 miles from home. She’s awesome but has a hard time believing it, and she’s an introvert so having trouble finding her tribe. She deals with anxiety issues and loves to color. I wanted to help her understand she’s not alone. Which is another thing she has trouble believing sometimes. Old enough to be discovering the weird inside, but too young to embrace it. Hoping the book will help.

  188. I bought the book for me, but then had to buy another for my friend because I knew she needed it. I would love the tattoos, though – any chance the bookstores will sell them if I don’t win?

  189. 189
    Stacy Stevens

    I got the book for both me and my friend ❤️

  190. Sometimes I want to leave Quebec just so that I can enter contests! This prize pack looks fun..good luck to everyone who was able to enter 🙂

  191. The first day that the preorders for You Are Here became available, I preordered two. One for me, and another for my aunt. When I read Furiously Happy, I noticed there were a lot of similarities between you and my aunt, and I’ve been trying to get her to read your books. So I sent her You Are Here (also because she also likes to draw and color stuff similar to your drawings). I think for christmas I’m going to send her both of your other books, and then maybe she will read them (though not as fantastic as the audiobooks, I think it will be easier for her to read them than listen to them, since her house is chaotic a lot and she only gets to read books once her kids are in bed)

  192. I’ve bought three copies so far, one for me and two for friends – I think it’s going to become my standard, “I love you and want you to be happy and also you should take up coloring because it’s awesome and did I mention that I want you to be happy” book. Thank you for writing it.

  193. I got the book for myself as well as my daughter. Coloring helps me calm when the world seems too much and we both just love you!

  194. I bought one for me and I am slowly buying others as it occurs to me. Bought one for a friend today who is going through lots of anxiety. Thank you for writing this book.

  195. I bought a copy for a sweet elderly lady at the nursing home I work for. She has dealt with mental illness all her life. She is now 87 and always the first to smile and joke, or the first to tell you it will be ok and you can survive. I love her and knew she would love this book.

  196. 196
    Kara, Emma, Abigail, Eliza

    I bought copies for myself and my three teenage daughters, all for different reasons. We are beyond fans. We even have a large metal chicken in our living room (named Jay zee obviously). They said it was the best Christmas present ever.. we ❤ you!!

  197. My best friend has been going through some tough times so I sent her You Are Here and chocolate, because chocolate makes everything better. And she literally texted me the other day with a plea of “please send chocolate!”; so I definitely had to include that. I also bought a copy for myself because all of your books are wonderful and You Are Here is amazing! Weird on and don’t die, we need your Jenny wisdom!

  198. Jenny, my friend and I pre-ordered You Are Here as soon as we could on Amazon. We both bought the book for ourselves to share about it with each other because we are the bestest of trash panda friends who see so much of us in you…well not literally because we wouldn’t be able to actually see us IN you if we were actually somehow IN you,like parasites, or a tumor, or whatever, but you know what I mean. I would love to share some tattoos with my trash panda twin 😀

  199. I pre-ordered 2 as soon as you posted about this last year. Then I realized 2 were not going to be enough so I pre-ordered an additional 2. Half of my order went to my Big Kid in Chicago. She will also get the tote bag, because I love her a great deal and we both have decided you are our spirit animal. I’d love the tattoos because then I could add you to our mortgage and that would be fun for you to explain to Victor. That would equal a blog post or 2, as well as a bunch of awesome tweets so it’s like I’m providing you with future comedy gold so, um, yeah, I’d love a set of tattoos, or two. Gracias.

    Kara recently posted The Return of the Sontarans – The Sontaran Stratagem – Doctor Who.

  200. I did! I got one for me (because yep I super needed it) and one for my daughter (partially because I didn’t want her stealing mine, and partially because at 12 she’s already kicking the ass of depression and anxiety).

  201. 201

    Just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone in needing a med app. I’ve used one for years, and it made things SO much easier to keep track of. It even lets me know when to get refills, if I set it up properly, so yay~

  202. Hi Jenny! I hope you have a speedy recovery! I’m with you girl…laid up with a torn ligament in my knee and it is painful. I’m still able to blog, so here is a two part blog I wrote yesterday. I hope I make you laugh your ass off and your pneumonia away.
    Erin Cooper Reed recently posted My Easter Shoe Shopping Bandits (Pre-Easter Antics Part 2).

  203. 203
    Cathy Evanochko

    The temp tattoos are awesome!!! I bought several You Are Here books to give to others when needed. I already gave one to my good friend who has spent the last several moths cocooned in her bedroom when she is not at work. She was amazed, and told me it saved her. Jenny, you rock!

  204. I had purchased and enjoyed your previous books, so pre-ordering this was a no-brainer. I actually intended it for myself, but once it arrived I ended up giving it to a coworker, who I felt needed it much more than I did. I’ve entered the promo, and of course hope I win the terrific package – but if I don’t, I’m likely to repurchase You Are Here for myself in a few months.

  205. I have all your books and they bring me great joy. The coloring book is so lovely.

  206. I bought four, actually, and I’m contemplating a fifth. One for me, one for my wife, one for a very good friend whose life kind of sucks right now, and the fourth for another good friend whose life is going pretty okay but she knows what it’s like to struggle with a mental illness. Possible fifth would go with me to DC when I visit my best friend later this year.

  207. I’m glad you are only 77% mostly dead, and 0% all dead. I pre-ordered 2 copies of “You Are Here” for me, because I have to have one to color, and one to keep and read. I’m also giving other copies of the book to my friends for my birthday because we all need a little guidance from time to time.

  208. I bought your new book for someone who really needed it, myself and my boyfriend after 2 months of living hell we bonded over your book colouring in a pillow fort 🙂

  209. I am so glad you are feeling a little less dead. You are needed around here! I did buy the book for myself because I needed it. I’ve used it multiple times and carry it with me where ever I go. So, while coloring people have noticed and asked about it so, I now have purchased a couple extra for my mom-in-law and my daughter who said “I wouldn’t mind very much if I had that awesome book…”. I really appreciate the support, laughter and “it’s ok” attitude you have given mental illness and I love feeling not so alone…even on days I want to be alone.

  210. I pre-ordered You Are Here for myself because 1) I love all of your stuff 2) It’s also a coloring book!! 3) I needed it to help me keep from losing my sh*t! Thank you for the chance to have your signature. 🙂

  211. 211
    alissa Mooney

    My mom lost 2 of her old dogs (15 and 17) so I sent her a copy. My own copy is still waiting for me pick it up at a local bookstore but I keep forgetting.

  212. I bought a copy of this book for both me and my boyfriend (as a gift). We scanned it at the book store and laughed and laughed.. and felt infinite and joy. Thank you for that.

  213. I bought a copy for myself because I needed it. After reading it, I’ve decided this will be birthday and Christmas presents for like…everybody I know.

  214. Bought it for a friend, who was blown away by the book and is now on the stalker-spectrum of all things Jenny Lawson. Sorry!

  215. I bought an extra one to give to a fri3nd but then my sister saw it when it arrived and said she needed it so I gave it to her and now I am going to buy the one for my friend and an extra one to (maybe) keep blank. Maybe I will color it too because I am loving it.

  216. I have read and agree to the above rules. I agree to receive emails, and other communications from Macmillan and its related companies. Privacy Notice.*… I didn’t read the rules, I started to read the rules but they were boring. After the first two lines all I could hear was the voice of Charlie Brown’s teacher. I just needed to confess, my catholic is showing

  217. 217

    I bought the book for myself, finished reading through it, and just ordered 2 more to give to friends who need it! Glad you’re less mostly dead. All dead is no fun. You can’t storm the castle if you’re all dead.

  218. I purchased 3 of this book. One for my friend Emily who is dealing with ibs and a hernia as well as get fiance being shipped off to Kentucky (from NY) for work. One for my friend Arika who is dealing with trying to get pregnant and teeing to pursue a career in coaching. Then one for myself who is battling postpartum and a probable divorce.

  219. I am displaying mine on the fridge like I’m my own 4 year old! 🙂

  220. I have had “You Are Here” on my wish list since it was announced, ordering today because I have a gift card from my birthday. So while I technically don’t have it yet, I will possess it soon! (That sounds kinda creepy doesn’t it? “I will possess it SOON!” Dun-dun-dun) Um, tattoos would be awesome.

  221. 221

    I bought your book for myself.. but secretly it’s also for my fiancé who’s going through hell with depression right now. I’m not even sure what to call him anymore actually b/c he keeps pushing me away. But I’m still here because he needs someone, and I can’t give up on him. Ugh. Anyway.. I’ve used it to open up a discussion about what’s been going on with him lately. Reading random passages out loud, and showing him what I love about your honesty. I think he sees that I get it, and that I’m there for him. I just hope that’s enough. But yeah… tattoos.. They’d be nice. Thanks Jenny.. For everything.

  222. Bought one for a friend, one for me, and a spare because you never know who may need to be reminded of where they are. It is a book of maps, right?

    Thank you for creating this amazing book!

  223. 223
    Augusta Wind

    In spreading raccoon love and you are here books to anyone who will look, listen & learn. You have been the best medicine for an anxious poodle.

  224. 224
    Laurie Rodriguez

    I wish I could put into words how great this book is. I’ll keep it for a while and then share with several people I know that could use your words. Everyone needs this book. My favorite part is “The Keeping Tree.” I also love the idea that those of us with social anxiety could band together and become a force, but only for an hour. I keep thinking about what my extrovert husband puts up with. He’s truly a saint. Glad your feeling less dead.

  225. Ha ha just read the twitter ramble. I also have the plague right now but my cough medicine isn’t as fun as yours 🙁 stupid holistic crap

  226. I preordered the book, but didnt realize how much I needed it until it arrived. I have been listening to my fucked up brain too much lately and was in a pretty bad place again. You Are Here was a wake up for me to get up and do something about it. I visited my shrink to tweak my meds, and I am not hiding in corners quite as much. I have a lot more work to do, but I am not listening to my lying brain anymore, so that’s progress!

  227. I actually bought 4 copies of You Are Here: 1 each for myself & for my bestie to keep & color, and 1 each for us to gift to ‘someone’ who needs it. We haven’t found our “someone” yet, but we did get them signed by you in La Jolla!
    Thank you for being you.

  228. I just ordered three copies of You Are Here to give away, but I am not sure who I will give them to yet. Maybe my cousin, maybe my son. It’s a mystery!

  229. Just so you know, they absolutely do use your information for marketing purposes. They may not SELL it for money, but they will certainly spam you, as evidenced in their privacy policy:

    Information We Share

    We may share the information you provide with companies that are related to Macmillan through common ownership.

    In addition, we may share information about you with non-affiliated third parties whose products or services may be of interest to you. These third parties may contact you about their products and services. We will not share your information with these third parties for their own marketing purposes if you request that we not do so. We may, however, engage in joint marketing activities with selected third parties and may share personal information about our website visitors with them.

  230. You’re the best, Jenny!

    I bought “You Are Here” for someone who needed/wanted it during your Booksgiving Day celebration. 🙂

    I’ve bought your earlier books first for me (because quality control!) and then as gifts for friends and family, too. You’re basically my one-stop shop for self- and other-gifting!

  231. I bought three! One for my wife, one for her therapist, and one for her best friend. I have a feeling her therapist and best friend will order more…
    I’m so glad you are almost ready to storm the castle!!

  232. I ordered early. Got it. Love it. Now seriously need to give one to nieces, sister, co-worker….

  233. Hello! I bought a copy from Book People for my husband. He’s a police officer, and I thought it would be good for him to have a coloring book full of nice things to decompress. He’s been coloring it with our son on his days off. 🙂

  234. I bought the book for myself, because I needed something to help me focus on the beauty of the world. Also, I love you. Also, I really hope I win because this is the only book of yours that I don’t have signed, because you only had one signing in Texas and it was on a weekday and I live in Lubbock which is 300-400 miles away from everything. (Except San Angelo. Do another signing in San Angelo!)

    Also Also Also, can we buy the temporary tattoos?

  235. 235
    Victoria C

    Bought one for my dear friend. 🙂

  236. I bought You Are Here for myself, and it has been a lifesaver! I would really like to get my hands on those temporary tatttos! Is there a place we can purchase them in the case we don’t win the awesome signed ones?

  237. I sent one for Booksgiving! Which was fun, even though one of the other books I sent was backordered, so the person probably thought she wasn’t getting anything, and then like a month later it showed up and confused her. But I tried. 🙂

  238. I bought a copy for myself and one for a dear friend and invited her over for a quiet girls night in where we sat quietly and colored. I don’t think we realized how much we both needed it 🙂

  239. I per-ordered the book for myself and am very much in love with it, as I am with the book bag I got too!! I just entered the contest for the package, in the hopes of winning and sending my sister the books and bag, since I already have them (I will keep the pencils and tattoos for myself, because greedy 🙂

  240. I bought for me because…well just because. My daughter likes it a lot, she was the first one to color a page out of it, so I guess I also bought it for her. We would love tattoos!

  241. I bought one copy to keep nice and one copy to color in and one copy for my mom…
    Thank you Jenny for continually providing us with comfort and support.

  242. I bought one for myself, but then gave it to my 13 year old daughter (I will be getting another for myself). She is hormonal, wonderfully weird, and wise beyond her years (except in the many ways she isn’t). After not sharing my new toy, I gave in a let her play with it. I will have to hide the tattoos. Or put one on her in the middle of the night.

  243. I only bought it for myself, but then realized that my daughter’s friend needed it more than I do, so I gave it to her. Now I need another for myself! I would love to get some of the temporary tattoos. I may have to turn them into real ones.

  244. Immediately bought You Are Here for myself… then for two very dear friends and my sister-in-law and my niece. Might not be done yet!

  245. I read this post and thought “I want temporary tattoos” but realized I would actually rather have someone who will use them have them….. so you are welcome, person who gets the ones I might have gotten.

  246. I bought your books on Audible so I could listen to your voice, which is good at calming me down and making me think about something other than the monkeys chattering in my head. Thank you for that. I don’t have the patience to sit still and read a book anymore, but I want my husband and my therapist to read your books. Seems like talking would be easier if we had that shared context.

  247. 247
    Alyssa Maurice

    I would love some of those temporary tattoos! I definetly gave a few copies to people who needed it, and told many others about it. Love you and love YAH!

  248. I did buy this book for myself. I hope you feel better soon….I miss your silliness

  249. I accidentally managed to buy two copies for myself and one for a friend who will be on the mend soon from
    surgery. She doesn’t know about it, so don’t ruin the surprise. Thanks!

  250. Can I do it on behalf of my husband who bought it for me? He knew I needed it! Just like I need tattoos!

  251. I bought the book for myself (pre ordered as soon as I could) and for a friend who needs it as much as I do.

  252. I both bought two copies – one for me and one for my sister. Turns out she also bought two copies – one for her and one for me. So, she’s actually keeping both her copies for her own enjoyment. My second went to our Mom. It’s a coloring extravaganza in our family!

  253. 253
    Bradley Garrett

    I bought 2 books for my daughters who suffer from anxiety and depression. I’m covered in real tattoos but would love to have a signed one or two!

  254. Oh, friend. This is so generous of you!
    When I pre-ordered You Are Here, I picked up two, because I encounter so many people who need your books. I usually just give them my copy right there on the spot of whichever one they sound like they can use, and I eventually replace my copy, relying on my audiobook versions in the meantime. But I realized: who would want pre-colored pages in a coloring book??? So, I just ordered 2. And within 2 days of their arrival, the friend sitting on my front porch said something snarky that made me belly laugh, and that made me think of you. I dashed inside to get the copy that had clearly always been meant for her. When I handed it to her, I was reminded that she is a big fan of yours, so the squeals of delight that could be heard down the street surpassed my wildest expectations. (Usually, when I hand people your books, they don’t know you yet, so they are pre-emptively bewildered by the covers. This was a lovely exception.) She promptly opened it to “Weird on, you bad-ass motherfucker” and we fell into each other laughing and cheering.

    Thanks for bringing me and my friend closer. I struggle a lot with my sense of belonging. Your writing speaks directly to that. And as a result, they help me create belonging rather than wait for it to come to me. I’m so grateful. My world is so much better with you in it. And the temporary tattoos sound like loads of fun. Totally brilliant idea.

  255. I would love a taboo (either permanent or temporary) to help me remember that I am here, that I am part of a tribe of wonderfully broken people, and that depression is a lying bitch. I bought two copies for myself (because I need one to color and keep while, and one blank to make copies for multiple coloring opportunities if needed)and bought an additional for a new friend I recently learned as part of the tribe and needing to keep her hands busy as you did. I would also gladly pay money to get myself (and anyone else) a tattoo as needed. Thank you Jenny for bringing us together, in the most personal and yet introvert friendly way. 😊

  256. I preordered You Are Here for my niece, who just so happens to ALSO be a J. Lawson. She lives in Austin. And she looks a lot like you. Hey, wait…maybe she’s your niece, too! In which case she definitely already has all the cool goodies, and the book as well. But that would make us aunts-in-law, which totally makes up for the fact that you already gave her all the good stuff.

  257. I’m glad your back-ish and getting better! Originally, I bought You Are Here just for me. I had pre-ordered it and had actually forgotten that it was on its way. Your book arrived at just the right time, shortly after my dad died and I needed something. While I was reading, I sent a picture of some of the text to a friend of mine to help describe how I was feeling. She appreciated the quote so much, and we talked about it and I ended up buying a copy for her. It’s a book that I’ve settled into and it’s helped me. Thank you!

  258. I totes want some tattoos. I purchased “You Are Here” for myself and sniffled in joy whilst coloring the first page.

  259. i’m buying the book for myself with my next paycheck (selfish, i know, but i need it). i’m having weight loss surgery on monday and will need something non-food related to distract me from the fact that i won’t be able to eat solid food for 2 weeks.

  260. 260

    I don’t know how, but I read “Gideon bibles” as “Gibbon bibles” and laughed really hard I realized what you actually wrote. I may need a vacation.

  261. Bought one for my daughter who uses her art in much the same way that you do (and is actually thinking about going to school to study art therapy).

  262. I gave both of my sons “Furiously Happy” for Christmas (along with obligatory white athletic socks) and found a used (barely) copy at the library book store for $1 (!) that I had my book club buddies draw straws to win the night I announced we would be reading it next! I love you. Feel better. 💜

  263. I bought two copies. One for me and one to give away to someone that needs it but just doesn’t know it yet.

  264. 264
    Heidi Wallace

    I plan to purchase multiple copies of “You Are Here”. One for myself and several for friends that have helped me during my recent depression and a couple more for other friends who are in bad places mentally right now. I just finished “Furiously Happy” and it made a huge difference in my life!

  265. 265
    Heather Thurston

    I have purchased every one of your books, including this most marvelous recent one, for my 14 year old daughter, who has been hospitalized three times in the last year, as she struggles with her anxiety and depression. You have given her many laughs and smiles when she needed them the most. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And toes. And bottom 😉

  266. HI JENNY! This is my very first official comment on le blog. I first found you through your boom furiously happy and since then I have not been able to stop reading and rereading the things you have written. I preordered two copies of YOU ARE HERE, one for moi and one for mi amiga. I was super excited when I finally got them and I immediately got in my car to speed my friend’s copy to her. You have helped me a lot with all your books in making me feel less alone and my friend loves YOU ARE HERE so much. I would love to get the tattoos (maybe someday a permanent version) for me and my friend to share!

  267. I somehow managed to preorder TWO copies of the book. I am currently assuming I bought the extra for someone else and I just don’t know who yet. So I’ll hang onto it until I figure that out 🙂

  268. Your publisher doesn’t like me — I keep getting error codes when I try to sign up. Do you think they’re trying to tell me something? I’ve ordered a couple of copies of YAH through my indie bookstore.

    Glad you’re feeling better! Send Victor to your PO box this weekend. 😉

  269. I’m so happy that you’re feeling better. 23% is a good steady improvement! I bought my copy for myself; I definitely needed it! I’m a bit in love with the ‘slightly irregular’ tattoo – I may have to get a real one of those!

  270. I bought a book for a friend to help with her depression and anxiety!

  271. I bought the book for myself because I wanted it. I can’t share it with anybody because I need it. Simply put!

  272. I bought two copies as well. One for me originally and one for my daughter who just expierenced her first heartbreak. In fact she’d been telling me for years how therapeutic coloring is! She’s brilliant!

  273. I bought it and keep it by my desk. When things are hard i open it and read a page. It convinces me to keep trying. Even if i cry a little.

  274. I bought a copy for my daughter but now I want one, too! She promised to share a page but it seemed cruel to rip it out. I guess I need to just buy my own.

  275. I got the book for me, it was exactly what I needed. I copy the pictures so I won’t destroy my book.

  276. I had preordered two copies of your book – one for me and one for my best friend. Except when my daughter saw me coloring in mine and looked through it, she wanted it. So I guess I need to buy a third copy so we can all have one because I’m not sharing – it’s too personal.

    P.S. I love the book. It is beautiful and lovely. It made me laugh and cry.

  277. I bought mine for me and also to support the local indie bookstore in my part of town. There are so few of them now where I live 🙁

  278. 278
    No Name Required.

    I’ve bought your newest book for myself, a co-worker who is having a rough go at life and my best friend for her birthday because we’re crazy together. Now she’s buying it for her friend who is going through some shit. I’m so happy that others are supporting your fantastic books and using them to pay it forward!

  279. 279
    Diane Martel

    I bought 2 by mistake, but I have a friend who needed a copy right when they arrived.

  280. i have my own copy & i gave a copy for a gift…. thinking it might make a good xmas gift too… the possibilities are endless. Tattoos???? SIGN ME UP!

  281. 281
    Cathy Cordova

    Hi, Jenny! I hope you keep getting mostly not dead. 🙂
    I bought You Are Here for my bff. Pre ordered and surprised her with it! 😊😊

  282. I bought the book for myself. And I might share it or get another for one of my sisters if they covet mine.

  283. I bought the book as a gift to myself 😉

  284. Preodered mine for me….smiling, knowing it would help make sense of sometimes no sense mind…and that I am not alone…and that maybe all my (our) weird is actually normal, because there seems to be alot of us that get it…and I share when I’m done and now have my own little group of weird bad ass motherfuckers 😀

  285. I somehow managed to pre-order 2 copies of You Are Here. Instead of canceling one of them I just kept both because I figured I need them both at some point. That’s just my life! 😂

  286. I bought my book for myself, and damn I needed that page that said “Weird on, you bad-ass motherfucker.” That alone was worth one million dollars. But I have a running list in my head of people I’m going to gift this to as well.

  287. I bought a copy of You Are Here for a coworker. She had a really rough week, and I knew that she would appreciate the humor and the coloring of the book. I left it on her desk with a note. One of her other coworkers told me later on that I made her cry.

  288. Just ordered, and am super excited to get this soon! It will probably be something I do with my 8 year old daughter. We both need this !

  289. So Gald you are feeling less dead!! That is a good thing for all of us! 🙂 I had the terrible, nasty flu a few weeks ago then everyone in my Sister’s house had it – it was a MESS !!! anywho, I did purchase You Are Here for myself and I use it everyday.. I also took it to work to share with one of my co-workers who has anxiety issues and she promptly went out and get herself a copy. I also ordered her a copy of Let’s Pretend because I think she will love it.
    Thanks for thinking of us even when you feel like you are on death’s doorstep!

  290. 290
    Tracy Fleck 604 Hubbell Street Marshall, WI 53559

    Yeah for tattoos, and cold medicine and apps that keep you from dying! I purchased 3 copies of the book…2 were gifts and one was mine! I got my bag yesterday!!! I am thinking fabric markers to color the designs on the bag! Love it! Please send tattoos so I can wear them!

  291. i preordered a copy for myself and damn if I didn’t happy dance when it came in the mail.

  292. I bought your book as a gift to myself. I’ve been really stressed with work and school and volunteering and helping my mom and missing my best friend who moved away… the list is endless. I decided I need to do something nice for myself so I bought your book and some colored pencils. Best. Therapy. Ever. I also ordered 3 more books to give to friends.

    Hope you feel better soon! 23% improvement is still improvement 🙂

  293. I bought it for me because I wanted to see where the hell I was!

  294. I will be honest, I won a copy. But then, I cried on it after a really hard appointment for my daughter and I went to BN and got a new one. I gave the cried on one to my husband because he’s an artist and said he’s working on a surprise with it for me, so I’m going to just start crying on all my books now. I’m sorry you’re still feeling bad, believe me I know it blows to get sick and then sicker instead of less sick and not sick.

    Mama Reads Blog recently posted #Timekeeper is one of my favorite listens of 2017! Read more and enter to #win.

  295. 295
    AmberLee Dingess

    I bought 3 copies (so far). One for me, one for a friend, and one for a friend I’ve never met (part of Booksgiving!) Thank you for all you do!

  296. 296

    I bought 2 of your books for me (I’m greedy that way), and 3 for others. One of the recipients is going through chemo for brain cancer – your book was the first thing to make her laugh in ages! It also allowed her to see that she is not alone in the way she’s feeling right now, and it opened the way for her to have some deep discussions with family members. And, that inspired them to order copies for others in the family. A win-win all the way around!

  297. I bought copies of Furiously Happy for myself and my friend Beatriz with a “pH.”

  298. I bought one for my son-in-love. He suffers from PTSD (he’s seen some stuff) and draws to cope.

  299. You came to my town on your tour and I was excited to go to your event in La Jolla. But my stupid broken brain wouldn’t let me out of my house on the day so I missed the opportunity. I ended up ordering ‘You Are Here’ on Amazon next day and am enjoying taking my time wandering through it.

  300. I bought You Are Here from my local bookstore, Women and Children First. They told me you did a reading there when Furiously Happy came out but I missed it because I’m late to the party. So please, please visit there again. I got the book to share with my best friend Rebecca. We understand each other in a way only very odd people can understand each other. Please send us tattoos! We want to be branded as Furiously Happy people who know we are here!

  301. I bought a copy for a friend’s daughter who is struggling. I also bought a copy of the non-variant for myself in addition to the variant I got yesterday. And a variant for my Mom. So I’ve bought four copies. I’ll probably buy more!

  302. I purchased one for myself and one for a friend. I also purchased Let’s Pretend This Never Happened for her as well. She then, in turn, bought Furiously Happy for her friend. It’s a happy book giving circle.

  303. 303
    Nikki Ward

    I bought your book for my mother. She has wayyy too much anxiety watching me deal with breast cancer.and she loves it!!!-nikki

  304. I bought several copies for our office as we’ve recently had a beloved colleague succumb to their depression. We all honestly had no idea that he was going through this and as you can imagine, it’s shook us to our core. Your books have been therapy to us and we all remind each other that depression really does lie! Thank you for being soo open about your struggle – we are all learning how to better support each other because of this.

  305. I’m glad you included ME being the one I bought the book for…..because I definitely needed it. I’m too selfish to share so will buying a shit ton of these for gifts now

  306. Yep…bought it for someone who needed it. Me. Wish I could gift it to eerrrrrrrrryone.

  307. Can you only sign up to the thingy if you live in the US? :((((

  308. Hi Jenny! Thank you for your blog and your books, all of which are still keeping me sane. Thank you for YOU! I preordered You Are Here and it’s not only a gift to myself but it’s self-care. Sending you wishes for a speedy recovery.

  309. I preordered a copy last year, received two and also bought another. I have given the two extra copies away to those who I knew would love them; also gifted someone a copy of Furiously Happy, and one of each of your books to my old dear friend from high school. I love to give your books because they spread joy and laughter. Also, I entered the publisher’s contest and must say, at least for this contest, I am glad I don’t live in Canada. I would suck at a timed math skill test that you have to do to win if your entry is chosen. WTF, oh Canada???

  310. I purchased one, for me. Then I ordered 3 more (1 to keep and 2 to give away). And on Monday I just orded 5 more.

    So I have enough for all of my sisters/by blood and choice. <3

  311. You’re not dead yet! */monty python And THAT is something! I bought a copy for myself and I so totally needed it. I’m going to have to buy a couple copies as gifts too. Would love a few tattoos to keep and to share. You are amazeballs Jenny. Thank you for all you do for us.

  312. I bought three! One for me and two to gift. I received the book bag (YAY!!) and intend to carry it around proudly. It will be my silent signal to other Bloggess fans and anxiety sufferers. I would love a tattoo for my books!

  313. 313
    Amanda Callais

    I bought the book for myself. I felt like I needed some relaxation and funny quotes. I hope you start feeling better soon.

  314. I bought my roommate (& best friend) a copy because she’s super stressed and I just wanted to make her feel better. She freaked out, she was so excited.

  315. I pre-ordered the You Are Here for myself and have decided it will be my “go-to” spirit-lifting tool for friends in need! It’s great therapy!

  316. 316

    I realized when I finally got You Are Here, that a woman I work with must have this book. Which made me realize that she is one of us. I try to hide it pretty much at work, because the nature of our employment requires a certain decorum, so I realized she must be hiding it too. And her mother is dying from cancer and she is hiding that even more. She needs this book, so she is getting one from me.

  317. 317
    Jenny Herman

    I bought this book for myself and it has helped me already in so many ways. Made me laugh, made me cry…. made me think about intimidating people pooping. 🤔

    Thank you for it all.

  318. “leaving them in therapy waiting rooms like demented Gideon Bibles”…funniest thing I’ve read in days. Thanks! 🙂

  319. I bought 2 You Are Here books, one for myself and my daughters (I just loooove your drawings) (I love what you write too, you’re a fabulous writer, but I just had to point out that you are very artistically creative :)), and one for a college aged relative who is kinda spiraling out of control right now. I also bought your other 2 books for her to stick in her Easter basket. Thanks for sharing yourself with us.

  320. Ill admit I bought the book for myself but would happily pass on the tattoos

  321. I bought my copy for me..because i need it. and most likely i will buy for for my sister, as she needs it as well. Thank you for this book !

  322. My mom bought both of us copies of this book, she is also the one who introduced me to your blog. She is probably the best mom in the world.

  323. I bought all three books for a friend who’s going through a rough patch and need some funny/quasi-spiritual stuff in her life that wasn’t too preachy. You were just the ticket to brighten her blues. And I’m pleased you are on the road to recovery but don’t rush it because I’m pretty sure that’s what Typhoid Mary did and see how that turned out. Feel better soon!!

  324. 324
    Amber Marino

    I bought 2 books! One for me and one for my sister and now I’m freaking out that hers might be one with the Easter eggs! Now I’m going to go back to the bookstore and look through all the other books and try to find one of the ones with extra drawings! Lol!

  325. I forgot to say, I bought the book for me. But I may end up giving it to a friend who needs it more than me.

  326. Looking forward to you being 100% mostly not dead. I would love those temporary tattoos! I did buy You Are Here for myself (as well as Furiously Happy…and I got the book bag for free already). Your books and wit are my therapy. Thank you!

  327. We bought 4 copies – 1 for us, and 3 for friends. Are you feelin’ the love? 😉

  328. I bought a copy and it’s helping me so much! I plan to buy another copy so I can give it to a friend as soon as I can. Also, I just found out I have the variant, I’m so happy! 🙂

  329. I pre-ordered my copy from Amazon and came to the Philly book signing. I wanted to buy a copy for my cousin Samantha’s amazing new wife and have you sign it, but I felt funny asking if I could buy one of the pile of books on the table. The new wife is a social worker with the VA, a therapist on the Talk Space app and I thought she could really use and appreciate your book. I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and bought her a copy. I also checked for variants, but the books there were all the same as mine. Signed tattoos would be awesome, so I wouldn’t feel quite so much like I didn’t think enough of her to get her a signed copy of her own. Oh, and you have made a very loyal new fan of my husband. He was “the other Jenny” in Philly. He’s listening to Furiously Happy in the car on his daily commute and comes home every day telling me your stories.

  330. I bought this book for my mother. I’ve had depression and anxiety for most of my life and my family had never even tried to understand what I was going through. A few years ago, I started talking to my mom about your blog and it began conversations about mental illness and an attempt to open up. I bought her furiously happy but she’s sick and doesn’t have the physical capability to read a book. So I bought her You Are Here so she can read about depression while she colors.

  331. I bought a copy for myself, my husband, a copy to give to each of my kids when they get old enough and a copy for a friend. We all need a copy.

  332. Also, you make me want to open a twitter account just so I can follow you.

  333. I bought the book for my sister. She’s always been more like a mother to me (in all the cool, my mom is my bff ways, not the eat your veggies way) She’s a single mama to 5 amazing kids (and a grandma aka Bobo to 2) working and going to school full time to achieve her dream. She’s an inspiration to me, but her life is hard and full of hurdles. I’m hoping your book helps her wind down and relax after her rough days.

  334. 334
    Ami Dodson

    Jenny!! I love you and I hope you feel better soon. And also I hope that you don’t accidentally overdose on Cold medicine. I’ve bought at least five copies of this book for other people, including a bunch of people I don’t know except through this community. I included a preorder for your new book for anyone to whom I gave during the James Garfield Miracle and Booksgiving. Extra surprises for all! Be well or at least be as close to well as you want to be. 😘

  335. Preordered 3, one for me, one for my daughter and 1 for a slightly insane coworker. Can’t figure out who is getting the tote bag yet! Glad you are feeling less dead…The world would be a crappier place without you!

  336. Definitely bought one for myself, and I’m going to buy at least two more to give away as soon as I make it to our local bookstore. I guess I could buy it online, but I should support our local bookstore.
    Thanks for the awesome books – and very glad you’re feeling at least 23% better.

  337. I’m going to buy a copy for myself as soon as i get paid next week. Christy from gmail.

  338. “leaving them in therapy waiting rooms like demented Gideon Bibles” is the funniest thing I’ve read today. Thanks!
    I made my husband buy me “You Are Here” because I knew I needed it. And I do, and it’s wonderful.

  339. I bought it for me, as soon as it became available for preorder, then got a nice surprise when it showed up. I have coloring night once a month with my mom and my heart-sister, and it quickly became apparent that this is not a book to color on those nights. I’m having a super rough week (tearing up hard just typing this actually) and have been going through it at night as a way to just chill out a little before sleeping. I hadn’t thought about buying copies and just leaving them places for people to find, but I’m totally going to do that.

  340. Helloooooooooo! So glad you’re feeling better! I accidentally pre-ordered TWO books on Amazon, so I’m giving away one copy to a friend. Whoo hoo!

  341. Ordered one for me. It’s an awesome book that made me cry – in a good way. Planning to get one for my sister because she needs one too.

  342. The tattoos rock SO hard! I love this book so much that I bought a copy for each of my kids (I don’t want to share mine!), my mom, and my best friend. I am so happy that this book (and of course, the other 2) exists: you get me Jenny, sometimes to the point that it’s creepy but it’s a good kinda creepy! 🤗

  343. 343
    Catherine Stapleton

    So I have all your books and a tote. I pre-ordered You Are Here months ago and lawd I love it. And I love you. I needed this book, what with recovering from my last breast cancer surgery…but I couldn’t color til now. So instead I read it. And I LOVE IT. I’m sending a copy to my sister who now also has all of your books, and she will love it as well, I know it.

    Get well.

  344. I would love the tattoos! I bought 3 copies – one for me because I need it – came during a really roughy spot. One for a friend I know who needs it and one extra because I felt like I needed to hand an extra for some unknown person who needs it. Love it! Thanks so much for all you share it helps so much. Get well!!

  345. Hola Jenny! Glad you’re not at deaths door and hope you have your voice back soon. I love the tats and fingers crossed to get them! I bought 4 copies of YAH. For me and my 3 grown daughters. We all love to color and this is the best book EVER! ToodlelooDouchCanoe!

  346. Oh Jenny, You are so AWESOME!!

    I bought four copies of You Are Here! 2 personalized and signed from Boookpeople and 2 from Amazon because I want my personalized copy untouched! The other personalized went to a friend who has been hospitalized MANY times for severe depression. I bought him some Prisma colored pencils to go with it! Your book is so inspiring and thoughtful and I can’t get enough! {{{HUGS}}}!!!

  347. My partner bought me the book for our 3rd anniversary, after weeks of (not so quietly) telling me not to buy it. He knew I would as I found all your othera HYSTERICAL!! and would jump on any chance to buy a new one. He heard about it from your blog too and finds you insightful, your husband too as Victor deals w the same crazy crap we do sometimes.
    Anyways, someone bought me the book because I really needed a cheer me up anniversary thingy
    But I also bought a copy for my co-worker who needed it. She was struggling too, so we now have colouring art therapy parties daily at lunch. We’re daycare teachers, and damn it we like to colour w crayons too 🙂 it helps destress and focus and who doesn’t like artsy stuff

    Ps I’m glad your not dead and gone from the flu yuckies
    Pss you don’t have to pick me for prizes, just glad your cool and thanks for being awesome-ness
    Psss tattooes would totally be appreciated though

  348. I bought ‘You Are Here’ for my daughter AND myself so we can do Competitive Coloring. We just need an unbiased judge now. I suggested The Viking but apparently Mim doesn’t trust him to be unbiased enough since I actually sleep with him and would therefore have undue influence. We’re still searching…..

    Hope you get 75% better today and a 100% better tomorrow. :o)

    Mrs. Completely recently posted Sex Hair.

  349. I’m along the lines of 75% alive today, so it DOES get better 🙂
    I bought a copy of the book for my daughter who was “lucky” enough to inherit anxiety and depression from both of her parents, but is still a most amazing, wonderful, loving person <3

  350. absolutely gutted that you can’t enter if you live outside the states…..I have all of your books and reading your blog has helped me through so many things….glad you’re feeling better(ish)

  351. I should add I bought a copy for me too!

  352. 352
    Lisa Arbour

    I bought 2–one for myself and one for my best friend Daniel. My dad got mad at me awhile back and called me a “little turd” and I call Daniel “twisted” so now we call ourselves “the twisted turd twins–T3.”

  353. I gave a copy to a fellow conference attendee who was in the “hide in the bathroom” level of anxiety. I wish I’d had more than just You Are Here to give her.

  354. I cannot tell a lie – I selfishly have ordered all your books only for me me me. I’m all like Gollum when it comes to my books THEY ARE MY PRESSSHHHHUUUUSSSS and MINES ONLY. I do recommend yours to everyone else though. 🙂
    I’m certainly glad you’re feeling the tiniest bit better – we’ve had a variant of the plague sweeping my household & getting passed around for the last 4 weeks and I am so sick of sick people in my house. I was however really excited to read about us getting matching tats because I JUST PICKED OUT MY VERY FIRST REAL TATTOO.
    I haven’t got it inked yet, but it’s a birthday present to myself next month and I think it’ll look swell on you too. 😀 It’s on my blog post.
    Keep mending and resting and if you want any of us to come by and pet your head and say “there there” I am really good at that and it’s only like an 8 hour drive. 😀
    Feel better! Thank you for all that you do for us. <3 <3

    Shannon akaMonty recently posted Dinky Ink.

  355. P.S. I had my friends copy signed “Never forget your appraisal came back as priceless! Because you are!”

    I hope you remember that and the same sentiment goes for you!

  356. Ive bought several books for someone who needed them. Coughmecough.😀

  357. I bought two – one for each of my daughters (didn’t give it to them until I read it, but I did leave the coloring pages alone.) The youngest one (16 yrs) wants a tattoo, so I’m kinda hoping a temporary tattoo might be good enough…..
    I hope you keep recovering!

  358. My nanny gets to color in You Are Here to take pressure off while my little monsters play or color.

  359. My mom pre-ordered three books for myself, my sister, and sister in law. But she didn’t order a book for herself! I’m trying to convince her to do so. Self care is so important!

  360. What’s the app for keeping track of your meds? I do a pretty good job with mine but an app would be super cool!

  361. 361
    Mia Almonte

    I preordered my book in January only to have it mashed into ny mailbox so I had to wait for amazon to send me another. Then I ordered 2 more for friends. I am currently listening to you on my audible!

  362. I don’t want anything, just thanking you again for writing Furiously Happy. I stole it from my sister-in-laws coffee table (she later approved the action, though the stealing, refusing to give back, but Amazon ordered her another… had already happened) and it “changed my perspective” (sorry, added “” cause i was going to say “Life”, but felt it was overly dramatic at the last second). I’ve been working on my Advoidant Personality Disorder for a while (20 years?), but your book tossed a couple more tools in my box for dealing with people and self love. Thank you!

  363. I bought it for my friend & neighbor who is always taking care of everyone but herself. My hope is she will use it for some personal time away (especially because it’s not really a good one for sharing with the kiddos!).

  364. You make more sense Mostly Dead than most other Slightly Alive people I know. Keep on Zombie shuffling, you know, one rotten foot in front of the other.

  365. I did buy it for myself, but hope to be considered for tattoos anyway. I entered the contest for the books. I already own them both, and if I win I look forwards to gifting them to someone else!

  366. You have gotten ME through rough times, robot was a no brainer to pick up a copy of You Are Here for someone I learned was going to be stuck in the hospital for a while.

  367. Autocorrect is funny. Robot should have been so it.

  368. I preordered 3. One for myself when preorder first started, one as part of Booksgiving and one as as surprise gift for my best friend. Then I ended up riding one for my daughter as well. I hope you got a wine slushy with the proceeds. 🙂

  369. I bought it for myself. I would be interested in buying the tattoos. Are they available in your store?

  370. I would love to have the tattoos. I really in need of something upbeat right now!

  371. I pre ordered 2 originally – one for me and one for my sister who has been thru some shit -and thats putting it lightly.
    Then i posted my love of only some of the pages on SM and offered to buy one for anyone who could relate too, another 10 books ordered later….
    I’m most excited about just leaving them or mailing them to people as a surprise though.

  372. Oh, and I did buy the book for me.

  373. I was having quite the shit week, and my good pal sent me your fantastic new book as a surprise in the mail. She deserves these signed tats cause she makes shit weeks unexpectedly awesome! Thanks for your brain drain to paper! 🙂

  374. I bought this book for me. Because I’m slowly admitting that I am really fucked up but I’m still ok. I’m learning to embrace the messed up me and not hide it anymore. You help me with that.

  375. 375
    Auntie Dawn

    I pre-ordered my copy of You Are Here , and it arrived on a day that my niece and my bff happened to be here. I felt a little guilty doing The New Book Dance of Joy when I was the only one with a new book, so when they left I ordered copies for them, too. Now we all have a copy and three New Book Dances of Joy have been added to the universe. Thanks Jenny!

  376. I’m glad you’re feeling better! I bought one for my dear friend Sherry, who’s very artistic and loves to color, and who’s one of us, even if she may not have know about you before she got your book, which she loves, btw. <3

  377. 377
    Wendy Alleborn

    I bought one for both my sister and myself. We each have our own issues with anxiety/depression., coloring is her non-professional therapy, and I knew she would love and appreciate your “youness.” I just love your writing and openness and ability to reach so many people. Plus your drawings are fucking rad. Love you, Jenny!

  378. Hi Jenny, I bought the book for me and my daughter (2 copies) We both need the inspiration and and love the drawings. Trixie (you met my dog in Philly) sits with me when I color. ❤️

  379. I bought the book for me. But then someone else bought the book for me, so I am giving the one I bought to a friend who could use some cheering up.

  380. I bought “You are Here” for my mother-in-law and my 18-year-old daughter. Both love to color AND struggle with anxiety / depression. We were having lunch with that side of the family the other day, and I accidentally ended up at a teenager table. For some reason I said, raise your hand if you think you have anxiety. 3 out of 4 raised their hands. My heart aches for themt!

  381. Can I have the tattoos please? I bought the book, even pre-ordered on Amazon.

  382. I bought one for me and one for my friend. I did the same thing with Furiously Happy, and mailed it to her with inappropriate language and penis drawings on the package to make her laugh. She said it was just what she needed! I’m pretty sure she meant the book. Probably.

    Hope you feel better soon. 😘

  383. Bought a copy for myself and a friend. She was super surprised by her mystery mail. She loved it sooo much she in turn bought and shipped her sister a copy. Jenny love all around!!!

  384. boo, sweepstakes only open to us & Canada, and Canadian winners have to answer a timed maths question, which seems like cruel punishment of someone who, more likely than not, suffers from anxiety 😉

  385. I bought it for myself and for my daughter. 🙂 Love, love, love our books.

  386. I bought You Are Here for myself and my best friend, because we both needed it.

  387. Would love the tattoos (for a “friend”).

  388. 388
    Kate Hardcastle

    My cross eyed, long hair cat Sniper sends warm regards to your cats for putting up with a sick human being. I’m just here to type for her since the no opposable thumbs thing leaves her speechless most times (unless it’s in regards to her food bowl). She requested this book for me to get me through some of the darkest times I’ve been having lately. I’ve been struggling emotionally and physically with some issues but you give me the courage to not be silent. Thanks from both of us for the laughs and the coloring. Sniper again wishes she could do the latter.

  389. I ordered two for myself, have given one to a client (which prompted you to donate a bunch to us THANK YOU), one to a friend so far, am giving two more to friends on the 6th and at least another 1 to a friend on the 8th which leaves me 3 more to give away to other people and I’ve 2 more coming in the mail.

    I’ve been addicted to adult colouring books for years. I took part in a 30 day outpatient mental health program in 2010 and part of what they taught us was colouring mandalas. I’d always liked colouring but that really clinched it for me and since then I’ve been collecting various books.

    You’ve managed to find the sweet spot with yours that just makes them the perfect gift and I plan to keep giving them away as long as there are people in the world who are feeling lonely because of their brains and like to colour.

  390. Thank you for being you and get well soon!

    21SweetPeas recently posted Dreaming of Summer.

  391. Thank you, or your publisher for making the contest open to Canadians as well as the US.

  392. I prebought this book twice because my brain didn’t remember or chose to lose the memory of my first purchase so I gave My second book to my best friend whom I can best describe as a top ramened haired , anti banana (who’s allergic to bananas really, messed up inner ear crystalled, smelliest arm pitted, anxiety riddened beautiful human being. Thank you for sharing your life and letting us misfits feel like we aren’t so atypical! Get well soon

  393. I bought a Furiously Happy for someone last year, does that count? 🙂 I want cool fake tattoos. 🙂 But also, someone sent me a You Are Here book. I hope they see your entry, comment, and get cool free shiz. 🙂

    My Bleeding Ink recently posted Seriously tho, Is It Just Me?? (A look into the mind of mental illness).

  394. 394
    Rachel matthews

    I bought it for my sister!

  395. 395
    Matti Seila

    It is a shame thatthe competition is limited to people living in the States. Unfortunately 7 live I Finland, so out of my reach.

    Thank you for the awesome words and stories, you make me smile and get me through the hard times.

  396. I purchased books for both my daughters so I could keep my copy for me. They have already ‘borrowed’ my copies of your other books. Maybe someday I will see them again and it will be like a little found treasure. We are a very needy family. I also registered to get the book bag but I think my mail carrier took it. I think she needs it more than I do but it makes me a little sad. I am sensing a trend…

  397. I was bought a copy of the book by one of my best friends. She actually bought four copies. One for herself, one for me, one for another friend, and another for a co worker. I think she deserves a lotto prize like the tattoos because she is genuinely one of the best people in the world. She is not only an amazing person but one of the most important people in my life and something like this would hopefully be a little proof to her!

  398. Twenty-three per cent mostly less dead is pretty good. I reckon replacing all the old magazines in doctors’ waiting rooms is a brilliant idea.

    Gary Lum recently posted Melaena, not a name for your daughter.

  399. I bought 2 copies of You Are Here – one for my daughter & one for myself, because we both deal with anxiety & depression. Would love the tattoos.
    I hope you get better soon. Pneumonia sucks!

  400. I bought myself a copy and then bought one for a stranger who had commented on your blog on Booksgiving day. 🙂

    Joanna recently posted Just another day....

  401. 401

    i bought one for me and two for others. would love to receive the temp tats so i can share with the folks i gave the books to! thanks, jenny. even when you are sick you are still an excellent human. xo

  402. You Are Here was purchased for my daughter and for myself. She and I read your blog together, whenever we can, and this was a way for us to sit and color things together while talking about times when we may have felt the same way as the picture feels. It has led to several tearful but awesome conversations between an 8-year-old and her mom. Thank you for being you, and for helping us be us.

  403. I bought it for me, and read it, and now I’m going to have to buy another one for me, and several for some of my friends because it’s exactly what they need right now.

    Thank you for sharing that bit of yourself with us.

  404. I teach high school. I bought a 2nd copy to keep – with a set of colored pencils – in my desk for students dealing with anxiety/depression/home. I tear out a payee for them and let them color as they need.

  405. I bought a copy for my self and one for my sister. Hoping to win the package to give to a friend of mine.

  406. Okay, so I may have pre-ordered your book for myself (because self care IS LOVE, PEOPLE!), but I also feel like I NEED these temporary tattoos for several reasons:

    I have a few REAL tattoos and my mother absolutely hates them, and I get immense pleasure out of freaking her out. So yeah. Commencing a new social experiment upon temporary tattoo arrival. I hope you have an spare bedroom, cause I’m probably going to get kicked out.
    I suffer from severe depression. One of my real tattoos functions as a very real reminder that, no matter what, you have to keep on keeping on. I think a temporary tattoo can also provide that same function (particularly for the more fickle of us). And it’s also a creepy way for us to share our love of YOU. You can thank me later.
    I’ve actually gifted and recommended your books to my book club. We ALL have skeletons in our closets (real or imagined, I’ll let you be the judge), and that’s OKAY. It’s nice to be able to relate on that level and know that you’re not alone. It’ll be nice to share some temporary “ink” with the ladies too.

    So, there you have it. Et voilà.

  407. I’ve bought 6 so far – one for me (the grand-girls, 6 & 8, have taken it over so I’ll be buying another …), 2 daughters, DIL, niece, and a friend who was sad. Love this book! I’m glad you are 23% better; hope its even higher tomorrow.

  408. I didn’t give the book to someone but a special someone gave it to me! I love my husband and he knew I needed it before I even mentioned it.

  409. I bought one copy of your book for myself, after my anxiety started spiking. I have enjoyed how calming the images are. I have been showing my mom all of your cat drawings and I hope to buy her a copy soon. I’m glad you are feeling better!

  410. Love you, Jenny. Love all your books and everything you do for people. Thank you.

  411. I bought a copy for a co-worker who put in her 2 week notice and I’m gong to miss her dearly. Well, that first part was sort of a lie. I originally got a second copy for myself, so I’d have one to keep pristine as I colored the other… But then I realized she needed it more than I do. So I’m sure I’ll eventually buy yet another copy to keep pristine for myself! 😀

  412. I bought one for someone who needed it…and i co fess it was me. In my defense i sometimes dont feel like myself, so that is like someone else, right? Anyway feel better dear Jenny. Your books have been part of my intense self therapy and you simply cannot go and die of typhoid. So there.

  413. One for me, one for my friend Liz, one for my friend Rachel. The book is wonderful and beautiful and we all love it!

  414. I pre-ordered and was so excited to get my copy!! I would love to have tattoos!! Hope you finally shake this illness soon.

  415. I got the book for my mom (and I take it occasionally, of course!)

  416. 416
    Della Seaton

    I can’t tell you the number of times I have recommended your book to clients. It’s not next to the Gideon Bible since the other therapists in the office would fall apart. Well, except for one. She’s cool. But it’s on my shelf!

  417. Mahalo nui loa (thanks very much) from Hawaii. I got my bag and will carry it proudly. Keep healthy, keep writing, and have a book signing in Hawaii (Big Island please)


  418. I just wanted to tell you that I showed “You Are Here” to my therapist and she loved it!

  419. hi – i’ve ordered your book. It’s waiting in Austin for you to sign it I guess but there’s no hurry! I want you to get well first. while I’m waiting I can read your other books which I already have 🙂

  420. One for me, one for my friend Liz, and one for my friend Rachel. It is perfect and beautiful and we love it!

  421. I bought You Are Here as soon as it was out! I love you Jenny!❤❤

  422. 422
    Melissa Gaeta

    I bought You are Here for myself, and it’s helped so much. Going to buy it for others, too. I would LOVE the tattoos. If I don’t win, any chance you will be selling them?

  423. I entered the big giveaway, because I missed out, previously. I’m hoping to win one of these, so I can give the extra book to someone in need, & maybe we’ll color together, wearing tattoos, & I’ll bring a new accolyte into the tribe? Nifty!

    emelle recently posted fifteen days and seven hours, give or take three months :/.

  424. I bought a copy for myself and the day I got it I was reading it outside a starbucks. A woman sat down a few tables away and she looked upset and I smiled at her. To my horror, she burst into tears. I got up and went to sit with her and gave her some tissues from my purse. She looked both confused and grateful. I told her that salt probably wouldn’t taste all that great in her iced tea and she smiled a bit. Turns out she was a home health nurse and 2 of her patients had died in the night (not her shift). I didn’t know what to do since I’m not very peopley so I started reading from your book to her. She laughed, she cried some more. When she had to go I insisted she take the book. I knew I could get another and she needed its magic more than I did in that moment. I did buy myself another book. Which I then promptly sent to my sister who is suffering through a pretty serious bout of depression coupled with spine related pain. So I bought yet ANOTHER book for me. I started coloring one of the pages, and now I realize that I need to buy another clean copy to give to a friend that attempted suicide less than a year ago. I think I just need to buy one every few weeks so I can give them away.

    Cassie recently posted carpinteria state beach.

  425. I bought the first book for my sister and several of the coloring book for….everyone. Because it’s so lovely.

  426. Glad you’re feeling better. Sickness sucks! I bought 3 You Are Here books, . One for my daughter (we color together along with my mother and granddaughter) one for a very good friend and one for me. Your books, all of them, are loved by my family and friends.
    I’m sending you goat hugs from the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma. (Goat hugs make you smile and feel better)

  427. Ooh, awesome! I bought You Are Here for my friend (and she loved it) and I bought Furiously Happy for someone through your book gifting post a few weeks back. (And I received a book through that too!)

    You are so fantastically awesome Jenny! And I hope you feel 96% less mostly dead soon.

    LAL recently posted Spring Has Finally Arrive (Or Why I’m Dancing Today).

  428. I ordered You Are Here a long time ago and I’ve just had a chance to look at it recently, but now my Mom needs it much more than me so I will have to order myself a new one. This book is a perfect gift for just about anyone – and I am just about anyone.

  429. 429
    Christine L

    I use one of those med tracker apps and it is very helpful so you don’t accidentally OD on “happy” pills, or whatever. I did buy your book for myself. The page with the mermaid made me burst out in tears, which is hard because of all the mood/anti depressants/other shit I’m on. That page was speaking right to me and I’m afraid to read it again because I ugly cry.

  430. 430
    Ronnie Bower

    I bought your book for my friend who last her best friend to cancer last year. They were the kind of friends that really lived and loved each other and they both adored Beyoncé the Chicken. So much so that there is a metal goat named Norman that they dressed up and left in each other’s porches. She needed your book more than I do, so I gave her the signed copy I got from you in Raleigh.

  431. Can we buy the tattoos anywhere? I haven’t bought the book yet because budget (and leaking toilet), but I have bought multiple copies of your first two books for my classroom. Teenagers love them. xo

  432. I bought them for myself. I love the blog, so I knew I’d dig the books as well.

  433. Jenny, so glad to hear you are less dead. Pneumonia sucks. Keep resting. Not to make this about me, but I would love to have a tattoo. I bought your new book for my daughter (and one for me! ) for Christmas so we both had something to look forward to. It was fun checking the mail for them. My daughter bought me your first two books for my birthday last year. You are a big part of our holidays 😃. Take good care of yourself and don’t rush the recovery. ❤

  434. I gave my copy to my teenage niece. She loves it – but is afraid to color in it because she doesn’t want to “mess it up”. I explained that we could always get another copy, and that anything she did with it wouldn’t mess it up.

  435. I bought a copy for my sister! I even pre-ordered two copies because I knew she needed it and I needed it. I’m not sharing my bag with her, though.

  436. I needed this book, even though I now do not want to color it, because I might mess it up (thanks anxiety).

    I like temporary tattoos (less needles is always good), but I’d be as happy to buy them from you/your publisher as win them, if that’s a thing. I didn’t see where I could give you money for them, so trying my luck this way.

    (also thanks to twitter recap I will be checking tonight to see if I have a ‘variant’ book.). If you go to reprint, see if you can get the spiral bound thing to happen, then the book isn’t (as) in the way when coloring.

  437. So far I have purchased “You Are Here” fit myself, my best friend, and my eldest son. We all needed it for different reasons.

  438. preordered two of You Are Here, knowing I would find someone who could use it. Ended up being a good friend of mine. She loved it! I already gave my copy of Furiously Happy away to my sister in law because she needed it so when I order a new copy, I’ll probably just give that to my friend too. There’s no better feeling than giving someone something that they need and will make them laugh and cry while reading just one paragraph.
    Thank you for your books and thank you for you.

  439. I preordered two copies of You Are Here, knowing I would find someone who could use it. Ended up being a good friend of mine. She loved it! I already gave my copy of Furiously Happy away to my sister in law because she needed it so when I order a new copy, I’ll probably just give that to my friend too. There’s no better feeling than giving someone something that they need and will make them laugh and cry while reading just one paragraph.
    Thank you for your books and thank you for you.

  440. I love You Are Here. I bought it for myself, because I needed it. I still need it. It is wonderful. Thank you.

  441. I don’t need to win anything, but I bought copies for myself and my niece and now I need to order another copy in case of emergencies.

  442. I pre-ordered a copy. Then I decided I needed another copy because there was no way I was going to color in the first copy, so I pre-ordered another one. (Only got one bag, though, which by the way is awesome, thank you and your publisher so much!) And now I want another copy of “You Are Here” because I try to have an extra copy of your books to lend to people. Plus, I’ve decided that my sister might need her own copy. And my mom. I want the temporary tattoos for myself, though. 🙂

  443. I got one for me (because I needed it), and one for my sister in law who really needed it! Love it!

  444. I pre-ordered You Are Here long ago. Then I got another copy ’cause the bookstore for your signing wanted me to buy a copy to reserve a seat. Then I heard about a friend’s daughter having a rough time and bought another copy for her. Then my mom’s best friend confessed about her struggles with depression, so I bought a copy of Furiously Happy for her. I don’t need any of the giveaway, I just wanted to let you know how much you are touching so many people. And I’m glad you are feeling better. (Also? I put the tattoos on when I went to work and everyone loved them)

  445. 445
    Liza Strong-McCormick

    I bought all three of your books for my oldest friend (36 years). She’s been struggling lately (just diagnosed with bipolar disorder) and needed them

  446. 446

    I splurged & got this as a gift for myself. Money was so tight for so long, that it felt amazing to get to treat myself. I’m so glad I did, I love the book madly. Well, allegedly. I start to read it & then ugly cry & so mostly I just flip through it & read what I can. <3

  447. I bought 3 – one for my friend, one for my sister and one for ME! They are amazing and wonderful!!

  448. Oh I hope you feel better..being sick is shitty. ::hugs::

  449. I wish you were 100% not close to dead. We need you! I bought your book for a friend who is going to love you! Can’t wait to give it to her for her birthday. Get better soon!

  450. Bought two for myself (it was released on my birthday!) one to color and another because I saw that Target had a version with bonus content so I had to have the bonus content as well.

  451. I realized recently my brother is going through a really rough time, so I got a copy of You are Here and am hoping to round it out with the other books and some fun stuff. He really needs the boost. He already gotten his 2 midlife crisis starter kit cats and spends too much time depressed and alone. I need to cheer him up. Help me Jen-wan Kenobi, You, and his 2 cats, are my only hope.

  452. I bought You Are Here last week for a friend after her uncle passed away. Felt more appropriate than flowers, and she loved it.

  453. 453
    Emil C Dez

    So glad you’re feeling better. Even if it only 23%. I bought a copy for me and got an extra for my daughters mother – who doesn’t really KNOW she’s one of us. I think she suspects something is different though. Stay tuned I’ll let you know what happens.

  454. 454
    Lisa Sweet

    I totally got the book. i never realized coloring could be so relaxing! since I can’t carry around coloring pencils where ever i go I downloaded an app on my phone to color n downtime. u should make an app id so buy that . ps would love autograph

  455. My son has autism and goes to a therapy center with a bunch of other kids. I gave my copy to one of the other moms because raising these little rascals is amazing and wonderful and also hard as fuck. I ordered a replacement for myself.

  456. 456
    Michelle McElroy

    I bought the book for myself and loved it. The 2 weeks ago my teenaged daughter went into the hospital for anxiety and depression so I brought it to her so she had something to color. Now I have to get a new one for myself as she will color all the best pictures. Not that there are bad puctures

  457. 457
    Charlotte Wilson

    I have purchased a copy to give as a gift, but am waiting for a situation to present itself. Basically, I wanted to give one as a gift but all the people I already thought of bought their own copy. So i have an extra until someone comes into my life that needs one.

  458. I bought the book for myself and loved it. The 2 weeks ago my teenaged daughter went into the hospital for anxiety and depression so I brought it to her so she had something to color. Now I have to get a new one for myself as she will color all the best pictures. Not that there are bad picture. Just ones that are easier for me to color.

  459. I bought three copies: one for me and one for each of my daughters. So sad the publisher’s comp is only open to the US 🙁 please tell them if be willing to pay for postage… To all those who win: congratulations!!!

  460. I bought it for myself, then bought another for a friend who has BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and is going through a rough patch at the moment. She is reading it and loves it.

  461. I broke my back in December (compression fracture, which, as far as that sort of thing goes, is the least OMG!!-y back break), and then was diagnosed with Osteopenia, so I was suddenly taking all these pills and couldn’t remember them and felt like I was 80 because 80 year old ladies get compression fractures and have bone loss and forget their pills and then no shit, I found a random hard candy (butterscotch, of course) in my coat pocket and I was like, “Am I 80? Has some Rip VanWinkel shit happened and I didn’t even know?!” And then I realized I could get an app to tell me to take my pills and most 80 year olds don’t use an app, they use those plastic things, so maybe I’m still 42 like I thought. And now I read that you’re using a pill reminder app as well, and I think, “Well, that settles it – this is just what ALL the cool 40 somethings are doing.” Thank you YET AGAIN, Jenny. You are a treasure.

  462. I bought one for me & one for my birth mom… who I just found 3 weeks ago (I am 49 years old) and we bonded over you! The first time I spoke to her, she was on her way to a book club meeting, I knew it was fate. I told her I was trying to write a book ala Jenny Lawson’s “Let’s Pretend this Never Happened” and she confided she may have a book in her, as well. The next time I spoke to her, she had run to the library, taken out your book & devoured it! AND SHE LOVED IT AS MUCH AS I DID! Ha! Fate! So I am surprise mailing her You Are Here. Wish me luck!

  463. I bought 4 copies, one for me and then the rest for friends. Need to by another copy, so I’ll have one to keep and one to pull apart. Thanks for creating something so wonderful!

  464. I got the book for myself because I needed it but I have read the dandelion page/poem to my therapy group. We all needed it 🙂

  465. 465
    Katherine Whitlock

    I pre-ordered 3 so I would have one and have two to give to friends! I love your writing.

  466. So, I bought your book for myself and even finished coloring the first page but after I started reading through some of the other pages I just knew my little sister needed this book. She’s gone through a lot and I try to set an example of what it’s like on the “other side” of some of those tough times since I went through some similar things. She loved it and didn’t even mind that I had already colored in it 🙂

  467. I’m not sure what you’re making up for because I’m pretty sure putting your own brand of awesome out there is enough for anybody (or it should be, and if it’s not, then they’re not worth your time anyway).
    I just got my copy of the book today. At least, I intend for this one to be mine. I’ve bought several copies, but I keep giving them away. It’s a gorgeous book.

  468. so I bought the book for a freind..but I am thinking of keeping it 🙂

  469. so I bought the book for a friend…but I am thinking of keeping it 🙂

  470. 470
    Jenny Skrenes

    I bought a copy for myself and a copy for my friend. Obviously my favorite friend. None for my enemies, because screw them.

  471. I’m a newly licensed therapist and bought a copy to keep in my office for people to color in sessions. Although, it was a little bit for myself as well 🙂 I know I’ll be getting more copies in the future!

  472. 472
    Laurie Philemonoff

    I bought “Furiously Happy” because Rory made me. I started reading on a trip from Alaska to Washington D.C. (a seriously LONG trip). On each airplane leg, the flight attendants wanted to know what I was reading so that they could read it. I tried not to laugh so loud! Really! We laugh the hardest at the things that are SO true that we have to laugh because otherwise we would cry. I have Blah-Dee-da Depression, Blah-blah-blah Anxiety, and Blahs Disorder. (I also suffer from that word is TOO long to remember disease.) Your stories are a true breath of fresh air for me. Reading was better than therapy!


  473. I bought the book for three people who needed it. Myself, and two of my best friends whose bday were both on the day of its release!! One of them cried because she thought it was so thoughtful <3. The other said she had almost bought it for herself! We’re peas in a pod 🙂

  474. 474
    Wendy Davies

    Hi! I bought You Are Here for my sweet pretend niece who is attending seminary in Georgia. I have concern for her busy-ness and her ability to balance her intense studies with the self-care she needs to do! I got her the book, a set of colored pencils and an awesome sharpener. She is a strong woman, and this book will help her help herself and others! I also bought another copy for my bestie (her mom) and will give it to her for her birthday in a few weeks! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with all of us!

  475. I am super exciting to start coloring in your book, and I would love tattoos!

  476. 476
    Talwinder Kaur

    Good to see that you’re alive and still kicking!

  477. I bought a You Are Here for myself and one for my co-worker, Linda. We are medical mysteries and often get depressed together about how our bodies don’t function right and how the many many doctors we see on a regular basis are stumped and it sucks. I thought she needed to know that there was someone else just as fucked up as we were and that I wasn’t making it up to hang out with her. It seems to have helped although one of her mysteries is wobblyness (my spell-check wants to change it to wobbles, but that is what she does not what the symptom is) which means coloring is hard. I told her she didn’t have to stay in the lines. I don’t, and I am not wobbly…

  478. I’m glad that you are feeling better and I did buy the book for someone who needed it desperately (me). It’s really a HUGE help. Thank you for sharing your talents with everyone.

  479. I bought the book for my sister because she loves to color. But I totally read it first.

  480. One of my former students just posted a drawing she did during one of her down moments. There were so many little lines, it made me think of the new book. I shared some photos and a link to your blog with her. Hopefully she’ll find you to be as funny as I do.

    kstewand4cats recently posted Kisses & Birdwatching.

  481. Hope you are feeling better soon! I love your books and just had to get a copy of “You are Here”. I gave it away to me ’cause I deserve it, don’t ya know. I would also like my very own Rory if that is at all possible. Keep up the fantastic work!

  482. All 3 of your books came in the mail last week. Been looking forward to reading a bit each night ever since. I should have done this a long time ago. Thank you for the courage to find me again .

  483. 483
    Kris Diede

    Tattoos! I needed You are Here. Got it for myself. Might get another for my friend; we both have depression ribbons on our cars, and she drove around with your taxidermied characters stuck all over the interior of her car for months. Well, your paper cutouts of them. 🙂 They are very cheery

  484. I bought a copy of You Are Here for my sister for her 38th birthday. We both love your books and coloring, so it was a no-brainer purchase.

  485. 485

    Why will potential Canadian winners be quizzed on math?

  486. I bought one for myself because I needed it……. Desperately! And because I love you

  487. I was the tweet that said your book (that I preordered) arrived when I needed it. It was like the Universe gave me a gift that I ordered for myself. (It’s okay, Universe. I prebuy some of my own gifts to help my family too.)

    But seriously, I had been going through a deep depression (major life changes). My daughter (who has special needs) had a meltdown at Girl Scouts, and I had to pick her up. She and I ended up screaming at each other in the most stellar of parenting moments. She went inside the house. I stayed in the car, repeatedly thinking that nothing mattered. I kept thinking that I had nowhere to go, but I didn’t want to be Here. But since the health or life insurance hadn’t kicked in from my new job, I couldn’t really do anything to myself as it would hurt my family.

    So yeah.

    The next day the book arrived. And I sobbed. And I thought maybe I do want to be Here. And your return tweet reinforced the thought.

    So when my thoughts begin to slide, I color. When I feel I’m going to explode at my family, I color. I know this is all bullshit, but it won’t last forever. It’s going to get better. It is getting better. And I’m still Here.

    Love you. Thank you.

  488. 488
    Shelley MacGregor

    I’m the one with six copies to start with – so far one to me, one to daughter in Nebraska, one to daughter’s friend for her birthday. One for daughter in Minnesota, two for future giftification. Pretend tattoos will be fun; still plannign a real one.

  489. I bought a book for myself, and one to send to my sister in Australia. So next time she is wondering why the bits of the country that aren’t on fire are flooded, and why there is a bewildering array of adorable quokkas and terrifying spiders around her, she can look down at the title of the book and be comforted: it doesn’t matter if she’s somewhere really weird, She Is Still Here!

  490. I got the book for myself. I’m not sorry.

  491. 491

    I pre-ordered one last year for a friend’s birthday while she was going through a fantastically long and horrible divorce. Because coloring is good for you. I printed out some of your pictures you posted on the blog as a pre-gift but the book is so much more awesomeness. And I pre-ordered one for me because it seemed like I would enjoy it too and at the same time I got an extra, just in case I found someone else who likes to color and needed it. It just seemed likely. Thank you for making it for us – it was a big day in our house when they were delivered!

  492. I bought not one but 2 copies for 2 friends that needed it. the first friend is marking the one year loss of her son tomorrow. she was REALLY delighted to start coloring

  493. 493
    Anita Adkison

    I bought myself a copy of the book and my best friend a copy. Neither of us ever know where we are. I guess we still won’t know where we are unless we carry the book with us or happen to be in the same room as the book. Then the book can tell us, “You Are Here.” I’m sure we’ll still be lost, though.

  494. I bought a book as a gift for my mom.

  495. You make me feel less crazy for laughing at things like the paturdo and for my endless neuroses. Just bought another copy of Furiously Happy for a friend. 🙂

  496. um … hellz YEAH i’d like in on this. a friend told me about your book last sunday, i ordered a copy from my phone in the parking lot. i’ve already sent out copies to two friends and am planning on making this my b-day, holiday, what-the-eff-evvs gift of 2017. do i qualify???? and btw – love me some you!!

    Ayse recently posted I am curious about … spiralizing.

  497. I bought one for myself for my birthday, which is on April Fools day! So fitting. Also, I was a planned C-section and my mom chose april fools day because it was one of her favorite holidays. And it’s also mine. It is not, however, my husband’s favorite holiday. This year, I’m pranking him a day early because he’s on to me…

  498. 498
    Bonita Jackson

    I had a friend who always answered the question, “how are you?’. With a %. “Oh about 82 % today…

  499. 499
    Karen Cunningham

    I would love a chance to win the signed tattoos! I bought the You Are Here for me and a friend. I am enjoying colouring it so much. I have the ebook of Furiously Happy and have read your first book as well. You are amazing.

  500. I bought it for me, cause I really needed it.

  501. 501
    Anna Von Stauffenberg

    I needed it for myself​.

  502. Glad your getting better <3

  503. I’m a para at a charter high school that has a lot of students battling anxiety, depression etc. I got two copies, one for myself, and one to share with my students as needed. They’ve lived the one I’ve given out so far.

  504. 504
    Sarah Carter

    I preordered this book when you posted about preordering it because I follow directions. That’s actually a lie, but sometimes! Then I bought another copy because my friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and was getting a double mastectomy (last Friday!!) and I got it for her along with some colored pencils to entertain/help her during her recovery. She loves it and has already told many more people about it.

  505. Hi Jenny! you are amazing. I bought two copies pre order and gave one to my daughter (18) and one to one of my best friends! I would love the tattoos and signature! that is such a cool freaking idea!!

  506. Oh, I bought a copy for myself, my sister, and my cousin’s daughter (first cousin, once removed?)! Anyway, it’s awesome and you’re grand, and Tattoos would brighten my day!

  507. I bought 3 copies so far – one for my friend who really needs cheering up, one for my friend who already loves your stuff, and one for me. I may buy another once I fill this one up. I love your books – I keep the others in the car to read when the work day is too much for me…

  508. Hi Jenny – I bought a copy for myself and one for my son and daughter-in-law to share. 💜

  509. Jenny…LOVE everything you write! Bought your delightful book for my daughter and for myself! Would treasure the signature and tattoos!

  510. I have bought the book for several someone’s who need them and will be buying a few more in the coming months for presents. I love you Jenny. I thank you for posting and writing your weirdness so I don’t feel alone.

  511. I gave one to a customer (I work at the unemployment office) since my daughter and myself were enjoying our copies so much!

  512. I bought a copy for my mom and when I tried to give it to her she told me that she’d pre-ordered it the second she heard about it. I’m taking her to your next book signing out here, but not until you’re both healthy.

  513. I pre-ordered YOU ARE HERE and got it at the store. When we were getting you to sign what felt like everything I owned including my Rory pillow, my child started pulling your hair. I will forever be sorry! My Rory pillow goes with me to treatment once a week and I ALWAYS get questions about him. I’m am sure the only thing harder than explaining a taxidermy raccoon is on that is on a pillow. ANYWAY, I would love to have some tat.s to put about the waiting room. We get lot’s of the “Have you been saved?” But I feel that Rory, although not a tattoo but maybe should be,and your other words of encouragement might be a breath of fresh air. Sorry for the length. Feel better soon lovey!

  514. I love how many of us have bought the book for others. Jenny you created a tribe of givers who think of others. In times like this with all the bitterness and hate in the world you guys restore my faith in people. Thanks to all of you. You all rock!!!!!

  515. So I haven’t bought the book yet because I’m poor and spent like $2000 on vet bills for my kitty on my 21st birthday and so I have been recovering from that since it was all the beginning of February basically (sad twist: my kitty didn’t make it!) but I really want to get when I get paid next. I dunno if that counts? One of the last times I went to La Cantera though I picked up a signed copy of Furiously Happy because I saw it and screamed a lot out of excitement. So I wanna get it and I like tattoos so I think that’s a good thing.

    Basically I haven’t gotten the book but I want to soon and that is what counts maybe! Also I am glad you are feeling better!

  516. I admit it. I bought it as a gift for me. That said, if you can suggest someplace I can send more copies, I’d be delighted to do so!
    P.s. I dont have any tattoos, but would totes get one with you! Your choice, even!

  517. So I preordered a copy of You Are Here for my best friend way back when…cause she totally gets your books. The day it arrived was the day the doctor told her that her husband would never walk again after a car accident. We read the book – we cried together.

    Her husband just got worse. We buried him Monday. And there was the tote bag waiting in the mailbox for us when we got back.

    Thanks for being there for us, Jenny. Even though it was totally not on purpose and all.

  518. I bought it for me but I’m going to share it with my husband, does that count?

  519. No that these aren’t fab gifts, but I still think it would be WAY more enjoyable (for us, not you) to get the real Jenny Lawson in a box, at least through dinnertime:). What a great dinner conversation that would be . . .

    candidkay recently posted On the self-edit.

  520. 520
    Angela Rose

    Im buying one for me as soon as i get paid and would love the tattoo. I have and love your other 2 books 😙

  521. I bought it for me, I’m not sharing, and I’m not even the tiniest bit remorseful about it either.

  522. I bought your book for me, because your blog and your books make me feel less alone in my crazy, and because the pre-order opened while everything in my life was on its head and I didn’t know if I was losing my house or just going to have to live with the contractors from the city literally surrounded me and it was all nuts and I couldn’t sleep (I kept the house…I did live literally surrounded by construction and had to take down my art and breakable items and store them because the vibrations of the 75 foot boom crane banging metal retaining wall into place 18 feet away from my back wall made things fall down)

    anyhoo, looking forward to it was one of the things that helped me look out past what was going on to a time where i could talk on the phone between 7am and 7pm and actually have people hear me again…which would matter…except my anxiety makes phone calls hard, and my depression makes me not care.

    I also shared it with my daughter though. And she laughed her head off.

    Thank you for being you, sorry for the long comment…I’m hypomanic at the moment.

    Which means my kitchen is SUPER clean, but I can’t shut up.

  523. I bought a copy for myself on a particularly bad day. But I’m actually going tonight to buy one for my mom and best friend! (They are separate people, I love my mom, but we don’t have similar interests as far as friend things go.)

  524. Jenny – I recently bought all of your audiobooks (and am crushing on your humor!) I just bought your handbook for me and my BFF after flipping through it at Target. It’s beautiful! 😍. Thank you for putting yourself out there. I try to. And thanks for making me smile –

  525. we so need matching tattoos! i needed your book, and i may need to buy a 2nd for my daughter in college. she really needs it too.

  526. Is there anywhere we can e-mail you/send you a private message so that everyone doesn’t see it?

  527. I preordered your book for someone who needed it->ME, which so happens to also be my initials. It arrived the day before my birthday, perfect timing! And it just so happens I made enchiladas that day!

  528. […] Hey.  I’m still sick but I’m like 23% less mostly dead than I was and that is a HUGE improvement.  And for sticking around I’m doing something (two things, technically) fun as a thank you.  You’re welcome. First is something … Continue reading → […]

  529. Bought one for me, bought one for my cat, who insisted on sitting on my copy and making it impossible to color in it. She now sits on her own copy. She is pleased.

  530. I’ve just gotten a copy of your new book for my daughter, who turns 14 this Saturday. She loves to doodle too, and I’m hoping the words help her cope with the drama of being a teenaged girl. Thanks for sharing your quirky, wonderful self with us, Jenny!

  531. Bought the audible version to pass the time in the NICU with my son. They don’t let you sleep bedside and, well, the humming of the machines and the dim lights make that sort of hard. But a nurse suggested listening to audio books, and I had been wanting yours for a long time. So I did.
    The next day I was listening and cracking up, out loud, so hard.
    The next, next day, I was asked what I was listening to because everyone could hear me laughing. Like a hyena. Or a drunk person (but that’s frowned upon in the NICU).
    Thanks for helping me pass the time in a place where time can kind of stand still.

  532. I basically made my husband preorder it for me as a birthday gift. I’ve been waiting to color in it til I really needed a form of therapy. It happens every month. tonight I started on the dinaosaur wearing an old-timey dress.

  533. I bought your book as a gift to you, to help you feel better, and for my weird, lovely daughter and I to share

  534. 534
    Petra Dashner

    Bought one for myself and one for my best friend. I’d love a tattoo!!

  535. 535
    Jessica Crawford

    I preordered YOU ARE HERE for myself and it was exactly what I needed in my life right no, so then I bought one as a gift for my aunt and her girlfriend. Glad you’re starting to feel a bit better!

  536. Glad you’re only mostly dead. More than mostly would be concerning. And slightly irreversible. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  537. Already have the book AND the book bag. I deperately need tattoos!


  539. 539
    Lone alien

    Glad you’re getting closer to the 50% mark. Things feel almost manageable once you get to that peak.

    I was happy to buy three extra copies for Twitter friends. I hope at least one of them received a variant version. :). It was fun to keep going back to my bookstore and watch the stock dwindle.

    Keep fighting the bug. You will defeat it and you can Hailey make you waffles until then

  540. I’d like some tattoos please. I bought the book for myself but I did need it. Reading some of your writing in there, it’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. Plus I can’t enter the competition because I live in Australia.

  541. I bought a copy and man do I need it. I will be curled up with it tomorrow for a nice mental health break from life.

  542. I bought this for me, because I love you and life’s tough and I needed it aftee going through tough health and life shit and being dx with panic, anxiety, depression. Thank you for helping me feel less alone and more “normal”. BUT I love it so much, that I’m planning to buy it for everyone’s birthday/Christmas/whatever this year, just like I did for Furiously Happy. Glad your feeling less like death. <3

  543. So cool; I just gave a friend all three of your books for her birthday last Saturday. She loves adult coloring books, and I wanted to give her yours I figured to really appreciate it she needed the whole series.

    Might I have a tattoo for sharing your brilliance?

  544. I bought one for myself and for one of my friends who I don’t really speak to much anymore. We always bonded over your books and this kind of brought us back together! Sometimes you need something more than you know. This book is it!

  545. Bought copies for each of my nieces.

  546. I bought a book for my friend who was laid off…and just found out shed been rejected from a place that new her well, which is a whole extra level of suck. I bought one for me too and it has honestly gotten me through a shitty and stressful week. And then I found some wine I had forgotten about so between the two I’m good to go! Seriously, tho, I’ve been struggling and You Are Here is helping me work through it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  547. I pre-ordered it for myself and love it. So when my friend at work had a horrible terrible awful week, I ordered it to be delivered to her that weekend! And of course, she loves it as much as I do.

  548. The fine print that declares Canadian winners must take a math quiz before they can claim their prize just killed me… EVEN YOUR LEGALESE IS FUNNY, Jenny! “If an entrant selected in the drawing is a resident of Canada, to be declared a winner he/she must correctly answer, without assistance of any kind, a time-limited mathematical skill-testing question to be administered by telephone or email.”

  549. I bought two copies – one at Target and another signed copy from Bookpeople. I had planned to give the Target copy to a friend, but now I know about the variants 🙂 I’ll just have to buy another copy for my friend. I would love the tattoos. Typhoid, not so much.

  550. I pre-ordered three copies as soon as they were available on Amazon. One for me (depression, PPD, PTSD), one for my best friend (depression and anxiety), and one because I knew another recipient would appear. It turned out to be a new-ish friend who is going through a really tough time due to the death of her father, some horrible medical issues culminating in surgery and probable infertility, and an unsupportive and gaslighting douchebag of a boyfriend (thankfully now EX). Your book made her cry in a good way, and she’s using it as post-surgery meditation/therapy.

  551. 551

    I bought two copies of your book, one for me and one for my niece because she needs to know its ok to be weird and different and to not be ok sometimes and that there is a whole tribe of us and we will support her and be weird together and sometimes curse or say other inappropriate stuff and laugh and cry and survive!!!!

  552. My friend Jenny got me a copy for my birthday. I’m sure she would enjoy some tatoos

  553. 553
    Vero Tabasso

    Im so sad! The giveaway is US only 🙁 Im from Argentina, and it costs TONS of money not only to ship it but to take it out of customs. That’s why i alwqys get your books in Kindle edition. And that’s why I asked for it in your last boy-a-book-for-someone-else-palooza. That, and my husband wont like if i marker-colour our Kindle.
    Love you Jenny, you beautyful weirdo. Im glad you are ok. It makes me think Im gonna be ok eventually too. Thank you for that. Love!

  554. Wow! This sickness has rocked my house. A. Fever? Can’t remember when I last had one…can’t remember much in having this one either. Three days later the terrible cold and cough! I sound like a wounded wolf pup and a 30 year smoker! Awful! I bought the book for me because I’m a bitch and wanted it. My bday is Monday, so happy early bday, me❤️! I’ve bought all of the books and on my second copies because others have borrowed and not returned them☹️.

  555. When you first announced the book, I immediately ordered two copies – one for me, and one for my best friend of 29 years. She had not yet been initiated into the world of the Blogess, but as soon as she held the book a few weeks ago, she was in love. We both brought our copies when we went on a trip together, so we could compare favorite pages. Mine keeps changing – today, it’s the sugar skull skeleton page….

  556. I pre ordered it for myself. I found you (not that I was lookin, not that you were lost at the time but maybe I was and you were) anyway…you spoke to me, as the person out there who wrote of things that no one else would say. I felt like I had found this great treasure and I wanted to keep you to myself. I pre ordered Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. The day it came in the mail it was like all of the freakin Christmas specials put together; the Ghost of Christmas Past was hanging on the Island of the Misfit Toys and I hid the book away until I could devour it.
    I knew a few pages in that you needed to meet my sister Jen. We had a thing where we would find things to introduce eachother to, sometimes it seemed like we were topping eachother (we were, it was always a competition in everyone’s mind at times) knowing this, I knew that I had the best secret person ever to share with her. As much as I needed a secret person, you were clearly hers and I needed to tell her that. She was born in 1980, is 11 years younger and you are like the same freakin person!!! So although I have a clear affection for you, YOU could CHANGE HER WORLD. So, I reluctantly gleefully introduced her to my favorite secret person. I gave her my hardcover Let’s Pretend and she devoured on her trip overseas. She has followed you ever since and I KNOW, as clear as I know that my sister is awesome and real, I KNOW that you helped her thrive more that I as her big sister surrogate mom ever could. She wants a tattoo but the idea of permanent and good enough and where would it go and but she already made her own by herself and maybe that’s enough. She would really love them. I would give the tatoos to her. Her name is Jen, formerly Jenny (her childhood name) and she is awesome and real like you.

  557. 557

    I had preordered two copies – one for myself and one for a family member who endures chronic pain and the depression that comes from dealing with that severe pain every day.

  558. 558

    I bought a copy for myself (a self bday present😁) because I needed it, and it’s the best purchase I’ve made all year. It’s so fantastic, Jenny. Seriously amazing.

  559. I bought you are here for a dear friend of mine. She didn’t want to buy it herself because she doesn’t color. So I sent it to get when she was having a rough week.

  560. 560
    Alexis Whyte

    Bought one for a dear friend who actually introduces me to your work. She didn’t want to buy it for herself because she doesn’t color, so I sent it to her when she was having a bad week and told her how much more it was than just a space for crayons.

  561. 561

    I bought your book for me. Pre-ordered it last summer. It’s been exactly what I needed this month.

  562. Signed tattoos, woohoo!!!! Then maybe I could get a tattoo of your signature…..Naw. I almost forgot the part where needles scare me. Yes, I bought a book for me.

  563. I just started receiving my disabiliy, so I can finally buy myself one! I have both of your other books and <3 them. Mostly, I just want the “slightly irregular” tattoo, because I want to get it permanent! I have a genetic disorder called Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos. My collegen is defective and I have been looking for a tattoo idea! This would be a great way to test it out!!!

  564. I would absolutely love some tattoos. I did buy the book for myself, im ordering a second one for my SIL. Thanka.

  565. 565

    What a great idea! I have read your books and just ordered the new one. You are such a joy!

  566. so, i bought it for myself. it was a nice surprise because i forgot i ordered it. tomorrow is payday and im ordering for my sister in law.

    i have a request. could you draw a smallish picyure that i could get tattooed? i love your drawings, and your words. youre my favorite author, and i would love to have something beautiful to remind me of our tribe, and the fact that im not alone. anyways. thanks for being you

  567. I bought copies for two friends who are dealing with depression/anxiety, in addition to the copy I bought for myself.

  568. When I ordered my copy, I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep it for myself or give it away. But the day before it arrived my boyfriend (of 8 years) told me he needed to take a break to “figure some stuff out” (which I kinda think is code for “I wanna break up with you but I don’t have the balls to do it yet.”) Anyway, there it was the next morning in the mailbox, and boy did I need it. So at least that worked out really well, lol. I’m keeping it for now, but I may still pass it on when I’m feeling a little more like myself again. Or maybe I’ll just get another copy for my friend & keep this one, not sure yet.

  569. 569

    I bought a copy for myself and four more as gifts for my best girlfriends.

  570. I gave my sister a copy and my tote bag when it arrived. =)

  571. I bought one for myself and ordered one for a friend who is… ummm… currently taking a court ordered vacation at a local correctional facility. Apparently there’s not much to do except watch tv, read, and make art projects, so this was pretty perfect.

  572. 572
    Dawn Mcdonald

    After buying myself a copy, i just knew i had to get one for my brother, and i did.

  573. First of all, and I cannot emphasize how important this is, KEEP YOUR PHONE CHARGED!

    So I preordered your new book as soon as it was possible to give to my bestie Theresa, who really needed it. I had lunch with her on Saturday and gave it to her then. \ She loved it! Later that evening she sent me a text saying she had ordered 10 more copies to give out!

    So, please think of me when you are sending out the temporary tattoos.

    As always, Love you Jenny!

  574. I bought one for me and one for my husband. Cause marriage isn’t about sharing.

    abandonpants recently posted I want to be 35 forever.

  575. I bought it as a gift for myself, but I don’t think I deserve it so I haven’t opened it yet. Anxiety sucks.

  576. I bought a copy for my son, who is twelve and full of the anxious.

  577. I leant your first book to my best friend and never got it back, so I’ve bought copies of the last two for her so we can both have them. lol I hope you’re feeling at least 24% better by the time you read this. 🙂

  578. 578
    Lindsay Camp

    That is hilarious! I’d love a tat of your name. I could be like that really weird groupie!
    I bought the book for myself but have ordered another one for my MIL. I bought her your first book too. That way we both could read it and pee ourselves.
    You rock Jenny. Lately I have been finding your blog very helpful. My depression and anxiety are off the wall and you keep me level. So for that I THANK YOU.

  579. 579
    Jon Tiller

    I bought a copy as a Christmas gift to myself (along with Let’s Pretend this Never Happened and Furiously Happy). The first books I’ve bought myself in years, because part of my depression is an unwillingness to spend money on “frivolous” things for myself.

  580. I see from other comments that I’m not the only one who this book release date was timed well. I’m so thankful for that. My depression and sleep disorders were getting a bit aggressive but now this week I’m going through a breakup too. Because of course I am.

    I have lots of coloring books but I’m keeping yours a little more special. When I’m extra upset then I choose a page with an appropriate quote or theme and I write the date and plan to make a few notes about my mood before and after the page is done. So far I’m just managing to write the date, but baby steps. I’d love a signed tattoo- I preordered the book and am waiting to see if you end up having a signing in Seattle. I actually have two Furiously Happy physical copies plus an audiobook and Let’s Pretend it Never Happened so I don’t need the other goodies. 🙂 thank you for sharing yourself in all of them. I’ve never bought a second copy of a book to loan out before. Totally worth it.

  581. I pre-ordered 2 copies because I knew I needed one and knew I would find someone else who needed one too

  582. I pre-ordered your book for myself & was so excited to get it! The following Monday I brought it in to work to show to my co-teacher (kindergarten inclusion) whose daughter is 19 & battling EDS & all sorts of other ailments that make her unable to walk, swallow, sit up for long periods, etc. I thought she could see if she might be interested in getting the book for the positive messages & maybe some coloring while she’s bed bound. Well she still has it…I think she really likes it so at this point I’ll let her keep it but now I need another for myself! Please please my patron saint of depression?

  583. Hi Jenny, I’ve loved all your books, and today I’m getting your latest one for myself and since there’s a sale at the store, I will get my friend one too – It’s her birthday and she’s my rant about social anxiety buddy so it’s fitting!!

  584. I bought one for myself and my daughter, mostly because we both work in libraries where it is frowned upon to mark in the books. (We are the “no coloring in the library books” police.) I’m happy to hear you aren’t all-dead, Dread pirate Roberts. As you wish.

  585. My husband gave me You Are Here for the occasion of my 40th birthday. He gets me.

  586. I just came down here to let you know that while I do read your blog on a regular basis, I always check it when I’m having a bad day. You make me smile and can make anything seem much better. Thank you for YOU! <3

  587. I bought the new book (and all of your other books, too) for my best friend. We love your work and quote you regularly. I appreciate that it helps me understand her mental illness, and she says that you describe her thoughts and feelings like she never could. Thanks and love from us both!

  588. I bought 2 copies, taking care of 4 individuals. 1 copy for my bestie, 1 copy for me, myself and I. Myself is pissed, says me keeps hogging it, and I wants my own copy. Oh, well. There is just no satisfying those jerks. 😉

  589. I preordered on Amazon, ordered one from Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh (p.s. I was the one who suggested we do the Juanita for our picture ;p), and also mailed one to my bestie who is a bipolar warrior! I gave a copy of Furiously Happy to my Dad when he really needed to smile and feel understood in his dark cave. You have lifted so many spirits, including mine. Thanks for being you and living large enough to create this important life-affirming community. You rule Jenny!

  590. I bought a copy for myself & my sister…she might have squealed (loudly) when she unwrapped it.

  591. Got one copy You Are Here for my sister … then promptly ordered 2 more for my best friend and myself. The best gift to get and receive!! ♥

  592. I have sent copies to multiple friends (and myself) who needed it. Love!!

  593. Just too good not to share the love!!

  594. After reading Furiously Happy, I fell in love with your message and had to share the book with everyone I love. My book became so worn and filled with highlights and pencil marks that I got a second one to start loaning out so I could keep the copy marked with my friends favorite passages.
    Anticipating a similar response to You Are Here, I Am going to go ahead and order two copies from the get-go!
    Thank you for sharing your honest message with me, and with everyone who feels they don’t have the voice to share the feelings they hold close to their chest.

  595. 595

    I’m not trying to get the tattoos cuz I can only afford my own copy, which I ordered today. I want you to know that you are part of my therapy. In a way, you’re a therapist, Jenny! Thanks for making me feel a little less crazy and a little more like I belong.

  596. I pre-ordered the book and the day that it showed up on my doorstep was the exact day that I NEEDED IT to show up! I sat down and read through the entire thing right then and there – laughed, cried, and felt like I wasn’t alone in the world.

  597. I’m the one who needed the book which I preordered because you promised free tote bags and I can’t pass up anything free even if I actually had to spend money to get it. 😂 But Furiously Happy is going to get purchased for my SIL and my best Friend because they need you.

  598. Hi Jenny,

    I bought a copy for myself because I needed it 🙂 I have been struggling with depression and anxiety for about 12 years now. The first book of yours I read was Furiously Happy, and it changed my life, honestly. Suddenly I was introduced into a whole world of “slightly irregular” people and I felt like I had come home. For the first time I didn’t feel so alone, and I didn’t think of my depression/anxiety as a problem that needed fixing. What I love most about you is the way you encourage others to love themselves no matter what. Days I struggle to get out of bed, or leave my house I read a chapter of one your books (for the tenth time), or one of your blog posts and I feel so much better. You always make me laugh.

    Thank you Jenny. Thank you for your humour and your stories. Thank you for sharing your struggles and showing others that it is okay to not be okay.

    So much love and many hugs.



  599. I bought a copy of Furiously Happy for a friend who has been struggling with depression and anxiety for several years — also bought a copy of You Are Here for someone at booksgiving! 🙂 I can only hope that both people are as happy to have received these books as I was to give them! Give the gift of Jenny!!!

  600. I got it for myself.

  601. And with a little scissor work the “slightly irregular” tattoo becomes “slightly regular.” Which in some cases might be more accurate. Not that I’m pointing fingers….

  602. 602
    Just Trace

    I bought “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” and “Furiously Happy” for my BFFMF and she bought “You Are Here” for me. (which she still hasn’t sent to me yet and will likely just bring it when she visits in 19 days and 13 hours…but who’s counting?) So, we’re basically like book buying/ donating heroes and both deserving of the tattoos, although I probably want them more, but I would share them. Probably.

  603. 603
    Deb Rasmussen

    I ordered 4 copies of You Are Here. One of my sisters and one niece will be getting a copy from me. My daughter and I are having the others.

    Thanks for making me feel normal and not alone in my weirdness. We are a glorious tribe. 🙂

  604. I bought YOU ARE HERE for myself, as well as for my friend who’s working as a therapist because I thought she’d enjoy it as a way to relax and color after long days with patients. Turns out I was right. =]

  605. Hi Jenni, I actually bought 3 copies of you are here, 2 for me and 1 for my niece. We love you. I’m glad you’re only mostly dead. All the way would pretty much suck for all of us. 😉

  606. Glad you’re feeling at least some better!

  607. I preordered the book last fall and was so happy to get it a few weeks ago! I love it, it’s beautiful. And I selfishly ordered it for myself. And I’m not sorry. 😉 Feel better soon!

  608. Jenn,
    I have all your books and would love to get them signed but have no current way to get them to you. Recommended your books to a worker at Barnes and Noble who sells them but hasn’t read them yet. She and I clicked (in a platonic way) and I know we would be great friends but I live far enough away from where she works that a friendship wouldn’t be possible.
    Sorry you are unhealthy at the moment and wish you a speedy recovery.


  609. I bought the book for myself because, I’m the neediest person I know. I would love to have the signed tattoos!

  610. I admit, your latest book was a gift for me. I have loved your work and would love nothing more than to slap one of those tattoos in a variety of places…. This year has been a year of tattoo madness for me, so adding yours would be icing on the cake!

  611. I preordered the book with my local indie book shop because it fits perfectly and your’e awesome. (I wish I could tempt you to visit my bookstore. Seriously. It’s been open since 1745. How cool is that?) I’m now thinking I might need to get another to give to someone or leave somewhere like a book fairy. Hmm.

    So, yes, I would love signed tattoos!

  612. Please don’t be too hard on yourself. Just recover and be well.

  613. I sent a copy to a beloved and slightly broken friend to celebrate the new job she got after our company took her old job and moved it to San Francisco. And she loved it, of course, because how could anyone not?

  614. I’d really like to buy one of your tote bags. I know. It’s a promotion thing, but I love tote bags. I buy them whenever I’m on vacation as souvenirs, then I can fill them up with junk when we come back from vacation with too much stuff. Whenever I use them, I think of that hotel where my son got sick and we spent four days in the dark with him, watching movies over and over instead of walking the beach at sunset.

    When I searched on AmazonSmile to find your bag, they were all like, “You really want this fake-Jenny tote bag.” I was like, “No! That’s not the good Jenny. I want the one with the mandala dot, or the magic mushroom dot depending on your perspective.” And at the end, they asked, “Was this answer helpful?” And I said, “No, not really because I wanted a ‘You Are Here’ tote bag, except maybe it was helpful after all because I found out that the real Jenny isn’t making money on the tote even though she could.” But AmazonSmile didn’t have a box to check for that answer, so I left it blank and came back here to complain.

    You really don’t deserve complaints. You’ve been very kind, even when you’re sick. I like your books. Thank you. And don’t worry about the tote bag. I’ll be okay.

  615. I got an extra copy of for my daughter. She loves dead furry things. And other reasons.

  616. Bought you are here for a good friend dealing with depression right now. Also sent him Furiously Happy. He WAS Furiously Happy about this

  617. Bought one for me and one for the first person I run across who NEEDS it.

  618. I preordered–one for me and one for a friend. We both needed them. I love the tattoos!

  619. I TOTALLY bought one for someone who needed it. And, who arts. 😀

  620. <3 Hope you feel better soon. I bought one for a friend.

  621. Feel better soon. I bought a copy for a friend, as I had a copy booksgiving’d to me!

  622. 622
    Rebecca Weibert

    I bought a copy of it and wrote a note in it and left it in my community’s public lending library box. Went back less than 24 hours later and it was already gone! Hoping somebody else is smiling because of it.

  623. I bought myself a copy expecting an amazing coloring book (which it is), but ended up getting so much more from it. The stories and quotes in the pictures, they all come together to create this amazing book/art/therapy/connectedness. I haven’t been able to bring myself to actually color in the book yet (might need a second copy), but I plan on reading it with my 8-year-old daughter who has been struggling with depression and a host of other problems. I think this will really help her too – who knows, maybe I’ll get her a copy too. ❤

  624. 624
    Hazel Lilly

    Hi Jenny, Quick Question: Are you going to sell the temporary tattoos in your shop at some point as well? Unfortunately I live outside of the US so i can’t enter in to the promotions but I would LOOOVE to have those tattoos!!
    I hope you feel 95% better soon ( Because who really feels 100% good anyways, right? ;))

  625. I pre-ordered 3 when you first announced. One for me, one for my sister and one to save/give away when needed. I also ordered a bag from your publisher, but have not yet received, I hope they are still in the process of sending more out as many commenters have received theirs already. Thanks for everything you do Jenny, keep writing and drawing. I hope you feel better soon.

  626. 626

    I got a copy for myself because I’m going through some really rough psychological stuff and coloring soothes that monster. So does your writing so it was a win-win.

  627. I bought one for me cause I needed it, but today my sister got the one I sent her. She really needed it. Please see pics I have attached to you on DM on Twitter (FaereWolf) and All will be explained.

  628. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  629. I entered the sweepstakes but I wasn’t happy about having to agree to getting email from Macmillon and “all their related companies”. Am I about to also enter “spam hell”?

  630. I bought it for my daughter, and she then bought two for friends. Yay!

  631. 631
    Marion Grange

    I bought it for me. Feel better soon Jenny. I need u! 😊

  632. My copy of You Are Here is sitting on my coffee table waiting for my adult daughter and I to color. We used to do that when she was a little girl. We just flopped down on the floor and colored when we needed a break from reality. Now that she is an anxious, ADD adult and I am a depressed, fibromyalgic, post-menopausal crone we need it more than ever. Love the tats and I hope I win a set