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I promise I’m working on something funny right now but I’ve been overwhelmed with anxiety watching so many friends trapped in flooding.  One is literally being rescued right this moment after days of flooding and I was so relieved to see the picture of the rescue boat outside her window I cried.  Look to my last post for places to donate and help because they’ll need help for a long time.

For now though I am mentally exhausted and I haven’t even lived through this except vicariously, so if I need cheering then others do too.  So do me a favor and leave a comment with something to make others smile.  Maybe it’s a joke, or good news you got, or a link to an otter video or anything else that brings laughter or a smile because I sort of need a smile right now and I think a lot of others might need it even more.

My happy:  My kid started 7th grade yesterday and loves her electives.  I got inspired and finished two more pages of my next book.  I found an episode of Rick and Morty I hadn’t seen yet.  I watched amazing people helping others and it reminded me that there are so many more good people than bad and inspired me to do more myself.   This fox who is mad you won’t open your sliding glass door and pet him:

Your turn.

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  1. My 5yo just started kindergarten, and she has been wearing different headbands with animals ears (cat, bunny, etc), and I’m pretty sure she’s starting a trend in her class and it’s just the cutest thing ever.

  2. My happy: I got a special cabinet to store all my yarn for my knitting. I have a lot of yarn. Also the digital download of Wonder Woman is available for purchase and I bought it so I can just watch Wonder Woman forever. Hugs to you.

  3. My 6yo son filled his pockets with fallen leaves at recess yesterday because he wanted to show me that the leaves were starting to fall! My happy: my son and an early Fall this year.

  4. My mother found a painting she loves on Etsy but can’t afford it right now. I bought it for her as a gift.

  5. My Happy: Every morning my cat attempts to wake me up for his breakfast by cuddling up on my chest and purring. I snuggle him, smiling that he is not very bright, because making my bed cozier is the worst way to encourage me to leave it to feed him. I love him and his bad strategy.

  6. If you’re from the upper Midwest, you might enjoy Charlie Berens’ comedy videos “The Manitowoc Minute”. Just search for Charlie on Facebook and enjoy his one-minute Monday videos. Bears fans should probably only watch about 55 seconds.

  7. My 5 year old son has kind of a shaggy haircut. Sometimes it gives him the most amazing Farrah Fawcett feathering. I told him the other day his hair was looking quite fantastic and his reply was “yeah, it’s kinda my thing”. Several days later and that comment still makes me giggle.

  8. My happy: I’ve been working tons of freelance hours lately, but I suck at remembering to keep track of when I’ll get paid, so I got an unexpected check, just when my daughter and her boyfriend needed some financial assistance, so I was able to help out!

  9. I have two new kittens named Gru and Lucy. They’re almost identical in their markings so to make it easy we just yell “Grucy!” when ever one is doing something they shouldn’t.

  10. My brother is coming to town tomorrow and I get to hang out with him all weekend! I don’t know when he’s landing though, because the butthole still hasn’t given me his flight info.

  11. My happy: I finished knitting a shawl and it actually looks like something a person could wear! Most of the time my knitted projects look so ridiculous that there is no person on this earth with the correct proportions.
    Also, Cancer Cat (his name is Arnold — is that a great name or what???!!!) is doing really well. You’d never know he was sick unless you look at the spreadsheet of his medication schedule and the number of pill bottles on the counter. Really — this is a Good Thing.
    He has a knit hat that he carries around – a friend gave me a hat about 8 years ago. I never got to wear it – Arnold pulled it off the table and has been carrying it around since then.
    I you Jenny.

  12. Good Houston news. My two older brothers, about 3 miles apart in Houston, are both the only people on their entire blocks who didn’t get water in their house, both due to nothing more than geographical quirks in how their streets were laid out. Both are located near bayous that massively flooded. Both rescued elderly neighbors who’d been flooded and both had their homes become refuges for people who had to leave. Weird all these things happened to both of them.

  13. I found a monarch caterpillar, put it in a jar and it immediately made a chrysalis. He (I’m not sure why it’s a he) hatched yesterday and flew away happy as a … well, as a butterfly.

  14. I am happy that there are still compassionate people like you, Jenny. But here’s some less sappy stuff that has the potential to bring joy: 1) A new season of Broad City starts on September 13th; 2) Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead was recently honored with a dinosaur named after him; 3) A couple of episodes ago on Rick and Morty, Rick turned himself into a pickle. That’s all I’ve got for now.

  15. My old lady cat (she is 18!) bounced back from her latest illness and is acting like nothing was ever wrong.

  16. I learned that my 89-year-old Grandmother and I, between the two of us, can do spot-on impressions of how her 6 children and the majority of her 9 other grandchildren greet her when they walk through the front door. And then? Her 2 daughters walked through the door with the same greetings we had just done for them, and didn’t understand why we were laughing uproariously!

  17. I’m a 36 (shit am I 37? IDK) year old stay-at-home mom, I just started grad school and got a perfect score on my first research paper. As an old lady filled with doubts about my own abilities, that made me breathe a sigh of relief. I can do this.

  18. Tell you something happy? I will tell you that your posts made me not lose my mind to cabin fever while this never-ending rain poured down. I will share that my neighbors in my ma hood, who I thought were all funny birds and not in a good way, are stepping up and organising and delivering and transporting necessities and misplaced families to safety. And that makes my heart happy. So thank you, thank you to my hood neighbors, thank anyone and everyone for your kindness, support and assistance to everyone in the Gulf Coast. Love and light my friends 😚

  19. My 2 year-old daughter and I turned on the bubble machine and ran around catching bubbles for 20 minutes yesterday. When we got tired, we laid on the ground, cuddled and let the bubbles fall on our faces.

  20. My favorite stupid joke:
    What’s the difference between a Hippo and a Zippo? One is really heavy, and one’s a little lighter!
    (I’ll be here all week)

    Other happys – Our labrador/pitbull mix thinks she is tiny and tries to sleep in my lap while I work. I have a hippo in a lion costume sitting on my desk (stuffed animal. In case you were worried I had a real hippo. even though I want one. can you tell I like hippos?). My smaller dog is having a full conversation with the new chew toy I bought him.

  21. i have nightly mommy-doggy book time with lucy, my very dramatic rescue corgi. she’s very particular about who she’ll listen to and she absolutely adores listening to your books. if she likes a narrator, she stays on the bed and snuggles in. if not, she whines and chats with increasing drama until i pick another book. right now we’re listening to let’s pretend this never happened (again) so i’m getting lots of snuggles.

  22. My 5th grader loves her new school after 5 years of “why do I have to go to school? All we ever do is review things I already know.” And she’s excited about extracurriculars too!

    And I watched a possum struggle-run across someone’s front yard this morning. Possums are not good at running.

  23. There are a few late roses holding on to the bushes at work and they smell wonderful. The Goldfinches are very bright this year and I spot them flying by the highway, which makes me smile. My girly starts high school and she got all the classes she requested. Sometimes (maybe too often) it’s a hard world, but we have the power to soften it.

  24. My high school age daughter just decided she she does NOT want to be a vet anymore. Because as much as she loves animals, she knows she wouldn’t be able to bring herself to charge a pet owner to help their pet. She is my awesome kind happy.

  25. For me, it’s just that things are starting to look up. Work is going well, and is stable enough that the next few months won’t be a struggle. My relationships and friendships are, I think, stronger than ever, in the aftermath of the loss of one of us that racked our community. I stepped on my first red, crunchy leaf the other day on my way home from work, and it made me happy. It’s going to be in the 50’s temperature-wise tonight, and I’m so ready to be bundled up in sweatshirts.

    All of my friends have checked in as being okay with all of the flooding and hurricaning. It’s not stopping me from worrying about everyone else, but, selfishly, I’m glad that the people I already care about are okay.

  26. My kids started school today so FUCK YEA FREEDOM. Dropped my older two off and while they walked through the front doors, they were flanked by teachers and admins, clapping and cheering for them.

  27. I’m in a library, surrounded by 51,251 children’s books. Public libraries are a happy thing.

  28. My anxiety is through the roof too, and I’m having trouble disconnecting from all the Harvey coverage. But I look for the good things. Like the hawk who was rescued and is now with rehabbers. Or the grandma who was jet-ski rescued out of her house. The fact that there are good people in the world, and they’re making a difference.

  29. Yesterday I went to Aldi’s, where they make you deposit a quarter to use a shopping cart (like airport luggage carts do). Lots of times customers coming in just give a quarter to someone coming out to take their cart, but yesterday everyone was just giving their carts to the next person saying “pass it on”. That little act of kindness made everyone smile including me.

  30. My happy: New boss rocks and is totally making my job better and better. My hubby is getting a new hip and hopefully will be in much less pain and have better quality of life. Thankful for what I have and how about that Arya Stark action Sunday night?

  31. When I was in college I was overwhelmed and hopeless. My dad called me, and, in one of his rare lucid moments, said something that will stay with me forever probably. “Life is more pretty than it is ugly.”

  32. My happy: yesterday was my 8th and LAST chemo session!!! In a few weeks I’ll start on Proton Radiation for about a month. But I’m kicking CANCER’S ASS!!! And my dog who sticks by me like glu after my treatments. All things are better when there is a dog near by.

  33. I had a bag of pillow stuffing sitting out on the table. My son asked me what it was for — I thought it was pretty obvious, but I told him that when we planted that stuff out in the yard and watered it really well, eventually it would grow a tree that had pillows on it! He rolled his eyes and said, “I’m not stupid, Mom! What will it grow really?”

  34. We went to take my 6 year old to boyscouts at this huge church a few miles away. I had to head out early to go to my weekly writing group so my husband was there with our 2 year old. At a random church searching around for the boyscout meeting. When we found it, we were a week early. So we headed back out and in the main part of the church is this zumba class blasting out this upbeat music in a genre I can only classify as pep. My 6 year old started busting out moves like a 90’s pop star. Meanwhile my 2 year old starts waving his fists in the air from his perch on my husbands shoulders. So my husband starts bouncing along to the beat, the toddler clapping away, and the 6 year old twisting and flailing his hands around in an off-kilter attempt at rhythm. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.

  35. My 2 year old was the ring bearer as my brother’s wedding this weekend. As we all got ready to walk down the aisle the kid decided to be the hype guy and walk around to all the guests giving high fives and saying “You here for the wedding?” “It’s wedding time!” and “Hey, I’ve got the rings.”

  36. “The whole US – look at the Eclipse, how cool and rare!” Texas: Hold my beer.”

  37. I have a brand new graduate student from Iran. She’s been super-stressed because she’s here alone with her 16-month-old baby, because her husband’s spousal visa was taking forever to approve. She was so worried that our current political climate might mean that her husband’s visa would never be approved. She was lonely and stressed out, because she didn’t know how her daughter would be cared for while she was in classes, studying, and working at her teahing assistantship. The sweet baby was waking up many times in the night and crying for her father. The student just got word that her husband’s visa was approved, and he’ll be arriving on Sunday 🙂

  38. Has anyone already posted about Harvey Hawk? He managed to fly into a taxi to escape the hurricane. Lots on Twitter about him and many papers. For those of you whose hearts immediately clench with worry about animals, like mine does, he’s fine; he’s with a rehabber.

    In the midst of the terror and horrors and sadnesses, there are heartwarming, sweet and even amusingly endearing moments, yes?

  39. My 14-year-old special-needs daughter worked really hard last year and transferred from a special school for kids with disruptive behaviors to the middle school where her twin sister goes. They hadn’t expected to have any classes together, but yesterday found out they have 6th period together and will get to eat lunch together. They are over the moon, and I’m so proud and happy I could bust!

    Joke: Why did Darth Vader cross the road? To get to the Dark Side.

    Joke From My Dad: What kind of shoes do frogs prefer? Open-toad. (Really. He used to tell that joke repeatedly when I was growing up, while I rolled my eyes, saying “Daaaaaad!” Now my daughters are where he is in humor, and think he’s hilarious. Statistically, SOMEBODY has to.)

  40. My 4 year old son can’t pronounce “gorilla”. He says “buhgrilla.”
    I hope he never says it correctly. Say “buhgrilla” out loud; it will make you smile.

    Hugs from a rural Iowa nurse.

  41. I suppose this isn’t instant gratification but the Dollop pod cast is my happy place. Learn while laughing. I put it on whenever I am getting down and it is a little depressing to see how we’ve not LEARNED from our history but Dave & Gareth’s take on it does nothing but make me laugh.

  42. I finally found a doctor who seems to be willing to help my son. He’s 5 and we’ve been struggling to get a diagnosis for his possible autism. Also, my husband recently found out he has some money tucked away and he wants to use it to help my mom pay off her back taxes. I’m lucky every day to have found him <3

  43. A rabbit nested in our front yard this year, so we have had lots of baby bunnies around. This is amazing because we live in downtown Ottawa, Canada. Also, we have lots of chipmunks & chickadees & cardinals & woodpeckers, in spite of our enormous & obviously lazy dog.

  44. All the posts of us. Neighbors helping neighbors. Strangers helping strangers. That’s who we are. That’s us. Always has been. Not who social media and the news tell us we are. We’re all good. And when things get really shitty, we’re great. Well, most of us. But that’s ok…and that’s enough. I’m overwhelmed by what I’ve seen.
    It’s like Harvey rolled into our American living room where we were all bickering inanely and yelled, ” OK now everybody SHUT THE FUCK UP! I guess you all need s reminder about WHAT’S IMPORTANT!”

  45. I love you and you make me happy. Take the respite you need and bring your unique brand back when you are able. Until then, rest assured, we’ll manage without your humor.

  46. I started a blog. It will help me get all the feels out. I am, however, lost in how to pimp out my blog. I’m sure it’s a learning thing.

  47. Two cannibals are eating a clown. One says to the other: “Does this taste funny to you?”

  48. The best thing I have seen is all the people coming together to help each other…this is the America I know…it is hard to watch all the devastation but to see everyone pulling together like that…makes me happy…there is hope for us..

  49. Whenever I need the happy, I go to Pinterest and type “baby owls” into the search. Never fails.

  50. something happy? i didn’t miss my plane! (i parked in extended parking and kept pushing the button for a shuttle. there were no shuttles in sight and i was starting to panic about missing my flight. when i saw a gentleman wheel his suitcase to his truck and get in, i ran to his pickemup and word vomited that i needed to not miss my flight and begged him to take me and all my luggage to the front of the airport. he was shocked, but he did it. i gave him five bucks as a thank you. and if you are reading this, steve, although i was the last one to board the plane, i didn’t miss it! thanks!)

  51. Our incredibly shy cat forgave us for trimming her nails after only 20 minutes.

    Now she doesn’t stick to the carpet and freak herself out anymore.

  52. My youngest (adult) kid came home for a week of “vacation” so I could feed her before she goes back to school for the first time in 5 years. My older (adult) kiddo overcame anxiety and aspergers to go to an anti-racism rally on the weekend. I am so proud. Btw – anti racists outnumbered the racists well over 4:1, so that’s a BIG happy.

  53. I live downtown in Houston but happened to be in Seattle visiting my grandkids when the storm hit. Here’s my good news: airports are closed so I have to wait it out here with the babies.

  54. I have been having a hard time writing this week’s post on my blog as well – it’s hard to be funny when you are watching so many people lose everything. So I am relying on my family, friends and 4 legged children for my happy. And listening to Haim’s new album on repeat.

  55. I have “one of those laughs” that gets anyone within earshot going too (I suspect it’s infectious bc I sound like a hybrid hyena-monkey). This morning, I laughed so hard at a BBC headline on Twitter that I made my husband 5 minutes late leaving for work because he couldn’t stop laughing at me laughing (which kept making me laugh harder).

  56. I added a bunch of books to my reading wish list on Amazon yesterday. Fall/Back to school brings out the lay-in-bed-and-read-and-scream-at-people-who-try-to-bother-me person that I try to keep in check. 🙂

    Books I added include (and yes, nothing is real thought provoking or inspirational [or maybe they are??] – these are purely for enjoyment and disconnecting:
    “A Legacy of Spies” by John le Carre
    “A Secret Sisterhood: The Literary Friendships of Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, George Eliot, and Virginia Woolf” by Emily Midorikawa and Emma Claire Sweeney
    “Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine” by Gail Honeyman
    “The Woman in Cabin 10” by Ruth Ware
    “The Alice Network” by Kate
    “The Lying Game” by Ruth Ware

  57. I recently went on a very, very, VERY late spring cleaning binge, and while going through our closet I found a box full of all the letters my husband and I wrote to each other nine years ago when we were still just dating and I ran off to grad school in the UK for a year.

    Lovey-dovey snail mail nostalgia and an uncluttered apartment FTW.

  58. (1) My love of wine and vodka has not killed me yet.
    (2) I get to work at home under the close supervision of my cats, Molly and Mimi.
    (3) Anything by David Thorne:
    Love to Houston and gratitude for reminding me to worry more about global warming. Even without it, I never run out of worries, but (4) worrying makes me happy, so there’s another one for you.

  59. My happy is that for the first time in my life I am actually happy. I have fallen in love with someone who knows how to love me. And I know how to love him. We are supporting each other and healing each other. He is my always and forever.

    So I offer you my tiny corner of happy, Jennifer, sit a spell if you wish.

    Much love to you and yours!

  60. Funny thoughts when I feel sad
    1) In Alabama a bloodhound went out to pee, got confused and ended up in a marathon. He came in seventh. (True story)

    2) Cats bring you dead mice, lizards, etc. because they think you are a crappy cat that can’t hunt and needs help.

  61. Two things! One, I was a total theatre nerd in high school (still am) and the second that I tried to think of a video that made me laugh & watch on repeat was Crucible Cast Party – Two, I recently posted about unexpected moments of kindness from friends, who all unknowing, helped me through a dark time.

  62. My brother lives in Humble, TX. He’s okay when we spoke last, but he has taken in a new storm refugee — his neighbor’s little dog who they left otuside all day in the rain. When my brother’s work sent everyone home early, he found the dog shivering outside his front door. The poor thing ran over to him and leapt into his arms. My brother took him inside, and when his neighbors got home, he gave them $50 to adopt the dog from them. He says it was money well spent. they are calling the dog Harvey.

  63. My happy is I started college as of this last week, which I never really thought I’d get to do. (Graduated in 2010 and was self sufficent before that, but too broke for out of pocket and too young with well off parents for financial aid. So I just worked.) As of right now I’m majoring in computer science, but evidently my family would not be surprised if I ended up with an english major.

    Between my depression and how horrible high school was for me, I never thought I’d go. But just last Saturday how amazing everything was to me hit me in the middle of math tutoring, and I started bawling like a baby. (Everyone else probably assumed I was crying because, duh, math.)

    I had a dream come true, and now I’m even contemplating what I would need to do to quit work and go full time, and maybe even transfer into my dream school. (MIT. Since I’m dreaming, I’m going big.) 😊

    Feel better Jenny! 💖

  64. I need to go and read some of these. I need happy. My dog has been having some medical issues and my anxiety is through the roof. Then watching the news and my heart aches so so much right now.

    I guess some happy is that I’m in a job I love (as a librarian no less) and that I’ve been seeing your books get checked out. And it makes me smile.

  65. On Sunday I gave my sons hamster CPR for ten mins because we were not sure if he was only “half dead ” or “dead dead ”
    ( he was dead, dead )

  66. Any of the youtube streams on should have enough happy for everyone. There is a small formerly-feral colony that was rescued from the BC wildfires. There are several white floofy kittens that you can only tell apart by eye color which means you can’t tell them apart at all because they are either a blur of pounciness or asleep.

  67. My husband, dog, and house are safe and still with power in Houston. My kids and I are safe in another city but don’t know when we’ll get to go home. I’m reading your first book while I am here and it makes me laugh. My daughter’s Girl Scout Troop is finding ways to help kids in shelters in Houston, and I am working with my Cub Scout Pack (I am leader) to assist them by gathering books/coloring/lovies for the kids who have lost everything. I have friends who are taking their own boats and going to help people. My new favorite word is “hoUSton”. #HoustonStrong

  68. You should never give up on love, Fifteen years ago I was seeing a man who was married. Don’t judge. We were deeply in love, but his wife was an invalid and there was no way he could leave her. As it turned out, I moved to the PNW due to financial issues. After I had been there about 9 months, I realized we should end the relationship, because there was no way I could move back to California. I broke his heart, and mine. I had no relationships for 12 years. Fast forward to May of this year. I received an email from him the day before my birthday. I was nervous about replying, but I know he’s not a vindictive person, so I replied. It only took a couple of messages to realize all the love we’d had for each other was still there. His wife passed away last year, so there was no longer an impediment to our relationship. As it happens, he is selling his home in the Bay Area and moving to Boise to be closer to me (the fact that it is much more senior-friendly is a bonus). Oh yeah. We’re seniors. He’s 82 and I’m 69, and I’ve never been happier in my life!

  69. I turned 64 (sob!) a few days ago and one of my presents from my 26 year old daughter was a Hot Dudes Reading calendar.
    I’m happy she knows me so well.

  70. When I need a laugh, I watch Jeanne Robertson telling her stories on Youtube. There are a lot of really funny ones – “Don’t Send A Man To The Grocery Store!”, “Hiring Toni, The Funny Administrative Professional”, “Men Don’t Know The Style In NYC! (Pashmina Toss Flip)” – but I think her funniest and my favourite is “Don’t Bungee Jump Naked!”

    A joke: Two nuns, a rabbi, and a licensed plumber walk into a barre, and the prima ballerina shouts “Plié!”

    And in happy news, I’m getting new teeth next month, and I can’t wait. (No, not because somebody knocked them out for telling that joke.)

  71. I visited the ten square feet of property that I own on a Scottish nature reserve and it was gorgeous. Also, I’m making people at work refer to me as milady and insisting that they “bend the knee”. I’m kind of a despot.

  72. Our car broke down coming back from another state, but it was only 3.5 miles from home. Now we have another car and my husband only had to walk home from work one night, so we’re good. And I’m happy because a guy I’ve known for 40 years just IM’d me to say hi and talk dirty.

  73. After being petless for six months, we adopted two cats, eho were rescued from a hoarder. A mom and her son. He is a snuggle bug and throws homself upside down whenever you come close, wanting a belly rub. She is very sweet, and they are starting to relax. Sweet to wake up to a purring bundle on your lap.

  74. My 5 year old, who has always been shy and has had a hard time making friends, started a new school this year. She came back after her first day and for the first time said she made “plenty of friends.” My heart was full.

  75. My cat defeated the vet and wouldn’t let them finish trimming her claws. She’s very proud of herself and can’t stop preening about like she owns the place, which she does.

  76. All the clean laundry is folded and put away. <3 My mystery bucket cucumber has set mystery cucumbers.<3 My sister & family in Splendora is safe.

  77. Just a little story… I work in an office with two women’s restrooms. One is quite large and the other has like 3 stalls. I usually prefer the larger one because it’s less populated. One day I really had to go and headed to the large one but found it was being cleaned so I opted for the smaller one. Someone was in the first of the three stalls and I was forced to use the last stall because I don’t like to do my thing as a next door neighbor unless forced. Once I got into the third stall and shut the door, I noticed a sign on the door reminding us of open enrollment for benefits. Forgetting I was alone I exclaimed “Oh fuck! Already?” Then I heard a small shuffle. Still without my censor I then followed with “Shit”. I have no idea who was in the facility with me; but they did not leave until well after I left apparently, as I never heard a flush or hand washing. Chances are it was an exec. I wonder what they thought I discovered there in my stall. They probably thought aunt flo was visiting early.

  78. My husband underwent surgery to remove cancer on July 18th. Pathology report now shows him cancer free. Tomorrow, he returns to work after six weeks off. That’s a very happy something for us. At this very moment there are countless people who are receiving happy news after a struggle. There are shards of light everywhere!

  79. I’m holed up with 3 dogs, a Quaker Parrot ( who is a trained assassin and my parakeet Blue Skies. We have a tropical storm in Eastern VA but this is nothing!

  80. I rescued a stray dog. First time to ever have a dog. I kissed a dog and I liked it!

  81. Your instagram posts about buttons make me happy. I’m not sure if I want to collect buttons, or send them all to you. My happy is that you being in this world makes me happy.

  82. I work at Hearst Castle in California and summer is almost over.
    What do tour guides do on vacation, they go play tourist at amusement parks being very careful to never do the things that make our eyesroll like slot machines. Never play poker with a tour guide, we have the best poker faces in the world.
    Even when someone is pointing at the Pacific ocean and asking “what lake is that?”
    You can’t make this stuff up!

  83. Reading all these wonderful replies makes be happy! My personal happy: I’m currently in San Diego for a belated birthday celebration. For the majority of June I was in the hospital fighting for my life, and so missed the vacation we had planned then. Finally getting to come here and visit my family is just more life-affirming then words can describe after an ordeal like that. Also, sunsets over the ocean. Spent a good two hours watch the sun set over the ocean yesterday. I live nowhere near the ocean, so that’s special.

    I see people have already recommended my go-to feel-good, YouTube’s Kitten Academy… How about hilarious dogs in the snow?

  84. My happy is that for every asshat comment I see on FB that basically says “haha Texas, you’re getting what you fuckers deserve” I see 10 posts of Texans (and non-Texans) reaching out and helping each other and being good neighbors.

  85. GOOD HOUSTON NEWS: My parents got 4″ of water throughout their whole house and a friend of theirs sacrificed his whole day yesterday ripping up carpet with us and it looks much better. Plus they got a hotel room and I get to have to additional cats to bring joy to my apartment!

  86. This is my favorite cat video from YouTube. It always make me giggle with glee every time I watch it. It is titled “4 Kittens with a Box”. If my link doesn’t work correctly, just search that title on YouTube; the screen capture to look for is kittens with a soda/pop 12-pack box.

  87. On Monday morning, I will be reunited with the love of my life, New York City. I touch down at 10:30 am, and for the next 5 days, I plan to breathe in every sight, every sound, and savour each moment as my soul ignites. I am blessed, this I know, so never will I take another moment for granted. Lots of love to Texas. xo

  88. My friend let me borrow her car while she was out of town. That alone was lifesaving. But she also left a giant jar of pickles under the seat for me to find because she knows I’m pickle-obsessed and she loves me anyway.

  89. It is such a beautiful cool morning here in north Texas, I got outside and trimmed my hedge I named “Cousin It” He grew about 6 feet since the last haircut.

  90. Shared my front porch swing with my 2 1/2 year old great niece on a sunny evening. It was her first time. We got her up and she held on to the chain and my hand, swang a bit, quit. Back on, no hand this time, swing a bit, quit. Back on, no chaiin all the while we were yee hawing, singing and just plain old giggling.

  91. Some of us have been listening to My Dad Wrote a Porno, on acast. Someone’s dad who doesn’t know anything about anatomy takes a stab at writing business/porn/erotic literature. I love it SO SO much.

  92. High and dry on the Isle of Montrose. Doing a turn at the Rothko Chapel tomorrow.

  93. I don’t know if this counts as happy, but wouldn’t it be fun if you started a betting pool on when Trump will be impeached? It could be a fund raiser to help everyone in Texas. Seriously, no joke.

  94. I had a hysterectomy on Thursday. I was lamenting a lack of chocolate chip cookies, being bed bound for 6 weeks, and nice strangers in my favorite baking group insisted I give them my address so they could make cookies for me. Bonus, my incisions don’t hurt at all currently and I never have to have a period EVER AGAIN!

  95. Trying to teach my four-year old grandson a joke. He keeps answering, “Because he wants to cross the road, silly!” Maybe next year.

  96. I adopted 2 full grown cats this weekend. They spent 2 days hiding in basement ceiling. Day 3 one is trying to climb onto my plate of lasagna and the other is chasing Phantoms. I think we are officially a family now.

  97. Something happy? Ok…let me see.

    Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom?

    Because the pee is silent.

    You’re welcome.

  98. This is my second time at college trying to figure out my life and I finally feel like I’m going in the right direction and actually getting good grades and can see myself with a future, which I never did before.

  99. I found a cute and funny Twitter of animals. Actually they found me. @CUTEST_ANIMALS (Cutest Animals Ever). That’s how I’m staying sane.
    Also, did you know Once upon a time has a convention? Look up creation intertainment. (@CreationEnt) Once starts back Oct 6 on ABC (@OnceABC).
    My son just turned 16! He started 10th grade.
    I hope some or all of this helps. Love and hugs. ❤❤ Things have to get better. They have to.

  100. My bff got us ticketa to see Hamilton here in Chicago again next April. This will be her mom’s first time, my friend’s second time and my third (I won the ticket lottery once). We’re also looking for a job and we’ve managed to snag some interviews this week. So there you go.

  101. Here’s my favorite joke:
    A doctor went to write a prescription. He reached into his pocket and instead of the pencil he was expecting, he pulled out a rectal thermometer. “Dang it!” he cried. “Some asshole has my pencil!”

  102. This is my happy. Unprompted, at age 7 my son wrote a letter to the selectmen that resulted in a library being created in our little podunk town. He is 9 now, and the doors opened a few weeks ago. A freaking LIBRARY exists because of my son!!! And he volunteers there, pasting in book pockets and stamping books. This is my first true win as a mama! I couldn’t be more proud.

  103. I don’t know if this is happy or not. Sometimes it feels like too much responsibility. Remember that what you do, how you treat the next person you encounter, makes a difference. Make your corner of the world a little brighter. And by “you” I mean all of us. Not just you, Jenny. THAT would be way too much responsibility.

  104. My sister found out her great dane is not terminally ill. I have decided to run for office and am getting lots and lots of support and atta girls. Most of all, I cannot believe the kindness of strangers risking their lives to save people they do not know. This is when we are truly American. Take care and watch lots of cat videos. xoxoxo

  105. When I picked up my 4 year-old from pre-K yesterday, he excitedly announced that he would be allowed to take Mr. Squeaky home. I looked in confusion to his teacher, who said that Mr. Squeaky is a class pet who gets to spend a week with each student. And then I met the (apparently) famous Mr. Squeaky… a small stuffed toy dog.

  106. Wrong name, Harvey was an invisible white rabbit. They should have named this Hurricane Dick because he’s poking everybody in the Gulf and fucking them over.

    Sent from my iPhone


  107. I breed hairless cats. This is a true story of a misadventure with one of my tomcats.

    Ok, so I’ve messed up again.

    You all know that I’ve posted a bunch of times about Dmitri’s ringworm. He was covered with it when I got him and has kept it despite every therapy I tried but has never passed it to anyone. I don’t know why that is – he lives freely in the tomcat room with other cats and nobody else has any signs of it.

    He has, or had, the classic red serpigenous stripes over his back and belly. And then I thought of spectazole, a very old antifungal ointment sold for humans. I bought it and slathered him up and he has just about cleared up after two treatments.

    Wednesday morning Ron had an urge to wash cats, so he dragged everyone out of the tomcat room and got in the shower with them and commenced scrubbing. When Dmitri came out of the shower, I decided I would put another round of ointment on him and finish up his cure. I opened the tube and laid it on the counter and then ran him around our bathroom about six times before I cornered him. I grabbed the tube and started smearing and remarked, “Gosh, this doesn’t seem to spread very well when he’s damp.” I soldiered on and got him covered from nose to fanny, with him protesting MUCH louder than usual when I did his backside.

    I returned him to the tomcat room and came back to help Ron and realized I’d just rubbed the poor guy down with Sensodyne toothpaste…..

    I’ll bet that smarted on his backside! WOW! I know it makes my mouth burn when I brush with it.

    Rushed him back into the shower and washed him again. By now poor Dmitri is convinced he’s died and gone to hell…you never heard such howling. He absolutely cringed when I got out the real tube of spectazole. I’m sure he was thinking, “Oh my burnin’ bum!”

    He lived and I did too, although I thought for a while Ron would die laughing. The upside is, his skin looks much better and his teeth are no longer sensitive.



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  108. My little girl started 2nd grade this month! She contracted viral encephalitis 3 month into kindergarten and survived (obviously) but with longterm damage done. Over the last not quite two years she has relearned to walk, regained some use of her right hand, and managed to stay with her class!
    Also, every waking moment my daughter pretends to be a dog. Every. Waking. Moment.
    Have you discovered The Big Quiz Show? I may fail all the answers but it is worth it just to watch Richard Ayoade geek it up and Noel Feilding’s outrageous outfits on most episodes.

  109. Best dumb joke heard in a long time:
    Why does the Swedish navy put barcodes on their ships?
    So they can scandinavian!

  110. My happy: I discovered washi tape. I may or may not have mummified a lot of things around the house with it. Including myself. 🙂

  111. My rabbit made it through his neuter surgery last week (he’s 12) to remove a tumor. He’s back to normal this morning, and I think he feels better overall.
    When we get in bed at night, the pug goes to bed with us. She has delicate pug snores when she sleeps – if I tuck my feet just right, I can both have warm feet, and feel her snoring me to sleep.

  112. I live in south Louisiana, where we got 30″ of rain in three days almost exactly a year ago, so the photos and videos coming out of Houston (where we have a bunch of family friends) are déjà vu in the worst way. But one thing my mom and I found last year was that many of the things we’ve learned in managing depression and anxiety are exactly the same things you need to navigate trauma as well. Many of us on this page know what it is to feel entirely wrecked, and have to find a way move forward anyway. The hard lessons I’ve learned in self-care, reaching out for help, putting one foot in front of the other, and most of all, how to hang on until help and light arrive – all of these things have turned out to make me better equipped to survive a disaster. But most importantly, I’ve been able to share the things I’ve learned in fighting mental illness with my non-depressed friends, who haven’t had to learn or practice these habits as extensively until now. I’ve seen them brighten when I offer them a tip on how to break up an overwhelming task, or sag with relief when I tell them how taking breaks is essential, and NOT selfish. Being able to help a loved one, even in small ways, in such a horrific external crisis is helping me feel like my own worst days (when I’ve felt the most worthless) don’t have to be a waste. That my worst impairments can actually be of assistance somewhere else. It’s a plot twist I would never expected, especially on those bad days.

  113. My cat Luli speaks English! She says “out” when she wants to go out into our fenced in back yard (she says this as she waits by the back door). She says “hello” when she first sees us after it’s been awhile (like every morning, and when I come back from errands). She also says “mouse” when she wants to play with her favorite toy, a toy mouse fishing pole type toy. (She says that as she’s walking towards where we store it.) The words are clearly different than any other sounds she makes, and she says them at the appropriate times. I was glad my husband has heard her speak many times too, so I got confirmation I wasn’t imagining it!

  114. Humor writing is so hard after catastrophe! Last week, I unexpectedly almost died due to mast cell disease and I’m just getting my balance again. It was the worst day in my life, but it completely restored my faith in humanity. Friends and acquaintances got me through the week holding my hand, walking my dogs, and offering stupid memes. It is so scary to be vulnerable, but I am overcome with gratitude.

  115. My Alexa A.I. told me this joke:
    Q: How do you get a handkerchief to dance?
    A: You put a little boogie in it.

  116. My happy: Yesterday, my kid hit someone at camp. (bear with me)
    He sat through an entire day of bullying behavior from this other kid. Engaged the counselors – twice – and the kid still wouldn’t leave him alone. Finally snapped and hit the other kid. Camp director came out to my car to admit that even she would have hit this kid under the circumstances and she did not blame my kid one bit. Side/funny note: kid said he went “all lawyer” when they asked him to apologize and said he did not feel he should and outlined his reasons for not apologizing. (he won his case)

    In years past he never would have made it past the first incident with this kid and would have punched or hit right away.

  117. My teen has been in a hospital and they want her to eat. She told the doctor she’s not eating because the food here sucks (It kind of does). The doc asked her what she wanted, took her order, and brought her food from a restaurant to get her to eat. I get all teary when I think about it. He even brought me chips and a cookie from the restaurant. Above and beyond. There are so many good people.

  118. Happy – Laying down with a migraine and watching my 16-year old and 13-year old sons trying to teach their little sister how to twirl properly on the tile floor. They spent 30 minutes showing her until they were all falling goofy on the floor laughing hysterically…with all the stress in life, watching them actually get along for a whole 30 minutes was refreshing.

    Happy cry – watching the news and seeing just how many people travelled from other states just because they had a boat and wanted to help rescue those who were trapped. THAT is pretty dang awesome.

    Please y’all, stay safe and be safe!

  119. Here’s something to cheer you – you are so treasured by your followers that I exhausted my finger scrolling down for a chance to post a note to make you smile. Your tribe is following you and all news of the troubles in Texas, and the many ways we can all help. Celebs are kicking in w/big $ too. Hopefully we’ve learned a thing or two from the continuing Katrina recovery and will be able to prevent it from happening again. The best thing is that people are right there, helping other people. It grows hope. Hang in there. Glad your friend is ok.

  120. My son started high school today. He spent all summer not having any friends (complicated friend group breakup where he wouldn’t take sides so he ended up in neither group) but he made a new friend today. He was really worried about going to high school with no friends so I am hugely relieved. He’s a nerdy kid and leans toward lonely but he really does like to have a small circle of like-minded kids. Gamers, Rick and Morty fans, etc.

  121. Less than two years ago, my teen daughter was missing lots of school, sometimes staying in the house/her room for days at a time. Since then, she has had a few med changes, new therapies and a new school with a individual education plan for her (after fighting for SIX years at her old school to get an IEP). She colored, drew, read, wrote, talked, swore, screamed, and clawed her way to better health. THIS SUMMER: she started a Gender and Sexuality Alliance (in a town of 1200 pop. that is very conservative), had a float in the parade to introduce said GSA, spoke at a vigil for Charlottesville & compared the anti-racism struggle to the X-men, babysat four kids at one time(!), made and (froze for later) meals for herself, painted the bathroom, and read a lot of comic books. Yesterday, she started school. 10th grade. She came home and said, “I had a good day.” Here’s to GOOD DAYS.

  122. Our house is dry and has power, so I’m doing laundry for friends whose house flooded.

  123. I have two new kittens. As kittens do, mine are into creating as much trouble as they can. I mean, they really put in the effort. Sitting in butter, getting behind the sofa, eating the dog’s tail, quality troublemakers. (I still vote we rename them Fred and George.)
    Anyway, this morning, they noticed me using the ice maker in the fridge door for the first time. They obessed. They are really trying to figure out how to get up there and make a real mess.
    I’m pretty sure they can’t, which is why it’s funny and I’m happy.

  124. I hosted a Marian Call concert here at my library last night and it was magical! Only 20 people came, but they all loved it and hope she comes back!

  125. Today I got a reprieve from chemotherapy because I needed it and I asked for it. And I can’t have a treatment next week because of my travel plans, so YEA!!!! Two weeks off from chemo! I’m a happy puppy.

  126. I am covered in green and purple glitter because I’m making Joker-colored tutus for my 2-year-old goddaughter and another friend’s birthday. It’s not coming off, but it’s okay.

  127. I don’t know. i wish I could find a happy thought. I would normally grab my kitten and let her smash her face on my face because she loves me. But I’m not at home. And my mood stabilizer has 3 more weeks until it kicks in and it feels like the longest 3 weeks ever. Wait. These were supposed to be happy things. My happy thing. I finally got a diagnosis for why I am always so annoyed and bitchy, and why nothing seems to touch my cold dead heart. Apparently there is a medication for this. So fingers crossed. Also, this:

    Also find Lucy, my medicinal kitten, on my blog.

  128. I got this text from my daughter last night. She is quoting her 3 1/2 year old daughter. It cracked me up. Maybe you’ll laugh, too! Kenley is 3; Ayla is 6 weeks old.

    ” Ayla was screaming, so Kenley walked over and stuck her finger in her mouth to make her stop crying. Then she pulled it out. Jeff ( her husband) said, “Put it back, Kenley- she likes it!”
    Kenley: “You do it, Dad- She’s yours!”
    Then she said, “Mama, She’s hungry. Feed her from your arm pit!”

  129. I ran 2 miles without stopping Saturday, played really well (for me) in two soccer games Sunday, and had a great group tennis lesson today. This is huge for the girl who was always, always, always picked last in gym. Love you Jenny!

  130. Earlier this summer, I had medical situation that prompted me to nickname my boobs “Lumpy and Leaky” (detailed in an agonizingly and oversharingly way on my blog) Later this week, I’m heading to the hospital for a surgical procedure that will hopefully answer my questions, once and for all. I think I’ve watched this video a bajillion times since this all started (and 19 bajillion over the years), and it never fails to make me smile.


  131. So husband was out of town a few weeks ago leaving me with our two sons. J just graduated from high school and is 18. M is 13 and just started 8th grade. Basically I have it easy since the kids are self-sufficient. 18 year old borrowed the car to meet his friend (who is a girl, but NOT a girlfriend as he is quick to point out). He got home safely, no car crashes, all is well.

    Next day we three are heading to Mass. After I parked I went to pick up my purse from the passenger side floor.

    Then I see IT.

    No, not a creepy-ass clown, but…

    A condom wrapper.

    Not wanting to have a big discussion before Mass I wait to talk with him at night without younger brother around.

    “J, I’m glad you are being safe by using condoms but can you please not leave the wrapper in my car?”

    He immediately burst out laughing.


    “Oh Mom! She was holding it outside the car window while we were driving on the highway to see how big it would get.”

    I am far from naive but know that he was actually being truthful about this.

    This was a parenting first for me. Called husband later and told him that J can use his car from now on.

  132. Just found out my friend who has been doing IVF is having twins finally!! So excited for them. That makes me very happy.

  133. Our older dog (5) has finally accepted her new sibling (whose been around for 6 months), and both slept together last night without tussling or keeping everyone awake. I’m well on my way to getting my new podcast underway. My sister just hit her second trimester, and I’m super excited to be an aunt AGAIN 🙂 . One of my fave youtubers raised just over $5000 for the victims of Harvey, which was so amazing. And I just got my notification that the items I bought on Amazon for the Austin SPCA were delivered. Soo…YAY! Is that enough good news? I’ll tweet a pic of my dogs for ya’ll too. I’ll tag #bloggesstribe.

  134. Thank you Jenny for giving voice to the sadness and the feelings of overwhelm. I’ve had them too. However I was able to attend one day of a multi day transformational healing arts festival outdoors a couple hours from my city, and it really has given me strength and comfort. There was so much great music and loving people, we did ecstatic dancing (i.e. getting into a state of flow) and as one song lyric put it, “we’re all one tribe together”–and that is what I truly felt coming away from this festival.

  135. The XXL dog bed with a tiny kitten sleeping in the middle of it and a disgruntled XXL dog laying with only his butt on the bed…

  136. This is hurricane related, but in a good way. I posted on my personal FB page about how I wanted to send feeding supplies for medically needy kids in the affected hurricane zone. My family and friends help me raise over $200 in a matter of hours so I could send the supplies I have, which are very specialized and not something that would be covered in a local food bank. And more of my medical mom friends are doing the same. Help is on the way tubies!! That is how I am hustling this week. 🙂

  137. Rereading about Beyonce which came up today on FB On this day. I laugh out loud every time. Ok, I admit, I laugh until there are tears every. single. time. And I have read it a bunch of times. Thank you for sharing your wit and humor with us. And a HUGE thank you to Victor for telling you no more towels.

  138. I am reading your blog – this is happy because it means I still have sight. That is VERY happy! I am currently working with a retinal surgeon to determine why I have a swelling in my right eye. It has come…and gone…and come back. This Dr. was the deft handed genius who saved that eye when the retina detached in 2004. Happy? Go watch a youtube video about scleral buckle with vitrectomy for retinal detachment…they are very graphic and definitely make me happy that at present I am NOT having to think about that! Drops drops drops and we shall check again in eight weeks! Happy, giddy, absurdly blessed! I am praying on all those wet souls in Texas, Louisiana and the entire gulf coast for the rain rain to go away! Such devastation! So many good stories of folks helping each other, do not give up! Your blog always makes me Happy Jenny, so hope we can help you feel happy…here’s a happy thought! I saw a desiccating pile of road kill on my walk the other day, by now I should be able to sift through the bones for jewelry possibilities! Giddy!

  139. After three years of scrimping and saving, working at a gross commission-based job, and living with my parents (I’m exceptionally grateful for them for letting me stay there and I pay rent, utilities, and all my expenses), I finally was offered my dream job in Chicago and I’m moving in three weeks. This is coming two months before my 30th birthday!!!! I won’t have to celebrate in my childhood bedroom. This ship has launched!!!!!

  140. The animal shelter I volunteer at is taking in evacuees’ pets and strays caught in the storm. I fed a tiny kitten, it’s eyes just open, before the whole litter went to a foster home. When I got the bottle in this little black fuzzball’s mouth, its ears waggled with contentment as it ate. Pure, adorable joy. 🙂

  141. Me: (to injured roommate) I tried to vacuum the house but the vacuum cleaner your mom gave you weighs about a hundred pounds and, after hurting my back, it turns out it doesn’t suck well enough to do the job.
    Roomie: Just make sure it’s empty. It’ll work better when it’s emptied regularly. Also, we have a broom.

    Two and a half months later, after roomie has bad-mouthed my housekeeping abilities and can no longer stand the accumulated dog hair and plugs in the vacuum and tries to use it…
    Roomie: (#$&% This vacuum weighs like a hundred pounds! I can’t push this! It hurts my back! And it doesn’t work! It’s not picking up anything!
    Me: I told you that, but maybe you don’t remember because…pain meds.
    Roomie: Now this is just one more thing I have to deal with!
    Me: I’m wishing I hadn’t gotten rid of the vacuum I had before moving here, when you told me I didn’t need it because you had one.
    Roomie: You know what works well? A broom.

    Happy thing? We are both still alive!

  142. My grandson has figured out humor. My husband asked what they should get me for my birthday and suggested Legos! That was silly, Poppa, but prompted a long, hilarious conversation about all the things I wouldn’t like for my birthday, most of them related to bodily functions and more Legos, but still he’s 4 and he gets it. Nothing better than a 4 year olds hearty laugh to make a long day better. I wish I could post him because he would make you smile. Hugs!

  143. A joke to lighten your day. Hope it makes you giggle like your book has done to me.

    Why did the snowman get excited?

    Because he heard the snowblower was coming 🙂

  144. My dad bought me a website because he believes I will be able to make a living doing art. (I’m 17 and start my senior year next week.)

    I haven’t done a single thing to it yet, but I can and I will. And in the meantime I just keep visiting it and grinning like an idiot.

  145. My fave story in recent memory:
    One night, my 11-year-old nephew was wearing dark green pj’s, and I was marveling at how tall and gangly he has gotten. I remarked that he looked just like a string bean. When I went to leave, I said to him, “See ya later, String bean.”
    And he replied, “See ya… Potato.”

  146. There are two British shows I watch on YouTube to cheer myself up. Mrs Browns Boys (warning fowl language) and Dinner Lady’s

  147. I got to hoard my future siblings in-law at my house during the storm, including the most kickass bearded dragon that repeatedly runs into walls. We remained dry the whole time, never lost power or internet so we were able to help others, and I won EVERY game of Settlers of Catan that we played. We laughed and we cried and we laughed and we cuddled with the dogs and watched Rick and Morty too. We are happy to be together and have a place to host our friends that need help. We’re happy that we didn’t have to turn to unhealthy addictions to create a false sense of security during the storm.

  148. I read some of “lets pretend this never happened” to my boyfriend’s kids on a car ride (14 and 21) they were dying, they thought it was the best thing ever. =)
    Other good news, one of the kittens we have learned to play fetch. and all my plants are doing ok so far.

  149. Was just thinking about an otter killing another otter , we could charge him with otter slaughter.

  150. This morning my baby was making happy chirpy baby noises and then one of the cats started interjecting (nearly indistinguishable) chirps and then my toddler chimed in too, so we ended up with the whole household chirping except for Sir David Cattenborough.

  151. My students love my teaching style and classroom organization and are giving me compliments on it unprompted! And their performance shows that they are getting it too! Hooray for beginning of the year success!

  152. By the way, if you just glance quickly at that fox, it looks like Dorothy Barker.

  153. Whenever somebody draws a heart on the community board I break it. There’s one right not but I decided to wait until tmw morning to break it to give my roomies a sense of hope.

  154. I’d like to add a second one. Tonight is Wonder Woman night in my house. The downloadable movie came out today and I’d pre-ordered it. I plan on getting pizza after work and popcorn and ice cream and the kids and I will have a living room Wonder Woman party. We’re all very excited about it.

  155. When our house flooded in the 2013 Colorado floods, I just told everyone we were enjoying spa days just sitting soaking around in huge house sized tubs. Changing how we phrased it helped then and even now so – happy spa day!!

  156. The fig tree in our back yard has finally started to come back from the serious stress it exhibited in the recent drought years. It’s a bumper crop and I anticipate figs wrapped in bacon sometime soon.

  157. Today was $3.99 popcorn shrimp day at my favorite seafood restaurant. A great big plate, with fries, hush puppies, and coleslaw. Yum!

  158. Today, the guy in front of me in the drive-thru at White Rock Coffee paid for my coffee.

  159. I got laid off today. But I was already applying and have two phone interviews on Thursday.

  160. My six-year-old has changed his name from James to Indiana Jones. He now lives his whole life as an adventurer. We spray painted a ceramic Teenage Ninja Turtle from Goodwill gold for him so he can carry an idol around. He is the funniest little guy. I wanna be him when I grow up…..

  161. My husband got a Nintendo Switch today, and he’s so delighted it’s adorable. He rarely asks for anything, and he’s SO HAPPY when I give it to him! Also, we successfully viewed the totality of the eclipse without burning our eyeballs because we bought our glasses in March. And our hotel room only had one roach. That we knew of.

  162. My son just started 7th grade, too. Every night at dinner he tells us what he has learned in French class. it makes me smile.

  163. My daughter had her six week checkup after her fifth open heart surgery. She doesn’t have a “normal” heart , but she has a working heart and should continue to build up her strength and live.

  164. My cat is currently draped over my arm like I am a coat rack while I am laying in bed. He sleeps like this a lot. Or curled up under my chin sitting on my windpipe. And we both live to see the morning.

  165. I’ve been watching the weather channel for about 3 days. I live in south Louisiana and we will get more rain tonight and tomorrow but nothing near Texas. Sending you peace and calm
    -What did the grape say when the elephant stepped on it?
    –it let out a little ‘whine.’

    Take care!!!

  166. I am facilitating an online 12 week course of The Artist’s Way based on the book by Julia Cameron starting September 1, is happening at The Artist’s Way Circle on Facebook.

  167. My friends were rescued from Houston where they were trapped on the roof of their car in the garage! Like you, I cried with relief. That’s about all the happy I need!

  168. I directed 3 shows this summer and had a crazy wonderful time. It was all because of the wonderful people I got to work with. Here is a clip of one of the preview performances. Basically, it’s 3 white boys rapping the plot of Othello.

  169. My daughter who is hospitalized with an eating disorder, kept her NG tube in for a whole 24 hours. This is my kind of happy! I’m thrilled…small steps, but that’s my kind of happy news 🙂

  170. I found out yesterday that my therapist also watches The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise. We agree completely that the last two people made bad choices.

  171. My happy: my nephew is 5 years old today. Five years ago, he and my sister almost died in childbirth. Today he has a big grin, wears round glasses like a little harry potter and loves to dance. Occasionally, he uses my sister’s phone and accidentally posts weird YouTube videos to her Facebook page so to the untrained eye, it looks like my grown-ass sister is really enjoying, say, Barbie dolls get unboxed or ninja turtles in Spanish and wants to share the videos with her friends. It cracks me up every time.

  172. Google Key & Peele show “The Substitute Teacher” it is a riot & had a message

  173. We have a new, accidental kitten that just kind of showed up one day a few weeks ago. I’d forgotten how totally spazzy and hilarious kittens can be, which is awesome enough, but the best part is that she regularly makes my husband literally laugh out loud, which makes me happy because he’s usually pretty reserved with his reactions to things. 🙂

  174. I’m a couple days late to the party, but Jenny, I wanted you to know that there is a place in England that you need to visit. It is absolutely essential that you do so. It’s called Percy’s Antiques Cafe/Bar, and it’s in the adorable town of Whitchurch, Shropshire (between North Wales and Manchester). Among many other bizarre and cool things in the decor, the owners, Daws and Kate have a vast collection of vintage taxidermy that has to be seen to be believed. Our band played there the other night, and the whole time I was going “damn, I wish I knew Jenny Lawson personally because I need to be FaceTiming her with a tour of this place!” (I showed Kate the cover of “Furiously Happy” and she thought Rory was adorable. 🙂 Anyway, check it out and I sincerely hope you make it there someday:

  175. Yesterday I took the first step in taking care of myself, first time in a long time. And I have a sweet beautiful man who loves me for reasons I will never understand. Tomorrow will come.

  176. I found your book by Googling “smart funny memoir,” and it definitely delivered. Is there a word to describe a laugh that is part snort, part asphyxiate and part sob? Please reply so I can write my review of your book on Google play. ;-). As for my happy, my community (Brazoria County) is awesome and we take care of each other! (Also, Harvey sucks and I’m glad he’s gone.)

  177. My mother, who came in from our of town, got a stern talking-to from a nurse about allowing me to rest (I had surgery yesterday). I cannot begin to tell you how much secret glee this provided me.

    For real. So satisfying. I feel guilty, but also vindicated.

  178. I started writing an essay that I’m really proud of, and even though I did not accomplish much else today, I’m holding on to that.
    There are puppies in this world.
    And thank God for comedy.

  179. I’m on bed rest – surprise appendectomy. My mom took my kids (6 and 2 1/2) to the library for fun. The awesome librarians had a display on geology, inspiring my kids. They came home to me bearing the coolest rocks they could find outside. My daughter gave me a rock with little white flecks. My son? (The toddler) He gave me the most beautiful black hunk of pavement from the parking lot. 😊

  180. I auditioned for the 37th Annual Christmas production – “Candlelight” – at our local historic site . . . and somehow landed one of the lead roles as 18th century colonial governor William Tryon.

  181. my boyfriend and i drove from boston to dc last night and spent a good portion of the trip listening to the “backstreet’s back” and “millenium” albums in their entirety. and yes, we sang all of it. and danced, obviously.

  182. Our foster kittens have almost doubled their weight in two weeks. This is good when you are a small kitten and need to weigh 2 lbs in order to be spayed or neutered and adopted. These two will be ready for their date with the vet on the 14th and they should be up for adoption on the 16th. Sweeties!

  183. I have made progress to get my children’s book published. I have an artist, and the beginnings of a kickstarter. Am aiming to go live by December 31st, hopefully sooner if I really work at it.

  184. My 7 year-old son has a friend who’s dad does taxidermy and works for a company that sells animal urine. He said coyote smells the worst when they are processing it. Apparently there is a whole taxedermy/urine collecting subculture I was not aware of until I read your books (or to be more accurate, listened to). He mentioned he has a squirrel business card holder. Any advice for how to get invited to their house? I would love to see his collection. He also mentioned that it’s surprising how many people have frozen wildlife in their freezer. You are clearly not alone in the world…

  185. I found your book “Furiously Happy” because I think I needed it. Then I stalked you here. Your blog is exactly the aggressively happy that I needed right now. For your happy: my 10 year old and 8 year old are currently wearing their dragon onesies and holding a tiny stuffed dragon named “Gadzooks”. Your comments section has made me smile which is the opposite of normal comment sections that you should never read!

  186. I know this is few weeks late, but i just rediscovered the Bloggess.

    I got my own bit of happiness this week by acquiring my very own Beyonce. He is not nearly as big as yours but my husband actually gets it. He even suggested putting him on the landing outside our apartment door. And claims He will make me a sign that says KKMF although I am not holding my breath. But I do chuckle now when I come home.

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