Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the sweetest man I ever married.

Thank you for loving us even when you don’t understand us.  There’s no one else I’d rather perplex.

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  1. Happy Birthday Victor. You have a wonderful family, great job! (Jenny and Hailey – I know he didn’t do it alone, but, it is his birthday!).

  2. I hope you all are enjoying Victor’s birthday. If you were in France I would say “Let them eat cake”.

  3. You know how sometimes you love someone you don’t know because they love someone you love that you also don’t know (IRL, anyway)? It’s like that.
    Happy Birthday, Victor!

  4. Happy birthday, Victor! I’m as much a fan of you as I am the lovely women in your family. That’s The Vatican behind you, am I right?

  5. A very Happy Birthday to Victor. A guy born at the end of September has to be pretty awesome. (from another guy born at the end of September….so I know- ha ha

  6. Happy birthday victor!!!!! He looks so happy Jenny, I think it’s time to annoy him 😂😂😂😂 seriously happy birthday Victor

  7. wow what a lot of happy birthday cards you got, Victor. Mine is the stand up one with the ratty looking stuffed otter on it…Happy birthday, sir.

  8. Damn, he is handsome! BEST days to all of you. Have fun, it’s flippen snowing here…groan.

  9. Happy Birthday to Victor, the most WONDERFUL man in the world, and the LUCKIEST man to be Jenny’s husband and Bailey’s father!!!

  10. Victor, wishing you a most Happy Birthday and an exciting new year. You and Jenny have accomplished so much together, and it’s obvious that you were meant to be together. You are the Yin to her Yang and the most incredible man she could ever have hoped to spend her life with. Bo-polar disorder is all-consuming, and I, like Jenny, have been fortunate enough to find a man who loves me for who I am. You are the true North in her life, and on this special day, we say “Happy Birthday” to the incredible husband, partner, and father that you are. Best wishes Victor!!

  11. Happy birthday, Victor! Keep shaking your head as you walk away grinning and shrugging your shoulders. You’re a blessing and have been blessed.

  12. Happy birthday, Victor!

    And happy birthday, Hailey!

    And even happy birthday to you, Jenny, though I know I missed it!

    You guys give me hope in the world.

    (And next year, if you need help carrying luggage, I’m available. :DDD)

  13. I know this trip was a little harder for you than the last one, but Victor looks so happy to have his favorite people being honest with themselves and true to who they are. I am so happy for everyone in that picture.

  14. Ah, I get to share a birthday with your kind, wonderful husband. Happy Birthday Victor.
    Best wishes for an amazing year ahead.

  15. Happy Birthday! Here’s to many more years of giant metal chickens on your doorstep!

  16. What a wonderful family picture! The amazing memories you will have of this trip together.
    Happy Birthdays
    Savor every moment… happy or sad, scary or comforting… for they comprise the tapestry of your life at this moment.
    (((Hugs))) to you all!!

  17. Happy Birthday!! What a beautiful family. I’m proud to know you, as it were. 😎🖖 for the birthday boy I give two robots🤖🤖 and a spaceship 🚀 🎉🎉🖖

  18. Happy Birthday, Victor! I’m sending you and Jenny a replica of the giant blue rooster from the Minneapolis Walker Museum Outdoor Art Exhibit (to keep Beyonce company). But don’t tell anyone, because it is a surprise.

    More seriously, you have the patience of a saint, and your reward is our admiration, and being loved by a beautiful wife and an amazing daughter.

  19. belated happy birthday. Thank you for your part of the happiness Jenny brings us.

  20. Jenny: Takes one to know one pal and boy oh boy did we both draw the lottery on hubby’s!! SO RAISIN’ A GLASS TO YOURS!! HERE-HERE VICTOR! Made it another year with the madness and sweeet love:) XOXOXOXOXOXStacy

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