Calling all bloggers

If you’re an old-school blogger you already know my friend – the fantastic Asha Dornfest – but you may have missed her post calling back all the writers who may have fallen out of blogging over the years.  You should go read it because it’s awesome and also because I’m suddenly seeing so many of the people I loved come back to blogging.

Blogging is hard.  Sometimes you have shit to say.  Sometimes you don’t.  Your words can be powerful or silly or ignored.  You can share too much or not enough.  You can be hurt.  You can be saved.  You can share pictures of your cat.  You can change the world.  All of these things are true.

But mostly for me blogging is a way to say, “Hi.  I’m here.  You’re here too.  We’re a little less alone than we were yesterday.”

So today let’s celebrate blogging.  If you’re an old-school blogger or new one share your blog in the comments.  Visit each other.  Grow the communities that we need to make the world a better place.

And if you don’t have a blog, share the blogs that you love in the comments.  Sometimes encouragement is the only thing that keeps tortured writers writing so let’s love the shit out of each other, y’all.

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  1. I’m not even sure I can still log into my old blog. It’s been years since I last wrote anything. I’ll have to look to see if it’s still up.

  2. Oh, I love your words here so. Thanks, Jenny. I blog real, raw, honest relationship stories (including surviving infidelity in my marriage) to help us all feel a little less alone in our own, over at Utter Imperfection. Looking forward to reading the rest of you brave, beautiful bloggers as well.

  3. I used to blog about a million years ago. There was a ton of blogs I used to read and I wonder where they are now…

  4. Your blog is the first one I’ve ever followed, and the only one I’ve stayed with. Thanks for being here!

  5. This is freaking awesome. Thank you. I’m an old blogger and a new blogger, because I have started and stopped blogging about 358 times over the past 10 years. I’m not quitting this time, because, “Hi. I’m here. And I have some things to say.” Thanks for an encouraging call to all bloggers!

  6. Oh god. I’ve been gone forever and mostly do my post on Patreon now. It’s easier not to flake when you know people are expecting something from you.

  7. I keep getting trapped in the “thinking about a post so much I dont get to actually write it-cycle, or short: perfectionism and fear of failure.
    Apart from that I write about the dark corners of the psyche!

  8. plan on coming back very soon. see you there.
    (and a super fun project will be at

    neither of these is launched yet. I pay for hosting next week. waiting for cyber Monday deals. 😉 so in the month they’ll be up and running!!

  9. Thank you for this post. I’ve been struggling to believe my blog is worth anything lately. I haven’t kept up on my goals to be the “better person” I set forth in the creation of my blog. I often feel I have nothing worthy to say. But this helps me remember that any bit of positivity and truth I can put into the world is worth it these days.

    I’m also ready to go love on some of my fellow #bloggesstribe bloggers! <3

  10. WOW. Thank you for this. I just went back to my old blog. I literally haven’t posted since my son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. He’s the little guy in the pic. He’s graduating from high school this year. Ironically (or magically) today is also World Diabetes Day. I no longer have tales to tell from the carpool, but I do have some fascinating tales from having two (soon to be three) college kids attending school and living at home. I just might need to revive this blog for sure. And if you have a loved one who has diabetes,I stand with you in your efforts to help them manage a chronic disease.

  11. Definitely ‘new’, but definitely here!
    Thursdays at 6am Pacific 🙂

  12. I struggle with consistent blogging, it is literally my last priority. When I try to constantly put something out I start running out of ideas and everything goes sideways. So I will go through months of no posts, and then one month with 5 posts. I have been editing a lot of photos that took over the summer and then just sat dormant when I crashed from a hypomanic episode, so those should be up soon and I’m going to Jamaica and should have photos to post from my experiences there as well when I get home. But in the meantime if you want to check it out visit

  13. Yo!

    I have had this blog for a few years now, and slacked on it when I had a really oogy day job. A year and a half ago, I arbitrarily decided on a Big Project just to get myself into a chair and writing on the thing again: “The Movie Crash Course”, which is my attempt to watch EVERY movie that has ever been in ANY edition of those “1001 Movies to See Before You Die” books. (Including all the movies means my list is actually 1210 movies long now.)

    The movie stuff has gotten big enough that I’m going to soon be rolling it out onto its own separate blog, but I’ll be keeping this original one for smaller and more personal things. I will of course have links to the Movie Crash Course blog when it goes live (hopefully within a few weeks God willing)

  14. I’d love to see Lauren of “Lauren Filing Jointly…Finally” back in the blogging game.

  15. Love this 🙂 I always say the #1 blog post I see is “sorry I haven’t blogged in so long.” So many bloggers fall out of it. But that’s the nice thing about a blog. You can take a break and then come back when you feel like you have something to say again. Or start as one thing and completely change, which is what I did. I had a costume/cosplay blog for about 10 years before doing the “mom blog” thing now –

  16. I have taken a little hiatus over the past few weeks, but I started up a personal blog/mess of a thing earlier in the year because of feeling so inspired by Furiously Happy and hoping someday I’d be able to do what you, Jenny, have done for me and so many others. Just let people know they’re not alone. Passing along the weird solidarity, as it were. If nothing else, I’ve posted some snoopy photos of my neighborhood squirrels and that might appeal to some.


    I haven’t been able to bring myself to write in almost a year because my life exploded, but I’m actually working on the start of my next post 😊

  18. I blog about mental health, and I feel like it mostly goes unnoticed. I want to make a difference, but I don’t know how. I’d love more readers if anyone is interested!

  19. I love your consistent generosity, Jenny. You’re always supporting fellow writers. My blog won’t be up for another week. But when it is, it will be at:

  20. It’s been so long since I blogged that I can’t even remember the name of either of the 2 I used to write. That’s pretty sad.

  21. about trying to get through my tbr pile, but I haven’t written a post in forever. Great kick up the arse!

  22. My favorite blog, been following Linda for…..gosh…..a decade now? Plus i’ve read all of her previous blogs that I could find. She’s an amazing writer who has been extremely forthcoming in her struggles with kids, addiction, social anxiety, and cats. Plus tons of other things that are silly, deep, sad, heartwarming, all of it, seriously cannot say enough good things about her and her blog.

  23. I had a blog for a couple months years ago. I posted on it a handful of times then stopped. This year has been a journey to embrace writing no matter the capacity. I put up a new entry last week and hope to continue using it, even if it feels like I’m yelling into a void.

  24. Have been writing this blog since 2011. Still just a tiny little blog, and there are times when I can’t write, don’t have the words or the mental energy and there are other times when I write almost too much. But quiet or busy, I just keep plugging along. Thank you for this reminder, Jenny ❤️

  25. I think my brain thing is getting worse, and that makes making the words harder these days, but I’m all for signing up to read all the others here and the others will (mostly) have to be satisfied with some archive from me. For now.


  26. Haven’t blogged in awhile. But my blog is focused on my breast cancer journey. It’s

  27. I used to blog over at Open Salon. But unfortunately took a hiatus during the time they were shutting down the site and lost everything. Sucks.

  28. We’re in our fourth year of living full-time in an RV.
    And we’re not old people.
    And a metal chicken travels with us, because Beyoncé.
    And I write about other things too, because I’m not trying to be an RV expert, but we want to Own Less, Do More, and living in an RV just happens to be the way we’re doing it.

  29. I’ve found so many great blogs just through the comments on this site! This Bloggess Tribe is definitely a place that feels like home.

    My blog is and as my site tagline will tell you, I am often comically pissed off about things.

    Our wonderful Bloggess was also kind enough to give me the starving artist/struggling writer rate to advertise right here on her blog (over on the right side of the page), and I’m already getting so many more readers on my blog from it. I am forever grateful for her and this community!

  30. Hi Jenny, thank you for posting this today. Quite honestly, you could have posted pretty much anything and I would have been thrilled, it’s been a rough week and you always cheer me up!

    My blog is my stories, for better or worse, addressing my planning tendencies as well as recipes, DIY and more – hope someone stops by to check it out!

  31. I have two blogs, one old ( and one newer ( that I haven’t written on in quite a while. This might be the kick in the pants I’ve needed as I feel like I’ve lost a spark that needs re-lighting.

  32. I gave up on blogging. Too much work, competition, and aggravation.. nowadays I’m just happily posting gaming screenshots on tumblr where I know at least SOMEONE will see what I post.

  33. I’ve been blogging for over ten years and write at least once a week. I’m a pretty random blogger — I live in a van, so I write about the van & places I go, food I cook, my adorable dog, and whatever writing I’m doing, at I love my blog, actually. Sometimes I think I should be an organized blogger, less random, more professional, but nope. It works for me!

  34. That post, And so, it begins at the end of my comment? Sounds like me, but I don’t know if it is. IF you want to actually read my newer blog, click on my name. That’ll get you there. my latest post is called “Alone in the Pew”.

  35. Been blogging for about 10 years. It’s all about my life as it changed from living in Dallas to living in Fort Lauderdale. “I’ve a feeling we’re not in Texas anymore.

  36. I have definitely fallen off the blog wagon because life. I did a 365 day adventure blog that I was super proud of in 2009 (working on turning it into a book), then another 52 week adventure blog in 2010. Both were lost to the great WordPress crash of 2012. The I revamped my blog in 2013 but MBC doesn’t care if you’d rather write than feel sick, so it has been neglected. Just little spurts of writing here and there. I’m a bad blog mom. But it’s still there! =D

  37. I loved my blog but because of my in-laws I had to give it up. I hate that I gave in because it was no worse then what was written on FB . But by doing so it gave my husband peace. It’s a shame really but I have not written a blog post since Feb-Mar 2013. I deleted it all. The good the bad and the ugly. I really miss it.

  38. So weird how timing can work. I was just struggling with where I’m headed (or not headed) with my blog, and my writing in general. This feels like a bit of a push to keep moving in some direction…which for me usually looks like a drunken meander anyway, so right on track!
    Or find me on the panel to your right.

  39. So great that you’re doing this! I have one blog that I’m using as a space to do a sort of “final draft” of my manuscript: The other blog is for my random stuff: Both need better styling and branding, but I’m working on that!

  40. I follow your blog of course. I’m a knitter and The Yarn Harlot is basically a goddess so I read her blog daily. I’ve often thought about blogging. Maybe I’ll start today

  41. I’ve been blogging since 2009, and I can attest, it gets hard to come up with new things to write about. I’ve already told all my best stories. And it’s like, I’ve already said everything I have to say on so many topics, it’s not worth saying again. But then our current president came along and suddenly, there’s a whole lot of new ground to cover.

  42. There’s a vibe in the air. Been getting back to blogging myself lately. Even if you don’t imbibe, if you want to join in the crazy craft cocktail hijinks with me and my dear departed undead dwarf hamster/blog admin Boomer, well, I’m pretty sure we’re the only ones on the web with this shtick:

  43. Not much time, but I post when I can. I’m an old blogger, both in age and in internet longevity. I’ve had several blogs over the years, starting on Journalspace (yeah, I know) 1000 years ago. Writing keeps me sane – mostly. 🙂
    Green Tea and Gratitude:

  44. I am a new blogger. is the address. Adulting Reluctantly is the title.
    I couldn’t find anyone out in the world with all the same crazy interests as me so I just started writing about all of them. Thanks Jenny for being you and for writing here. You are my inspiration many days when I want to quit.

  45. Jenny, I found you on the same day I launched my blog. It confirmed I’d done the right thing and that I would possibly find my tribe in this world, and I truly have. I’m only 16 months in, but the Old School bloggers have been so supportive and encouraging. 2 redundancies in very quick succession kick-started it all. My blog is my therapy, digging deep for humour to keep me sane. And I’ve found so many funny and insightful peeps in the process. This is me; 😊

  46. I blogged like a banshee from 2008 – 2013. And then people I didn’t really want to read it found it and corrected me on how I remembered things and then I got told it was sad how much attention I needed and then, well. There it sits. Thank you for this. I really loved it and made so many internet friends doing it. Maybe I’ll fire it back up, five years later. Love you Jenny.

  47. (I already posted a comment but then it never made it into the fray so if this is duplicated… haha, just par for the course)
    I’m the person behind “I’d Like Cheese on My Entire Family” aka da Cheeseblarg ( but it takes so much energy to write and illustrate posts that I haven’t had the drive to with only a handful of people ever reading or responding, since I barely have the energy to live with my chronic illness getting worse and my chronic political anger. There are tons of silly posts to read before I became a ball of angst, though.
    And I hope to regain some traction eventually, but like… I can’t even make myself bathe daily.

  48. I probably should have a blog, but I haven’t the faintest idea how to go about it. Like for instance, this morning I really wanted to ask the world what it is with all the redbirds in my yard. Cardinals, that is – scientifically and redundantly named cardinalis cardinalis. Do they migrate? Hide out all summer and emerge when the weather starts getting cold? Pull each other from another dimension like linked scarves from a magician’s top hat?

    And why were there so many of them in my yard this morning? I counted 3 on the feeder, 2 eating berries on my nandina bush, 14 on the ground, and lost count of the ones fluttering about from shrubs to trees to lawn and back again. There were so many cardinals in my yard I wondered if I should be watching for a puff of white smoke and waiting for them to name a new Pope.

  49. I blog almost every day and have been for 11 years. It’s been sad to see so many blogs fall silent. Been looking for other blogs to follow. Will explore some of the links above.

  50. I’m a new blogger (knitting) where there are already so many bloggers.

    But I believe in the power of the written language and will continue to write, even if few read it. I also figure it’s my gateway drug to fiction writing in the future (I took Creative Writing years ago at university but everything is a bit rusty – this is a great way to flex my writing muscles!).

  51. I don’t blog, but I like reading (it’s about disability experiences and disability rights, as well as other anti-oppression topics)

  52. I had a blog years ago before elder care ramped up for my parents. With those duties and working full time, I seem to get greater pleasure from a warm meal, clean laundry, a shower and/or a nap.
    Please don’t ever stop being you. . . I get so much joy out of your postings. And frankly those pictures you post of Ferris and Hunter seem to give me a chuckle just when I need it the most. You’re pretty blessed! In this month of Thankfulness, I’m thankful for you and your musings. 🙂

  53. I am a new blogger. is the address. Adulting Reluctantly is the title.
    I couldn’t find anyone out in the world with all the same crazy interests as me so I just started writing about all of them. Thanks Jenny for being you and for writing here. You are my inspiration many days when I want to quit.

  54. I LOVE this! I miss the days of blogging back when it was new and sharing your stories on the internet with “strangers” felt daring, different, and delightful!

    I started out in 2000 on OpenDiary, which has made a triumphant return!, I’m back on there as OrangeLady for anyone interested. Then I made the jump to Live Journal like everyone else. I’m still on there too, but I don’t check it nearly as often.

    One of the many attempts at blogging was with two of my friends for a blog named “Fantastic Spatula”, because why not? All the old posts are still up, and my friends were far better writers than I, but it was a lot of fun and I honestly miss it. Maybe that’s a sign to get back to it!

  55. I use to blog, then one day I didn’t and nobody seemed to notice and I never got back to it.

  56. Cool. I’ve been blogging for nine years. I write theater reviews and post about life and include pictures. I’m part of the Insecure Writers Support Group.
    Mary at Play off the Page

  57. So funny that you mention this – there must be something in the air. I blogged quite a bit from 2004-2011 and then lost steam, but started again a couple months ago. I’m at for anyone who might be interested in ridiculous photos of a chihuahua named Glen and the unsolicited opinions of a reading, writing, baking, knitting, middle-aged mother from Nova Scotia.

  58. I used to just blog about my excruciatingly boring life, and I still do from time to time, but I recently signed up for a blogging course run by Jon Morrow and company, and my blog will be changing in 2019. I’ll still be blogging about mental health, but less about my own life and more in the personal growth space. My new blog is not expected to be posted until a few months into 2019, but I still post on my original blog from time to time, especially during vacations and holidays. Thanksgiving is coming up and I’ll be visiting my crazy family, so I should have a few more posts done before the new blog comes out (as yet nameless), but I hope you visit the site I have up now and enjoy the posts that are up now. I try to take a humorous slant on mental illnesses, using my own as a template.

  59. I just write a book review blog with a friend, though she’s gotten super busy with, like, real life, so it’s mostly just me. And I don’t write nearly as often as I should. I’m pretty sure I have 5 reviews to post but I just haven’t been very motivated lately…especially since my last several posts have not been great 🤦🏻‍♀️
    Oh well.

  60. I haven’t done anything with my blogs in like, forever, I’ve even been paying for hosting on a few urls. I think I might just get something started up again.

  61. So, I have a blog as well but it’s not informative, there is no photography advice, I have no recipes to share, no tips on raising children or fashion opinions. Basically, there’s nothing here but me and my Viking and two cats, one of which is kind of like The Chainsaw Massacre guy (don’t ask me what his name is because I’m too much of a pussy to actually watch the movies).

    What you WILL find is humor. Lots and lots of humor. Almost ALL of it at my own expense. I’m writing a book about our adventures when we Invaded Europe for 7 weeks but that’s still in the development stage. So, come and join me. I’d love to meet you. 😘

  62. I started out as kind of a homemaker blogger and have ventured into witchery instead – still feel like I’m kind of talking into the dark, but I’m making myself stick with it! Looking forward to checking out others in the comments as well!

  63. Thank you for this! It’s hard to keep your humor or your momentum going during rough times but it also can be the most important time to speak. I’ve been itching to get back into it and I think it’s time for a bit of ribaldry!!! Love you Jenny!

  64. It’s refreshing to see many folks who used to do it, but willing to still peek their url’s out there. I know that the blog segment I was in (beauty) really & truly changed when “influencers” really became prominent. It was difficult to stay motivated as a full-timed employee blogging as a hobby when there were so many folks blogging full-time, rapidly & multiple times daily. The joy was lost to the slog of competition. I’ve tried other iterations over the years, because I continue to feel like I want to put my voice out there, but, not certain I have the drive to “start over” or even be consistent. It’s a tricky thing to find the balance between “am I doing this for myself?” or “am I doing it for the reader?”. Ugh. Crap. Sorry. See? I clearly have things to say. I should probably just put it on my own blog… Ha!

  65. I have been blogging since 2009, but my writing took an unexpected turn in 2015 when my daughter was stillborn. Now I write about grief and loss – even now more than three years later. Because the pain of losing children never really goes away…

  66. I have always wanted to blog, but was never sure about how tech savvy you need to be, the cost, whether or not people want to know what I am thinking at any given time… Instead, I joined LiveJournal, which I highly recommend, if like me, you hate writing in a journal, but love the act of getting shit out of your brain.

    I would LOVE any recommendations on where to start a free blog…

  67. I’m really struggling to get back into blogging. I revamped my blog so I’m finally happy with the look of it – now it just needs more content. But if anyone wants a fairly eclectic, unthemed cooking blog, here’s mine.

  68. The frequency of my posts waxes and wanes, but I keep at it because of a few (really, three, including my mama) loyal readers who read every word I write. Today, I posted about how I came to buy a pair of gloves that look like octopus tentacles

  69. Mine is called “Lost In America”, and click on my name to go to it. I write randomly about the random shit that makes my life pretty damn random.

  70. I used to use my blog to participate in flash fiction writing challenges. But now, I use it to showcase children’s literature, to talk about education (I am a recently retired elementary school teacher from Canada) and to talk about Life. I hope to write children’s books in the future. Blogging helps to keep my writing muscles in shape. Thanks for providing everyone with the opportunity to network and celebrate being bloggers.

  71. I’m actually taking photos for a post today…. first post in FOREVER. I’m baking gluten free cinnamon rolls… fingers crossed they turn out tasty!

  72. I started blogging six, seven years ago(?). I did make some lovely friends along the way, but then a few years ago I slid into a huge depression, and then 2016 happened, and Gah! I’ve gradually started writing again. Baby steps.

  73. I started a blog fairly recently when someone told me I should have a YouTube channel to help & inspire people. Being on camera isn’t really my thing, so my blog came to life. Encounter Soul doesn’t have many posts yet, but maybe by “speaking” this out to the Bloggess world I’ll be able to inspire myself!! I’m at and I would love it if you stopped by! Remember, our therapists say to cut out all that negative self-talk!!

  74. Been blogging almost everyday for the past 14 years, most of it here (it’s in french, but I’ve got a very pretty banner ^_^):
    I simply could not imagine stopping, EVER. Blogging has always been enormously cathartic for me. Probably saved me thousands in therapy 😀 I wrote about my father’s cancer and death; I regularly write about my chronic anxiety; right now I’m blogging about the fact of being an out of work freelancer. Every time I realize through the comments that I’m not alone, and it helps. Plus, putting things on paper has always been a very good mean to distance myself from them. I also blog my idiotic conversations with my partner, and it makes people laugh, which is a win-win.

  75. I blog, inconsistently. I would like to blog more regularly though and often feel stuck. Maybe I should just write to write. 🙂

    The latest is just a collection of epic Twitter moments.

  76. Oops. I entered a url for my blog mentioned above #192, but it didn’t work. So here is the most recent post from a few days ago. “All those Young Lives”

  77. Thank you for doing this, Jenny! I love your blog and think your book is amazing!
    I write my blog to share my experience with Multiple Sclerosis – I try to only post about things that help me or about how I can see things differently to help me live well. It’s called, Keep Doing What You’re Doing,” and the web address is


    I’m not dead, just have to work and between that and the ongoing battle with depression I’m just exhausted. But I have posts in the works. Don’t give up on me.

  79. It can be a real chore writing about a niche musical sub-genre (punk-infected blues music) based within a niche genre. I’ve been doing it since 1999, and I’ve made “friends” all over the world and have seen the scene grow and thrive…but it’s a self-indulgent and mostly thankless job, and I often get pretty damn tired of humpin’ it uphill. But then a band I’ve written about tells me it was their dream to be on the blog…and that makes it all (almost) worth it. I nearly closed it last month and did what I thought would be a final post but the band was thrilled and it helped them get gigs and sell merch so how do I say no? I guess I don’t.

  80. This is actually my third blog. My first one was a “Deadjournal” (a goth alternative to Livejournal) and my second was a Livejournal that I had for years. I went away from blogging for awhile because it got hard and I got sick of being shit on by trolls.

    I came a different blog hosting site (WordPress)..because I’m a writer. I don’t write novels or anything even remotely interesting. But I have to write. It’s who I am. It’s what I think about when I first get up in the morning. It’s what I wish I could get paid for but I don’t.

  81. my blog, which is not kept updated as often as I’d like due to my chronic illness, is dSavannah Rambles at

  82. I have been too sick/stretched to blog the last couple of years, but I’m starting to write again, so my old blog (which has been going since about 2012) will wake up soon. Thanks for sharing the love and encouragement, Jenny! <3

  83. Jenny Lawson, I’ve told you this before and I stand by it—you’re doing the Lord’s work. You and your non-hyperfocused blog hasve been a real inspiration to me. xoxo

    Here’s my blog—Stories, back talk, hippie stuff:

  84. I’ve been struggling with blogger burnout off and on since last year, but am trying not to pressure myself too much, as that only leads to more burn out, It’s a bit of a vicious cycle! Always enjoy your posts and your videos. Thanks for this opportunity. Cheers!
    Debbie @ The Doglady’s Den

  85. I assumed blogging would make me famous and wealthy and cause random middle-aged single women to knock at my door, but none of it happened. Then that piece of shit got elected and everyone with a political opinion started hating each other even more and I wasted time commenting on FB political pages and everyone whose blog I treasured (all but one or two) stopped blogging and so did I and I have fallen into a funk where I realize that loving my child is the only contribution I have to offer the world and nothing else I do is of any difference. Plus, when you work for a living, you either are the type of person who sets the world on fire each night with hobbies or family life or a second job, or you’re the type whose body and brain tell you that you’ve done enough for the day, so you never have time, energy or ambition to write stuff that very few people ever care about anyway. I trust that I thoroughly depressed anyone who read this.

  86. I’ve written a blog for years in various forms. I mostly have craft tutorials and travel posts up now, having deleted my more personal posts in a fit of dramatics. I keep thinking about writing for myself more again–maybe this is the push to do that. Does anyone want to read about a 40 year old with too many kids (four) who fights with her brain every day?

    It’s been four years since I’ve written anything. Thanks for the reminder to get back out there! Please stop by and comment on one of my old posts, and I hope to get a new one up tonight!

  88. I started to launch precisely one year ago. Wtf happened?! I tell myself it’s because the plants are thirsty and the floors are dirty and fluffy butt needs brushed again. Really, it’s because I’m chickenshit. But if a stranger reads even one of my posts and and doesn’t threaten to “unfriend” me, I might just jump off that cliff. Sure, I’ll piss my pants on the way down, but it’ll be worth it, right? 😬

  89. I’ve recently started a blog, and I’m still finding my voice. I would love it if anyone wanted to visit and maybe provide feedback or share their own blogs!

    These are some of my favorite blogs: And just for fun here’s my favorite daily comic:

  90. So many blogs I have loved over the years have gone silent, and while I understand why (life happens), I would love to see them come back! My blog doesn’t get a ton of readers, but it starts enough conversations to make me feel less self-conscious about talking into the void.

  91. I’m an “anything goes” blogger, but I tend to focus a lot on my spiritual journey and my mental health struggles (depression and anxiety, and I was recently diagnosed with PTSD). My blog is currently on hiatus in November while I work on NaNoWriMo. I’ll be back to blogging in December.
    Some of my awesome friends have blogs that ARE updating in November, and you should all check them out:

  92. Oh gosh yes, bloggers are my lifeline! Bloggess, you have saved me from losing it so many times!

    I’ve been blogging on and off at for years now about my disability and educating my kids.

  93. Great, inspiring post! I’ve been blogging on my new business account ( and that helps but I have a folder full of blog subjects for my personal account ( that need to see the light of day soon.

  94. Love your blog today, Jennie! I love it everyday, Bloggess! But, today I wanted to comment. We do need to share our thoughts, ideas, and feelings. And, I love that they are raw sometimes…at times I laugh, other times I cry. So many great blogs out there from the heart. Love you all!

  95. I stopped working 2 months ago, in preparation for our upcoming PCS. I told myself I would blog every day…instead, there’s been lots of Investigation Discovery and coloring. I. Am. Not. An. Adult.

  96. My blog, titled Only Googlebot Reads This Blog” is at I’ve been maintaining it for well over a decade, off and on – mostly on.

  97. I don’t think I can even access my old LiveJournal anymore, but the longer I’m on Facebook the more I miss the old LJ.

  98. I started a blog almost two years ago with a goal for others who were struggling to come together in a community of support. Through my writing, I found that what was also important is that we come together with our inner child to learn how to love and nurture ourselves. I haven’t pushed my blog…yet. Still haven’t leaped out of the comfort zone of staying in the shadows. However, for myself, my writing has helped me heal from my own struggles with addiction and acceptance of my pending divorce. Who knows, maybe some of the stories will resonate with your readership too.

    Thank you Jenny for your vulnerability and uncanny way of always making me smile. Here’s a Wednesday Share Day Blog I had written over a year ago linking to one of my all time favorite blogs of yours. I need some towels that say Knock Knock Mother Fucker too. And yes, I followed suit and got a rooster for my wife. Guess she will end up with my cock after all when the divorce finalized.

    Thank you for blessing us all!

  99. Holy moly this post seems to speak to me personally. I JUST started blogging again after a new name and a new brand and an approximate ten year hiatus as the blog formerly known as MOMMYHOOD: the blog. Before that I simply went by Kristina Says after a favorite song of mine and I’m happy with the direction things are going, although I often have so much to say and then forget or find myself in the bottom of an emotional hole without a shovel to get out. My posts aren’t as regular as I’d like, and I feel like my voice sounds forced rather than as smooth and natural as I used to be. It’s hard writing to such a small audience at first. You feel weird talking to no one in particular. But I made a pledge to start this year and a resolution to be more organized in 2019.

  100. This was amazing and definitely what I needed to read today. I’ve just started a blog after wanting to for years. Jenny, you are one of the writers who has so inspired me and who I aspire to be like. I’m in awe of how honest and brave you are, and your humor is amazing! I’m blogging about my countdown to forty and trying to get organized to wire a blog from the POV of a fictional character. Here’s a link to one of my favorite posts.

  101. Here’s my tiny space.
    Actually, I’ve seen several of these types of calls to re-engage in “old school” type blogging. It appears the great majority of us are missing that sense of community. In fact, I know that there is one group of old school bloggers in the UK who have started a new community as well.

  102. Oh boy, I guess I’m an “old blogger” because a couple of years’ hiatus is basically a lifetime. But, I blog(ged) poetry about heavy shit at

  103. Well I tend to blog weekly, but that’s because I’m constantly building something and I have the compulsive need to share how well I’ve done or how badly I screwed something up. And I have a list of people I love to read on the side of my blog.

  104. Hi friends. Been a semi-absent blogger for the past year or so but I’m doing NaBloPoMo to get back in the habit of posting more often. Daily drivel now available throughout the month of November. I can’t promise quality writing but I can offer swears, silliness, and the occasional coherent thought.

  105. Some of my closest friends I met through my blog and I often wish I hadn’t let it fall to the wayside.

  106. I have been blogging for almost 9 years and I’m in my dryest stretch. The traction isn’t tbere anymore and it’s hard to motivate. I appreciate this post!

  107. You might’ve just given me the jolt I need to sit my butt back in front of the computer! It’s been awhile. Thanks Jenny – you’re the best and YOU are the only blogger I follow!

  108. Oh hey! I write about books I read and my life in general. I’m a grad student studying for my Master’s of Library Science and I’m teaching English in Japan. I’m also American Indian and I write a lot about how I feel there too… My blog is kind of a mess, but that’s okay, I am too.

  109. I miss the old school blogging, a lot. I recently decided that I’m getting back to it, other people be damned. I crave that community we once had, and since you need to be the change you want, I’m going for it. I was trying to do NaBloPoMo but haven’t quite been able to keep up.

  110. Hi, I’ve got an old school blog. Where did they go? I just always am at the edges of social media, usually crying out into the void, so I just do my own thing. My blog is not gonna change the world, it’s just a veterinary blog, but if anyone has an interest in dogs & cats, rescue, veterinary medicine, all with a hint of snark or at least an attempt at humor with heart, feel free to check me out. (most recent post, since WP can’t seem to find it)
    Cheers, y’all. Jenny: you’re incredible.

  111. I REALLY need to get back to my blog. I used to love it. Then I got a job blogging for a corporation and the last thing I wanted to do was blog for myself as well. I got back to it after that and began enjoying it again, but then I fell into the Slough of Despond and I’ve only posted once or twice all year. So…yeah…thanks for the kick in the butt!

  112. Thanks for the nudge, Jenny. After nine years finally I trailed off in July because it seemed nobody read my blog. But actually, I do! So that makes it worth it, right? I’ll have another go…

  113. Thanks for the nudge, Jenny. After nine years, I finally trailed off in July because it seemed nobody read my blog and I was disheartened. But actually, I read it! So that makes it worth it, right? I’ll have another go…

  114. I’m new to blogging…since January this year. I’ve always had respect for those who blog consistently and now even more so. I look forward to knowing what is going on with you (and others).

  115. I just have to add an old-school ZOMG & a SQUEEEEE! Also, to add my link because back in the day, I blogged it all. Now, I just blog it some. Also, to add that I love you & Asha & all the amazing bloggy folks I’ve been lucky enough to befriend along the way. I’m glad we’re celebrating because our community is something special! xo

  116. Not 30 minutes ago I was telling my husband that it’s been too long since I wrote on my blog (my last post was on Halloween- things have happened since then!)

    I write infrequently about shopping, and anxiety, and politics, and rage, and the intersection of those things.

  117. I started a blog this year- its on homebrewing beer. I wanted a space to be a woman brewing what I want. So much of the rhetoric I read was about chasing, the best, biggest, bravest beers. I just want to write about making tasty beverages with minimal fuss:

  118. I have a blog. It’s a little different because I draw comics and tend to write more like I’m telling a story (real stuff though, real thoughts). Here:

    (Also, thanks for doing this, Jenny! I’ve been struggling with writing about my life lately because of some stuff that’s happened. Finding other blogs could be a good way to refresh my brain a little.)

  119. I have a facebook page called Zoloft and String Cheese.

    It’s my own blog I’ve had for a few years. I talk about being a foster (then adoptive) mom of our kids (who are Black) and my struggle with depression. Like a sitcom, but I say “fuck” a lot.
    Thank you! I LOVE your work!

  120. I’m an old blogger – started my Typepad blog in 2004 after a short-lived navel-gazey one on some service that doesn’t exist anymore. For years I posted a couple of times a week but in the last few, it’s dwindled. I’m working on starting a website in my name and recently launched a public Facebook page that’s my new blog for now at Old blog is the linked post below. Not sure what I’ll do with it now. There’s a lot of life chronicled there, from 27 year-old Evangelical spinster to 41 year-old agnostic married mother of two.

  121. I’m trying really hard to prioritize working on my blog right now but I keep forgetting to actually POST the entries. I blog about writing and mental illness, mostly my own.

  122. I fall in and out with it, but mostly because I already contribute to Madison Moms Blog as a writer.

  123. I used to write on my blog – what happened? I started it as more of a travel journal than anything else. Then we started getting things to giveaway to people and that was fun. But I felt myself getting jealous when other people got things I didn’t. It made me feel bad about myself for not being chosen, and then bad for myself for being jealous because that’s not a trait I admire in myself. So I decided to only write when I feel like it instead of looking for giveaways to do.

    I’m sitting here shrugging and rolling my eyes at myself because I think I started for the right reasons and got distracted – then disappointed. I started to feel like people wanted to mostly go to blogs who were giving away things and I just wanted to connect with people.

    Anyway, my poor mostly-abandoned blog is at

    I’m here too. 🙂

  124. I stopped writing when life became to painful to open up and examine. But I’m trying to build back the habit in other ways. My old self at Real Life and Other Randomness.

  125. Mine is I write about parenting, chronic illness, knitting and anything else I think of. Sounds boring, but I just like getting the thoughts out of my head and into somewhere else.

  126. I think blogging is still big in the online art community though. I still try to update mine once a week, but since crossing into youtube, it feels like an afterthought. Which is unfortunate, because lots of people just don’t want to make time for videos with sound. Reading with pictures is much more accommodating sometimes!

  127. My blog is on Facebook. It is called Running Downhill.
    Would love someone besides my husband to read it.

    I would love to include a link, but my luddite brain is in the way.

  128. Jenny, thank you for this. I’m dancing a little jig over here! I’m also starting a new Feedly category (REMEMBER FEEDLY, PEOPLE?) called #NetPositiveBlog and I’m adding everyone’s links. I can’t wait to read (and write) again. You guys, what if…what if…we change the world? We did it before.

  129. I’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time but don’t know how. There are something’s that I need to share with the world like the time someone asked the Disneyland worker if the water on splash mountain was real water while watch people hit the water or the time a 15 year old asked the meat department at the grocery store what they had that had protein 🤦🏼‍♀️ Mostly I just want you all to feel my pain 😂😂😂

  130. Hi Everyone! I’m another new blogger struggling with the commitment end of blogging. No excuses, just an admission. Call it a writing block, anxiety, whatever. I started blogging when my son left home at 18, and my nest has been empty for just over a year now. I’m still finding my identity online and sometimes my fear of sharing stops the flow of words altogether. It’s a work in progress. For now, I mostly like to write about the relationship between us writers and our muses. My website is and I have a related Instagram account called @inspiredforaliving.
    I’m so excited to check out the other blogs listed here! Thanks Jenny!
    🙂 Darlene

  131. This made me happy! I’ve been blogging since 2011. Sometimes I have a lot to share. Sometimes people even read and comment. 😀 I’ve made some good friends over the years, people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Thank you for being there for all of us!!!

  132. Thank you for your encouragement and for giving everyone an opportunity to lift up their work! There is wisdom to be found in everyone’s stories. I write about travel experiences, divorce, being a woman (because how would anyone know what hot flashes are like without me), and anything that tickles my brain but won’t get me fired from my day job. PS: “Knock knock, motherfucker” are three best words ever put together, so thanks for that as well. 🙂

  133. After a long pause, I am breathing life back into my blog recently (with presence and words). I miss the connection, and I’ve been told people who used to visit when I wrote consistently miss it, too.

  134. I have blogged off and on for years but lately I furiously scribble to avoid furiously scratching (I have chronic eczema and am experiencing topical steroid withdrawal). My blog is

  135. Gosh, I haven’t haven’t posted for MONTHS on the blog I share with my alcoholic unicorn.
    I should update with all the darkly hilarious reasons why not…..

  136. My blog is new-ish because it’s only coming up on a year old, but I’ve written nearly every day and I hope to have it potty-trained soon. Mix of humor and raw mental health stuff. It’s the least of these listed here in these comments, but I was told I’d get grumbled at if I didn’t list it. See, dear? Grumbling rights REVOKED. Take that. And Jenny, thank you for always bring us together to each other.

  137. I used to blog on a wonderfully fun site called Open Salon that was run by Kerry Lauerman. I was always thrilled to be chosen for Editor’s Pick and be featured on the front page (85% of the time and such an ego boost!). It was shut down and I went on a several-year blogging hiatus. But I’m freshly back here at

    The interrobang should be added to the QWERTY keyboard for all of life’s WTF!?! moments.

    I love your writing and books. Please keep doing your wonderful work and on your bad days, you’re in so many of our hearts. And on your good days, you’re still there.

  138. I have a blog that I posted in regularly for a couple of years many years ago, but I haven’t really posted in it much since my Dad died five years ago. At that point (having lost my Mom, my cat, and my Dad…my three loves), I just kind of gave my ADD free reign and got nothing accomplished over the next five years except staying alive, which is a decent success all things considered. I’m finding myself kind of missing that communication and interplay now, so maybe I’m ready to start writing in it again. Feel free to check it out — it’s pretty random and ecclectic…and I’m still waiting for life to being.

  139. I started this about a month ago. It’s ridiculous and self serving. It’s kind of funny. so far my biggest accomplishment is telling the story of how I’m trying to make friends with Ting employees through email. Part 3 is coming soon It’s very much inspired by you.

  140. I have two that I really want to get back to because I tell myself I just write for me but also I miss being able to socialize through blogging more easily and I feel like there’s no one out there sometimes and get discouraged but here’s a whole giant list of new people to meet so I am here for this.

    I knit:

    And I cook:

  141. Soooooo, I’ve never blogged before! Have recently gotten to a decent place after TMS treatment. I was always afraid of the judgey bottoms out there and could never bring myself to break down walls and not give a horses bits. What is the consensus amongst you magically awesome peeps about blogging for a newbie? I

  142. I have a blog that I keep as part of my yoga and meditation teaching and often have to force myself to come up with topics, but once I start sharing, I find it very satisfying.

  143. I’ve been trying to resurrect my blog after a hiatus at the end of my marriage. It’s been difficult battling with finding the words with what feels like a new voice in a new person. Am I the same me? Who am I anymore? So I write a lot of things(like recipes and crafts) until I can find the courage to really write and be “me” again. What I’ve come to realize though? Is how much I’ve missed the community. So so much.

  144. We have blogs (Dean writes, I edit, and we both take photos) . is the best place to find all of it.

  145. I had a blog several years ago that I loved, but life got hard, so I took a break, and now life is totally different and I can’t really go back to it, for which I’m very sad. (
    But I’ve started a new one that I also enjoy.
    Both have cat pics, so there’s that 🙂

  146. It’s not my blog – but my mom’s – she’s new to blogging and is tackling what she loves: reading and knitting. I love that my retired mom is being all bloggy, it’s wonderful to see her try to get everything just so. If you like to get a book review on a knitting book and a few cool knitting ideas, this is the site:

  147. From 2003 through 2008, I blogged pretty consistently at Prepare to Meet Your Bakerina. Law school threw a big dent into my writing time, and then a massive server kerfuffle wiped out literally thousands of comments, and it just hurt to think of all that lost communication. I do miss blogging, though.

  148. I have a blog but I don’t consider myself a blogger. I read blogs and it seemed like the best way to share pictures of my quilt projects with my mom, who refused to use FB or IG. It’s works great, and your welcome to stop by and see my projects too.

  149. Thank you for this post. I love it! I have a blog I need to get back to. I’m not writing as much as I should or want to, but I am doing videos with my bf on his site, I get to play with toys and eat yummy stuff. Definitely need to get back to the swing of things.

  150. Don’t have a blog and this is the only blog I read. From all of the comments, though, perhaps I’m missing out on an experience. Maybe there is more to it than vanity.This blog is anything but.

  151. Thank you for the opportunity to share. I’ve been blogging for 6.5 years and I have ebbs and flows with my writing. I wrote about my life with kids, products we like, and breast cancer. I was diagnosed in 2015 and shared my experience and recently it returned and is now terminal.

  152. Blog for content and social media for invitation is something I’ve been mulling over for a couple of months. I’ve let my own blog wither recently partly because I’ve fallen into the bad habit of the quick and easy social media post. This may be the boost I needed to break my own bad habits.

  153. I was actually inspired by you. As I was recovering from a mental health crash and burn I saw Furiously Happy in an airport bookstore and I was immediately smitten. I decided to write my own book as a way to work through everything I was going through, but since it will we about 72 years before I can finish it, I started my blog. Between my own mental health, the stress and challenges that come with having a genderfluid husband who has recently come out, and having a black son in this freaking insane world we live in — my blog has been an amazing outlet.

  154. Basically I’m still writing about how I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up and how I don’t know how to be a good mom and a whole person some days.

  155. I’ve been blogging since 2003 in various places. Although I only have all the content going back to 2009. I’ve never actually stopped blogging for good. I’ve had times where I’ve taken breaks etc, but never completely stopped.

  156. Oh wow. Obviously, I’ll say you, Toothpaste for Dinner, Hyperbole and a Half, and maybe Haute Macabre.

    As for me, I put the old in old school from the days of LiveJournal to now. I’ve been frantically bookmarking the people that have posted above me as I’m excited to broaden my horizons and maybe find some other classy goofballs like me. 🙂

    I just wrote this post because I think marketing is sleazy. Or do I? I don’t know anymore and I think that’s a good thing.

  157. Hi. My name is Cindy but peeps call me Cin, I have a blog that I should tend to a bit more than I have in the past few months. Well ok, since inception. But I have an excuse; I have terminal cancer. I also have a youtube channel where I vlog more than I blog which is rather ridiculous because I would rather hide behind my written word ( regardless of how pathetic it may be) than show my mug in front of a camera for all the world to see. But my cancer is rare and some part of me believes it is more important (and easier for me right now) to speak than type. My blog is and my youtube channel is….well shit, what is the link? I will find it but in the meantime, you can search youtube for “the not so secret world of cin” and you should be able to find it (unless my drugs have kicked in and I am totally off my rocker, that should be correct). In any event, thank you for looking, listening, stopping by…or not. I would love to meet you – have loved your books and your blog for what seems like ever. That was a compliment by the way :-). You Rock, Bloggess!

  158. I had a blog for about seven years and I’m still friends with a lot of people I met through the blogging community, but that blog finally died a show neglected death.

    But recently I’ve felt the urge to write again statred My Messy Junk Drawer, which is how I describe my brain. It’s here: My most recent entry isn’t my best work, but hey, they can’t all be winners.

  159. I’m here, I’m here, I’m here! Falling in the trying to save the world category, person by person, laugh by laugh, tear by tear.

  160. My writing has slowed down with life and setbacks but I try to plug along. I’m on my 3rd year of blogging and writing isn’t for the faint of heart thats for sure! Here’s the most recent which is from just over a month ago. Thanks Bloggess for the opportunity to post and share. You can visit me at or check out the latest blog about mean girls.

  161. Your post could not have been published on a more opportune time for me and our blog. In my notifications, on top of this is one from WordPress saying “Happy Anniversary! You registered on WordPress one year ago!” Still struggling to get some traction on our blog and feeling depressed about it. So thank you for this! You really are the best, Jenny! Xoxo

  162. I’ve had a blog for 3 years now about my art, music, books, misc creative projects and general thoughts. It’s at

    I also love Austin Kleon’s blog (a fellow artist and Texan!), The Postman’s Knock (calligraphy blog), and oonaballoona (an actress who sews and is wonderfully eccentric).

  163. I am a blogger, but I don’t post daily -sometimes a week or more passes before I have something to blog about.
    <a href=”>

  164. Your post could not have been published at a more opportune time for me and our blog. In my notifications, on top of this is one from WordPress saying “Happy Anniversary! You registered on WordPress one year ago!” Still struggling to get some traction on our blog and feeling depressed about it. So thank you for this! You really are the best, Jenny! Xoxo

    P.S. Our blog is Would love if y’all could check it out!

  165. For me, blogging is therapy and your taking the people who read your words into therapy with you, whether they want to or not. And this “therapy” is funny sometimes but sometimes it’s real, and emotional and sometimes it hurts to write. But all in all it’s a way of connecting. Cheers everyone and Happy Blogging!

  166. Yup! I’m old school as hell! I haven’t written since March of this year because I ran out of things to say, and I’m not one to write just to write. And I’m totally not into the “influencer” and “branding” thing that has taken over the blogging world. Thanks for the link to that amazing post, for the platform to post a link to my blog, and for giving me a small jolt of energy to possibly start up again.

  167. YASSSSS! I’ve been blogging since 2006 and for the last several years it’s been screaming into the void. Except an actual void is kinda cool but blogging void is cold and lonely.

  168. I REALLY hope this movement brings back my bloggers I have missed so much! Yes, blog readers are still out here, old schoolers!!! Come back, please!

  169. I miss blogging. I started teaching full time and fell out of it. (I also lost my blog and had to rebuild it, so that sort of took the wind out of my sails…comments lost forever. I’m still adding in the old content that I fortunately saved.) My last few postings are about how I coped with my multiple miscarriages, so if you or anyone you know is going through the same and doesn’t want to feel so alone, send them my way.

  170. It is funny how the Universe just yells at you real loud sometimes to get your shit together. I used to blog and I loved it. Then life kicked me in the chin a little bit and it was all I could do to brush my teeth everyday much less blog. But I’m back on two feet and in the last three weeks,a little voice keeps saying, get back to it. Then it seemed like everywhere I looked there was something else saying DO IT. Thank you for this post.

  171. I was active on a listserv group in the days before blogging. Life happened, and I forgot to update my email address with them before the provider changed hands. And now I can’t find them because that PC died an ugly death and my email archive is in a format I can no longer read.

    Anyone out there from the old Culinary Herbs & Spices list?

  172. This is so exciting! I wish I had started blogging back in the day, but I started a few years ago. I write about all sorts of things. I hope you enjoy!

  173. Thanks for the reminder that no one will listen if we don’t speak up in the first place. I’ve been talking about doing a blog for years, now is my chance to get it done.

  174. I started blogging stories of my adventures so when I get depressed I can remember the things I have done and know that whatever I’m going through, I’ll get through. I haven’t been able to write much lately, home stretch of university is taking up most of my time. I’m trying to add when i can, but the farther back you go i think the better my writing is.
    (I apologize for weird format, commenting from my phone is difficult).

  175. Wow, I haven’t posted on my blog in four years! I always intended to write another post, but it was always for “next week”. Depression has gotten worse and I just let it go… I was writing on the 7 Sins of Writing and procrastination (sloth) was on of them. I guess I succumbed to my own vices. Now is a good a time as any to get back to it! I blog about my writing and will also be discussing mental health.

  176. Hi! I recently started a blog. This post has encouraged me to get another post going. Always love reading your blog!
    Come visit!

  177. I stopped blogging when anxiety started hitting my kids. I thought anxiety was something only I would deal with, my husband doesn’t have it so why would my kids. At first I thought I’d just take a break till it passes, but things have only progressed. Reading your blog and books help me feel less alone. Thanks, Jenny.

  178. I blogged a lot in 2006-2008. I’ve tried to write like that since. I should try again. I remember making badges for Nablopomo.

  179. One of my faves is “That’s Inappropriate” . Funny stuff about the struggles and joys of parenting.

  180. I’ve been blogging on and off for years, at differing levels of engagement, but now that I’ve finished graduate school (my most recent post talks about that accomplishment!), I can focus more on my blog in my downtime. I started a book blog last year for the sole reason that I wanted it to make me think about the books I was reading, but I also wanted to share recipes I’d tried and some stories I’d written, too. It’s kinda fallen by the wayside in the past two months since I’ve been working non-stop on my thesis defense, but now I’ve finally been able to get back into it.

    I’ve been reading your blog for over six years now, and I want to say that you have helped me so much with my anxiety. It makes me realize that I can conquer it, that I can get over those social situations (although while I say I can do it, actually doing it is another thing entirely!). I even stood up to my mother today for the first time and told her I was setting a boundary and would not be crossing it. You are the cause for so much of my bravery, and I thank you so much for everything you’ve done. I can’t wait for your next book to come out, and I’m hoping you go on tour somewhere a little closer to me at some point in the future so I can meet you in person and give you something weird to add to your collection.

  181. This is so strange.
    My mother has recently been urging me to try writing a blog again.
    I am struggling on so many levels right now. Scared, underemployed, recently divorced, lonely, and at a loss for what to do with myself. Every time I say I don’t know what I should be doing, my mom tells me, “You should be writing! All my girlfriends tell me how smart, and eloquent, and hilarious you are on Facebook and Twitter! You should pursue that!!!”
    You have touched on some of my fears about it.
    What if I can’t think of things to write? What if no one wants to read it? What if all the hate I have for myself bleeds through, and it makes more people hate me?
    Even considering it scares me, because what if I try, and the one thing I still enjoy ends up being ruined, because it gets colored with the failure that paints everything else in my life?
    I don’t know what my point with this comment is. Just seems like another one of those same universe pushes.

  182. My blog is a combo or my weird adventures and photography. Mostly pictures. Some book reviews, some travel and lots of road side attractions and animals.

  183. Was posting regularly to my blog when I was out of work for several years. Once I was hired in the publishing industry, it’s been difficult to find the motivation after 8 hours of work and 2 hours of commute every day. But it’s all still there, if a bit abandoned, and I’ve been thinking about picking it up again. Really wanted to start a new one for the “Real Gilmore Girls” (my daughter and I – we have quite the story) but can’t get WordPress to work right, and again… just have trouble finding the motivation to work on that after a full day at work. Meh.

  184. Just started a blog with my daughter called It celebrates our shared loved of cooking and writing! Kind of scary to put yourself ‘out there’ but I figure everyone on your blog seems so wonderful and supportive and, well, you asked us to share our blogs so here it is!

  185. Thank you for this!! I’ve been blogging since 2007 but now I post sporadically, at best. Lately I’ve felt like I have nothing relevant to say, but maybe I need to rethink that attitude. I would love to have the same kind of community I felt back when I first started my blog – that’s when I discovered a self-confidence I never knew I had.

  186. This December 2nd will mark my 17th blogiversary, but I admit that I’m not quite as active as I once was. I’ve been making a bigger effort to get back into it as of late. I once had a fairly decent following, but I’m down to just my hardcore subscribers these days.

    I can be found at Stupid Evil Bastard (

  187. I have been having trouble writing lately, but have this post from September. Will try again to organize my feelings and my life… but I have found it to be incredibly difficult. Sometimes it is hard to find your place in the world. Sometimes the world as it is, just does not make any sense. Thank you for understanding and for encouraging me today.

  188. I’ve had a blog for a few months at It’s about my life and getting over suicidal ideation.

  189. I just added a blog section to my website: I am a violin teacher and wanted a space to talk violin stuff (like how people do product reviews for Sephora… I wanted to do that for violin stuff!) I’d love to hear from you all!

  190. Old-school here. I haven’t posted anything in 6 years. I should return, though, right?

  191. 14 years this February — mostly in fits and spurts the last few years. I miss having the daily chronicle of life and loved this call for blogging when I saw it a few weeks ago (I think through Karen). I’m motivated to try.

  192. Ugh! I am so stressed that I can’t leave a post about what I’m blogging on a cheerleading blog post my my favorite blogger. Wahhhhhh!!! I am not even close to being a Part-Time Sunshine right now and can’t figure out the bug. Blog away, dear bloggers. I’m out there too and recently wrote about getting pulled over for speeding, and who the hell cares about that, right? Well, serves me right to not get to show you…

    Please know that I make comment on many of your assignments. You can see this notification as “thought bubbles” next to the graded assignment. Let me know if you have issues.

    Also, I am adding feedback to all of your college application essays. In order to see what I write, look at the upper right and you will see “recent feedback” and/or “view feedback” — I will make some comments there as well as point out any errors I see. I am not explaining each mistake because I think you will avoid it more, if you can figure out what you did wrong there (i.e. misuse or needed comma, apostrophe, capitalization, punctuation…). This will be pointed out with a “blue bubble”.

    Please let me know if you aren’t seeing this feedback. I’m spending a lot of time on it to help you.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Thank you.

    Mrs. Lucas