And then I caught urine straight from a dog’s vagina.

So.  Dorothy Barker has been sick for a bit.  I took her a few weeks ago to the vet who thought it was another UTI.  A week later she came back for a follow up ultrasound and the vet told me that she’d seen a suspicious thing in Dottie’s bladder last time but wanted to see if would resolve.  It didn’t and my vet told me that she’s not enough of a specialist for this stuff so she referred me to an oncologist, who we saw today.

They did a lot of tests and the radiologist says that she has thickening of the bladder in lots of places and one of the places is even thicker than the rest which is what the first vet was concerned with, but the oncologist said that while it could be cancer (and that would bad because bladder cancer in dogs is mostly untreatable) it could just be an infection that just isn’t responding to treatments so for now we’re going to try to rule that out and hope for the best.  They did a clean urine catch (which I now know from personal experience consists of shoving a plate under your appalled dog’s freshly shaven lady garden after they start peeing) and will culture it to see if maybe it’s an infection and I guess for now we just move forward under the motto of “I hope it’s not cancer” which honestly is the motto I think we all live under most of the time anyway.

If you want to send gentle, happy thoughts to my dog’s lady garden they will be received with gratitude.

Thanks for listening, y’all.  Hug your pets.

Dorothy Barker: Not sure why everyone is obsessed with her vagina, but still happy to see you.

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  1. I used to think collecting urine from babies was difficult. It must be more difficult in pets. If all else fails, there’s a suprapubic aspiration.

  2. I hope it’s just an infection and I hope her lady garden forgives the injustice.

  3. Aw… I hope DB feels better soon so that you don’t have to do rude things with plates around her any more.

  4. Thinking happy thoughts for DB. I can only imagine how she felt after the shaving

  5. Like I said on Twitter. Lots of love, prayers and healing energy being sent Dottie’s way! And your’s too. {hugs}

    Sandy May/Wynterose

  6. Hugs to you and Dottie, and hopes that her lady garden is just infected.

    Yeah, that was as weird to type as it is to read.

  7. After a long battle, I lost my puppers of 15 years to cancer. It’s so hard. Crossing all of the fingers and toes that Ms. Barker just has stubborn infections! Give her lots of pats from me for the indignities she and her lady garden have suffered today.

  8. At least they shaved her lady garden and didn’t wax it. That would be even more traumatic for a little dog. Hugs and kisses and belly rubs to Ms. Dorothy and I hope it’s not cancer either. I love the pic of her too – way awesome and the skirt is very fashion forward.

  9. Once we had a big dog, and in order to get a urine sample, my husband taped a jelly jar to a curtain rod and followed him around until he peed. My mother said she would have given money to see that.

  10. Ladles are actually GREAT for clean urine catches. I have a dedicated one (I foster a lot of dogs!) for such purposes. Fingers are crossed for lady Dorothy!

  11. Nothing like standing in the yard, behind your dog, with a cup, bending way over to catch dog urine. Been there, got the t-shirt. Feel Better Dorothy!

  12. Hugs to DB – Hugs to u Jenny and Hugs to my babes – Moxie & Luna – and hugs to y’all:) EVERYONE GETS A HUG TODAY!!!

  13. I gotta say, I was skimming this when my work phone rang and I had to do some actual work and my brain got stuck on “appalled dog’s freshly shaven lady garden”… O_O

  14. This is terrifying. Me, JamesBond, and The Bean are all paws up and positive energy for Dorothy Barker and your whole family.

  15. So hoping it’s treatable and you can continue to tell us about her antics for years to come. Best wishes, DB.

  16. At least they shaved her lady garden and didn’t wax it – that would be very traumatic for a little dog. Please give kisses, hugs and belly rubs to Ms. Dorothy and I hope it isn’t cancer either! And I love the pic – much awesomeness and the skirt is very fashion forward. Cheers!

  17. I worked for a vet for 3 years. Catching clean urine from any animal is so difficult. I tip my hat tip you! Hope Dottie is ok.

  18. We just lost our Sophie to cancer last week (Belgian Malinois mix) so with everything I have I’m sending I hope it’s not cancer vibes for you and Dotty.

  19. Sending all the good mojo Dorothy’s way. I hope it just turns out to be an infection! She’s such a little sweetheart. Much, much love flowing towards Texas!

  20. Good luck, Dorothy! I used to work as a tech in a veterinary cancer clinic and it was such a roller coaster. I still have photos of some of my favorite patients several years later. I hope you have no need of their services in the future!

  21. My (15 year old) baby boy (chihuahua) had an anti-biotic resistant UTI that went undiagnosed for months. About $300 and two weeks of special antibiotics later, there was definite improvement. I’m still paranoidly watching every pee, but it could be worse, for sure.

    Hoping DB gets some good news!

  22. Spent $1200 buck over the course of a month on vet bills only to have my 12 yr old cat be fine in the long run. Vets are outrageously priced now a days and in the end they are only “practicing” medicine

  23. The easy way to catch a urine sample from a dog is to use a ladle.
    However it is best not to share this information with others until after you serve the soup.

  24. You poor things…. that really sucks and I’m so sorry you guys and Dorothy Baker have to go through this. I find the waiting for test results the WORST! At least Dottie is oblivious to that. (Slightly envious of the “in the moment” living of our pets). Lots of positive thoughts and energy from a human with bladder cancer.

  25. I hope it’s not cancer! That would really suck. 🙁

    My two cats spent the afternoon cuddled up with me as I watched videos of people pouring acrylic paint on YouTube (it’s fascinating and soothing to me, weirdly enough) while I fought off a panic attack.

  26. Recently had to do a urine catch (sans shaving – would that be an unclean catch?) and perfectly understand that look of appall. Miz Bria & I are sending the good juju in Dotty’s direction.

  27. All the best to you and DB! We recently went through a similar scare with our beloved pupper (which turned out to be not cancer, yay!). Sammie sends his healthy mojo your way.

    Also, glad to see DB has a lovely skirt to cover her undignified and unwelcome southern exposure! Nice one.

    Much love.

  28. Sending positive vibes! I hope it’s nothing serious and can be cleared up quickly… One of my cats has chronic bladder inflammation (the vet first thought it was cancer it was so bad at initial diagnosis), but with occasional laser therapy at vet , PEMF treatments at home (using the Assisi Loop) and RX urinary food, she’s been doing great for years!

  29. I hope she feels better soon. When my pup had an suspected bladder infection they took a couple of samples by drawing fluid directly out of her bladder with a needle. Maybe it’s yet another California thing. Like avocado toast and Blue Bottle Coffee

  30. i will shave my lady garden today to show my support for Dorothy Barker!

  31. Sending positive thoughts out into the universe for Dorothy Barker (and for you, because I know you’re actually pretty worried about this).

  32. Poor thing! Hope it’s just a temporary infection.

    One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen was our vet stalking our dog outside with a soup ladle ready to catch her urine as soon as she squatted. Would never have known that was the way to do it!

  33. Sending healing energy to Dorothy Barker and rest of the family. #pawcircle

  34. Aw, I hope it’s treatable, sweet little Dorothy Barker. Sending all of the positive thoughts her way.

  35. I am hoping that it is only an infection and that she is enjoying the fresh breeze on her newly shaved lady garden.

  36. We used to have a sweet pit bull who had a tumor in her rectum that required an enema every day. Near the end, it was twice a day. That was still easier than trying to get a urine sample from her! Sending good thoughts to you and Dorothy!

  37. Technically, you collected urine from her urethra. That’s the tube bit that’s attached to the bladder. The vagina is attached to the cervix which is attached to the uterus. But anatomy doesn’t really matter when your sweet dog is sick. I hope Dorothy Barker’s vagina and urethra are well. Sending her virtual dog biscuits and you virtual hugs.

  38. Trubble the kitty and I send our good wishes to Dorothy Barker. Fingers, toes, paws, and eye crossed.

  39. Thoughts are with you and Dorothy. As a bonus…at least she gets more of a breeze during the heat of summer….?

  40. Every time we’ve had to do a “clean catch,” my vet has used a ladle–I guess it’s easier to shove it under there at the right time? Sorry about Dorothy Barker’s lady garden.

  41. Was Dorothy more offended by having you fetching her piddle, or the yard work to her garden?

  42. I’m adding Ms. Barker to my prayer to the universe list. Best wishes for a benign diagnosis

  43. Poor baby (both of you)! Harley got a hug, and we both send hugs back to you.

  44. One of my dogs is ill atm and we’re not sure what’s going on – but the choices are hay fever or a bug crawled up her nose and died. (She already had the c-bomb and came through with flying colours). Either way, it’s tough to watch them suffer and the worry about what it could be is awful.

  45. Lots of love and good luck for Dottie’s bladder and ladygarden and for her whole doggieness. And for you, Jenny.

  46. Having had to do this with a couple of our dogs, it’s easier with the guy doggies but with either gender it helps if they have long legs.

    And apropos of nothing, did you know that Matthew McConaughey does the Emergency Alert System test broadcasts for the NPR station in Austin? I didn’t until this morning.

  47. Sending healing thoughts & positive vibes to Dorothy Barker. 💚 I hope it’s just a stubborn infection. 🤞🏻

  48. Sendng Happy thoughts to her lady garden from Switzerland (to write that is somewhat hilarious)!

  49. Get better Dorothy! Did you put on the dress to cover her shaven lady garden of shame?

  50. Hope it’s just an infection…. ❤️ Why do I seem to be saying this a lot lately…. ? 😔

  51. Good luck Dorothy Parker! I hope it’s just a lingering infection, and it means you’re just holding out for medication that must be wrapped in cheese.

  52. Sending happy thoughts for your dog’s private parts! Cancer sucks.

  53. We’ve dealt with doggie UTIs and it’s not fun. Our Lily has a bladder stone — we’re monitoring it and on a special vet-prescribed diet w/supplement — which has caused two a few months ago; our vet used some sort of insertwordidon’tknowhere-centisis where they drew the urine out via a needle through her abdomen to check for bacteria. I’m not sure if she’d be more or less appalled with the fresh catch and shorn lady garden method.

    All good thoughts and hopes to Dorothy Barker and all of you.

  54. Our vet once sent us outside with an angled plastic soup ladle, and we followed the dog all around their tiny lawn, shoving it under whenever she stopped.

  55. I really hope it’s just an infection and Dorothy is ok. Fuck cancer.

  56. Zoinks!! We have the cat on special food because of bladder shadows. I’m hoping it’s that simple for Dorothy!!

  57. My best thoughts and positive vibes are being sent to you and Dorothy Barker.

  58. If there is urine coming from her vagina, I think you may have found the problem.

  59. I used to be a veterinary assistant, catching urine on a dog that small and low to the ground is a great accomplishment! Hope it is only an infection.

  60. I had to do that once, though without the shaving, and I used a (washed) cool whip container. As someone who recently said goodbye to 2 dogs, I hope your furbaby is ok.

  61. Wait- so Victor was okay with the pee plate even thought he doesn’t believe in vomit bowls?!?
    Sending good thoughts to Dorothy, and her humans, I hope it’s an easily treatable issue!

  62. The poor furry darling! I hope she doesn’t feel the horrid pain of a UTI AND that it isn’t the C-word. Soft hugs and gentle prayers to DB and you, too. <3

  63. It’s not allowed to be cancer it’s just not allowed and when it turns out not to be cancer I’m gunna tell you I told you so because I’m a jerk but I’m ok with that because it won’t be cancer. Dorthy slap your mom and tell her it’s not cancer and then give her a hug

  64. I have never had a Brazilian, but The Bloggess’s dog has. I am SO uncool. (Or whatever the cool kids call it these days – Hip? Epic?) Whatevs. Obviously tragically unhip.

    Best wishes for Dorothy and her hoomans. <3

  65. Hoping for the best for Dorothy and it’s not cancer. Positive thoughts that she will be ok.

  66. My male cat recently had a UTI and got blocked. Fortunately for him, he is a Sphynx and is totes naked everywhere. No shaving required. Now unblocked, on a special and expensive diet and I am the pee police following him to make sure he pees every day and then praising him like one does a toddler who is being potty trained…”What a good pee pee!” “Look who made big pee-pee!” “Way to pee!” Yes, I inch closer to crazy cat lady every day.

  67. I’ve never sent happy thoughts to a dog’s lady Garden, but here we are. Hoping for the best for Miss Barker ❤️

  68. Paws crossed for Miss Barker’s lady garden just being persnickety, as lady gardens are wont to be. (Seriously, I hope it’s just an infection.)

  69. Sending hopes D.B.’s way. Pets are like babies – sometimes we wish so much that we could explain to them why we’re doing something they think is an atrocity, but we just can’t. She knows you love her, though.

  70. I’m so glad they’re checking for cancer. It’s something they don’t usually do with dogs at a checkup. Our dog had a clean bill of health and less than a month later was diagnosed with untreatable cancer. If they had caught it a little earlier she would still be with us.

  71. My husband has bladder cancer – it is treatable – he has the live TB virus pumped into his bladder (via his old fella – never nice) once a month. The TB virus attracts the cancer cells and his immune system kills them both off (how do scientists work things like that out for fuck’s sake?). I am hosting my bookclub next week with “Furiously Happy” as I suffer from acute anxiety (as do both my daughters, amongst other challenging and fun ailments – my older daughter has fibromyalgia) and one bookclubber has rheumatoid arthritis. Every one else has set very-serious-books so far so I thought I’d give them a LOL book and educate them about why I’m such a nutter at the same time. I have to bake a a cake themed to the book – what’s your favourite cake? Love you, btw. BIG hugs from Australia (without chlamydia).

  72. O, the humanity! O, the indignity! O, the incredible draft there must be on prepubescent-like shaved lady garden bits! Sending tons of positive vibes for Miz DB, and her hoomans. ❤️

  73. Gentle love and healing to DB, and hugs to you too, you’re doing great both as a person mom and a dog mom!

  74. I’m going through a similar situation with my dog, so this gets me right in the feels. I’m hoping we both eventually get the good news we want. Much love to Dorothy, you, and your family ❤️

  75. I’m hoping she is ok but also hoping this doesn’t mean she will start peeing on your plates because you showed her how.

  76. Praying for your Dorothy Barker! It is the least I can do for you after all you done for me.
    My husband is undergoing treatment for bladder cancer. I have been taking your second book with me to all the appointments. I feel like you have been holding my hand through all of this. I am almost finished with the book, so that must mean he will soon be done with his treatments. Right???? I think that makes perfect sense.

  77. Dogs + cancer is sadly common, but I hope you get good news and DB feels better and has her female pride restored from the indignity.

  78. All warm wishes to your special DB. The big C is no joke, but laughter certainly can get you through some of the rough parts. And, an FYI for your vet, an industrial-size kitchen ladle does the trick as well, and is easier to place then a plate.Just label the ladle “for labia only”.

  79. Oops I really messed up in my first comment. I would edit it but apparently that is not allowed. I am not praying for Dorothy’s lady garden, I am sending gentle, happy thoughts to her lady garden, as requested. Whew.

  80. I am sending gentle healing thoughts to Dorothy’s lady garden, and good vibes to Dorothy’s mommy.

  81. Lots of bladder prayers coming from Colorado. I recently had to do a urine catch with my tiny terrier. They told me to use a ladle. I was skeptical, but it worked like a charm. AFTER I did it, the nurse said they send most folks to the dollar store for a throw away. I used my normal ladle and stuck it in the dishwasher. Please, God, don’t let my daughter figure that out.

  82. Sorry to hear about your doggo! I had to do that urine collecting thing recently to test my guy for Cushings. It’s very difficult to slide a container under my wiener’s wiener!

  83. Sending good wishes to DB and you all, her family, for a good outcome. Don’t know how I’d get through life without my four-legged family.

  84. I know Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine is currently studying cures for bladder cancer. The most common known as TCC. Please look into them if she does get the unfortunate diagnosis. They have been studying it for years. I’m a veterinary nurse in the area and would be happy to help in any way!! But hopefully you won’t need me!!🤞🤞

  85. I had to do that for my 105 pound Alaskan malamute and he stopped midstream to whip around and bite the cup on a stick. Because yeah. I’m thinking one of those soft plush heat wraps that you slide the heat pack into might be comforting to the lady garden? Lady garden pain is no fun, I might now, I try to spin class on Monday. Looks like I’ve been riding a horse for days. Guess you’re not supposed to ever sit during the hour. Sadistic bitches. Love and prayers to you girl for your precious pooch

  86. Sick pets are so heartbreaking. You can’t explain what’s happening or why people are doing such crazy weird and invasive things. They feel shitty and are frightened by the vet. And you feel that your efforts to help are also inflicting PTSD on your pet.
    I HATE IT. When I had a cat in the animal hospital I burst into tears on a first date while explaining it because I felt like a monster. That relationship didn’t pan out. It’s hard to say why.

  87. Here’s to DB’s lady garden, may it run free and wild with no nasties ever.

  88. We had this scenario play out with our yellow Lab. Even to our untrained eyes we could see the bright, thickened lining of her bladder lit up on the ultrasound. The greatest thickening was also at the end of the bladder of most concern for a cancer diagnosis. She was put on a high dose of antibiotics for a month, and I’m happy to say the issue resolved and we have had no further problems. Ultimately it was a very bad infection causing very inflamed tissue. I am wishing Dorothy Barker and yourselves a similarly positive outcome. Just wanted to send our best wishes and give you some hope. Pets are family and I know how precious they are to us.

  89. Oh nuts. Hoping for the best. How stressful. Like my grandpa used to say: It’s Hell getting old.

  90. Lost a maltese to lung cancer back in 2013. Still think about him. Hugs and positive energies being sent to Dorothy Barker!

  91. Wishing you health and happiness Dotti! You’ve always made me happy to see your cute face!

  92. Wish I could hug Dottie – sending special kitty & pup prayers out to her.

  93. Sending lots of hugs to Dorothy Barker and family from our “maniac trash pandas,” : Hank Meowdy, Miss Janet Jackson, Linkin Pawk, and our doggos: Luke the giant golden, Libby the white Eskie and Daisi the wigglebutt Chiweinie. They are all cheering for miss DB and appalled at her lady garden trauma. Lots of love seriously there’s too much love here help!! 😳🤣🤦‍♀️

  94. Feel better, Dorothy Barker!! I hope your lady garden grows back as lushly as it deserves!

  95. Sending lovely, positive thoughts to Dorothy Barker’s lady garden! 🤞🐶🌻🍑🌮🍸🏝❣️

  96. I have had to get fresh pee from dogs before! No, it’s not because I was starting a weird, smelly collection. I used to work in a Vet clinic, and had to get samples from male and female dogs.
    We never used a plate..but we did have special Tupperware for pee only!

  97. I hope Dorothy B feels better soon and they find the right meds to cure her. Not cancer. And we’re all sorry about the indignities her lady bits are suffering.

  98. “It will not be my fault if I drag my rear end across the carpets because you should know from the times you got crazuh with a razor on Date Night that those nubs itch like hell when they grow back out.” -Dot

  99. I hope your pup is okay but come on now. Dogs pee out their urethras and not their vaginas. Just like you.

  100. So many warm fuzzy thoughts sent for her doggie lady garden! And hugs to you!

  101. Have done the urine catch thing (it’s always a win when none spills on your hand) and have done the dog with cancer thing. Hang in there. The waiting is so hard. She’ll be loved and cared for every day no matter what, so that makes her one lucky dog!

  102. Sending prayers and love for all of you. Last January we almost lost our little dog due to massive bladder stones that looked like she had tons of puppies in her bladder. Emergency surgery saved her life. I am praying Dorothy Barker and her lady garden feel better soon.

  103. In almost exactly the same place with my cat last week.
    Have her steroid and antibiotic injections and she’s feeling great!
    Which doesn’t mean she’s ok, but she is enjoying the time she has left
    Hugs to you and the sweet puppy 💕

  104. Hoping she feels better soon, and that it’s just an infection. Her lady garden will bloom again!❤️🌸

  105. Today, I helped my 16+ year old Maine Coon gently ease into another world, holding her head and one paw as she left. She’s been with me for 14 years, good and bad, and it was an honour to help her move on, out of pain and into peace. May your girl just have a treatable infection, that will respond to care. And may she be with you, support you and love you for many years, as my girl did. Kind thoughts going your way.

  106. I had to go to an oncologist for my lady bits today, too. I hope Dorothy and I both don’t have anything serious.

  107. Sending love and healing thoughts to you and your pup. I hope its not cancer. <3 We just had a scare with our dog last month, while it is not the same, I understand the worry you have with your beloved family member. We were attacked by another dog on our walk, and the dog went straight for my dog, bit her on the side, ALMOST on the neck, and a few times on her legs. We were TERRIFIED for my girl, but we are healing. I hope this is something easily treatable. I love seeing your posts with your pets on instagram. <3 lots of love coming your way.

  108. Re: Gary
    I used to have suprapubic aspirations, but then I went into the entertainment field instead.

  109. Sending all the gentle love ❤️ My kitty is very sick and it’s so hard when the fur family isn’t doing well. All our good vibes go to you and your whole fam and everyone here ❤️❤️❤️

  110. Love to your lady garden (words I never thought I would string together)

  111. I am reminded of the scene in Terms of Endearment, where the doctor is talking to Shirley Maclaine’s character regarding Debra Winger’s character’s illness, and says, “I always tell my patients to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.” Shirley looks at him and says, “And they let you get away with that.”

    Our sweet pup Hans had some bladder problems not long ago, and was scheduled to have surgery. He spent the night before at the vet, and when they did another ultrasound in the morning…things had spontaneously resolved. Sometimes wait and see does work.

  112. Am I the only one who is also curious about what happened to the plate? Did it get washed and put back in rotation?

  113. Thinking fondly of DB’s tootie, and sending her wishes for good health.

  114. Sweet little puppers, hope all is well!! I repeat that mantra on my big ole kitty. He’s a lover and I hope he’s just peppered with fatty lumps.

  115. Sending positive thoughts Dorothy Barker’s way. Our pets are a part of the family.

  116. Somehow I read the headline as “And then I Caught Dog Urine in the Face….” I was quite relieved to read your post and learn that was not the case.

  117. We’re sending positive thoughts and prayers for Dorothy Barker’s bladder. Remy, my 8 yr old Papillon, thinks she’s a cutie.

  118. Great picture of Ms. Barker 💕. Much love and healing to her lady garden and hugs to you and whole your clan.

  119. Oh, sweet Dorothy! I hope your lady bits are better soon! I have done that collection method and it’s like some kind of twisted Olympic event.

  120. My cat had massive weight loss leading to “It’s probably cancer.”, Lots of scans and growths on organs… “It’s almost definitely cancer” “DID WE SAY CANCER YET”, & “You should prepare yourself” but it turned out to be histoplasmosis, without the usual symptoms. Also that’s so rare that most vets have to Google it. They weren’t sure at first, but she took lots of medicine, & now it’s been 3 years and she’s doing great! Especially considering that she’s a senior cat with kidney issues. This is too much information but it is my hope that your outcome will also be good, despite the long time worrying before then.

  121. My Bogie and Cormac (corgis -@dashnbogiencormac on Instagram) and I all send our best wishes to Ms Dorothy. Feel better soon like flufferbutt!

  122. Sending positive vibes to Dorothy’s bladder. Our recently adopted, 7 year old Great Dane was essentially peeing blood she had such an awful infection when we got her. Husband (who is a DVM) got to do the “clean catching” but it’s much easier when you don’t have to bend down quite so far. Hopefully it’s just a sneaky bacterial that took up residence and isn’t cancer. The internal medicine vets at TAMU are great, I’m friends with several of them, and are worth the drive if you need them <3

  123. Oh Dorothy Barker…… and thoughts to you. Yes, the urethra comes out of the vagina on dogs, who’d a thunk!!!

  124. Sending love and good vibes. I’m still paying off my dog’s thyroid cancer bills from 3 years ago, but she is worth every penny.

  125. I had to do a urine catch from my male corgi mix who has 6″ legs. Turns out that involves a ladle that you shove under them at the right moment – which is a lot more difficult when the dog is low to the ground.

  126. Here’s hoping to Dottie having a happy health lady garden! Lots of love and prayers for both of your sweet girls

  127. Best thoughts for miss Dorothy! My little fur son had anal sac carcinoma 2 years back and after treatment he is in remission still. (My son was horrified-“great not only does he have cancer, but it’s butt cancer!” May Dorothy have nothing really wrong with her lady parts. At least it isn’t ass cancer. BTW chemotherapy has come an amazing way for dogs. Cancer vaccines and pharmaceuticals are curing a lot of doggies. I just looked at the AKC website an our doggy oncologist is quoted and is a authority on bladder cancer and Westies. Her name is Dr. Arteaga in Monterey, California. (Should you want a second opinion.) She is really excellent. You can privately message me if you want me to call her for you. She’s so young I bet it’s just a UTI. Best wishes

  128. Miss Dorothy, shaving lady gardens and plating pee are just weird human things. They are the shameful ones, not you, so hold your head up high, display your lady garden proudly and know that this, too, shall pass.

  129. Prayers for DB. I know how scary pet illness can be. I worry about my 3 dogs all the time, way too much. Best of luck, give her a cuddle and scratch from me.

  130. Your subject lines never cease to stop me in my tracks…

    (now to actually read the post and figure out what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks THAT is about… 😉 )

  131. I am sending loving thoughts and prayers. I’ve experienced bladder cancer with our beloved Meeshka (Siberian Husky). Love her every day you have.

  132. To many hopes that her lovely lady garden gets properly sorted.

  133. My golden retrievers and I are sending all the positive thoughts to DB and your family. Hope all goes well.

  134. In Mammals, urine comes out of urethras, not vaginas. And, for the record, the exterior of the lady garden is called the vulva — the vagina is the interior passageway for making and expelling babies. I hope Dorothy feels better soon.

  135. I’ve done lots of free catches and my one dog also needed a sterile sample taken – which is a needle to her full bladder to suck out pee and not get any bacteria that normal lives in the lady garden area. She did WAY better than I would have!

    I’m also a dog sitter and had a client that had bladder cancer. Sweet Chloe had half her bladder removed and they did oral chemo pills for quite a while. She did very very well for a year post surgery – other than needing to go outside more often you wouldn’t know she was still technically sick. Eventually that stopped working but it was a GOOD year and a year they wouldn’t have had otherwise – which, is sometimes all any of us can hope for. It was still too early in that she wasn’t very old – and it’s always too early in my opinion – but there are some treatment options to explore if needed.

    Sending you and Dotty lots of good healing thoughts.

  136. Bless her heart and her lady garden. They needed a urine sample from my dog once, but I guess it didn’t need to be a clean catch. The vet technician did a crouching crab walk behind Bailey holding a measuring cup ready to catch Bailey’s pee. Still cracks me up thinking about it! I hope it’s an infection also! ❤️

  137. Awww…my fur baby having urological issues too but because had to be on prednisone because had not platelets….hope just infection!

  138. Sending loving thoughts of light and healing to your beautiful dog! And while you’re at it, hug your amazing child for me!! So proud of her accomplishments with us this past week!! 💜💜💜

  139. Healing vibes, happy thoughts and warm hugs from our fur family to yours

  140. My papillon and I send our very best vibes to you and your papillon!

  141. Dorothy Barker allowed you to take her urine? My dog is strangely protective of hers. When I needed to collect her urine for a test, she kept running away when I put the plate under her as she squatted. She did NOT want to pee into the container. But after about 30 minutes of this (in the morning after she had been inside all night) she needed to pee so desperately that she peed into the container. It was quite frustrating, for both of us.

  142. My vet asked me to get a urine sample from my cranky old pug, which meant following her around the yard with a rimmed cookie sheet and a soup ladle and trying to shove one of them under her hoo hoo at just the right moment. I’m a constant source of amusement to our neighbors. Feel better, Dorothy.

  143. Poor Dorothy Barker!!! I just went through this with my new puppy, and my vet said a that my “catch” of her urine wasn’t 100% sterile because it was a “free catch,” caught like you caught Dorothy’s. They said to get a 100% sterile sample, they’d have to draw straight from her bladder, with a needle!!! I’m glad Dorothy didn’t have to do that!! I refused to put my pup through that!! Brie, my new pup and I, send Dorothy all the “it’s just a resistant uti” vibes we can!!!

  144. Girl, I hear ya. Chapter 4 in my personal volume of “2016 Was an Abomination” took place on Valentine’s Day, around midnight. I’ll just say this: in the overlap between the scales of Awesome Cat Lady and Single AF, there’s . . .
    -spending Valentine’s Day with your cat
    -spending Valentine’s Day with your parents’ cat
    -spending Valentine’s Day evening taking your parents’ cat out to the veterinary ER, because her weight gain has progressed to “hooded vagina” stage (quotation marks indicating the vet’s actual phrase), and the attendant hygiene issues have led to inflammation, mandating an involuntary midnight cat Brazilian for proper cleaning and treatment. Things we do for our fur children. And, ironically, their furry* little lady gardens. *or not

  145. Lots of hugs, wags, prayers, and gentlest of positive thoughts for Miss Barker, you and the whole family, and for Miss Barker’s (hopefully not uncomfortably chilly) LG.

  146. my beautiful pibble Chai had a tumor in her spine (neck area) that three neurologists said would kill her a horrible painful suffocating death inside of a month. in a what-the-hell-why-the-fuck-not moment of desperation i put her on CBD and non-psychoactive THC oils (from the marijuana plant, NOT the hemp plant) and she lived nearly two more happy years, just slowly losing her ability to walk. so then i bought her a wagon. well, TWO wagons, one street whip (smaller and more maneuverable) and then a bigger wider one with monster wheels so i’d quit dumping her out on the trails. she passed coming up on a year now, at 16 years (long for a bigger dog) in the most gentle, pain-free way from her body just being done. the tumor had actually shrunk a little and had very little to do with it. i send you love and light, and just know – whatever you do will be the right thing.

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