My washing machine is mainly used to remind me how bad I am at housekeeping.

I did a load of laundry but I forgot to put it in the dryer for a few days and I was afraid I would dry that mildewy smell into it so I ran the wash again but then I forgot to put it in the dryer again and it had only been a day but technically it had been wet for three days so I washed it again just to be safe and that was day before yesterday and I just remembered that the same load was still in the wash so I’m washing it again and now I’m pretty sure I’ve set a record for washing the same load of clothes in a row which is sort of impressive but also horrifying because at this point it’s starting to feel like my washing machine is being haunted by these clothes and by my own poor decisions.  Does anyone else ever do this?


And on an entirely different subject, it’s time for the Sunday wrap-up!

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  1. I did something similar this weekend. I washed a load of clothes without adding the detergent. I had to run the machine again.

  2. On occasion, yes, I do that as well. My washer and dryer are in the basement & I sometimes forget a load of clothes are in the washer because I turned off the buzzer because it is entirely too annoying. I always wash them again to be on the safe side. I also set my phone alarm to remind me the 2nd time to move them to the dryer. Maybe that would help?

  3. It’s definitely happened to me. I’ve also done the opposite and decided to just dry them….very poor choice, you end up smelling dirty feet all day just to realize it’s my “clean shirt”…yuk

  4. It’s definitely happened to me. I’ve also done the opposite and decided to just dry them….very poor choice, you end up smelling dirty feet all day just to realize it’s my “clean shirt”…yuk

  5. I have to fight with my father to get access to the washing machine as it is so that’s kind of a non-issue for me. I did start a load and then forgot to put the lid down on our old machine a couple of times though. It was from before the automatic sensors.

  6. I always forget, but since I live in an apartment building with shared laundry, forgetting is not an option! I set a timer.

  7. I do the laundry thing quite often but I have to admit I’m not as ambitious as you are. I usually manage to get it in the dryer after the second wash. But this is probably due to growing up in southeast Texas, where it is so hot and humid mildew will grow on anything that stands still long enough. Kind of like black, nasty kudzu. So we were super careful about getting the laundry out of the washer quickly. If we left it there overnight it could end up being The Black Blob. And nobody wants that.

  8. I’ve done this. I seriously debated the necessity of just throwing away the clothing or worse just selling the house and moving out, leaving the washer with clothes behind, but I felt the explanation to the Spouse would have been more embarrassing so I just set a timer. And then wonder what the hell the timer is for when it goes off.

  9. This is definitely not a solo record, I have forgotten about a load of laundry for a solid month and run rewashes every weekend. We are united in our abandonment of wet mildewy clothing!

  10. I’ve done that before. I’ve never washed a load as many times as you, apparently. But I have done that. So you’re not alone, Jenny. (Which, thank you VERY much Tom Hanks, because now every time I say the name in my head I say it as “Jen-ay” like in Forrest Gump. Ugh. Stupid brain.)

  11. i have done that SO MANY TIMES. also do you ever do the thing where you take off the sheets to wash them but you do not put on new sheets and end up sleeping in the naked bed for a week or so

  12. I do that way too often. To the point that I now keep a big thing of vinegar in the laundry room to help cut the mildewy smell when I wash the second (third, fourth) time.

  13. I once washed a load of nothing. Yep, I forgot to put the clothes in the washer before I started it.

  14. I think four times is my record too, I usually add extra detergent the next time because that mildew smell makes me gag!

  15. All the time. Add white vinegar to the rinse cycle to get the smell out. It’s all good!

  16. I’m guilty too but my kids also wash their clothes and neglect to dry them so it’s all bad. Luckily I have to go through the wash room to access the garage so when I notice that the washer door is closed, I know there’s clothes to dry. You have to leave the HE washer door open after using it or it will mildew. Can’t seem to drive this into the kids’ brains. Ugh.

  17. Oh yes. And on the second or third oops-forgot, I decided to put vinegar in the washer to get rid of mildewy smells. I believe Febreeze was in existence at the time, but I chose vinegar. Yup, clothes then smelled like pickles, so I had to wash another time. I believe the clothes were finally dried and ok, but I won’t bet on it. I now live in a place where I have to use off-site coin laundry, which I hate, but I guess you’ve just given me a reason why it could be a good thing. It is a lot harder to forget the laundry in a coin machine.

  18. All the time. Add white vinegar to the rinse cycle to get the smell out. It’s all good!I got a notice saying my comment was a duplicate. To whoever said it, nice job!

  19. I am currently washing the same load for the 3rd time as well. Forgetful or just damn lazy on my part!

  20. I’ve put the laundry and soap in then walked a way without starting it a few times. I’ve only dried the unwashed clothes once, though. I guess that’s a win.

  21. I was going to laugh and say it’s just you, but apparently not! Personally, I’m way too OCD to do that, plus I live in a building with shared laundry, so no way someone would let me get away with it.

  22. Is that not how laundry is supposed to work? Ive been washing the same load for about a week now….

  23. I once thawed chicken in the microwave and forgot about it. A week later, there was a stench I could not find the source of. A month later I went to use the microwave again, found the source of the stench and wondered how I could a) forget I thawed chicken and b) go a month without even looking at the microwave. I tell this story to everyone who feels bad about their house keeping skills because I feel like, in comparison, they couldn’t do worse than that. Also, I’m a vegetarian now and wonder if that might have had a part in it.

  24. Not only have I had to rewash a load for days upon days, I have also run the washer with detergent in it but no laundry all too often. If only that built up some sort of credit for future loads.

    Jenny, thank you for citing that obituary. What a gift that family is.

  25. I’d like to award you the prize for most rewashes, but I left towels in my washer for three weeks, had to wash them three times to get the smell out, then left them in again for another week, rewashed them twice, then forgot them AGAIN and had to rewash them twice more.

    And they say gay men are all fastidious and perfect about these things. Yeah, right.

  26. Ohhhh…drying is so bad, don’t do it. Fill the machine, add a quart of white vinegar, let it agitate a bit and leave overnight. OVERNIGHT, THAT’S ALL. Put a note on your toothbrush or something. They’ll be fine.

  27. I always remember to move things to the dryer, but then nothing happens because I find folding clothes so tedious it makes me go fetal.

  28. Also, don’t do what my mom did and forget to take towels out of the dryer for a few days and then turn the dryer on to “fluff them up”. Fortunately, I was at her house and learned to use a fire extinguisher Very Quickly.

  29. My usual trick is to put the wash on and remember to empty it, only to find the cup of washing powder sitting on the shelf over the machine. So I have well rinsed clothes, but not washed clothes.

  30. I have done this last weekend to this weekend. I am currently running my washer on a cleaning cycle because I’m worried that mold might still be transferred to another load.


  31. I used to do this until a few years ago I fell down my basement steps with a load of laundry and basically broke every bone down the right side of my boy thus crippling me for life. So now Hubby does the laundry and he never forgets to put the wash in the dryer.

  32. Why do Americans dry their washing in the dryer? When don’t you hang it out to dry on a washing line??

  33. I’ve done it multiple times. You can put a little vinegar in the wash when you rewash to keep it from smelling bad.

  34. I literally just put a load I wound up washing three times into the dryer, but I didn’t start the dryer yet because moving the clothes meant I finally had the chance to put some more stuff in the washer that had been sitting on my floor for days waiting for me to not be so lazy and move the stuff that had been sitting in the washer into the dryer.

    Let’s see if any of this actually manages to get dried before I have to wash it all again!

  35. I’ve never done that. But I’m perfect. And I always sort the socks and underwear and put away my clothes right away. And laundry never backs up. And I believe in the Tooth Fairy. HA!!! Just kidding. OF COURSE I’ve dine this. Maybe not as many times in a row as you have, but now I have something to aim for.

  36. I love that obituary! What a loving family! I’m not planning on dying anytime soon, but I hope my obituary has the words “international espionage” and “suspected jewel thief”. Also, maybe “dragon wrangler”. Because good neighbor and nice person just isn’t as fun.

  37. I have definitely washed clothes multiple times because I’ve forgotten about them. What I need is an automatic combined washer/dryer, but they’re not allowed here.

  38. I’ll also spin the clothes in the dryer to dewrinkle them and forget — multiple times. That’s part of the reason I’m always in wrinkled clothes.

  39. This made me laugh so much, thank you! I’ve never done that but only because we have to go to the laundrymat to do laundry, it’s in the apartment complex but a bit of a walk… If I had a washer/dryer in my own home I’m sure I’d forget about the laundry constantly, but you can’t really forget when you are sitting right there in the laundrymat lol. Also, people have been know to steal clothes from this laundrymat if they are left too long, which is a great incentive to get them out immediately. (On the other hand, I have left piles of clean laundry sitting around for weeks and then totally forgotten they were clean and washed them again…)

  40. I load the dishwasher, put in the soap, close it and walk away with out turning it on. I’d never done this before I got pregnant with my first child. Then, while I was pregnant with her I started doing this and it’s never stopped. It’s been 14 years and I still do it. Nothing like opening it to empty it and being met with that old food smell and being utterly confused. I never learn.

  41. I have forgotten a load on many occasions, but I’m impressed that you could forget it that many times in a row. Id have had laundry piled up by the washer after a week of not running any other loads!

    I guess you guys are really good at staying clean!

  42. I finally had to buy a magnet for my dishwasher that said “Clean” one way and “Dirty” another way so that I could remember whether my dishes were OK to use. But it won’t stick to the dishwasher, so I have to put in on the fridge, and it’s confusing if you don’t know why it’s there.

  43. Do a rinse with a skoshe of ammonia. Kills the mildew. Yes, I know this from experience.

  44. Reading this post and then reading the comments makes me feel like I’m not alone in the laundry struggle! 🤣🤣

    My old school move was the dishes, though. I would let them pile up in the sink until they were so gross that I had to just throw them out. Ah, youth.

  45. Ive done this so many times it’s not funny. Your not the only one so don’t feel bad I don’t even think you’ve hit the record for washing the same load but keep trying :0)

  46. How about putting the clothes in the washer and forgetting to run it? Does that count? Thumbs up on vinegar to get the mildew out. And then run the thing empty with hottest H20 and chlorine. Otherwise that mildrew will just contaminate the next load(s). See what I did there? Mildrew? I like it. I’m leaving it. <3

  47. Yes! I also re-wash washed clothes. Sometimes they don’t smell clean enough to me. And yesterday I tried a new laundry detergent, didn’t like the smell of it, so had to wash that load again. Twice. And I can still smell that awful detergent. Argh and Ugh.

  48. I’ve been sitting here all day thinking of changing the laundry but that it’s probably easier to just wait till tomorrow and then run it again.

  49. Oh geez, I’m so glad you posted this because my husband took a load of laundry downstairs, and I’m pretty sure it’s sitting in the washer fermenting as well.

  50. My thing is to to the wash and carefully hang them out on a day when it won’t rain, and then forget to bring them in again until after a day has gone by and a night and then it has rained again at which point they are of course wet again and I have to decide if I am going to leave them out and hope they dry out again before it rains again or bring them in and put them into the dryer, which is exactly what I was trying to avoid doing in the first place since dryers use a lot of electricity and thereby enlarge my carbon footprint.

  51. Yes I’ve done that although maybe not that many times with the same load. But I have forgotten two separate loads on the same day thereby doing 4 loads of laundry. And to Supergrrl. Do not feel alone I once moved house across the street. I had a large group of friends to help and we had a large and drunken party after we got it all moved. A week later I went to open the little dorm refrigerator that I used as a freezer and discovered no one had plugged it in! I got my next door neighbor to help me put it in the backyard and later told him he could have it if he wanted to clean it up. No way was I ever going to use that fridge again!

  52. Sometimes I get distracted in the shower and then I can’t remember if I’ve washed my hair. I then wash it again because how can I not?? This morning was a 1st though… I washed my hair twice AND put on conditioner twice.

  53. Done it enough that I know that throwing some vinegar in the load while you re-wash it can help take the mildewy scent away. And if it has been too long and that doesn’t help, dry it, then wash again with vinegar. The drying seems to help cut through the mildew cycle, and makes it that the vinegar finally works.
    I have 4 children, I have no idea how laundry even has a chance to sit in the washer with the amount we do, but it happens.

  54. My solution is to only wash clothes that I need to wear immediately. A good reminder

  55. Michelle, comment #51–I don’t know about Americans in general, but I use a dryer because I live in Houston where the average humidity is 90% and it would take clothes a month to dry on a line outside. Also I’m too lazy–it’s much easier to just toss them into the dryer right next to the washer.

  56. LMAO…no sweetheart you haven’t set the record. I’m fairly certain my cousins, whom I live with, have set the all time record for washing the same load….every day for an entire week. 7 times. I finally remarked that the washing machine NEXT TO THE DRYER was not merely a suggestion.

  57. Well… if I’m not forgetting about the damned laundry, my husband is. He is no longer allowed to touch my clothes ( He can still wear them if he feels like it. I don’t judge!); my clothes are pretty cheap, so if they’re washed like real clothes there’s a good chance they’ll come out shredded…..
    Where was I …? Oh yes: if you rewash the load with white vinegar, the mildewy smell is gone forever. Not like when you wash them again ( and again and again)and then when someone uses one after bathing and it gets wet and STILL SMELLS LIKE YOU LEFT IT IN THE DRIER – WET- UNTIL A FEW MINUTES AGO????
    Just a helpful hint 😉

  58. I have done this more than I should but I have never thought of it as my clothes haunting the washer, so that makes me feel better about it, especially in October. You make me laugh.

  59. Many times! In our new house, the laundry room is right next to my office, so it’s been less of an issue. But let’s not discuss how long you can live out of the laundry basket without actually ever putting your clothes away…

  60. This post is perfect, because I had a load in the wash that had been sitting there since yesterday. I didn’t remember about it until reading your post. I was sitting here chuckling about the number of times this has happened to me, and then was like “Fuck! I still have laundry in the damn washer right now.” Thanks for the reminder to finish my laundry.

  61. I almost always remember to get the clothes out of the washer. I put them in the dryer, put a dryer sheet in, clean the lint trap, and then…walk away. I’d say at least a quarter of the time I forget to start the damn dryer. Extra fun when it’s our one set of sheets. Once when I did it while my husband was deployed I just went and slept in the guest room.

  62. Oh! All the time, and at least once I’ve washed clothes as many times as you mentioned here… I can’t get my act together when it comes to remembering to dry clothes. Better luck next time?!?

  63. I come here and feel like I belong because OF COURSE I’ve done that. I did it so often that I eventually had to get rid of the front loading washing machine and buy a new “retro” top loader because I couldn’t get rid of the awful smell. Also I have thrown out (shhhhh we don’t speak of this) numerous towels and jeans that were unwearable and unusable….due to mold or whatever awfulness grows in forgotten washing machines making everything smell like stagnant water. I thought the laundry room by the bedrooms was going to be so perfect. Now I throw it in the wash and return to do another load a few days later quite often. And no! A timer or buzzer is NOT the solution.

  64. All the time! I’ll often forget the clothes are in there and don’t remember until they’ve been fossilized.

  65. I just found a pizza my daughter and I hid from my husband two weeks ago in our oven. The nastiest mold pizza ever. I had to disinfect our oven shelves… On the bright side, it’s cool enough to bake again!

  66. Totally and utterly me, without the adorable daughter, dog and exasperated husband. (I do have adorable cats.)

  67. I have done it before where I have had to wash the load once more, but I agree that you have set the record for consecutive washings of the same load!!

  68. I’m nowhere near the record for re washing the load but o did art a personal record for googling how to get rid of th smell in clothes that have been left in the washer. I think ot was 5 times before I Iactially didnwhat it suggested. Also the blogger O was searching for who wrote about doing this alll the time to as also from Texas so may you are just following a regional tradition?

  69. One time I ran the washing machine, but forgot to put the clothes in. I thought the machine ate my laundry. Took me a few minutes to figure it out.

  70. I’m doing this right now. I’ve only washed the mattress pad 3 times in a row, but tomorrow will make 4. I’m always doing this…

  71. I’ll see your re-washing and raise you 5 times re-drying the same load of clothes because I kept forgetting about them and had to dry the wrinkles out again and again and again and again. 😂

  72. Oh crap that reminds me I have a load of laundry in the washer from yesterday! Now I’ll have to rewash it tomorrow. UG! See you aren’t the only one.

  73. All. The. Time. Especially towels, because there’s nothing to remind me like “Hey, you have no pants to wear.” On the plus side, the towels are very, very, very clean. So glad to not be alone in this.

  74. I did this so many times that now I take my laundry out to get it done. It may had something to do with my allergy to folding as well…

  75. I’ve forgotten to put the soap in the wash. This has a very unhappy ending. Now all the clothes stink like a wet version of the stinkiest thing in the wash. I got on the bus next to someone and realized the terrible smell was coming from me and what had happened. The guy climbed over me to get away. I got off a few stops early to buy a new shirt so I could go to work.

  76. I do this so often that i replaced the washer with one that does both. it was expensive and it takes forever to do a load but no more spoild clothes.

  77. Yes, all the time. And when they are finally clean, the clothes go on Laundry Mountain.

  78. my sister had her washer and dryer in a closet in the bedroom. when she had wash in the machine, she left the door open. she couldn’t forget at bedtime…brilliant.

  79. Of course I do this! But I always wonder if the clothes talk to each other…like “Carl get your shit together we have to spin again because you’re not coming clean”

  80. I have done that thing with the laundry so many times, needing rewash the stuff I already rewashed. We had to replace our washing machine last year, and bought one that has a “FanFresh” wash cycle option, where if the load sits in the machine a fan runs periodically to keep it from fermenting/starting to stink. Of course, it only does that for up to 12 hours, so it probably doesn’t help for loads that have been in there for days. And you have to actually remember to chose that cycle when you start the load — which I have never actually done.

  81. I forget stuff in the dryer. Toss in a few ice cubes, run it again, forget it again. This went on for three days with one load last month. I’m tired.

  82. I can’t say I’ve done it several times, but I have rewashed because I forgot a load. More often I put things in the dryer and forget to turn it on. And miscommunication has led to dishes being washed twice in the dishwasher. so…yeah.

  83. Hi Jenny,
    I’ve left things in the dryer for a week (because I forgot about it) and then proceeded to dry them again and then remembered that one of the items in the dryer was a sweater that I absolutely loved (LOVED) then found it had shrunk due to my inability to remember to get them out of the dryer and that my favorite sweater was in there. So yes, a lot of us have done what you’ve done either washer or dryer mode. But, I think we’re more normal than we believe.

  84. We live in an apartment where each wash/dry is $1 so I usually set a timer so I don’t forget. Because I really don’t want to pay extra money to do it again.

    Also…wtf that obituary. Is that for real or like…a crazy hoax?

  85. Never mind, I get the joke now. LOL. Slow on the uptake, but hey–it’s Monday.

  86. Oh yes, totally been there. But since I hate doing laundry (my least favorite of all the chores) I kind of just embrace the ridiculousness of it. Certainly no one here is judging you. 🙂

  87. OMG – all of the time! I KNOW we’ve had loads go way more than 3 times 🙂

  88. I’ve done this more times than I can count. Laundry is the bane of my existence! Also, I learned that a capful or two of white vinegar in the washer along with regular detergent will help rid the mildewy smell.

  89. Thank you for making me feel so much better about leaving my clothes in the dryer for 3 days. Also, to return the favor, my personal best is washing the same load 3 times so you’re not setting any new records here.

  90. I always wonder who I can bribe to show me where the “sock-eater function box” is on my washer. It’s real, folks, and we all know it.

  91. I live alone and have in unit laundry. I’m extremely good at moving things from the washer to the dryer, so I’ve never done this exactly, but I do use my dryer as a dresser so things usually get dried several times. And used as a cat bed, because my cat like sleeping in there sometimes, so now I worry I’m upsetting him if I close it. Not that anyone comes over, but if anyone DID, I like to think this would make them think I was just in the middle of putting away laundry when they arrived. So then they think I actually do in fact put laundry away on occasion.

  92. I set my oven timer to remind me of things – for example I only want the shirts in the dryer 8 minutes, or I need to get up from the computer in 50 minutes so I am not sitting too long. I make a list daily of what needs to be done – not necessarily for only that day but for the week and when the computer timer goes off I have 20 – 30 to do stuff and “not sit” – And I run a line through what I have done, so I can see what I have accomplished. I get a lot done including my workouts, wash, vacuuming, washing floors and picking up dog poop, etc. Do let electronics rule your life or get too preoccupied by other things. If you focus on the moment and do that one thing and then go to next your mind will quiet down. What you do today guides how your future will be created. And you will be happy to see you have gotten so much done by the end of the day. BTW, my oven timer won’t stop until I turn it off – so consider it your best friend.

  93. Germany has a water saving solution. All washing machines beep when the laundry is done. I was at friends place. The thing does not stop unless one takes the laundry out. No napping possible.

  94. We have an all in one washer/dryer and let me tell you, that thing is life changing. No more switching the wash. It does it all in one go. I’ll never go back!

  95. I have exactly tied your record. It seems to almost always be towels. But have also done it with clothes, just not as many times since I only tend to wash clothes when I need them.

  96. As a senior still dealing with grief recovery and I suspect early onset of serious memory loss, I have done this many, many times. That said, I have only washed over once. I have, however, put my things outside on a hot sunny day draped over all of the various lawn furniture, patio table and chairs, and whatever else I could find and that seemed to get rid of the mildewy odor. Of course I live in Vegas so it might not be possible in other parts of the country.

  97. If the laundry sits wet for a couple of days, add about half a cup of baking soda and re-run it. Helps get rid of the mildewy smell. (My husband does the laundry and he forgets to put it in the dryer a LOT.)

  98. I do this too. I’ve learned to set a timer on my phone for when the wash cycle is set to end, then when it goes off I go switch the loads. If I didn’t, my laundry would never make it out of the dryer (relatively) unwrinkled, and that’s if it ever made it into the dryer in the first place. The timer ringtone I like to use is a clip of Laundry Day from Dr. horrible.

  99. I’m glad it’s not only me. I do this all the time and it is getting worse since I now have a bad knee and can use that as an excuse to talk myself out of going up and down the stairs. (I’m really good at talking myself out of stuff that needs doing, talking myself into doing work is much harder)

  100. Oh, that obituary! The end was so unexpected, and I teared up. His family is the best!

  101. I have this stuff that I use when I forget about the laundry that removes the smell from the clothes and the washer, but then you have to run the clothes again with regular soap because this stuff will irritate your skin. And after all that, if I haven’t forgotten about them again, they get thrown in the dryer.

    You’d think with all this internet connectivity, they could make a washer that texts you when it’s done. Repeatedly.

  102. I learned the hard way to set a timer for when the washer was done. If I’m moving around the house, I clip the timer on me. No more forgetting & rewashing.

  103. The only people who do not do this do not have in house washing machines. Its partially required to do this every once in a while.

  104. I do this all the f*ing time! So often that our new washer has a “clean the machine” cycle!

  105. All. The. Time. I’m so comforted to not be the only one. My other washing machine “Oh, SHINY” moment, wherein I forget I’m actually doing the laundry… is leaving the lid up so everything gets soaked, but not washed.

  106. All. The. Time. I’m reasonably sure I’ve dried this load a few times, too. I ran the dishwasher 2-3 times one day, because I couldn’t remember, and there was shit on the inside of it. It was clean shit, because it was still there after the 3rd time. I probably need a new dishwasher.

  107. That obituary had me sad at first thinking “man we lost a great one!” And then happy as I realised “a great one left us with this great family of story tellers”

  108. Have done way too many times to count. I’m not even sure how many times I’ve washed some loads. Although now I have to use a communal washer in my apartment building, so I set multiple alarms so I don’t forget, although sometimes I forget to set the alarms…so…yeah.

  109. reading this reminded me that I had left a load of cloth bags in the washer for a week. I promptly got up and checked on it, thanks!

  110. I have done this more times than I can count. I can also tell you, and I am not making this up, that a shot of cheap vodka in the washer will kill the mildew smell. (Yeah, vinegar, whatever. I’m saying my washer demands a vodka sacrifice for this, and it’s working, so not screwing around with that.)

  111. I’ve moved on. Now it’s coffee time. I have both an automatic drip coffee maker and a French press. I usually start the former without water and pour water in the latter without coffee. As if it’s going to average out okay.

  112. Yes, Jenny, you, as always are talking about my life. I have for years washed, forgotten, rewashed, reforgotten… the laundry. Laundry exists to torture me. I think for you (and me and many others) when chronic pain and associated mental illnesses are on our plates that laundry is diametrically opposed and must go. Do you think if we could prove this, health insurances would be required to pay for our laundry to be sent out and away from our torturing ways?

  113. My record is six. Six times through the washer. But despite the list of tricks I used to try to remind myself, culminating with sitting on the floor of the laundry room til the washer stopped, it eventually got dried and even folded so that was a good day. Yup, we dressed out of that pile til it was all dirty again, but you pick your battles right? Lol

  114. Read this aloud to my coworker this evening, and we agree that of course, this kind of slip has never happened to either of our memories, I mean laundry, this has never happened to our laundry. Not memory. Obviously. . . .

  115. Are there people who don’t do that? Its Happened so many times to me that I have come to accept and expect it.

  116. It’s not just the laundry that I have a problem with, it’s pretty much all domestic chores. A friend gave me a framed needle point that says “The only really domestic thing about me is I live in a house.” I wasn’t offended. In fact I wrote a book (Helpful Household Hints for the Domestically Challenged) about some more memorable housekeeping blunders.

  117. Next time add a little vinegar and rerun the rinse cycle. Then set an alarm for 30 minutes so you don’t forget to switch it. They come out smelling fine (not like vinegar).

  118. Thanks for sharing that amazing obituary! My husband and I really enjoyed it. And yes, I have washed and rewashed clothes many times. There is a load in the washer now that I think may just live there.

  119. I have rewashed laundry and wondered, if I am rewashing it this many times, do I still need the same amount of detergent? or do I just use a little less? I drive myself crazy with these questions…

  120. My aunt recently ran a load of nothing and when my cousin went to put the laundry in the dryer, the washer was empty.
    Once my brother-in-law washed a squirrel that was sleeping in a pile of laundry. Saddest laundry day ever.

  121. There’s people this doesn’t happen to?
    And then I panicked and tried to remember if I’d forgotten another load of laundry in the washing machine again. Nope, just forgot it in the dryer for a week. Whew!

  122. I just read that obit, and wow is that epic… definitely the way to be remembered. It reminds me of the book (and movie) Big Fish. Brilliant. Clearly his family shared his sense of humour.

  123. I always fall asleep when the laundry’s in the dryer, which would mean ironing if I were my mother. I’m not. The only thing more wrinkled than my clothes is my face. They match, okay?

  124. OMG, Jenny, I totally JUST DID THIS about a week ago!! (I washed my clothes three times, not four, but feel just as much chagrin and confusion. Seriously … WTF, me?

  125. On a similar note, I wouldn’t throw away dryer sheets. I would reuse them and add a new one. So, by the time I get the last load dried, I would have 5-6 dryer sheets in the dryer. My clothes are slimy feeling, but smelled good. This worked great for some time until I developed an itchy rash and difficulty breathing. Had to go the a minor ER. Now, I have an allergy to dryer sheets and an EPI Pen. I should have just rewashed the same load and had extra clean clothes that smelled awesome.
    Pleasantly Maladjusted in Alabama

  126. Add some tea tree oil to your detergent next time you wash them. That will kill the smell that lingers and your clothes will NOT smell like tea tree (I can’t stand that smell!). You can find it in the supplement section at Walgreens and WalMart. I use a dropper full in mine and then rewash (again).

  127. You just reminded me I didn’t take out laundry from the machine for 7 days. My personal record 🙂

  128. Yes. I do this so regularly that my husband took over all laundry duties in our home. A load of laundry takes just long enough that I am inevitably fully absorbed in something else before it finishes. Also, baking. Just really not good at it.

  129. a antidepressant cocktail of meds i took 201-2012 gave me permanent short term memory loss, so now i use my phone and microwave to set a timer for EVERYTHING! I would have set my house on fire by now otherwise.

  130. ALL. THE. TIME. I’ve found Roommates are the best solution to this, because then they say super passive aggressive things to you like ” can I use the washer?” “Your clothes are STILL in the washer…” “this gonna be free tonight?” They eventually get to use the washer, and I get a human reminder of all the chores I’ve been forgetting half way through. So we all win.

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