Happy #NationalSiblingsDay, y’all.

Twitter informs me that today is National Siblings Day so I thought I’d share the message my little sister (Lisa) sent me today.  If I ever die she can just take over this blog and no one would ever know the difference.

Happy siblings day, y’all.

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  1. I was blessed with an awesome little sister too. She is more together than I am though, so people can tell us apart especially when they can’t see us. Rock on sibs!

  2. I don’t want to say anything too damning now, because I don’t know how my signature will come out. Just the sister I care about is a lot of work, the other one is in love with Trump. I will not be celebrating.

  3. Lucky you. I have 6 siblings and I am nothing like the rest. They will all tell you the same thing. Still, we all love each other anyway.

  4. Is “probability sake” like Japanese wine that MIGHT get you drunk? Either way, I’m glad you have a sibling as awesome as mine:-)

  5. What a great sis. I would say you’re spreading like wildfire. Or bunnies. Bunnies are cuter than STDs. Oh and btw I work at a law firm and speaking of STDs you would not believe how many people accidently abbreviate subpoena duces tecum STD instead of “SDT” which totally means something different.

  6. Ah, Lisa! I couldn’t remember her name when I spoke to her, and said ‘”You must be the sister.” blush

    And I do see the similarity in thinking there, but how many arguments with Victor would she post?

  7. Hahaha This reminds me of the conversations I have with my siblings. Nothing can just be a normal exchange. No matter how innocent it starts, it always escalates quickly.

  8. Yay for Lisa! I spent the morning with my best friend from high school (we’re both in our 50s) who I’m closer to than I’ve ever been to either of my sisters. That should count, right?

  9. Happy siblings day to you and your sister. I hope you have a good one and never die because even though you think we may not notice, I think we would.

  10. Sisters can be a blessing or they can be a what the …..i loved both of mine – crazy assed stories the two of them could make your head spin and have you speaking in tongues. My brother – don’t even start, okay I love him wherever he is unconditionally. Family can’t live with ’em, can’t live without em.

  11. I’m sure she’s a fine person, but she could never replace you. How would we keep up with what Victor and Hailey are doing? And your menagerie? Happy Siblings Day!

  12. My brother took a selfie of him flipping off the camera and texted it to me wishing me a happy national siblings day. I returned the favor. This may sound horrid, but we were both laughing and his final comment was “I like how we roll!” It’s good when family understands each other

  13. I really adore your sis. For one her advice on making friends lead to an amazing cow vagina story and two she made sure you didn’t run away at Warwicks which ment I got to meet you. In the whole world I only want to meet 4 people and you were one. Made my decade 😃

  14. I grew up without a sister and never knew what I was missing until I married my husband and gained a sister in law. I’d say my sister in law and I were separated at birth, but…ewww.

  15. I have two sisters (Scrub & Weiner) and one Accidental Visectomy Regrowth Consequence (don’t feel bad for her…..it’s her cross to bare…..and also she’s spoiled rotten but we put up with her anyway because Mom said we couldn’t sell her). And, by the way, they called me DumDum. Happy National Siblings Day!

  16. That’s the cutest disease comparison I’ve ever seen. Not that you see a lot of cute comparisons to diseases. LOL

  17. LOL she’s funny like you. I’m an only child, so no fun for me. ;o)

  18. Sometimes I’m sad that my son won’t know the joy of having a sibling, but I’m not sad enough to have another kid.

  19. Oh I’ve read about her. In your book. She’s awesome! 🙂
    And my next trip to Target will require some Clorox wipes and possibly a condom. Or 4.

  20. that’s the scary thing about sisters. Sometimes you watch them and think that they are really you…and then who is the you that’s thinking this.? Then other times you wonder who put the cuckoo sister in the nest. But the best times are when they know exactly how you feel, and phone saying “what’s wrong” out of the blue.

  21. I was given a little brother and while I have always been curious about what it would be like to have a sister, I adore my brother just the same. Happy #NationalSiblingsDay a day late, folks. 🙂

  22. Oh. I put my sister through hell when we were growing up. Like the time I maybe forgot to tell her that the boy she liked did call. Huh. I’d forgotten about that. I should buy her a cookie.

  23. Ah, yes. They never let our head get big, do they? Mine usually post pics of my 80s hair:). Hey, perms were in then.

  24. So funny! And my Target also is “infected” with you! Love walking by the books and seeing your stuff there…it’s kinda like running into a friend.

  25. I am an awesome(ly awful) sibling to my one brother. His place was on an episode of Ask This Old House last night, which I missed because I was flipping channels and lost track of time. And I took 2 chairs he wanted from our parents’ house when they moved, although I only claim a half demerit for that because I waited till he decided not to ship them to his house. On the other hand, we send each other poems for birthdays (the best kind – bad made-up ones about how decrepit the birthday person is getting). And in every email we remind each other of things like, “If you don’t replicate, you can’t agglomerate.” Important stuff.

  26. Here is a sentence. It is a present for all of you here, who I hope will enjoy it, without any context, but a whole lot of fuck-yeah syntax, as much as I do:

    “All was not lost at this point, they said, but a fall was possible, and Amy, over-thinking as usual, realizing that in such a fall the pine might suffer irreparably, focused on cradling it in such a way that it would not suffer, as though she were sixteen years old and lithe and presented with a smorgasbord of landing-position selections, none of which would injure her in the slightest, whereas what she should have done was jettison the damn plant and save herself, but no, and then she had actually lost balance and was pitching forward, her legs and feet heroically striving to catch up with her upper body, so that, still falling, she gathered speed, and, seeing that all was lost, she began to twist around in order to land on her back, and then her bare left heel slammed down on a sprinkler head and she heard her ankle crunch, but felt nothing because within the time it would have taken for the pain message to arrive in her brain, she had knocked herself out on the birdbath.” — From “Amy Falls Down” by Jincy Willet.

    PS: Care to share any favorite sentences of your own?

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