Happy Halloween!

This isn’t a real post.  Just an update.  A few weeks ago I shared a list of horror movies I was going to watch this month and you guys gave me great suggestions so I ended up with a giant, wonderful list and I’m sharing the full thing today since it’s Halloween.

I ended with The Haunted of Hill House but technically I started watching it days ago AND IT’S SO GOOD.  Like, so good I think I’ll start watching it again as soon as I’m done.

October viewing list:

October 1 – Burnt Offerings (1976)

October 2 – The Witch (2015)

October 3 – Get Out (2017)

October 4 – Carnival of Souls (1962)

October 5 – Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975)

October 6 – Shaun of the Dead (2004)

October 7 – I am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House (2016)

October 8 – Babadook (2014)

October 9 – A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

October 10 – The Host – (2006)

October 11 – A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

October 12 – Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010)

October 12b – Let The Right One In (2008)

October 14 – What We Do In The Shadows (2014)

October 15 – We Are What We Are

October 16 – Train to Busan (2016)

October 17 – Cloverfield Lane (2016)

October 18 – Troll Hunter (2010)

October 19 – Dawn of the Dead (1978)

October 20 – The Shining (1980)

October 21 – Rear Window (1954)

October 22 – The Invitation (2015)

October 23 – 28 Days Later (2002)

October 24 – The Moth Diaries (2011)

October 25 – The Strangers (2008)  Sorry.  That was too torturey for me.  Let’s change that to The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell (2018)

October 26 – The Apostle (2018)

October 27 – The Changeling (1980)

October 28 – Raw (2016)

October 29 – The Conjuring

October 30 – It Follows (2014)

October 31 – The Haunting of Hill House (2018 tv version)

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  1. Hi Jenny, I just finished the Haunting of Hill House, and let me tell you (without spoilers) that it’s crazy awesome. I mean there is fucked up shit but that’s all I’ll say about that. I too think I’ll start all over again, like tonight when I’m hoarding all the Halloween candy (not answering the door).

  2. I watched The Conjuring and now I’m obsessed with Lorraine and Ed Warren. I’m going to look for good books on them.

  3. The Shining scarred me for life! Of course, my parents let me watch it when I was 4 years old when it came out, so that was probably the main issue. 🤣 1970s and 1980s parents!

  4. I used to be sooo into horror flicks then quit a some years ago maybe I restart here o hhaven’t heard of most on this list. Halloween in November!

  5. I’ve just been loaned a DVD of the version of Macbeth which stars Patrick Stewart. Several of my classmates, and my teacher, have not been able to watch it all the way through because the gore makes them want to vomit. Sounds perfect to me!

  6. I really, really LOVE Hill House. I am glad you did, too. I have to go back and watch it again to catch all of the extra ghosts. I have seen some of them, but most of them escaped me the first time.

    I also just finished Sabrina remake, and it is fantastic, as well. It equates Satanism with witchcraft, which is problematic for my Wiccan friends, but the show is so well done!

  7. sorry i dont do blood and guts childbirth was enough for me. My lady parts were never the same again

  8. I was mildly (?) confused by “I Am The Pretty Thing… .” Loved Hill House. ADORE “What We Do In the Shadows,” and I desperately want to see Wellington Paranormal!!

  9. I do have a problem with the satanic witches in Sabrina… But Michelle Gomez, so– ??!

  10. omg, Burnt Offerings scared the crap out of me when I was a kid. I had recurring nightmares about the man with the pale white face. Ahhhhhhh!

  11. “The Haunting of Hill House” was the book that scared me to pieces when I was young. Every time I think, “Whose hand was l holding??” I get the shivers…..!!!!

  12. I generally don’t like Horror movies (the world is enough), but I have seen a few of these. On your list, I didn’t see “The Cabin in the Woods (2012),” written by Joss Whedon, Drew Goddard. It is a must.

  13. I’m on the fence about The Haunting of Hill House. I’m only 2 episodes in, so I need to continue. Many people say it’s really good.

  14. I am rereading Let’s Pretend This Never Happened so I picked up on “12b” immediately. Some good choices here. Will have to bookmark this page. Happy Halloween!!!

  15. So many winners on this list! I recently rewatched Duel (1971). Very intense movie and reaffirms my stay-home-always frame of mind.

  16. The Haunting of Hill House is SO GOOD!! Mr.Spouse is normally unfrightenable, and he was all proud of himself for not getting “got” by one of the jump scares, when BAM! POUNCE! AYERAAGG!! …. The cat chose the perfect moment for her Pouncy Monster From Under The Bed impression! I am still laughing. Also about to rewatch the whole thing.

  17. I started watching The Witch but the captions weren’t working and I could barely understand them so I made up my own dialogue which unfortunately made it more of a dramedy than a horror movie.

  18. Great Creepfest! I was glad to see The Changeling on your list – still one of my all time scariest scares! I live in Seattle, so it lent an extra creepiness to it that I recognized lots of the places. My ex and I saw it as a double-feature with “The Awakening” starring Stephanie Zimbalist, and when we got home,us two grown-ass adults turned on EVERY LIGHT in our little apartment. Like there would be anywhere for a monster to hide…right. Happy Halloween, Jenny!

  19. Jenny, can we get some reviews? I can’t afford to purchase them all, but if you use maybe a 5 star or 5 fox rating system… Only if you are bored waiting for trick or treaters…

  20. Loved the haunting of hill house and the new Sabrina. Let’s us know which were your favorites

  21. So last year I finally got the nerve to watch Zombieland . With my eyes open all the way through. Well most of the way through. Except for the gory parts. Which is most of the movie, really. Bragged on myself to my kids and they laughed themselves to tears. So I wish you happy horror and bloody body parts galore, but I may not be quite ready for your list, Jen.

  22. If anyone needs some Halloween laughs Amazon prime has the dubbed RiffTrax versions of “Carnival of Souls” and also ”Manos: The Hands of Fate.” Also for further laughs I vote for “Killer Klowns from Outer Space”… horribly awesome dumpster fire of a movie. Btw I applaud your excellent taste Jenny-Hill House is a masterpiece, and the “Curious Creations of Christine McConnell” is both creatively astounding and adorable. 🙂 Happy Halloween everyone!!

  23. We watched I am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the Walls and just sort of looked at eachother like….what…the..fuck…? Have you watched the remake of Picnic at Hanging Rock? It’s on Amazon Prime. Also, I second A Quiet Place.

  24. October 21 – Rear Window (1954) I love that you included this. I saw that film with a bunch of jaded college students back in the day, and I still remember the “jump” and breath intake that the group simultaneously did when the shadow of Raymond Burr’s character falls across the door frame opening. Hitchcock was a suspense genius.

  25. My friend was telling me about a Clive Barker horror film starring Bradley Cooper but I can’t take it seriously because it’s called THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN and that title just makes me laugh.

  26. I thought Hill House was brilliant. Not as scary as I was expecting after reading many reviews. I loved it because it was different, with the time lapses etc

  27. Too late I guess, but maybe for next year? As opposed to the TV version which is great but emphasizes human trauma, try and find the movie from 1963 called The Haunting, also based on the 1959 novelette. Black and white, and an awesomely scary ghost story (as I remember it at least). Hereditary was also very good.

  28. I am dying to see Level 16 – though it’s independent, and still playing in festivals.

  29. I am so NOT into horror, but I’m v. happy to see What We Do In The Shadows on your list. LOVE that movie!

  30. I got to the end of episode 2 of Haunting of Hill House and went to bed crying overdead haunted kittens that the damn kid was feeding milk to. Don’t give cats haunted or otherwise milk! I will go back though because overall it was so captivating. I also watched The Ritual because it was mentioned in an article discussing H of HH. Good, scary British dude version of a Blair Witch type of set up. https://possumscatsthingsgnawingatme.wordpress.com/2018/10/31/happy-halloween-pumpkin-carving-knife-in-hand/

  31. Happy Halloween, Jenny! Thanks for some great horror movie ideas. My husband is controlling the tv, and watching Big Bang theory, so I’m going to turn up my iPad and watch some scary movies to my heart’s content! A big Halloween Booo! to you all!

  32. You should watch The Last House on the Left. Very good, especially if you want to see justice served.

  33. If you need a Halloween encore, watch Slither. It is a smart movie with Nathan Fillion in the lead role. The end song is one of my absolute favorites!

  34. Crossing out 2008 THE STRANGERS because it was “too torturey”, Lol…and I agree, it really was…..TRAIN TO BUSAN is awesome

  35. Please be sure to watch the original “The Haunting” (1963). It is SO much better than the remake!

  36. Jenny! im so happy to see the final list. did you love train to busan? I started watching haunting of hill house, but got distracted and only got one episode in. i guess i need to try it again!

  37. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (original version, haven’t seen the remake) — have you seen this one? I may have to watch both versions & compare

  38. Saving this list as the ones I’ve seen are some of my favorites! Must add: Cabin In The Woods. All you need to know going in is that it’s Joss Whedon :).

  39. my favourite halloween movie is its’s the great pumpkin charlie brown sorry no caps but my cat it cuddled into my left arm

  40. Nice selections! I also watched The Witch, Train to Busan, Curious Creations, and Haunting of Hill House this year (among many others). I always wish I could have watched more.

  41. Train to Busan is fantastic!!! They are doing a sequel with the same director. Korea makes some seriously creepy horror movies.

  42. Out of your whole list, I’ve seen 8 and plan to check out a few more. I used to really love horror movies, but then they got too depressing for me. I have recently started enjoying them again.

    Like you. I also enjoyed the new Nexflix series The Haunting of Hill House.
    And I’d like to second the recommendation that you watch The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix.

  43. Post-Halloween suggestion: Clue (1985). Tim Curry, Margaret Kahn (love her!), Christopher Lloyd, Michael McKean, Martin Mull, Eileen Brennan, Lesley Ann Warren (who I often call “not Susan Sarandon” during the movie), and the rest of the cast make this whodunnit both tense and HILARIOUS. Be sure to watch the option with all 3 endings for the best viewing experience. (Honestly 1 ending at random is a bit of a let-down in comparison.)

  44. Glad to see that “Let the Right One In” made it. It’s on the same level as the 1963 “Haunting of Hill House movie with Julie Harris. (Yes, what WAS holding her hand since “whatever walked there walked alone…”

  45. Thanks–but I’m a ninny. Horror movies=No freakin’ way:). However, a friend suggested I check out MST3K, a show where commentators add their own soundtrack to the major scenes from horror movies. He said it’s hysterical. Maybe I could handle horror with humor? . . .

  46. Watch Dolls and laugh yourself silly omg. That movie. “Oh Teddy!” is my favourite bit, and the bit where the little soldier guys try to saw the evil step mom’s leg off and she reacts like it’s a minor insect bite or something. Omg. That damn movie. Watched it as a kid, enjoyed it thoroughly. It’s very dumb.

    Curse of the Mummy 2 is also HILARIOUS. Like, so damn funny. Watched the first one and was so disappointed in how mundane it was compared to the absolute madness of the sequel. Fattest mummy ever, a wonderfully dumb slasher movie done the way only asylum kind of movies can do stuff ahahaha.

    In terms of an actual scary movie? Devils Backbone, eeeeeek.
    or the original Japanese Dark Water which had me simultaniously sobbing my eyes out and clinging to my chair in terror.

    I really love the original Haunting, it’s a wonderful movie.

    My top pick for dumb slasher movie would be Urban Legends. I especially love all the little references in there, the use of horror icon actors in side roles, the dawson’s creek theme tune playing, the motto… oh man.. that movie. very enjoyable.

    Which reminds me, I have Final Destination 5 to watch.
    Not to mention a load of horror films that came out in the last few years I just haven’t seen for various reasons.
    I dunno, when you have young kids you kinda treasure your “kids are sleeping” time and do other stuff rather than watch movies. Least I do.

  47. I agree with the user thanking you for a list of movies she WON’T be watching. I’m with her. I have enough trouble sleeping at night. I don’t know how you do it.

    I had to stop watching x-files when you guys (and my kids) were babes because I was laying awake at night waiting to be abducted. The human fluke in the porta-potty and then the water system…. was the last straw. 27-28 years later I still shudder.

  48. Jenny, as I was scrolling through posts after watching the hilarity that is Ferris Mewller and Dorothy Barker, I saw the picture of the movie “The Witch” you posted. I didn’t read the whole blog, just saw the picture. So my first reaction was you had a new book called The VVitch that was about taxidermied rabbits, and the subtitle underneath it was “a New England fucktale”. Maybe that will help if you ever need a new book idea.

  49. OMG. My son called me a few months ago and told me to watch What We Di In The Shadows. I die. Too funny. Shawn of the Dead is another favorite. Love your list.

  50. What We Do in the Shadows is one of my favorites. It’s super funny, and not scary (for those of you who don’t like horror).

  51. Jenny,

    You are far braver than I am. The only movies on your list that I have seen are Rear Window and part of The Shining, though I walked out of that movie not because it was too scary, but because the guy sitting next to me wouldn’t keep his hands to himself.

  52. I am glad to see the wide range of movies suggested in your list and the comments below! Two questions did you watch The Strangers in it’s entirety and was it the theatrical version? The film is supposed to make you feel claustrophobic and uneasy. A feat not easily achieved without going to the lowest common denominator. It’s like a comedian being able to make you laugh without dropping an F-Bomb every 3rd word. I consider torture movies to be Hostel, any Saw movie after the first one, Green Room, The Human Centipedes, and a laundry list of others… But don’t get me wrong well done psychological terror like The Strangers can be a hard pill to swallow for some. What We Do In The Shadows was great, and is slated to become an AMC show this spring. Tucker and Dale as mentioned by others is great, as well as A Cabin in the Woods. Let The Right One In is a fantastic choice… Some films I would like to suggest would be What Ever Happened to Spider Baby? Rosemary’s Baby, The original Halloween’s 1 & 2, Creepshow, the original Evil Dead’s / Army of Darkness, In the Mouth of Madness, Event Horizon, remake of Dawn of the Dead, Oculus, Rob Zombie’s remake of the original Halloween (theatrical version only!), Lords of Salem, and Hereditary…I know I am a bit late to the party. I hope somebody reads this, and sees a movie they might not have otherwise enjoyed. I realize I haven’t named anything groundbreaking, nor utterly disturbing, but a few more titles for those who might not know what to try on for size.

  53. If you have not watched the series The Returned (French version, not the far inferior American one), you totally should. It’s AMAZING. So creepy, so well acted and produced. It’s more of a psychological scary than a gory scary, but there are few gory things.

  54. It’s way past Halloween now, but have you ever seen the Audrey Hepburn movie Wait until Dark? I highly recommend. Also, glad you watched What We Do in the Shadows. Just my kind of “horror” movie. “I am knitting a scarf for Stu.”

  55. I watched the newest version of Sabrina the teenage witch. While I really liked it,I peasant happy about witches being portrayed as Satan worshipers. 😔

  56. OMG, The Babadook. This comment is so late, but I’ve got to show up for the Babadook. That movie stuck with me, man – not just because it was so well-written and legitimately scary, but because of the allegory for mental illness. No spoilers, but – to this day, every time I think of the words,
    “It’s quiet today,”
    I feel a rush of hope. :,)

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