Completely and utterly overwhelmed. In a good way. Mostly.


Remember yesterday when the Nowhere Bookshop website went live?  And Elizabeth (our superhero manager) and Victor and I were surrounded with hundreds of shirts and mugs and books that I was certain we’d still be surrounded with a week from now?  Well, turns out I’d underestimated the excitement and support because we got thousands of orders the first day.

um.  what.

This is a real-time look into the various emotions of yesterday…

Me when I saw how many fantastic people wanted to support this strange new Indie Bookstore that hadn’t even opened yet:

Me when I realized we’d almost made enough to pay for the wheelchair ramp we’re adding inside the store:

Me when I realized that we didn’t have nearly enough merch ready to ship:

Me when I told Victor that I need to make a giant rush order to the local screen printer to fulfill everything that was still coming in:

Victor when PayPal froze my business account because there was way too much activity on it and they assumed I must be doing something illegal:

Elizabeth when orders kept coming in faster than she could possibly keep up with them:

Elizabeth when she found out that our screen-printer was running low on the shirts we needed:

Elizabeth and I when we begged the screen-printer for help and he found a giant stash of what we needed in Illinois:

So, long story short, yesterday was incredibly successful/terrifying.  The first several hundred of you who submitted orders will get yours this week (please share them online if you like them!) but if you ordered something we’re low on it may take a few weeks for you to get it.  I’m sorry!   I know we already say that on the website as a disclaimer but I still feel bad that we didn’t have enough already printed.  As far as problems go it’s a very good problem to have and I’m so very lucky that you guys are understanding and awesome even through our growing pains.

A little behind-the-scenes look:

Currently Elizabeth’s guest room is a staging/packing area:

And my house is filled with boxes and boxes of books that are all being signed and personalized:

Thank you again for your support and your patience and for the wonderful community you’ve made and continue to grow.

Check out the website if you haven’t already.  And thank you again!

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  1. This is so great!! I can’t wait to get my shirt and I’m sure I’ll order more merch down the road! Then I just have to buy a ticket to Texas when you open…

  2. So happy to hear your first day was such a huge success! Looking forward to receiving my T Shirt!

  3. So happy to hear this! We knew it would be awesome but it is nice to be proven right 🙂

  4. What a great problem! I will happily and patiently wait for my Nowhere tee shirt and Nowhere mug. 🙂

  5. Great that Illinois came through for you! Glad you are going to be a success! But I am a patient woman and will wait a couple of weeks before placing my order.

  6. I already received confirmation that my order has been shipped. However as I live in Canada I may not get it soon, but I will share once I do 🙂 So excited!

  7. Great problems to have….stay strong all your fans will pick you up! How is Dorothy barker BTW??

    (She’s very barky and demanding but other than than she’s good. Fingers crossed for good news on her next check up. ~ Jenny)

  8. So incredibly happy for you! You deserve all the success that comes your way! Thank you for being so painfully open about your struggles. You’ve helped more of us than you’ll ever know. ❤️

  9. Hey, Jenny, should those of us who were slow to find our ways to your website hold off on ordering for a week or two to let you get things sorted, or order now and wait…? What would be most convenient for you???

    (Hmm. As long as you’re patient it’s probably better now so that we can keep restocking and not run out of stuff again. But totally up to you! ~ Jenny)

  10. Well and there are loads of us that just couldn’t purchase yet, so it’s going to keep going. This is going to be great. 🔥🔥🔥🙌🏻🤗

  11. Yeh I’ll order later. Congrats on the amazing response. And thanks for the IT Crowd gifs. I love that show! And you.

  12. oH, I am SOOOOOOOO HAPPY for you and keep printing those tote bags, I’ll need 5 when I get my check at the end of the month!!! seriouosly. I love that this is over the top!!!

  13. I know you are currently overwhelmed with orders- but do you think you will eventually offer hoodies? For those of us with anxieties that are comforted by wearing a blanket in public? I live in tanks and hoodies (even to the beach in 90 degree heat much to my family’s disgust) so have no need for a tee but would rock a hoodie.

    (It’s on my list of suggestions. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  14. Congratulations! I’m happy to hear your new store is off to a furiously happy start.

  15. I hope you got your paypal worked out though 🙁 I hear they frequently freeze accounts indefinitely so that sellers can’t pay to ship out, and they can’t refund, and it goes on for months and months.

  16. GIRL and Team… take your time & know there are many that support you no matter HOW long you have to take to do things to your specifications!

  17. I ordered yesterday, but I’ll be ordering more when you expand your inventory to include my brilliant and not-at-all impractical ideas.

    Also, I ordered from GISH and that takes MONTHS so I’m used to waiting for good stuff.

  18. YAY!!! I know it’s stressful and your at your wits end but this is a very good thing and I’m so happy for you!! It’s going to be the bestesest Bookshop ever!!!!!

  19. That’s so awesome and honestly really no surprise to me! I can just picture ya’ll literally swimming in merch. I haven’t gotten to ordering yet but I’ll keep in mind that there’s a line and at the finish there’s a punch of cool stuffs!

  20. Dear Lady you deserve every success. Good luck with the epic screen printing order! And the money laundering defense with Pay Pal. xo

  21. I’m so excited for you! And you can write anything in my books you want. You deserve it!

  22. What a fabulous problem to have! I love this community! ❤ Even if I’m waiting a few months for my shirt, it will be worth it!

  23. I am not at all surprised cat you had this kind of turn out. I’m so happy for you and for us all. Send me my stuff whenever you get around to it, deferred gratification is my favorite!

  24. Sounds like you have all the problems a new business could want. I can’t wait to come visit IRL>

  25. I think you should sell the bookplates too, eventually. They are lovely! (And I really want one). I can’t wait to buy my Nowhere Bookstore awesomeness!

  26. Huzzah!!! I ordered my mug and can’t wait to drink from it and impress all my co-workers. And thanks for this post. I laughed so hard I may or may not have peed a little.

  27. I keep flashing on Grace & Frankie after Frankie promised free donuts and vibrators to anyone who retweeted (or something) about their company–looked exactly like the video of Elizabeth packaging. Congrats & good luck!

  28. You know, after almost 15 years of eBay business I still get excited over every little sale, and this news made me cry in happy overwhelm for you. <3 I feel like I might explode a little.
    Of course that also might be the ice cream I just ate which I’m not supposed to have because lactose intolerant, but either way.
    I wish it was in my budged to order all the things.

  29. Love that you’re using a local screen printer (as long as they have shirts). BTW, happy National Boss’s Day!

  30. It must be stressful as all hell, but ultimately a freaking awesome problem to have. 🙂 Congratulations on kicking ass and taking names. I’ll be splashing my t-shirt and tote bag all over the place once I get them!

  31. It couldn’t happen to a nicer human being. Well-deserved. Pat yourself on the back, friend, and let this be a lesson to you when the skull bats haunt you – you are ADORED BY MILLIONS!

  32. You’ve made such a difference in so many lives, we’re more than willing to wait for a bit.

  33. Congratulations — I am so excited for you! Having just opened an indie bookstore in June, I know the feeling of overwhelming love and support. I wish you luck, though you don’t need it — you’re awesome. And your books are on our shelves, of course. You’ve got this a million times over.


    (We met you at Rakestraw Books in Danville, CA a few years back — we were the women in funny vintage dresses who declared ourselves your BFFs. I still like to think so. Ha!)

  34. Wow, congratulations, how exciting, all the exclamations! So happy your dream has taken off in such an amazing way.

  35. Well I see that someone is trying to write “Knock knock Motherfucker” in my copy of You Are Here.

    I’m really happy that you sold out. We will absolutely wait for our order.

    Can’t wait to visit the bricks and mortar!

  36. We are coming back to SA next year and I cannot WAIT to visit your bookstore and buy all the things!!!!!! We used to live their years ago and are coming back for a visit!

  37. O M G ! ! ! ! !
    Way to freakin go!!! We all had faith, now you should too, you ARE AMAZING!!!

  38. I can wait patiently for my bag. I am so happy for the success of your launch! You got this!

  39. Don’t care when my order gets here. Your books got us, and we got you. #popularauthor

  40. No worries Jenny. If it takes a few weeks, it takes a few weeks. It’s a new business, people are excited for you, you have a large and enthusiastic fan base. It’s all good.

    Don’t forget to take time – yes, I do mean this – for yourselves. All of you – you, Victor, Hailey, Elizabeth and all the critters. Keep to a regular day. Tomorrow there will be more orders coming in and more to pack and ship. If you all burn out now….well, just don’t. Not on our behalf.

    I want you to be in business for a long time. Some day I’ll travel to Texas and make sure to visit.
    Remember to breathe.

    All my best,

  41. This sounds like Penny Blossoms on Big Bang Theory! So glad for all your success, even though it’s so stressful!

  42. This is awesome and not surprising at all! I love all the IT Crowd references too. Good luck with continued success!

  43. me honestly could not be HAPPIER 4 Y.O.U. [and the entire squad, obvi as there’s always SQUAD]!!!
    major props as it wasn’t easy sailing for you so inspired AND joyful by and from you, Jenny.

  44. Um, I can totally wait a bit on my order so that Elizabeth’s dogs can get the scritches that they need.

  45. Hurrah!!!

    I have a friend who does custom shirts and bags on a large scale here in VA. If you’re looking for more help I’d be happy to connect you!

  46. I went on to order, got sidetracked, so didn’t. Now I’ll wait! I can’t believe you underestimated us. I have 4 words – booksgiving, James Garfield’s Christmas. We are your tribe – what would you have done?

    Congratulations on this terrible success. You deserve it, as do the customers who will need the ramp to get everywhere in Nowhere.

  47. I’m one w/waiting a bit… it’s not really tee shirt weather here anymore I do have to say I can’t wait to take my tote bag to Whole Foods with either ‘knock, knock MF’ on it, or something else. They can be pretty stuffy at times.

  48. Just breathe. In.. Out… Anyone who is ordering this early is a devoted friend/reader/follower. We’ll wait. 🙂

  49. First, congratulations! Second, in PayPal’s defense, you do have an online store called “Eight Pounds of Un-Cut Cocaine” so maybe they had reason to be nervous. It was great to see you smiling in the photos with the shirts, hope it is still happening.

  50. I am so happy for you, Jenny!! Even through all the hard times, you come shining through! Congratulations and I wish you much future success!

  51. I love that you got so much support, and want to say that I have no problem if my order takes awhile to get out.

  52. I am so truly happy for you! I can’t imagine who would hassle you over a delay in an order. Everyone is so pleased, I am sure, that you are a big success right off the block.

  53. My order is mostly for Christmas presents so I’m happy to wait! Glad it is a success!

  54. This is so great! I was one of the lucky ones to place an order early and see that my t-shirt and mug are on there way to me. Yeah! So happy for you Jenny! I definitely have your new bookshop on my ‘to visit’ list whenever we get in your neck of the woods.

  55. Are you going to have stickers for sale. I need one for my lap to and some for water bottle. I’m hoping I have money to order my coffee cup next week I’m so excited

    (Yes! We’re sticking free ones in packages while supplies last but we have bigger ones that will be for sale soon. ~ Jenny)

  56. YAYYYYY! (I guess I won’t be getting that bookplate after all – I ordered about 5 hrs after the bookstore “opened” because I was too busy running my own bookstore all day. DAMMIT. I also wanted my book bag signed by you, but I suspect that won’t happen either. I HATE MY LIFE….)

    (I’m printing more bookplates as we speak. I’m hoping to keep giving out free ones for awhile. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  57. Naaawww, you didn’t think we would inundate you with orders ….. Bless!!
    I knew you would be inundated, so thought I would wait a few days and see (and also wait to make sure that you can do international orders and wait for pay day!!). So, um can you send out stuff to those of us not in the US? (please please pretty please with sugar on top – what if I send you a stuffed marsupial for your collection????)

    (We just figured out how to ship to Canada but we’re still looking for cheap shipping everywhere else. ~ Jenny)

  58. If my merch doesn’t show up until Xmas, that’s fine by me as long as you have what you need to go to Nowhere.

  59. YAY!! I hope to be able to visit family in San Antonio and pick up my own merch! Or will make an order in a little, if I can’t wait!

  60. Yay! Good problems are the best kind of problems. Hopeful I ordered quick enough yesterday that I’ll be in the first batch, but I’m happy to wait if needed! Congratulations 🎉🍾

  61. How exciting!! I can’t wait to purchase mine! I told my boyfriend that we have to go to your shop when it opens, lol. (We live in California)

  62. Awesome!!!

    If you need signed copies of other author’s books to stock your shelves, I might be able to twist a few arms. I know a guy. 😀

  63. I’m happy to wait for a long sleeve tee or a hoodie as well.

    So happy for you! I know it’s overwhelming, but you will find a pace that works for you.

  64. Wheelchair ramp?!? “I AM THRILLED!” Says the lady in the wheelchair for the next 25 years or so. My book was the first you signed in Milwaukee. Kudos to the manager of Boswell Book Company!

  65. So, will the store be open by the time I come down from Austin to see Randy Rainbow on October 25th? A mere 9 days from now. It seems unlikely, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask.

  66. So tempting to order, but I suspect a few bloggers here are going to scrape together funds and make a pilgrimage to NBS for our second random get-together and writing spree. Okay, last time we actually just drank three lakes of coffee and laughed at highly inappropriate things and times, but still. We WILL make it there!

  67. The beauty of owning your own business- you can work any 18 hours of the day you want.

  68. Mwahahahaha! I’m not suprised that we exceeded your expectations. You say “knock knock” and we yell “motherfucker”. We are the Bloggess Horde.

  69. Omg I ordered last night and honestly I’m super happy to get it for Xmas…..ok it actually is a xmas gift to me from hubby (he doesn’t know it yet)!!! Lol So very happy for you! Try not to stress I’m sure your supporters will understand for any delay in their purchases! It’s definetly worth the wait!!!!

  70. You are loved. I’m making travel plans so I can visit the store when it’s finished. When I told my sister about the brick and mortar store, she decided she’s coming too. I’m almost afraid to tell my girlfriends because I know it’s going to turn into a giant travelfest and that’s too many people to travel with, but I wouldn’t want anyone to feel left out when they see the pictures…

  71. Well, shit. It took me a whole day to talk myself into buying a gift for myself… Guess no bookplate then! 😛 Seriously, Jenny… Don’t panic. We’ll wait. And we love you. Take it easy, the stuff ‘ll come when it comes. Big hugs to all of you, working your asses off!

  72. All my money is tied up in Halloween but I’ll be ordering soon and as long as o get my stuff by sometime next year I’m fine with that!

  73. I admired the logo but on the shirt it is very boob-flattering and pro-boob I approve.
    Also I recommend watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix for home-shipping Dos and Don’ts
    Also Congratulations!

  74. I’m just kind of shaking my head and smiling here. I think it’s so adorable and amusing that you seem to constantly underestimate how many people love you and want to support you! I’m not at all surprised you got so many orders so fast! I wasn’t able to order until this morning, but there is no hurry, I don’t think any of us mind a little delay!

  75. I can’t wait for my shirt and I WILL share and be getting other things too. YAY,For you and For NOWHERE!

  76. That? That’s because you’re awesome.

    My first order was like #108. My last few were in the 1300’s. I’m SO happy and proud and have all the feels. You’re amazing.

    Did I mention you’re awesome and WE all knew this was how it was going to end?

  77. Gee, you’d think PayPal would know who you are and rather than freeze your account, offer you a dedicated bank of servers to make your account work more smoothly…

  78. I knew the sale had blown up when my order was #1509 six and a half hours after I got the notification email for a new blog post. Go Nowhere!!

  79. i totally have to watch my money (it is always saying ‘goodbye’) so, i am holding out to buy your next book, by you, from you! yeah! soooo, hurry up on that end too! bwahahahahahaha! almost kept a straight face.
    im so happy for u, i could scream. im so glad it went down that way!

  80. If things EVER slow down enough to take a breather, would you please look into getting some Bobbleheads made of all your wonderful taxidermy creatures? I want a Capernicus and a Juanita and I really want to see what kind of body James Garfield’s head could bobble on… And while you’re at it, how about a Bloggess Pez dispenser? Because you know how the saying goes… You aren’t truly famous until your head is on a Pez dispenser. The one with the curlers, of course.


  81. I’m so glad it started off so wonderfully! I’m still trying to decide which book to buy since I took a big pay cut recently (so I’m way happier but way broker). So more orders to come….

    Also, your book shop should sell cards to send to people who need a card! I still just love that movement.

  82. That is the BEST kind of terrible news to hear! So glad to be part of the support and can’t wait to get my shirt- no matter the wait!

  83. Please don’t stress…we can wait for our orders, honest! Congrats on the success!

  84. First Jennifer Aniston breaks Instagram and now you’ve broken PayPal. What an interesting day on the internet.

  85. Hmmmm. I see some really excellent and practical math skill areas here just in case someone is being homeschooled says this retired teacher.

  86. That’s awesome! I’m not surprised in the least. FYI, I bet you could halfway staff Nowhere with volunteers. Everyone loves you and anyone who is passing remotely close to you (we’ll be flying through Dallas and hope to take a diversion to San Antonio before invading family up north) will want to be there and be a part of this miraculous haven. My husband literally told me he wants to come in and volunteer to do anything needed – stock shelves, guard your office for your privacy, bartend, whatever.

    Your fan-base is global.
    …San Antonio might need to add Nowhere to tourist maps because my dear, NOWHERE will be a destination store.

  87. I’m trying to decide wheteher I should order a product or not. I really want to support you and not overwhelm you.

  88. Kerfluffles galore!!! What a conundrum, you are so loved by your followers that they crashed PayPal! And some of us haven’t even ordered yet! I can’t wait to be able to afford to shop, and maybe by then there will be hoodies and sweatpants. Then I can be head to toe wrapped in the proclaiming of strange love of books, cats, taxidermied characters, dogs and being weird, introverted, anxious and all the other glorious things that make up our community. If I’m out in public and I see someone wearing your merchandise, I’ll know I have a kindred spirit in the crowd and take comfort in our mutual struggle to be okay just the way we are.

  89. Is there a target date for the shop to open? I will be in SA in March and would love to buy mine in person!

  90. LOVE! So happy for you all. Congratulations (and I haven’t even placed my order yet but can’t wait!

  91. This is all SO SO SO exciting! I’m crazy happy for you! Also, this post itself is hilarious and the gifs are perfect. Thank you for being amazing!

  92. No worries here! I am still waiting for the IRS to issue my deceased mother’s tax refund I sent for in late April! I bet I get the shirt before that happens!

  93. No worries! Soooo excited about the bookshop. (I visited the shop yesterday just to catch the vibe <3)

  94. You’ve built a supportive little family of complete strangers here and I for one am all for it!!

  95. I just discovered your book FURIOUSLY HAPPY and all I can say is, thank you. I am a nurse with depression. I used to work in the operating room until the adrenaline I was addicted to began to take its toll on me. Now I have almost constant migraines and chronic neck pain. And your book, which my best friend loaned to me, has gotten me through some tough times lately while my husband recovers from a stroke. Again, thanks! BTW I lived in San Antonio for 10 years when I was in the Air Force. My girls were born at Wilford Hall. Now I must go rescue a lizard from my cat. Cindy, Tucson, AZ🌵

  96. My item is backordered, but I’m completely ok with that. I’m THRILLED you’re getting so many orders!!

  97. Mug and t-shirt safely in my hot little hands!! I love them both and now Justin can drink his tea out of a new mug. Wonderful job!

  98. What a great problem to have. Feel the power of your tribe. I’m hoping I can get you to sign my tote bag with, “Take a long slow breath. I don’t care when it comes.” That way, people will wonder about the innuendo and while you’re signing, you’ll take a long slow breath and know that the orders will arrive in good time.

  99. Congratulations! We never doubted it. Also, Richard Ayoade is one of the funniest men alive.

  100. your bookstore is going to kick ASS. And it’s just like you to underestimate the impact youve had on so many of us. We wanna be there! We want to support you! We want merch! And “IT Crowd” memes for the win! Keep up the good work. All business-like chaos should be handled with such elan and humor.

  101. Awesome! So glad that you’re doing even better than you expected. I think I’ll wait a few weeks before placing my order, give y’all a chance to catch up. 😊

  102. Jenny. I’m so excited a about your bookstore that it makes me wa t to visit Texas. A place that inspires a deep fear within my soul. I bought a shirt and I’m excited. But I have to ask, you’re using the proceeds for building things specifically for accessibility. Can’t uou just do a go fund me or some such and ask us for donations? I love my shirt but I would have just thrown money at you too.

  103. Hooray,Jenny!!! I tried to place an order the first day from my phone and my phone freaked out or maybe it was just me. Anyway. So now I’ll wait a week or so and place the order through my laptop. I’m so old school that it is truly sad lol. Sooo happy for you. Also, Way to go, Tribe!

  104. Order placed and I will wait very patiently. And Elizabeth’s black dog is soooo bored by the whole amazing process!

  105. Glad to hear Paypal finally caught up to what you do in your basement – haha! You are my inspo girl…just at the beginning but watching you makes me feel all is possible!

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  107. Waaahhhhhhhhh … me when I go to order a tote bag for all the books and learn that you don’t yet deliver to Australia : ( Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  108. I only want to buy customized merch if you can promise me that it will have claw marks and bite marks and fresh cat hair in it! 😀 Then it will truly be unique. Kidding. So happy that your new venture is off to am incredible start. I’ll visit for sure if I’m ever in the area.

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