Happy birthday to we.

Today is my birthday.

Birthdays that fall in the murky days right after Xmas and right before New Years are usually forgotten in the rush and that’s actually always worked out for me because parties terrify me.  But if you’d like to help me celebrate my birthday there is something you can get me.

For my birthday, I’d like you to pretend it’s your birthday too.  And for our birthday you should go out and do something great for yourself.

Take a long walk.  Buy a new book for you or someone you love.  Reach out to a friend to tell them you’re thinking about them.  Take a hot bath.  Drive somewhere you always wanted to go.  Get that thing you’ve been thinking about for a year but always put off.  Adopt a new pet.  Rent that movie you loved watching with your parents and watch it with your kids.  Write a poem.  Plan a vacation.  Find a magical death sword and use it to conquer the dark lord.  Anoint your allies with the blood of oppressors.  Invent a new color.  Eat a bunch of dirt.  Play a game.  Make a pie.  Whatever sounds good to you, basically.

And then come back here and tell me what wonderful thing you did that you wouldn’t have done otherwise.

Or don’t.  After all, it’s your birthday too.

As for me, I’m starting the day watching instagram videos of Phineas the Cat, who is totally me when I’m trying not to act like I’m drunk and it makes me look way drunker.  I super love him:

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Anyone sick of seeing Phin running up to his meals yet? 😸 #phineasthecat ———————————————————————— For those new friends who don't know Phin very well yet, he has a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia. This means that the part of his brain that coordinates movement never fully developed. He's not in any pain, and he won't get worse over time, though there also aren't any treatments that would help him. He had a difficult time getting enough food in his system as a kitten, experiencing Fading kitten syndrome, but his foster mom, @fosterkittys , nurtured him with a lot of love and care, and he was able to grow into the wonderful cat he is now. 😻 Phin adapts to his condition by walking with his paws a bit wider, leaning against the wall for support, and using claws to climb up and down things. Phin is a very happy kitty who loves playing with his siblings (Tyrion the cat, and Holly the Airedale Terrier), eating meals and treats, and cuddling with his parents. 😻 ———————————————————————— #phineasthecat #dinnerischaos #loudestcatever #cerebellarhypoplasia #chcatsofinstagram #catsofinstagram #orangecats #adoptaspecialneedspet #wobblycats #phinstagram #thedodo

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Happy birthday, everyone.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Jenny! I’m going to celebrate your birthday by staying in my pajamas and reading all day. Oh, wait. I do this every day. Maybe I’ll get dressed and bake you a birthday cake. Do you like chocolate?

  2. I’m spending the day reading Becoming — Michelle Obama and drinking tea because as a mom of three boys, days of doing nothing important are the most important.

  3. How about having a birthday ON Christmas Day. . . Usually I love it, but sometimes. . . .Happy Birthday Jenny!

  4. My birthday is January 13, and in high school,that was our final exams week… So I know how that goes. Happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday! My son and I have December birthdays, too. He was due on my birthday, but he came a few days earlier.

    Today I am reading until my eyeballs fall out, and then I’m going for a walk with my husband. I also did some adulting and helped my daughter fill out her financial aid for college and helped the Padawan apply for some jobs.

  6. Mine is on 23 Dec, so it’s a similar experience. Except I do like parties and I demand to be the center of attention on that one day. 😀

    Happy birthday and thanks for introducing me to Phineas! What a precious kitty.

  7. Happy birthday, Jenny! You’ve helped me get through some pretty dark times. In celebration of your birthday, I changed the light bulbs in my bedroom. I assure you, this was an epic task, due to the giant bed in the way. 😀

  8. No pretending here – it is MY birthday too! Happy Birthday, birthday twin! It’s a dark and rainy day in Hawaii so I’ll be cuddling my two adopted doggos and binging Marvelous Mrs. MAISEL! Thank you for keeping us all laughing all year long.

  9. It really is my birthday too – or it will be tomorrow.
    I volunteered to dog sit for my dogs’ siblings. It’s going to be a dog party all week while their people are on vacation.
    I have two dogs who are not related to each other. A nearby family has two dogs who are coincidentally the siblings of our two dogs. We didn’t know them before, but now we are family. Dog family.

  10. A very, very happy Birthday to you!
    I just returned from donating blood, so consider that my gift to you.

  11. Happy B-Day Jenny! My b-day was 13 days ago (cue Stephen King movie music)… so I know the joy/pain that comes with a b-day around xmas… ha! That video of your cat made my heart hurt… thank goodness you have all the love necessary to take care of a kitty with special needs. Hugs to Phin!

  12. Happy Birthday! It is my Daddy’s Birthday too!! What a wonderful day of love and celebration;)

  13. Happy Birthday!

    I think watching adorable kitty vids is a great way to spend a birthday. 😉 as is buying oneself a fancy cupcake and then deeply enjoying it. I know you’re in Texas, well, so am I. It’s cold and grey and I’m gonna watch painting tutorials on youtube, and if I get inspired I’ll go make a mess this afternoon, to chase away the clouds and warm up my heart.

    Hope your day is fantastic.

  14. LOL, I am spending the day baking a birthday cake and making the complicated meal my brother chose for his birthday. I will give myself your birthday present belatedly, once my husband and I get our house back from the Christmas/birthday visitors…

  15. Today I opted out of a parent meeting for my kiddo’s Scout troop. I have never missed one, even those that I know will just be me and the troop leader who does not understand the realm of reality outside of that world. Usually I change all my plans to make these last minute meetings but today (in honor of ‘my’ birthday) I declared that extracurricular school/ kid obligations during school breaks are at best optional and will be declined unless critical!

    A birthday wish and New Year resolution all in one.

  16. Happy Birthday!!
    There’s a Dr Who marathon on tv, just in case you run out of cat videos! That’s our plan for the day!!

  17. Unbeknownst to me that it was my 2nd Birthday this month, I ordered several books last night. Now I have that excuse if purchase is questionable. Happy Birthday to We❤

  18. Happy happy birthday!!!!

    I slept in and chilled with the cats, did some Self Care Saturday stuff this morning and this afternoon hubby and I are going to see Into the Spider-Verse! Oh! And I had coconut cake for breakfast!

  19. It’s my hubby’s birthday today too! He is spending the day doing nothing but things that he enjoys!! No party!! Happy Birthday Jenny!!

  20. Happy Birthday, Jenny! It’s not my birthday but I’m having 25-30 people drop in for my annual Open House today so I will be celebrating.

  21. Happy birthday to the inspirational person you are 🙂 may your day be as awesome as you are!

  22. My nephew’s birthday is tomorrow. One of the things my sister does is turn the Christmas tree into a birthday tree. It gets covered in balloons and streamers so that he never feels like his birthday is overshadowed.

    Happiest of days to you <3

  23. I’m in my jammies, sharing an apple with my dog, watching doctor who, and planning an actually-finally-going-to-happen vacation to Paris!

  24. Happy Birthday Jenny! We’re having a family get together today! I’ll tell everyone it’s a birthday party! Hugs and best wishes!

  25. I didn’t realize it was my birthday too! I have a little party planned with some friends just because! We are gathering and having a nice home-cooked meal, and enjoying being together. Happy birthday everyone!

  26. Happy Birthday Jenny. I got myself a tiny little tin of really nice italian chocolates today. I’m diabetic, and those chocolates, if eaten in moderation (once a day, after dinner) won’t ruin my ketogenic diet. Just my bank account. But the tin was shaped like a christmassy book and I just had to have it. A little gift from me to me. I even had it wrapped. 😉

  27. Happy birthday! Today I’m braving the pasta machine I got for Christmas and (attempting) making ravioli 🎂😁

  28. It was my birthday on Boxing Day, which normally totally sucks, but this year I went dancing with my posse to a rockin’ great band in a jammed-to-the-rafters club and had a fucking great time! (I turned 62)

  29. I kind of already had an awesome day planned…ran 3 miles at 9 AM, did a little shopping at the running store, breakfast with my husband, and the university basketball game later. Also, cats. I’ll have a sweet treat later to mark the day; trying to go back to non-holiday eating, but since it’s our birthday…

  30. We are throwing a big party for all our friends today. 🙂
    It is overseen by the big metal chicken from our 15th anniversary a few years back. Big is relative, of course, it’s just bigger than our other metal chickens. 😉

  31. Happy birthday, and wishes for 2019 to be a wonderful year for you!! Thank you for the suggestion of helping to celebrate your birthday — in your honor, I’m going to my favorite coffee shop, treating myself to one of their delicious mochas, sitting in the most comfortable chair, reading a new favorite book and wearing the new comfy hoodie (pink, with a sloth on it!) that I finally treated myself to at Christmas!!

  32. Watching Phineas now with my son as a treat… and going out to dinner. Hooray! Happy Birthday!!!!

  33. Yay? a second birthday! My birthday is four days before Christmas – my family adopted a shelter cat for me…

  34. Thanks for these words Jenny. It’s good to read you when the times are dark outside (or inside).

  35. Started the day being virtuous and exercising (which I haven’t done in forever, and now I am going to sit in a nice bath and read, and try out the bath bomb my daughter gave me for Chrisatmas. After that I will probably mess around on my computer and watch a bunch of awesome people play Zelda games for charity! Should be a good day!

  36. I will happily dedicate my all ready planned “do nothing day” to your birthday, Jenny. I will be here watching it rain and reading ‘Becoming’ in my pajamas all day while finishing off the holiday sweets. Cheers!

  37. Yay second birthday! Mine is the 21st, my family adopted me a shelter kitten…

  38. Happy Birthday … to us. And thank you for existing. I am going to get a latte and thank the barista for helping you celebrate your birthday. 🙂

  39. I will go out and do something fun, not necessarily for myself but in your name and the name of my mom, whose birthday was yesterday (and whom I still miss like mad every day even though she’s been gone for about 25 years), and THAT will be my gift to me. Love you, bright lady!

  40. OK! With your encouragement, I just made reservations for our next Disney vacation. It’s months away, but I’m already smiling about it.

    p.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  41. Happy Birthday, dear Bloggess! May it be filled with dancing raccoons and kittens eating cupcakes. I will try to push past that voice that says I am unworthy and order something fun with the Amazon gift card I got for Xmas.

  42. Happy Birthday Jenny May you have a awesome birthday for all the good you’ve done for this years Christmas. Your heart is very warm and your soul is truly a one of a kind. This was the first year that I did Christmas from your page. My children got truly blessed from your angels / followers. I’m in hopes that this year will be a lot better but financially that part won’t happen. I’m of course on disabled and I can’t ever work which makes me very depressed. It’s hard from going from having it all to now asking for help. It’s very hard for me to ask for help if was to have asked in person for Christmas help. We wouldn’t of had a Christmas because it’s hard for me to ask people for things to their face it’s anxiety. Well, Jenny I’m a leap year baby I was born 2/29/1964 I was the only kid in the whole school building with this birthday. I’m interested in finding out how many of your followers have this same birthday 🎂.

    With All My Love,
    Patricia L

  43. For our birthday I am making French toast for Breakfast! I am using homemade bread that I stress baked last week, so it’s basically all carbs all the time for comfort food in this house.

  44. On it!! On my way to a huge peppermint hot chocolate, which I will lift in your honor. Happiest of birthdays to you!

  45. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My bestest friend from school and I share a birthday. I bought her your book for Christmas, and she got it today!!! That makes it even more special! Thanks for sharing your crazy self with us! We need each other!

  46. Happy birthday! I took a shower, put fresh sheets on the bed and am petting the cats. It’s a pretty good birthday so far.

  47. Well, okay. But my actual Birthday is this Tuesday. Today, my family is getting together and having food and playing games. We have never done that before. And all of our foods are creepy themed! Things like ‘Mummy Wraps’ (sausages in pie crust wrappings), etc.
    Happy Birthday to us!!


  48. For our birthday, and because of you, I am finally seeking medical treatment for my depression instead of faking my way through my days (or sometimes not) and collapsing with exhaustion at the end of the day. Thank you. Best. Birthday. Gift. Ever.

  49. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!! Jenny, I’m wishing you every joy on your special day and beyond. May 2019 be the best year for you ever! And I am going to celebrate it by doing something special with my honey, in honour of you! Much love, you wonderful wacky woman! oxoxoxoxox

  50. Happy Birthday, Jenny! For your birthday I shall nap! I also bought a bunch of Kindle books yesterday, so they can count as my Jenny’s birthday present.

  51. Today is Christmas! My Aunt got out of the cancer hospital yesterday so today, in celebration of your birthday and the fact that none of us have to be at the hospital any more, we are having ham with all the trimmings and pecan pie. So for just 2018 your birthday is on Christmas Day. Don’t worry, we didn’t invite many people and later we’re going to make pina coladas and play video games.

  52. I love this! Happy birthday to the most remarkable person I (feel like) I know. Today on my pretend birthday I will wear sweats all day, cuddle up in a blanket and finish reading Where the Crawdads Sing, a beautifully written book.

  53. Happy Happy to you! Today is my daughter’s birthday, too – she’s 36. Seems like a lot shorter time since she was waving her arms, laughing and drooling in her high chair.

  54. Received my medical marijuana card yesterday, so to celebrate “our” birthday I’m going to the dispensary and buy LEGAL WEED!! Happy birthday.

  55. Happy Birthday to We! Happy Birthday to Weeee, Happy Birthday dear Jenn…..ny, Happy Birthday to We! You can start celebrating now and end sometime after Jan 6 – orthodox Xmas. That way, you get all kinds of happy stuff! I’m taking the day to play!

  56. My husband and I bought a reservation for two-night stay at a working farm bed and breakfast, usable any time in 2019, so we can use it when we really need it.

  57. Oh Jenny, Happy B-day. I was stunned to see the cat video but SO grateful to hear his story!
    Thank you for being YOU and having a Birthday 🙂

  58. My birthday was yesterday so I know how it can feel to have your birthday in the lull between Christmas and New Years. My parents still always take down their holiday decorations before my birthday to mark a clear distinction (I’m 46 and keep the decorations up at my house until New Years, but this is why they are the sweetest). This year for my birthday I bought myself one of those foot spa things and gave myself a proper pedicure (I hate people touching my feet).

  59. We just finished four days of cabin camping in western Pennsylvania at a state park. It’s our Christmas tradition to unplug and get away. Because this particular state park was close we took a detour to visit the flight 93 memorial in the Somerset area of Pennsylvania a few tears and teaching my children there is more to 911 then the twin towers we were all moved not to mention frozen to death in the 15 degree wind chill. We’re now heading home and preparing for unexpected company in our Christmas destroyed house for tomorrow friends of ours we used to camp with every weekend and now rarely get to see because we are far apart. Then another set of good friends will celebrate New Year’s eve with us. We have found that we’re having an entire Christmas break full of family friends and love and I couldn’t be happier !

  60. Happy Birthday Jenny! Yesterday was actually my birthday and I took the day off from work and instead I got to go to yoga, have lunch and watch Deadpool 2 with my sister and her kids and go to dinner with my husband. I was home and in bed by 9PM thoroughly pleased with my day. Have a great day!

  61. Happy birthday, Jenny (and fake birthday to me). I’m going to finish a puzzle with 300 dog breeds (and 1 black cat), go to dinner with friends and see the movie Vice. Enjoy!

  62. My daughter is going back to Boston tonight, so we are going to take a long walk in the Redwoods with my dog and then I am going to skip a concert I was supposed to go to and read on the couch tonight. I spent the past few days doing alot of driving, which always wears me out so being a couch potato sounds glorious about now.

  63. Have a wonderful birthday, Jenny! I’m healing up after being sick with a bad cold over Christmas, so can’t get out to ride my horses until I feel better. I hope your next spin around the galaxy is filled with more smiles than tears, more ups than downs, and more goodies than medicines!

  64. Best wishes for a day all about you (and me … since you asked me to celebrate my un-birthday).

    Set up my husband’s new computer yesterday and have been teaching him Windows 10; if that gives you any hint how old the last computer was. Neither one of us is technology-oriented. He is vision impaired, unhappy about change, but trying his best. Can I just take a rain-check on my un-birthday? I really just want to find a quiet place and pull a blanket over my head right now. But please, by all means, go on and celebrate without me, Jenny! Happy Birthday!

  65. I’m so glad Phineas has a family that loves him. I would adopt a cat like Phineas in a heartbeat!


    For your birthday, I am cleaning and organizing my office, because it’s time to get back to writing! I think it’s a great birthday present to get myself prepared to write, since you are a true inspiration!

    As always, thanks for all you do, sharing your self, your family, and your life with us. You’re truly a bright spot in an often bleak world!

  66. Today would have been my mom’s birthday. Every year since she passed, I do something she would have loved on this day. I saved a football game from last week that she would have loved, and then my family is having dinner at a place with great memories for us.

  67. It’s my birthday, too! I am spending my morning reading and watching youtube and drinking coffee. I need to think of something I wouldn’t usually do. I might think today, and celebrate my unbirthday tomorrow.

    Happy birthday to we. <3

  68. I’m listening to my music while watching the snow fall. Haitian music always makes me feel happy. If I close my eyes I can see the warm green water & my mother’s house. Later I will call my family in Port de Paix because that will make me even happier. Happy Birthday, all of us!

  69. Happy Birthday Jenny! Like you I have a birthday near christmas (Dec19)too. I always got the “here’s a present for your birthday and christmas” crap. Like “you cheap bastard, buy two gifts” So since I’ve been an “adult” (age 40) I have been buying myself my own presents. So even though I’m disappointed by others I still get something from myself. This year it was a couple of nice new long sleeve t-shirts from the Marine specialty store. So I’m happy.

  70. My birthday was yesterday (the 28th). We’re stuck between Jesus and the New Year, so I don’t really blame people for forgetting my birthday. I’m okay with no one making a big deal out of it because I don’t much care for being the center of attention. My family was never big on birthday celebrations anyway, and that never seemed to bother any of us.. For my birthday I spent the day recuperating from a solo road trip (9 states, two national parks, and one national seashore). Today for YOUR birthday (which is also my Mom’s birthday), I’m going to start rereading the Harry Potter series. I’ve been itching to reread the books and rewatch the movies for a while now.

  71. My birthday was 3 days before Christmas and I treated myself to a soy vanilla latte! Yummm Happy birthday and many more.

  72. Happy Birthday Jenny!!! It’s my real birthday today too!!! Have an amazing year filled with Love and Laughter!!

  73. About every three years Father’s day tramples my birthday. This is compounded by the fact that my father has never been anything but a force of cruelty, chaos, and trauma in my life. I’ve always wanted another time to celebrate, and your birthday is nearly my half-birthday. I think I’ll make a donation in your name and watch movies today.

    Happy Birthday, Jenny. Thank you for the wonderful idea.

  74. Tomorrow is my birthday. I always beg people not to bother, because after living through T’giving and Xmas, I am partied out, I don’t want another morsel of food, I don’t want to be sociable, I just don’t want to deal.

    So yeah. Happy birthday to us!

  75. Happy Birthday Jenny! I will celebrate by working out because taking care of oneself is important and we are worthy.

  76. Happy birthday, Jenny!!

    It’s my birthday too – for realz – after a bacon breakfast and many books as gifts, I had a one cosmo + one champagne lunch, followed by a little walk. I am now ensconced by a fire with said books and a cup of tea.

    Here’s to the interregnum between Zmas and New Year’s!

  77. happy birthday! I think the complaint that cat has is the one our vet was talking about in relation to the stray cat we took in. interesting!

  78. Happy birthday to us! (My actual birthday was 17 days ago.) In honor of our birthdays, I donated a beehive through Heifer International. Because who doesn’t want a box of bees for their birthday?!

  79. Happy Birthday. I’m going to have a soak in the bath with some of the luscious Christmas stuff people gave me. I think I might smell like a fruit salad when I emerge.

  80. My bday was yesterday! Happy birthday to us :). I am celebrating today by purging my house of all the stuff I don’t need or want. Donating anything useful and in good condition to charity.
    Hoping the suit I bought for job interviews a few years back brings someone the same luck I had.

  81. Happy birthday! I’m celebrating by having a Harry Potter movie marathon with my mom and daughter. We are snuggled on the couch with our electric blankets and kitty cats, so it’s a good day. ❤️

  82. Happy birthday, Jenny. I went for a long walk, bought a book and planned my projects for the next year. I think that is an excellent use of the day and we’ll have some success to celebrate together next year. All the very best, Brigitte

  83. Ha, mine was the 23rd and I spent it on a shopping spree and pedicure for myself. It was glorious. Happy birthday to you!

  84. This is my Dad’s birthday, too, he’s 94. To celebrate I got my brothers, our kids together, and asked for a guy from Quilts of Valor come and present him with a quilt made especially for veterans. Oh, and I made him a cake that said “Our Hero” on it. Now that I’m home again I am trying to decide whether to clean up the cake-making project in the kitchen, or read a new book on Dylan Thomas one of my daughters got me for Christmas. I think I’ll just read a little while I decide… Happy birthday and thanks for sharing!

  85. To celebrate your birthday, I bought some citrus fruit with an intention to make mulled wine, a coffee maker because the old one died, and two grease pencils to mark the places where my Aladdin lamps have flame horns so I can try to adjust them.

  86. I went for a much-needed run today, and I’m trying to “reset” my diet by eating clean, which doesn’t sound much like a gift, but I know it’s what my body needs. You know, that same body that can actually hear the one remaining piece of chocolate pecan pie calling its name…

  87. Happy birthday! I bought a copy of a play my Mom and I used to watch when I was a child, and will watch it this weekend. (Amahl and the NIght Visitors.)

  88. Well isn’t this perfect timing. We’ve been trying to decide if we should buy new furniture (we haven’t in 16 years) and here you are telling me to get that thing I’ve been putting off for a year. Sounds good to me! Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day celebrating all things you 🙂

  89. Happy birthday Jenny. Mine is after New Years on the 6th. Which is just as bad because everyone is already exhausted from the holidays and usually what I got for my birthday was going back to school. Yippee. Please read the sarcasm. Today we’re celebrating Christmas with my dad’s family. First Christmas without grandma. Sad face. I hope you have a wonderful day. Watch some Dr Who for me.

  90. Happy Birthday, Jenny! For YOUR (my) birthday, I just ate four sugar cookies. Wait! I did that yesterday, too. It doesn’t count. I’ll eat two more, and then I can say that, for your (my) birthday, I ate a half-dozen sugar cookies. In my defense, I only make them once a year, they’re really good, and they’ll be gone soon.

  91. I got a new fridge, dishwasher, and microwave for your birthday! (Stove/oven is backordered and won’t get here for a month.) It’s actually our wedding anniversary but the appliance delivery timing was coincidental. Still, I can now run the dishwasher without being afraid that it will actually erupt like the old one had been sounding like it wanted to. And the light inside of the fridge works so maybe we won’t keep finding mystery/slimy items that had gotten shoved to the back. Exciting times!

  92. I forgot to mention that I also drank orange juice, which is healthy and therefore negates the six cookies. I think this means I get to do something else for myself. Right?

  93. Happy birthday! I’m celebrating by not feeling guilty feeling guilty for sleeping in and actually getting the sleep I need! It’s been amazing!

  94. I promise I will do a thing for me in your honor. And I hope you have exactly the lovely day you want!!! Meow!!

  95. Yesterday was Mom’s and tomorrow is mine so boy howdy do we know this problem. We’ll be spending the day together with my husband, stepfather and daughter doing family things. And tonight we leave the kid with her grandparents and get to go have a peaceful night in a hotel. It’ll be nice.

  96. Yesterday was Mom’s and tomorrow is mine so boy howdy do we know this problem. We’ll be spending the day together with my husband, stepfather and daughter doing family things. And tonight we leave the kid with her grandparents and get to go have a peaceful night in a hotel. It’ll be nice.

  97. I bought surprise t-rex earrings for a friend who is going through a rough time! Which will get there sometime before March, probably, but still: purchased today, will arrive someday. I have been intending to do this for a while, but this tipped me over the edge into doing instead of intending, so thank you!

  98. My wife’s birthday is Christmas Eve so she is used to her day getting lost in the mix. Since we’ve been married tho, 2013,I’ve tried not to let that happen. I shall show her this and tell you what she decides to do for herself. 😁 HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY!!! 😁

  99. Happy birthday Jenny! I’m laying in my bed reading forma bit instead of cleaning and organizing! I have a December birthday too so I get the murk issue! Thank you for suggested this today. I love celebrating your birthday- it’s potato-rrific!

  100. My oldest child’s birthday is today too! As for celebrating like it my birthday…. I’m headed to the craft store to buy yarn for a new tapestry-crochet-purse-of-Elvis’-face project that I’m starting. 😊

  101. Happy birthday everyone. Expectedly, it was a working day, and previously i was called a saint for doing all the things people asked me, so i guess i conquered a dream of being the most drinking and swearing saint in the history. And as a gift for that, i given myself as a present a permission to do completely nothing in the next 10 days, in a company of my siamese cat. Also, it makes him happy too, so it’s a birthday present for both of us.

  102. I like having unbirthdays. My real birthday is in July. I adopted my 3rd kitty a few weeks ago. After today I have four days off work, and I just took a bunch of movies out of the library. Also, I bought myself a year’s zoo membership.

  103. Happy birthday. I helped someone explore home school options today. I think I made her less nervous and happier with her choice, knowing someone else out there has taken that step.

  104. Happiest of birthdays to you! I just got your latest book, You Are Here, and I’m coloring in it. My husband and father are tearing up my kitchen at the moment so I’m hiding, afraid of what’s going on in there.

  105. Happy Birthday! To celebrate you, I tried out a new recipe (for hobbit cake) and ordered a copy of The Spy Who Dumped Me. When I saw it with my best friend, we both laughed so hard we cried. I wish more of that for both of us.

  106. II am having a vertigo/dizziness episode today. Feeling a kinship with our friend Phin. Thanks for connecting us. For your birthday I might buy myself a butter mill—Although annointing my friends with the blood of their oppressers sounds good too. Happ Happy birthday Jenny.

  107. Awww. Hes sooo cute. And Happy Birthday!!🎁🎉🎊🎈 today we’re making pillows(my 13 year old is learning to use my sewing machine) and later we’re doin a bit of shopping. Hope u have a great day. 😊

  108. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jenny! I hope you have a wonderful year. Thank you for all your amazing posts and brilliant humor. You and your silent twin are very talented, although you express yourself far better, even if the twin leaves you a bit choked up at times…

  109. I’m going make almond cream puffs and eat them all with my husband while watching the Great British Baking Show and cat videos.

  110. Happy Birthday!

    I went out and had lunch ALL BY MYSELF while my husband and son stayed at home and argued over a video game. I also picked up two tiny little skeins of yarn at Hobby Lobby for $3, even though I’ve already got two projects (a crocheted shawl and a knitted Beekeeper’s Quilt) on the needles/hook. Because I cannot resist cute yarn, especially when it comes in teeny little skeins.

    When I need a pick me up, I go watch Alex the Honking Cockatiel on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/user/doorbell26). He and his brother Dom crack me up so much.

  111. Happy Birthday, Jenny! To celebrate, I’ll be spending time with my fosters — mama Yorkie mix and 5-week-old puppy who appears to be part Yorkie and part pogo stick because she doesn’t walk; she bounces! And maybe do some more puppy laundry. 😉

  112. Happy Birthday, Jenny! How wonderful to find out we share a birthday, cause it really is my birthday too. You really are amazing and inspirational. Thank you for the gift of all that you share with us. We are going out to a Mexican restaurant for lunch, then I think a short shopping trip may be in order, depending on energy levels which on any given day are non-existent. My wife and I just bought your Furiously Happy audiobook. As always with your amazing books, it brought us laughter and tears and a sense that we are not alone in a world that might not get the challenges so many of us face. I hope you have a wonderful day and can find time to do something you enjoy. Know that you are loved and make a difference in the world to so many people. I’ll be toasting you with the margarita I have at lunch. Much love and blessings from my heart to yours.
    aka RainbowGypsy

  113. Solely and only because of this post, I bought myself a book – full price! Thank you for sharing your birthday.

  114. Heyyyy!!!! I am going to drive to my favorite hamburguer place that I don’t get to go because it’s expensive but since today it’s “our birthday” we get to treat ourselves, right!? I’ll post a pic and give you a happy bday to you in twitter but for now, I really hope you have a wonderful birthday and I only hope for all the best things for you because I love laughing with you with the crazy things that goes through your mind and life! You’re a gift for us all!

  115. Happy Birthday, Jenny! I’m celebrating by relaxing and watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. And drinking coffee. Because, coffee.

  116. Happy birthday, Jenny! I slept in … until 3 pm. Only got up because the people in my dreams were annoying me and I started dreaming that I was on the toilet. That’s always a warning to get up or be sorry (and wet). Happy birthday!

  117. Happy Birthday, Jenny! I hope your day is 1/2 as wonderful as all those mentioned before and after mine. 🙂

    This is JUST the permission I needed to feel okay about a major purchase. I got carried away with joy when my thought-to-be-dead washing machine sprang back to life… I bought a dishwasher in celebration. And because it’s a water-based appliance and the water here is SO hard, I splurged for a water softener as well. More than I wanted to spend… but I’m so in love. It’s the first time in 25 years that I’ve had a working dishwasher.

    And Patricia L (#57) – I’ve a Leap Year SIL… so you’re not alone. Leapsters are out there. 😀

  118. My birthday is January 2. I am grateful every day to be alive (cancer survivor), but having a winter-time, near-Christmas birthday sucks sometimes. By January 2, everyone is committed to their New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier, get fit, stop drinking, blah, blah, blah. So no one ever wanted to celebrate my birthday by eating and drinking. So a few years ago, I decided to start celebrating half-birthdays instead. And while technically July 2 is my half-birthday, I usually opt for July 4 because it’s our nation’s birthday and it’s always a good time. And July 4 was my grandmother’s birthday.

    I hope you treat yourself to something extra-special today, Jenny.

  119. Happy Birthday, Jenny! My birthday is tomorrow. I have already bought myself a new purse and tickets for my daughter and I to go see “Pride and Prejudice” at the Alamo Draft House.

  120. Phineas is a CH kitty! 😍 a friend of mine runs a rescue dedicated to CH kitties! Happy birthday friend! I will do today what I did on my birthday (play games on my computer) enjoy!

  121. Today I ate pie, found some cool things at the thrift store and bought myself a sword (okay, it’s a letter opener, but it’s still pointy!)

  122. I will spend it reading on the couch with my cats (Fletch and Athena). I will also eat the last 6 chocolate /almond elephants candies my friend gave me for Christmas. Happy Birthday to you Jenny! I hope you have a fabulous day filled with love, laughter and yummy treats! ❤️🤣🎉🎂

  123. It IS my birthday! I’m going to black bear diner with my family. I’ll think about you as I’m eating my free ice cream. 🙂

  124. Happy Birthday, Jenny! Wishing you a sunny and bright year ahead! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  125. What I am doing for me today: Working on a beautiful costume for ME to wear in a production of The Glass Menagerie in a couple of weeks (I’m usually making beautiful things for other people.) Watching Alabama football tonight with my best friends. (Ok, I would do that anyway, but I haven’t gotten to do that much lately.) And not worrying about how I’m going to juggle everything I need to juggle in the next couple of weeks. Happy birthday, Jenny!

  126. I bought the weighted blanket I’ve been looking at for six months, to help with my anxiety and sleep. Thanks for the encouragement. 🥳

  127. Happy birthday Jenny!! My son’s birthday tomorrow so he understands how you feel! Hope you have a great day. Had a really hot bath today while reading and drinking diet coke. 😁😁

  128. I’ll write a birthday poem and post it on my blog! Hopefully I can post it ON your birthday….It’s a poem I have kept secret so I could reuse it. I’m sorry it’s not original, but I’m ready to post it for the world to see. My present to you. Happy birthday Jenny! 🍰🎂🎈+🛁


  129. I wish I had seen this before I went out earlier! I would have found something totally out of the ordinary for me to do! I did return an item to a store and found something new instead. A non- birthday present for me? I’ll take it!

  130. Happy birthday! I spent part of the day with a friend. She has 3 kids, so it can be tough to get together, awesome that it worked out on your birthday!

  131. For my birthday I would want to adopt Phineas! What a sweet little wondercat. Of course I can’t, not only because I’m deathly allergic, but because he is already in a loving home. But there are millions of gentle animals in need, and sometimes not so gentle, who just need a loving person.So for my day I will go donate some time at our local Humane Society. I’ll take my little guy with me of course. We adopted him 2 years ago and were warned about his intense fear and anxiety because of extreme abuse. ..he even needed a leg amputated because of it. This wrung my heart because I had to get a hip replacement for the same reason. We’ve both moved on, experience lots of love but still have Those Days. This will not be one of them. We shall go forth and frolic with 2,3 and4 legged friends! Happy Birthday to Everyone!

  132. I should have mentioned that my little guy is a dog, a yorkie/pappillon, not a little person, although he thinks he is.

  133. Happy happy birthday!!! I think I’ll celebrate by watching more Instagram videos of your cats interrupting your writing, lol. That’s always fun! Already took my dog on a car ride today, just out for errands because he looooves the car. He is so funny when my mom and I start getting ready to leave, somehow I swear he knows when he’s going with us because he gets super-hyper (instead of hiding under the bed so we won’t put him in his cage). I hope this will post, here is a picture of Hippie on a car ride, just because it’s so cute:

  134. Happy, happy birthday Jenny!! I hope you’ve had a wonderful day so far, and have an awesome evening, too!

  135. I love this idea. I am an alcoholic in recovery, and many years ago a friend helped me make a good choice, and probably saved a few lives that night, including my own. I reached out to her today and thanked her for what she did and how she did it—she let me keep what dignity I thought I still had that night and was nothing but respectful, and I truly appreciate how she handled the situation and wanted to let her know.
    Hope everyone had a beautiful day. ❤️

  136. It’s my birthday too! I spent a good chunk of it reading Furiously Happy in a cozy coffee shop. It’s the first book of yours I’ve read, and it is delightful! Thank you for writing it 🙂

  137. Today I am taking myself out AT NIGHT for a glass of wine and a desert. It’s been a major adjustment becoming a parent and I’ve been out past bedtime once in 6 months. Today I wil make it twice as I slowly try to incorporate me back into my life.
    Happy birthday!

  138. Happy Birthday sweet Jenny! Today was a downer as I had planned an evening with a gal pal and it didn’t go as planned. 🙁 However, I will be putting money down for my first ever tattoo for our unbirthday! Plus I have been bundled under a blanket. Many hugs and I hope your mama is feeling better!!

  139. Happy Birthday Jenny! To celebrate OUR birthday I visited with dear friends who I seldom see, and continued reading Michelle Obama Becoming. It’s been a lovely day in St. Louis. I hope you’re enjoying yours, too.

  140. Happy Birthday to you!!! On this day, being my 1st of two birthdays (thank you) my husband and I went on an adventure looking to replace a leaky kitchen faucet. Did not have high hopes and I was not let down. Faucet still leaking (into a watering can), and I am now celebrating ALL OF OUR birthdays by having a MF’n cocktail—or three! Thanks! Again, happy birthday to you. Just in case you didn’t know….you bring much joy, happiness, and truth to many who fiend for your blog. You’ve helped many, I’m one. THANKS!

  141. I feel like it’s my birthday and I’m celebrating because my 21 year old daughter went digging through the basement and found an old diary that I kept when my kids were little. I only made entries when something funny happened and she spent an hour down there laughing so hard she was crying and at the same time realizing that I was, at least for a time, a wonderful, normal mom and not Godzilla mom who is wrong about everything and old and opinionated, apparently I’ve aged rather badly. We had a wonderful hour long conversation where she told me how funny I was and what a great poet I was before my Godzilla mom mask slipped back into place and the glow faded. One of the best hours of my life.

  142. Happy Birthday, Jenny! (My birthday was 10 days ago.)
    Today I went out and bought a big clear glass jar that is now wearing the sign “Happiness” (I can’t take credit for this as I saw it on Facebook). Beginning January 1st, on coloured pieces of paper every day I will write something that was good about the day, and then on December 31st I will read about all the things that made me happy throughout the year. My health is terrible, but I can still see, hear, smell, taste, and feel so I’ll always be able to write something positive. On the days I can’t do much, my note can still say, “(Date) Happy to wake up this morning.”

  143. As you wish! I bought myself a fabulously sparkly holographic flask with a bejeweled top that I don’t need but desperately want. I will think of you when I use it!

    My real your birthday present to me was last night though. One of my best friends got high for the first time and she was messaging me on Facebook and it. Was. AMAZING. She was mostly worried that what she was feeling wasn’t normal. Because she ate TWO cookies instead of one. A week after I literally sat in her living room and told her to never, ever, ever, EVER eat more edibles than recommended. All of this makes me sound like I have way more experience with weed than I really do. What I know I learned from my older brother, and he should know, so I don’t take his instructions lightly.

  144. My wife’s birthday is December 15th. She got sick of getting presents that her birthday/Christmas gifts. Now, we celebrate her half birthday every June 15th. Works out much better. Also we expand her true birthday celebration to the week of December 15th. She is so worth it.

  145. My husband and I travel frequently for both work and fun. He want d to go somewhere over new year, but I convinced him to bring his sister and SIL out to NYC to visit us instead! So, we are seeing shows and doing all the things that people who only come to NYC every few years do, and it is a blast! Happy Birthday to us!

  146. I took my daughter to our favorite sushi place, now we’re playing a Christmas present and watching chopped.

  147. My birthday is in December. It either gets forgotten about, orade a big deal of. Both options kind of stink.

    But today, I married an adorable couple. It was my first paid wedding, and I was nervous and excited. But I really enjoyed it. And I got the money for my new tattoo! So I did something for me, while doing something for someone else.

  148. Happy Birthday, Jenny! We celebrated my husband’s on the 27th, and I’m celebrating your birthday by opening up the 2019 planner and staking out my first ultra marathons as I plan for a 2020 “race” that’s 150+ miles because I’m that kind of crazy. Or hopeful. (Nobody else knows about this plan. It’s our secret.) Hope you celebrated today in style!

  149. Happy Birthday Jenny! What a great blessing it is to all of us that you were born. I didn’t know it is my birthday too until I read this post this evening, but I must have been psychic because I bought myself two wonderful books this morning! Happy Birthday to All!

  150. My bday is the first. I subscribe to the theory that “the only defense is a good offense,” and therefore make damn sure people know what they’re counting down to. No one within 100 feet of me on NYE is mistaken. That big ball drops for ME.

    Also, the boyfriend is the 3rd, which he says is the saddest birthday of all. So now we refer to the 2nd as “El Doble,” and push the party on through.

    TL;DR – I’m exhausted by Jan 4th.

  151. Also (because I’m apparently a forgetful, inconsiderate asshole):

    Happy birthday Jenny!

  152. Today is my REAL birthday, too, so I dont need to pretend. Love your posts and following your journey as I suffer from depression and anxiety myself. High five to surviving and thriving another year. Cheers, Jen! -Sara

  153. ♫ Happy Birthday to you, Jenny! ♫ I’m one of those forgotten birthdays as well so I know how you feel. My 60th was on December 17th and only one person remembered and acknowledged it. Since my baby brother’s birthday is on December 13th all of the excitement usually went for his and then we were gearing up for Christmas. To celebrate your birthday and my (un) birthday today, I went out and bought myself some time & effort saving house cleaning appliances. Not too exciting as far as ‘fun stuff’ goes, but my body definitely appreciates not having to put the extra pressure on itself to keep this place clean. 🙂 I hope you had an amazing day!

  154. For your birthday I am grateful to have you in my life every day – I feel less frightened of my PTSD knowing I’m not alone with anxiety, panic and depression. I hope you have the very best day and the future is full of just three things: love, love and love.

  155. Happy Birthday! It actually is my birthday today too and I also am terrified of parties. I am getting better at it, though. I actually didn’t flinch when they sang Happy Birthday to me at the restaurant.

  156. My pup and I hung out with his doggie girlfriend and her human, playing and laughing. Thanks for the excuse to blow of adulting! Happy Birthday!

  157. Happy birthday, Jenny! If this were my birthday, I have spent it drinking champagne and dancing with my husband to doo-wop songs (his era) and playing with our seven cats-all rescues-who are the most loving and adorable cat family ever, despite being of varied ages and relationships. Do I win an award for best run-on sentence? I think I should win, but I am drunk on champagne so maybe not? Who cares–it’s my birthday! Well, no, it’s not but thank you for letting me celebrate yours. I love you, Jenny Lawson. I hope you had a wonderful day.

  158. Happy birthday! My husband and five close friends all have birthdays his week, so we never forget. Enjoy! Also CH kitties are awesome.

  159. My kid turned me into a big ol’ Brandon Sanderson fangirl. I’ve listened to the audiobooks from all of his book series’ that dovetail into his greater Cosmere concept. And I’m working my way through them again. (It doesn’t hurt that the narrator has a super-sexy voice that I find VERY soothing…)

    When I was buying some t-shirts for my kid with designs from the books on them for Christmas, I saw that there was a bronze pendant of the Cosmere logo available. Even though it was on my wishlist, it didn’t appear under my tree. Or even for MY birthday, which was a week ago.

    It took me til right before bedtime to pull the trigger, but I did it. I bought it.

    Happy birthday to you… and me.

  160. I convinced my husband to go to a winter carnival that happens each year in a town about 3 hours away and we booked our hotel so we’ve actually got to follow through and go (it’s not until February)! He didn’t take much convincing, but I’ve wanted to go for a while but we never had the opportunity and this gave me a reason to start looking into it! Thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  161. Dog and I did stuff, watched TV and now he is snoring. He hopes your birthday was as awesome as you are (so do I buy I know who the star of my house is.)

  162. The Philadelphia Improv Theater does an improvised musical on Saturday’s and I treated myself to a night out. Happy birthday!

  163. I was hoping to do something fun today, but this broken molar has other plans. I will try again tomorrow, and do it 8n your honor, Jenny. 🎂❤

  164. For your (our) birthday I made brownies from scratch and went to my neighbor’s house for game night. Now I’m watching my kids work on a jigsaw puzzle together. We really enjoyed your birthday. I hope you did too. xo

  165. I have next two days off in a row which is not usual. I am going to read on the couch with my dog by my side. No chores. No stress. Happy Birthday!

  166. Happy birthday to us! It’s really my birthday too today. At first I felt bad about deciding to cancel fancy dinner out reservations in favor of staying home, but ordered in Indian food in my leggings with cats on them was exactly what I needed. I hope you had an equally satisfying day.

  167. Happiest of Birthdays to you Jenny! I spent the day with my nieces and nephew, walking our butts off at Maymont in Richmond, VA followed by more walking to see the Christmas lights at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. It was an exhausting, glorious day, and a wonderful way to spend my un-birthday!

  168. Hope your birthday was happy. Quick question: If I were to start watching Dr. Who, where should I start? Is there a beginning? All I know about Dr. Who is that the doctor changes every TV season and is usually a man but occasionally a woman. Did the show come first or the books? I saw 2 Dr. Who books today but had no idea where they fit into the series so I didn’t buy them. Okay, that’s more than one question. Sorry.

  169. Happy birthday from another that suffers through its-your-birthday-Christmas syndrome. Thank you for my best birthday present ever — making me laugh out loud. And also being upfront and a voice for those of us who deal with brain chemical disorders. Best wishes for a lovely new year.

  170. Happy Birthday, Jenny! I ate about 9 chocolates for you (after my 18km run so I earned them!) and bought myself a new Lululemon jacket with my Christmas gift card! So excited for it to arrive – I’ve lost 125 pounds over the past 15 months and buying a size 12 jacket is pretty thrilling for me, lol.

  171. Late to the party, but I spent almost all day installing a new kitchen sink. It’s my first time doing any sort of big project like that and definitely my first time with plumbing. I’ve been putting it off for weeks, and tonight I have a new sink!

  172. Happy birthday! Today was my grandma’s 85th birthday too. We celebrated with Chinese food, a Rummikub tournament and ice cream cake. Hope your day was as fun as ours!

  173. Today is actually my birthday too for reals! I spent it sleeping in, staying in my pjs all day, and hanging out with my best friend watching movies. It was the best birthday ever!

  174. I slept in and spent the evening with one of my friends. I work a lot and barely do anything otherwise besides sleep so I had fun seeing her in the midst of the holiday crap. Happy Birthday to us!!! Hope you had a good day!!!

  175. Happy Birthday Jenny! I went for a pre-breakfast swim in the lake with my mum (we’re in Australia so it’s summer here). I spent the rest of the day hanging out with my cat Penny while reading, listening to podcasts and rearranging my books. It was bliss despite the heat. Sending love, hugs and birthday wishes your way – I hope you had a lovely day!

  176. If you don’t already check in, daily, with clydethesuperhusky, and joshthedoodle, you should!

  177. Wait, so, my literary and Twitter crush – both you – and I celebrate our birthdays one day apart? I had no idea. That is AMAZING!!!! Today is my birthday … a milestone one that confounds me (50) …. But made better now that I know the beautiful Jenny Lawson shares hers so close to mine. Yay. You’re the greatest!

  178. My girls were born 12/19 and 1/12. Add that to mom and dad being Nov and Dec, plus Christmas and you have an extra hot mess mom for 1/4 of the year. I made them promises to celebrate them and their births but it is super hard. Happy Birthday and I hope you found the energy to celebrate yourself! You are worth it!

  179. My birthday was the 27th! I took myself to see Mary Poppins Returns and bought myself a new board game. Happy Birthday to us!

  180. Happy belated birthday! I had an aunt who’s birthday was on christmas, so she’d do christmas presents in the morning and birthday in the evening. I can see how being just after christmas could get lost in the shuffle.

    Hopefully yours was a good one and a good new year as well

  181. I’m just seeing this today (the 30th), but believe it or not, I host kids’ birthday parties and I hosted one yesterday. In a nature sanctuary. With live animal time AND a bird seed cookie craft. So happy birthday to you–I celebrated it the way you wanted without even realizing!

  182. Happy birthday! I will join in your revelry by watching movies this morning in bed with my cats, then going to lunch with some friend-cousin-in-laws. Enjoy your day!

  183. Dang, I missed a whole of celebrating! My birthday is on Thursday so I totally get your idea. I will start celebrating today. Why not? I may even wear the pants I got for myself from my husband today. 😛
    Can you celebrate with me on Thursday?

  184. The 29th is my birthday, too. I ordered myself a book that a favorite podcaster has written – autographed, so I feel special. Have a great year, birthday twin.

  185. Happy belated birthday, Jenny! I’m celebrating by eating cheesecake and coffee and playing goofy videogames with The Mr. Hope your day was even better!

  186. Mommy’s birthday was the 28th, and she always said, when anyone asked, “3 days after Christmas, when everybody’s broke, and to top it all off, I have a twin!” It’s easier to remember that statement than to acknowledge that December 28th is no longer important for her or her twin, now that they’ve both “passed”.

    I didn’t do anything to commemorate her birthday this year, and I’m only just now seeing your post. I hope you did something good! (I love the list of suggestions; I was a big fan of “eating dirt” when I was a kid – it’s why my immune system is so strong, I’m sure!)

    Happy belated birthday, Jenny! I’ll probably add it to my calendar, now that I know it’s 4 days after Christmas, when everybody’s broke!

  187. Happy Belated Birthday, Jenny! I celebrated your birthday by taking my 8-year-old daughter over to a friend’s house and making Christmas cookies with her and her 8-year-old son. We had a great time, and the kids were dressed up as Belle (from “Beauty and the Beast”) and a shark while icing cookies. We ended our visit by rolling bouncy balls and marbles off their new treadmill machine. My kiddo and I need to go over to their house more often! =)

  188. Belated happy b-day! You are one day before my mother, Glenda Adams, who would have been 79 today. She was also an fantastic writer. Must be something special about the late December birthdays…

  189. First, Happy Birthday to you! Today was my middles birthday and we try so often, and fail, to make it special. We have family in town from Germany for my grandmothers funeral, who passed away Christmas. We actually made time to go to skating rink with skating, food, a reading and laser tag. I’m glad to know that it is rough for more than just me, the effort was well worth the smiles, and fights. I love family gatherings.

  190. Happy birthday to you! I have relatives and friends with birthdays between Christmas and the first week of January so we just spread the love! <3 I celebrated the week by visiting family (after my mom suffered a little stroke and seems on good recovery) and then taking 4 days for just my husband and I in San Francisco. Since it can be a time where money is tight and depression/anxiety is high with self-reflection, we made sure to tip extremely well to every waitstaff we encountered: hotels, Lyft driver, waiters etc. Plus I got to hug some trees and soak in the sun.

  191. I’m wishing you a happy belated birthday! I celebrated by being extracted from the hospital after being there since the day after Christmas. Not the best holiday for me, but I have you to keep my spirits up! Love you, Jenny!

  192. Hi Jenny! My birthday is tomorrow, and I’m trying not to dread it. I’m going to take your advice and do something just for me- go apply for my passport, so I can actually leave the country if I want to! Cheers, happy birthday to us! 🙂

  193. found “Captain Andrew Luck” on Twitter and watched it for our Birthday. He has an interesting (read Civil War) beard and someone is tweeting letters starting with “Dearest Mother…” It’s hilarious and starts the day off with a bang. BTW, he’s an NFL Quarterback. Hope you enjoy it.

  194. Didn’t really have to pretend much! My birthday is December 30 (which has also worked for me for the same party-fearing reasons), and a friend of mine has the same as yours – December 29 – so we went to a magical place in Fallbrook, CA called Myrtle Creek Gardens to start the celebration. It’s primarily a nursery where you can buy plants, but they also have a gift shop, a botanical garden, a cafe, and goats! (I mean seriously, if you’ve got goats, you’re one of my favorite places already…) The entire place is Victorian-themed, but the cafe has this magical fairy-like patio seating area covered in wisteria vines and buzzing with hummingbirds in summer. There’s an old, real-life gypsy wagon on the property, and I could easily spend hundreds in the gift shop. They also sells homemade jams and soaps and baubles and delicious things you don’t really need in your house but squeal and covet when you see them. After some pie and coffee in that enchanting place, we, and several other friends, did a medieval-themed escape room in Murrieta, CA (created by MindTrap) and the game chose me (randomly, according to the owner/builder) to pull the sword from the stone at the end. God save the Queen! We then traveled back south to Twisted Horn Mead and Cider, a meadery and tasting room with a decidedly Viking theme (the inside of this place is all wood and looks very Celtic/pagan – it’s a favorite hangout for the board-gaming community). We shared some drink and played a silly game and enjoyed the laughter. My daughter and I broke from the group after that and went to the movies. We bought tickets to Mary Poppins Returns, but as we were walking to the theater we noticed Mary, Queen of Scots was playing at about the same time, and because we’re like that, we scooted in there instead to keep the medieval theme. What can I say? Scottish genes. We’re a bit impulsive and rebellious. Overall it was a great day had by all, and a wonderful birthday with a few close friends, so as not to poke all my insecurities and phobias. Huzzah! I hope your birthday was equally amazing and that you have many happy years to come!

  195. Happy (belated) birthday!! One of my sons is the 22nd, and his bday tends to be blended into xmas most years..he doesn’t mind, and I at least try to make him a special cake on his bday..he’s super chill though and doesn’t complain about anything, I love him! Hope you had an amazing day, and your next year is full of amazing memories with family and friends 🙂

  196. Happy birthday Jenny! For your birthday i’m going to have a few adult drinks, get in bed, and cover my head in preparation for 2019. I would hide in a bomb shelter if I had one.

  197. A friend of mine got married on your birthday. So I celebrated your birthday by drinking a lot and eating too much cake. The same thing, I assume, that you did, too.

  198. Happy happy birthday! Mine was a couple of weeks ago, but I think it might still count – I celebrated by adopting myself a hound mix puppy from our local no-kill shelter.

  199. I had to birdsit (because not everyone will take care of parrots) but I celebrated by buying the yarny toy I’ve been lusting after! I’ve been saving up gift cards for a year, & instead of waiting until my September birthday, I credit carded the last bit I was short. Hooray for new ways of playing with yarn!

  200. I am actually planning a birthday party for my Dog’s puppies, so I am gonna count that. I adopted a doggo that was full of doggos. She had 7 pups that i pimped out to my friends and they are turning 10 on the 13th. The Groovy Dog Bakery will be making the cake and the parents will come over with their pup and the pups ‘in house’ siblings to celebrate! We all usually adopt from shelters so it is really fun to know the actual day the pups were born.

  201. Happy belated birthday!

    I treated myself to some new pens and nib holders and watercolor, so thanks for the idea of treats!

    Your blog is one of my favorites, and you are AWESOME!

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  203. Crikey. I thought this was Ferris Mewler for a minute. I’m like, WTF! Did he get into some psych meds????

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