Random stranger: I love your dress.

me:  Thank you!

*don’t say it*

*don’t say it*

*don’t say it*



This is me every damn day and if you’ve ever seen me at a reading you’ve probably watched me do this exact thing.  Then I say that I got the dress at eShakti and other people in the audience say, “OMG I love them!  POCKETS!” and then I say that they really should sponsor me.  And then, YEARS later, they reached out and said, “We heard you love us.  Want us to sponsor you?” and finally my long game has paid off.  So keep reading because you need to know about them and also because they’re going to give away gift cards on this post.  WHOOP.  EVERYONE WINS.

Here’s what you need to know about eShakti if you’re new to it: It’s a website that gives you a ton of different designs that you can customize yourself.  You can change the sleeves or the collar or the length.  Almost every dress has pockets.  POCKETS.  I usually spend less than $60 per outfit and the clothes last forever.  I literally have 50 eShakti dresses that I’ve collected over the last 10 years and they are all still in great shape.

Secret hints from me:  The best thing for me about eShakti clothes (besides the pockets) is that you can search for clothes by material, which is great because anything that is crepe, georgette or chiffon will not wrinkle even if stuffed in a bag for a week, pet fur won’t stick to those materials, and they don’t have to be dry-cleaned.  (The chambray dresses are also great, but they aren’t quite as wrinkle-free.)  The sizing is very accurate but if you want to pay extra you can have it made specifically for your measurements.  For comparison, I’m wearing a standard 14 in these pictures:

Dog not included.

Does this dress come with a cape? Yes. Capes are coming back. In this house, at least.  (Also, I added cap sleeves to both of these dresses because I hate my arms.)

The only downside is that it takes a week or two to get your customized outfits but personally I sort of love that because I forget I ordered something and it’s like a surprise gift from me.  And if your outfit doesn’t work it’s super easy to return.  Just put the outfit in the box it came in and stick the postage sticker that came inside the box on it and drop it in the mail.  Also, sometimes if you give feedback on your purchases they’ll send you gift cards or promos.

Today if you are a new customer you get 33% off your first order and if you put JENNIFERLAWSON in the referral/gift coupon space when you check out you’ll also get $15 off.  And a bunch of you will be randomly selected to win gift cards for eShakti if you leave a comment below.   (I’ll email you the codes directly if you win so no worries about me giving out your email to anyone else.)

So go check them out because I super love them.


I’ve literally never worn this dress anyplace other than my own house but it makes me feel fancy as fuck and cat fur and pop tart crumbs don’t stick to it.  AND IT HAS POCKETS.

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  1. You look fantabulous! 🙂

  2. It’s great Jenny you got a sponsorship deal like this. Well done and congratulations on the long game. You played it well.

    Gary recently posted Worlds collide when sous vide meets MEATER™.

  3. 3
    Mariellen Rich

    I would love to win a card!

  4. 4
    Robert in Chicago

    (1) Middle row pictures: Stevie Nicks got nuthin on you.
    (2) Who is “JENNIFERLAWSON”? Is she that Hunger Games lady?

  5. You’re rockin’ it!

  6. Awesome long game. Checking them out now. POCKETS!

  7. I love how much you love your dresses. I am at the point in my life where every outfit has to have pockets. Doesn’t matter what I’m wearing, if I don’t have pockets in my outfit, then I’ve done something wrong. Also, pockets are political, check the history!

  8. I have been looking for a new source for dresses because I am almost too small for my favorite source for dresses… plus who doesn’t love pockets!? I will be checking this site out after payday!

  9. You look gorgeous, wish I liked dresses – I’ve been into trousers since I was a little kid.

  10. 10
    Pam Gibbons

    OMG i love this – I hate when my clothes don’t have pockets! Thanks Jenny!

  11. 11
    Sydni Abrahamsen

    Yay pockets!!

  12. Ok, so those dresses are super cute.

    And POCKETS!!!!!

  13. Oh yes please! Cause pockers!! DUH

  14. i LOVE those!!!!

  15. I’ve looked at their website and I’ve always been so intrigued. I love getting good referrals from real people (even if I only know them from the internet) 🙂

  16. POCKETS!!! Really cute dresses on you!

  17. My entire work and life wardrobe consists of their knit dresses. I feel like I’m wearing pajamas to work and nobody knows. Plus, POCKETS!

  18. Gorgeous! And pockets! I am going to go check them out RIGHT NOW.

  19. Fabulous!!! Every dress, every pair of pants, shorts, hell, underpants should have pockets. Bravo!

  20. 20
    Robert in Chicago

    (1) Middle row of photos: Stevie Nicks got nothing on you.
    (2) Who is “JENNIFERLAWSON”? Is she that Hunger Games lady?

  21. 21

    I absolutely LOVE eShakti. I’ve had a dress in my cart for ages, just waiting for me to have the extra dosh to hit the buy button. Their stuff is fantastic and cute as hell and IT HAS POCKETS!

  22. I do love pockets. And I’ve been wearing more dresses to work, I really need to check them out.

  23. 23
    Stacey Conway

    LOVE the red & white dress! Good call on the pockets. They are a must have.

  24. POCKETS!!!!! Going to place my order now!

  25. Nice! I’ve been wanting to try them. Thank you!!!

  26. Love these! Can’t wait to go check them out!

  27. Nice! I’ve been wanting to try them. Thank you!!!

  28. What a great idea!! Have never tried them but been on their website numerous times (especially after your pictures of the black dress with the scalloped neckline – and POCKETS!!) – thanks for sharing Jenny! 🙂

  29. We all need a dress that makes us feel fancy as fuck. Pockets are such a huge bonus. You look fabulous! I’m going to check out the dresses now.
    ( Your post about your sweet grandpa made me cry. He sounded a lot like my granny and I miss her every single day)

    I have two dresses with pockets I always say it. Always.

  31. 31
    Hollie Ayres

    Those dresses are beautiful! I love pockets!

  32. Congrats on the sponsorship! Well played 🙂

    I’ll check them out.

  33. I think my girlfriend would love these. (And probably all of my female family members). I’ll definitely have to show them this post/their website.

  34. It is impossible to buy dresses off the rack because I have a weird body but if they could fit me I’d be a fan for life.

  35. 35
    Janet Marshall

    These look awesome!! And you model them so well. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this, and for the chance to win.

  36. Wow, what a great company — I hope they pay their seamstresses/tailors a living wage. I am going to order at least one dress today, and in my pockets, I will carry dog treats. What do you carry in your pockets?

  37. 37
    Meagan Fanaras

    This is fabulous!! I’ve been looking for a new place to buy dresses!!

  38. I always love seeing your dresses. Sign me up!

  39. Congratulations on your new sponsorship. I’m the same way, I can hardly keep from telling anybody who compliments my outfit whether or not it has pockets. It’s almost like some kind of neurological tick for me.
    I love the idea that you can select the style and color of the clothing. As much as you don’t like your arms is how much I hate my calves. Yes, they work, and they aren’t painful, but they’re big (no, not like muscular like an athlete, just big like a small ham), veiny and have weird “knee boobs” behind the knee. Consequently I won’t buy anything that’s shorter than knee length. I’m going to give them a shot! Thanks for the tip, Jenny!

  40. I love pockets! I recently wrote to Athleta because their travel pants have pockets and to Chico ‘s because their travel pants don’t.

  41. You look fab in EVERY ONE OF THEM.

  42. pockets are everything!!!

  43. They look gorgeous on you. Too bad I gave up wearing dresses. I wear jeans everywhere. With POCKETS.

  44. Im loving all these dresses!! Especially the second one at the top. It makes you look like such a bombshell!!!!

  45. Pick me, pick me! 🙋‍♀️

  46. Oh I gotta try them out!

  47. I’ve always wanted to try them, but was hesitant. Since I can never find a pair of pants that doesn’t slide down my butt, having a dress tailored specifically for my measurements might be a dream come true. You rock ALL of those dresses!

  48. I’ve been wanting to try them for a while now!

  49. 49
    Jennie Cruz

    So I have a wedding coming up at the end of the month and they have a couple of dresses I have been stalking for 2 weeks, but I hadnt ordered because I didnt know anyone who had ordered from them. So thank you!

  50. 50
    Tonya Overstreet

    I <3 pockets on a dress and often do the same as you when someone compliments a dress I am wearing with pockets.

    Congratulations on your sponsorship. I would love to win a card!

  51. You look beautiful!! I’d love to try eshakti. It’s hard to find dresses when you’re 6ft tall.

  52. You look so dreamy in those dresses! That was literally the first thought that came to mind as I scrolled through! 😁

    romcomdojo recently posted Mz. Mannerz: Hi Seems To Be The Hardest Word.

  53. i’d LOVE to win a gift card! congrats on all of the pretty dresses you have!! 🙂

  54. Amazing! I only have one dress from them, but it’s by far my favorite. I may have to add to my collection!

  55. Pockets! And options that are long enough to cover the pants I will probably be wearing under it. Cause I’m like that.

  56. Well done!

  57. Beautiful dresses! I need to check them out

  58. Pockets? Amazing. I love the idea of customizing my dresses. I never wear them because I can’t find something that is exactly right.

  59. I’ve always wondered if these guys were good! You look fabulous btw, excited to give them a go!

  60. I love your dresses! I have a bunch of stuff saved on their site that I’d love to try. I did purchase a wrap dress and it was super cute but now it doesn’t fit right. So I can also recommend them. I did the custom fit and it really did fit perfectly.

  61. 61
    Kristine Csuti

    We literally were just discussing this company and not knowing how legit it was on Sunday! I’m so glad you posted this

  62. 62
    Alison Nickel

    Awesome. Pockets!!! ❤

  63. I love your dresses! And POCKETS ARE ALWAYS SUCH A GIFT! Thanks for getting sponsored! The rest of us appreciate it very much.

  64. I’d love this! It’s currently my plan to reward myself with an eShakti dress (first one!) when I finish losing my baby weight from my 5th baby. 10 lbs to go! Hoping to be there by Halloween.

  65. I love eshakti!! You are gorgeous.

  66. 66
    DeAnn Seneff

    I adore them!! I love them more than air. I wish I could afford more of them.

  67. I love the idea of eshakti, just have never actually done it. I love pockets!!!

  68. I’ve heard so many great things about them over the years but never had the chance to try them out. So glad they finally reached out to sponsor you!

    kcronkrite13 recently posted The Power of Receiving.

  69. 69
    Melissa Boyer

    Pick me! Pick me! Oooh oooh!! LOL Two kids in college now and a hubby who works in another state for now. i could use the excitement of a new dress with POCKETS!

  70. POCKETS!!!!! Heck ya! I never buy a dress unless it has pockets. Who has time for purses? You look like a queen! Love the dress and I adore you.

  71. 71
    Lindsey Olinger

    I LOVE eShakti. I’ve got casual dresses, formal dresses, dresses for weddings, dresses for funerals and more from there. I’m short and pudgy so I love that I can order everything to my exact measurements.

  72. I get all my clothes from them because of the height customization. It’s hard out here for a six-foot-tall girl buying clothes off the rack.

  73. I’m always a little sad when I find a dress that I like and it doesn’t have pockets!

  74. POCKETS! My daughter bought prom dresses with pockets and it is the best idea EVER!
    I’ve never ordered from them, but the extra $15 might be just the incentive I need.

  75. Beautiful! Pockets are always a bonus!

  76. 76
    Leslie Page

    I’ve always wanted to order from them – I’d love a gift card. Congratulations! 🙂

  77. Pocket Sisters Unite!
    And I totally love being able to add sleeves because I hate my arms, too.

  78. 78
    Jackie Lorden

    I have a bunch of their dresses too. They are awesome.

  79. I just spent 2 days converting the faux back pockets of the only pair of jeans I’ve found that fit in YEARS so it would be a BIG time saver to just get things with pockets already. 😜

  80. i LOVE eshakti. I have three of their dresses. *__*

  81. I would so love to win a gift card to get some work dresses with POCKETS!!!!!

  82. Heck ya…freebies! : )

  83. Pockets and long game for the win!

  84. I have always wanted to try them, and wanted to hear from someone I trust that they’re high quality!

  85. You look gorgeous! 🥰🥰 Those dresses look amazing! Can’t believe they have pockets?! 🙌🏻

  86. 86
    Shannon Levinsohn

    Pockets are the best!!! I will buy things specifically because they have pockets! Heading over to their site now to explore some gorgeous dresses 🙂

  87. Pockets are the best!!

  88. 88
    Libby Block


  89. I will have to check them out! They sponsor you AND the dresses have pockets so they must be AMAZING!

  90. Love it! I went on a crazy rabbit hole search to figure out where you got some of the dresses I kept seeing you in in past posts. I went CRAZY trying to google descriptions! I ended up finding a reply you posted to someone’s blog comment asking where you get your dresses and discovered eShakti then. My clothing promised land! Between your recommendations for eShakti and the embroidered shoes from Amazon, my wardrobe is looking so cute these days. IT HAS POCKETS!

  91. Awesome! Never heard of them before

  92. OMG – this is so exciting to learn about this company! Where have I been? You look absolutely smashing in their dresses. Going to their website right meow (what we say in our house for now thanks to Super Troopers)

  93. 93
    Melissa Thorner

    Thank you for the reminder! I haven’t shopped with eshakti in years – I need to go look, because CAPES!

    Also, telling the world your dress had pockets is a sacred responsibility. It is known.

  94. Oh wow! I’ve always kind of glanced at their stuff, but I’m going to go and dig a little deeper and find me a dress! I especially love being able to add sleeves because I’m super self-conscious about my arms.

  95. I almost used them to buy a dress for a wedding I went to this summer but chickened our. Maybe I should have not done that…

  96. Wow. That sounds amazing!! Can’t wait to check them out.

  97. 97
    Shirley Roberson

    OMG – I volunteer with a Girl’s Rock Camp organization. Many of the other volunteers have splashy, fun clothing. Now I can join in!!!

  98. I love all of those. POCKETS!
    Would like to try eShakti.

    Liz recently posted Upcoming and GIVEAWAY: RENT, Oct. 11-12, Fox Theatre, Detroit {ends 9/2}.

  99. 99
    Bethany Burke

    Excuse me where is our owl dress in these pictures? I say our because we both have the same one. 😂

  100. 100
    Elizabeth M

    I absolutely would love a new pocket dress!!! (Going to look at some right now!)

  101. I just spent two days turning the faux pockets of the first jeans I’ve found that fit in YEARS and it would be so much more efficient if I just got dresses with pockets in the first place. 😜

  102. Why does this always happen when I have no money?

  103. 103
    Melissa Randolph

    You had me at pockets.

  104. I love this website! I have half a dozen dresses from them, and I keep yelling ‘pockets!’ at random strangers in the street when I wear them (I yell it in my head).

  105. I’ve looked at the site per your recommendation before and quickly became overwhelmed perhaps it’s worth another go. I love these dresses!

  106. Ummm yes please! That bottom blue dress is beautiful on you!!!!

  107. Hurray for the long game! A friend of mine swears by eshakti and I gotta admit the idea of a dress that’s made to fit is super awesome (I’m such an awkward size nothing off the peg fits properly. Now to find someone who can use a measuring tape on me….

  108. You look beautiful. I think you should wear that black dress whenever you want!

  109. 109

    SQUEE!!! You look amazeballs! I’ve only heard good things about eShakti, and I’ve been coveting them for quite some time. Looks like I need to jump on that train NOW!

  110. 110

    Pockets are a girl’s best friend.

  111. 111
    Carole Samuelson

    You look absolutely STUNNING! Whatever someone’s fashion style, when our clothes look great on us we feel great at it really shows in your face! Keep shining bright!

  112. 112
    Karen Jones

    POCKETS!!! You should totally wear that fancy dress to your local coffee shop, just because coffee is worth dressing up for.

  113. I love these! I would love to try this brand! Pockets are my favorite 🙂

  114. How have I never heard of this company before?!?

  115. I’ve never heard of eShakti but those dresses look awesome!

  116. 116
    Charlotte R Hollingsworth

    I literally never want to spend a day not walking around my house casually twirling in a long, pocketed dress. So close now to my dream of being a whithering Victorian ghost woman.

  117. 117
    Caitlin Gilbert

    eShakti is the best! Wore a dress of their to a wedding this summer, and need more 🙂

  118. Always looking for more dresses with pockets 😍

  119. I love these dresses and have been wanting to check it out. You have great taste and these look amazing!

  120. Wow! That sounds amazing. Can’t wait to learn more.

  121. 121
    Maggie Pinkawa


  122. I, for one, welcome our pocketed overlord.

  123. These dresses all look amazing on you!!! I always wanted to try them – they have some customization options that are usually pretty helpful for Orthodox Jews who follow strict modesty rules 🙂 thanks for the chance to win!

  124. Pockets!! Glorious, glorious pockets.

  125. 125
    Marie Gibbons

    I love those dresses!

  126. I’ve never commented before, but I love shopping and this summer became obsessed with dresses, sooooo. I’d love to win!

  127. You gorgeous woman! I love all these dresses!

  128. You rock those dresses!

  129. 129
    Jen Steele

    These have been on my “Treat Yourself” wishlist since the last time you mentioned that cat hair doesn’t stick to them! I foster cats so I have a lot of that around!

  130. Those dresses are so pretty. I always see the ads and have always wanted to order from them. The prints and cuts look so flattering and good for teaching in.

    Victoria recently posted Wax Off.

  131. Omg love the red and white dress!

  132. These dresses are beautiful!

  133. I said “It has POCKETS!” once very loudly in church…….LOL

  134. 134
    Jane Ballentine

    I have always wanted to order a dress from them, but wasn’t sure about the process. Now I’m sure! AND POCKETS! PS You look great in all those dress styles.

  135. I’ve read your praises of eShakti before and wanted to try them out. A dress with pockets is heavenly. This is the push to purchase. Thanks so much, and congratulations on your long game paying off!

  136. I love these dresses when you wear them! I just need to actually get some free money to spend to get a few of these! I love that you can measure yourself and get something that fits correctly!!!!

  137. I spent 5 minutes extolling the virtues of dress pockets to a male coworker last week. He was very nice about pretending to listen. I LOVE dresses with pockets!

  138. I would very much like pockets, please. I only have two dresses but pockets might make the difference.

  139. 139
    Arianne Hartsell-Gundy

    I’ve been wanting to try them for awhile now, so this is perfect!

  140. 140
    Katharine Rosenthal


  141. I’d love to get a new dress with pockets.

    Love your posts. Love pockets

  142. Love their dresses, but hadn’t bought yet, because I’m not a “dress girl.” But maybe I should become one!

    (They do have other clothes. I just stick to dresses because I love them. I have a few of their tops though and one of their jackets and love them. ~ Jenny)

  143. 143
    Kimberly Lovings

    POCKETS! I love pockets! You had me at pockets!

  144. Pockets!! What more could a person need in a dress!?

  145. I love eShakti too! Unfortunately, I can’t wear the custom-sized clothes I bought from them, because my custom size changed. I’m still hoping it will change back. I love their clothes!

    Janet Coburn recently posted The Ultimate Fashionista – Not!.

  146. I love your dresses so much, this may be the time to buy one for myself… because pockets!!!

  147. POCKETS!! gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie

  148. 148
    Jessica Crown

    They look great and love the customized options (I hate my arms also)!

  149. I love this! You look fabulous! I’d love to have a closet full of dresses with pockets!

  150. Soooo cool!!

  151. Every dress is pretty much a winner. I like the florals on the top row, second from the left. Thanks for sharing!

  152. Your dresses from them are always gorgeous! I have serious dress envy ❤️

  153. This is awesome! I was always wary of them because there are so many clothing ads everywhere now. Never sure, what’s legit or not.

    Thanks for sharing! You look wonderful in all these outfits! 😊

    Also, POCKETS! 😂

  154. 154
    Brigid Cassidy

    I tried to cut off my finger yesterday. Typing is hard. Consider me pocket-appreciative and typing-challenged. xx

  155. POCKETS! They really do make any dress 100% better.

  156. I’ve been wanting to try eShakti for ages, this is the perfect chance! Thank you so much for not only reminding me but giving me a chance to save money while I’m at it!

  157. Excellent reason to actually order from them, I’ve been eyeing them up for years. Will this wall flower get a dance? 😀

  158. 158
    Paula Eaches

    They sound awesome and you look awesome and I would love to try them out!

  159. You had me at pockets.

  160. 💗💗💗 I have nearly ordered from eshakti for a couple years now and never pulled the trigger…. This should finally motivate my hiney!

  161. I have looked at them before because of you but was overwhelmed with all the choices. I need dresses and skirts with pockets! I might just have to try again. Thanks for being you!

  162. YASS! Pockets!

  163. You look absolutely lovely!

  164. 164
    Amber Rainey

    OMG!! I started buying dresses from them because of your posts and I absolutely love everything about them! Clothes finally fit my weird body and they make me look great 🙂

  165. 165
    Linda Kenyon

    Thank you! That dress looks great! I’m all ready to list things to put in the pockets—small notebook, pen, dog treats…

  166. Need to try them! They look perfect for my crazy life.

  167. 167
    Jennifer Scharf

    I love this website. I’m super short and their customized sizing is awesome!

  168. OMG YES POCKETS!! and you’re always so cute in dresses. I just look acutely aware I’m not wearing pants. It must be the wrong dress.

  169. 169
    Paige Laine

    I am so glad eShakti finally recognized the treasure it had in you!

  170. Wow, your dresses look great on you! I’ve seen ads for this service but I was always skeptical since I couldn’t see the dresses up close before purchase/trying on. I might have to try it now…

  171. Do they ship to Canada?

  172. I love pockets! All clothes should have pockets. They are so useful.

  173. I have been looking at them forever but haven’t yet bought anything. Those dresses…I think I have to get something soon!

  174. Pockets! I love pockets! I’m currently adding pockets to things I’m taking on a work cruise!AND you look super adorable!

    Melissa Onderdonk

  175. Me me me me me

  176. Pockets!! Amazing!

  177. 😍😍

  178. I’ve been wanting to try them out for awhile now, so this is perfect!

  179. This is the most relevant and helpful product recommendation I’ve ever seen!

  180. Pockets…Along with cheese and dolphins help make the world go ‘round 😉 You look marvelous!

  181. 181
    Amy Berens

    You look amazing! And pockets are a complete game changer! I’m going to have to check wshakti out because I need pockets in everything!

  182. Why does this always happen when I’m broke?

  183. I would very much love pockets. I only have a dress or two, but ones with pockets might change my mind.

  184. 184
    Jean Logan

    I would love a new dress to wear to my new job!

  185. 185
    Brittany Rohleder

    I wish I could afford these! I love dresses with pockets!

  186. I love eShakti (sadly definitely not a new customer lol) and YAS to the pockets. I always see the option to remove the pockets and I’m like, “who says no to pockets??” By the way, for the fluffier amongst us, eShakti is BRILLIANT. Regular plus size clothes often fit weird, e.g. the hips of trousers fit but then the waist is too big, or the bottom half of a dress fits perfectly but your chesticles end up by your throat or your waistband. With eShakti you put in your own measurements and everything magically fits perfectly! And don’t get me started on being able to choose sleeve lengths! I love it all with a great love.

  187. POCKETS!!!

    I need more pockets on my life, especially in dresses!

  188. 188
    Michelle Rowe

    I love their dresses! So pretty and so many choices.

  189. Pockets are EVERYTHING.

  190. I’ve always wanted to try them!

  191. 191
    Kristin Bertier

    I always love the dresses you wear, checking out the website now!

  192. You look amazing! And pockets are a complete game changer! I’m going to have to check wshakti out because I need pockets in everything!

  193. I always hear such good things about this brand. Sounds awesome!

  194. Love eShakti. Every time I wear one, pockets are a natural place for the conversation to go. Because…amazing! Why are pockets not normal for all clothing??

  195. I freaking adore eShakti!!! Oh yeah, and you. You’re awesome. Your books have helped me through some really difficult times. But pockets!

  196. The one with the buttons is so lovely! And cap sleeves are a genius idea.

  197. these are great pics, definitely checking out their site!

  198. Seriously LOVE eshakti! I ordered a dress from them for a wedding I was attending a couple of summers ago… I was hesitant as I’ve had some less than stellar online clothing purchases. I got the dress in 2 weeks, and it fit like a dream. AND POCKETS!!!! I’m not usually the girl who gets compliments in public, but at the reception, at least 5 people came up to me to tell me how amazing I looked, and that they loved my dress. It was amazing!

  199. I’ve been wanting to try them. You look great!

  200. What a great deal – thanks for sharing. It’ll be a gift to myself as a reward for finally getting my freelancing done! (Maybe.)

  201. 201
    Heather Wood

    You look beautiful! And POCKETS!

  202. I might really like this !

  203. 203
    April Carlson

    Definitely going to check them out! Gorgeous! And I love that you can customize!!

  204. Wow! I love the idea of an at-home fancy dress! I have to go put something in my cart for next payday…

  205. Pockets?! I swoon!! I really should order one before school starts; it seems like a nifty and functional dress that can also hold preschool student’s detritus.

  206. Yay pockets! Dresses with pockets are the best.

  207. Would be so happy to try their dresses! I’ve been eyeing them for years but nervous about fit/quality.

  208. I love your dresses, and I LOVE POCKETS!!!

  209. I love them!!!! It is so nice to be a bigger-sized woman (26-28), and not have to look like all my clothes were made at the tent and awning store. I love that they customize, I love, the pockets, I love the choices, and I love the prices. It is the best website I have ever found.

  210. I might really like this website

  211. 211
    Kimberly A Corbine

    Love!!! I’ve been wanting to try them forever. Now I have a reason!

  212. Lovely!

  213. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS QUEEN! All those dresses look fantastic on you and who doesn’t love pockets?!? I keep meaning to try eshakti but I hate shopping, even online, so I haven’t gotten around to trying them yet.

    The Suzzzz recently posted Stop The Hate.

  214. I love these dresses and I have yet to get one, but now that they are Bloggess-endorsed, I WILL TOTALLY GET ONE.

    Shawn McCall recently posted I Should Write More.

  215. I like those dresses

  216. I have been wanting to try eshakti! Would live a gift card!

  217. 217

    You know what, I’m going to try it. I’m 5’11” and have the hardest time finding clothes I like, particularly dresses, that also fit.

  218. 218
    Lisa Dickman

    Pockets… count me in.

  219. I get their ads all of the time – now I think I’ve got to try them!

  220. These look amazing! And Pockets!!!

  221. eShakti is my go-to for work clothes… and I do the same. #ITHASPOCKETS!

  222. POCKETS!!! I love eShakti

  223. 223
    A different Jenny

    “It has pockets!” Should seriously be their slogan.

  224. Ooh, I have been looking at their dresses for a while now. Congrats on the sponsorship!

  225. I’ve really been wanting to order something from them! The clothes look beautiful!💜

    Shari recently posted LMT and New Jewellery!.

  226. Those dresses are so fun and pretty! You look awesome.

  227. Thanks for the rec and code! Would love to win a gift card. Pockets are everything!

  228. Was debating ordering a dress from eShakti for an upcoming wedding in October. You may have just sold me!

  229. Love these dresses SO MUCH OMG POCKETS.

  230. I love these!!! And pocket dresses are great!!! 💚💚💚

  231. I am LIVING for that cape gown!

  232. 232
    Melissa Onderdonk

    Pockets! I love pockets! Currently adding pockets to the dresses I’m packing for a work cruise! AND you look adorable!

  233. This is amazing! For the record, I do the same thing when I have pockets in the dress if I’m complimented, dresses should always have them.

  234. I have read about your eShakti love before, and I’ve been thisclose to ordering from their site! The choices are so great, but also so hard to narrow down! But I love that dresses I love except for one little detail (square neckline, too short, etc.) that I don’t like can be customized to something that works for me! Congrats on a sponsorship that you freely promote!

  235. 235

    You really look amazing and so happy in those dresses! And pockets! I. Love. Pockets!

  236. I absolutely LOVE eShakti. I’ve had a dress in my cart for ages, just waiting for me to make up my mind😁.

  237. 237

    I’ve been putting off ordering from eshakti because I wasn’t sure about quality, timeliness of shipping, customer service, etc. It looks like you’re a very satisfied customer with demanding environmental circumstances like my own (pet fur, need for capes, pocket lust). I’m impatient trying things on in the store, so online sounds great. It could be awhile, but I’ll try them when I next have funds for clothing. Thanks for modeling!

  238. Yaas queen. You’re my style icon!

  239. 239
    Caitlin Baker

    Sometimes I don’t even wait for a compliment to announce the fact that my dress/skirt has pockets 😂
    90% of my teacher wardrobe is eShakti, because I can keep half a dozen dry erase markers AND my projector remote in their fabulously deep pockets.

  240. 241
    Priscilla Hudson

    You look stunning!

  241. 242
    Tammy Eaton

    Puppies and pockets. My favorites. sigh 😀

  242. How did you know I was thinking about ordering a dress from them for like the 50th time?! BE YE A WITCH?!

  243. 244
    Heather Seitz

    Currently looking at every item on their site!

  244. 245
    Melanie Pennell

    I love my eshakti dress and I get so many compliments on it. Time to order another one, methinks.

  245. Squeeeee!! You look amazing and so happy! I LOVE dresses with pockets! Had pockets in my wedding dress too!

  246. I LOVE eshakti! I’m considering several options for my sister in law’s bridal shower!

  247. 248
    Katie Baer

    POOOOOOCCKKKKKETTTTTSSSS!!! I love eShakti. The extended sizes are awesome and I’ve had a dress or two custom made to my measurements and they fit perfectly!

  248. 249
    Kristi Hartwick

    I have been thinking about these dresses ever since you posted about them a year or so ago! This has spurned me on to go for it!
    My daughter sent me a meme recently that said, those who have dress with pockets MUST say, it has pockets! I totally am also that person.

  249. 250
    Jennifer Jones

    I’ve been forcing myself to NOT order from them since the first time you posted about them. I think my streak may end today!!!

  250. 251
    stephanie jensen

    These are awesome and yay POCKETS!!!

  251. Your dresses are gorgeous, I like how they are all different (you are so creative). Now I want a cape too!

  252. Count me in on pockets always. I too haven’t heard of this company but I look forward to checking them out! Thanks for the recommendation!

  253. Oh man, I need a dress with pockets. I hate that women’s clothing never has useable pockets.

  254. I was looking for a mother of the groom dress and my daughter suggested them. I waited too long but now I want to go buy a dress from them because of the pockets. Btw, the dress I got also had pockets and it was a wonderful day.

  255. I love eShakti dresses! Always get compliments and ALWAYS respond with “Thanks it has POCKETS!”

  256. This momma needs new clothes!

  257. The one with the cape!!! We need more capes in the world.

  258. 259
    Cathy Evanochko

    You look fantastic in every single one! And I have never been able to get dresses to fit (small shoulders, very large bust, very long torso, no hips). And thanks for the fabric tips. Animal hair is usually an accessory on my clothes!

  259. They look amazing. Love pockets. And especially love the ppla dot dress at the top.

  260. I’ve always wanted to order from them!

  261. 262

    i have a couple of eshakti dresses and i love them! pockets!

  262. 263
    Becky Solari

    Wow! I’m so excited to check them out!!! Thanks for a shot to win a gift card! 😃

  263. 264
    Chelsea Banach

    You look amazing in those dresses!! I’ve always wondered about that website. I’m glad to hear good things!

  264. 265
    Kendra Laflin

    I always have to say “It has pockets!!” It’s too exciting not to!

  265. I love wearing dresses. It often surprises people as they usually see me in comfy pants and a funny tshirt.

  266. I’ve always admired your dresses and pockets!!!!!! I would love a giftcard

  267. I love dresses with pockets!

  268. I’ve always wanted to try an eShakti dress! Love the styles you posted.

  269. I have been >so< wanting to try them because they’re styles are awesome but also terrified because I don’t know anyone who has actually bought anything from them, so thank you for the confirmation that they are as good as I always hoped they’d be. Plus – I mean… pockets. <3

  270. 271
    Karyn Kelbaugh

    I keep seeing these and now I need one. POCKETS!

  271. I really need to give them a try! 5 ft 11 inches usually equates to every dress being an awkward length but this completely solves that problem PLUS POCKETS!!

  272. Another plus, you’ll never put a new eShakti dress on before an event only to find the security ink tag still attached!

  273. Oh man, I need a dress with pockets. I hate that women’s clothing never has useable pockets

  274. 275
    Jessica Wahl

    Your dresses are always so cute. Love me some pockets!

  275. Love it, looks like those dresses were MADE for you….oh wait they were!

  276. 277
    Faith Gibson

    Seriously-that polka dot dress is GOALS.

  277. I love eShakti! Those starry dresses are the best (imo). Another nice thing about them: if you go for a custom fit and goof on the measurements, they will contact you to really nicely suggest checking again. They like to make sure to do it right 🙂

  278. 279
    Caitlin N.

    Wow these dresses are amazing! You look so great in all of them! I have to check them out.

  279. I tried ordering four different dresses from them and they all looked terrible on me. I was devastated to have to send them back. Was trying to find something pretty to wear for an upcoming date with my husband (our first date night since baby #2 arrived 8 months ago). You look flipping incredible.

  280. If I was a fashion designer, I’d make sure everything I designed had pockets. And not those weenie-teenie ones that you can’t fit you hand into. Proper pockets. And perhaps pockets in pockets, because you really can’t go wrong with extra pockets.

  281. Love it all: that you have this awesome sponsorship; that you have so many gorgeous dresses WITH POCKETS!!! for your gorgeous self; and that we have a chance to get a dress too! Thanks, Jenny!!!!

  282. 283

    Woohoo! I’ve been wanting to order a dress from them for awhile! Huzzah for pockets!!

  283. 284
    Kristi Lea

    Omg! Pockets!

  284. I’ve always wanted to try eShakti but have been nervous to go for it. Thanks for listing the non-wrinkling and fur shedding fabrics! That helps make my decision a little easier.

  285. I absolutely LOVE eShakti. I’ve had a dress in my cart for ages, just waiting for me to make up my mind😁.

  286. OMG! I need a new dress to ring in my 40th and pockets are a MUST!

    Julie Lay recently posted Organize Your First Aid Kit and Medicine Cabinet.

  287. I love all these dresses but that red polka dot one is my fave. It screams 1950s cocktail party to me. <3

  288. Yesssss, all the pockets. EShakti is my favorite site for dress shopping too! I’ve been a devoted shopper for almost a decade now and have recommended them to so many other pocket lovers.

  289. 290

    I have been thinking about Eshakit since you posted about it years ago. This has spurned me on to go for it! I too am a pocket fiend!

  290. I want to marry your dresses,

  291. I love their stuff! Their blouses are also really nice if you get them customized to your measurements. A++

  292. I love eShakti – and all of those dresses are so fantastic on you!

  293. 294
    Amy Turley

    I’m dying!!! I cannot WAIT to go buy a dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  294. So! Pretty!

  295. I love this! So cool! And you look gorgeous in them all! ❤️

  296. I have wanted to try them for-ev-er!

  297. I adore the polka dot dress and your fancy black dress, you look stunning! Yay for pockets!

  298. 299
    Claire Crouch

    I keep wandering over to their webpage, but have yet to actually purchase anything. Maybe this will be the day! I didn’t realize you can order by size, not just by measurement (or I forgot that part) and finding someone to help me measure (cause I sure can’t do it right by myself) was too daunting!

  299. The cape!! I keep wanting to order from them, maybe it’s time.

  300. Why doesn’t everyone put pockets in everything!? Pockets are AWESOME!

  301. 302

    Seriously awesome dresses! I definitely know what I’m doing next payday! And you look stunning as usual. 😍😍😍

  302. i love eshakti! I have a pair of custom high waisted wide legged jeans I get compliments on ALL THE TIME. I also love that they include a card with the names of the people who made your clothes. So great, and you are ROCKING those dresses!

  303. I’ve always wanted to check them out! Glad to see a real life review

  304. Update – I may have just quietly shrieked because their jumpsuits are gorgeous and a nice alternative to dresses

  305. Beautiful dresses! I love that they have a wide variety of sizes, yippee!

  306. I love eshakti! Especially helpful now that I’ve married into a family that has different modesty standards than my own. I need new dresses to have SLEEVES in addition to pockets!

  307. I love that you can basically create the perfect dress with them!

  308. OMG! I have been wanting to try them but haven’t taken the plunge since I keep thinking I’ll lose 5 or 10… or 45 pounds. I may finally have to order from them!

  309. 310
    marybeth long

    I need to get me a Queen of the Mountains Dress ASAP! you look MAH-velous

  310. Gorgeous, as always! <3

  311. 312
    Jessie Hansen

    That’s the joy of making my own clothes. I like taking t-shirt patterns and turning them into dresses (just by adding length) and then everyone thinks I’m all fancy and smart and have good taste in clothes when really I’m just lazy and like wearing long t-shirts.
    A problem I’ve recently run into, though, is that I have projects I’ve cut out years ago and just now getting to sewing and in those years I’ve gained weight (thanks, depression! and age!) and now these really cute personalized dresses don’t fit me and I have to pass them onto my niece who will be fabulous in them to boot but I won’t be and that makes me sad. Oh shit, a run on sentence.

  312. Pockets make everything better! You look great. I’ve been wanting to try them. Will need to pull the plug.

  313. I love eShakti!
    I have so many dresses from them, I sometimes forget that not all dresses have pockets.

  314. I’ve been curious about them for a while. A Bloggess endorsement? I’m in!

  315. 316
    June Marie

    Oh my god! Pockets!!!

  316. I’ve always wanted to try this out, but haven’t done it. I definitely should!

  317. I’m so excited about this and going to go look for some new dresses right now. I’ve heard of eshakti but hadn’t looked so closely at them but you had me at customizing the neck and length!

  318. 319
    Janie White

    Super cute!

  319. 320
    Kathryn Connor Chauveaux

    Yay for sponsorships! Also have been thinking about trying them out as I hate dresses that are made of anything but cotton.

  320. E-Shakti is great!!
    I, too, love dresses with pockets and I like to tell everyone who comments on my dresses. 🙂

  321. I need new clothes so badly but keep putting them off because I never leave my house so I only wear pjs. I would love a beautiful dress to have hanging in my closet waiting for me to do something fun in. I wish they said what sizes the carry though.

  322. 323
    Kathy Anderson

    sweet! my project manager at work was showing off the pockets in a dress she was wearing a few days ago; she stuffed her hands into them and then them toward the front of her dress (she was sitting down at the time), which then caused the skirt to fly up in the air high enough for everyone to see her nice blue panties :).

  323. You look amazing! Pockets make the world a better place 💗

  324. 325

    Oh, you need a place to wear that last dress! And it definitely needs a tiara when you do so. I’m still working up to loving eShakti. I’ve ordered a couple of times, but had to return the items – they just didn’t work for me. I think I’ve been picking the wrong fabrics. I’m going to give them another try, on your recommendation, because pretty and pockets.

  325. I’ve always wanted to try their clothes!


  327. I NEVER wear dresses because they fit right. I would love to have something like this. And … POCKETS!

  328. Who doesn’t love a dress with pockets!!??? I have visited their site for many years and fawned over the designs, but never purchased because I didn’t know anyone personally who ordered from them. Now, of course, I have to go get something!

  329. Those look awesome!

  330. I adore long dresses (and that last one is AMAZING). Also, pockets!

  331. Omg, I have looked and looked at eShakti and never bought because I have such a weird post-several-babies body. I think you’ve convinced me!

  332. I Love Pockets! Been on the fence and wanting to order from them. Guess this will push me over!

  333. Me today: “Nice Shirt!” “Thanks It has pockets! ” I’m so excited to have a shirt with pockets. I’d love to have a dress with pockets!

  334. 335
    Kathy Schwager

    I just placed an order for two tunic tops. I never order from unknown sites, but if Jenny says they are good, that’s good enough for me!

  335. 336
    Jenny Larson

    They’re my new favorite dress place! They look fantastic!!

  336. Omg I’ve always been curious about eShakti I hope you get a free dress for every dress we purchase with your code! Pockets for everyone!!

  337. I love eshakti!! Pockets are life.

  338. 339

    Looking wonderful! I wish I could look that good!❤️

  339. I love your wardrobe! It has a such a cool retro vibe. Fingers crossed I win because I can’t afford to buy myself anything right now🤞🏻

  340. What a glorious polka-dot dress! I also can’t resist a dress with pockets…nor can I resist telling people about it.

    Shannon Grounds recently posted HIRING?  HOW TO AVOID BEING EVIL – AN EMPLOYER’S GUIDE.

  341. These are gorgeous! I’ve always wanted one of their dresses and it makes the decision much easier seeing all the different ones you posted! Love!

  342. Awesome! I love being able to choose your sleeves. Spaghetti straps are the work of the devil! 😈

  343. OMG! All of the dresses are SO BEAUTIFUL!!! what am amazing opportunity!

  344. I LOVE eShakti! Everything I’ve gotten from there was amazing. Glad you found them!

  345. Pockets…my precious

  346. No joke, I LOVE eshakti. I got a couple of dresses from them and they’re PERFECT. Way sturdier than I expected and crazy versatile. I wore one of them when I went to France and got totally addicted to the look & quality.

  347. I think this the first blog comment i have left anywhere in 10 years but POCKETS.

  348. 349

    Pockets should be mandatory. 🙂

  349. OMG I’ve been wanting to try them!

  350. I love those dresses! Definitely checking it out. Pockets!

  351. 352
    Rebekah Bishop

    Oh, I would so love one of their dresses! I have noticed several that are night or space themed lately! <3

  352. Whooooo for sponsers

  353. 354
    Lisa k Sowry

    How did I not know about this???? POCKETS??? I want pockets in EVERYTHING.

  354. What?!?! How did I not know this website existed???

  355. I’ve been obsessed with them forever but never purchased anything…

  356. Yes! Yes! Me, please! Pockets!

  357. I hear so much about them but have never ordered! GOOD TO KNOW about pet fur not sticking to those fabrics.

  358. OMG I’ve been wanting to try them!

  359. I made a vow recently to not buy any more dresses without pockets. Down with the patriarchy!!!

  360. Ooooh. Pockets!

  361. Yesssssssss, I have three from them and LOVE. Mostly because pockets. Also because comfy and indestructible.

  362. I have been wanting to try them!

  363. I love the selection at eShakti! I bought my wedding reception dress from them, super reasonably priced AND has pockets! Also have been in love with you Jenny for years! Thanks for your inspiration and humor ❤️

  364. 365
    AJ-the short one

    I love the dresses you are wearing (and that they have pockets). I always try to get dresses with pockets, too-don’t know what I’d do without them-probably have to carry a bigger purse! I have never even looked at their website, but I am going shopping right now! At work! Woo hoo!

  365. I am a teacher, so aside from all the kid stuff that gets crammed in my POCKETS I need to carry my own stuff! So, a dress with pockets that is cute is a win, win for me!!

  366. LOVE eShakti

  367. Dresses with pockets are the absolute best! Everyone should follow in eShakti’s footsteps and start including pockets on everything!

  368. My wedding dress had pockets!

  369. 370
    Saint Shannon

    I have wanted an eshakti dress FOREVER! I saw them a few years ago and I love that the dresses are made for your body. As a plus size gal, I’d love to have a dress that was fitted to my dimensions. So amazing that they’re offering such a discount and gift cards. Great company!

  370. 371
    Dana Stein

    New interview dress here I come!!! This is perfect because I hate shopping and thoses dresses are lovely

  371. I keep seeing their dresses come up when I’m online, and they look beautiful, but I’m always nervous ordering from a new website. Your love for them is clearly enabling a retail therapy session. With pockets!!

  372. I was in the middle of placing an eShakti order when I checked my email to see if I had any coupons and saw the link to this post. It’s like we’re the SAME PERSON!!!

    Except I’m definitely not a size 14 and I always use the custom sizing because boobs. Also I always order natural fabrics so we don’t have any of the same dresses and actually I’m not you at all.

    But I do have a closet full of eShakti dresses, so we have that in common.

  373. 374
    Sarah Morini

    I get served ads for eShakti all the time but have never taken the plunge. This post may have finally convinced me to give them a shot!

  374. 375
    Jenna Hasenkampf

    Yay! I’ve been wanting to try them!

  375. I have never tried eShakti, but now I want to! Those dresses are amazing, and you look gorgeous!

  376. Ooh! New place to shop! Love these on you!

  377. 378
    Lora Robertson

    Long live pockets and customizable dresses for every body shape and size!!

  378. Dresses with pockets are the best!!!

  379. So beautiful!

  380. Mostly because of your dress photos, I signed up, then spent most of the summer looking through their site, selecting dresses, then chickening out on purchasing at the last minute >.< I really should just give them a shot!

  381. I didn’t know I needed a dramatic dress in my life until now! You look fabulous!!! 💃🏽

  382. I love, love eShakti! I haven’t ordered from their website, but I have a dress I found on eBay. Next time I need a dress, I’ll go to the source! Thanks!

  383. 384
    Corey Doyle Balazowich

    I’m a wedding photographer and basically order every one of their black dresses to wear in the summer (with shorts under so I don’t scare people with the lady bits) WITH POCKETS of course. I love the custom measurements b/c I have a long torso which is a bitch to wear dresses with. They are awesome, so glad they finally fell for the long con!

  384. I would love to win a card! New job (YAY!) so I need new clothes (yay for new clothes, boo for my wallet).

  385. 386
    Serena Gutnik

    OOOOHHHH! I love eShakti! I heard about them a few years ago from a workmate who is a large gal like myself. She said the shapes are flattering on everyone and POCKETS! PLUS, you forgot to mention the bra clasps that hold your bra where it is supposedly supposed to live on your shoulders! speechless

    I always just get cotton because I’m worried that other fabrics will cling to my rolls. Which fabric do you recommend for people trying to lose that extra pesky 120 pounds?

    Thank you for being you and wearing the shit out of that last dress! YAS QUEEN!

  386. 387

    Thank God she invented pockets.

  387. I have always wanted to order from eShakti…and now I really have to. Those dresses are amazing.

  388. Those are some dresses I would absolutely wear!! I could always use more clothes with proper pockets.

  389. 390
    Michelle Lonsinger

    Okay. You’ve inspired me to stop looking and actually buy something from them. Thanks for the trustworthy endorsement!

  390. I very much need a new dress…. with pockets

  391. oh man. i LOVE LOVE LOVE their stuff and i’m looking for a new dress for a special event this fall. i need to get on and check out the new stuff!

  392. I ADORE eShakti; when they started making custom pants back in the day, I ordered a pair and they are amazing in every way but one: they inexplicably did NOT have pockets?! But they fit perfectly and look amazing so it evens out. Mostly.

  393. AMAZING!! Customized dresses WITH POCKETSSSSSssss! oh my preciousssssss!
    I’m heading over to eShakti now to take a peek.
    BTW: you should TOTALLY wear that black Scarlett O’Hara dress out of the house! Preferably a teacher/parent meeting. Or a gynocologist appt.

  394. 395
    Marlene Doyle

    I have always admired your dresses! For someone who is a self-admitted basket case, your fashion is always on point. Even with the curlers. Or in spite of the curlers? And I say that with all of the love in my heart. Either way, thank you for cheering us all up even when you are not feeling cheery yourself. I think I may need one or five of these in my life because unlike everything in Australia, they probably won’t try to kill me.

  395. 396
    Tammy L Fotinos

    I have been wanting to try them and this may be the discount that helps me pull the trigger!

  396. 397
    Dayla Penn

    Oooh I have 2 of their dresses and LOVE them!

  397. I’ve been eyeing the dresses on eShakti since you first posted about them. I love that they can be customized, which will be especially helpful when I need something specific for my wheelchair. Im going to order one soon! Thanks for sharing!

  398. You look so nice!

  399. 400
    Mary Roballo

    All dresses should have pockets! I especially love the short polka dotted one!

  400. You look amazing in each of your dresses! Congratulations in gaining a new, awesome sponsor.

  401. 402
    Tracy Jordan

    You always look gorgeous in those dresses! It may be time for me to check them out. Plus, of course, POCKETS! x

  402. Wonderful!

    i’ve seen you recommend Eshakti more than once, and the dresses you wear are always beautiful and flatering.

    I am crossing my fingers wishing for a gift card!

  403. i’m in it for the coupons. it’s too bad i don’t have discretionary funds until saturday. 🙁

  404. I love pockets and I’d love to win a card!

  405. I was looking for a new dress for ages now and then you come along like a magical fairy-blog-mother with POCKETS?!

  406. 407
    Wendy Woodall

    I would LOVE to get a gift card! I’ve lost 91 pounds and nothing I own fits me, I can’t seem to find a decent dress either!
    Thank you Jenny for having this contest

  407. 408

    Love pockets in dresses! Yeah!

  408. 409

    A coworker wore a dress yesterday and it was all I could do to not squeal, “omg it has POCKETS”

  409. 410
    Amy Anderson

    You look amazing! I’m only 5′ tall, so I could possibly end up with enough leftover fabric to clothe the rest of my family. Seriously, though. Cute dresses with pockets? It’s like they KNOW us or something!

  410. I love eShakti! I have two. But I bought them both for weddings. I desperately need some good dresses with pockets for school. Pockets are so important!

  411. You look beautiful in all the dresses!

  412. Love, love, love eshatki! And I need more!!

  413. I love all of their dresses! You look fabulous in them as well. I now need a dress with a cape please. 🙂

  414. 415

    I SOOOOO need to hit up eShakti again! It’s been way too long! But thats part of my problem. I need to do my measurements all over again!

    And I LOVE your dresses with pockets!

  415. Holy crap!!! You look great in all of them!!! Currently unemployed but I have had them bookmarked since a previous post of yours, so they are one of the first places I go when I have income again!

  416. 417
    Kristine Wilson

    Pockets AND capes?!?!? Yes, please! I can’t wait to pair it with my kid’s superhero outfits!

  417. 418
    Nicole McKay

    I would LOVE to win! I’ve been stalking their website for years, but can never afford them. (POCKETS!)

  418. You’re the second person who has recently recommended them to me, so now I’m sold. Especially because you can add sleeves!!

    emilypageart recently posted Tattoo Wrap-up #22.

  419. 420
    Alexandra Sutherland-Barta

    I ADORE your dresses and POCKETS are the bees’ knees. I’m a long time fan and reader (online and in print). Best wishes, Bloggess, and thanks for the giggles!

  420. 421
    Tina Keppen

    I super duper LOVE dresses with pockets – and you look amazing in all of these dresses! Going to check it out now, thanks for the share! xo

  421. 422
    Colleen A.

    I really need to hit the “complete transaction” button when I am on their site. Love all of these dresses on you, Jenny!

  422. OH MAN! I love the fancy dress, it’s amazing

  423. I love eShakti too and have a bunch of dresses from them. But sadly since I don’t live in the US anymore, they don’t deliver to me. 🙁

  424. I need to replace a dress with pockets that had pilled, a gift certificate would be a great incentive!

  425. Omigosh this is PERFECT. I’m sad I didn’t know about them before, but simultaneously ridiculously excited because I have been painstakingly searching for just the right outfit for my daughter’s bat mitzvah for EVER and this information just de-complicated so much. Wowzers.

  426. 427
    Jami Shofner

    OOOooooo….my precious has pocketsess. Yesss…

  427. 428
    Kathy Rospenda

    Love the dresses, and who can ask for more than customizability and pockets?!!

  428. 429
    Deb Schmid

    Pockets!!!! I’m in love with the red polka dot!

  429. You look amazing! The dresses look amazing. What a happy win for eShakti and us. I don’t even know how anyone can pick just one dress from eShakti because they have so many neat prints and styles.

  430. 431
    Elizabeth Palmer

    Totally checking this out!

  431. Those dresses are gorgeous! I especially love the black one, and I would feel just like you. I’d wear it whenever, even just at home chilling and feel like a million.

  432. 433
    Victoria Richer

    I LOVE POCKETS! My graduation dress was eshakti, obviously pockets. And yep told everyone.

  433. I love their denim pieces! Been eyeing up that tunic one for weeks now!

  434. You look fabulous. I have heard of this company but have never tried them.

  435. I need dresses with pockets! Also, you did an amazing promo for them.

  436. Love eShakti! I have a wedding coming up in October, and have three outfits from them (never mind the other dresses I have from them). Great company.

  437. I always make the same “and it has pockets” comment!

  438. I had the most awesome conversation in our local coffee shop after someone complimented my eShakti dress, because I immediately replied “Thank you! It has POCKETS!”. Nothing like bonding with a complete stranger over the wondrous delights of a dress’s ability to hold your phone and your chapstick!

  439. 440

    I have been browsing e-Shakti for months. Your post is pushing me to finally order! Your dresses are so cute on you 🙂

  440. I have on an eShakti dress today with…pockets! And birds…love me some birds.

  441. 442

    I’ve wanted to try eShakti for a long time, even before I read all of your recommendations!

  442. 443
    Lisa Amerson

    How fantastic! I’ve always wondered about these dresses, so It is great to have a review and modeling from you. They are gorgeous, and I will certainly check them out now!

  443. I’m getting married on the beach in 2020 and I’d love to have a dress with pockets.

  444. 445
    Misty Massey

    Oh my giddy aunt, I need the black dress so that I can spend all day spinning round and round and round to watch the skirts fly.

  445. I love their dressed. Just haven’t ordered one yet.

  446. 447
    Paula Forney

    Dresses with pockets! How could you go wrong?

  447. I adore eshakti and am so pleased to see them sponsoring you!

  448. Pockets?????!!!!!

  449. I wear dresses so rarely that the last time I did my 4 year old asked if it was my wedding dress… I’m long waisted, so have a hard time finding dresses that fit right off the rack. I will definitely check them out.

  450. 451
    Maggie Knoebel

    I just got my first dress from them yesterday! it’s at home waiting for me to try it on =)

  451. 452
    Sarah Ingram

    I have been waiting for a recommendation for eshakti! Glad to
    See you love them so much, now I will try them too.

  452. These dresses keep popping up on my social media, but I haven’t tried them yet. I’ll have to look into it!

  453. Dresses with pockets! OMG! Women get screwed when it comes to pockets. What a cool company! The dresses look gorgeous on you!

  454. Pick me!! Or not because I don’t want to sound too entitled.

  455. Everything about this sounds amazing! Do you know if they ship to Canada?

  456. 457

    Pockets in dresses should be required

  457. 458
    Holly Jones

    Gorgeous!! I love that they are so plus-size friendly, too! I wore a beautiful bridesmaid dress from them a few years ago and loved it!!

  458. I love dresses with pockets!!!

  459. I have one dress from eShakti, and I love it because it makes me feel like a more glamorous Miss Frizzle from Magic School Bus! And it has pockets!!! 😁

    anerdnamedjen recently posted Outfit of the day 7/12/19.

  460. 461
    Shannon Kelly

    I’ve been meaning to try them out, but I really needed a review from someone I trusted to push me over the edge. This might do it!

  461. These are so cute, and I’ve always been curious about the quality of the dresses they Make!

  462. 463
    Maureen Carreau

    I’ve been meaning to check out these dresses, so today os the day. They all look fabulous on you, and pockets!

  463. Pocketses!

  464. I have one! Would love some more!

  465. 466
    Ariel McGovern

    I love there stuff, but it’s out of my price range. I love picturing which one I would order to suit my Miss Frizzle look! LOL

  466. 467
    Petra London


  467. OMG how have I not known about this?!? My friend and I LOVE POCKETS!!!Will definitely check them out and thank you so much for the great info and overview!

  468. I love dresses. And I love pockets. Not enough dresses come with pockets. Pocket is a funny word.

  469. 470
    Megan Lynn Shimek

    First off all, the true one downside is that the dog in not included. These dresses are phenomenal though. I cannot believe how many people do not know about this site!

  470. 471

    Try this again.
    Pick me! 😁

  471. I am, in fact, wearing an eshakti dress right now. They’re perfect for college teaching, because I need pockets for my phone and keys as I teach in different rooms. And pretty dresses make me feel happy, which is always good for teaching.

  472. 473
    Heather Carter

    I’ve always looked and thought about ordering. Those are so adorable and look so beautiful on you!

  473. Fabulous dress + pockets? My life is complete.

  474. 475

    I keep wanting to try them and I have a cruise coming up and I think I could get a great dress for the dressier dinner night. I need this cruise so bad 😍😍

  475. I LOVE their dresses! I’m planning on my vow rewenal dress being from them because I can do a sweetheart neckline which I adore and hourly still be warm enough considering I live in MI and my anniversary is Halloween. I’m short (5’2″)and having the dresses made to my height really tickles me. My sister is a convert too, she’s even shorter and wears a size 2 so getting adult clothes that look nice is hard. I’m even getting my niece hooked.

  476. POCKETS! All-day and every day!

  477. I love eShakti but have only been able to order from them once since I live in the UK. I’d love to win a gift card so I could expand my collection.

  478. Pockets!!! AAAACK so cute!

  479. 480
    Julie Carroll

    Well I’m a current and loyal customer so I can’t use the code but I’d sure love a gift card!

  480. I like eshakti, but the exchange rate makes it a bit pricey. On the other hand, the pockets are big enough to hide slices of cake in.

  481. 482
    Dawn Leach

    I have seen their ads and have been really interested in it – excited to check it out!

  482. I’ve been thinking about ordering a dress from them for a while now–looks like today is the day!

  483. My wedding dress had pockets! The mumbles from all my guests when I pulled my vows out of my pocket was enough confirmation that I made a great decision. 😂

  484. 485

    Girl, I have been looking at their ads on FB, but was nervous in case they were shipping “epic fail” clothes. You have eased my fears. Woot!

  485. This is a great idea for disabled people. I definitely need custom dresses for my wheelchair and will be checking out eShakti for that now. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Lisa Walters recently posted A Trinity Baycation at Blueberry Cottage.

  486. I ordered a dress from them for my brother in laws wedding and then I lost it in a house flood so I never got to wear it! I’ve been meaning to order again, especially since they’re so size inclusive!!

  487. Hell yeah

  488. My wife has been talking about this company. I need to make sure she sees this tonight.

  489. been looking at their site for a couple years now… one day I will be able to splurge. Your pics showing off the fab are wonderful!

  490. I love dresses with pockets!

  491. 492
    Angela Cundiff

    They have so many lovely things.

  492. Omg! This might push me over the edge into buying from them finally. And YES to pockets. You look too cute!

  493. Wow this blew up lol. I unashamedly tell people when my dresses have pockets because usually the other people I meet who wear dresses get super excited! share the fun!

  494. Yes I ❤️ EShakti, please and thank you.

  495. They are the best! I do the custom fit and it always looks so great. And yet every time I’m surprised by it! I put on the dress and go…It’s like it was made for me!



    And POCKETS!

    Denise Mastenbrook recently posted A New Chapter....

  496. Okay, I’m sold! Thanks for the heads up!

  497. 498
    Jeanie Jones

    Ordered a few dresses yesterday! Can’t wait!

  498. Aww, your dresses are always sooooo cute! I’ve looked at eShakti several times because I love the way you dress!

  499. You look awesome!!!! I love pockets too!

  500. Ahhh! I love pockets. I also need to check them out, because I am tall as well as plus size, and that makes finding clothes, especially cute clothes, a bitch! You look fantastic. 🙂

  501. I wonder if a pop tart would fit in the pockets?

  502. 503

    Wow. Those dresses are gorgeous. I need more dresses in my life. Will be checking out this website asap

  503. Oh my gosh!!! These are beautiful and so flattering. I dont often feel very feminine in my jeans and tees, but maybe a pretty dress with pockets would make me more comfortable

  504. 505
    Devin Therese Trego

    I didn’t know I needed floor length polka dots until this moment! But, oh, I do!

  505. Those dresses are amazing! 🙂

  506. 507
    Paula Geisik

    Love their dresses

  507. Before I even read the post I saw the photo of you in the dress and thought omg I want that dress. In a different color. With a slightly shorter skirt. And guess what? I can have it! Gracias.

  508. So I have been TRYING to order one of these lovely dresses, I really have, but they have so many variations of my favorite color (blue), and then sleeve choices, and style choices, and fabric choices, and and and and decision paralysis overwhelms me and I have yet to choose …

    Dress pockets? OK. But pants pockets? NO. I cut those suckers right out and sew down the pocket flaps. No need for extra thigh bulges thank you!

  509. I LOVED that starry cape-sleeve dress when it popped up on an ad but couldnt justify it. It looks awesome on you and so much fun!

  510. How did I not know about this Jenny?? I’m hoping to get a new job soon (read finally) and I will need to get some new clothes…professional, feminine and POCKETS!!! That’s what I’m talking about!

  511. I’m totally checking them out. I need pockets for my chapstick!

  512. 513
    Tracy Gibbons

    You look incredible!

  513. 514
    Amy LaMere

    LUUUURVE eShakti – I’ve bought 4 dresses this summer alone!

  514. 515
    Andrea Curtis

    I love them so much. My niece chose her bridesmaids dresses from there. There were such a nice casual look (perfect for her barn wedding) and each girl could change the style slightly to suit her best.

  515. I love wearing dresses to work and I have a bad habit of “collecting” them too… would always like another for the new school year!

  516. I needed a dress for a wedding (bride only said something purple, knee-length, good for an outdoor wedding in September) and after seeing all the pretty dresses you’ve mentioned from eShakti I finally had a chance to try them out. The wedding is in two weeks and I now own 5 dresses, including the original purple one. Pockets = snacks whenever I need them!

  517. I love a dress with pockets!!!

  518. POCKETS! Always with the pockets. I say that for every dress I own that has pockets. And if it doesn’t I think, man i wish this had pockets.

  519. 520
    Michelle L.

    Have been wanting to try out eShakti for a while. Sure love your polka dot dress!

  520. You look great, Jenny, and I love pockets too!

  521. Pockets! And they are all so cute!

  522. I have a work trip coming up and a lot of these look like they would be perfect!

  523. That new dress is STUNNING. I’ve been so tight on money (no health insurance + autoimmune health problems + husband’s job just doesn’t pay what it used to) I haven’t even let myself check out the site though I’ve wanted to. It’s awesome to hear that you normally pay so little for an outfit. Chronic illness has also equaled weight gain for me, so I’ve gone from an 8 to a 14/16 over the last two years and that has required a closet overhaul (not easy on low funds, thank goodness for Goodwill) and I have transitioned to lots of dresses and skirts when I can find them. Your pictures are beautiful, and not just because of the dresses! I would love a gift card to give them a try, but either way I hope to check them out soon. They look and sound like just what I need.

  524. 525
    Gwen Osborn-Gustavson

    I love eshakti (and pockets!), and you look amazing in those dresses! So glad your long game worked out for you!

  525. 526
    Erin McKenney

    Love it!!! I’ll have to try them out. My sister has been singing their praises for years too

  526. 527
    Chrissy Krampert

    Ooooh, I need a new dress. AND POCKETS!

  527. I would love a gift card! I’ve heard lots of good things about eshakti but have yet to get one of their dresses. Partly because I rarely ever wear dresses. BUT, the reason I hardly ever wear dresses is because 1) dresses almost never have pockets and 2) I can never find a dress that both fits AND feels comfortable AND looks good. But maybe eshakti will break all those rules!

  528. I’ve been wanting to try them! Love that they have plus sizes as well!

  529. 530
    Teresa Kane


  530. Yes!! Their app is super easy to use and helpful, too!

  531. Looks like I need to head over and check these dresses out because yelling, “it has pockets,” at people is one of my favorite things ever. Plus, those dresses look awesome!

  532. 533
    Sallie Henshaw

    I love eShakti dresses. Whenever I’m bored I look up new dresses there and dream about being able to afford more of them. I love that they have pockets, but also that you can adjust sleeve lengths and necklines, because I am very particular in regards to necklines. I have a short neck and crewneck type necklines, or turtlenecks really bother me, but I also have a larger chest, so anything with too deep of a vee becomes very sexy very quickly.

  533. You look awesome in both dresses! I have a grey dress with a giant cowl from eshakti that I love.

  534. You had me at pockets. And the dresses are so cute too!

  535. Excellent job as a spokesmodel!
    And you didn’t even have to send them your pic of Wil Wheaton collating!

  536. Yay! I love eshakti. Especially the pockets, but the customization is also awesome.

  537. 538
    Jill Renae

    Ugh, I love eshakti so much!!!! I’ve found I need to size up but I DON’T EVEN CARE. Everything has pockets, they are inclusive of LITERALLY ALL sizes and shapes, and they’re just the best! Pockets + size inclusivity = earns my $$

  538. I have heard only good things about eshakti, but I’ve not ordered anything before. Very tempting!

  539. I love these dresses. And your enthusiasm.

  540. 541
    ~Stephanie B~

    Those dresses are gorgeous! I need more things with pockets in my life.

  541. I would love to try one of these dresses! I hope they ship to Canada 🙂

  542. 543
    Lisa B Whitenack

    I LOVE them – as a tall gal with a long torso, dress shopping sucks. Except with eShakti! And THE POCKETS!!!!!!! Also, you look so happy in your dresses 🙂

  543. I have a couple of eShakti dresses and LOVE the way they fit and feel (and the pockets, of course)! Thank you for putting them on my radar. I don’t fit in a lot of off-the-rack clothing so to have something that fits so well, that I actually feel good in, really works wonders for my self-esteem. Going to place another order now! 🥰

  544. you’re the second person that’s raved about this company, i’ve been on the fence about getting something but maybe i really should just do it

  545. I buy the pockets first and add the fabulous dress later. MUST HAVE THE POCKETS!

  546. POCKETS!!!

  547. Love eShakti! I’ve been using them 5+ years now because I am plus size and it’s hard to find clothes that fit right!

  548. Love it!

  549. Those are adorable! And pockets. I love pockets in dresses.

  550. 551
    Michelle Drackett

    When my daughter was prom shopping this past year, I was astounded that a majority of the dresses she tried on had pockets! Like, real pockets you could actually put your phone in or lipstick! We were both immediately like, whatever she gets must have pockets. I was jealous for sure, lol. I am a casual window shopper of eShaki because of you, lol. You mentioned them years ago, and I keep planning my wedding dress for my 2nd wedding next year but never can commit. (to the dress, I mean, hopefully I’ll not have any issues with this wedding, did I just jinx myself? Perhaps I should just hush now and say that your dresses are always pretty.)

  551. 552
    Karin Ann Smith

    I love these dresses, and you look adorable.

  552. Okay, I DIIIEEE for that caped dress especially because it looks like maybe a star pattern! (Do not corrected me if I’m wrong.) 😍😍😍

  553. Oh my Lord, I’m in love with those POCKETS❣️❣️❣️ Sassy Jenny😍

  554. POCKETS! I’m looking them up right now.

  555. 556
    Wendy Woodall

    I have lost 91 pounds and nothing fits me, so I would love to win this! Thank you for the chance Jenny

  556. What about larger tall ladies? I have a hard time finding dresses that are comfortable, fancy, and don’t make me look like I’m smuggling a bunch of pillows or wearing a tent.

  557. I keep looking at these dresses. I need to break down and buy one! They look fantastic on you.

  558. Yay Pockets! I haven’t tried them yet, but I’d love to!

  559. I’ve always wanted to order from them. Being plus size makes it hard to find something that fits well. Now I just need a reason for a cute dress, work pockets

  560. Eshakti is my favourite. As a nearly 5’11 lady, it’s so tough to find dresses that don’t look like miniskirts on me. Plus pockets on EVERYTHING!

  561. I’d love to know if they can make something flattering for a post-mastectomy body!

  562. You look awesome! I too want to look awesome! And with pockets!!

  563. That dress is beautiful! I’ve been hesitant to order from them, because it sounded too good to be true, but I think today might be the day.

  564. Pockets💜💜💜

  565. How exciting! I love that you got a sponsor deal for something you love so much!

  566. Thank you! I know I read a few years back about a dress place you liked and I could not remember what it was called! I have a wedding coming up, so hopefully I can get something ordered in time. You look gorgeous 😘

  567. Ahhh! I love it! I will have to check them out, because I am tall AND plus sized, which makes finding clothes, especially cute clothes, a bitch. You look fantastic! 🤗

  568. 569
    Kelly Wiltsey

    OMG, they’re all so cute I love that you can customize them! I remember you talking about how much you love eShakti dresses over the years and the POCKETS! I would love to win a gift card because I haven’t been able to work much for a few years due to multiple invisible illnesses (fibromyalgia, arthritis, Hashimoto’s disease, Sjögren’s syndrome, bipolar 2 disorder, depression, and anxiety disorder to name a few) but I’m doing better and am working some temporary jobs and going on interviews, so I need some good dresses!

    Congratulations on getting the sponsorship, Jenny!

  569. 570
    Jenny Cardenas

    Pick me! 🙂

  570. 571
    Alena Wagner

    Thank you for posting about this site again! You had blogged about them a while back (pockets!) and I could not remember the site name for the life of me (shocking). I’m headed that way now to check them out!! Yay – shopping!!

  571. 572
    Amy Malerba

    This EXACTLY what I wished existed for an upcoming wedding, and then I just happened upon your IG post! Meant to be!

  572. ALSO, if you use Swagbucks, they will give you 3% Cash Back! No, I’m not sponsored by SBs. LOL

  573. 574

    These dresses are beautiful! 😍

  574. Pockets! What I live for! Thank you!

  575. As always, love the dress and any company that sponsors our weirdness is pretty awesome.

  576. Was just looking for a dress for a wedding! Will definitely use that code – thanks Jenny!

  577. I have this dress that’s my “mermaid dress” and I’ve worn it to a Mardi Gras ball once and a couple time just around the house and another time while I cleaned toilets , because cleaning toilets is the worst especially when there’s three males in the house.

  578. 579
    Janelle Law

    I have a whole Pintrest board of their dresses – inspired by YOU! They all look so pretty on you.

  579. POCKETS!!!

  580. Yesssss! I keep seeing their ads and I love how you can customize it all! Definitely teacher friendly dresses on there.

  581. I have been stalking their site for awhile, but haven’t bought anything – yet! You mentioning the pockets is what made me check them out 🙂 Love pockets!

  582. I need to look them up! P. S. Jenny you are in a size 14! YIPPIE! I never looked like that way back when I was a size 14!

  583. Your website keeps crashing for me, so I’m sure I have a snowball’s chance in heck, but winning this would be amazing!!!

  584. Pockets, pockets, pockets!!
    I’ve been on the fence about Eshakti–you might have just pushed me over! (But then…I would actually have to measure myself. This will lead to much despair. And cookies. Which caused the problem in the first-damn-place.

  585. 586
    Tiffany Howard

    I’ve always wanted to get something from them. I have friends who are similarly ahem shapely like me and they swear by eShakti. I’ll probably buy something whether I get a gift card or not because I can’t find decent clothes that fit right and think they might be what I need.

  586. You look beautiful! I’ve never seen this brand but will have to go check them out! 😍

  587. Those dresses are great! I’m glad you pointed them out!

  588. I’ve been dying to try eshakti’s dresses! Your glowing review is enough to get me shopping! Thanks, Jenny!

  589. 590
    April Tolliver

    I LOVE the dress that is the in the last row of the set of 9 picks. So much that I can’t make a coherent sentence. AND it has pockets. I really want to get one of these….

  590. Gorgeous! I’ve “window shopped” there before, but I rarely have money to splurge on myself

  591. 592
    Kelly Pettit

    I have been dreaming of the day I could get an eshakti dress! I have been back to work since March but sadly I haven’t been paid right once since I have been back 🙁 Once it gets sorted I am totally getting one!

  592. That polka dot dress is DIVINE! I’ve wanted to try eShakti for awhile now, but finances won’t allow.

  593. Such pretty things. 🙂❤️🙂

  594. I love this company because they were one of the first online retailers that made sizes for plus sized ladies. It’s STILL a barren desert for those of us with curves so they were a godsend. They are especially great for custom sizing things for someone like me who is small up top but big everywhere else! Kudos to you for getting a sponsor from a brand you truly believe in!

  595. This sketch perfectly sums up how i feel about eShakti clothes. It is (and they are) THE BEST.

  596. I saw a post about them on Tumblr and have been wanting to get a dress made for myself. Because POCKETS! And to get something cute that actually comes in plus size!

  597. I have always been intrigued by eShakti and love any dress with pockets! 💚

  598. I’ve been swooning over eshakti for years but I haven’t been able to splurge! I would love the chance to try them out!


  599. Holy cats, these clothes are beautiful! I hadn’t heard of eshakti before, (where have I been?!) so thank you for mentioning them. I’d love to have skirts and pants already tailored to my 4’11” height, and yes, pockets!!

  600. Ok, the SECOND we get an income again (husband in med school), I am so getting some dresses!

    Ashleigh recently posted What is a friend?.

  601. I love their dresses and have been trying to get up the nerve to order. They have beautiful patterns/materials and styles and the customization is awesome!

  602. 603
    Sara Carns

    Aghhh! Pockets! And all of these dresses look so light and airy! They would be perfect for this Phoenix desert heat!

  603. OMG! I’ve been eyeing their dresses for a while now!! (Thanks to your recommendation, of course❤️) Was too chicken to try them yet, but would be sweet to win a gift card!

  604. I LOVE eshakti! I’ve only been able to afford one custom dress but it is so lovely. I recieved numerous compliments every time I wear it. Also, POCKETS! It just doesn’t get better than that.

  605. The only thing keeping me from ordering myself is that I am fearful that I will be SO STUNNING that other humans looking directly at me may turn to stone. Or a pile of feathers. Or bursting into flames. And I can’t have that weighing on me, you know? Luckily your pics filter through the internet to protect our eyes, because gah. Gorgeous.

    DayLeeFix recently posted Pick-Up Artists.

  606. Love the cold shoulder one – and like many others, been meaning to check them out

  607. 608
    Lorna Millen


  608. 609
    Elizabeth Chamberlain

    Love this!

  609. 610
    Marianne Kocj

    Love this I will check them out

  610. I have been wanting to get an eShakti dress for ages and I keep putting it off because I feel guilty for spending money on myself. But maybe this is the day I do something for myself. Thank you for giving us a little shakabuku to do something nice for ourselves!!

  611. I have a bunch of things I saved – but just haven’t ordered from them. This could push me into trying!

  612. I love eshakti! And I too always point out that my dress has pockets when random strangers say they like my dress!

  613. Woo! Awesome dresses 😍

  614. 615
    Robin Casey


  615. How fun! I haven’t heard of them before!

  616. Pocketsss! Brb, ordering all the dresses because POCKETS!

  617. I’ve always wanted to try their dresses and I only wear dresses so I’d love the chance to try them!! Thank you!!

  618. I will check them out. I always love your dresses. And…pockets. 😊

  619. I’ve wanted to order a dress from them for at least a decade. Fingers crossed for a gift card, because I just got a job at NASA and need to buy a celebratory space-print Ms. Frizzle dress!

  620. I need some new clothes (I’ve gone down a size). Do they have non-dresses, too?

  621. I would love dress with pockets and customized! I have been eyeing their site for ages, and just finally feeling confident enough to add dresses to my wardrobe! Super excited!

  622. So cool! I’ve never heard of that before.

  623. I love it! I’m going to check it out now. Thank you!

  624. I saw a post about them on Tumblr and have been wanting to get a dress made for myself. Because POCKETS! And to get something cute that actually comes in plus size!

  625. Love it and you!!!

  626. Love it! I’ve been dying to try one of there dresses and this seals the deal that it has to happen!!!

  627. I love eShakti! But I always find too many dresses and can’t make up my mind and then the style gets sold out and the cycle repeats itself again… I had a gift card from a return last year that I didn’t realize expired in a year. I emailed them and they extended the expiration date so I could use the credit! Love them!

  628. eShakti dresses are my go-to wardrobe choice. I have a closet full of them and want more! I’ve gotten so many people hooked on them, too, because POCKETS and they will fit any body because you can put in your own measurements. <3 <3 <3 <3 (BTW, that red polka dot one is amazing!)

  629. 630
    Karen Cukierski

    Oh my goodness! I have always loved your dresses! How exciting that they’re sponsoring you!

  630. 631
    Stacie Fortenberry

    I am totally bookmarking this site for when I have actual money…. and maybe after I drop a few more pounds. I currently have one dress that fits and I hate it.

  631. 632
    Megan Dailey

    I love my two eShakti dresses!!!

  632. This was the dress company I couldn’t remember the other day! I was looking for a dress for the two weddings we’re attending this fall and there are so many great choices!

  633. FINALLY I was waiting for you to get sponsored by them for how many people you’ve probably sent over to the site.

    You look AMAZING!!

    And I’d love to be entered for a card 🙂

  634. My bridesmaids wore eShakti this summer. So good!

  635. 636
    Amy Hyler-Essig


  636. 637
    Karla Ross

    Oh my! Have always heard wonderful things about eshakti. Think it’s time I checked them out 😊

  637. I’ve always been a but nervous to try them because I never know how things will on me vs the website, but your dresses are super fun and flattering!

  638. 639
    Beth Walker

    I bought a dress from eshakti for a Yule Ball we held for teens at our library. It was the most comfortable dress I have ever worn!

  639. I have had the cutest top in my cart there for a couple months now but haven’t pulled the trigger. I would love the chance at a gift card 🙂

  640. 641
    Katharine Whitman

    Thank you for the information! I will be ordering an outfit. 🙂

  641. So awesome! I keep browsing their site and thinking about ordering, but never have taken the plunge. If it’s Bloggess-approved it must be worth it! Also, that last dress is FIRE. You should wear it grocery shopping. But. like, at Whole Foods or somewhere semi-formal like that.

  642. I’ve been looking for an excuse to order from eShakti, now I’ve found one!

  643. 644
    Lisa Valverde

    OK, I’ve been to their site a few time but have not pulled the plug on ordering (I think I got overwhelmed). This is gonna get me off the fence!

  644. 645
    Cecilia Williams

    I absolutely love their dresses! Does anyone know how they feel/wear in a wheelchair?

    Jenny, the white/red polka dot dress is my favorite one!

  645. Hell yes! I’m here for the pockets!

  646. Beautiful, Jenny. You’re living the dream!

  647. I’ve been wanting to order from them! Thanks for the discount!

  648. Pockets and beauty? These would make amazing prom/homecoming dresses!

  649. Pockets relieve the awkwardness of trying to figure out what to do with your hands when you’re standing there and thus are A BLESSING FROM THE HEAVENS. POCKETSSSS!!!!!

  650. eShakti bring garments of liberty for us all

  651. I love browsing their website. I didn’t realize they all had pockets, that’s fantastic! Heading over to peruse again now.

  652. So you are one of the reasons I now own 4 eskahti dresses and one long sleeved shirt 🙂 And yes, I do note that they have pockets every time I have them on.

    My only issue with them (besides how long it takes me to search to buy thing because I want them all) is that the sleeves are all super tight on me. 🙁 Not fat arm friendly. I need to try out the more explicit sizing I guess, but haven’t yet because that’s too much work.

  653. 654

    I so need some more dresses with pockets!!

  654. Ok, so after years of working as a corporate drone who wasn’t allowed to be seen by the public (contact center telephone stuff), I just started a grown up job. I have exactly ONE nice dress (which I wore to my interview) and it does not have pockets.

    What I’m trying to say is PICK ME for a gift card! P-p-p-p-please??

    probably ordering either way but with a gift card I can afford to get more than one dress!

  655. I love browsing their website but haven’t been able to narrow down my favourites.

  656. 657
    Christina Keltner

    I have drooled over the dresses on that site so many times (because of your love for them) but I’ve never bought one. I think now may be the time!!!

  657. 658
    Victoria Adams

    This sounds like a great company! I will definitely look into ordering from them.

  658. 659
    Lauren Gould

    I LOVE eShakti. I have purchased 3 dresses for weddings from their site. As a bigger tall lady, the customization rocks. You look lovely in your eShakti dresses!

  659. I just packed a bag for a 5-day conference in Austin, in AUGUST. 95% of what I’ve packed is eShakti. Knit maxi-dresses with pockets FTW!

  660. You look like a princess with POCKETS!

  661. 662
    Jackie Dropek

    Those dresses are gorgeous. And pockets are always a win.

  662. Gonna check ’em out now!

  663. I have been sooo tempted to try them out. I check them out, but have never ordered. I just might have to try. I also make the pocket comment of any dress I have with pockets 🙂

  664. You’ve talked me in to buying one. Good job! 😉

  665. I have a couple of eshakti dresses and I love them, honestly mostly for the pockets! You look great btw!

  666. 667
    D’Anna Wallace

    I have wanted to try eShakti because there’s pretty much nothing i like about my body right now and I want to cover up as much of it as possible but I am 5 foot tall so finding a long dress with sleeves but that isn’t made of velvet has been kind of challenging. And the fact that there are pockets just makes it all worthwhile! I have been thinking that an eShakti dress might work for me since it can be what I need it to be and hopefully fit my childlike height and adult-who-likes-tacos girth! I think it’s a sign that you should mention them today and I’ve been thinking about trying out their services! 🙂

  667. This is definitely something I’ve got to check out. With a formal wedding to attend, and holiday parties every year, this is a perfect solution for me!

  668. Isn’t it awesome how an awesome outfit can feel like a hug from a friend?

  669. I wish I’d try their dresses when I needed one for my mother’s funeral. I bought three dresses & returned two & the one I kept didn’t fit me well enough. Next time I need a new dress for a happy celebration, this will be the place I look. Thank you for the helpful information.

    You look radiant especially in that dress.

  670. 671
    Vision Boarding

    I would like to follow your lead and put it out into the universe that I would like eShakti to send me a gift card. Listen up, 🌌!

  671. 672
    Jasmine all cats no dogs, yet

    Ohhh pocket! Also maybe they could start offering dogs, I would totally be down for that

  672. 673
    Miya Woods

    A dress with pockets? It’s practically my favorite thing!

  673. 674
    Melissa T.

    How have I never heard of this company? Their dresses are cute!!! I’m going to have to check them out.

  674. 675
    Sarah Crowe

    Pockets are the best thing ever! Love eShakti!

  675. 676
    Nikki Jasper

    Those dresses are beautiful! Now I’ve gotta check it out.

  676. You had me at POCKETS ! Everything should have pickets 😊 You look awesome by the way ❤

  677. 678
    Candice Mathews

    I’ve looked on their site so many times but been afraid to order. I might be convinced now.

  678. 679
    Ashley Crivellone

    Those are absolutely gorgeous and they look so comfy which let’s face it style and comfort don’t often go hand in hand unless its sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

  679. 680

    I have a careful that I keep looking longingly at. I love that you can make the necklines high since I work at a middle school. Don’t need to give the students any of THAT info.

  680. As a 6’2″ lady I love this site! I can get dresses that pass the “it’s cute, but touch your toes” test!

  681. 682
    Brynda Zeller

    Ooh, pocketssss. I’ve been meaning to try eshakti. This seems like a good time to do it.

  682. 683
    Allyson Baldwin

    Gorgeous! Love them and love you!

  683. I would love a gift card please!

  684. Wow! I have heard about this brand vaguely over the last few years but you have convinced me to go order a dress!

  685. Oh, man, I’ve had my eye on a couple of their items for an upcoming trip and would be really excited to get a gift card 🙂

  686. I just packed a bag for a 5-day conference in Austin, in AUGUST. 95% of what I’ve packed is eShakti. Knit maxi-dresses with pockets FTW!

  687. Not sure if my previous comment posted…but you look so lovely!💜

  688. I am super excited to check them out. And hopefully win a gift card. I have an event in October. And, Pockets!

  689. Eshakti is the best!!!!

  690. I ordered from them when you last posted about them on Facebook. Took a try or two to get my sizing right, but SO AWESOME!

  691. I’ve never heard of this company before but I have the hardest time with dress sizing and fitting so this sounds fantastic. Plus… Pockets! 😍

  692. Ah! I’ve wanted to try them for so long (all because of you) but can never get my act together enough to order in time for it to arrive before whatever event/vacation I’m eyeing it for. Totally need to get in there and order and be ready for my trip to Canada next month!

  693. 694
    Christina McMenemy

    I love those dresses! You look great in all of them!

    I could totally use a new dress with pockets. I’ve gained some weight (hello, 40s) that just won’t go away, and it’s time to admit I need to replace a lot of my wardrobe because I just don’t feel good about myself when I try to squeeze into it.

  694. Looks utterly delightful!!!!! And you look great in all the dresses (but I’m disappointed it doesn’t come with Dottie). 🙂

  695. Cute dresses with pockets are the best. I actually added pockets to my daughter’s prom dress because she didn’t want to carry a purse.

  696. Oh I’ve totally been eyeballing their dresses for a long time. Even if I don’t get a prize, the deals from your blog post are totally great! It’s my birthday week and it’s been kinda shitty so I think I’m going to treat myself!

  697. You look so happy in your dress!! I’ve been eyeing them for a while and just need to take the plunge. I love pockets and anything resistent to pet fur is high on my list because four cats.

  698. This is so exciting!!!!! POCKETS!!!!

  699. Thank you!! I have seen their ads so many times and wondered if they were the real deal. And now I know!! And they have pockets?! I’m all in for this!

  700. I just started wearing dresses last year. I hate pants!

  701. Yay for pockets! And for having your priorities straight on wrinklage and anti-crumb power. Because those are freaking important qualities.

  702. 703
    Danielle W

    I just bought a couple of eShakti dresses for the first time and I love them. POCKETS!

  703. Love,love, and LOVE!

  704. I bought a bridesmaids dress there once and it still gets regular play as an office dress for formal meetings. 100% recommend!

  705. Pockets. I LOVE pockets!

  706. Oooh! You look great! Pockets!

  707. I have always wanted to order an eshakti dress! I love the customization aspect, and of course, Pockets!!

  708. 709
    Samantha Leput

    You look FABULOUS! I mean you always do, but you make those dresses look great! I’ve thought of trying this brand several times but have never made the effort to actually measure myself accurately.

  709. I LOVE eshakti! I’ve only been able to afford one custom dress but it is so lovely. I always recieved compliments when I wear it. Also, POCKETS!!! It doesn’t get better than that.

  710. 711
    Sharyn McHenry

    Short girl here who loves dresses and pockets!!!

  711. Pockets AND polka dots? It’s like the world finally understands me. xo

  712. Ok, so after years of working as a corporate cubicle monkey who wasn’t allowed to be seen by the public (telephone stuff, billing), I have a fancy new job where I am front and center. I have exactly ONE decent dress (which I interviewed on) and it does not have pockets!

    What I’m trying to say is p-p-p-p-please pick me for a gift card!! I need clothes to wear to fancy networking events and stuff!

    Going to the eshakti site now!

    (You won a gift card! Check your email. ~ Jenny)

  713. I’ve always admired your dresses!

  714. I love pockets in dresses and have had them on my radar for awhile, just haven’t been able to get one yet. That red polka dot one is gorgeous…although I don’t think I’ve seen one on their site that didn’t look gorgeous! Thanks for the discount code!

  715. Dresses with pockets? I’m in!

  716. 717
    Julie Mearon

    Stunning! I’m impressed!! Would love to try them! 💃🏻

  717. 718
    Darcy Morden

    Love the cap sleeves you chose. I need to find some dresses for my very curvy self.

  718. I have never heard of them, but will have to check them out!

  719. I love this post, dresses with pockets, and your genuine joy in sharing something you Le joy. Thank you!

  720. Those dresses are gorgeous and the joy they bring you makes you glow! No higher praise for fashion designers.

  721. Recently loss my job so I would LOVE a new dress for interviews!

  722. Pockets! Have looked at the site before, but got bogged down with too many choices. Will have to check again, because it’s so hard to find something nice off the rack.

  723. 724