Random stranger: I love your dress.

me:  Thank you!

*don’t say it*

*don’t say it*

*don’t say it*



This is me every damn day and if you’ve ever seen me at a reading you’ve probably watched me do this exact thing.  Then I say that I got the dress at eShakti and other people in the audience say, “OMG I love them!  POCKETS!” and then I say that they really should sponsor me.  And then, YEARS later, they reached out and said, “We heard you love us.  Want us to sponsor you?” and finally my long game has paid off.  So keep reading because you need to know about them and also because they’re going to give away gift cards on this post.  WHOOP.  EVERYONE WINS.

Here’s what you need to know about eShakti if you’re new to it: It’s a website that gives you a ton of different designs that you can customize yourself.  You can change the sleeves or the collar or the length.  Almost every dress has pockets.  POCKETS.  I usually spend less than $60 per outfit and the clothes last forever.  I literally have 50 eShakti dresses that I’ve collected over the last 10 years and they are all still in great shape.

Secret hints from me:  The best thing for me about eShakti clothes (besides the pockets) is that you can search for clothes by material, which is great because anything that is crepe, georgette or chiffon will not wrinkle even if stuffed in a bag for a week, pet fur won’t stick to those materials, and they don’t have to be dry-cleaned.  (The chambray dresses are also great, but they aren’t quite as wrinkle-free.)  The sizing is very accurate but if you want to pay extra you can have it made specifically for your measurements.  For comparison, I’m wearing a standard 14 in these pictures:

Dog not included.
Does this dress come with a cape? Yes. Capes are coming back. In this house, at least.  (Also, I added cap sleeves to both of these dresses because I hate my arms.)

The only downside is that it takes a week or two to get your customized outfits but personally I sort of love that because I forget I ordered something and it’s like a surprise gift from me.  And if your outfit doesn’t work it’s super easy to return.  Just put the outfit in the box it came in and stick the postage sticker that came inside the box on it and drop it in the mail.  Also, sometimes if you give feedback on your purchases they’ll send you gift cards or promos.

Today if you are a new customer you get 33% off your first order and if you put JENNIFERLAWSON in the referral/gift coupon space when you check out you’ll also get $15 off.  And a bunch of you will be randomly selected to win gift cards for eShakti if you leave a comment below.   (I’ll email you the codes directly if you win so no worries about me giving out your email to anyone else.)

So go check them out because I super love them.


I’ve literally never worn this dress anyplace other than my own house but it makes me feel fancy as fuck and cat fur and pop tart crumbs don’t stick to it.  AND IT HAS POCKETS.

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  1. I NEED that black dress! Do they still sell it? It would be the PERFECT dress for the Air Force Ball I’m attending in a few weeks!

  2. You look fabulous! I’ve been creeping on the website for styles I’d like to try but I did not realize the pocket game was 🔥

  3. Those are gorgeous! And pockets! Pocketes for my precious!!!

    More than want. NEED!

  4. Pockets!!! Love love love eshakti. And can’t not say it either… POCKETS! 😬😅

  5. I have to wait for Christmas to get new clothes and I usually spring for new bras. 50 a pop for bras means I’m clearance racked year round. I do love this site though, very good to hear there clothes last. That’s so so important for someone like me.

  6. I am going to look soo good at work or wherever, living room probably. But sooo good.

  7. Bah. Wrote a longer post about how much I love them but I don’t think it posted so instead I will just say that they are my favorite clothing company. The ability to customize is unbelievable

  8. This just gave me the motivation to finally place an order with them. I keep going to the site and I’m so overwhelmed with the gorgeous choices that I can’t choose and give up! That changes now. 🙂 And I’ve decided never to buy a dress without pockets again, dammit!

  9. Love all those dresses! I have a few dresses from there. They’re all from before I lost a ton of weight but I’ve held on to them to see if I can get them refitted with a local tailor. I love the fit and flare style and that red polka dot dress is amazing. I may need to order that one for me too. I’m also the same when it comes to the pockets, lol. It’s always the second thing I say when I get a compliment on one of the dresses: “Thanks! It has pockets!” A girl needs pockets – for her phone but also her hands when she doesn’t know what to do with them 🙂

  10. This sounds like the PERFECT place to order my (somewhat near) future wedding dress!! I’m super picky AND want something non-traditional. And lilac. So ya know, impossible. Fingers and toes crossed for a gift card. 🤞🏻

  11. And I love how you can put in your measurements but also adjust the length, sleeves, etc on eShakti! I’m quite tall, so making the dress a bit longer if needed is great.

  12. I am super jealous of all of your dresses, but especially the one with the cape!!! Plus, POCKETS!!! I have a few of their dresses and a couple tops, and they’re great! I haven’t ordered anything recently, but I check the website every so often so I don’t miss anything. One thing people should keep in mind is to build in some ease when taking your measurements to find your size. I didn’t when I first ordered from them, and the poplin dress I ordered was skin tight. Ooops. I was so sad when I realized it was sold out, so people should learn from my mistake!

  13. I LOVE this company and their pockets. I had my eye on that one with the cape!!! You look amazing in them all 😍

  14. I’ve never heard of them before! But seriously, pockets + dresses = the very best thing ever.

  15. Thanks to you I bought my wedding dress today!Customized to my measurements AND with pockets for under $100.

  16. Thanks to you I bought my wedding dress today! Customized to my measurements AND with pockets for under $100.

  17. I just got my latest order today and I’m already shopping. I love eShakti so much.

  18. I love your black dress so much and really want to get to know eShakti! It all sounds really fun!!! 🙂❤️✌️🙋‍♀️

  19. all two of my eshakti dresses were presents from my mom, and are in my top 10 outfit options at all times. literally the BEST.

  20. Im a timbercruiser and Im okay, but I dont wear high heels in the woods…but I would wear a pair with one of those dresses on a night out on the town!


  21. I’ve always wondered about them bc I see their ads frenemy. All your dress are SUPER DUPER CUTE!

  22. I’ve been eyeing these for ages! It’s good to know they are good quality too. Also, yesterday I heard a man mention that his PAJAMAS have pockets, and so I’m burning it all down. What, he needs his bus pass to go to bed?

  23. This is how I wanted to feel about LuLaRoe… but it didn’t work for me. I’ll give this one a try!

  24. i love eshakti, but i haven’t gone back since a bad return experience many years ago. i should try again because pocketssss!

  25. Absolutely gorgeous, Jenny, and I LOVE that they have pockets – my biggest frustration ever with women’s wear. I can’t afford anything now, but I will keep them in mind for when I can. You look lovely as always – so glad the long game is paying off! <3

    Hope you are taking care of yourself. <3

  26. I’d love to try them–I’ve been hearing great things about them for years, and never got around to measuring myself…

  27. I’m so glad you posted this. I always see their ads in my FB feed and it seems too good to be true.

  28. Those dresses are gorgeous!!! You look like you are living your best Stevie Nicks fantasy with that cape too! I love love LOVE those maxi dresses with the 3/4 sleeves (gotta hide my bingo wings!). I have one of their dresses and I get compliments every time I wear it, especially when I say that it has pockets!!

  29. Amazing!! I’ve been dying to know how this company is and have almost ordered several times. Very cute!! Pockets are a must for me!

  30. Love them! My bridesmaids all had dress from them…with pockets!!! The best part was the dresses could be used later by them and not rot in a closet somewhere!

  31. You do a great job of wearing clothes that fit your body type, girl. Cap sleeves help give you a really sweet hourglass figure.

  32. Oh my goodness. Those dresses are gorgeous! I clicked the very first link before I even realized it was a sponsor-thing (that first picture with the polka-dot dress really caught my attention!). Looks like they are too expensive for my budget (I literally haven’t spent more than $20 on an outfit in years), but I’m going to browse their site anyways because POCKETS! lol

  33. Literally was checking them out yesterday. Love the IRL pics. Wear that ball gown everywhere!

  34. I ~litchrully~ picked out a dress from there last night that I need for a gala in October. It is EXACTLY what I’ve been hunting for, so… 🤞🤞🤞

  35. Yes!!!! I need a dress for an upcoming wedding. Headed there now to check out the options! 😘

  36. I’ve bought one dress for them and I absolutely loved it! Sadly I’ve gained too much weight since then and it no longer fits (it was custom made), but I am absolutely going to check them out again and see if I can find something new. I love a good dress with pockets!!

  37. I love pockets! I recently got super cute sweat pants with 3 pockets. It’s the little things.

  38. Omg the cape!! I’ve looked at eShakti a couple times- so much to choose from!

  39. Wow, these are so pretty. I’d love to wear more dresses; I’ll have to look into this!

  40. Wow, these dresses are amazing! So many comments here, even the comments have comments! We all deserve to be and look this fabulous every day. ❤️🌟🙌

  41. Just put in my first order! Can’t wait! Your dresses are always so cute and you look great! And really, who DOESN’T love pockets!!

  42. I love them ALL. I have wanted to try them forever and was hesitant but you are inspiring me.

  43. Congratulations! I, too, love their dresses and pocketses and stock my local thrift stores for castoffs to adopt.

  44. Oh..I need this gift card. I have a dress from eShakti that I need to order for my daughter’s wedding In October!

  45. I really wanted a wedding dress with pockets, but all of the girls with me at the bridal shop said no. Like I’d walk down the aisle with my hands in them. Psshhh. I’d have only put one hand in a pocket, I had to carry the bouquet somehow.

  46. Congratulations on winning the long game and earning this sponsorship! I’ve been convinced you’re awesome for I’ve lost track of how many years now, but it’s longer than I’ve been convinced eShakti is awesome, if only because I only heard about them a few years ago, because medical debt means I don’t shop much which means advertisers don’t bother with me much….BUT….if I had money (or enough luck to win), I would totally love to find out how right I am about them being awesome too, because OMG I haven’t been able to shop for myself since before having my kid 14 years ago except for trying to get lucky at thrift stores and no matter how many times I get lucky in other ways it doesn’t seem to count as exercise and I can’t get back to my pre-mommyhood size and so alas for all those lovely things that were clothes that were totally ME and not just clothes on me because for some reason you can’t show up to IEP meetings naked and have them take you seriously and annnnyyyyway the idea of being able to actually customize style and fabric and cut and size and all that AND FREAKING POCKETS is possibly slightly too exciting for my health and and and….I’m kinda babbling, huh?

  47. Congratulations on winning the long game and earning this sponsorship! I’ve been convinced you’re awesome for I’ve lost track of how many years now, but it’s longer than I’ve been convinced eShakti is awesome, if only because I only heard about them a few years ago, because medical debt means I don’t shop much which means advertisers don’t bother with me much….BUT….if I had money (or enough luck to win), I would totally love to find out how right I am about them being awesome too, because OMG I haven’t been able to shop for myself since before having my kid 14 years ago except for trying to get lucky at thrift stores and no matter how many times I get lucky in other ways it doesn’t seem to count as exercise and I can’t get back to my pre-mommyhood size and so alas for all those lovely things that were clothes that were totally ME and not just clothes on me because for some reason you can’t show up to IEP meetings naked and have them take you seriously and annnnyyyyway the idea of being able to actually customize style and fabric and cut and size and all that AND FREAKING POCKETS is possibly slightly too exciting for my health and and and….I’m kinda babbling, huh?

    Did that post? My computer is borking. I’ll try again just in case and pretend I’m not being paranoid that I’m just being annoying.

  48. “These all look great on you!” said the standard size 14 redhead from MN who also loves pockets and polka dots! Really, Bloggess Goddess, you’re rockin’ it.

  49. I’ve bought a few items in the past, although I’ve been way too brokeass recently; there was one particular dress that I was trying to figure out how I could scratch up the money to buy, but unfortunately it’s out of stock now. 🙁 If it comes back, though, I’m going to do my best to get it–it seemed like the kind of dress you could wear when meeting the love of your life. And yes, kids, they wear as well and last as long as Jenny says they do… 🙂

  50. I love eShakti, I get so many compliments and the dresses are so comfy because they are made to my size. Victory! And pockets! Which I feel compelled to say every time, so you are not alone. And the pockets fit phones and keys and all sorts of things, so I don’t have to bring my purse everywhere. Double victory!

  51. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve looked at them several times. I think I’ll finally buy now!

  52. I LOVE eShakti!! I have 5 dresses from them..,all with pockets. I always get compliments when I wear one.

  53. I love everything about this. You look lovely. The dresses are lovely. Dorothy is lovely. Pockets are lovely. This clothing company is lovely. Now I don’t feel so bad about all the stuff in the news.

  54. eShakti made me a dress to wear to prom (I’m a teacher). I loved it and showed everyone the pockets! Pockets are the best! A couple of other chaperones were headed to their website to get their own dresses with pockets.

  55. What an amazing store! I love that I can customize things like the neckline and length! So cool! Thanks for introducing me to these dresses. I hadn’t heard of the brand before.

  56. I remember that post and keep thinking that I need to order something! I love dressed too. I need to tell my mom about this too….

  57. I’ve had a pretty terrible night and I could really use a win so I hope I am able to get a dress with pockets for my upcoming birthday. If not at least I can think back about the time I got to meet you and how lovely you were to everyone. I really appreciate your kindness. I’m glad someone as nice as you has dresses with pockets. 🙂

  58. I’m embarking on a new career this week, and will be awaiting a whole new wardrobe, over the next few months/ years. Am planning on owning severaldresses from this company. Very exciting.

  59. I’ve been thinking about buying from eShakti since drooling over your scallop neck black one…and now they are supporting YOU I am definitely supporting them!!! Yay for discounts and giveaways!

  60. I was Anonymous comment 2097. My phone freaked out and didn’t let me leave my name. Lol

  61. I have never shopped there, but have looked at their website multiple times. I do love pockets.

  62. Yah! I’m so glad they finally reached out to you! You have to be their best spokeswoman. Your dresses always look adorable, and you can’t go wrong if it has pockets.

  63. I’ve been wanting to try out this company for a while. Thanks for giving us promo codes and a chance T free stuff!

  64. Oh my gosh, I love eShakti!! My closet is full and my wallet is empty because of them, but I get so many compliments now =oD

  65. Yay!! I tried the standard size option, which didn’t work for me, but next time I’ll order custom.

  66. Those dresses are all awesome! I can’t wait to try one. I agree about the cap sleeves. Do they come with a cat instead of Dorothy Barker?

  67. I need a new dress for a wedding that’s coming up so I will have to try them out. Also, I’m a teacher so dresses with pockets are a must! Thanks for the tip 🙂

  68. I have 4 dresses (all with pockets!) and a couple of blouses. As a girl with a big rack and smallish waist, having a clothing source that you can customize is priceless! Love them!!!

  69. I sew my own clothes so I can really get behind this kind of customization. Pockets for everyone!

  70. I always worry about buying dresses because I have judgy coworkers.I have seen eShakti a lot, but have always wondered if it was legit and if they have big girl sizes. Now, that they have the Bloggess stamp of approval, I can’t wait to try it out! Big girl sizes and pockets…wooot wooo, I’m gonna look good for Open House!!!!

  71. I sew my own clothes so I can really get behind this kind of customization. Pockets for everyone!

  72. Going to their site now. I have always admired your dresses, and a gift card would be a bonus. Congrats on the sponsorship, I bet they will sell a lot more items due to your enthusiastic comments and beautiful job modeling their items.

  73. ALWAYS mention the pockets! I find that when I do, people are always so enthusiastic! They even sometimes want to continue the conversation so…maybe don’t mention pockets…unless your full up on spoons?

  74. Where have I been? I had never heard of them until now! What great classically beautiful styles and to be able to customize is so great 💕

  75. Gah, I keep meaning to order from them but I keep wussing out but I really should because everyone who has tried them LOVES them. Those are some seriously gorgeous dresses you have on!

  76. Oy! I’m literally sewing a dress right now for my husband’s awards banquet in a few weeks, but I do depressed right now I can’t even see straight. I needed to see this post right now, cause I’m losing my shit. Thanks so much for the extra discount!

  77. I love eShakti. I’m long waisted, and I was actually able to buy a sheath dress with the waist at the right place! And it has pockets! And bra strap keepers!

  78. Okay, FINE. Now I’m ordering because I’ve wanted to forever but didn’t know anyone who had tried their clothes. I’m going to trust that since you mangelesake me laugh and cry, we’ll agree on this.

  79. I have thought about ordering before but this made me do it!!!! You look gorgeous!

  80. Oh these dresses look great, I can’t wait to check them out. We all have insecurities, it’s great to be able to customize a dress to make you feel great. Thanks!

  81. And also! They can make your dress to fit you long torso and your freaky long arms! So I finally have dress that sit at my actual waist and my wrists stay warm!

  82. And also! They can make your dress to fit you long torso and your freaky long arms! So I finally have dress that sit at my actual waist and my wrists stay warm!

  83. Doesn’t wrinkle and dog hair doesn’t stick to it. Sounds like magic. Would love to be in a gift certificate drawing! If anybody reading the comments is also a nursing mother, I’d be curious what sort of design choices are nursing friendly. Been looking for something easy to expand my wardrobe from tights and nursing tops so I can feel a little fancy sometimes 🙂

  84. Love pot lets! I had to jam my stupid phone into my stupid bra today so I wouldn’t miss a text 🙄🙄🙄

  85. I hope they make them in 3xxx size. I want a dress with POCKETS. Yes please!

  86. I adore EShakti! I learned about them from you and I own 3 dresses so far, or is it 4? I’m not sure, and I’m not going upstairs to count them in my closet. Love, love, love them all and having one made for my measurements is SO great! Thank you so much for mentioning them in a previous blog, you’re my hero.

  87. Hi, I totally need to check this out. I’m a big fan of Svaha dresses – science-themed and with pockets too. Looks like they may have competition!

  88. Pockets on dresses are the best. And machine washable? I’ll have to check this out!

  89. Honestly, they have some of the most versatile dresses on the internet. I love them!

  90. Wow! Those dresses are beautiful! I’ve always admired them, but I thought I they were way more expensive. I’ll have to check them out, thanks! 😀

  91. They are so ❤️. I was in doubt about ordering (live in the Netherlands and I have no idea how US sizes work. But this should be a perfect excuse just to take the plunge (in pockets).

  92. OMG! That black dress you are wearing is gorgeous on you! I am coveting it!

  93. It has pocketses! Pockets make everything better. Well, in clothing anyway. 🤪

  94. Yay! I finally purchased one. I’ve checked this site on and off for at least three years. I hope i look as good as you do.

  95. Was waffling on buying an eShakti dress for a wedding. Totally bought it today. Thanks!

  96. They all look so great on you! I’ve been waffling for months on trying eShakti and I think I’m finally convinced. POCKETS.

  97. I’ve always wondered if other people got the eshakti ads or not. I assumed it was an Indian thing since I had lived in India for 2 years. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  98. I have wanted to try eshakti for ages, but honestly, I just don’t have that many places to wear dresses. Clearly this is the first problem I need to fix.

  99. My sister’s bridesmaids dresses were from there and I really liked how easy it was too make a custom dress. I keep thinking I need to get more.

  100. I’ve been drooling over eShakti for a while…it is really tempting to spend part of this week’s paycheck on something tonight. XD

  101. I ended up getting a dress from them for my mom’s funeral, and it was nice to have a flattering dress (WITH POCKETS) during a tough day

  102. Amazing! I love eShakti 🙂 I am waiting to get paid to buy a new shirt from them ♥

  103. Pet fur resistant AND it has pockets?! Sign me up…but not until Friday cause payday.

  104. I have purchased from eShakti before but the person I bought it for never paid me back. 🙁
    That was in 2013 and it bugs me that I still think of it. 😉

  105. I wore my eShakti dress to work today and as always,got compliments. I’d love to get another.

  106. I also find myself blurting out that a dress has pockets… and where I got it from… and “it was on sale”, when someone tries to give me a simple compliment. I have wanted to try eshakti for a long time. I”m a little hard to fit, I like fun dresses, I love customization, and they have so many options that are just so cute. But it’s been years and I stil haven’t done it.

  107. love this! the dresses look great and your happiness shows ☺️
    thanks for the coupon codes – can’t wait to finally try this as it has been on my list for too long!

  108. My sister needs the pockets. She never has her cell phone because of lack of pockets

  109. Oh my goodness! They have dresses to fit my boobs! Thank you for telling us to go look! I’m going to start saving my pennies right now and buy a pretty dress for ME!

  110. You’ve convinced me. Been thinking about ordering a dress from them for a while. Now the decision of which one to get!

  111. Why didn’t I look here for a dress to wear to my daughter’s wedding? Is it too late?!? LOVE THESE DRESSES!!

  112. There’s a business in Australia (where I am) that does pockets in all their dresses too! I think I have a dozen or so. And yes, I tell everyone too.😁

  113. I always love the way you look. I’ve wanted to try eShakti but have held back. With the discounts, I’m going shopping!!! Thanks for sharing and being my fashion icon

  114. You always look great in all your posts! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to look as great as you do!

  115. Well that sucks. With the exchange rate, these become affordable only with the discounts, but! They don’t ship to South Africa. 😭

  116. I LOVE eshakti so much! Stunning designs made to fit, which, when you’re not a standard off-the-rack size and shape (spoiler alert: no one is!) is such a treat. The pockets. Oh lord the pockets are just the best thing ever!

  117. ZOMG! Pockets! would love love love a new dress for my jobinterviews that are coming up.. or just for you know, fun and pockets!

  118. Oh my gosh, it looks like you’ve just swept into the place! Y’know, like ‘Gone with the Wind’!

  119. I’ve been wanting to give them a try and this may be the nudge I needed. I’ve been so defeated clothes shopping, trying to find comfortable clothes that fit all 5’1” of me with my short legs and bubble butt. Dresses with pockets make me happy!

  120. Your dresses always look fabulous. I’ve wanted to try eShakti since you mentioned them months ago so maybe this will motivate me to take measurements (never my favorite thing 😟)

  121. Did someone say gift card? Yes, please. Also, that black dress is fabulous!

  122. I saw this way too late to win, I’m sure but I gotta try bc I love that site and I haven’t bought any yet. It’s so hard to choose!!

  123. You have to have your hands in said pockets and make awkward gestures to others when making them aware of said pockets. That’s the normal girl thing to do. Damn if we don’t love our pockets.

  124. Love, love, love! You and the dresses and the sponsorship and eShakti! I’ve lost almost 50 pounds and can’t wait to get dressed that FIT me!

  125. Wow! I’m strictly a slacks girl but I might even learn to love dresses with a dress like these! Gorgeous!

  126. I love all of your dresses, all of the ti me! you have wonderful taste…and pockets!

  127. I bought an eshakti dress for my mother’s wedding. I love it! Used my own measurements and it fit perfectly. I’d love a few more for work!

    Love love love all the dresses you picked.

  128. I bought my first dress with POCKETS recently and LOVE it! I’m going to check them out! Your dresses are always so cute!

  129. You look great! And the pockets really are the best part. I’d love to try eShakti; I have a hard time finding things I feel good in and think I look good in because I’m chunky.

  130. Amazing! I was just looking at their clothes this week. I would love a gift card to help cover the CAD USD exchange rate

  131. Being happy in the clothes you wear is priceless. If we have to wear clothes, they shouldn’t make us feel awkward or uncomfortable!

  132. You and my daughter share the same level of enthusiasm for pockets. I forwarded this post to he before I even read it!

  133. You look so fucking fucking fancy with your pocketed dresses! How have I never heard of this company before?!?!

  134. I love pockets!! This seems to be exactly what I need! I loath dress buying because I need sleeves, I try to be confident in my own skin but for kids have wrecked that!

  135. Ha! I just made this same comment to some one who liked my dress this weekend…”It has pockets!”. It’s the little things in life, right?

  136. Wow! I’ve considered buying from them before but haven’t taken the plunge. Your dresses look fantastic on you. Thanks for the recommendation and discount codes!

  137. I’ve never heard of this company before! Those dresses are rad and you look beautiful in them!

  138. I have never ordered from eshakto but I browse them often and drool!! The customization is an amazing feature and the pockets make the world more glorious!!

  139. Thanks, I’ve been wanting to try them! ALSO, please tell me that I’m not the only one who almost checked the “Friend/Family” button instead of the “Blogger” button in answer to the survey question “How did you hear about eShakti?”

  140. I would love to try them, I have discovered a love for dresses this past year and branching out to new shops is always a blast!

  141. These are gorgeous!! You look amazing and though I never heard of this brand before I’m pretty sure I’m about to go crazy on their website.

  142. I’m attending a wedding this fall and their dresses might just solve my “what the heck to wear” problem.

  143. OMG gorgeous! I’m going to shop there right now, but I would love to win a gift card too!!!

  144. I love, love, love eShakti! I have at least 10 of their dresses and they’re all so great!

  145. I love the idea of dresses, but I have a long torso and no boobs, so dresses usually look really weird on me. However, a custom type dress might just work, especially if it has pockets!

  146. You have a dress that you only wear at home? You are officially my hero and a goddess.

  147. I love eShakti – the dresses are so comfortable in addition to being customizable and having pockets! Some of the knit ones feel like pajamas, but look great!

  148. I’ve been wanting to try ordering a dress from there! Pockets in dresses is one of my all time favorite things!

  149. I always “window” shop on eShakti – so many options. This may be what helps me push that place in cart button. Thank you!

  150. I’ve never heard of this site before and just spend OMG so long scrolling. Such pretty dresses! And I have a few weddings coming up. 🙂 Thanks!

  151. I love looking at their stuff, but money is tight so I almost never buy new clothes for myself, maybe with this discount I will finally get myself something!

  152. Those are fabulous! And pockets are the best (I literally responded the same way yesterday when a coworker complimented my dress). I’ve been looking at their website for ages, but haven’t bought any yet. Thanks for the notes and coupon code. And fingers crossed for a gift card!

  153. You look fabulous! I recently started wearing dresses due to a dumb condition I have. Pants are a no go usually. I am obsessed with only having dresses with pockets. For women, pockets are life changing.

  154. I have several eShakti dresses, and every time someone says anything about my dress, I cant help but shove my hands in my POCKETS and twirl. You look fabulous !

  155. I have never heard of eShakti before this but I am looking for a rehearsal dinner dress and have already found a bunch I like on this site!

  156. I love these dresses!! I just hope I look half as beautiful in them as you do, Jenny! AND who doesn’t love a beautiful dress with POCKETS?! What do you do with your hands with a pocketless dress…..spontaneously start waving like the Queen!! LOL

  157. Thanks! Stepped out of my comfort zone and treated myself instead of the kids!

  158. Love these dresses, I’ve been dying to try them! You look beautiful in all of them!

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    Have wanted to try eShakti but haven’t yet. Maybe this is my chance. Thx!

  161. I love them! Haven’t bought a new dress from them in a while, maybe now’s the time?

  162. I think every dress should have pockets. I need to win this. So I can buy all the dresses.

  163. I LOVE the idea, and I refuse to live my life without pockets anymore, Just not going to do it.

  164. Congrats!!! I’ll be checking them out – I have a corporate party to attend later in the year and I’m thinking this would be perfect

  165. Omg I love all of these dresses. I’ve always been on the fence with Eshakti, but I’m definitely going to try them out now.

  166. I have been so wanting to try them but they are a bit out of my price range. Excited to think of the possibilities!

  167. Gosh you look so fabulous in all the dresses. POCKETS!!! It should be a law that all women’s clothing have pockets. I can’t wait to go shop. You are the brightest, funniest, most wonderful woman and I love you and your family and your fur babies. (especially Hunter)

  168. I’m constantly playing around with their website, changing around the dresses. It’s nice to have a recommendation that the clothes are worth it!

  169. I live in t-shirts & jeans. I need to get a couple dresses to feel like a girl again! And my husband would love it , too. Thanks for the link & the chance to win!

  170. So, first, thank you!! I love dresses and easy care and POCKETS. And second, You + Polka Dots + Pockets = RULE THE WORLD!!!

  171. You look so happy in these dresses! Good for them realizing your latent marketing power.

  172. Thank you!!… I have not been able to find a dress I can wear for SO long!
    Your introduction to eShakti is exactly what I (so desperately!) needed right now!!
    (And Pockets???!!)
    Wow!!… Thank You!!!!!

  173. I love eshakti, but I had no idea about the fabrics that were pet hair repellent. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS INFORMATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

  174. This is not the first time I have heard how wonderful eShakti is. I think I am finally ready to jump in! Thanks for posting all of your cute dresses for inspiration!

  175. Brilliant! I’ve long admired your dresses on Instagram but
    I didn’t know they also have pockets!!!

  176. I have always wondered if their dresses were as good as they appear. Or if you really have to be a model to look good. Every dress you show looks absolutely gorgeous! Thanks!

  177. The dresses are beautiful and POCKETS closes the deal for me! Will check them out right now.

  178. Ooh, I need to check them out. I have to find a dress for a wedding in October! Pockets!!!! Yayyy for pockets!

  179. Pockets are always a must with me. I need to keep the office keys handy & I hate wearing them on a lanyard with my name badge. I’m also petite which makes it hard sometime to find clothes I like. Some of the clothes I find in the petite section in a store look like they are for very old ladies. I’m 64 but it doesn’t mean I have to dress like it.

  180. As a sewer and Costume Designer – I LOVE POCKETS!!!!! A place top put the lip balm. A place to use a beloved button as decoration. A place for lace. Lovely dresses. Bring Back Custom Clothing!!!!!

  181. This. Sounds. Awesome! I am always hesitant to try clothes and shoes online unless I can return them because I’m part alien and nothing fits me like other humans. 😀

  182. Best sponsorship EVER!!!!! Every time you post a picture of you in one of their lovely dresses, I always go to the website and stare adoringly at them but I haven’t actually bought one for myself yet.

  183. There’s like 3,000 i want pockets in my dress people replying. LoL and I’m one!!!

  184. Jenny- I’m on the site trying to buy a dress. I’m a new customer and that discount isn’t reflected. I also entered your name and no $15.00 off. SO wanted to let you know. Any suggestions? Thank you!!! Lisa

  185. We ordered my daughter’s senior gala AND graduation dresses from eShakti. LOVED them!! Fast delivery, custom fitting (she changed neckline for one and sleeves for the other), beautiful fabric, and less than $100 for BOTH dresses!! I was amazed!!

  186. Wowee! You look beautiful! The dresses are so cute – I’m totally checking them out. Because…pockets!!!!

  187. The white and red and chambray ones you are wearing are by far my favorite! You look fabulous!! Great job on getting them as a sponsor! I love your blog and your books! Keep being amazing, and tell Beyonce I said hello (cluck-cluck)!

  188. I saw one of your posts a couple years ago and bought one. It is the FIRST dress that has EVER fit me correctly since I had kids!! Thank you.

  189. I’ve always been worried about ordering from them because you never know what kind of quality you get. I’m going to go peruse the website right now!

  190. I swore off Modcloth after WalMart bough them and have been dreading trying to figure out where to buy from when I need new ones. Looks like I found a place!

  191. Having large breasts makes me hard to fit, but I have eShakti a try and my dress not only has pockets, it fits perfectly!

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  194. I love their dresses! I wish they carried more options for basic skirts because I’d love to get those custom sized.

  195. The cap sleeves are great, but please love your arms…..they’re a dear part of you, and you (all of you) are very dear to us.

  196. Well I can easily see how one might end up with 50 dresses. More like how do you choose one at a time?! Thanks!

  197. I am working on getting healthy, losing weight, and becoming fit. I promised myself an eShakti dress as a reward. Their dresses are fabulous!

  198. I love eShakti! I have three dresses from them, including the one my barbershop quartet bought customized to each of our varying sizes so we could match on the contest stage!

  199. I love their dresses. I have two skirts that I get comments on every time I wear them.

  200. Never hold back a “it has pockets” reply! I do the same thing and love it when people share that their dress has pockets. It’s a joy that should be shared. I’ve always wanted to try eShakti. I always get overwhelmed trying to figure out what I want though because they are all so pretty.

  201. I feel myself caving into a sudden need for a dress… Why do I need a dress? Where would I wear it? WHO CARES, JENNY LOOKS SO GOOD IN ALL OF THOSE AND THERE’S A DISCOUNT.

  202. You look amazing. Maybe I’ll check them out since our 25th is next month? I wouldn’t mind making his jaw drop. 😉

  203. I love Eshatki so much!!! As a plus size person, finding clothing that fits is never easy, but with them it is a breeze! I always know that they are going to fit and the quality is amazing.

  204. I love eShakti and I don’t even own anything from them yet. I love the fact that it is not only to your measurements but it will also add sleeves to most things and lengthen it to floor length. I need floor length dresses more than most and it is so nice to have options.

  205. Thanks for posting this. I hadn’t heard of that company before, and I’ll check them out!

  206. Oooh. I have floundered around their site before, but didn’t see the sort of silhouettes I wanted at that time – but it looks like that’s just because I wasn’t looking hard enough!

  207. I’ve been wanting to order something from them for ages and now I finally have an excuse. And I love pockets!

  208. Ermagerd! Pockets! Lol that is so me when I get a dress with pockets! I just can’t help myself! 😍 All of these dresses are fab-u-lous (said in an Oprah voice!) 😉

  209. I was literally just looking at their website because I remembered that you liked dresses from there. I’m always leery about online sites like that, but knowing that you’ve actually had great success there has alleviated my fears!

  210. I’ve never heard of them but am so excited to give them a try! You had me at pockets and customize!!

  211. OMG – Jenny, you saved my life! I have been looking for a mother-of-the-groom dress for my son’s wedding and haven’t found anything I liked in the colors I wanted. Thanks to you, I have a dress on its way, in the color, length, sleeve length and POCKETS!!! With the discounts, it was such a great deal as well. I will definitely shop there again! They’re going to be regretting all the sales they missed by not sponsoring you sooner, just sayin’…

  212. Squeeeeee – I was JUST about to finally try them because of your recommendations. Thank you Jenny!

  213. Pick me! Pick me! I’d love a new dress. In the last year I’ve lost 55 pounds and all my clothes are too big. Yay

  214. I love these dresses! They also will add sleeves which is awesome for women like me who prefer to cover up a bit!

  215. I absolutely LOVE the Salwar Kameez (maybe a few) I have from them! Send measurements and design and custom made for you! You look AMAZING in all of them!!

  216. Omg I love dresses with pockets!!!! And of course I do the same thing when someone says they like my dress…if it has pockets, I have to tell them!

    P.S. those dresses are amazing! I would love to win a gift card…fingers crossed!

  217. A friend of mine loves eshakti, I will look into them myself having seen you in them. They look fabulous on you!

  218. I absolutely ADORE their dresses! So great for bodies that are in between straight and plus size dresses, and they actually fit my larger chest!!! You look absolutely radiant in them and I love that they have so many styles!!

  219. I have been curious about them for a long time, but was afraid they were just another instagram scam company…. but your endorsement does make me want to try them now. 🙂

  220. You look great in all of these dresses. I am inspired to take a look at their clothes now.

    I am a breast cancer survivor with NO reconstruction, which means I am completely flat chested – for real. I do not wear prosthetics because they are heavy, hot and the bra cuts into my peck muscle where they cut it open to remove my lymph nodes. Clothing is difficult to find because I am also chubby and not a 21 year old skinny girl.Hopefully they have some trapeze style dresses, which work really well for me.


  221. Dang. If the drinking game was take a swig every time you see pockets, I would be too faced right now to type POCKETS. Thanks for the tip, Jenny. Looking into them now! Hugs.

  222. I love dresses & any time I’m I wearing one with pockets that is the first thing I say too. ❤️ I haven’t heard of eShakti before & am excited to go check them out 😁

  223. Drool!!!!
    A few years ago my parents gave me birthday money to get a couple of eShakti dresses for myself. But then life happened and I let the money go into the general fund. (Yes, it’s a mom thing, but my husband has done it too.) So anyway I’d really really love some clothes!

  224. THANK YOU for this post! eShakti constantly shows up in my feed, and I’ve really wanted to try it because I’m tall and can use a little extra fabric pretty much everywhere. But I’ve been scared because I didn’t know if the results would be worth it!

  225. I have seen the website and the acbook ads for eShakti, but was always hesitant to try them. You give me hope and inspiration!

  226. I’ve checked out this website before , because you meation it on your site. I did really like what I seen but didn’t buy.
    Will have to check it out again. I’m not someone who grew up wearing dresses . And it been an insecurity for me. So I gave myself a challage to start wearing more dress and try to over come that insecurity. 👗🙂