I’ve taken on a writing partner and you’ll never guess who it is.

I can’t do this justice by writing it so instead I’m putting it on instagram.  Start here:

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Video #2

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Video 3

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Part 4

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Part 5

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The last one. Part 6.

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When worlds collide.

PS. If you happen to have a Game of Furiously Happy Thrones copy just email me at jenny@thebloggess.com and I’ll forward it to the publisher who can get you a pristine, new copy with slightly fewer dragons.

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  1. This is AWESOME! I want one of these books; they should charge double or even triple for such a masterpiece.

  2. Oh man, if I had the combo book, I would NOT be mailing it back for a replacement. This is just amazing and random.

  3. IT IS EERIE how similiar your and George’s writing voices are. This is totally better than Stephen King and Peter Straub’s Talisman. It’s waaay better than James Patterson and Everyone. <3
    If I had a copy like this I would never let anyone touch it. 🙂

  4. I would do anything for a Game of Furiously Happy Thrones copy. Just when I thought your book couldn’t get any better. My GOD! And the Crest! Give me a break! I love scones! And really, someone had to have done this on purpose. It’s just too awesome to be a coincidence!

  5. All of these are hysterical, Jenny. I only wish I’d got a ‘flawed’ copy and my original signed one. There can never be too many dragons and the market for taxidermy dragons is insane right now. “That took a turn.”

  6. Honestly dear House Bloggess if I had a copy, or if you would like to sell me one, I would keep it next to my non dragon edition.

  7. HAD I ONLY KNOWN that game of thrones was sooooo, YOU, i would have watched it. oh well, i’m glad my copy is you & only you. love to laugh my ass off, hate to be made sad. so much death, so little whale penises

  8. Wait, I want a merged copy. Now I know what to do with my furloughed hubster; we shall go Game of Happy hunting.

  9. Woooooooah! If I was lucky enough to have accidentally bought one of these Bloggess/R.R. Martin love-child copies by accident, I would NEVER return it. I would pull it out at EVERY party as the best conversation piece ever! (Although I’d also be very interested in seeing how much it would fetch on Ebay. Especially if it had both authors’ signatures. oooooo. I’m gonna go check Ebay. Nope, there aren’t any copies for sale (yet!) I could buy a person’s soul on Ebay, and I could buy a necklace filled with kitten blood, but I can’t find a book co-authored by George and The Bloggess 😉

  10. Ok, is there a poster of that? The House Bloggess? B/C if there is not, THERE NEEDS TO BE AND I WILL BUY IT!

  11. Sadly, I don’t have a copy of Game of Furiously Happy Thrones, just the regular copy of Furiously Happy. Still, I would like to have one, it seems so random, and yet still spot on.

  12. I NEED one of these copies and would totally wear a House Bloggess shirt! That shirt would be appropriate to wear while doing room parent duties for first grade, right? Just hypothetically…

  13. No way! If found one I’d be hella more than furiously happy. 2 of my fave authors? Yes!! To be honest though, this is like someone pulled a book from my dreams, because I often read more than one book at a time. Let me tell you, it leads to weird dreams when I read before bed.

  14. I’m DYING! And not because George R.R. Martin is killing me. I love this! It’s absolutely magic. I want one! HA!

  15. Holy fuck, if I email you can you forward me a copy of Game Furiously Happy Thrones? This is fucking amazing

  16. I think there needs to be a “House Bloggess” Poster, and your emblem/animal should be a taxidermied racoon. Screw those Stags and Direwolves and Lions! Racoons are fierce!

  17. I just assumed when you mentioned a writing partner that it would be one of your pets…. they seem to always want to “help” you with your writing.

  18. Also, your bit there about cat names for cats you don’t have? While I love “The President”, may I also suggest the name my friend gave their (very real) cat? It’s “Chairman Meow” and I just about die laughing every time I’m at my friends’ house and someone says, in a serious voice, “put away the food on the counter. The Chairman approaches.”

  19. Oh I love this so much. I want a copy….but mostly, I want this to be a real game. Think cards against humanity, but put bloggess and Game of Thrones quotes and questions in it now. E.g. ‘for my next trick, I will pull ________ out of _________.
    Could use cards ‘victor’s weary sigh’ out of ‘ned stark’s Bloody decapitated head’ orrrrrr perhaps ‘Amber the scab monkey’ out of ‘melisandre’s red dress’. The possibilities are endless. Please make an expansion pack. Okay quick google…you can already get plenty of GOT themed packs. We now need a Bloggess one to mash together. Less copyright issues this way…please start writing cards!!!!

  20. OMG! DIBS! That is fucking amazingly fantastic and I need a copy to supplement my Kindle version and hard copy of Furiously Happy ASAP!!!

  21. Omg! That is absolutely awesome! I would keep mine if I had one but I”m going home to check my copy because y’all seem to have similar writing styles, I might have missed those little changes, lol.

  22. Used to be a production manager of a printing company … this is the stuff of nightmares!!! My boss would have carried out mass executions of employees and started with a fresh batch of new hires. That said, since it didn’t happen under my watch, I WANT ONE.

  23. Former print professional here….
    Laughing at the possibilities for the SNAFU, but I can tell you that most likely the book was printed in Asia and few people in that plant spoke English.

  24. Clearly, we ALL need copies. Like, this is amazing… I will now constantly seek out this copy in all bookstores always and forever. Like John Cusack in “Serendipity,” but with Game of Furiously Happy Thrines instead of Love in the Time of Cholera.

  25. OMG! These are now collector items and will be selling for mucho dinero on eBay or something!!

  26. Another print professional here (well, former) If it truly is like every other page…I don’t even know how that could happen.

  27. Well that’s just the funniest fucking thing I’ve heard all new year. Game on. Yer jaw!

  28. OMG do we know if these were distributed in Canada? Time to hit the bookstores…

  29. Don’t pulp them! I want one! Desperately! Pretty pretty please? I promise not to kill any imaginary or real cats of yours!

  30. OH. This is amazing. Who would give up such a magical things as this kind of fuck up?! I want one! It’s like a wizard came by and said, you know what, let’s just give everyone some fun.

  31. This should be the name of your next book! House Bloggess: Knock Knock, Motherfuckers. AWESOME!

  32. The printer caught the issue and pulped most of them before they made it out of the factory but at least 5 have been spotted in the wild. Four were in the UK and one was in Singapore. I haven’t seen any in America yet but I’m still looking. Best cross-over ever.

  33. This is so amazing! I ordered a copy of Furiously Happy on Black Friday and it has been the carrot on a stick that has gotten me through the holidays. I am praying that I have one of these – it would be the most epic book ever that I would never give up, I’ll buy a second copy.

  34. Get rid of it?! I’m trying to figure out where I can buy this edition because I need it in my life this second.

  35. WHO THE F*** would ever return something so GLORIOUS?! Seriously, I NEED a copy!

  36. Don’t destroy them! I want at least two and am willing to pay shipping to Germany!

  37. Replace it!? Hell no. I’d keep it for sure and just buy another copy of Furiously Happy.

  38. This mash up should be reproduced and the proceeds split between the charities of yours and Georges choosing. I think many of us would buy into that.

  39. How about a Tagline for the poster . . . BEYONCE is coming (with the Game of Thrones “O”?

  40. If anyone has one of these and doesn’t want it – I will gladly buy you an “original” copy of Jenny’s book and pay for the shipping to send me this one!

  41. If I had the incredible good luck to find one of those collaborations, there is not a chance in heck that I would want it replaced. It’s a freaking mystical simulacrum of my life!

  42. Can’t they publish this as a separate book so we can all have a copy? That is absolutely magical. And it may be the reason that he hasn’t finished the last book. He’s too busy fitting death into your family pets.

  43. I would totally keep it if I had one of those; you’re right, that is pure magic. Also, you say giblets with a hard g? I’ve always pronounced it jiblets!!! Aw man, it’s the whole .gif pronunciation thing again.

  44. This made me smile so much my face hurt. And the end graphic! HAAA!!! Oh, and I would never give up my magical hybrid copy … if I had one.

  45. Now I’m wishing I hadn’t grabbed a hard copy – that is awesome. And weirdly the transitions mostly were in the same general theme

  46. For the love of all that is holy, please put that logo on a shirt. I will wear it proudly.

  47. Can you just imagine the publisher? “YOU ARE ALL FIRED FOR RUINING THE VALUABLE BOOKS!” “Sir, I just got a call from America. They’ll pay twice the cover price for the misprints. They’re screaming for them. This could set us up for life…” “YOU ARE ALL FIRED ALL OVER AGAIN FOR DESTROYING THE VALUABLE BOOKS!” (Seriously. Do you KNOW how much I would die for that book…and even more so if it could have the House Bloggess cover?)

  48. OMG I need one of these! I’ll be scouring local bookstores like a mad woman until I get my hands on one!

  49. My hope is someone out there is reading a Game of Thrones book and wondering why people love it so much, “It makes no sense! Why is there an attack of turkeys?”

  50. Having read both books and being HUGE fans of both of you,that would be one of the best books EVER! I’m just saying…..

  51. This is epic and there’s been a lot of epic here on your blog and in your books.
    If you ever meet George R R Martin please let it be in a karaoke bar and you can come sign copies of your joint venture and sing a duet.
    I have a weird imagination/sense of humor.

  52. NO ONE is going to give that up… I’d want both of you to sign mine if I got it!

  53. Jenny, good for you. I have a small number of George R.R. Martin books with misprints, and except for the one with the mystery story that is blank on every second page, I think it makes them utterly wondrous. I too would love to get a copy of this, but I suspect it’s not meant to be.

  54. well damn… Uk you say? I should find my copy and check it lol. I never got around to reading it.

    ahahaha, an excuse to go finally read this book anyway.

  55. So funny!!!! And actually people’s comments here are so funny too! Yay us! But seriously, how does something like that even happen.

    Oh, and I love the mash up card game idea

  56. Wow! Sounds as great as when I read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies a few years ago. I thought that Zombies in the book made everything just that much more interesting.Those Bennett sisters kick Zombie butt.

  57. Oh my god if I had one I would NEVER LET IT GO. Bibliographers, years from now, will scour the world looking for the amazing print error because in the digital age those types of print errors are practically extinct. You and G.R.R. Martin brought unicorns back to the publishing world.

  58. How can I find a copy if I don’t know page numbers to identify the book easily?

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