Getting closer to Nowhere…


Today was my 30th TMS treatment and it’s been hard.  We tried some new spots on my brain for treatment and it didn’t work.  So last week we went back to what helped last year.  And today?  I feel good.  Even though the weather is nasty and I’m tired and overwhelmed and scared.  I feel the normal sorts of emotions a normal sort of person would feel after coming out of a depressive period.  And it’s amazing.

I’ve felt good for almost a week now.  Today I have energy.  Instead of staring at my blog and thinking that nothing I write is important enough to share I find myself wanting to talk to you.  I’m responding to texts and emails.  I’m leaving the house.

I hope this time I can go into full remission, but if I don’t I will remind myself of these good days…and that life is so worthwhile, even when you have to wade through the terrible moments your brain throws at you.  And that’s a very good thing.

So here is what’s happening with me:

Ten years ago today I quit my job in HR to give myself a year to try to finish my first book.  It feels like yesterday.  It feels like a million years ago.  Both of these are true.  I still feel like the weird girl from HR pretending to be an author.  I still look at other writers who have accomplished so much more in the last decade.  But I’m proud of the three books I finished, and the two more I’m writing now.  I am slow, but that’s okay.  Thank you for making that okay, and for not giving up on me even when I’m not in the spotlight.

My friend Laura (of Beyonce chicken and dog grave-robbing fame) and I the day we both left our jobs. We haven’t aged a bit. *cough*

In other news, Nowhere Bookshop has a logo!

The one that you guys picked had some issues but it worked out because we ended up with something similar but even better…

And if you liked the other logo design options you’re in luck because I bought a bunch of them so you’ll probably see your favorite on t-shirt and bag designs in the future.

If you want to follow me Nowhere (I can’t tell if that sounds awesome or terrible) you can keep up with the latest on instagram, on twitter, and Facebook.

More to come soon…

PS.  Can’t wait for a t-shirt?  Click here.

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  1. You turned out awesome! How did Laura do?

    (Amazingly. She started the conference that I presented the award at last week. ~ Jenny)

  2. I quit my perfectly good job a year and a half ago, and I’m still working on my book, but I still believe it was the best decision ever.

  3. Girrrrrrl, 3 books in 10 years is NOT slow! Congratulations and continued health to you!!

  4. You give me hope. Every time you get back up again. Thank you.

  5. Mazel tov, Jenny! Quick question: Do you know if Zazz ever makes bigger sizes? I mean, MUCH bigger sizes? Like a 4x, 5x, or 6x? Asking for a friend… 😉

    (I know at least one of the women’s shirts goes to 4X because I bought one recently. You just have to click through them and see which ones. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  6. You are amazing Jenny, you had the balls to quit HR to invest in your dream, you my dear are my hero! Much love and remember, you are inspiration to blogging and writing weirdos just like yourself and we won’t change for anything or anyone, march on sista!

  7. I got here early enough to see the twitter follows in the single digits! I’m so excited to see what comes next!

  8. I love this logo! So excited to see what your shop turns into, Jenny.

  9. Someone has likely already pointed out that “nowhere” can also be read as “now here” so ambiguity can be your friend depending on your mood day to day.

  10. I’m so happy you’re having a good day and I hope it’s the start of a very very very long remission. You inspire me every day, I’m just starting out on this writing thing and trying to work the courage up to start a book. I think about you a lot and the leap of faith you took (in a totally non-creepy way, I promise I’m not going all Single White Female over here). I love the logo-
    It’s perfect!

  11. You have accomplished so much and are such an inspiration to me every, single day. Love teh logo and I can’t wait to see what you do with the bookshop 🙂

  12. Even if you’re slow at writing… you aren’t George RR Martin slow, so there’s that. Also, my daughter doing her book report on your book is a lot less controversial with her teacher than her Game of Thrones report. So thanks for that.

  13. OMG! You have finished 3 whole books and you are writing 2 more?? That is so fantastic! Go you!

  14. SUPA………do like the logo even though I voted for the other one 🙂
    That tree stump library is perfect and so are you!!!

  15. I love the logo and I love how willing you are to share your issues with us. I mean, no one voted me a spokesperson or anything – but somehow I ended up being the first to respond (at least that’s what it looks like, but while I sit here and gather my thoughts in my aging brain that is a bit sleepy because I just woke up from a nap on the couch, thanks to a robocall – that opportunity might be slipping away), so on behalf of what I assume is all other readers – we are thrilled that you keep plugging away and keeping us all entertained. Congrats on the brave and correct move 10 years ago to leave your job anniversary. You rock!

  16. I’m done with my career of the last 30 years as of May 6th (and definitely not the way I would have chosen to leave). I’m scared shitless (well, according to my hubby, I’m still often full of shit 😉 , but you know what I mean…). I now need to figure out how to get rid of 3 decades of classroom stuff without renting a huge dumpster and without sending myself over the edge, as there’s a lot of my heart, soul, and creative juices in boxes in my garage and spare bedroom.

    At least I have some cute foster kittens (and a really bitchy mom cat) for distractions for the next 6 weeks.

  17. YAY, you!
    On the Merchandise side-the shirts only go up to 2x and it is listed that they run small. You should add larger sizes.

    (If you go to the T-shirt types right under the order button it’ll let you add the logo to any of the shirts. Different shirts come in different sizes and you can also switch to men’s T-shirt designs, I think. Let me know if it doesn’t work. :). – jenny)

  18. So glad the treatment is helping! ❤️❤️❤️ Also for some reason, whenever I look at your bookstore’s name, I see Now Here not No Where. I love the new logo, with the girl in the book looking out into the unknown. I love your honestness. 😘😘😘

  19. I started Ketamine treatments this morning for CPTSD and treatment resistant-depression. I hope that your relief continues forever. Keep shining through.

  20. Two years ago today I was on my way to a bookstore about an hour from home to pick up one of your Independent Bookstore Day posters (they had some leftovers). On the way my car was knocked off the highway by a tractor-trailer and totaled, and I had a second TBI and a number of issues that lasted a year to eighteen months after and cost me my job. Now I’m finally back on track and feeling like “me” again, and life is on an upswing (knocking wood as I type this). I too need to remember what “happy” feels like so I can remind myself that it does get better. I’m glad your TMS site change helped, and I hope that your road to Nowhere brings you more happy days ahead. <3

    PS: My husband took me to the bookstore later that day after I was discharged from the hospital. I still got my poster. 😉

  21. YAY for good news!!! Otherwise – is it possible to get those shirts in larger sizes? For some of us, all of our fabulousness needs a little more shirt space. 😉

  22. I volunteer to start the first Montana branch of the Nowhere Bookstore, here in Funky Missoula!!! I have kids who will gladly run it!

  23. Glad to hear you’re feeling so much better! I love the final logo and I can’t wait to buy the shirt and the tote and tag away on Twitter and Instagram!

    The world is a better place for you having kicked that perfectly good job to the curb. Truly. I do kind of wish I could go back in time and have you as my HR person at work 10 years ago, for approximately one million reasons! 😂😂

  24. Congratulations! I’m so bummed I missed you at Mom 2.0 last week but my session was the same time as yours (which, by the way, is about the worst thing that could happen to a presenter since even I wanted to be at yours instead of mine.) xo

  25. The logo is great. Just right. Looking forward to your store.

    I hesitate to post this link because it’s really a bit weird, and, it’s likely you are already aware of it since this story is about a blogger. . . and you know how to use Google. But then, what if . . .

    Have you heard of medically induced coma to treat depression? It sounds far-out-scary, but it helped this woman. I hope you don’t mind that I posted it.
    I wish you continued good health.

  26. The person in the logo looks really, REALLY white. Bummed.

    (The logo is reversible. If you look at the twitter header you’ll see I’ve used the version where the person’s silhouette and the book are black. It’s just the opposite of whatever the background color is. – Jenny)

  27. Unless the person in the logo is meant to be you, then it’s ok.

  28. I am so glad that you are feeling good, and I will always be here to cheer you on, spotlight or no spotlight.

  29. Life is worthwhile. And you are worthwhile, Jenny. TMS sounds like such a slog, but you’re creating so much beauty amidst it. I’m so excited for Nowhere! And duh, of course I’d follow you into Nowhere—or anywhere! Hugs.

  30. Thank you for sharing this with us, Jenny. Whenever you remind yourself there are good days you remind me as well.

    I am so excited about the bookstore I can hardly stand it!!!

  31. Jenny, keep up the great work, it is worth waiting for. Just go at a pace you can handle!

  32. I hope you continue to full remission!! Ketamine has been a game changer for me.

  33. Love how it could also be read as “now here”! (Or is that just me). It works both ways!

  34. Re: entry 26- I’ve been thinking the No Where/Now Here totally works, at least in part because sometimes as a working mom I just want to disappear- not in the hopeless way, but the weekend away kind of way- “Where ya goin’ Mom?” Nowhere, honey. Back soon!” And sometimes going away to someplace new is so replenishing and grounding, that both in the new place, and hopefully, back home, if I’m lucky enough to carry it with me, I feel Here. Grounded. And a trip to San Antonio is something I’m 100% going to do when the bookstore opens, so I go to Nowhere to be Now Here.

  35. I’m so very very excited for you! For your treatment and progress, for the bookstore, for those books you are writing…. Can’t wait to see more!

  36. Oh, and in ten years I’ve written ZERO books. I even want to write one, but I suspect for that to happen, the direct from brain to paper technology (which exists in zygotic form) will have to improve AND become affordable.

  37. Jenny,you are amazing and I’m so very glad to be a part of this community. Thank you to the AWESOME people who sent me cards and notes,I send you ALL HUGE HUGS,you too Jenny!

  38. Love the logo! Glad you’re feeling better – hope you are in remission and it lasts forever.

  39. The logo is great. Just right. Looking forward to your store.

    I hesitate to post this link because it’s really a bit weird, and, it’s likely you are already aware of it since this story is about a blogger. . . and you know how to use Google. But then, what if . . .

    Have you heard of medically induced coma to treat depression? It sounds far-out-scary, but it helped this woman. I hope you don’t mind that I posted it.
    I wish you continued good health.

  40. Love, love the logo! I’m sending you a virtual hug as you continue with thump-thump and stab-stab. Your perseverance is inspiring.

  41. Yeah. I’m liking that. I’m one of the people who was seeing “children’s bookstore” in the last round, and I no longer see that. And it feels more “you.” I like the position of the woman–I think you could have fun with it if you wanted to, changing it up for occasions à la Google. Anyone else imagining a witches hat on her, or a pitchfork in hand for Halloween????? A bit of furry taxidermy sitting behind her for Groundhog Day??? 🙂

  42. You DO look younger now, Jenny, and three good books in ten years is quite a lot. I love the logo, the name and I never thought I would be looking forward to go to San Antonio, Texas (even if it was my people who founded the city or so I’ve heard) but there it is.

  43. Mmmmm. Heather Armstrong probably doesn’t bring back happy memories for Jenny. Just sayin’.

  44. I’ve always wanted to go to San Antonio, and will NOT GO…..until your bookstore is open!! You inspire me to hang on for the good days. Thank you!

  45. Jenny, always a guaranteed pick me up. Just got back from my medication appointment. We are going to try increasing the dosage again. We might need to change the cocktail. But reading your experiences helps to calm my anxiety and depression, because I can always keep trying and hope is always more valuable than despair. Thank you

  46. Congratulations Jenny on both the books and the treatment progress. Not to get sentimental but the truth is you helped me decide to try EMDR therapy. I first heard about 8 years ago. It scared me so bad that I never went back to that therapist. You are getting your head jammed or poked so if you can do something different so can I. Thanks Jenny for sharing your story it has helped me not only share mine as well but to also be honest with myself that I needed help. Thank you. Keep going you got this.

    (I’m so proud of you. ~ Jenny)

  47. After months of anxiety, pain and depression, this last week has been good for me too. It’s great to know that you’re feeling good, but your bad days are important. Never underestimate the power of knowing that you’re not on your own – because of your blog, your courage and care, a whole lot of people share bits of their story. When you are down in a deep hole, having others talking about how bad their stuff is, or how much better they feel is like magic that tells you that you’re not alone, you’re understood and also that you may be able to do something for someone else (which is the best gift ever if you feel like you have nothing to offer the world). Your blog helps change life’s, it helps people to hang on and gives hope. And sure, other people might write 2 or more books a year, but how many of those books offer a lifeline to people who feel like they have nothing left, how many authors write regularly about their actual lives to give hope to others, set up events to meet the needs of families and individuals at different points of the year? You’re doing great, keep being you.

  48. Great news! I love reading your updates. SO excited about your bookstore (even tho I’m in Wisconsin)

  49. I know this sounds corny but it’s one day at a time. I admire you for not giving up. Enjoy each good day you have and may there be many more of them. We want to hear you – the good and the not-so-good.

  50. All I can think of is the Talking Heads Song–Road to Nowhere

    “We’re on a road to nowhere
    Come on inside
    Taking that ride to nowhere
    We’ll take that ride”

  51. Woohoo that’s awesome. Can’t wait for the new books. Are you going to have an online component of the bookstore and will you ship internationally?

    (Of course! ~ Jenny)

  52. I’d love to fill up a bus with Bloggess fans and storm the grand opening when your book store opens. Since most of us are pretty introverted, it would be either a really quiet trip with each of us with our nose in a book, or a loud party where we all make new friends. Either way would be amazing.

  53. I don’t care if you feel what you write isn’t good enough post it anyway. I’d read a math text book if you wrote it, now that says a lot. Plus it’d probably be the best math text book ever. The math would be wrong but it would be funny. I can’t wait to walk into nowhere books. I’ve been thinking about moving to San Antonio and this is totally in the pro column. Luv ya beautiful lady and all the amazing people here

  54. Am I the only person that looks at the name of your bookstore and sees, “Now here”? But I like it. A lot.

  55. I love the logo! The book as a magic carpet stirs my imagination so strongly. If I saw that on the window, I would have to walk inside.

    Congrats on having “feel good” days. You deserve them..

  56. You’ve produced 3 books in 10 years. Do you know how long people waited for G.R.R.Martin’s last book? Like, forever! You’re a speed demon!

  57. Damn. Has it been ten years already?

    I wish I had the courage to quit my job and write full time (I’ve got enough material for about thirteen novels), but I barely have the courage to quit my job for another, almost identical job. (sigh)

  58. The new logo is AMAZING! Everything I liked about the other, with all the bits that felt odd filed off. (The star in the r was cool but just felt weird.). I love the active exploration of the figure sailingsoaring in the book even more than the girl on the branch. So awesome!

  59. You are an inspiration to us all: books, bookstore, rabid raccoon, haircurlers, adorable presentation last week, the brain issues (that has helped a friend with a suicidal son–see how you are?). I love the logo and I hope to see it on a building soon. Keep on keeping on, dear Jenny! <3

  60. Honey if I had any chance of being half as successful or interesting as you I’d quit my job in a second. Sadly, I need the money a steady job provides. (And the retirement plan) but I’m so glad that you quit your job, because your blog made my husband understand that sometimes it’s not obvious that there’s a problem. Sometimes you think it’s the medication and the job and it turns out that maybe that’s part of it but there’s also a real problem too. And if you hadn’t written your book and blogged maybe my husband wouldn’t have understood. You make him understand that there are things I can’t help and that I’d change if I could. So I’m really grateful for you.

    I’m also a little tipsy as I’m writing this because work sucked today. So apologies for any typos or crazy that dribbled through. My spelling is good though. Right?

  61. Will follow you because you led me out of the deepest valley. Looking forward to you new endeavor with joy! JOY ! Imagine that ❣️👍👍

  62. Two more books…you’re writing TWO more books?! Can’t wait! Your new logo is fabulous!

  63. Keep moving forward Jenny! The new logo for the bookshop is AWESOME, and so are you! I’ve walked in your shoes (although not as many times), but I eventually got lucky and am now able to stay pretty stable with the medications I’m on. Whatever it takes, don’t give up. Don’t EVER give up. Keep your eye on the prize – this great new venture, NOWHERE! I’m pulling for you everyday, and I know that you can see this through. I plan to be there when tou open the doors to NOWHERE. I can’t think of a better place to be!!❤️

  64. I love independent bookstores, and I LOVE that logo. I think our next family vacation might have to be to Texas so we can stop in. I hope you decide to go with a well-stocked science fiction section 🙂

  65. I am so excited to visit your bookstore one day and spend a lot of money! Also, as others have said, 3 books in 10 years is awesome. I mean, think of Harper Lee… I just got out of the hospital today after laproscopic abdominal surgery on Tuesday morning, just wanted to suggest a warning label on your books that they are too funny to read with a sore stomach- – I’ll finish reading it when I am healed further. 😃

  66. I love you Jenny. What you write and share always brings me some peace and a good laugh at times, too. Keep going. The tms seems to work for you off and on, so that’s good. I love your slogan for your coming bookstore. That was my favorite, too. I pray for happiness and hope for you. We are all sending love to you, sweetheart.

  67. That was so beautiful and real! I am so happy for you.

  68. Glad to hear there is improvement! Thank you for being real and amazing! I cannot wait to plan a trip to Nowhere! Keep being awesome and remembering you are appreciated and loved!

  69. I can’t tell you how incredibly excited I am for you on this new adventure! I absolutely love the bookstore name and the logo! I’ve always dreamt of having my own book store and so now I live through you.
    Bless you, Jenny, for taking us through all your ups and downs and sharing everything with us. Your words are always important even when your brain tells you otherwise. Love you!

  70. I LOVE the idea of going to Nowhere with enthusiasm & purpose. It’s going to confuse the shit out of everyone!!

  71. I will buy this on a tshirt if you have them in my size! I think that three books is an amazing achievement. As far as the time its taken, im waiting for an author to put out his next book, and its been 4 years since the last one.

  72. I have read “Lets Pretend This Didn’t Happen” at least four times and I have shared it with almost everyone I know. You may not have felt or feel like a writer but your incredible skill at story telling and your honest humor is absolutely brilliant and I go back to it regularly when I am in the darkest places. Thank you! As women we doubt and question and feel adequate in all we do. But never for one minute doubt the impact of your absolutely brilliant comedy and heartfelt stories along with crazy ass shit that, maybe isn’t the same, but we have all experienced in one form or another, that you have shared and made us all feel a part of an amazing, beautiful, fucked up universe. And BTW, I live in Acton MA, next to Littleton, MA with our distant neighbor, Beyonce the rooster who sits out on the front porch for all too see, dressed in seasonally appropriate attire.

  73. You really are committed to this. If you were bipolar, I’d worry this was a manic phase, but you aren’t, so it isn’t, so you won’t change your mind tomorrow, so it better come out right, because I’m really worried what it’ll do to you if it doesn’t. You are a strong person but you also seem fragile (that may describe most of us, coming to think of it), and I don’t want the cruel world of commerce to hurt you. (My mom owned a florist that went bankrupt after a couple of years, so I’ve watched what a long, slow, irreversible decline did to a woman who was NOT clinically depressed.) Fingers crossed.

    Re the logo, well done. I liked the one it was based on, but I like this one even more. All the changes are for the better except maybe the droopy parts of the Es; not sure I didn’t like the original on that. BUT, what I like most of all is that you are “following” (without ever having read it) the advice I gave in a comment to the poll post: “Thanks for letting us express an opinion; now if you think we got it wrong, do whatever you think is right. You’ll be looking at the logo a lot more than any of us will; please yourself, please.” You knew that without my telling you. Of course.

  74. So glad you’re feeling better. I hope it continues. You’ve accomplished way more in the last 10 years than I have. Should have quit my job long before I eventually retired.

  75. The logo is charmingly mythical yet wondrously mysterious. In short it’s positively enchanting and fitting! Home run Jenny!
    Congratulations to you and all of the shiny dreams you have followed along the way.

    This post could not be more timely for me-I’m about to make some major changes in my life-dust off my dreams and what excites me. I’ve had to put others needs before my own for years now-and now it’s my turn to do what I want to do and it’s foreign. I don’t even know what to do with myself.

    I’m absolutely terrified to move forward-to be open to new things-but excited too. Thanks for inspiring me Jenny to go for it! You’re a gift! Best wishes to you and your brand new adventure!

  76. Thanks for posting. I recently had a brain trauma, and feel like I’m in Groundhog Day. Hard when you’re a chef who has to remember that menu/recipe/where your car is parked. Your blog has saved my sanity. Hope to visit your bookstore one day. Will wear the t shirt. Or a cap. You print up some stuff for us chicks in the kitchen, totally wear it. We are Nowhere, but here. 😉

  77. YAY!

    I, for one, am SO very glad you did quit your job to write because if you hadn’t we wouldn’t have your books and your coloring book.

    I want to write…but I don’t know that WHAT I write would be good enough for anybody to actually want to read and even if it was, the process of trying to get it published would be incredibly overwhelming for me.

    So keep writing…I can’t wait to read your new stuff when it’s published, Jenny. You are doing what I only wish I could. 😀

  78. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years.

    I remember tweeting back and forth with you when you were writing. You always amazing in your ability to just be you, and inspired me to be unapologetically me.

    We’ll be there with bells on on opening day. I’m organizing a caravan of the brave on Facebook. 🙂

  79. Such an inspiration! I’m really hoping to be able to quit my job very soon to be able to focus on writing more. Thanks to your inspiration I was given the kick in the butt needed to finally finish my book! Even better is that I’m releasing it the day before my birthday on the 14th of this month!!! Self-published but it’s a start. Maybe you’ll carry it in your book store!!

  80. So many thoughts from this – support group, really, – that you have convened for all of us. So glad you’re having good days and doing what you need to do to have them – from quitting your job to pounding your brain, you are an inspiration. Love the new logo, truly the best of all of them. Also love the Nowhere/Now Here theme; I think it markets better to the casual buyer and speaks to all of us. I hope you can use it as a slogan in some way. You are living my dream by creating a bookstore – the haven all of us need and crave. Thank you for all of it, Jenny. Your courage, humor, and toughness lifts me up through a very tough time in my own life.

  81. I read the name of your book shop as Now Here, but know you mean Nowhere. I can’t put it into words, but the two together seem so right. I went Nowhere, but I’m Now Here.

    Something like that.
    It works for me.

    I’m happy you are feeling good.

  82. Hey there! Just wanted to say that you have every reason to be proud of yourself! There is never the need to compare yourself to others but we all do it. I do it with you sometimes. But it’s not the way to find happiness. Thank you for sharing your story wherever it takes you and good luck for Nowhere!

  83. This logo is somehow even more perfect than the other one! Congratulations on your anniversary and on finding such an awesome logo. Can’t wait to get my merch!

    I’m also already planning my pilgrimage to San Antonio to visit Nowhere. And my husband is super excited because it gives an extra excuse to attend PAX South, which also in San Antonio!

  84. Love the logo – you ended up with a perfect blend of the different elements, and a great final product!

  85. um, did i just read you are working on TWO more books? i thought one, but TWO??? holy crap. you need to get that book shop open soon, so you can sell your new books! i would so love to buy it from your store. YAY!!!!

  86. I love all your books! So much hat I actually own them in print! I’m a digital woman usually, I can’t wait to buy your next books, but take your time, it’s worth it!
    Glad you’re feeling better.

  87. OMG TWO MORE! I am so happy for you. I hope this bookshop goes well, and Im totally going there once its up and running. Best Wishes! 😀

  88. You know how many books I wrote in the last 10 years? 0! You keep rocking on! I love your books and your blog. It makes me feel like a kindred crazy lady spirit.

  89. My Bucket List is made up entirely of bookstores I want to visit someday and The Nowhere Bookshop is now at the top of the list. I’m one of those people who kept seeing “Now here” (although less so with this design). I thought it was a clever nod to your book You Are Here.

  90. Jenny, I’m glad you’re getting relief! big hugs Thank you for giving hope to those of us struggling to start that creative path with challenges (and I’ve been trying to start for 38 years). I think I’m ready. Love Jane <3

  91. What a cool anniversary to even remember the date for!

    Soooo….. if you are selling Nowhere logo clothes, would that make them nowhere wear?
    And other items like coffee mugs, that would be nowhere wares, right?
    I guess if you sell enough of them, you’d have to get a nowhere warehouse.
    Okay, I’ll stop.

  92. Everything about this post makes me so happy! You’re feeling better? Yay! Nowhere is going somewhere! Yay! YOU HAVE NOWHERE SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS TO FOLLOW??? YAAAAAY!!!!
    Now… are you ready to hire?

  93. This was the best thing to wake up to this morning! I’m so happy for you! I know how great it feels to get out of the fog (experiencong it recently myself!) Love you, sister!

  94. Going Nowhere with you beats going just about Anywhere else, Jenny. You make the best lemonade of all. Thanks for hanging in so tenaciously.

  95. I know you don’t know me. And honestly if I weren’t currently on a combination of meds, alcohol, and bizarre life circumstances, I wouldn’t have the courage to write. But here we are, with me at my most incoherent. Just want to say that you are amazing and a true inspiration. I wish I cot be as open with my illnesses as you are with yours. And your relationship gives me hope that maybe one day I’ll find someone who is willing to put up with the terrible mess that is me. Like I know I have good qualities – I am smart, and great at analysis (as long as I’m not emotionally involved) and I genuinely care about people, but I’m also a depressed mess with chronic pain and fatigue who is barely functional. And way too self centered. Anyways, I love your writing. You help me push through. Much love to youandto Hailey who is also awesome and who I hope gets to a better place emotionally

  96. I got to admit I read the sign as Now Here bookshop. Which also seems appropriate. I like how it turned out.

  97. Hey, glad you are feeling better. Also glad that I get to have a t-shirt with the logo that everyone else didn’t like best. And… I am having crappy days and remembering that they aren’t all like that.

  98. The final logo looks fab – it has all the best bits of the best logos and none of the bad bits. Your bookshop is one of the two things making me consider getting a passport this year.

  99. Regarding the logo and my previous comment–I meant the woman in the logo looks so racially white. Bummed about that.

  100. I’m glad you got to quit your day job but I think the chapter in your first book about working in HR is one of the funniest things I have ever read. I wonder what potential material you may have walked out on. Still, taxidermy also has its charm. And no doubt the missives from Nowhere will be wondrous.

  101. I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this, but if your bookstore is named Nowhere it is also utopia

  102. I ordered one of the Nowhere shirts but unfortunately picked the wrong type of shirt. I just tried to correct the problem but it tells me the product is no longer available!

    Will they become available again soon?

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