Do you want a free book? Of course you do, unless you’re some kind of monster.

This is a potpourri of stuff so buckle up.

First off, today is National Coloring Book Day (really) so I’m giving away copies of mine (YOU ARE HERE: An Owner’s Manual for Dangerous Minds) right here.  If you need one for yourself or a friend leave a comment and I’ll send a few out tonight.  (Just make sure you leave a valid email address in your comment because that’s how I’ll contact random winners.)

Secondly, Today was my 33rd TMS treatment.  That means I only have three more to go.  I had a dip in emotions last week but not enough to be a depression and today I feel really good again.  Fingers crossed it continues.

Third, I forgot what I was going to say.  I think it was important though so I’m going to leave this space here in case I need to come back to it.

Fourth, apparently Furiously Happy is super on sale today if you want that instead of YOU ARE HERE then let me know and I’ll send a few of those out too.

Fifth, this weekend I’m driving to Book People to autograph books so if you’ve ordered one with a special inscription you’ll be getting it soon (thanks for your patience!) and if you want to order one now just go here and follow the directions.  They have all of my books and are a WONDERFUL independent book store to support and I will write anything you want in them.  And yes, I would be happy to write “Knock knock, motherfucker” or draw a picture of a cat or a penis or a cat’s penis.  They make excellent gifts.  My books, I mean.  Not cat penises.  Unless you’re a lady cat who is into that sort of thing.  No judgement.

Also, I typed in “no judgement” looking for a gif and got this.  This sort of feels the opposite of what I was looking for, but whatever.


Victor says it’s not a “secret room” at all and also he won’t let have a crowbar.

I’ve been live-tweeting it.  After you leave a comment click here to read it all.

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  1. All the very best Jenny for the last three treatments. It’s been fascinating following along and checking in on your progress. It’s Friday here in Australia, have a good weekend.

  2. Wait, wait. On behalf of my fellow monsters everywhere, I think I resent the implication that we don’t like free books as much as the next…non-monster.

    Just saying.

  3. I loved the video of you and the attic. Er, secret room & the devil box. I cracked up at Hailey’s comments. She’s definitely your kid. 🙂

    I have You Are Here, but, I think my friend Judy might need it. Her email is:

  4. I would love to have a copy to share with friends at work for stress relief!! I work as a social worker in an elementary school.
    PLEASE pick me!!!

  5. I want a secret room in my house! And I want it to be one of those where you move a book on a bookcase, and the bookcase swings open and there’s a spooky passage behind it with torches and everything. And I need a copy of “You Are Here” to put on that bookcase. (And since I’m on WordPress too, that should give you access to my email address without my actually posting it.)

  6. Love love love this happy post! Fingers crossed for continued improvement! I share your books with everyone I know! Everyone loves them!

  7. I’m so happy you are gaining positive results from your treatments! I would love to have a copy of furiously happy. I am giving them as gifts to all my female family and friends for Christmas. I have read it and love it so much. I laughed so hard my husband thought I had lost my mind. I also have your coloring book already. I guess you can say I am a fan.

  8. HI Jenny,
    Me, Me pick me!! I want one of the You Are Here!! Oh by the way, I hope that last three of your treatments goes exceedingly well! Wishing you all the best! Here’s my email So PICK ME!

  9. Anxiety is through the roof with a rotten little maltese puppy terrorist living with me for the summer (think nonstop borking and landlords that live right above me). I have the colored pencils… all I need is this coloring book to decompress!

    I hope those TMS treatments continue to work wonders – we love you!

  10. Jenny I think you are great and reading your tweets and instagram posts always brightens my day a little. I would love to have one of your coloring books! Thank you. <3

  11. I would love to give my mom a copy of your book! I moved away from home and she’s been really sad about it. Thanks!

  12. Ooh, I would love your coloring book! Been having Summer Sads. Signed up to foster kittens, so hopefully that will help!

  13. Hoping for a coloring book. I have had a hard week. Even if I don’t win, thanks for sharing all your experiences. It helps to know I’m not alone.

  14. Also, I probably overuse that Liz Lemon gif. She’s my hero. I may or may not actually high five myself in public when I accomplish something. 🙂

  15. Okay, that is ABSOLUTELY A SECRET ROOM AND IT’S TOTALLY HAUNTED. And now I’m super jealous because my ghosts are cooking meth or whatever and yours are leaving you a trail of corn nuts which is so freakin’ thoughtful because ghost hunting is hungry work!

  16. Omg how did innot know there was a colouring book??? 😳🤔🤷🏼‍♀️

  17. I’d love to get a copy of your book for the adult coloring group at my library. Third Monday of every month. I have a copy of my own and it makes me feel good every time I look at it. Thanks, Jenny!

  18. Congrats on your 33rd treatment!!! I’m on treatment 13 today… we’ll see how it goes – so far it’s been really topsy turvy. Anyways – I’d love a coloring book! Thank you

  19. Congratulations on your on-going successful treatments! But now the big question – do you know what you’re going to do to celebrate when you are finished? Metal lawn statues and random taxidermy animals everywhere want to know. 😉

    And my basement flooded last week. I need stress relief like WHOA BABY.

  20. Your books have helped me so much! Furiously Happy made me laugh, cry, and learn to accept my depression and anxiety. I’d love a copy of You Are Here.

  21. I’ve always had an equal amount of hope/fear in finding surprise secret room. 😳

    It’s been great following along with your story. It’s been great to find a fellow RA warrior out there that I have a lot of in common with.

  22. Omg how did I not know there was a colouring book??? 😳🤔🤷🏼‍♀️

  23. First off, thank you for live tweeting your secret rooms, it has made work bearable today. Second, be careful you may end up in fillory or narnia. Thank you for your writing! my email is: 🙂

  24. Hi Jenny,
    Thank you for sharing your stories. I worked at a job in a college admissions office, and it was pretty soul crushing. The only thing that could make me laugh was listening to your books on audio. I also kept a copy of You Are Here at my desk when things got really bad in my head. I really cannot thank you enough for helping get me through that place! I recommend your books and blog to my friends constantly.

  25. My mom could use one of those coloring books (I don’t think she has one yet).

  26. I just wanted to say thank you for your writing. I would love a copy of You Are Here or Furiously Happy (I’ve already read it twice. It always makes me feel better, less alone, and laugh out loud).

  27. Jenny~
    1 – you are awesome. I hope the TMS treatments are treating you well and that things are going to get better with time. 🙂
    2 – I disagree with Victor’s choice to NOT let you have a crowbar. It’s not like you can stab someone with it. Sheesh.
    3 – I would love a 2nd copy to share of You Are Here. It’s helped me a lot and I’d love to pass that on. bgraves81(@)
    4 – thanks for being you and spreading the love and encouragement even when it’s hard! You help us all keep our heads above water ourselves.

  28. My dear friend Shelley has been living in s***storm conditions for months, and I know your book would take her away from the stinking mess for a little while.

  29. Gah, I thought putting my email address in the comment box thing would add it. It doesn’t. Here it is: scarroll21 (at) gmail (dot) com

  30. I already own Furiously Happy and A (mostly) True Memoir, and I’ve made all my friends read them. I’ve been following your blog for more than a decade. I would LOVE a copy of You Are Here, but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a SIGNED copy of You Are Here EVEN MORE. Can I make requests? You’re already being so kind by giving away books, and I’m all like ‘but, could you like, sign that though?’. Now I’m overthinking. I’m gonna stop writing before this gets weird. I’m sorry.

  31. I love hearing about your treatment experiences, that they are going well. I’d love a copy of your coloring book!

  32. Hey! I don’t know if you’ll be delivering internationally (I’m in the UK), but I’d adore a copy of your colouring book. You’re my favourite <3 (also, best of luck with the treatments)! Xxx

  33. I have your coloring book already, but I’d love a copy of either of your other books! I’ve been trying to get my bff to read my favorite author for a couple years, and I’d love to loan her a signed copy!

  34. I’d love either a colouring book or Furiously Happy as a gift for my little sister whose relationship has just broken down and she needs a laugh…

  35. I would love a copy of You Are Here for my niece. We recently lost my mom and my niece’s birthday is coming up. She’s struggling and I know she would love a copy of your book.

  36. I would love a copy so so much. I have been wanting it since you announced it, but I haven’t been able to afford new books in ages.
    Even if you don’t pick me, thak you so much for doing this.

  37. I just bought a copy of Furiously Happy last week after borrowing it from my local library ages ago. It’s just as funny and touching and crazy add I remember. I would love a copy of your coloring book. Though I’d never have the guts to actually color in it. Honestly I’d photo copy the page I want to color because I’m very protective of my books. How protective am I? I have two copies of books I lend out. That way if one is accidentally lost or destroyed I still have it. Learned that the hard way in high school. Wow, I just rambled on for a bit there. Sorry. Let me leave it at I love everything you create.

  38. SO HAPPY for you about the TMS treatments! I want to introduce my daughter to you – either book would be a wonderful way to do that!

  39. I would love a copy of You Are Here. I’m so glad that your treatment has been going well, and I’m excited to see how your days following your treatment turn out. Thanks for being a sweet reminder that we (humans) are worth the fight. Email:

  40. Im so happy to hear you have been feeling good! Good to know about furiously happy! Ive been meaning to grab a second copy to lend out to people (i dont trust others with my signed copy! Lmao)

  41. I would love a copy and selfishly it would be for me. I’ve had a shitty few months and I’m ready for that to change now.

    Also, I’ve enjoyed your secret room experience. However it has freaked me the hell out and now I’m afraid to open our closet. It has a mystery staircase in it. I shit you not! And our house isn’t even very big. I try not to think about it.

  42. I’d love a copy of “You Are Here”. I’ve been through TMS, as well as ECT, for my bipolar. I’ve been thinking of you and praying hard that this works for you. Stability is so precarious sometimes, but we can find it! <3

  43. I would love a copy of You Are Here. I found your blog around the time I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and it has been a huge help. So thanks, or whatever. 🙂

  44. I just wanted to say thank you for your writing. I would love a copy of You Are Here or Furiously Happy (I’ve already read it twice. It always makes me feel better, less alone, and laugh out loud).

  45. I live on Vieques, Puerto Rico. You have no idea how much I need the therapy of a new coloring book

  46. While I absolutely would love a coloring book, I definitely want a copy of “Furiously Happy”. I just finished it and I all but peed my pants. (Thankfully I have a strong bladder!) You are uplifting and fresh. And real and so sarcastic, it’s poetic. I joined your blog just to read about more of your crazy antics. Plus I hoard books. I need another for my collection!

  47. <<<<<<<<<<<will be stalking Bookpeople this weekend which is WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE OF MY NEW OFFICE!!!! … oh wait.. i don’t work on the weekends…….

  48. I bought your book when it was released, but I’d love a copy for my Mom. I got her a copy of “Lets Pretend This Never Happened” a few years ago for Christmas. She called me a few days later to tell me she’d been crying from laughing so hard after reading it.

  49. I would love a copy of you are here. 🙂 I followed the secret room tweets. My house doesnt have secret rooms, but it us a labyrinth. Actually is does kind of have secret garage rooms.

  50. I would love to own your coloring book! I actually made one too (for my daughter) and have a few copies left. It’s nowhere as good as yours but I loved the creative, healing output of making it for her. I would love to swap you…one of your coloring books and I’ll send you a copy of mine? 🙂

  51. You do try to out the lurkers, doncha? Not that there is anything wrong with that. I would love a copy of your colouring (Yes, I am a Canuck, so the u in colouring is deliberate.) book. I have your first two books a and enjoyed the hell out of ’em.
    Glad the treatments are working for you. You give the rest of us hope.

  52. I just really want to know whats in the other secret room now.
    But I would also be happy to have a copy of YOU ARE HERE or Furioursly Happy because i want to start a longstanding tradition of your books being the only gift my bff and I give each other.

  53. As much as I still want one for myself, I have a dear friend who NEEDS your coloring book, even more than I WANT one. Please 🙂 And, thanks for being YOU!

  54. Who doesn’t love free stuff!?! Plus, I will cop to not having read any of your books yet, though I LOVE your blog posts. You’ve been helping through some rough patches of my own. You have super powers!! Who knew? Best of luck with your last treatments.

  55. I know someone with a birthday coming up that could desperately use your book. It would be extra special coming from you. I mean…birthday’s rock

  56. Love following your treatment, had it recommended for my intractable migraine (yeah every day for 6 years!) but couldn’t quite swallow the out of pocket cost. Of course I would love a copy of your coloring book.

  57. I have a friend who has been dealing with a LOT of not great family stuff and I’d love to have you send her one. (She also travels a bunch for work and I think this + wine would be good wind down.) Thanks!

  58. I would LOVE a copy! And I hope your treatments continue to help you! 🙂

  59. i would give my sister a copy if i won, because i know she would love it. she always finds cute, quirky things for me, but i fail at doing that for her.

  60. Hi Jenny! I’ve enjoyed your other books and would LOVE a copy of your new book.

  61. I do NOT understand why Victor won’t let you have a crowbar. And yes, please, coloring book! tabor330 at gmail

  62. Well, let’s try this again. Yay for TMS working! (Boo to WordPress for being mean to me when I tried to comment)

    I would love a copy of either – I never got around to getting the coloring book and would love a hard copy of Furiously Happy.

    Thanks, Jenny!

  63. I could totally use a coloring book… I have these fabulous coloring pens and nothing to color!

  64. I’d like one; i gave mine to a friend who needed it more than i did. But now i need it again and i don’t have it

  65. OMG I’ve totally missed that you found a secret room, and now I’m freaking out because the secret room thing is one of my recurring dreams … more like nightmares.

  66. Secret rooms are probably more weird than cool in most instances. They hide the skeletons

  67. I would love a copy of You Are Here. I bought a copy for a friend last year and she was like “omg you need a copy too!” and I just haven’t gotten around to it. Thanks for the opportunity! <3

  68. Jenny I love your writing so much. I often read your posts out loud to my husband when he hears me cackle and asks what I’m laughing about. I’m so glad that you are having success with this treatment. I hope that Hayley could sleep last night after the secret vampire room discovery.

  69. I would love a coloring book! I loved your other books also, laughing out loud at the dentist office will get you some really strange looks!

  70. I’m re-re-re-reading Let’s Pretend This Never Happened because I needed a break from the rest of the options out there. Most everything just depresses me beyond words. You don’t. I’m laughing and it feels amazing. It might actually be the 7th time reading? Possible 8th. Makes my family seem way normal. So thank you. I think. And sorry. 😂 Coloring would also make me way happy!!! Mostly just thank you for bringing us all together anfgiving our individual crazy voices a collective sane tone and a safe place. I’m so joyful you’re feeling better! I hope it continues. #KKMF

  71. You have no idea how much I need this book right now. I have been facing down so much of my trauma in therapy and the battle has felt way too big for me to fight this week. It would mean the world to me to have a copy. Thank you for being so great. And for lighting the way. My email address is

  72. I’d love to have a copy of You are Here. Hope the TMS treatments continue to help….the world needs more Jenny Lawson!

  73. I bought a copy of You Are Here for my daughter, secretly hoping she might forget it when she went back to college…but she didn’t! I’d love to have one of my own 🙂

  74. Oh my God yes, please! I’m currently potty training a toddler and I could use all the amusement/distraction I can get. I’ve listened to the Let’s Pretend audio book more often than I can probably count, and I love Furiously Happy. Honestly, I probably reference your childhood stories more often than my own, and I realize how creepy and awkward I sound, but I’m sure you’ll understand.

  75. Would love to have a copy – want to share with my daughter who needs all the wonderful I can grab for her right now. <3

  76. I’m in need of a copy of You Are Here since I gifted my sister the one I originally intended to keep for myself. You are so funny and I’ve loved all that you have done for years. #unintentionallycreepy

  77. Hi! I’m just leaving a quick comment to say yes, of course I’d love a free book (I’m not a monster!) but I live in Canada so if that makes you not want to randomly pick me, of course I understand. But right now I have to go read about your secret room! I’ve always dreamed of finding a secret room in my house. Do you think it’s like the horrible red room in the Amityville Horror? Oh god, I hope not!
    Here’s my email:

  78. I am Furiously Happy that you are offering to send me a coloring book.
    A Dangerous Mind often needs the distraction of a coloring book.
    May I suggest another fun distraction for my fellow Dangerous Minds – the For Strange Women shop at:
    (But, since you’d rather me not advertise for products on your Blog…..Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.)
    Kaye –

  79. Yes, totally want a coloring book to gift to the friend who introduced me to your blog. She loves coloring books but doesn’t buy them for herself because then she would never stop.

  80. Today this child welfare social worker is struggling, there is a lot of bad in the world. Does colouring help? If so, I would like a book. Thank you.

  81. I’d love a copy of any of your books – Furiously Happy is me favorite gift to give, and I don’t yet have a copy of You Are Here. Thank you for your utter uniqueness – you help me remember that I’m connected (even to all the &*#%-up crazy shit – perhaps that’s the best part:) My address is PO Box 7, Hanover, NH 03755

  82. I would love a copy of You Are Here for my friend (to whom I just gifted a copy of Furiously Happy).

  83. My almost 12 year old son Cameron adores you and your books (as do I) and with the arrival of his first and only sibling 11 days ago would love the gift of You Are Here from you, he already has well worn copies of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and Furiously Happy ❤

  84. Dearest Jenny! You have helped me more than you will ever possibly know. Your strength has been a beacon for me in my dark moments and I share you with anyone who will listen! I have your book, and love it!! I think my aunt would love it too and would love to send her a copy! Thank you for being in this world!!

  85. Ooooohhhh! Coloring books! Oooohhh! Yes, please! Coloring books are awesome and I would love one, but I’ll probably go ahead and buy one anyway, because who has that kind of patience?

  86. Yay! I have gifted many of your coloring books to people who need them. I would love another one to gift out!

  87. I have a copy of You Are Here, but my brain weasels tell me that I’m going to color the pictures in it wrong, so I haven’t been able to make myself color any of them. I can’t really afford to buy an extra copy at the moment (to shut the brain weasels up in a “Look, I have an extra copy to leave pristine!!” sort of fashion), but I would love to have one! 🙂 Email is

  88. I can’t believe you’re almost done with TMS! Wow! It went really fast for me but then again, I wasn’t the person with a woodpecker trying to reach my brain. I’d love a copy of your book. It’s the only one I haven’t yet purchased because I’m afraid I’ll make a mess of it by using all the wrong colors and coloring outside the lines.

  89. I would love a copy of your coloring book. I have read both your books and listened to them as well. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard. Iit was a great feeling . Thanks for all that you do. What you go through every day is amazing and I’m glad you are so open to share it with all of us. Hopefully together we can all find our way through the issues we deal with.

  90. Tore my Achilles tendon and am laid up! I would love to spend this time coloring!

  91. If you are mailing internationally I would love a copy for my 18 year old daughter who has been struggling with anxiety issues for 4 years. Happy to cover postage 😀

  92. I used to color. All the time. But I lost my joy. And my job. And I’m slowly losing my mind. And my will to live. Just breathing is a chore. Thanks for the encouraging words to help us not feel so alone on this journey.

  93. This is so great! I really hope you will be okay/get better after this. Thank you for all your work Jenny, we love you and you matter!
    I would love a copy of the coloring book, if you don’t mind mailing it to France, iin case you pick me.

  94. I love reading your blogs and books, you always make me laugh. I would love a copy of your book, especially if it came directly from you! Also, maybe you should call Amy Allen from the Dead Files to check out your secret rooms!

  95. Would love a colorbook😄 The bogof melon story and the metal chicken one made me lol.

  96. I would love a copy! I love following you and your blog. I relate to so much of what you write about, it helps me feel less alone in my struggles. I think you are incredible! Keep on fighting <3

  97. I used to color. All the time. But I lost my joy. And my job. And I’m slowly losing my mind. And my will to live. Just breathing is a chore. Thanks for the encouraging words to help us not feel so alone on this journey.

  98. Omg yes plz! Of course, if my mom finds out I have one, she’ll destroy me in my sleep and take it for herself! (We’re both huge fans, lol)

  99. Am at one of the lowest points in my life and could really use a real pick me up. Am an artist but cannot seem to get going. Would be a really nice kick start. Glad treatments are working for you.

  100. 33 down and 3 to go… sounds like a good title for something. Thank you for sharing this experience. The depressed Ramesch sisters love you furiously. Also I’m not a monster and a free book would make my year. I’ll be refreshing the page constantly at JJRamesch @ no spaces.

  101. I would love a coloring book. I fell the other day and broke 2 toes, sprained my ankle, and dislocated my kneecap, so it would cheer me up. In fact, I don’t really need a coloring book, and I’m sure there are other people who are more deserving, but am just posting this so somebody will say, “You poor thing. Have another Vicodin.”

  102. I have a secret room! We call it the secret playroom and each of my kids have the ny doors in the bottom of their closet to get in. My teenagers don’t have much use for it anymore, but it’s the perfect room for quiet and solitude. College is not so far away and then I get it back. We had it put in when we built our house.

    You are Here was one of my top 3 books that I purchased last year, I sat down and read it cover to cover on arrival. I would love a copy to gift to my best friend.

  103. I would love a copy of either book. I have Lets Pretend but neither of the other two and I love you!! Thank you for being you and helping me know it’s ok to not be normal!

  104. I’m so glad the TMS is working for you! Furiously Happy would be great. I know someone who needs to read it.

  105. I love your generosity! No need to send me a coloring book – there are others that need it more. Many blessings to you. Happy back to school for your girl!!

  106. JENNYYYYYYYY!!! you’re almost at the end of your treatment, I’m so proud! :”’)

    I would love to have your coloring book, but I don’t know if you’ll be sending it internationally ;; SO, even if I don’t have it now I still wish you good luck with all the secret rooms u might found <3

  107. Free book? How awesome is that? Almost as good as only three treatments left! I sometimes get SAD in the winter, but we don’t have enough magnets in the county so I see an acupuncturist and she sticks needles in me like I am some kind of voodoo doll. The thing is, though, that I really enjoy it.

  108. Love this blog so much!! You are always an inspiration! Would love to have You are Here book

  109. Hey Jenny,
    Accidentally discovered your blog a few years ago & believe me, finding anything that can both make me laugh and have someone to relate to mental health wise is a gift! Also, I’ve been following your TMS Treatment journey. I have tried to gain insight into it over the years (As an alternative to ECT for myself) and yours is the first personal experience story I have come upon. Thanks for sharing it.
    Well I’m exceptionally new to this but I imagine some would call this pulling the cancer card – I sure as hell hope it isn’t. My partner /wife was very recently diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal cancer (adenocarcinoma). She had her first chemo treatment this week, starting on Monday July 30th. I got her a couple of pocket sized coloring books and now she is obsessed! So if she gets chosen that’s awesome, but no matter what I am going to be sure I get her a copy otherwise 😺
    Thanks for sharing ALL of yourself ,
    (My wife’s name is Angie)

  110. I would ❤️ To get this book.! And good Luck with finishing your treatments!

  111. You are here. I am here. I would like to read about where you are. I can tell you about where I am if you care to know. Is it clear I WANT a copy of the book? if not, I would love to receive a copy. I would colour it fabulously – in and out of the lines – it’s how I roll.

  112. I could seriously use a copy of Furiously Happy right now. I have been a bit furiously sad and eating wayy to many cookies. I have your first book and I loved it. Congratulations on the success of the treatments. I don’t comment but I’m a follower from way back. Such a great group of people. Love and light to you Jenny. ♡

  113. I already have Furiously Happy so I would love a copy of You Are Here! – PS I read your giant chicken story to a bunch of chicks who were on a cruise with me and when we got back to New Orleans one of them sent me a text all excited!! She found a metal chicken!! Every time we see each other now she yells out KNOCK KNOCK MOTHER FUCKER!!! We love you!!!

  114. Jenny, ever since I ‘discovered your writing’, I’ve related to SO much you’ve dealt with!
    It’s amazing…at times I believed I was the only ‘ different duck’!😂
    You truly DO give hope to the rest of us that have suffered for so long, thinking there was
    Never going to be ‘peace’ in our chaotic brains!!😊
    Thank You for not only lifting our Spirits but for sharing your Path’s progress thru your
    current treatments!😊❤️

  115. I have a friend who has borrowed all of your books from me and is currently going through a divorce and with her depression it makes it all harder. I would love for her to have one.

  116. Hope you’re finding the TMS treatment to be helpful. One of my best friends has been fighting with insurance to try it herself and has experienced a lot of pushbacks.

    I will be gifting her with this book in light of your willingness to share your journey and as a self-care measure for her.

  117. I would love one! I think your drawings are crazy-beautiful. hstorm799 {at} gmail {dot} com

    Also, secret rooms are the best. Corn nut? No. It’s definitely the human tooth that falls out when the new vamp fang comes in.

  118. Hello Jenny!
    Book People is the best. Alas I’m 1111 miles away so can’t meet up. I’d love a coloring book from you. I’ve not colored in an adult styled one.

  119. I’d love to have a copy of your “You are Here” book. Keep on keeping own sis!

  120. I already have You Are Here, but I would love a copy for a friend or a paper copy of Furiously Happy (I read the e-book). Thank you for being you, Jenny!

  121. Jenny…you slay me! I tell all my friends about your books and encourage them to read them. I’d love a copy! 💕

  122. Reading your experiences with TMS has been like finding an oasis in a parched and crumbling desert. We’ve all followed like expectant moms and dads. Oh, how I wish I (or she) could afford it for my beloved daughter. One, one day! In spite of the ninth circle of Hell (hello, Dante!) you’ve often been condemned to, you realize others there somehow lack your wit and glimpses of joy to cling to by the fingernails, and are doomed to only relentlessly humorless despair. Thank you so for doses of hope.

    And, ah, three’s the magic number, Sweet Cakes!

    If enough, I’d treasure a coloring book.

  123. I would LOVE one of your beautifully illustrated coloring books! 20 years ago, my illustration mentor published her illustrations for adults to color. She was WAAAY ahead of her time!

  124. OF COURSE I want a free book. This week, I feel like I’m becoming my grandmother. What…I need hearing aids?

  125. The library where I work has a monthly coloring night and I would like to donate a copy of your book.

  126. You’re so nice to give away copies of your amazing coloring book. I have a copy and I love mine. My mom just had surgery today, she’s in recovery and doing fine, but I would love to give her a copy to color while her body gets back to normal. My email is thanks for all you do and who you are ♡

  127. Hi Jenny, Christa here from San Diego, CA. I’m currently reading your “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” book and I’m having a blast reading it! I love your personality, your stories make me laugh so loud! I would love to have another book of yours lined up to read/color next.

  128. I would LOVE a coloring book! Or a secret room. But since I don’t think USPS ships those, a coloring book will have to suffice. Oh, P.S. I recently heard your Hometown on MFM and my worlds collided in the most amazing way. #SSDGM MF’ers!

  129. I could really use one of those coloring books. Been jobless for 2 years, catless since October, anxiety is at an all time high, shall I go on? sigh Waiting to see if disability is going to be accepted.. and sleep? Nowhere near enough lately ☹️

  130. Your stories, insights and random thoughts never fail to put a smile on my face. I have read your first two books (loved them! and have passed them on to several people since… you’re welcome!) and would love to read (and color) “You Are Here”.
    You are such a gift of a human, and so many of us are very grateful to have you in our lives – Can’t thank you enough for sharing yourself.
    Best of luck with the last 3 treatments!

  131. WELP, the blog link didn’t work so here’s my address: unpopularsuggestions[at]gmail. Stupid technology.

  132. I have a daughter who would love to have a copy of your coloring book. My e-mail is vbalbert (at) gmail (dot) com.

  133. A) I love the way you write!
    B) I need your book. Fingers crossed I get one.

  134. My therapy homework is to color some stuff because apparently, that’s a “healthy coping strategy” I need to try. Pfft. What does my therapist know, he’s only got a PhD in Psychology. Not in coloring books or something FUN.

    No, but seriously – I love your work and as someone who is struggling right now with PTSD and a plethora of neuroses, I find your writing very validating and encouraging. So, thanks!

  135. Your stories, insights and random thoughts never fail to put a smile on my face. I have read your first two books (loved them! and have passed them on to several people since… you’re welcome!) and would love to read (and color) “You Are Here”.
    You are such a gift of a human, and so many of us are very grateful to have you in our lives – Can’t thank you enough for sharing yourself.
    Best of luck with the last 3 treatments!

  136. I am posting a random comment in the hopes of being a random You Are Here winner:

    Butterbean quartz mimeograph. The sequel.

    Also, if I do win, please don’t draw a cat penis, because I don’t know what a cat penis actually looks like, and I don’t want any spoilers. Other penises are fine, though.

  137. If you have anymore of copies of furiously happy, I’d love one. I borrowed it from a friend but I would love to mark it up and be like “this here is how I feel” bc it’s hard to express how I feel sometimes…and you were so SPOT ON.


  138. I’d be deleriously happy with either the colouring book (which I’ll happily share with my 5 year old) or your book 😀
    I’m so glad your treatment is working. I’m lucky in that my pills and therapy sorted my silly brain out. Much respect to you for persevering.

  139. Hi Jenny. This sounds bizarre and pitiful, but I retired in May and it is NOT fun. I spent most of today playing Pyramid (solitaire on computer). I know I need to be patient with myself and the process, but . . . . So, have all your books. Love you madly (but from a respectful distance). Maybe coloring will help? Met you at Erma a few years ago, but I’m not feeling funny now. Thanks for reading.

  140. My bestie and I would love copies of You Are Here:) Your livetweet of the secret room is better than anything I’ve seen on TV in a long time!’

    I love you so much:)

  141. I am so thankful the TMS is working for you! Hooray❤️

    I have my own coloring book but would love one for my friend Jill who has adhesive arachnoiditis, a very nast and incurable disease. We read your blog and love you!! She is stuck in bed most of the time so when you make her laugh it is wonderful! Thank you.

    You can reach me at

  142. I’m glad to hear you are doing well and your treatment is helping. It’s so encouraging to hear that there is hope in beating this. I would love to win copies of your books. Especially the coloring book. Coloring helps so much on my bad day.

  143. My 9 y.o. daughter and I were glued to the Secret Room twitter feed. It’s just one more way we get to bond. 😉

  144. LOVE you,girl !!! And, yeah….I’d LOVE a coloring book,too ! As I NEVER said in school: “ pick me, pick me, pick ME !!!! “

  145. I love your writing and have been going through a rough time lately. Your stories always pick me up. I would love a copy of your coloring book! Thank you for everything you do to help us all survive this crazy life!

  146. OMG, I’m scared because I feel weird asking for stuff but here goes – yes please, I would love a coloring book! AGH – I did it! Also – I love you anyway, and I will still love you if you don’t send a free coloring book AND…OMG the secret room in your house is SO cool!

  147. I don’t comment a lot or often, mainly because I worry too much about what people will think about my ridiculous comments. But I am so glad you have found a treatment that so far as been successful! I hope this continues to be a positive thing for you, well beyond your last 3 treatments!

    As for a book. I really could use a pick me up. I’ve been struggling a lot as of late, and it’s that time of year for me, where grieving is the emotion du jour. I’ve got a lot of things to grieve over. August is a month that seems to really hate me. Plus my doctor is cross-fading my meds, so it’s all a hot mess, and I cry all the time, and think everyone hates me.

    If I don’t get picked, don’t feel too bad, I know whoever does get picked, it will make all the difference they need. Plus, I’ve got my own Victor-type partner who’s pretty great at helping me weather the storm. Thanks for sharing what you do with the world.

  148. Thank you for being you, Jenny. I would love a copy of either of your books I don’t have a paperback of furiously happy, though I did download a mobile copy. I do have a copy of your coloring book and I think it’s fantastic, in fact I just bought one for a friend who lost her backpack with her coloring books and pens at the Folk Festival here in Winnipeg, it ended up coming back to her because people are awesome, but not before I bought the book so I gave it to her anyway. So if I won, either of them would be wonderful, I would just pass on the coloring books to someone who is in need of amazing words and inspiring pictures.

  149. I would so love a coloring book. It’s 324 days after Irma, and I’m still a mess. Following your treatment is giving me hope.

  150. Okay, I’m a little late to the game. If you have any copies of “You Are Here,” I would be so grateful to have one. I bought one, but before I could enjoy it, I gave it to my boyfriend’s son, who was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder and is going through an especially rough time, as you can imagine. I kind of need some distraction, though — my 11 year old Schnauzer was just diagnosed with Diabetes and I’m having a hell of a time trying to get his blood so I can test it. This is on top of his Cushing’s disease. Oh, and he just developed pancreatitis (hopefully it’s just acute). He’s my world, and I’m so worried about him that I’ve developed an itchy rash!

    Oh — and good luck with your next 3 treatments! I pray that they go well. They seem to be really helping, and that makes me so happy!

    My email is 🙂

  151. I would love a copy of You Are Here. It’s been on my wish list since it came out but I haven’t been able to get it yet. I also just wanted to say thank you so much for being so open about your struggles. I am on medication for my severe depression and anxiety finally but still having trouble finding the right dosage or medication, I don’t know but it doesn’t always feel like it is doing much. I have been ready to just give up taking it but reading about your journey and struggles have made me continue with it. Thank you for all that you do.

  152. I’ve been telling my husband about your new treatment (he has a similar diagnosis), and I’d love to give him a copy as an introduction. You’re very generous!

  153. Would love a copy of “You Are Here” to help kill the time while docs try to figure out why my immune system hates me so much and is determined that I shouldn’t go anywhere. It’s destroying my muscles, so I’m fairly home bound for the moment.

    On the good side, after ten months of this I’ve finally found a doc who is taking me seriously and is attempting to figure out why.

    I’m trying to look on the bright side.
    It’s now August…in Las Vegas.
    No need to go out where the sun tries to kill you daily. 😀

  154. I gift your books to people all the time and I would LOVE to pass You Are Here to my bestie! (seriously, at least 6 copies of Furiously Happy, because it changed me and I want to spread the love)

  155. I have a copy of your colouring book, but I HAD a copy of Furiously Happy, but I lent it to a friend who never returned it. I’m not mad, though. I feel like if she kept it, she probably needs it and should keep it. But now I have to get another one. If you have any lying around, I’d love one!

    Also, I know you already had a story on the podcast, but you HAVE to send the Secret Room story to My Favorite Murder. They love that stuff, as you know.

    Anyway, my email address is Thanks!

  156. Also apparently I don’t read really well, so here’s my email address as a totally separate comment.

    metasynthesthia @

  157. Thanks so much for offering a coloring book. I am a huge fan of yours and coloring books! What a great combo!

  158. I would love a copy of either! I just “discovered” you today thanks @Stonekettle Station!!! Looking fiorward to reading more😁

  159. I would love a copy of your coloring book even though I slipped in a puddle of water at work last week and broke my right elbow, so I can’t color right now. Well I could but it would look like someone with no concept of coloring had tried to color in the book. So when my elbow has healed and they try to make me do boring physical therapy I could just say I’ll just color in this awesome coloring book instead.

  160. Hey Jenny!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the TMS updates. It really seems to be helping you and that gives me hope. Not nessesarily that TMS will be my solution or even that it is yours… but seeing someone else have hope (your crying in the car video killed me in the best way) gives me hope. I just lost a dream job/career because my stupid brain keeps trying to kill me and when that won’t work it just fucks up my concentration and poof there goes my nice functional life… So I’ll admit I’m feeling a little sorry for myself, and I could really use a funny word or a colouring book. 🙂 I’m sure there are much more deserving folks than me though… so not to worry. Just thank you for being there and sharing and being you. You’re awesome.

    BTW – I just finished the autobook of Furriously Happy, and yes it’s funny in print… but with your voice directly in my brain via my ear holes…. I had to pause a couple of times just to breath… I know you pretend you’re good at it, but damn, I really don’t think you need to anymore on that one. You rocked it!!

  161. I just discovered your blog a couple months ago and I’m totally smitten! So glad to hear your treatments are going well. I just ordered a copy of Furiously a couple days ago and would love to have a copy of your coloring book! Thanks for this giveaway 🙂

  162. I am LOVING the mysterious attic room live-tweet. Over the years, you are my go to when it all just feels like too much BS. Thank you for your direct and authentic sharing of your life. <3

  163. I just started back to work after years of struggling with my mental health issue. ANXIETY AND PANIC. So for so good! Small lil pizza place so not a lot of people to be scared of. JENNY YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION. And I love to colour. Yes please, I would dearly love your book. 😄

  164. I just started following you as I am getting ready to start TMS treatments. You are amazing, real, and super funny. Thank you for your blog! I would LOVE a book. ❤️

  165. One of my very good therapist friends needs a coloring book for herself and one for a client. I’m getting around to buying them eventually but my to do list is currently larger than my capacity to adult. I gave out three for Christmas and I have 2 of my own. It’s one of my very favorite things.

  166. Good luck with the last few treatments. I’m so happy they seem to be working for you! I have bought multiple copies of your books and then I pass them on to others when I think someone needs a good laugh or cry or both. If you choose me I’ll probably end up giving it away too but maybe I’d keep one directly from you. I could use a good laugh or cry or both.

  167. OMI GOD! I WANT A SECRET ROOM! PLEASE GOD LET ME HAVE A SECRET ROOM. sorry for the yelling. that was the most exciting concept to hit my day, ‘specially because we’ve been talking about remodeling our bathroom because Lord, I love this man but I need TWO SINKS because he is always there blocking my way when I want to use it. He manspreads in front of the sink. And, he doesn’t want to knock down a wall because we would have to spend more money on taxes and what not and I need a crow bar. To find the secret room. For my sink.

  168. I’m here & would always love free stuff but just happy to see you’re doing so well.

  169. Good luck with these last treatments! I would love to have a copy of Furiously Happy. I checked it out from the library when I read it. I would like to be able to read it again and again but I would LOVE to be able to loan it to my friends. I’m always talking up your work. I am the designated storyteller at a women’s retreat I do every spring. I often read a blog post of yours (3 out of 4 years!) and then tell everyone about your books. Thanks for the light you bring to the world! Feel better, Jenny!

  170. Ah, my dear!! I have been trying to get a book for EVER!!! I’m always too far down the list of comments….
    And…. thanks you. I love you.

  171. I would LOVE a copy of any of your work to hand out to the next person I rant and rave about you to. (My brain is telling me that may not be a correct sentence or even make sense but whateves I’m leaving it.) I do have a tendency of cornering people and chatting their ears off about your adventures. But of course in my excitement I never seem to retell it right or even in a straight line. (The beer fountain story went all haywire the other day.) It would be great to just hand them a copy and whisper, “read it, then call me when your done so we can talk about all it’s greatness.” Thanks for even offering this and even more thanks for just being you!!

  172. Loving the secret room exploits😂. So refreshing! Would love a colouring book.

  173. Just FYI I saw You Are Here at Barnes and Noble yesterday in the bargain book area for 6.99. That is in Ohio, but maybe some other stores have it at that great price.

  174. I’d love a copy of your book! Madison Ohio Thank you!

    *Annette *[image: Picture]

    440-477-3590 cell

    *Annette Howard* *Madison Shore Growers* 2310 Green Road Madison Ohio 44057 440-428-5178 fax 440-428-9090

    NGLCO Executive Director 440-241-7969,

    “Life isn’t about how you survive the storm, but how you dance in the rain”

  175. So, I’m working on getting in my 2,000 hours of peer support volunteer so I can be certified and return to the workforce. I think a copy of your book would be of great benefit to a client of mine. So I am humbally asking on their behalf. My Email is thank you .

  176. I have a wonderful copy, but I have a friend who I know would benefit greatly from a copy. Much love to you!!

  177. I have Kindle copies, but I’d be overjoyed to have a hard copy of any book of yours you’d feel like passing my way! Thanks for the opportunity!

  178. I would love one of your books (if you ship to Canada that is?)

  179. I hope your treatments continue to work! Sending you good vibes! Thank you for your kindness!

  180. Oh wow I would love a copy of that book! I’ve got all of your books except for that one. You definitely give us all hope as well as plenty of entertaining stories. Keep the wonderful posts coming! I love this blog!

  181. One of my good friends just moved three states away to the border of Idaho & accidentally got a great job. But she’s nervous that she won’t be enough. A coloring book would be amazing for her. Thanks for the giveaway!

  182. I’d love a copy! Your coloring books are so beautiful, and I could use some coloring meditation right now!

  183. Good luck with your last treatments! I have a friend who could use either You are Here or Furiously Happy. Also, I want a secret room!!!

  184. I would absolutely love a copy for one of my coworkers! I bought a physical copy of Furiously Happy just so that I could loan it out to them (one finished it and loved it, and then I foisted it onto coworker #2, 3 more to go after that!)

  185. I would love a copy of you are here. I’ve been looking in our little town with no luck finding a copy

  186. I’d love a copy of your coloring book! Not because I can’t afford it, but because I would really love to get it from YOU. If selected, I vow to pay it forward and send one to someone else from the list! 💜💜💜

  187. Yay to free coloring books! Gives me something to do while on conference calls while working from home!

  188. I would love a copy of You Are Here to help me calm my nerves about graduate school and interviews. Thanks for brightening my day.

  189. I would like a copy of “You Are Here”. I already have my own, but I’d love to give a copy to my friend. She’s been going through a tough time with work and family issues for the last year or two, which is causing her all sorts of stress and anger. I think taking some time to herself to color for a bit each day could help.

    My email:

  190. I would love to receive a copy of your book, not for myself, but for my mother, who is retired and widowed, sitting at home alone with her two fat Corgi’s watching crime shows on cable TV (her, not the dogs).

  191. You are amazing Jenny and I’ve been in awe of you since your first book came out, keep that shit up lady!!!!
    I’ve been wanting to buy your newest book for a while because no one has given it to me for any holidays even with the “hint” of, “I want the book Furiously Happy” but alas, kids are super expensive so Mom’s reading wants are not a priority.
    I don’t want to be greedy so IF you are so kind as to send me anything (I’d be stoked over a postcard that said simply, Words. Love, Jenny” LOL) I’d pick the coloring book because one:I love coloring but two: my kids have “borrowed/taken the 2 i bought for myself years ago so I stopped buying them for me.
    Also, I’ll totally be buying Furiously Happy regardless ASAP- promise!
    I’m happy that you’ve found something that is seeming to help you, I think all of your fans and those that love you want nothing more than for you to be relieved of your black cloud. You’re awesome!
    Erica Gray-Fiske

  192. If I’m randomly selected, I’ll give it to my husband for his middle school library. He’s the teacher librarian, not a student 😉
    I have my own copy and my 6-year old daughter and I colour it together. Happy day!!

  193. Also I forgot to mention my old apartment had a gnome door in it. I also had a ghost who wrote I love you on my window so maybe that’s where he lived. I was too afraid to open it. I should have had you come over. I wonder if we could sneak back in…….
    PS: I’m totally going home to check my house for secret rooms and windows. It once took me two years to notice the doorbell on the hallway wall in a house so I bet I have one. I’ll report back.

  194. I just ordered and recieved my copy of You Are Here this weekend and its great! I plan on getting one for my mother who is staying strong against depression, anxiety and PTSD!

  195. You are kind and smart and so generous.
    I’d love and need a copy of your coloring book.
    Good luck choosing your random winner!
    Remember: you’re a winner, too.

  196. Love squabbles and quandaries 2 u! I would have graciously liked 2 have a book of yours while locked in the psych unit last week. As a fellow bipolar patient I was denied TMS treatment so I am congratulating you on getting treatment. I really need a book to focus raw depression on.

  197. I would love a copy, I want to give one to my therapist who hears about you all the time from me!

  198. I would LOVE a copy of You Are Here! I have an autoimmune disorder and have had trouble coloring because of pain in my hand but I finally found some gel pens that work great and are easier on my hands. I’ve colored everything in the house now. I definitely could use some more material.

  199. Thanks for the giveaway! I’ll pay shipping to Canada if necessary 😀
    perrykd at gmail dot com

  200. My brother has been going through a super depression for the past six months and I’ve been recommending your books, to no avail. I would love to get my hands on copies to give to him but don’t have spare cash myself. So much love for you Jenny and (Spoilers!) can’t wait for you to regenerate Alternate Tenth Doctor with that tooth you found yesterday.

  201. I still need a copy or You Are Here! You’re super sweet for giving some away!

  202. PPS: Remember that one time you tried to become a vampire? They were probably meeting in your secret room all along and were afraid you would find out and charge the rent so they rejected you. Just saying…..
    still at…also just saying…..

  203. It has been a rough week and I could definitely use a little happy and some stress therapy and colouring is good for that!

    I’m not sure how I would explain a cat penis picture to someone looking at a book on my bookshelf, but then again, I’m someone who has “How to Win Friends and Influence People on the shelf of serial killer books, so….”

  204. Going to mail a care package to a friend deployed after my next paycheck (2 weeks), would love to add the coloring book for her!
    Damn it, now i gotta get something for her to color with too…….

    I have been following your blog for a long time and I continue to share it cause you are funny as fuck and I am so happy that you are seeing real progress with that weird treatment thing. It makes me happy that someone I have come to know over the years is getting the help that they needed.

  205. You’re so generous! I would love to have a copy. I’ve wanted it since it came out but I’m out of work right now and waiting for a disability hearing so I haven’t been able to buy anything fun in a while. My email is 🙂

  206. Would love a copy of You Are Here! Good luck with last 3 treatments. Fingers crossed.

  207. First, your secret room story was awesome. Second, I applaud everyone who responded to your thread. The memes & GIFs that people used in responding to your story are EPIC and it made the entire Twitter thread that much more awesome.

  208. Coloring books and a new set of crayons are life. But I would also love Furiously Happy…whichever!

  209. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the story of your secret rooms. I’d also love to be entered to win a book. I might give it to my niece since those types of colouring books give me anxiety cause of the business.

  210. My best friend just finally made the decision to try TMS. She’s terrified. I’ve been telling her about your updates. I hope that it works for her. I already have your awesome coloring book but she might like one especially as she starts this new journey.

  211. I would also really appreciate receiving a copy of the coloring book. I have everything else! Really get a kick out of you. Glad your treatments are working! Love, Kathy

  212. I love free shit and would love ‘You Are Here’! You are an inspiration to me to keep fighting the good fight. Seriously, you are a bright light in my often dim world 🙂

  213. I would love a coloring book! Also thank you for live tweeting the secret room…it saved my sanity while helping my 10-year-old download Minecraft mods 🤪

  214. I bought You Are Here for a friend when it first came out because they were going through a very hard time, but I didn’t get myself one. I would love a copy. I hope I win! 🙂

  215. Jenny,
    I’d so love a copy of your coloring book, “You Are Here”. A friend recommended your books to my husband and myself last year. So glad she did. Our small town library was able to get them for us, but having a copy for our personal library would be awesome. Then I would be able to color it.
    So happy for you that your “brain pounding” treatments seem so be helping. Everyone deserves to feel normal and be happy.

  216. I could totally use a copy of your coloring book. My anxiety has spiked to new levels recently. I believe it is a combo of taking care of my mom full time and my daughter leaving after spending the last month at hone with me. Some days are just tough. So, your coloring book would be something I would love to have especially when I’m feeling down.
    Also, I’ve made some mini books for one of your mini houses. They are actually mini books of your own books. I thought they would look cute on your mini shelves. I just don’t know where to send them. Please let me know if I can send them to your publisher.

  217. i would love a copy of your coloring book, but if i should win one i want to give it to a good friend who is going through the worst bout of depression i’ve seen her have. i told her about your blog and your TMS experiences, hoping she will come read and know she isn’t alone. good luck with the last three treatments , and thank you for this. and for lots of stuff. and and and… christ i’m awkward .. argh. :slowly backs away:


  218. I’d love a free copy of the coloring book!
    Your book “Furiously Happy” was amazing and the life boat I needed now. Thank you ❤️

  219. Not for me, but my friend Angela is having a tough go of it since her husband died of cancer in October. Today is their wedding anniversary. I have her address if she’s chosen as a winner.

  220. Hi Jenny,
    I think you are awesome and I am so happy that my friend introduced me to your books and blog. It is comforting to know that there are other people out in the world like me!
    I would love to receive a copy of your new book if you are still giving them out. My email address is

    P.S. If I don’t get sent a copy I’m going to buy one anyways 😛

  221. Lately all of the coloring books are for the kids, but this big kid would appreciate one of yours. 🙂

  222. Sure. I’d love a book. But mostly I’d love for you to write another new one. 😉 Also, sending all my positive vibes for your treatments!!!

  223. I am living vicariously through you. I have always wanted to find a secret room with unimaginable treasures! I love your books. I just gave a copy of Furiously Happy to my friend to help her recover from surgery to remove cancer. She is a retired art teacher who would love a coloring book! Thank you!

  224. Thank you for everything. Because of you, I had the courage to open up about my depression/anxiety to my doctor and I’m on the path for a treatment plan with medicine. You are an amazing person. God bless you and good luck with your treatments!

  225. Do I want a free book?! That’s a dangerous question to answer without clarifying what book might be…I mean, it could be The Pictoral Encyclopedia of Tropicial Parasitic Infections, or an edition of “Twilight” in Laos Braille, or Camp and Houseboat Sanitation in Louisiana! (my dad actually wrote that last one!) But if it’s one of your books, then HELL YEAH, absolutelyfrickinlutely, and you bet your bippy!

  226. Need one for a friend who just started a new very challenging job that is pushing her to the max. Would love to give her something to help her through.

  227. I have all of your books and I’ve bought copies for those who i know would love them. I need you to write a new one, lol! ❤

  228. You are wonderful – in a crazy, beautiful, my-kinda woman (not the make out way, but the I could hang out with you way 😉), all around kick-ass, hilarious, take the hits and keep standing, prankster, awesome mom and wife, etc. etc. etc. ways! We share your posts all the time and LOVE them all. SO thankful for you and how you share EVERYTHING – you have no idea how much you brighten (and sometimes frighten – in a good way) our days! If you happen to randomly (🙄😉😘😁👍🤞) pick me (which really is us as I’d share – I promise), anything you send (ok, so maybe not anything because I really don’t want cat shit or something nasty like that 😜) would be awesomeness! And PLEASE do write something on it, in it, attached to it, with it… and you can go as far as you want with a message. We will happily move the line further out so there’s no way you can cross it with us. Just realized you this is too damn long and you probably already stopped reading it – NOOOOOO! 🤔😣🤐😢 Well, if you are still here, I am too! Love ya! Thanks and all the best to you and your bouncing brain treatments (seriously – sending lots of love, good energy, prayers – whatever it takes for you to feel better!) XOXO Caren and all her crazy family and friends 😘

  229. I have all of your books and bought copies for everyone I know that would enjoy them. I need you to write a new one! 💙

  230. I would love a copy of “You Are Here” because sometimes I don’t know where I am so it might be super useful in multiple ways. I do at least know that I am online at

  231. I’ve just watched Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette on Netflix and now I need some time for myself to think. Staring at a white wall gets boring and a bit depressing really quickly so a copy of “You are Here” would be much appreciated. But really, your blog posts alone make me feel more at ease with myself already.
    Also, I already own Furiously Happy and recommend it to friends constantly. Thank you for your texts!

  232. I already have all your books but would love to give a copy of either to my mom. Also, I just want to say that I’ve been having a rough time lately and your writings have truly helped me. Even though I’ve never met you I feel genuine affection for you and probably love you more than people I actually know. My email: Also, this post is creepier than intended but I know you get it.

  233. I would love a copy of You Are Here! I want to get one to have on hand for my middle school students in my new librarian position!

  234. I would love a copy of the coloring book or Furiously Happy (I’ve read it but it was a borrowed copy and I want to read it again.). A secret room sounds like fun. The perfect place to hide from the world.

  235. Ugh! I can’t even follow directions because I’m going to all the closets to see if I have secret doors, too! Also, I looked at Bookpeople’s event calendar and didn’t see you on there. But I did see that they’re closing early on Sunday – are you going to get the whole store to yourself after you do your autographs? How cool would that be?!? Oh, and my email: 🙂

  236. I would love a copy of You are Here. I’m thrilled that your dip in emotions was just a dip. So happy for you. My email is Thanks for being awesome.

  237. Please please please pick me randomly for a coloring book. I need something engaging while I recover.

  238. I just finished reading “Furiously Happy” this morning and I guess I’ve begun stalking you this afternoon-in a good stalkery way. Of course I NEED a copy of your coloring book: