It’s casual Friday.

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  1. You’re in big trouble now! lol You’ve irritated all the pets. They do look cute, though. Maybe the yarn is just itchy to them? lmfao

  2. Aww Jenny your such a good cat/dog mom! I wouldn’t fall asleep tonight without locking your bedroom door. Hunter looks like he could talk Ferris into some serious payback! lol

  3. Cats always look at you when you do shit like that as thought they are saying “I will get you back for this. Not today, maybe not tomorrow, but some day….

  4. I have to have at least 10 of those. So my cat will have some choices. DEFINITELY NOT bc I want to Hat random animals now.

  5. Omfg I’m so jelly. Please tell me she sells them because I need some. My kitten is a jerk a cute loveable jerk and this would be the best pay back. I know I’m awful but I’m ok with that ;0)

  6. Damn. They’re so sad. They look as if they have given up all hope of restoring their dignity. With that said, I am absolutely down with dressing up the pets. I view it as their rent.

  7. I love all of your cats and your lovely dog…but they are all saying get this motherfucker off of me! At least they did not try to kill you, like my two cats would of…my Lil Red would have went for the jugular vein and Trixie would have said, Please Bitch…do you really want to go there!

  8. My cat is watching over my shoulder and mentally whispering, “Don’t. Even. Consider. It.”


    (Though the fiber crafter in me would like to offer the gentle correction that these hats are crocheted, not knitted…)

  10. Omfg! In second video Dorothy looks like “oh shit! I’m next!!!!”

  11. Well, if you can’t put on a knitted hat and lay around with your belly exposed, then I don’t know what Casual Friday is for, anyway. Thank you, Ferris Mewler for leading the way!

  12. When she was young, my daughter used to say,”When the dogs grow up and get thumbs…” You should not let them grow up, becauseyou are decidedly on their List.

  13. I literally saw the book that these hats probably came from today at the library! I cackled, showed it to all my coworkers, and said “If I’m found dead with claw marks in my chest, it was completely provoked!”

  14. Just one question – did you survive the night??? Coz I’m pretty sure they got together later on to plot your death….. irrespective of the fact that they DID look cute, and you have a very talented knitter friend! 😍😍😍

  15. Omg! Jenny you know those cats are going to get revenge? They have way to much pride! Oh my!

  16. The pets have the same expression as the kids in The Christmas Story when his mom makes him wear the link rabbit pajamas!

  17. They are all adorable! And you are too funny. I think Hunter is wearing fox ears.

  18. We were poor growing up…just like oh so many children with plastic bag booties. I would take my Momma’s hand made doll clothes and put them on my pet rabbit Mitzi! Thank you for a wonderful flashback into childhood!!!

  19. There is going to be more than one turd in your shoes tomorrow morning. Payback is a bitch named Dorothy Barker. 🐶💩

  20. I don’t know whether to be appalled or envious – Shadow would never let one of those near her sacred person, and anyone who tried would be bloodied. But they sure are cute.

  21. Pretty sure the grey cat is planning to murder you at some point. Just a heads up.

  22. Dottie says it’s hot as balls and you want me to wear a knitted hat!!!

  23. Morgan H, if you hadn’t pointed that out, I would have. 😉💖 Love you Jenny! 💜💛💚

  24. I love how Hunter has just completely given up. He’s so used to your nonsense that he’s just like like, fine, this might as well happen

  25. Dottie looks like she’s thinking “What fresh hell is this?” The cats are simply plotting your demise. 😂

    This was awesome! Thanks for the laugh! I needed it after this hellish week. ❤️

  26. Olivia (#5) wouldn’t that be “OfVictor” not “OfLawson”? But either way, it literally made me LOL.

  27. LOL! The three of them are going cooperate to plan to kill you in your sleep!

  28. Omg this is too awesome. Your pets really are the most patient things!! I say my dog is patient for putting up with my constant snuggles (especially when he’s trying to sleep) but I don’t think he’d put up with little hats.

  29. Oh my Lord those poor furbees. So funny and undignified, resigned to being ridiculous but you can see the gears turning behind their eyes. Beware because they Will have their revenge.

  30. They are sooo cute, but you are in biiiig trouble now! Hopefully they don’t plot against you and find that skunk from a few posts back and let him in the house lol.

  31. The day you post that you woke up with your face in shreds and poo in your slippers, we’re all just going to remind you of casual Friday. So.Worth. It though! (for us, anyway. perhaps not so much for you) Also: Victor needs a hat with ears.

  32. Hilarious, but those cats will get you back for this, you know.
    Don’t put your shoes on without looking inside them first!

  33. The best part is the close-up of the floor. And the hats, naturally…

  34. I can honestly say I’ve never seen a cat that is less thrilled than Hunter looks. He was hoping to get through the whole hat thing without anyone else seeing, and you went and documented it. If cats could sigh, he definitely would be sighing as big as his little kitty lungs would allow.

  35. 😂🤣🐈😂 thank you jenny. I was laying here trying to work while in pain from a disc in my low back and i needed the laugh. Always be you. You are terrific

  36. You can simply reply, you ARE working. (And Ferris is going to murder you in your sleep — or leave hairballs in your shoes. He appears to be thinking about it.)

  37. Wherever Rolly is hiding out from this brutal attack, I feel certain it’s with pencil and paper.

  38. Holy shit. I need one of those kitted cat hats. Chalupa would look amazing. 🤗

  39. I think you mean CATsual Friday.



    I’ll just see myself out.

  40. Photo 1 – cat is thinking “what did I do to deserve this indignity?!”
    Photo 2 – cat is thinking “you will pay for this” while in the background Dotty is thinking “no fucking way man”
    Photo 3 – dog is thinking “NO FUCKING WAY”

  41. I would be very careful the next few days because your cat seems to be plotting evil revenge for the hat!

  42. First off! OMG! Your laugh is so awesome! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I suspect you’re able to do a bit more of it with each treatment you complete! The kitties do look cute! I hope there were some tuna juice shots for all their hard work on the chaise lounge and runway, and some real bacon pieces for Dottie!

    Hunter’s floppy body suits his bonnet nicely. It’s so thoughtful of you to have created the flaps for the times he needs to shut the world, or the sun, out of his life! I so love the genetically twistedness of orange tabbies, and their perfectly odd approach to life. Hope he’s got it bad!

    As for your grey tabby lion kitty, he looked adorable too, and just a bit more frustrated than Hunter! And Dottie’s body language definitely projected “OH SNAP- RUN!” in this vid.

    As for Dottie’s Fascinator (I recently discovered that IS the name of those fancy hats worn by the Royals, and lots of cos-players and creative types like us), it’s so cute. Dottie’s face, and those eyes, remind me of Max, the dog in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Dottie’s eyes are identical, as she just wants to please, but really dislikes her Fascinator, as much as Max did with his!

    Thank you for sharing your awesomeness with the world. I’m taking baby steps toward writing (and I have a goal to publish books) and you are such a fantastic motivator for me in writing about the beautiful craziness of my life as an American here in Southwestern Germany, amongst our amazing U.S. military members in Kaiserslautern (Ktown for short). I’m the mother of 2 adult children (who are/will go to Uni in Worcestershire County in Great Britain- yes, the land of THAT sauce) who struggle with various issues surrounding depression. I thank you for helping normalize depression and talking so opening about it with all of us! Remember…Depression Lies! <3

  43. The collective embarrassment is tangible. They are so patient tho. It’s obvious they’re used to indulging their momma. It reminds me of my bestie’s cat when we were little girls. She has scads of pictures of him dressed up in different outfits long before people actually could buy outfits for pets. He always had this pissed off look on his chubby face but he stoically wore them for her.

  44. Jenny, I think there is a side effect from all that treatment….

    Kinda like in the fly, but your crafting got zapped together with the head attachment.

    Knitted Neurostar bonnets for EVERYONE! EVERYONE!!!

  45. Hello Jenny,

    I’ve read your blog for many years, from the very first post all the way to today. I just want to say how very, very happy I am to see you feeling so well. For the treatments to be working so well right now. You deserve all the happiness in the world, you are an inspiration to so many, some you know of but many, many more you will never know about. I wish you continued happiness and improvements to your health. You are one amazing, strong, funny and clever lady who means so much to so many.

    Best wishes,

    Zoe in Australia

  46. They found her the next morning, dead from affixiation, 3 knit pet caps shoved down her throat. Curiously, no other signs of foul play exsisted. Just 2 cats lazily sunning themselves & a small dog were the only witnesses. Tune in next week when we try to solve The Mystery of the Bumped Off Bloggess, or, The Crochet Cat-astrophy! 🎶Dump-dump-duuuuum!🎶

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  48. Hunter S. Thomcat is really and truly the most tolerant, mellow fellow! He does not look amused, but is just going with what His True Love is currently requiring of him.

  49. Hunter is so awesome… he was clearly annoyed, but patiently allowing you the opportunity to rethink your actions and do the right thing.
    I would definitely read “The Mystery of the Bumped Off Bloggess”, which, sadly, may wind up in the biography section of the library rather than fiction.

  50. When I look into those soulful eyes I see cats that may have had dignity at one point but over the years has come to realize that no matter their personal preferences the hats are going to be worn and undignified pictures are going to be taken. Rather than struggle is is best to just lie back, take it, and think of kibble. All in all, the occasional (or in their case frequent) mortification is a small price to pay for food, shelter, and a warm lap.

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