Welcome to Nowhere!

Big news…the Nowhere Bookshop website is open to the public!

And that means that you can now buy t-shirts, mugs, totes and signed or personalized books.  Will I write “knock knock motherfucker!” or “Thank you for hiding that body for me, friend” or other requested ridiculousness?  Of course I will.  

Over the last several days a number of you volunteered to test the website (thank you!) so I think all the bugs are worked out.  I sent emails to each of the people to invite them to try it and I closed the email telling them that the sizes were accurate and that I found that a size large fit me really well but that I’d probably do the 2X because I really love loose shirts.  Except that I accidentally sent it out with a typo to the first focus group, which means I told a dozen people in a professional email how much “I really love loose shits”.


This video seems only slightly more professional:


All the proceeds go to getting a new floor and accessible bathrooms and a wheelchair ramp and a bar and a million other things we need.

Thank you for helping make this dream come true for all of us.

Now click here and get your stuff before we sell out.  Free bookplates will be added to packages until we run out.  Go!

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  1. I need all that stuff too, I’m going to go broke just buying all this stuff and planning a trip to SA to go and visit your new bookstore and have you sign my copy of Furiously Happy with “Knock-knock motherfucker!” I’m so happy for you Jenny!!!

  2. okay, but i wear/love tunics, so how long are they? because I sooooo want one!

    (The unisex ones are quite long in the torso. ~ Jenny)

  3. Ack… Jenny, could you try to find slower Canadian Shipping. I wanted to order a signed copy of You Are Here ($15.99) and the shipping was $30.99. I just couldn’t do it…. Any options other than UPS? Thanks!!

  4. YO, can you keep up production til I get my next check??? These totes will be for Christmas presents and one for me of course!! Fabulous. Yeah, ‘loose shits’ can’t stop laughing!

  5. just got my XL tee – saving up for the holidays to get my girls tees too. Two for Tee, and all for thee.

  6. Of course you launch the merch right before I leave for vacation! No one will be there to receive the package if I order now! Hopefully there will be some left (or more on the way) when I get home in a few weeks. Will you be adding sizes in both colors for the women’s shits? Everything looks fantastic 🙂

    (I’m trying to get more of the grey ones in all sizes. I think they’re softer but the black ones are really nice too and are thicker. ~ Jenny)

  7. Yay! What size shirt are you wearing in the unisex picture? We seem to be about the same size and that looks like that type of fit I would like. Thanks so much!

    (A large. ~ Jenny)

  8. Are the mugs microwave and dishwasher safe?

    (It doesn’t say on the mug but I’ve washed mine in the dishwasher twice and it looks perfect. Haven’t put it in the microwave. They’re ceramic, which is much sturdier than porcelain. ~ Jenny)

  9. Hooray!!! Dottie approves!
    If I order s shirt, can I request some cat and dog hair on it? 🙂

  10. That t-shirt will TOTALLY be one of my National Novel Writing Month word-target rewards!

  11. Thank you for making accessibility a top priority. As the daughter of a man who has used a wheelchair for over 60 years, it means a lot to me as do the larger sizes of shirts. I’ll be getting one ordered today.

  12. I think Joel Plaskett should open the store for you -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hljW9uOcFpM

  13. I’m so excited that you’re offering a ladies cut v neck shirt. And I NEVER wear printed shirts (except the rare concert shirt or maybe SWAG (the latter of which becomes knock-around or sleep shirts), but I jumped on this so fast! ❤️ It and the placement and everything is great, which you don’t always see.
    I wish you so much luck and am so excited for you with all of this and glad to be able to support it a little bit from far away 🙂 You’re awesome and brave and have been so inspiring to so many people ❤️

  14. How many ounces does the coffee cup hold? I can’t tell from the pic if it’s big enough for my coffee addiction needs. Thanks!

    (It’s 12 ounces. ~ Jenny)

  15. Any idea when the sticker (or magnet? Can’t tell) in the lower right will be available?

    (It’s a sticker – indoor/outdoor – and it should be available soon. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  16. Could you please put what kind of fabric the different shirts and colors are? I like to only buy 100% cotton tees because I get hit and sweat really easily due to meds I take. I mention colors, because a lot of times, heathered colors are part polyester. I really hope to get o e of the tees. Thank.

    (The black ones are 100% cotton. The grey ones are a poly/cotton mix. I need to add that to the site. ~ Jenny)

  17. Has anyone mentioned that the bookstore is in a strip with a “Nothing Bundt Cakes”??

    So we can Go Nowhere and eat NOTHING? I just can’t.

    (Omg, I just now I got that. ~ Jennifer)

  18. My mind has been trying to wrap itself around the idea that the bookstore could be “no where” or “now here.”

  19. Will there be international shipping at a later date? I got so excited and then I couldn’t order.

    (Yep! Working on that now. ~ Jenny)

  20. Yay!!!!!! So exciting! I’m so very happy for you Jenny making a dream come true! Off to shop the merch 🙂

  21. Can I please order a shirt that says, I love loose shits?! AMAZING! Congratulations, Jenny!

  22. Totebag purchased! I’d kill a stranger to be there on opening day. Maybe even a person I knew. But, you know, someone who really deserved it. Not that I have a list started or anything…

  23. Must. Buy. Shirt!!! Why am I so flipping excited about a bookstore that I can’t even go to?! Omg this is just awesome. I’m so excited for you. SHIRT!

  24. If you figure out international shipping (selfishly, I suggest prioritizing the UK) let us know! I’d love to support 🙂

  25. Will you be adding overseas shipping at any point? I really need all the things 😭

  26. Will you be adding overseas shipping at any point? I really need all the things 😭

    (Gonna try. The shipping is so expensive though. There has to be a better way… ~ Jenny)

  27. Congratulations! Time to order! And because I’m so excited for you and for the bookstore, I will happily tackle traffic down I-35, into San Antonio and down Broadway for Opening Day. San Antonio traffic makes me stabby, so you know I’m excited. I definitely need a shit–loose or not. 😎

  28. I love that there is a clock on my membership in the Nowhere Bookshop Club! 🙂
    Member for
    16 min 29 sec

  29. Thank you so much for offering extended sizes in the shirts! It makes such a difference to be included!

  30. Bravo Bloggess! Thank you for making a place and space for people to be accepted. And once you go to Nowhere Bookstore, you are “Now here.” 🙂

  31. Maybe I’m late to the game on realizing this but ”nowhere” = ”no where’” AND ”now here“… how cool!!!

  32. Can’t wait to get my v-neck Tee!! Jenny, will you be posting about how those of us who are authors might get our books into your physical shop when you are up and running?


  33. Bought a mug! Will definitely make a pilgrimage the next time we visit family in Austin!

  34. Suggestion: under “Do you want this personalized?” I think “Yes” should be changed to, “Hell Yeah!”

  35. I love that you have extended sizing!!! You have to be the greatest person in the world

  36. Will you write on the tote bag if we ask very very nicely?

    (Of course! Just put a note in the order comments. ~ Jenny)

  37. I’m soooo excited! I really want to buy a v-neck shirt, but I’m a bit on the bigger side. I was wondering if there is a size chart? I clicked on the link, but only got the cute Jenny size comparison video….

  38. I love books and every time a book store closed a piece of my heart broke. We lost Hastings here in Waxahachie five years ago. Thank you Jenny for mending a piece of my heart with No Where. There is still hope for the printed word.

  39. Yay! I’m so happy you have black and also v necks, and lots of sizes. I’m a rather tall woman who finds women’s sizes aren’t always long enough, can you put a size chart on your website for clothing that has chest width, arm length and torso length for the clothing? Ooh, if you do sweatpants or joggers could you do inseam length? I’d love a pair of sweatpants or joggers with a full zip hoodie with Rory on it!

  40. Just seconding the request for a size chart – the link on the website goes to the Instagram video instead.

  41. I ordered my tee and tote! I too love loose shits, so much nicer than the solid ones that hang out for days on end and make you miserable. TMI, I know.

    When you grow up to be a full blown bookstore and ship books please, please, please make a tick box that says something like “Must be shipped by USPS.” Jails will not take UPS packages so I was forced to buy and ship books from B&N when a relative was doing time (Amazon and Target could not guarantee they wouldn’t “upgrade” my shipping). Not that I expect more relatives doing time, but I’m a realist and I’m sure others have encountered this.

  42. Yay, women’s v-necks!! I want to buy everything for myself, but I’m in decluttering mode. Will you be doing kids merch? My 7-year-old niece would totally rock a shirt!

  43. I know you are currently overwhelmed with orders (congrats!) but do you think you’ll ever offer hoodies? For those of us who’s social anxiety wants to wear a blanket in public? I live in tanks with a hoodie over the top (even to the beach, which my family thinks is weird) at home, but especially in public. Even though I think it’s cool, I wouldn’t wear a tee but would rock a hoodie. Maybe something for the future? I would love to buy one if so. 🙂

  44. So, I really can’t order a stuffed raccoon in a t-shirt? You might want to re-think that. I think he’d be a huge seller! Or at least a refrigerator magnet and maybe a changeable wardrobe!

  45. Stuffing the ballot box for stuffed Rories wearing tee shirt, and or fridge magnets with changeable outfits. In fact, all of your taxipets would be awesome magnets. I need them ALL!!!
    Also, Dorothy…

  46. Stickers! I need Stickers!
    Got my order in for a T-shirt and totebag, but it made me upload a picture and when I logged in its upside down!! I kinda like it that way!

  47. Mug, t-shirt, and personalized copy of Let’s Pretend ordered! Thank you for having large sizes…so many times things only go up to 2XL, so I was thrilled to see t-shirts I could actually wear. 😀

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