Murders and puppies and failed selfies.

If you like true crime podcasts then you already know My Favorite Murder because it’s the best and you should listen to today’s minisode:

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Or if you are totally creeped out by true crime then you can skip that and look at this series of selfies I tried to take that for some reason didn’t turn out well at all.

Yes, Dorothy Barker, you’re adorable. But please get your butthole out of my face.
Dottie, quit it.
Jesus Christ, I give up.

On second thought, they turned out pretty perfectly after all.  Good dog.

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  1. Obviously Dorothy Barker needed HER picture to be taken. Dogs, life is just better with them!

  2. I’ll have to check out the podcast. Right now I’m listening to the first episode on Robert Hansen (Hanson?) that Last Podcast on The Left did.

  3. You have to be her thumbs — she can’t take the selfies herself, you know. 😉 Good diva-doggie!

  4. Listening to my favorite podcaster tell a story from my favorite blogger just made my Monday soo much better!!

  5. These remind me of a teenage girl discovering how to take selfies. She pulls it off way better though.

  6. Dorothy is a natural. What is her hourly rate with expenses? Do you have a contract with her as manager? You would be wise to get it in writing as someone may steal her away from you if her career doesn’t go the way she thinks it should.

  7. Made me smile, thank you! I’ll have to check out that podcast, Criminal is also VERY good

  8. I was so excited to listed to MFM this morning and hear your story! Two of my favorite things colliding.
    Have a nice day Jenny! SSDGM

  9. I think Dorothy Barker was ready to be the star of the show! “I’m ready for my close up, Mr. Demille!”

  10. I’m jealous. My dog won’t sit for selfies. She’s an introvert. Dottie’s a ham. Love that she has the side eye look down pat.

  11. I just listened to your hometown on MFM. Your washing machine was totally haunted! No doubt about it. I once had a washing machine spontaneously explode, and I was convinced it had tried to murder us. Washing machines cannot be trusted. Devious motherfuckers!

  12. I skipped the podcasts, but loved the pictures of Dorothy! She’s cuter than a baby velociraptor!

  13. I’m amazed at Dorothy’s skill at taking selfies, considering she has to use paws. Epic fail for you, though. Lol

  14. You just didn’t know that DB was taking her own selfies, using her human’s hands!

  15. I’ve recently become obsessed with true crime podcasts (so much, that I’ve fallen behind on my true crime reading). I’m wrapping up season two of “Someone Knows Something” and thanks to you, I have found the next one I’ll listen to!

  16. LOL! She’s a natural 😂. I didn’t even see you in that last one. I just thought, “wow, what a great pose!” You two are adorable.

    As for the podcast, I will definitely check it out! I listen to several other true crime ones and I’m always in search of more! By the way, you mentioned Matt Bellassai had a postcast awhile back and I’m hooked on that one! I used to watch his videos on Facebook, so it’s a nice addition when I need a break from all the murder and mayhem.

  17. I’ve been looking for podcasts, so thanks. A friend turned me on (if that’s the word) to My Dad Wrote a Porno, which I’m enjoying.

  18. I was SO FREAKIING EXCITED when I listened to the minisode this morning and Georgia read your story! Also, that was a crazy hometown murder! I believe the ghost of your repair man is most likely haunting that washing machine for all eternity. Never mind Victor and his nonsense about pipes. Stay Sexy and Don’t Be Afraid to Perform an Exorcism on your laundry machines, Veronica

  19. I tend to avoid any true crime things, but I ADORE Karen Kilgariff on “Talk Show the Game Show”. Never heard of it, you say? Find it, watch it, LOVE it – thank me later 😉

  20. After a wheeK long anxiety attack that turned into to days of sheer panic…YOU AND DOROTHY BARKER JUST ROCKED MY WORLD😂

  21. I’m in love with a dog
    and her name is Dorothy Barker
    She lives with her mom
    and her mommy’s name is Jenny
    Dorothy’s photogenic
    her smile is a sparkler
    and though it doesn’t quite rhyme
    Jenny’s really funny
    She’s getting these cool brain zaps
    In her head like a woodpecker
    Dorothy doesn’t care though
    She just smiles like a heckler

    thank you…thank you verra much….I’ll be here all week. Try the oysters. I grew them myself.

  22. She is such a photo hog! But she makes you and the rest of us laugh so she is forgiven.

  23. Your ridiculously good-looking dog is a camera whore. Alert the paparazzi!

    With regards to the comforter she chewed a hole in, I can’t point you to a replacement but I wanted to say it looks EXACTLY like my grandmother’s couch back in the 80’s. If anyone asks you what the 80’s looked like for middle-class America, just show them that picture.

  24. That second one looks like how Allie Brosh drew her dogs as blurs of pure energy. The last one is like if Beyonce were a dog.

  25. What a sweetheart. That last picture, after being such a troublemaker, really says it all! If you click on my link below, there’s the most outrageous picture of my Titus at the very end—every time I look at it, I’m in hysterics! He looks like an insane bat, lol.

  26. I love Dorothy Barker!! She is so stinking cute!! And I would rather have picture of my own fur baby than selfies any day of the week. They make me happier anyways.

  27. I love the validation that I feel when I see that things/people that I love are also fans of other things/people that I love. It’s like find out that your two best friends already know each other!

  28. LOL Dottie knows the best pictures are pictures with animals!
    (Just want to say a thank you, I had a really bad anxiety attack this morning after getting overheated going shopping, and listening to your audiobook helped me calm down. Thanks.)

  29. True Crime is my favorite. I watch a lot on Direct TV ID channel.

  30. ‘What? Are you sure you want me in the frame? ‘Cuz I could leave, if you want. Psych!’

  31. Weirdly I ADORE this podcast, and was just thinking the other day that you would love it.

  32. I’m not a medical expert, by any means, but I believe the treatments you are receiving are working. There is a “lightness” and an apparent level of joy in your look that wasn’t there before. I see it even in these photos where Dorothy is hogging the camera, but your light shines through where Dorothy has allowed your face to peek from behind her.

    Now, I personally know how depression lies and fucks with the brain, so I am NOT saying you were a hideous troll previously. There’s just a noticeable difference in your appearance. It reminds me of my friend who dealt with a terrible cancer; you could see the stress, fear, and exhaustion of dealing with it in his face. When he received the all clear, his face changed. The stress, fear, and exhaustion was gone.

    I’m so happy for you and adore you!

  33. That last picture of Miss Dottie looks like the cover of a girls magazine. Well done!

  34. Love the podcast. It made me feel better about myself. I have not had a date for ages but at least my new boyfriends jealous girlfriend hasn’t killed me!

  35. If you like true crime podcasts then you already know My Favorite Murder because it s the best and you should listen to today s minisode: Or if you are totally creeped out by true crime then you can skip that and Continue reading

  36. Have you ever tried the woofie to use to take dog photos. It makes them look right at the camera.

  37. Love the dog. Mine like to stick their face into my device like “whatchoo doin?” But, let me turn it around and they are like “get that thing outta my muzzle!”

  38. DB is all “this bitch is overdue for a selfie from that bitch, and now’s my chance!” Shine on Dottie! Shine on!

  39. Dorothy was watching you laugh when the cat walked on your keyboard… I suspect the two of them like seeing you laugh just as much as we do.

  40. Have you tried “A Very Fatal Murder” from the Onion? Hilarious spoof on true crime podcasts.

  41. Favorite podcast and favorite author/blogger mash-up…..I actually yelled, “Hooray!” while listening to the episode, by myself, in my car.

  42. This episode lead me to downloading the Furiously Happy Audiobook and discovering you! I love love love your book and now need to listen to all of them and catch up on your blog. Keep doing you you’re amazing and taught me I have dermatillomania and its great to hear someone talk about it <3

  43. This is exactly how my tiny fluff ball of a cat/dog behaves. (He barks so we know he’s a dog, but he’s basically a cat-small irritating, noisy and goes hunting for small rodent type things). He loves to plop down on my head. Especially if he thinks I’m giving anyone or anything else attention. I love your doggo ❤️

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