Trying to fix the broken parts. (Not actually about my brain, for once.)


In the last month I’ve had quite a few people tell me that they’re having a problem leaving a comment on my blog and honestly I was too depressed to deal with figuring out what the problem was but today I’m feeling much better so can you help me figure out what the problem is real quick?

Everyone should be able to comment and see your comment posted immediately (unless you include a spammy amount of hyperlinks in your comment or are one of the two people who are in moderation for being the dangerous kind of crazy.)

So to see who is having the problem can you go leave a comment in the comment section to see if it shows up?  If it won’t let you comment then please let me know in the comments.  Wait.  No.  That won’t work.

If you can’t comment then let me know on Facebook or twitter or email me.  Ideally if you could tell me what error message you get if your comment doesn’t go though and also tell me what browser you’re using when it didn’t work that would be perfect.

Also, sometimes people get an error message saying that you have to remember your password for wordpress to leave a comment but that’s just because you’re using an email address that you’ve used before for a wordpress account and wordpress wants to help you.  It’s totally not necessary though and I don’t do anything with email addresses so you can feel free to just make up a new fake email address and it should let you in with no problems.


PS. If you need something to comment you can just tell me something awesome that you love right now.

I’ll go first.  Right now I’m loving the latest season of GLOW (don’t judge me), the fact that it rained enough that my grass is green again, and my furry coworkers below.

Your turn.

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  1. Hello Jenny, it’s Saturday morning now in Australia which means the weekend which is about the most awesome thing at the moment! The WEEKEND 😃👍

  2. The weekend is so close I can taste it and it’s going to be a good one with friends!

  3. I love that my cat, Daisy, Daisy Adair, who is dying, is suddenly sleeping on my pillow every night. It’s like she knows, I know, and we’re just going to sleep together every night til she has to go.

  4. I went to watch GLOW season 2 the other night and was disappointed I had already finished it and didn’t know!! It’s such a good show.

  5. Here I am commenting. I love that my dog likes to float in the pool and my husband gave him the nickname Captain Wetbeard so now my dog is a pirate.

  6. I love that your treatment is helping you! It’s so nice to know you are feeling a little better.

  7. Right now I am loving planning my upcoming vacation. As much as I love my job, it is nice to escape for a week or so and have some fun in the Caribbean.

  8. Hi – I’ve loving the fact that my husband is in town (he travels a lot) and we’re going out for a date night tonight.

  9. I love that your treatment is helping you! It’s so nice to know you are feeling a little better.

  10. I’m in love with sleep. And the fact I can knit again after surgery and hand therapy. WOO

  11. This is a test of the Emergency Redhead System. This is only a test. I do not exist. I am a Fig Newton of your imagination. Carry on, nothing to see here. 🙂

  12. Leaving a comment because I always do what the internet tells me to. Lol

  13. I haven’t had issues leaving comments, so far. Knock on wood!

    Also, I love GLOW. I’m old enough to remember when it was actually a thing in the 80’s. LOL.

  14. Hiiii! Right now I’m loving not having to get up at 5:15 am to get 3 kids ready for school. Also though, I need some me time desperately, so maybe 5:15 am isn’t so bad? 😆

  15. I love that you share your life with us through your blog, books, Twitter, etc.!

  16. Just got out of the hospital for a weird kidney infection that went mildly into sepsis. Love reading your blog though to keep me going.

  17. Listening to “Rx (Medicate)” by Theory of a Deadman. It’s Friday. I haven’t exploded while screaming obscenities and crying. I’m muuuuch better.

  18. I am loving watching the show Claws(also-don’t judge!) . Also that II get to have pizza night with my kiddos tonight.

  19. I’m loving this French toast, which is a much better name than “stale, but moist eggy bread covered in tree sap”

  20. Hi from Seattle! I am loving my central air conditioning which makes my body less miserable than heat!

  21. I just finished listening to John Doe’s fabulous account of the LA punk scene of the late 70’s and early 80’s – “Under The Big Black Son”. It features chapters written and read by other people who were there. There is also a bit of music from X between every chapter. I had no idea that the Go-Go’s started life as a punk band.

  22. I love that your treatment is helping! It’s nice to know you are feeling a little better.

  23. This is a great excuse to start off on my new mission to educate everyone on how the most soothing sound in the world is Lee Pace saying “cow creamer” on Wonderfalls.

  24. I have no problems leaving comments 🙂 Right now I’m loving pesky kittens! And the fact that it’s quitting time so I can go nap on the couch.

  25. Leaving a comment to see if it posts! 💖 Getting ready to head into the city to see Erasure tonight – someone gave me a pair of front row tickets. So excited! Have a great weekend 😊

  26. I’m happy that my kittens are growing so big, haven’t killed them selves, and that my dogs love them.

  27. Hi! I love that I was able to leave the house today and take my kids to the park.

  28. Reporting in from Alabama. My dogs and cats (my own and fosters), family and friends are what I most love.

  29. Awesome things today: registered my car in a new state and climbing farther up a boulder than I’ve climbed before, last night.

  30. taps mic Hi. My name is Matt and I’m a Catholic. It’s been 30 seconds since the last time I searched for more online cat pictures.

  31. It’s my sister’s birthday, so I wrote a little poem. 🙂

    Just a little zombie song
    Though they’re really hard to train
    They like to sing falsetto
    While munching on your brain

    Your eyes pop out their nostrils
    And ears come out their cheeks
    And all the while your birthday cake
    Will fester there for weeks

    But fear not, my Undead friend
    For they will move along
    There’s always someone down the road
    To hear their birthday song.

  32. Hope you enjoy Scotland. Have some sort of protection against midges although it probably won’t help!

  33. It’s been more than a month but I’m still loving that the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup. I don’t have a lot else to cling to right now but I’m hanging in there.

  34. I’ve been off all this week and I’ve spent pretty much every day hanging out with my 11mth old mini poodle puppy and it’s been the best week ever!

  35. So happy you are in a place to deal with mundane stuff. Jenny, you bring so much light to others. And my happy thought is that we are all okay, just as we are.

  36. Good morning from New Zealand! Saturday morning, and currently buried under a cat who is whining about it being cold. Even though the heater is on. At least he isn’t trying to let burglars in like Ferris though 🤣

  37. Cats and doss are the best. And so are you. Glad you are feeling better!

  38. I’m super pumped for the sandwich I am going to have for my lunch. That’s pretty much what got me out of bed this morning…it’s just been that kind of week.

  39. I’m so happy you’re feeling better! I’m ready to read your new book.

  40. I’m currently happen about Britian singing the “Why are you such a cunt” song to Donald. YouTube search for “Trump such a cunt” will bring it right up.

  41. I am completely loving that it’s Friday and I’m just about to leave work.

  42. I’m loving following Blair Braverman on twitter (dog musher with two litters of puppies right now!) and that you’re feeling so much better.

  43. Hi!

    Had the best leg massage/pedicure today. I’m happy and relaxed for the first time in ages.

  44. Hi Jenny! Well, honestly the best thing that has happened lately is that I had the perfect nap a few days ago; not too long, not too short, didn’t wake up gross and confused, and I actually felt rested.

  45. Hello? My awesome thing is the book I’m reading – a closed and common orbit by Becky Chambers.

  46. It’s a beautiful (if warm) day in the PNW and I’m in love with the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkin.

  47. I don’t have anything useful to say, just testing… for science.

  48. Good morning from New Zealand! Saturday morning, and currently buried under a cat who is whining about it being cold. Even though the heater is on. At least he isn’t trying to let burglars in like Ferris though 🤣

  49. Currently loving savory foods, wine, my sweet and mammoth-sized “kitten”, and my new tablet. I am also very uplifted to read of your uplifted mood after your treatments!

  50. Listening to a streamer talk about mental health. Shes a tribe member. SheSnaps. 🙂

  51. I’m happy we have air conditioning when the local health board issued a heat warning.

  52. I’m happy that I paid some bills and made it to the bank today.
    And thrilled that I don’t have to do yardwork this weekend!! IN THE S. FLORIDA HEAT!!!

  53. Right now I’m enjoying having the cat sleep next to me on the couch while I read. ❤️❤️

  54. I’m loving that my big sister is visiting, and she brought her dog with her!

  55. I am loving watching you come back to health. So heartwarming and rewarding to see you again, still, and know are feeling better.

  56. I am SUPER enjoying the Flash right now. Such a good show! I haven’t finished season two of Glow yet. :/
    Safari browser on iPhone

  57. Hey, Jenny! Here in Anaheim for a convention so enjoying the beautiful, breezy day!

  58. I wish I had time to help you with this Jenny but I’m just to busy today. Maybe Monday. Cheers!

  59. Hello. I’ve recently discovered I love to fish. That’s one I never expected.

  60. Hi Jenny.

    I’ve been furiously happy to hear you’ve been feeling better!!!

  61. I judge you positively for liking GLOW. Haters gonna hate. Ignore them.

  62. I love that I’m going to be too busy this evening to clean a damn thing in my house.

  63. I caught MILCK at a big outdoor festival (Summerfest in Milwaukee – multiple stages, all kinds of music). I was just walking by and heard this astounding voice so I sat down to watch one song. I stayed for the rest of the set and ended up crying during her final song, she’s utterly amazing. I’ve been listening to her music every day since I saw her. She makes me think of Imogen Heap, a little bit of Adele, a big dollop of Amanda Palmer and some John Lennon.

  64. I love our new 3-legged rescue puppy, even if she hasn’t quite figured out the potty-training bi5 just yet.

  65. Well,well,well. What do we have here? Is it is, or is it isn’t a comment.

    Awesome day sweating my guts out today.

    Hope your day and solicitation for comments is going great, as well.


  66. I’m super pumped for the sandwich I’m goi g to eat on my lunch. Pretty much got me out of bed this morning…

  67. trying to buy a house – both love and hate it (= Now to see if this posts.

  68. I’ve never left a comment before, but here! Hope it helps! You’ve helped me A LOT, so I wanted to return the favor.

    What I love right now is that, after a shit year, I just planned something really fun for a few months from now, and I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT IT. I can’t remember the last time I felt really excited about something. The thing will be great, but that’s not what I love: what I love is getting that feeling like “oh! my life might be good! i might be able to do things for myself that make me feel good, and be excited not only for the things, but for the excitement I’m feeling!!” The feeling of being able to make myself happy is really fricking cool right now.

  69. I love your cats and how much they try to help… they remind me of how glorious cat ownership can be. Good content is that I am on my way home.

  70. I’m loving Arrested Development and the heat wave we have in the UK

  71. I’ve read your blog for years and years and have all of your books and have also had the privilege of once watching you read live. I don’t comment often but am always here, following and invested in your life. Thanks for all the love over the years. <3

  72. Hi! I heart you muchly. I’m throwing my husband a surprise 40th birthday party this Sunday. I suspect he might know, since the FB event has popped up on my computer multiple times and he tends to sit next to me on the couch while I’m websurfing….but he hasn’t said anything, so hopefully he’ll just pretend to be surprised 😀 Ok that’s all. Have a splendiferous day!

  73. Move to Seattle, they said. It’ll be wonderful and rainy, they said. Trouble is, no thunder and lightning. And no AC. And currently, pretty dry! I miss the south so much sometimes.

  74. Right now, I love that one of my coworkers brought in 9 lbs of fresh cherries for me just because he knew I liked cherries.

  75. I only have an hour left of work and then I’m going to get my new bookish tattoo that I drew myself woo! Also, we’re getting a new washing machine tomorrow and I can wash alllll my clothes!! 😀

  76. A black squirrel threw a peach pit at my dog as we walked by a tree. But its aim was bad and my dog took the high road so all good.

  77. It’s really warm in Michigan right now, 90 deg, so air conditioning and watermelon make me happy today.

  78. Well. I thought I posted a comment but I don’t see it so I’m trying once more. This was not my original comment.

  79. This is also a test comment. And uhm, Jenny? You said if our comment doesn’t show up here to let you know thru Facebk, Twitter, or to your email? Welp, I’m not on either Fb or Tw & have never been able to find a direct email addy for you, so since I don’t think Jenny gets much chance to read these comments, could somebody else here that does know her email addy, reply with it? Thanks!

  80. Hope you get this comment glitch figured out. Not only are your blog posts wonderful, but your commentators are extra bits of fun.

  81. I just posted a comment and nothing happened. Trying again. I am happy you are coming back to health. I love watching you feel better!

  82. Hello! Long time eeader, first time commenter. Wishing a multitude of blessings for you and yours.

  83. Loving England right now and wondering where I can get one of those balloons. And there is a cat on my desk too.

  84. So glad you’re feeling better! Happy today is home from away to my pup!

  85. Hi Jenny! The most awesome thing in my life right now is that today I’m happy! You know exactly what I mean! It’s been a long time!

  86. Right now I am loving life! Because, finally, after SO long, I am on a path for change. So looking forward to the next few months and the amazing life changes they are going to bring!

  87. Work is annoying but I just heard my favorite song on the radio and my boss bought me mexican food for lunch 🙂

  88. I saw pizza-flavoured perogies at the store today, and I didn’t love that, but I do love the moral indignation I felt over it.

  89. You’re awesome. I’m loving the happiness being shared. You inspire me to live furiously happy and I am so happy that you’re having a better day. 💜💜

  90. Right now I am loving those “You Suck At Cooking” videos on YouTube. They are the most funny and clever videos I’ve seen on there in…I was going to say a long time, but it’s really more like ever? Between that and Maru the Cat videos, YouTube has basically become my favorite channel.

  91. I love your furry co-workers! Cats bring so much happiness and love into our lives. My cat Charlie “Bruiser” O’Houlihan (that’s his Kat Fight Klub name, long story, lol) exudes love every time I see him. Although my cat is a bit more aggressive because he sits and watches me sleep and then when I don’t wake up on time to feed him he’ll put both paws on my face. As if saying “Ok human, you’ve slept long enough now get up and feed me. Oh yeah get ready for work too because you’ll be late”. Cats make my crazy life crazier! Love to see your doing so good Jenny!

  92. Hi Jenny! The most awesome thing today is that I’m happy! You know what I mean! It’s been a long time!

  93. If you’re seeing this, it worked for me! (Dell laptop, Windows 10, Firefox 55)

    What I’ve enjoyed lately: The video of your kitty climbing all over you while you’re trying to work. This is my life every single day. 🙂

    Also: Yes, the rain! I looooooove rain and we don’t get nearly enough of it for my taste around here. (I live just a bit west of you so my weather is very similar to yours.)

  94. I’m loving my teacher planners for the upcoming school yar. 🙂

  95. Not had a problem with comments myself. Yet 😉 It’s 9.45pm in the UK and I’m loving that we’ve finally had rain! And that my brown grass is now orange. Is that the colour it goes before it finally dies?

  96. I’m happy to be having a birthday next week! Not everyone gets to enjoy a long life.

    (This was in spam but I rescued it. Can you comment again to see if my filter learned that you’re not spam? ~ Jenny)

  97. I love that you share your furious happiness. 0;-D
    I’m typing this with a cat butt crossing under my chin…

  98. Hey Jenny! Right now I am loving that my husband is home from working 13 hours away. And that I can once again leave you a comments (being very positive that it will work again!) positive energy for the win!

  99. I love Friday the 13th! 💖 The day. I’ve never seen the movies. 🐔🐓🐣🐥

  100. If the world demans more than your depression can handle, that’s the fault ofsocietal expectations. Not you.

  101. There’s only 2 people in moderation for the dangerous kind of crazy? That’s got to be below average for a blog, but reassuring I suppose. We’re just the normal type of crazy…

  102. I love that my friend got a new kitten, and immediately texted me to invite myself and my 2 kids over to come play with her kitten!

  103. So glad you’re feeling better and be sure to watch the Polish guy whose cat climbs his head during an interview. Not leaving a link because of the link thing, but you should be able to find it pretty easily.

  104. Hi from hot, humid Wisconsin. I am happy today that I was not rejected for having low iron when I went to donate blood.

  105. Right now I am loving the show Dirk Gently, my cats (always), and my constantly growing, changing daughter.

  106. I am loving Cloak and Dagger on Freeform, it’s the one show I watch on the night it airs. I’m also loving book 1 of the Charlotte Holmes series (Sherlock, but with a girl, and in the US), and as always the gentlemen of the Dollop podcast who keep me laughing when the world makes me want to cry.

  107. I’m happy for the rare thunder, five minutes of rain and the few degrees of relief here in London.

  108. Word press always wants me to sign in, lets see if I can fool it.

    Today’s blessings are friends who help wash the dogs and remove glue stick from a fabric bag

  109. Hi Jenny, you follow on Twitter me but I never really post anything 🙁 Then this week I started participating in #vss365 – writing a very short story in one tweet, from a daily prompt word. Now I’m happy that if you ever do see me, I have content!

  110. It’s the weekend! And I love my hammock , so peaceful and relaxing!

  111. I am loving my last few weeks of summer before the busyness of the school year starts again.

  112. Next week we should have full custody of my step daughter! We’re so excited!

  113. I love you and this community and the fact that you’re feeling hopeful!

  114. Hi from Washington State. I’m happy because it’s Friday and I get to sleep in tomorrow. 🙂

  115. Happy Friday the 13th! Feeling productive today also! Miracles happen!

  116. I haven’t watched GLOW but just finished binge watching S1 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. It deserves all those Emmy noms. Anything with Tony Shaloub and Alex Borstein has to be good.

  117. Loving that my weekend is only 72 minutes away and I have a new book waiting for me in my mailbox when I get home!

  118. Hello,
    My kitten will be a year old in a week, so now I want another kitten.

  119. I’m one of the folks who’ve previously had trouble commenting, possibly due to the WordPress email thing, so here I am, making up an email address to see if this posts.

  120. I just spent a whole day being polite with my in-laws and rewarded myself with a long country walk, a pretty sunset and talking to some laid-back cows.

  121. I am so thrilled that you are actually having all these days of normal /happiness. It shows in the latest photos you’ve shared.
    Haha, you really GLOW.
    (I love seeing you so radiant, you’re always beautiful.)

  122. I love that I was able to twist some of the crick out of my back.

  123. Hello! I am loving that it is the weekend and I get to go to the Brad Paisley concert tonight!

  124. I’m loving that it is summer in northeast Ohio, with all the sun and the green and the flowers that come with it. And I’m loving that you’re feeling better!

  125. Hi Jenny, I am so happy your treatment has done some good! I got some colouring pens for my birthday at the start of June and I am feeling good enough to try them on You are Here! I’m in New Zealand, North Canterbury. We have had some really cold frosts, this last couple of days have been -4.0 Celsius 24.8F, it Saturday and I slept in until 8.30 am!

  126. I’m at our Naturist (nudist) Park in 32°C weather. Life is good today.

  127. It’s the first day of my first summer vacation from my first job after… 7 years or more of anxiety and depression. It feels so great and well-deserved. I hope your treatment will give great results.

  128. I love that your cats love you. Cats are perverse creatures!
    Also loving that brain isn’t trying to kill you today!

  129. I’m happy that it’s Friday and my silvery, cool Pacific Northwest is going to be sunny and warm this weekend!!

  130. Here’s comment from Rochester, MN! It’s raining here – enough that it might mess up my kids (both boys) baseball tournament this weekend, and I have mixed feelings – I love watching them play and I also love being home in the A/C with no bugs and no crazy baseball schedules.

    So, we could use the rain, just a little more slowly than we received.

  131. I’m super happy that I finished book 13 of The Wheel of Time today. One more book and this epic journey is over.

    Also I adore you 🙂

  132. You’re one of my favorite writers on the planet.

    Ps – Have you watched Queer Eye Season 2 on Netflix? So many good feelings!

  133. It’s my oldest kid’s birthday tomorrow and we’re having cake and dinner out tonight!

  134. I doubt you need /more/ comments, but it’s a great excuse to let you know you’re:
    An inspiration.
    Totally human and allowed to have bad days/weeks/months.
    Adorkable. (no, that’s not a typo)
    and please please please do whatever you need to do to be healthy and happy.

  135. Commenting to comment.
    Putting together a jigsaw puzzle today in honor of International Puzzle day

  136. No spammy hyperlinks; no hyperlinks at all. So I do hope this works! I’ve tried to comment before, but not been able to, so I’m glad this IS going to work. Right?

    Also: what I love is Your blog, Your books, Your managing to live your life in the face of it all, and also Sloane Crosley’s description of a laugh as (I believe) a hyena being choked to death with bubble wrap!

  137. Testing :
    The good is I’m surrounded by my cats watching a movie I love

  138. This works! I wish we could reply to each others post but imagine that would take too much moderation but I still can wish! Jedi Hugs Jenny!

  139. Testing… is it on?? taps loudly on keyboard until coworkers look over awkwardly okay, I think it’s working.

  140. Hi there from sunny, stinking hot Winnipeg. We aren’t supposed to be as hot as you get in TX but seem to be.

  141. I’m super happy that it’s Friday and I don’t have any real responsibilities this weekend except taking care of my/our 2.5 year old. I’m happy that I’ll actually have enough energy to spend time with her, thanks to getting over the horrible cold/flu that I’ve been fighting for over 2 weeks and also thanks to my antidepressants. Hope this comment (and everyone else’s) posts just fine!

  142. At work we finally got back within our goal for turn around time on our items. It’s been months… either 3 or 6 since we’ve been here. It feels soooo good!

  143. Oh Yes !!! THIS IS BETTER !!!!! Is This Really YOU ????
    BecUse, in MY previously 🙏🏼 Depressed state, I thought it was just some additional Dumb Thing About Being ME…… 😱. As to WHY I thought I used to …but can No Longer…..leave a clever impressive comment to my mental sister….(sorry!) Jenny Larson…….YOU ARE AS AWESOME AS YOU KNOW YOU ARE RIGHT NOW !!!!!
    And That’s Pretty Awesome !!!!! 💙💚❤️💗👍🏼👌🏼💪🏼

  144. I just want to help, so commenting from my phone. As one does. Have a great weekend!

  145. I LOVE GLOW! Netflix is killing it with these awesome shows.

    As for leaving a comment, I have a WordPress account, so my desktop already shows me logged in. But I tried leaving a comment on my mobile and it was asking for me to login.

  146. Today I am loving the woman who randomly came into my sister and brother in law’s life and decided to donate part of her liver to my brother in law. He will get to see his kids grow up. They have surgery on Monday!

  147. It’s the first day of my first summer vacation from my first job after… 7 years or more of anxiety and depression. It feels so great and well-deserved. I hope your treatment will give great results.

  148. Hi Jenny! My something awesome is that there is a dinner theater nearby (La Comedia in Ohio) that put on an amazing version of Annie. We saw it last weekend. It has stunning vocals and great choreography and all.

  149. Something that makes me happy right now… hmmm… I guess I’d have to say my children. Something that makes me irritated right now… hmmm… I guess it would still be my children. LOL That’s what family is all about I guess.

  150. I love that, in about an hour, I’ll be at Potterfest at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History!
    (thankfully my cat jumped down so I could type this…..)

  151. Furry coworkers are also my favorite kind. Also this is a learning experience for me as I have not commented on anything ever in wordpress mode and it looks like I can add a link to my latest blog post which is super not happy but I’m happy that I can do it. So I shall.

  152. Well, was a looooooong scroll, but finally got to where I can post this comment.

  153. I am loving This is Us even though it makes me ugly cry at least once an episode!

  154. My dog is curled up next to me on the sofa. She’s lying on my foot but I don’t care. 🙂
    PS: This is a comment. Hope everyone is having a good day!

  155. I love that my gaming group started a new roleplaying game a few weeks ago, and I’m liking it more than I was afraid I was going to. And my character is totally rad.

  156. I love little baby ducks, big pick up trucks and beer. I do not love that I am old enough to remember that song.

  157. Glad you are feeling better! We got over an inch of rain in Stephenville last night!

  158. Dear Jenny,
    You are the best! Thank you for sharing your life and I hope it continues to get better and more joyful!
    I am loving season 3 of Schitt’s Creek.

  159. Please if possible could you have a little book signing if you go to London or surrounds ? Pretty please !

  160. I’m horrible about self care and I got my hair colored. It’s highlights and twilght sparkle peekaboo color underneath and I’m never trendy so it’s exciting.

  161. Jennifer from California leaving a test comment. Today I am thankful for vacation days. I took a much needed rest day from the office and it has done wonders for my mind and spirit already. 💖💖

  162. I’m also digging the latest season of GLOW! I’m hyped about the weekend coming up and the fact that hopefully soon I’ll move to New Orleans! ❤️😊🎉 I’m glad you are feeling better and the magnets are doing sciency stuff to help. The future is NOW!
    P. S. – posting from an iPhone

  163. Oh, hell. There’s my comment, BUT I did have to sign in to a WordPress account I forgot I had. Is that okay? I guess “you don’t need an account to comment” is different from “but if you do have one, you have to get in there to comment on a blogpost, though you can read a blogpost and laugh loudly without doing so.” Which is weird.

  164. Leaving a comment to see if I’m dangerously unstable/stalkerish. (Or if I’ve been caught yet.)

  165. Hi Jenny! Hope you’re having a fantastic day! Thanks for being you 🙂 I’m gonna watch birds for a while before I work on building a website. And the other fifty thousand things I want to do. Wish me luck! 🙂

  166. After 20 years of a job I wasn’t fond of, in a town I wasn’t ever impressed with, my husband got a promotion and transfer.
    We moved from Oklahoma to Colorado and I have a wonderful & fun job.

    If I could get my knees fixed, I would be amazing!

  167. Opening the link in the twitter browser didnt work, maybe chrome will?

  168. There are plenty of comments, but one more wont hurt. Love your stuff. Glad you are feeling better

  169. It is Friday and we have company (good company) for the next 10 days!

  170. I am so sad that I’ve already finished season 2 of “GLOW”. On the upside, I have discovered Marc Maron’s podcast WTF. It’s the first podcast I could get in to. I love it ( and loved “GLOW ” also)

  171. I’m guessing I’m not one of two dangerous posters, but I guess I’ll find out if my comment doesn’t work!

  172. I needed a tiny pill container to carry pills but couldn’t find anything small enough, but then hit on a perfect solution – contact lens cases!!! Now I can carry several days or types of pills in a tiny space. Yay!

  173. I’m loving that the weekend is coming in just a few hours and for once I don’t have to work. Weekends without work are so scarce, I sleep the heck out of them

  174. I love that it’s friday and I’m done with work for the week and I also got a 87% on an exam (only missed 8 questions)!

  175. Hi Jenny! Right now I Love American Gods by Neil Gaiman, though everyone always thinks I’m saying Neil Diamond, and then people get VERY confused.

  176. I’ve lost 10 pounds – only about 75 to go – and rewarded myself by ordering some Marvel Tsum Tsum miniatures (Hawkeye, Vision, Thor, Rocket and Nebula), because my motivator is one Tsum Tsum for every 2 lbs. dropped, since it’s NEVER too late to have a happy childhood.

    Also, you’re terrific.

  177. That I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel…I think…

  178. I’ve rediscovered my love of Sesame Street via my very cute 10 month old. Watching Cookie Monster doing his thing is like visiting with a long lost friend.

  179. Hola! I usually have no issues leaving comments. And I’m loving that it’s Friday the 13th. Movie night is sorted. whips out crochet stuff to keep the old hands busy

  180. I’m happy that today I can see my progress in acting an also see where I need to improve at the same time. It’s not always like that when learning stuff. Sometimes I can’t see either or only one and it’s frustratig

  181. Hey Jenny, I once hit an armadillo while riding my bike. He was fine. I ate asphalt.
    Hope you’re having a beautiful day!

  182. I recently wrote a short novella totally on accident. I sat down to write a quick short story to quiet all the noise in my head and just didn’t stop writing for four days. It’s a jumbled mess of nonsense, but it’s finished and ready to be edited/rewritten. For once, I’m actually proud of myself, which is honestly the much bigger deal, when I think about it.

  183. You just asked one of the most technologically inept people in the known world to help you with a technological problem. Bwah, ha, ha, ha, ha! But seriously, it might just be WordPress screwing up. There have been times in the past where I’ve tried to comment, and been denied by WordPress, or asked for my password, and then been told it’s the wrong one, or been told I don’t have a WordPress account (I surely do), then come back the next day, or even the next few hours, and have had no problem commenting. Meanwhile, I’m still trying to figure out the image editor on my WordPress site. It’s putting in a lot of my pictures sideways, so I rotate them in the image editor, but they still end up sideways when I’m done and insert it into the post. I’ve got to where I just ask people to look at it sideways.

  184. Lol “reverse cat burglar”. I love when you have new posts, because they always make me chuckle at least twice.

  185. I’m happy because it’s Friday afternoon, which means we’re getting ready to meet up with friends and drink adult beverages. It’s about a zillion degrees outside, and the bar has amazing A/C, so it’s double happy stuff for me!

  186. Commenting! I am excited b’c I didn’t know the new season of GLOW was out!!! No judgment here, I loved the first season!

  187. I learned to dye my own yarn this week. It was harder and funner than I thought! Now if it will just dry, I can make something with it.

  188. I’m in Ludington, Michigan. I think it’s the greatest place on earth. You should visit. Have a great weekend!

  189. My favorite thing lately is rewatching Deep Space 9. It is so much fun!

  190. One drunken night I decided to host a World Cup party, so cooking and cleaning for tomorrow night. Still it’s a good distraction from your President who is in visiting tomorrow. Not visiting my party thankfully, just my country 😄

  191. I love that I look for giant chickens in every store I go in, hoping to find my own Beyonce!


  192. Hi, I love that you’re feeling much better now. The world is a raging dumpster fire and you’re one of the few good people left. No pressure.

  193. I am loving my grandsons absolute certainty that he sees an entire Bigfoot family when we ride up the ski lift. BTW…they go to Bigfoot school and have Bigfoot teachers.

  194. I love that today I can see both my progress and what I need to improve about my acting at the same time. Typically, I can see one or neither and it’s just frustrating. But today is cool.

  195. I love that you’re making good progress! And my dog and my new job. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  196. Visiting my parents and got to see a bunch of extended family yesterday. Tomorrow hubby comes home from a business trip!

  197. GLOW is the best! It’s been my guilty pleasure since I finished Nailed It! in a day and a half. P.S. thanks for being you and for sharing yourself with us.

  198. San Marcos fan of the Bloggess posting using MS Edge. Remains to be seen whether this post shows up or not. I’m loving the fact that they are making a Downton Abbey movie!

  199. We recently cut cable and started exclusively streaming. Best thing ever. Saving so much money! And now I get to watch cool stuff like GLOW and Handmaids Tale so I can see what the big deal is. Diggin’ Kimmy Schmidt, and Brooklyn 99 too. 😁

  200. I love that it’s the World Series of Poker time of year. I also love that my two kids are currently in one of my favorite places by themselves for the first time ever (my oldest is 23 now). What a gift to have two children that enjoy each other’s company.

    Have never had a problem leaving a comment. However, when I click “include a link to your latest blog post” it always links to the same article I wrote 5 months ago about restaurants in Neptune Beach Florida (spoiler: they are amazing). Not your problem, but driving me up a wall.

  201. Right this minute I’m loving that even with agoraphobia I can still have a steak dinner from Saltgrass… delivered. 👍

  202. I am currently loving season 3 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (it just came out on Swedish Netflix and I’ve already watched nearly all of it).

  203. Hello from Colorado! I’m happy today because burly workmen are completing our summer home right now. And when I say summer home, I mean that our local handyman and his son are turning the back patio into a screen room, which is even better than a summer home that you’d have to drive to. And no packing!

  204. Just discovered juneberry pie! Who knew that was a thing, but it was AWESOME! 🙂

  205. Hi Jenny! I just started getting into rock painting! You know – you paint a rock and leave it somewhere for someone to find and then they can keep it or rehide it? Lots of cities are doing it now. I’m not sure how many people will want to keep my rock because I’m really not an artist!! Check out Winnipeg Rocks on Facebook!!

  206. I love my new job! Stress free (right now anyway)! My co-workers are awesome! So glad TMS is working for you!

  207. Cute video with you and your kitty and the computer!
    Something good? It’s Friday and we’re fixin’ chicken fried steak for supper!
    Wishing you a fun weekend. 🙂

  208. Ok, my 1st comment took 2 tries. I had to fill out the name and email 1st, then wrote my comment. The comment made the name/email disappear, but it posted anyway. When I wrote the comment 1st, the slots to put in the name/email disappeared and I could not retrieve them. None of that is happening as I type this comment. 🤔

  209. Right now I am loving Big Fat Orange Cats. But then, I always do–including and especially Hunter S. Tomcat (best pet name ever).

  210. Good afternoon from the OC. I loved that little smile in your China video in response to your dog 😸 (I know this is a cat. I don’t have a smiley dog emoji)

  211. I’m LOVING how much better you’re feeling! And also the perfect Pac NW Summer weather we’ve been having.

  212. This is only a test of your commenting system. If this was a real comment, I would have tried to come up with something good to say.

  213. The sound of the ice cream truck coming down the street.
    A class of wine in the summer twilight.
    The screams and laughter of children playing a game no one understands the rules of but them.
    Being head bumped by a cat.
    The smell of someone barbecuing in your neighborhood.
    The sound of a happy dog running through the house.
    The hug of a friend.
    Kindness in all forms.
    And Jenny Lawson, for making me list random things that make me happy – thereby cheering up my mood. 🙂

  214. Hmm, testing again. (Comment didn’t post and number is fluctuating when I close and come back? Chrome on Windows desktop.)

    I love that you’re making progress! And I love my dog and my new job!

  215. I love that my kid just had an awesome week at zoo camp. I hate that we are about to have a car repair bill of $1000+.

  216. I like your video with the kitty and computer!
    Something good? It’s Friday and we’re fixin’ chicken fried steak for supper!
    Wishing you a fun weekend. 🙂

  217. Helping out with your test: It’s 5:07 here on the East Coast and I’m still at work taking a couple minutes break from computer programming with my headphones on rocking to Meghan Trainor’s “I Won’t Let You Down”. A great weekend to you, Victor and your daughter. Because William Shatner will finally totally come and visit you at your house this weekend! Well no, actually he probably won’t. And it’s his loss.

  218. It’s 5:00 pm on a Friday afternoon. That’s pretty awesome. And you’re pretty damn awesome yourself, my friend!

  219. Rats. Posted twice because the first comment didn’t show up . . . until it did. The good news: both worked (eventually).

  220. No problem commenting (obviously), but I bet if I changed my email address to my home address instead of keeping it on my work address where it is now, I’d have problems.

  221. Hey, Jenny! Here’s a test comment. (And my “good” thing, I can’t tell you yet. Sworn to secrecy! But it’s a goodie!) Love you!

  222. Seeing my thousands-of-miles-away cousin this weekend.
    The ability and luck to have been able to break into my own house when the doorknob broke.
    Ice cream.
    Preferably in one meal.
    And having a lazy ass dog who makes me feel all righteous for going out for a walk when even she doesn’t want to.
    Oh, and of course YOU, Jenny Lawson.

  223. I am happy because it is Friday and it is almost time to go home to relax with my husband and grandcat. I hope this comment goes through! I use my WordPress account (even though I don’t blog…)
    I got an error in chrome – Your connection is not private and then when I clicked advanced This server could not prove that your security certificate is from *
    Then I said to let me go anyway and here I am…

  224. My cat is hiding under my bed, so I love watching videos of other people’s cats!

  225. I love that today is National Ice Cream Dayand our office had someone from the local Ben & Jerry’s come in and serve us cups and cones. 😀

  226. Someone actually reached out to me (none of the fake people who like to pat themselves on the back in their posts for caring about friends in need, naturally) and came over to sit outside with me and talk about how dark and raw I am feeling lately and offered to be my accountabilibuddy and help me reach out for the help I have needed for too too long now. That’s pretty damn miraculous.

  227. I’ve never commented on a blog before…so I guess I love trying something new!

  228. Hi Jenny,
    I’m happy that I got to spend a few hours relaxing at People’s Pond this morning with my 7-year-old daughter, and she played in the water and made a new friend while I read about Chronic Kidney Disease (I’m a Dietetic Nutrition intern). What a great start to my weekend! =) I hope your day is going well too. Good luck with trouble-shooting this problem. =)

  229. This is a test to out the lurkers, isn’t it? Love your work Jenny and posting from Toronto on Armorfly Browser.

  230. Glad you are feeling better. Random thought -Carmel coated cheese popcorn is delicious.

  231. It’s Kate & the most awesome thing right now is the weekend with a party to go to (with people I actually want to see) and feeling better myself. Are my meds actually working? Let’s hope!

  232. I love that tonight is opening night for the second show of our three show summer stock theater.

  233. I’m in love with my new kitten George. He is feisty in all the right ways

  234. It’s Kate & the most awesome thing right now is the weekend with a party to go to (with people I actually want to see) and feeling better myself. Are my meds actually working? Let’s hope!

  235. Hi Jenny <3 What I Love right now is The Broken Earth trilogy, which is keeping me sane amidst everything crazy on all levels. Thanks for being you and all you do!!!

  236. My 17 year old son is testing for his black belt in Taekwondo tonight. He has Aspergers and some things don’t come easy for him. He has worked his butt off the last 4 years! I’m so proud, excited and nervous for him. Now where did I put the xanax.

  237. I found four kittens new homes this week. The new parents are excited and one has already done a newborn photo shoot.

  238. It’s so great to see you smiling and getting a reprieve from that asshole Depression. I’m excited to read your new projects!

  239. Two nights ago, my 5yo daughter ran through the house naked yelling “Naked Freedom” at the top of her lungs. In related news, she also introduces herself as adorable and shy.

  240. i think i can comment… but i can only read your blog is i open up safari. i use firefox for everything else and only reinstalled safari for you. i’d like you better in firefox, though. it’s more flattering.

  241. It’s so wonderful to hear you laugh at Ferris trying to unlock the window! Animals are fantastic! I have a weird bone problem and have to do exercises on a balance board to keep my muscles symmetrical and yesterday my dog Merlin decided to get on the balance board with me. He wanted to balance too! It looked like fun!

  242. I love that I know my brain is off this week. Hoping for a nice weekend for it to come back.

  243. I am standing in the back yard, outside of Philadelphia PA, waiting for my 11lb Shichon puppy to poop. If you ever come to Philly I will buy you the best cheesesteak in the city.

  244. Is it working? (knocks on screen)
    Glad you are feeling better and that you are enjoying GLOW. My husband and I love it too

  245. Maybe not “love” but instead “pleased” that today i got around to slapping some nail polish on my toes so i can finally wear sandals this summer.

  246. I’m loving Jerry Seinfeld’s latest season of Comedians in Cars getting coffee. So good.

  247. Thing I love of the moment: That Postmodern Jukebox took a song I have loathed (Mmmbop by Hanson) and turned it into a fun, upbeat, awesome do-wop number out of the 50s. 😀

  248. I rediscovered a musician that I love but had forgotten about – LENKA. She makes me happy.

  249. I went to the Women’s march in London today, and there was a little girl whose homemade T-shirt said “LOVE DINOSAURS, HATE TRUMP”

  250. Jenny, saw this on my FB. I want to say how happy I am that your treatments are working. I’ve switched my meds a few months back and am doing better. Never could explain what my depression felt like til now. Numbness, you said in a video and I had the ah-ha moment. Have a wonderful weekend.

  251. I love my husband, my cat, my family and the beach.

  252. Happy to hear you are feeling up to the task of tackling a problem. Go you!

  253. Friday night and I have a MOMS group mom’s night out in a couple of hours. Happy about a hot meal and some chatter that doesn’t involve being interrupted by kids!

  254. For the past several years I have been dizzy. Three weeks ago I got contacts and I no longer have daily dizziness. I never would have thought my glasses were making me dizzy. I’ve worn glasses for 23 years. I also never thought I would switch to contacts, but now I’m very glad I did.

  255. I’m using the browser Firefox. I’m happy to have indoor plumbing that works in our new house, and I’m watching the anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (based on a recommendation from one of my students).

  256. I’m finding my small joys today! My office is closing but I’m not loosing my job – I just get to work from home….starting now. This will be different. Good different hopefully! Anyway I made cookies for the transition!

  257. Leaving a comment. I’m currently listening to the new Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers song on repeat because it’s a great summer song. I’m glad your treatments are working! 😀

  258. Hi Jenny! Today, I love that after a super stressful, nightmare inducing cross country move, I finally have a roof over my head again and can start getting my life back to my version of normal.

  259. Did anyone else worry that they were one of the crazy pants people in moderation? Just me? Ok.

  260. Hi Jenny, sending you all kinds of positive vibes from Houston. You look and sound great!

  261. Hello Jenny! This is kind of lame and not profound like a lot of these comments but I am really enjoying watching Wimbledon (and finding something I actually enjoy is hard). Hope this goes through!


  262. I’m using the browser Firefox. I’m happy to have indoor plumbing that works in our new house, and I’m watching the anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (based on a recommendation from one of my students).

  263. Happy Friday the 13th! You really are radiant these days, and not in the Chernobyl kind of way.

  264. Here goes! Leaving a comment. See, I left one. If I don’t see it, though, I’ll def tell you on the Twitter machine.

  265. Your courage and strength inspire me everyday to be the best that I can be. You make me laugh out loud and remind me not to take thing so seriously. Thank you.

  266. I am ALSO loving the second season of GLOW and my 10 yr old niece who is on track to be the next FloJo (the girl is wicked fast with legs up to her armpits, I swear) and wrote her daddy a note about how nice it is that he makes her bacon every morning. 🙂

  267. I’m currrntly (like, right this minute) binge watching Offspring in Netflix. Highly recommend.

  268. Hi Jenny, I just found out a few minutes ago that I start rTMS on Monday which is awesome. And exciting. And nerve-wrecking. Eeeek!

  269. GLOW is great and anyone who judges you for liking it should be judged for their poor taste in TV.1

  270. I’m loving that it’s Friday the 13th and it’s my birthday and my sons gave me a secret birthday present even though their dad told them not to because I don’t need anything!(It’s bright orange Allbird’s shoes. Such good boys!)

  271. I won’t judge you for GLOW- I watched the new season in 2 days. I’m slightly obsessed with a new a new book series by Robyn Bennie. The first book is called The Guns Above. It steampunk-ish and full of badass women.

  272. OTOH, if one LIKES a comment here, one must do some sort of machinations with WordPress, which I did not do as I hate machinations. So, here’s a blanket LIKE for all of you.

  273. Leprechaumunists… the pot of gold will be evenly distributed
    Missy Bolt, author of He’ll is Spelled HOA

  274. Ummmm… I spent $500 on 3 motel-style room door conditioners today and it was totally worth it to get the temp in my room down to 72 from 95, even tho that’s still too freaking hot.

  275. Commenting from my iPhone…
    I was going to include a picture of my handsome black cat in honor of Friday the 13th, but I don’t know how to do that…😩

  276. I love the laughs of my children while the fireworks, the wind in my face and I love you 😘

  277. I am glad it’s the weekend, honestly. And I literally just started Glow and already love it.

  278. Your cats crack me up😂 My Siamese can open our screen door to let his brothers out so I love his yen for freedom.

  279. I’m enjoying that my 6 month old twins are adorable! Moxie is very smiley, and loves eating peaches, and Hugo is very giggly and loves eating EVERYTHING. Food is new for them, so it’s fun to see them try new things!