In honor of National Cat Day I got a tattoo. Sort of.

Today is National Cat Day so to celebrate I got a tattoo of Ferris Mewler:

He was very impressed.

“Wait. What is that?”
“Is that…me?  JESUS.”

In the end, it was too much love for him to handle.  Luckily I still have another shoulder that needs tattooing.

Also not thrilled.

PS. This is not a real tattoo because I suck at making decisions so I can’t decide what should go on my body forever.  It’s a temporary tattoo fan art of Ferris Mewler and it’s awesome but I spilled water on my desk and now I can’t read the name of the artist so if you made this let me know in the comments and I’ll tag you.

PPS.  Never mind, I just found her name!  Thanks Danelle Jones for the fabulous fan art.

Happy National Cat Day, y’all.

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  1. Happy cat day Jenny.
    Temporary tattoos are fine in my opinion. You can be more creative and change your mind too.

  2. Love it!
    Also Happy Cat Day. (My kitty, Loki, tells me it is is definitely observed internationally. And frequently. Approximately 365 days a year.

  3. Mine are puttin’ their paws in the air – actin’ like they just don’t care…awesomeness and frankly – thank you for the smile cause my well has gone completely and utterly dry.

  4. Happy National Cat Day (In Canada too!!!)!! We are celebrating with extra treats and fancy pate for dinner…. for the cats. I guess humans can eat pate and treats too, but its not OUR day so we really should wait our turn.
    I foster cats with Toronto Cat Rescue is anyone is looking to adopt!! 🙂 (shameless promotion of my sweet SWEET foster cats Ricky and Mama looking for their adult only forever home together)

  5. My cat Ben thanks you ever so much for informing me that it is (International, surely) Cat Day because now he will get whatever he wants today. (as if that were very much different from other days!)

  6. at our house we call those iron-on tattoos. i guess that tells you how old we are, and how juvenile our sense of humor.

  7. My cats are telling me National Cat Day is every day? I sense someone is trying to put something over on me.

    That temporary tattoo is lovely work. Just don’t tell Victor it’s temporary.

  8. Wait, you can make your own temporary tattoos? Someone teach me this magic, please! I have so many ideas, and so little desire to get stuck with a bad one forever.

  9. Speaking of which, I’m a tattoo artist, but I get kids of customers and friends who’d love temporary tattoos of my designs. Anyone have any idea where to get them made?

  10. Start with something small, somewhere that is not well seen and something that means a lot to you. Like, maybe ; somewhere on your back shoulder. My first one was the word “Stronger” on my back shoulder the day after my divorce from my abusive husband. It’s still my favorite.

  11. Awesome! Temporary tattoos are the best, you don’t have to make a definitive decision for the rest of your life, you can test out whether or not you really like something enough to get it permanently inked, and you can change it up depending on your mood!

  12. The best advice about tattoos that I ever received was that you should carry around the picture you’re thinking of for at least a year. If after that long period of time you still love the image, get the tattoo. It worked for me for my first, a half sleeve of my rescue cat/life partner, and I’m so happy I did it.

  13. Holy shit..I was about to congratulate you on being able to tolerate being stabbed over and over again for at least two hours straight. That is an awesome fake tattoo though. 😀

  14. Happy National Cat Day everyone!! I’m going to go home and treat my feline friend to some canned food. Normally I only give him dry but today is special and he only likes the Friskies Mostly Gravy, this cat is a gravy lover. I’ll give him can food, some special “ear lovies” (petting and rubbing his ears) for a longer time than usual and let him sleep on my bathrobe. Which I don’t normally do but today is his day! Also Ferris is all up in your business when your trying to work and you can’t do the holding lovies on him? I think NOT!!!

  15. Another holiday that I’m ill-prepared for! Now I have to rush out and buy a gift for my cat that he will ignore while he happily plays in the box!

  16. Have been trying to give my cat a manicure (paw-icure?) for National Cat Day … aka trimming those pointy talons. So far she has been underwhelmed and unappreciative of having her beauty sleep interrupted. Epic failure on my part to understand the celebration from her perspective….

  17. Raven would have been jealous but I just did a Skype meeting for work and I kept holding her up to the camera and pretending she was dancing. I didn’t actually realize that other people could see it–at first…

  18. Printable temporary tattoo paper is available at Amazon and craft stores near you. Well, maybe not near you. I don’t know where you live. I’m not a stalker.

  19. I love this! And I feel the same way about tattoos. I couldn’t possibly put something permanent on my body because I change my mind so often!

  20. I thought every day was Cat Day, or at least that’s what my kitty tells me. Now that I think of it, it IS a holiday, so that calls for cake. You can’t refuse cake on a holiday.

  21. Dang Jenny, you look fabulous today! (Both Mr. Mewlers do as well too I suppose)

  22. DIY temporary tattoo material is available online through Joanne or Wal-Mart from the Silhouette line of computer printable crafts.

  23. Pumpkin (aka Sybil) decided to celebrate National Cat Day by scratching the hell out of my husband’s arm. Of course, she does that every day.


  24. Ferris is pawsomely portrayed in this tattoo. As always, I must give a shout out to Rolly the Patient One.

    Real tats can alarm the body, especially the lymph glands. I think there’s an argument for a series of temporary tattoos, as these show your decisions on wearable art chosen in the here and now.

  25. Pretty sure that every day is National Cat (and Dog) Day–at least in my world.
    Jenny, you need to go to this video IMMEDIATELY.

    Crap! I can’t seem to make it appear as a link.
    Cut. Paste. Enjoy. Repeat.
    If I’ve totally screwed up my own cut & paste, Google “Cat on Catwalk”
    I saw it earlier today, and thought of you.

  26. I have two tattoos that “usually “ can’t be seen, and are very meaningful. My son has a tattoo of what sound his cat made!! “Skaaa,” Cassia, 13:8. That was her age at the time. She crossed the rainbow bridge soon after, and he is so glad he got it.

  27. I know exactly what I want as a tattoo. I want 2, both giant tortoises that are over 100 years old. I love my boys.

    That second picture of Ferris is EVERYTHING.

  28. I love that so many of the comments here are pointing out that every day is cat day. That’s kind of how it goes with cats, isn’t it, every single day is Their Day and you better not forget it. That’s an awesome tattoo (and seriously how are you so pretty?)

  29. Happy Cat Day and thanks for the lovely photos! With love and purrs from me and my 2 felines, Carly & Simon.

  30. What about your third cat? who I think is actually the first cat? I don’t remember her name.

  31. I thought for sure your tattoo was going to be from those precious kitty claws on your awesome cat! Glad it was an actual (temporary) tattoo instead!!

  32. That is a great tattoo, real or fake – you found a talented artist there.
    My wife has a cat paw on her neck – there’s a local street gang that uses a wolf’s paw as a symbol, and when she worked as a therapist in the local jail she kept having to tell inmates that no, she wasn’t in that gang. She also has a memorial piece for one beloved cat, Casper, who died about ten years ago on her chest.
    I have a bunch of cats tattooed on my chest, but they’re aliens. A green leopard, a blue tiger, one with gila monster skin, one with feathers, one whose fur is the night sky, one with flames for fur, and one made of stained glass. I think the next one will be a thorny devil cat.

  33. National Cat made me try to think of a new name for my next rescue. Last one is Frida Kahtlo. I think next will be Camile Clawdel. I am a retired Art EduCator so the names of famous artists keep coming. I suppose Picatso is already taken?

  34. Happy Cat Day! I just recently got a tattoo of one of my favorite children’s book cats, Kitten Nell.

  35. I raise a jug of milk to that. To all the cats out there and owners that are controlled by them. Happy Cat day, thank you for bringing us warm cuddles, nice leg smooches, cheeky claw swipes, long contented purrs during a smile when do you the cutest things.
    Thank you for bringing us joy and comfort and not telling our secrets!

  36. Kudos to you for NOT getting an actual permanent tattoo. You only have so much skin acreage, and there are so many loved ones (feline and otherwise) who will demand representation…”Take a number, pal.”

  37. Totally adorable…….I am new here….just bought your books a month ago… the first one two times and am in my second read of your follow up book and you and your writing are amazing. I was touched, laughed my ass off, cried. I write shit too but not as talented and fucking hilarious as you do it. And I want some darn taxidermied animals. Also my first book doesn´t have the Hamlet Mouse on the cover A shame), defenitely buying a second copy with the right cover. The second book cover has at least the racoon and he looks awesome. How can anyone not want something like that? You’ve inspired me to write a bis more uncencored for it makes some awesome stories and at the same time give laymans a good view at a completely fucked up (but in a nice way) working brain cluster….my mind works similiar and its kinda fun to use it for writing. Now I only have to find a good taxidermy shop, since I live in germany and they are not so wonderful whimsical with their creations….so I have to look further. If anyone knows a good adress anywhere in the world for that kinda thing I would be grateful. Sorry all of this goes in a comment. I don´t have your email and am not sure you give it up for people randomly being weird or disturbing……anyway……everyone: the great bloggess and her faithful readers and her husband, child and rest of the family……..and friends…..stay awesome and weird. No more hiding that shit. Everyone is more interesting and authentic with some or more weirdness in their life.
    Wanna hug you for making me feel understood…..SarahGoulden!

  38. So I told me cat it was national cat day yesterday…. he was not impressed. I get the distinct impression every day should be International Kona-the-Cat day. Maybe even Universional? Univertional? Kona-the-cat day. But only his mommy, daddy, and like 2 or 3 friends are allowed to celebrate that. Because he’s a weird cat.

  39. Every day is Cat Day.
    the cats

    (*I am just the messenger for my friend’s cats. I think they know I was owned by some cats until my allergies went into overdrive, because they persist in trying to administer their own at-home brand of allergy-immunotherapy by giving me ALL their attention when I visit…)

  40. To Cheryl Boetcher # 57 – A long time ago friends & I went through a museum with this on our minds… allow me to add John Cat-stable, Joan Meow (Yes it’s a stretch from Miro’ but only in English, it’s very close in Cattish), Marc Chat-gall (he is French after all!), John Catstable, Catavaggio (my personal favorite), and Vincent von Kot (I’m told that’s Ukranian)..

    General consensus is that Salvador Dali was already a cat so the name does not need to be changed. (Just look at those admirable whiskers!)

  41. I don’t have a tattoo,despite wanting one. It took me a looong time deciding what I want. I know where,I want it,who I would allow to tattoo me EXCEPT, I am terrified of needles( major childhood trauma !) AND I am allergic to sooo many weird things that I’m terrified of infection,despite my friend\ tattoo artist repeatedly telling me the link is hypo allergenic. I too use temporary tattoos. The other thing stopping me is my indecisiveness,what if I get it and don’t like it? You always m ale me feel better Jenny,thank you,and Happy Belated cat day!

  42. so. my birthday is the 29th October. and I was already known as a crazy cat lady BEFORE finding out its national cat day on my birthday. reputation cemented.

  43. Tattoo Xchange lets you be original. So original that we can take your creative vision further, to conception. Let US develop YOUR ideas. Feeling creative? We’ll work with you to design your own.

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