Excited and terrified and a little bit nauseus.

So this weekend? I officially signed a lease for Nowhere Bookshop (and bar).

This is a picture of me in the space right before I started hyperventilating.

Technically I couldn’t do this without you so I think that means that you just signed a lease on a bookstore too so I am mentally high-fiving you on our ability to take risks while also begging you to tell me that it’s all going to be okay because JESUSCHRISTWEBOUGHTABOOKSHOP.

*deep breath*

Sorry.  Okay.  Here are the details.  The good news is that it’s in Alamo Heights, which is a cool part of San Antonio and it’s really big so that means we’ll have plenty of room for signings and author events and community meetings and book clubs and drag queen story hour and Beyonce.  The bad news is that it needs a shit-ton of work.  Like, new floors, and some walls have to come down and others up and we have to add a wheelchair ramp and some accessible bathrooms and a bar and it needs paint and furniture and a liquor license.  And books, I guess.  And customers.

I am totally overwhelmed but I have great people to help me (more on that soon) and it feels like people really care so fingers crossed I didn’t just make a terrible mistake.  There were stories in the newspaper and the San Antonio Current and William Shatner sang to me, so it’s been a strange couple of days.


I suspect it’ll take until the end of the year before we open. I have ideas for fun things we can do before that but I need to plan a bit more on the details.  I will totally be asking for help though so if you live close maybe a small horde of you can show up and we can all paint it together when it’s closer to being done.  I want to do a mural outside but I haven’t really found an artist that matches the weird/dark esthetic I want so if all else fails I’ll draw something and project it on the walls and then we’ll just have a giant, community paint-by-number party until we get arrested for vandalism and public intoxication.  If you’re good at painting tentacles please see me because there’s gonna be tentacles.  And maybe ravens and cat heads.  I’m still thinking.

And there will be lots of ways to be a part of the bookstore even if you don’t live anywhere near Texas.  You are part of this family whether you like it or not.  (But I hope you like it.)


PS.  I want to have food because you need food if you’re drinking but I don’t want cooked food so what do you usually crave when you’re reading a great book and drinking a glass of wine?  Cookies?  Scones?  Pie?  Popcorn?  Those long licorice ropes that you can use as an edible straw?

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  1. God I wish I lived in San Antonio lol let us non-texans know if there’s anything we can do!

  2. You should serve peanuts like an old-timey bar, where everyone throws the shells on the floor. Except a lot of people are allergic to peanuts, so maybe pistachios instead? Do people have pistachio allergies? Anyway, this is very exciting, and congratulations, and I have my first book coming out next year so this probably isn’t the last bad idea you’ll hear from me.

  3. I wanna come help! My husband is super handy, my mother in law is an artist, and I’m an odd duck but I paint old furniture in weird whimsical ways. Also, bakery!! YAAAAY NOWHERE BOOKSHOP!

  4. God I wish I lived in San Antonio lol let us non-texans know if there’s anything we can do!

  5. So excited for you and us! Might have to plan a trip down so I can help paint…and drink!!

  6. This is so amazing to hear! I am planning a trip next spring just to see Nowhere…also, please have scones and pie and cookies!

  7. Breath, breath, breath and have a couple of Mudslides, that makes things so much clearer. Although I suspect you might already have since you mentioned drag queen story hour! I’d drive to San Antonio just to be there for that, you betcha ya!
    And, WTF, Will Shatner has given you his blessing that is beyond cool Jenny!! Capt. Kirk gave you his blessing!!! Super excited for you!

  8. Congratulations! I’ve never been to Texas, so this will be my #1 reason to make the trek!

  9. I am so getting my butt down to Texas at some point to help, shop, paint, do SOMETHING. But while at a distance you bet your bippy I will be cheerleading, promoting the shop, and encouraging you from afar. Because this is gonna be UH-MAZING.

  10. Wow! I am so in awe of you. I would come help in a heartbeat but I live ‘across the pond’ 🙁 Any other way I can help, I’ll be glad to, even if it’s a financial contribution, honest 🙂 And remember… Breathe… Go you!!!

  11. I like those spicy peanut / crunchy little cracker mixes. Oh, and the Asian trail mixes with wasabi peas. And of course you have to have a nice cold drink to wash it all down and start over again.
    Congratulations, I can’t wait to road trip from Austin to see it.

  12. You had me at tentacles and scones. Scones are lovely because there are sweet, savory, and gluten free varieties. Excited for you! Good luck.

  13. Is there a nearby local independent coffee shop or bakery who can provide a daily selection of baked goods, or maybe even sandwiches to order if they’re really close?

  14. Cheese crackers and cold meat/relish/jam/cheese plates. Wishing you all the luck in the world. I’m a northerner through and through, and once drove through Amarillo, accidentally, but now I guess I have no excuse for not visiting San Antonio. The Alamo and you.

  15. Remember when you go that super cool Kraken Rum umbrella with the tentacles? Kraken definitely needs to sponsor this bookstore and bar. All of this is so awesome Jenny, congratulations and I can’t WAIT to schedule a trip to San Antonio to buy books! Also, licorice rope wine straws are now on my list to try this weekend…

  16. Definitely popcorn! Especially in fun flavors.

    Also I don’t drink wine, I drink vodka so… just saying maybe popcorn is a vodka snack. Also, salty cheez-its or goldfish. I just want vodka and salt.

  17. Salty snacks are key for drinking and book reading. So excited for you! If you post your paint party details early enough I will absolutely take a trip from Seattle

  18. Squealing with delight here in Rhode Island over this news. Congrats to you and to all of us for encouraging you. It’s going to freakin fabulous!!

  19. Ah, I am so excited for this! I live in the neighborhood just north of Alamo Heights and I cannot wait to be able to come to the bookstore.

  20. I’m so very happy and excited for you!! I love to snack on many things when reading. Popcorn was the first thing to pop into my head, hehe pun not intended. A good charcuterie plate would be amazing, fruit, chips, any kind of pastry or yummy bread. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  21. Congratulations!! To all of us!
    Thank you for the inclusivity
    Thank you for your bravery
    It will be much better than ok
    It will be fabulous

  22. I love Alamo Heights! If I weren’t living in the UK now I’d be all in for a paint by numbers party. I’m going to have to swing by SA on my next trip home- I’m so excited for you!!!

  23. You choose an absolutely great time to do this, astrologically speaking! I’m very excited for you. Just envision it as though it has already happened and is enormous fun and success. FEEL it. This is how the universe works (attraction) and anything that screws up will probably turn out to be advantageous in the end. I mean, this is YOU–something weird is bound to happen, so embrace it!

  24. Oh my fuck balls! I just can’t I am so excited. I absolutely love nowhere near Texas but my fat ass will be getting on a plane and coming to your bookstore/bar! I am more excited than hooker in Vegas!

  25. Congrats!!! I have always wanted a bookstore. This will be a great success Popcorn for sure. And hot chocolate in the winter when you cuddle up in a chair to read in a nook in the store.

  26. This almost makes me want to live in Texas again! Do it all! Ravens carrying tentacled cat heads!

  27. This Dallas girl will point the nose of her truck south on 35 ANYTIME for a painting party.
    …as for food – charcuterie boards..toast and jam…cheeses…or (if there is an outcry for cooked food) partnering with local food trucks.

    Yeah. I’m all about the food.

  28. I’m from SA but live in Dallas and I WILL come if you need help!! And as for food, sweets like cupcakes, cookies and savory items like sliders and bbq. Let’s do it!!

  29. CONGRATULATIONS! I like things like cheese & crackers, hummus, pita bread, olives & smoked salmon…..no cooking, just sipping and reading.

  30. Please consider a gluten free snack or two for the bar area. It’s kind of exhausting existing in public with celiac disease. Chicago style popcorn would be my jam! Or, you know, fruit. I will never say no to a banana.


  31. It could also be pronounced NOW HERE. so you are about to have a really cool bookstore and when it opens you can say, NOW HERE! as in “COME BUY BOOKS AND HAVE A DRINK NOW, HERE”

  32. oh, this sounds so fun! As I am out-of-Texas I think I will need to wait until you’re open, but I’m coming to visit. As for food, everything you said sounds tasty but for more ideas I snooped at a local wine bar menu, and they have cheese, charcuterie, chips & dips, hummus & pita bites, olives; things like that. So a refrigerator is needed for those but no cooking (the prior owners did paninis which seem to be gone). Other bookstores that have cafes seem to also have pre-made sandwiches. And this all would work with beer and other beverages too. But baked goods and bookstores seem to go hand-in-hand.

  33. Baked goods!
    Have you considered partnering with food truck for events you might have or random evenings? That way, y’all aren’t cooking the food, but people will stay and read and drink.

  34. Fruit and cheeses and dried meats. Dried meats served up next to the taxidermy animals. LOL

  35. I hope TxDOT is listening so they can fix #^#(&$^ I-35 so people can freaking get there.

  36. Do you have your logo as a magnetic bumper sticker yet? If so, I totally need one. If not, you totally need make them so I can buy one.
    P.S. I like magnetic so I could move it to my new car when I get one.

  37. Man I wish I lived in Texas (there’s a thing this New Yorker never thought she’d say!). This sounds amazing, Jenny, I’m so excited for you!

  38. So, I haven’t been on a plane since 1997. When you open, I am coming – which means a plane trip (oh dear god!).I will do what I can for you all from here in NorCal until then!

  39. A suggestion about the mural idea? See if any of the local high school or college art classes have students who might be willing to do this. There are always really talented young artists out there, who I’d bet would be willing to do this to see their names 12 ft. high (or whatever)! It would also encourage them to patronize it, too! This now goes on my bucket list for next summer- can’t wait to see your store!

  40. Big fat pretzels! I’m so excited. I’m way down in Houston but hope to visit once you’re open.

  41. YAY! Oh, supercongratulations! I am so freaking excited!!! I’ll see if I can make a pilgrimage to come help. (If I didn’t have responsibilities, I’d already be there- so help me; thanks, Alzheimer’s Disease, for rendering my mother a basket case…but I digress…)
    Real, just yay, yay, yay, yay, yay! You so totally ROCK!

  42. Congratulations, Jenny!! I’m so happy for you and I know your bookshop will be awesome – just like you!

  43. Omfg I’m sooooo happy. First I’ll try to be there to help you paint. I live in Cali, am broke and have social anxiety but god help me I’m coming. Love ya bunches funny lady

  44. So exciting! Congratulations!

    You probably want a local artist for the mural, but Andy Von Schyndle at wagalabagala.com has a wonderfully weird/dark aesthetic that might be perfect for prints to put up in Nowhere Bookstore. My favorite is no longer on the site, so here’s my second favorite http://wagalabagala.com/wagalabagala_019.htm. I discovered him at Art City Austin in 2013 and wish I had snagged more than two prints!

  45. This is so exciting! I am in San Antonio so I will definitely help with whatever! Just say the word!

    Oh, and pie. Always pie. And hot tea and scones. Not necessarily at the same time, but not-not necessarily either.

  46. Breathe Breathe Breathe….and have a mojito! This is exciting and completely inspiring. I am filling out the loan application today for our new (first and hopefully last)home. If you can do it so can I! But a trip to Texas is also in the future because-Bookstore! Congrats and Kisses!

  47. You don’t know how much I’m wishing and hoping that you’ll be up and running by the time I come to visit San Antonio (for the first time evar!) In January 2020…

  48. Jenny, Since you’re making Nowhere accessible, please be mindful of fragrance allergies. At the very least, please don’t have fragrance machines/air “fresheners”/scented hand soap in the bathrooms, and don’t have storewide potpourri, incense, or a “signature fragrance”. It would also be great if you didn’t sell fragranced products (candles, etc.), but, if you do, could you please keep them to one defined and obviously labeled area (that is not directly near the cash registers)? That would make Nowhere so much more accessible. Thank you in advance (with extra gravy) from all the fragrance-intolerant members of the Double-Unicorn Success Club!!!!

  49. cheese and dried fruit and olives and pickles. Ginger molasses cookies. little bowls of nuts. popcorn. pretzels. bowls of cereal. bugles and ringolos.

  50. This is SO exciting!! I wish I lived there! I will help in any way possible. My uncle lives south of Houston. I can fly there and rent a car! Olives, large Green olives with pimentos! Love you, Jenny!

  51. Adult lunchables aka those meat, cheese and cracker packs are always good.
    I’ve already told my other half that we’re going to go to Texas to visit the store. I wish I could help with painting walls though!

  52. Bridge Mix and salty stuff and then sweet stuff and back and forth! Little stuff in cute bowls or weird tea cups.

  53. i know the most amazing artist that does huge murals you would have to fly him out from Seattle but he would be totally worth it his business page is here:
    https://www.facebook.com/henrytheartist/ his name is ryan henry ward and he is amazing! He is weird, qwirky, and perfect

  54. Hey! Like I said I could totally just drive over at lunch to hang out or paint tentacles. Pretty much the same thing. Just say when and where. Alamo heights has lots of cute shops. I think I know which area. Good choice!

  55. So awesome! I remember you saying long ago how you’d love to respond to someone inquiring where you’ve been by saying “Nowhere!” (and it being a real bookstore) and now it’s really going to be a real destination! I also did a double take when you mentioned needing someone to paint tentacles (I read it as testicles). I was trying to figure that one out before I did a re-read. Haha.

  56. Congrats this is so exciting! Cheese and crackers, pastries and cakes, maybe get a local indie bakery involved who might be looking for distributors?

  57. I’m so excited for you! This is going to be great. I just want to chime in on the non-cooked food ideas. I think a variety of salty and sweet stuff. Besides what you listed, I’d say a charcuterie board, or cheese and crackers.

  58. I went to a cookie decorating/wine drinking class at a winery. they had a rustic charcuterie board with cheeses, salami, grapes and crusty bread. It was SO tasty and no cooking. But I munch on salty/crunchy when I drink. No deserts. Don’t want chocolate fingerprints on all your pretty pretty books.

  59. Yessss, it is going to be brilliant! I would recommend some smoked almonds with that wine.

  60. Mazel tov!! throwing Cheetos at you in celebration (doesn’t everyone love Cheetos confetti? My dogs do…)

    Please put my name down on the Paint By Numbers committee and the collection development committee. As a librarian, I can tell you that this sounds like a pilgrimage destination for us! If you didn’t have cats at the store, I would be begging for a FT job and moving my ass to Texas. Yes, I am 100% serious. And I HATE the heat. And cats (sorry, but they try to kill me everytime I try to breathe in their vacinity!)


  61. I live in Central Texas and would’ve down to come down
    on some weekends to help paint, help haul stuff or generally be
    directed in whatever way possible! It is only a 2 hour road trip for us!

  62. I always want pie or cake with my reading. For foods that don’t need to be cooked but are savory or more substantial, I love salads and sandwiches. As long as there’s refrigeration, maybe they can be premade? I was at a cafe once where the burritos were premade locally and the cafe just heated them up.

  63. I read testicles as well :0).

    Just a thought: You need a life size cut out of you in the store. People will want to take pictures with you. You may not always be in the people mood.

  64. Congratulations!! I know that this is going to be a great success. Wish I was still up to traveling that far, but I’ll just watch from the sidelines and cheer you on.

  65. Congratulations!!! I so wish I still lived in Austin, but now I’m two states away. This is a great reason to visit, though. It’s going to be incredible—you’re so talented!

  66. I love this artist’s murals in Lexington, KY. May be an option for you!
    Also I think cheesecake is a must. And birthday cake with paper toothpick things stuck in the top that have pictures of your taxidermy animals and dolls.

  67. I don’t live that far (Rowlett), so I’s a comin’! I take orders well, I can cause a scene (after I get over the “I don’t know anyone here” vibe), and I’m a teacher. This means I can fake knowing EVERYTHING! 70s song lyrics? You betcha. Ability to read all, and I mean ALL, handwriting? 100%! Leading meditation when folks are overwhelmed? Received a license for that so Qualified. I’m a tiny wee small iota bit excited!!!

  68. Jenny, this is so exciting! I heard this on a blog, and it stayed with me: Leap, and the net will appear. You KNOW it will all come out all right, because you have one hell of a net, in all of us!

  69. I don’t drink, but cheezits and books. Or pimento cheese sandwiches? And apple juice. Or just 🧀 and crackers. And grapes. Now I’m hungry.

  70. Cookies are always good when reading. Or Popcorn. I also eat caramels. Chips aren’t good because you get the salt and grease on the book when you turn the pages.

  71. If there’s a place to park it, you could partner with a food truck and let people bring the food inside to eat it. Just a thought, if you don’t want to take on the food part yourself.

  72. I’M SO EXCITED!!!!! I’ve got no plans to visit Texas in the near future, so I really hope you’ll do online orders and such because I would much rather support your bookshop than the big box companies. Can’t wait to get my Nowhere Bookshop t-shirt and/or book bag, as well!

    As for food, I always crave baked goods, but especially while reading/drinking. Brownies, cookies, scones, biscuits, etc. Especially those with chocolate, but fruity and/or buttery things are good, too.

    Eeek, it’s gonna be AMAZING!

  73. Hummus, crackers, olives, savory granola, peanut butter and jelly, dried mango, dried cherries, popcorn, these bags of fried shitaki mushrooms they have at Costco (I’m in Houston), soft cashew cheese (they make really good ones these days) with crackers or on a sandwich with cucumbers, empanadas, dumplings (anything wrapped in dough), baked chickpeas, etc. There is a surprising amount of plant based restaurants in San Antonio so I’m sure you can get some heat and eat options for plant based customers. Plus, they usually have a longer shelf life. Good luck! I will definitely stop by the once or twice a year I’m in San Antonio.

  74. Do they still make Alpha Bits cereal? It would be fun to play word games with my food while in a bookstore. Plus, it has marshmallows, and who doesn’t like marshmallows?

  75. A lot of small businesses around here use a rota of local food truck vendors to get around not having a kitchen, and our local cheese shop and two bakeries will do small catered plates that other places sell. I mean…cheese…can’t go wrong there!

  76. SO EXCITING!! I have family in San Antonio that I have never met, so when I eventually come to meet them I will get to visit the bookstore too!

    I am nowhere near Texas, so if there is any other way to contribute or throw money at you, please post!

    My Stitch n Bitch club (crochet and knitters) are always looking for nice quiet venues with good lighting to hang out. We have met in bars, coffee shops, book stores and tea shops. My suggestion for you and the bar is to offer things like cheese plates, finger sandwiches, quiche, cookies, macarons and macaroons. Comfy couches & stuffed chairs are most desirable seating.

  77. Ohhhh I have drawn tentacles, including a tentacle being perched on by cats, but I have never painted a single one! Obviously I have a major gap in my arteestic skill set. Huh. I shall have to remedy this shortfall of suckers, forthwith!!

    That said, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of the mural being based on your drawings. DO EET!!

  78. Jenny, I’m just so proud of you. I keep looking at the logo and leaking happy tears

  79. Maybe an old-timey candy-in-glass-canisters type bar? But not ribbon candy, because even though it’s beautiful and old-timey, it reminds people of the embarrassing childhood memory when some kind old soul insisted they take a piece out of a bowl that had been sitting out for 20 years and was dusty and had cat hair on it and all of the ribbons had stuck together so they had to politely gnaw on the furry lump of candy. So, no ribbon candy.

  80. I am not a wine drinker, but I love a giant mug of hot tea with a snack of dark chocolate or some strawberry Pocky when I read. Or any kind of tiny cookies that I can eat in one bite so I don’t get crumbs all over my lap.

  81. Congratulations, Jenny! So exciting! I had the good fortune to visit San Antonio once, so I hope it will happen again!

    I was wondering if you considered that your fans will expect to see you there all the time – you might have to end up living there! Maybe you should install a SAFE room? <3

    Love from the Canadian branch of the family LOL

  82. If you don’t want to do full-on food service (which requires a permit and training), you could encourage people to order food for delivery by having delivery menus from local restaurants available.

    I’m a librarian who lives in central Illinois but have friends and family in New Braunfels, so I’m going to start planning a visit. In my distant past, I worked in an independent bookstore, so I’d love to help long distance any way that I can.

  83. Texas wasn’t a place I ever thought I’d want to live… but I’m reassessing that thought now! Wish I did, so I could come help get Nowhere ready, and then visit it all the time. sigh

  84. I’m so excited for you and will definitely be planning a road trip to come see it! I live in the western burbs of Chicago but would be happy to help! I have an art degree that I have done zero with….I’m in my 40s so it’s time to put that to use. Lol. I’m good with paint. Pretty sure. I am definitely solid with weird. Xoxo

  85. Charcuterie!!! Big (or little) boards of meat and cheese and crackers and grapes and olives! And baked goods for mornings!!! Oh, and popcorn. And tea and coffee and wine and beer and stop me, I’m full fromweoting this!!!

  86. I love sweet, salty and slightly spicy snack mix and you can never go wrong with cheese and crackers. Also, I would like to propose a pop rocks martini, had one somewhere once and it was delicious and entertaining! And one thing I’ve always loved is to eat in the theme of a book, so maybe special themed food for book signing events? Whatever you do will be amazing, you are so creative and you have an awesome community of supporters! So excited for you that you are starting on a new chapter of dreams!

  87. Popcorn & M&Ms, mixed. And you’ve just convinced me to get self back to TX for a visit. So wish I could help paint!

  88. I too wish I lived nearer so I could visit your store; but I wish you the very best of luck with it. (Now if I could just get up the nerve to try to get my book published but I’m so afraid…I mean, what business does someone who flunked an aptitude test have doing thinking she’d be able to do something like that?! But you go, girl; everybody knows you’re talented!)

  89. I would plan a vacation to come and help you get your bookstore set up. I mean that. I am a hard worker, I can throw a bale of hay with the best of them (well, not really the best, but I like to build myself up), and I have mad skilz with dragging tortoises out of places they ended up that they shouldn’t have gone. With all these qualifications, how could I NOT be chosen to help you? I mean, really. HMU, Jenny. This endeavor is going to be frickin’ amazing.

  90. I like cheese and fruit and more cheese when I’m reading. And maybe crackers. Sometimes cookies. I can’t wair until this this open so I can road trip on down. Or maybe fly if we have enough miles.

  91. I’m not close-by but I LOVE helping people out by painting (decks, tifos, rooms in my friends’ houses) and I have extra vacation this year, so I could see myself making the trip anyways. I haven’t painted tentacles per se, but I have painted the lines of the Chicago L system, which is surprisingly similar, only with fewer suckers.

    Bonus: I bake REALLY good cookies and scones so I could also be called upon to feed the masses if anyone in the area wants to cede control of their kitchen to me. I routinely bake for groups of 100-200.

  92. Congrats! I love kettle chips, artisan breads, cheeses, hummus, tapenade, seasonal fruit, fancy schmancy nuts (no peanuts).

  93. You should do food trucks! Just leave a space for them in the parking lot and have rotating vendor. Also I am a commercial architect in Houston and have experience transferring images to mural walls and would love to help. Feel free to email at vanessa@loarchitecture.com So excited for you!!

  94. So excited all the way from Oz…..Well I love cheese n fruit n antipasto with wine. But for practicality….why not a wall of self-serve sweet or salty snacks that aren’t too messy like ye olde sweet shop / lolly bar/….or a creepy dark master selecting treats for you from snapes potion cupboard (if you can have a staff member)? Vampira’s pantry? Candy man willy wonka shop? Fill up a bag to dip into while eating….print colouring pages of your drawings or book covers to colour on the Lolly bags….or dot to dot puzzles on the bag for later. I love raspberry lollies coated in white chocolate…Hershey kisses so cute….liquorice all sorts….Lolly gobble bliss bombs….something whizz fizzy…Harry Potter lollies and butterbeer? How about .the most strange edible vending machine items from Japan? Curious sweets (our local chocolatier makes white chocolate skulls filled with mint fondant brains inside). Can we find out what snozzcumbers taste like and lick the wallpaper….maybe too far. So many options. No coffee?

  95. This is the first thing that has ever made me seriously want to go to the US. Ill have to ogle and be jealous from afar. Snack-wise, all id recommend is to have a variety of both sweet and savoury. I personally like cheese and onion chips (i think you call them crisps) and wine. Go figure! And once all the bricks and mortar are done, please do an online store which specialises in donations, so we can buy books for people who can’t afford them! Yay a family bookshop!!!!!

  96. I have lived in San Antonio for 2 unhappy years and JUST when you are opening this amazing place where I KNOW I would find friends, I’m moving! Sad me. I am so proud of you and excited for you!

  97. I am totally down to paint tentacles! Would have to drive up from Corpus, but it’s not that far. Also, there are a ton (like 5 that I can think of off the top of my head, haha) of local artists here in Corpus that have painted really great murals lately. Most of them are downtown if you would like to come check them out. I’d be happy to send you a few names to contact if you are interested!

  98. I’ve never been to San Antonio but I will come! Consider things you can eat with a toothpick to minimize greasy fingers on your pages.

  99. I wish I lived closer (I’m way up in north Texas, about an hour outside of Dallas) because this sounds like SO MUCH DAMN FUN! 🙂

  100. MaryEllen September 05,2019
    I’m sooo Excited for you as well, I live in Marlborough Mass. but I’ll be sending Good Vibes & Prayers 🙏 your way during construction 🔨 phase. Will look forward to a destination trip to Texas once you have your Grand Opening!!! Congrats 🎉🎈🎊 to all of us in the Family, Jenny

  101. Oh my goodness Oh my goodness Oh my goodness. It’s happening! And you’re feeling all the feelings! And I’m so overwhelmingly happy for you! I am not a Texan, but count me in for whatever support you need. Seriously. I used to work at a local indie bookshop, and it was EVERYTHING. Yours will be that for locals and wanderers like me. Food? Hmm! Gosh, popcorn for sure. Pickles? Celery and peanut butter, but in the shape of a tentacle? Plantain chips? Mmmmmmmm.

  102. Jenny.. I know the perfect artist!!!! Her name is Danielle. Her Facebook page is Dangerkitten art on Facebook… Go look at her work! ❤ me and the hubby are so excited to come see the bookstore!!!!! Happy dance

  103. I think I helped buy the bar even though I would get more use from the bookstore. I love bookstores.
    Maybe not salty, greasy snacks when reading wonderful books. Could you have iced tea also for the people who have to drive home? Chocolate is always the right call!

  104. I’m 10 minutes from there and have painting supplies and lots of time on my hands! As for a mural, there is a great artist in San Marcos who does quirky murals all over town of cats and mermaids and birds and other critters. My favorite piece he did is of a local grackle that got shot by an arrow but he DID NOT die and flew around with an actual arrow through his head. https://www.facebook.com/reneperezart/

  105. YAY!!! Now I will need to go visit my Texas family so I can see it.
    As for food, good dark chocolate, mini-muffins (less messy than big and you can have a variety), cookies, cheese, pretzels (crunchy and chewy), veggie sticks (I know, I’m weird and really like to snack on fresh veggies).

  106. I will happily design a mural for you. I tattoo octopi regularly, so I’m good with tentacles. I also do ravens and cats pretty regularly. I see zero reason why all three can’t be in the same mural. My art website is here: https://shop.emilypageart.com/ and you can find my tattoo designs on instagram as @emilypageart.

  107. My husband, youngest daughter, and I will be coming to Austin in the spring of next year to get our eldest settled. As soon as I saw that you had signed a lease, I told my husband that we are going to San Antonio. He asked why and I said, “an awesome bookstore” and his response was, “Of course we are.” I’m so excited for you and also for the fact that it should be open in time for us to visit! I’m seriously fangirling over here lol

  108. When this opens I am driving from Chicago to spend time there. Never been to this part of Texas and this is the perfect reason for a road trip!

  109. That is fantastic! Congratulations!
    I love popcorn and all of the food things you mentioned plus chips and salsa, rice crispy squares and cake pops! 🙂

  110. Tip o’ the hat M’lady!! WOW – you did it!! and now it must be done….fantastic! Rooting for you 100 here in NYC – and call me if you need any advice on layout or design…must have done 100’s of stores for B&N in the 90’s….those were the days;)

  111. Count me in for any work needed, I am an excellent painter and by that I mean I can paint walls and ceilings really well but that is where my painting talent stops, but I am pretty handy with other stuff. If will now of course start driving slowly around Alamo Heights trying to find the location. This also makes you an 09er, maybe you can improve the image of the 09ers.

  112. Baked goods, tea, and candy (usually chocolate) is what I prefer when I’m reading. I can’t wait to see the finished product! I hope you spam us with lots of pictures of the before, during, and after, maybe a vlog or two, or just a quick walk-through video for those of us who don’t leave close enough to come visit (yet).

  113. Awww… if I lived closer, I would come help you paint. I’m in Dallas, so we will day trip down once you open.

  114. I’m so excited and want to be a part of this from afar and already checking drive time from Phoenix.
    I would love a little fruit and cheese plate at the bar.

  115. Nibbles-chocolates,nut brittle, cheese, crackers, snack mix(like at the bulk food store, Sriracha crackers, etc). Develop your own snack mix, maybe sweet and hot? DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT FINGER SANDWICHES!

  116. Could you partner with a local bakery for cookies, scones, etc? Also, I’m assuming there will be coffee and tea. Please let there be tea…

  117. Congrats! I read tentacles as testicles, which frankly, made more sense to me. Either way, yeah! Food trucks might resolve your food service dilemma. Cheering you on from Canada!

  118. Everybody already said all the good food ideas. I like salty – pretzels, bar mix, cheese straws, etc.

  119. Also I’m going to be in San Antonio for a few days just before Christmas. If there’s any pre-opening events, please post about them.

  120. Yahoo! Congrats, lady! Tea, gots to have tea. And cookies, oh yes. I was born in San Antonio and still have fam who live in the area, so I guess I should plan a visit when you start painting! And my grandparents founded the Brighter Days Horse Refuge in Pipe Creek, have you ever been?

  121. I have already informed my husband that we need to go to Texas. He doesn’t need to know why does he? If there is anything us out-of-state folks can do, let us know!

  122. So, SO many good vibes to you. It is going to be great. If you need anything from Florida, send up a flare. Can’t wait to visit. ❤️

  123. Oooh! Sounds like Heaven! Find someone to do some different pastries that they can bring you! There’s a lady here in my town who does it for this local coffee shop chain and it’s great! Coffee, booze, same thing. Good luck Jen!

  124. Get a movie style popcorn machine for snacks.
    I also like liquor-soaked prunes.
    But also I’m weird.

  125. Crossiants would be awesome.. also something salty like popcorn. Sounds like it’s going to be awesome and people will be flauwking to San Antonio like they do to Waco soon!

  126. How exciting! Congratulations!

    You should get a chocolate candymaker to design some signature treats for you!

    And chips/popcorn/crackers – gotta have something salty and something sweet.

  127. Ah, it would be my dream to sell my tiny pies in a tiny bakeshop inside your magical bookshop. The Texas heat and I had to part ways, so let me know when you are ready to expand to SoCal 🙂

  128. Why not find someone who does pastries and have them deliver different things each day? Have a rotating menu. Maybe some packaged chip stuff too? Good luck!

  129. I will fire Amazon and buy my books from you. Even though I live in Ohio. I have wanted to visit San Antonio for a long time and you just gave me a great reason. This is going to be supreme!

  130. DANG, I’m like 2,005 miles away……….:( You KNOW I/we wish you well!! testicles/ravens/cat heads…whoop!

  131. I so wish I lived closer!!! As far as food goes, I love things that are comforting, like scones, muffins, and little slices of cake or cupcakes. Also, munchies like pretzels. I love me some seasoned pretzels (if you haven’t tried Dot’s pretzels, get to your local Ace Hardware (yes, really) and get you some) with a delicious hot chocolate!

  132. A big hug and congratulations on your new adventure. You need to invite William Shatner to the grand opening! How about some fancy unusual flavor ice cream. For example, Chehalis, WA has a Garlic Festival where they sell garlic ice cream (It has a similar flavor to coconut). In Lacey WA, they have a Mushroom Festival that has mushroom ice cream. I remember it tasting better than it sounds.

  133. How about charcuterie boards. You don’t have to cook, just cut up either salami and meats with cheese, or pickled vegs and cheese, or a dessert charcuterie. Simple yet totally works with any drinks

  134. So exciting! And I like popcorn. Its seriously one of my favorite foods. And it goes with beer or wine, so great for drinking with! I also like parmesan goldfish while drinking too, but then I’m very fancy like that.

  135. Awesome!!! Definitely wish I lived closer to Texas… In terms of food – I recommend things like cookies and scones.

  136. How about featuring some of your taxidermy collection? Maybe in a case? Switch it out every now and then and put the book in there that has that critter on the cover!
    Oh, and a candy bar, like where you can pick your own sweets?

  137. Fantastic news! You’ll do great! As to food, how about a basket of Baby Bels or similar wrapped cheeses? Not sure what they’d cost, but should not be much.

  138. As a former Texan, I wish I lived in Texas to help you. I love painting and would love to help paint tentacles. I love you. I love this community. I survive most days because I know this family supports me.

  139. I wish I lived in Texas so I could join in on the fun but I am definitely planing a trip when the bookshop is finally open. As for food, cookies and giant slices of cake and/or pie always go well with reading and drinking!

  140. My daughters and I visited the perfect bookstore food combo ever this summer in Greenville, SC. The book store is way too crisp for your liking, but the idea of welcoming people to eat goodies in a bookstore was just heaven. Also the books were so well curated! My teen book junkie bought 2 bags because she couldn’t resist all the amazing titles for YA. My book club in Houston is prepared for a road trip to visit you as soon as you are open!! We are very excited for you!
    Bookstore and chocolate shop websites below:
    Maybe you could find a baker who wants to run a bakery out of your bookstore? Warm chocolate chip cookies, books with chocolate finger prints on the pages is the best! Also, people will have to buy the books if they get chocolate on the pages!

  141. In the PNW, a lot of breweries have food trucks and/or have delivery menus everywhere so they don’t have to carry a food license. And since they aren’t serving food, dogs can come in. Books, drinks, food trucks, drag queen story hour, and dogs? I may have to finally visit Texas.

    Congratulations to you (and the world) on this amazing and incredible adventure!

  142. This probably goes without saying, but there WILL be random taxidermied animals scattered about, right?

  143. Something that won’t get my fingers icky while I’m turning pages. Or – in lieu of that – please provide some of those fingertip condoms (some might refer to them as finger cots) so that I can have my cheetos and eat them too.

  144. In Colorado most breweries have relationships with food trucks. The food trucks park right outside, and some places have menus and calendars of what trucks are there each day, and you bring the food inside. This means breweries don’t have super drunk people but also don’t have to have fully staffed kitchens. Also, because these are not food prep locations, bringing in pets is not a health code violation. Not sure if you’re planning on having your book store be a pet friendly zone, but if you are, could be time to make friends with all the food truck peeps in your area.

  145. One of my local wine bars has chocolate truffles and bowls of fancy, salted nuts. With beer, I like it when I’m served those dried wasabi peas.

  146. I’m in Austin, but I will definitely make a day trip to come help out! Let us know.

  147. If she’s available, Ursula Vernon is my favorite (and also my weirdest) artist I could recommend and I recall she’s done murals before. Also, the last mural The Rabbit Hero did also had tentacles.

  148. I’m in Ohio so I can’t help paint, but I will absolutely do anything I can long distance. I have family near San Antonio (well, near by Texas standards), so I will come visit on my next trip. This is so exciting!!!

  149. Clearly I’ll have to visit San Antonio! It has been years since I’ve been so time for a trip. (Well when the bookstore opens. I mean if I show up now you might put me to work and I am NOT good at renovation.)

  150. I will gladly throw money at you, via a Kickstarter/GoFundMe, to help you get the place up and running.
    I am sure that quite a few of your friends would be willing to, too.

  151. Serious part: You should draw the mural. Even if you can find the right artist, you should still draw the mural.

    Unserious part: Um, you thought the phrase “wine and ___” ends with cookies, scones, pie, popcorn, or licorice??!! Cheese. The answer is “cheese.” Cheese and baguette slices.

  152. Please post your grand opening date(s) as soon as you know! I just retired (and my hubby has relatives in the San Antonio area) so I want to be there. The blessings of Capt Kirk – I’m over the moon! Live long and prosper & get that bookstore up and roaring! ❤️ Please don’t paint testicles on the walls…those are NOT the type of teabags I want to see in a bookstore. 😳

  153. Well, I don’t drink, but curling up with a good book and a cookie is the best thing ever. Also, thank you for posting this today because I’ve had a pretty bad day but this is totally making me squeal and wiggle in my chair, yay!

  154. Oh I so wish I lived close by. I so want to be part of this! I can’t wait to see how this turns out. I hope you have Italian sodas for those of us who don’t really drink, apparently that’s what I want at the moment.

  155. Mazel tov! I’m so excited for you, and for us too! I’m a few hours away but I’d love to help if I can. Let us know what you need and when. This sounds so fantastic! I think cheese straws or crackers , scones, chocolate, and licorice all sound like delicious snacks. I like the food truck idea too.

  156. So it depends on what I’m drinking but if I’m having a beer I usually want pretzels, the hard or soft kind, with mustard or cheese. If I’m having wine I like fruit & cheese & maybe fancy chocolates. If I’m having a margarita of course I want chips & salsa. All of those can be made allergen-free, & don’t require cooking.

  157. Houston is only a few hours away from SA and I would totally come paint, or wipe paint off floors, or just wander around giving people paint…or more wine!

  158. This Houston gal just screamed “ROAD TRIP” and scared her dog. Bar food: big soft pretzels, popcorn, nuts, various bar mixes with stuff like weird Chinese crackers and wasabi peas (known to my gal pals as “kibbles and bits”), nachos, chips and dips, all accompanied by big-ass comfy chairs with conveniently located small tables which can either be moved towards or away from crowds depending on how social I feel. You, my dear friend, are creating nirvana, and the celestial stylings of Mr Shatner are only a small fraction of what you are due.

  159. I have never in my life wanted to visit Texas… until now. Can I just show up and spend Xmas break in a comfy chair reading? Because your book shop just made my bucket list. Waving from Minneapolis and sending all the You Can Do It vibes 🙂

  160. I never wanted to live in TX, until now! SO wish I could be there for the tentacle paint party! And for the store opening, of course, because it’s going to be rad.

  161. I suggest baked goods if you have to have food. And popcorn. Just comfort food. Don’t forget non-alcoholic options for those of us who don’t drink (tea? Pretty please??). I’m so excited about this whole thing!!

  162. I live in Buda, so I can help. I am not an artist, but a paintbrush fits my hand just fine!! Just hand me one and point me at a wall.
    Snacks? Sure. Chips, popcorn, munchos, etc..

    Let’s do this!

  163. I wish I lived in San Antonio because I would totally love to help and hang out there all the time and probably even work there. And cookies, cookies are always good. 🙂

  164. Looking forward to seeing what a non-Texan can do to help!!! So excited for you 😊

  165. I will so drive the 2ish hours to SA to help out! You just have to let us ok really just me at least 45 days before you need it! The VA has strict rules on leave, never had anything like it before.

  166. So exciting!!!! I love your concept and will travel from New Jersey to buy a book and drink when you open. Maybe more than one. Of each.

  167. So exciting! The coffee shop in my neighborhood sells those prepackaged hummus & chips and chip & meat packs when you need a little snack with your wine.

  168. Yay! I’m trying to figure out how to make North Carolina closer to Texas so I can come stalk…er…visit you and your books!

  169. Oh my gawd! So excited for you! Such a scary, grown-up venture! A successful business has a great boss and employees that you can count on to run it on the days that you can’t get out of bed. Don’t be afraid ask for help when you need it. I am so proud to be a part of this crazy, dysfunctional family that you have created!
    BTW, I hope that you never get tired of hearing this, but you inspire me daily, and have had a huge part in saving my life recently.

  170. You said “what do you usually crave when you’re reading a great book?”
    Antipasto is great, some cured meats, cheeses, olives, pickles, a few crackers; the options for non cooked delicious bits of food that keep well and don’t require cooking is endless :). Easy to put together and clean up. I don’t generally crave sweet stuff with alcoholic beverages.

  171. Huzzah!
    Take the number of weeks you think it will require to get ready and double or triple them. Just saying. Get a copy of Chase’s Calendar of Events for 2020 and plan for parties to celebrate weird occasions.
    Page & Palette in Fairhope, Al has a loyal following for over 40 years. They must be doing something right. Check them out.

  172. I know Im late to this but bar foods that don’t need cooking:

    1 – Nuts – sugared pecans (cause it’s Texas), wasabi almonds, bbq of either (again, because Texas). Peanuts of all kinds. Basically a good mixture of sweet and salty and spicy.
    2 – Olives & salty oily nibbly things – Don’t know how feasible this is because they’ll need refrigeration but my favorite apps are to go to Whole Foods and fill a large container with scoops of everything from the olive bar – including the roasted marinated garlic.
    3 – Pickled things – see above. Same concept but little cornichons, pickled cauliflower, pickled garlic, pickled peppers, pickled green beans … ALL THE PICKLES.
    4 – Chips – with or without salsa. Potato chips or corn chips or taco chips or all of the above. Pretzels and popcorn fall into this area as well.
    5 – Cheese straws/balls – because the South. Spicy and not spicy.
    6 – Kolaches. I mean seriously, it’s Texas and it’s San Antonio. Can you contract with a local place to bring kolaches of the sweet and/or savory kind?
    7 – Jerky. Beef, turkey, whatever protein. Spicy, sweet, BBQ, some variety.
    8 – Candy – M&Ms, Skittles, Reeses Pieces, rice krispy treats, red vines, Twizzlers, etc Think movie theater candy.
    9 – Scones or sweet biscuits.

    BF suggested things like Cheezits or Cheez balls but I’m thinking that’s a recipe for smudges on new books. But if you could keep those things in the bar area, might be worth thinking about.
    Also I can see scope for fun seasonal snacks as well that aren’t offered during the rest of the year. Mini Cadbury Creme eggs during the spring, pumpkin spice something in the fall, gingerbread scones in December, etc.

  173. Oh, and you could serve no-cook snacks like cheese, meats, and crackers would work! Fruit trays! Veggie trays! And lots of different flavours of popcorn! And different flavours of potato chips!

  174. Congrats! I wish I lived in the area so I could visit. A question, though. Is it NoWhere Bookshop or NowHere Bookshop?

  175. I’m pretty sure you are an artist and can make your own kick ass mural.
    as far as book snacks – tea and toast (fall and winter) or popcorn and tonic water with lime and grapefruit wedges (spring and summer), never fails

  176. You can’t go wrong with salami, cheese, nuts, olives and crusty bread for no-cook food options to accompany wine. This is exciting news Jenny, congratulations!

  177. This Austinite will be there with bells on. Just tell me when and I will be on my way!!

  178. Curious why you are not giving the address, although I found it pretty easily from the article hints.

  179. So excited! I love just outside Windcrest and am in Alamo heights all the time. Very much looking forward to this, and will probably be driving by checking all the time! I’d say, for snacks/bar foods, it would be great to have scones, cheese, macarons, and popcorn. Oh, and black licorice. : )

  180. I used to work in Alamo Heights. Now I’m trying to guess where your store is. I can’t paint artistically but I love painting walls and am ALL over helping you on a weekend or after work. Just send up a Bloggess Signal and your San Antonio band will show up in full force.

  181. I wish the girl in the logo was more multiethnic. She looks like such a white-bread girl with that ponytail. Unless it’s meant to be you.

  182. SO EXCITING! It will be the reason I finally visit San Antonio…

    I concur with antipasto/cheese/meat/veggie tray kinds of things. You can go a long way without having to cook anything, just cut and present…

  183. Something savory like a cheese scone!! Too many places only have sweet pastries when what I’m looking for is savory.

  184. I would try to partner up with some local food places – like food carts and such. You could serve some of their sweet and savory on a regular basis and then on some nights have them set up those cart outside for something more substantial as something fun.

  185. So now I need to convince my husband to move to San Antonio.
    And Pie is the answer to any question. Or soft pretzels.

  186. Bird Bakery is in the area and they make delicious little and regular size cupcakes, lunches, etc. you could probably get everything and more they them. Oh and they have gluten free too
    I work for a promo company in SA, so let me know if you need any give sways, T shirts, pens, magnets, etcetera and more!

  187. It would be totally awesome if you threw out some work party days, then some of us far off non-Texans could plan a working vacation and help get this adventure flying! I fee like this the the kind of community that would totally get behind it. Also I’m the salty snack type of girl if I’m drinking and not cooking! Chips and salsa, hummus and pita chips… great, now I’m hungry for snacks!

  188. I have not done a mural in nearly twenty years and I have not done eldritch horrors in at least 15 but if you are desperate and want to fly me to San Antonio and give me an air mattress in the bookstore I would be delighted to come paint tentacles on your wall.

  189. So my town did one of those hide and seek paintings on the side of a building. You can check it out under News & Events at http://www.downtownfremontohio.org (right under the weenie mobile coming to town). I am sure if you are interested in doing something like that I can get you in touch with the right people. Although we are in Ohio…although it’s zero here in the winter and we are easily bought.

    As far as food I eat when I read…I like dry Lucky Charms & Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I watch people eat all sorts of stuff in the library I work in. So much that if I can find donors I’m putting a wi-fi Cafe in our library where you can drink coffee and slurp OJ, and crunch Doritos to everyone’s delight…without me freaking out. Oh we also show movies and give away popcorn…people LOVE it…so do that. Good Luck!!

  190. I’m in Canada but would like to offer long distance help. I’m a lighting designer and have some funky software that lets me create your space and then play with what different lighting will do. And it gives you a 3D rendering of the space. I’ve been working with lighting for about 25 years and I’d love to pass what I’ve learned on to you.

  191. I can’t wait for your bookstore to open. I’m in the area and totally willing to help out with anything. I’ll bring beer and chips & salsa as well as an artsy teen daughter to help! 🤗

  192. My dad lives in Boerne. I can swing by while I’m visiting. Cheap flights from Raleigh to San Antonio. Yay!!!

  193. I don’t live near San Antonio but I am SO GOOD at tentacles. Damn it. Congratulations you beautiful weirdo.

  194. I am totally in San Antonio, and will totally show up to help and/or inaugurate this new treasure. Can’t wait!

  195. When I’m reading at home I like to have candy/chocolate with hot tea [usually chocolate chips so it’s easier to pop into my mouth without looking away from the page]. Whenever I go to B&N with my brother’s kids I get a hot cocoa and either a big cookie or muffin — though they also have cake and cheesecake that I’m always tempted by. I recently fell in love with Clancy’s Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn — it’s the perfect mix of sweet and salty that I love on my popcorn. If you have bartenders I’d definitely suggest hiring ones who make a variety of non-alcoholic mixed drinks [the last holiday party I went to, they didn’t even have grenadine to make simple stuff like Shirley Temples].

  196. 🙌Double high five for you!! How about some nut mixes or trail mix for readers, I love that when reading!

  197. Congrats!!! How exciting!

    Chocolate- I nibble on Lindt dark chocolate balls while reading. And popcorn.

  198. So happy and excited for you!! I may have to plan a trip from Washington to Texas next year. Wishing you great success.

  199. I took my kids to a tapas place where the only appealing item on the menu for them was a chocolate sampler. It had a number of different kinds of small chocolates that we watched being unwrapped (ghirardelli chocolate squares), broken off full bars (toblerone), or pulled out of bulk canisters from Costco (chocolate covered caramels) and laid out on a plate. Super simple, and we paid like $10 for maybe $2 worth of chocolate.

  200. Congratulations! Sounds like heaven. Food is a tough one, not too much effort but not too much mess and nothing that will damage the books. One idea that ignores the issues – book related food like fried green tomatoes, Bertie Botts beans, Willie Wonka’s chocolate etc. Enjoy the planning stage and don’t forget, if something doesn’t work once you open the shop, you can change it.

  201. Congrats to you (and us)! As to what goes with wine and a book – it better be chocolate. So how about those wonderful double chocolate cookies that aren’t as crumbly as some cookies? But scones would work – as long as there was at least one with chocolate in it. It’s wonderful that you have the vision to start this. I’m still looking for my vision. You inspire me.

  202. I feel like with wine you should have a cheese board or perhaps charcuterie. Get all classy drunk. Fruit, nuts and/or chocolate would be good as well. So many congratulations! I wish I was still in Texas; I’d come help paint in a heartbeat!

  203. My favourite bookstore as a kid had chocolate chip cookies and milk, and rotating types of cake, my favourite of which was carrot cake with cream cheese icing. It was amazing and I still remember how great it was 30 years later

  204. This makes me so happy and have happy tears! I WILL come to your bookstore from California. Nothing will stop me! Thank you for bringing us on this adventure ❤️

  205. I read tentacles as testicles and wondered why you’d want them in a mural for your bookstore/bar.
    Then I thought, well, it’s the Bloggess. I’m sure she has a good reason…

  206. I hate to be a downer, but all Libraries have a no food and drink policy for good reasons. Just saying

  207. My artist niece paints great tentacles and has done great murals but, alas, she lives all the way in Virginia

  208. I just Googled the map of Alamo Heights and noticed Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum, so you may be near one of your people. I also notice Bird Bakery, plenty of pies, cookies, sandwiches, so maybe you could work out a catering deal? I’m 4 hours away (if the traffic is forgiving) so not exactly next door but I sure hope to come down anytime you need us.

  209. I am so happy for you! I eat lots of stuff and I like to have those little rye bread squares topped with cucumber, and seasoned with dill weed and seasoned salt. I also like grapes, little oranges, and fortune cookies. You could get fortune cookies with hilarious sayings. Coffee is gross, but I assume it will be inevitable. It smells foul though I think I may be the only one in America that feels that way. I live in Wisconsin and will put this on a place to go. I wish every good thing for you.

  210. Your bookshop needs a little cave section with pillows where someone can sit and read if they are feeling anxious with lots of people around.

  211. My wife and I live just up the road in San Marcos and we will super duper totally come down and help with whatever, whenever. We’re so excited! Congratulations! You’re gonna do awesome.

  212. Just say the word and a good load of us will be making pilgrimages. Also I just wanted to say “good load.”
    To answer your question: scones. Definitely scones.

  213. Oh wow, that is soooo exciting! What an awesome project – I’m proud of you for being brave. When we step into the arena, exciting things happen!

  214. Cookies!!!
    And congratulations 🙂
    I live in Europe but I will do my best to support from overhead. 🙂

  215. This is going to be the best bookstore/bar ever. Popcorn goes well with everything.

  216. Damn! I wish I lived closer! But so willing to take vacation to come help! I have family in Houston-that isn’t too far right?! I bake…would love to find a way to get you some of my German Chocolate Cupcakes…they are the talk of my office after last year’s bake off 😉

  217. Nuts. Chips. Olives. Cheese. Charcuterie. I’m so excited for you and proud of you. And I’d love to help when it’s time.

  218. Damn! I wish I lived closer! But so willing to take vacation to come help! I have family in Houston-that isn’t too far right?! I bake…would love to find a way to get you some of my German Chocolate Cupcakes…they are the talk of my office after last year’s bake off 😉 oh…and I am a degreed librarian…that helps…right?

  219. So excited about your bookbar, and I WILL travel to Texas (which is anathema for we West Coasters) to visit. Re: food, a taphouse here has popcorn, trailmix, mixed nuts and some other soy coated party mix that I avoid like the plague but others like. It’s all serve yourself and customers seem to like it. For larger orders, they kinda partner with a pizza shop down the block and the pizza guys will bring you your pizza or you go get it. Something like that might be possible.

  220. I can donate inventory. I mean, sure, some crappy used books because duh. But I’ve got some signed first editions, some from the closure of Seattle Mystery Bookshop, that I’m willing to part with in the name of bookshop solidarity. Just say the word!

  221. IF you offer cheesy snacks (Cheetos or flavored popcorn, etc,) you should also have vases filled with chopsticks so people can read books without leaving cheesy fingerprints on the books. We use them for our knitting groups. Wine plus knitting plus snacks? Chopsticks make it happen every time!

  222. I am so excited for you!!!! I may have to make a trip to Texas because I know your bookstore is going to be freaking amazing!!! 😊❤️📚💖

  223. Fruit, veg and the usual salty flair. And make sure to have water. A refillable fountain thing would be nice and environmentally friendly. Also I love this Canadian artist who does murals and paints cool dark storms and solar flares among other things.https://earthskyart.ca/

  224. Congratulations!! As for food, all of the above especially licorice straw ropes. Nothing says class and sophistication like drink wine from a red wine. Who’s with me! No? Only me?

  225. YIPPPPEEEEEEEEE! So ready for this. Alamo Heights is the place to be. There was a cool bookstore called Bookstop years ago that I loved. I will be buying from your store and hope to have the opportunity to come help in any way I can. THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS!

  226. I live in Austin and would love to come and help paint! We have family in SA (so, a place to stay) so are in SA often. I’m so excited the Nowhere Bookshop has a location!

  227. If you want cat heads, tentacles, ravens, robots, etc. you need Rory Skagen in Austin!
    Check out his stuff on line. He’ s famous for fantasy art & he also did the iconic ‘ Welcome
    to Austin’ mural that everyone takes selfies in front of. Or something of your own in the
    spirit of ‘Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.’ So happy for you to
    see your dream become reality.

  228. Ok, I’m local, I’m not good at painting tentacles, but I can do a pretty good job at paint by numbers. You say when and I’ll be there to help in whatever way I want!

  229. Cookies. I love cookies. And gardettos and chips. And pie. And salsa for chips. Because chips and dip and margaritas. And guacamole. Now I’m hungry.

    Good luck!!

  230. I am SO excited!!! Wish I lived closer but am down to help remotely with anything. Definitely coming when you open! This is going to be epically awesome!! If you have pie, I will be even more in heaven. Coffee and pie. Any and all baked goods. Love you!!!

  231. Your bookstore makes me want to move to Texas just to paint! Best of luck to you, I know you will do great.

  232. Kolaches! They go with everything. Sweet ones, savory ones- they’re so good! The world could use more kolache places. And congratulations.

  233. Jenni check on artist Douglas Roper. I think he lives on the north side of San Antonio. He has work for sale in the Boerne area and has done some murals in the past. In the past I know he did one watercolor of a unicorn. It was green and during an exhibition, someone told him that they “Had never seen a green unicorn.” Doug’s response was, “So you’ve seen unicorns?” He has a sense of humor that might match yours.

  234. Okay, it looks like Doug is doing mostly sculpture now days, but I would still contact him.

  235. pop corn is one of my foods in the world. But don’t pop it in the bookstore. smell lingers.

  236. I love popcorn while I’m reading. But as a bookstore it may not be a great option because you don’t want butter on the books. Unless you have a “you butter it, you buy it” policy. Although, that policy does seem kinda on brand for you, because you’re awesome like that.

  237. Definitely pop corn and roasted and glazed nuts. They will make the place smell fantastic.


  238. I would seriously drive from Houston to participate in a paint-by-number mural. This is going to be EPIC.

  239. Regarding snacks…anything that people won’t be shoving their hands in, like if you have popcorn then each person gets a small bag.Same with peanut butter stuffed pretzels, which is a totally good idea. Cookies, DUH! Scones, yes. A candy counter. And no food allowed in the author readings…all those rattling bags and crunching! Good luck! And Congrats!

  240. food for when reading and drinking wine – cheese and good french bread, or popcorn, or cheese and sliced apples, or grapes – but cheese and bread are good (the soak up wine well – at least the bread does). you could add charcuterie (fancy salami et al).

  241. Chocolate — I recommend barkThins (the dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt). Goes awesomely with red wine.

  242. Tell me when, and where and I will be there to paint tentacles (wow, easy for autocorrect to go off the rails) on as many.

  243. Could you please make something like “buy a brick” or something to donate. Because I am way to far away to be a customer ever, but I wold love to contribute and I am vain enough, that I want my name on the wall of some store hundreds of thousands of kilometers away. And if you give me a paypal button and an amount of what it would cost to have you/someone write my name on some wall in your bookshop I will definitely pay it.

  244. Good non-cooking food for bars? Cheese plates, charcuterie, chocolates, pastries…now I’m hungry and want to come to your not-yet-existing bar and read a book and drink some wine and eat some pastries.

  245. Snacks plus drinks? Let’s see. My favorite pairings are: red wine with a decadent chocolate cupcake; white wine with a cheese and fruit plate; and beer with salty, cheesy, or spicy snacks. And I’m sure there are plenty of local bakeries and delis that you could partner with on the food!

  246. This may be the one time in LIFE where people wish they lived in Texas! You can totally do this. I love the idea of food but I think of it getting all over the books and who wants to read books with pie smears all over them? (I have tried it on my break and pie ALWAYS leaves smears.) I guess cookies and popcorn are best but again, it would have to be cookies that don’t leave chocolate smears and maybe air-popped popcorn which would be less greasy that the buttery kind. I think you should go on TV and have the Property Brothers come in and do all the hard work (removing walls and stuff.) If they can renovate the house used for the exterior shots of the Brady Bunch (they are making the interior match what was on the TV show…WHY?) Anyway that is something that HGTV should help with and that way all of us could watch and see it happen and then people would see the NOWHERE BOOKSHOP starting to happen and you’d get that publicity. Seems like a good idea to me…and they would have access to some brilliant artist to do the mural too. Very excited fo you and though I’m glad I DON’T live in Texas when the store is done I may have to fly down there from NY to visit it. I am totally sure my husband will say, “TEXAS? Nope…not going.” But my friend Marilee (who introduced me to your books) and I will come.

  247. With a glass of wine, I usually have crackers and cheese, or small sandwiches. I don’t know if bagels are a thing in Texas, but coffee, bagels and cream cheese are easy to eat while you’re eating. (You hold the book in hand and reach for the bagel with the other hand. That way you can eat without having to stop reading.)

  248. Oh, just THE BEST OF LUCK! IT will end up WONDERFUL! You’ll see!
    PS-please don’t allow any women that called her vagina THE MOOSE to even comment. 😂. I swear it’s a personal affront to womenhood! A man may call his junk this, but a woman? NOOOOO! May need some self esteem classes. Or at least kick it down a notch and call it a DEER LOL 😝!

  249. Madeleines! They are delicious and not too sweet. For savory, I enjoy cashews or almonds that are flavored, like a general ‘spicy’ or coated in wasabi. Or maybe goldfish crackers? Excited for you!

  250. So, how do I apply to work there? I have lots of book purchasing experience from working in a public library, and also lots of story time experience from public libraries! I live in Canada but I could convince my husband to relocate! 😀

  251. Congrats! Pretzels! They’re a little crummy but go with ‘bar’ and make everyone thirsty, which also goes well with ‘bar’…

  252. It won’t just be okay, it will be FANTABULOUS! You’re doing something amazing, sogive yourself lots of pats on the back.

    I’d like to add two suggestions: provide some sort of beverage for people who don’t drink, and make sure you have automatic door opener button thingies for the door.

  253. Here’s a couple artist suggestions for your mural, you can look up their work on instagram: faunwood and taramcpherson. They have different styles, but they both do a combo of creepy/cute that might work for your shop.

  254. It’s gonna be GREAT!!!! Don’t worry 😀 I love the logo and sign so much! And I like pastries and treats while I sit in a bookstore to read and have tea 😛

  255. I’m sure this comment will get lost in the hordes but you should have a twist on those angel wings murals that are so hot right now. Maybe raven wings? Or Beyonce’s wings?

  256. This is so exciting and awesome! Now I will need to make a pilgrimage down to Texas once it is done.

    If your accessible bathrooms end up being single user bathrooms, would you consider marking them as gender inclusive or using non gendered signage?

  257. Congratulations!!!! This is so exciting!!! I can’t wait to see it! And I live in DFW, but might be willing to come down to help (I’m not artistic, but I can paint regular walls).

  258. There’s a bar in the arts district in Canton, Ohio with a giant octopus coming out of/climbing the side along with a killer (ha) mural. I posted the link below but if it doesn’t work you could search GIANT DANG OCTOPUS ON BAR ROOF IN CANTON OHIO and it’ll totally come up. Anyway. There are a crap ton of great art things happening up here. Might be a mural artist that wants a roadtrip or, if nothing else, the pics will offer some inspiration. Side note: This part of Canton has a brewery and a bunch of super cool bars and restaurants that are weird and they’ve made it legal to walk a few blocks of this area WITH YOUR BEER. Heaven.


  259. I feel like you would like something from Adam Wallacavage adamwallacavage.bigcartel.com

  260. I like cheese and triscuits with my wine! Wish I lived closer, but if I make it to that neck of the woods the Nowhere Bookshop will absolutely be tops on my list of things-to-see!

  261. I am so happy that your dream is coming true! I love San Antonio and can’t wait to take another trip there just to see your Nowhere Bookstore and Bar. Will there be a cat cafe also?

    This is something I’ve thought of with bookstores/cafe/bar places.

    In your little cafe, offer a ‘Tasting Menu’ – but it’s not nibbles or flights of wine. It’s the first chapter of books. For example, you can have a couple of classics that are always on the menu, like Moby Dick. Which no one reads but maybe reading the first chapter will make me feel I made an effort.

    You could change it up every month according to season (Horror for October, family disfunction for the holidays). You could also feature women authors, POC, and new authors.

    It would also give folks something new to read that they may not necessarily have bought, had they not been introduced to the author in such an easy way. And it’s okay that the chapters get a little beat up (and not a new book people are just reading and may not buy). So like the library but you pay a buck for a chapter, drink some wine, and maybe meet a new awesome author!

    And from a marketing standpoint, you will get a good idea of what folks are interested in: what chapters are most popular, which genres are working best for the Menu, etc.

    Please do this!

  263. I could literally walk to your new location, but I won’t because that’s crazy talk in Texas these days. But count me in on paint by numbers. Let me know how I can help: LisaMMOwens@gmail.com I CAN’T WAIT for you to get this open – very very excited!

  264. I’m going to the Crush street art festival in Denver tomorrow. How could I send you artists’ work? Twitter?

  265. Jenny – the mural must be a drawing of yours!! And, I will mos def help you color it (I’m in Seguin, so I got your back!)! And, I’m taking a nauseating leap here, but I create funky, weird colorable bookmarks on cool paper stock (hot press watercolor paper, kraft cardstock)-maybe there’s a place for what my partner affectionately calls “artisanal hipster coloring?” Prolly too soon to ask, but if you’re looking for wonky local artist offerings for your bookshop, I’d love to show you what I make:)

  266. I’ve been to San Antonio once for a weekend of the International Accordion Festival, many years ago. I loved it then. My son is a huge NBA fan, and would love to see the Spurs in their home city. I am DEFINITELY feeling a visit in the not-too-distant future! Best wishes on this huge, exciting, destined to be a successful venture.

  267. There’s even a song about your bookstore: The Road to Nowhere (talking heads). I plan on taking this road from Alabama to visit you when all is prepared and the books are in place plus drinks and snacks and everything else plus some dolls. I cant wait!

  268. Jenny – you must make the mural one of your drawings!! I will mos def help you color it (I’m in Seguin, so I’ve got your back!)! And, I’m going to take a nauseating leap here, but I create hand drawn colorable bookmarks on unique paper stock (hot press watercolor paper, kraft cardstock), what my partner affectionately calls “artisanal hipster coloring.” Perhaps there’s a place on your bookstore’s shelves for such things? It’s prolly too soon to ask, but I’d love to show you what I make, when the time is right:)

  269. CHEESE! Really good cheese and good bread. That’s what I want with wine and a good book. Maybe some spiced nuts or fruit to go with the bread and cheese.

  270. Pie! And cheese. Also I read tentacles as testicles and was really curious exactly what kind of mural you’d be putting up… 🤣

  271. So first of all, I thought I read “testicles” at first, and thought, “Well, that’s not what I expected…” Then I re-read “tentacles” and that made sense. And secondly, let me just shout, “CHEESE BOARD” and/or, “CHARCUTERIE BOARD”. Those are the PERFECT pairings with wine! I’m definitely going to have to take a drive down to SA when you open! Congratulations! xoxo

  272. This is so exciting.
    Maybe you could partner with a local bakery to serve pastries and savory scones that don’t need refrigeration or heating up. A lot of places around here do that. Hummus and chips, cheese and crackers, that sort of nibbly stuff is always good to have when you’re sitting there reading. Stay away from popcorn and peanuts because they’re messy and you don’t want to be sweeping all the time.

  273. I can’t wait to take a trip from Philly to visit the store! It’s going to be amazing!

  274. First, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

    Second, thoughts on food: If it’s finger food it should be something that won’t stick to your fingers and get the book pages gross. This is especially important in cases where someone is readying a book they haven’t purchased yet. Then again, if you get Cheeto cheese smudges on a book you’re kind of obligated to buy it, so maybe this could actually be a great sales tactic?

    If it’s eat-with-a-fork-food it should be something easy to spear, not something you have to cut up or scoop. Like, who wants to stop readying every couple minutes to look at their plate to cut and scoop a piece of pie with their fork to take a bite? I love pie, but if I’m ‘snacking’ while reading I want it to be a bit mindless and not distract me from the book. Maybe serve pie anyway, for those who want a sweet treat to eat before they start reading but please also offer mindless snacking options. Cut up fruit might be a good option, but without grapes because they take at least as much effort to stab with a fork as a pie takes to cut and scoop.

    Good luck!!

  275. The space sounds amazing and I lol forward to seeing the transformation. I wish I lived even remotely nearby as I would be there helping in a heartbeat. I would love a local bookstore where I could drink wine along with little plates of nibbles – things like cheese, meat, and crackers, olives, nuts, fruit, etc. kind of like charcuterie and antipasto but on small plates (like tapas).

  276. I would come to Texas (from CANADA) just to come here. Amazing news. Please serve Miss Vickies chips. Love, Ardra

  277. I’m so excited for you and your new adventure! Just wanted to wish you all the best of luck!!! (Also, I like eating cheese while I read. Plus if you have cheese in your shop, you could quote Monty Python’s Cheese Shop all the time, and everyone would think it’s perfectly appropriate.)

  278. Do you have a website for Nowhere yet? I’m too far to visit but would LOVE to send you business electronically…..
    Congrats! You are an inspiration!

  279. I am SO excited about our new bookstore. Wish I lived closer so I could help paint, Although, come to think of it, I am a really shitty painter so I guess you dodged a bullet there. When i visit, I would very much like a scone to go with my wine slushee.

  280. Congrats! This is awesome. I would say pumpkin bread and blueberry oat bread and Irish soda bread and chocolate chip banana bread(these are the breads I bake but I am in Chicago). Love the popcorn idea too. Excited to see all the updates and plans! You rock!

  281. I used to live near a bar that didn’t have a kitchen, so instead they had take out menus for all the local restaurants and would order delivery for you. You’d just go up to the counter and order from the bar tender, who would call it in and then your food would be delivered to the bar. It was kind of the best solution ever. Maybe something like that could work for Nowhere.

  282. Wonderful news! Congrats. As for food…two words…soft. pretzels. You could have both sweet and savory versions and all the carbs would soak up the booze. Win, win! 😀

  283. Dips with crackers and chips and crudite! And now I want to move to San Antonio just to be the Norm at your book bar!!!

  284. Charcuterie. Cured meats, cheeses, nuts and fruit. Delicious! And very clean to eat. Also, if you’re serious about drag queen story hour you should contact Rey Lopez entertainment. He puts together a lot of the drag in San Antonio.

  285. Love this and love you! I can’t imagine living day after day without you and your brave self!! I am so excited for you and witnessing your dream of a bookstore coming true. I vote for wine, cheese and crackers. Also margaritas, chips and salsa. And bread. And cookies, coffee and chocolate milk. Most importantly scary and weird books. But then I’ll need some kind of transportation assistance because I will be buzzed. Oh maybe I’ll move down and work as a Nowhere Transporter. There is nothing I find more fun than hanging out with intoxicated introverts talking about books!

  286. Road trip!!! I cannot wait.
    Someone has probably said all of this so just count it as my added vote.
    Mediterranean finger foods, good breads, cheeses, olives, fruits.
    Chips, fresh salsa, queso.
    Taco. Truck!
    Partnering with a local, indie bakery and/or deli for some on-site goodies and takeout orders.
    Decadent, sinful desserts like real Italian style cheesecake, turtle NY-style cheesecake, Texas faves like chess/chocolate chess squares, pecan pie, chocolate pie, and amazing carrot cake with tangy, citrusy cream cheese frosting.

  287. thrilling! anything i can procure from my stash here in nocal… omg… would be amaze-balls. audreywells.com as i know i must have a big sumthin’ sumthin’ or a just-right-af antiquated piece that would give its decades of patina to live Nowhere.
    [p.s. i bet i’d even DELIVER!]
    xoxo, brava/bravo team jen!

  288. This is RIDICULOUSLY exciting!!!!! SQUEEEEE! We have a bookstore!!!! I don’t live in Texas, but my brother lives in Fort Worth, so next time we visit him, Ima try to come see you. If I don’t get a hug from your very person at some point in life, I shall cease to exist. Also on the list of things I must do before I leave this mortal coil… own baby pygmy goats. You’re in good company. YAY!!!!!!!!!!

  289. I’m so happy for you!

    If suggest things like scones and cookies. Easy to eat with your hands type of foods.

    So I might just have to go to San Antonio once this is opened. And I have more money….

    Anyway, best of luck and I’m hoping for the best for you!

  290. I’m in the process of opening an Etsy shop and I’m also terrified. I am planning to buy several hundred dollars worth of supplies to make my items that may not sell at all! My best friend, husband and son think they will sell – but they are totally biased and probably lying to me. My new thing isn’t as big as your new thing – but new things are scary. If you are brave enough to do your really big new thing, I think maybe, just maybe, I can do my little big thing. Maybe if you hold my hand I’ll feel better. So let’s jump. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  291. It would not be the first time I’ve driven from OKC to San Antonio because it’s only like 8 hours and you know out here that’s just a fun weekend road trip.
    ALSO: for a mural, ask the cops for the name of a local grafitti artist, because so many of them have SUPER MAD TALENTS. Alternatively, DM @Banksy on The Twitter because I bet he would love the chance to mural you up. OR get some of those monks who draw the mandalas out of colored sand because they would ROOOOCCCKKKKKK at a mural.
    When I’m reading I like popcorn and/or cookies and/or chocolate bars (OOH HERSHEY BAR WITH HOT POPCORN SO YUM) and/or Twizzlers. Probably you should also stock plenty of wet wipes.
    You could also offer Door Dash or Postmates or whatever so people could have food delivered to the bar. I am anticipating cozy chairs in the bar so I can sit there for hours. <3
    ALSO ALSO I have a couple of author friends in mind who I feel would be up to book signings and shenanigans when you’re ready for that kind of thing.
    I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS, it’s almost like it was my own.

  292. Oh and PS I have a friend in Texas who makes the most fun and awesome cookies – again, when you’re ready for that, you guys might make a deal of some sort for some custom “NOWHERE” cookies. She’s super talented. Just something to bear in mind for the future.

  293. this is so EXCITING & and complete AWESOMSAUCE! So happy for you Jenny! Wish I could enjoy your awesome bookstore, but unfortunately…Iowa is a little further then a hop skip and a jump I’m afraid. If I ever make it down there though I’m sure as hell visiting! CHEERS

  294. I can’t wait to fly to San Antonio for this place. Thank you and congratulations, Jenny!
    p.s. I think some toasted nuts and cheese and hummus plates are delightful when drinking and reading, but I also love the sweet stuff (cupcakes, bars, scones) – a limited but diverse menu is the ticket!

  295. $HIT!!!!! My family (whom I don’t really like/) just moved AWAY from San Antonio!!! Just my lousy much!!!#

  296. I want to paint tentacles with you more than anything. Unfortunately I do not live anywhere near Knowhere… You need to live stream when you paint or work in our bookbar so we can all at least watch the fun.
    Yes, it will be alright and be great!

  297. Yes, it will be fine and great and successful.
    I want to paint tentacles with you more than anything, Unfortunately I do not live anywhere near Knowhere… You should live stream when you paint so we all can experience the vandalism and public intoxication at least virtually.
    much love…

  298. So happy for & proud of you!!!!! If I lived closer, I’d show up to help paint, but I do have books published, and I’m pretty good at drawing stuff, so…..let me know how to help!!!

  299. Olives, crackers, cheese… salty crunchy with wine!
    I’m too damn old to help paint but we live in Texas, so promise to come on over. Hell, we drive over there just to eat in Rosario’s and visit the Witte!
    Hey you Outta-Towners, San Antonio is AWESOME. Well worth a week long visit.

  300. Check out Say Si for artists to do your mural.. They are an art school down at the end of Alamo Street. The kids do fabulous art! They have done murals. Many of the kids go on to premier art schools like Chicago Art Institute. Also, you can get amazing art for the bookstore walls and it won’t cost a limb.

  301. At our house we are HUGE fans of graham crackers with icing. It’s old school tastiness!

  302. Congrats!!! As to snacks while drinking wine, cheese & crackers is my hands-down favorite! Chips & salsa is a close second. Good Luck! <3

  303. Dang! The newspaper story is behind a pay wall. Is there any way to post the full text to the blog? Also, now I have to add a visit to Texas to my vacation wish list. Though my guy and new baby will have to do something else while I try to figure out if I can read while drunk. (I am 32 and have still not ever been comfortable enough to get drunk but your bar sounds like it might feel like a safe place to do so.)

  304. Mmmm…red wine and chocolate chip cookies. Dark chocolate, if possible. Or brownies. Or a nice plate with good cheese and bread and some proscuitto and I know other people like olives even though I don’t. Or popcorn. I don’t live in SA anymore, but my sister still does so we visit pretty often and you’ll definitely be on my must-stop-at list. And will be my new go-to indie store to order from online!

  305. If you go with popcorn, get creative and have a flavor of the day (in addition to plain and/or a Nowhere signature flavor). Monday – honey mustard; Tues – Jalapeno; Weds – White cheddar, etc. That gets repeat customers to keep purchasing to try something new.

  306. I’m so excited for you! What an amazing dream to work toward. I live in Washington, but I hope I can visit once it’s open. As for food, I think a combination of sweet and savory is important…like a mixture of chocolate and butter popcorn (which is an idea I’ve stolen from a local theater in Seattle).

  307. THE USUAL OMG OMG Congratulations, Jen and family!
    OK now, the only way to get a book started is with a nice latte and an espresso brownie. Anything else is just taking up space.

  308. First of all, congratulations! As to your questions about food and drink, maybe offer coffee and tea for people who don’t drink wine? For food, I’d go with non-sticky type things. Cookies are good, pretzels, Chex mix, scones…anything that won’t stain/damage a book or magazine (because you know you’re gonna have people who sit and read but don’t buy the book or magazine).

  309. Have you read “The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend” by Katarina Bivald? I think you would really enjoy it 🙂

  310. There are thousands of responses here so you may never see this but..I think think the world of you and as someone who has all kinds of brain cooties, please take some precautionary measures for your health. I started my own business a few years back. It was my life long dream, a handmade jewelry store with all local artists. Shimmerwyck was awesome. But, I made mistakes. I expected it to make me magically happy. It didn’t. I did everything myself instead of hiring people who knew more than me…mistake. please take care of yourself; owning your own business easily takes over your life. Unmet expectations are poisonous. You have an amazing following so your business model is MUCH healthier than mine and I have no doubt you’ll do amazing things but I just worry about you and know the triggers. Oy, ok..I love you and wish you all the business and life success possible.

  311. Thank you for mentioning drag queen storytime because drag queens are fabulous and bring the awesome. My kids loved it and realized that they themselves can be awesome however they choose to be. Good luck!!

  312. That’s super exciting!! And in terms of food I think popcorn would be good and you could also allow people to get food delivered there as I know some bars do which don’t sell food.

  313. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name of your store – NOW-HERE and NO-WHERE. I am going to make a special trip to San Antonio to check it out. Reminds me of Guardians of the Galaxy vol 1

  314. Cheese and crackers! Definitely agree with the posts on charcuterie and cheese boards. Congratulations – so awesome!!

  315. FRUITS AND CHEESES AND NUTS. things you can sit and pick at for hours while you drink wine and read.

  316. I live in Austin and will be happy to drive down to SA in order to paint by numbers with you.

  317. Definitely savory snacks with wine for me. Nuts, cheese & crackers, olives, pickles, pickled eggs… 😋 Salami!!

  318. Wine and cheese and crackers, with a side of fruit…but , if I’m being honest…you said “popcorn” and now that’s all I can think about. I think, from your end of things- “gourmet” popcorns would be more cost effective and could really be crave-able…Set up one of those great old red carnival style popcorn poppers and you could draw people in off the street,lol!
    Then set up a little bar of savory popcorn seasoning options…Damnit…now I’m hungry again…
    You, my dear, are Trouble 😉

  319. Wine and cheese and crackers, with a side of fruit…but , if I’m being honest…you said “popcorn” and now that’s all I can think about. I think, from your end of things- “gourmet” popcorns would be more cost effective and could really be crave-able…Set up one of those great old red carnival style popcorn poppers and you could draw people in off the street,lol!
    Then set up a little bar of savory popcorn seasoning options…Damnit…now I’m hungry again…
    You, my dear, are Trouble 😉

  320. NO CATS!! if you have cats you will have to put CAUTION signs up. Too many people are allergic to cats, plus animals around food, YUCK!

  321. Any job openings? I could help make your children’s section awesome and/or offer story time or something. Of course this offer isn’t entirely serious because I can’t really move, plus my husband hates the heat… and creepy crawlies… and the idea that tics that make you allergic to meat exist. But you know that feeling that you wish you could just start over. I’m there right now.

  322. I could be persuaded to come to San Antonio- I have extensive experience in carpentry & all things maintenance, having grown up on a farm & all. I’m also a state certified bartender & have a food handler’s card. I saw you at a Half Price Books a couple of years ago- despite your crippling social anxiety, you were hilarious- my mom loved you, especially the Donald Trump & David Sedaris stuff. I’ve been following your blog for a few years now, after randomly picking up a copy of “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened in a FL library. Shoot me an email if you feel like it, I use the computer @ the liberry pretty much daily.

  323. It’s going to be an incredible adventure! Congratulations! Anything worth having in this life takes time, effort, blood, guts, sweat and tears… but it’s worth it! You only live once.. so go for it! ☺️

    As for snacks/eats/drinks, you could change the food and drink you offer seasonally which could be really fun! During Fall you could provide things like pumpkin spice blended mochas, pumpkin muffins, hand size apple pies, pecan bars, hot apple cider, and hot toddy’s! During wintertime you could provide things like decorated sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, hot cocoa, peppermint bark, spiked egg nog, etc! I tried to think of the least messy baked goods imaginable lol. If you provided a few gluten free options that would also be fab-gf baked good are on the rise and are pretty easy to find or you could provide something simple like cheese plates with gluten free crackers. Cheese plates are my fav lol Easy peesy!

    You could also purchase your treats from a local bakery and build business relationships that could benefit you and other lvendors. For example, if you buy goodies from a local bakery that bakery could then advertise your bookstore at their storefront (fliers, cardboard cut outs, etc). You could also work out promotions with them like if someone provides a receipt (with a purchase of at least one book) from your bookstore they can then receive a free regular coffee at that local bakery, etc. That would add more traffic to the bakery (who can’t order a coffee without a treat?!) and add even more traffic to the bookstore! Everyone wins! Also with that kind of arrangement you don’t have to make the baked goodies in store which means much less stress for you so you can focus on other stuff!

    Agh this is so exciting! Would love love to visit it! Would also offer to paint or make murals for you if I lived close by, boo living far away! Best to you Jenny!

  324. I want to help!!!! I help in the library all the time at my kids’ school, and I can shelve books like nobody’s business! I also love drinking! And I’m in San Antonio!!! I am so excited about the store!!! And apparently I also love using exclamation marks!!!

  325. I’m completely down!! I live over by SAC, so not too far a drive. Post a date so I can put the painting party on my calendar! 😉

  326. I totally think a dessert bar would be a fabulous idea with individual pies, cakes, cookies, etc. being served. You could ask readers to send in their favourite recipes and then name the desserts after them.

    I will do anything I can to help (I’m in Canada) and I will DEFINITELY plan a trip to Nowhere one day too!!! I love San Antonio and my hubby would not say no to a trip like this!!

    So happy for you Jenny! The dream is now a reality!! And now the fun begins!!

  327. Those roasted herbed buttered spiced nuts. Mmmm.
    Also popcorn.
    Also pie.
    Also peppadews stuffed with goat cheese.
    Also pretzels with dips

  328. Local food! Locally baked bread, beef jerky, cookies extravaganza! I’m so proud of you this is really great news. And William Shatner no less. (I bet he taught Wil Wheaton everything he knew about collating papers!)
    One other thought. Since you’re going to have food in a bookstore, how about having real towels to wipe your hands off on before you leave the bar? You could get one of those old-style roller towel machines that Albert Camus made creepy in The Stranger.

  329. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you.

    Regarding bar food, let me recommend cancha. They’re a Peruvian corn nut, if the corn nuts in question were made by the gods. (Calvin Trillin–hallowed be his food writing–once drew the analogy thusly: “[commercial] Cornnuts, which, being approximately the right size and color, serve as a substitute for cancha about as effectively as marshmallows, being approximately the right size and color, would serve as a substitute for diver scallops.”)

  330. I bought one of the t-shirts, an adult M. Somewhere I remember a warning that the shirts were smaller in size than usual, but it was waaayyy too small, and I think even a L would be too small for me, but, I gave it to my 13 yr. old granddaughter who constantly has a book in her hands and she said it was the coolest shirt ever! She wears it all the time. I will probably have to buy some in all the colors for her. I will recheck the website and see where I went both wonderfully wrong and also ecstatically right! Score one for the grammy!

  331. Oh my gosh so excited!!! I live in Dallas and my friends and I are super excited to come help and visit and OHMYNERVESTHISISEXCITING!!

    Carmel corn when reading and drinking for me. Oh and chocolate candies. Those salted covered chocolate caramels and chocolate covered espresso beans to stay up.

    Yay Nowhere Books!!! ♥️♥️♥️

  332. I’m so excited for you! And very jealous (mutters bitch under her breath). 🙂

    Murals are cool but I think your projection idea is wayyyy better. I can just envision the breadth of artists you could showcase.

  333. Congratulations!🎉🎈🎊🍾 If Capt. Kirk has given his blessing there is really nothing else you need to do! What about jars of penny candy? Cool ones that you can’t always get? Like Boston baked beans, etc? Just a thought!
    Your partner in this from far away New York-jen🤗

  334. I live outside of Philadelphia but am an accountant for a retail store in San Antonio. I NEED to find out how my company can send me on a trip once your book shop opens! 🙂 Congratulations! I know is going to be so amazing!

  335. I like to eat anything that only requires one hand so I don’t need to work out an awkward way to keep the book open without covering the text while I take a bite. I suggest snacks you can reach one hand out and grab and put straight in your mouth without taking your eyes off the page. Bite-sized everything!

  336. Hey! My friend sent me your way. I’m an illustrator based in Houston, tentacles, ravens, black cats and the like are my thing 😉

    Feel free to contact me if you’d like to have a look at my work and commission a mural. We can either just put a design together for the community to paint, or I can come out and install it for you.

    Congrats on the new store!

  337. You can do it! I can’t wait to hear how I can long-distance help!
    I second the suggestions of food carts.

    I’m imagining all of your charitable projects having a central office space in the shop, and also- teach someone-to-read nights.

    You are a rock star, we need more Jenny Lawsons in the world.

  338. So excited to be vicariously opening a bookshop through you! My daughter and I got to help paint a paint by number stage backdrop designed/drawn by Nimasprout (AKA Nicole Gustafsson). Great fun – I’m up for tentacle painting!!!

  339. You can do a LOT with a panini press!
    But that might require different licensing from the state. But baked goods are great. Just balance your sweet with some savory. And stuff with cheese. Helps soak up the booze in your system. 😁

  340. Do orange pecan cookies and lemon poppyseed muffins. They are magic! Disappearing act.
    Also, try any Aloe beverage from Korea. I don’t know what they do but it’s great stuff. Aloe vera applied to a fresh burn will make it as if it never happened. The plants grow just outside my kitchen door, near the grill. The beverage can put out the fire if you’ve eaten something incendiary, and it is delicious.
    Best of luck to ya.

    btw Having just discovered your blog today, I may have found a new addiction. At least you are low calorie!
    ….also, did you ever wear those hair rollers for real? ….or brush rollers? eeek

  341. Local artist here! 🙋🏼‍♀️ Happy to come help paint, or buy books in support, or just bring wine… You know, whatever the situation calls for. Super excited for you (and San Antonio.)

  342. I eat cookies with my books. 🙂 Congratulations!! As for murals, there’s an alley in Boise that’s called Freak Alley and has a whole bunch of artists’ murals all over and changes on a regular basis. Most of it crazy and wild. Is there a project near you that’s similar?

  343. Love cheese and crackers-but anything I can eat with one hand is great. I’m so happy for you. And following your dream is NEVER a mistake. Congrats! I can’t wait to get down there to see it!

  344. I’m an artist, and I thought, “Hey, I’ve had some male models in my figure painting classes. I could paint…oh wait, that says TENTACLES.” Hey, but I’m good at ravens and cats. I’m going to try to get out there next year. I’m only 653 miles away via I-10. Much love to your family and best wishes on your new endeavor.

  345. I’m sure someone else already posted this, but I’m not going to scroll through the bazillion comments to try and see, just wanted to say I LOVE the name of the bookstore and it’s logo. I always look for words in words and love how NOWHERE can also be viewed as NOW HERE. That simply encapsulates life…being “nowhere” and “now here” all at the same time. Love it.

  346. Cheese boards…all you need are, “Build Your Own Cheese Boards” with yummy meats like prosciutto & homemade fig jam with Brie on yummy, squishy fresh bread.
    I’m there!

  347. I’m so sad I’m all of the way over in New England because I would be over to paint tentacles and drink booze-slushies through a twizzler straw every. single. day. if I were closer!!

  348. Um no because I hate painting and am bad at it. But (and I hope this isn’t too much pressure), I feel like if it came out of your head, it can’t help but be magical. I would take a trip to San Antonio just to visit Nowhere. Also, I’m moving to Boise and when I get there I’m going to search Freak Alley for a painter for your mural. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freak_Alley

  349. I suggest you start simple and see what the experience suggests as the next step. But then that’s me, Im lady cautious, sometimes. And I am soooo excited for you, and frankly if I lived closer (like halfway across the country closer) I’d be there.
    This is magically cool. Really.

    Have you considered the possiblity of a game room, for people to play board games, cards, whatever?

  350. Thrilled to know you are going nowhere! I SOOOOOO wish we were close enough to pitch in. May I suggest male strippers for your grand opening?

  351. I would love to help! I can paint walls, unpack boxes, help with other things! Can also help document your renovation process with video if you like…
    I’m very excited for you. My wife and I will be good customers, and we live in S.A.!

  352. Bookaholic west Texas girl who wound up in Round Rock. Put out the call, and I am there!

  353. Is there room on the premises to host a food truck? That would be a way to offer people something hot and fresh and you could host different trucks. Otherwise, I love fresh popcorn with herbs or other seasoning, and old stand bys like chips and pretzels. It also might be fun to order in crisps from Ireland and the UK. Taytos (Taytoes?) are a particular favorite and I think locals would enjoy the novelty.

  354. Cookies, scones, cheese bites, tasty comestibles easy to eat with fingers, so you don’t need lots of utensils.
    Some artists to check out, who could go dark I think.
    Paul Jackson (Columbia, MO)
    Dixie Gay Friend (Houston)
    Neither tend towards the dark but could! They have the sense of humor to.

  355. Definitely amazing cheeseboards. No cooking and is great when drinking. I normally don’t like Texas but I loved San Antonio the one time I visited. I’ll be back for your shop and the river walk!

  356. I think you should offer Biscotti, Muffins, adult lunchabled with crackers, salami, cheese and grapes. Technically cooks but something with bacon. I love bacon wrapped dates. Corndogs and hotdogs and giant pretzels you just warm up.

  357. I recently wrote a short story about a scone that causes time travel. You should serve those. It was blackberry in the story, but I don’t think that matters.

  358. Chocolate cake, cookies, candy, anything chocolate goes with red wine!🍷🍫🍩

  359. OMG!! We bought a bookstore! It’s what we’ve always wanted. I think we should have hardwood floors, a bell on the door and that delicious old book smell. There should be scones and biscuits for tea, biscotti and chocolates for coffee, and cheese plates for wine. We will need to sample them all before making the food and especially the wine available to the public. At Christmas, an advent calendar with a Christmas book for each day would be awesome and, of course, sherry and fruitcake. I’m already imagining myself soaking up the literary loveliness.

  360. Cheese is always good with wine so maybe you could sell cheese & cracker plates? I can’t wait to hear more! Also my husband is an author so let us know if we can pitch books to you. I would so love to have a book in your amazing bookstore! This whole thing is so exciting. Wish I lived closer. Not sure I could live further away – I think Australia is pretty much the other side of the globe from you.

  361. Looks like there’s definitely a consensus, so I agree… soft pretzels with queso / sweet scones and savory biscuits (think pimento cheese & scallion, caramelized onion, gouda & bacon, etc) / brownies & little cookies but especially beautifully frosted cookies that look like Beyonce and Rory and the mice and maybe the taxidermied animal of the week / spicy & sweet nut and cracker mixes / caramel corn with things like sesame and coconut and cashews / nothing with peanut butter, it will get everywhere / maybe some wrapped sandwiches but super simple (non-messy) french-style skinny baguettes with butter and a slice of cheese and a slice of ham, no sauces or aiolis / assorted cute bags of chocolates and chewy fruit candies / whatever YOUR favorite things are to snack on! Do you love marshmallows? Get the fanciest, most wonderful marshmallows you can find. Cold cereal? Great! Make up some fabulous custom cereal mixes that are indulgent and fun and wacky and people will love them. Serve what you love, make this place YOU.