Was last week hard for you?  It was for me which is why I was a little MIA but instead of complaining about it (much) I want to focus on a week of awesomeness, but to do that I need your help.

I want to explore some of the great things that bring us joy and wonder so each day we’re going to have a different topic and share the awesome stuff you love.


So the best music you’re listening to or a new podcast you discovered or a funny joke someone told you…whatever wonderful thing you heard that you want other people to enjoy.

I’ll go first with a podcast that makes me very happy because it’s quite funny and distracting AND there are hundreds of episodes so I won’t burn through them in a week like I do with everything else.  It’s called Hello from the Magic Tavern and it’s an improv podcast about a guy who got sucked through a portal behind the Burger King and got stuck in a magical dimension.  It’s not quite as good as my favorite improv podcast, Mission to Zyxx, but it’s close and there are a ton of them.

YOUR TURN!  What wonderful thing have you heard that we should hear too?

PS.  This isn’t new but it’s on repeat in my house because I’m working on my next book and I’m knee-deep in vampires and this song keeps them away. Sharing in case you need it too.

PPS.  At the end of the week I’ll randomly pick a few people who have commented suggestions and send them gift cards that they can use to try some wonderful things that you guys might share through the week.  Whoop!


Read comments below or add one.

  1. My favourite podcast is “No Such thing as a fish” followed by “Mouthy Broadcast” and “My Dad wrote a porno”. These are really funny and hosted by amazing people.

  2. My friend’s 13-year-old son told me this joke on Saturday, and it’s so ridiculous it’s brilliant.
    Q: Why can’t you see a hippo hiding in a tree?
    A: Because hippos are really good at hiding in trees.

  3. Ohhhh, nice, Jenny! Thanks! I’ve been loving the podcast Armchair Expert with Dax Shepherd and Monica Padman. They are real and I love real and here’s a strong focus on mental health and smashing the damaging stigma surrounding it which I love. The topics and guests are diverse and uplifting. Oh, and he funnnaaaay!

  4. The best thing I listen to is a Pandora station called Laid Back Beach Music Radio. It makes me feel like I’m on the beach drinking daiquiris when in reality I’m at home surrounded by snow. Give it a listen!!

  5. “Through Your Eyes on Christmas Eve” by Abney Park. The song itself is lovely, the whole album deliciously different from the usual Christmas music.

  6. I love this! The best thing I’ve heard lately is the audio book for Lane Moore’s “How To Be Alone”. I love everything about it. Her writing, her story, her voice and inflection. It’s definitely one I’ll be listening to again and again. It’s very comforting to know you’re not alone in your loneliness!

  7. I love this. I’m still playing Mean Girls (the musical) on repeat. If you love the movie, the musical is SO FREAKING ON POINT. I mean, there’s a line that just says “Glen Coco, Glen Coco, Glen Coco!” But the song “I’d Rather Be Me” is very empowering even as an adult (who sometimes still feels left out by mean girls).

  8. The best story I heard this week. My friend’s three year old grandson is trying out cursing. ON Thanksgiving, he was in the playroom at his grandparent’s house with his much bigger cousins, and when his grandpa entered, he looked at him all serious, and said, “Get your bullshit ass out of here.” When his grandpa didn’t answer (trying not to laugh), he pointed at him and said, “And I didn’t say a bad word.”

  9. My nephew told me this joke (he thinks it is scandalous.

    How do you get a squirrel out of a tree?

    Wait for it….

    Show him your nuts.

  10. The best thing I’ve heard lately are all the messages of support I received when I posted a gofundme to raise $$ to cover the legal fees associated with trying to get full legal custody of my daughter so she won’t have to worry about her transphobic biodad interfering with educational and medical stuff. So many people – so many STRANGERS – donated to help keep my daughter as safe as possible and it is the most amazing thing to me.

  11. This joke from my 6-year-old made me laugh: A guy goes to a doctor’s office and says “Hey Doc…I’m a teepee, I’m a wigwam, I’m a teepee, I’m a wigwam, I’m a teepee, I’m a wigwam!” And the doctor says, “Relax, you’re just two tents (too tense)!”

  12. I’m going with Mucca Pazza. Imagine a funky marching band full of quirky adults, playing all the music marching bands aren’t “supposed” to play. Discovered them just recently and wondering how I can convince the group they desperately need a piccolo player and that I am that piccolo player. 😉

  13. I really enjoy How Stuff Works, and Stuff You Missed In History Class. Penultimate joy comes from My Favorite Murder however.

  14. Listening to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy always makes me feel better. They have 2 great Christmas CD’s, but my favorite Christmas song of theirs is : It Feels Like Christmastime. If you’re not ready for Christmas music, I recently discovered a song of theirs called, Save My Soul. Just listening to swing music makes me feel better.

  15. My favorite new Podcast is “Imagined Life” where they give you the life story of a famous person before they became famous, with clues as to the person’s identity which is revealed at the end. It’s such a fun and interesting podcast!

  16. I cannot STOP listening to Jason Mraz…his music is upbeat and lifts my spirits (especially when I’m feeling down)! Absolutely LOVE your books, blogs, Insta posts, you know…EVERYTHING YOU FREAKING DO, JENNY! <3

  17. Dear Hank and John Podcast is a comedy podcast where they give dubious advice. Also Vlogbrothers is there youtube channel that is sometimes funny and silly, sometimes intellectual.

  18. I have been obsessively listening to and watching the video for “Pop Stars” by K/DA. That song is so darn catchy.

  19. I’ve been listening to Bobby Darin. There’s something about music of that time period and before that I really love and find very comforting. It’s not that life was easier then, but maybe less complicated. Maybe a little less frightening. I love watching old movies on TCM as well. Not only do I like a lot of them, but they also are very comforting.

  20. The best thing for me has been learning that toucans are cool. Literally.

    Turns out their beaks aren’t just big for eating large sized fruit and nuts. The beak contains a lot of blood vessels, which can dilate when the bird is too hot, releasing heat.

    Oh! And learning that the status of the fin whale and the mountain gorilla on the IUCN list of species at risk has changed for the better (so they are still in need of protection, but not quite as at risk as they were before).

  21. You’re a mean one mr. grinch by small town titans. It is awesome! Love to you and yours.

  22. For some reason, I am obsessed with the podcast “YoungHouseLove” which is largely about DYI and design. I have no interest in actually DYI-ing anything and can barely design a powerpoint slide (let alone a room), but I love listening to this couple talk about anything and everything. Go figure.

  23. I’m grateful you’re grateful for a good podcast, someone ruined all of them for me! I can’t even bring myself to listen to another for fear it’s time I won’t get back. Blame Vinny he’s a narcissist and not funny!!!

  24. Clearly I am the only person who does not listen to podcasts. Except my old ones from when I used to have an iRadio show. #GloryDays
    I do let Bob Ross paint me to sleep most nights when I don’t take flexeril. <3 <3 He my boyfrien.

  25. The best thing I heard this past week was that my sister’s son-in-law’s house in Paradise, California is still standing! And they were able to get in last Tuesday and drive both cars out. Happy Thanksgiving indeed!

  26. My 2 1/2 year-old nephew calls a helicopter a “hockey dockey.” No matter how many times you pronounce it correctly for him to repeat, he says the same thing. Like “I’m saying it exactly how you are; what’s your problem?”

  27. My teenage daughter just informed me that To Kill a Mockingbird is coming to broadway! I am an English teacher who is privileged to teach this great piece of literature. My daughter’s English class just finished. We are both fans and can’t wait to see this on stage.

  28. My favorite thing to listen to online is Cambria, CA radio station KTEA, a time machine that takes you back 30-40 years and plays all the great songs. I haven’t heard a dud yet. https://www.1035ktea.com

  29. The best thing I’ve heard all day is – and I’m not just sucking up – Furiously Happy on audible. Seriously if you have only read the book it is SO MUCH MORE when read in Jenny’s own voice. Seriously.

  30. You have no idea how much I needed this little pick me up. It matters. The best thing that I’ve heard of today that I’d love to share is Fierce Fairytales by Nikita Gill. It’s like if fairytales had a 2018 baby that was aware of feminism, intersectional issues, and what it means to be a lady struggling to survive.

  31. The two best things that I heard this week were my cat purring and my granddaughter laughing. That’s totally a win win in my book.

  32. One of my favorite podcasts is Girl in Space. It’s funny and smart and kinda sad. I’ve listened to it a couple of times because only season 1 is out right now. It will make you want cheese and to watch Jurassic Park.

  33. Just started listening to The Pessimist’s Companion, a new album by Ginger Wildheart (available at round-records.com). It’s a collection of beautiful, relatable songs exploring failed relationships and the struggles of living with mental illness.

  34. I have been loving the podcast Ghost in the Burbs. There’s a backlog, so it will keep you entertained for a bit!

  35. My current favorite podcast is Beyond and Back. I can’t find a link, but I found it through Featherweight Studios site.

  36. it’s not a new song, but I literally just heard it for the first time yesterday. It’s “Santa Tell Me” from Ariana Grande. I can’t stop listening to it, it’s such a fun jam. Maybe someone else will discover it now and enjoy it too!
    I could also recommend the song “When the Party’s Over” from Billie Eilish. I can’t say it’ll bring joy – it makes me cry every time. But it’s a really gorgeous song.

  37. My dad called me up in the middle of my work day last week to tell me a terrible joke:

    “Hey, did you hear that Samsung and Apple are merging?! No? Well, they’re going to be called ‘Snapple’!” (He was laughing so hard at himself he almost couldn’t finish the joke. My dad is 75.)

  38. My two favorite podcasts are The Smartest Man in the World, with Greg Proops, & My Favorite Murder. Both tackle tough subjects by cracking wise-ass remarks (never about victims, though) & Greg Proops rallies for positive change for women. I <3 Greg Proops

  39. My state election was held on Saturday and the conservative scaremongers were trounced. I then heard that my state is the most socially progressive state in the country, and I was extremely proud of that. So yay for society, and a belief that we are all in this together and that we are all equal!

  40. I’ve recently discovered https://asoftmurmur.com/ which lets you create your own mix of white noises (like rain, thunder, waves, crickets, coffee shop, etc) to drown out all the chaotic stressful parts of life which has been a lifesaver with all the holidays. If you prefer words with your music, Lindsey Stirling has some lovely christmas music (not to mention all her other songs) that will brighten anyone’s day!

  41. When my depression and anxiety is really bad ( which is more and more lately ), I have two movies I watch.
    Big Hero Six because who doesn’t need a Baymax. It’s comforting and makes me feel better.
    Meet The Robinson’s. Amazing story about why it’s great to be different and that no matter what you need to keep moving forward. I cry buckets of happy tears at the end every time.

  42. My husband and I portray Santa & Mrs. Claus for the 3 days following Thanksgiving. (We do this for free, by the way, because ‘prostituting’ Santa feels wrong to us.) Anyway … one little guy gave Santa a letter, and hugged both of us with the innocence and trust I wish we all still had in our hearts. Later he came back and told us that when he grew up, he wanted to come work for Santa. Made our day. (P.S. Don’t rush to grow up too fast, little buddy.)

  43. Seriously just fall into the cuteness hole that is https://www.reddit.com/r/aww/
    I know reddit has been around for ages, but if you are ever having an awful day or a blah day, just go here – it tends to be really cute animals (fluffy bunnies, baby otters, cats snuggling rhinos, etc) but they also have sweet human things too – but mostly cute animals. It never fails to make me smile and go “aaawww”

  44. I’m a lover of all things Disney and when I found this website streaming music from the parks I was more than thrilled. I now play it as my background music when I’m in the dungeon known as work. http://www.subsonicradio.com

  45. The best thing I heard last week is that same radio station I have been listening to for the past 8 years, that is, FIP: https://www.fip.fr/

    Great music almost all the time, in many wildly different genres, very few and short breaks for news (2 mins per hour), one hour of jazz every night (Paris time), and NO ADS.

    The second best thing is Seth Godin’s podcast: http://hear.sethpodcast.com/

    Lots of good thinking, well explained, a great way to improve our (underdeveloped) skills for promoting things.

  46. I just came across Furiously Happy at the library. I’m really enjoying it this week, and likely for life! I’m pretty sure I found a kindred spirit…not you, the dog biscuit eating pharmacist 😉

    Keep on crazying on! <3 a fellow crazy!

  47. Tim Minchin! From Matilda (naughty and when I grow up), whatever “this is my earth” is called, and to “thank you God”.
    PS: I also reall like Cont(ext), except then I an prone to singing the first two lines over and over… Which can be dangerous I suspect ‘/

  48. Why are moon rocks tastier than earth rocks?
    Because they’re a little meteor!
    I was very frustrated recently and had my husband read me dad jokes. We both busted out laughing on that one!

  49. My newest podcast obsession is “Ear Hustle”. It is a 30 minute podcast from San Quentin state prison in California. Super interesting. It’s hosted by an inmate and a volunteer. They talk about all different aspects of prison life. First day in, last day in, relationships, things that happen. Each one has a different theme. I am completely fascinated by it.

  50. My 4 year old has a new thing… when you tell him to stop doing something or that he cant have something, He VERY dramatically exclaims “But it’s my destiny!”

    Me: “No, you cant have candy for breakfast”
    Him: “But it’s my destiny!”

    Me: “Please stop running out of the house naked”
    Him: “But it’s my destiny!”

    I am going to steal this and use it (with full dramatic flair) when life is kicking me around.

  51. My kids are the best thing in my life right now. My middle little has started putting hershey kisses in my lunch box “so we can be connected at lunch time”.

  52. The new cover of Last Christmas by Pale Waves, and my son laughing with his friends while they play D and D. (He’s at a new school and has found his tribe.)

  53. This is fantastic! Thank you for brightening our lives with each other! The best thing I’ve heard lately is the sound of my mom’s laughter as family gathered for the holiday in Michigan from a thousand miles away. She has done so well since my dad died and I’m so proud of her. Being together for Thanksgiving lit up her spirit!

  54. “This Is Love” podcast by Phoebe Judge is just so beautiful and I am so excited that season two has started.

    But the best thing I listened to this week was the news from Ear Hustle about Earlonne Woods’s sentence being commuted.

  55. SiriusXM radio. Specifically 1st Wave on ch. 33. Having notifications pop up in the car to tell you when your favourites are on is freaking brilliant. There’s old radio shows even. Something for everyone. 🤗

  56. Pretty much any song from Bob’s Burgers brings me tons of joy (and will get referenced at any moment). However, two of my ABSOLUTE favorites are “Bad Stuff Happens in the Bathroom” and “Electric Love.” My boyfriend and I have semi-seriously talked about playing the Edison-Topsy love ballad at our wedding…Oh, and when I saw “BEST THING I HEARD LATELY” in your post, I originally read it as “BEST THING I HEARD LATEX” so there’s that…

  57. Two things:
    My current favorite song is Crier Tout Bas by Coeur de Pirate. It was in the movie a simple favor and it’s awesome.

    Also, I read a silly little humor post on Instagram this week and I keep telling it to everyone – “when I die, I want my remains to be scattered at Disneyland. Also, i dont want to be cremated.”

  58. My youngest son has discovered the joys of “Yo mamma” jokes. The best one I heard is “Yo mamma so old, she preordered the BIBLE!”

    The best news I heard at work was my Golden Dart Frogs calling. And they presented me with a clutch of eggs.

    The best fun I heard is that we’re doing a gift exchange over on Twitter for people who met in your comments section, Jenny. The family that you have helped create is larger than you know, and we are taking care of each other.

  59. We lost my puppy to a car accident almost two weeks ago. He wasn’t even two years old. This has been one of the worst holiday seasons in a long time, maybe ever.
    What’s been helping me stay distracted is the Shadowhunters novels because they’re long enough that I don’t finish one in less than a day. I started them because I found one on sale really cheap. And a Spotify playlist that’s mostly old jazz and some classical music.

  60. Finding all the insight and resources valuable on To Write Love On Her Arms new podcast series. Not alot of recordings yet but it’s been cool to hear others coping strategies. Listening during TMS, aka the woodpecker of happiness sessions. The podcasts has trigger warnings when necessary. Giving me hope when I can’t find it myself. Articles and posts on The Mighty community help too.
    Tried a float spa today for the first time and I will definitely be going back. Whole new level of relaxation.

  61. Best thing I heard lately: my 2-year old goddaughter pointing at all the women in the room and yelling “TIT.” Took us a few minutes to figure out she wanted us to SIT!!

  62. Simply the Best performed by Noah Reid on Schitt’s Creek (S4). Fun fact: Noah Reid voiced the animated turtle Franklin in the tv series.

  63. Best podcast I’ve been listening to is The Half Hour Happy Hour. Always entertaining,they always make me forget my troubles for about a half hour.

  64. The Babel album from Sam Tinnesz, I love it! There are three songs that are my favorite and I could (and do) listen to them on repeat. The three specific songs are Even If It Hurts, Play With Fire, and Sound Of The Siren. I don’t know how to describe the music except that to me it’s raw emotion.

  65. The best thing I’ve heard lately was Kate Bowler (author of Everything Happens for a Reason – and Other Lies I’ve Loved) interviewing Emily McDowell (artist and creator of the amazing Empathy Cards line and author of There is No Good Card for This: What to Say and Do When Life Is Scary, Awful, and Unfair to People You Love) on her Everything Happens podcast. Her earlier interview with Alan Alda was pretty great, too.

  66. The Ask A Manager podcast. I love it so much that I just put it on for soothing background noise. The host has the sweetest voice and she seems so genuinely wanting to help everyone, it’s so soothing to listen to someone hear other people’s problems and then give advice.

  67. I can’t get enough of It’s a Southern Thing on Youtube because the videos are hilarious and relatable to me as a Texan 🙂

  68. I’ve certainly got a podcast problem. And addiction. Too many subscriptions, too little time. sigh Some of my favorites:
    For a good laugh: My Dad Wrote a Porno
    To Make Me Think: TED Radio Hour
    The One Everyone Already Listens To: This American Life / Radiolab
    One I Thought No One Knew About And Now It’s On Amazon Prime As A Show: Homecoming
    Makes Me Feel Like I’m Eavesdropping on a Therapy Session (Cuz I Am): Where Should We Begin
    Feeds My Outdoor Obsession: She Explores / Women On The Road / Dirtbag Diaries

    I could go on … (and on and on and on…..) …..

  69. Welcome back. I was getting worried about your absence.

    This past few weeks I’ve been especially fond of The Good Place when I need to laugh, and I”m completely addicted to celebrities answering the autocompletes on Wired. I just keep going back to July Talk on YouTube, because the male lead singer’s voice reminds me of Tom Waits. https://youtu.be/YWywb9i-z7Y

  70. I was recently introduced to Katherine Crowe’s music. LOVE IT! What a beautiful, emotional singer. Sadly, she died of cancer a few years ago. 🙁 Everyone needs to hear her, IMHO.

  71. I’m a law student and was just offered an externship next semester with the federal public defender!

  72. True Stories is one of my all time favorite movies and I discovered this morning that the full soundtrack with the cast performances was just released. I’m working from home today listening to it on repeat and keep happy crying when Radio Head and Dream Operator come up.

  73. The best thing I heard all week? Easy, I had to cancel an Airbnb rental that was for over 28 days. I didn’t realize by canceling I forfeited the $1087.00 I had already paid. The rental was up three flights of stairs and my mom is older and couldn’t handle that many stairs for an entire month. I thought the money was gone, to bad so sad. The BEST thing I heard was the owner refunded me $1000.00 and Airbnb refunded me the balance of $87.00. Tears of joy and relief.

  74. started this series of books by Jasper Fforde & the main character is a woman named Thursday Next. It is about the real world AND the people who can ‘read themselves INTO books & the characters in the books. It is really funny & i love it more, listening to it as books on cd. the narrator has a lovely british accent, which makes me want to speak that way as well! http://www.howtoread.me/thursday-next-books-in-order/

  75. If you haven’t already, listen to the episode “Batman” in the podcast Invisibilia. Chills, chills, chills. It will just blow your mind how our brains work. I didn’t just hear it this week (hope hats not cheating), but I think it’s the best thing I’ve heard EVER.

  76. Best thing I ever heard was that my mom who turns 75 today. Will be moved to rehab this week after being in a horrific car accident that had her on life support last week.

  77. The best thing I’ve been listening to of late is the soundtrack to Heathers the Musical – dark humour is my jam 🙂 I went to see the show in London with my other half in October, and it was the most amazing experience, so listening to it again takes me back to that atmosphere!

    BUT the best thing I’ve HEARD lately was from my 11 year old nephew, who gave me a hug and told me he was proud of me. <3

  78. My 2.5 year old son (with Down syndrome) said “Mom” for the first time yesterday. It arose from a whine, but I’ll take it and embrace it and love it all the same!

  79. I listen to the podcast My Dad Wrote a Porno while I work out at the gym. People must think that I think the rowing machine is hilarious. 😂

  80. Glenn Gould playing JS Bach’s Goldberg Variations. I listen on repeat when I’m stressed and it is super soothing. Apparently, Bach wrote them to help someone with insomnia! And if you listen closely, you can hear Gould humming along as he plays!

  81. I truly enjoy listening to trans Siberian orchestra. It pits me in a holiday spirit while calming my nerves. It can evoke emotions at times but I love it.

  82. Best thing I heard lately might be the live podcast from The Adventure Zone from Seattle. It was the recent Halloween episode, and I laughed so hard I cried a little. Also heard even more recently, my elderly mother at Thanksgiving “Have you heard of Reddit? It came on my phone and I love it!”.

  83. I’m rather enjoying the mix of artists on Pink! Radio on Pandora.
    There. It’s out.
    I am still an unapologetic mainstream top-40 pop queen.

  84. Best thing I heard last week: The biopsy is negative! 🙂 And something I have found fun and silly and relaxing: playing Luigi’s Mansion on the Nintendo 3DS that my son got me.

  85. The best thing about my week was watching The Ballad of Buster Scruggs on Netflix. It’s by the Coen bros. and is beautiful, horrible, weird, and endearing. The first story is amazing. ❤️

  86. I truly enjoy listening to trans Siberian orchestra. It puts me in a holiday spirit while calming my nerves. It can evoke emotions at times but I love it.

  87. I am Usidore! Wizard of the 12th Realm of Ephysiyies, Master of Light and Shadow, Manipulator of Magical Delights, Devourer of Chaos, Champion of the Great Halls of Terr’akkas. The elves know me as Fi’ang Yalok. The dwarves know me as Zoenen Hoogstandjes. And I am also known in the Northeast as Gaismunēnas Meistar.

  88. The best thing I’ve recently found and am hard core addicted to is hank & Henry live on fb. He’s a makeup artist who is the funniest person. He’s so real and positive. I love him so much and no matter how bad I feel he makes me laugh.

  89. We are huge fans of TUSK by Fleetwood Mac and the USC marching band. The music came on the day after Thanksgiving and everyone danced. It was so good to be able to laugh together since we’re flung all over the country.

  90. The best thing this week…I discovered Sara Bareilles’ song Brave, which I had somehow missed and have come to love. There’s a video of her performing it with the National Symphony Orchestra on YouTube that is simply amazing. https://youtu.be/9V-mVSwVjeE

  91. I really like Lore, one of my most favorite podcasts, though it is hard for me to truly listen to podcasts because the PTSD gets to acting up and I turn spacey.

  92. Wait… you’re “knee deep in vampires” meaning you’re fighting off vampires in order to write or are you writing about vampires? The latter of which, and how I choose to read it, is the best thing I’ve heard lately. Yes heard – because I read it aloud.

  93. The Oatmeal made a brilliant comic(?) about NASA’s latest rover, which successfully touched down on Mars today. Both the scientists and the cartoonist did excellent work to let us know more about something fascinating, and I appreciate it!

  94. The Oatmeal made a brilliant comic(?) about NASA’s latest rover, which successfully touched down on Mars today. Both the scientists and the cartoonist did excellent work to let us know more about something fascinating, and I appreciate it!

  95. “Warlock Holmes: My Grave Ritual” on audiobook. Three in the series and delivers on the silly!

  96. I love listening to Sofie Hagen’s “Made of Human” podcast. She also does a delightfully cheeky podcast with Jodie Mitchell called “Secret Dinosaur Cult.” I highly recommend both of them.

  97. Most of my podcast suggestions come from you.

    But try My dead wife, the Robot car.

    It tickles my ribs!

  98. The beautiful music of Helen Jane Young. Found her randomly on an Amazon playlist, but it is beautiful and haunting and just what I needed this fall. Try “Survivor” or “Ascension”

  99. Here’s a funny joke that my 8 year old told me:
    Kid: Mom, why don’t you ever want to battle a T-Rex?
    Me: Hmm, I don’t know. Why?
    Kid: Because you’ll get jurasskicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Me: ::laugh attack:: ::tummy ache:: ::DEAD::

  100. The Latest Hamildrop from Lin-Manuel, “Cheering for me now”. It is everything a Broadway song should be…

  101. Here’s a wonderful thing for anyone who has been diagnosed either as pre-diabetic, or as having Type 2 Diabetes: This plant extract known as Berberine has been shown to be as effective as prescription drugs such as Glucophage or Metformin. It has worked miracles for me, and it’s readily available, not expensive, and has no side effects (Glucophage and Metformin can’t make that claim). So for some of us this is a wonderful thing.

  102. Here are some 3 week old rough collie pups (future service dogs) having their first wrestling match. I’ve been privileged to hear a lot of this over the last few months with two litters on the go and am happy to share the wealth!


  103. The best thing I heard all week was about the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. Sesame Street had a float, and on that float with all of her friends was Julia, the muppet girl who has autism. Because the parade was a loud place, they gave her noise-cancelling headphones just like some people with autism need in loud spaces like that. They didn’t make a big deal about it, or even mention it. They just did it, cuz it’s just a thing that some kids need sometimes. I nearly started crying when I saw the pictures.

    I was lucky enough to have met Stacey Gordon when we were both guests at an SF convention, shortly before she was chosen as Julia’s primary puppeteer. I also met Stacey’s son who has autism. As an adult who went undiagnosed until my 40s because autism in girls presents differently and wasn’t being noticed, I love how she and the Sesame Street team are “getting it”, and that little girls like me or like Julia will now learn that everyone is different and that’s ok.

  104. Watching the Busy Phillips talk show, Tracee Ellis Ross was the guest. They were discussing the importance of saying “no”. Tracee said “I’ve found it is important to say ‘no’ when you need to, even though it’s difficult.” Then she said, “Just remember, it’s the small no’s that lead to a bigger yes later on!”
    This was groundbreaking for me. I always have trouble saying no to people, and people know it and take advantage of it. There’s a clip on YouTube, I’ll try to add the link, but in case it doesn’t work, just search “Tracee Ellis Ross Busy Tonight”.


  105. My favorite podcast is Nobidy Listens to Paula Poundstone, and I recently got my husband hooked on it, too. We were in Memphis last month and happened upon the Nick Black Band. We have since driven from Pittsburgh to Ellicottville, NY to hear them play. Check them out on iTunes. They make me truly happy.

  106. I have severe OCD and sometimes I have bad days where I can’t go outside so I sleep during the day and like to hang out on my phone in the evenings after my husband and I have dinner. So , I know this is weird, considering I don’t wear makeup, but I love watching Biancalovesmakeup91 on Facebook and Instagram. It’s her doing different makeup looks and just talking. Her husband Ivan joins in too. You get a glimpse of someone being real. Also I like to watch Mad about leggings and Mad about pearls. Both are small shopping shows by Megan Bestle. It’s just picks up my moods to see their giant personalities. I love them!

  107. Best thing I heard on thanksgiving…

    11year old niece singing
    Her mother begins singing along
    Niece says to her mother “this is a solo”

    Solid burn

  108. Heaving Bosoms Podcast! Super funny friends who live far away from each other, and so created this podcast as a way to talk to each other more often. They hilariously recap and discuss romance novels, and they’re also spawned a facebook group that is so full of love and support and just brightens my day.

  109. Halsey’s New Americana

    For several months this song was on the radio and I thought the chorus said “Please don’t meet me at Nirvana.” I spent this time wondering what this means, what would cause a person to not see someone in nirvana? After so many lifetimes and growing into an enlightened person, who would be someone you would still not want to meet after they have spent a hundred lives as a dung beetle and another hundred as a donkey? I one day caught the title and saw the actual lyrics and felt amused and also like an idiot.

  110. The best thing I heard lately was listening to the NASA JPL broadcast of our latest Mars rover InSight successfully landing on Mars today at ~1:45pm CT. All was well with the robot and it had even sent its first picture back to earth less than 5 mins after landing. I know, not traditionally inspirational, but hearing the joy and relief of another successful mission was strangely uplifting.

  111. I live in Michigan and I used to love snow. But my job as a first responder for 29 years made he hate it because of the chaos it brings. I recently retired and I now get to love snow again. It was snowing when I woke up this morning….big fat flakes. They are so magical and float so gracefully to the ground I stood in my doorway, wearing jammies and totally delighted. It made me feel young again !

  112. The best thing I heard today happened while I was babysitting. A 7 year old, changing into his play clothes said, “Can I free-ball it? I’m free-balling it.” Play clothes went on sans underwear while I giggled. His mother attempted to correct his language, but my laughter rendered that ineffectual. 😂

  113. The best podcast I have found so far is My Dad Wrote a Porno. I listen to this at work (with headphones, of course) and pray no one asks me what I’m laughing about.

  114. I don’t listen to podcasts, but I’m beginning to think I should figure out how. Anyways, the best thing that made me smile was my disabled nephew, who rarely speaks, told me he loved me as he hugged me. I cried on the drive home.

  115. Not the ABSOLUTE best song, but surely the absolute best WEIRD song: The Malibu Bus Number 3 – it’s on youtube. (That’s not the name of the song.)

  116. My dad wrote a porno. Podcast. I’ve just started listening and it makes me laugh out loud hysterically alone in my car.

  117. The best thing I heard was not at all what I expected! I was given tickets to the Trans Siberian Orchestra, and had never been there before. What an experience!! The music was intense and the lights and special effects were incredible!

  118. I watched Trevor Noah – Son of Patricia on Netflix last night. There was a part about tacos/napkins where I laughed so hard that I almost peed my pants. You really should catch that if you can. Laugh out loud funny in so many parts. I love this idea of yours.

  119. My favorite dumb joke is so dumb that people usually just stare in awe at the level of stupid, but it makes me laugh every time, so I’m going to share it.
    Why are there so many Smiths in the phone book?
    Because they all have telephones!

  120. Trout Mask Replica. Find it on youtube and in 20-30 seconds you will know what the entire album sounds like.

    You’re welcome 🙂

  121. My son’s daily Funnies. They keep me going.
    Today’s funny with My son ..
    Son :math is kinda like a satan thing..
    me : why you think that?
    Son: well satan test us and math is like a test
    Man I think the school is glad he is homeschooled other wise their class wouldn’t get any work done 🤣🤣

  122. My favorite podcast is Armchair expert with Dax Shepard. Has a positive message and I didn’t expect to become a fan of his.

  123. I am currently working my way through My Favorite Murder. Then I think I’ll move on to Unqualified with Anna Faris.

  124. Best thing I’ve heard this week:
    14 year old son- “mom, I’m so glad my dad is still sober”

  125. The song and video one YouTube, “Dance Like a Goat” An exhuberant young woman doing
    this silly dance in her kitchen interspersed with footage of little Pygmy goats ‘dancing’. Just
    looking at them makes me giggle. Also, the ozone layer is evidently getting thicker; healing
    itself. Scientists are attributing the improvement to international cooperation that has really
    reduced fluorocarbons in the atmosphere. Good news !

  126. I am currently working my way through My Favorite Murder. Then I think I’ll move on to Unqualified with Anna Faris.

  127. My Favorite Murder is amazing! I binge the Hell out of it. I even peed once listening to it. I just discovered Dark Poutine. It’s as odd and wonderful as it sounds. I reread The Name of the Wind. I watch baby otters and cats and you. You helpme a lot. Thank you Jenny.

  128. I am OBSESSED with My Dad Wrote a Porno. I only started listening to it this year, but I am nearly caught up and I will be lost when I don’t have any left to listen to. (So thanks for all the suggestions because I will definitely need something funny to listen to a.s.a.p).

  129. My new favorite podcast is Spontanration from Paul F Thompkins. Part Interview, part random improve using the stories from the guests.

  130. I’m prompted to comment for the first time because I’m so struck by a sudden realization that people who struggle to find joy because of mental illness are often the ones who appreciate it the most when they find it and look for it hardest. I’ve had a terrible year full of grief and loss and I’ve been embarking on a deliberate campaign to find joy, and this post is inspiring. Here is my list of intentional gratitude from my phone:

    Peanut butter froyo
    Full gas tank
    New tall coffee mug from steph
    Making bed daily
    Clean kitchen counter
    Living room rug
    The kids running to say hello or goodbye to me
    Going from cold into heat (like car) or heat into cold
    The kids’ real, deep, unselfconscious laughter
    Flips yogurt
    Bullet journals and color markers
    Homework nights with the kids
    Huge harvest moon
    Sunrises and sunsets over fields

  131. My new favorite podcast is Spontanration from Paul F Thompkins. Part Interview, part random improve using the stories from the guests.

  132. Songs: Anything Coldplay right now, since I saw their documentary a couple weeks ago. Their music always touches me. Podcasts: The Hilarious World of Depression, Lexicon Valley (because language is fun and cool)… Cabinet of Curiosities and History England and the members only. The Things that Made England. Dang it, I miss the UK.

  133. After months of skepticism I finally tried The Good Place on Oh my gosh it is so smart and legit funny!! I can’t wait for more.

    Thanks for being a bright light in these crazy times, even when it is hard.

  134. SOOOOOOOOO many podcasts and the best part is that almost all of them have already been mentioned. I love you people. For sheer fun, Ask Me Another and No Such thing as a Fish, just for the record.

    The thing that is making me happiest these days is anything written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, but essepically this: https://youtu.be/_hVboj4NgZc.
    It uplifts me and gives me hope and reminds me that there are so many of us out there. We’re all just doing our best.

  135. I laughed so hard at this joke AND it made me so angry at the same time because it’s such a dad joke:
    (Apologies to those who don’t speak Spanish, but you’ll still get the gist.)
    “¿Como se dice ‘un zapato’ en inglés?”
    A shoe.

    (I’m so so sorry!)

  136. My absolute favorite podcast these days is Ologies. Lots of learning and laughing and scream crying to be done.

  137. The best thing I’ve heard was my husband saying ‘Let’s put up some Christmas lights’.

  138. I currently have 2 favourite jokes.
    1. What do you call a fish with no eye?
    2. What do you get when you cross a flamingo and an elephant?
    Your funding revoked and trip before the ethics board.
    Both are so bad they are good : )

  139. A friend recently turned me on to “The Story” by Brandi Carlile and I’m in love with it. Every time I listen, I have to turn it up really loud and dance a little love song to myself… and I usually end up in tears.

  140. Overheard at 11 year old’s slumber party, “I just love old people! They’re sweet and they make really good cookies.”

  141. I’ve been trying to start blogging, and I really needed that Die, Vampire, Die! video! One of my favorite places to find positive feelings on the internet is https://www.reddit.com/r/wholesomememes/ It’s just a forum of people sharing pictures, memes, and stories that make you feel warm and fuzzy. I hope y’all can enjoy it and maybe even help it grow!

  142. I love the podcast Beautiful Anonymous – where strangers call in and can talk about anything for one hour with host Chris Gethard. So callers are amazing, heartbreaking, everyday ‘’normal’, heros, etc

  143. Best thing I’ve heard lately would be “Something about whistling” by The Bush, The Tree and me. Love the line “please mind the gap you left in my life story.”

  144. Follow abby jiminez and her dog stuntman.mikey on Instagram. She’s famous for her bakery making a geode cake that looked like a vagina. Her dog is an insolent adorable beggar. I think all yorkies probably are

  145. Die Vampires Die! Is my go to for getting out of a creative slump too!!
    It isn’t particularly new or obscure, but I am obsessed with the Podcast My Favorite Murder. It’s comedy! And Murder! Potentially weird comfort listening, but it soothes me!

  146. My husband introduced me to a fantastic Norwegian YouTuber who does thrash metal covers, https://youtu.be/10Rh5mjOOG8
    Everything thing is awesome makes me feel invisible when I’m hiding in my house cause depression , and, anxiety are messing me up.

  147. Oh oh, I get to add to Jamie McMillians (194) joke…

    What do you call a deer with no eyes?
    No eye deer

    What do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs?
    Still no eye deer

    Also, did you hear about the barcodes on the Finnish warships?
    It’s so they can Scandinavian

  148. I don’t usually do podcasts, but my obsession with all things Supernatural has me listening to the new Wayward Podcast by Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster. Last week’s episode had a really great message about prioritizing yourself, reaching out for help when you need it, and just being supportive of yourself and the people around you. It’s all-around awesome, but that message was one I really needed. (A new one came out today but I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet.) https://waywardpodcast.podbean.com/

  149. I’ve been battling with boxes, books, papers, pills boxes, and my phone just flying past me out of now where today or suddenly flipping into the floor. It’s the first anniversary of my hubby passing away suddenly from ALS/Lou Gehrig’s. The best thing that happened was my grandson and daughter coming by today and I got {hugs} from my 12 y/o grandson. Amazing!

  150. I have been OBSESSED with the podcast Dumb People Town lately. Every week 4 comedians (3 hosts and a guest) read 3 crazy/funny/outrageous stories of dumbness and make jokes about them. It is truly wonderful.
    And my favorite joke I’ve heard lately…
    I went to a zoo, but it only had one animal and it was a dog.

    It was a shitzu.

  151. Little Big Awesome is an animated show on Amazon Prime that’s bringing JOY to my entire family (ages 5-37). It’s smart, hilarious, happy, zany and just a true delight. When my husband saw that season two was released he did an actual dance of joy.

  152. Not necessarily new (the album came out in 2015 I think) but I love Courtney Barnett’s song “Nobody Really Cares if You Don’t Go to the Party”. And if you’re looking for Christmas music that is upbeat and awesome and totally not overplayed because it doesn’t get played on the radio ever, consider looking up Surfin’ Christmas. It’s a bunch of studio musicians in like Denmark or somewhere rocking out hard to some Christmas tunes and it was supposed to be a novelty album but now it’s a cult classic and great for people who aren’t into Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé for the 100th time.

  153. Covergirl just announced that they are now cruelty free!! No more animal testing!! Hooray!!!!

  154. The Potterotica Podcast is hilarious and a great distraction. The hosts read Harry Potter erotic fan fiction, and add their own funny commentary. It got me through some rough weeks.

  155. I’m a big Sara Bareilles fan, so her new song Armor is one constant repeat in my mind… Whether the computer is playing it or not…

  156. I heard this joke the orther day:
    Why does a chicken coop have 2 doors?
    If it had four it would be a chicken sedan.

  157. Frosty, Heidi, and Frank! They are on the radio in L.A. or FHF.com. I dont live in California but started listening when they had a podcast many years ago. They have gotten me through some pretty rough times by making me belly laugh. I started listening in 2006 and they still crack me up!

  158. Well Jenny, a podcast now turned book that I am currently fascinated by that I think you’d like is called “Alice Isn’t Dead.” Another podcast would be “Homecoming.” It is so much better than the new show based off it on Prime Video. Catherine Keener is really great in her role in the story.

  159. My husband & I caught the last few minutes of “Love Actually” on TV last night & it was magical as always. “God only knows what I’d do without you” – thanks, Brian Wilson!

  160. My favorite podcast at the moment is The Adventure Zone, a D&D podcast that is funny, heartwarming, and meaningful (even if it doesn’t seem like it in the beginning). 🙂

  161. The Hidden Almanac podcast. Fantasy and gardening. And fantasy gardening. Current story line is Rev. Mord (a plague doctor) and Pastor Drom (she loves tequila) trying to uncurse a cursed sloth by bringing a dead Queen’s missing skull back to her tomb and to her body. “Stay safe and remember, you are not alone.”

  162. I was riding with my MIL on the way to college station and had google maps directing me on where to go…MIL has ridden with me several times so she has heard it on before….she asked me “ do you get this same lady every time you need directions??” BAHAHAHA! gotta love it 😍 & thankful for an awesome MIL

  163. The song that always makes me feel happy and grounded is Almost Home by Mary Chaplin Carpenter. Not new at all, but often needed.

  164. It might sound dumb, or even unfair because y’all can’t hear it too, but the best thing I’ve heard this week was my son’s laughter.
    I only get to see him every other weekend because he lives with his dad. He’s almost 11.
    He calls me every morning before school and this morning was no different. But, y’all. He called me and he was already laughing. At something stupid that his dad had said as the phone was ringing. But his laugh is magical. He’s my reason. And that laugh just lights up my whole self.

  165. I’ve yet to venture into the world of podcasts. I’m still stuck in the mukbang and ASMR depths of YouTube. Veronica Wang & ASMR Zeitgeist (respectively) are my favorites in those categories. ASMR puts me to sleep almost instantly (also great for anxiety), and mukbang has made an extreme spicy ramen noodle monster out of me.

  166. I have been reacquainting myself with all the awesome music from Thehe Killers. The World We Live In has been particularly hitting me in the feels, as has Some Kind of Love, which was written for the lead singers wife who lives with complex PTSD.

  167. I read the Artists way and I’m finally writing again. I’d use the gift card to buy more copies for other members of a writing group I use to be part of. Art is important! It took me too long to figure that out but now I feel it again

  168. A Temple of Knowledge – It is about a poor boy who grew up living in (above) the public library.

  169. My dad wrote a Porno podcast is ‘almost’ as funny as your books. It’s awkward and uncomfortable and hilarious – you’d love it!

  170. My dad wrote a Porno podcast is ‘almost’ as funny as your books. It’s awkward and uncomfortable and hilarious – you’d love it!

  171. I listen to audiobooks in my car and at the gym. Let’s be honest — it’s mostly in my car because I don’t go to the gym nearly as often as I should. Anyway . . . I am currently listening to “Just One Damned Thing After Another” by Jodi Taylor. Time travel, clumsy but very smart female protagonist, this-can’t-be-happening-to-me type situations. It’s the first in a series of books that I’ve already read, but I am loving listening to it. I laugh out loud even though I already know what’s going to happen.

  172. This time of year I love to listen to Bob Rivers Twisted Christmas! Nothing like a little alternative Christmas music instead of real carols!

  173. Don’t know if this counts but I’ve started rereading the Harry Potter series to my 12 and 14 year old sons in preparation for our trip to London and the Harry Potter play. I forgot how amazing these books are and it is so much fun to actually have my kids listening to me! Even more – they keep asking for MORE. They hung out with me all week during Thanksgiving as we were visiting my mom and I read both books 1 & 2 while working on number 3 now. BEST WEEK EVER!!

  174. I need all the happies right now, as I’ve just learned my boy kitty who is my everything is dying. The podcasts My Favorite Murder and The Dollop both make me smile in spite of things. I love listening to a great pair of friends play off each other. And the old song Let Your Love Flow came on the radio the other night and reminded me to focus on the love in life, a rather seasonally appropriate sentiment that I needed.

  175. The Way I Heard It by Mike Rowe. Stories of people and things came to be. The end is almost always a surprise.

  176. I like to listen to “That’s the way I heard it” a podcast by Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs. Or when I’m trying to fall asleep I listen to a podcast called “Sleep with Me”. This guy has a great voice and just babbles on about all sorts of things.
    Here’s a joke from my 12 y/o:
    What do goldfish play under water?
    gold-fish 😂
    And one from my 9 y/o:
    Why don’t you play poker with cats?
    Cause they are cheetahs!

  177. I’ve recently discovered Brass Against, which is a mostly-brass rock band doing covers of Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, Tool, and some other random stuff. This song, in particular, is just everything I want: Tool cover, female singer doing metal, brass, and just a whole lot of ass kicking. https://youtu.be/8zfYO9sZjrE

  178. This little conversation between me and my 6 year old daughter:

    Audrey: Mom, do you remember that time we got a Christmas tree at the place that had the wagons? And we rode forever on the wagons back to the front with our tree?

    Me: I think so….that was like 3 years ago. You have a good memory.

    Audrey: That’s because I keep things organized in my brain. Not stuff from when I was a baby or 1 or 2. I don’t remember that stuff. It’s probably in there somewhere, I just don’t have it organized yet. The rest, from 3 until now, is organized really well. The 3 stuff is almost at the top of my brain. Then it goes 4, 5, 6, and there’s a ton of room left for the rest of my years.

  179. Vincent Price reading Edgar Allan Poe. A match made in heaven
    Possibly hell, depends on your point of view

  180. I love the Holderness Family podcast. Kim and Penn have such refreshing and funny ways of looking at things, and their topics are timely and relevant.

  181. Well, party pooper I am. I can’t actually think of anything. Am slipping down into my pity pot, and want to pull my ass out asap! I’ve never tried podcasts, and you all have posted a bunch – maybe that’s the ticket! Usually I just play music super loud when I drive and sing at the top of my lungs. I think it’s time to move on from Christina Perri, however. Sorry, I used to glow with joy at the holidays, but my aura looks a tiny bit like Pig Pen’s. Now I’m making myself laugh at myself!

  182. I’m listening to almost exclusively Pandora and 181FM music from 1940s-1960’s, I am so down about the daily horrible tragedies, the present and future of the Presidency, I’ve gained some weight, I’m tired all the time, etc. I feel like I was born at the wrong time. It is glorious escapism to fill my head with Ella, Dean Martin, Sinatra, Billie Holiday, and others. The songs are straightforward whether it’s melancholy, silly, simple, or standards. For now, it’s my happy place away from the bleak world we live in and my current mixed state. Jenny, I adore you and am grateful that you share your stories with us. You are so real and honest. Thank you from the bottom of my sad, anxious, nervous, goofy heart. ♥

  183. My six year old informed me that when he gets married I have to comemon his honeymone with him. I’m clearly on track for best mother in-law ever.. I’ve been laughing about it all day.

  184. This time every year, I listen to Joni Mitchell’s “Skate Away” off her Blue album. Makes the season seem more authentic to me.
    Over the holiday, hubby and I watched Jim Gaffigan’s Noble Ape comedy. Brilliant.

  185. One of my favorite podcasts is Escape Pod, which gives you a sci-fi story every week. They just finished doing Sarah Pinsker’s novella, “And Then There Were (N-One),” which was absolutely fabulous.

  186. Go on YouTube and look up Ponytrap. It’s a husband and wife group and she plays the cello and he plays the viola and fucking shred on their instruments. It’s like industrial music on viola and cello. It just so happens the husband is my violin teacher.

  187. One of my favorite s is Clarkesworld magazine podcast, great sci fi stories read mostly by the incredible Kate Baker. the stories are moving and thought provoking.

  188. My conversation with my 5 year old daughter (who is a bit of a weather freak)
    E: Mommy, do you know what a salami is?
    Me: yes, it’s meat
    E: No, it’s not
    Me: ummm, yes
    E: No, mommy, it is big and has waves
    Me: (thinking really hard): oh, you mean a tsunami!
    E: Yes, a salami!

    Thank goodness we live in the Midwest!

  189. The Hilarious World of Depression and The Sporkful give me joy. Also, Ask Mimi…she’s a hoot.

  190. The best thing I’ve heard lately is Trevor Noah’s “Son of Patricia.” Now really, it’s a watching thing, but it’s so fabulous, I laughed my whole way through the hour. I’ve always been a big fan of the under-dog, and Trevor is just…THAT. In this, his latest stand-up, now streaming on Netfilx, ALL ALL ALL of his potential has lined up into fruition. It’s his best to date. Go watch! Tell me if your sides area aching from the laughter when you’re done. I know mine were. 😉

  191. The best thing I’ve heard recently is the playlist my son put together for our Thanksgiving drive to my mother. It was composed entirely of songs that he wasn’t embarrassed to listen to with his other. The worst part? I really liked it.

    Then he decided maybe I could handle Childish Gambino.


  192. This is a serial blog written by an up-and-coming author, and it mixes humor and weirdness and perhaps some fantastical things, and I adore it. She posts every Friday, so you need to scroll down to the beginning, but it’s well worth it!


  193. My favourite podcast is Dear Hank and John. So when you were a guest host it was like two of my magical happy places colliding.

    Delete This pod is a close second. And Anthropocene Reviewed. Basically anything the brothers Green do is amazing…

  194. Ooh, I really love the Friendlier Podcast (https://friendlierpodcast.com) — two friends cover one topic each episode, and also each share something they’ve recently been reading and recently been eating. It is delightful, warm, and positive. Highly recommend!

  195. Lately I’ve been trying to listen to various things rather than watch or surf. This way I can craft Christmassy stuff and be entertained. Yay, multi-tasking! I’ve been listening to the audiobooks written by the actor Michael Caine which have been lovely.

    I’ve been listening to the Ragnatalk.com podcast. The author Chuck Wendig and Anthony Carboni discuss segments of their favorite Marvel movie: Thor Ragnarok. These two are just hysterical.

    For music, I’ve been listening to the band Brass Against. If you love hard rock, I highly recommend this band. It’s a brass band that plays covers of bands like Audioslave, Tool, and Rage Against the Machine. I know it doesn’t sound like it would work, but it totally does! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClJMqrWQJ8OYWJ4ZdfqZdeQ/featured

  196. My podcast obsession is Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonald’s. Brian Thompson is hilarious with his deadpan investigation of whatever happened to the pizza McDonald’s served in the 80s. I love it.

  197. A student told me the following joke:
    Why do French people eat just one egg for breakfast?
    Because one egg is an oeuf (enough)!
    Also I think I’ve mentioned this before but I loooove the podcast Friends at the Table. It’s a tabletop rpg podcast but it’s full of wonderful wackiness and strong stories and sadness.

  198. Puddles Pity Party on youtube. Trust me.

    Also, for a podcast, Jay and Miles X-plain the x-men. Long story short, x-men continuity is inherently absurd and these two make me laugh! FYI – it started out as Rachel and Miles X-plain the x-men, but Rachel is now going by Jay – so no worries about the podcast going in a weird “Dusted” kind of direction…

  199. I’ve been bingeing My Favorite Murder in the car, to the point where my husband asked “How many episodes are there??”. A lot.

  200. My daughter just figured out how to say Nanny (“NON-nee”) and Grampy (“Bup-BEE”) and it is as heart achingly adorable as you could imagine. We spent the weekend in a puddle of “awwwww”.

  201. I stumbled across this Mongolian rock band, the HU, that combine traditional Mongolian instruments and throat singing with contemporary rock instruments. Their song Yuve Yuve Yu has been on repeat for the past two weeks.

  202. The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. The narrator for this audiobook is amazing. So good that I’m seriously considering listening to it again immediately.

  203. I love the podcast “Ear Hustle.” It’s a podcast from inside San Quentin. After two seasons, the sentence of the inmate who is working on it has been commuted by Governor Brown (the inmate has served 21 years already). I’m guessing it’s because he’s redeemed himself through this podcast. I am uplifted by this and so happy for the inmate.

  204. Not new, but when I can’t focus my brain on my grad school work, I alternate Sia’s The Greatest with Queen’s Under Pressure until I finish.

  205. I’m listening to almost exclusively Pandora and 181FM music from 1940s-1960’s, I am so down about the daily horrible tragedies, the present and future of the Presidency, I’ve gained some weight, I’m tired all the time, etc. I feel like I was born at the wrong time. It is glorious escapism to fill my head with Ella, Dean Martin, Sinatra, Billie Holiday, and others. The songs are straightforward whether it’s melancholy, silly, simple, or standards. For now, it’s my happy place away from the bleak world we live in and my current mixed state. Jenny, I adore you and am grateful that you share your stories with us. You are so real and honest. Thank you from the bottom of my sad, anxious, nervous, goofy heart. ♥

  206. The Getting Curious podcast with Jonathan Van Ness! His gorgeous happy vibe has been a serious boost.

  207. Listen. I realize I’m 60* years behind here, but have you heard Nina Simone Feeling Good? Because – it makes me feel like the world is still full of possibility.

    Also – can I recommend to the gardeners who appreciate Mr. Rogers – watch Praxxuss55712 on youtube? Nothing spectacular happens, but it’s like Mr. Rogers has a small plot of land in Iowa and he’s growing a garden and taking care of his dogs and chickens and goats. It’s so deeply good that it makes me stop and listen to his ramble of kindness and gardening He has been a balm to my depression/anxiety for many years now.

  208. When I need a good laugh ( and that need grows more and more as each day goes by), I listen to the podcasts Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, and Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone. Both are hilarious and guaranteed to brighten my day.

  209. My favorite thing in a long time was taking our 4 and 7-year old grandbabes on the Santa Train in Coopersville, Michigan. The 4 year old who is usually terrified by Santa was actually glowing with happiness sitting on Santa’s lap. It was magical!

  210. •My favorite phrase of the week is “Bucket of Fuck-its.” I mean, come on. It’s the best thing I’ve ever heard. “Oh I’ve just got a bucket of fuck-its this week.” YES! My thoughts exactly haha.
    •Favorite podcasts are “Hannahlyze This,” “Don’t Mess,” “From the Heart,” and “Curious with josh peck.”
    •My feel good music is Nahko and Medicine of the People!

  211. Something that makes me happy; I’m currently toiling at a terrible job, but I have a job interview soon for a much better position!

    It’s not even that I’m guaranteed to get the new job. It’s the hope that the interview represents; things can be better. When I get depressed about my job, I try to remember that there is hope that things can improve.

  212. A friend forwarded me a Youtube clip of a tiny little girl tying to say “happiness.” Worth looking up if you haven’t seen it already. Sweet and funny. Made my day.

  213. Let’s see…I have only recently discovered podcasts, so I have a long list of ones to listen to but haven’t yet. I am listening to The Habitat, about a group of 6 people who spend a year in an isolated, enclosed habitat that simulates what it will be like when we send people to Mars. I also love Three on the Aisle, a theatre podcast with three critics in NYC who talk about both specific shows and just general outlooks on theatre. As a theatre person, I lurve it!

  214. Well, first WE LANDED ON MARS, YO. Lookit all those happy scientist faces of all ages, ethnicities and genders on the NASA website. Much happy.
    Podcasts. 1) I’m just getting into “Call Your Girlfriend” but so far it’s delightful. And they are two longtime long-distance friends who don’t talk over each other. 2) That cherub JVN (Jonathan Van Ness, from Queer Eye) has a podcast called “Getting Curious.” Wide range of interview subjects, all with love. 3) “The Jordan Harbinger Show” better without creepy co-host and still interesting. Take the three-part episodes with Alex Kouts (70,73,76) all the way to your bank after you get a big fat raise, thanks to their coaching. I’ve been listening to it on repeat all day today. Podcasts are so great, I hope they’re here to stay.

  215. I’m loving Safiyah Nygaard’s “The Internet Made Me Buy It” videos on youtube. She buys all the weird stuff you wonder about (like Instagram Celebrity Endorsed Products, Mystery Storage Unit, Knockoff Tech Products, Fashion Subscription Boxes) and gives funny, honest commentary.

  216. The best thing I’ve heard lately is Critical Role. It’s available as both a podcast and a livestream on Twitch. It’s a group of voice actors/directors/writers playing D&D together, and their stories are absolutely amazing!

  217. I love listening to RadioSpirits.com! Old time radio from the 40’s and 50’s…. I’ve become such a fan of the genre!

  218. I convinced my therapist to read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. For the first time. (I gave her a stack of books to borrow including Furiously Happy and she picked HP1 to read first.) I just started reading the Inspector Gamache series by Louise Penny – it tickles my mystery bone without being too scary.

  219. We have the Pentatonix holiday album on repeat. Halleluja makes me tear up every.damn.time. In a good way. Also still loving the Circle Round podcast. It’s for kids, but it’s folk tales from all over the world and I love it. Also loving Last Seen – a podcast about the unsolved Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Art heist. (Found it through MFM though, so you probably already heard of it.)

  220. The best thing I’ve heard lately is that my daughter’s cancer is responding to treatmnent! The tumors are shrinking and “letting go”. And even though she lost her hair she looks adorable in her mermaid blue wig.

  221. New love is the podcast called The Wierdest Thing I Learned This Week. Fabulous facts and stories from Popular Science with hilarious hosts!

  222. This song: https://youtu.be/C05230-N04o
    It’s by the Hold Tight Shine Bright Project, a group of amazing children’s music artists that got together this summer with the desire to do something about the horrible disaster happening at the border separating children from their parents. They created a gorgeous album about family that’s both kid safe AND thought provoking AND all the proceeds from the digital sales go to RAICES Texas.
    It made me cry tears of sorrow and thankfulness and anger and joy all together.

  223. Well, as recent as a few months ago Belly (the band) released their third album Dove after a very long hiatus and it’s so good. Specifically there is a song that is a letter to one’s younger self and I challenge myself to think of what kind of encouraging or forgiving or compassionate things I could include in a letter to my younger self.
    Another song seemed perfectly timed for one of my beautiful niece’s graduation and it is just so full of joy
    Finally I heard this new Huffamoose song this past Friday and it is timely and just what I needed given the ongoing heartbreak I have regarding this administration’s policies regarding immigrants and asylum seekers.

  224. This.
    This is heartbreakingly beautiful.
    Go listen.
    It will always bring a tear to my eye.

    The Beatles
    Now it’s time to say good night
    Good night sleep tight
    Now the sun turns out his light
    Good night sleep tight
    Dream sweet dreams for me
    Dream sweet dreams for you.
    Close your eyes and I’ll close mine
    Good night sleep tight
    Now the moon begins to shine
    Good night sleep tight
    Dream sweet dreams for me
    Dream sweet dreams for you.
    Close your eyes and I’ll close mine
    Good night sleep tight
    Now the sun turns out his light
    Good night sleep tight
    Dream sweet dreams for me
    Dream sweet dreams for you.
    Good night good night everybody
    Everybody everywhere
    Good night.
    Songwriters: John Lennon / Paul Mccartney
    Good Night lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Soundlink

  225. I totally fail at remembering things that have happened to me, or I hear in the course of a week. So this joke is probably not written out like I heard it, but at least it stuck with me:

    What did the right eye say to the left eye? Just between us, something smells.

    Please don’t hate me for that one…

  226. Heard this from a math teacher friend:
    “At my old school there was this math club that had “Hily shift! Check out the asymptote on that mother function!” on the back of their shirts.”

    I nearly wrecked the school car from laughing so hard😆

  227. I listen to a history podcast called Backstory. The latest episode was on taxidermy. The 18th century portrait artist Charles Wilson Peale had the idea of stuffing the founding fathers upon their deaths. He was only sorry he hadn’t thought of it before Ben Franklin died because he thought old Ben might have gone for it. Anything that weird makes my day.

  228. So many awesome things to go and listen to!

    I can’t decide between the story my sister-in-law told of my 5-year-old niece leaning up against her and asking – serious kid voice here – “what the hell were we thinking?” (Parroting the adult’s conversation, naturally)

    Or the Trevor Noah special on Netflix that was so the wrong thing to watch while I’m still getting over my cough, but also so worth almost choking.

  229. My favorite podcast is “Just Break Up”. It’s hosted by Sierra DeMulder (one of my favorite poets) and her best friend Sam Blackwell. Always makes me laugh and think and it’s super encouraging as well.

  230. Last week was intense, I volunteered for a TtT course to teach others in my organization how to reduce stigma re: mental health. I have extreme fear of public speaking but felt this is too important not to try & I passed! Thanks Jenny, with out Furiously Happy I don’t think I could have done it. Also, Zefrank’s “True Facts” on YouTube is hilarious!

  231. Oops the prior comment was mine (TtT course & Zefrank) but wouldn’t allow me to add my name!?! Thanks for everything Jenny best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful holiday season! 😀

  232. HelloHumans podcast! They cover topics concerning mental health and art a lot. Also Potterless!!! A 24 year old discovering the world of Harry Potter for the first time. You can listen to him spiral down into the fandom, super cool. ALSO the album Trench by twenty one pilots (the band that has kept me alive). Not only is the album amazing but there is also a bunch of theories of the songs and titles and there is even a website of a character the band’s singer created that is all involved with the music and lyrics and it is really freaking amazing.

  233. OK, the visual is as much of the awesomeness as the sound, but here’s the best 45 seconds I’ve had in weeks:

  234. I recently learned that you can turn ‘giraffe’ into a verb, and that verb (‘giraffing’ – my new favourite word) makes me smile (as read in ‘All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten’).

    Happiness (and a laughing fit) can also be found while listening to a writer describe the language and cultural difficulties encountered on their morning jog in Crete. Co-workers will look at you like you’ve grown a second head, but you can just “go on giraffing.”

  235. Even if you have read the book, listen to the audiobook version of Neil Gaiman’s & Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens. Narration by Martin Jarvis is spot on. Funniest book I have ever listened to.

  236. I’m listening to all of the How Did This Get Made podcast from the beginning. It’s so funny and keeping the bad thoughts at bay.

  237. Dear Hank and John. the best podcast if you are looking for dubious advice. The advice the green brothers give might be dubious, but they are delightful and light. The bloggess stared in an episode the time she had squeaky clean anal glands.

  238. Lately I’ve really enjoyed Sunfire’s album, Sinners’ Town. Lots of up-tempo country-esque music, and then there’s My Horse Doesn’t Love Me Anymore. (I love Soul, Woman and Jordan most though, I think…. Yeah. ) It’s a Dutch band, but you wouldn’t think so. Lots of tongue-in-cheek humour, good songwriting, excellently performed. (And no, they’re not paying me to say it. 😉 )

  239. My favorite podcast (that I almost got a speeding ticket whilst listening to it because I was laughing to hard and missed the speed limit change) is My Dad Wrote a Porno

  240. OK, so my great things are: a new recording of the wonderful Elaine Stritch reading stories by Dorothy Parker. What a match made in Heaven! My very favorite Christmas CD ever (it’s that time of year again) is Just in Time for Christmas by the late, great cabaret singer Nancy LaMott. If you have never heard of her and like good singing, you need to discover her! ALL her CDs are wonderful and would make a great present! The Christmas with Maureen McGovern CD is also nice and features two new songs written for her, The Christmas Tree and Christmas Eve, that I love. On the other end of the scale is by far the WORST Christmas CD I have ever heard, and I collect them – both good and bad. It’s called Shatner Claus, and as you can imagine, it’s William Shatner dramatically intoning (because he can’t sing) or shrieking famous Christmas songs. You can only take it in small doses. In fact, I keep returning it to the library (because I would never pay for it!) and then getting it again. And laughing out loud. And groaning. Anyone out there have the CD Roseanne Barr sings the Christmas Classics? THAT is one I’d love to hear but “oddly enough” it seems to be out of print. Love reading the things people suggest!

  241. I’m glad you’re back, and I hope you’re well. Lately I’ve been listening to Star Trek: The Next Conversation, but that’s admittedly a bit niche if you aren’t a Trek fan. They argued in one episode that Riker was secretly in love with Picard, and I’m now convinced it’s true.
    If you aren’t a Trek fan, you might like Within The Wires. I like audio drama a lot more than I like commentary podcasts, and Within the Wires is a really good example of an audio drama. Each season is a separate story in a different format. The first season is a set of “guided relaxation tapes”, and from the narrator’s dialogue, we slowly learn things about the dystopian world they live in, the prisoners/”patients” the tapes are meant for, and our mysteries narrator, who at times seems to be giving hints to help people escape.
    I’ve also been listening also to Star Trek: Lost Frontier, a fan-made podcast set after the fall of the Federation. I wanted to like it, but unfortunately the main character is a little TOO reminiscent of Archer at his worst. It’s something to help me cope ’til Discovery season two shows up, but I end up rolling my eyes every time half their characters speak. (Also, it’s not music or a podcast, but everyone should give Star Trek: Discovery a go if they haven’t yet.)

  242. Just finished “The Stupidest Angel” by Christopher Moore, which really made me want to re-read “Lamb” by Christopher Moore. “Lamb” is one of the most entertaining books I’ve ever read, and The Stupidest Angel” is Christmassy-esque.

  243. I don’t usually go crazy over folk/country style music, but I heard the new album by The Devil Makes Three last week while sitting in a pub in Asheville, NC, and now I’m obsessed with it. This isn’t the title track, and they just get better from here. https://youtu.be/d0dyLqjd19w

  244. You may have noticed my last post was mostly Christmas CDs as it’s that time and I love them – just a thought – maybe one of the things people could do for the week of wonderful things is list their fave Christmas music – both good and bad. A lot of it is deliciously bad! – Rusty

  245. OMG! I just started “Hello from the Magic Tavern” and it’s GREAT! Lots of talk about butt holes though …. I’ll try the other one you recommended once I catch up with “Magic Tavern” episodes. I have a 45 minute commute each way so I burn through 2-3 episodes a day 🙂

  246. Lovely song! Haven’t checked out the podcasts yet but I probably will when I’m not swamped with stuff to do ^^ also, I’m a big fan of small Bandcamp producers who make awesome music and can use the exposure so I’m going to recommend Paul Shapera, The mechanisms and Dirt Poor Robins for your enjoyment ^^

  247. It’s not something I heard but something I did. A friend of mine organized a dinner and we all got a small gift of our favorite things. For example, my favorite thing is cake so I got a gift cert to a bakery. We then passed the gifts around and we each got something that was a favorite thing. I met new people and learned good things about them, while having fun and being chill. Loved it.

  248. This is a video by Tiffany Jenkins from the blog Juggling the Jenkins. She is hilarious and flawed and perfect just like the rest of us. This video in particular is between she and her sister (she plays her sister as well). It is hilarious and reminds me so much of my sisters when we are together, which is not nearly as often as my mental health needs it to be. All of her videos are awesome (check out IF MY BRAIN HAD A MORNING MEETING – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7N9r8nVogM8 ) but Sisters is my fave.

    I hope everyone is feeling well this morning. We can do this. I know we can.
    (no, I am not try to convince myself.)
    (yes I am.)

  249. My friend Greg just started a podcast called Suspicious Circumstances and not only is his voice so soothing, the material is great! He’s only got a few episodes up but it’s growing slowly. It’s awesome when you do something supportive for a friend and then realize it’s actually high quality stuff.

  250. I love that you are doing this. Yes, last week was really difficult for me, and I love the idea of using this week for awesomeness. The absolute best thing I’ve heard lately is my best friends telling me that they love my new house, and can see the pride in my face when I talk about it. After 3 years of hell (divorce, lost house, lost job), I found a way to buy a house and took advantage of it, and am soooo happy I did. Otherwise- I love this little diddy… https://youtu.be/q-NKpDTwMms

  251. I’m loving the Piano Guys this week, and they have a new album out!
    I also love the podcast Lavar Burton Reads. Check it out!

  252. I’m loving the Piano Guys this week, and they have a new album out!
    I also love the podcast Lavar Burton Reads. Check it out!

  253. The best thing I heard recently was a good suggestion to reduce negative self talk. I can be pretty hard on myself. So I heard that if I wouldnt want someone I love to say it to themselves then I shouldn’t say it to me. It’s a slow start but I’m headed in the right direction. I was listening to your book and you talk about how much depression lies. I think anxiety lies too. And that made me feel better.

  254. The best thing I heard recently was a good suggestion to reduce negative self talk. I can be pretty hard on myself. So I heard that if I wouldnt want someone I love to say it to themselves then I shouldn’t say it to me. It’s a slow start but I’m headed in the right direction. I was listening to your book and you talk about how much depression lies. I think anxiety lies too. And that made me feel better.

  255. The audiobook for The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is a joy and a delight. I could wrap myself in these readers’ voices and live there forever.

  256. I don’t even remember the songs, but on the way home from a holiday meal Saturday night my husband and I started rocking out to 90s music on the radio. Our 20-month-old started clapping along and our 4-year-old was trying to sing with us. Best drive home ever 🙂

    (Also, LOVE that commercial with the father dancing!)

  257. It may sound stupid but i love the song
    Pepper Spray…. Thats how i feel most of the time… We never stop fighting against bad people…sometimes we are our own worst enemy….

  258. After watching Bohemian Rhapsody, I keep listening to Queen – not new but still pumps me up. But the best best best thing I’ve heard was from my oldest friend – the medicine is making her feel better

  259. The latest great thing I’ve been listening to over and over (and watching) is this video from local band Violet and the Undercurrents. Based on the quote “They tried to bury us, but they didn’t know we were seeds,” it is really powerful stuff. https://youtu.be/AVpPDO0S1BE

  260. I just used this new clip on strainer for the first time last night and it rocked my world. I actually held it up in the air and danced around the kitchen with it I was so impressed. http://a.co/d/iWZvHRj

  261. Silence. Without a doubt. My 15 year old son just returned to school after a 3 week mandatory “mental health break.” He has ODD so he just fights about anything constantly, and I’m exhausted.

  262. Cecile Mcloren Salvant ‘s new album The Window. It’s duos with the pianist Sullivan Fortner and is really the most beautiful perfect album I’ve ever experienced. It brings me joy every day.

  263. I live in eastern North Carolina, and the area I live in took a huge hit from Hurricane Florence. The amount of selfless giving after that storm made my old heart glad, but the best story I heard is the man in Myrtle Beach SC who opened up his ENTIRE hotel to house the needy who had been displaced. AT NO CHARGE to them. The entire community, after hearing about this, came to help, and since Florence, the people who are being housed there get 3 hot meals a day, haircuts, donations of diapers, clothes, toiletries, you name it.
    In an atmosphere of increasing hatred and intolerance, it helps to know that we, as a people, are still kind and giving at heart.

  264. LIfe has been tough lately, so to make sure I keep laughing I have been binge watching Total Wipeout on Amazon Prime because people falling down does it for me every time! EVERY TIME I TELL YOU!

  265. It has been a hard week for me. Yesterday I kept repeating to myself – Remember Jenny says that ‘depression lies!’ So while you were having a hard week you were helping me without even knowing it!

  266. I recently discovered the son ‘villanous thing ‘by Shayfer James (or is it James Shayfer?) Anyway, I can’t stop listening to it.

  267. I haven’t been listening to podcasts lately, but Audio books have been my jam. The Gender Games series has been perfect for long drives as it’s easy to follow, but keeps the tension high so I’m super interested!!

  268. Why did the elephant walk on the marshmallows?
    So he wouldn’t fall in the hot chocolate!

    Also love True Facts on YouTube.

  269. The VERY best thing I heard lately, at JFK airport gate waiting area:
    “Folks, we know the weather is pretty rough today. However, your flight will be leaving on time.”

  270. I love the song “Unworthy” by Cheryl Wheeler. It’s like she’s in my head, but she makes me laugh about myself instead of cry:

  271. Up until last week, I didn’t even know how to listen to a podcast. But I figured it out, because I heard about one that intrigued me. I suppose it’s not “wonderful” – it’s quite sad, actually – but the podcast is called “Someone Knows Something” and the guy doing it investigates cold cases and tries to dig up new information in long-forgotten cases. The first season is about a little boy who disappeared from a town not far from mine in 1972, and they never found a trace of him. It shocked me that this happened so close to where I live but I’d never heard about it before. The story has me riveted!! I’ve also shared it with several family members and friends and they have all blown through it too. So, spreading the podcast has been fun!!

  272. The Golden Ratio dogs are what keep me in good spirits these days. I follow them on every social media platform possible.

  273. My library has a shelter dog reading program called Tales with Tails. The last time we read to the dogs, there was a dog who had just been dropped off and was shaking in fear. One of our young readers started reading to her and she stopped shaking and fell asleep.

  274. One of the best things I ever heard was from a friend of mine who had just taken her young son to Cirque du Soleil. When it was over she asked him how he liked it. Her son, having expected the circus, answered with a solemn face “It would’ve been better with monkeys”. We realized that was brilliant and applies to everything in life…
    How was the board meeting?
    -It would’ve been better with monkeys.
    How was Thanksgiving with your in-laws?
    -It would’ve been better with monkeys.
    How was black Friday shopping?
    -It would’ve been better with monkeys.
    And so on…

  275. If you like romance novels and friendship, try the Heaving Bosoms podcast! It is utterly delightful and hilarious and I wish hosts Erin and Melody were my friends IRL.

  276. The best thing I’ve heard this week is discovering the Celtic Christmas music on iHeart Radio and TuneIn. I really only listen to Celtic music and finding these stations has been a blessing.

  277. My husband I enjoy watching Critical Role on Youtube. It’s a bunch of voice actors who get together and play D&D. They keep character the whole time and it makes for an entertaining thing. There are lots of hours to enjoy.

  278. My youngest, who is the most unintentionally hilarious person I know, informed solemnly that will-o-wisps are real, and they’re fairies, but fairies that left their car lights on. Another time she told me that OF COURSE Pennywise the clown from “It” is cranky—he lives in a sewer! And it was no wonder he ate that kid’s arm—he was desperate for food that didn’t reek. She wants to write a sequel called “It II: Pennywise Gets A Pizza And Chillaxes”. I think Mr. King would be delighted. 🙂

  279. I’ve been obsessed for months now with the awesome music of Postmodern Jukebox. Their specialty is contemporary hits done in ‘old school’ styles (1930s jazz, doo-wop, motown, etc.), and they are brilliant, incredibly talented, and just SO MUCH FUN. Check them out on youtube–they put out a new video each week.

  280. I love Toby Keith’s “Santa I’m Right Here”…its a great reminder that no matter how bad things are for me, there is some struggling more, and if they can still think of others, so can I.

  281. Binge Mode Harry Potter is my new podcast. Currently listening to them dissect Crimes of Grindelwald.

  282. The comedy stations on my XM radio are the best! People’s stupid driving hardly pisses me off these days. Worth every penny of the $6/month subscription.

  283. It is not new but I have been non-stop listening to My favorite murder and have become a full on murderino. Also just binged the Bodyguard and 2 thumps up. This week has been ridiculously hard. My father is being moved into hospice and none of my siblings are on speaking terms. I need a whole lot of jolly to get me through this season.

  284. My favorite Podcast is “The Mustards.” It’s two funny Scandinavians chatting about everything, especially minimalism, health, and how weird Americans are 🙂

  285. The best music I’m listening to is my preschooler singing in the backseat of my car. He likes Kiss, Panic! at the Disco, The Supremes, Queen, the Gummy Bear song (it’s completely ridiculous, I don’t recommend looking it up), Green Day, and Gerry Rafferty. Yes, that is an eclectic mix. But it is amazing to me when he goes from quietly looking out the window to excitedly recognizing a song and singing along to the radio. The purity of his happiness and the newness of that feeling fills my heart.

  286. Best thing I’ve listened to lately: The Soundtrack Show (podcast) – it just had 3 episodes on the soundtrack from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone that made me insanely happy! Like I was giddy and dancing and squealing with happiness.

  287. This band kicks ass at this. So far my favorite take on a great classic. Made my week

  288. The best part of my week was seeing my new twin grandbabies at their first Thanksgiving. They give me all the feels!

    Oh, and how much do pirates pay for ears?
    A buccaneer.

  289. It’s certainly not new, but the last song I added to my iPod was Queen’s Killer Queen. I love many of their songs, but there’s something especially great about KQ. I tend to imagine someone (probably Mr. Mercury) doing a dance with a top hat and a cane while the song plays. Highly recommended. (The song AND the vision. 😉 )

  290. A podcast I love is “futility closet” because it is so full of odd facts and stories! We listen to it at every opportunity, and there are a ton of episodes.

  291. The podcast whose back catalogue I’ve re-listened to at least a couple of times (and there are over 500 episodes) is “Stop Podcasting Yourself.” It’s two guys—Dave Shumka and Graham Clark—from Vancouver, Canada, usually talking to another comedian, and it’s just a delight and an escape from my worries about the state of the world and (mostly) my country. It’s on the Maximum Fun network. I’d start with whatever is the latest, or pick a guest you like and start there. Paul F Tompkins is always fantastic, and clearly became a fan of the podcast after his first appearance on a live show. Rhea Butcher has been on just once, but seemed to get the vibe of the show instantly and had great rapport with Dave and Graham. There are a ton of hilarious Canadian comedians to discover—Alicia Tobin, Jane Stanton, Brent Butt, Charlie Demers, to name just a few.

  292. The greatest thing of my week so far is my 7 year old’s unbridled enthusiasm about putting up Christmas decorations. She’s made a schedule of when each go up, where all our different lights go, who gets to put up what…it’s pretty annoyingly adorable to her free spirit mom.

  293. I just really like Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me by NPR. It makes me laugh and sometimes that’s all I need.

    And then as an aside, I wanted to tell you that I’m super duper excitedly looking forward to the event that you organize where we get to fulfill people’s Amazon wishlists!!

  294. I love the podcast Myths & Legends by Jason Weiser. He tells the story with just enough snark while still respecting the source material.

    And if you like nerd-folk music, I adore Marian Call. Her voice and lyricism are amazing! Check her out at https://mariancall.com

  295. Jenny thank you for gifting us with this!!!!! This song… wow. All those vampires have taken away my creativity.. for years!
    I needed this!!! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who feels this way, thank you Jenny, I also thought it was just me that had a shitty week last week! Thanksgiving was tough and then Saturday capped off the week perfectly when my husband and I had an unexpectedly huge fight and I’m not sure where we are.

    Other areas of my life have been difficult but I hung my hat on my husband and I at least being good and then that happened. Hope this week shapes up to be better for all of us!!!

  296. I’ve been listening to “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman pretty much on repeat the last few days. It’s such an empowering message.

  297. Guilty Feminist podcast hosted by Deborah Francis White. Lady comedians talking about all sorts of topics.

  298. “You Should See Me in a Crown” by Billie Eilish. I recommended it to my friend, who watched the music video on YouTube and remarked on the number of spiders in the video. I will NOT be recommending it to my mother-in-law, who doesn’t like spiders. Enjoy!

  299. My favourite podcast is Sickboy. It’s three fiends who interview a different guest each week who lives with illness/disability/something. It’s hilarious and touching and informative and entertaining. So so so good!

  300. New favorite song is Tim mcmorris on top of the world. It’s been on repeat at my house and I’ve been trying to dance away the sadness. 🙂

  301. So far, the best news I have heard all week is that the heart procedure I’m having tomorrow only have a 5% chance of survival. But hey, that’s better than 1-4% is LITERALLY what someone said to me. So If I don’t post again, you’ll know I wasn’t one of the lucky 5. Please send prayer, karma, good thoughts, vibes, whatever your prayer of choice is my way in the morning. Thanks, Mina.

  302. I’m so happy you’re focusing on happy things this week. It’s very well timed. My fiance leaves for a year long deployment to Afghanistan this week, and I say goodbye tomorrow.

    Mina, I’ll be praying for you!

  303. My fiancee and I LOVE Monty Python. He had never seen their “Live at the O2” concert from 2014, so I pulled out the DVD and made him watch it. We ended up watching all the other movies, too. The kids think we are nuts as we sit on the couch and cackle and recite all the lines from memory!

  304. I have a hard time getting into podcasts as I can’t hear them at work over the chaos and getting alone time at work is hard so I have to stick to music – I recently found ‘The Dead South’ band and love them!

  305. I’m super late to the game, but 2 Dope Queens has CHANGED MY LIFE. It’s hilarious and heartfelt and smart (mostly). ALWAYS amazing, though, for sure.

  306. I keep thinking about this one at random moments and it makes me smile every time:

    “Just remember, time flies like an arrow,
    But fruit flies like bananas.”

  307. Well I did books because I rarely hear anything other than my kids’ voices, but still…

    I just read ‘space opera’ by Catherynne Valente. It’s kind of a mashup between an alien novel and ‘Eurovision’, with a side of ’90’s washed up artist’… her vocabulary and imagery are very dense, I always wish her books came with an illustrated guide to keep me on track-but I have major mom brain, so that could just be me, either way, I loved it.

    Also ‘Odd One Out’– good for teens ‘coming out’ or kids with questions about how relationships work. It’s a YA novel, which is how it crossed my radar.

    For kids in the crowd, we read ‘Christmas Extravaganza Hotel’.. spoilers- frog ends up at Bear’s house, NOT his hotel (his map was upside down).. but Bear agrees to take him in at Xmas and share his holiday. It doesn’t have fabulous supersonic sleigh rides or singing Xmas trees in the woods, but there is the fabulous light show outside and snowball fights. Great for teaching kids about appreciating the simple things at the holidays.

  308. how do you catch a unique cat?

    You Neek Up On It

    how do you catch a tame cat?

    Tame Way-You Neek Up On It

  309. There’s a new podcast bookclub thing where they’re reading every apocalyptic book ever written, in chronolgical order. They’ve only got a couple of episodes so far (both called ‘The Last Man’ but they’re different books, one of them by a Frenchman with too many names in 1805, and the other by Mary Shelley), but I’m really enjoying it.


  310. One of my best friends volunteers at a food bank. They received soooo much food for people for Thanksgiving,they still have not sorted it.

  311. best podcast lately–Last Seen –art heist at the Isabelle Stewart Gardener Museum. And I just started listening to I Survivor-the Not Today Motherf*cker is a great episode to start with 🙂

  312. I’m a little behind but the best was watching SNL skits with my hilarious, liberal, grownish children who were home for thanksgiving. pride and hilarity at the same time, cannot be beat

  313. I am addicted to My Favorite Murder. I just love the girls and their sense of humor. The way they tell the stories are great and interesting. I love the story you submitted for hometown murder.

  314. I love the book Raising Men by Eric Davis. It’s great and helped me re-raise myself and work through a lot of issues I developed while I was growing up 🙂

  315. The video of my mother receiving recognition/medal for 20 years of dedication to her faith, family and church where my two year old nephew is clearly heard saying SHIT! in the background and my entire family laughing their asses off in a massive, stoic catholic cathedral somewhere south of Boston. I have the damn video on loop.I am sure it will appear magically when he either graduates or marries. Probably both.

  316. The best thing I’ve been listening to this week is a fucking amazing book on audible. It’s titled Let’s Pretend this Never Happened.
    Yup, your book. I am in the middle of a lupus and rheumatoid flare and your book is the only thing that has put a smile on my face. Especially today when the pain has been so bad, I had dark thoughts. So thank you.

  317. I think you should listen to a little podcast called Nightvale. It’s written and created by Joseph Fink and is delightfully weird. You’ll love it, I’m sure. (Also, do you remember the David Tennant cardboard cutout in Iowa?)

  318. Ooh I love this comment section! I can’t wait to check out all the podcast suggestions. I recommend EarHustle podcast!
    Also, I’ve recently become obsessed with Kasey Musgraves’ Christmas album..please go listen to “A Willie Nice Christmas” and tell me that it didn’t put a smile on your face 🙂

  319. Rag’n’Bone Man…baritone, bluesy, great stuff. Especially “As You Are” and “Grace”.

  320. I believe that the “Die Vampires Die” song you posted is definitely the best thing I’ve heard lately.

  321. Christmas music has been saving my life. I am having a really tough time recently & it helps to sing. Thanks for sharing the vampire song. I have been inundated with negative thoughts for a while now. I’ve been trying to envision casting a spell of protection around myself but some days I need something more forceful.

  322. I am in love with Ingrid Michaelson’s Xmas album, “Songs for the Season”. Her version of “All I Want for Xmas is You” with Leslie Odom Jr. makes me smile and cry all at once. I don’t like Mariah Carey’s version, so this more than make up for it.

  323. I’m still in what I refer to as my “long, dark, teatime of the soul”-depression, so my listening choices are alll over the map! I’ve been listening to The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub on Audible, the soundtrack for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend which is so funny and clever, but the show is awesome and its handling of Borderline Personality Disorder is extremely well done, yet the show as a whole is so damn funny.

    One of my favorite songs for when I’m feeling all of my feels is “The Portrait” by The Damned. It is so beautiful that it hurts my heart sometimes, but the waves crashing in the background can help me out of an anxiety attack because I can match my breathing to it and it slows me down and helps me focus on something other than panic and anxiety.

    I also like to listen to my own kiddo (who is now 25, so I guess technically not A kiddo anymore), they are an amazing songwriter, singer, and musician, and go by Sonny Morgan now, but this is from the start of their journey:

  324. The best thing I’ve heard recently was that my brain tumor isn’t showing signs of regrowth AND the oncologist is switching me to a different chemo regimen that won’t make me as sick! Plus I get a break until Jan 3 so I can enjoy the holidays! That’s the best news I’ve gotten in MONTHS.

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