WTF, me. #solareclipse2017

You know how on Friday I wrote about how we couldn’t find any eclipse glasses? Well I decided to go old-school and make a pinhole camera and then this happened:

PS. No makeup, sweaty, hair in a pony tail, being (adorably) mocked by my child while WEARING A BOX ON MY HEAD.  I am the antithesis of every shiny and perfect instagram selfie.  WORTH IT.

PPS.  That is not even the most embarrassing part of this story.  I’m saving that for my next book.  It’s that horrific.

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  1. So so funny! To heck with those perfect instagram selfies…they aren’t real for most of us anyhow. Way to be creative! We will be too stormy here in Minnesota to see a darn thing

  2. I think the cute dress with the box head is book cover material. I’ll be going outside with coworkers to stand in the parking lot in glasses we can’t see through shortly.

  3. Watching you try and watch the sun sounds a lot more interesting to me than actually burning my retinas out looking at the eclipse.

    I mean, to me a solar eclipse is like a parade – I just don’t get what all the fuss is about.
    You with a box on your head falling all over the lawn though, that’s gosh darn entertainment!

  4. At least you can see the sun where you are. I’m in the 75% coverage area and was looking forward to going outside and seeing a crescent shape projected onto a piece of paper for weeks, but it’s been overcast for days and this morning was no different. Oh well.

  5. That is absolute perfection! BTW Hun, we are supposed to be able to see it at like, 2:30 or some odd such time!
    You are the best!

  6. It’s okay, Jenny. Here in Oregon we have gatherings of naked, stoned aging hippies and the random coven celebrating the event. Not that there’s anything wrong with that………..

  7. Funny gal. I love how you can laugh at yourself. By the way, I have those same “fuck this shit” socks. It’s my mantra.

  8. I’m so glad I’m not the only pathetic pinhole camera maker! I attempted to make one with a shoebox not realizing it had a seam on the bottom that was letting light in and totally made it worthless. I’ve got an hour before total coverage here in Indiana. Hoping these $**!#*)!%$ clouds move away before than.

  9. Hailey has documented a rare sighting of a Southern Boxhead Jennymom. A lot of people have been saying this creature didn’t exist. Baiting the trap with styrofoam was a genius move. Congratulations, Hailey!

  10. According to the NASA feed I was watching earlier, you can make a pinhole camera with a Ritz cracker, or a colander, or pretty much anything that has small holes. Just take it outside, hold it out, and watch the shadows on the ground.

  11. I told the 4 year old we couldn’t go see it because I’m still recovering from corneal surgery. AFter a long whine session I told him to go sit on the toilet and I worked the dimmer switch. There you saw an eclipse and we didn’t have to butcher any boxes.

  12. I can’t wait until Hailey has her own TV show and her own books. Until then, I will wait on your posts and books and laugh right along with you. This was wonderful.

  13. Our office building gave us glasses. But I may or may not have inadvertently looked at the sun because before I got the glasses I got all grabby for the frozen yogurt and cookies they also provided. All of a sudden I’ve got floaters or floaties or whatever those are….. 🙁

  14. OH my gods, I adore you! And Hailey, I can’t wait for her first book to come out. I bet you’re in it!

  15. Jenny, your laugh is wonderful. Hailey is great. I hope that your enjoyed your styrofaom eclipse.

  16. Ok, So I stated a “group clap” During the solar eclipse….which is really weird. We are in the path of totality, and when it covered I just started clapping like an asshole…and then a bunch of people followed suit and I was like ” GOOD JOB MOON!” “LOVE A TWIST ENDING!”

  17. Hey, you wear actual dresses – NICE dresses! anyone demanding clean hair and makeup in addition is just too hard to please.

  18. Eclipse update from MN…forced to eat frozen pizza for lunch cuz hubby needed a box to make the pinhole viewer (recycling was picked up this morning) only to have shitshow cuz of overcast skies. Gave up & decided Bailey’s and viewing last night’s GOT episode will be far more magical.

  19. That’s awesome! I remember making an eclipse box for the 1979 one, brings back great memories!

  20. If the piece of styrofoam was slowing turning into a crescent, then it still counts!

  21. Haha!! I assume I’m the only person who can’t understand the awesomeness of an eclipse. The last time I donned eclipse glasses and stood watching the event I got bored and started doing The Blues Brothers dance. In my defense, an eclipse takes a really, really long time and I have shit to do and people to see. Besides, while everyone else is watching the eclipse, I’ll be watching the guys stealing stealing televisions.

  22. People are going around my campus (I live like ten feet from campus) trying to sell Eclipse classes for $5 apiece. Then there are the people going around offering to let you look through their glasses for a minute. I invited a friend over to share my glasses. It was super cool. A lot of professors just gave up and let their classes run free.

  23. It decided to rain today so I didn’t even have the opportunity to make a fool of myself (I had plan to do the same thing).

  24. I was just outside my office building taking pictures of people with boxes on their heads, just because that struck me as more entertaining than the actual eclipse. You totally win Instagram, though.

  25. Ladies, you make me chuckle and smile. Wouldn’t we all be a lot happier if we didn’t take ourselves so seriously and laugh at ourselves when we do stupid s***. Also, I laugh at myself all the time…weeds out all of the other crazies!

  26. That’s made my day Jenny. We won’t see it here in Australia. I hope everyone in the zone of totality enjoys the experience safely.

  27. What’s wrong with a ponytail? You look great.

    I can’t wait for the next book to get the rest of this story.

  28. We drove from VA to watch the eclipse in TN with a friend who drove from MA, and ended up parked in a cornfield next to a family from MI.

    Who says people just don’t visit anymore?

  29. Well I was up all night having an insomnia attack and being exhausted but still awake at 9 am, I turned on NASA on my Apple TV so I could see the eclipse. Right as it got to the eclipse part, my internet went out for about twenty minutes and I didn’t notice and slept right through the whole thing, waking up after 11.30 when it was over in Vegas. But I’m still awake. I literally ONLY slept while eclipse was going on here. 🤦🏻‍♀️
    And I happen to think you look FABULOUS for someone that just stumbled out of a box 📦 on a hot, sweaty, Texas summer afternoon. And look at all that weight you lost from the awful diet they’ve had you on! Such a cute dress!
    And it had better REALLY be going into the next book, because you’ve made that promise before in a book and no answers were given in a follow up! 😉😘❤️

  30. You already know we’re going to buy the next book! You don’t need to save the story of your farting while you thought you were alone but really weren’t.

  31. Fortunately, your neighbors did not call animal control to come help the poor wild animal with a box stuck on its head… 😀

  32. Busted a gut laughing, just seeing you with a box on your head, standing out in the yard. Hadn’t even watched Hailey’s video yet. You look great in that dress!

    The eclipse here was eerie; the birds were quiet all day. I mean from sunup ’til after the eclipse was over (for us) around 3:30 or so and tree limbs started popping and dropping during the height! Heard, then watched a big limb on our walnut just snap and drop during the middle of it all.

    Also, for those of you that did the selfie trick and weren’t in the line of totality … check those pics! You may find there is a little crescent moon shaped lens flare well be below the blazing ball of angry sun! I was really disappointed with the photos until I saw that.

  33. So looking forward to the next book! This was totally awesome! Way to go, Hailey!

  34. I love Hailey’s laugh, it’s so cute! And you look fabulous, even with a box on your head. My stepdad got eclipse glasses from the library, so I got to look at it for a minute… Meh. Nothing special. I love when you mention your next book!

  35. Omigawd, how perfect! Oh, and by the way, I didn’t get to see the eclipse this afternoon, BUT I did see a squirrel totally mauling a white wing dove on my morning walk…even caught it on video, ya know, in case the eclipse was ushering in the zombie apocalypse. Turns out, squirrels do this, or some squirrels do (yes, I had to google). All the same, a squirrel with bird blood dripping from its lips, feathers stuck to its nose and its beady eyes staring at me like I’m next was unsettling to way to begin the week. #DontFuckWithNature

  36. I’m sick of seeing all those smarmy selfies. I hope you have started a trend of being a box head. Finally some relief!

  37. Seriously Jenny, That’s a picture worthy of a book cover. Our thanks to your darling daughter!

  38. You look rather adorable with your head in a box. Like Jambie from Pee Wee’s Playhouse. Do you grant wishes? Mekka-lekka-hi-mekka-hiney-ho!

  39. Hahahaha! I have a new, completely inept, loser of a co-worker. That person had one of those boxes today, and encouraged co-workers to take a look at the eclipse. Since that person has pretty much effed up everything s/he’s touched, I declined the offer. I didn’t trust my eye health to that nincompoop. Not that you’re a nincompoop. I’m sure YOU read the directions and made the thing correctly. I’m willing to overlook your “styrofoam eclipse.”

  40. PLEASE, PLEASE post your eating plan

    (Low carb and low sugar. It’s not a fun diet but I’ve lost 25 pounds in the last several months and it’s much easier now that I’ve gotten used to it. Half a cup of frozen strawberries in the morning then no more fruit or sweets for the day. Less than 20 carbs/grams of sugar per meal. Lots of eggs, bacon, omelets, green vegetables, grilled chicken, steak, caesar salads without croutons. Burgers with the bun replaced with lettuce wraps and fries replaced with broccoli. No carrots, potatoes, peas, corn or any other starches. No beer or other alcohol except a shot of vodka in club soda 3 times a week. Lots of water. Some diet coke although I try to limit it to one a day or less. Nuts. No eating after 7. It’s slow – a few pounds a week – but it added up. I think I still have to lose another 10 pounds to get to a normal weight and reverse the prediabetic stuff but I’m happy with the results so far. ~ Jenny)

  41. Omg I couldn’t stop watching the video. Way better then watching the eclipse. Ps I agree with the person who said the image of you in a pretty dress with a box on your head should be your book cover. At least the back of the cover. Also thank hailey her narration was the best!!!

  42. You do know you could have, you know, watched it on TV? LOL. That said, I can’t wait for the next book to read about exactly what went down today!

  43. Best eclipse viewing video ever. Well, this and the president staring at the sun without any eye protection.

  44. That was almost as much fun to watch as the eclipse! (I still can’t believe my cereal box viewer actually worked – lol)

  45. A fellow blogger directed me to your page, and since the first day I stumbled on here I haven’t regretted it! Your amazing attitude makes me want to come back and read more, no matter the topic, and I just wanted to say today especially, thank you for the laugh – the Styrofoam bit was the piece de resistance! Looking forward to reading more from you!

  46. Sung to the Batman Theme…..

    Styrofoam, Styrofoam
    Wearing a box, watching Styrofoam
    Box on head makes her feet stumble
    Watch out Jenny, you’re gonna tumble
    There goes…the box with the Styrofoam
    There goes the Styrofoam
    You have no Styrofoam….
    and you have no BOX ON HEAD!!!!!!!!!!

  47. had a lovely eclipse day w/ my son at a friend’s house in the path of totality. i won’t miss that word tho….. the pinhole viewer – you aren’t to look at the sun with it, you hold it over a piece of paper & watch the shadows. we did it, it was cool – but better was the crescent shadows that formed w/ the eclipse thru a colander! also, the shadows of leaves, had crescents where the light should have been. so. much. fun! and bless you mother nature for keeping the bad weather at bay until Tuesday! i hope you didn’t ruin your eyesight. google for pics from st louis & south for the eclipse. there were some amazing shots. This was, for me, 1 day that i didn’t feel any stress or anxiety. just love for our crazy world! i’ll take that!!!

  48. not that being sick is the way to do it, but you totally can tell how much weight you lost and have tightened up being on a low sugar diet! you rock!

  49. You are amazing! Finding wonder in your surroundings is an important part of eclipse observation, and you seem to have found it in spades!

  50. I think we all want to know more about the dress.

    (It’s a few years old. From Charming Charlie’s. $20 I think? AND IT HAS POCKETS. ~ Jenny)

  51. The best laid plans of mice and men… and all that. Glad you won’t O.G. on the eclipse’s ass. Sometimes, that’s all an eclipse can understand.

  52. I wish I knew why you think it’s a problem that you have no makeup on and your hair not styled WHEN YOU’RE WEARING A BOX OVER YOUR HEAD. Nobody can see your face, OK?

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