Things I hate that everyone else loves.

A new writer asked me yesterday how I deal with negative reviews and the answer is that I don’t deal with them.  I let other people I love check that shit out and they tell me if it’s something I should take to heart or not.  Sometimes feedback can be really helpful but often it just fucks with your head so it’s good to have someone who isn’t you look at it objectively so you don’t have that shit in your head forever.  The thing I’ve learned that is the most helpful is this:


And that’s actually great because if I was for everyone then I’d be so bland and pointless that no one ever would say, “OMG ME TOO!  I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY WEIRDO.”

You are totally not the only weirdo.  Welcome home.

Whenever I start to doubt that someone rejecting me isn’t necessarily a reflection on me as a person I remind myself that there are amazing, brilliant things that are so important that people base their lives around them but that I personally do not get the appeal of at all.  It’s not that I’m better than those people and honestly I wish I loved a lot of stuff that I don’t because I know I’m missing out, but we are all unique and that is what makes it so magical when we find the things make our hearts sing.

So, right now, I want you to share at least one thing that everyone else in the world seems to love but that you could totally do without for the rest of your life. And remember that even though you don’t like it, it doesn’t mean those things aren’t important.  That goes for you too.  Not everyone is going to like you.  But so many people are going to love you.

I’ll go first.

Things I could live without forever that the rest of the world loves:

Tolkien.  Oreos.  Steely Dan.  Cherry popsicles.  Sweaters.

Your turn.

PS.  Later this week we’ll look at things you love that no one else seems to appreciate so start thinking about that too.

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  1. I don’t like coffee, tea, or wine. They all taste bitter and gross to me. And, yes, I know everyone thinks I’m weird.

  2. Horror and terror movies. I cannot for the life of me understand the appeal of them. Why… just why, argh. Also, jelly and flan. The consistency… yikes.

  3. Professional family photos. Grey’s Anatomy. Facebook. Car decals. Gluten free food.

  4. Elvis. I lived in Memphis for most of my life and just didn’t get all of the fans coming there just to see his mansion that’s not really even a mansion. Some of these people came all the way from Japan, Germany, Australia, etc. just to do this. 😒

  5. I don’t like The Big Bang Theory (the show). My family loves it and since I’m the designated nerd in the family they are shocked every time they relearn that I don’t like it. Also I hate paper plates because of pollution and I don’t mind washing my plates and the texture makes me cringe.

  6. I don’t drink coffee or alcohol. I don’t like the taste. Though out there, there are one or two alcoholic beverages that I have enjoyed, but I don’t actively seek it out.

  7. Avocado.
    Food so spicy it sears your taste buds and nostril hairs right off your body.
    Seafood (for eating); in the ocean where it belongs, it’s awesome.
    Coffee. It is just burnt water, and you are all wrong 😉
    But on the flip side…
    You lost me at Tolkien. I must confess though, I do have a good reason for loving him – my parents named me from his LOTR series (the little Elanor flower in Lothlorien) so I guess I have an excuse. 🙂
    Also, I also absolutely adore spiders in all shapes and sizes. My friends now send me random spider posts on FB asking me to identify them.

  8. Parades, apple pie, baseball, asparagus, and rhubarb. Oh, and Gmail. But gmail pretty much loathes me too.

  9. Cheeseburgers. I like cheese and hamburgers but not together. Holy fuck that’s gross! And I hate maple syrup, most nuts (except cashews), and maple syrup and pumpkin anything and butternut squash. NOPE.

  10. I am 100% with you on Steely Dan and sweaters. Well, “Dirty Work” by Steely Dan I like but seriously bleh.
    And sweaters get too hot because everyone keeps the heat too high in winter and they’re itchy and bulky and frankly just not comfortable.
    Things I can do without: the song Sister Christian. Sausage. Taylor Swift (YEAH I SAID IT). Beer.

  11. Doctor Who. Marvel movies. Beyonce. (She’s gorgeous and has an incredible voice, but her style of music is not up my street, okay.)

  12. Kardashians, thongs, ketchup, crowds, amusement parks, movie popcorn, high heels, parades.

  13. Mocha. Yuck. I like my chocolate to taste like chocolate and my coffee to taste like coffee. Don’t try to confuse the two greatest things on earth.

  14. Religion. Gone with the Wind. Lawyers. Purposely-distressed furniture. Jeans faded on purpose. The Saw movie franchise. The desert (love desserts, though ;-). Actually, the outdoors in general. Summer. Hot (anything above 60 degrees) weather.

  15. ice cream
    Ice cream It really is a big no matter to me
    Even i’m brazilian and i don’t speak english very well so i’m sorry if i say something that doesn’t make much sense

  16. Coffee. Game of Thrones. Superhero movies. iPhones (and people who act like iPhones are the only smart phones available). Concerts. Facebook. OK, I’ll say it, friends that attend concerts with mutual friends and post pics on Facebook using their iPhones so friends who weren’t invited can see. TOTALLY kidding, but it just seemed to all go together so well (I could not figure out how to work Game of Thrones, superhero movies and coffee into the drama). I am too old to care who does what with who on Facebook, and usually too tired to join in anyway.

  17. Things I could live without forever that the rest of the world loves:

    Country Music. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Billie Eilish.

  18. Things I could live without forever that the rest of the world loves:

    Country Music. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Billie Eilish.

  19. Modern jazz (makes me want to bite something or someone), Black Friday/and, actually, stores open on Thanksgiving, and a lot of the crap/hype that has become Christmas….and so-called Christians who seem to have missed a LOT of the points made in the New Testament. Oh- and people who won’t vote because they think their vote doesn’t matter. And finally, as a now-retired teachers, politicians who think that testing=teaching. Whew! I feel better already!

  20. I know you will probably say I’m sick, but I honestly have to say sex. Only had experience with 2 partners, and maybe they got it wrong, but I could live without it The rest of my life. The only good things that came from it were my daughters.

  21. Chicken, semi sweet and dark chocolate (let’s simply say bakers block when a kid, big bite),1970’s El Camino, and wine

  22. Journey. As in the band. I absolutely HATE them. I can’t even tell you why, but I really do and people are in absolute shock if this ever comes up. There are definitely others (I’m so with you on Tolkien), but this is the one that upsets the most people.

  23. Bob Dylan and coffee. Maybe if I had coffee WITH Bob Dylan they’d both be better? If so, maybe Bruce Springsteen should come too.

  24. Coffee. Alcoholic beverages. Jello (total sensory nightmare). The movie Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio.

  25. I didn’t read the fine print. I listed Trump. The rest of the world doesn’t love him…strike him off the list.

  26. For me it is snow, ice or anything other thing associated with coldness. People go all gaga over snow and I just don’t get it.

    Luckily, (not really luck, I planned this) I now live in Vietnam and will never be cold again.

  27. black pepper, coffee, dark chocolate, game of thrones, skinny jeans, high heels (low heels, any heels)

  28. Paintings like those of Mark Rothko, puffy vests, mochi, baseball or soccer, beer, EGGPLANT, scented products because they come together with all the other random scents in other products=ewwww, and probably too many other things I just can’t think of at the moment.

  29. Game of Thrones…I just do not get the appeal…I couldn’t even stick through 1 episode.

  30. Brussels sprouts. The Office. Lemon in my water just stop it! Red velvet flavored anything (except Cupcake wine – that shit is good). The words momtreprenuer or girl boss. Thank you for this safe space. xo

  31. Coffee, dark chocolate, Princess Bride, bloody violent anything, horror whatever, Twitter, and chalk paint!

  32. Hallmark movies. Reality TV. People Magazine. Lipstick. Walmart. Avocado Toast. Rap music. Christmas decorations before Halloween. (Don’t even talk to me about Christmas until after Thanksgiving.)

  33. Agreed with so many of the ones already written. Also for me, Red Velvet. Yes to the cream cheese icing, but you can put that shit on anything and make it delicious. The actual Red Velvet cake…nope.

  34. Duplin’ dots. Especially tutto frutti. Yuck. Asked husband for ice cream at a baseball game (have been married almost 24 years and he Knows I love all things chocolate) and he brings me this sticky atrocity?

  35. Two books: A Wrinkle in Time, and Catcher in the Rye (also Gatsby so, 3).
    Also….Ryan Gosling, nothing against him, I just don’t see the sexy, guess he’s not my personal brand of catnip.

  36. Game of Thrones-I tried, I swear. I can’t.
    Blue October-his voice is so fucking whiney makes me want to stab myself in the eardrums
    Sports in general
    Dark chocolate. The number of times I have bought it on accident only to discover my mistake in a chocolate emergency is an absolute travesty

  37. Tomatoes. Cucumbers. Reality TV shows. Pugs. Romance novels. Watermelon. Guacamole. Most sci-fi novels. Rap/hip-hop.

  38. Any form of organized religion. Guns. Definitely Steely Dan (and I went to William and Mary). Nail polish. Going to a hair stylist, even though it’s a big plus. Just for S&G I’ll throw in lima beans.

  39. Disneyland. Peanut butter. Tolkien and modern jazz….makes
    Meme want to slap people.

  40. Baseball, the band Kiss, card games, James Patterson and the phrase “it is what it is”!!!!

  41. Sitcoms. Romcoms. Reality shows. Reggae. Designer bags. Harry Potter. Grey’s Anatomy. Karaoke. Cigars. Hollywood/celebrity culture.

  42. Sports – any of them. I have never cared about sports and AS A MAN, it seems to baffle people.

    Name brand anything – I have never been a brand chaser and am not impressed if you got the new “whatever”

    Babies – the cute stories people tell about thie newborn are not as interesting as they think. and NO, I do not want to hold him.

  43. Shabby chic, basketball, hot yoga, cauliflower, skinny jeans, beards, scooters laying all over
    sidewalks, spike heels

  44. Friends. Ketchup. Mayo. Outlander. Game of Thrones. A Discovery of Witches (Holy cow, I caught it a couple weeks ago from some of my tour guests when they found out I was not able to finish the book – let alone the following books.)

  45. Christmas I pretend to like it but really it’s my least favorite holiday, Designer handbags, , makeup. and Joe Hill the author.

  46. In no particular order, and as noted, with the awareness that this doesn’t make me better than people who like these things: Christmas and the associated treacly music. Winter. Team sports. The idea of fame and celebrities. The idea of ‘working hard and playing hard.’ Mission statements. Dancing. Country music (I live in the southwest.) Reality TV. Practical jokes. There are more, but that’ll do for now.

  47. OMG someone else who doesn’t like Oreos!!!! The whole WORLD loves Oreos except me – and you!!!! I also hate coconut and coffee, two more things the whole world loves. Except I have found a few people who hate one or the other of those, too. Yes, I’m a weirdo and I am proud to be one of YOUR weirdos. If that isn’t too weird…

  48. As a Canadian, I feel like a social pariah that I don’t dig the Tragically Hip at all. It’s like a Canadian “thing” to like this band… I keep it quiet. Oh, and ice cream. Also not my jam.

  49. Beyonce, pickles, wine, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Chick Lit/Rom-Coms, Reese Witherspoon, summer, ham (especially hot ham)

  50. Coffee, wine, soft drinks, shopping malls, most junk food, football, cooking, and heavy makeup. There are many others but that will do for the moment. Yay for weirdos!

  51. Sweet corn, lobster, prestige TV shows with unlikeable “heroes”, and any sport where opponents beat the crap out of each other: boxing, wrestling, MMA, football,…

  52. I hate most sports, pumpkin spice anything, all mlm’s, the term “boss babe”, all Kardashians, hallmark christmas movies, Tolkien books, Steeley Dan, the Jonas Brothers, high waisted Jean’s.

    I’m sure there is so much more, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

  53. I hate most sports, pumpkin spice anything, all mlm’s, the term “boss babe”, all Kardashians, hallmark christmas movies, Tolkien books, Steeley Dan, the Jonas Brothers, high waisted Jean’s.

    I’m sure there is so much more, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

  54. I don’t care for Instagram and pumpkin pie, but I understand why other people love them.

  55. Double sinks in a bathroom. SERIOUSLY , that is just one more sink to get nasty and needs cleaning.

  56. Chocolate chip cookies, social media, soft blankets (because my cat jumps them ALL, specifically the section next to my leg)

  57. The movie Forrest Gump, mayonnaise, country music, Harry Potter books or movies, the show Friends, meat, beer, pot, football, basketball, Hallmark movies, popular fiction. And that’s just a start. I love looking at everyone’s lists. (But GAWD, I did love Game of Thrones!)

  58. Expensive cars. Diets. Admitting your depressed or not happy, ie. being honest when someone says “how are you?”

  59. The Alamo. When I moved to San Atonio I put it on my un-bucket list. Seriously, it wasn’t our land to begin with…what am I missing here?

  60. I’ll try almost anything once, but often once is enough. Most new shows on TV, Starbucks/fancy coffees, mcmansions, morning radio DJs, having my own children, and buying the latest car/phone/etc.

    Now, you damn kids — get off my lawn! 😉

  61. High heeled shoes – NOBODY’s got time for that and you can’t run away as fast, baths (sitting in your own dirty water for an hour? How is that relaxing?), dark chocolate, drill teams, bras, Hemingway. Apparently I think non sequiturs are the bomb though.

  62. Celebrities, Reality TV, most Starbucks drinks, medical TV shows, all spinoffs of Law & Order (original is the only watchable series), TV adaptation of GoT. I could go on…

  63. Oh, reading others’ comments make me think of even MORE again: pugs, Star Trek, GOT, face time (without warning), yoga pants, pumpkin spice, scented candles, subway tile, The biggest of all — and this is more of a pet peeve — is the word “like” used as anything other than a verb or simile. It drives me CRAZY. The record I’ve heard was five times in one sentence. PLEASE STOP!

    Thanks for letting me rant on that last one.

  64. Cantaloupe. I call it gagaloupe. It permeates and pollutes a fruit salad so don’t tell me to just pick it out. It is the only food I can’t eat so leave me alone.

  65. Bars, high heels, “reality” television, country/heavy metal music, loads of makeup (especially “contouring” items), designer/name brand anything, “influencers”, Twilight, Fifty Shades of Gray, most talk shows, beer, recreational drugs, The Fast And The Furious (ad nauseum), superhero movies, and expensive cars.

  66. Coffee, most alcohol, fish, my own kids, onions, mushrooms, spicy food, Kanye West, pumpkin, politics, sports, turtle, most fashion. I need to stop thinking about this because I just keep coming up with more

  67. Bacon, avocados, steak (hopefully, these three are never together in my presence), football, horror movies

  68. Marvel, reality TV (ESPECIALLY The Bachelor), celery, soda, high heeled shoes (why?), almost anything that costs <$1 and is plastic, promotional items, plastic bags

  69. Football.
    Eating dead animals.
    Oprah (she’s fine so I guess I mean her products).
    Horror/thriller movies
    Ceremony of any kind but especially weddings

  70. Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals. Baseball. Ariana Grande. Country music (except for The Dixie Chicks and Dolly Parton- their awesomeness transcends). Poetry. The Wizard of Oz. Bleu cheese. Air fresheners/ plug-ins. Cake. Carbonated beverages.

  71. In no particular order. – Hazelnut, avocados, diets, James Joyce, I agree about Tolkien, romance genre, most modern music beyond 1999, reality TV, anything pink, makeup, babies, marriage, high heels, fingernail polish, sports, social media, clowns, gossip/drama, tea of any sort, and I’m sure I could come up with more.

  72. Country music. Folk music. Football. Religion. Uggs. Game of Thrones. Anything fantasy-related (like GOT, Tolkien, etc.) Most sitcoms. Seche Vite topcoat. Louis Vuitton logo bags. (Any logo bags, actually.) I think being unique takes more guts and shows more refined taste than just being a lemming and following the lead.

  73. Cilantro. I’m in Austin and there is cilantro on EVERYTHING. I can’t stand the stuff.

  74. Thanksgiving. TikTok. Bottled water. Ice in beverages. Bacon. Artificial maple syrup. UGG boots. RuPaul’s Drag Race. Hershey’s chocolate. LaCroix, which I will forever insist should be pronounced la-kwahhh and not luh-croy.

  75. beer, coffee, pepsi, sushi, undercooked meat (yes it all must be well done), kardashians, and really following any celebrities…. I mean who has the time…. and they make big money so why do I need to support their lifestyle by buying their shit….

  76. Sitting almost anywhere – hate “comfy” couches, lounge chairs, car trips
    Friday night activities. Sun bathing. Talk radio of any kind. Picnics.

  77. Rap and hop hop music. Pecans. Coconut. Reality TV. Game shows. Ridiculously long IG stories. Christmas shopping. Shoes, unless they are flip flops, but then I’d need to move back to FL. If only.

  78. On “It’s a Wonderful Life”– totally with you. In my book, it’s a horror film about a poor bastard that God tortures until he’s ready to kill himself, at which point God threatens to kill or destroy everyone he ever loved, until he volunteers to go back and endure more torture.

  79. Yes! How could I forget Fifty shades of grey? Trying to read that crap just makes my head hurt.
    Also, gender reveal parties. Whose bright idea were those? Just in my family two dads were crushed (and honestly, kind of hated) when they found out they were having another girl. Both dad’s already have two. Phooey. Who needs to witness their private angst?

  80. Pumpkin Spice anything, reality TV, squash (seriously, no flavor and the most disgusting texture), baby “sprinkles”, gender reveal parties, movies where grown men act like babies (40 year old virgin, Stepbrothers, The Anchorman, etc)

  81. I’m just going to add Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations all coming out in August/September, then Valentine’s & St. Patrick’s day decor at Christmas. Remember when consumerism was more subtle?

  82. Scented fabric softener, body spray, scented candles, scented spray… FEBREZE-SCENTED TRASH BAGS WHYYYYYYYYYY

  83. Big Bang Theory, bras, travel, zombies, horror movies, Twilight Zone, rap, Kardashians, Beyonce

  84. I confess I have no idea what a Steely Dan is…
    My hates:
    Popcorn, aka edible styrofoam with teeny knife shells.
    Rom coms (So bloody sexist. All. The. Time. Also boooooooooorrrring)
    Blueberry pancakes
    Richard Gere. Dude seriously creeps me out.
    Those horrible plasticized jeans that were popular the other year. Can’t even bear to touch them.
    Popular radio stations.

  85. mint and chocolate – ick. James Patterson. Country music. Any booze – it all smells so bad. Axe or other stinky colognes/perfumes.

  86. Wine, coffee, anything bitter, sour, or spicy (I’m a semi-supertaster), mushrooms, shrimp, turtlenecks, CAMPING, decorating for Christmas right after Halloween, most holidays (except for the time off part) … and I like dogs but only when they are someone else’s.

  87. Coffee, Hot peppers, cooked spinach, oreos, mangoes, musk melons, cantaloupes, honeydew melons, raw tomatoes, cigarettes, beer, most reality tv, football, baseball, golf, fashion magazines, car commercials, medicine commercials, mesothelioma commercials, bars, tsa, hallmark movies, murder death kill crime tv shows…

  88. Starbucks. Marvel. Football. Baseball. Musicals (except Hedwig and the angry inch). Pumpkin pie. Peanut butter cups. Corgis. Spas.

  89. Oh more (apparently I mostly hate popular foods?):
    Unbaked/soft cheesecake
    Cream cheese icing
    Green olives (black or kalamata are fine)
    Most concerts. They’re almost always too loud and crowded for me.
    Loud restaurants
    Water. It has a taste, despite what water likers always claim. A bad taste.

  90. Ketchup, the Kardashians, the real Housewives of anywhere, people who need to take selfies constantly.

  91. Alcohol, Star Wars, eggnog, Lord of the rings, Boba, social media, Starbucks & Dutch Bros. 🙂

  92. sex (I’m asexual), coffee, sports, avocados, peanut butter, all the books we had to read in high school english, anything spicy, friends the tv show, horror, anything scary, seafood.

  93. Coffee, watermelon (any melons, actually), pickles, Earl Grey tea,whiskey, bell peppers, beans, pineapple, grapefruit.

  94. My list:
    Tuna, Mayo, Onions, Liver, Sushi, Country Music, Skinny Jeans, Feet being dirty (I don’t go barefoot), hate, cowneck/turtleneck/choker necklaces (I feel like I’m being strangled).
    Sorry to all fans of the things on my list.


  95. I love that looking through these comments I’m seeing many people listing the same things I would! That shows right there that while tons of people may like those things, it’s not everyone! Now lets see if I can come up with some stuff that may not have been mentioned already…

    For me, pretty much any vegetable and most fruits… There are literally only like 3 things in combined fruits/veggies section that I’ll eat, and even then only every once in awhile. Most soda, I actually used to drink soda way too much but when I had some stomach issues a few years back I tried to cut down on the soda, and nowadays most soda just legit makes me cringe when I take a sip (root beer is an exception, but again only every so often).

    The sun. Sounds weird until I point out that I live in Arizona and sun=heat, soooo much heat. (Seriously, middle of November right now and we are still having high-80s temperatures.) And even without the heat issue, I just like overcast/cloudy days more, I feel like sunny days are just too bright and bold and in your face.

    Most ‘popular’ music of the moment? Like, Beyonce and Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj… I don’t hate their music, and most artists have one or two songs I kinda-like, but I just don’t really get all the hype. I’d say 90% of my normal playlist is songs from before 2010, just not that into much of the current stuff.

  96. OMG.

    I truly have found my tribe. These responses are super funny and fascinating!

    I’d like to add James Corden (carpool karaoke), Amy Schumer, Swiss cheese, Chelsea handler, ambrosia salad, Taylor Swift, Costco, the “Twilight” series, football, breakfast burritos, baseball, Jimmy Fallon, camping, any insect, Christmas music in November, “The Fast and the Furious” franchise, peppermint/mint flavoured desserts… Star Trek… and Star Wars. I know those last two make most people I met say WHHA?!

  97. S6nthetic Cherry (actual cherries are fine), real watermelon (sunthetic watermelon flavor is awesome), coffee, alcohol, children, Tolkien, Game of Thrones

  98. Lobster, pineapple, reality tv, toilet paper hung with the paper dispensed from behind/bottom of the roll, texting while driving (pretty sure I’d get years back from the delays due to texting.), vomiting. I’d rather be sick for days than vomit🤢.

  99. Parades. Never understood the point of standing outside to watch people march by. A televised parade is even worse. Yes, that includes the Macy’s Day parade.

  100. Men. I don’t hate them, just not interested at all. I’ll consider individuals on a case-by-case basis.

  101. Most television but especially TV Dating Shows, Big Brother, and all things Kardashian
    Nailed It
    Dan Brown books
    Non linear video games

  102. Trump, doughnuts–they just turn into a lump in my stomach and then on my thighs! the new flat black car paint–saw a Tesla like that. It just looks like a car that’s not quite done being painted to me. I guess it’s the new “thing.” Downton Abbey, and pretty much every reality show on TV except Project Runway and Top Chef.

  103. Watermelon, oranges, tea, yogurt, blow dryers, winter, sneakers when you’re not exercising, and turtlenecks

  104. Friends, Seinfeld, Golden or Gilmore Girls. Lime flavored candy, watermelon jolly ranchers. Storebought pudding. Ketchup.

  105. Dresses and skirts, tight clothing, sweaters, reality tv, having a nasty judge on entertainment shows, hot weather, billionaires, using ask as a noun and other linguistic dumb downs.

  106. I developed an intolerance to chocolate in my twenties. I can’t eat it without massive headaches, and feeling like I’ve just eaten poison. But… I’m over it.
    People act like it’s so TRAGIC that I can’t eat it because to them it’s magic and amazing and the only thing they ever want in a dessert.
    Okay. That’s great for them! But I really have no interest or desire for chocolate at all.
    And yeah, the fact that SO MANY PEOPLE obsess over it to the point that they HIDE chocolate in otherwise non-chocolate desserts (like salted caramel crunch ice-cream -with hidden chocolate chips-), can make me feel left out and at times even annoyed.
    Yes, chocolate is great! Hurray!
    Now keep it the hell out of my food.

  107. Jeans, alcohol, coffee, tea, chili, very-spicy food, tight clothes & sweaters for me too, pop music, blockbuster superhero movies, and many other things but I don’t have all night.

  108. Facebook, reality tv, sports, high heals, makeup, being a parent (No worries, I’m not one. The children I didn’t have thank me.)

  109. Pumpkin spice lattes, unicorn food/drinks, lord of the rings books, podcasts, parties bigger than 8 people, Seinfeld, marvel avengers.

  110. Relationships. Single has been the best thing for my life and I wish I’d done it a certain number of years ago (2008).

    Never read the bad reviews. With the following you have, you don’t need to. Like you said, if everyone liked you, you’d be mainstream, and mainstream is boring. 🙂

  111. Football (I’m Australian so that’s worse than Texas), Beyonce (seriously if it wasn’t for the other two no-one would have ever heard of Destiny’s Child), Reality TV

  112. Tom Hanks, and especially Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers—although I love Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s profile of Tom Hanks.

    Also, Paul Rudd may be the blandest person on Earth.

  113. I quickly came up with a list of about 40 individual things before I realised that I should cut back. So here are my current top three from each category [which is more than 40 //insert facepalm emoji here//]:

    drinks: coffee, alcohol, bottled water [it tastes gross and everything about it is horrible for the Earth];
    foods: coconut anything [except for macaroons and Mounds bars], raspberries, cinnamon rolls;
    movies: Grease, The Princess Bride, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off;
    movie franchises: Evil Dead, The Godfather, Pirates of the Caribbean;
    actors: John Cusack, Al Pacino, Bill Murray;
    actresses: Sandra Bullock [except in The Proposal, Murder By Numbers, and Demolition Man], Judy Greer, Jane Krakowski;
    TV shows: reality shows [except for a couple of things, e.g.The Amazing Race], Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead [I still watch this and have from the beginning but the oversaturation and obsession is baffling to me];
    male singers: Elvis, Bob Dylan, Geddy Lee;
    female singers: most solo Beyoncé [I liked Destiny’s Child], most Taylor Swift, Anita Baker;
    art: abstract, cubism, performance;
    clothing: pointed-toe shoes, drop-crotch pants [the ones that fit everywhere else but for some reason the crotch is halfway to the knees], Western clothing [i.e. cowboy stuff];
    makeup: orange/”warm” contour, obviously fake eyelashes [natural-looking false lashes are fine], foundation that doesn’t match the actual skin color;
    sayings: It Is What It Is, Live Laugh Love, Keep Calm and Carry On;
    holidays: Christmas invasion in stores [shouldn’t be in stores until AT LEAST the middle of November (actually I’d like to make it a rule that any holiday shouldn’t be in stores until a month before the date; no Xmas in October, no Valentine’s Day right after Xmas, no Easter in the beginning of February. etc.)], Thanksgiving [there’s nothing to celebrate about what happened to the Native Americans when Europeans arrived], 4th of July [any patriotic thing, really];
    random: the entire concept of high end/designer things, purposefully-distressed things/stuff that looks “worn in” even though it’s new/expensive, The Muppets [I like some individual Muppets but on a whole, no]

    I’m sure I could sit here and think of more and more but it’s 5am right now and I should go to sleep.

  114. Cake/pies (too much of that when I wad young), pizza (yuck), skinny bottom slacks (I’m a kid of the 80’s but our jeans and slacks weren’t that skinny, and I’m way too fat to wear then), and soccer. I really don’t know what to say about soccer except that I really have a distaste for it.

  115. Jeans, licorice, Disney’s “Frozen,” chocolate cake, church, the movie “Grease,” and all the stuff that’s “supposed” to taste bitter according to snooty folks like dry wines, all the beers, and dark chocolate.

  116. Cadbury Creme Eggs, Miley Cyrus, Circus Peanuts ( the marshmallow candy), the song Last Christmas (drives me insane!! 😂)

  117. Long list. Noise, television, most movies, most cooked vegetables, romance books, being in a crowd, Hallmark movies, stupid plots, grammatical and spelling errors, people who complain about the weather, new to me foods, Christmas shopping, sports, scented products, incense, my pastor, …

    Wow am I a grump! Hey you kids, get off my lawn!

  118. Hot weather, wine, sports, most pop music, romance books/movies, CBD oil, essential oils, Instagram

  119. The Sound of Music, mushrooms, horror movies, and I know this is very controversial, The Beatles.

  120. Chicken dance, electric slide – any dance done in unison…
    Creamsicles – most fruit/cream combos
    Jelly Rings (Jelly most things)
    Popcorn (first bite is the best – it’s all downhill after that)

  121. Local TV news anchors who think they’ll win an Oscar for over-dramatizing the news: “And NOW, a REAL, LIVE kitten in a tree!” If there are two anchors, they constantly look at each other for confirmation as they read from the teleprompter. Get over yourselves!
    Reality TV.
    Fake eyelashes that look like a tarantula landed.
    Orange juice.
    Forced family gatherings at holidays when most of the relationships are toxic anyway.
    Chin hairs (not talking about men here).
    Beards (talking about men here).
    95% of the people I know.

  122. Game of Thrones, reality television, The Shining, wine, Starbucks. I am sure there is more, but off hand, these are the Not For Me things.

    It’s funny how my instinct when reading things that people do not love is to try to change their minds.

  123. TV / videos / movies, podcasts, watermelon, strawberries, pies, and taking baths. It’s funny when someone (… my mother) tries to convince me that I do indeed like these things.

  124. Condiments: ketchup, mustard, salad dressing, mayonnaise, etc. Please send all your Oreos to me.

  125. I work retail so… Christmas. I have nothing against the holiday itself but I don’t understand the stress people put themselves through for it. I also don’t get the appeal of hot weather, FOMO (fear of missing out) olives, sports, make up and fashion, reality tv, and lying about your age. I’m 41 and I don’t care who knows it!
    Oh and also being the center of attention for any reason. I like being appreciated but I don’t like having a fuss made over me or being the center of attention for any reason. My wedding was probably one of the most stressful days of my life.

  126. Sauces (unless they’re really thick), jelly, jam, custard, purple skittles, and milk.

  127. whoops accidently posted that under my husbands name (andrew juell) in the comment above could you please delete it?

  128. whoops accidently posted under my husbands name please delete (317 andrew juell) or change the name to janet. Thanks

  129. Red velvet cake. Red dye tastes really bitter to me so why ruin a perfectly good cake with it?

  130. Cilantro
    The Great Gatsby
    Cold brew
    Any talent-oriented reality shows that invariably award the top prize to the blandest act, especially ones involving Simon Cowell
    Team-building events
    Manual transmissions (I mean, why not just get a hand-crank starter while you’re at it?)
    Counter-service restaurants, especially ones that shout “Welcome to ___!” at you the second you walk in the door
    Neil Young’s singing – excellent songwriter but sings like a wounded cat
    Extra-dark chocolate, extra-hoppy beer, extra-spicy hot sauce, sour toe cocktails, or anything else that no one would ever consume except on a dare

  131. Marvel movies, pants (skirts and dresses all the way even in MN), milk, being on boats, pasta, and country music.

  132. Taylor Swift. Game of Thrones. The Patriots (I’m from New England). Pretty much, if it’s been popular, it’s rubbed me the wrong way since junior high.

  133. Game of Thrones, pumpkin flavored everything, Harry Potter, football, alcohol

  134. High heeled shoes
    Social Media
    Spiced dessert
    Team Sports
    Sport cars
    Disney Vacations

  135. peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, sugar cereals i.e. Cap’n Crunch, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, etc., most jazz music

  136. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or any fantasy, most sci-fi, improv jazz, guns, cilantro, hazel nuts, crowds

  137. Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Ranch Dressing (all the excretions of Satan).
    Cold Play.
    The English Patient.
    Professional sports.

  138. All sports except tennis, those signs with the inspirational messages on them, Hallmark movies, dresses, John Grisham, Marvel comics, Super Hero movies, all stars wars movies except for the original three, James Bond, Mission Impossible, Christmas stuff everywhere in October, Christmas music, Pop music, brightly colored hair.

  139. Avocados. Attending any sort of concert or sporting event in person. (I mean, why? You’ll have better seats on your couch…) but mostly coffee. It’s one of those things that smells better than it tastes, so it was always a huge disappointment.

  140. Wine, coffee, The Eagles, parades, Disney vacations, manicures, high heels, reality tv, Facebook, Christmas music, Christmas shopping, Christmas decorating, church services… I could go on for days.

  141. Going to movies. I don’t hate actual movies, I just hate the movie theater going experience.

    Oh, and Tom Cruise (since the beginning of time). And tv shows/movies deliberately trying to be funny, cuz usually that “humor” is derived from people being embarrassed, and I take it too personally and feel like I’M the one being embarrassed.

  142. Wine, Leslie Nielsen movies, fashion scarfs (the big floofy ones right up by your face)

  143. Mushrooms (they are fungi! that grow in poop!! come on people); coffee; skittles; The Office (TV show – I just can’t do awkward humour)

  144. Movies: Titanic, Thelma and Louise, Breakfast at Tiffany’s; Seinfeld; beer; Credence Clearwater; getting drunk or high; loud music; unstructured jazz (makes me really nervous); football; the TV show Glee and Mamma Mia (and I’m a former theater geek); reality TV

  145. November 1 through January 1. I could really just skip the holidays. Too much family. That doesn’t even include the drama. That is just the icing on the family cake.

  146. The Mall of America’s. Or just malls (and shopping) in general. But mostly the MOA.

  147. Coffee. And I have TRIED because it seems like a cool thing to like. And there are so many fun ways to drink it. But I can’t stand the taste of it.

    Star Wars. Just…meh. Not for me.

    Ditto with Tolkien.

    Leggings as pants. I wear them occasionally because everyone seems to love them. I prefer jeans.

  148. Turtlenecks, The Beatles (sorry y’all!!), horror movies, breakfast sausage (but I love me some bacon!), big/chunky necklaces

  149. professional sports, jogging, coffee, people, travel (I like being there okay, but getting there sucks), adulting in general

  150. Peanut butter (except in Reece’s)
    Showers (yes I do keep myself clean, I just don’t enjoy the process)
    Petting short haired dogs (I love them still and will totally play with them)
    Cable tv
    Roller coasters

  151. Potato Salad, Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad…any “salad” that involves no lettuce whatsoever and contains large amounts of mayonnaise. Iced Coffee. Black Friday Shopping from anywhere other than my couch. The Super Bowl.

  152. The Royal Family. Drake. Quentin Tarantino. Babies (shout-out to those who have already put that one out there!).

  153. Things I could live without forever that the rest of the world loves:
    Sloths, Minions, Will Ferrell, Tom Cruise, Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, Sia, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, team building events, baths, wine, cilantro, ham/pork/bacon, lobster, shrimp, any kind of shellfish, turkey, scarves, manicures and pedicures, condiments on any of my food……

  154. I just saw someone else’s comment about turtlenecks, and I agree. I don’t need my shirt to choke me. Also, 80s music.

  155. Nutella, sweet tea, chocolate cake, donuts, essential oils, pumpkin spice anything, “Happy Fall Y’All”. Lord of the Rings….

  156. Rap & hip hop; Cars & Trucks, Reality TV, Horror shows, Romance novels, Licorice, Halloween

  157. Marriage, cilantro, sports, most television, smartphones, spicy food, makeup, coconut.

  158. reality TV, cruises, & Disney vacations and I love people that love these things – just not me

  159. Black licorice, AC/DC, the song Old Time Rock and Roll by Bob Seger, sweaters especially itchy ones, hot summers, and last but certainly not least, day after Christmas shopping.

  160. Beer. Bananas. Roller Coasters. I feel like I’m part of a group now, so many people dislike the same things. Haha <3

  161. Clothes shopping. Fiction TV. Large crowds of people. Sitting around not doing anything……GAAHHHHH!!!

  162. Any one of the Peanuts holiday specials. Something about them just irks and depresses me.

  163. Concerts. The beach.

    There are few artists I like to watch live. I like to see the beach and hear the beach, I do not feel the need to sit on the beach.

  164. Peppers, coffee, wine, beer, cucumbers, hot dogs, mustard, honey, seafood, zoos, birds in cages,sports ball, people who think they know my body/mind/taste better than me.

  165. Cinnamon scented pine cones. Do not understand how that even happened, yet every year they appear.

  166. Things I could live without forever that the rest of the world loves:

    Golf (miniature, top or standard); reality TV; celebrities famous for no reason, TV preachers

  167. Superhero movies, paper straws, Christmas – like the decorations, hate the expectations.

  168. Coffee. Avocados. Coconut. Ice cream and yogurt with fruit in. Raisins in anything other than cereal.

  169. Religion. Scary movies. Niceness for niceness’ sake. Cloying children’s entertainment.

  170. Cake, donuts, iphones, The Beatles (I thought I was the only one but I see I have some people above!)

  171. It’s a Wonderful Life, Kardashians, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, donuts, infinity scarfs (I feel like I’m choking), and Star Wars. That last seems to insult everyone and question my worth, especially since I’m a huge Marvel and Harry Potter nerd.

  172. Horror and creepy suspense movies (7 seriously nearly killed me ). Being on the front row rail at a concert even if I love the band. The b52s. Rock lobster is the worst thing ever. Lizards, spiders etc as pets. Sports on tv..

  173. Sex and recreational drugs. I hate how everyone assumes I must be doing it wrong. Nope! Just rather be doing something else.

  174. Wine, coffee, tea, Harry Potter, LOTR, Star Wars, The Beatles, cosplaying, comicon, bourbon, beans (of any kind), mustard…

  175. Kardashians, Beyonce, insta brows, guacamole, Chipotle, flip flops, contouring, country music.

  176. I’m always thrilled to find another writer who doesn’t care for Tolkien!

    Here’s the rest of my “I Just Don’t Get the Appeal” list (aka Things I Said I Didn’t Like & People Looked at Me Like I Murdered Their Mother):

    Panera Bread
    Ferris Wheels

  177. I’m with you on the Tolkien and the sweaters. Boring and itchy, respectively. Also: women and expensive shoes and men and motorcycles. I don’t get either of those at all! And shows like This Is Us and Grey’s Anatomy. I see the value! I used to love Grey’s and This Is Us is very well done but I’m past the point in life that I can tolerate borrowed angst and suffering. So I just…don’t and I’m so much happier!

  178. I could live forever without hearing the following words or phrases that everyone else seems to love using:

    fur babies
    Have a nice rest of your day.

    Thanks for providing the forum to say so!

  179. IPAs, running (unless there are margaritas at the finish line), Titanic, huge beards, reality TV, kids.

  180. I just don’t groove on:
    superhero movies (or many new movies in general)
    pop music (never have I ever seen American Idol)
    video games (don’t even own a computer)
    Dancing with the Stars (see comment number 2)
    the cult of personality (I have publicly stated that I wouldn’t know Kim Kardashian if I tripped over her dead body in an alley)

  181. Mayo, wine, Bachelorette or ANY of those shows, news of anyone’s “baby bump,” THE WORDS “baby bump.”

  182. Coffee and peanut butter are my big ones. Anything melon. Ketchup unless it is with mustard on a burger. All things scary.

  183. Dave Matthews Band.
    That song – Hard Candy Christmas… I just don’t think it’s a Christmas song and I wish they’d stop playing it.

  184. ALL seafood (Even if it’s “not fishy,” if it came out of water, I don’t want it. That includes lobster, shellfish, seaweed.) . I hate marzipan and almond flavoring with a passion (but I eat almonds). Manicures, dressy shoes (especially heels but flats too), handbags, wine, hard alcohol, tea. Sometimes people (I would miss them eventually, but I’d do better on a deserted island than most.)

  185. Old movies shown at the holidays where current celebrities give their “take” on them; the recent Little Mermaid Live; anything Kardashian; reality television, period. Ugh Ugh Ugh

  186. The Office, sea food, any of the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows, sloths, black licorice, Kanye, politics and people being offended by everything!

  187. Eric Clapton. I acknowledge he is a fine musician, but his songs just don’t do anything for me.

  188. Shrimp, oysters, red/green bell peppers (ruin the taste of everything else), Game of Thrones, being warm all the time, professional sports

  189. I’m back…add to previous list these items: beer, olives, beets avocados, country western music and Star Wars movies.

  190. Sausage of any kind, pickled beets, onions, any thing star wars related (i’m a trekkie, thank you very much) and sweet tea

  191. drinking coffee (the smell is delicious), owning a car or a house, winning at sports or getting an award, dessert/sugar in any form, getting high or drunk. That last one might be because it was such a relief when I finally got stabilized on SSRIs. I’ll take feet solid on the ground any time, thanks.

  192. I’m with you on everything but the Oreos!

    Things I hate that everyone else loves: Game of Thrones, comic book movies, pickles, lobster, porn.

  193. YES re: Tolkien! I read The Hobbit as a teen and was like, “Meh.” But people got so goofy-eyed talking about it aver the years, I picked it up again as an adult, figuring my dumb youth brain had missed it’s beauty.

    I dragged that book around for three months trying to get through it. Everywhere I went, people saw the cover and said stuff like (swear to g) “Ohhhh, I wish I could read The Hobbit for the first time again. It changed my life! Enjoy this moment!”

    It made me so sad because a) it wasn’t even my first time, b) I knew they were telling the truth, c) I was trudging through the most boring story ever.

  194. Jenny, I love you! There isn’t enough room here for my list but I thank you and everyone else for their lists. I feel less weird but not sure if I want to feel less weird! Hooray for being different, for not wanting to be like others, for wanting to be an individual!

  195. *Gift giving out of social obligation – listen, if you are giving me a gift because it’s expected just don’t, I have enough stuff. Let’s go do something fun together unless I don’t like you then a gift card is fine.
    *The expectation that I am going to give gifts out of obligation. That’s a big nope.
    *Just In Case gifts.
    *The stress people put on themselves to pull off the “perfect” holiday. I prefer the stories like how Uncle Bob passed out in the snow while trying to taking a piss or the turkey caught on fire and nearly burned down the garage. Nobody is going to remember the perfect cranberry stuffing.
    *Holding onto grudges. I forgive you, I just don’t want to be around you. Vice versa is cool too.

  196. Avocados, The Real Housewives of Anywhere, clumpy eyelashes, complaint rock, snow, Tolkien, unsweetened tea

  197. Chocolate. Opera. Reality TV. I”m sure there are many more, but those three come to mind immediately.

  198. Lemon, peas, game of thrones, horror movies, turtlenecks, abstract art, hard alcohol, pepper, Mickey Mouse, reality tv…

  199. I never realized there is so much stuff that is popular that I don’t like!

    Here’s an abbreviated list:

    Olives, spicy food, country music, Claire Danes, raw fish, Fox news, and Kanye West

  200. Pie (warm fruit makes me anxious), Back to the Future movies, The Superbowl, hot drinks, PSLs, mint and chocolate together. Ya’ll nasty

  201. What a fun post, Jenny.
    Febreze, unnaturally scented anything.
    Excessive profanity. There are other words.
    Greasy food. Fast food, except In-And-Out.

  202. New Years. 99% of donut places. Breaking Bad/Game of Thrones. Honestly most TV that people love. Beer. Make-up. Beyonce and Taylor Swift. Reality TV that isn’t a cooking show.

  203. Binge-watching TV shows in general (but especially shows like The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. Who needs all that yuckiness in their life?)

    Horror movies (see above)

    Halloween (the holiday) (sorry, y’all)

    Spicy food

    Beer (any form of alcohol, really–it all tastes like poison to me)

    Dogs (yeah, i said it)


    Pickup trucks

    And pretty much any popular fiction book that has the author’s name printed larger on the cover than the title, lol.

  204. The Kardashians. I’m sure they’re all very nice people, but why should we give a sh*t about them and their lives?

    Also, the custom of hand shaking. It’s nice to meet you, but I don’t know where your hands have been. Please keep them to yourself. Thank God for Purell.

  205. The Wizard of Oz – storms scare me, who thought flying monkeys were a good idea and a little girl alone with three creepy guys…uh, no. Hard liquor – it hurts and I’m pretty sure it’s poison, same for chili hot food. Pain NO LIKE!

  206. I’m going to have to join in with everyone on the abstract art thing. Picasso? Nope. Rothko? Nope. Pollack? Nope. NO THANK YOU, SIRS.

  207. The Beatles. Ice cream that isn’t rock hard. The slightest hint of it being melty and I’m barfing.

  208. Disneyland, Boy Bands, Reality TV, Starbucks, Doughnuts, Athleisure worn outside of the gym, horror movies, It’s a Wonderful Life, Nutella. And definitely Steely Dan!

  209. White Castle
    professional team sports

    (But I adore Tolkein and read LOTR every year or so)

  210. Wine. Reality TV. Hallmark movies. People calling skinny jeans “skinnies” and sunglasses “sunnies”. Any video game.

  211. Wow this is fun! Jazz. Hate it. Irritating noise. Yes to all those who say abstract or “modern” “art”. What a scam! People pay actual money for that garbage. Yes! Hated Lala Land with a passion. Also Ladybird. Ah, I feel so good saying all this. I could go on… but that’s enough for now.

  212. Freaking avocados.
    They’re awful!
    I can only eat it if it’s in sushi, and even then, sometimes I pick it out and hope the roll doesn’t fall apart.

  213. Bows, ruffles, flutter sleeves, glitter, peter pan collars and other infantilizing details on clothing for women and girls. Bath products that make you smell like food. Business people and politicians who speak only in metaphors because for some reason they can’t just say what they mean. And probably most of the stuff above. I’m working on being a curmudgeon. 🙂

  214. Can I have your Oreos?

    Babies, toddlers, mayo, mustard. Lemon in my water. Spicy food. Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, reality TV, Investigation Discovery. American football. Strawberry ice cream or cake. Coffee. Anything that cream cheese has even THOUGHT about getting together with.

    Star Trek. Disney.

  215. McRib. Everyone I know RAVES about those things, so a couple of years ago when they came around again, I decided to try one. No taste, bad texture. The only interesting thing about it was the BBQ sauce – and that wasn’t great. Never again. And no one seems to understand my dislike.

  216. Detective/cop shows, mushrooms, asparagus, liver, crowds of any kind, heights, really hot weather

  217. First, I have to say please re-think Steely Dan. I just discovered them later in life and it gives me a really feel-good peaceful feeling when I listen to them. Things I don’t like – the Beatles, the Big Bang Theory.

  218. “Feeling cute.” Beer. Metal music (which is a difficult and complex music skill that doesn’t do it for me, so…. respect to you metalheads for your dedication). Having margaritas with a group of women I just met (it’s a thing, and I don’t get it, or do it). “Game of Thrones”. “The Watchmen”. Elton John. Black and white kitchens.

  219. Starbucks coffee, avocados, IPAs, The Catcher in the Rye. Steely Dan is also very much not for me, and I once got Deacon Blue as an earworm. Two long weeks of “AND DIIIIEEE BEHIIIIIND THE WHEEL!” over and over on an endless loop.

  220. Nutella, watermelons, and most sweet sodas (including Coke – bleh). And Breaking Bad.

  221. Chai, pickles, hard boiled eggs, turtlenecks, pumpkins as anything but a decoration, sports (also in TX), and beer

  222. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Papaya. Soft cheeses. Religion. Babies/ children. Reality TV. Running. Marriage.

  223. Sigh. I’ve been waiting so long for someone to ask me this question so that I can finally get this off my chest without looking like a douchebag who’s all, “I just don’t get why you like that…” But I still feel like I’m going to break some strangers’ hearts when I say….

    Dr. Who. Don’t get it. Not at all. Not even remotely tempted to take an afternoon to binge and figure out why people go nuts over it. Must be something there for so many avid fans, just not for me.

  224. Fifty Shades of Gray (and all the rest). Twilight. Big Bang Theory. Sports. Reality TV. Babies (children in general). Makeup.

  225. Many of the things above.
    Jazz, Hendrix and Chopin (I swear Fredrick came back as Jimmy) Rod Stewart and Steely Dan.
    Meditating – or I should admit TRYING to meditate.

  226. Celebrity worship – including that of the current invader of the White House, parties, the need to procreate, sci-fi, horror, wine, beer, cruises, reality tv (most tv, actually)…so many things.

  227. Game of thrones, kale, and dogs (I’m not heartless, just allergic so I’ve never spent a lot of time with dogs.)

  228. Social Media. I like Blogs but have no use for the rest of the modern world’s nonsense.

  229. Television. The world iwants to talk about shows and I feel freakish every time I say that I don’t watch TV.

    Famous people. It’s OK to be famous, but I like people for a reason vs. learning to like or love the famous.

    Avocados & tomatoes.

    Relating to things 100% emotionally (vs. logically analyzing).

    Loud, crowded events pumped full of energy.

    Cruise ships (refer back to loud & crowded)

    Political one-ups-man-ship on a personal level, professional level, national level, etc. I’m OK if you want to think you are better than me. I’m usually more comfortable hiding my strengths than flaunting them.

  230. Pickles. Relish. Miracle Whip. Baths. Saunas. Having to endure any footwear that is not a flip flop. Vanilla candles.

  231. Coffee (tastes disgusting), Fifty Shades of Grey (never read more than a page, it’s terrible).
    So so many foods.

  232. Mens’ beards
    Black licorice
    Monkeys— I lived in Tropics, they were aggressive and mean. Sorry Curious George.

  233. Coffee, onions, thanksgiving dinner(the food itself, not the family time or what it represents)

  234. Stranger Things (just don’t care for it , you know) and Taylor Swift (I mean she’s fine, but like meh.)

  235. Comic books. I understand and respect the art, language, story, and care that goes into them, and that they have inspired and entertained and even helped so many people.

    But they just leave me cold. I want to “get” them, I really do, but it’s just not happening.