You are needed. No matter what.

Recently I got an email asking if Rory (the taxidermied raccoon) was available for a Hollywood close-up, as a singing character on a musical taxidermy pilot.  It sounded like fried gold but Rory is extremely breakable and every time he goes somewhere all his fingers fall off (relatable) and his brother Rory II is almost as fragile so he had to say no for his own self-preservation.


But then I had a thought…Rory III.


Rory III was a gift I got on tour and he is made of magic.  And a carcass.  And also some dolls hands and some cardboard tubing that makes him fit perfectly on a  bottle and makes him the best wine koozie ever.

Me meeting Rory III for the first time. It was glorious.

So I sent Rory III to California and he was loved and beloved, and this same strange little creature that Hailey and Victor keep insisting I stop putting in their beds was finally accepted and celebrated for his endearing weirdness and strange gifts.

And I got a few behind the scenes photos, like this one:

This is like my favorite sleepover ever.

The point is, you may feel like an empty, unappreciated weirdo right now but don’t give up because one day you will find the place you fit…the place where you were meant to be…and you will finally feel warm and loved even when you’re not totally filled with wine.   Just like Rory III.

PS.  Here is a link to the project.  I’m looking forward to it.

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  1. And here I was, feeling I had no purpose in life. If Rory III can be a star, so can I, right? (BTW, I think you mean carcass, not carcus.)

    (Ooh, good catch! ~ Jenny)

  2. That is an awesome story Ms. Lawson. Very inspiring. Again, thank you for the support :)!

  3. You sure this is t about your life??? Because I could totally see your life as a musical.

  4. This is timely advice, thank you. (And thank you for looking out for those Rorys.)

  5. Amaaaaaaazeballs!!! It does my heart good to know that there are others like me in this world who find things like your Rory III, to be “filled with magic,” instead of completely repulsive!” Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  6. You’d think there’d be more of a call for woodland creature wine koozies… I’ve had several squirrel/ potential woodchuck disasters and I wish the koozie option had crossed my mind. You never think, “That carcass would keep my chardonnay cold until it’s too late. Sigh. I do love that you have a Rory III. I can’t wait to see the features on Rory IV. You may have to go to model years, like cars, if you keep amassing Rorys (Rories?)

  7. Now you are required to have an entire wing of the bookstore for peddling Rorys. Every permutation for sale, forever. Although I guess groovy bookstores shouldn’t smell like mothballs.

  8. Oh. My. Goodness. That looks like a totally awesome show idea! It’s kind of hilarious but also totally expected that you’d get a random request from Hollywood!

  9. Didn’t these same ladies do a wonderful video/film about libraries or book mobiles or something?

  10. this seems like the start of a soundtrack to the stage version of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened….. Have you been working on yet ANOTHER SECRET PROJECT???!!!!

  11. I didn’t know about Rory III either. Just watched the clip for this and contributed! Looks like my kind of weird, and I want to see Rory III in his cameo.

  12. You know what?? It feels like they’ve kind of ‘taken’ your life story…and are going to benefit from it. You should lobby for a recurring guest spot!!!

  13. So much amazingness I don’t even know where to start! The great reminder that it’s okay to say no for self-preservation AND to learn of Rory III!!! I’m so excited!

  14. I need to see this show right now, please and thank you. At first I was thinking, “I’d watch a show about a taxidermist” and then she started singing, and I basically started throwing money at my screen. TAKE MY MONEY AND MAKE THE SHOW. I’m looking forward to seeing Rory III on the screen!

  15. AND it’s a musical. I can hear you singing the theme song right now. It’s so very you. My taxiiderrrmyyyy

  16. Google “The Moccasin Bar in Hayward, WI”. Dive bar meets taxidermy museum. What could be better? The absurdly complex stuffed animal dioramas features yodeling, drinking chipmunks in tiny hats, another, depicts the aftermath of a boxing match between two raccoons, with skunks as seconds and a groundhog as referee, Another features a poker game with a cheating rabbit, and one in a courtroom with a wolf as the judge. What can I say? Winters are long and cold in Wisconsin. Man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

  17. I can only dream that one day someone will see the magic in me the way we all see the magic in Rory III (and in you …)!

  18. So I came home from work today feeling like an over 40 stupid uncool failure. You have just become my beacon! Loving you a little extra tonight!

    Heather K in york, PA

  19. Your posts come right on time for my moods. Not hopeless inasmuch as bleh in my case. My sadness and stress unused to come out in my knitting. But now i cant see it. But now i realize it needs some cajoling

  20. “Fried gold” is now my new goal! And why you and and Hailey are not starring in this escapes me! With victor as the incredulous spouse! ( then again-you live it). Thanks for making my day once again!

  21. This is so YOU! Like based on your life. And it’s a musical! Does Rory get his own song? I can’t wait. You should get to go to the screening with Rory in a tux!

  22. Dude, I am feeling SO much like Rory the First right now. Really cool opportunities keep coming up and I have to keep turning them down because my proverbial hands fall off when I Do Things and stuff. I wish I had an Ashleigh III I could send to do big things for me!

  23. Aww, Rory III…what a weird little cutie!

    And thank you for those last lines – you always seem to know exactly what to say exactly when I need it (I’ve been having a bit of a rough time lately). I don’t know how you do it and honestly, it’s a little spooky…but anyway, thank you for your thoughts and this weird and wonderful place that gives me so much comfort. 🙂

  24. Oh how could you not be involved in that somehow. I’m sure Victor and Hailey think the place Rory the 3rd is meant to be is in Hollywood, far away from their beds.

  25. There are times when one may feel like they are worth nothing with all the disappointments they may face but with posts like this, for sure it is safe to say you are indeed needed.

  26. Shit. I got you the exact same thing. Mine’s alive, though. It’s a bitch to get the wine in and out, but it also doubles as a drinking game. I was going to mail it but decided to teach it how to get there on its own and do a whole go-pro thing. Forget it now. I’m keeping it.

  27. Just when I think I couldnt love you more. You relate a taxidermied raccoon to me amd I love you even more. Thanks for being you Jenny.
    Love, The Other Jenny

  28. I am rewatching Deadwood (the series, not the movie) and there’s a scene in which one character tries to kill herself. Another character, upon hearing the news, says, “Tell her she’s NECESSARY.” You are necessary

  29. O.M.G. This totally made my day! Perhaps I should ditch H.S. Theater Costumes for Rory Costumes….

  30. Ha! Isn’t it great when someone appreciates your weirdness stead of looking at you like you’re a potential serial killer just because you appreciate dead animals? It’s not like you killed the animals, you just wanted to give it’s carcass a fantastic afterlife!
    PS. I changed my name on my posts, because it’s not like I’m the only Heather in the world. So I put my childhood nickname I was taunted with.

  31. This exactly what I needed right now. I feel like a failure as an artist and a pile of mediocrity and phlegm (getting over a cold). I’m going to go hug a non-fragile dead thing. Or my 20-year-old dreadlocked cat, Pancho…pretty much the same thing, but smellier.

  32. This is SO COOL!! Thank you for sharing this!! I’m REALLY glad Rory III was available to be shared with the rest of the world!

  33. OMFGoddess – that unexpected pic of Rory III made me snortle my KitKat and now my duvet is covered in half-masticated chocolate and wafers! Totes worth it.

  34. I have a taxidermed frog playing a guitar. It was a wedding gift from a weird friend of sorts. Anyway, I would love for you to have it to add to your collection. If you would like it tell me how to get it to you. I could send a photo?

  35. I feel like this is a J-Law (Jenny Lawson) Biopic. 😀
    Also I want to see the completed project – a taxidermy musical is EXACTLY what Hollywood – and WE – need right now and I’m not even joking.
    THINK OF ALL THE FUTURE TAXIDERMISTS that will be inspired!
    Also there should be an Indy Short Musical Project Award Show called The Rorys and a little gold Rory statuette would be the prize and OMG THIS HAS TO HAPPEN FOR REALS.

  36. Thank you once again Jenny! I love how you share your very interesting life with us! It was super helpful to me today! I love all the Rories, and all their adventures! Love you much- Amy

  37. Hahah I love this! Definitely shows there’s someone for everyone just as a couple of other comments say. Good luck to Rory ||| on his new career 😂

  38. It has now been one week since first encountering Rory III… His malignant baby hands still grasp at my dreams… snatched up one-by-one like so many crawfish.

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