I hate it when he’s right.

Victor:  What the hell is happening in here?

me:  I made 200 boxes so that we can ship more Nowhere mugs.

Victor: No, I mean, why are you inside?

me:  I’m making a fort.  Obviously.  What else would you do with 200 boxes?

Victor:  Is it a fort for dogs?

me:  It’s a fort for me.  If it fits, I sits.

Victor:  That’s my concern.  Isn’t it a little…um…little?

me:  Are you saying I’m too fat for cardboard boxes?

Victor: That’s not even a thing.  Also, I’m just going to set up my phone to record you when you inevitably give yourself a concussion.

me:  It is a little unstable…but aren’t we all?

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  1. Got my shirt today – love it! Can’t wait to road trip from Austin to see the store in person.

  2. It’s so annoying when they are right isn’t it? It’s almost like they have a lot of experience dealing with us. And I would have done the same. What is the use of 200 empty boxes if not to make forts out of?

  3. i found waldo in the first picture but couldn’t find you. 🙁
    BUT i did find you in the video and with bonus dotty!
    p.s. let us know when the cats storm the fort. 🙂

  4. Reminds me of when I was a kid living in an orange grove and building forts of boxes in the packing shed and then getting in trouble for messing up the nicely stacked boxes

  5. Box forts are the shit! If you can’t find fun in building a fort out of anything then your not as cool for school as I thought you’d be…..sorry not sorry….

  6. I feel like this is a rookie mistake on Victor’s part. Never suggest something might be too small for a woman to fit in it! 😂

  7. As my husband says, “Are you sure you aren’t related? Half of your family is kind of from Texas. And you did once build a giant cardboard submarine from a refrigerator box. Sure, you said it was for the kids but I know you better than that.”

  8. I will play in your fort any day!! Wait… that came out wrong. Long live cardboard forts!!

  9. Victor is such a silly man. Hard to believe he still doesn’t quite grasp all that is the fabulous you after all these years. Wish I lived close by; I would come and help you. The post office says my shirt is arriving soon. Can’t wait!

  10. Jenny! Stop pretending you are a cat! Humans don’t have the requisite dexterity to live cardboard forts.

  11. I love that you’re laughing. Sometimes we have to fight hard for those moments of joy.

  12. Thank you for the giggles today! I wanted to let you know that I received a post card today from your pen pal writing campaign a few months or more ago….I think I wrote a couple of dozen letters to random people. I loved how easily it was to just reach out and share some thoughts with someone. WE are all strangers until we are not. Thank you again for doing that letter/postcard writing post. I wish “Annette” would have given me her return address so I could write back.

  13. Hi Jenny – I got my signed book yesterday and I sqweeled like my 6 year old grand-daughter! Thank you and you’re correct – I am Magic.

  14. Omg I’m dying at the look on your face in the fort. You look slightly concerned that victor might be right. He’s not however I love your fort. You need a flag for it.

  15. Even the dog knows better… 😀

    I hate shipping things, so I’m very happy that I don’t have a room full of boxes waiting to be filled with stuff and then addressed and sent out. Better you than me, is what I’m saying. But I look forward to getting my stuff!

  16. We got a large order in the office once and my boss stacked up the boxes one the edge of my cubical, several boxes high. That was scary because the boxes held catalogs…. more chance for concussion!

  17. Yeah, but you thought it through. Sure, a box fort made from FULL boxes might give you a concussion, but you, in your infinite brilliance, made it out of EMPTY boxes. So, it’s absolutely safe and OSHA approved, probably.

  18. La La La, Building a Fort, La La La La La!! Never lose that sense of whimsy!

  19. I loves it and it is exactly what I would do with hundreds of little boexes! Knowing where my box was and what it’s been up to is important! I want the one right there, to be the one my mug is in. Minus cat hair because I’m allergic. You know the one I mean! It is special, like you. 💕

  20. Oh Jenny, we will be best friends. I have a homemade Tardis made out of a safe box in my basement. At first, my husband was embarrassed. Now he offers to show guests the lifesize tardis. I have a box room that I keep all boxes from everything that ever came in a good box. I’m a box hoarder. It’s kind of my thing. I’m 35.

  21. May you need all those boxes and more. Also, adults should spend way more time in forts. We need ’em. Why they haven’t caught on as a trend in coworking spaces yet I don’t know.

  22. When I was a kid we lived near a furniture and appliance store. Whenever they got a new shipment, we got new fort boxes, refrigerator, stove, washer, dryer, couch boxes…. our entire backyard was covered in box forts. And giant blocks of packing foam that we used as beds. We would use them until they got too soggy from the rain. My parents didn’t care that the lawn died under all that cardboard, as long as it kept the 4 kids out of the house and out of trouble they were happy. Give a child a box and you have given them the world of endless possibilities, give cat a box and they are thrilled, give a grown up a box fort, and they are a child again!

  23. You are living my cats dream. He’s going to be very jealous when I tell him. I’ll try not to tell him where you live but he’s a master interrogator so it might be best to consider moving your box fort to a more secure location…

  24. Suddenly, hundreds of cats materialized out of the ether and jumped into the boxes.

  25. What good are making boxes if you can’t make a fort out of them? Better yet couch cushions….better yet why don’t we make forts out of cats…a cat fort…dangerous and fluffy

  26. Well, I now have way more information about Dorothy Barker’s butthole than I ever wanted. 🙂

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