We don’t deserve cats, y’all.

You don’t always get to see Rolly on my feed because she’s our only pet who doesn’t like to dress up in costumes but she’s always behind the scenes and has a special talent.  You know how some cats can tell when someone is about to die and they’ll lay on their bed until they pass?  I know some people think it’s because they’re empathetic and can tell they’re needed but personally I think it’s more likely that that cat wants to eat you and can recognize that you’re an easy target.  That being said, Rolly has this strange ability to know when I’m feeling really sad.  She carries mouthfuls of cat food around while loudly meowing for me and accidentally spitting out the food in a trail behind her and when she finds me she’ll drop the cat food on my lap or in my shoe and look at me expectantly and I have to pretend to eat it or she’ll get her feelings hurt.

It’s both sweet and also a little insulting because she thinks I’m bad at being a cat and can’t fend for myself, which is really pretty accurate now that I think about it.

I don’t have an ending to this except to say that if you struggle with mental illness you need to go out and get yourself a whole posse of rescue pets because they are magic and will remind you that sometimes what you really need is to be gentle with yourself.

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  1. you know, that could be a live mouse…or perhaps a mouse that is coughing up blood…rather than a mouthful of food. Either is trying to help you

  2. I am not sure if it is because I need them or they need me, but I have ten of the little fuzzballs. All but two were feral when I they joined forces with me.

  3. I wish I could find a cat which brought me cake when I’m low. I hope Rolly learns to do that for you Jenny.

  4. Our doggo knows when my brother is sad or stressed and will climb on top of him wherever he is sitting and smother him in hair and bad dog breath until he feels better. The pets know.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE ROLLY! and i totally wholeheartedly agree – my two little one’s totally move in when they know i’m not doing well and am laid up in bed (which is really more than anyone should be) – but they are little dumplin’s who just love unconditionally and can also be the most magnificent little assholes!

  6. This is beautifu. I love Rolly. And I wish I could drop food on your keyboard, too– wait, no… you know what I mean…

  7. Alexander Hamilton demands that I pick him up when he senses that I’m getting stressed/anxious. It is physiologically impossible to be anxious while cuddling 15 pounds of purring fluff, so I’m not mad at this.

    Now all I need is a cat who can sense when I’m running late…

  8. Animals are a gift from the gods. They give unconditional love and don’t care if the house is dirty or whatever we get bogged down in. Embrace their love and be well.

  9. I rescued a puppy that was abandoned at the dump with a broken leg and now I am her huge chew toy because she is healing and not allowed to run and play. She makes me bleed and is a fiend and I can’t imagine my life without her, don’t know how someone could have put her down in a box at the transfer station and driven away (when it was -20° out) , and count myself exceedingly lucky that they did, because now I get her. I named her Buffy because she’s a fighter and a survivor and has all the ‘tude.

  10. Best. Therapists. EVER.

    They ask no questions. Charge no fees. Give unconditional (sort of) love.

  11. Oddly, my rescue cat doesn’t nurture so much as poop in the corner of the bathroom. Different spirit animals I guess.

  12. My dog Lee is like that. He normally doesn’t come up on the bed, but if I’m sad, he lies right on my chest.

  13. I just realized my last comment could be construed incorrectly. I don’t dislike cats, I’m just not a cat person. Although I could use someone who cares whether I eat or not…

  14. Animals are the best! Rolly is such a lady; a lady knows to be generous. She’d bring you a hot beverage when you’re feeling down, but as she has no thumbs, the damp kibble is the best she can do. Please give her some ear, chin and butt skritchies for me.

    My wonderful Pittie-Sheman-Tank mix definitely knew my moods. I miss her every day, and especially when I’m in the middle of a flare or a depressive episode. I’ve been doing even more fostering since she died (she was soooo good with my fosters — especially the kittens). Just finished a mom/puppy and will be getting a series of 5-10 adult dogs for short term fostering starting next week. It’s fun to do the fostering and I get cuddles and doggie kisses, but it isn’t the same as having a long-term relationship with an animal that’s really into you.

  15. OMG, that is the cutest thing! Rescue animals most definitely rescue their people. No doubt about it. So glad you have her. : )

  16. I love that she takes care of you, I wonder if she could be trained to bring chocolate? I also adore that you have a behind the scenes cat- I imagine her with a headset and a clipboard as a little fuzzy stage manager!

  17. My cat comes over and lies down with her head on my foot. I can’t tell if she’s trying to cheer me up or tell me she’s hungry.

  18. My cat saved my life. Before I started treatment for anxiety/depression I was in an incredibly bad place. I wanted to die. I remember one night where I was so close to the edge. I was curled up in the fetal position on my bedroom floor silently screaming and crying. He suddenly started scratching on the door and wouldn’t stop until I let him in. When I opened the door he just looked at me with a look that was both concerned and yelled “Seriously, get yo @$$ off the floor and stop crying.” He always knew when I was upset. He also came to comfort me when I was little and screaming when Indiana Jones fell in the pit of snakes…Crash was a good boy.

  19. My cat Skip brings his small toy mice to me or he puts them in his food dish when the kibble is running low. His older sister, now deceased, carried them to me, meowing around the mouse. it was a most distinctive sound.

  20. My fluffy orange boy, Ragnar, becomes hyper affectionate when I cry. He nuzzles into my neck/face and literally licks my tears. I have never had a cat like that. It makes me giggle every time he does it, which stops the crying, so he struts away like his job is done. Some kitties just have that instinct, apparently, and we are lucky enough to have found them. :o)

  21. Some cats seem to be so intuitive when their humans are hurting. And then some will step on your ribs like they’re playing a cat piano while you’re recovering from a collapsed lung. Glad you got some good ones there. 😉

  22. They couldn’t refill my Effexor today, and I’m going to go stretch out on the living room floor with my cat so we can both enjoy my nausea.

  23. We do not currently have a pet.
    But we do have a rat that’s been holding nightly bacchanals behind our kitchen garbage can in our RV.

    Might anyone have a cat we could borrow for a night or two? I’m terribly allergic, but this cause could be worth the trauma.

  24. A long time ago, Chester the cat was the only reason I did not opt out. I’m talking months of time, looking at her and not seeing a way that she could properly be cared for, so I held on. She lived to a ripe old age, and I’m getting there. And I always have cats around.

  25. This is beautiful. How lucky you are to have such a loving, sweet kitty who knows exactly what you need.

  26. I had surgery once and my cat, who never sits in my lap, sat vigil on my lap for two weeks. I think it was her way of taking care of me. The once I was well she was back to her normal self, ignoring all my attempts to love her. Cats are special people.

  27. rescue pets ftw! I’m currently fighting your basic cold, and my Cocoa has decided she needs her belly rubbed to make me feel better.

  28. Cats are the best! My husband got me two rescue cats in my mid 20’s when I was depressed AND had “baby fever” wasn’t able to have kids yet. Eventually we had two boys, and they got to spend their toddler years learning “manners” from our cats, haha. But yes, cats are AMAZING medicine for someone living with depression or anxiety (or “Baby Fever” haha) at least in my experience 😉

  29. I’m so happy you have Rolly, Jenny, in addition to your other cutie pies (alive and stuffed)! We all need comfort now and then. I’m sending my prayers that you are finding better moments. Love, Amy

  30. My late 20 year old, Merlin, would pat my eyes when I cried… usually made me cry harder which I think he was encouraging since a good cry helps remove toxins…

  31. My children are into mild insults/curses lately. Things like “I hope you step in a puddle wearing socks.” and “your mother buys you Mega Blocks instead of Lego.” Recently my youngest threw out a big one to her brother. “I hope when you grow up you have five cats and none of them like to cuddle.”

    We decided that was too mean. Cats are the best.

  32. My Shiba dog grabs his current favorite bone or toy and walks all around the house Screaming! his particular very loud!! Shiba song. And then brings the bone or toy over & drops it right next to me and I have to pretend to eat it. Almost every evening. I think he’s saying ‘Thank you for feeding me all day/now I’m going to feed you!’. Or else he’s rehearsing for the traveling Shiba Opera. He also arranges his toys & bones in Geometric Patterns aligned to the compass!! so maybe he’s really a space alien trying to find the right sonic key like in Close Encounters that will beam him back up to his Dog Shiba Planet…

  33. My cat does that too! But she uses the stuffed mice toys. She collects them every night after everyone in the family goes to bed. Then she wanders the house meowing loudly until she has deposited the mice in everyone’s bedroom doorways. I think she’s pretty sure we would starve without her.

  34. My girlfriend and I had a conversation about how dogs won’t eat you because they are loyal
    But cats will because they don’t give a shit. All we are good at is getting them food or I guess being their food.

  35. Yes! Pets are the best! I have 2 dachshunds and they calm my nerves and give my love!

  36. I really really want a cat, but I can’t have one for two reasons. My husband is culturally averse to inside pets and I’m annoyingly allergic to cats. We’ve had outside cats before, which sort of solves both problems, but that’s definitely not as satisfying as having a cat purring on your lap.

  37. fAngus likes to stab me in the chest and belly with his heavier-than-physically-possible feet when I’m depressed. I can’t figure out of he knows secret cat pressure points or if he’s just a sadist. After he licks my nose and purrs for a while…that is, I’m certain, checking for flavor…it’s comforting anyway.

  38. Absolutely True. Mine just turned the TV on for me, whether I wanted it on or not, because the remote was next to me, that is why.

  39. Rolly appears to be a faith healer. Since you didn’t fall over when she taps your forehead, perhaps she is hoping the smell of her cat food will do the trick. Let her heal you!

  40. Lately I have been in utter despair about the end of the world. I recently decided to try Ginkgo Biloba, which is supposed to improve cognitive function. Oh, shit.

  41. You have a kitty mom. Moms always bring you food when you’re sick or sad. I agree that pets are the best, especially if you have anxiety or depression or any kind of mental problems but even if you’re just a generally happy person, a pet can make you happier. And make you feel loved. And isn’t that what everybody wants?

  42. So sorry you are sad Jenny 🙁 but so glad you have a special little one to remind you of how loved and special you are. I so understand that special, almost spiritual connection with people but also animals-like you and Rolly.

    I had a dog who passed 3 years ago this year who I say was part of my “soul pack.” When I first saw her, I knew Instantly-weirdly-that we were deeply connected somehow. She recognised my heart like no one else. I had a similar feeling when I met my husband for the first time.

    According to a book I read authored by a psychic I follow, in life we have “soul packs” people who have been with us in past life prior, who are like soulmates-who are meant be with us in each lifetime and teach us things and love us-be part of our closer circle in each lifetime-that is if we have continued lifetimes or just go straight to heaven and learn our lessons there which is a whole other thing! Anywhoooooo!

    I believe that Angel my dog is part of my “soul pack” as is my hubby, etc. I think Rolly is part of your “soul pack” too! 😊 I am glad she is a comfort to you!!

  43. My cats don’t try to feed me (they’re more likely to leave little puke bombs where they know I’ll step on them), but knowing they rely on me has saved me from self-harm over the years. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have my critters, that’s for sure.

  44. Raven is a rescue and she’s always been super-snuggly. When I come home at the end of the week, she starts meowing from upstairs as soon as she hears my voice and doesn’t stop until I pick her up. It’s a nice way to be greeted:-)

  45. There was a post on FB book last week that said our brains remember bad things that happen better than good things, so we need to remember to reinforce it when good things happen. The author suggested mentally noting “If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what it.” When my latest rescue cat Larry (dumped at 15 for being vicious – he’s not) snuggles up next to me in bed, that’s exactly what I tell myself.

  46. Yes! I had 2 rescue cats from the same litter who both recognized when I was having a hard time. One would lay down next to me and cuddle my arm between his paws, and the other would just sit on my chest and force me to hold her until I calmed down. And then she would fart. Anxiety meds and comic relief all rolled together.

  47. I’m one of your peeps. I’m also a therapist. I recommend your books to your peeps who haven’t met you yet all the time. More people who need to know about Rolly!

  48. One of my cats mostly nurtures me by patting my face in the middle of the night. I’m not sure if I have some undiagnosed sleep apnea or really strange nightmares I don’t remember, or if she just wants to hang out.

  49. We used to have a cat named Rumpleteazer and after I would take a shower or a bath, she’d come and lick my wet hair and meow complainingly while she did it. Like, “OMG you are so useless, human. You can’t even groom yourself properly.”

  50. My cat is the same way. I’ve never had an animal know me so well. When I’m depressed or sad and an unmoving lump in the bed or a crying mess, she always pets my face and tries to clean me up, and also bites anyone who comes near me. We found Leeloo Dallas Multipass in an alley when she was a teenage cat, and we could tell she’d been out and alone for awhile. But when we brought her home, it was obvious she was supposed to live here. I don’t deserve her at all, but I’m so glad to have her.

  51. I have a cat that can tell when someone is coming over to the house. Before they get to the porch my alerts me someone is coming and we all pretend not to be home together. She is my hero.

  52. When my 7 year old Seti died unexpectedly I was in shock and crying uncontrollably. His brother Samson sat in front of me and head butted me repeatedly until I stopped and pet him instead. It was the most compassionate thing any living being has ever down for me. It was exactly what I needed and didn’t know it.

  53. My cat is sitting next to me on my bed while I recover from an anxiety attack this evening. I can’t remember if she was already there when I sat down, but I doubt it. She just… knew. She’s been a bit upset since I brought her “new brother” home in November. She thought my crazy kids were enough insanity, but then I dropped a boy cat into her world, too. But hey are finally starting to get along, and now, tonight, she’s sitting with me while I try to find my center again.

    Thanks for posting this. I saw it while I was trying to calm myself, and then I looked over and realized she was by my side. ❤️

  54. My Luna does the face tapping thing but only when I’m in bed reading….she does bring me Hummingbirds when it isn’t winter here. She runs in the house and drops them right in front of the fridge as if to say “see, I can bring food in too”. Cats, crazy critters.

  55. I love this so much. Someday I’ll have some rescue kitties, until then I’m grateful you share yours.

  56. I think she’s doing a ‘healing’. A laying on of hands (paws) like a charismatic church. You do live in Texas after all.

  57. I have been blessed with many cats over my years and they have all known when I’m not well, either physically or mentally. Cats gave that special ability to give of themselves despite their fiercely guarded independence which makes the gift of their attention even more special and magical.

  58. I only have one that we rescued about 18 months ago…a 12 year old long haired tuxedo. I now realize how much I’d missed having a pet over the years even though my lifestyle didn’t really allow having one. She’s a welcome and loving addition to our home. There is no more comforting and calming sound than a cat purring next to you as you pet it.

  59. Aw! My cats will get extra snuggly when I am down. They will put aside their differences (they hate each other) and sit on either side of me. Also, when my elderly cat was sick last month, my diva cat brought him a live mouse. It immediately ran under the fridge and set up shop, but she meant well. Also, it made for cat entertainment in the middle of horrid winter, as they would stare for hours at the gap under the fridge. I hope they eventually caught it and ate it all, as I haven’t seen it since.

  60. … and if you are severely allergic to cats and dogs, you just have to miss out on that avenue. Plus, you get to hear people tell you how if you just keep them out of the bedroom/get a particular breed/stop eating gluten and dairy/get the right kind of acupuncture/put drops under your tongue it will get better.

  61. I was bitten by a brown recluse spider and in typical Shannon fashion decided that the resulting horrible painful abscess could wait until I had time to have it looked at. Of course that was just stupid. My cat followed me around and watched me 24 hours a day until I had that treated. Once I started antibiotics and it began to clear up he backed off. Then the antibiotics stopped working and it got worse again and he was following me around. He does this sort of thing with all of us and when he is stalking someone you know that person is getting sick.
    We also had a cat that knew when my daughter would have a seizure before she die.
    Both cats were Persian by the way .
    At any rate, I hope you stop feeling sad even if it results in kitty cuteness.
    And also- I’m not so sure any of your pets LIKE being dressed up and photographed. They may just be less violently opposed than Rolly is.

  62. I have rescue cat, Teddy, who is absolutely magical and sweet. We found him when he was a year old. Unfortunately, I also have another cat who is an evil succubus that we adopted when she was a kitten. She hates everyone and if you happen to be too close, she’ll slap the shit out of you. Except me. And The Viking. We have won some feline contest and have been granted special priviledges. She has her own FB page (https://www.facebook.com/CompletelyIzzie01/) because she deserves it. She also writes the occasional blog post on my site. She’s horrible and weird and terrifying but she’s ours and we love her. Mostly. So I agree wholeheartedly with Jenny – rescue cats.

  63. We have three rescue kittehs. Having lost our 20 year old boy in December. They knew we were missing him as much as they do. Now as soon as one of us sits down we end up covered in cats. Good thing it is winter right now. I hope they mellow by late spring.

  64. We had a rescue that had been a runt feral that was convinced that I was not being a good mother to my “kittens” when they were sick. She would steal burgers or chicken from the table when I wasn’t looking and bring them down to my kids rooms, depositing them either by their beds or by the door. It was sweet and funny at the same time. “Here hairless kitten, I have bought you sustenance so you get better!”

  65. Rolly is adorable even before I knew she fed you.
    My kitty brought a mouse to me, her stupid large naked kitten who couldn’t hunt, and dropped him on me as I was sleeping. To make it possible for even me to catch, she’d chewed off one of its legs. So when it ran across my chest and buried itself in my bedding, turning on the light was-well. Illuminating? I had more mouse blood on my bare skin than I’d planned when I went to sleep, let’s say.
    Unfortunately I still can’t catch a mouse.

  66. In California your therapist can write you a letter that says you need a Therapy Animal and presto! You can get a fur-person and your landlord can’t charge you a pet deposit or add a fee to the rent- though if there’s damage noted when you move out, you will of course pay for that. So keep an eye on your Move-Out Inspection walk-through and report and make sure you get a copy… This designation is not the same as the highly-trained animals that wear little jackets and can open doors for you, or see for you or smell for you, btw. I know your little Scooter likes to go in the grocery store and sniff all the sniffs, but No that is my food.

  67. Animals just know. My mom was in the hospital for a few days in January and when she came home I swear my dog knew that she was a bit more fragile and weak, he was so careful with her (usually he likes to jump on her stomach). He also seems to know when I have a nightmare, and will immediately curl up at the foot of the bed next to my legs. Some people (stupid people who probably never had pets) say that animals aren’t smart, don’t experience feelings like we do, etc… Just look at them. They are more compassionate and loving then most people I know.

  68. Definitely get a cat. There are many times I have felt terminally down and been saved by my cat. Not that he sits me down and gives me sage advice, but I really don’t want to think of what would happen to him if I wasn’t there. He is old and plump and blind; so wouldn’t come top of anyone’s rehoming wish list (which is why I got him). So I have to keep getting up in the morning. It works.

  69. I’ve always been very clear with both of my dogs (one passed, one living; both rescues) that they are more than welcome to eat my decomposing body should they not be able to figure out how to open the food bin. As I live alone, it is likely I won’t be discovered for a while, so my current dog will need sustenance as he waits for rescue. And if he has to snack on me in the meantime, so be it. The Body Farm at UT will simply have to accept my corpse with teeth marks and probably some missing bits and pieces.

  70. That’s sweet. And as that great sage, Anonymous, said, dogs, God bless’em, will love you if you feed them and are halfway kind to them. If a cat likes you, on the other hand, you have probably earned it.
    Cats and dogs are both better people than a lot of people. My mom had a dog (lab/husky mix) named Annie that kept bringing her birds she (Annie, not Mom) had caught in the yard and killed when Mom was sick. Kind of gruesome, but loving on the dog’s own terms.
    Annie also loved to pick up cicadas when they were buzzing and carry them around in her mouth. When they stopped buzzing, she’d spit them out and poke them with her nose until they started again, then resume carrying them around; she’d come up to you and hold her cheek against you with the cicada buzzing in her mouth if you let her.
    Cats and dogs are not only better than a lot of people, they’re weirder.

  71. Sometimes I think we don’t deserve cats. Other times I feel like we are getting EXACTLY what we deserve.

    Bellatrix the Black bites my nose in the middle of the night to see if I am dead yet. I am not yet. But she says she can be patient.

  72. Awwww…that’s so sweet. I believe our pets can sense our moods and try to comfort us when we’re sad. I had a dog who always seemed to know when I needed to be cuddled. I miss him. 🙁

  73. When I brought Picasso home from the Hong Kong SPCA, she knew that I was so bad at being a cat that I couldn’t even use the bathroom by myself. Whenever I was in there, she had to shout to keep all the other cats out of my litter box since I didn’t have sense enough to do it myself. That was nice, but it was in September 2001, and she’s still doing it. I’m obviously one of those bad cats who just never learns.

  74. “Even the smallest feline is a masterpiece” …attributed to DaVinci, who knew a thing or 2 about masterpieces!

  75. I love this. We used to have a cat who, no matter where he was in relation to you in the house, if he heard you crying, he’d come running and jump up in your lap and boop you with his nose. <3

  76. My 14 year old cat, Kylie, passed away in November of 2017. I started looking in February for a new fur baby and the second time I went, this little black and white fluff ball immediately came over and sat on my lap and started purring. I got to bring her home on what would have been my mom’s 77th birthday because that’s the day I brought her home. She got me through the five year anniversary of my mom’s death ten days later. She is one of the best cats I’ve ever had and I can’t be grateful enough for her. Chloe is my safe space.

    I’m so sorry you’re sad. I hope the crisi passes soon and your family is ok. I’ve been thinking about you every day. I just gave a friend Furiously happy and she is loving it. Thank you for being you and for sharing your good parts and bad parts. I love your special-ness. It makes me feel like someone else gets it.

  77. My cat, Jonas, somehow knows when anyone in my house is sick. He’ll come me in bed (this is the only time he does it because he has attitude 90% of the time) and lay next to me staring intently and purring. For someone with a chronic illness it works wonders <3

  78. Actually, you are probably pretty bad at being a cat. However, you are a model human being.

  79. Good Girl, Rolly! She’s bringing you what makes her feel better, so she figures it should make you feel better too. So sweet.

    Pets are the BEST. I was sick a few weeks ago and basically stayed in the bed for the entire weekend. I ended up with all three cats and the little dog in the bed with me, and the big dog laying right next to the bed. They definitely know when something is wrong.

  80. She doesn’t feed me, though. When she became a teenager, she decided it was time to start eating my food. i let her. She can do whatever she wants. She’s paid her dues.

  81. I had a friend who had 2 dogs. They loved my visits because I always brought them treats and made a big fuss over them. One Christmas I gave them each a rawhide bone to chew. Sally Ann the beagle dropped a chewed up stuffed Santa dog toy at my feet and walked behind a chair . I tossed it near her thinking she wanted to play fetch. She slowly came out from behind the chair, looked at me and then at the toy. Then she picked it up and dropped it at my feet again and walked slowly back to the chair. I tossed it again and she seemed to sigh before she brought it back to me. My friend and I were puzzled Sally Ann usually loved to play fetch or tug of war with old tube socks I supplied from my son. The next time I got the Santa, Sally Ann did not go back behind the chair. She started for the kitchen, but she would stop and look back at me as if to say “Don’t you dare throw that!” My friend said in amazement,”She wants you to have it! It’s her favorite toy and she wants you to have it!” So all I can say is,” BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER!”

  82. My Millie passed in 2016 at the age of 17….she used to wipe my tears with her sweet gentle paws and purr at me. I miss my Millie girl.

  83. Animals are the best. I can’t imagine life without my Dexter (dog) & Teddy (cat). They bring me an enormous amount of joy every day. Especially on my worst days. And I love that cats think we’re hairless, helpless kittens. TeddyCat is always meowing at me about something. <3

  84. My cat Zeppelin, who passed almost two years ago, used to get so annoyed that I wouldn’t give him more cans of cat food (he never ate them if I did!) and he’d bring me dead birds and moles. He only liked me and would glare at my husband and kids. I had to pretend to lick each baby when I got home from the hospital and stare at him while I did so so he’d know they were my “kittens”. He’d also lay right in front of the tv to lick his privates. Lol. Man, I miss that cat.

  85. Rolly is magnificent in her care giving. If only she’d wear costumes, you could totally put her in a nurse uniform!

    My Sally, an 8-yr. old calico, gets very upset if I sneeze or cough. She will make small cries, stop whatever she was doing, and come sit on me and snuggle me…usually getting as close to my face as possible. Hmm…now that I tho k about it, maybe she’s identifying weaknesses, and attempting suffocation in my time of need? Maybe I should rethink this.

  86. Back before Prozac and I found each other (my “premed” days) and I was very unstable, I moved in with a neurotically worried, needy cat named Cisco who needed comforting much of the time. Whenever I was comforting him I felt much better….I guess we had an inter-species support group going there. Cats have provided a variety of the highest quality health care services to our family for decades.

  87. My cat steals my 5-year old’s underwear and leaves them at the foot of the stairs. Then he sings very loudly, to let us know what he’s done. This usually happens about 2am.

    Some days, I have no idea where he even gets the underwear from. My son’s door is shut, they’re all tucked away safely in a drawer, yet here are a pair of Joker undies waiting for us when we wake up. Is the furry lunatic hoarding them somewhere? Am I going to move a couch one day and find a pile of undies?

    Cats, man.

  88. My family cat Cleo used to console me when I cried. It made it really hard to keep crying. What a gem she was.

  89. Rescue pets really are the best. One of my dogs knows when I’m really sad and lays on top of me. She will usually snuggle beside, but only lays on top on those bad days.

  90. If anyone deserves cats it’s you, dear Bloggess. And you also deserve this 3 stanza limerick I wrote in reaction to your Moby Dick post. Is it okay if my name is on it?

    Moby’s Dick by Mary F. Lee

    The female whales were hot
    for Moby, who gave them no thought;
    his dick, though prehensile,
    resembled a pencil
    and always fell out of their twats.

    He searched the whole world for a hole
    in which to commingle his soul;
    a pert number #2
    was the size he could woo
    and settled at last on a vole.

    Whilst screwing the rodent, she drowned,
    and floated away without sound;
    the rest of her flock
    were sadly land-locked
    so he ran himself fully aground.

  91. 😂🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐶 i agree wholeheartedly, we have 5 rescue cats and a dog. Still not sure who rescued whom some days. We have passed on houses because they allow no pets. They obviously dont understand. But we know they are family members and we love em 🐱🐶🐱🐱🐱🐱

  92. Rolly-girl….you are the best! Taking care of your people is a full time job- you deserve a raise, and a corner office. And someone to follow you around around and carry your damp mouth food to drop like fairy dust on those that need it. Every video posted of her makes me smile like a loon.

  93. The more depressed I am, the closer my dog sits to me. He stretches out so he makes full contact with me on the bed and lays in my lap more. I hope he’s immortal.

  94. I love Rolly. Is she the one that is polydactyl? the way she touches you is sooo sweet. One of ours is very much that way — when I’m sad she climbs on me. When my mom died,my sister called and I was crying on the bed while on the phone and Taffy just jumped on me and stayed with me. You are right. We don’t deserve cats. Love you

  95. I am sorry you are so sad – but how awesome is your cat?! Awesome enough for me to leave a comment.

  96. I agree with this. I have 1 dog and 3 cats which give me love when I’m depressed. All my cats headbutt me, and I need to find out why! It’s affection I hope

  97. Freddie pets my head and face every day, which is adorably painful because he uses his claws. I don’t think he’s trying to hurt me, it’s more likely that he’s copying us (petting him using our nails.
    I love him to bits, though, he’s my baby furry monster.

  98. I completely agree. We just had to put our cat down Saturday because he had FIP. I never thought I’d see my husband cry over a cat (he says he hates them). I miss the furry bastard already (the cat, not my husband).

  99. Watching this video clip makes me happy – thank you! My cats are my children and best friends. Actually, I like being around them more than most people I know…..

  100. My beloved 9.5 years old Fitz just fell over and died in my arms yesterday. He was my all. I loved him so much. He was the prettiest and most loving cat, that ever existed and I can’t cope right now, I miss him so.

    (I’m so sorry. I’m sending you so much love. ~ Jenny)

  101. Maybe she just doesn’t realize that you’d prefer to have chocolate dumped in your lap instead of cat food. Maybe you should leave pet-safe people treats where she can find them so that, when you’re sad, she can bring you treats that you like. Because, after all, she knows you;re sad and understands that people usually feel better when they eat yummy snacks. 🙂

    Cats are awesome and I heart them.

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