Never change, Japan.

Victor just came back from Japan, where he always looks for the most ridiculous stuff he can find in street vending machines.

Vampire collars for cats, tiny peach hats (with beavers on them for some reason?), blob fish skull caps… these are a few of my favorite things:

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better…behold.

Skunks farting out other animals.


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  1. I think you must have the most good natured pets in the whole world! They’re so compliant with headwear! Any of mine would have shredded me and the hat. 😂

  2. I love you, Jenny — and Victor is heading up the ranks also. And the skunks — ohmygod — the SKUNKS! I need to go to Japan…..

  3. Man! When my hubby goes to Japan we get candy (lots of different kit kat flavors) and other assorted stuff. This time I got the cutest little binder and paper to put in the binder. It was helpful during NaNoWriMo planning. I don’t get cool stuff like this though. 🙁

  4. You really do have one of those rare marriages where your husband really gets you. Bravo Victor!

  5. I need these for my Hank Meowdy female grey tabby, Linkin Park my ginga ninja and Janet Jacksonpaws my tiny black panther!! I wish I could post pics too!! I dress them up for my entertainment. I buy their food I get to get something out of it. 😂

  6. Those are all animals in the Japanese zodiac! Please tell me there is a Fart Like Dragon!

  7. Someone thought up the idea of putting animal-farting-skunks in a vending machine. Damn.

  8. Um… isn’t that peach-hat-with-a-beaver-on-it just another manifestation of the Pink Pussy Hat? A beaver by any other name is still a beaver….?

  9. I’ve lived in JP twice, and those skunks are some of the funniest things I’ve seen yet! (I more often than not saw really pervy things ((used women’s undies in plastic balls in claw machines, their photos included!)).

    My question is, are the skunks farting their spirit animals? Lol

  10. Had to stare at those skunks for a minute before realizing what was going on, then eye-rolled so hard. Sometimes it seems like this stuff must be made with you in mind!

  11. This and your other tales of Japan are why it is on my Big Birthday/Big Asian Tour trip in two years. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. I have so many questions! Why are there cat hats in vending machines? Where do people in densely populated countries like Japan store frivolous items like cat hats? How do you get your cats (and dog) to wear the hats? Are they frozen in place from the indignity, and that’s how you’re able to take their pictures?

    And I don’t even know what to say about the skunk fart animals…

  13. This is the best! Thank you Victor for being the best husband and keeping all of us amused!

  14. Looks like the skunks are ejecting flatulescent (flatule- SCENT?) clouds of Chinese horoscope animals. I think I’d rather get a fortune cookie after my meal.

  15. You are going to import mass quantities of these so that we can buy them at your bookstore and web site, right? Right? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease.

  16. Oh man, my hubby just got back from Japan and all I got was a Rugby World Cup shirt! Granted, it’s cherry blossom pink and very cute, but I was really hoping for vending machine goodies.

  17. You are so lucky. My husband would shit a brick. He won’t even buy stuff for Tsuki, our Great Pyranees, from Petsmart, much less from a vending machine.

  18. Stay awesomely strange Japan! Victor is fantastic for brining you back such weird and wonderful stuff!

  19. Your husband brings home cat gifts. My husband is still asking for one of us to buy him a BB gun for Christmas so he can shoot at Tsuki when she barks…sigh.

  20. The skunks are the most awesome things ever!

    The great thing is the Japanese name for these little thingies: gachapon. Gacha for the sound the machine makes as you turn the crank, and pon for the sound of the prize pod dropping.

    (You can get a monthly crate of these from JapanCrate dot com.)

  21. OMG, awesome. I need those skunks. Victor is amazing. The vending machine culture in Japan–I’m so fascinated! 😀

    I think the animal on the hat is a tanuki (racoon dog), not a beaver. Tanukis are all over everything in Japan…

  22. OK, I’m showing my wife the farting skunks. Now she won’t complain about the cheap Geisha fan that I brought back for her from Japan.

  23. What is great is that skunks are only native to the Americas, so the artist making the skunks has probably never seen or smelled one, but has still captured the true essense of skunk.

  24. Victor is a great “partner in crime” by shopping for all the fun items to bring home! You do have very patient animals. The farting/spraying skunks are hilarious. I would love to meet the people who design all these crazy items. (Then again, I would love to meet the people who name the thousands of paint colors and cosmetic items, too.)

  25. My sister bought a Christmas ornament that had Santa nailed on the cross….so close

  26. When my daughter and I were in Tokyo, we loved all the vending machines everywhere. You can buy anything in a vending machine. Imagine our utter delight when we found an entire room filled with vending machines when we were at the fish market. We got an otter hat for her cat, and a shark hat for my other daughter’s cat. They are the best!

  27. Yeah, I hear we cats are treated with the respect we deserve in Japan. Those hats though, I would never wear them. Has PETA seen that?

  28. Your cat in the top middle photograph looks like a kitty astronaut before he puts his helmet on! Very cute

  29. When I saw the name of this post, at first I just wanted to change it to ‘Never change Pony Boy!’ I feel like I need to watch the Outsiders movie to verify if that is actually a line of if I just made it up. AND – i feel like the skunk thing was one of those ‘what do you see in these ink splats’ drawings, because I DID NOT SEE THE ANIMALS FORMED IN THE FART UNTIL I READ THE COMMENTS!

  30. If i hadn’t been looking up painful farts today – this would not have been so hilariously relevant…maybe THAT is what is happening – i’m farting ANIMAL PATRONUS!!! Phew…i knew there had to be a reason. It is NOT me!

  31. If i hadn’t been looking up painful farts today – this would not have been so hilariously relevant…maybe THAT is what is happening – i’m farting ANIMAL PATRONUS!!! Phew…i knew there had to be a reason. It is NOT me!

    PS: What a dumpling that cat is!!!

  32. I must beg that you somehow import these to sell to the masses like me…. You’ll be rich I tell you, RICH!!!

  33. I absolutely love those skunks! I wish we had cool vending machines like that here.

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