Who run the world? SQUIRREL.


Oh hey.

Victor: WTF.  I’m on a conference call.

me:  I’m thinking of calling her Daenerys TAILgaryen.  Because she has a tail.

Victor: That’s terrible.

me:  Marmot of Dragons.

Victor:  I’m literally working here.

me:  FURst of her name.

Victor:  Stop.

me:  I can’t come up with a better Game of Thrones squirrel pun.  It’s nuts.

Victor:  Seriously?

me:  I’m so sorry.  I walnut do it again.

Comments of the day:    Oh wait.  She’s the leader of the Unsquirrellied. ~ Regansbox


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  1. Whatever her name ends up being, she looks very happy to be getting puppy kisses… 🙂

  2. If you manage to find her some dragons to ride, you will be my forever hero – but don’t light her on fire…I’m not sure, but I think that might turn out badly.

  3. That is amazing and Dorothy thinks so too! Now if there is just a stuffed flying squirrel out there somewhere….

  4. That last pic with Dorothy Barker needs to be the cover of your next book. (I have the right dog, yes? If not, I’m sorry!).

  5. Oh wait. She’s the leader of the Unsquirrellied.

    (SO MANY HIGH FIVES. ~ Jenny)

  6. That is by far the happiest dead squirrel I have ever seen. I think it’s because she loves her name so much.

  7. Did Dorothy Barker growl at your newest family member?

    (A little. She’s intimidated by royal squirrels. ~ Jenny)

  8. I want to open your mail, it’s way better than what comes in mine. Also, she’s a looker and I’m smitten. And, is she busty? Some girls have all the luck.

  9. She’s very cheery. Did she come with the wig and apparel, or did you add that? Either way, she’s quite elegant.

    (She came full-Khaleesi. ~ Jenny)

  10. That is the cutest dead squirrel that I have ever seen! I was never a fan of taxidermy until I discovered you, Jenny!

  11. SQUIRREL, you really got me now (to the beat of the Van Halen song) #lovesquirrels

  12. Song of Mice and Fire. Sorry, but that smile looks extremely conspiratorial. You took that squirrel out of the box and she was all ‘yeah, let’s go annoy Victor, we totally got this. I was made for this.’

  13. I’m going to hell. Before I read the comments I thought someone had sent you a squirrel version of the Virgin Mary……

  14. Introducing: Daenerys Squirrellborn, of the House Tailgaryn, First of Her Name, the UnTrapped, Queen of the Acorns and the First Squirrels, Squirleesi of the Great OakTree, Breaker of Nuts, and the Mother of Dragonflys (because why the hell not)?

  15. Just don’t cut yourself when you take her off the mount to put her on her dragon. 😉

  16. I named my squirrel nemesis Squeaky Fromme, but she had no other cute nicknames because she was just plain evil. I’ve never seen a squirrel with a white chest–where I live they’re all monochrome!

  17. WEA-sel see how this turns out. You MUST-elid us know what name you choose. I’m going with weasel family here because she doesn’t have big incisors. But she could be a rodent. Let me know if I am out of order here.

  18. Why does that squirrel look so happy? I’ve seen happy squirrels all the time but none of them were smiling!

  19. Daenerys Tailgaryen, Marmot of Dragons. This is the best thing I’ve seen all year! Now if I only had your facility with puns, I would come up with a name for Missandei because she is never far from her beloved leader of the Unsquirreled.

  20. So, if you’re feeling up to a trip to Austin, the O Henry PunOff is next month. Just sayin’.

  21. Perhaps an actual bearded dragon may be acceptable to her majesty? If fur chance you find one.

  22. All hail Daenerys Tailgaryen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Mother of Dragons, the Unburnt, Breaker of Chains.

  23. Watch the beginning of Dinner With Schmucks. Think of all the possibilities!

  24. She’s cute. But I think it’s a bit weird that she had tiny,squirrel boobies.

  25. To be a fly on the wall at your house Jenny, lol! I love your stories. I have to consult you for names from now on. You
    come up with the best ones😁

  26. Oh, Dorothy Barker luffs her! As long as Daenerys doesn’t hurl a dragon at her (I’m behind, I admit it).

    That is awesome. You can’t make that kind of stuff up.

  27. I was having a bad day and I’m okay now. I really didn’t realize puns had that power.

  28. Omg the smile on her face is amazing. I just adopted a black kitten named Rutherford. I named him Sir Rutherford the first but he needs a last name. Tribe please help. If you want to see a pic first his Instagram is Sir_Rutherford_thecat

  29. I’m not a watcher of Game of Thrones (or most of the other currently popular series’). That being said, my first reaction to seeing your squirrel’s costume was first to wonder if if was supposed to be Mother Theresa. Then, I thought, “Heavens no! What ‘s the matter with me? It must be Marie Antoinette.” I’m old, and I really obviously need to keep up.

  30. You say she came in the mail, but she looks as though she might have just walked right up and knocked on the door…

    (I apologize for this comment containing no puns…)

  31. Odenna Squirrel? I mean, she did engineer the downfall of everyone’s least favorite character.

  32. Would someone please make tiny clothing for my one and only stuffed critter? I named him Levi years ago (pun deficient, I know) but I’m thinking if he had a badass pair of 90s mom jeans…

    Crap…there’s no way to add a picture here. Boo.

  33. Thank you for the laugh this morning. I am in london for work and my anxiety is through the roof – travel and introversion are a difficult mix. So thanks for being you and making me smile 🙂

  34. Beautiful! Your cleverness knows no bounds…or bondage. Whatever, that’s a hoot.

  35. Okay. For the nerds. Squirrels are from the family ‘Sciuridae’.

    Sooo….take a deep breath…..’Sciuridaenarys Tailgaryon’. Nerd pun for the win, but a bit too much of a mouthful for everyday use.

    Or for cuteness, I loved Beatrix Potter as a kid so simply ‘Mother of Nutkins’ will do.

  36. Victor must love having such acorn-y life. Pe-CAN you be my bestest friend? Because you are nuts in all the best ways.

    Anyway, I gotta go – cashew later!

  37. You are now my new favourite blog person. I have been trying to win a stuffed squirrel all week on ebay. I thought I was the only one with a squirrel obsession!

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