Y’all are too damn talented but I’m not complaining.

So some time next week (fingers crossed!) the Nowhere Bookshop will be live!  And that means you can help support the store by buying shirts and mugs and my signed books and totes and other lovely things.  And as a thank you for all your help I’m going to be dropping self-adhesive bookplates into the packages as long as my printer keeps working.

My friend Deni Kendig, artist and recovering taxidermist, created the bookplates and they are AMAZING.  For real, ya’ll.  Take a look:

The shop is coming along slowly but turns out that permits and assorted bullshit take longer than expected, but it almost looks like a real shop if you don’t look inside at what is most certainly the most “before” looking before-and-after picture ever.  Please send prayers and reliable contractors.

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  1. If I were closer I’d already be camped out so I could go in just to shout “FIRST!”

  2. So wish I lived closer! Positive thoughts for reliable contractors, because they’re difficult to come by. I believe that you will have good luck, though — Karma is so on your side!! <3

  3. That lamp over the door is perfect! Is that something new that you picked out or did it just come with the place? I kinda hope some birds build a nest on it though.

  4. Great placement of the power pole cross in the photo. Ha! So churchy. 😊

    Looking forward to buying your swag and coming to see you when I can scrape up airfare!

  5. Lighting candles, saying prayers, contemplating voodoo dolls to ensure reliable contractors. I wish I was closer so I could go in person once it’s opened. I have a terrifying milestone birthday coming up, I’m going to drop heavy hints that a t-shirt/tote/book would make it better to my family. Cheering for you!!

  6. I am so excited! I may drive down Broadway to see if I can find it and peek through the windows! Lol!

  7. I’m sure it will be amazing. I’ve never been to Texas but I’m considering making a trip just for your store. Can’t wait until it is live!

  8. Congratulations Ms Jenny ! Dreams really do come true ! (With a lot of hard work) So happy for you ! Maybe one day I will be finacially able to support you and buy all the good things But until then, I will be cheering you on ! Depression lies and Dreams to come true ! You go girl !

  9. The cross-shaped telephone pole centered over your logo has to be a good sign, right? Definitely yes.

  10. I am so excited! We will be down your way next summer and I told my husband WE ARE GOING TO JENNY’S BOOKSTORE even if we don’t see any of the other sights down there. Can’t wait!

  11. I still can’t believe this is all happening so fast! When you first announced it, I figured maybe a year or two, but you’re making this happen at lightning speed! I can’t wait to sport all the Nowhere Books swag!

  12. OH VERY exciting and that bookplate IS AMAZING!!! I love it. congratulations, love you!

  13. I’m so excited! I’m going to be in New Braunfels over Thanksgiving and I’m seriously debating driving into San Antonio to take a picture at the window if you aren’t open yet since I likely won’t be back that way for a while. And I’ll definitely be ordering stuff next week. I can’t wait!

  14. I will definitely go and being my boyfriend who is currently reading let’s pretend!

  15. great start!! i was thrown by the power line crushing your logo with a giant cross, lol! maybe it will ward off evil contractors? the book plate IS amazing. such wonderful talent. i have to use up some vacation days by years end, you need some cheap labor? altho, i would have to sleep in the store….

  16. I was wondering why the logo on the window had a large cross on it until i realized that was a telephone pole reflecting from across the street.

  17. Fabulous that you are seeing a dream turn into reality. Best of luck on your new adventure!

  18. So so excited for you!

    I may be in San Antonio in February 2020 on a work trip,and hopefully I’ll have time to visit your shop! Your bookplates look fabulous!

  19. AAAAHHHHHHH!!! It’s happening it’s happening it’s happening! I’m just so excited for you, cheering you on and sending tons of good-luck vibes every step of the way! (Now if only I could find a magic carpet to fly me there for the opening…)

  20. Good to see things are moving into place, however slowly. Congratulations, I will be visiting the shop in my imagination as soon as it opens. I already have pictures of how it will look. ❤️❤️❤️

  21. I so want to know the story behind recovering taxidermist 😂😂😂😂. Love ya Jenny hope I have money to buy a shirt

  22. Prayers and reliable contractors – the most fervent wish of every brick and mortar entrepreneur.

  23. I’m a lurker, but one who adores you, Jenny, wholeheartedly, for doing all the hard stuff even when it’s so hard it feels like the only right answer is to hide under blankets until the end of time. But I am delurking because – even though I live in Massachusetts, I’m going to be in San Antonio for a conference next May! And I really hope that I can spend way too much money there by then. And if it’s not ready for me to impulse buy a bunch of stuff by then? Eh, no worries. I’ll have a great conference, and I’ll sneak away to eat amazing food and see a place I’ve never been before. No matter how anxious it makes me. I wish you all success, and if I can order from you from MA, I will!! Thanks for being there for all of us weirdos.

  24. I’m so excited for you! Even you are just a little nervous. But your bookstore will be fabulous and that bookplate is so beautiful. Definitely a reason to buy books!!

  25. Ooooooh, what a gorgeous design!!! I can’t wait for your store to open…I may never get a chance to come visit, but I’m excited just the same!!!

  26. So happy for you ! And excited for us, this world needs more book stores especially ones that understand unique people (and offer a refuge from the real world). The book plate is AWESOME, I love it !

  27. I would be here at least once a week if I lived close enough. I wish you all the magic in the universe, you are such a gift to those of us who live on the edge and dance at the abyss…Blessings on this marvelous shop of wonders…

  28. Sending you so much love and excitement right now! This endeavor will be one of your best creations. I’m anticipating all of the magic and wonder that will be in your little bookshop. I can’t wait to visit!

  29. Jenny, my wife and I are anxiously awaiting the opening!! We can’t wait come come with credit cards in hand to load up on Christmas gifts to ourselves, each other, and everyone else. Can’t wait to start being one of your regulars.
    Congratulations on getting closer.

  30. Congratulations on your dream come true! Visiting your bookshop will be at the top of my list next time I visit San Antonio.

  31. So Excited for you! I wish I lived close enough to visit, hang out, have a cuppa and roam the stacks. I would never leave. Instead I will plan a special cross country adventure to Nowhere and collect tons of swag to inspire me. The violates are simply scrumptious and amazing! It is Happening!

  32. Oh sheesh! I wrote bookplates and it autocorrected to violates! How can you have a simply scrumptious violates????? Give me a break!!!

  33. Can’t wait! Will have to shop online at first but one day will venture back to that foreign country called Texas. Indie bookstores rock and you roll!

  34. Will you have gift cards in your online shop? Because my sister lives in SA and a Nowhere gift card is my entire plan for her Christmas gift. Not that she wouldn’t also love some swag, but she would super love having an excuse to go childfree to a place with books and beer.

  35. I’m SO damn excited. I’m going to work some extra shifts and fly out when you open to escape New England – whatever season- 9 months of the year the weather is better there than here- and it will be so much of a better destination than an alligatored community in Florida!!!

  36. I SERIOUSLY NEED A T-SHIRT FROM YOUR BOOKSHOP TO SURVIVE LIFE!!! Please post a link when they are ready!!!! My life is not complete without one!!!!!

  37. Hi Jenny, am not able to send contractors but am sending lots of prayers… and will buy stuff and plan to visit…..and buy more stuff. I live in Vancouver, B.C. and go places to visit family etc. But have not had a place I REALLY wanted to visit in a long time…..Now, I can’t wait to go to Nowhere… Know that you rock with the fire of a thousand suns…

    See you soon,

  38. Your store is absolutely blessed! See the big cross right above the sing on the window!

  39. My daughter lives in SA about 25 miles from your shop (according to some mileage app). She lives in some housing development with streets named for horse stuff.. but I have already told her she will be visiting your shop as soon as it is open!!

  40. As a bat-loving caver, I love that your bookplate has a bat. I will buy something just for that! Good luck with all the crap. I love your writing.

  41. Can we buy a dozen or so bookplates? I have favorite books that so want to have these plates in them!

    I am so excited for you — there’s nothing like standing in a store, surrounded by books, and knowingm, “This is MY BOOKSTORE!” I can guarantee it will happen every time you walk in — you’re going to love it.

  42. Although I have left the bookstore world for the library world, I’m still terribly excited for your new venture and wish you all the success in the world. Plus, I’m glad there will be a source for signed copies because, even though I get 99% of my books from the library, I will always want to buy my very own copy of the new Jenny Lawson book.

  43. I’m so excited! A friend and I are definitely going to take a road trip to come see your shop one day!

  44. I send you hugs and prayers. I don’t think my contractors would travel to Texas.

  45. That is so incredibly awesome and exciting!

    I saw your picture of a mug a week or so back and thought, “oh, now that’s a handsome mug, I hope those will be available one day…” But looking forward to it all.

  46. We will be in San Antonio next weekend to celebrate my 50th (ugh!) birthday but I am more saddened that Nowhere will not be open than I am by my number of years. I “discovered” your work when I fell in love with Rory on the cover of Furiously Happy at a library book sale. I absolutely loved the book and had to read Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. Then I started reading your blog. Yours is the only blog I read. You make me laugh. You make me cry. But most of all you make me realize that I am not the only person whose brain is trying to kill her. I cannot thank you enough for that, Jenny.

  47. Ooo, I love, love, love the bookplate!! I wish I was able to travel and I’d be there to visit and offer my support. I’ll just have to send my love and prayers to the bookstore angels that you have a wonderful grand opening! And after I get my tax refund in the spring and have a little extra cash I’ll buy something lovely from your stuff online. I can’t wait for your new book to come out!
    Don’t forget that mistakes are opportunities for improvement, so if anything goes wrong at the bookstore laugh it off and make a note for the future…. kerfuffles will happen, it’s just human nature.

  48. OMG I love the bookplate. I now need all your (signed) books with those bookplates! And if you colored some? ooooooooooohhhh

  49. I’m still so excited for y’all. I wear my nowhere t-shirt frequently and it has acquired quite the chocolate stain. I may have to order another one…

  50. Probably not the place to ask, but I was wondering if you were going the James Garfield Miracle this year? I am wanting to give to a few families. I’ve been asked to sponsor on a few other sites, but I love the James Garfield Miracles because I can give to a lot more families. If so, let me know so I know what to tell the few people that have asked me. Thank you.

  51. will this be a used/new book bookstore, or just used, or just new? This is so exciting I can’t stand it. I’ve always lusted after a used bookstore, but hey, anything that has books in it, has my vote…damn I wish I lived about a 1000 miles closer…

  52. Are you interviewing for the bookshop cat yet? Don’t put that off, you’ll need it as soon as the inspector leaves.

  53. You will need a larger parking lot because you will be a tourist destination: First the Alamo, then the SAS Factory, then wind up the trip at Nowhere.

  54. You will need a larger parking lot because you will be a tourist destination: First the Alamo, then the SAS Factory, then wind up the trip at Nowhere.

  55. I would be that reliable contractor (of your dreams! -seriously- wanna see my yelp reviews?)
    but alas, i am 1500 miles away . . .
    i send the vibes across the contractors wire that they find you, and you them, and everything is easy.
    i’ll stop by to check their work (and buy a metric shit ton of books from you) if i ever come back to tejas

  56. I bought one of the t-shirts and it was really small. I gave it to my granddaughter. It is one of her favorite shirts. Can’t wait for the store to open !

  57. Did anyone else think that the telephone pole in the window reflection was a cross hanging inside the shop? I mean, it would be totally appropriate as this place WILL DEFINITELY BE CHURCH.

  58. Congratulations! Can’t wait to take a roadtrip down there when it’s ready to open. I’ll support you however I can until then. This is all so awesome!!

  59. Art Nouveau looks good on you! I was happy to see Rory and friends in the picture too. Brava for making your dream come true.

  60. Your bookshop is going to be a few doors down from Nothing Bundt Cakes?! We are all in trouble! (except the businesses, y’all will get ALL THE MONIES!)

  61. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but the logo for the store is just amazing. I love the font, and the image of the reader up top being carried away on a book is both fantastic and relatable. I’d like to think that if I lived in Austin, and knew nothing about the store, I would still wander in just on the strength of the graphic design :-). I’m gonna have to order a shirt…

  62. Did you notice that the store is fully blessed? Didn’t see the Cross over the name in the window did you?….

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