Happy Halloween!


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  1. Oh no, the photo’s not loading!

    (Fixed! ~ Jenny)

  2. Ruth Vader Ginsburg?

    (No, but that would be awesome. ~ Jenny)

  3. Melisandre Ginsberg?

    (Nope. ~ Jenny)

  4. Judge Judy Garland? The Notorious RBG Addams? I have no idea!

    (No but now I have so many more ideas. ~ Jenny)

  5. It’s a mashup of Melissandre and RBG?

  6. That dress is the motherfucken bomb… where ya get it?

    (I got it on Amazon. The cloak and the scarf and the dress for $90. https://amzn.to/2WwgHpJ ~ Jenny)

  7. Drusilla from Buffy? 😂

  8. Melisandre Day O’Connor?

    (YES!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Jenny)

  9. 9
    The Other Jenny

    Devil with a Red Dress On. 🙂

  10. You’re… going to the post office! That’s my usual errand-day outfit. Except my gavel is bigger.

  11. 11

    No idea, but you look fabulous! Where did you get that dress?

  12. Justice Melisandre of the High Court of Winterfell?

    Juan recently posted Our Masks and Costumes .

  13. Melisandre Day O’Connor?

  14. I had to google because I don’t know GoT, but man that’s awesome now that I googled it.

    Ryan J McGillen recently posted Top Five 10-28-19.

  15. The pun, it hurts. Please tell us about the dress.

  16. 16

    Yeah, I woulda guessed Ruth Vader Ginsburg too; but I am stumped. If I were going to wear a costume this year, a real scary one I could think of is an unafraid woman. (Hell, it’d scare half–males–the population anyway, incl. my Hubs. Ha.) But instead I think I’ll just wear jeans, my The Murphy t-shirt, and my red “Eve Was Framed” ball cap to hand out candy to the kids.

  17. You look fabulous!

  18. You look so fabulous, you should wear this every day just for everyday errands! Happy Halloween!!

    romcomdojo recently posted Nobody Wants to Watch That 5-Minute Long Video on Your Phone.

  19. I feel like The Doubleclicks would approve of this – see their song “Nobody Gets It” from their latest album The Book Was Better.

  20. So creative! I love how your brain works.

  21. The Book Was Better is a great album!!! Also, fantastic costume!

  22. You look badass!

    Donna Lucas recently posted What the FAFSA Comes Next?.

  23. If I want to understand modern American life, I guess I’ll have to give up and actually watch GoT

  24. Cersei Banister?

  25. Do you think she’d go out with me??

  26. Get rid of the gavel, and get a chopper or a hand ax and you’ve got it!!!

  27. I assumed you were the red woman from Game of Thrones.

    Gary recently posted Parmesan nut crusted dry brined rib steak.

  28. Justice is coming….I love the grin…

  29. I dunno, but you look SO much like Natalie Portman in this pic!!! <3

  30. I’ve got no idea but you look awesome!!

  31. I was lucky enough to get to see RBG speak, and she calls Sandra Day O’Connor her sister in “law.” I thought you would get a kick out of that.

  32. Melisandre Day O’Conner?

  33. This has nothing to do with Halloween (love the costume!) – I wondered if you had seen the preview for this movie. It seems right up your ally! https://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/stuffed/

  34. I have the same dress (I’m actually going as Melisandre for our whole office GoT Halloween group costume. Imagine about 40 people dressed up as characters to get the picture). I have to say its the sexiest dress I’ve worn a workplace and I’m having tonnes of fun!

  35. I have no idea but I like it. 🙂

    mommatrek recently posted Happy Halloween.

  36. I don’t know who Melisandre is, but you look fabulous. You should wear around the bookstore and bonk people on the head who ask you where the Nowhere Man is.

  37. Wowza! You look amazing!

  38. Awesome! (and I am sooo behind on GoT).

    And – I got a shipping notice today! Yaaaaaaaay! Please and thank you. 😀

  39. 41
    Jessie Hansen

    This looks photo shopped. Are you really that hot these days, Jenny?

  40. That is the BEST! You are much prettier than both the women you are portraying oh so spectacularly!Westeros would be honored milady to have you serve!

  41. 43
    Heather Feather

    Kicking ass and taking names! Awesome costume mashup, Melisandre and Sandra Day O’Connor would be proud.


    How would Sandra judge Melisandre’s choice of BBQ?

    Arionis recently posted The Amazing Big Survivor.

  43. Love the dress would be tempted to wear it often!!! I think Justice O’Connor would be proud!!

  44. That’s not even a costume, that’s YOU. Magical, beautiful, colorful and just.

  45. I agree with Don Crowder – and everyone who says you should wear this often!

  46. I don’t to be rude , just complimentary You look great in that dress!

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