#NationalColoringBookDay is a real thing, apparently.

So first of all, THANK YOU for yesterday. You were fantastic and distracting and I highly recommend reading the comments because they are magic. The Apple people say my hard drive is borked but they think they can fix it by next week and that my back-up will have saved all my stuff. Tentative yay?

According to twitter, today is #NationalColoringBookDay so I’m giving away a few copies of YOU ARE HERE: An Owner’s Manual for Dangerous Minds if you need one. Just tell me if you want one in the comments and I’ll email you if you win.

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  1. Yay for only temporary breakage!

  2. I would like a copy please! My jobs lets me color while working to help manage my stress, and I’m almost done with my Doctor Who one!😊

    I’m glad it sounds like your computer is only mildly borked btw.

  3. 3
    Inday Metzger

    Need. Please?

  4. Beautiful colouring books. I don’t need one, but give it to somebody who really does. Have a good day!

    Kayjai recently posted A Family Photo Wouldn’t Be Complete Without A Diva Not Wearing Pants.

  5. I wish my job was coloring in your book. That sounds nastier than I intended.

    Michelle recently posted If We Give Up On Humor, Then We Give Up.

  6. 6
    Sarah Miller

    Oh my goodness yes!!!
    Life is the worst right now and this would be so helpful β™‘

  7. Who doesn’t want one is the better question?

  8. I would adore a cooy!!

  9. would love a copy! <3

  10. 10
    Traci Keith

    I would LOVE a copy!

  11. I would love to have one!

  12. 12
    Carrie McLaren

    I would love a copy! Coloring is such a great stress reliever.

  13. 13

    Oh ! I need one for my son’s first girlfriend. I want to give her something because I think she’s the cat’s pajamas. And it might let her know just what she’s getting into, you know, dealing with me and all. Yeah, she needs one.

  14. Ohhh I would love one!

  15. I would love a copy!

  16. I’d love a copy. Listening to Furiously Happy right now. Although my avoidance personality isn’t as severe as yours (maybe), share your struggles with RA, dermatillomania, and anxiety. Maybe I just need more taxodermy in my life.

  17. Oh yes please. I would color the shit out of this!!!

  18. I would like a copy n.n

  19. I would love to get a copy of the book. I need some recharge time, after spending 2 days with “internet people” doing fun things like the racetrack and the beach over the weekend. πŸ™‚

  20. I would love one, need to take out my bad ideas somewhere!

  21. Yes, I need one for a friend who is going through a tough time. I love this book!

  22. I might need this, too.

  23. I’d love a copy! I’ve given a couple as gifts, but hadn’t gotten a chance to get one of my own πŸ™‚

  24. YASSS please!!! Your drawings are amazing!

  25. Yes please. i would love a coloring book!

  26. raises hand

  27. I would like a copy!! n.n

  28. I would love a copy! I recently discovered how zen coloring can be! (I’m a little late to the game, lol)

  29. I would love a copy please!

  30. I would love one! I need something to do with my hands during baseball season!

  31. I’d love to win one – so I could give it to a friend of mine who just defeated the depression monster after a VERY long and difficult battle. She’s doing well now, but the beast will probably be back, and I’d love for her to have this.

  32. Yes please!!!

  33. Yaaaaaaas queen – I would love a colouring book!!! I have your other two – it would make my collection complete and I would freak out a little bit. But in a good way.

    Sophia Ball recently posted Poetry Time! β€˜A country…’.

  34. My boss has his mac getting fixed too. The genius people didn’t have time so he took it to the local Microcenter. They fixed it up fast.

    I have a copy of your book but I’m not sure I can bring myself to color it. It’s too perfect as it is. I might have to get a coloring copy and a keep perfect copy. Not sure yet. Either way, yay for coloring!

    Kelly and Geoff recently posted Not quite what I was suspecting in S7E2, but still good.

  35. I would LOVE one!!

  36. I haven’t been able to get one yet so I’d love one.

  37. Yes please!! That sounds amazing! I just bought 72 new colored pencils (damn you Prime day!) so this will be the “something” that I told my husband I needed them for!

  38. 38
    Nikki Anderson

    I want one! I want one! I would love something to color while I listen to podcasts.

  39. That would be so wonderful. Been having a bit of a tough stretch and could use a distraction from all the thoughts rolling around me head. Sincerely, Amy. aherm1226@gmail.com

  40. I”d love a copy! Crossing my fingers!

  41. Yay! This is the best message I have seen all day. Pick me! Pick me!

  42. Yes please. I have been wanting your coloring book since it came out. I don’t normally complain but this has been such a terrible week and I don’t know how I am going to get through the rest of it. I wish you the best of luck with your computer and hope you get everything back okay.

  43. Ooooh, Id love to have one. My Dogs need coloring activity!

  44. OMG!!! YES! YES! YES YES! Please πŸ™‚

  45. 45
    Shannon Tolbirt

    I want one. I very much want one.

  46. I would love a copy!

  47. Oh yes please! The swirls and whirls….best.

  48. I would love a copy!!

  49. Its been a rough month for me.
    Im glad this group hold us together even during the bad times.
    I would love a colouring book, if you can. If not, still stay wonderful πŸ™‚

  50. 50

    Glad it looks like they can fix your hard drive. My Apple Store (Park Meadows, Denver Metro) replaced my hard drive for free even though it was 2 days after the warranty expired. Bless their hearts.

  51. I so want one! I hope to pick one up at some point but I have to wait until I have a job and can afford one. But if I won one.. score!

  52. 52
    Andrea Chamberlain

    I would love to have one. But honestly I will give it to my sister. She’s the one who introduced me to you and your wonderful tribe.

  53. Yes please! I would love a copy!

  54. I would love one! It’s been a crazy, anxiety-filled year and doing creative junk keeps me sane!

  55. I would love to gift one to my best friend who is a middle school art teacher. I think it would be amazing for her to share some pieces with her students to show them they can use art as therapy and an escape.

  56. I’d like one! πŸ™‚

  57. I would LOVE this. So would my cat, Gus. We can’t have a sad Gus.

  58. I’d love to have one!

  59. Hooray for fixable problems! Trade me?

    Nevermind, I’ll just point out that I love how you keep giving out your books; that and your ability to justify mailing people uncut cocaine are two things I really admire about you. It must be all the coloring… I’ll give it a try. Plus, if I’m coloring, I can’t murder anyone.

    Ooh! You can totally use that title for the sequel πŸ™‚

    actualconversationswithmyhusband recently posted I’m a Genius.

  60. Yes please πŸ™‚ Preg and need to rest – this would be very welcome <3

  61. 61
    Jennifer Haislip

    I would love one. So glad to see you pop up in my feed today.

  62. I’m not sure my email is attached to my wordpress account, I have to check now after I post this XD I’ve been moving this between my cart and my saved for later on Amazon since it came out because of silly budgets and adult responsibilities lol! I want one and will acquire one some way or another, but this is worth a shot!

  63. Glad that it’s only possibly effed…and hopefully you’ll get some time to relax and color today!

  64. Moi!

  65. 65
    Stephanie Patterson

    I would love one!!!

  66. I would love a copy!

  67. 68
    Tami Rector

    I’d love one ……Please

  68. I’d love a copy!

  69. 70

    I would like one! Please with Squeeze cheese on top?

  70. This would make my life so much better <3 Nothing makes plane rides and blood tests better than Furiously Happy -but this might beat it lol

  71. I would like a copy pretty pretty please!!!!

  72. I would love one!

  73. 74
    Lana Gochenauer

    Yes please I would like a copy very much! Because I hate going to the bookstore, it seems the only things they sell are coffee, magazine and books on sale that no one else wanted.

  74. I would love to win a copy!

  75. Me!

  76. I’d love one! Coloring is my new hobby

  77. Would love one for my Mom. And yay for the computer only being mildly borked.

  78. i bought my copy on release day, but haven’t touched it b/c I keep thinking I’ll give it to my sister. This would help πŸ™‚

  79. I would like to give it as a gift to someone who needs one.

  80. Does the Pope shit in the woods!? (the answer is, YES)

  81. 82
    Trish Farrish

    I’d love to have one!! Thanks for the chance!

  82. I would loveeee to win a copy for my sister! She’s struggling big time and I know the last coloring book I got her helped.

  83. Jenny you’re awesome! β™₯️

  84. That would be a great addition to my upcoming lake vacation! fingers crossed

  85. I would like a copy please! I love coloring books! Also, glad to hear your.computer will be fixed soon enough.

  86. I would love one! It’s on my wish list.

  87. I would love to own a copy of your coloring book! ❀️

  88. I have a copy…but I’d love to gift one to my friend Christina who is getting married in a month and is a little stressed!!

  89. I would love one!

  90. Yes please!

  91. I’d love a copy.

  92. I could use a copy, please?

  93. I would love a copy, I want to give it to a friend who could certainly use it!

  94. I want one! So cute and relaxing!

  95. I would love to be able to give a copy to my best friend who really needs it!!

  96. Sorry about your computer, and I thought losing 6 years worth of work emails was bad. I would love a copy of You Are Here. I had to do tours for 80 K-5th graders today and could use some stress relief.

  97. 98
    Angie Ellis

    waving my arms like a mad woman Me! Pick me!

  98. I would love one for my Daughter!

  99. I would love one to give to my sister. She needs the pick me up and has been awesome helping me out lately.

  100. I really want one! Can’t afford to buy since I was unemployed for almost 2 years have just got a job (which doesn’t actually pay enough to live on, but that’s a whole other story).The former won’t let me fill it in. Obava23@gmail.Com !

  101. Yes, please! It would such a wonderful way to find my zen. And as a doodler, it would be inspirational as well. <3

  102. As a high school journalism adviser, I find myself with time to sit with students and color as a way to stop stressing out. It would be fun to have a book that could be all mine. Pick me.

  103. As a high school journalism adviser, I find myself with time to sit with students and color as a way to stop stressing out. It would be fun to have a book that could be all mine. Pick me.

  104. I too would color the heck out of this πŸ™‚

  105. Congrats on the laptop, I once had a virus that blocked my whole screen urging me to unlock it with money and I had to delete the whole computer… only recently started coloring – your tag “to keep my hands from killing me” resonated with me since I always bite the skin on my nails. Won’t do that anymore, thanks to you! πŸ™‚

  106. I really want one! Can’t afford to buy since I was unemployed for almost 2 years have just got a job (which doesn’t actually pay enough to live on, but that’s a whole other story).The former won’t let me fill it in. Obava23@gmail.Com !

  107. I would not say no if you wanted to give me one.

    theycallmetater recently posted A Monday Morning Rant.

  108. 109

    Borked? Hahaha! Thanks Jenny! Bork, bork, bork bork! It even sounds funny, and this is now my new word! Love & Light (any many blessings for peace and happiness) Rev T.

  109. I could definitely benefit from an owners manual for dangerous minds. 😜

  110. Jenny, your artwork is pure magic, and makes my brain do happy cartwheels! I would dearly love a copy if any are left at this point. And thank you so very much, if I’m one of the fortunate ones!

  111. PS I’d love to have a copy of your coloring book!

  112. 113
    Shauna Petzold

    I would love one!!!

  113. I would love a copy! If not me then perhaps one for my mom Linda. She is helping me out by babysitting my boys while I go to work. I know she would enjoy sitting at my dining room table coloring while he boys play! I know she would be cool sharing mine as well. πŸ™‚ Thank you!!

  114. 115
    Nikki Alvarez

    I want one!! I actually bought 2 and had them signed in NYC in March. My girlfriend has been diagnosed with cancer since then and she wants one!! I would be honored to be the one to give it to her!!

  115. I need one!

  116. 117
    Jackie Powers

    I’d love a copy!! I’m a nanny and it would be nice to have my own book that I dont have to share lol

  117. I would really like one. Reallly really. My kitty is missing and I am very very sad. πŸ™

  118. Thrilled to hear that your computer is (tentatively) fixable. The thought of losing a hard drive makes me panicky.

    I would love, love, love a copy of You Are Here – coloring is such a useful way to let my brain unwind and you have done a fabulous job with that book. Amazeballs.

  119. Oh my gosh I would love a copy! The way that you write/think is one of the things I get the most validation from. It’s good to know I’m not the only person whose brain can spiral into such strange places.

  120. Jenny, I’d love one!

  121. Yes! I have a 2 month old baby, need coloring to relax!

  122. I’d like to request a copy for my daughter’s friend and co-worker (daughter and I have our own copies). Her MS research is being disrupted this summer by some irresponsible co-workers. I think your coloring book would cheer her up and keep her from maybe throttling her team members.

  123. 124
    Johanna Jimenez

    I don’t need one, but my friend Nikki does! I can provide you her email address!

  124. Seriously….I need this…..I recently lost my spouse to cancer and am now losing my home to greedy heirs. Along with meds, coloring keeps me sane. Love you Jenny

  125. I’d love one for my Mum, she adores colouring and hasn’t been able to this summer because she fractured her upper right humerus (fell chasing after my son) and has been stuck in an immobilizing sling. She saw her surgeon yesterday and got the all clear to ditch the sling and start physio!

  126. I would LOVE a copy! Especially for my wife, she introduced me to you, and her own struggles are often made less by reading your blog because you’re just so effing relatable (really, Chrome says that isn’t a word?) and lovable. Thank you for considering!

  127. Please. Yes.

  128. Oh yes please! Your book would be most welcome to keep me occupied at 2 am when my insomnia is in full force.

  129. PS — And thank you too, even if I don’t get one, just for offering these! You’re amazing.

  130. 131
    Karyn Hantzmon

    Yay for coloring books, and yay for you. Thank you for your blogs and books:)

  131. 132
    Heather Fulmer

    I would love one!!!! ❀️

  132. I want one!

  133. 134
    Emily Kresta

    Would love to colour this book!!!!

  134. 135
    Kayla Kibler

    I really need it, all my others are filled and this week has beeen monumentally stressful :c

    The comments from yesterday helped me too though c:

  135. Yay for tentative yay!!! There are times when I’ve questioned the legitimacy of their self proclaimed “genius” status, but other times feel that a virtual washing of the feet is in order. I’m glad they are able to fix your hard drive and I’ve I’d love to have a copy of your book!

  136. I would love a copy. Been dealing with depression a lot lately and something that could take my mind off of it would be great. The coloring pages are beautiful by the way. Thx.

  137. Nah, just wanted to comment.


  138. Yes, Please! I would love a copy. I wish I were witty, like a lot of your followers. So, I could tell you in cool way how much I appreciate you. You have helped me help my son who has depression. XOXOX

  139. I would love a copy of your coloring book.

  140. Can I have one?
    My mother has one and I gotta suffer as I watch her color in you’re amazing book X3

  141. Would love one. I have gifted it, and wpuld like my own!

  142. Your books are my go to books when I’m feeling lost and crazy. And there’s been a lot of that in the past few years. I haven’t coloured in years but it was one of the few things I was good at as a child. I would love a copy.
    You’re the best! (And I sincerely hope the computer people can save your computer! I’ve lost drives before and it’s awful)

  143. Nope, ‘cos I have one already! I use it for doodling, not coloring, but I HIGHLY recommend it!!

  144. I would love to have a copy! I’m not currently working so discretionary spending is limited (although books really should be considered necessities, now that I think of it πŸ˜€). Thank you for your amazing work.

  145. I would like one to give to my friend Jenni who has been super sick!

  146. I would love a copy. The post yesterday helped me as well, you have a great tribe here. keep being your awesome self!

  147. I’d like one for my sister. She colors and she needs a boost. Thank you.

  148. I would love a copy.

  149. 150
    Alisha Cantwell

    I would absolutely love a copy!

  150. Tentative hooray!!

    I’d love a copy of You Are Here!

    Thanks for everything you do. πŸ™‚

  151. I would love one. I gave mine to my niece who suffers from Panic Disorder among other mental issues. She LOVES it !!

  152. I would LOVE a copy ❀️

  153. 154
    Christine Tetreault

    Pick me pick me! I already have one of them, but would love to have one to gift to my bestie. She is in need.

  154. 155

    I would love to win one for my beautiful, amazing, strong sister. Her lovely kitty passed away unexpectedly last week and it has broken her heart. She is my inspiration, my strength and my best friend. She just read Furiously Happy (you signed a copy for her in Raleigh) and she loved it. This would brighten her day so much. Love ya Jenny! Barbara

  155. Hey! I would love a book! I have my own but I’m putting together a raffle basket for a charity event and would really appreciate it if you donated your book for it (especially if it was signed). The charity event is for CASA which helps foster children. I can sent you official info if you want it. Love all your books and am trying really hard to make this charity book basket more interesting than the typical raffle item.

  156. I would love a copy! Sorry about your borked computer – ever time mine craps out on me, I vow to backup religiously, but I’m not very religious! πŸ™‚

  157. I’m so glad that your computer can be fixed. fingers crossed <3 I would love a copy of your book. Although full disclosure, I do have one, I just screwed it up so many times coloring that I would like to start over. I lost my income so I can’t buy another one. I hope I’m not a bitch for asking.

  158. I could use some laughs, some “me too” moments, and some stress relief. The colouring book is the one I don’t have because my husband says too many colouring books, but I am just looking for the one that is the key to my inner piece or whatever, and I haven’t found that yet, except I saw yours and I’m not allowed to buy it but if I win it, it doesn’t count. And I don’t know you, but I love you. And the most useful thing about Apple products is the being hooked up to the Cloud, because nothing is ever really gone. Which is also kind of the scary thing about it. And I start too many sentences with and.

  159. I want one! Both you and coloring are Awesome! 😊

  160. I would like a copy to gift to my wife. She loves your blog and this would mean a lot to her.

  161. Would love a copy! Colouring helps me managed my anxiety.

  162. 163
    Sarah MacGibbon

    National coloring book day on my birthday? That sounds like an awesome way to quietly celebrate!

  163. I would love one!

  164. Ohhh. I’d sure be grateful to win!

  165. 166
    Karin Romero

    I would LOVE to win a copy. It will help me calm my mind as I get ready to go back to school in less than 2 weeks…and I can’t get into my classroom yet because they are still deep cleaning the school and waxing all the floors and replacing all of the wiring and the teachers’ classrooms all around my jumbled mess are all Pinterest perfectly ready!!!!

  166. So glad that apple is going to be able to recover your files! Woo!
    I would love a copy!

  167. Please please please. I’m having a crappy day….I need some good stuff!

  168. I could use one. It’s your only book I don’t have, and coloring helps shut up my brain weasels.

  169. So happy to hear you’re better after yesterday. Would love to be selected for a copy of the colouring book.

  170. 171
    Sara Brenner

    I would really like one. Coloring is a great stress relief for my anxiety. I tend to color between classes, at work, or in bed at night to help me sleep better.

  171. Much need <3

  172. I have one myself, and bought three more for awesome people who love them. So glad that your data is saved! Happened to my work computer and I was nauseous until I found out they recovered all of my data. Go IT personnel!

    Andrea G recently posted I am just about over β€œmental illness”.

  173. I need a distraction so I would ❀️ one.

  174. Yes pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. <3

  175. Winning this coloring book would be amazing! I just love your artwork.

  176. I named my fourth born, Trust. His unofficial name is Tiny and he has his very own song actually. It goes, “Tiny bubbles how I love you so much Tiny bubbles oh how I lu uv your hugs” so on and so forth.
    Any way, he’s lost 11 pounds and he just feels sucky. Trust is a dog, btw, and a really normally silly boxer when he’s not feeling sucky. He is a really good boy and I dont want him to die so if anyone is really reading this please sprinkle fairy dust into the wind, pray, think good thoughts or however you feel inclined to help, Trust and I will be eternally grateful.

  177. Would love to have a coloring book I wouldn’t have to steal from my kids LOL.

  178. Yay for backups!!!

    Thank you for the book offer! I would be delighted to get one. (And I promise to buy a copy for my sister no matter the outcome.)

  179. I would love a copy to share with my mom. But, if I don’t win, I’m going to buy it anyway, so it’s all good! Fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyes, whatever crossed that all is fixed and nicely recovered on your laptop. My anxiety level was jacked up just reading that, yesterday.

  180. I’d love a copy. I colored one of the sheets of my calendar and I WANT MORE! πŸ˜‰

  181. 182
    Colleen Smith

    I’d love a copy!

  182. I need one please! I have given away both of mine that I purchased…… well worth the giving away though.

  183. I would be happy to have a copy, but you know what I’d REALLY love to have? A page you’ve personally colored. You could auction that shit and donate the proceeds. Or use them to buy a ginormous yard statue of Nessie. Whatever. I’m serious! But you’d need to ask a volunteer to set up the auction so you don’t have to bother with it, because that sort of thing sucks. But don’t ask me because I suck at them and they give me anxieties which would be counter productive and… I’M SO GLAD YOU’RE IN THE WORLD.

  184. WANT. πŸ™‚ <3

  185. 186
    Channon Koty

    Pretty please? I have a friend that needs one for mental health porpoises… and to stat sane

  186. Oh my Goddess! I so need one! I don’t know how to relax but this may help (and keep me out of jail too!)


  187. 188
    Goodgmissm@gmail.commolly wade

    I really need one of these to get me through parenting my parents.

  188. I would love one, please. And thank you!

  189. 190
    Letitia A.

    I would love one! I had one signed by you and Victor (he’s fabulous, btw) but I would love to give a copy to my mom. <3

  190. I would like a copy please!

  191. Ooo! Me please! πŸ™‚

  192. I would love a copy.

  193. I would love one <3

  194. I would like a copy please!

  195. I would love a copy, I can use it to release some stress from teaching.

  196. 197
    Kayla Sharee

    I’d like one! It beautiful and I love your work. (Also, I really enjoyed when you came to speak in Austin the first time about this book. I didn’t come see you in the signing, but that was the most enjoyable book event possibly ever). πŸ™‚

  197. I would love a copy. Coloring is a great way to find my zen….

  198. 199
    Melanie Rupe

    I would love a new coloring book. Especially one designed by you.

  199. I have my copy to a friend in need, I’d love another one πŸ™‚
    Thank you so much for being awesome!

  200. What a dream! I would love one. <3

  201. 202
    Morgan Sorenson

    I would love a copy! Coloring helps me with my anxiety quite a bit. I re-read your books constantly– they make me laugh when I really need it.

    Even if I don’t get a copy– thank you for all that you do!

  202. I would love one! Thank you!
    And again, pleased about the iMac. πŸ€—

  203. Um… yes, please. =)

  204. Please. I have a friend that has Borderline Personality Disorder. I would love to gift her this. Joywolf83@gmail.com Thank you!

  205. I LOVE TO COLOR. πŸ˜€ (i would love to have one, yes.)

  206. Please….

  207. I would love this! Thanks πŸ™‚

    And fingers crossed for your hard drive’s “recovery”

    Laurie recently posted Semicolon necklace --hand stamped Sterling silver. Your story isn't over. Depression mental illness hope strength suicide prevention by IntermezzoDesigns.

  208. Me too! Me too! I would love one!

  209. Need one! These are such good distractions for my anxious mind.

  210. 211
    candy batterton

    gimme gimme GIMMMMMMEEE IM STRESSED TO THE MAX and thank you

  211. Any chance you’d send one to an Eastern European country ( Romania )? It would have a happy owner cherish and take care of it

  212. I want one..please…

    The Hellion recently posted A Year Without You….

  213. Would love a copy of your coloring book!

  214. I would LOVE one to escape the workplace renovations going on!!

  215. I have coloring books I don’t use. Yours I would.

  216. 217
    Debbie Lynch

    I would like one please. I bought one for a friend a couple months ago, but completely forgot about me. I do that sometimes.

  217. Everybody wants one because a little Light from Jenny lights dark days! Is love a copy, too. Thank you so much for putting yourself into the world for us. Xo

  218. 219
    Lisa Johnson

    Need one for a friend, please!

  219. I so very much want one to color in when I’m on conference calls that should have just been emails.

  220. Oh please, yes, I’d love a copy!! I could use some cheering up this afternoon. You’re the best — you make me smile, a lot!

  221. I would love one! Your books are a light in the dark for me.

  222. I need this in my life so badly right now!! I didn’t know about it until recently, and funds are not there at the moment. I love that every picture doesn’t have 5,345,392,497.3 itsy, tiny parts to color that even the sharpest pencil can barely stay in the lines. That pisses me off in so many coloring books, that it’s more stressful than not coloring! I’m sure you can feel my pain. Glad to hear that your stuff can hopefully be saved – been there and it sucks to lose it all.

  223. I have just recently discovered you, your blog, & your work so I am excited! I’ve spent a lot of time laughing reading through your old posts. Your coloring book has some amazing artwork and I would love a copy! I’m glad that your computer issues seem to have a positive outcome on the horizon; I love my computer when it works and curse its existence when it isn’t.

  224. i want one!! I’m about to go to college and this would be a great stress reliever!!!

  225. Everybody wants one because a little Light from Jenny lights dark days! Is love a copy, too. Thank you so much for putting yourself into the world for us. Xo

  226. 227

    I would like one, please?

  227. 228
    Erika Damman

    I need this book! I’m almost done with Furiously Happy & need to see what happens next!…lol, plus I love to color. Thanks!

  228. I would LOVE one!

  229. I would absolutely love a copy!!

  230. I have twin tween daughters. Send help…or a coloring book?

  231. I would love one! I need more coloring in my life!

  232. I would love to have a way to keep Jenny with me at all times!

  233. I would totally love one! If only to placate the voices for a little while….

  234. I could really use this. It has been the worst week of my life, and my med’s are still not fully on board.

  235. 236

    I would love to put my hat in the ring for a copy of your gorgeous looking colouring book. Thanks Jenny!


    Yes, I would love to win a copy. Thank you πŸ™‚

  237. I just bought a new box of crayons yesterday and I didn’t even know they made 120 different colors, so I need a coloring book, please. Good news about your computer in that it doesn’t look hopeless. Yet.

  238. I want one!

  239. I didn’t even know I wanted one until I knew of its existence! Please, please, please let me be a lucky winner.

  240. I would love one!! Going through hard times at the moment and coloring has helped keep my mind busy!

  241. I think I need this in my life!!!

  242. I have one and I love it and you are a dear person to offer. I work diligently to model myself after many of your traits.
    I add in a few of my own quirks and Viola! Magic!!! Thank you for being you!!!!

  243. I definitely need a coloring book to manage my health stress. I love your writing and your courage!

  244. 245
    Marie Payne

    I need one please! Life has rough.

  245. I’m having a rough day, and wisdom from you would definitely make it better. I want one, please! I’m Canadian, so there had to be a please in there πŸ™‚

  246. Love you Jenny!!! Thanks for writing and sharing you – with us!

  247. 248
    David speers

    Yay,can I have a book please,cause I write with no capitals and your postage (shipping to you)will be horrendous.

  248. Number 143, chances are slim but what the heck, ya gotta try. Yes, please, one would be great.

  249. You have the most amazing art, Jenny.

    Gary Lum recently posted Maybe I shouldn’t celebrate with food!.

  250. Yes please! You can never have too many books.

  251. I’d love to give one to my sister! She uses coloring books as a way to redirect herself from self harm. Our mother died unexpectedly on July 4th so she has been coloring a lot more lately and it’s very beneficial for her. Thanks for the opportunity!

    (I’m so sorry to hear about your mother. Check your email when you have time. ~ Jenny)

  252. I’d love one.

  253. 254
    Elizabeth B

    I would love to have one! Also I hope they can fix your hard drive and save all your stuff. πŸ™‚

  254. Hi, I really kinda need a coloring book from you. You’ve saved me in some of my darker moments, and it would mean a lot. Even if I don’t get one, thank you for all your help!

  255. I’d love a copy!

  256. Oh, yes, please, please. It’s 109 today and I can’t go to the movies because other people need the car and coloring would be good.

  257. I would love one to give to a friend who is hospitalized with a difficult diagnosis.

  258. 259
    Derek Olson

    Good morning Jenny, I would love to get one of your coloring books. My partner has borderline personality disorder and I’ve encouraged her to read your books, especially Furiously Happy. I think the coloring book would be a great way to introduce her to your work.

  259. I could use one to help curb my mind when I have an anxiety attack

  260. Dang, got knocked out of FB, jumped from 143 to 224…WOWIE

  261. I don’t need a copy since I have two (one is signed). I just thought I’d use the comments to say that they are amazing, and I may have become a coloring book addict. (My shopping list on Amazon is filled with coloring books). Is there a self-help group for coloring book addicts? We would probably just get together and color. Hmm.

  262. I need one for my daughter who is going away to college. She has promised to color them and send them to me at home! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  263. 264

    I would adore one!

  264. I would LOVE a copy, please!

  265. I gave my sister this coloring book for her birthday she was so happy! I even included colored pencils, After looking at the book I wanted one for myself LOL. Side note: so relieved that they will be able to fix your computer!!

  266. I’ve never actually gotten into the coloring book thing but those look really cool

  267. 268
    Sarah Davis

    I would really love one, my rabbit is ill with GI Stasis and my cat’s an idiot. I need help!!

  268. Happy National Colouring Book Day and Borked Computer Day! I’d love to own a colouring book because, well colouring isn’t just for kids and I think I can manage to steal – I mean borrow – markers from my kids and hide in the bathroom for a bit to colour said colouring book. Ok, thanks. You are awesome.

  269. So happy to hear the tentatively good news!

    I need a copy and would love it. Things are a bit more than a bit rocky and yeah…

  270. 271
    Monica Rosales

    That would be awesuto win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  271. 272
    Sandra Karasiewicz

    ooh, me? πŸ˜€

  272. 273
    Marie-Claude Myner

    I’d love one!!! Pleeeease!!

  273. I’m a single mum and work 5 jobs. I love your work as you make life feel better. I’d love one of your coloring books.

    Kat W.

  274. Me please!

  275. Ooo I’ve been wanting to get your coloring book! You are so talented in so many ways πŸ™‚

  276. Me! Me! I NEED ONE!!!!!

  277. I would love a copy. Things are really rough right now and I could use all the help I can get.

  278. 279
    Steph lockwood

    Me please! I’ll send it to my sister πŸ™‚

  279. 280
    Ramiro Garza

    I went to a ward for my major depression issues and they had your book, ‘furiously happy’ in their little library. It helped me feel better about what I’m going through in life since going to the ward. I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me with your book.
    *I’d also like a coloring book, please. πŸ™‚

  280. 281
    Alisha Hall

    I would love a copy to colour with my daughters.

  281. ooh, me? πŸ˜€

  282. I would love a copy of your new book!

  283. My vet called me this morning to let me know that my dog’s swollen jaw looks like bone cancer πŸ™ she’s 12.5 years old, and she’s been my rock over the years. Anything that can distract me right now, would be welcome.

  284. 285
    Crystal chadwick

    So glad you are having a better day today.
    I purchased your coloring book originally because I am a huge fan and LOVE your books. Can not wait for the next one!! My daughter suffers from depression, anxiety and self harm issues. If I received another copy it would be for her. She is almost 17 and has a hard time understanding there are other people out there that have similar issues.

  285. 286

    Me plz… for my sister πŸ™‚

  286. That would be awesome, the anxiety is high lately!

  287. I’d love one! Life has been a real shit show lately.

  288. Looks like I’m late to this party (always and I hate parties), but I would love a colouring book (can you tell I’m a Canadian by the way I spelled that?) anywho sorry to hear about your Mac (I hate them too). Wow, aren’t I a barrel of laughs today, clearly I need to distract myself by colouring hint hint. Oh yeah, how did you like the taxidermied squirrel I sent you? Yippee ki ay mutha f*cker. Sorry it was only a pic, customs is really picky these days (actually I’m lying, I didn’t try to send you one by mail because I know it would have been stopped at the border. (I’m psychic as well as Canadian). Thanks for all you do for us. I feel the urge to apologize now so I’ll just go. Theoldog

  289. I gave one to my son hoping it would help bring about reconciliation and show that he is always loved. Perhaps I should have kept it for myself. I’d love a copy if you are feeling generous. Thank you.

  290. I need one because my current apartment doesn’t have wifi and I need something to keep my sanity when I can’t be browsing for ridiculous gifs to send to my friends or manically searching for dichotomous keys to use one the insects I need to identify to keep my collection properly curated.

  291. I absolutely LURVE my copy.

  292. I would flip through the blank pages, only coloring in the images in my mind, immobilized by the idea of messing it up. But it will be cherished when I get it one way or another.

  293. 294
    Karen ingram

    Yes, please! Just moved to a new town and need something to do because I don’t have any friends here (yet)πŸ˜”

  294. Oh! Pick me! Pick me! I would love to have a copy of any of your books, but mostly this one. Coloring is so meditative for me, something I need more of in my life right now.

  295. I would love one, pretty please πŸ™‚

  296. I would love a copy to give to my daughter!

  297. I would love one! This has been a heckuva year and I could use some colouring time.

  298. I would so love a copy of this coloring book, it looks right up my (dangerous) alley.

  299. 300

    Yay for the Apple fix.

    I could totally use a coloring book and would love a copy of yours.

  300. 301
    Dot Wonder

    A copy would be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance (if i win, that is!)

  301. Please, please, please!! I would love one!

  302. 303
    Wendy Sindel

    I want! grabby hands

  303. Would love one for my wife to introduce her to your work.
    Thank you

  304. Oooh, I’d love one. I keep giving mine away.

  305. 306
    Melanie Rodney

    I would love to win your coloring book! Would totally make my day!

  306. I feel silly asking for a copy because so many others have asked and the odds are not in my favor, but I have nothing to lose. If it’s not too much trouble, can I have a copy? I’m optimistic for you, your hard drive, and your content. I’m extremely relieved that you took a copy of your book with you;I immediately got anxious, overwhelmed, and heartbroken at the thought that your book may have been lost as well. I hope you’re having a great day!

  307. I would love one! I’m going on a much needed 2 week vacation (staycation cause we’re poor!) and colouring would make it perfect.

  308. I gave mine to one of my students who was going through a really rough time at the end of last semester. She needed it more than I did at the time. I’d like to have another one for the same reason.

  309. 310

    After putting my daughter into a mental hospital for the 3rd time in 2 months.

    This would help immenensly

  310. I would LOVE a copy of your book. I have the other two and I love them. The problem is that I live in Mexico so shipping would be more expensive. Love you, Jenny.

  311. I would love one. You’re awesome for offering.

  312. I would love one because I keep giving mine away. Gone through two copies so far.

  313. My friend is starting an ugly divorce and could really use one. I already love my copy.

  314. What a super generous thing to do!! I got one for my daughter for Christmas and hinted that it would be an AWESOME gift for someone (hint hint hintedy hint) yet no one picked up on. Plus I have another daughter who just took up coloring to destress — someone at my house would love it πŸ™‚

  315. 316

    I would love a copy. I miss colouring and I’ve been unemployed and struggling with my depression for over a year now.

  316. 317
    Angie Panic

    Hi. I’d really like one. I meant to get myself one as a gift when I finally got a job, but haven’t. Though I’ve been pretty down lately, I have hope in general, and so maybe there are people out there who need it more than me. So I’m like… tossing my hat in the ring for a book? But also sort of saying, you know, not pinning my hopes on it. Not sure how you’re picking winners.

    This is a really awkward comment. Sorry. Love your work. Furiously Happy got me through a really dark time, and I thank you for it.

  317. 318
    Pat Flowers

    Me,me! Pick me! πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

  318. Oh I would LOVE one!! I keep giving mine away!
    thank you for the chance!

  319. Yes, please!
    We could all do with a little whimsy.

  320. I am so fortunate not to need one for myself but would love to have one to give to one of my Mental Health patients at my GP surgery.

  321. 322
    Emily Volk

    I’d love one! Nothing relieves the stress of starting college again like a fantastic coloring book! (Especially on a campus where alcohol is not allowed…)

  322. I need this like a fly needs manure….pleeeeeease!!!

  323. Me too! Me too!

  324. 325
    Amy Schellenberg

    Me too! Me too!

  325. 326
    Tammy bidwell

    I would love a coloring book. Thank you!

  326. Would love love love one! Your work is always funny, endearing and uplifting

  327. 328
    Lauren Wiley

    I gave mine to my brother (he loves it!), so I would love a copy!

  328. Jenny.
    You inspire me to name and face the quiet fears so long held within. You inspire me to openly discuss and flauntingly accept my idiosyncrasies because they ultimately make me who I am. You inspire me to think up more creative names for my cats. You inspire me to wear dresses that reveal my upper arms. I am so glad you put a picture of a frenetic looking raccoon on the front cover of your book because that is usually how I feel on the inside. While it was the maniacal smile on his face that initially drew me in, it was your openness in sharing your personal narrative with regards to anxiety and depression that kept me hooked. Thank you for helping each of us realize we are truly NOT “the only one in the world” with the weird thoughts, irrational fears, and tiresome obsessions. Thank you for making it “normal” to be “abnormal”.


  329. I am going through a really, really sh*tty time with some legal issues caused by a shady realtor and could use a distraction. :-\

  330. 331
    Sarah Boehmer

    I want one! (I already have one but know someone else who would love one too)

  331. Yes please, would love a copy of your fantabulous illustrations!

  332. 333
    Kathleen The Great

    If I WANT one? Frankly, my dear, I NEED one.

  333. Oh, I may be to late, but would LOVE! I’m trapped in the foothills (at relative’s) with limited wifi, listening to said relative’s love of The Cheeto Head! Ack!

  334. I really want one!

  335. 336
    Jenn Wright

    Everyone should spend time coloring – that is all:)! Thanks for entering me into the grand prize drawing – just like Publisher’s Sweepstakes but different.

  336. 337

    I’d love a copy! Im facing major surgery and a long recovery and this would be great while I’m recuperating. Plus, I think you’re totally awesome and having a book from you would be SO cool πŸ™‚

  337. 338
    Kathy Ross

    A coloring book woukd be ever-so-nice! Mostly because coloring is therapy for me, but also because today is my birthday!

  338. 339
    Kathy Ross

    A coloring book woukd be ever-so-nice! Mostly because coloring is therapy for me, but also because today is my birthday!

  339. 340
    Jeff Howard

    I would love a copy of your book to color.

  340. 341
    Chrystal Hayes

    I would love one!

  341. I would love to win and get one. More for my mother she has always loved to color it helps her relax and its something that we have shared my whole life. ( fingers crossed)

  342. Would love one! Two kids…one entering puberty…enough said I think πŸ˜‰

  343. Glad to hear the computer (or at least everything on it) is retrievable. OMgosh, I would love to have one of your coloring books. I just visited my 80-something great aunt in assisted living on Monday, and she has gotten into coloring. I could take your book the next time I visit her and we could color together.

  344. Yes, please! This one would complete the set of your books that I own πŸ™‚

  345. Your drawings are so beautiful the way they are but so much more when colored. I love how you express yourself. More people should really let it all out. I think that they would be happier people! Coloring is so relaxing! Yes, please!

  346. Jenny! I pre ordered your book…barely started coloring it and my bi-polar 20 yr old daughter that we are all scared to death for stole it, and then lost it. We had to move last month and now school is back in so…it would be really cool if I won one. I wish she’s stolen it and NOT lost it. I wish it would have spoken to her or she’d stop long enough to absorb it. Thank you for making it. love you

  347. 348
    Audrey Cobarrubias

    I would love to win and get one. More for my mother she has always loved to color it helps her relax and its something that we have shared my whole life. ( fingers crossed)

  348. 349
    Patrizia Campbell

    Would Love Love Love one πŸ™‚

  349. 350
    Mandi Arnold

    I would love one of these, but if I win one, I want to give it to my niece, who is our new biggest fan 😁

  350. 351

    I would love a copy over here in boring ol’ Sweden, but if not, maybe a signalboost for my little pooch! He really needs to visit a dentist.

  351. I’d love a book! My three kids still have over a month left of summer holiday and I could really use a peaceful escape

  352. I could really use a coloring book. I just moved to a house that possibly hates me and wants me to suffer.

  353. 354
    Mary Wyatt

    I would love a copy for my daughter!

  354. I don’t NEED a copy, it’s just a beautiful book! I’ll get a copy some day.

    I’m glad they can potentially save your computer!

  355. Would love to have a copy of your coloring book! Your other two books have made a huge impact on my life. When I read Furiously Happy my kids thought I had lost my mind because I was laughing out loud as I was reading. They hadn’t heard me laugh in months, it also made me realize I would be ok someday and it was OK if that day wasn’t today.

  356. I already have a copy, however, my 14 yr old son loves the book as well and feels bad wanting to color in mine. He would love a copy of his own. He has Tourettes and other issues that make him very antsy and the coloring calms him.

  357. Victor wants me to have one!

  358. This book is beautiful. I would be grateful to win a copy. xoxo

  359. That would be awesome! I love the art in the book πŸ˜€

  360. Yes, please!

  361. I would love one if you have any left! Thanks for all the laughs! ❀️

  362. I would love one. Love you.

  363. I would love a copy! My OCD has been a buggahboo…. coloring is a source of white noise for my brain. Thabk you,
    Hope J

  364. I would love a copy!! What a cool way to de-stress AND read some much needed positive affirmations!

  365. I would LOVE one of these! I can take it to work for my lunch hour!

  366. I have one and I love it. If I won a second one, I have a friend who would truly appreciate it. If I don’t win, I’ll get her one for Christmas. πŸ™‚

    Happy that you hopefully will get everything back. That’s always so scary!! Our backups got fried by a lightning strike, but we were able to recover the data. So scary!!!

  367. I want one. It’s the only book of yours that I don’t yet own. (I think, maybe. I have like two … right?)

  368. I would love a copy. Mine original copy was absconded by students at work. Cheeky little buggers…

  369. I would love a copy! Loved watching all your previews and after images on instagram πŸ˜€

  370. Ooo ooo, pick me, please pick me (as I type this my hand is jutting up and down like “Horshak” would do on “Welcome Back Mr. Kotter”.

  371. I would love one! This is the only one of your books I haven’t read. My sister-in-law’s mother bought your books for my sister-in-law for her birthday, and I’ve been trying to find a nice way to ask to borrow the ones she got to see if this one is one of them. So far, I haven’t figured out a way to do that. Doesn’t mean I won’t quit trying, but this would make it so much easier. πŸ™‚

  372. 373
    Lorri Briner

    Would love one from you!

  373. 374
    Krissy Morency

    I would TOTALY LOVE one. I keep meaning to purchase it but get distracted by the energy it takes to survive a day of work, parenting, petting cats and trying to not stab mean people. I love art and coloring and your books (I retell the raccoon washing soap story often).

  374. Since it’s back to school shopping time, I NEED one, so I can buy some new crayons. and markers. and pens. and wine. you know, the necessities.

  375. I have one, but would love a copy to gift to a friend who’s going through Stuff right now. (Good to hear there’s hope for your files!)

  376. I would love one! I introduced my husband to you on audible. He has listedned to both books over and over again. Thank you for being you!

  377. 378
    Cynthia Dougherty

    I would like a copy please!

  378. 379

    I would love one for my niece, please. πŸ’œ

  379. I would really like one of your coloring books. Coloring is one my favorite activities to relax and de-stress.

  380. I would love a copy Jenny πŸŽ‰

  381. 383
    Tanya DeMontmorency

    Hey I’d love to colour more of your drawings. I’ve printed and coloured all the ones you put up on here.

  382. I would love one. The last few weeks have been very, very hard.

  383. Yes, please!!! Would love a copy!!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you regarding your ‘puter.

  384. I’d love one!

  385. I would love to have a copy!!! Of course, I’d have to scan them into ReColor, because I’m too scared of messing up actual coloring books. Glad I don’t have to explain that to you! 😜❀️

  386. YES PLEASE!!!! I WOULD ❀️ A COPY!!

  387. Omg, please! Gave a copy to my depressed GD & I want one too!

  388. I`m cheap AND stressed so this would be hitting the motherload…( and for further a#* kissing, I really love you)

  389. Hi Jenny,
    The Apple guys and gals are just the best. I would love a coloring book.
    I appreciate your work everyday (Furiously Happy goes with me everywhere and never fails to bring a
    smile to my face.)

  390. Yes, please I could really use a copy. Just recently (1 week agao) got my separated husband out of the ICU for opiate drug withdrawal, and found him in squalor at his place again this morning. It’s hard enough trying to deal with mental health issues of my own, and then add his on top of it. Heavy, heavy burden. And I worry about his 2 cats so much.

  391. I’ve been drooling over your coloring book since it came out but I haven’t let myself spend the money on it. It’s on my bucket list along with having an actual adult conversation with an Amish person and petting a capybara (or holding a hedgehog if no capybaras volunteer).

  392. I so enjoy your writing and your encouragement to those struggling with depression. I would love to experience your coloring book!

  393. Yes, please!

  394. I would love one! You are so talented!

  395. I’d love to send this off with my daughter to her first year of college. She’s heading out in about a month and we are all getting anxious. She’d love this.

  396. I must needs to have one. It will inspire me to unpack more boxes from my move a year ago so that I can find my crayons.

  397. i’d love one! just about to have my 3rd little boy and will need some good mental health time <3

  398. 400
    Dr Paisley

    Glad your computer issues are fixable. I’d love a copy of “You Are Here,” as I have no idea where I am these days, and it might help me figure it out.

  399. would love a copy!!!!

  400. I would love a copy to give to my cousin who is going through a hard time right now. Also tentative yay as well for hopefully not losing everything. I just had my hard drive due and lost a bunch of recordings of my dad who passed away 9 years ago :'(

  401. I would love a copy!

  402. I’ m cheap AND stressed so this would be hitting the motherload…(and for further a#* kissing I really love you)

  403. Bought two of these and gave them to my daughter and her college roommate/bff. I’d really love one of these for myself. Thanks Jenny!

  404. I would love to have a coloring book. Gave one to my daughter and she loves it.

  405. I don’t know how you’ll pick from all the awesome people here, but I would love to throw my name in the hat. I would absolutely adore to have one of your books, especially given from you! You’re amazing <3

  406. 408
    Tammy Nelson

    Please? Please? Please! I so resonated with your books, I can only imagine how awesome your brain illustrations will be. πŸ˜€

  407. I want one! I’m assuming you can’t give one to everyone so I’m guessing I’ll have to take my happy ass to Amazon. Regardless happy National coloring book day 🀑

  408. I don’t want one for me, I want one for my best friend. We’ve been friends for almost 25 years and she has been through a lot. She has a 4 month old son and deals with major depression and anxiety. I think your book would help her relax and calm het mind.

  409. I’d love a copy.

    Yesterday you wanted to be distracted and asked people what is making them happiest right now? This makes me happy. Win or not. This really makes me happy.

  410. I have a copy, but I would love one to gift to my sister who is having a hard time.
    Thank you!

  411. me me pick me!!
    can we pretend i’m jumping around like a potential Price is Right contestant, because lord who has the energy for that.

    ok great. yay!

  412. I do not have a coloring book at all as an adult. Would absolutely love this one!

    Kelsey recently posted Numb.

  413. 415
    Jenna N. (thehippywitch)

    I’d love a copy for my boss. Her sister passed away yesterday and she could use the distraction. Thanks for being awesome, as always, Jenny! πŸ’—

  414. I would love one! I can’t bring myself to color in the one I have because I don’t want to mess it up.

  415. As a fellow Mac user (and Mac borker) I feel your pain. I would love a copy of your fabulous book for my daughter. I refuse to give her my signed copy and she could really use the therapy! – hugs and fingers crossed on a painless data recovery. – Stephanie

  416. I would love this.
    I would take it to university with me, I’m excited don’t get me wrong, but I’m freaking out over moving and having to share a room, a small room with someone I don’t know.
    Thanks for the chance.

  417. I’d love one! I recommend your first two books all the time but I haven’t snagged a copy of this one yet. I love your stories! Thank you so much for making me laugh out loud😁

  418. I think I need this, badly!

  419. I would love a copy! Coloring is my go-to destresser.

  420. YAY for a computer fix!

    I definitely need one of these for my friend. She somehow doesn’t have it yet and her birthday is coming up!

  421. This is amazing! I would love one if you would like to choose me for one. I’m sure there are more deserving out there but your know, why not try. Also, this book looks magical. But if I don’t win, please tell me I can buy one in Canada.

    Also please tell me there is a Beyonce to colour in there…

    xx Lyn

  422. 424
    Diane Clemens

    I would love one, Please!!

  423. I’d love one!! I recommend your first two books all the time but I haven’t snagged a copy of this one yet. I love your stories! Thank you for making me laugh out loud😁

  424. Need any book by you Jenny! 🌺

  425. 427
    Benjamin Bagley

    I’d love a copy, so I could random surprise gift a friend with it ☺️

  426. Yes, please!! Would love to have this…

  427. I would love a copy! I love coloring books as an indoorsy anxiety distraction!

  428. 430
    Mary Piorun

    How about – got to have. Surgery coming up and I will be house bound for 6 weeks.

  429. This book along with others make me laugh, smile, and feel a little less alone in the world. I’d love to have this coloring book to place beside my Rory figurine that makes me smile and say it’s all okay.

  430. I love to color but have two books to fill already… need more time!! Hooray for a national days… love the randomness of them!

    Twin Pickle recently posted Montessori Kids Rooms: Why & How.

  431. I love to color … while drinking boxed wine. It makes for interesting pictures. Please send me a coloring book.

  432. Yes please!

  433. Color all the time, so relaxing. Would love a copy of your book. Love your outlook on life.

  434. 436
    Carrie Long

    I would love one! Coloring keeps me from being standby :p

  435. This would go amazingly with the coloring teacher lesson plan book I bought for this school year.

  436. 438
    Rachel Leamon

    I would love a copy! Hooray!

  437. Yes please!

  438. Me, please! My seven year-old daughter and I have gotten into a coloring groove and need some new material:)

  439. How amazing! I would love one!

  440. I would love one please. Colouring books are awesome and really help me.
    By the way, I am loving your book right now. Times are a little tough, and reading your book is a fab distraction.
    You rock!!

  441. 443
    Lindsay fields

    I would love one for me!! My 9 year old gets adult coloring books for himself and colors every night he says coloring destressafies him. Maybe it would help me too. Anxiety has taken over!

  442. I’d LOVE one!!

    Ashleigh recently posted Learning to let go.

  443. A friend of mine really loves you, and she’s been having a really hard time finding a job. If she doesn’t get one soon, she’ll likely be deported. She loooves coloring, so is there anyway you can send one to her?

  444. Whispering “Whoopee” about your computer so as not to jinx the outcome with the Universe. I already have one of your fabulously twisted coloring books which is now my favorite one. Previous favorites were “Make Life Your Bitch”, “Go Fuck Yourself – I’m Coloring” and the blockbuster hit “Calm the Fuck Down.” Livin’ the dream!

  445. Please, please, please….(and if I don’t win how can I buy it?????) My daughter and I suffer from sever anxiety and panic attacks. Coloring is part of our therapy during the really hard times!!!

  446. 448
    Laura Morrison

    I would love a copy. Glad your computer is only slightly borked.

  447. 449
    Colleen Maki

    Hi there! I would love a coloring book.

  448. (i did not mean to enter my name twice. sorry)

  449. So glad that your data can all be retrieved! Whew! And I love how generous you are. I would love a copy of your beautiful book.

  450. I need one of these.

  451. I would love a copy! Your other two books are AMAZING and I recommend them to everyone! Thank you for having such a positive outlook on life even when it’s hard to. Your stories definitely helped me when I needed it.

    Oh, plus coloring is fun!

  452. Long time blog reader, first time commenter. I once stalked you years ago at the Gaylord Texan but was too shy to say hi. (I’m not as creepy as that sounds, I swear!) I have all of your books except this one and would LOVE a copy!

  453. I just bought a copy that should be here any day, but I would love one for my sister. Thank you for your consideration.

  454. Yay! I’m a college professor and always bring coloring materials for my students. They would LOVE this!

  455. I would love a coloring book! I love your books and your blog.

  456. 458
    Melanie A.

    I would love a copy! Yay for back-ups πŸ™‚

  457. 459
    Holly Miceli

    I would love one, if you have any left.

  458. 460
    Holly Miceli

    I would love one, if you have any left. Thank you

  459. I would really like one, please. And good luck with the hard drive! Oof.

  460. If I win, I will personally deliver the rattlesnakes and bullsnakes to take care of your lawn-gerbil problem. Hugs,

  461. Every time I see a page shared it give me joy. That typewriter swoon

  462. I so need one to help calm my anxiety! It looks beautiful!

  463. Oooo, coloring! I’ve been stressed out lately, so coloring the random images from your head would be awesome.

  464. 466

    Tentative WooHoo!

    I totally need a copy! Pick me, pick me!

  465. I’d enjoy one – I really like this one compared to a lot of the other ones out there. Much more unique.

  466. 468
    Melissa Dugan

    Yes, please, the illustrations are gorgeous! And yay for fixable borking! πŸ™‚

  467. Hurray for hump day and for coloring books. Glad to hear your computer hasnt totally died. Wine slushies for all!

  468. I would love one, thank you!

  469. I would love one please!
    I am a huge fan and your books have been a tremendous help to my own anxiety and depression

  470. 472
    Wendy Ross

    I would love a copy!

  471. I’d love one! I looked for it at our local Books Inc but didn’t find any copies.

  472. Love the chance at a book! (love a book even more!) Fingers crossed on all counts (especially for your backup!!!!)

  473. I’d like to toss my hat into the “chance to win a book” ring as well, if only so that I can give it to a friend of mine who I think could really use it. Except I don’t remember which friend I was thinking could use it. But I do remember thinking it, so there’s that.

    Thomas (MJ) recently posted The Solicitor Is Not Always Right.

  474. 476
    Sonal Desai

    I’d love a copy!

  475. I would love a copy of your coloring book. It looks fantastic! I really enjoy reading your blog and your books. I read them little by little rather than plowing through, so they last longer. Very funny and helps me relax.
    So, thank you for that!

  476. Pick me, pretty please?! I want to color and frame some for my little girl’s room. She’s only 7 but already needs constant reminders that she’s a bad ass mofo who doesn’t need to take any shit πŸ˜‰

  477. I would love a copy. In the midst of a major flare (RA and Fibro) plus anxiety and depression are making for a lethal combination. Add unemployed and applying for disability to the mix too.

  478. I don’t need one – but I wanted to let you know I have one and I’m pretty sure I’ve colored it all in:) Your words next to the images were just perfect and exactly what I needed, thank you.

  479. Wow! Overwhelming response, eh? I’d totally love to be entered into your coloring book drawing (get it?)! If I don’t win, I’ll just have to buy one– I’ve wanted it for so long πŸ™‚ Thanks!!

  480. I never post in these things (to win stuff), but things suck right now and I’ve been feeling horribly fragile and maybe this will help. So, yes please, if you can spare a coloring book.

  481. I have your coloring book, but a friend has experienced a shit storm of family battles, death of a loved one, and more. I would love the copy so that I can give it to her.

  482. 484
    Candy Willis

    I would love love love a copy. 🀞🏻

  483. I love mine and would love to gift one to my sister.

  484. Yes please!

  485. I would love one for me, but I’d really love one for a friend of mine who does art therapy and is a counselor. Early Christmas present, anyone?

  486. You are so sweet to do this. I have a copy (which I can’t bear to color, by the way), so I will not be throwing my hat into this particular ring. Thank you for being so generous and always thinking of others. You are a force of nature. Blessings on you and your household. XOXOXOX

  487. I would love to have one of these amazing books.

  488. Yes please!!!!πŸ™‹πŸΌ

  489. I am so glad that your computer isn’t totally borked!!!

    I would love one. You are such an inspiration and I have been having a rough year so far. I blame my brain.

    Even if I don’t get one I hope you know how awesome you are!

  490. I would totally love one i would colour the shit outta that sucker!

    westcoastingblog recently posted Beards for charity…?.

  491. 493
    Terra Kelly

    I am so glad that your computer isn’t totally borked!!!

    I would love one. You are such an inspiration and I have been having a rough year so far. I blame my brain.

    Even if I don’t get one I hope you know how awesome you are!

  492. Yay for only temporary borkage!

    And I’d like one, if you care to send one to me. πŸ™‚ If not, I understand. There will be a shitload of people asking and I know you only have so much to go around.

    mommatrek recently posted Autism logic strikes again.

  493. yes please! i would love one.

  494. 496
    Rita I Eggers

    Getting a copy of this coloring book would make me Furiously Happy! 😊

  495. 497
    Erlinda Mersino

    I need a copy of your book, because of the needs I have. If I am coloring in a book maybe I won’t have to color the walls. Also I live nearby. As in you know the little state of Texas and you know that in itself is good reason to color in your book. Glad your hard drive is still hard and not melty.

  496. Oh goodness, yes! To make a long story short, the people buying our house have been “almost approved” for their mortgage for nearly 2 months and that deal and the deal on our (absolutely perfect for us in every way) new house are both about to fall through. I need to color!

  497. This would be a wonderful surprise! I would love a book πŸ™‚

  498. Want! Want! Want! Want! Pretty please with ferrets on top?

  499. I would love a copy. I love your books and your blog. You are such an amazing woman.

  500. Do I want one? HELL YEAH! I want a copy of You Are Here. I need an owner’s manual for my dangerous mind.

  501. MTBF= Mean Time Before Failure. All devices and hard drives have a known number of hours of “life” before they “die.” Poor quality electricity- which is most of us who live in cities where the power plant is decades-old- subject a very sensitive device to what feels like a lively ocean wave of unpredictable highs and lows. Both are terribly wearing to the instrument. Never plug these devices directly into a wall. Instead, use a surge protector as a buffer. Money spent here on quality protection pays for itself in longer computer life.

    If you’re a fan of the (cough real movie Blade Runner) you remember that this is why Rutger Hauer’s Nexus-6 character, a Replicant, and his friends risked their lives to come to the home planet where their creator lived within the Tyrell Corporation.
    They wanted to know how much life they had left.

  502. I would like a copy

  503. I’d love to have a copy of You Are Here!

  504. I would love a pdf copy. I cannot handle paper due to an allergy. Thank you.

  505. I’m so glad your computer is okay – mines been out for awhile and I can relate to the sense of helplessness! I would love one of your books, but no pressure!

  506. I’ve been pining for one since they came out, but haven’t been able to convince myself I need one. But I do!

  507. yay for positive diagnosis on the files! & I’d love a coloring book! πŸ˜‰ an owners manual would be fun.

  508. 510
    Zita Hildebrandt

    I too would like a colouring book 😊

  509. Please enter me in the book giveaway!

  510. I sooooo need one! It’s almost my birthday and I’m starting a new job. Please help me find some relief now that I’m not teaching yoga on the regular anymore!

    onegirlbreathing recently posted Meditation Monday #43 – How to Meditate: The 5 Koshas (Vijnanamaya).

  511. I would LOVE one of your books. Yes please.

  512. 514
    Merry Meyer

    I would love one as well. How will you ever wade through all of these?

  513. 515
    Katie Larson

    I would love one, fellow crazy lady! ❀️

  514. 516
    Julie Francis

    I would be so fucking furiously happy if I had one of these bad girls to put some ink down!
    Thanks for the chance

  515. I don’t need one for myself, but to give to a coworker who is having a hard time and who needs one. And thank you.

  516. I would LOVE to have this coloring book! It would make me furiously happy.

  517. 519

    How generous. I would love a copy but admit I would likely give as a gift to another follower because I’m dying to make her day as she does for so many. I know she adores you as she should be adored. I also know she would share so it means a coloring date. bresmum@yahoo.com

  518. 520
    Kristy Koop

    zomg! I loved your two first books and I would love this one! (it is already on my birthday wishlist!! (Im turning 30 in september) soooo yeah I would love one!

  519. 521
    Nichole Carlson

    I would LOVE to have a copy of You Are Here. I went to your book signing for Furiously Happy but had to leave early so I never got it sgned. Please keep writing! Your work and your story have helped me so much. Thank you!

  520. raises hand and swings it all around Oh! Oh! Pick me! Pick.Me!

  521. 523
    Nicole West

    I am a big ole depression and anxiety ball and have recently discovered that coloring actually helps. It’s so nice to find something that helps and isn’t medication, I take so many mess now that I’m sure if I cut my neck open, I would be a PEZ dispenser. That sounded weird and gross didn’t it? And it makes for a incredibly weird visual.

    I would dearly love to have one of your coloring books, not just to help soothe my brain, but to complete my Jenny collection. I also want to show my kids that a “title” (teacher, author, chef, ect) doesn’t define you. You are a author, AND you are a amazing artist. See? The title doesn’t define you. Does this make sense? Or is the migraine affecting my ability to communicate too?

    Anyway, hooray for backups (which I never do) and for the Apple Store fixing your computer…by next week!! Thanks Jenny for making the world a brighter place.

  522. I would love to have one, I’ve not been able to get one yet… πŸ™

  523. I would like a copy.

  524. I have never had a coloring book. Please pick me, Jenny! And congrats on the semi-positive good vibes with your computer situation.

  525. I’d love a copy. I’m a terrible colorer and need all the practice I can get.

  526. I would love a copy to use in my classroom this year. <3

    Angry Angel Books recently posted On Podcasts: Live From the Poundstone Institute.

  527. Need for my girl who struggles every day……….but so far she’s winning!

  528. I need a colouring book. Well not need but want. I want to find happiness in all areas of my life but in order to do that I must learn to embrace the simple things in life like…well…colouring. thank you!

  529. I’d like one!

  530. I would love to give one to my best friend as she is having trouble keeping grounded. She loves to color, it helps with her anxiety.

  531. ❀

  532. I need one! It’s been a rough summer.

  533. Thanks for the nopportunity! Eould LOVE one!!

  534. I’d love a copy!

  535. I want one! Pleeeeeeze! πŸ™‚ This keeps getting pushed back in my eternal need vs. want debate. And HOW COOL WOULD IT BE TO GET ONE AS A GIFT FROM YOU?!?!?

  536. I would love a copy. My friend recently shared your books with me and I’ve been hooked ever since.

  537. I would love a copy to share with my son! 😊

  538. 540
    Debi Jasen

    I’d love one! I have an awful time focusing and have started listening to audiobooks instead of trying to get through reading books. To pay attention to the audiobook, I need to do something with my hands. I’ve been filling up the pages of a low-cost curse-filled coloring book while I listen (currently to “Black Like Me”) and I will definitely need another one soon.
    Thanks for doing this, even if I don’t get it!

  539. Me please!

  540. I would love a copy!!!❀️ you have been a tremendous help to me Jenny! I’m so grateful!

  541. Need/Want a copy to defend my continuous purchasing of sharpies and markers to my husband.

  542. 544
    Katherine W-M

    I would love one! Bought copies for 2 good friends that were going througb some tough times. Now I wish I had one (and hints to my partner have gone unnoticed).

  543. Oooh, yes!

  544. 546
    Sara Miller

    So glad you got good news about your computer and not losing all your data! And I’d love to have a copy of your coloring book! I think your designs are beautiful and coloring is so relaxing. πŸ€“

  545. I would love one of you coloring books!

  546. I would love one please!! I was not get a coloring as a child this may be my one chance for redemption .

  547. Oh, yes, please and thank you!

  548. I have one that I read but I’m afraid to color in it and mess it up. But I want one for my friend Kelly. I really think she could use it. She needs something to help her smile right now.

  549. 551
    Sandy White

    I would love to have one of these beautiful books. Thank you for bringing a smile ❀️ Hugs to you xo

  550. 552
    Sandy White

    I would love to have one of these beautiful books. Thank you for bringing a smile!

  551. I want one!
    If I win, will you color a page, or part of a page, or a teeny but if a page, for me?

  552. I need one because the military moved my family up to Kodiak, Alaska, and we’ve been living in hotel rooms for two and a half weeks with no secure een end in sight. Also our household goods are who knows where. I’d love to alleviate my stress with some coloring.

  553. Yes, please, I would love to win a book!!!

  554. Yes, Please! πŸ’Ÿ

  555. wow. that is a lot of comments. If your random number thingy goes this far, I’d like a coloring book. Or a pony. Whichever.

  556. 558

    I’d love a copy!

  557. 559
    Tonia Olds

    Your coloring book looks amazing. It would provide hours of relaxing time not thinking.

  558. 560
    Melissa Sewell

    I would LOVE one!!

  559. Yes, please!! I’d love one of your coloring books!

  560. Your colouring book has been on my wishlist for ages 😊

  561. I would love a coloring book!

  562. 564
    Dana the Wonderchick

    Yes, please!

  563. I would love one, I much desire it.

  564. Oh I would love a copy! I might also be having comment issues because I’m on my phone so hopefully this posts.

  565. I’d love a copy of your awesome colouring book πŸ™‚

  566. Of course I would love a free coloring book, and from you…even better!!!….please pick me or I shall cry and cry and then bury my head in the vegetable garden along with the cucumbers I haven’t picked!

  567. Please please pretty please can I have one??

  568. I would love a copy! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ love your work and I can’t wait to see you in person again!

  569. 572
    Becka Stone

    I would love one please πŸ™‚ πŸ’œ

  570. As much as I’d lovecopy foryself, .y daughter has become a huge fan of you so I’d love one for her.

  571. I would love one!

  572. I NEED one!

  573. i would love one please!

  574. Please please …I would really l love

  575. That’s awesome Jenny, I’d love to win one!

  576. this is great…i would love one…thanks!

  577. Stupid phone…I would really love to have a book to color, and read awesome things.

  578. I would LOVE to have another copy of this book!! I have know another person who needs it!

  579. Can I please have one? Or is it may I please have one? I never know which to use and my husband always corrects me which is embarrassing because I am a 36 year old woman with children and you would think a mother would know these things.

  580. I would like to be entered for a book.

  581. I would love one! I bought a Coke with Victor’s name on it yesterday because it made me think of you!

  582. Me Me me!! I want one! I just finished listening to both of your books and I can honestly say they helped inspire me change me notate me and made me laugh when I thought I couldn’t. Thank you.

  583. 586
    Lynn Locksey

    Pick me! I love to color!

  584. I, too, would very much like a copy of your latest book. The plan was to purchase one upon its release, but my financial situation has been, still is and seems likely to remain in a state of perpetual craptaculousness.

  585. 588
    Judy Williams

    I want one because my mind is a dangerous place sometimes. Maybe most of the time.

  586. 589

    Please pick me, please pick me, please pick me…
    This is incredibly reminiscent of elementary school recess at game time. However, the goal is so much better! Btw, I’m the woohoo-er on Instagram. Even if I’m not picked, I felt this warranted a woohoo.

  587. I’d love to win!

  588. 591
    Casey Gibson

    I need a constant supply of these as I would love another shot at coloring the same pages over with new colors and tools. :3u

  589. 592
    Staisey Anzelmo

    I d love a copy of your coloring book!

  590. 593
    Marissa Ann Pink

    With how shitty my life has been lately this would TOTALLY be awesome to win. Remember when I posted a picture of my dad’s shop blown up in February? Yeah…that was me.

  591. I’d love a copy but I’m afraid mine won’t come out pretty like yours. But I’d really like one anyway. I love your blog and I’m glad the Apple people think they can fix your computer stuff.

  592. I really want one! I haven’t been able to afford one since I’ve been out of work due to spine surgery, your books have helped me through my darkest times! I’d be honored to have one!

  593. Would love to be able to give one to a friend in need!

  594. I’d love to win one! Those pics are gorgeous!

  595. I would absolutely LOVE one, thank you!!

  596. Please, please, please! I would like one!! I gave one as a gift to my friend, saw how majestic it is and now I’m jealous and want one too!! πŸ™‚

  597. I didn’t realize you had a coloring book! This is going on my Amazon list!

  598. I’ve had your coloring book on my Amazon Wish List for ages, but I have been looking for work and can’t justify the purchase. I would LOVE a copy though!

  599. I’d love a copy! And I love you. And I’m moving, so this may help my stress levels go down a little…

  600. I’ve been trying to work out different self-care strategies, and finding ways to be less critical of myself. Every time I’ve seen you post about this book, I think how inspiring it would be to practice freedom with coloring. I thought that I might try drawing on my own, but my inner voice tells me how bad I am at doodling. Which is obviously the point? In any regard, I’d love to win and try my hand at this form of self-care. Thanks for your honesty in your writing. It gives me freedom.

  601. I would love one!

  602. It would be a joy to get the coloring book! I just finished reading Let’s Pretend. You are so authentic. I love how you share our illnesses openly so they are just a part of life.

  603. You got me into taxidermy, after I read LPTNH so I can colour w/ my two headed duckling watching…this is a weird comment, I’ll leave.

  604. if i can win in german, i’d love that πŸ™‚
    although color might be limited to very serious tones… after all, this is germany..

  605. 609
    Kelly Carbray

    I need this in my life❀️

  606. I would love a copy. I’m going through a bunch of terrible stuff right now, and coloring would be just the thing to get my mind off things.

    I’m so glad your computer’s okay! Thank goodness for those techies that know much more than you or I πŸ˜‰ (I’m depending on a techie friend right now to build me a gaming computer…that’s gonna hurt the wallet a little…)

    Lauren @ BAOTB recently posted Recipe Review: Double Chocolate Frozen Fudge Pops.

  607. Oh, thank goodness! What a relief. Also, I would love to be entered for one of colouring books. πŸ™‚ Thank you for your consistent generosity!

  608. 612
    Leslie O'Donnell

    Huzz-freaking-zah for saving files from borked computers….I know that freak-out all too well. (Stellar Phoenix software saved things for me nothing and no one else could, just so you know. Like professional services using other professional software and every trick in the book — in theory — couldn’t even recognize that my hard drive was still THERE, and yet Stellar Phoenix software managed to save thousands of files from it.)

    Also, yay for you being awesomely you as usual, and one of the latest examples of why. I’d love a copy of your coloring book! Well actually I’d love two, since I’ve been wanting to give one to a friend but I haven’t had enough money to buy anything because holy hell, my kid needs orthodonture….but eniways…

  609. 613
    Amber Hartlief

    Oh, pick me, pick me!!

  610. 614
    Casey Fleming

    Your book furiously happy helped me through some dark times! I have been dying to get this book to help me when I am having my anxious moments! I love your work and hope you know you help so many people!

  611. I don’t need one, but my best friend could use the inspiration in her life right now. would give the copy to her so that we can colour together!

  612. I want one!! Love your books. You make me laugh!

  613. Because my work environment is toxic and coloring might be better than becoming an alcoholic??

  614. I would LOVE a copy! I love both of your books. I recommend Let’s Pretend This Never Happened all the time, and I even bought an extra copy for my little free library.

  615. I already have a copy that I adore, but I would love another to give to a friend! Trying to get her hooked on you as much as you’ve hooked me!

  616. Yes please! πŸ™‚

  617. Please enter me for the coloring book. Congestive heart failure has kept me from working since February and I think it would help keep me busy with all the time on my hands. By the way, love that you have so many fans it took forever to reach the end.

  618. I would love one!

  619. Oh, I would LOVE a copy!

    Amelie recently posted Roasted Strawberry-Rhubarb Shortcakes with Cardamom Whipped Cream.

  620. I would like one to send to my friend that could really use it <3

  621. I was so bummed about missing the coloring page contest thing! (Living under my own rock over here πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ) This coloring book looks AMAZING. I just learned to love coloring after a hospital stay. If I don’t win I will be buying on payday ☺️ Obviously not on audible this time!

  622. 626
    Elizabeth F.

    Me, I want one!

  623. Yes please! I would haul this out whenever the crazies decided to camp out in my brain…. which is everyday. I would haul this out Every. Fucking. Day

  624. I would LOVE to have a copy of You Are Here. πŸ™‚

  625. 629
    Kim Fulton

    I would love one! Please!! I loved Let’s Pretend this Never Happened. I laughed so hard I cried and related to so many of your stories, well, except for the taxidermy part, but much of the rest.

  626. Oh!!! I would LOVE one. I was actually looking at it at work today.

  627. I would be eternally greatful. Such a beautiful coloring book. Thank you!!

  628. I would Love a copy! When I can’t sleep at night due to the diabolical stresses in my life or nightmares about chupacabras this would be an excellent outlet.

  629. 633
    Charmarie Pitman

    Today is my birthday and I had no idea I shared it with such an awesome holiday! Coloring is my go to stress reliever 😁 I would love a copy if you have any left!

  630. Yes, please, would love one

  631. I would love love love a copy!! It’s such a great way to relieve stress.

  632. Yes please would love one πŸ™‚

  633. 637
    Julia Plackett

    I adore you and your blog. Shortly before Knock Knock MF came out, I found myself single at 43 with 2 kids and no job, since stay at home mommy doesn’t work when you leave Daddy. A girlfriend thought I could use a laugh and sent me that post. I laughed so hard I cried, and decided on the spot that the ability to laugh at that post would be the bellwether for any man I let into my life. 18-odd months ago, I found one who laughed almost as much as I did when he read that story. I’m probably going to keep him. He’s awesome. Anyway, this is a long winded way of saying I’d love to have a copy of your coloring book grace my bookshelf alongside my other Jenny books. Keep on being your most beautiful, amazing, and smartassed self. Please.

  634. I would love one!

  635. 639
    Tessa Burchardt

    Yes please! I only have a couple weeks left of summer break, and this would be a wonderful way to pass the time!

  636. Would love one of your books. My co-worker could use it to de-stress.

  637. After the week I’ve had already….I need a distraction. Did you know that house centipedes bite? They do. And it hurts. I also got my toe hung in my underwear after my shower this morning and almost took my own eye out with the doorknob. Then I was late for work because I forgot the plastic dog I needed for a cake I had to make. None of this has anything to do with wanting a coloring book, but I just needed to whine a little and you were available. Sort of. But I would like a coloring book. And some wine. But I can get that myself. (And probably break the cork off in the bottle.)

  638. 642
    Brianne Sheppard

    Oh I could use this today… the smoke outside is so thick from nearby forest fires that it feels like “i hate white rabbits” couldn’t even save me. The drives are driving me up the wall, and I have run out of dish soap and excuses as to why to avoid housework. This might help…


  639. Sure, I would love a coloring book! I pre-ordered one way back when, but that was a gift for a friend!!

    Kathleen recently posted Swimming with Frogs.

  640. Hi Jenny Lawson, this is the crazy girl from twitter with pink hair also known as Rachel. I recently deleted my twitter and made a new one, but I was ray_once. You have helped me through so much and I still can’t believe my favorite author gave me advice through the worst of times when I just wanted to give up. I don’t have anything clever to say, just a thank you. And also I want to steal your dog. And if I can’t win, can I steal Dorothy Baker? Just email me and I can give you my address and we’ll sort something out. Like maybe I can have her weekends and you can have her weekdays, or maybe switch off every other month? Not to guilt trip you or anything, but I have colored in all the pages of You Are Here and need a new one. For real though, I have photo evidence. Maybe if I slip you a dollar you’ll pick me? You know what fuck all this. Pick me Jenny. I’m a broke college student who needs a new copy of You Are Here. I don’t know if any of this is persuasive. I’m really not good at this. Or winning.

  641. Oh I would love a book, please! ❀️

  642. 646
    Lorraine Stuart

    Yes please would love one πŸ™‚

  643. I never ever win anything but I love your books so I’m gonna try anyway. Pick meeee!!!

  644. I would like a copy!!

    Renee’ (renee_orth@yahoo.com)

  645. 649

    I would love a copy <3 Because coloring is cheaper than prison πŸ˜€

  646. I would love a copy of this book. It would complete the Bloggess set for me.

  647. I would love one!

  648. I would like one, please, because adulting is hard.

  649. 653
    Lorianne Rawson

    Yes please and thank you, I would love to win one!

  650. Just recovered from computer disaster myself, so I know the hollow pit you have felt.

    (Oh, and I’d love a coloring book)

  651. I’d love a copy to gift to a friend who would really use it.

  652. Me, me, me! I could use this for a moment of sanity in my crazy life! Thanks πŸ™‚

  653. I would like one, please, because adulting is hard.
    It says I already posted but I didn’t. See? Adulting is hard.

  654. I’d love a copy for my aunt, cause I may have sorta liberated her one.

  655. I’d love to have one!

  656. I want a copy as much as I want spaghetti!!

  657. Crap I see it now. I suck. 😭

  658. 662
    Julianne Taylor

    Omg! I need this! Love it! I looked at it while at Barnes and noble, and sadly couldn’t afford it! πŸ˜₯

  659. I would sooo LOVE a book! Like alot alot.

  660. I would love love love one!

  661. I would love a copy. My life sucks trying to balance my mom who is on palliative care after a 19 year battle with cancer, working from my parents, a husband and 6 year old boy. Love you and you make the days a little bit better. Thank you

  662. Yes, please, and thank you!

  663. I would love one please! My mother needs to be reminded of all the insensible things that make life worth it while I’m in college.

  664. I could really use one. I’m having a rough week.

  665. I am disbled and bound to the chair in which I sleep. One thing I can do is color. I would love a copy as it is outside my fixed budget. Whoever wins will be most lucky!

  666. I would love a copy of You Are Here. Maybe I’ll get lucky and win!!

  667. I would love a copy please! Also, to share with my daughters who are my best friends!!

  668. I would love a copy. I bought a copy but sent it to my daughter after sending her a picture of a few of the pages when she was going through a rough time. ❀️❀️

  669. 673
    Melissa Amador

    I really need one of these oh my god. It would make my life complete.

  670. Your books have gotten me and continue to get me through the most difficult times. And even if i don’t get picked to receive a copg of this coloring book, i know who ever you do choose to give it to will enjoy!

  671. Hey Jenny! Currently reading and LOVING “Furiously Happy” and posting this from the lobby of my therapist’s office. It would be an honor and privilege to receive a copy of “You Are Here”. Thank you for your consideration and happy National Coloring Book Day!

  672. Oh yes! yes! yes! I am sitting on my haunches and panting now.

  673. Oh god please. I would buy one but I’m poor

  674. I’ve had your book on my Amazon wish list for months, hoping my daughters would buy it for me. πŸ™‚

    I would LOVE a copy!

  675. I’ve got one month left til this baby comes out and boy could I use something to occupy this waiting time!

  676. My wife and I have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years now, and it finally happened. I’m almost 7 weeks along, but today my symptoms have started to disappear. Ultrasound is on Tuesday to find out if I miscarried again. I need something to keep my head and hands busy… So scared. Reading Let’s Pretend This Never Happened while I started this journey gave me so much hope, especially the part about how you struggled to have Hailey. Thank you so much for what you do Jenny.

  677. 681
    Janae Powell

    I have had a real shit day to a bully boss. Me please

  678. 682
    Christina Meinhardt

    Please may I have one my wife is in a rehab hospital and we’re broke right now and I love your books and I could use some distraction
    Thank you
    Chris Meinhardt

  679. Shit you not I need this to keep the anxiety badgers away and they can be vicious some days.

  680. Omg omg omg omg I NEED THIS it speaks to my soul on so many levels. Mainly to part that has anxiety and depression and fucking coloring saves my mind!!

  681. This would be an awesome (self?) birthday present!

  682. 686
    Liane Penney

    I would love a copy! ❀

  683. 687
    Terita Wilson

    You are amazing and so is your art. This old lady would be ever so pleased to have a copy. ❀️

  684. I’m really digging the term “borked.” And I would love to win a coloring book.

  685. I would love a copy of your book. Please throw my name in the hat πŸ™‚

  686. Is “borked” at technical term?

    Arionis recently posted Prilosec Is My Xanax.

  687. Free shit is great! Thanks!

  688. Pick me please! Pick me!

    I adore your work, and you make me laugh and not feel so sorry about the fact I’ve lost use of my dominant hand due to an awful injury because you may actually have worse luck than I do. So, yeah, sorry to rub your misfortune in your face, but it makes oddballs like me feel less freakish because, hey, Jenny has it worse, right? ;-P

    [Scrathes head to think…]

    Okay, granted, this is probably not the best way to ask for a free coloring book…so I’ll try again…

    I’m getting a little tired of trying to color Thomas the Train with my preschooler. May I have your book, pretty please?

  689. Pick me please! Pick me!

    I adore your work, and you make me laugh and not feel so sorry about the fact I’ve lost use of my dominant hand due to an awful injury because you may actually have worse luck than I do. So, yeah, sorry to rub your misfortune in your face, but it makes oddballs like me feel less freakish because, hey, Jenny has it worse, right? ;-P

    [Scrathes head to think…]

    Okay, granted, this is probably not the best way to ask for a free coloring book…so I’ll try again…

    I’m getting a little tired of trying to color Thomas the Train with my preschooler. May I have your book, pretty please?

  690. Yay! for magic backups that save things for us when we need them most. We are portable in so many ways, even our thoughts seem to move from place to place.

    I just bought a pack of scented Crayola markers for myself, so double Yay for national coloring book day. I would dearly love to color in your book, can’t promise I’ll stay in the lines though.

  691. 695
    Cari Ryan Pauley

    Oh please pick me!!!! I actually want it for my friend Tabitha!!!!

  692. This post reminded me that I wanted to order a copy when you had the gorgeous bag and I didn’t do it. I have been kicking myself ever since. So I just ordered it anyway (Furiously Happy too) for my cousin who is struggling with depression for the first time (in her 50s). I hope your words and pictures can bring her some relief. I honestly don’t have words for her so I will give yours.

  693. I use borked on a daily basis, plus I would love a book πŸ˜€

  694. Omg I would love one!! I’ve been following you for years and have wanted to buy this for so long but couldn’t; this would be awesome πŸ™‚

  695. I would love a copy! You are amazing and I love your work!

  696. Me needs it… please? ^_^

  697. Joins the queue passing out virtual snacks along the way.

  698. Me! Me! Pick me! I’m desperately seeking some mental peace and zen amidst some pretty fun depression and major anxiety. And by “pretty fun&#