Let’s be friends.

Hey.  You know how sometimes you feel very alone because so many of the people in your real life are alarmingly normal and never have picnics in cemeteries or dress up taxidermy in Victorian clothes or are just not generally fucked up in the same way that you are?   Me too.  And that’s why today we’re making friends.

In the comments, leave your link to your twitter or Facebook or blog and tell us who you are in a sentence or two.  Share as little or as much as you want.

Here I am:

I’m @thebloggess on facebook, twitter, instagram and I am into dark humor, true crime and I want to be an otter when I grow up.  I am not good at life and often disappear because of my depression and anxiety.  I am too empathetic, I collect creepy dolls, I love horror and reading, I make tiny houses when I’m in anxiety spirals so I make way too many of them and then leave them in parks for kids (or spiders) to find. I once tried to rescue a decapitated human head.  I am often terrified and I am super weird and I am totally okay with that.  I can never pass this at the grocery store without making it into a very loud Lionel Richie song:

Your turn.

PS. To make it easier let’s use a hashtag on twitter today to find each other.  How about #letsbefriends?

PPS.  I totally knew it was Billy Ocean.  I was just testing you.

PPPS.  That’s a lie.  I’m a liar.

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  1. but Caribbean Queen is Billy Ocean, Jenny

    (I totally knew that. After you reminded me. ~ Jenny)

  2. Can I participate in the comments (or something) if I don’t have a blog or a twitter? Or if I don’t have any taxidermied critters?

    (OF COURSE. ~ Jenny)

  3. Jeez…I’m not on facebook, twitter OR have a blog! I secretly think that’s my superpower. But I also love all the things you do, but I think I’ll be a manatee when I grow up.

  4. Billy Ocean isn’t it? Not Lionel Richie? Clearly I am a pedant. @Jacqg on Twitter for mostly liking and reposting. Not much original posts.

  5. Hi! I’m Sami. I make nail polish and notebooks from scratch, I’m way too into tv, I like my cat better than my job, and I see colors-shapes-textures when I hear things. Also my brain always thinks something is about to kill me, despite meditation and cutting way back on caffeine. And I write stuff.

  6. Kelseabobelsea on Insta

    I care deeply about everything and what everyone thinks and that sends me into anxiety spirals that I ride out watching old comedy clips and cooking. I love books, food, and taking too many pictures of everyone and everything. I once did a Target workers job for them because I’m a doormat with strangers.

  7. You’re my one connection to social media, and that’s okay with me. I feel a part of your community whenever I comment here. Stay weird, and keep rocking, Jenny!

  8. Fun, Jenny, thank you! Can’t wait to meet all your friends in here. I’m Jodie Utter, I blog at utterimperfection.com where I work to connect pain to pain and struggle to struggle so we’ll feel less alone inside our stories and more at home in our hearts, minds, and relationships. I write my truths and share my stories, including struggling to survive infidelity 20 years into my marriage, a real shit show that we’re now on the other side of. I talk about all of it, for the sake of my own healing and for that of others who feel all too silenced in the shame of betrayal. But don’t worry, every once in awhile, I’m funny too. But in the in between, I source my funny here on Jenny’s page. https://www.facebook.com/utterimperfection/

  9. I’m Michelle. You can find me on Twitter $ Instragram @livingwithaleo and blog @lifewithaleo

    I’m a Leo (if you couldn’t tell) which means I love attention. But I also have some pretty serious social anxiety. I used to love flying but now I can’t get on a plane without a xanax or two. I’d like to say I have crafting hobbies but realistically I like watching TV. I love writing but I don’t keep up with it enough. I love tiny animals and pasta. Some days I get really dark and depressed when I think I’m not doing enough to save the world.

  10. I’m amanda as as. You can find me on Facebook. I live with horrible anxiety and depression and y’all make me feel not so alone. I tend to stay homr when not at work to avoid peopleing.

  11. I am @angryangelbooks on Twitter and Instagram, and my Facebook group url is https://www.facebook.com/groups/angryangelbooks/ (request to join!) My website is http://www.angryangelbooks.com I am a teacher, a writer, and a reader and I love sharing how I feel about the world with others. I’m an old, cranky, kind bitch that is fiercely loyal and furiously happy. I post book reviews, movie reviews, and personal essays about the current state of things or sometimes about my own day-to-day life. I love video games, superhero movies, cats, puppers, food, and of course, books. #letsbefriends

  12. Hi. I’m @RabidRonnie on twitter. I’m alarmingly into Dungeons and Dragons and am usually terrified I’m intruding on the universe while simultaneously convinced I could fix literally everyone’s problems. Also I accidentally typed “intrudong” instead of “intruding” and giggled about it for entirely too long before submitting this comment.

  13. Hi! I’m Nitallica, or Nicki, if you prefer. I’m a geeky sysadmin in Alabama. I also struggle with anxiety and depression. I cope by playing video games, blaring death or black metal, and binging stuff on Netflix/Hulu. I make sure that my poor therapist earns every dollar I pay. 🙂 I have an “inappropriate” level of humor according to my mother. I love animals and abhor most humans. I’m empathetic as well, and that gets me into a lot of trouble. I have a lot of fears and am working on most of them … the rest I deal with by ingesting large amounts of vodka and/or bourbon. My blog is http://www.nickifaulk.com (I promise I’m posting an update soon…ish), my facebook is facebook.com/nitallica, and my twitter is twitter.com/nitallica.

    PS. I have a little Beyonce from your shop on my desk at work. She is one of my monitor guardians. 🙂

  14. #letsbefriends Jenny. I have a twitter account but I just don’t use it. I am a facebook whore and I’m not ashamed to shout it. We should totally be friends.

  15. I’m Amy. I love dressing up in costumes and funky makeup and playing pretend on the weekends. I’m in the process of creating a new life. I am disabled due to Narcolepsy, Lupus, and some whoppin’ depression and anxiety to go along with it. #letsbefriends! I promise I’m just as weird as you.

  16. My name is Emily (EmeryBored on Twitter and EmilyRuth1225 on Instagram, not that I ever remember to post either place). I’m a weirdo nerd. I have bipolar, PTSD, and enough wrong with my body that life sometimes really sucks. I bury myself in Astros baseball, knitting, TV shows (especially reality competition shows like ANTM or Hell’s Kitchen… Anything that’s got some schadenfreude. Never Survivor, though, because it’s gotten idiotic and I can’t stand watching people eat gross stuff), and my cats for self care. I’m trying to put myself together enough again to have like, a “normal” life of work, friends, not living with my family… But until then, I’m okay just the way I am.

  17. I’m @missbanshee on Twitter. I’m a social worker, cashier, aging metalhead, mental health advocate, and a nerd since 1977. My mom doesn’t think I’m funny. I love comic book movies, music of any genre, medical drama shows, and cheese. I’m a bleeding heart liberal with a very loud mouth. I love making people laugh on Twitter. I’ve had a blog since 1999, but I don’t write on it much anymore. I would like to be your friend.

  18. I’m Ceridwynn, and I want to be a forensic scientist and then be a pathologist and most people don’t seem to understand my enthusiasm for crime and dead bodies. I’m @ceridwynnrose on Instagram and I technically have a blog but I haven’t started posting yet.

  19. Hi, I’m Stephanie, and at the very moment I saw this post I was thinking about how, if I ever wrote an autobiography, I’d title it, “The Call Me Quirky.” I’m not exactly sure how I’m quirky, except that I appear to retain the most random information, none of which I can call up right now, because that’s the way my brain works, as in it works really well when I don’t need it to, and kind of broken when it’s important, because I’m fun like that. And I wanted to be the first comment, because, like Elizabeth, I just had to say that Caribbean Queen is Billy Ocean. Instead, I would say, in reference to Lionel “OUTRAGEOUS” Ritchie, (me, remembering an American Music Awards he hosted from the mid-1980s, “Hello. Is it me you’re looking for?”

  20. I’m Lynn. My blog is wanderinglynn.com and I’m on Twitter (@wandering_lynn), Litsy (@wanderinglynn), and Instagram (@wanderinglynn). I’m into books, all things Neil Gaiman, jigsaw puzzles, & crafty art projects. I’m not good at the financial bits of being an adult and wish I could just read books all day and not have to interact with anyone unless it’s book related (but even then it’s iffy). I collect coins, books, & enamel pins and prefer animals to people most days. My dream is to open a bookstore bar. I too am often weird, and I embrace it. #letsbefriends

  21. I’m @pastey on twitter and @pasteys on instagram.
    I’m a stay at home cat mom with no social life and general and social anxiety.
    My cat also has an Instagram. @pumpernickel.t.cat

  22. I’m Nicole, @brossypants on twitter and Instagram. I’m a card-carrying member of the introvert brigade. My best friend is a cat and my husband doesn’t mind much. I write books and travel the world solo and raise strong, feminist kids and piss of my neighbours by planting vegetables instead of grass and geraniums in my front yard. I have a lot of letters after my name but they’re all medical conditions, not degrees. I once had a pet squirrel named Owen. According to my mom, my third word was ‘shit’ and I haven’t gotten less vulgar since. #letsbefriends?

  23. And I put a comma after 1980s, instead of a parenthesis, which I intended to do. And I actually care about that enough to comment on it here. Sigh.

  24. I was just venting to the husband about this! And I need to sew small 80s style workout attire for my taxidermy squirrel, thank you very much! I’m jessbeecreates on all platforms and love new friends. ❤️

  25. I am @rhtoivanen on twitter and @rhtoiva on instagram. I am a depression survivalist, I have been symptom free for one year, after years and years of darkness. I am a former runner but during depression, I lost all interest in it. It made me gain weight and now I hate my body. And then I hate myself for hating my body. Vicious circle. I love science, especially astrophysics, and books and dogs clean linen and clever people. They keep life interesting. Thanks for this blog and especially for this post.

  26. I’VE HAD PICNICS IN CEMETERIES. My friends and I went and found the oldest graves we could and had lunch with them.

    Besides that, I knit geeky things, act in local theater whenever I can, write a book every November, play in the SCA when I can (10th century Isle of Man Norsewoman), and create vast oceans of mental Fan Fiction of my favorite shows to cope with shit in my life (current fave: Supernatural).

    I’m “real” life I determine the age of fish. Yes it’s a job. Yes they get older than people think (215 year old shortraker rockfish, anyone?)

    I’m @brightshadowsky on Twitter if anyone wants to say hi.^_^

  27. I’m Kim – on twitter at @kim_penn, and on FB here: https://www.facebook.com/kweaverpenn

    I have kids and grandkids and a dog and cats and I am sometimes terrible at the “social” part of social media and I’m not great at sending friend requests (I get shy) but I’m always really happy to make new friends, so let’s be friends? 🙂

  28. i am not on any social media & have yet to figure out how to use Instagram or twitter. Not sure i want to – other than to enter contests. i love this blog, b/c it makes me laugh & cry & not feel weird about the things i feel weird about. i suffer from depression & sometimes anxiety. i have a lot of physical medical issues, but feel very lucky & don’t think i suffer much, in the grand scheme of things. sorry i can’t be a better friend….

  29. I’m Liz and I blog at Yes/No Detroit (yesnodetroit.com) and Books I Think You Should Read (booksithinkyoushouldread.blogspot.com). You can find me @yesnodetroit on pretty much any social site :).

    I may also be a book hoarder, but I figure that comes with the territory of book blogger …
    And I live in the Midwest (Michigan) but thankfully it’s not snowing out. Today.

  30. Hi. I’m Alan. I’m a soon to be empty-nester librarian/retiree-wannabe
    I’m @theycallmetater on Twitter, but I’m really bad at it
    My blog is theycallmetater.com but I’m mediocre at that.
    If you want to see my Facebook which is my personal one because I’m too lazy to keep up my Tater page it is at facebook.com/jalansimpson

  31. Hi. I’m Kathy from Florida. My Dachshund just died (he was 17 & my baby) & I feel lost. I’m a writer & avid reader. I love weird & spooky things. I also collect creepy dolls! I have a wonderful husband who supports me, but other than that, I don’t really socialize. I am currently unemployed again due to my broken brain (depression, anxiety) & my general inability to function in the “real” world (still not sure what that actually is). Think I have fibromyalgia too, which is super fun, as anybody who has chronic pain knows. I am RagdollPoet on Twitter, but I got rid of Facebook months ago, as it freaked me out too much. I also have some videos as RagdollPoet on Facebook via my old friend Hal McGee, who I really don’t see much anymore, since I live almost 2 hours away. This was way too long. I don’t talk much & then I go on & on–sorry.

  32. I’m @theladyh86 on twitter and I’m just a boring stay at home mom who’s terrified of germs and getting sick. So that’s fun. Oh and a friend and I write a book review blog…I do that because I’m not creative enough to write anything new. That’s https://rosetreereads.wordpress.com/ (which is sort of redundant since I’m posting via my blog. Whatever.)

  33. I’m Shereen and I like morbid things, Harry Potter and traveling. I run a budget travel blog, because I have little expendable income and I want to see all the places and need an excuse to plan imaginary (and real) trips and to write off all the food I eat when I travel. I like animals more than I like people. I’m an introvert and I often feel like I don’t fit in, even at family functions.

  34. I’m @katkoha. I’m really into anime and gaming, but most of the people around me aren’t. I love cats and they love me (my neighbor’s cat keeps trying to adopt me), but other than cats I feel so alone most of the time because of depression and anxiety. Even today, I’ve pretty much given up on adulting and will probably go hide in my room the rest of today playing games or reading Discworld. I have hobbies, but crippling depression keeps me from doing them as often as I’d like.; games and anime are more escapes than hobbies. I’ve driven one therapist to give up on me and my current therapist keeps falling asleep on me when she isn’t fussing about me isolating. I function at work only because my brain is a special kind of broken that can separate obligation to someone paying me to do something vs something I can and should do for myself which my brain seems to think is far less important.

  35. Hi. My Twitter is @AdellaTheThird I am agoraphobic and bipolar and anxiety ridden…oh and I have PTSD. I am trying to learn to not let these things control my life. I love cats and have two, one of whom is blind and has to live in a huge cage as a result so he doesn’t hurt himself. Also, he’s 19. I also have a dog, or rather my fiancee has a dog. I am not a dog person really, though I pretend well. I have a fiancee. I am an avid reader. Lately I’ve been devouring Neil Gaiman books. I have also just discovered Amanda Palmer, who is brilliant. I also am wild about Anne Rice books. I have so many books on my Kindle I will never read them all, but somehow, I can’t stop buying them. I have a Starbucks addiction. Yesterday was my birthday, let’s pretend I turned 29. IRL my fiancee is 28 and I am 12 years older, you do the math. We’ve been together going on 9 years, since before my brain officially broke. He is a Super Hero.Okay, I sound pretty crazy here…let’s see where this goes!

  36. I’m Heather. I’m @pokerpilgrims on Twitter. I am anxious pretty much all of the time. I also am completely incapable of calling people unless absolutely forced to (and I hate crowds, public speaking, and any form of transportation where I’m not the one driving).

    I developed a love of tournament poker about 10 years ago (in my 30s) and now my husband and I are planning to spend a year travelling around the country playing poker all the way. Just as soon as all of our kids are safely in college. We are blogging about that dream at https://www.pokerpilgrims.com .

    I will be doing the driving.

  37. I’m Stephanie, reacher of things on high shelves. Well “high” to my four-year old, for whom I always seem to be fetching something. If you’re unafraid of zombie raccoons, E.coli outbreaks, and moldy Sophies, you might like reading my stuff at http://www.snackdinner.com.

  38. I’m Paul. I spent a year or so pontificating about everything I could think of on my blog page until recently, when it dawned on me that silence is a virtue and laying on the couch watching reruns of iCarly is a far more pleasant way to spend an afternoon than trying to think of profound things about which to bloviate. As such, this comment is already longer than my last blog post.

  39. I’m a Jenny Lawson superfan. She’s my best friend (in my head).

    Wow. That sounds super creepy and stalkerish.

    I’m a mom of two plus two step daughters, in PTA, substitute teacher, former professional Middle Eastern dancer, formerly raised & showed AKC Siberian Huskies, Doctor Who and nearly all things sci-fi fantasy fan… ’nuff said? #bitofagoober 😉

  40. I’m @Catrina_Woman on twitter and I have a long forsaken Blog here https://skullwoman.com, which I am determined in May to resurrect and start writing again. I’m an ex-punk rocker with a Masters degree in Poli Sci, who plays bass, loves Halloween and all things skeletal, works in IT. I also have a thing for cats and goats. And I’m a more than decent cook, who pretty much has enough canned goods to last out any zombie apocalypse. Despite being in CA over 30 years, I still maintain a sarcastic sense of humor, which Californians find off putting. Oh and I speak passable German.

  41. Hi.
    I’m Katie. My Twitter is @Palitato.
    I like art and galaxies, and doing my nails, and right now I’m in the process of many doctor visits to figure out wtf is wrong with my heart.
    I adore Criminal Minds, even though it gives me nightmares.
    I have ADD, and am a strong supporter of proper treatment (medicated or otherwise) and acceptance of those with neurodovergent brains.
    I’m also a disability rights advocate and I WILL DO ANYTHING TO BE ABLE TO PET A CAT.

  42. #LetsBeFriends?
    Hi to my fellow Anxvengers (just go with it),
    I don’t do social media because there are too many weird people who are not weird, just annoying :p . I prefer books than people (a book I can close but a body I must dispose off without end up on (my nationality here) Dumbest!
    Listening to music is the only way to calm my Misanthropic mind.
    Life moto: #fuckit!

  43. hi, I’m kerrie…
    I draw horrible things that I mostly keep to myself because they make me laugh and make others question my insanity. (Like Cruella de vil wearing a coat made of old man balls, or famous people with butts for faces because…why not) I recently started a blog to talk about the random crap that happens to me and I hope to soon post my ridiculous drawings there because maybe someone out there will enjoy them as much as I do…

    I have a lot of plants, I even keep the dead ones. They all have names. (Tom, Phil, Bob, Dave…etc. Not sure why they are all dude names.) I collect little toys to put them in the plants because they look happy there.

    My anxiety controls my life and I’m struggling to find ways to battle it. Painting helps… but I’ve come to realize I enjoy getting the paint all over myself and my furniture rather than the canvas.

  44. Hi, I’m Jenni. On Twitter I’m PirateJenni, and on Instagram I’m jennitemprano. I fail at life and at adulting, and I like to watch The Walking Dead because Norman Reedus. And if you click on my name, it will take you to my blog, and then you’ll really be sorry.

  45. Thank God for all of you! My husband drove away(literally in his car) 8 years ago and never came back. I’m basically a hermit now. Depression and anxiety have a strong hold on me. I read. I knit. I cuddle my dogs and cats. I listen to true crime podcasts. I’m Aileen Epstein on twitter where I love to follow all journalists who hate Trump as much as I do. I love your tiny houses, Jenny❤️

  46. I’m Mrs. P², from The Planning Perfectionist! I too have a dark sense of humor – in fact, yesterday someone was telling me the setup to a joke and I anticipated the ultimately innocent payoff being rather white hood related – and in the last few months, I’ve been inspired by this blog to start my own. I injure myself weekly playing indoor volleyball, mainly read sci fi/fantasy books, and enjoy rewatching animes from my childhood. Nice to meet you!

  47. Annnnd, I lied, because I just saw a typo in my post… It should be “They Call Me. . . ” not “The Call Me. . . ” Ugh. Anyway, at least I pulled up a relatively obscure reference from the mid-80s. So, there’s that.

  48. My name is Missy (Grammin’ and Tweeting @missy_nations).

    I love my alma mater so you often find my publicly spouting off about MS State things.

    Personally, I’m a HUGE introvert and still am scarred by high school. I like to read – LOVE book recommendations. My favorite holiday is Booksgiving. I wish we could do it once a month. I love to give books away, especially ones that I’ve already read — it’s like giving away a piece of you.

    The current administration makes me BARF but I’m a career civil servant so joke’s on me.

    I also love binge watching TV shows and I’m counting down until I have some free time to devour S2 of The Handsmaid Tale.

    Come say hi! 🙂

  49. PS–I have a stuffed bear. Not a taxidermy one, but she watches The Price Is Right & thinks she’s a cocaine dealer & loves Star Trek. We also take her to the drive-thru & I move her head (she’s a puppet & her mouth moves) & freak out the workers.

  50. Hi new friends. I’m @nuttytangents on Twitter and am really good at forgetting to post to my blog http://spokenlikeatruenut.wordpress.com. I’ve been battling Hashimoto’s disease for the past ten years, depression for the past twenty, and I almost sprained something laughing the first time I read Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.

    I collect random pieces of scrap metal which I plan to make a sculpture out of…someday, have a mind firmly planted in the gutter, and today is my birthday.

  51. Hello,

    My name is Rachel and I have a chocolate addiction. I’m not usually one that fits into any particular shape or mold. I have a dark sense of humor and sometimes struggle to pass myself off as human. I’ve followed the bloggess for a long time and got inspired to start my own. I write a blog http://www.winterfoxblog.wordpress.com #letsbefriends

  52. My name is Kat, I like cats. I have a Twitter (sacredmeow), Instagram (sacredmeow), and I’m also on FB if you can pick me out (Kat that posts weird replies.) I cuss like a sailor, enjoy spooky shit, Jenny’s blog (I feel less alone in my weirdness), and musical things. I also have a rather passionate interest in anything to do with Asian cooking. I’m not picky. Kimchi is good.

  53. @catladybeachbum on instagram

    I generally post about my cat (I am a huge cat lady), school (I guess not anymore I graduate in less than 2 weeks with my MSW!), mental health stuffs… just a 30 something waiting for the east coast to warm up so I can try to surf again and read in the sun.

  54. Hi. I’m a bit of a hermit and cripplingly introverted! I’m classic ‘scared of my own shadow’. I started my blog because I needed to find something to save my sanity after I kept being made redundant. I needed a creative outlet where people can laugh at my misfortune. I’ve always felt like I didn’t fit in, but I’ve learnt to be ok with that. My friends are well-used to my social anxiety. They know I’d rather eat my kneecaps than go to a party! Finding The Bloggess and tribe has made me feel at home. I don’t collect taxidermy. I do love chips and crisps (fries & chips 😉 ). I can be very brave when it comes to doing stupid stuff. I feel physically sick at any hint of conflict or disharmony, personal, external, global. I’ve started drinking Vermouth. Rosso.

  55. Hey Jenny, I don’t do Facebook any more since they think my information should be an open book to the Trump ne’re do wells. My blog is https://bloggingdysfunction.blog. Twitter is @pamela_lapier. I alternate between calling mysel the biggest piece of shit that ever lived to thinking I’m going to be a great writer like our lovely bloggess. I want to be a cat when I grow up because they don’t give a damn what anyone thinks and they believe they’re here to be worshipped. I’d like that kind of confidence. I haven’t found fun outlets like you have so I mostly hide in my apartment and batter myself for bad things I’ve done both real and imagined. I have a demon inside me too that I can’t shut up. I think you know about that.

  56. I am @ladyjenpool on twitter. I am into dark humour, true crime, music and books. One of my many hobbies is collecting bad erotica writing, I own a postcard of a gangrenous hand in a jar, and if you can imagine a socially awkward, loud red panda, that’s me. I have anxiety disorder, PTSD, bipolar and ADD, so my daily weird level is pretty high. I can’t decide if I want to be Carrie Fisher or Emma Thompson when I grow up.

  57. I often disappear on these due mostly to anxiety, sometimes depression, but here they are anyway:


  58. Hi! I’m em and I’m moving everything to a new address at the end of May, (my 29) so I’ll definitely jump in here.

    address is: @35jupiterdrive (on twitter)
    @35jupiterdrive (on insta)

    there will also be a blog & a pinterest, but these two first. it’ll be illustrations & other random things. 🙂

    here’s what I’m trying to do: this small space will be illustration & the things that make life a good place to be. small gratitudes. comfort foods. little observations. tiny bits of good.I’m feeling a need for respite and thought perhaps others are as well.we’ll see what it becomes.

    I also have a cat named Harry Pawter who has a lightning bolt on his face and has his own twittter (and when I get my act together, instagram.

    he’s at @harrypawtercat on both.

    Thank you Jenny!!

  59. I am @janhielan on Instagram and @najnajs on Twitter. I’m an avid hobby photographer so Instagram shows who I am best. I’m beyond not normal. I use to write. Had a career and small kids. Husband fell ill. ALS sucks. He died. Kids almost all grown up now and they’re not normal at all either. Oh well, I’ve found most aren’t. On a new path yet again, no clue where this one will take me. #letsbefriends

  60. I’m Billie.
    You can find me at FB https://m.facebook.com/billie.lusk.1?ref=bookmarks
    Or in IT at billielusk (can’t link it don’t know why)
    Rapid cycling bipolar weirdness with chronic ideation and hallucinations and

    There is a lot of ands… im also a hobbyist photographer, a mom, and I recently got the cutest floofy puppy ever that we officially renamed Princess Luna.

  61. I’m a bit paranoid about being “outed” online for reasons too long/boring to go into here so you can just call me C. I love most animals (but ESPECIALLY cats, nature’s perfect creation), reading like it was my job (I WISH it was my job), 80s music, Hatsune Miku, conspiracy theories (not that I believe 99% of them, I just like reading them), and video games, especially survival horror like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. I don’t have a sweet tooth, I have a sweet JAW. My favorite movie is The Fall, starring Lee Pace, another one of nature’s perfect creations. You can find me on Twitter at @sairentohiru, and my blog (mostly reviews of the stuff I read/watch/play every month) is here: http://sairentohiru.blogspot.com/ Glad to meet you all!

  62. Manic Depressive Stand-Up comedian and writer who lives in New York and accidentally kicked a squirrel in the face recently while running but I don’t think that’s my fault as much as it’s just that squirrels have gotten too comfortable with humans in NYC.

  63. I have no instagram or blog because I’d be way too OCD about it. Too much time spent in classes at the college and working and married and house and just running away from everything except my husband. Well, sometimes him too.Love art,writing, tv and animals. And sick alot.

  64. I’m @shadowanna3 on Twitter. I have BPD, generalized anxiety, was abused as a child, and I’m not very good at relationships. I’m a geek and an introvert who really wants to make friends. #letsbefriends.

  65. I am Melissa. I am a 45 year old goth kid who is regressing rather than maturing. I like painting, knitting, burlesque, and watching 80s music videos all day in my underwear. I like slam poetry. I hate sandwiches. I have anxiety disord r. Everything about me is contrary to the point that I was even a breach birth. You can find me on Instagram and twitter under @melistress

  66. I’m @debbiec42 on twitter. I like knitting and crocheting. Sometimes I quilt. I always have a few craft projects on the go. I read alot. Mostly mystery and thrillers with a whole range of other stuff thrown in for good measure. I feel like I’m writing a dating profile. LOL. I suffer from depression and anxiety. My favourite place to be is sitting on my front porch but this Canadian weather doesn’t let me do that as much as I’d like. I also love to travel to Europe.

  67. I’m Laura! My friends selected the title of my future memoirs: “My Brother Killed Himself, I Left My Husband, And Then I Joined The Circus.” Subtitle: “And she’s strong and could probably kill you with her bare hands”. In a nutshell, after my brother’s suicide in 2009 I basically decided to focus on things that made me happy, so I quit my job and my marriage and became a circus artist and flying trapeze instructor. I still have big dreams at 42, and even though society wants me to be invisible I’m not going quietly (nor am I letting my panic and anxiety disorders keep me down!). You can follow me on Instagram at @lifeafternormal, but it’s mostly pictures of my dog and two cats. And alcohol. Occasionally circus fun. I blog occasionally (trying to do more!!!!) at http://www.lifeafternormal.com and tweet occasionally at @lifeafternormal. I love that you are doing this, Jenny! Thank you! Can’t wait to follow away!

  68. I less than three this whole idea. I’m /iamtanyaschofield on Facebook and Pinterest, and /tanyaschofield on Instagram, and as an infj pisces I have a higher chance of finding a narwhal in my sock drawer than actively making a new friend even though I’m a pretty good one sometimes when I’m not over-peopled or depressed or anxious or on deadline or insecure or it’s Thursday. I do the fiction-writing and the tea-drinking and the fandom-obsessing, I have 8 tattoos and once I invented an entire coded language using only punctuation. I like glitter and cheese and cats and I mostly think being alone is perfect, but sometimes I’d rather not be lonely.

  69. https://www.facebook.com/1460409678

    I’m the person who constantly waves at the person who is waving at the gal behind me. 😉 I’m awkward. I am a cartoonist who shakes when I’m nervous from tremors so I have to be chill to draw. I’m rarely chill. I wrote two awful books, and published them just to prove I could. I’m a mom, and the one in the pickup line at school who stands off alone, but gets a huge hug when my kids run to me. I’m a weirdo. I like it here.

  70. I’m Marnica and I really don’t use Facebook, twitter, and I don’t have a blog (maybe someday). I do use instagram (username marnicastill) to look at pictures of cats and food from Portland, OR. I’m into morbid things like death and dying rituals, nerdy stuff, watching hulu/Netflix, and old tea cups. I work in a library which leads to reading too many books at once and pushing people around me to use their library. My anxiety likes to tell me everyone hates me which leads to depression. I am a very empathic person which leads to alot of pain that I absorb from toxic people. Basically I’m a cat who drinks coffee and can pull off brow line glasses.

  71. My name is Marla. I’m too terrified to link to anything because anxiety is a bitch. I secretly want to be a writer, but I haven’t had the guts/nerve or whatever to put myself out there. I escape my brain demons by running (slowly), swimming (even slower), getting lost in sci-fi, and watching true crime shows. Recently when searching for the show “unmasking a killer”, my tv pulled up the show “unmasking the idol” so my husband and I shrugged and pressed play. If you love to make one liners while watching odd movies, that’s a good one to add to the list. I recently Moved to a new state, and have been drowning in sadness from a lack of having a person out here, but I’m also petrified to open up when I meet people, so it’s a hamster wheel problem. I’m not good with conclusions, so bye!

  72. Hi, I’m Gary. I’m a doctor, food blogger and former podcaster. I like reading blogs. I have a dark sense of humour but I live alone in a small one bedroom flat in Canberra, Australia. I like making on-line friends. I have a pet ceramic pig with no name.
    I’m on Twitter @garydlum @yummy_lummy and my blog is at https://yummylummy.com

  73. Hello, my name is Lili. I live in San Antonio. I have a facebook but no one can seem to find me on it. Listed as Lili Pena Dyer and my email is lilipenadyer@yahoo.com. I have been an artist, jewelry designer and now gemologist. I have felt most of my life like the star block being forced through the square hole in the blue and red ball with shapes in it for ages 0-3. I have toy poodles. I collect vintage poods, adopt an ancestor portraits and old photos, and kitschy 50s/60s cook books and dishware. I am surrounded by a wonderful group of strong, badass women. I think you would fit in just fine. We are all originally from the land of misfit toys and have finally found each other. Find me! I don’t tweet.

  74. Hi I’m Brenda, I am a rocker – in the way that as a child I would bounce my back against the car seat or chair, wherever I was sitting. This is still my favorite way to deal with anxiety only now I try to restrict it to a rocker recliner. I have three small stuffed animals, Ribbert, Roarbert and Patch and I have them packed in a gym bag (sitting up on a folded blanket so they can see out) and take them along with me for the car ride wherever I go. I make up stories about them and they each have very unique personalities. I refer to them as CSAs, Certified Service Animals. When left in the car alone, they love to blow the horn to startle people then they giggle and act like they are just stuffed animals. I have an amazing husband who knows everything about me and loves and supports me anyway! He will carry the CSA’s bag if I have my hands full and he makes up adventures for them too. Roarbert calls my husband, “Big Guy” and likes my husband to call him, “Tankster”.
    I normally try to hide my crazy but sometimes it gets away from me and I know I’m not fooling anyone! Jenny, you have been so important to me since my breakdown in 2015. Thank you for helping me make a comeback. I would love more friends!

  75. I already follow you on twitter but I don’t know to do the hashtag thing. I can barely figure out “the twitter” as it is. But I want to be your friend, too. I have issues with feeling like I’m being left out. On twitter I am @annakiwi.

  76. I’m Ashlee and just kind of a quirky person. I spend too much time snuggling and talking about my dog. I love crime dramas. I generally make my family wonder with the things I do, say and wear. Luckily I have husband that encourages me. I’m on Twitter @ashaleeanne but usually there reading g what others post.

  77. Hello Friends! This is such a fun idea. I mostly just want to watch TV and pet cats but I also do crafts sometimes. I like dressing up for anything I can get a costume for. I have anxiety, depression and OCD. My husband says I say “balls” more than a normal amount. I’m also really bad at describing myself because I’m mostly a walking imposter syndrome and I think everyone else sounds more fun than me. You can find me on twitter @corinneFTWin

  78. So I’m @bchelled on Twitter. I use it to stalk, er, follow other people and spam my daughters account with dog tweets. I have ALL the anxiety issues, which have worsened since my 18 yo son found out he’s being deployed. I’m a serious news junkie, which I’ve been told to give up because it is making my anxiety worse lately (I can’t figure that one out, hahahah!) I have many autoimmune diseases that I know will kill me while I’m still young, but I’m here now so hey! I love to travel, but hate to go anywhere. I have 2 amazing kids, one in the Army, and my 15 yo daughter who is killing me with all her activities in musical theater and show choirs. As a divorced mom with the ex no where around I am the official must attend all the events person, by myself. I love old B movies, most books (thank you Lord for kindle so I can read far, far past the time my sleep medication kicked in), and crafty things. My soul animal is the elephant, and I want to be Lek Chalart from the elephant refuge in Thailand when I grow up. Tattoos are my therapy, and my go to is a butterfly somewhere in each one as a symbol for being able to change.

  79. I can find friends through Fans of Epbot, but so few people actually want to meet. I’m the same way. The inertia of just staying in your cozy shell is so nice and safe and zzzzzzzz.

  80. I’m Carmella or Mella because Carmella is strangely hard for some people to pronounce. I’m on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/623066541) I do have a taxidermy Jackelope that’s kind of dressed up like a flapper. I’m obsessed with Supernatural and Destiel. And I’m super awkward in social situations! I’m the person that weird shit happens to all the time, so really it’s the norm for me. I love this blog because I can relate…

  81. I’m Laura and it has taken me most of my life to embrace just how strange I am. My mission is to encourage others to embrace their strangeness too. I am a single parent and college professor and crazy cat lady who would also really like to get another dog but then I don’t because I’m too scared of the pain of losing her like when my last dog died so I think I will probably just rescue a bunch of lemurs instead and build us a lemur palace in the south of France, which is where I think I was supposed to be born. And yes, I do know that my lemurs will someday die too so they aren’t really a very good substitute for a dog in that sense but at least I will get to live in a house full of lemurs. Also I am a writer-in-progress who might be pretty decent at it (at least on my good days), but you wouldn’t know it from this post. Oops! Sorry-not-sorry.

  82. I’m Emily. I’m good at painting, acting, singing, and writing. In other words, I’m dead broke. I’m learning to tattoo so that I won’t be quite so dead broke. My blog is https://emilypageart.net/ and my instagram, facebook, and pinterest are all @emilypageart, twitter is @EmilyPageArt23. I wrote a book about my family’s journey through dementia called Fractured Memories: Because Demented People Need Love, Too. You can find it on Amazon, or on my website along with my art at https://shop.emilypageart.com/. I spend most of my time making art and cyberstalking bloggers like Jenny.

  83. Last time we did this post, I think I added over a hundred new friends, many of whom I still speak to this day. I’m Vanessa, I’m a giant nerd. I love Harry Potter, video games, selfies, being extra, and making new Bloggess friend. Add me on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/vanessarene

  84. I worry that I’m highly disappointing on the social network so I don’t invite people to follow me. But the accounts are under my screen name here.

  85. @burritobandita on instagram. I am painfully socially awkward. I’m a mom to a 14 year old boy who is turning into a less introverted version of myself, and that is a frightening notion. My top 5 favorite foods, in no particular order are: Macaroni and Cheese, Cheeseburgers, burritos, pizza, and grilled cheese. I like cheese. A lot. And I always use Oxford Commas.

  86. I’m Mary. I have few friends who actually get me. I’m pretty sure only my husband does and that’s only most of the time. I have a taxidermied squirrel named Levi and I’ve determined he really needs a pair of jeans. I am a speech-speech-language pathologist by day which requires me to pretend that I am far more normal than I am for far longer periods of time than I prefer. But I’ve recently made my little corner of the world at work into a little in Wonderland for myself – I mean my students – no, I really mean myself- and I’m much happier when I’m in it. I’m starting to find more peace and joy and less anxiety when I let my weird out. I just have to do it in little spurts or else I lose people. Anxiety is growing in my life so I’m on a journey to get I back in control. Funny how life has to get shifty for me to really realize I need a change in my care and the shittiest of times are when I can’t handle too much change. I am moving to TX at the end of May and hope someday to be blessed with an encounter with Jenny. I fully expect to bump into her as I dive under a table at some social thing I can’t handle. I’m not really a blogger but I have blogged a bit about my Wonderland if anyone cares to check it out. https://lilflwr007.wixsite.com/my site #LetsBeFriends

  87. Hi, I’m Keisha. I’m most active on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/keisha.shippy/) and mostly post about what I’m reading (currently on a dystopia and science fiction kick), my cats, and what fun activities I can convince myself to attend when I’m not hiding at home with my anxiety in a blanket fort.

  88. I’m Kelly and I’m the primary writer for our twitter account @KellyandGeoff. You can also find us at http://www.KellyandGeoff.com where Geoff does most of the writing now. You can find our small business and my handmade jewelry at http://www.SingingStonesJewelry.com. I’m a classically trained singer, museum & library nerd, science geek, teacher, and animal lover. Geoff is a historian, gaming addict, IT guy, really good cook, and dachshund man-servant.

    I’m the extrovert and he’s the introvert. We’re also on Instagram as https://www.instagram.com/KellyandGeoff (sensing a theme yet?) Also, if you’re in the greater Boston area, Geoff is looking for a job.

  89. I’m @bcody92 on Twitter. I mostly use it to retweet posts about animals and college football. Like everyone else on here, I suffer from anxiety and depression. I have been working this year to help myself, physically and mentally. I’ve struggled with that but I’m trying.
    I love this blog and Jenny so much and truly enjoy reading all of your comments. You are my people! #letsbefriends

  90. Hi, I’m Anneke. I’m not great at life either. A lifetime of anxiety, depression, and introversion. I spend lots of time with my 2 adorable kitties and 1 who is a pirate. Am trying to learn how to be a salesperson to make some income, but I’m so shy it’s not coming naturally to me. Trying to heal from chronic daily migraines that have taken over my life. Would love to be friends. https://twitter.com/ahnie https://www.instagram.com/shenaniganista/ https://www.facebook.com/astagg

  91. On twitter I’m @Liz_loves_lit on Facebook I’m Liz Loikkanen and I should get back to blogging about books at scalingbookmountain@blogspot.fi. I’m a British ex-pat surviving in the wilds of Finland on a diet of sausage, scifi and sarcasm. Two sproglets and a very understanding husband. I enjoy very sharp pencils, embroidering swearwords, conrunning, aerial acrobatics and reading, reading, reading.

  92. hi, I’m Kirstie (k-ear-st-e) born in KY now living on the west coast of FL. I can be found on FB and IG as ittydragon (same on twitter but I don’t really use it)

    I’m into documentaries on serial killers, the body farm, true crime in general or just fucked up docs in general. CSI, Criminal Minds, NCIS are shows I can watch over and over. ,I have a twisted sense of humor. I knit, crochet, and sew. Married (for the 3rd time) and we have 3 pets: Squee the southern flying squirrel, Cupcake the bearded dragon, and Geisha a senior kitty. I love the Pitch Perfect movies. I enjoy all types of music but lately I’m digging drum and bass and electronic based. Grew up on NIN and Tori Amos.

    We are home bodies as most people in public make us remember why we never leave the house.

  93. I’m 53yr old Englishman married to a 32yr old American beauty. I have tried to escape my life ( and everyone elses) 3 times until I found my Prozac in human form. I suffer from a damaged back due to slipping in deer crap & cracking 2 discs, I feel depressed over anything & nothing by the Ninja who stalks me to attack & remind me how lousy my life is, kinda like Kato but with psychological weapons. I read, I watch tv, I live with a knitter/crocheter/spinner & I’m allergic to wool. I’m as screwed up as the next guy, though I’d like to meet him. We could be great friends!

  94. If you look up 2daintycrafters.com on facewaste, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, you will find my crafty adventures. I am a Druid, homeschool my boys, and have an obsession with yarn and vampires…😁

  95. Thanks, Jenny! 🙂

    Me: I share a first name with our lovely hostess. (Writing ‘Hostess’ made me think of snack food. I love junk food and hate exercise, which I guess I shouldn’t admit on the internet, but…
    I have a huge collection of plush animals (not taxidermied, though I have a B.Sc. in conservation and was gifted a cat skeleton by a lab tech at my university..) The plushies all have names: Puppy (a plush puppy on permanent loan from my therapist) usually comes with me to psychiatrist appointments, though Bunny (yes, a bunny) has come too. I wish I could have a real pet, but I live with my parents, and they say no, so I volunteer to dog walk at the animal shelter.
    I’m autistic (not ‘a person with autism’) and have GAD, social anxiety disorder (which apparently can be diagnosed in addition to autism), MDD with an extra fun side of dysthymia, and likely complex PTSD (which is the biggest problem IMHO). I’ve been on the med merry go round since age 12 and can’t remember everything I’ve been on anymore.
    I wish I could go to Disney World (was there once and didn’t get to 2 of the parks), but can barely work and the majority of what I make goes to my health care, so I read Disney guidebooks and am hoping to find a Universal Orlando guidebook at the library (because Harry Potter is awesome). Speaking of which, I’m a Gryffindor.

    Um. I feel like that was way too much…

  96. Hi, I’m Lindsay (@crayongirl_linz on Twitter), and I’ve been trying to get back into blogging but have fallen off the wagon a bit. I love pretty much anything true crime, listening to podcasts, reading, coffee, and I have an unhealthy obsession with collecting purses and notebooks. I tend to Tweet about my kids and my dog, and will obsessively use GIFs whether you like it or not. I have BPD, anxiety, and depression, but I’m not gonna let that slow me down. Let’s be friends!

  97. I’m a stay at home mom. Two insane little ones. I do theatre in my spare time, mostly singing. I’m into Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Archer. I’m insanely weird and random, so it’s nice to feel like I fit in here. I am a voracious reader…well…I used to be, now I am about two chapters into 8 different books that I can never finish. I am also a gryffindor who is married to a Slytherin.

  98. Hi, I’m Rachael. I look pretty normal on the outside and do a good job of pretending. I am constantly worrying that everyone I know will figure out that I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I have anxiety to the max, and constantly worry about things that might harm/kill my son. I am a gardener. I run, when I can (well, riggle is more like it–running/jiggling). I wish I could turn my brain off more of the time and stop thinking so hard about everything. Meditations is great, when I’m not too anxious to do it ;). I’m worried there is something wrong with me because I haven’t managed to make much of a community in the new town where I live–I wonder why my parent’s generation had such great community and it seems so much harder now. My son is struggling with school because in the last year he has: moved, been to 4 schools, seen his parents divorce, and his father become mentally ill (or, as I like to say, finally be diagnosed). He’s at risk of being kicked out of kindergarten people!!! Wow, talk about feeling like a terrible parent. I worry about how much I’ve fucked up my kid. And hope he will turn out to be at least mildly happy as an adult.

  99. I’m Lesley. I pronounce it LEZlee though most people call me LESSlee, which I hate almost as much as having to correct people who say it wrong. Every. Damn. Time. I love hanging out with my 3 little dogs; people, not so much. We moved from East coast to West coast a couple of years ago but so far, I’ve managed to avoid making friends. Since retiring, my personal motto is I DON’T CARE. My carpet needs vacuuming? I don’t care. My night table looks like I’m a hoarder? I don’t care. My closet looks like Love Canal? —— fill in the blanks. As long as my dogs – and my wonderful husband – think I’m cool, I don’t care about anyone else.

    Everyone says I’m kind, upbeat and friendly – obviously, they don’t know me AT ALL.

    You can find me on Facebook, but why would you want to?

  100. Hi! I’m April. I have a blog I never update. I have a Twitter I rarely use @cd1again which is from my infertility days. My Facebook is Aphreal. I love all things geeky, I crochet when stressed (so a lot), I have a tendency to become a little fanatical about things I like, and I’m really awkward around people. I also bake cookies like someone’s grandma. I love Disney and Doctor Who equally. I prefer my dog to people and tend to hide at home most of the time. #letsbefriends

  101. Hi, I’m Ashley. I’m a writer, editor and attempted baker. To try to deal with my anxiety, last year I started a baking blog where I’m baking my way through the Great British Baking Show. I mess up a lot, but that’s okay because, in baking, sometimes even the mistakes are delicious. I love my dog, Harry Potter, my husband, my friends and nachos (not necessarily in that order). Also, I think the Bloggess and all of you are great. Whatever has you anxious or depressed today, now that you can beat it and eventually you’ll be furiously happy again. Hang in there you, badass.

  102. I’m April (the person, not the month). When I go to the pharmacy they have to give me a shopping bag instead of one of those cute little white bags to put all my meds in. I have too many cats, both tame and feral and I love rats. And spiders. I have a Twitter account but don’t really have anything to Twit. I have a now defunct blog and I’m an accountant for a porn company.

  103. Hi, I’m Amanda Balch. That’s @amandabalch on twitter and Instagram. Avocados are my favorite. I love cows, camo and glitter. I have anxiety and depression. I have a cool tattoo that helps me remember to take things one step at a time when the world is fighting me and I have to fight back even when I don’t want to.

  104. Hi! I’m Rony. Procrastination and sleeping are my superpowers, but I also do academic research when I’m awake. I’m available on most social media as ‘ronypatra’, and I try to write screenplays which I never finish, because of my superpowers. Also, I get scared/intrigued by cats. And I cannot watch horror movies without burying my head….inside a bag.

  105. Hi I’m Lindsey – a California native who pretends to be extroverted but is really just a socially anxious person who struggles with depression and an eating disorder. I make morbid and sarcastic jokes that are often misunderstood. My sister thinks my serial killer trait is that I have a minor obsession with true crime. I love hiking, biking, going to breweries, and walking with my dog but often don’t feel up to it. My music taste is somewhere between 90’s-current country music and 90’s-2001 rap/hip-hop. My husband is generally embarrassed by my lack of filter in public but her tolerates me <3 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lindsey.stremme

  106. I’m Frances. hana6583 on twitter, though I don’t post much. I have read all your books, as well as a lot of books in general. I have anxiety and PCOS, a super fun combo. I currently spend most of my time chasing around my tiny baby and hoping she doesn’t get all of my weirdness.

  107. Hi I’m Laura. I’m a pro singer and librarian, with a big collection of Bronte novels. I also adore anything Brit, sci-fi, or supernatural. I’m Catholic, but I think ghosts are real. I usually say stupid things, and I have the face people give me permanently etched in my brain. I draw on it when I’m bored.

  108. Hi! I’m Lila. I’m LEYocum on Twitter and l_yocum on Instagram. I love reading, drawing things that no one else is going to see, and taking random pictures. My cats are my best models.

  109. Hi! I’m Chrissy. I’m a writer, wannabe comedian, yoga enthusiast, positive vibes advocate, plus/curvy lady, Disney addict, Halloween/Christmas/holiday obsessed geeky boardgamer cosplayer nerd girl extraordinaire. You can find me on my website/blog (http://www.quirkychrissy.com) and all over the social medias (@quirkychrissy on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr [which is really just my blog and Instagram in one place], Snapchat, and Pinterest, and @quirky_chrissy on Twitter because some girl named Christina won’t relinquish my moniker even though she doesn’t use it ever…but I’m not salty)

  110. I’m Max. I’m a 59-year-old full-time freelance writer/editor and hermit. My decorating motif is books, miniatures, and oversized objects. In addition to hundreds of forgettable techie and other articles, I have published a mystery and am now working on two sequels and a novel. I’m a big fan of Edward Gorey, British mysteries, liberal politics, and creative endeavors. I deal with chronic migraine, rheumatoid arthritis, and clinical depression. I do not have a smartphone. I do have a twitter handle (@mizmaxgordon) and a website (mizmaxgordon.com). I write a blog about once a year…

  111. I’m Pat. I am a major taphophile (lover of cemeteries)), love goats, trivia, reading and after having to retire from my job due to Menieres disease, I proofread from home.
    I love Jenny. I want to be Dorothy Barker when I grow up. Or a sea turtle. Or maybe a goat.
    Or really, Jenny.
    Altough I’m older, so that means time travel, which I haven’t quite mastered yet, but we’ll figure it out.

  112. I forgot to say, I have a blog about my journey with all things, but especially Bipolar Disorder and PTSD. It’s coffeeandlithium.wordpress.org Thanks. Laura

  113. I’m @oscarscloset. I like all things Oscars, especially the clothes (hence the name). I’m a librarian and I’m anxious a lot (I don’t think these things are connected.) I have bipolar and I read all the time. (The last one is definitely connected to the librarianship.) I also apparently like parentheticals.

  114. I’m…well shit, now I can’t think of a single thing. I actively avoid social situations, even with close family. I binge-watch way too much South Park and true crime shows. I obsessively re-write posts (and half the time just delete them). I will start a project – like scrapbooking, kumihomi bracelets, knitting – and have to acquire ALL the supplies immediately; about a month and $$$ later, I move on to a different “thing”. I love Calvin & Hobbes, Bloom County, Fox Trot, and Get Fuzzy comics. I have every rare, genetic, hereditary, crappy health issue that anyone in my entire family tree ever even THOUGHT they had. Achalasia disorder, lichen sclerosis, weird allergic reactions that mimic traveling rheumatoid arthritis, organs that don’t process vitamin D normally and try to kill me instead. I’m a stage 4 cancer ass-kicker. Oh, and I’m 51 and wish my ass was two sizes smaller… https://m.facebook.com/kimberly.haslepberven

  115. I am a writer of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. I also do freelance editing for indie authors. I love both true crime and false crime. I dislike most social situations unless they also involve beer. My twitter is @acissellwrites (so is my instagram), and my facebook is https://www.facebook.com/amyrcissell

    Right now, my brains seem to be working correctly (thanks drugs!), but when they’re not, they really go out of their way to be wrong.

  116. I read your books aloud with my 15yo daughter, I fell in love with your wonderful self and your work while listening to Hilarious World of Depression, and I am over the moon that we have one of your Beyonce’s baby metal roosters on the set of Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike. I don’t throw any coffee cups at Baby, just sayin’.

  117. Hi, I’m Lille (fake name). Blog is Sparven at lillesparven.blogspot.com. I turned 41 today, which is the most boringest number ever because 40 was divisible by all kinds of baby numbers and 41 is prime and just sits there. I’m a synaesthete and see and hear colors in words and music. I’m mentally ill in a variety of fruity flavors and some of that is because of a gastric bypass. I curse like a sailor in my blog and in real life. Once I had a fantasy where I met Jenny in an airport at random and she recognized me because she secretly read my blog all the time and I freaked out and told her that it was like Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam and she was God and I was Adam, but then realized that was stupid to say. I can’t even have a fantasy without saying something stupid. Or leave a comment. But I’m a kick-ass friend anyway.

    (Happy birthday! ~ Jenny)

  118. I’m on Twitter: @KelpieStar and Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/chelsea.w.durham and Instagram: @irishdncr83
    I’m weird and awkward and try to tell people that they’re valued and loved. Because I’d rather say it to someone that’s alive than to a grave. But also I’m terrified of people especially men not because I was abused but because they’re usually the ones that randomly leave me and block me leaving me confused and hurt.

  119. I’m @NoPithyJess on Twitter. I’m usually too much for people (too pagan, too weird, too depressed, too into philsophy and serious subjects, too much bad tv, etc.) I write weird stories (like the time Death lost a bet and had to go pick up souls in the form of a 6′ chicken, and ended up being worshipped for it) and have three books in various stages of writing. I’m super boring in my real life job (insurance…ugh). I think out of all of my friends/acquaintences/relatives, three people know ALL the stuff about me, darkness and all, and still love me for it. The rest see what I let them see, because I get tired of being too much.
    I’m so damn grateful for this blog and your books.

  120. Hi. I’m SueBee0619 on twitter. I love theatre and go to a lot of shows (mostly Broadway). Used to do it for a living too. I do the therapy and med thing for depression and anxiety. I have a doggo and love animals in general. Totally liberal. I have a sense of humor, I promise. Also, I apparently write really short sentences today.

  121. I am retired, a grandma, a reader and walker. I also take way too many photos, if the camera isn’t with me I am thinking of how great a photo might be wherever I am.
    I worry I am a weirdo and everyone but me knows it!
    Your blog keeps me laughing and grounded, love you and my fellow weirdos too.

  122. I am an introverted extrovert who writes about shitting my pants, depression, PTSD and sometimes my kids at I Like Beer and Babies. I have social channels under the same name where I post really embarrassing personal shit. Most days I like beer more than babies. I also have two cats that I photograph and generally like more than my children. You can find them on Instagram at bruce_and_alfie.

  123. I’m @GeckyBoz on Twitter and I have a book blog called Bibliognome (http://bibliognome1.blogspot.com) where I try to review a book a week. 🙂

    I have an eclectic/dark sense of humor/love to read.
    I’m extremely bad at the whole making friends thing…
    I love crafting even though I’m not exactly great at any one thing. Really been into Diamond Painting lately which is pretty much paint by numbers but with plastic diamonds/wax/sticky canvas. Love taking pictures on my phone of my dogs and anything else weird I see.
    I too am a huge fan of just staying home and watching Netflix/Hulu. 🙂

  124. Hello, I’m a mad scientist kinda girl except with painting, I got very ill for a while, got evicted, all my stuff’s in storage so the artmaking has been on hiatus for about three years. It hurts not to have a studio anymore, sigh. I do have one art student right now, I give him lessons at Starbucks. Website melaniesinclair.art, the attached blog has not been updated in about three years. This is more depressing than cute and funny, sorry.

  125. Well this looks like fun! Hello to all of you great folks! My name is Ayssa (eye – ee – sah). I am a married new mama in my late twenties still trying to figure life out. You can find me on instagram @appleberryflowereater or check out my blog that has absolutely no useful information since it’s really just mindless ramblings – 3dogsandababy.com . I am an animal lover who has 3 senior dogs and I work in customer service although I (not so) secretly hate (highly dislike) people. I’m always game to make new friends and pick brains of those more successful than me.

  126. #letsbefriends I have an alphabet soup of diagnoses and a pill to go with each. But I’m basically symptom free now so YEA PRESCRIPTION DRUGS! And Boo to how much they cost. If I wrote a biography it would be called “don’t tell me to CALM DOWN!” I have only one baby – a 9lb morkie who is a loud barking, toy destroying, demanding little bastard who I’d give a kidney to if he needed it (but don’t think it will fit!). My life is great but I’d like a do-over on ummm about 80% of it. Oh well. Onward and upward! I only watch death on tv/Netflix/amazon (but almost threw up watching Fortitude), live for documentaries and listen to music that can only be described as “songs to commit suicide to”. Despite all that I’m generally a positive kooky person who would do ANYTHING for those I love! (Well ANYTHING is maybe a SLIGHT exaggeration but again, giving a kidney to a dog is going pretty far, for people maybe just slightly less than that!)

  127. I’m Jenn @tinuveil on Twitter, depression & PTSD survivor, obsessed with true crime (they caught the EARONS!), reading, crocheting and hiding from my problems.

  128. I’m Liz, and I’m theliz13 on twitter, and I’m lucky to have found some really EXCELLENT weirdos over there in my pocket of the twittersphere, but I’m ALWAYS happy to meet more!
    I tweet ALL THE TIME.
    Interests: Science fiction, marvel movies, writing, raging about politics, LGBTQA rights and the awesome spectrum that is queer identity and self discovery. Disability rights and understanding chronic illness. Also living with Social Anxiety and bipolar disorder.
    Mental health is a BIG topic of discussion between me and my friends and we are ALWAYS up to offer support and solidarity when your jerkbrain gets to being a dick and lying to you.
    So if ALL of those topics don’t make you want to run screaming from me already, We could probably be friends! Come say hi!

    Also if you are LGBTQA, or an ally, or looking to support someone who is, I’ve recently started making products on cafepress to flaunt your fabulousity. You don’t have to click it, I just wanted to share. https://www.cafepress.com/loveisfabulous

  129. @fallenthropy on twitter. I’m a weirdo but okay with it. I read, bake and work for an employer that alternately supports and doesn’t support my anxiety disorder.

  130. Hey, Deb here. Introvert extraordinaire which of course spawns social anxiety, a little OCD and sarcastic as hell. I prefer animals over people. I don’t blog or tweet but I’m here on Facebook (Debra Bufalo Braddock). Nothing exciting there though!! I find kindred spirits here, thank goodness.

  131. Deep breath… long time lurker, first time poster, big fan. I’m Amanda, and I am a native Texan but I now live in Qatar (I’m the one that found and tweeted Rocky in Doha!). I’m @armather00 on Instagram, @TnPDiamond on the Twitters, and armather00 on Tumblr. Not particularly weird (at least, I don’t thin so…) but weird enough…

  132. And I’m anonymous because I’m very paranoid about people I don’t know, people who call but don’t text first and people who show up but don’t call first!

  133. Hey, I’m Maggi. I live in PA but I grew up in CA and have lived everywhere in between and overseas as well. I’m obsessed with the Yankees and the Giants, and everything superheroes. Marvel. DC. Star Wars. Suspend reality type stuff cuz let’s face it. Life sometimes sucks donkey balls. I collect those weird vinyl Pop figures and am slightly addicted to finding the chases. If you don’t know what I mean, GOOD! More for me. 😂 I like animals better than 99.9% of humans. My boyfriend calls me crazy and I think he’s only half joking. I have bipolar disorder and serious social anxiety plus enough physical ailments to make my medicine cabinet looks like a Pharmacy, but it is what it is. Most days I’m too focused on finding a way to laugh that shit off. Life is too short. I’m really working to enjoy it. Oh. I’m also a redhead AND an only child. Yep. I’m way weird. I’m on twitter as @ctyankeesfan: you’ve been warned. #letsbefriends

  134. I’m @mary_cyrus on Instagram (or @marycyrusphotography when I’m trying to be all profeshunal ‘n’ shit), where I mostly post the happy highlights of wrangling two great danes and dangling in the air from circus apparatus (apparati? apparatuses?). I’m also an obsessive genealogist, have aspirations of becoming a master gardener, have a growing collection of autoimmune diseases including Psoriatic Arthritis, and am just generally in training to be an old lady, though I’m just shy of 30. I’m an introvert who does an okay job at pretending to be otherwise for brief bursts, married to another introvert who gives zero shits about pretending at that. I constantly read fantasy novels, watch a shit-ton of sci fi TV shows, and enjoy cursing like a sailor when I’m not around my photography clients. My husband and I own 66 acres in rural east Texas that we’ll be moving out to in the next couple of years, so I’m sure interesting adventures will ensue as we go down that road from suburbia to the boonies.

  135. #letsbefriends?
    I want to be an otter when I grow up too! My hobbies include efforts to prevent genocide, and trapping my cats in my arms for “baby kitty” time which includes forced snuggling and kisses. I spend countless hours debating on if I should delete my Facebook account.

  136. I’m Annette, I’m a photographer in Michigan. I’m @sideofbrownies on Twitter and Instagram but I never tweet, just lurk because I’m a weirdo. I don’t blog anymore but my photo website is dnaphotomi.com. But it’s a mess because I’m rebranding right now.

  137. I am 49 years old in a happy marriage with two adult sons. I recently started back in the work force and feel WAY behind and dumb a lot. I so love to read your stuff and many times must read it allowed to my husband so we can both get a chuckle. I know you often make reference to your broken brain, but I think you are wonderful and I think you help so many people by being open about having mental and physical health problems. I will turn 50 soon and want to make a point of being my true self – instead of the wife, mom, friend I keep thinking I SHOULD be. Just plain old me. Look out world!

  138. Hola. I’m Rhubarb. I go by @alpacalypse5 on Twitter and you can find myriad links to my IG from there if you’re so inclined. My blog is http://www.howbadcanitgo.com. I have ADHD, so I struggle with being able to focus. I have anxiety, so I often get trapped in my own head thinking that things are far worse than they are. I have depression, so sometimes the hole I perpetually reside in seems especially deep and dark. Trying to see the funny side of the bullshit my brain throws at me is one of the ways I’ve learned to cope.

    Stuff I’m into: animals of all kinds (especially dogs), making things (knitting, needlework, drawing, painting, baking, cooking), toilet humor, pterodactyls, nature documentaries, actual nature, OMG CHIPMUNKS, books, art supplies that I am mostly unqualified to use, yoga, ancient history, house plants, music…and probably a bunch of other shit I’m not remembering. I have a gutter mouth, I hate lima beans, and I’m incredibly bad at small talk…but I’ll probably love you forever if you make me laugh.

    Come at me, bros.


  139. My name is Beth. I am a crazy mom with pretty bad depression, major childhood trauma, and a tinge of anxiety and I love to write about it at http://www.letthatshitgo.blog I’d love it if you follow me <3
    I love the outdoors and yoga and swearing and I used to love reading but most of the time my anxiety makes that impossible. I haven’t written anything new in a while and I need to get on that. Maybe some new followers will help kick my ass into gear a little. I’m also on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/beth.schroeder.10 but am total shit at Twitter. My Instagram is always filled with pretty pictures and sometimes food because I love that too. My handle there is @beffypoo1

  140. I am Rachel. I am 42 years into this world and think Twitter and texting are the best things that have happened for introverts, ever. On May 13th I will graduate with a BA in English. On May 16th I will start my Masters of Art in Teaching. I want to be a teacher someday, most days I do not feel worthy of the breath I breathe, but I am working on that. You can see me on Twitter @phillygirl2675. I live grew up in Ohio, lived in Philly for a while, came back to Ohio where I live, work and go to school. I am single never married. Its a tough role but someone has to do it.

  141. Twitter @graphickraken
    Instagram @graphickraken27

    I’m a freaking unicorn. Yep! It’s true! I took a test on 16personalities.com (myers Briggs test) and I am an INFJ personality type. So rare that I must be a unicorn. I actually bring this up because I feel like it absolutely explains me and when I was done I thought, I wish I could meet other people with the same personality type because we’d probably be friends. Which I really don’t have any friends and someday so like it that way and other days I feel really lonely. I started a YouTube channel and I talk to more people there than in real life. Everything with me is all or nothing and stress is always around the corner.

  142. Hi I’m Lisa. I like B-Science Fiction movies, reading, especially horror and mystery books, playing on my computer, cooking, sleeping, and unicorns. Recent anxiety sufferer (thanks menopause) and have always felt generally a little out of place my whole life.

  143. Call me Metz. All my friends do. I’m 47 and already sporting a pacemaker/defribilator and depressed as heck because I can’t work to support my family any more. Until this heart issue flew in my face I had been working since I was 16 years old, and it was a huge shock to my system to not be able to work full time any more. I’ve birthed 2 humans, one is 20, the other 15, and I’m still in denial that they’re no longer babies. I keep going by writing when I can motivate myself, connecting with my friends online, petting my kitties, and volunteering with a crisis hotline. You can find me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/MetzDarling and if you’re feeling adventurous you can check out some of my stories and poetry at a website my best friend Matt made when he was practicing web design. http://www.metzdarling.com/ (Be warned, he was practicing with stuff I had sent him for feedback/correction so there’s some grammar/editing mistakes still lurking in some of the stories.

  144. I’m @onthefencemama and I have a blog where I write all my stories in case I never get to share them with my daughter.

    I love my husband and daughter. I’m terrible at social media and responding in a timely fashion. I love silly comedy shows and books because my brain is too dark to handle anything else.

    /hugs fellow strangelings

  145. Hello again, Jenny. I’m Ruth. You can find me on Twitter at @RMerriametc (I’m already stalking you there) and on FB under my real name. I’m a casually foul-mouthed old broad who watches far too much anime, reads whenever I get the chance, leaves unfinished projects strewn everywhere, and am sort of GC-ing the GC on the renovation of our Eastlake Victoria house which was built in 1895. I’m also an initiated witch and have been one for 35 years and yes, I talk to dead people. Sometimes, I even talk to living people. I’ve had at least 1 tuxedo cat as a companion since 1980 despite now being on my 3rd – and final – husband. Apparently, I’m better with cats than I am with men. I’ve got an adult son who’s autistic and has depression, anxiety, depression, and is married to the most understanding woman this planet has ever produced. Yes, that’s a pastel ball python around my neck in my profile picture. His name is Haku.

  146. Hi! I’m Leanna! INFJ weirdo. Cat lady. Interested in art, nature, reading, crafts, the weird side of youtube, and watching The Office on loop for the rest of eternity.
    I actually use Instagram as a blog, where I document my struggle with agoraphobia and anxiety and hashimoto’s (the list goes on, honestly). You can find me on there at @adorbagora. I also have another less messy account where I post colorful pics of my life and interests at @paperie. Love meeting people who can relate!

  147. I’m just weird. The runt of the litter. 4 brothers 1 sister and they are all almost a foot taller than me. Very few people get my sense of humor. Except for my friend Becky who is my birthday mate. (our birthdays share the same date) I wouldn’t be surprised if we were born at the same time of day. When reading your first book I thought OMG it sounded like something my siblings & I would do or we actually did do it.

  148. I’m Ginger. omouthy1 on Instagram. Took down my blog and have kind of abandoned Twitter. My anxiety sometimes gets the better of me and after a recent move, I am trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I qould say I wish dog wrangler paid money but my 2 are untrained jerks so I am clearly not good at it.

  149. Not posting again to be weird or self-centered or anything else even remotely oddball-ish…my computer totally hates me. Which is weird, since I’m usually the tech whisperer. Please ignore the prior post and chalk it up to my weirdness. I’m Maggi. I live in PA but I grew up in CA and have lived everywhere in between and overseas as well. I’m obsessed with the Yankees and the Giants, and everything superheroes. Marvel. DC. Star Wars. Suspend reality type stuff cuz let’s face it. Life sometimes sucks donkey balls. I collect those weird vinyl Pop figures and am slightly addicted to finding the chases. If you don’t know what I mean, GOOD! More for me. 😂 I like animals better than 99.9% of humans. My boyfriend calls me crazy and I think he’s only half joking. I have bipolar disorder and serious social anxiety plus enough physical ailments to make my medicine cabinet looks like a Pharmacy, but it is what it is. Most days I’m too focused on finding a way to laugh that shit off. Life is too short. I’m really working to enjoy it. Some days I win that battle. Other days I fail badly in a hugely epic way. Oh. I’m also a redhead AND an only child. Yep. I’m way weird. I’m on twitter as @ctyankeesfan: you’ve been warned. #letsbefriends

  150. I’m Josie. That’s not my real name. I hate my real name. I like things like camping and hiking where I can just get away from people. I play roller derby so I can hit people and knock them over without getting arrested. I can be wildly irreverent and enjoy childish humor- like laughing at the fact Uranus smells like farts. I have three pet rabbits who live inside my house- 2 of the three hate me unless I’m giving them food. The third one is obsessed with licking my feet and the couch. I’m a 37 year old college senior with a 4.0 GPA and a crippling fear that I’m not good enough, smart enough or hard working enough to get a job after college. This leads me to push myself too hard and causes me bouts of anxiety where I am convinced everyone hates me and I can’t sleep well at night for fear of a bad grade crippling my chances at getting a degree.

    I think I belong here…
    I’m not that interesting really.

  151. Hi! I’m Maria, @TwistedDill on Twitter. I like making weird collages and writing weird stories and my husband’s coworkers say things to him like, “I don’t get it. Your wife seems so normal in person,” and that amazes me because I feel weirdest of all “in person.” I have celiac disease but enjoy asking people to describe to me exactly what their bread tastes like. And that generally makes them feel weird.

  152. Hi, I’m Shel. I don’t have a social media account (too much to deal with). I love animals, write somewhat sad music (Dos Gremlins) and have depression. Dark place right now, so I’ll leave it at that.

    Thanks for doing this, Jenny. Feels less lonely.

  153. Colleen here: Writer, reader, history nerd, tea enthusiast, and general menace. I’m fascinated by weird medical and science history, witches, taxidermy, cults, true crime, paranormal/occult/“alternative” publications + podcasts + shows (Lore, Unexplained, Fortean Times), the mating dances of birds, tardigradea, cultural death rituals, serial killers, mythology and folklore, and literature writ large. When I’m not writing, or reading, or day-jobbing, I like to do rude/crass needlework, work on my taxidermy (I’m doing a doll house of famous authoresses as mice), bake, or drink wine. I hope to one day own and proudly display in my home a collection of antique gynecological equipment.

    Twitter: http://twitter.com/abitunsettling
    Instagram: http://instagram.com/colleenisabitunsettling

  154. Hi, I’m Rosy. Rosy_the_cook on Instagram. I work on old timey sailing ships. I spend my summers cooking on a wood stove in a kitchen that won’t stop moving. I am afraid of revolving doors and I love scary movies. I hope to have my own cat some day, preferably a large breed that I can attempt to leash train so we can go on adventures.

  155. Howdy- Jeanne here. @juscallmejran on Twitter. #letsbefriends
    I can make pretty much any statement NSFW. I boss people around at work all day and then can barely motivate myself to make dinner. Thank God for my kid & my dog or I might spiral into a horrible depression and never leave the house
    I spend way too much time in “book life” rather than real life because the people in books are much nicer on average.
    I can be silly, but a lot of times it’s masking/ overcompensating for how sad I feel. I find being outside sans crowds helps a lot.

  156. i’m @elainepill on twitter. I’m a mom, a knitter, a binge watcher of brain candy like shows on the internet, a reader, a walker, a keeper of the cutest border collie in the world and other things.

  157. Hi everyone I’m only on Facebook as ArleneAndreCrandall. I am a disabled Fibro Warrior, trying to not let it define my life. I am owned by 2 corgis and 2 tuxedo cats and spend my days making them happy.

  158. I’m a lost and wandering prince. You can find me @ https://longlivetheprince.blogspot.com/
    I blog about other blogs because, despite the fact that I am immensely weird and creative, I’m disturbingly uncreative when it comes to blogging. I tend to get along with any personality type that isn’t both arrogant and ignorant. I like long walks on the beach, provided there is LARGE quantities of assorted snacks. I’m also a bit disturbed that this basically sums me up as a human being.

  159. I’m here, no social media because then my annoying relatives would be able to find me. I’m…odd and have a weird sense of humor, collect owl pretties, am inked, and in grieving for my mama moving away have gotten Yet More Piercings because it was that or cutting, and body modification is more socially acceptable. My name is Cat, at least I’ve had that as a nickname for over 3 decades now, and I can be found at the gmail at the name adoracat. (That should help keep the robospammers away lol)

  160. hi! I’m selina. I had a blood clot try to kill me about 2 months ago. I have 2 kids, ages 7 & 9, so dying would have been a major bummer.
    I taught severe needs preschool kiddos for awhile, but left to take care of my kids, and myself. I’m trying to do arts and crafts sales on the side, but it’s not really profitable.
    overall, I’m kinda having a midlife crisis on one hand and am just giddy to be alive on the other. funny how that works!

  161. Hi, I do get quirky ideas that I generally don’t act on, which might be a good thing. Example: When I was about five I took a whole row of cake pieces from the pan, because it would be less obvious that a row was missing than one piece. I crumbled one of the pieces leaving a trail to my brothers’ bedroom door so they would take the blame. (Apparently no one noticed the crumble trail.) If I could think up that at the age of five, bahaha…world domination! Instead I’ve channeled that into writing and with the help of my dil have set up a blog and facebook and started publishing. http://helenmatheyhornbooks.com/ https://www.facebook.com/helenmatheyhornbooks/ I love that you share with us and totally love your sense of humor.

  162. Hi!!! I’m Shelby, a recently turned 40, mother of 5, widow who is more than a little obsessed with unicorns and shenanigans. I might drink too much when I go out. Might. I have anxiety and PTSD and sometimes don’t like to leave my house. One night when I was bored and alone, I responded to a scamster Facebook friend request and decided to see how much nonsense I could get away with. A lot, apparently. And so And Then He Blocked Me was born! The Facebook page is full of conversations between myself and the scamsters- I’ve gotten remarried more times than I can count (apparently on Facebook you can just declare yourself married……..) and I’ve tried out many different professions- alligator trainer, ninja, park ranger, plant therapist, princess. The blog is mostly about the feelings and thoughts these conversations bring out in regards to being a recent widow. https://www.facebook.com/andthenheblockedme/

  163. I LOVE that you do this! My Twitter is @UseYrThinkball. I created a scavenger hunt game called “Use Your Thinkball” that is doing pretty well. It’s really good for creative thinkers. I previously had a blog called “Half a 1000 Miles” and commented religiously on here (Most of my Twitter followers on that old name came from here!! I don’t have many with my new Twitter name). I will totally look up everyone and follow them. Kisses!!

  164. I’m Ben. I design video games, which is a completely ridiculous thing I convince people to pay me money to do, but apparently that scam is still working. I suffer from a butt-ton of anxiety and depression, and whenever it’s in the sweet spot of “not too crippling” I channel it into little one off comics about monsters dealing with all the same shit. https://www.instagram.com/shrugthemighty/

  165. I’m Kendra. I am smitten with Atlanta. I believe Black Lives Matter. I care deeply about housing justice, education, and transportation. I am a huge MARTA fan. I’ve got the most adorable first grader, an incorrigible Boxer named Delilah, and a pretty amazing husband named Simon. I’ve been sober for 9+ years. I heart coffee. On any given day I may write about all–or none–of those things.

    I’m on Instagram @writerlyatl and facebook https://www.facebook.com/writerlyatl/

  166. Hi! I’m Traci and I can be found at http://www.facebook.com/hogwartswitch and http://www.instagram.com/hogwartswitch. I’m almost 39, live in Central Oregon, and I own a self-serve frozen yogurt store that eats up 99.999999% of my life. I’m also passionately artsy craftsy – I make resin, metal stamped, and chain maille jewelry, I draw, paint, and sew, I love to cook and bake, and I make lotion bars and lip balm. I’m a half-assed Pagan, a recent survivor of ovarian cancer, and I’m proudly geeky. I love nerdy pop culture; my main fandoms are Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, Sherlock, and Doctor Who. I’m also obsessed with true crime and the supernatural and more often than not I will talk for hours about murder. I love love love reading – or rather, I love stories, be they in the form of podcasts, books, or whatever. Ever since I got so sick and had to have chemo, I’ve not had the focus to be able to read, but I listen to two to three audiobooks every week to give me my “story fix”. Since I spend so much time running my business and making art, I don’t always have time to socialize outside of the internet, so I tend to share, well, just about everything online.

  167. Channon here. Pronounced like “Shannon” but way cooler! I am on Twitter @kittifairy, because I was a teenager when the internet started and I still like cats and fairies.

    I am a mom of an almost 13 yr old girl, and a 3 yr old boy. If I had a blog, it would be “Puberty & Potty Training: Welcome to Hell.” I once heard a story on NPR about how 3 and 13 fall right in middle of the worst two developmental stages of a child’s life. Yeah, fun…

    Anyway, I am a geek to the nth degree. I am most specifically a Whovian, I traveled to Cardiff last year to see the DW Experience before it closed. I also geek out over Supernatural and all things Marvel.

    My coping skills include disassociation, forgetting, avoiding, and pretending things didn’t/won’t happen.

  168. Hey. My name is Julie. I’m a Veterinarian in Ontario, Canada. Severe depression, anxiety and some other things I’m not comfortable talking about. I have birds, dogs (who are my best form of therapy), and a pig named Hamlet. I’m working most hours of my life, but when I’m not I like to curl up and read. I don’t tweet much, but I’m Ferris Lane Vet on Instagram and my clinic has an awesome Facebook page filled with the weird and wonderful patients I see. (Ferris Lane Animal Hospital
    I’ve been following Jenny for years but haven’t posted before. Thank you Jenny for being you. Your posts help me through dark times.

  169. My name is Olivia Arquette, except it’s not, because it’s actually a pen name. I use a pen name because I’m deeply paranoid of the internet. I am releasing my first novel in mid-June. It’s about a pharmaceutical rep selling an erectile dysfunction drug. It’s a comedy/satire. I tried to get traditionally published, but was told face to face by an agent no one wanted to read about a pharmaceutical rep and that I should rewrite the main character to work for a magazine. I ignored her advice. I discovered this blog 8 years ago and have been a faithful reader since (note – for years I commented under a different alias, because paranoia). I consider this group of people my tribe and I wrote a sentence in my novel that secretly pays homage to us. Only true followers will catch it. I love just about everything you post, except for those pictures of creepy dolls with the creepy eyes, because dolls are my clowns.

  170. I’m Addie Charlotte, and I’ve recently found a medical reason for not being normal (which maintaining my own abnormality outside a medical diagnosis). Finding out you have ADHD as a 30-year-old woman is fuckin’ weird, but kind of nice to sit back with a “yes I’m fucked” sign and relax for the first time in 30 years (jk – my anxiety is new and improved with stimulants!)
    I’m a writer, both professionally and personally; I write copy for a bank, which is as much of a writing job as manufacturing tongue depressors is in the medical industry. Outside of that, I (used to?) run a blog talking about sex toys, and I write about mental illness, body positivity (despite being quite negative about my own), and other SFW things in my free time as well.
    I live in Toronto, I will be getting married in a basement next winter, I have already named my future corgi, and I collect Polly Pockets and dildos. I love warplanes, cats, spiced rum, spreadsheets, ghosts, and pineapple decor. I hate tomatoes, tequila, exercise, loud chewing, and eating pineapples.
    Website: http://www.addiecharlotte.com
    Sex blog: http://www.mytickletrunk.com

    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/addie_charlotte
    Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/addiecharlotte (@addiecharlotte)

  171. I’m Matt. 40 something currently between medical crises with multiple genetic diseases and borderline agoraphobia with depression. Prefer books, coffee, and cats to people. Avowed Jedi. Unabashed liberal. Master of Useless Knowledge. Professional MiB. Only work to support my cat. On Twitter @MIB1188. I limit my Facebook to only people I know personally and a couple of authors whose work I enjoy.

  172. My twitter is twitter.com/scribbles_dots
    I have a book addiction. I collect them, review them, and write them. I am equal parts grunge, nerd, suburban Mom, and wanna-be Disney princess. I didn’t say this makes sense, it’s just who I am. I’m listening to Blink 182 and crocheting a baby blanket right now.

  173. Hello!

    I’m Laura.
    I’ve recently started a blog @wordstofeelwell.wordpress.com so I can put my words out into the real world instead of having them live only in my head. So far they haven’t turned into terrible monsters, so I think it’s going well! I’m also on:
    facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Wordstofeelwell
    Twitter: @wordstofeelwell
    Instagram: @wordstofeelwell

    I have three kids, one husband, two dogs and one cat. I haven’t slept through the night in the last seven years, I like to read fantasy books (I have very little time these days to get into a good book), I’m a mediocre cook but I love to eat delicious food (tricky, that), and I live in Canada.

    It’s nice to meet you, friends.

  174. I’m Jessica. You will either love me or hate me. I’m an introvert, extremely sarcastic, odd, and a fan of the f word and tattoos. I’m 35 with a 5 yr-old autistic son. I love Nintendo, Neil Gaiman, Murakami, Stephen King, and have a never ending obsession with all things Harry Potter. I do a lot of coloring, quilting, harry potter 3D wooden figures, and puzzles to keep my mind busy. I look quite normal so people frequently try to talk to me only to discover how very weird I am. Oh and I’m also a raging feminist. If any of that sounds appealing you can find me @ https://www.facebook.com/jessica.p.moore.9

  175. I’m Shannon. A tattooed, creative, coffee-addicted gal who is a bit of a smarty pants, kind of nerdy, sometimes cynical, mostly sassy, and always scrappy. If I were a cocktail, I’d be one part lone wolf, one part humanitarian, and one part rebel without a cause. Shaken, not stirred. I’m mostly an introvert. I swear unabashedly, but not around tiny humans. Wanderlust courses through my veins; I have a wayward spirit and am often wistful for the road and change. I tend to love deeply and fiercely. I absolutely adore silly, ridiculous fun and books. Gods, I love to read. I’d like to punch my anxiety and depression in the f#cking face. I’m a fabulous fat babe. You’ll never, EVER find me wanting to run unless I’m being chased by a psychotic, zombie clown wielding a really big ax. On a typical evening, you may find me judging a book by its cover, training my unicorn, hiding in my bat cave, falling down a rabbit hole or perfecting my swagger.

  176. On Twitter I am @mcabel39, on Facebook I am Mary Abel.
    #letsbefriends. Also you know ifnyounsaybthat really fast a few time it sounds like lesbian friends. Hah!
    Thanks Jenny for brightening my day as always.

  177. Hi, I’m Sarah, @OmHeartMother on Twitter becasuse prog rock puns are irresistible. I’m only in Twitter about once a week because you can have only one: a Sarah that reads things about politics or a Sarah that’s not actively trying to die. My favourite things are rocks and beads and my least favourite thing is an insurer who doesn’t understand that that particular hunk of quartz would retail for $75 now and I need it all insured for replacement value. Also just might be the original Dead Parrot Head.

  178. I’m Elspeth. @thingamabrarian on Instagram and @lunabrd on Twitter.

    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m a librarian/archivist, recently working at a small museum and currently unemployed due to budget cuts. I’m a self-described crazy craft lady (a few very large cross-stitch projects, beadwork or lavender stuff seasonally for sale on Etsy, learning to crochet, and getting back into painting). I read a lot.

  179. I do not currently have a blog, and I am not on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram any longer, due to the stress and anxiety the political climate and the nasty fights it was causing between people in my timeline was causing me–and that was even BEFORE Trumpelstilskin’s dictatorship began. I can’t even imagine what it must be like now.

    I am on Pinterest still, so if you want to look me up there you can. I’m “Pibbity Bibbity” there. I can’t guarantee I’ll be staying on there, because politics and gross Nazi trolls seem to be creeping in there at a faster rate every day. I’m finding the world harder to navigate every day.

    I will always be here with Jenny, though; she is a ray of strange, fascinating sunshine in a truly effed up world. She always makes me laugh and I love to read anything she writes. My dream is to be in the same room and listen to conversations between her and Victor (but not in a creepy, horror movie kind of way), because those conversations are my favorite out of all the fun, good madness Jenny shares with us.

  180. Let’s be friends.I have anxiety among other not fun things and I’m weird .My Instagram account is gina01970.

  181. Twitter – captainstacy
    I like rock music and laughing and fluffy things. I’m annoyed with the world besides my small group but I generally have a sunny disposition. (All the better to throw people off when I make dark jokes.) I have anxiety (especially with food) and it results in weight issues and people not believing that “too skinny” is a real thing. I love star wars and video games and the Seattle Sounders. I fell in love with Jenny’s work when someone accidentally gave me “Let’s pretend this never happened”, I’d never heard of it but didn’t have anything else to read and now I try to read every update. I’m also responsible for at least 6 different people getting “you are here” by showing it to (and buying it for) a few people and it spread like wildfire lol

  182. If you specifically want Lionel Ritchie, may I recommend “Hello… is it Brie you’re looking for?” when in the cheese section.

    (Marry me. ~ Jenny)

  183. My name is Kat, and I like Doctor Who, video games, horror and animals because animals don’t mind my anxiety. I work as a animal nutritionist in California, and I already feel like we’re friends Jenny because I’ve emailed you twice before and you replied (!!!) nearly immediately and it was so lovely! I feel like if I could ever get over my anxiety and crippling self doubt I’d be super good friends with you 😂

    On Twitter and Instagram I’m @Switcheh and I follow you on Facebook as Kat Bashaw ❤️

  184. Hi! I’m Becky, and I fear that I’m so late to the party that no one will notice me. I slide through life feeling invisible and alone. I’m an introvert so most of the time that’s good for me but occasionally (when I’m spiraling into a depressive episode) I wish that at least one other human on the planet would choose me. I’m a single mom to two awesomely, amazing boys who are at complete opposite ends of the autism spectrum. I’m exhausted 99% of the time. When I can focus (which is rare these days) I enjoy reading, writing, and coloring. I’m on twitter as @beck_E_bug, and Instagram as beck_e_bug.

  185. Hello all, Ethan here. I am mentally ill and unemployed. Or if I feel like putting a respectable facade on it, I’m a stay-at-home dad. I eschew social media but I have a blog at EthanAbides.com. There you will find Quasi, an existential to-do list, AKA my philosophy of life. And I write some weird fiction and stuff.

  186. True crime, eh? Is Snapped on Oxygen better or worse off without Sharon Martin narrating?

  187. known for many years on the internet as ghost, i’ve hosted gumbyland for almost 20 years & a vintage toy blog called the lost & found for around 6 yrs now where i post a toy or book every day..
    i’m an agoraphobic toy collector living up here in gloriously weird portland, oregon with my hubby (mr dad) & grown son & 3 old lady kitties.. i’m an infj, so i’m morbidly shy interacting in 3d, but i am a friendly ghost so i get to be social online.. i do have a dark side, so i haunt another blog too, where i ruminate over all things dark & psychological.. (the ghost blog)
    me & mr dad make mini dollhouses together & i’m an artist of sorts, so there’s a whole gallery of my art & houses & installations up at my gumbyland website too.. art & kitties are my therapy & they save me every day.. i ‘rescue’ dolls from local estate & yard sales, but then subject some of them to my little dollscapes, but i think they are happy in my twisted toyroom..?
    oh, i also like to photo old cemeteries & interesting trees, so i have extensive albums full of taphophilia..
    (oops, that’s way more than a sentence or two.. sorry..)
    everyone is invited to visit & follow!
    i fb #bloggesstribe folks 🙂 #letsbefriends


  188. Hello fellow weirdos! 👋🏻 You can find me at @I_an_the_Impala on Twitter and @iamtheimpala on Instagram. 🌈

  189. Crap! That’s @I_am_the_Impala on Twitter. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  190. Hi! I’’m @thewretchedv on twitter. I mostly lurk as I can’t think of anything insightful or witty to post. I enjoy food, staying at home and people talking at me. I have some form of social anxiety. I love wrestling and cakes too. Not together, although that would be cool..

  191. I’m @1strangefamily on twitter. I love books, my kids, my cat, and my husband, not necessarily in that order. I wish I were funnier and didn’t have to re-run every conversation I have through my head at least five times afterward. I also leave two spaces after every period when I type because I’m that old.

  192. My name is James. I live just north of the Quad Cities in Iowa, and I apologize for this state’s desire to elect bad people. I used to work for an organization that tried to get teens to stop having babies. I now work for entitled people who ought to know better. I love reading, running, games and I am trying desperately to remember how to date. I’m on twitter as @anthro78. Hello!

  193. Hello! I’m on Twitter as @LBWoznick
    I’m Laura, a freelance copywriter and copy editor in the ATL burbs.
    Today is my mother’s birthday. She passed away right before Christmas. My brother just texted me that he and his new wife are expecting. I’m having lots of weird feelings today and am so glad to know this is a safe community to express them in.

  194. Hey! Let’s be friends! I’m on Twitter but I never tweet and I have a blog without readers, and I never know what to say about myself in these situations. I’m a book loving statistician (words and numbers, baby). I do crafts, mainly cross stitch, sometimes crochet or knitting, or random craft obsession of the month, so if you follow me, be warned my thing might suddenly be dedicated to that. I wish I was ballet dancer. I sleep with a 3’4” plush shark from Ikea in my bed. I read Harry Potter at least once a year (it’s my best anti-anxiety drug). I Google things mid-conversation (on the phone or online) because I hate being wrong about anything, so I have to double check before I say or type things. I sometimes care too much about what other people think of me, but still I am better than I was a few years ago. I put a photo of a duck on Instagram earlier and hesitated for a while before posting. Because people might think it was weird or my caption was weird! And then I saw this post and I was like, yes! Let’s be weird together.

    @toseelight on Twitter

  195. emerges from the cave I’m T and I’m broken. But aren’t we all, in one way or another? Retired civil servant, dislocated liberal snowflake Yankee trapped in blood-red Oklahoma (yuk yuk yuk hate hate hate). I’m poor. And mentally damaged (depression, severe anxiety issues, a touch of OCD, PTSD). I hardly leave my house. I write lots but have trouble finishing things (oh, did I mention the ADD?), I knit (see the ADD comment), used to travel when I had money, love to sail, like to take photographs. I live far removed from every living member of my family. It’s just me and the cats. Four of them. With a fifth, the stray, still living outside until I can get him neutered. Considering it’s traumatic for me to even go to the theater to see a movie, I live a lonely, solitary life… oh, fuck it. I have no life. I swear a lot. Which I blame on my sailor father. I can be found on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/iskandariya), instagram (@tirenegardner) and twitter (@iskandariya), though I don’t pay a lot of attention to twitter these days…. I also have a permanent livejournal account, though I don’t think I’ve posted there in over a year…. more than a year (https://iskandariya.livejournal.com/).

  196. I’m Michelle. I’m @mjcbarnes on Twitter and Instagram. I love sci fi and fantasy and tons of shows and books and games in those genres. I’m also a huge Marvel geek. I really love animals and my pets. My Instagram is mostly my pets. I work as a graphic and web designer and I have art accounts for my work under @reviarain. They aren’t really active right now, but they probably will be soon because I started an online store I will hopefully be launching soon. I’m a weirdo like everyone else here, and I really appreciate other weirdos.

  197. Hey everyone! I’m Sara. I go by Aras online because I’m all stealth and stuff. Or it’s because I spelled my name backwards as a kid, you decide.

    @theonlyaras <– twitter and instagram Follow me!

    Is it weird that leaving this reply is making me anxious? Yes? No? Maybe?

    I have always felt like Jenny gets us, or we get her. I’m not actually into taxidermy but I think that’s ok. I do really want a metal chicken! I have gnomes! I like to write train of thought.

    I get depressed often, anxious often, and I try to balance that with a full time job and being a good mom and wife. It’s tough so knowing I’m not alone is nice. #letsbefriends

  198. I’m Katie. I like books and penguins. Today I made a thread on Twitter @katiebelle1121 listing a slew of children’s books about penguins. Because World Penguin Day.

  199. Hi I’m Bethany (or Beffy for short). Sometimes I think I’m funny but mostly I’m too sarcastic and salty as fuck. Giant nerd (especially for Star Wars and ASOIAF) cat lady librarian with too many health problems and chronic depression/anxiety. I spend too much time reading feminist and/or queer pop cultural analysis when I should be doing adult things. I’m most active on instagram (@zeppelinfish) but I have a twitter that I mostly use to creep on people (@ladythana). If anyone’s on tumblr I’m @zeppelinfish and @buthehasaface (an obnoxious/embarrassing MCU blog). I’m pretty lonely and hella introverted so new friends would be great 🙂

  200. I’m Melanie. I’m on The Facebook @Melanie Hyatt; I’m on The Twitter @allyellow0601; and I’m on The Instagram @melhyatt0601. I live in the Rocket City (Huntsville, AL). I have a neglected blog that you can find on my FB account (please don’t look at it; the spiders and cobwebs will get you). I also have a FB page called Bama Banter where I live tweet the random stuff my husband yells out during Alabama football games.

  201. I’m Tara. I suck at peopling. Good at depression and anxiety. I have a fiance but I have no desire to plan a wedding. He has a daughter so I’m a non-mom female parent (or the one who gets the blame for everything). I take lots of pictures of my rescue cat. Aside from netflix and reading I do models and watch sprint car racing. Scifi and fantasy nerd. Guilty pleasure is terrible romance movies. I don’t get out much and this is turning into a really terrible eharmony profile. Twitter: @RAWRitsTERROR

  202. I’m Mary and live with and help care for my sister, Joanne, who has bipolar depression. While working full time, I also help manage the care for our elderly mother who is in assisted living. My life can get pretty exhausting and depressing and I turn to Jenny regularly for some laughs and help in understanding what my sister is dealing with. I even tried to get Joanne to read Jenny’s books because I loved them and she said she couldn’t read it because it freaked her out. She could even explain what freaked her out. But she does love Jenny’s humor and especially animal photos, so I share the blog with her often. #letsbefriends – https://twitter.com/maryamoe and https://www.facebook.com/mary.moe.771.

  203. I also have a little group on Facebook that I started to counteract the negativity and my depression. You can request to join by searching for “Random Acts of Awesome/A Little Hope for Humanity” All positivity and cute animal videos all the time. Stop by to check it out or post a little something to help people smile <3

  204. I am the only writer ever to be published in both Black Belt and Today’s Catholic Teacher magazines. I took Carl Sagan’s astronomy class. I’m too literary to be a science geek and too into science to be a lit-geek. However, I am a total word-geek. My blogs are janetcobur.wordpress.com and bipolarjan.wordpress.com. (Did I mention I’m bipolar?)

  205. I’m Amber. I am a writer, actor, director and producer. My FB is 1RaineyDay and my twitter is amberrrainey. I am a mom to a 7 year old and I homeschool him. I have Diabetes and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Sensory Processing Disorder, all of which send me in weird spirals of depression and anxiety. I love to read even though I don’t get enough time to do it and I love movies and television. I live in the Pacific Northwest but long to go back to Texas or at least somewhere warmer and not as wet. I love reading this blog because it reminds me that I am not alone 🙂

  206. I am the caretaker for 2 wonderful corgi boys and a crazy, grumpy Yorkshire terrorist. They force me to give them voices on Instagram @dashnbogiencormac. I work, read, and clean up after the boys (some days I feel as if I am their poop slave!)

  207. Hi, I’m Hilary. I would normally never do this but my therapist says I need to make friends so it’s the perfect opportunity . I am 32 and have a wonderful, supportive husband and 2 fur kids. I like jigsaw puzzles, gardening, and fishing. I suffer from sever anxiety which causes depression when it gets to bad and honestly right now it’s kicking my butt. I take medication but it isn’t working very well at the moment and since I am very sensitive to meds I’m kinda stuck. I don’t go out a lot because peopling is just way to much for me. I have just recently found Jenny and her followers and I think it’s WONDERFUL!!! I love how everyone is supportive of each other. I makes me feel not so alone and that it’s ok to just not be ok. I love reading the blog and all the comments from quirky, weird people just like me. I’m on instagram hyokley29.

  208. Hey there! I’m Diane Cantwell Corso (writerly name is D.C. Corso) on Facebook. I have no Twitter as I don’t quite understand how it works hides. I tried to have a Twitter feed, but I’m not sure how to re-Tweet or comment on Tweets or really what a Tweet is, so I ignored my account until it was hacked, so….I have an Instagram account but honestly I am even less sure about the workings of it, so I largely ignore that account.

    I’ve been writing since I was about 10 years old, when a desire to play with my big sister’s electric typewriter prompted me to write a series of short stories about her cat, later dubbed “Fonzie Fairy Tails” GET IT? BECAUSE HE’S A CAT! TAILS NOT TALES! Yeah, I was pretty proud of that. I wrote a lot, usually during class because it was boring as hell; I wrote a series of novellas about crime-solving non-identical twins, inspired by Nancy Drew. And in high school, I tried to write Stephen-King inspired horror stories but it turns out I liked my characters too much to off them. I kept trying though, and wrote a lot of other ambling fiction well into adulthood.

    I have a blog linked in this post, which again, I largely ignore and need to pay attention to, thanks for the reminder. I am a writer – I published one psychological thriller called Skin and Bones (https://www.amazon.com/Skin-Bones-D-C-Corso/dp/1934733385) in 2009; I think it’s out of print but you can usually dig up a copy on Amazon. I am writing a new supernatural thriller (read: haunted lake house story!!!) called Broken Things. It’s the first new book I’ve seriously attempted in about 9 years, so yayyyyy. Jenny, I think you would like it; there is a unique music box in it.I’ve always wanted to write a haunted cabin story, so I’m psyched.

    Things one might not guess by looking at me: As a child, I tended to buy and proudly wear things that made me look like a giant dork, like the bonnet I sported when going through an obsessive passion for “Little House on the Prairie” (the only one I could find was white with green polkadots, which was a bit of an anachronism because Laura Ingalls definitely stuck with calico) and an assortment of graphic tees that made no sense to me as a kid but for some reason thought they were hilarious anyway. OH and kneesocks pulled ALL THE WAY UP. I kind of miss that unwavering self-confidence that was crushed by high school, which was filled with gothy angst and yet a laziness to really dress the part. I liked the people, but dammit, putting on that much make-up in the morning was never my thing.

    I have been on meds for epilepsy since I was about 12, and then later, depression. Turns out the depakote they had me on for most of youth/early adulthood was masking severe depression, so when they changed my meds I was really not fun to be around at all.

    I am married to my best friend in the world, Michael, who is so supportive of everything I try to do and want to do that honestly, t don’t know what I would do without him. It’s our 12th anniversary today, actually.

    Stuff I like: horror with a brain (Ravenous, Cabin in the Woods, Get Out, etc), true crime (OMG the ID channel!!!!), writing writing writing and chatting with like minds. Wanna be my friend??? Wait, did that sound desperate? Anyway, friend/folow away! I promise to save you some chocolate. And maybe even a taxidermied bird.

  209. I am pidge.white on Instagram and I very seldom use FB and don’t know the other social media. Although when I met my husband he called me a social butterfly 🦋 which is tattooed on my ankle along with several other tattoos on arms and legs. I spent my whole life until 35 being crazy awesome outstanding, or at least that’s how it felt with many friends and a job at which I could tell the boss to blow and come back later to find she’d passed out on the floor. I was a ROCKSTAR . Something happened to me though. I died. Or I’m somewhere that I can’t find me. I have no friends and my husband who cherished me barely speaks to me. Can a person die yet still live? Surely so because that is me. If not for the love of an amazing dog i would easily say fuck this place and be gone. The truth is sometimes all I want to be is a missing person. The best quote I’ve found to describe my inner wellbeing is this –
    There is a thing, like a bird weak and fluttering within my chest. I cradle it and care for it as anyone would an injured thing, yet I silently pray for its death.
    I have lost the most awesome friend I ever had. Me.

  210. I love this idea!!!

    I’m Stephanie. I like speculative fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, horror). I’m on an instance of mastodon called wandering shop, which I’ve found to be a kinder/nicer version of twitter for nerds — I’m at https://wandering.shop/@einahpets

    I’ve got two young kids and two cats that haven’t forgiven us for having had babies that grow up into toddlers.

  211. I picnic at cemeteries! Most recently I took my friends on a drive to my favorite cemetery (where I would like to end up) and told them to come and have a sandwich with me if I should hit it before them. They looked me like I was insane until they saw they place, then they were like….. okay, I see your point, sandwich with you it is!

  212. Hi, I’m @Sararareich on Twitter. I’m a museum educator/children’s librarian a long time member of the General Anxiety Society. This has led me to come up with a cache of weird but effective coping mechanisms including listening to terrifying true crime podcasts, playing RPGs )especially War Hammer 40K) and watching intense makeup tutorials that I never plan to actually try.
    Follow me and I’ll follow you too. Even if you don’t follow me, know that if you ever need an empathetic ear I’m here for you.

  213. Hi, I’m Cherise. I’m a librarian and a “Order of The Good Death” member. Which basically means I read a lot of stuff about death and death related topics such as health care and grieving, but mostly books that have a weird spin on it, and watching videos of Caitilin Doughty instead of finishing my college classes. I love dark and creepy things, love true crime and creepy/weird history. I have a guinea pig as a support animal for my depression/anxiety/mood disorder, read far too many books because my ADHD can’t keep on one story at a time or I’m busy crocheting or knitting or whatever current anxiety reducing or sometimes inducing activities and spend most of my time in pain because of my fibromyelgia. So basically, I’m a fun time. If I sound interesting or something your interested in, here’s my twitter:


  214. So my name is Seagram. Yes like the alcohol. Am I an alcoholic? Possibly. Are the two connected? Possibly. I I’m a Rick and Morty nerd/addict and I like cheese. I’m married have kids and all that adult stuff. Don’t let that fool you though I can color the hell out of some Lisa Frank. I sell makeup for Limelight (shocked? Me too) you can find me on Facebook as Black Sheep Boutique Limelight with Sea and Instagram @BlackSheepBoutique.limelight you can also email me if you’re into that kind of thing and I’ll tell you more about my strange addiction to ghosts and my collection of lint. BlackSheepBoutique.limelight@gmail.com

  215. My name is Rachel and I love cemeteries. I visit them everywhere I go. I love photography, too, but am ridiculously insecure about whether or not I’m any good at it. I also love to travel, and prefer to go alone – it’s empowering and so much fun. Here’s a link to my travel/photography blog. https://theviewfinder.blog/

  216. (That awkward moment when you brag about being a librarian and notice 2 glaringly obvious typos right after hitting “post.”)

  217. I’m Brit, and currently making myself carsick reading through these so the Uber driver stops talking to me. I don’t think I’m going to make the earlier flight so I’m about to spend 4 hours at Dulles if anyone wants to hang. I like books, cheese, and ice cream, I work too much even though I’m chronically ill, and the Uber driver is still talking. I haven’t made any friends since I moved to Charlotte NC three years ago because making friends in your thirties is hard.. I’m on insta at @theotherbrit.

  218. Hi! I’m Alexis. I just moved to Florida, but I’m a Native Wisconsinite.

    I’m the type of person who you won’t forget easily. My favorite animal is a Unicorn and I’m a snarky, sarcastic lady (and don’t you forget it!)

    My Twitter handle is msredmage and I’m on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Alexisjwhyte

  219. Hi! I’m Leah! My Twitter is @LeahWould, my blog is leahwould.com , and in case you were wondering….yes…I would. I enjoy reading, writing, and painting, but most of all singing! I’m currently in two bands, and would like to be a mermaid when I grow up! I’m also empathetic to a fault and could be possibly considered a crazy cat lady. 🙂

    AND I’m sneaking this comment in while I’m at work, because sometimes you gotta be a rebel…right??

  220. I’m Seana. I’m the biggest dork you know (just ask my kids). I’m a trekkie, a sci-fi fan and a sometimes athlete. I love to read, especially sci-fi, romance, fantasy and classic lit. I am lazy by nature and have to force myself off the couch and out of the house on most days (I frequently fail). I am on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/seanag/, Facebook https://www.facebook.com/seana.gause and Twitter https://twitter.com/slsgause and you will find absolutely nothing interesting there. I don’t blog (I am waaaay to high context for that and everything would be #TLDR Still, #letbefriends

  221. Hi! I’m Cassie, I’m into books, writing, drinking massive amounts of coffee, and I have massive trust issues because I’ve been betrayed by every person I’ve ever loved. I disappear a lot because avoiding people is easier than interacting with them and getting hurt again. And again. I’m a tightly controlled mess that gives the best advice and is ALWAYS willing to listen. https://www.facebook.com/cassie.steger

  222. I am Elizabeth. I have many nicknames..Lisa, The Head Duckie, and Ickles.

    I am a nerd. I love SciFi, mysteries, and some horror. I love Robots and animals. (And animal robots! )
    I have issues with being too loud when I laugh. I have depression, anxiety, celiacs, colitis, and lymphedema. Plus..I’m just weird. Oh and a coward. Scared of most things. These are probably what keeps me single.
    I mostly don’t know what I want…so I spend a lot of time trying to decide on things.
    I have a cat named Fezzik. A ‘pet rock’ named Chip. And a taxidermied duckling named Bob.

    That’s about it. I have a blog if anyone is interested.

  223. https://www.facebook.com/bonita.blackwell I like comicons and horror cons and dogs and stuff. I am on a Mardi Gras Krewe (Morpheus). My house in South Austin is purple and green and has beads hanging off it. I am bipolar (or biwinning) and last year my heart literally was killed by a virus so now I am a cyborg for reelz. Still, I have most if not all the fun and have fabulous friends and completely unaware enemies.

  224. I’m Abby. I’m @abby_h_graves on twitter, and I like funny people on twitter. I sometimes forget that people on twitter don’t actually know each other, which I think would be nice (if everyone who liked each other on twitter were real friends). I’m a book editor who works from my basement and sometimes forgets how to interact with other adult humans. I stopped blogging because who has the time with tiny humans to keep alive? And also I think my mother-in-law was the only one who read it. I’m from Oklahoma, but I move a lot with my military husband (shout out to rural Kansas and northern New York). I love Jenny and the ways she makes the world brighter for all of us.

  225. I’m Lisa and this is my Twitter bio: Good manners + shitty attitude + hates people. On an eternal quest to pace my rage.
    I have anxiety and depression, and I am a teacher, so I’m pretty heavily medicated. 😁
    Twitter: @lisamillonzi
    Instagram: @lisamillonziwelsh

  226. Sorry if that was an example of TLDR — but also, I make my living by walking dogs! Because working for people is way too much for me.

  227. I’m on Twitter @ElleKatie89. I exclusively follow the Bloggess tribe so I get to be my weirdest self there. There are a lot of puppy and cat pictures there, and a lot of gushing about how awesome my fellow is. Also weird quotes that happen in my life because I don’t actually know how to person.

  228. I’m @todmonsta on Twitter and on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/todmonsta

    I like cheese, inappropriately funny things, and animals. Except arachnids. I hate those things. I try not to be a huge piece of shit, but I’m people and sometimes it happens.

  229. Hi I’m Jess Orso and I’m on all the things as @jessorso. I love Jenny and love that I’m not alone in this world. Weird has been so much easier to accept as an adult. I only workout so that I can one day do a handstand. I really want to be able to walk on stilts and juggle as well. I am without fail, always weird with other humans. Can we make an island with a theme park?

  230. Hi! I’m Emelie. I have two huskies and a lot of optimism. I tend to get myself into a lot of awkward situations, but laugh my way through them so that I can write about all of it to make you smile. Follow me on my escapades at http://www.awkwardlyaliveandpleasantlypeculiar.com so that we can be awkward together! As far as social media goes, I mostly hang out on instagram: @awkwardlyaliveblog

  231. My name is Wendy. I’m a wanna be graphic designer who loves tabletop RPGs. I hate the cold, love science fiction and fantasy, and want to be a medical examiner when I grow up. My hair is purple, I have recently discovered that I love tattoos and want to cover myself in them. My 7 year old daughter is the pretty pretty pink princess to my rock and roll appearance. I’ve got ADHD, Hashimotos, and PCOS. I’ve struggled with crippling depression since I was 10 but my husband, daughter, pets, and RPGs keep me alive for next big adventure (be it in real life, or at a table with dice).

    I’m on facebook @wendyzaccagnini or my wannabe graphic design is on facebook and twitter @zucchiniink, also zucchiniink.com.

  232. Hi. My name is Lorraine and I am French Canadian; is that weird enough to be your friend? Cause if it’s not I have quite a few other ‘irregularities’ I could share. I now live in a small village in Quebec but in a previous life I lived in Brazil and Europe and Iwas married to an Egyptian. If you donT, find me wird let me tell you that people around here find me quite strange. Tehy think I eat weird food, I listen to weird music and I have definitely a weird outlook to lifeà. But it’s all good. Would love to exchange with people…expats or just curious. Twitter @lorrain34959376

  233. Hi. I’m Susie. My joy is making myself laugh while making functional Pottery, mostly of dogs doing things like peeing and pooping and sniffing butts. I have a blog I barely write in (travail with collies) a website I have t gotten set up yet ( http://www.reddogblackdog.com ), and an Etsy page with nothing for sale on it lately, but I have a Facebook @reddogblackdogartdandcrafts and an Instagram (try susmcturn) that I’m much better at keeping up. I promise one day my ADHD will not run my life and I will get organized. Until then , I do post some photos.

  234. I’m Nicole (Nikki to some). I’m a writer who is broken and magical still trying to recover from some bad shit in my life. I love sloths and the Bloggess and coffee but not always in that order. I’m @coffeestainedNG on Twitter. Let’s be friends.

  235. I’m an organized hoarder who folds all of her plastic bags into little triangles, I have a tweaker-like addiction to marshmallows, an irrational hatred of sweatervests, a paralyzing fear of the Chick-fil-A cow, and I once got someone fired over Funyuns. I found out about you a few years ago from a friend who said that my social media posts sound like your social media posts, but I have weird social media blackout where I post stuff online, forget what I posted and then get super creeped out when other people ask me questions like “so – how was the vacation? Looks great from the photos!” Why are they looking at my photos?? Anyway – I now have a giant metal chicken named Beyonce, and a little metal chicken named Blue Ivy. Because I don’t half-a$$ anything.

  236. I’m Wendy. I read mostly comics these days, because they’re fast and my life feels too chaotic for something that has too many pages at once right now. I recycle old clothes to make hats, and have never met a remnant I couldn’t do something with… I collect female action figures and unbox them because it’s not my retirement (they’re toys! they can’t breathe in there!). I force myself to be social once a week in a comic discussion group, otherwise, I’d rarely speak to another adult other than my husband or the ladies at the grocery store. My twitter handle is @cameragrrl, because sometimes I take pics of things other than my dog. There I am somewhat off-color, politically liberal, feminist, who follows dog accounts to keep from collapsing in despair. (Too old for IG, and I’ve nearly abandoned FB.)

  237. Hi, I’m Penni and you can find me @Pellington21 on Twitter, where I tweet about #Timeless, harass celebrities, post my favorite horrible book loglines (“unputdownable” is NOT a word goddammit!) or show photos of my latest #Grosseries finds. I love to read, write, go to museums/exhibits, watch TV and movies (Rifftrax is life) and generally be a menace to society. Also, when I grow up (probably on my deathbed), I want to marry a hot Brit with decent teeth.

  238. Hi. My name is Sonja. I am a momma of 4 grown kids. Grammie to a beautiful little boy and a baby girl. I became a widow at 41. Which makes me sadder than I admit and a constant never ending worrier.
    I try daily to be as kind as I can be. I have a silly sense of humor. I like terrible b rated movies and rocky road ice cream.
    If you want a friend or need an ear I can be a great listener.

  239. Hi. I’m Karin. I love books, creepy shit like taxidermied animals and old medical equipment, Human anatomy, netflix, yoga, learning, horror, thrift shopping, croissants, and cheese. I mean, I love lots more things, but who has time to read my nonsense? I’d LOVE to have a picnic in a cemetery, it sounds amazing!
    I’m a mom. I’m a student. I LOVE science and outer space!
    I’m on facebook. I have a blog I haven’t written anything for in years, but if you like blogs about life and random stuff, you can check it out: pinwheelsandpoppies.wordpress.com
    Thanks for being the coolest, Jenny. Bringing all of us weirdos together. 💜

  240. …man, I am way down the list. Well, here goes:
    I’m Will. I wrote a blog for a while about Ladies Roller Derby. It’s archived at:


    It’s fun if you like girls wailing on each other. I’m a talented artist, but got the short straw in the luck department, which is why I answer phones for a living. I’m trying to claw my way back into a creative career, but at the moment I’m trapped in the pit (of depression (Yep. Me too.)). Maybe the internet isn’t the best place to deal with these sorts of things, but it’s been helpful to know there are other people out there like me. I live on twitter at:


    I’m into super nerdy stuff. I love sci-fi anything. I like writing letters to people (like with a real pen and all that). If you ask nicely, maybe I’ll draw you a nice picture. Being creative helps with the depression, after all.

  241. I’m a marketer by day, crime fighter by night. No. Not really. I’ve been feeling blah in my career path, so the marketer part is not what I really want to do any more, but it pays the bills. And I’ve just been lazy at night. I love photography and writing, but both have pretty much been on the back burner lately. My husband and I are almost-empty-nesters with one kid in grad school and another embarking soon on his junior year of undergrad. We have doggos whom I love unconditionally, even though sometimes the little one shits on the bathroom rug, the oldest barks at his own shadow and the middle one is just a bitch. I hide behind my blog for the time being because I’ve been too scared to attach my name to it, for fear of upsetting someone – friends, colleagues, family. Lately, though, that hasn’t been much of a concern. I’m now at a point of the mantra “You Do You” and screw everyone else. http://www.writefrommyhead.blogspot.com

  242. First of all, there are grapes on that beverage label. Grapes don’t grow in the Caribbean. This is irritating me more than it should.
    Secondly, fun fact: Billy Ocean is from Trinidad. We Trinidadians aren’t entirely sure how we feel about this.

  243. I am astoundingly normal in all outward respects. But I am drawn to people who are unusual like a moth to a flame. I just saw an interview about Graham Chapman of Monty Python. His writing partner, the famouse John Cleese, tells this story (that I just lifted from a Reddit thread)- “At one point, Graham was invited to attend this big seminar and was expected to perform a 12 minute speech on some nuclear thermo whatever and instead showed up dressed as a carrot and stood stock still and silent for the entirety of the presentation. John said that Graham was quite pleased that he was able to get the audience members good and worked up over his refusal to speak” People like this make me so deeply happy I want to simply cry and cry when I am around them or hear about them. They give me hope and I can’t articulate why.

  244. I so relate to you on the not relating to people front. I am a thirty something bookworm, obsessed with Doctor Who, Benedict Cumberbatch and YA books. I’m nerdy but I often don’t feel nerdy enough or nerdy in the right way to hang with other nerds. And far too weird to hang with those strange normal people who raise their eyebrows at me when I talk about some fandom I’m into or how my introvert made me want to implode at some social function. I am mild anxiety walking, I tend to take worst case scenario to the extreme and I take pictures of my coffee. Let’s be friends?

  245. My name is Kiersten. I’m a book blogger, writer/aspiring author, pole and burlesque dancer (recreationally), and I love all things cute and fluffy. I struggle with depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder. All of them make me incredibly awkward and downright anti-social from time to time. My best friends in the entire world are my books and my animals. Other things I love: fantasy/sci-fi, vintage clothing and jewelry, cemeteries, and Indian food. 🙂

  246. I’m Lydia. I love to read and write and watch way too many crime shows (faves include Castle, The Mentalist, Elementary, Rizzoli And Isles, Psych, And Bones). I believe in the Oxford Comma and Pluto as a planet. I want desperately to self publish but my anxiety and depression are doing their best to prevent me. I knit, love adult coloring books, and collect Funko Pops. I have a kitty named Noodle I adore and I’m really close to my mom. I can be found on Goodreads, Twitter, and Instagram under the username Lydiaewinters .

  247. I’m a stay-at-home twin mom and have a blog to support other moms of multiples. I also write about kids decor, decluttering and family friendly recipes 🙂 https://twinpickle.com Come join my awesome mom community on Facebook at TwinPickle too! Love that you bring people together Jenny! Xxx

  248. I’m Kellie. I’m not terribly weird, but I hate people and have severe social anxiety, but I crave connection. It’s a curse, really. I’ll probably be a single Cat Lady for the rest of my life despite my smarts and adorableness. I hate my job, but have no skills in anything else to really switch careers, and I’m constantly finding myself wishing for a different life. But this is the one I’ve got, so … might as well try, right??

  249. wow. until i read your opening sentence i did not know that is exactly how i have felt since childhood. i used to hope when i grew up i would be invisible. now due to anxiety i am pretty isolated, so in a way, i am invisible. thanks

  250. Hi, I’m Olivia. I used to blog, but they’ve all been pretty much abandoned for years. The only social media presence I have is really Instagram. I’m countess.christophine there. I crochet, draw, write music, and IRL I think of myself as something of a cross between Morticia Addams and Glinda the Good Witch of the South from The Wizard of Oz. I am an absolute extrovert stuck in a situation where I am mostly home taking care of my disabled mother so rarely get to be social and the only friends I have at this point are online. At the same time, the further from face-to-face interaction it gets, the more uncomfortable and anxious I get, thanks to PTSD from years of abuse.. Reading non-verbal cues was often how I survived, so not having any to go by makes me nervous and sometimes triggers fight or flight responses. So I love to have friends online – but rarely find I’m able to say anything to anyone, even though I love to hear/see/read what people are up to because doing so gets me too anxious. This right now is making me severely anxious, so I’m going to stop now and go color or crochet to calm down. If anyone cares to find me on Instagram, please know I am happy to look at your pictures and memes and enjoy your comments if you make any, even if it’s met with a lot of silence because I couldn’t wrestle my issues into their straightjackets for the day.

  251. My name is Tracey. I’m 32 and I thoroughly love all sorts of games, be it video games or tabletop ones. My creative outlet for the last two years has been D&D however, where I specifically play characters who try to inject kindness into the fictional worlds they traverse, even when I can’t always muster myself to go out into the real world when my anxiety and depression get to me and make me want to hide away. I love TV but am perpetually behind all my shows, mostly because I have hit the point that binging seasons just works better for my brain. I love podcasts, too, love them love them – ones that teach me things, ones that tell me fictional stories, ones that tell me about the worst and best of humanity. I’m currently getting certification online for IT Support and hope to shift my focus on that as I get my life together.

    To see me in all my nerd glory, add me on twitter (@allthesequeries) or tumblr (http://gottageekout.tumblr.com).

  252. I am on the Book of Face but that’s about the extent of my social media savvy on the interwebs. You can find me there (Tanya Andulics Bradley). I am not a prolific poster but love funny cat videos as much as anyone. I read a lot, have chronic pain issues, pretend to have a business making jewelry but it might just be an excuse to buy craft supplies, love watching old movies on TCM though Spectrum just discontinued basic cable and now my beloved 20 year old Hello Kitty TV is nothing but snow, I also love music but still listen to CD’s so you know I’m as old as dirt.

  253. one of my favorite meme’s is the one that says “please be weird like me, please be weird like me”.
    I recently introduced my 87 year old mother, a voracious reader since being temporarily confined to bed in skilled nursing, to David Sedaris. She loved it! Next up all the Jenny Lawson books!

  254. My name is Kate. I’m an advocate for people with diabetes and I have written about that from time to time on my own blog and other websites. I’m also a wanna be fiction writer. I’ve done a bit at this blog: https://storiesfromanantiquestore.blogspot.com/. Sometimes life sucks. I worry too much, especially about my grown kids. I’m working on that. Anxiety is my new friend due mostly to the current political and social climate. Jenny helps me cope with that. Thank you.

  255. I am a semi-retired father of four. I grew up in the witness protection program. My father was a criminal, my grandfather was a gangster. I am related to the house Windsor but 5000 people have to die for me to be King of England, including my two older brothers. (I am wilIing to make that sacrifice, they are old anyway) I have met Bigfoot and I have been happily married for 41 years to a lunatic named Angie (She is NOT Bigfoot.) I am a blogger of humorous stories, I’m am a podcaster of the same stories , and active advitizer on your blog page because you need the money.

  256. Hi, I’m Josh! I love superheroes, Doctor Who, optimistic SF and fantasy, absurdist humor, tabletop games, mythology, ’80s music (especially postpunk), and cats. I’m a librarian, I write poetry and fiction and personal blog posts about my life. I live with ADHD, cyclothymia, and generalized anxiety. I’m usually optimistic, but I also go through terrible bouts of insecurity and loneliness. I love making friends! Here I am:

    Blog: http://www.mercurial-comics.com
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/joshuamneff
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joshuamneff
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joshua.m.neff

  257. I’m Tom, and we’ve been friends for years! Oh, you didn’t notice? 🙁
    Seriously, my wife and I started reading your blog about a year before the first book came out – snatched the book out of the Powell’s Bookstore at PDX the minute it hit the shelves and nearly had an accident driving home while reading the book out loud to each other.
    I’m a typical community theatre buff, introverted, own way too many books, and sing constantly (when I’m not talking to myself). So, yeah, I’m damaged.

    That’s why I admire you so much. How do you make it all funny while you’re so, so vulnerable? Amazing courage and talent. I am never going to be normal – wouldn’t want to be – and you make me understand that it’s all good. So thank you. (Yes, I know I used hyphens instead of em-dashes, but I’m too lazy to find the special characters option.)

  258. Hi. I’m the Lost Prince. I posted a comment already and kept it lighthearted and vague because I think that the less people know about me the more they’ll like me. After posting a previous comment I was plagued with curiosity in wondering if anyone would follow up if I actually said something relevant about myself. Fun fact about me: I made a blog not because I think I have anything of worth to say or because I want attention, but because I thought it would be a wicked cool adventure to have people comment and make some internet friends in the blogosphere.

  259. Hi,
    My name is Diane. I work in an office, and participate in the daily rat race. I sometimes throw up a little on my ride to work because I think my entire soul is slowly being crushed due to my routine work life.
    I definitely prefer being around my dogs more than most people. While I am grateful for all I have (including my office job), I secretly would love to drop out of the rat race and travel the world, or at least the states, with my dogs, in a funky RV that I design myself. I’m not a hippy, I just long to be free.
    I don’t like anything popular so I have a hard time relating to most people. Don’t like pop music, the latest trendy tv show or movie, latest trendy fashion, etc. I do love movies but generally I go for the low budget, artsy ones. I love fashion and design, just not what everyone else would like. This is okay with me as I figure if I don’t fit in with the norm I won’t have to deal with many crowds, which I hate!
    I have too many conversations with myself. On the positive side, I am hilarious! At least I think so.
    I am single and recently have been dating. Being that I consider myself different, weird, etc, I will give you one guess as to how my search for my true love is going…not good. I am generally happy living the single life as I do find fun, interesting things to do but I had thought that it would be nice to find another weirdo to enjoy them with. How do weirdos find other weirdos that they can fall in love with?
    Well, that’s more than a sentence or two….

  260. I spent the majority of my summers when I was little pretending to be an otter in my swimming pool (as well as a mermaid, but mostly an otter). Part of me still kind of wants to be an otter. And a mermaid.

  261. I understand how you feel, Jenny. My depression and anxiety has been a real pain in the ass lately…ie. making me want to just stay home and hide under the covers. Then this morning I woke up with a severe pain in the back of my hand so now typing this is extremely painful…like I needed that to add to how I’ve been feeling. @#%! Anyway, I just started my own blog to help me keep writing as life keeps interrupting what I really want to do…write. So please visit me sometime. I’d love some company, and any comments would be a bonus. About me: a 24/7 Mom & Writer who suffers from depression and anxiety. Writing is my first passion, and it is also therapy for me.
    I love your books, and blog posts, Jenny! You’ve inspired me to hopefully publish my own memoir, but to help with that I’ve started my own blog. Hope to have some company in the lonely corner of my blog. 🙂
    My blog address: seaglass52@wordpress.com (on WordPress)

  262. hi, i’m carole. i don’t blog. but i lurk on twitter (sapphocatsappho) and facebook. i just turned 60 and no one is more surprised than me about that. i work and struggle with anxiety which, i tell my boss, makes me a good employee. i make quilts and am a politics and true crime buff. i’m a cat person, but between cats right now, having just lost my 18 year old ‘roommate’. i love jenny and her blog and her books. knowing her and the people i have met on line who also love her have made me able to be kinder to myself in my mind.

  263. Hi–I’m candidkay, aka Kristine. You can find me at http://candidkay.com and @candidkay on twitter. I’m a journalist, a creative type, mother of two sons and one furry rescue dog. My life turned upside down a few years ago and have been rebuilding the whole house of cards since. I have been known to dance in the kitchen, sing into spatulas and talk to my dog as if she is a human. Peace, people:).

  264. Forgot to mention…I also grew up having picnics at cemeteries and I know people think that’s weird. But my mom and grandmother like to visit with family members who had passed on by having picnics by their gravestones (in that case my mom’s dad), I’d be doing the same thing if only my mom’s and sister’s cemetery were closer to me (an hour’s drive through downtown traffic). But I wish I could. And it’s not weird! I get you, Jenny!

  265. What a lovely idea. I’m Heather and my instagram account is knitnbee. I also have a sewing blog if you’re into that sort of thing. http://handmadebyheatherb.blogspot.com/
    Always been a weird loner that’s never had any friends. At least the type that actually live in the area and you can physically hang out with. I’m introverted so people have to make the “first move” in terms of friendship and people rarely do.
    I have several creative hobbies, sewing and knitting being the main ones. I make most of my own clothing and dress in vintage 40’s style most of the time. I love fancy hats, stuffed animals, and chocolate… a lot. Sometimes I take pictures of my stuffed animals and make up stories about what they are doing. My internet pals say I’m funny. I think I’m just bizarre and some people enjoy that. 🙂

  266. I’m Scott. I write very silly books about hope and optimism (and mad scientists)… and expanding what I said on Twitter. Hrm. I like making things out of wood, words, and cloth and I help run probably the biggest 16th century costuming group on Facebook. (Which is a strange accolade to claim.) I don’t know what my mental scars look like because I’ve always shied away from picking those scabs, but I have physical scars from growing up in 1980s in Missouri as boy who actually liked things like sewing, books, robots, puppets, and so forth. Sometimes they seemed to want to kill me, but they didn’t kill me or my hope. I escaped with the hope.

  267. Hi Everyone! I’m Louise!

    Ten years ago, when I was 35, I was diagnosed with (complex) PTSD and an anxiety disorder. It took a lot of therapy (still going!), some Xanax, and a toolbox full of coping mechanisms to get me to a place where I’m anxiety free, for the most part. But the fallout from a difficult childhood means I will always be a work in progress, and I’m trying to come to peace with that.

    My blog: Eat Thru The Pain http://www.eatthruthepain.com
    Ig: louloumaerugg
    Twitter: @LouiseRuggeri

    Things that keep me sane: Writing. Birding. Friendships. Wine. Reading. Cooking. Staying connected and getting support via the internet through cool blogs like this! I can’t wait to check out all the links in the comments here! The Bloggess fans are the best!


  268. I’m Rowan. I’m attempting to blog at http://www.chaotickumquat.com/. I too love otters, suffer from being very weird, as well as depression and anxiety – but with HUMOR, y’all. I love examining human communication and behavior – hoping someday I can fix myself! I want to be a tree when I die.

  269. Oh fun! You can never have too many virtual friends! I’m Mona Andrei. My online name is Moxie-Dude and I blog over at Moxie-Dude.com where my site was listed as a top 100 humor blog in 2016. I’m also a recovering freelance copywriter. I recently had to give up freelancing when I signed a book deal, and I’m currently writing 3 books: a messy, funny, reflective look at single motherhood; a psychological thriller; and a business book on leadership. Yes, I’m bi-genre. Strange little facts: My kitchen hates me. I love wine and my kids. Possibly in that order. And I’m a country girl currently trying to fit in suburbia. Also, I bought a house at an auction once. That story is on my blog titled, The House That Found Me. (Awesome idea, Jenny!!!)

  270. I’m @wornragged. My autobiography will one day be entitled “Weird Little Kid.” I wrote a doctoral dissertation on medieval gynaecology and that was possibly the most useful and least socially awkward thing I’ve ever done. I think English badgers are the most perfect of all animals, am dismayed by certain ugly words (like “pouch”), and must sit with my neck to a wall because of something dreadful I did to a frog in Grade 7 biology class.

  271. I’ve been following you off and on forEVER! (“Off” because I like to disappear once in awhile, too.) You make hilarity look easy! It fills me with envy.

    OK, enough about you. My name is {REDACTED} and I’m a home improvement junkie with serious mommy issues. If you’re inclined, you can read all about it here: https://tragicallyuncool.wordpress.com. If you’re not inclined…well, whatever. I write for me. 😉

    I love you, Jenny! {That sounds much more creepy than it is}…

  272. Secretly, I wish my name was Charlotte. I’ve never felt like who I am. I love my cats more than my actual children and I just turned 50. I cried on my birthday because there’s so much I haven’t done yet but I’d rather sleep than go out.

    I love The Harry Potter series books and movies. However, Let’s Pretend this Never Happened made me laugh so hard I think it was exercise!!!!!


  273. I’m Sara…@SaraDGarland on the Twitters. Oh, and I also have a blog at http://www.saradgarland.com/ where I try to write mildly amusing anecdotes when I have time. I also enjoy nature and landscape photography. I like decaf coffee, puns, and good music. I relaxed once. It was a Saturday. My friends think I’m funny, but if you ask me to “be funny,” I’ll probably run out of things to say. #letsbefriends

  274. I’m reclusive and territorial, and then I like to go out and be mildly rowdy. I think I used to be cool, but I’m pretty ordinary. I like gluing papers together and then cutting them apart in different directions, playing monsters with my kids, drinking whiskey when I’m off my mom shift, pretending that I’m going to make something of myself, and Olympic grade dreaming when I sleep. When I grow up I’m going to work for NASA, even if I’m just a janitor. @dashlet, twitter

  275. My name is Elizabeth. I am a librarian by day and Batgirl by night. (Not really, I am far too old for the spandex) I am absolutely weird and apparently, my office can be “overly social”. I got married at a Ren Faire which automatically puts me in the she might be super weird category. I have fibromyalgia so while I may want to hug you I won’t because it might hurt, but I will tell you your hair looks great and make comments about why that college kid needs to not go to class in a bikini in January. My blog is fairly new at can be found at https://elizabethspeer.blogspot.com/ . My Instagram is speerelizabeth and my seldom used twitter is @speer_elizabeth .

  276. My name is Kate, you can find me @K8Met most places. I’m a pop culture nerd, and I love podcasts and making people laugh. Kindness is better than niceness. I also post edited and captioned pictures on Twitter and IG @K8Captions. Check it out, submit a photo (I do cuss, I don’t claim to own any photos I didn’t take, and if you send me something gory or lewd, I’m going to do my very best to make you regret it.).

  277. I’m Barbara, and live in Colorado. I have had chronic pain for over 20 years. When I go to see a new doctor, I have to bring a printout of my medical history because it won’t fit in the small spaces on their forms. I’m currently designing t-shirts, mugs, and other stuff to sell online. My wordpress blog is just a placeholder for links to the different things I do: https://babbsela.wordpress.com . I closed my online marketing business 3 years ago to take care of my sister who had cancer. She died in September, and I’m so completely lost without her that some days it’s hard to breathe. If I had unlimited space and money, I would adopt every cat and dog that needs a home.

  278. When you first did this, I found so many wonderful, loving people that I didn’t have to explain anything to regarding mental illness. The first person to reach out to me privately, as opposed to in a #TheBloggessTribe group setting, was a kind man. Cheo Jackson. It helped that he was a guy too. And he was just lovely. Patient, kind, insightful, helped me see things from a different perspective. Pushed my mind to think in ways I never had regarding my own mental demons. He was a good man. He passed away unexpectedly last November. You wrote about him shortly after. I still miss him. We never met live and in person but we still did manage to get really close really fast. He and his family, his wonderful wife Anya, were just the best people. I still talk to her, hopefully we’ll stay friends forever.
    Thank you for doing it, and thank you for bringing me and my pocket squad together, and for making it possible to meet Cheo and at least for a couple years, feel less alone in my mental illness as a man ❤️
    And for anybody that wants to follow me on Twitter, or who wants to follow the huge Bloggess Tribe list/folder I have created, I’m at MyBleedingInk and MyBleedingInk2

  279. Hey. 🙂

    I’m Pip: hobbit, energy healer, Browncoat, avid reader, spoonie, living with essential tremor that has amped up of late (crap), love Vibrams, live in the high desert….total blue wave/pussyhat chick.

    Recently confirmed that yes, I do have fibro, which explains a TON of things, and I’m learning to live with it. My stress presents itself at night, when my mind won’t shut the hell up and let me sleep as it obsesses over stuff I can’t do a gorram thing about.

    No idea what else to say. 🙂

    I’m TheHobbitAbides on Twitter. I deleted Instagram today (hate all things Facebook).

  280. Hi, I’m Emi, and I have many acronyms after my name that pertain to mental and brain chemical issues. Right now I’m struggling, but other times, I’m okay. My blog is about bouncing back from tough times. Please read the first post in Feb, so you’ll get where I’m at. Thank you, as always, Jenny, for being you. https://beingbouncy.blogspot.com/

  281. I don’t have any of that stuff. Sorry. Just love reading you and reading a lot of different books. Love theater too, mostly storefront plays which Chicago has in abundance. Unfortunately I’m developing a reputation for taking my 21 year old niece to really weird plays, but God love her, she keeps coming back for more. My 28 year old daughter has bipolar disorder NOS, borderline personality disorder, non-verbal learning disorder, and is a former heroin addict. My 25 year old son is lovely but caught a ton of emotional shrapnel from my daughter’s situation while they were growing up and checked out of family life. So we have been through the wringer. My daughter’s gotten much better over the years so at least we don’t worry all the time about her dying. My son is very sweet, if you can catch him on the phone. Sorry for the drama dump!

  282. I’m Kelly. I have minor depression and anxiety issues, often related to job and success perceptions. There’s a little imposter syndrome going on. I love books, traveling, trivia, obscure European wines, baking and writing. I’m geeky more than weird, but noticed that can be confused by the so called normal people. I have a blog(but rarely update it) http://credo-kelly.blogspot.com/
    More active on twitter, just cause it works for the weirdo introvert I am. @bookgirl33. Librarian/archivist, so bookgirl. And 33 is one of my favorite numbers. It’s a sports thing from childhood. In archives I get really fond of dead people. It’s like peeking into people’s lives(with their permission!)

  283. Hello! My name is Andrea. I am @ms.andreajoy and @thereceptionistblog on Instagram.

    When I say goodbye to my coworkers at the end of the day, sometimes I point out that I might die on the way home and never see them again. Only one of them enjoys my humour. We give each other points for committing to bizarre actions and tally them up at the end of each year. I don’t really care about germs, and I think that means I’m kind of gross. #letsbefriends

  284. I’m Tanya, I’m an artist, recluse, children’s book maker. My cat just started a new thing where she goes into the bathroom and cries whenever I don’t give her something she wants (my bowl of popcorn, the clothes I’m folding, that sort of thing)–I think she’s finally a teenager. I’m @tanyaharsch, or just Tanya Harsch, on all those places.

  285. I’m Unn, as in Unbelievable. I’ve recently started blogging under the name of Kind of Right. It’s a project to find my voice in written form, and I will probably write about shoes, coffee, commuting and wierd London life shit.

  286. I’m Virginia d’Entata on FB. artalachia on IG. I’m totally rocking a pseudonym because I teach art to sweet little Catholic kids. I don’t know if I’m been good enough to be an otter when I grow up or in my next life, but I’m trying.

  287. Hi everyone, I’m Jenni. I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s post and then reaching out weeks later because my social anxiety is really bad. 🙂
    Let’s see, I don’t like talking about myself so this is a good exercise for me. I love my two cats, reading (my current mission is to read every single Agatha Christie book – I’m @arlenefrancis on Goodreads), binge-watching tv shows and movies to avoid reality, cooking, yoga, traveling when I can afford it and don’t worry too much about leaving my cats alone, art, and alpacas. I’m gay and currently live in Germany with my American wife.
    My dream is to become a pastry chef but right now I’m unemployed and directionless due to my mental health issues (hey, it feels good to say that and not be afraid of being judged. I know you’re all awesome). I live with anxiety and depression, take lexapro and see my therapist once a week.
    I love Jane Fonda and met her last October, one day after my birthday. I’m very lonely and isolated and find it excruciatingly hard to reach out to people, but would love to find some friends through Jenny. I’m @helenmirrens on twitter, @nightoats on instagram and @normashearer on Facebook. 🙂

  288. I once read all of Christie’s books, too!!!

    Have you seen Jane’s show, “Grace and Frankie” on Netflix??

  289. I’m Katy, @mightbehousekat on Twitter. My social anxiety keeps me inside more often than it should. I used to have a blog but haven’t updated in in more than a year. I spend absurd amounts of time at the local library because it feels like an extension of my home. I love video games, puns, and reading. I also love my cat, my vet told me he’s a senior now but we are pretending we didn’t hear that.

  290. I am T. Or Theresa. I love pickling Thai chilies and things with Thai chilies. And I write. And I have a desk job. But I am also often rather depressed and anxious and tired with insomnia. I love to read, explore, write and keep on keeping on. My motto is breathe and focus. Sometimes I can sometimes i can’t. You can find my Facebook and LinkedIn and maybe Instagram through my blog below. #letsbefriends

  291. Hi! I am Tracy, Uncontrollably Me everything… like always OOC (out of control)… and then buried in busy because who doesn’t love dodging their psycho left brain side?! Blog: http://www.uncontrollablyme.com (you have to use the www because WP didn’t want me leaving and self hosting so there is this weird crossover thing going on… work in progress)
    IG: @uncontrollably_me and @uncontrollablymedotcom I cannot for the life of me remember my twitter at the moment and I cannot get sucked into that vortex tonight. Ok – wine is calling – looking forward to connecting XO – Tracy

  292. I just realized I have something in common with George R.R. Martin. We’re both struggling to get our next book finished. Except, in my case, it’s my first book. Damn.

  293. I’m Carma. I have two cats and a fiancé who keep me here because escapism is my biggest addiction. I love British and absurdist and dark and nihilistic and dumb and all other kinds of humor. I think farts are pretty funny in appropriste settings. I’m a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan. I love to do things – everything – but alone or with cats/fiancé. People intimidate me but I’ve never met an animal I didn’t love. I’m a slytherin, and the more I think about it the more it makes sense (I was blindsided when it happened – and then continued on every test thereafter). Not a bad one, I think, im not a bigot, I’m not violent or angry, I don’t hate anyone, I’m actually super empathetic… I’m just not an idealist. Not at all. I work in a crazy high stress job (law enforcement) and I still am surprised about it (it’s been fourteen years). I have nightmares all the time about failing to protect people. Until my fiancé, I wasn’t afraid of death though I’m very well acquainted with it. I read too much fiction and do my nails too often and cry easily. I trust way too easily. I paint, but badly. I obsess endlessly over my awkwardness with friends and people I’d like to befriend. Despite this, I’ve been told I’m very cold. I hate hugs, maybe that’s why. I like rainy days best. I will struggle to post this, because it feels super exposed. I’m not sure I’ll put my IG in either. I wish I understood people better. I use too many parenthesis. I’m only a perfectionist with my work. I wish I could connect to you all as openly as you connect to each other, but for whatever reason it’s much too scary. I wish I had more grass and trees and flowers around me. Believe it or not, I’m not sad 🙂 just wistful that it’s so hard for me to be as open as so many of the comments I see here. I wish I was brave enough to do that. I wish I was brave enough to tell the people I love and admire how much I love and admire them. Even strangers. Carma isn’t even my real name, but it’s the one I can give. Jenny has helped me through so much without even knowing who I am (started reading while in Iraq, which was definitely a time I needed it most without even knowing).

    To be fair, I’m not sure who I am a lot of the time. But I’m figuring it out, little by little.

    (This isn’t meant to be sad but I feel like it reads sadly? Please know I’m not sad- I do wish I was brave and outgoing and friendly but I’m also very happy in general. Maybe this was just a place for me to dump some demons anonymously?)

  294. I’m Jessica, French professor in the Midwest, married, three cats I love more’ Clairee loves her luggage. No diagnoses, lots of worrying and wondering if I’m ever good enough. Never thought I was athletic, but play soccer, tennis, and run regularly. Who knew? Love this tribe. Too lazy to figure out how to link stuff, but I’m @wmugirll99 on Twitter.

  295. I’m Ashley, I use instagram the most as @crackedpotceramics, I lurk on Twitter as @potthrower, and my blog is http://www.thecrackedpotter.blogspot.ca (I don’t really do FB anymore).
    I suffered from almost crippling anxiety/shyness as a teen and my early adulthood. I still struggle with it, but age has toughened up my outer shell even more and as I approach 50 (yup, I’m 47), I don’t give a s@#$t about what others think of me (I LIE: that is BS, I still have a ton of self doubt and second guess myself all the time). I work so that I can play (make pots). I have a biology degree, but have only ever used it to gross my family out.

  296. Hi, I’m not on twitter anymore (kept getting too many marriage proposals…hey it could happen! Yes, it could TOO! Oh, okay, just got one). Only way to connect with me is thru goodreads.com, epicyears.com, or paperbackswap.com; I’m officerripley on all 3 sites and would love it if somebody connected with me on any of those sites. I’m an old lefty, liberal, atheist, feminist, childless-by-choice–neither of my parents should’ve had kids & I knew I shouldn’t either–gal living in a very old-fashioned, conservative area where all the women in my age group are horrified by me since they consider their grandkids the 2nd most important thing in the world. (That part is cool; I wish I had had grandparents, hell even parents, like that.) The 1st-most important thing to them is church. Plus I’m married to a guy who used to be liberal like me & who has turned right-wing on me in his old age. (I blame all the golf he’s been playing; could this be an alt-right plot?!.) So I get pretty lonely & feel stranded here in APlaceIDon’tFitInville. Yep I know I’d be happier in or near a big city but moving is out; Hubby refuses to move & we couldn’t afford it anyway. So my advice to any of you younger gals: if possible, do not strand yourself out in the middle of nowhere; when you get older, most of the time it’s too late to make a move. I was chatting online with a gal who grew up near a big city like I did & couldn’t wait to leave & move to a smaller, less expensive area. Her mother warned her about doing that, said to really think about it becuz if she ever decided she wanted to move back to the city, she wouldn’t be able to afford to. Annnd, that’s exactly what happened; the closest she can afford to live near that big city that she misses so much is 2 states away & is, like me, trying to make peace with the fact that this is how we’re going to be spending our “golden” years, living in a place we hate.

    Apologies for all the whining but the loneliness gets to me more & more the older I get; there are some groups around here that fit my interests/leanings, but I’m always older by at least 25 yrs than the gals in those groups; the gals are always so nice but it’d be nice to have a friend near my age who understands stuff like not being able to go to the movies anymore since I can’t sit thru a whole movie without having to go use the restroom.

    I saw you…I saw you in an orange grove.

  297. I am the stereotype of the spinster English teacher and crazy cat lady. People who point this out get punched. My friends are hideously normal in many respects. Occasionally their normality makes me have flashbacks to high school when pretty much everything I said was “shocking.” My blog has turned from salty profanity into musings about my cats and nature in part because my family now reads it. Many things I would like to say would prompt my mother to show up on my doorstep. I love to read. Mostly horror and fantasy or sci-fi, humor when Ican find it. This also bleeds into my movies and tv tastes. In good weather, I live for my garden and someone to go hiking with. In all weather, I live for my silly cats. https://possumscatsthingsgnawingatme.wordpress.com/2018/04/23/boobs-and-a-moustache-two-bits/

  298. Hi there 👋
    I’m Jessica. I really feel like we’d be friends irl, even though there would be an obligatory initial period of awkwardness where neither of us would speak.
    Anyhow. I make lots of things, and I like to think I’m a writer although I sometimes don’t manage to do it for long periods of time, and that makes me sad. I am anxious, and odd, and sometimes feel as though I’m probably not a real person.

  299. Hi! I’m Joanna and I write sci-fi and horror and my first book came out this past October. When I got picked up for publication, I did buy myself a Victorian taxidermied ringtail which I felt was an appropriate first book gift, and I really don’t want to be wrong so don’t tell me if I am. I am nerdy and not shy but heavy on imposters syndrome (which means I’ve deleted what I’m writing here repeatedly) but I like to make friends to talk about nerdy things and writing things and so on. You can find me on twitter at https://twitter.com/joannavolavka and instagram at https://instagram.com/joannavolavka and my blog is joannavolavka.com and I’d love to get to know you on any of those places.

  300. My name is Kat and I’m at that strange stage of life where I still think I’m 20 but I’m also yelling at kids to get off my lawn. I think normal is boring and I write about life through my own strange filter on my blog http://angelwhoswears.com. As the name implies, I’m mostly a good girl but I have a really bad potty mouth. I work a day job that I hate in a cubicle that I also hate, so I decided to start writing and see where it takes me. I’m an extroverted introvert, which means I am really good at hiding my anxiety and being the “funny, outgoing” girl and “center of attention”, but it exhausts me and I’d be perfectly happy staying in my house with my animals and my family and never leaving again. Incidentally, I like animals better than people most of the time. I don’t know what any of this means but I love reading all your stories. My facebook is facebook.com/angelwhoswears and twitter is twitter.com/angelwhoswears.

  301. I’m Kelley O, I don’t have twitter or a blog, I do have Facebook, but only read and rarely post. I’m a divorced cat-lady with 2 cats and a shelf and a half full of books to be read. And a job which keeps me from reading more, but it also keeps me off the streets. I don’t particularly like to be around most people, and as I get older, I like them less and less, in fact I find myself annoyed more often than not, frequently muttering under my breath, “REALLY? You had to do that NOW?” or similar grumpy old lady sentiments. I think I’m going to be Marlene (the classic grumpy old lady cartoon) when I grow up. Assuming I ever do, that is.

  302. I’m @starcatbooks on twitter, or @editrx – My real name is Nancy. I’m definitely split between the two accounts, as I try not to be too weird for my bookstore, but it’s a bookstore, so hey, it’s weird to start with so why am I trying to hide that personality? I collect cat whiskers. I knit socks to hide anxiety, which means I don’t have enough feet. I have had a relationship with a ghost at my old house & I miss her, but we had to leave her behind when we moved. I tried to explain it all to her but I don’t think she understood and I hope she’s not taking it out on the new owners. This keeps me awake at night and so I knit more socks.

  303. Hi all,

    I’m Sarah. Depression and anxiety since childhood. Bouts w eating disorders and with OCD. Most recent diagnosis is CPTSD after a lengthly relationship w a narcissist/sociopath hell bent on destroying me. Like I needthe help destroying me. Like I needed the help destroying me. So more a mess than usual. Rereading Furiously Happy to remind myself of a helpful and hilarious way to deal w some tough times. Oh and 46, single mom of three (16,8,8). Sucking at the mom stuff lately.
    I love terrifying movies and books. I’m empathetic to a fault. Zero self esteem. #letsbefriends! Sounds so awesome to hang w me huh? 🙂

  304. I’m Cheekyredhead on Twitter and Instagram. I spin my own yarn, weave and knit. I’m owned by two cats. My day job is tech support goddess. I live with anxiety, depression, rheumatoid arthritis, and few comorbid conditions. I’m trying to get strong enough to bike 5 mile to work.

  305. I’m Dianne, or Annie Bannanie or Dianimal,

    I’m pretending that I’m the only “normal” person here and that enjoying bizarre dark humor is normal.

    In reality I laugh at the “wrong” things, talk about “disgusting” things and think all farts are funny.

    I don’t give a flying fuck if people think I’m weird or if they like me or not.

    I am a crafts person/artist, I collect animals that are ALIVE and have a sweet husband who indulges me.

    I don’t have a blog and am to lazy to post much on Facebook.

    I have lots of friends thanks, but y’all are fine just the way you are.


  306. Hey. I’m @winterlighthome on twitter and @rbkmakes on instagram. Just a warning, though, I tend to keep my following and follower counts low so twitter doesn’t get too overwhelming. So, I may not follow everyone back every time. It’s not you. It’s just me doing what I learned the hard way that I have to do to take care of myself.

    I work @ a job I hate but w/people I love so I guess I’ll call it a draw (but I gripe about it a lot because it’s soul-sucking and not at all who I really am) – so aiming for change on that front. I love books, the ocean, improv, making what on good days I call art and on bad days I call a shitty waste of art supplies, documentaries, late 70s/early 80s synthpop and New Wave music, history, museums, astronomy, archaeology, libraries, crochet, sewing, beads, buttons, guerrilla art, mixed media, embroidery, helicopters (USCG Dolphins and Jayhawks are my favorites), juggling, and an embarrassing number of 80s TV shows. I love wearing earrings I’ve made and long skirts. I’m a no makeup, no high heels kinda chic. My favorite band is OMD. And, I also love all sorts of world music. When I was a little girl, Debbie Harry, Princess Leia, Wonder Woman, and Morticia Addams were my heroes. This hasn’t changed. I have a 19yo son who’s on the autism spectrum. I’m neuroatypical. Anxiety and depression are bullies. So is asthma. I changed religions a few years ago so that tends to freak some people out. I’m a geeky, activistic, liberal, Jewish feminist. If none of this scares you away, #LetsBeFriends .

  307. Hi I’m Sonia, @SonzyB on Twitter and write on my Blog “Losing the Plot’ on WordPress. I’m hurtling towards middle age faster than a F1 car on an oil slick. I have two dogs, two sons, two stepsons and one husband which is altogether too many Y chromosomes, so I blog to keep myself sane, doesn’t always work

    Mostly I like to keep things humorous, but write about serious things too every now and again, and if you become a regular on my site, it’s likely that you’ll turn up in a cartoon or feature in a story. Come visit


  308. I’m Brandy W – 33 yrs., I have a private blog to vent, but I’m on Instagram socially “thisismysecretspace”. I have severe advoidant personality disorder with a 20 year history of depression and anxiety, plus a sprinkling of OCD, Agoraphobia, Germaphobia and Social Anxiety. I’m pretty much incapable of making friends (by “choice” – having to commit to anything social gives me severe anxiety), but I love sending physical snail mail to friends monthly if you ever need a random card in the mail to know someone cares about you! Just DM me on Instagram.
    I’m a artist & married to a very accomplished artist. I love reading comedian autobiographies lately, I’m a toy collector (we go to conventions yearly to grow our collection), I’m vegan and i have a garden I’m devoted to.

  309. I’m a middle-aged tending-toward-elderly tech analyst; living in Texas but not of it; a cantankerous and venerable curmudgeon. I’m yer liberal SJW SOB grandpa who has NO time for snot-nosed, bad-mannered neocon twerps.

    T: @JonCosmos

  310. Hi! I’m @DivaLibrarian on Twitter and I look NOTHING like my Twitter avatar! I am a school librarian who is not married with no animals or kids to take care of. I have been weird my entire life. I love mystery & fantasy books, just about all types of music, and am part of too many Fandoms to list here! (Supernatural is my current fave!) I have recently pulled myself out of a severe depression & am trying to get a handle my anxiety (which I’m not being very successful at today!). As a teenager, I made a conscious decision to become a comedian in social situations so that I could make fun of and laugh at myself before anyone else did. Due to this, many of my coworkers and students think I’m extremely outgoing. I am not. I love to sing and perform because when I’m on stage I don’t have to be me: I can be the brave warrior princess or the daring pirate queen or anything else I’m too nervous to be in reall life. I am old enough to know better, but still too young to care. I love being part of your tribe because I know that I’m not alone & that others understand. I could go on, but I won’t.

  311. I am Kat. I am a crazy aussie with a penchant for collecting pets… we’re up to 5 cats, 2 dogs (soon to be 3) multiple fish and a hisband!
    My motto is fake it till you make it. I have anxiety that I refuse to let control me. (It often wins though.) have had a pretty rough trot, and I’m totally nervous with people… even on the internet, doing this is terrifying for me because someone might actually read it !!! 😂 yay.
    Also I don’t know how to link my Facebook and I’m pretty boring anyway so yay.
    Hi fellow weirdos ☺️

  312. I am @crazymamaruns on the Twitter and Instagram. I also am on FB as Crazy Mama Runs. I also have a blog where I barf out a lot of stuff: https://crazymamaruns.ca/

    I am a single mom who was diagnosed withe depression in 2011, and anxiety hopped on for the ride minutes later. I am the mother of a teenage girl (who was diagnosed not that long ago with depression and anxiety- HOW MUCH FUN IS THAT!)

    So, needless to say, two mentally ill women under one roof makes for some interesting times.

    I love horror, chocolate, music, reading, and sleeping. Sleeping is one of the best things ever. I run to keep my depression in check, when it doesn’t sideline my body.

    I overthink pretty much everything, like this whole post. So I’ll stop now and post it before I regret it all and delete it!!!

  313. I’m Lisa. When I’m stressed I make up songs, poems and limericks about chickens and ducks. Poultry Power. Some day the world will cry Fowl. I like hiking and travel.

  314. Hi. I’m Kelly – kellyfredb on Twitter. Both depression and anxiety adore me and have done so for years. Wheeee! I love cats- especially the big oranges. I’m a mom and a special ed. para at a high school. When depression and anxiety aren’t in the way I like to knit, bake and read. I also like to sleep a lot. I need lots of sunshine and crave color and laughter and chocolate ALL THE TIME. I’m horrible at making and maintaining friendships so #letsbefriends! Geez, I’m even boring myself. 🤓

  315. I’m @yarghmatey on Twitter, @type_allison on Instagram. Atlanta based weirdo totally into exploring cemeteries, playing board games, and making up songs about our pets. Pop Scoop Riot is my current jam.

  316. Hi! I am twelve years old, I love reading and writing and writing, and I really enjoy your blog and books. I collect dolls also, and I am a big time theatre arts nerd.

  317. My name is Theresia. I work at a public library. I do not have a computer at home, so I do not Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Blog. I follow Bloggess on a work computer on my breaks! I adopted 2 cats several years ago from our local animal shelter, and named them Ralf and Waldo. Ralf got his name because he was the first of the 2 to hornk up a hairball. Waldo got his name because a day or two after I brought them home (and DESPITE MY STRONG WISHES AND THE SIGN ON THE DOOR) someone left the basement door open, he escaped to the basement, and we couldn’t find him for 3 days. Named him from the children’s book_Where’s Waldo? By Martin Handford. And of course, since I had a Ralf and a Waldo, it gave me wiggle room to lobby for an Emerson too. Emerson showed up about 4 years later. She is a mighty cricket hunter. Sadly, Ralf died about 2 years afterwards from a cancerous tumor. I am sad not to have a Ralf, Waldo & Emerson cat team anymore. Something my colleagues do not know about me is that of the many hundreds of times I have come to work, I have been wearing tie-dyed underwear all except about 6 times. When my sister’s sons got married and had babies, my sister and I tie-dyed onesies, baby sheets, receiving blankets, cloth diapers (which we use as burp cloths), and bibs for the babies. Their moms loved it. Their babies can hang out with the cool babies (or maybe the stoner babies) I once purposely sent my nephew a birthday card late, because the one I liked best that day was a Belated Birthday card. I sent it in a padded envelope to my sister, with instructions to give it to him the day after his birthday. I read a great many books. I love Bloggess columns in general, but especially where Jenny asks people about their favorite books, because then I can get leads on authors with whose work I don’t know yet. I only like about 4 TV shows, but I am OK with that because it gives me more reading time. And speaking of reading and TV, I LOVED Jeff Lindsay’s “Dexter” books, but when I tried the TV show based on the books, I only got about 20 minutes into Season 1, episode 1, before I felt too nauseated to watch anymore. And this is from a person who likes Forensic Files. Bleahchhh.

  318. Aw crap. I just wrote a super cool post but lost it. Anyway I’m Kelly -kellyfredb on Twitter. Depression, anxiety, overthinking, perfectionism, low self-image -that’s me. On the bright side, cats, baking, knitting, sleeping, reading, very specific music. I crave color, sunshine and laughter. I have the superpower of being invisible unless I WANT to be invisible. Friendships are hard for me and I’ve spent way too much time trying to get this just right. I’m horrible at small talk but can have a deep meaningful conversation with complete strangers sometimes. #letsbefriends

  319. Hi! I am a married mother of three adult children and Mima to my beautiful almost two year old granddaughter. My husband and I have been married for 30 years this summer. I am American (grew up in the Chicago area) but married a Canadian man and moved to Winnipeg Manitoba. I hate winter, so that may not have been the best idea ever! I have a degree in elementary education, but only used it for one year before getting married, then used it three years to home school my two oldest before putting them in a traditional school. I now work in an office as switchboard operator, delivery magician, and mail department clerk. I have anxiety and depression and some days want to just cover my head and stay in bed. Give me a good book to read and I can ignore you for hours! Haha! I have a difficult time conversing. I’m a great listener though! My best friend has been my best friend since high school- 37 years! She lives in NC, so we don’t see each other nearly enough! We can talk for hours, or just be quiet in the same room. My twitter handle is @wendyzib and Facebook I am Wendy Gunn Zibresky. (If you do send me a friend request, be sure to mention this blog!). 🙂🙂🙂

  320. I’m Patrice, and I’m a professional Renaissance Faire harpsichordist. (Because that’s a totally normal thing that normal people can be, right?) I don’t dress up taxidermy, but I do dress up myself in big, fancy Renaissance-period costumes to go to work, which makes it pretty much the best job in the world.

    This is a link to my music on Spotify, or at least I think it’s a link to my stuff. I clearly don’t fully understand how Spotify works): https://open.spotify.com/search/artists/patrice%20ruane
    This is my website. I know how that works 😉 http://www.patriceruane.com

  321. I’m deb, surprisingly enough, and I am sincerely really cheerful even when I’m dying inside, which is most days, and especially right now. It is damn exhausting to live, really, even though it’s usually interesting. I am so glad I met all of you. Please enjoy my weirdness with me at http://www.debnation.com because I totally get why I’m my biggest fan but I prefer to not be the only one. also I am @debsvalidation on twitter, and I don’t know what an instagram is, just yet. Let’s be friends, please and thank you.

  322. Elementary Schl Librarian and Pottterhead. Would rather read than talk to people. On twitter as @hallyhoots.

  323. I’m Suz, I have a horde of children and a drunken pet unicorn, on whose behalf I blog erratically at whyleonarddrinks.wordpress.com
    I used to have a bald mannequin head named Steven, and late one night after watching sci-fi, my oldest son and I decided to leave it in a large glass jar on the kitchen counter for my then-husband to find in the morning.
    He didn’t think it was funny – the marriage didn’t last much longer. But my second husband enthusiastically collects creepy Christmas elves with me, so I’ve got my happy ending.

  324. I’m anxious poodle aka puccinicat01970 on Twitter – love your books & all of the pix of hunter, Dorothy, Ferris, Rolly & of course your two legged critters Hailey & Victor.
    I realized my dream at nineteen which was many decades ago by having my drawing used as an album cover for my favorite singer/songwriter Laura Nyro. Damn peaked at nineteen – don’t give up on your otter thing – never know, could happen.

  325. I was nervous the first time I posted and what I said sounds sad and pathetic to me, so I wanted to try again which is probably also sad and pathetic, but that’s not stopping me. Yay anxiety! I was called weird as a child and bullied for it, so I suppressed that part of myself. I have finally reached an age where I no longer want to care about what others think and embrace the weird me. I am working on digging that girl back up and would love friends who understand and accept a little weirdness. I love exploring cemeteries and feel more comfortable there than in public. Hoodies make me feel safe. I am in my happy place with a book and a cup of hot chocolate or hot tea. I am an introvert, but would love some friends.

    facebook – https://www.facebook.com/nina.banks0904
    instagram – nina_banks0904

  326. Jenny- you made me cry this time because I needed to hear someone else that was “too empathetic” I totally empathize. ❤️ For the past three years, I’ve put costumed metal goats (and one Longhorn) in my front yard, inspired by Beyoncé. I am a freelance writer and SAHM for one teenager. I enjoy watching Kdramas and also do comedic improv. Recently, I licked a million dollar house and hopefully made a new friend doing so. https://www.facebook.com/TheGeorgeFamilyGoats/

  327. Hello there! I’m Jen, jen Marie on Facebook. I’m an old soul, who would rather spend my time surrounded by old things and old cemeteries. I find comfort in knowing there are others out there that get the ick of depression, or the black dog as Winston Churchhill called it.

  328. I would give just about anything to be your friend. I’m weird, awkward and suffer from anxiety and depression. Both of your books struck such a cord with me that I have recommended them to all my friends. I am on Instagram as ndrdktmr and on Facebook as Darcy Lavoie Reitenbach.

  329. #letsbefriends

    I’m Nikita, nurse, artist, aspiring writer, wife, mom. Depression. Anxiety. Reading. Video games.
    You can find me on insta @scribblemaiden1 , Twitter @scribblemaiden and FB at Scribblemaiden Studios. Website: http://www.scribblemaidenstudios.com

  330. I’m Wendy, and I’m anxious. I read a lot of memoirs because it’s nice to see a life as if it’s neatly contained in the pages of a book, rather than the sprawling reality of obsessive ruminating and fidgeting and trying to get to “the next thing” as quickly as possible, as if that will finally bring comfort. I’m fortunate to have an exceedingly wonderful and patient husband who not only tolerates my shit but knows me well enough to help in the small ways he can. I like food and booze way too much. I prefer dogs over people, because dogs are awesome and people are…not. I’ve recently discovered Jenny and finally have a positive association with Texas.

  331. I’m Anne. I’m a shepherdess (of sheep) with a pack of dogs. I just told my husband that I wanted to look like Phanpy (the little elephant Pokemon).

  332. Im down for this!! This is honestly how I’ve made most of my friends lol. I’m Chelsea but I also go by Jimmie, I’m 26, I have fibromiyalgia and too many other disorders to count, I like finding animal bones in the mud and picking up neat twigs and rocks, and I guess I’m sort of an artist?? I have 3 cats and they’re my stalwart companions cause none of us ever leave the house :^) I love bingeing crappy Netflix shows in one go, screaming about them to friends who won’t ever watch them, and then forgetting I ever even saw them in the first place. You can find my longer ramblings about my weird poops at spaghettiweasel.wordpress.com or on Twitter @crystalsouleatr

  333. I’m @wildrider51 on Twitter. Why? I haven’t actually ridden a horse in more than 40 years, but I got the name from a song title and never bothered to change it as I stopped really loving the singer of the song. The 51 is from a game I used to play and write stories for but haven’t played in more than 20 years. So clearly, the first impression I must give is how incomprehensibly lazy I am. I am also emotional, opinionated, somewhat aggressive, and have a bad temper, which is probably why I have so few friends. The ones I have mean all the wide world to me. And possibly why I think so many people in my computer are my friends, too. I collect bottles (in bright colors or interesting designs), cats (figurines and increasingly the living, fluffy kind), and books; I have miscellaneous tons of other crap and every time people say “you need to de-clutter!” and I think about it myself, I look at my “junk” and realize it still brings me joy, so I send an apology to the future when some poor sod will have to clean out my house after my wife and I die, and HE can throw all my junk away, because I won’t need it anymore. I have been with my wife for 30 years and we finally married legally back in 2008 (thank you, California). For our tenth anniversary, our state finally agreed it was a legal marriage.

    I laugh like a hyena when I read your work, Jenny. You make joy. Thank you for being a friend. (We actually have met, at a book signing, but I’m sure you made more of an impression on me than vice-versa.)

  334. Even though you said Lionel Ritchie, I totally knew what you were talking about. Now I’m sitting at work softly singing to myself:

    Caribbean Greens!
    That I’m eating with Saltines!
    And sometimes with a bun,
    Just plain veg isn’t fun!

    yes, it’s been a rough day and I’m bored 🙂

  335. I left teaching to take a job cutting heads off of potentially rabid animals. I also tell people whether they need to get rabies shots. I’ve started a stuffed animal collection in my office where if a person goes on vacation, pays to do something with animals, then winds up getting bitten by that animal and has to get shots, I buy a stuffed animal version of it for my office.

    Yes, these are my monkeys, and it is my circus.

  336. I’m Jenn, IT nerd who works for the police (or, did, I just quit last week). I love my cat dearly so if you don’t like pics of an adorable black cat with huge eyes, maybe don’t follow me? I’m taking a medical terminology course so I can get a better job with better hours at the hospital and I love the Saskatchewan Roughriders (CFL football team). I ALSO love the Patriots (like so many Canadians do) but I really hate Tom Brady! Don’t punish me for that please! I used to love him……..but I just…….can’t. @psychoinsomniat on Twitter, @jenniferlayn on Instagram and Facebook

  337. #letsbefriends Hi! My name is Paula Hass and currently I’m only on facebook. I would love to have a blog of my own, but am unsure of where to start & with my anxiety and depression, I might not even blog for days in a row! Ha! I would love to be friends, as I’m weird as well! I love the dark humor and am currently reading Furiously Happy! When I take the book with me to my therapy sessions, I can’t help but laugh out loud and share what I thought was funny (which really IS funny!), and all I get back are looks of insanity from others there! Which is actually fitting, sing that I’m at a “mental health clinic”! Haha! Wait, did I say that out loud? From the sounds of it, we could be great friends!!

  338. Hi there. I’m @Cyn_Barnes on twitter. I work as a Case Manager for people with disabilities at a arts-based program by day, and am a geeky crafty artist by night. I’ve newly become a mom for a little black cat named Salem, and loving wife of a writer. I love everything sci-fi/fantasy, especially Doctor Who. Anxiety, OCD, and Depression try to stop me from doing the things I love, I try and tell it to go sit on a egg instead. #LetsBeFriends

  339. I tried growing up once. It didn’t really work out for me. I refuse to kill spiders because they are just trying to live their little spider lives and are way more scared of me than I am of them and sometimes I give them names and we talk about our crazy days and just laugh and laugh. Good times. I also like horror books and scary things but not dolls because when THEY start talking back I do NOT laugh. It turns out I have one of those twitters @phreetherapy that I must have made and promptly forgotten about because I don’t know how to work it. I continue to inappropriately overshare in my new blog capitalletterlife.com

    I love everything about this post. You are the best.

  340. You know when you find a funny witty blog (excuse me, bloggess)…and you want to join in the fun by posting comments but you feel intimidated because everyone else is hilarious and you just want to lurk, but then the bloggess actually want to make new friends today, so you take fingers to iPad and try to type a coherent comment but can’t think of anything to make you stand out…? Yeah, that’s me.

  341. I’m a fan of Jenny. She makes laugh so hard! And she understands that life is hard, one damn thing after another! And cats. And foxen.And kids. And parents!

  342. letsbefriends My anxiety is so insane, that I thought I shouldn’t comment because you would all think I’m nuts. I am Hillary. I am an empath. I feel other people’s feelings and don’t always know what to do with them. Music, people, and feelings are colors. I am terrified of grasshoppers. I don’t have a blog. I scratch out poetry sometimes such as: “I have decided I also don’t like crickets.
    It was not a hard decision mind,
    as their cricketyness is undenied,
    and too much like their cousins find
    Their judmental faces and jumpy legs
    I’ve just decided we’re not friends”
    I also make up my own words. Such as Squagoly (Squaw go ly adj.) a made up word meaning the feeling of being sappy and weepy at the same time. Generally the feeling of being the consistency of soggy toast. Example: Enrolling my only child in 6th grade this morning has left me feeling squagoly.

  343. Hi all,
    I’m Bonnie and currently OBSESSED with the news that the Golden State Killer may/may not have been arrested. I write a blog (sometimes) over at BonnieLand.blog You can also find me on IG as @bonnknowsbest (I think) who can remember all their own, self given titles anyway? I’m also on Twitter with the same handle and notoriously bad at understanding it, which is why I fall into Twitter holes and need to remember to come up for snacks. I read a lot. Like, a lot because books help me make sense of the world… which is how I found Jenny and why I feel less alone. See? Reading is vital. I’m delightfully fucked up in many ways and always have room for new friends. Online type friends anyway. I spend an alarming amount of time in my ‘real life’ napping, or curled up reading and covered in cats.
    It’s not such a bad life all in all… X B

  344. I’m newly retired and learning how to be that. I like to play in the dirt (garden), and having multiple joints replaced (I was a runner in an earlier life) and was a college professor but got really tired of that. I like to sew and crochet and read vampire stories and historical fiction. My grandboys are the cutest. https://www.facebook.com/georgia.polacek

  345. I’m Cassie, and I work customer service at a large vet hospital in Texas. I am a misanthropic introvert who is very good at pretending to be an extrovert for the sake of paying my numerous bills with my always-too-tiny paycheck. I work at the vet so I can pet dogs and cats all day. That’s it, that was my whole reason for applying for the job.

    I have two cats, Fitz and Jemma, who are named after two adorable scientists on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, with which I am obsessed, as I am obsessed with all things Marvel. I LIVE for film and TV, which you will see me scream about a ton on social media, and music, when I have time between film and TV. I also like to read when I have time, and can stay awake. I used to be a prolific fan fiction writer before I had a full time job, which sucks your creativity right out. I still love writing, and hope to publish something original before I die. I also hate the Trump administration, if you’re into that.

    I suffer from severe chronic pain due to a jacked up spine (no sports playing, no traumatic injuries, always a WTF? look on the doctor’s face), lifelong anxiety and depression, and the funnest of fun traumas with my reproductive organs. Good health times! Jenny’s blog and books have made it quite clear that it’s not just me, and I am not alone.

    If this all hasn’t bored you to tears, you can follow me @danamulder on Twitter, and @danamulder42 on Instagram where you will literally get all the adorable cat pictures and striking portraits of my restaurant food that you can stand. (I’m an X-Files fan, why do you ask?) I’m just boring on Facebook.

  346. I’m Faith, I’m @fangirled on Twitter, @fangirled75 on Instagram and @emunah75 on Facebook. I’m an extremely introverted single cat mom (who likes cats much more than people) who is a big old fangirl of a whole lotta nerdy things. Way too many to list, some I’m proud of and others are a bit cringy. #letsbefriends

  347. Hi! I’m Barcy. I have depression, anxiety, IBS,
    and arthritis. I’m a Texas girl, but am living in Ohio. I’m both a dog person and a cat person. I’m @barcycordrey on Twitter and Instagram. When I remember to, I blog at semi-perfect.com. I’d love to make some new tribe friends!

  348. Hi I’m Alli,

    I’ve got a wonderful group of internet friends already but I’m always welcoming more as they’ve always enriched my life.

    I’m having a rough anxiety week so I’ll keep this short, I’m a single mom to a 17 year old son who’s inherited my anxiety too. I’m a hard worker, slow runner and good natured rabble rouser. Find me at allibaba77 on instagram and Twitter, although I don’t post much there. Find me on Facebook https://m.facebook.com/allibaba
    Or you know, just stalk my life like a creep, lol

    Alright, better post this before I lose the nerve.

  349. Hi, I’m Robyn and pretty socially awkward. I’ve been with my husband for 4 years now and there’s members of his family who have yet to hear me speak. I’m a tv-aholic but bave been trying random hobbies to distract myself,not just from being a couch potato but also from my anxiety. Oh, and I’m in denial that I’m depressed. I keep reading everyone’s post and with all of them, I want to reply with: OMG me too! Let’s be friends!!

  350. I’m Sandra. I sell auto parts (but live carfree) & create art + cycle in the sunshine (or the rain, snow, wind) of the wet coast. I live a full life within the limits of chronic illness.

  351. I’m Lorinda Henry, and I’m on Facebook. My daughters introduced me to your work here because we all share a sassy wit. The one night you told us about your depression and took things to a whole other level. You are amazingly brave and still witty. I don’t ave time or courage to go into my oddities this evening. Oh, and also I’m oldish. The upside of that is having the cutest red-headed granddaughter ever!

  352. Hey, I’m Laura. Middle aged, one adult child with ASD, one teen, one old dog, one very old cranky cat, one puppy and one kitten (because wtf might as well get two creatures to tag team destroying the house from top to bottom), and an awesome husband who cooks and laughs at my ridiculous jokes. I love gardening, reading, cheesy music, taking pictures of random crap, and car dancing while singing loudly to aforementioned cheesy music. Trying to do stuff that scares me, like drive far away to meet people, or rock climb, or go to protests, because I’m tired of being anxious. I’m not on Twitter because I don’t get it but might try again since I have young folks on hand to badger with “how do I work this thing” so I can follow a bunch of you. I’m on Instagram @laura.on.the.mountain 🙂 Nice to meet you!

  353. @MrsRockZam here. I’m a 40something wife, mother to humans and a dog, and middle school teacher. Looking for a motivational revival of sorts, or a yoga class maybe. About a month ago at my hair appointment I told my stylist a few of my crazy stories and she said I should write a book. A few weeks later, Furiously Happy landed in my lap. Thank you @thebloggess for writing one because the thought of me doing it was exhausting! Thank you for sharing your personal struggles (and triumphs) with such sharp humor and candidness. #letsbefriends

  354. Hiya, I’m iain (I usually type it lower case because otherwise people think I’m called Lain). I’m 36 years old and living with my boyfriend of 14 years. I live with 4 chickens who sleep inside at night in a bookshelf outfitted with all the delights of an apartment block, a cat called Tapioca, and a duck. I play D&D, am into sci-fi and fantasy books and TV shows, and I always feel admiration for the bad guys and evil creatures who have their plans work out perfectly. I’m also a furry, and my fursona is probably an orc which isn’t furry at all and always feels like it’s cheating or not quite “getting it” so I don’t really share it all that much in case the other furries think I’m weird. But instead I almost always play an orc in D&D, so character sheets are kind of my fursuit.

  355. I don’t feel like I’d fit in with this crowd because you’re cooler than I am. I always feel awkward trying to jam myself into all of this.

  356. I’m Chanandl Bung on FB, and @kittenrigly on the twitter, but I follow more than I tweet. I’m a hospital librarian with three cats and a hubby. I’m also an introvert with social anxiety. I like kids in theory but don’t have any. I’m fascinated with the brain and how it works. I ramble when I’m nervous. I read medical stories and chick lit. I like to laugh but don’t do it nearly enough. I can be quite nerdy. I’m pro-vaccines, pro choice, and pro hockey fights. #letsbefriends

  357. OMG! There are over 400 replies so far! How will Jenny ever find me?….
    Anyway, I’m on Facebook as https://www.facebook.com/james.m.sr
    On Twitter I’m @JimGawne
    I post Bad Dad Jokes on Facebook every night (except when I forget)

  358. Hi folks…I’m Lisa. I’m in the middle of a mid-life transition/crisis/freakout over what to do with my career since I left a 21+ year career last fall to focus on my PhD program instead. So that means I’m an unemployed graduate student these days, doing an unpaid internship as if I were 22 instead of 50. Woohoo! I’m studying human sexuality education which is pretty damn awesome (aka I’M YOUR RESIDENT SEXOLOGIST FTW). When my nose isn’t in a textbook, I’m being bossed around by a 16-year-old cat named Bink, distracting myself with sci fi TV/movies, and running a Zazzle shop to try keep myself in aforementioned textbooks. Find me on the interwebz here:

    Twitterings: @currieous
    Insta: @currieous
    Zazzle: http://www.zazzle.com/currieous (go buy some stuff, please?)
    (sense a theme there?)

  359. Hi, I am @nwkmom on Twitter, and I’m so grateful to Jenny and everyone here for the community that has grown up around her. I’ve learned that I (and my anxieties) am not alone and in fact, we are a very interesting, smart, funny, resilient group!

    I love lots of lemons in my (unsweetened) iced tea, and I’ll be starting to complain soon about the heat of an Arizona summer. I’d love to hear what you’ve been reading lately, and I’ll be glad to talk TV shows or movies with you.

    Glad to meet you all!!
    — Kelly

  360. I use FaereWolf on Twitter & Instagram, though I’m never on Instagram. It’s a word I made up that rhymes with werewolf, and was inspired by a scene in Young Frankenstein. I have absolutely no idea what to say about myself. I’m weird, but I like it. I enjoyed being different and have no understanding of people that blend in. I was born in the wrong country. I love to read, and I like the quiet. I have recently stopped taking prescriptions because I was too freaked out they would kill me in my sleep, and weren’t helpful enough for me to make that bargain. My depression oddly improved, but my anxiety has gone into space. I think purple is just as natural a hair colour as peroxide blonde, nails make excellent talons, and extra skin is there for tattooing, however mostly not the face. I like supernatural tv & films, old films, and British humour. I have a bunch of rescues, and like alternative music. I mostly prefer the family I’ve made to the one I was born with.

  361. I’m Tara @chickadee702 on instagram. I have horrible anxiety, self esteem, depression, and generally prefer hiding in my house with my dogs to adulting. I worry and thought spiral whenever I perceive I’ve disappointed someone which is pretty much all day every day. I’m afraid of being too happy because then something bad will happen to take my happiness away. I also have a mild obsession with dogs and teach humans during the day.

  362. HI! I am a weirdo and a slacker nerd. I live in South Florida and I really need local weirdos. I knit, cross stitch, study, love board games, and am super good at being awkward.
    I admin a few FB groups full of Jenny fans, like https://www.facebook.com/groups/333105527146785/
    I’m @FaultyHomemaker on twitter
    I have a blog here http://www.thedomesticdeviant.com/
    and on instagram @the_domestic_deviant and @mrs_dehart
    and pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/TheDomesticDeviant/

  363. Hi All,
    I am Jennifer and I am simply, me. I don’t do social media but apparently have no problems gaining followers on Esty and I don’t even have a store, lol. I love all of Jenny’s works and felt I found (finally!) a kinderd spirit when I first started reading her books and blog. I think that little bit says a lot of good things:)

  364. Hiiii.

    I’m Momma Trek and I have like..zero real life friends. Because I’m TERRIBLE at making friends. I, too, have horrible depression and anxiety which is why I have no real life friends. I’m too frigging anxious most of the time to just “hang out” because I never really learned how to DO that without having a massive panic attack in the process. I read WAY too many books (right now I’m reading “Wonder” with my son as well as “The Dog Master” by that guy who wrote the book about the dog who gets re-incarnated way too many times AND a book about Celtic fae lore AND “Children of Blood and Bone” AND “To Kill a Mockingbird” for my book club. ALL AT THE SAME DAMN TIME. Because that’s how I roll, yo.) and have an obsession bordering on what might be a seeeerious problem with yarn because I crochet and knit. I also have a blog (see link) and like to cruise (which I have a blog for that TOO if anybody’s interested.). I have a Twitter account (@avgsupermom) but I almost never use it and I have an Instagram account too (flyingspaghettispock) but I never learned how to use Instagram because I’m an old fart and then my account got horribly hacked and I JUST got it back (no thanks to you Instgram customer support. You suck.).

    Hi. #letsbefriends

  365. I’m M, single geriatric mom of a grade schooler. Weird is my my middle name. I collect strange art, odd antiques and friends who are mostly normal. Passionate about adoption and mental health. The cat Is on insta at percylicks. Twitter at percylicks and nastymom1 . Trying to start a blog. Trying to figure out a new path for my life. Eternally grateful for Jenny and her books and the funny supportive people who follow her. #letsbefriends really.

  366. I’m Susan. I’m afraid of people. They confuse me. In my fantasy life, I’m a writer. I know a lot of words, but it turns out I don’t have anything to say. Can we be friends anyway?

  367. Almost 58 year old only child, mother of two only children 20 years apart. First time mother at 22, second time around at 42; yes I know I was almost finished but I seem to have a penchant for doing what other people say I shouldn’t, couldn’t or wouldn’t do. Left the work force for a few years while caring for my parents in their decline and when I rejoined the rat race I plundged headlong into the world of Autism and Developmental Dissablities. All of this after my youngest was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at 8 and so the journey began. I spend my days as an aide to a mostly non verbal young man on the spectrum who opens my eyes daily to “what if,” “why not” and “I know I can,” because nothing is impossible! In the meantime I dye my hair purple occasionally and get new tattoos because age is only a number. And, as I read somewhere perhaps as we age it would be better to consider each year a new level because it is damn awesome to say I have reached level 57! And I didn’t even get my first tattoo until I was 52, it is never too late! Supernatural fan girl, Gilmore Girls geek, SheHulk to Bruce Banner’s Hulk and forever Snape’s number one fan, though he would have to arm wrestle David Bowie for my heart 😉

    Twitter @belendakay
    Screaming at Trains

  368. Hey, I’m Eric. I’m an eclectic pagan living in the buckle of the Bible belt. My interests include history, mythology, serial killers, cryptids and other unexplained phenomena.

  369. I’m Jen at foodtruckwarehouse.blogspot.com. I don’t have twitter or anything else. And I got kicked off Facebook, so I’m out of luck there. But I just got home after a train-wreck of a night. Let’s just say, I’m new to the whole dating app scene, and I’m starting to realize that my mother’s advice to me as a kid about “swiping the CORRECT way” is starting to really make sense…
    Anywho, I was pleased to see this new post. I really needed it.

  370. Hi! I’m @absurditoriun on Twitter and Instagram. I seem to have reached a place in my life where I’m surrounded by nice, but aggressively Normal people, and I don’t fit in, and I miss the weird. I have a blog that I post on infrequently, usually about my cats. Also, I might have had two ice cream cones for dinner.

  371. I got married in a cemetery. It wasn’t in that creepy “I want to get married in a cemetery” thing. It was just beautiful and you couldn’t see any headstones where we were…until it started raining and we had to move. I was looking back at pictures and saw something unplanned and glorious. There was a headstone with the name Sherlock on it! Yes. I fangirled out as soon as I noticed it. Btw, it was Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati if you are so inclined to look it up.

  372. Hi my name is Catalina. I read nonstop and post almost nothing but true crime, feminist & political content. And memes, dear god do I love memes. I show everyone I meet pictures of my dog, and I paint my nails twice a week sometimes because it soothes my anxiety. That is also a reason for all the memes. I do pub quiz and am really good at it. Also love ghosts.

  373. I’m Katy – how’s this for dual existence – half food, half save the world. PalatePassionPurpose.com I might have the world’s largest (self-proclaimed) collection of clip earrings and they are all ridiculous. I’m thinking about starting an instagram page for them.

  374. I’m alysha.keyser on Instagram. Creative, I know. It’s pretty much only pictures of my bunny, maybe my nephew or almost hubby.
    Send me a follow request. Or a Facebook message, and we can be friends.

    I say almost hubby, cause we are eloping next week. We can’t have an actual wedding yet, cause he is going through chemo for lymphoma. I have a GoFundMe that I kind of use as a blog for updating people on that. GoFundMe.com/brandonlymphoma.

  375. I’m a 60+ year old weirdo. Have always found it hard to make lasting friends. Take out the taxidermy and little houses, my profile would be like yours. On Facebook I’m Rose Prescott in Eugene Oregon.

  376. I am alysha.keyser on Instagram. Creative, I know. Send me a follow request.. It’s mostly pictures of my bunny, with maybe a few of my nephew or almost hubby on there.

    I say almost hubby, because we are eloping at the courthouse next week. We can’t really have a big wedding right now. I had to quit my teaching job because of anxiety and depression. And then he was diagnosed with lymphoma, and is undergoing treatment for it. I have a gofundme page (gofundme.com/brandonlymphoma) that I’ve kind of been using as a blog to keep people updated. It helps to write about it in a kind of detached way.

    I like fantasy and science fiction books, and animal documentaries, and silly video games. And ice cream.

    You are all delightful people. #LetsBeFriends

  377. Hi, I’m @Vabella on Twitter. I keep everything pretty locked down on privacy controls, because…you know…people. I’ll accept requests from fellow weirdos though! I’m an INFJ and empath with a broken brain that sometimes turns me into Dory. Hi, I’m Dory! I’m a proud Mom to some pretty cool kids. I’m a dork, Whovian (10!), lover of all things Disney, writer, book reader, binge watcher (Currently on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, hilarious), cat lover, and champion of finding all the missing things. I’m very blue in a red state, but oddly enough I rarely notice. It gives me hope for the future. There is so much anger online these days, so I am thankful whenever I find more of my tribe. Let’s be friends!

  378. True crime fact: The golden state killer /east area rapist/original night stalker has been caught and arrested after 40 years. The press release was today! Look into the case if you’re interested, the late Michelle Macnamura wrote an amazing book “I’ll be gone in the dark” and her husband Patton Oswald attended the press conference held by Sacramento PD.

  379. I’m Athena. I have twitter that I don’t use, instagram that I only use to see what favorite bloggers are doing, and facebook that I keep locked down. I’m a military spouse, if it weren’t for my husband I would totally be an animal hoarder (the good kind that trains and takes care of them all though) since I want every dog and cat I see that’s available for adoption, I’m a pet mom to 3 cats and a dog currently. I like just about anything but my interest wanes quickly. I love this little community you have created and enjoy your blog and books so very much. What you do for people by sharing your life is nothing short of amazing and I hope you never stop. I’m also a licensed clinical social worker and love working with clients to get to where they want to be in life. I wish I were working now but an upcoming across country move is stopping that from happening. Please don’t ever stop being you (Jenny and everyone else in this tribe, the world needs us weirdos).

  380. I mean to comment hours ago and got distracted by Coyote Peterson videos on YouTube XD Hope I’m not too late to the party.

    I’m Cara, I live in Seattle, and I love it here. I think I may actually be a cat trapped in a human body. I’m a huge nerd in every sense of the word (if I start naming fandoms this could get long). I love to do crafts and draw. My favorite book is actually Furiously Happy… no shit. I’m obsessed with birds, and in fact have two parrots. I’m a noob collector of taxidermy. I’m a little bit of a liberal SJW, but not the obsessive, annoying, hateful kind. I suck at writing these kinda things without starting every sentence with “I” (sorry language arts teachers). INFP, Hufflepuff/Hufferin, Libra.
    Oh, and I’m kind of a witch. But it’s kind of a secret on Facebook so SHHHH if you add me.


  381. Hello! I’m Nicole from Canada. I’m a stay-at-home introvert/weirdo/mom with hardly any social life (YAAAAY social anxiety 😛 ). I love animals and nature and being outdoors (as long as it’s not too people-y out there). My hobbies include hiding under my bed whenever my doorbell rings, taking forever to send an email/text (and comment on blog posts) because I have to make ABSOLUTELY sure I didn’t write anything stupid or offensive, and hoping I don’t run into anyone I know while I’m out and about because small talk? OhPleaseGodsNo. I’m terrible at social media (because you know, the whole social anxiety thing), but I do tweet on occasion as whitnic28. #LetsBeFriends?

  382. What a wonderful idea! I’m a native of Connecticut living in Arizona for the past 32 years because my brain has apparently melted. Depression and anxiety are constant companions as are art and craft therapy (jewelry making, painting, photography, and whatever else I can find). You can find me on Twitter at @SEinAZ.

  383. I’m @adowling on Twitter. I communicate via memes and gifs (it’s a g, not a j). I read, a lot, mostly urban fantasy fiction. I’m a giant nerd and damn proud of it. I get anxious over stupid shit and make jokes to lighten the mood. I’m also fiercely loyal to my few close friends. And I want to be a house cat when I grow up, or an ostrich.

  384. Hi, I’m Jen from Seattle. I love all animals and am currently living with two cats as well as two kids and a husband. Well, one kid away at college so she’s not at home…anyhoo, I struggle with depression and social anxiety in groups of people whic