So yesterday I was listening to the latest My Favorite Murder podcast about Karl Tanzler, the crazy stalker guy who was so obsessed with this lady he stole her corpse and lived with it for years and tried to bring it back to life.  In the podcast they talk about the fact that after he got out of jail he wrote about his story in an 1947 pulp fantasy magazine called Fantastic Adventures and then later Ben Harrison wrote a book about it called Undying Love.

AS I’M LISTENING TO THIS PODCAST I open a package from one of my friends.  He and his husband are visiting Key West (where the corpse bride story took place) and they saw that I’d signed the lease on my bookshop so they went to an Indie bookshop (Key West Island Books) to find a gift for me, and the bookseller knew me and was like, “You should get her this.”  And inside the package was a signed copy of Undying Love and the original 1947 copy of Fascinating Adventures.


Anyway, I’m pretty sure this is a sign that I need to dig up a corpse or something but that sounds like too much cardio so instead I’m going to take it as a sign that the bookstore is a good idea and that maybe today we should be sharing the podcasts we’re love because honestly I need some new ones to listen to.

Here are a few I’ve been enjoying lately :

Over My Dead Body

Hidden Brain

For Keeps

Room 20

Running From Cops


Hell and Gone

The Clearing

Black Hands

Rusty Hinges

Confronting OJ Simpson

Against the Rules

Nice Try!

David Tennant Does a Podcast

Voyage to the Stars

Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonalds?

This is Love / This is Criminal

To Live and Die in LA

Beyond Bizarre True Crime

American Scandal

Twisted Podcast

Root of Evil


Off Book

Killer Instinct


True Crime Island


Cabinet of Curiosities


Pretend Radio

Love and Radio

Done Disappeared

Mission to Zyxx


Unhappy Hour


Ear Hustle

The Grift

Reply All

This American Life


Your turn.  What should we all be listening to?


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  1. -strangers
    -myths and legends

  2. My Dad Wrote A Porno

  3. 3
    L. D. Greenwood

    That episode was wild!

    But, I’ve been listening to a lot of Small Town Murder, Crime in Sports, and No One Can Know About This (the last one is my absolute favorite podcast of all time. Those guys are great!)

  4. 4
    Cristiane Young

    Secret History of Hollywood and Attaboy, Clarence! Both about classic Hollywood.

  5. The Dollop & My Dad Wrote a Porno

  6. 6
    Angela Murphree

    I Said God Damn!

  7. Stuff You Should Know, Doctor Death (the scariest thing I’ve ever listened to because it’s true) True Crime Garage, Stuff You Missed in History Class, The Last Podcast on the Left, and The Dollop.

  8. History Chicks!

  9. Bardstown and Crime Writers On…

  10. You’re Wrong About
    99 percent invisible

  11. Unexplained (with Richard McClain Smith)
    Family Ghosts
    Revisionist History
    Banned Library Podcast
    P.S. Since we have many podcasts in common, thanks for your list, because I will go give a listen to the ones there I haven’t heard yet!

  12. Check out Cocaine & Rhinestones. It’s about early country music and it’s f’ing nuts.

  13. History Chicks
    You !ust Remember This (maybe on permanent hiatus, but has a lot of episodes)

  14. Ologies, Death in the Afternoon, Flash Forward

  15. 15
    Sara M Harvey

    You’re Wrong About

    Something’s Not Right (which is very murdery and totally up your alley!)

  16. I absolutely adore ‘Death, Sex and Money’…

  17. 17
    Doug in Oakland

    They’re political, but, “The Professional Left” with Driftglass and Blue Gal, and Another God Damn Podcast by the Rude Pundit.

  18. 18
    Samantha Logan

    How Did This Get Made? will have you rolling on the floor laughing. Try to watch the movie they’re talking about before you listen to the episode if you haven’t seen it to fully enjoy it, but honestly listening to them without having seen the movie in question is still amazing. DEFINITELY watch ‘Drop Dead Fred’ on YouTube before listening to that particular episode because it is by far one of their best to date. Team Fred all the way!

  19. Invisibilia

  20. Twisted Britain
    Seeing Red
    Small Town Dicks
    Dark Poutine
    (If you like ghost stories)
    Knock Once for Yes
    Real Life Ghost Stories
    Pleasing Terrors
    Haunted Happenstance

    Just to name a few..

  21. “And that’s why we drink!” It’s a paranormal/ true crime podcast and the two hosts are hilarious and wonderful.
    “Ologies” where the amazing alie ward talks to all sorts of ologists, volcanologists, egyptologists, herpetologists, etc, and she curses and she’s the funniest science communicator ever (and that’s tough) I think you’ll love it and her

  22. The Adventure Zone
    The Greatest Generation (A Star Trek Podcast-not WWII)
    Pop Culture Happy Hour

  23. Oh my god! I’m 17 and my dad and I started a true crime/paranormal/urban legend podcast and I covered the Karl Tanzler story for it! So cool to see you talk about it! (Our podcast is Everything In Between if anyone is wondering! Here’s the link:

    But my favorite podcasts that I listen to are currently Wine and Crime and And That’s Why We Drink!

  24. Behind the Bastards

  25. If you need a corpse, contact Mike Perry He just did a life size corpse for !

  26. Ok so not a podcast but apparently there was a musical created based on that corpse loving book?? “Originally performed in 1999, Undying Love: The Musical features original tunes like “She Was Pickled and He Poked Her” alongside the haunting “La Boda Negra” (Black Wedding), which von Cosel claimed Elena sang to him from the crypt.” Sounds like a perfect date night performance to me!

  27. I just discovered Ghosts In The Burbs a couple weeks ago and am thoroughly enjoying it. Liz is a really gifted storyteller. Plus she says “fuck” almost as much as I do. 😉

  28. 28
    Rosemary Reichlin

    The Shrink Next Door, Someone Knows Something

  29. I will always recommend Who Raised You, and We Live Here, where one of the team members of the former is also working.

  30. I love Mission to Zyxx!!!!!!!!!!

    Everyone’s A Critic (not the movie podcast, the other one with a lemon for their image)
    Oh No! Ross and Carrie

  31. Somebody earlier suggested Stuff You Missed in History Class. I wish to second that.

  32. How could you possibly listen to all of those podcasts? Seriously, they don’t even fit on one screen! Anyway, please don’t dig up a corpse. This is definitely one of many signs that your bookstore/bar will be a great success. I may even fly to San Antonio just to visit!

  33. How Did This Get Made, Pop Culture Happy Hour, It’s Been a Minute with Sam Sanders,Stay Tuned with Preet

  34. The Moritified Podcast (it’s also on Netflix). Hysterical!


    “Anyway, I’m pretty sure this is a sign that I need to dig up a corpse or something but that sounds like too much cardio…” ‘Tis true!

    A while back I was doing genealogy. I found the private family cemetery for one of my lines. In this cemetery, I found the graves of several of my ancestors, including a g-g-whatever-grandfather, but I couldn’t find the grave for his wife. I looked all over the cemetery, but her grave wasn’t there.

    Later, I asked a relative online where the wife’s grave was, and why she wasn’t in the family cemetery. This is what I was told:

    The husband & wife had been having marital troubles, and the wife had gone to live with one of their daughters. While she was living there, she died. The husband insisted that she not be buried in the family cemetery, so the children buried her somewhere else. The husband later relented, and went himself to exhume her body and move her to the family cemetery, but as he has exhuming her body, he had a fatal heart attack! His body was eventually discovered and buried in the family cemetery, but hers never was, and now no one living knows where her grave is.

    Moral of the story: Yes, digging up a corpse can be too much cardio.

  36. I am shocked you aren’t listening to Death in the Afternoon. You must read Caitlin Doughty and follow the Order of the Good Death!!

  37. The Magnus Archives

  38. 38
    AJ-the short one

    Looks like I am missing out by not podcasting! Guess I should get my nose out of books and put on some earbuds. TY for all the suggestions….and please no graverobbing. Tends to upset people, love and not so live.

  39. 39
    An-the short one

    Dang I hate autocorrect. Should have been live and not so live…not love, although I do send love to y’all….

  40. My Dad Wrote a Porno
    Death in the Afternoon

    Amelia recently posted You deserve to be loved.

  41. The Moth

  42. The Dollop, Criminal, The Anthropocene Reviewed, Dear Hank & John, Delete This

  43. I listen to mostly true crime: Bear Brook, Broken:Jeffrey Epstein, Crime Junkie, Dr. Death, Mike Marker 181, Murderville,

  44. I thought you already dug up a corpse? Maybe not a human, but stil..

  45. Wooden overcoats! British comedy about a crazy mortician, his sister, and the tiny island they service. Things get crazy when a rival mortician sets up shop across the street.

  46. Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone
    In Our Time (BBC)

  47. My dad wrote a porno – laugh out loud funny!!!

  48. I saw a few others mention the Dollop. But they ALSO did this topic and it was HILARIOUS. Strongly recommend.

  49. I was so excited about Ghost in the Burbs I forgot to mention two other good ones:
    In The Dark

  50. TBTL (Too Beautiful To Live). On the APM network.

  51. I love disgraceland. His voice is so hypnotic

  52. On a Dark, Cold Night. It’s bedtime stories for horror lovers with insomnia!

  53. This Might Get Weird and Hannahlyze This

  54. The NoSleep podcast is great for horror stories

  55. In the dark!

  56. My Dad Rote a Porno. Started in 2015 and you really have to start at the beginning. IT just gets better and better

  57. Davesquared -two 50 something Dads just talking

  58. No such thing as a fish

  59. Zealot
    The Ladies Guide to Dude Cinema
    The Moth
    Hot Mic with Dan Savage
    The Butterfly Effect
    Revisionist History

  60. Astonishing Legends!

    Also All Killa No Filla

    Can’t wait to visit your bookstore!!

  61. I really think that The Magnus Archives would be right up your alley!

  62. I have a vlog you may LOVE It’s called ask a mortician and her name is Caitlyn Doughty. She (I think) has a vlg and has written at least three books. She’s AWESOME

  63. Astonishing Legends!
    Also All Killa No Filla

  64. I’m obsessed with Let’s Go to Court. Few things make me laugh harder than Kristin and Brandi talking about true crime and civil court cases.

    I also love Red Handed—again, two women (these ones British) talking true crime and just being smart and witty and freaking hilarious.

  65. The History Chicks
    You must remember this

  66. I’m boring, I’ve only listened to “The Way I Heard It”, because my commute is short and each episode is just about ten minutes long.

  67. Listen to The Moth (people tell you true stories about themselves in front of a live audience without using notes or props) and Mortified (people reading from m their childhood journals in front of a live audience). Both soooooo good!

  68. Australian True Crime, lLevar Burton Reads, Clarkesworld Magazine

  69. 69
    Britt Pearson

    Drunk women solving crime

  70. 70
    Deanne Ramirez

    Armchair Expert

  71. Seconding My Dad Wrote a Porno, I didn’t think anything could make me laugh that hard by myself in public.

  72. Terrible, Thanks For Asking

  73. The Good Place the Podcast hosted by Marc Evan Jackson (Shawn)
    Pop Culture Happy Hour
    The Hamilcast
    You’re Wrong About… (they take news stories/pop culture stuff and present facts rather than how the media portrayed things eg Lorena Bobbitt, D.A.R.E., Dan Quayle vs Murphy Brown, etc

  74. Omg, I saw that story on the Haunted Key West episode of Haunted History a million years ago. Her waxed over corpse creeped me out forever. Must find that book now!

    I don’t often comment, but this blog often makes me feel like “my people” are out there and this is definitely one of those times. So many great podcasts listed that I’ll be checking out now.

    Here’s what I recommend:
    • Dearly Departed Podcast (Scott Michaels’ dark side of Hollywood podcast, so many good stories here!)
    • Where Did the Road Go?
    • Strange Familiars
    • See You on the Other Side

  75. Ologies! Awesome, fun, smart science podcast with Alie Ward… “Ask smart people dumb questions!”

  76. My current top ten podcasts:

    Planet Money (covers everything from current tariffs to a poop cartel and stolen beaches)
    Radio Lab
    Nice Try
    Family Ghosts
    The Orbiting Human Circus
    The Thrilling Adventure Hour
    The Dead Authors Podcast
    Revisionist History

    Honestly, I could add at least a dozen more (it’s so hard to pick even my top ten) and am excited to check out some other suggestions listed here!

  77. -The Art of Manliness

    I am a woman, but I find so many of the interviews super interesting and they are very well produced. It is definitely more focused on more “masculine” topics, but there are a ton of episodes that would be good for anyone, including finances, communication skills, and history. Even the ones that are more thoroughly male oriented (like men’s fashion and style) are still interesting for the insight they provide.

  78. I read Undying Love a couple of years ago. It is not well-written, but the story is is so compelling that it doesn’t matter.

  79. Murder Book. Michael Connelly (the Bosch mystery series) does LA true crime. He’s done one series so far and I hope others are on the way. He’s got superb contacts in the LAPD, and he uses them for the series.

  80. To be totally honest I’ve never gotten into podcasts, the only audio-thing I listen to regularly is your audiobooks (literally on the 40-somethingth repeat of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened…), but a few of the comments here are definitely making me curious.

    (I’m slightly suspicious that your friend may have some long-distance mind reading abilities.)

  81. This! We are traveling across country via RV and have been trying to find a podcast we like. They all just went on the list. We don’t have a fav, but this is just what we needed! Thank you!

  82. I love when my fandoms interact or overlap. ❤️ It’s like all the people I wanna be friends with being friends together —and, y’all,..I wanna be invited to that party! I’ll try not to be a dork 😉

    Also, that story was beyond crazypants. That dude had a full wardrobe of creepy-crazypants!

    Pods you didn’t mention that deserve a shout:


    Something was wrong

    The shrink next door

    American hysteria

    This podcast will kill you

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  83. 83
    Kim Marquardt

    Don’t forget the Green brothers!

    Dear Hank and John
    Delete This
    Scishow Tangents

  84. Agree with History Chicks and Stuff You Missed In History Class, and also suggest Sawbones – A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine. (Remember folks, don’t still a hole in your head!)

  85. My faves are:
    * Hearsej – Seja Vogel’s lovely and warm interviews with (mostly) musicians.
    * The Art of the Score – Three music needs lift hood on iconic movie scores to see how they work.
    * Perfectly Good Podcast – Australian comedy musicians, Tripod (Gatesy, Scod & Yon), are joined by Andrew ‘Poggo’ Pogson to chat about 20+ years of the band, songwriting, RPGs and a bunch of other random stuff. Hi

  86. Your list is so interesting! Some of my faves are the last several you listed (like Ear Hustle!) I also love Hackable – which is guaranteed to scare you as to what can be hacked – and how!; Song Exploder – I’ve found so much great music listening to this one!; Levar Burton Reads – WHAT a great voice!

  87. Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World

  88. AND her fame spread through out the land!!! Fantastic.

  89. We Have to Talk About Ghosts (with Kevin Eustace)
    And I second The Adventure Zone, This Podcast Will Kill You and Ologies
    And Haunted (from Panoply, by Danny Robins), but there’s only one season

  90. Anything by Thorne Smith, Robert Benchly, and James Thurber.

  91. Ten things that scare me. Short, sweet and fascinating look at what people are afraid of.
    Everything is alive. About the “lives” of inanimate objects.

  92. Already Gone is a true crime podcast focused on missing persons, cold cases and murder.

  93. My dad wrote a porno
    Crime Junkie
    Escaping NXIUM
    the Dream
    Slate Presents.

  94. I think it means stars have aligned properly. The universe says yes to the bookshop. My cupcake lady’s husband told me about the podcast My Dad Wrote a Porno. It is amazing.

  95. Welcome to Nite Vale

  96. Oh Jenny, can you please post a request for streaming shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime? Please? A drug has fried my brain and reading has been difficult. As in I cannot remember what I’ve read very well. I’m working on fixing but for now I’m desperately searching for things to watch. Currently ‘Madam Secretary’ but man I need a break for something funny or dark or scifi. Something else that has actual dialogue and is moving. HELP ME.

  97. Old Vincent Price radio shows (some can be found on the internet archive). Did you know he played The Saint?!?

  98. Unwell
    And this is why we drink
    Wine and Crime
    Between the Wires
    Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar

  99. Most of my favorites have already been mentioned, but I also enjoy:
    Every Little Thing
    Spectacular Failures
    Noble Blood

  100. May I recommend my own? My husband and I are reading through the books I read in my youth (Baby-Sitters Club! Saddle Club! Judy Blume! VC Andrews!) and then we snark pretty hard on most of them. Husband is quite perturbed at some of the books young girls read in the 80s and 90s, and frankly sometimes so am I. Lots of nostalgic talk as well! We’re Fighting Over the Card Catalog at all the podcast places

  101. I’m not one to listen to podcasts, so I don’t have a favorite, but I am very excited about your bookstore!

    Lisa Orchard recently posted Could the Movie Wall e be Prophetic?.

  102. Check out The Uncurated Life by Cindy Guentert-Baldo. You won’t be sorry!

  103. Hey @Datdamwuf check out Patriot on Prime (Amazon’s video streaming).

  104. My Dad Wrote a Porno. Laugh out loud hilarious!

  105. 106

    Pseudopod. Short, brilliant horror.

  106. 107
    Elizabeth B.

    Armchair Expert (Dax Shepard’s podcast) is amazing; I can’t believe it hasn’t been mentioned more often!

  107. 108
    Kristen Kotyk

    Death in the Afternoon and This Podcast Will Kill You!

  108. Fortunately – BBC, two lady presenters, funny and current

  109. Crime Junkie

  110. And that’s why we drink – so good! You will instantly love these two!!

  111. 114
    Rebecca Stromgren

    There are so many good weird podcasts out there, but my absolute favorites are Welcome to Nightvale, Good Morning Nightvale, Alice Isn’t Dead, The Orbiting Circus of the Air (Which will have new episodes, soon. Or so they say.).
    Hell, just go here, and load up. because they are all really good.

  112. Qwerpline is one of my favorites if you’re looking for odd, quirky, and humorous.

  113. Every Little Thing
    All my other favorites are already in your list.
    And yes, it means that the bookstore is a fucking brilliant idea.

  114. OMG Pretend Radio is an old co-worker of mine from a dozen years ago!!!!

  115. 118
    Crystal Rose Jolliff

    I discovered “The Box of Oddities” through someone who loves MFM as much as I do. I ADORE IT! I’m even breaking out of my comfort zone and seeing them live next month! They even have fun offshoot page on Facebook called “The Litterbox of Oddities”. Followers share pics of our pets and weird animal stuff we find. Yay to the bookstore and to magical coincidences! Stars align and all that!

  116. Whoa whoa whoa… guys, did we know there’s a musical???!

  117. Wait, you can go to jail for digging up a corpse? How? Because it’s theft? Whom do dead bodies belong to? Or am I just being terribly ignorant?

  118. If I were a hippie, or my mother, I’d say: “I love the Blogess’ typo today, because it’s so right, we are really are love. We are love.”

  119. How do you have time to listen to all of those???

  120. The second comment here is My Dad Wrote a Porno and when I read it I thought what does that have to do with anything. I am seriously under popped in the pop culture pot.

    Sherry Cassells recently posted If butterflies can migrate all the way to Lorem Ipsum, why can’t I even google anything?.

  121. Sawbones
    Myths and Legends
    The Guilty Feminist
    Death in the Afternoon
    99% invisibles
    Welcome to Night Vale

  122. Someone Knows Something (CBC podcast)

    Uncover (also CBC)

    RISK (funny, sometimes dirty…like the Moth)

    The Daily (NYT pod)

    Why Is This Happening (amazing pod by Chris Hayes MSNBC)

  123. Says Who with Maureen Johnson & Dan Sinker

  124. —Hit Man
    —Noble Blood
    —Decoder Ring
    —The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week
    —How Did This Get Made
    —Family Ghosts

    I could go on . . . I have a problem

  125. Unexplained
    The Butterfly Effect
    Astonishing Legends
    The Ladies Guide to Dude Cinema
    Dark Poutine
    Real Life Ghost Stories

    kaami2576 recently posted Mushaf Novel By Nimra Ahmed PDF Free Download Or Read Online.

  126. I justjustjust discovered Sentimental Garbage, about romance novels. it is WONDERFUL.

  127. Ear Hustle. It’s a podcast from inside San Quentin run by a podcaster and one of the inmates. They talk about jail life. SUPER INTERESTING.

  128. Speaking of corpses…a man died at work on Friday, ON the toilet from a heart attck (his 3rd)and I immediately thought of you. Is that weird? I mean I now know someone who has found an actual toilet corpse so that HAS to lower my chances.

  129. This Sounds Serious! Fictional true crime podcast, and it’s really funny.

  130. Stuff You Should Know – on the How Stuff Works network. There are over 1200 podcasts by these guys. I listen to them constantly and am always entertained while learning all kinds of bizarre things. You should start with this episode – What can be done with a dead body?

  131. Southern Nightmare; it’s about a strangler whose first victim was miles from where I grew up and I’d never even heard of him. Granted, I was 3 when it happened, but I’m really into true crime so I’m still surprised. Cool fact: this guy was the first murderer to be caught using DNA!

  132. Tanis, The Last Movie, Tales from the Archives (The Ministry of Peculliar Occurances), and The Orbiting Human Circus are a few I really like. Those and The Shared Desk by the writers of The Ministry of Peculliar Occurances series.

  133. My Dad Wrote A Porno is HILARIOUS and will have you screaming at how terrible Rocky is at describing female anatomy

    99% Invisible is really fascinating

    as is Twenty Thousand Hertz

    I’ve also enjoyed Uncover

  134. You need to listen to “And Thats Why We Drink”. Those girls are hilarious!

  135. Superego
    The Underculture with James Adomian
    Hello from the Magic Tavern

    Ryan J McGillen recently posted Elvis & Tubbs #3 - Subway to the Country - David Ackles.

  136. 140
    Major Bedhead

    I hardly ever do true crime podcasts, but Casefile is great. I’m also a HUGE history nerd, so The British History Podcast and The History of England are my top two favorites. BBC History with Melvin Bragg is another good one. David Tennant’s is great and I love it.

  137. OH! And one more – This Podcast Will Kill You. It’s a gross and fascinating podcast about epidemiology.

  138. Words to That Effect

    Birth so awesome

  139. Cult Podcast is hilarious and fascinating, and my new favorite is call Memory Palace. I love Memory Palace because the podcaster actually makes you feel something even though each episode is really short (3-15 minutes). Highly recommend!

    emilypageart recently posted Tattoo Wrap-up #22.

  140. 144
    Little Orange Nail

    Everyone should be listening to “Crazy Good Turns” – It’s all about people an organizations doing good things and making a difference, and it’s just a nice counterpoint to all of the negativity in the world.

  141. The Way I Heard It–Mike Rowe’s podcast about the stories behind famous and/or influential people. Very short. “The only podcast for the curious mind with a short attention span.”

    Marca Tanner Brewington recently posted Just so you know….

  142. Experts on Expert with Dax Shepard, The Joe Rogan Experience (the Elon Musk interview is fascinating!).

  143. I saw Stuff You Missed in History Class already recommended, but I wanted to second that. Also, Krista Tippet’s On Being has been giving me life lately.

  144. Sinisterhood One of my new favorites

  145. If you are a fan of fiction podcasts I highly recommend Wooden Overcoats. It’s a funny one about a brother and sister mortician who run their family funeral home on one of the British Channel Islands

  146. Welcome to Nightvale, Ghosts in the Burbs, Lore, The Moth

  147. This Might Get Weird is a fun podcast with Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart, and I laugh at every episode. And Bunny Ears, the Macaulay Culkin podcast has some fun episodes as well (I think the Kevin Smith one was my favorite).

  148. I used to read and watch a lot of horror or scary things. I stopped many years ago now! I read some crazy shit like-American Psycho-crazy shit! I’m 55 now, I stopped ingesting this CRAP a bit over 10-15 yrs ago. At the time it was fun, scary like riding a roller coaster scary. I have dealt with severe anxiety and depression most of my life! I’m am so so sorry I EVER filled my head with that type disgusting shit! Big big mistake I feel at this point. What we FILL our heads with becomes part of us!!! I wish I would have spent that precious time consuming beautiful, educational, enlightening, etc etc books and/or media! I do now. But fuck I wasted a lot of my time and brain consuming trash! Don’t do this to yourself. It certainly will NOT help with your emotional issues and I feel, in fact, will only add to them! There’s enough horrific things happening in real life we must somehow deal with emotionally without adding more disgusting shit to our brains/emotions! I implore to stop! 💜🙏🏻🕊🌺

  149. Family Secrets!
    Noble Blood

  150. Have you listened to In the Dark or Dr. Death?

  151. I have been listening to UnF*ck Your Brain and My Dad Wrote a Porno. The later being about a guy who found out his Dad writes and self publishes erotic lit, and he reads it with his friends. It is the unsexiest thing ever and you will LOVE it I think

  152. Probably Improbable is fun. It has that fun-lady dynamic banter like MFM but it’s about beings from folklore, mythology, and urban legends.

  153. Levar Burton Reads is literally just Levar Burton reading aloud a short story that he likes. It’s Reading Rainbow for grownups!
    Accused and Aftermath, both by journalist Amber Hunt, are some other great true crime (non-comedy) pods.

  154. 158

    Maybe someone got to these, and they are more like serial on that it’s a container sorry and not an ongoing series, but my two are:
    Dirty John
    Loved Serial and those are my recommendations based off that.

  155. Sinisterhood! Two Texan comedian ladies (one of whom is also an attorney by day) who talk about all things weird, creepy, and true crime. Episode 13 is an absolute LOL gem.

    And “That’s Spooky”, a podcast hosted by a gay artist couple based in Toronto. A creepy and hilarious show, with lots of weird and wonderful stories I’d never heard before. If you love Canadian accents then you can’t go wrong here ;).

  156. 160
    Kerrie Lester

    West Cork
    Hollywood & Crime

  157. So many podcasts, so little time… I’ve been playing catch-up on Paul Gilmartin’s Mental Illness Happy Hour of late.

  158. I don’t know of any good pods but I was thinking of coming to your new Nowhere 🍸 bar and bookstore to help paint or whatever! I grew up down Broadway & went to A.H.schools.
    BTW, you are officially an ’09’er.!!
    I am SO excited for you! 💯🔥

  159. I really don’t listen to podcasts anymore since my favorite one – – stopped publishing in 2016. I know there are lots of good podcasts out there, but I mostly listened to them on my daily commute and now that I don’t really have a commute, I’ve gotten out of the habit.

    Library Heather recently posted In which I ask you to answer one easy question..

  160. Dirty John, S-Town, 22 Hours: An American Nightmare, Everything Happens with Kate Bowler, Southern Fried True Crime, Family Ghosts, The Dark Side Of, and Crime Town.

  161. 165

    Jenny, her site says 20% OFF FIRST ORDER WITH PROMO CODE. Not 25%.

    (Good catch. Thanks! ~ Jenny)

  162. “You’re Wrong About….” I cannot suggest this loud enough or often enough. It’s that good!

  163. All Crime No Cattle (about TX crimes)
    Haunted Places
    The Ron Burgundy Podcast (if you’re a fan of Anchorman)
    Serial Killers
    Unsolved Murders
    Armchair Expert
    Levar Burton Reads

  164. True Crime All the Time
    True Crime All the Time Unsolved
    The Fall Line
    Southern Gone
    Death In Ice Valley
    Brain Stuff
    True Crime Historian

  165. This American Life
    Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids
    My Dad Wrote a Porno (season 5 has begun!)
    No Such Thing as a Fish
    The Moth
    Story Corps
    Personal Best (this one makes me smile)
    David Tennant Does a Podcast
    Little House on the Podcast
    Hidden Brain
    Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
    Ask Me Another
    Hello From The Magic Tavern

  166. My very top favorite is Love and Radio. You never know what you’ll get – weird sex, weird creepiness, or just plain oddness. I’ve never heard anything else like it. One episode it’s phone sex dominatrices, the next it’s a guy who lets poisonous snakes bite him and livestreams it on YouTube. It’s crazy in the best way.

  167. Spooked Podcast
    Fanatical Fics (and where to find them)
    binge_mode (if you are a crazy Harry Potter fan like me, although they binge many things)

  168. Haunting History podcast.

  169. I listen to My Favorite Murder, Death in the Afternoon, This is Uncomfortable, Everything Happens with Kate Bowler, and Terrible, Thanks For Asking.

  170. My Favorite Murder, Last Podcast on the Left, The Smartest Man in the World,, This Podcast Will Kill You, Love to See, Teaching Your Brain to Knit, Clothes Making Mavens, Yarniacs, Redhanded, & Hidden Brain, Teacher’s Pet, & Factually

    For wholesomeness, Caenhill Countryside Centre for the morning rush hour, & Pasta Grannies on YouTube

  171. Lots of And Thats Why We Drink and literally anything done by any of the McElroy brothers

  172. Hey, by far my favorite podcast is “The Well,” by Branan Edgens and Anson Mount (of Hell on Wheels/Star Trek Discovery). It is a podcast about creative inspiration. 🙂

  173. Ghosts in the Burbs…but you have to start from the beginning. It’s a serialized podcast of ghost stories set in Wellesley, MA by Liz Sower and it is AWESOME. I’m obsessed. Also love the Something Scary Podcast (also has a YouTube channel).

  174. Omigod, I LOVE VV! If you are a big girl who washes everything in Tide & hot water & hates to iron, it is for you! And I LOVE YOU, JENNY! Sharing your story has helped me immensely…not cured yet, but am far more loquacious about it. Rock On!

  175. Chat10Looks3

  176. Oh man, how good was Running from Cops? I listened to it twice. I can’t wait for whatever he does next.
    Believed, The Dream, Dr Death, Patient Zero are all great mini-series podcasts.
    Wooden Overcoats will always be my favorite silly British small town humor podcast.
    But Noble Blood should win an award for best new podcast of 2019 IMO.

  177. “The Shining 2:37” – A podcast by a woman with an amazingly consonant-filled-and-hyphenated last name who goes through the entire movie, two minutes and thirty-seven seconds at a time. If you’ve never seen the movie, you won’t get the reason for that particular numeric choice.

  178. 182
    Jamie R. Waters

    If anyone has already added “Over My Dead Body- Joe Exotic” it needs to be emphasized again, so much to love.

  179. talkingaboutthenonos just dropped and it’s going to be good. Hard but good.

  180. Not a podcast–but I think you would love an Aussie TV show, Spirited. It’s about a very awkward woman, a dentist, who leaves her cheating, narcissistic husband and moves, with her 2 children, into the penthouse of a former hotel–and she is haunted there by the ghost of a Brittish rock star. I found it on Amazon Prime and it has ghosts, possessions, a heroine who is uncomfortable around people and often says exactly the wrong thing, and a cat who plays an increasingly important role. The rock star is unexpectedly sexy, I preferred season 2, but both are worth watching. It’s one of my all time favorite shows now. Rated M for language and some mature content.

  181. You don’t need to go dig up a corpse… You’ve got them all over your house! Perhaps a few can move to Nowhere? Special section!

  182. You NEED to listen to Caskets And Cocktails!!! It’s the a hilarious dad/daughter team about the dad telling his stories about the Death Care Industry (Yup, that’s what it’s called) owning cemeteries and working in funeral homes! It’s my favorite!!

  183. Crime Junkie and True Crime Garage ♥ These two are the BEST true crime podcasts out there.

  184. You MUST listen to Grownups Read Things they Wrote as Kids! So, so funny!

  185. Oh, I am very late to this, but I’m really enjoying Quinn Cummings gives bad advice. Short and sound and funny.

  186. Hi Jenny! It’s Suzanne from Key West Island Books. How very serendipitious that you were listening to the podcast about Count Von Cosel when your package arrived from Key West! Of all the books I could have possibly recommended…. Kismet! Best of luck to you with your bookstore. I just know it will be a success.

  187. I am going to recommend No Such Thing As A Fish. It is the researchers for the UK quiz show QI (formerly hosted by Stephen Fry, now Hosted by Sandi Toksvig) chatting about the most interesting things they have some across while researching in the last week. UK accents plus facts you’ve probably never heard? Weird enough for professional researchers to take notice? Are you sold yet? I will also recommend the Futility Closet as another fun weird tales podcast that is very well researched.

  188. Sawbones – how is this not on more people’s list?? It’s a topic-of-the-week podcast about old-timey medicine and the weird turns we’ve taken throughout history.

    Patient Zero – It’s like a deep delve into a true crime story…except it’s about Lyme Disease and there’s no crime to be found (unless ticks are the REAL criminals!)

    The Magnus Archives – Weekly horror anthology in the style of M.R. James but with an overarching plot and a bunch of threads that tbh I’m starting to lose track of a little but it’s still good!

    Spectacular Failures – Every episode they pick a different company that went really big and then exploded and explore what they were and why it happened. And make bad jokes along the way.

    Tanis – Currently between seasons. A textbook example (if there is such a thing!) of weird lit. If densely packed fiction weaving threads of existing (or slightly fictionalized) conspiracy theories, strange corporations with mysterious business, 19th century journals of a man conducting highly unethical experiments on people, and a pacific northwestern forest gone wrong in the style of an investigative podcast is your thing, you might want to check this one out. Definitely best binged instead of waiting for each episode to come out.

    Archive 81 – More weird fiction! Each season tells a different and strange horror story. I haven’t heard anything like it and I love it. This one’s also currently between seasons.

  189. I like the “Triforce!” Podcast.

  190. Swindled!!

  191. annnnd true crime story time, and crime junkie

  192. PS: Your bookshop should totes feature taxidermied critters holding books while dancing / barbecuing / hula-hooping / etc. – plus, it’s a whole new space / reason for GETTING MORE!

  193. For theatre fans, I would love you to listen to my podcast EnTrance Theatre Talk.

  194. My Dad Wrote a Porno.

  195. Occultae Veritatis!

  196. The Dark Side Of, Behind the Bastards and Creature Feature are a few that are GREAT and not on your list… you’re welcome

  197. My favorites are:
    Cabinet of Curiosities
    Our Fake History
    Wrong and Wronger

  198. The Anthropocene reviewed. Its amazing. John Green makes me cry and laugh on a weekly basis.

  199. Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone cracks me up. Especially since I miss the original Butterfinger.

  200. Small Town Murder! My geography knowledge knows no bounds thanks to this podcast.

  201. 205
    Amber Biliouris

    ” My Zombie Lover ” a collection of short stories involving zombies and love

  202. Sickboy (hilarious!)
    The secret life of Canada (informative)
    The liturgists (spiritual)

  203. And Harry Potter and the Sacred text

  204. I took Jenny’s blog list and the ones recommended by everyone here and put them in an alphabetical list on this excel spreadsheet.

    If folks gave commentary or links, I tried to include them here, too! Enjoy!

  205. Only one I’ve ever listened to on the regs was Welcome to Night Vale. Still want to cosplay a character or two from it.

  206. Snap Judgement!

  207. I love the Adventure Zone Podcast, its three brothers and their dad playing Dungeons and Dragons and it is actually amazing and terrifically hilarious. One Bad Mother is my therapy for parenthood. My friend loves Sawbones, which is a comedy podcast about medial history.

  208. The Unexplained with Howard Hughes

  209. Red Handed, Nothing Rhymes with Muder, & And That’s Why We Drink.

  210. Jensen and Holes: the murder squad
    How Did This Get Made (for when you get tired of true crime)
    Dax Shepard Arm chair expert
    True Crime Obsessed
    Hollywood & Crime

  211. Oh my gosh! No one knows about Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People?!?!?! I just quickly read through all the comments and didn’t see it mentioned but I might have missed it. This is a must! Here’s a link that tells u about it:

    lisa74 recently posted Join us in a Digital Climate Strike.

  212. The Horne Section Podcast (silly and fun) and Off Menu (comedians and sometimes chefs talking about their dream meals).

  213. I almost never comment but HOW HAS NO ONE SUGGESTED “WINE AND CRIME”?!?! It’s the best and I think you’ll love it.

  214. I listen to that podcast too. Which episode was this? I can’t find it.

  215. One more vote for My Dad Wrote a Porno!! My mom found it and the first time I listened I laughed so hard I had to turn it off because it was unsafe for driving since my eyes were closed/teary from laughter… and also super weird to listen to with my mom, but that’s a whole other therapy topic.

  216. You HAVE to…you MUST….you NEED to listen to True Crime Obsessed!!!! You will not be sorry. PLEASE try it!!!

  217. Snap Judgement’s ‘Spooked’ ghost stories told by the people that lived them!

  218. Genial blogs me encanta desde colombia

  219. The Box of Oddities! Its right up your alley and a gal I went to high school with started it with her husband. Its great!

  220. Ghosted by Arizona Drezfalez!

  221. *Roz Drezfalez. Ugh. Autocorrect.

  222. Ologies with Alie Ward

  223. There are already too many comments for me to read them all. Maybe I’m repeating, but my Aussie friends HIGHLY recommend:

    Teacher’s Pet

    True crime from Australia. Start from the beginning because I think they are either zeroing in on the culprit or recently finished it.

  224. A bit late for comments but compelled to anyway!
    Stuff You Should Know – there’s a reason they’ve been doing this for so long
    Hell and Gone
    People Fixing the World – amazing ideas and actions that give you faith that people care and challenge the way you live
    Unobscured – great but disturbing social history of the Salem Witch Trials. Next season about to start on the Spiritualism movement of the late 19th century.
    Dumbo Feather – Only about one per month but the people interviewed are inspiring!

  225. Aside from many of the ones mentioned above, I also loved Prehensile and Gretel; but they haven’t posted a new one in a while…I hope they haven’t abandoned us.

  226. Hello from the Magic Tavern 🙂

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