Lawson Academy for Gifted Strangelings

This week I posted about our decision to homeschool Hailey and honestly I expected some pushback but instead you guys were supportive and wonderful and came up with a million great suggestions and I was a little shocked at how many of you are currently homeschooling or were homeschooled yourself.  Thank you.  You are magic.

Last night Hailey and I were considering what the school mascot should be and we decided on Vin Weasel, a battered antique weasel we found at a resale shop who was originally crawling on a log but was pretty much made to ride or die (for knowledge).

And to answer the obvious question, yes,  I’m currently looking for a remote control motorcycle so Vin Weasel can speed through the house and around the neighborhood and scare the shit out of the squirrels but I’m a little concerned that our neighborhood owl (Owl Roker) will think he’s a snack so for now he’s just staying on the toy motorcycle that I push around the house and freak the cats out with.

Several of you asked if you could be accepted to Lawson Academy for Gifted Strangelings.  A giant group of misfits around the world continuing to learn and grow while they avoid the assholes and support each other?  YES PLEASE.

You are in.  You are all in.

And I’m so grateful for it.

PS.  Is there a school shirt?  Of course there is.



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  1. I feel like Vin should really be wearing a helmet if he’s going to do trick riding and such.
    Also I hope the tuition to Lawson’s Skool is free because I want to go to there for my continuing education. Is there a dorm I can live in?

  2. Love it! The perfect study break pal to break up the monotony of learning algebra formulas and the like.

  3. I’M IN! I don’t think I’ve ever properly belonged to something before 🙂 Happy dance!

  4. There’s an RC store on Nacogdoches near Toepperwien called Toys 4 Big Boys, bet they’ve got what you’re looking for 😉

  5. I would really like my own Vin Weasel. Could one of Haley’s assignments in marketing class be arranging for a licensing agreement for mass production of Mr. Weasel?

  6. I love that short. And the opportunity to officially be a strangeling. (which I originally read as a strangling , which would be a whole other kind of school.. )

  7. Can I dress up as the mascot for whatever sporting events the school will be attending? I’d look awesome as a giant stuffed weasel! I’d be great at a pep rally! 🙂

  8. This is fantastic! I love the logo. Between the book store and the homeschooling you are living my dream life.

  9. Yay. I’m currently teaching myself about finances and business because college is to expensive so I’ll consid myself in your college program.

  10. This wind the whole year for everything good! Yayyyyyy!!!! I have a very old, taxidermied monkey I that think needs you and your family. He kind of reminds me of Eeyore in an odd way. I think he would enjoy living there. People in the Keys don’t appreciate him enough and I think he’s very lonely. Actually, most people have never really appreciated him very much just like the rest of our oddities.
    I’d love a bumper sticker that says “My Child Is An Honor Roll Student…” lmao!

  11. There are so many homeschoolers in my area that I don’t even bat an eye when I learn someone is homeschooled. You guys will have fun, and your daughter is lucky to have a mom who has the capability to offer what you do. I wonder if she could start a club, maybe put up signs in coffee shops and book stores. What kind of club? She has so many options!

    I do like your school mascot. There need to be more weasel schools in the world.

  12. OMG, I’m SO going to order a shirt! And why can’t I come up with awesome names like you do? I wish I could home school my son, but he’s autistic, and the school district prefers that a clinically depressed mom like me NOT home school her children, because moms need to take care of their mental health first. I LOVE that you’re able to home school your daughter. You and Victor are amazing, and she will be a great success, just like you and Victor are. ♥

  13. I don’t suppose you’d consider listing that shirt on a site that has larger t-shirt sizes, would you? As a Large Woman (generally a size 5/6X t-shirt), I’m a sad panda who can’t fit in the sizes offered by Zazzle. 🙁

  14. That weasel would look even better with a tie-dyed mohawk.
    If only your school had been around when I was a teen in the ’70s . . . I think my mom would have made good remote campus faculty. She was a teacher, and she was a strong, smart, funny, creative, wonderful and fiercely offbeat person who dealt with depression and, I think, undiagnosed bipolar disorder her whole life and always stuck up for people who didn’t look and act like the majority. My stepdad was a good match for her and became my lifelong role model.
    I was lucky to have them, as Hailey is lucky to have you and Victor. I think she’s going to get a great high school education, and it sounds as if she’s on track for a good life as a creative autodidact.

  15. As a proud Home Schooling Mama I would like to join. My cool daughter, now 31, is a Hogwart’s professor at Harry Potter camp in New Orleans every summer. Can she join too?

  16. I’m happy to help with biology as I’m sure Hailey will be much more interested in learning than my last group of students. Of course, I’ll need a faculty t-shirt. 😉

  17. Hey! You home school all of us every day! She’s a lucky kid! Ya know…. that shirt would look awfully good in my Jenny Lawson book bag! I’d even buy one!

  18. I’ve never met you or your family but based on what I’v read, you are doing the right thing.

    I dropped out of HS because I was bored and bullied. If you look at the statistics, about 1/4 of the dropouts are at least one standard deviation above average In intelligence, no matter what test you use.

    These students get bored because the public schools dumb down everything to the common denominator and the above average students stand out and get driven down like a nail. They withdraw/act out/turn to drugs.

    From your comments about Hailey, she is very smart and has total family support. She will do well no matter what path she takes.

    I wish you and yours the best.

  19. I wish Zazzle made bigger sizes! I usually like a 4 or 5 xl. 🙁

  20. I’ve just ordered the shirt! I’m only sad that I can’t afford one for each day of the week.

  21. I want to donate my books to the academy! (But mostly to Hailey) Is that doable? I’ve written an award winning fantasy trilogy about girls, women and knowledge. If that’s Hailey’s sort of thing.

  22. I loved Anonymous’ link to latin phrases for the shirt, and I vote for this one: ad altiora tendo = I strive towards higher things

  23. Awwwwwwwww yiiiiiiiiiiis, school with the coolest kids!! Pretty sure this is me living my best life now!

  24. Oh yes, count me in. You are all the best. I would totally buy a T by the way.

  25. I am MORE than willing to send her the assignments I give to my AP Language and Composition students. I can totally prepare her to take that test and eliminate English 1301 in college so she can study cooler things. I’m for serious here.

  26. We need tote bags! And decals!
    Haley is following in your amazing footsteps, and I want to be homeschooled with her. Never mind that I am 67.

  27. For your Latin motto: Wikipedia has a list of phrases and I’m leaning towards casting my vote for “ad altiora tendo” which the table gives as “I strive towards higher things” but “ad augusta per augusta” is “to rise to a higher position overcoming hardships” and that’s pretty tasty too. It’s a big table and there’s surely more bounty to be discovered within. (That’s probably a zingy lil Latinism, itself.) PS “agree sequitur” is “Action follows being.” Choosing could take a while.

  28. If you don’t already know, you and Hairy Farmpit Girls (they’re a married couple in Georgia) would get along great. Their pig is Tammy Swinette. They have a donkey named David Asslehof, and Shimmy Hendrix hen. Their billy goats are Vincent van Goat and Jeff Goatbloom. Plus at least a dozen other celebrity-named, mostly goat, critters. (They make goal milk products to sell. Plus, one of them is a hilarious writer like yourself and on FB as, of course, Hairy Farmpit Girls)

  29. Can I send my kiddo to your academy? She is also academically gifted and very, very strange. It’d be a commute from Oregon, but maybe you should open a boarding school. (She’s being bullied for being the “T” in LGBTQ and I, alas, cannot homeschool.)

  30. This is the absolute only reason I’d ever consider going back to high school. Is there a sorting? Fingers crossed for House Beyoncé. Seriously, I admire you guys so much for listening to your kid and doing what is best!

  31. Where do we all apply to be on the cheerleading squad?!! I’m going to start writing a cheer immediately, but I may have trouble finding something that rhymes with weasel besides diesel. Unless I can find a way to work Liesl from The Sound of Music in there. Which I will.

  32. I think your motto should be ‘audio, video, disco’: ‘I hear, I see, I learn’

  33. Shirt ordered! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the first introductory class.

  34. I want to join the Cheerleading squad too! I’m envisioning a series of cheers that wind up being a tribute to Julie Andrews… we can start with Sound of Music and go from there. Even better if we can make it a cheer squad for introverts, we might be pioneers!

  35. More Latin from the Wiki latin mottos page; this one a classic: “Audentes Fortuna Iuvat”- “Fortune Favors the Bold.”

  36. Every time I think that I could not possibly love you any more than I already do you go and prove me wrong. ❤️ I’m now eagerly awaiting the school motto.

  37. Ooh. I was wearing my “Extra Gravy for All” shirt from long ago the other day and thinking I needed more baseball tees. Thankfully, that is an option for this shirt. I DID go look at the size on the shirt I have first to make sure I was ordering the right one.

  38. I have more than 15 years of classroom teaching experience and 25 years in education. Holler if you need resources. Proud to be a gifted strangeling “riding” weasel!

  39. After I get my master’s degree, can I teach there? Sounds like the BEST school ever!

  40. My teen daughters and I just love you! We have been following you for years and your sense of humor has gotten us through some very difficult times. There are lots of times when one of us will say “what would the Blogess do?”

  41. ooooh there is 40% off tshirts today at zazzle! I ordered my shirt!

  42. I can volunteer for doing First Aid as needed; retired weird nurse that will work for Twinkies. We can stockpile for future students.

  43. I’ve been a strangeling all my life and am ecstatic to become a student at your academy now that I’m a wise crone. There is always something to learn every day no matter what stage of life we’re in.

  44. if you would like a nice location to study abroad – come to st louis, MO. housing & meals provided, as well as tours of all the great places we have to visit. we can do some social justice work, canoe a river your choosing, hit any cool state park – of which we have TONS. you are welcome anytime. and if it is an exchange program, i have a 12 yr w/ ADHD & high functioning ASD & sometimes depression. WE GET IT. We love it.

  45. What’s Latin for “knock knock, motherfucker?” THAT should be the school motto!

  46. More possible Latin mottoes:
    “Desiderantes Meliorem Patriam” – “they desired a better land” Also used by the Order of Canada though.
    “Faciam Quodlibet Quod Necesse Est” – I’ll do whatever it takes”

  47. I read that as “stranglings” like “there’ve been so many people to strangle lately, it will likely turn into stranglings”

  48. What’s Latin for knock knock, motherfucker? That should be the motto!

  49. I’m so glad I got in! I had such anxiety waiting for my letter of acceptance!

    (Still waiting for it, frankly… T____T )

  50. Courses: Dead Animal Husbandry? This is the best home schooling ever!! She’ll be WAAAY more together than many in “organized” schools (although it’s not like yours will be disorganized or not organized…just a name) — she said stepping the verbal poop she just spewed… D

  51. My niece “went” to an on-line academy and she thrived! Good luck with your new endeavour.

  52. This is so wonderful! You are doing the right thing for her. My kids have been homeschooled through a small charter school since Kindergarten. I have one going into High School next year. He came out to us last year and I’ve been so incredibly thankful that he is able to discover who he is at his own pace with a safe community. Everyone’s mental well-being is the most important thing. Bravo to your family for making that a priority!
    Relax and try to enjoy the ride. There are learning opportunities everywhere!
    Much love to your family!

  53. This is awesome! Happy to be one of your strangelings 💙 you rock, Jenny and Hailey!

  54. best.mascot.ever. I tried to purchase a 2 headed duckling to be our homeschool mascot but my husband was all BLAH BLAH BLAH waste of money, blah blah blah obviously terrible taxidermy. We still do not have a mascot.

  55. I offer my services as a librarian, and am happy that bookplate-design is clearly finished already!

  56. I’m a charter member of LAGS! Hooray! And I love the idea of a Latin motto for the back of the shirt…. and the Academy of course. I propose “alis volat propriis” (even if it is being used by Oregon State). “She flies with her own wings”.

  57. Very cool. I admire your courage.You make us all better people by sharing your life moments with us. Thank you.

  58. Oopsie I just bought myself that awesome shirt! Good luck to you both!

  59. I’m finally one of the cool kids at school! Thais makes me so happy!

  60. I just started homeschooling my son LAST month! We had issues with the schools, etc etc etc. But I felt SO MUCH better taking him in on my own and my stress has gone wayyyy down. I feel that we made the right decision for our family and i am 100% certain you made the right choice for yours. Jenny – you are amazing. I just wanted you to know that.

  61. I homeschooled my gifted strangeling for one year between elementary and middle school. I was properly terrible at it, but despite that, he flourished. We didn’t do much in the way of math and science, but I taught him reading comprehension, note taking, organization, and how to properly take a test. We also watched a ton of movies. He’d been a slow reader with a lot of social awkwardness so we watched with subtitles (thus improving his reading speed) and we paused often to talked about expressions, body language, symbolism, and actions. It was unconventional, but it’s what he needed. The next year he killed sixth grade, and then the rest of middle school. He’ll be a junior next year, and I’m sure he’ll kill it there too. When people ask, we tell people we took a year off for skill-building. Nobody has ever batted an eye.

    You two are going to have a blast.

    Oh, and we called our school Tesla Falls Academy. I thought it had a nice ring.

  62. I’m so excited! I can’t wait to not explain this one the first time I wear it. 🙂

  63. I´ve never commented before – but now you have a recruiting walking billboard in Munich, Germany (or will have, when the Shirt arrives). 🙂

  64. There is no best way, no good way, no right way to get through high school (and uh, life). There’s just whatever way works. She is so lucky! You are too!

  65. See that? First class project and it’s a winner!
    Love it. Gonna get me one.

  66. I am delighted to join your school!! You are a beacon of light in a dark, scary world!

  67. Just 2 days ago I ordered from your store, so I’ll have to wait for this one.

    At some point soon I will have to go visit my fam in Ohio, and I’m so angry at the legislature for their cruelty and dumbassery that I bought some t-shirts to wear while I’m there. Got the standard RESIST and SMASH THE PATRIARCHY ones, but didn’t want to go too normal. So I got BALLERINA DEATH SQUAD and the FEELING STABBY. I feel this will adequately express my opinions while I am there.

  68. If this is an International Academy, I’M IN!
    Feeling very educated already. Especially in the niche yet globally revered subject of Motor-Biking Weasels.

  69. This is friggin awesome! Hailey can add ‘founded my own highschool’ to her resume.

  70. Wait, she wont need a resume she has her pwn school 🦉duh!

  71. Dibs on teaching chemistry to Hailey (unless you’ve already covered it😳). I minored in chemistry, I have degrees in microbiology & genetics, I’ve taught homeschool chemistry 3 years, & community college biology 1 year, and I have a homeschool grad at the local community college!😊

  72. If we’re going to have a school, we need a school song.

    Perhaps, something like, “If you’re weird and you know it, clap your hands. If you’re weird and you know it, clap your hands. If you’re weird and you know it, then you should proudly show it. If you’re weird and you know it, clap your hands.”

  73. My aunt had a couple of ferrets named Vin Weasel(because he was a bad*ss) and Ron Weasley (because his fur look like he was wearing an ugly sweater)… so I already love your mascot and am ready to enroll anytime!

  74. I’ve been accepted!!! This is better than a Hogwarts letter.

  75. This is just the cats pajamas……maybe the weasels pajamas! The B E S T! you are the ONE!!

  76. I wonder if I can put this on my resume. I’m finally ready to look for a job after 10+ years of not working, but my poor resume is sadly empty-looking. 🤔

  77. I hope it’s not too late for me to apply for the program. I am looking to get my masters in Bad Assery and go on to get my PhD in Tomfoolery. Please let me know if your school accepts M&M’s, memes and snarky comments as payment. Also is there a scholarship for those who are hair challenged by not one, not two, but three cowlicks…my hair is an enigma that only a ponytail can partially tame. It has been rough so o feel that I totally deserve the 2019 Alfalfa Scholarship. Please let me know if you need a copy of my transcripts or a vial of my the tears of my enemies. 😂

  78. I don’t know why but this post gave me goosebumps. And the last few lines made me tear up. Me, overemotional? Thank you for… Everything. For being you. For bringing us all along on your amazing adventures.

  79. Just when I didn’t think it was possible to love you more you go and open Lawson Academy for Gifted Strangelings! I’m not gifted, but I want to join! Is there a remedial annex?

  80. Home schooling is fucking awesome. I did it…two kids and not a day in school…both grown up now and being very cool. Boy child is Brand Manager at Aston Martin (after being obsessed with James Bond) and girl child is a witchy jeweller/potter/stick and poke tattoo artist (after being obsessed with Wednesday Addams)…both very unique and doing what they love. Actually, exactly what they love. And that is the cool part. There doesn’t seem to be any wasted time with homeschooling. You basically facilitate their interests and that is totally fun! It ends up feeling like they have their own home business which is doing what they love and figuring out how. My hubby and I loved every minute of it. The joke is the socialization part…who says being in a group of thirty kids who are exactly your age teaches you much about socializing? It’s actually detrimental to kid’s health! Homeschooled kids end up world wise and savvy and able to have conversations with anyone and everyone! Relax and enjoy the experience…it is so worth it!

  81. Retired history prof, willing to do whatever! And hey, I want on the reading list for Literature! Lawson’s reading list will be awesome!!!

  82. Shirt ordered! I am retiring from teaching this year, so I plan on wearing this the last day of work.

  83. Should you need a Guest Lecturer on Property & Casualty Insurance—I’m your girl!!!
    Love this, love you all!!!

  84. I wanted to comment on the last post, but life had a way of catching up with me.

    My school journey wasn’t ordinary, mostly due to the chronic health issues I had and the fights my parents had to due with the school for it. We actually tried homeschooling for me, and it wasn’t the best situation either since both my parents worked. I ended up back in a school, an alternative one where I ended up doing basically my four years of high school in six months.

    I met a lot of students in that school who needed it for various reasons, but mostly because they didn’t fit the mold that the education system tries to force them into.

    Hailey is a wonderful young woman, who has wonderful parents who will make sure she is loved, educated and continues on her path. It just isn’t the traditional one, and there is nothing wrong with that. It may be a lot better for her in the end!

    Lawson Academy for Gifted Strangelings sounds like an awesome book title too if you ask me!

  85. Dear Jenny and family…do what is best for your kid and your family. Obviously you believe in public schools which is great…but not everyone can or should fit. I’ve been excited to see online public education available. Hugs and love. Parenting and being a kid is so challenging today. Can’t wait to see more Lawson Academy details. (PS people tell me I’m a great parent because my kids are successful…but I know it could have easily not gone well for a host of reasons. Are they resilient because of or in spite of my health and mental health issues?? We need to make sure parents know they can do everything “right” and have things not go well for their child in school and life.) Embrace the adventure and support each other!!

  86. The only time ever in my life I have wished to go back to high school!

  87. Yahoo!! Are there online classes for students in other countries (like, say, Canada)? Also, I think Vin Weasel needs his face on a button or such…

    I studied conservation bio at school — Hailey can contact me any time if that topic is in the curriculum (I almost wrote ‘on the menu…) and I’d be willing to try to help. I can also recommend a textbook which was written for college/uni level but I think would be at least partially useful for any high schooler with a desire for learning, which I believe Hailey to be! 🙂

  88. The only time EVER in my life have I wanted to return to highway school!

  89. All of this makes my heart happy, You are truly an inspiration!

  90. Motto- “Be like Vin, Study to Win”
    I’ll take the Math Tutor position for Hailey. Email me any time, and we’ll conquer Algebra, a legacy of the Moors!

  91. Was not homeschooled but wish I had been…could have saved me a lot of strife from bullies. Perhaps I am stronger now for it having survived, but I can’t help but wonder if life might have been different otherwise.

  92. Remote control: look for anything batman…we had a remote contol batmobile around here somewhere years ago. If I can find it, I’ll send it your way. You could also strap Vin Weasel to the top of a robot vacuum; that would terrorize the kitties for certain. Wish wish wish homeschooling had been an option when I was raising my strange-ling, or when I was a strange-ling. Your kid is super lucky (and you are rocking this mom gig). May all your education and bookstore dreams come true!

  93. Besides an awesome school name, logo, Tee shirt etc…I think this could also be the name of the 1st book in a series you write about amazing kids with great gifts 😉

  94. We homeschool and have done it for 13 years now. My daughter is just about 18 and has two years of community college already completed. My son is 15 and is still doing great at home. It’s a great solution for anyone who doesn’t fit the rigid mold that much of society tries to force on us. Or homeschool is called A Thoughtful Spot Homeschool and the “logo” of sorts includes a big tree. So our school “team” is the Mighty Acorns. There is so much flexibility and fun to be had!

  95. That is awesome Jenny! Just take a deep breath with the homeschool and enjoy. I just homeschooled my 3 teens this past year and it wasn’t bad at all. I saw alot of improvement and had a good time. It will b stressful at times but the awesome outweight it. Kudos to you

  96. A dorm ? A bunch of “us”, collectively ? Can u imagine ? When we were very tired Working Moms driving teens all around, my sisters and I decided to fantasize of becoming cloistered nuns ! Well, it was My Idea… contacts, news, husbands, kids, nor phones ! Sign me (temporarily) Up ! A bunch of us would be so accommodating to what others want before ourselves, smile and laugh at Good dumb stuff, use bad language if we want, ever Travel with a bunch of Moms used to acquiescing to others’ preferences all the time ? Heaven ! No ones’s grumpy. Everyone’s happy to be there. My brother did taxidermy and yes, this hobby sure lends itself to strange home decor, there was a dead duck hanging in the bathroom ! He’d pull over for road kill, unless it was a live turtle to spontaneously put in his car on way home from college in Boston to give to my kids as their Christmas gift. We never owned cars that went very far in our twenties, so they’d borrow his wife’s parents….we had visited one summer in ME and were all packing up and I’ll never forget the words my sister-in-law admonished…..”Jim, please get the dead fox outta my Dad’s car ! I’ve asked you for days!” I thought, “Now That’s Love !” (As he walked to the car w his suitcase wearing these glasses with the eyeballs falling out.) Yes, he was sober. He became a vet.
    I’m so sorry to hear your Pretty Dolly Hailey had some hurtful times. It is literally illegal these days ! Didn’t they know this ? (My dtr leads meetings in school all day so I know up here in New England bullying has three criteria and is “not tolerated”. What hurts more than when our kids hurt ? I just mentioned the school dances as a fun part of life (in an earlier comment) to suggest she maybe still could have the fun of preparing and attending. But that’s probably the last thing she ever wants to do. Hang out w the “people” who hurt her.. Your Travel idea was the best part ! Yes, what an education that will be. Maybe a pt summer job interacting with others will be enough Life preparation. Remember all you had to hear and inevitability learn about Life in your HR job ? Wasn’t that almost as much fun as you made it sound ? To me, anyways…..
    So, back to the beginning, just musing about a bunch of “us” gathering for a few days, (I could never come, but it’s a fantasy)…….a group hanging out, secure in the knowledge that no one has any intention of assholeness. Or even an asshole thought. We’re incapable of it ! Meanness.
    On purpose. And remember, sounds like you already know and acted on this fact of Life… one knows our kids like we do !
    Sorry so long, shoulda just been a chapter in my book I’ll never write,

  97. I came here to make sure there was already a t-shirt. If not, I was going to respectfully demand that you add one to your store immediately.

    You know, retail management, ordering and inventory, bookkeeping, advertising and outreach… these are all excellent real-life skills that any homeschooled kid would be lucky to be able to learn. If only someone had, oh, I dunno, plans to open a new business where said kid could get all of this experience…

  98. Since I hated and despised nearly every day of High School and skipped as many days as I could get away with-I would have greatly enjoyed self-directed-to-my-interests home schooling! Best of good wishes to one and all. (Back in the 70’s, I found if I showed up on Monday to see where the class was going, and then showed up on Quiz day, I passed easily and could skip Tues-Thurs.) And I was strange enough to Go To The Library when I skipped-did the schoolwork to get it out of the way–and then read fun stuff!

  99. Totally gonna have to support this endeavor! I home schooled my daughter (who is on the autism spectrum) this past year and it was interesting. If y’all need anything we’re here. We used K12 but not sure if we’re gonna continue next year, she misses the interaction with other kiddos. Best of luck👍🏼

  100. Oooh yay!! I want to be a student. Do we get magical acceptance letters and inscrutable lists of supplies? Also, will we have dances and pep rallies? (Please, no, cos I hated those.)

  101. I’m starting homeschool for my own little 10 year old weasel after his 5th grade graduation… is that new…shit I’m old- anyway, Springbreak, or spring break down as I’ve come to call it had me rethinking this insane idea that I could somehow assist in the education of my child. After those 7 days, I was convinced I may not be qualified to even be raising him, let alone educating him. That fear has passed, for the moment, but I applaud you and the numerous others like you who have tossed aside school-day liquid lunches & Dr. Phil binge watching to give our kids the advantage that individualized, one on one, post noon education can offer. I’m excited to follow & your trials & errors. 👍

  102. Also volunteering for adjunct faculty. I also have some intro physics texts I could send her if you’d like.

  103. whoops forgot to say I am a physics prof in “real life”, I have some qualifications 🙂

  104. forgot to add – I teach physics at a university in my “real life”, so I am qualified! 🙂

  105. I’m hoping that Weasel Knievel will show up to help out sometime. Line up all the obstacles and speed up a big ramp and hooplah, up and over ’em all.

  106. I’m impressed that you’re home schooling. I didn’t have the confidence to do that, so I worked at my kids’ school instead. That’s when I found out I probably could have done it. 🙂 Go you!

  107. Girl you just made me smile, I’m a farmer in North Central FloriDuh, temps in the triple dejits. Baby girl gonna’ be fine!

  108. I homeschooled my eldest from 5th – 12th grade. She graduated with a B.A. from Texas State with a 3.96 g.p.a., and then went on to get her master’s degree in England. I just finished teaching with her this year (she was a long-term sub while waiting for her visa to be approved). Homeschooling is awesome, and both of y’all will do great!

  109. When I first read the title, I read it as gifted “strangle – ings” not “strange” – and I thought “Oh, well this should be interesting!” I didn’t realize it was not strangling until I got to the end LOL.
    Probably read it wrong because I was ready to give my son a “gifted strangling” this morning… (not quite sure what that would be though…but I don’t think it has to do with homeschooling)

  110. I don’t suppose you have classes at the collegiate level. I have about 2/3 of a bachelor’s in psychology from some years ago, and this sounds like the perfect school to finish it at.

  111. If Hailey ever wants to talk about Mars, space exploration, or AI, just let me know!

  112. I tutor some homeschoolers in math. Hit me up if you are interested. I make math fun and interesting through conceptual approaches and games. (We met in person in NYC at a book event.)

  113. The Academy of Strangelings makes me happy for so many reasons. Talk about school spirit abounding! Also, how amazing is it that your daughter is motivated enough to actually be able to be homeschooled. I was a horribly unmotivated kid who needed tons of structure to learn. And how amazing that she plans to make music with the extra time!

  114. I absolutely love the name, T-shirt, and mascot. And in all seriousness, if you’re truly homeschooling and not just doing public school at home (check your state’s homeschooling laws for the definition and requirements – and don’t expect anyone at your local public school to have a clue) make sure to sign up for teacher discounts as far and wide as possible.

  115. LAG*S 🦝 (imagine that’s a weasel)
    Extra Gravy For All (motto in appropriately motto-y font)

  116. Just ordered one. I am assuming that means I am enrolled since I made a purchase. Perhaps I should just enroll my daughter… hmmm, this scenario seems familiar…. 🙂

  117. When you open your bookstore you may need to add a wing for a museum of all your taxidermy idols.

  118. PLEASE have Hailey share the reactions the first time someone says “where do you go to school” and she casually replies “The Lawson Academy for Gifted Strangelings”. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

  119. Just think, when it’s Career Day, you have all of us to impart info and wisdom about our different vocations. Your Architect Friend, Jillian. PS: I would have named the bear Mies van der Roar or Frank Beary or Le Corbearier, or I.M. Bear.

  120. I walked past some draught excluders at a shop today, the sausage dog type you put across the door sill. I think the world needs some doorweasels.

  121. I home-school my gifted strangeling. Started after a tough high-stress grade 5 year. He is now thriving =) We do a lot of courses through the website – you might want to check it out amazing variety and instructors and highly interactive with live-streamed small classes.

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