The terrible things we love

So earlier this week we looked at the things that we hate that everyone else loves and as I was looking through your comments I was like, “You people are crazy” but then every 10th thing or so I’d be like, “OMG, YES, COFFEE IS DISGUSTING!” or something similar.

So today let’s go the opposite way.  What are things that everyone else hates (or at least is confused about) that you love.  No judgement.  Probably.

I’ll start.  Things I love that most people give me the side-eye about but that I still love anyway:

The taste of envelopes and stamps.  Double spacing after periods.  Zima.  Taylor Swift.  Picnics in graveyards.  Hanging empty cicada exoskeletons all over my clothes like jewelry made of skin.  Pineapple on pizza.  Syrup on eggs.  French fries inside milkshakes.  Pokemon Go.  Taylor Swift.  Love After Lockup.  Pimento Cheese.  The Twilight books.  Mindless busy work.  Super sour cherry pie.  Creepy dolls.  The taste of baby aspirin.

Your turn.

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  1. Last night, we were watching “The Masked Singer” and I kind of went on a nerdy rant about the leopard’s dress.

    Because from the waist up (especially with that big ass floaty collar), it’s Elizabethan. But from the waist down with that wide pannier, split front skirt, it’s all French court circa the era of Marie Antoinette. I actually YELLED at the TV, “Dammit costumer PICK ONE ERA! GEEZE! You can’t just..go mixing one court fashion with another one from a totally different time period. GET IT TOGETHER, YOU DORK.”

  2. Iron Man 3. It’s not necessarily completely despised, but most people don’t put it on any MCU Top 10 lists. But it’s got the best representation of what a panic attack feels like for me that I’ve seen in any media ever.

  3. I love the smell of cow manure. Reminds me of when I was little and visiting the dairy farms that were in the town where I grew up.

  4. Graveyard picnics here too! In fact, all things graveyard (I have an actual tombstone in my classroom RIGHT THIS MINUTE – Dora age 6). Prunes. Wearing the same clothes throughout the ENTIRE weekend, every weekend (it’s my part to combat climate change). Red pens.

  5. Mixing mayo and mustard to dip my French fries in. The smell of magic markers (and the smell of ditto machines – but you’re too young to remember that).

  6. Hanson, pumpkin spice and Disney …. Wow I have never sounded more basic lol …. I am ok with this I guess

  7. I love dreary weather – even if my depression doesnt.
    I love the twilight movies AND the shadowhunter tv show.
    I also really like the smell of gasoline.

  8. I LOVE syrup on eggs and hashbrowns – most of the breakfast foods….and Velveeta on French Toast.

  9. I love the weird chemical smell of a new shower curtain liner, dry shredded wheat cereal eaten without milk, as well as super, super dry chicken and turkey. Oh! And I would lay my life down for the band Poison.

  10. Miracle Whip. With white bread and a home grown tomato slice lightly salted, it is the BOMB.

  11. Ooooh. I don’t know what is considered strange to love! Here goes:

    Mushrooms. Barry Manilow. Winter. Picking scabs. Alphabetizing everything that can possibly be alphabetized. New Kids on the Block. Chrisley Knows Best. The Karen Special. The way my dogs’ feet smell like corn chips or mushrooms.

    PS The Karen Special is a bagel sandwich at our local bagel place. It has an Everything bagel, chunky PB, bacon, and pickles.

  12. double space after period. thanksgiving stuffing (both in the bird and out). pineapple on pizza. watching the same episodes of law & order (any franchise) over and over again. starbucks coffee.

  13. French fries in chocolate frostys, or ketchup/ mayo mixed. Ketchup on my scrambled eggs, and pineapple on pizza. Using curse words like a pirate. Zima. Wearing animal ear headbands out in public. Liver pate.

  14. Cream cheese and bacon sandwiches (Cooked and chopped bacon, mixed into soft cream cheese.) Because my mother made them when we were small kids.

  15. I’m obsessed with dumpfire trash tv shows like Love After Lockup and 90 DF and I’ve stopped apologizing for it.
    Pickles and pickled things (controversial only because my fiance haaates them)
    Pumpkin spice flavored everything

  16. Not necessarily me, but my late father used to love putting soy sauce on a piece of bread and then spreading peanut butter over it. Handsdown the grossest openface sandwich ever. But then again he loved sharp cheddar cheese on apple pie and salt on sour green apples too.

  17. brussels sprouts and cilantro, FOR SURE. Music in odd meters. peeling nail polish off my nails, or bark from a tree.

  18. Taylor Swift a few kpop bands are a secret shame. All things spooky. I love theoretical physics. medical textbooks. Korean cuisine, especially kimchi. Really colorful hair that gets shiny when it starts to fade from my silver strands. Cats and cats and cats.

  19. Puns. Useless knowledge. Candy corn (though the mellowcreme pumpkins are better). John Denver and the Muppets Christmas Album (I will listen to it in May…or any other month).

  20. The smell of a zippo cigarette lighter after it is used, the smell of gasoline at the gas station.

  21. Syrup on eggs. We are kindred spirits. Chaffles (cheat waffles, yeah, there’s cheese in them, but let’s be real, we eat them because we want to cheat on carbs) with a dab of syrup and a bite of bacon – HEAVEN!

  22. The smell of basements. Also, the smell of gasoline. Cold sheets. The Maury Show. Shamrock shakes. Pineapple on pizza!

  23. Rolling tape between my fingers, some tape is better than others and have a better scent; the smell of library books; the Twilight books; the 50 shades books; dragons; tea.

    I missed the things we hate that everyone loves but my responses to that are coffee and mint (flavor and scent).

  24. Oh, I HATE the smell of gasoline SO MUCH that even thinking about people voluntarily relishing it gives me a pounding migraine, which, as luck would have it, can be cured by #17’s farts.

  25. Doing the laundry. Being dirty & sweaty, aka working outside in Houston during the summer. Brown.

  26. The smell of skunks, and ketchup on mac and cheese! Ooh and pulling out ingrown hairs! Sadly my hair doesn’t do it, but my ex would let me pluck his. Joy!

  27. Spam. Deep, dark, spooky forests. Citrus (SO MUCH citrus!). Skunk smell. Pimento cheese. Egg yolk on toast. Bacon with syrup. Old, broken-down, abandoned buildings.

  28. Liverwurst, writing novels, dried mealworms for the birds (spill those on your feet and see how you levitate!), and I only grow things in my garden that can be eaten. If I can’t eat the flower, I don’t want it in my garden. I grow a ton of different kinds of mint and basil too.a

  29. Love me some pimento cheese too! Also, every now and then I need a slice of fried SPAM.

    Big Elvis fan (as in I have a few Elvis tattoos), PBS cartoons (I’m an adult and find the message so simple and comforting). Taco Bell, cloudy grey days, burnt bacon, the smell of my dog’s head.

  30. The smell of a fire house or fire gear. My parents were volunteer firefighters when I was little. That smell meant they were home safe 🙂

  31. Pickle and peanut butter sandwiches, pineapple on pizza, mustard on cottage cheese, Rammstein, the smell of new electronics, laughing at myself (instead of being embarrassed) when I do something stupid.

  32. Skunk smell when on a road trip. I also like tart cherry pie. Collard Greens. Lots of wasabi.

  33. Skunk smell when on a road trip. I also like tart cherry pie. Collard Greens. Lots of wasabi.

  34. That movie The Fifth Element. The only other person I know who loves it is my husband. “Leeloo Dallas, MULTIPASS.” Every time it’s on, I have to leave it on till it’s over.

  35. 100-degree heat (my husband says I am a lizard). Pineapple with peanut butter. Super large Best Maid Dill Pickles. Spam with fried potatoes and fried onions and ketchup. All the angsty and post apocalyptic young adult books (I am 42). Grilled cheese made in the microwave instead of a skillet.

  36. “Cozy” mysteries and light fiction (like The Flatshare). The Price is Right. Wearing socks AND slippers. The smell of sulphur matches.

  37. I’m with you on baby aspirin, pineapple on pizza, and exoskeletons in general (though I’ve not used them as personal adornment [yet]) but you are going straight to hell for your use of two spaces after a period.

  38. The way horses smell; black licorice jelly beans and salt water taffy (but not actual black licorice, shrug); Scrabble or any other word game; 80s rock; pimple popping videos; and cheesy rom com movies.

  39. Green olives (and the brine makes great chaser shots), molasses on toast, beef ramen, winter/cold weather, storms, doing laundry (good mindless/cathartic work, except socks — I HATE matching socks!)…I’m sure there’s more.

  40. Pineapple AND green olives on pizza. Roquefort and other blue cheeses. Lemon and orange Starbursts. My husband likes Nickelback.

  41. Pimento Cheese is like a religion to me, and I’m team pineapple. In fact, I’m team fruit and meat in a lot of ways (grapes go in my chicken salad, for instance). Sharp cheddar cheese on Frosted Mini Wheats (pretend they’re a cracker) is divine. Blue cheese ice cream. Filing all the mail in my inbox. The new Terminator movie. Shitty beer.

  42. Salty black licorice. Stinky cheese. The stinkier, the better. The smell of diesel or solvent (reminds me of my dad and my husband).

  43. Sardines. Mayonnaise sandwiches. Rush (the band.) Ruin and disaster pr0n. Playing classical music really, really loud, especially Beethoven and Shostakovich. The book “Winter’s Tale” by Mark Helprin. Latin (the language). “Push it” by Salt ‘n’ Pepa. Grammar (my superhero name is The Hyphenator, and I’m also an Oxford Comma fangirl). Black humour, the darker and dryer the better.

  44. The original Punisher movie with Dolph Lundgren, actually lots of objectively terrible action movies. The ending of Mass Effect 3 (why so much hate, it’s an amazing way to finish the story!) Pasta sandwiches. Putting cards in suit order (spades, diamonds, clubs, hearts) while playing solitaire.

  45. Diesel bus fumes. Peanut butter, bacon and mayo on toast sandwiches. American cheese with ketchup on white bread sandwiches. (Both from my childhood.) lol, the 400th one to say Taylor Swift. The Curse of Oak Island. Second Life.

  46. Terrible reality TV like Jersey Shore and Floribama Shore.

    Also I agree with almost everything you said except the food stuff.

  47. Helmann’s Mayonnaise sandwiches on white bread dunked in grape Kool-aid; the taste of baby aspirin; the smell of a new shower curtain; the smell of my own farts (because they’re hilarious!); cleaning eye boogies out of my dog’s eye; picking fuzz off a blanket and rolling it into a tight little ball and flicking it (it’s called picking fuzzballs and it’s very soothing); cooking frozen spinach and adding Helmann’s Mayo and parmesan cheese;

  48. I, too, am in the double space after periods club. Other things I love that people give me side-eye about – long hair on older women, long hair on dudes, fun hair colors on people over the age of 21 (I’m in my 50s and have blue & purple hair and nope…not changing it to something “normal” because I am “too old” for it), adults who still love plushies, adults swinging on swingsets. So, I guess I have a lot of “age related” stuff….

  49. Ketchup AND mustard on hot dogs. Miracle Whip instead of mayo. Homemade stuffing vs. Stovetop from a box. Coffee from anywhere except Starbucks. Old Kevin Costner movies.(Yes, even ‘Robin Hood).

  50. Is double spacing after periods not a thing anymore? I like it and I’m going to keep on doing it! Also for me- pineapple on pizza and Love After Lockup.
    In addition- 90 Day Fiance and Real Housewives (all of them- I’m all about the trashy TV). I like my over easy eggs on top of pancakes with syrup. And cottage cheese.

  51. In my house, mashed potatoes. I’m seriously the only person in my family who likes mashed potatoes. That just means more for me at Thanksgiving. I like the Star Wars prequels too, which is also frowned upon by the other members of my household (and most of the Star Wars fandom).

  52. Dad jokes. 80’s Hair bands. The smell of dirt. Eating frosting from the can. Bumper stickers. Curtains.

  53. Wow, a lot of us like the smell of gasoline, so nice to know I’m not alone ;-). And I too like buttercream frosting, the more buttery, a million-caloried, bad-for-you the better. And another one I’ve never met anybody else–I only seem to meet people remotely like me online & espec. this blog–like is the 1998 movie version of Godzilla (starring Jean Reno); love it! Oh, and raw choc. chip cookie dough.

  54. Licorice–love it; love the smell of my old stuffed animals (I give them secret sniffs when I visit my parents–and I’m 52); love the feel of dough that you know is going to rise just right; love when the Fall leaves in my driveway get blown away and I don’t have to sweep them up; love when it’s getting dark and you walk past houses that have lights on inside (makes me feel cozy).

  55. I love eating dry pasta. I love the crunch and the plain flavor. I especially love eating regular spaghetti or elbow macaroni, but I will eat any type. I usually have to cook two boxes for dinner because I eat half a box before the water starts boiling. 🙂

  56. I was just talking about chocolate Twizzlers with a friend. LOVE THEM. Also most of the old timey candy like Necco wafers, circus peanuts (FYI prairie dogs love them), and the like. And science fiction and fantasy books (so many people hate them. Their loss). Smell of horses. I can totally see my husband rolling his eyes at something else but now I can’t recall. Phooey.

  57. We are on the same page on a bunch of things. Pineapple on pizza. Syrup not on eggs (although if it got there I’d be fine) but on bacon and sausage. Fries in a milkshake. Love After Lockup. Pimento cheese. And sour cherry pie.

    Also on my list: Mama June. Milk. Salmon patties. Cats. Reading. Leggings. Burnt crispies in the pan (burnt cheese is heaven). Pokémon Go. Wizards Unite. There’s probably more….

  58. Mixing marinara sauce with alfredo sauce. Cottage cheese and butter spaghetti. Ketchup and ranch dressing over tater tots.

  59. I treat myself to a baby aspirin “snack” every week when I do my mom’s medicine! I also can’t concentrate on my work if I have a can of Vienna sausages in my desk (because I want to eat them!) and like jelly on my
    scrambled eggs.

  60. Salty black licorice. Stinky cheese (the stinkier, the better).
    The smell of diesel and solvent.

  61. Double spacing after periods <—I will die on this hill. We were taught this in school and then got out of school and it was wrong? It looks better anyway.

    Hanson, mushrooms, rom-coms, romance novels

  62. The smell of a gas station- gasoline + old oil + transmission fluid + antifreeze, smoky + peaty single malt scotch, digging crap out of my horse’s hooves (very satisfying, and she likes it), anchovies on pizza, and peanut butter with cheese sandwiches.

  63. Romance novels. (Shoutout to Courtney Milan!), Snowstorms, Excel Spreadsheets, Diet Soda, Pipe Tobacco smoke, Darning

  64. Circus peanuts(the orange candy), lunchables bologna and cheese or the cheese pizza one, Taylor Swift, Pokémon go, Harry Potter, organizing public areas like a messy shelf at target, and the smell of hot pavement like at a theme park.

  65. Boxed macaroni and cheese. Not your fancy kind with a ton of real cheese and crumbs and sauce baked in the oven. No, the other kind. I will occasionally eat stuff like the ALDI goat cheese varieties, but they are still BOXED. See, I have lactose intolerance and I can eat the cheese powder stuff, but not your mama’s famous gooey sauce. Plus I like it, damn it!

  66. Talking on the phone (to friends, not just anyone) instead of texting, super dark chocolate consumed in great quantity, ideally while drinking cheap wine and talking to said friends.

  67. Double space after periods here too, as well as the oxford/terminal comma. Oscar Mayer Liver Sausage (but not braunschweiger – don’t ask me what the difference is because I don’t know). Mountain Dew (which is fine, but not something you see 50 year old women drinking.)

  68. Lukewarm coffee, running in the rain, cleaning out the refrigerator, scrubbing toilets, taking out the garbage, plucking chin hairs, waking up before the birds.

  69. ~Cold, canned jellied cranberry sauce and you have to cut it between the lines and don’t skimp, get Oceanspray brand.
    ~Fries dipped in a strawberry shake, preferably the fake very pink kind of shakes.
    ~The smell of puppy paws and puppy breath.
    ~Also baby aspirin. So much so I took a whole bottle when I was 2 and we were visiting family in Louisiana. There is an old ER report lurking in an old musty basement that probably is more worried about the parents who had to chase me in circles around the yard in the July heat/humidity before bringing me in. Lol

  70. Worcestershire sauce on grilled cheese (I grew up eating it that way – its sooo good!), halva, and popping zits.

  71. If you like syrup on eggs…..and if you like peanut butter…..and if you like pancakes…..try them all together! slather the PB on the pancake, then an over easy egg on top, pour on the syrup!!!

  72. Me: JAMES!
    Son: WHAT???
    Me: The Bloggess loves Pokemon Go AND syrup on her eggs.
    Son: Will she adopt me?
    Me: (weeping over kindred spirits in double spacing after periods) She must adopt us BOTH.

  73. I add to cozy mysteries. Eating soup and sandwiches for breakfast. British panel shows (I live in TX), caffeine free non diet sodas.

  74. Double spacing after periods (give me liberty or give me death). Taco Bell. Abba. Old maids in popcorn. Following directions, of any sort.

  75. And damn- I forgot to add to my earlier list, the perfectly stupid movie, “Gone in 60 Seconds.” I have NO idea why.

  76. Pipe smoke. Burpees. Uncooked ramen. Vanilla wafers. Candy corn. Candy corn mixed with salty peanuts. Broccoli stalks (rather than crowns). Tom Lehrer. Mindless TV. The smell of permanent markers. An empty inbox. Salad without dressing. Pairing socks from the laundry.

  77. Honey Boo-Boo and family. I don’t even know why because watching the Mama June series makes me want to snatch them all bald headed and have a manners boot camp, but I still can’t stop watching and I’ve actually been worried that poor child since the end of last season.

  78. I also like picnics in graveyards! The scent of drying paint, non-crunchy leaves, pickles and apples and cheese all together, popcorn with vinegar on it, lost bits of human culture that I find in the gutter (like Barbie arms and coils of phone wire and bottle caps), the color of tarnished brass, and a bunch of other stuff I can’t think of right now.

  79. How my three hens get excited for their afternoon treat of dried mealworms but the one hen in particular stands right in front of me jumping up and pecking the bag while I’m opening it.

    When my Husky gives me her wooooo woooo greating and our wired haired dauchsaund mutt tries to copy but it sounds like a Wookie.

    Wine and a book with no responsibilities.

  80. I love liver and onions (my mom’s fault), bbq chips dipped in cottage cheese, and rearranging letters in my head so no 2 vowels are together.

  81. I’m a two-spacer too!!! My list also includes rodents, snakes, skeletons, SPAM, the smell of new tires, and gasoline (not at the same time), and the smell of horses.

  82. Sauerkraut pizza, grammar rules, editing other people’s writing, being the Beemaster (the person who reads the words at spelling bees), bees 🐝 (especially the bumble variety), anything animated, dreary days, the glomming, mayonnaise on green beans, phonics rules, Star Trek (the original), and all the nerdy things.

  83. Peanut butter, banana, and mayonnaise sandwiches 🤷🏻‍♀️ With ONLY Duke’s mayo and Wonder Bread. That’s probably my weirdest like, though I did eat Dove Chocolate wrapped in hard salami when I was pregnant, and it was the food of kings and gods.

  84. The feel of a cat’s fur under my fingers. The way my granddaughter’s head smells. How safe I feel in my husband’s arms. My daughter’s smile. Double-tapping after a period ends my sentence. Bare feet on beach sand. Holding my mother’s hand.

  85. I love to get in my hot car on a sweltering day in GA summer and just sit for a minute or two before I crank her up and feel the heat. I love salt. I love letting my shih tzu lick inside my ears. I love opossums. I love that my teenager kids are sometimes snarky as hell. Lay’s potato chip sandwiches (just chips and white bread no mayo). Green olives and capers on anything. I always have to eat something salty right after I eat ice cream.

  86. Winter weather, Christmas decor and music before Thanksgiving, pineapple on pizza.

  87. I am obsessed with a band called Ninja Sex Party. The name alone gets me a lot of side eye. But if you are not easily offended and love 80s inspired comedy music, check out the video for “Danny Don’t You Know”. (Yes, that is Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things.)

  88. Nickleback, spam and potted meat, cleaning house, ironing (used to stay up all night when I was in high school, watch movies, and iron), the Oxford comma, edited/red lining on paper as opposed to digitally, and writing with a good old fashioned pencil that has to be sharpened.

  89. There is a big beautiful cemetery in Buffalo that I absolutely love. It really is like a park that happens to have dead people. When I worked for a Boys and Girls Club, I planned some photography field trips with the older kids and they were so baffled when we pulled into that cemetery, but they wound up loving it. I did the same with my own kids last year on a day they had off from school. They had such a good time. Except when the geese were chasing us.

  90. Kippers, scrapple, dry cereal (no milk please.) Blackhead popping videos. Wal-mart brand generic Pop-Tarts (better than the name brand.) Taco Bell, candy corn, the smell of boxwoods. Smarties.

  91. I also like scrambled eggs with syrup. Massive amounts of water. Cold weather. The smell of old spice. Orange crystal light. Double spacing after periods. The smell of lake water. Playing with tape and stickers. Oh probably so many more things.

  92. I really like a process Like I have comfort from knowing what I should do next
    I love frenches yellow mustart there is no other yellow mustard for me which is weird because i do not feel the same about other mustard types

  93. Pineapple and pepperoni pizza (not ham!), Christmas lights/decorations/music starting the day after Halloween, the Duggars (Yes, I know. I’m just find them weirdly fascinating.)

  94. French fries dipped in mayo. Mac and cheese with ketchup on it (I understand this to be common in the south but out here in the west people look at me like I’ve grown another head). Ketchup on tacos. Lost in Space (the movie with Matt LeBlanc — it’s horrible, but if I see it on I am compelled to stop and watch it — don’t know why). And my favorite pizza of all time has pineapple, black olives and (before I went vegan) sweet Italian sausage.

    And I’ve found my people! Mayo sandwiches? Yes! Peanut butter and pickles? Absolutely! Pasta sandwiches? Sign me up! I feel like we all need to get together and have a very weird potluck.

  95. So now I have to try french fries inside milkshakes!? Odd things I love: Swimming nude, honestly in my fantasy life I have a private lagoon and no lycra holding me back. Also, pb on frozen bread. And fake beer.

  96. Crisp low thread count bed sheets washed in Vinegar.

    How excited my three hens get when it’s time for their afternoon snack, the one standing directly in front of me jumping up trying to get whatever I’ve got in my hand.

    How happy my dogs are to go for a ride in the truck.

    Wine and snacks with books.

  97. Molasses- like a plain spoonful.
    Heinz rice baby food (the dry flakes kind). I add milk and jam.
    Black and kalamata olives
    Plucking chin hairs
    Sweating from doing something physical like martial arts (but not stress or temperature sweat)
    Extremely cheesy or punny jokes
    Reading instruction manuals or inserts when you get a new device
    In winter when I let it grow- the feeling of my leg hair brushing on the other leg’s hair or being moved by air currents when I walk. It’s like having antennae or an extra sense.
    Black licorice
    The smell of road tar

  98. Raisins in my ham sandwiches (just mayo, no cheese), pineapple on pizza, and peeling dead skin.

  99. B-movies. I love a great movie with bad/over acting, bad plot, bad special effects or all of them in one movie (bad movie heaven). Not bad t.v., no-no-no. I love a good bad movie.
    An good pun. As in well timed, well presented, well worded. A good play on words/situation.
    Dad jokes. This is my #1 favorite joke: How do you make Holy Water? Boil the Hell out of it.
    Also, standing in the sand at the beach and letting the sand get sucked out from under me by the ocean and having my feet buried by the sand.
    And Minions. Luv’em.

  100. Lutefisk, Pee-wee Herman, and making all the money in my wallet face the same direction (a hold-over from my teenage cashiering days).

  101. Wendy’s fries dipped into their Frosties are the best thing ever. And so are double spaces after periods. I’m not sure I will ever lose that habit. The Oxford comma. Candy corn. Stinky, stinky cheese. Snakes. NIckelback.

  102. Flour tortillas with mayo and grilled hot dogs, flour tortillas with butter, maple syrup and peanut butter, accounting (luckily it’s my job), spreadsheets (job again), watching the movie The Day After Tomorrow every time it’s on, and milk with vanilla extract in it.

  103. Pizza with honey, pizza with ranch, pizza with hot sauce. 🍕Yes to baby aspirin; My mom had to hide it from me growing up. Sour cherries, cream cheese and olive sandwiches, drinking pickle juice.

  104. Liver, jazz, pizza & bread crust, opera, abstract art, cramped spaces, the smell of a musty basement, cabbage, movies with subtitles, 100 degree weather, compact cars, me.

  105. The faint smell of skunk in the distance.
    Raw potatoes.
    Also Pokemon Go.
    Eating as soon as I leave the dentist to dirt my teeth back up.

  106. Blue cheese with steak, bbq chips dipped in sour cream, Kraft dinner , maple syrup on bacon/sausages/eggs/toast/fried chicken , and plain bagels toasted with plain cream cheese and bacon.

  107. everything Charles Addams cartoons, and the Gashlycrumb Tinies (by Edward Corey). If you haven’t heard of him, look him up.. you will LOVE him.

  108. Let me think… candy corn, circus peanuts, the smell of gas, the smell of playdoh, parody movies, collecting Tarot decks… there is probably more, but I can’t remember.

  109. The smell of horses, including manure. The movie Rat Race (it’s a thing for my family and I, but it’s a pretty terrible movie). Reading Shakespeare in high school.

  110. Gravy on potato chips and caramel potatoes. The first time The Viking introduced potato chips as a side dish for Christmas Dinner and mentioned caramel and potatoes in the same sentence, I was skeptical. But it’s delicious! I love Danish food. 😀

  111. a-ha. Been getting side-eye on that one since 1986. Don’t care. I love those Norwegians.
    I swear there’s more to them than #TakeOnMe.

  112. Reality TV. Taylor Swift. Trashy romance novels. Star Trek over Star Wars. Hillary Clinton. Tofu. Beets.

  113. New wave music, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, the smell of vintage, “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” lemon/butter/black pepper/garlic salt popcorn, solitude.

  114. black licorice / now ‘n’ laters
    (crunchy) peanut butter & Frito sandwiches on white bread
    (crunchy) peanut butter & marshmallow fluff sandwiches on white bread
    Kraft mac & cheese with canned tuna in it
    eating dry coffee creamer powder with a spoon, LOL (i grew up poor so…)
    cottage cheese (it has to be really cold in a chilled bowl though)
    Nehi peach soda
    Turkish delight
    double-spacing after periods, yes
    cheese pizza with NO tomato sauce (don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it)
    circus peanuts (the candy)
    sweet iced tea (i use about 9 packets of sugar per glass)

    I’m sure there’s other stuff i’m forgetting, lol!

  115. Potato chips dipped in ketchup. It’s just like french fries, but I always get weird looks. Also french fries dipped in ranch dressing,and pepperoni pizza dipped in ranch dressing.

  116. Lutefisk. Gelled cod originally stored inlye, but delicious with lefse and tons of butter. Alas, even my dog refuses to eat it.

  117. Wintergreen candies. Pink grapefruit fragranced everything. Using salted butter in baked goods.

  118. Gasoline smell. Bon Jovi. Basically ALL vegetables, since I was a kid. Broccoli was legit my favorite food from ages 4-8.

  119. Pineapple on pizza. Bitter foods, sour drinks. Early morning exercise. Oatmeal raisin cookies.

  120. My dog’s musk (an aromatic blend of stale popcorn and dirty socks). The smell of fresh asphalt. All of the Twilight movies. Black coffee. Birkenstocks (so comfy!!!) Roasting my marshmallows by setting them on fire. Plain Ruffles potato chips dipped in applesauce. Hot dog topped with peanut butter and a pickle spear. And I think armpit hair on women is beautiful, and I think round squishy bellies and baldness are attractive.

  121. Circus peanuts. Olive loaf. Whitman’s yellow box chocolates (miss you, Grandpa). Coldplay. Warm, aka “brassy” haircolor (when did this become practically illegal?). Winter and its long, dark, peaceful nights, especially after a fresh snowfall. Hand-addressing instead of printed labels.

  122. Sriracha, walnuts & eggs mixed into steel cut oatmeal.
    Single spacing at the end of sentences is the new hotness? I was taught 2 spaces. I feel very old.
    Golden Girls

  123. I love untangling messed up yarn and Christmas lights. untangling things in general..I guess. and also plucking hairs out on my knees that I can’t seem to shave off (someone is gonna try this out there and get hooked!)

  124. Salt on grapefruit. Just the tiniest bit. I can’t stand bitter, and the salt makes any bitterness go away. And garden veggie or olive cream cheese on a cinnamon raisin bagel.

  125. The movies Xanadu and Streets of Fire; the carrot-pineapple salad from Luby’s; any flavor of Mountain Dew; and hot dogs from a family-owned, possibly disreputable gas station that have been slowly cooking on those hot rollers all day.

  126. I am entirely too amused by legal decisions drafted by judges with a sense of humor and style….and quirky legal cases, like Ross v. Forest Lawn Memorial Park, 203 Ca. Rptr 468 (1984). Look for the description of the girl wearing the dress adorned with live rats :). It just makes me grin.

  127. Baby aspirin for the win. My brother loved it a little too much and ate a whole orange flavored bottle of them. A hospital visit and two hysterical parents later, he was okay. Okay, here goes my list, all chocolates must be kept in the freezer and eaten while thawing out. I am obsessed with ice. It must be filled to the brim every fill up. None of this 2-3 ice cube shit. Sappy romance books are at times the only thing right in this world. I like the taste of saline in my mouth when getting an IV. It lets me know the IV is good and in the vein. I have to have infusions monthly (thanks Crohn’s disease) it is a good thing. Small animals must be dressed in small clothes and hats. It makes up for all the little dog issues Chihuahuas exhibit and makes up for having to deal with cat shit. Ugh.

  128. Plain greek yogurt with salt, overcooked chicken wings, The Sound of Music (movie and soundtrack), Opus T. Penguin, thin crust pizza (only), root beer, black cats.

  129. Things I love that many people hate: Doctor Who, writing essays, puns, being called a liberal, Miley Cyrus and her music, cemeteries (the older the better), Airplane!, cow manure scent, Miracle Whip, Michael Jackson, the Oxford comma, flannel shirts, Amazing Grace on bagpipes, merlot…I could go on and on

    Things I hate that many people love: Dunkin Donuts coffee, Starbucks coffee, turkey (the meat; no problem with the bird), yellow mustard, memes with typos, ukeleles, The Sound of Music, two spaces after a full stop, most Elvis music, trucker caps, soprano voices, whispery girl voices, Sting’s voice, the shows Friends and Seinfeld, most 80s music, “reality” TV shows, expensive cars, romance novels, rosé wine, most musicals…this list could get very long very quickly, too

  130. Liverwurst. High intensity workout sessions. Kids growing up. I am not a monster, but you will not catch me posting on FB ‘I cannot believe he is graduating high school, it seems like just yesterday junior was starting preschool.’ This drives me bonkers. I love my kids and cherish the memories of when they were tiny little roly poly people. BUT – I love that they get adult type humor now. They are fun to hang out with and joke with and watch movies with. Not fun when friends bring them home intoxicated and they are only 16, but that shit happens along the way and I deal with it.

  131. Listening to the same song on repeat for hours. Boxes, especially with magnetic closures. Socks. Strong lemonade. Organizing, alphabetizing, or otherwise sorting mundane little things.

  132. SOS, squeezy cheese on popcorn, stuffed cabbage, original hostess cherry pies, smell of asphalt in a spring rain, watching people hurry about at the mall on Christmas eve, watching favorite movies over and over even in the same weekend, naps, my nephews

  133. Dead stuff and murdery things, super well done meats (just burn the filet mignon or prime rib for me, ok), bus exhaust, tattoos, e-readers (reading is reading, man. Just do it however you want!), the newer installments in the Star Wars film franchise (Ep.7, 8, and I’m 100% 9…)

  134. Mashed banana and grated cheese sandwiches. I love them but everyone else thinks they’re weird.

  135. Liver and bacon for dinner; the smell of skunks (I get A LOT of side eye on that one); watching curling on tv; a cold, cold bedroom at night; sappy love stories.

  136. Vienna sausage cold from the can, the Oxford comma, double-spacing after a period, “new” math (what some mistakenly call common core math), Trivial Pursuit (I can never find anyone to play with ☹️), going to movies alone, peeling dead skin off especially after a sunburn.

  137. I too love the cicadas, but not to wear. I love the movie Legally Blonde even though I don’t understand why and my friends agree it makes no sense cos I’m a feminist. But as I type this, maybe it does make sense, you should be able to pull this off. Complete nature silence where the only sound is wildlife and wind or surf, almost impossible to get. I got a lot of heat after 9/11 because blissed out on true nature silence, before all the planes were grounded I had no idea how loud the constant jets flying really were. Asking hard questions, I’m not sure other people hate doing it, but plenty of them hate it when I do it…

  138. I’ve never been a smoker, but I love the smell of the silver paper… so whenever a friend would crack a new pack, I’d ask for the top piece, but alas everyone I know has quit… lol…

  139. The taste of chewing adult aspirins. Gasoline scent. Rocks. Taylor Swift x 1000. Smell of horses and Bloodhounds.

  140. Roasted marshmallow Peeps, pineapple and pickled jalepeno pizza, chopped chicken liver, gribenes and schmaltz, celery soda, travelogues from the 1800s, supernatural romance novels where they pour all their creativity into the spelling of werewolf or vampire, reconciling bank statements, small town parades.

  141. Oh, The Bachelor franchise (everyone who knows me says it is TOTALLY out of character).

  142. The smell of creosote and asphalt. Reminds me of down the shore because it was used to waterproof the bottoms of docks and boats.

  143. Like I said earlier, I love the chicken dance. Unapologetically. Also, chest hair. I’m so glad I’m old enough I don’t have to date one of these guys who shaves their chests. What a waste of time. And sexiness.

  144. Fried eggs. Not fried eggs as in, there’s still something runny left when they’re done. Fried eggs as in, broken yolks, everything cooked all the way through, absolutely nothing runny, and maybe a few crispy brown edges. I like those kind. I really really really don’t like any other kind at all. Unless they’re scrambled that hard or hard HARD boiled.

    Crispy french fries dipped in mayonnaise.

  145. Peanut butter and onion sandwiches. Chicken livers. Really burnt BBQ in general, it has to be pretty badly burnt for me to say no, otherwise it’s SOO GOOD. I think it’s mostly because it reminds me of BBQing with Dad and we’d drink whisky and talk and then realize too late that we’d overcooked the meat. Whoops. Good times!

  146. Those frozen green peas, cooked up with real butter
    Black licorice
    Creating spreadsheets
    Helping frustrated people and leaving them feeling better
    Having my feet touched

  147. Harry Potter. Reading for fun. Pokemon Go. Oreos with water instead of milk. Non-fiction academic books about various aspects of Harry Potter (basically any book that would have been useful when I was writing my thesis, had it existed then). Beautiful copies of Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass. Britney Spears. Miley Cyrus. Taylor Swift. Twilight. Shadowhunters books/movie/series. Scrabble. Artichokes, olives and mushrooms on pizza. Miracle Whip. Oxford Comma. Textbooks. EDM.

    I second the smell of gasoline and syrup on eggs/hashbrowns/suasage/bacon.

  148. Cardigan Sweaters
    Peanut butter & Bologna Sandwiches
    Cheap White Zinfandel
    Sound of pages being turned

  149. Peanut butter and pickle relish sandwiches. Preferably, sweet relish, but dill relish will do. Also, peanut butter and Summer Sausage sandwiches. Don’t judge! You like Thai peanut sauce on satay? Similar, but in a sandwich and no cooking.

    Also? I totally get eggs and syrup. Also, also? Bacon and syrup! Delish!

  150. Smell of a fresh box of crayola colors, Play doh, popcorn, and a new book. Chocolate Milk with everything, Hershey syrup on saltines, All carbs, Jello salad with veggies and mayo on top. MUST give two spaces after a period. Shakespeare anything, words or phrases that are unusual; “happier than a box of birds”. Poetry.

  151. French fries in chocolate milkshakes. Virginia Opossums and rats. Picnics and dates in graveyards. Bones and dead insects. Rocks. Maple syrup on my eggs. The smell of gasoline. Going up the stairs on all fours. Crouching on the bathroom counter to look in the mirror better.

  152. I too love pineapple on my pizza and fries in the milkshake! I also love candy corn, Velveeta, bologna, mayo on my broccoli and ketchup on my eggs. I also love musicals, grocery shopping, driving and terrible puns/Dad jokes (even though I’m a Mom).

  153. Lemons 🍋 with salt (or Fuji Apples) and watching scary shows with my 18 year old daughter and 22 year old son! Never alone though!

  154. I love cutting things out, especially laminated things. It probably comes from the fact that my mom was a teacher and used to take stuff home to cut out for her class. I love the feeling of a good pair of scissors ripping through laminate. I work at a children’s museum and we are currently cutting out around 6000 pairs of elf ears for the Christmas season and I love it.

  155. Runny eggs. CW super hero and vampire shows. Disneyland. Country music – I love the words, the stories. Harry Potter. Wizards Unite game. The smell of gasoline. Christmas music, even before Thanksgiving. Kid movies…I’m loving Disney +.

  156. Chinese buffets

    I can only handle them 2-3 times/year, but when I want all-I-can-eat crap sushi, deep fried mystery meats, and freezer burned ice cream with stale fortune cookie crumbles on top, get out of my way, because nothing else will do.

  157. Quite a few people complain about me putting Frank’s RedHot sauce on everything. Or hot sauce in general. Even popcorn! Another thing people are surprised/judgemental about is how I consume whiskey & tequila without flinching. Hubby says “you don’t see many women drinking Jack Daniels the way you do”. Oh, and pizza dipped in blue cheese. MMMMMM

  158. The smell of kerosene and bus exhaust, turkey spam, brussel sprouts, Stephen King books, Hot tea with cream and sugar, lemon anything.

  159. Popcorn or potato chips dipped in (Hellman’s) mayo. My aunt’s salad with green olives, cheddar cheese, bacon bits and ranch dressing on good old iceberg lettuce

  160. Audrey Helpburn’s asshole ex-husband Mel Ferrer. This one super offensive, super tacky, super awful song called “Porn Star Dancing” that features juvenile sexism, Lil’ Jon, AND the guy from Nickleback all on the same track. Movies that could be described as in bizarre and in poor taste. French fries with mustard. Ashlee Simpson’s “Bittersweet World” album. A long list of sci fi and horror movies with : in the title. Walking places when I could more easily take the bus, even when it’s raining. Hanging out in a bathrobe at home instead of turning up the thermostat. The smell of gasoline. And on and on and on.

  161. The smell of a barn. Raw egg in a milkshake. Mayo on french fries. Non-fiction literature.

  162. ABBA, Disco, proper grammar, learning other languages, undressed salad, steamed veggies with no sauce of any kind, the horrifying smell of my cat’s breath because i love him, having the window shade up next to me on planes (yes, I’m THAT person), and Angelina Jolie.

  163. Casseroles that have cream of mushroom soup as an ingredient. The smell of asphalt when warmed by the sun. Cold pizza for breakfast. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Candy corn (or those candy pumpkins that are made of the same stuff as candy corn). 3/4-length sleeves on shirts.

  164. Ah! The cicadas. I use to wear them when I lived on a farm in Arkansas and they were everywhere. I love fried baloney on cinnamon raison bread with mayo. Best sandwich ever.

  165. Brussel sprouts, dark chocolate – before it became fashionable, loose fitting clothes, rainy days, cold days, cold, rainy days, Jeremy Corbyn, mild to medium turbulence, honest, grumpy people, conspiracy theories.

  166. Cheez Whiz. On toast by itself, on toast topped with strawberry jam, on popcorn, on broccoli or cauliflower (in place of a decent cheese sauce), melted and mixed with salsa. Diet Pepsi (in Canada. Diet Pepsi in the US is weird). Pineapple on pizza. Cheddar cheese on apple pie. A chunk of cheese to eat with my apple.

  167. Walking through cemeteries. Old Sci-Fi and monster movies. Cozy mysteries The smell of horses. Shopping at a pay “by the pound” Goodwill Outlet.

  168. Peanut butter on potato chips, horror movies, creepy dolls and using Twizzlers as straws.

  169. Tofu, drinking milk with pizza, cilantro, reptiles, the Oxford comma, the movie Sweet Home Alabama.

  170. “Love Actually” (OK, that one’s debatable. Lots of people love it, but lots of people hate it, too.)
    lumps in oatmeal
    being cold

  171. Pineapple on Pizza. Capitalizing Words that I Feel are Important. Pokemon Go. Reading Children Books. Fries (and occasionally burgers) dipped into milkshakes or soft serve ice cream. Exclamation Marks!

  172. Boybands. Those terribly SyFy channel monster movies ala Sharknado. Muppet Movies (No one really dislikes the Muppets, but I don’t know anyone who quite understands my obsession with them either). Christmas music. Sharks.

  173. The smell of gasoline, the smell of markers, toasted pita bread with butter and cream cheese, mushrooms, karaoke, my hands and feet tickled/rubbed, boy bands

  174. I agree totally with double spaces after periods, pineapple on pizza, and the taste of baby aspirins (adult aspirins were such a disappointment!). Also liver, white chocolate, super spicy hot sauce, sewing and embroidery, driving long distances.

  175. I love Breaking Benjamin and Five Finger Death Punch, vegetables (like, I am not vegetarian, but I could easily be one. I prefer veggies to meat), Harry Potter (which a lot of people love, but here’s my dirty secret. Snape is my favorite), sometimes the Twilight books and movies – I have to be in the mood, pizza WITHOUT pineapple – I could eat pizza for every meal, and snakes. Give me all the snakes, please.

  176. Pickle juice! Straight out the jar. I used to replace it with water when I was a kid, thinking no one would know. Also, chocolate cake with…LEMONADE (don’t knock it til you try it!!)

  177. The X-Files. I can still name episodes and tell you who was in what episode when I see them in something else. I also yell “Cylon” at every actor/actress that played on on Battlestar Galactica.

  178. hamburger pickles slices with a dollop of yellow mustard on them, the smell of leaves burning, the smell of gunpowder, baying of hounds, tomato and miracle whip sandwich, bologna, onion and mustard sandwich

  179. I love 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Don’t hate. I love me some Zied/Rebecca and Sumit/Jenny drama.

  180. YAAAASSSSSSSSS! Pineapple on pizza.

    Also: two-door cars, American cars, candy corn & mallowcreme pumpkins, bats (yep, the flying mammals), peanut butter-and-banana sandwiches, so much butter on popcorn that the popcorn is drenched, dressing up, doing laundry, airports & traveling by plane, blue cheese, cake frosting (if you’re going to scrape off yours, GIVE IT TO MEEEEEEE!)

  181. Munchos chips, especially dipped in milk. Gefilte fish. Cool, rainy days. Learning about other people’s quirks. Watching people knit (I’m a knitter. Everyone knits differently, and it’s fascinating). When everything is spelled correctly. Conversations with big words and no judgement. Geeks. The feel of someone’s hands running through my hair. Unconditional friend-love, including physical touch.

  182. The Howard the Duck movie, unironically. Lumps in my mashed potatoes. Pretzels dipped in cream cheese. Not brushing my hair.

    And since I missed things we hate: all forms of mint. Peppermint. Wintergreen. Whatever. They taste like metal and sorrow and bitter regret.

  183. Fried chicken livers, saltines in a glass of milk (how old school is that!), Muppet Christmas Carol movie (sooo good), kissing the top of my dog’s nose, sour lemonade, lemon heads candy

  184. I LOVE green olives. I can eat half a jar in one sitting. It’s what I want when I start feeling better after a stomach illness.
    I like watching the kid TV shows with my littles. Like, I actually enjoy them.

  185. Chopped liver, fruitcake, candy corn, Canada Geese, the blue horse statue at Denver International airport (Google “Blucifer),

  186. Snow. Steak Tartare. Liver. Mayo on bologna sandwiches. Oxford comma & double spacing after periods !!

  187. So many of the things I was going to list have already been mentioned, so apparently those things aren’t as disliked as I thought. Totally with you on the 2 spaces after a period – using only one space is just annoying. I like cottage cheese and salsa (I keep them a little separated in the bowl so I can eat one or the other or mix them by mouthful – great with crackers). Okra done any way – pickled, fried or stewed. Pickle juice. Dry meat (my mom overcooked everything). Organizing and sorting. Comfortable shoes, even if they are ugly. Having my bed all to myself.

  188. Pimento cheese! I didn’t know anybody doesn’t like pimiento cheese! Boiled okra

  189. I’m also in the gasoline smell camp. But also, MOTHBALLS!!!
    When I was a kid I liked Crisco mixed with granulated sugar. And my Mom used to make me these fantastic pies that no one else would eat, with very sour apples (far, far from ripe) and LOTS of sugar.

  190. pate and pickle sandwiches, blue cheese and guava paste on crackers, peanut butter and kekap manis sandwiches – lots of weird food combos! Watching earwax removal videos on youtube. I’m sure there are more…..

  191. Cheesy pop music
    Cheesy romance novels
    Cheesy teen movies
    The smell of my parrots
    The smell of my husband’s sweat
    The smell of patchouli
    Fried eggs and fried baloney sandwiches
    Peanut butter, bacon, and mayonnaise sandwiches
    Pickled herring on Ritz crackers

  192. Eating more or less the same thing every day. Diet Coke (genuinely sweeter than the norm, I think). Gwyneth Paltrow (so good at making fun of herself). Lou Reed at his most obnoxious. Jack White at his. Courtney Love, ever.

  193. The smells of roofing tar and hot paper fresh off the printer.
    The feeling of walking alone on a windy night.
    Swearing 😁

  194. pancakes without any syrup, smell of top fuel alcohol burning,mustard on French fries & onion rings, singing French, Dr. Pimple popper, autopsies, All things related to current royal families of any nation, videos of anything crashing, cats of Instagram, anything Purple, collecting recipes I’ll never make.

  195. Otome games, K-pop, The Pirate Movie, reverse harem manga/anime and supernatural romances.

  196. Frasier. Tab. The smell of Maraschino cherries. Harry Potter. Sheets that dried outside on a clothes line. The epic movie White Christmas.

  197. regardless of what I tell people, i did NOT crawl out of the fanfic hole I fell in when i was 14, thankyouverymuch.

  198. I with you on baby aspirin and fries in milkshakes. I also like chips and frosting, the best being Bugles and cream cheese frosting. I love Big Brother, cottage cheese on bakes potatoes, cheesy musical movies (The Pirate Movie being on of my favs), scrambled egg sandwiches and butter and sugar sandwiches.

  199. Plain cake ice cream cones without the ice cream. Kim Chee and pepperoni on sour dough roll sandwiches. Stinky salty dried herrings. Beer fish.

  200. The 80’s movie Critters part 2, It’s bad in all the best ways. The smell of horse manure. Skunk scent, as long as it’s at a bit of a distance. My mom loved peanut butter and onion sandwiches; then again, she would eat red onions like other (sane) people ate apples.

  201. SYRUP ON EGGS YES! Everyone I eat breakfast with always gives me major side-eye when I do that, but it’s sooooo good!
    Eating “dinner” food for breakfast (and I don’t mean leftovers)
    Jersey Shore Family Vacation (people mostly think this is weird because I hated the original)
    Flossing (I may be the only person who hopes to get big chunks of food stuck in my teeth because removing it is so satisfying)
    Randomly deleting all activity from my Facebook/Instagram/Twitter (honestly, is there anything more gratifying than a blank slate? I think not)

  202. Possums (no, not to eat). Vanilla ice cream with pretzels. The smell of mulch and boxwoods.

  203. Black metal, crows, severe weather, pineapple on pizza, creepy things. Reading text books, phone books and dictionaries. Not owning a t.v. Dark humor. Cleaning a lot. Organizing everything. Sharks. Not fitting in. Being alone.

  204. Gouda Moon Cheese, Sucrets Cherry Throat Drops, Tiramisu, Gingerbread, Brussels Sprouts, Alice’s Restaurant Massacre (song), Gone With the Wind, Jane Eyre, Historical Shows with lots of accuracy

  205. Bakers chocolate dipped in Nutella, eating the hot chocolate powder straight (without milk or water) marscapone and ricotta cheese, raw ginger and the smell of fresh paint.

  206. “Grilled” cheese sandwich with mayo and bacon (quotation marks because it’s best broiled in the oven not squashed on the griddle), french fries dipped in vanilla malt, sausage or bacon with syrup, oxford comma, two spaces after period, rereading books, and non sweet cornbread.

  207. Lima beans. Foggy rainy days. The damp, mildewy smell of the old tent trailer we went camping in when I was a child.

  208. liver, gizzards, pate’, 1970’s disco music, really lame bands like Air Supply, Debbie Gibson, John Denver songs, cheap beer and cheap bourbon, opera (only male singers tho), showtunes, clutter.

  209. Lima beans. Foggy rainy days. The damp, mildewy smell of the old tent trailer we went camping in when I was a child.

  210. Peanut butter on fried chicken. Sculpting and painting horses in 1:64 inch scale. Picking loose tufts of hair off my cat. Biore nose strips.

  211. Iris Dement (singer/songwriter). Brussel Sprouts. Threading a warp on a loom. Handwashing dishes. not having television service (but having a tv for movies dvd or Prime)
    Time alone.

  212. Double spaces after periods. The smells of art supply stores and stores that sell lots of wicker baskets. Putting things like pens and embroidery floss in order by color; in fact, just sorting craft supplies at all. Japanese monster movies. Feeding the cranky old tortiecat and watching dive into her food.

  213. A bowlful of graham crackers in milk, cream cheese on pizza (with pineapple and ham), and the smell of gasoline (associated with my favorite vacation at the lake as a child).

  214. I’m glad to see one other person agrees that canned jellied cranberry sauce is a modern wonder for which I give thanks.

  215. chewing an aspirin (not a baby aspirin either.) Kimchi. The smell of sauerkraut fermenting (could just be the anticipation.)
    Reading other peoples answers and going “yeah, I belong with these wonderful weirdos.”

  216. HP sauce and mayo in a ham sandwich.
    The smell of exhaust from a 2 stroke engine.
    Cooked cow tongue (eat when cold)
    Rare steak (and I’ve been known to eat raw hamburger meat when no one is looking😁)
    Black and green olives.
    Mayo on my French fries.
    Butter and salt and pepper on my French toast

  217. I LOVE Glee and can watch it over and over again (I’m 45), the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, and cheeseless pizza with pineapple on top.

  218. Pickled mushrooms, chocolate covered marshmallows, and turkey stuffing sandwiches (yes that is basically a bread sandwich). Oh, and sharks (yes the animal).

  219. Endless weeks of soft, misty weather, broken occasionally by a few days of cold, partly cloudy weather. Ketchup on scrambled eggs. The wee hours of the morning, before the sun has even thought about rising. Egg bagels (which I presume are unloved because nobody makes them any more!)

  220. The smell of a furry, warm cat tummy, crocodilians of all sorts, and the idea of a picnic in a graveyard sounds divine. I keep trying to catch a movie at Cinespia in Los Angeles which = classic films, picnics, wine AND a graveyard. It hasn’t worked out yet, but I am determined that this will happen.

  221. Double space after periods and the Oxford comma. Crocs. Harry Potter. Burnt cheese. The Twilight novels and movies.

  222. Baby aspirin! On my god, haven’t had it in 50+ years but can still remember the fake-orange deliciousness! Also delish to me: creamed dried beef on toast.

  223. The scent of skunk spray, but then I’m terrified that my dog will try to meet it. Brewed coffee that reminds me of skunk spray, but I don’t like or drink coffee. Lego mini figs. Rocks of all kinds and sizes. Okra. Lima beans. Opossums. Snakes. Salamanders. Insect exoskeletons. Learning the names of the wild flowers on our property.

  224. Fruitcake. Obscure political and military history. ‘Sick’ humor (or why would I be here?) Open desert. Hot weather. Nerdy podcasts. Cheap pot pies. Slow conversations with long pauses and no interruptions. Monopoly and Risk. Offending self-appointed fashion police (the only kind, as far as I know.) Hyenas – like # 301, not to eat. The smell of latex house paint.

  225. Some things I love: cold pizza for breakfast, dipping fries in honey mustard, tomato sandwich w/mayo, banana sandwich w/mayo, thunderstorms and long rainy days especially under a tin roof, classical music, being alone, fixing my own small appliances and computer, iced coffee, watching kids movies, especially Pixar, getting a pedicure, clean sheets, and last but not least, I LOVE being retired!

  226. Brand new office supplies, unpainted nails, frogs, mice, semi-colons, and oxford commas. I’m also a big fan of double spaces after a period.

  227. bacon spaghetti (cooked bacon in spaghetti sauce on top of spaghetti noodles). brussel sprouts. in my house, everyone hates sauerkraut not me I love it, the same goes for canned spinach, double spaces after a period, and fries in chocolate milkshakes.

  228. South Park, One Direction boys, Rick Springfield, the smell of my garage, humidity, scrapbooking, not finishing things I swear I will finish, my Honda Odyssey minivan, 80’s music, Miranda shows, soap operas, fried noodles and ketchup, being alone- ah there are sooo many things.

  229. Due to my mother’s occupation and my early ambitions of being a manicurist, I love the smell of perms and acrylic nails. I had to stop doing nails because I had a bad reaction to the chemicals in fake nails, but when I get a pedicure and somebody is getting fake nails at the same time, the smell makes me so happy.

  230. Trashy romance novels, bonus if they involve shapeshifters or time travel- oh yes indeedely do, Mr. James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser has been on my hot list since the early 1990s!
    Musicals. Especially the ones with extended dancing scenes starring Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire. Patrick Swayze and Pierce Brosnan. Law and Order, CSI, all the varieties of both.
    Proper selling and appropriate punctuation. Cursive handwriting and calligraphy.
    Arriving early. At least 5 to 10 mins. On time is “would have been late if anything had gone wrong”.

  231. OXFORD COMMA. Drop Dead Gorgeous, the smell of the band aids that used to come in tin boxes, new plastic, & clearing stuff in lines (vacuuming carpet, peeling tape, power washing, etc).

  232. LOVE double spaces after periods, pineapple on pizza, skunk smell, horse smell, turpentine smell, liverwurst, rainy days, bats, raccoons, opossums, chipmunks, mice, tongue sandwiches, mayo on french fries, anything vinegary like pickles or salad dressing, really old musty books, English costume dramas, English murder mysteries, old furniture, old houses, reading cemetery headstones (I had a class in college in American Cemetery Art), really sharp cheddar cheese, brussels sprouts, Nickelback.

  233. Peanut butter and spaghetti sandwiches (with marinara sauce). Chips ahoy with lemonade. Nickleback. Bald men. Swearing. Reading instead of TV. The smell of automotive repair Garage. The sound of people speaking languages that I don’t understand.

  234. Cottage cheese with ketchup and lots of pepper, honey in my coffee, cat breath and fur smell, skulls on everything, Frida Kahlo, that purpley gray color, True Blood, that long stringy stuff that comes out of your eyes, a Qtip in my ear,harpsichord music, those weird old cartoons like Silly Symphonies(watch ‘Skeleton Dance’)

  235. The smell of gasoline, collecting vintage bar tending manuals, indy perfumes, the smell of my husband’s neck, cereal eggs ( poached eggs, with salt and pepper, mashed with corn flake crumbs), mayo on most sandwiches, Birkenstocks, making light do cool things.

  236. 50 Shades of Gray movies, mustard on frozen burritos, teaching teenagers, Hello Kitty plushies, airports

  237. Swearing for emphasis
    Makeup (see also art ;))
    Unicorns (yes..I’m 35…hi #175 lisa!👋)
    Chocolate covered potato chips
    Art of all styles/forms
    “Roswell” the tv show..early 2000’s version
    “The Burbs”
    “Just Friends”
    “Strangers with Candy” the movie and tv show
    “At Home with Amy Sedaris” (tv show)
    Any Riff Trax dubbed movie
    Vintage jewelry circa 50’s and 60’s
    The Oscars (FOR THE FASHION)
    Bargain clothes shopping
    Emojis (It’s cheesy but I’m expressive.. see swearing preference above😆)
    The smell of caramel corn

  238. Tart cherry pie (in fact, if it’s too sweet, gross!), carefully unmatting my elderly cat’s fur (he seems to like it okay too), the word fuck, country music (the old stuff and the traditionalists that came out in the mid 80s—do NOT say that IS the old stuff!).

  239. The smell of skunk spray
    The smell of manure
    Okra (my Californian family hates it)

  240. Trip and bone marrow in my pho, staffordshire cheese (blue cheese aged so long the white part turns yellow and the blue part turns green), the humor in the movie Perfume, knitting on needles that are thinner than my yarn.

  241. Neil Diamond, the blues music, reading a book that I can’t put down, akitas, hot baths, listening to podcasts at night. It’s like someone reading you a bedtime story. The ocean where I grew up, and the beautiful crystal pure water on islands. Cats, all types. 80’s music.

  242. Cottage cheese mixed with Indiana sweet corn😳, cleaning out a full hairbrush🤤, peeling off sunburned skin in one huge piece🤏🏼.

  243. Sauerkraut, broccoli, brussels sprouts, when social events get canceled and I can stay home, embroidering stuff by hand.

  244. fries in milkshakes…never thought i’d meet another person like this. i must dip my french fries in soft serve ice cream, preferably a hot fudge sundae. all 4 of my kids now do the same. and it started as dipping my fries and foot long hot dog in my root beer shake as a teen.

  245. Skull art, sometimes actual skulls, Hall & Oates, Funko Pops, Hawaiian pizza, Hot Tea, socks that come non-identical, smart-ass t-shirts even though I’m in my 60s,

  246. Rain. Lavender. Raisins. Really execrable B-Movies. Malls. Bleu, Goat, and Gorgonzola Cheeses. Theremin music. Doctor Who. Real Buttermilk Ranch Dressing. Oxford Commas. Oatmeal. Rocky Horror Picture Show. And, last, but not least, You. You are not everyone’s cuppa, but I like you, just the way you are.

  247. The taste of Flintstones Chewable Vitamins. Picking scabs. The smell of rubber cement.

  248. I forgot to add two more..
    The 80’s/90’s cartoon “Jem” as in Jem and the Holograms…
    Salt and vinegar kettle brand potato chips with/a smoothie..strawberry smoothie from Jamba Juice if you’re me 😉

  249. Easy Cheese (the cheese in a can)
    The Family Stone (it’s my favorite Christmas ritual to watch that movie. Many, many people hate/despise that movie, I’ve learned.)
    Proofreading/editing other people’s writing when they’ve asked me to (it makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something)
    Puffy Cheetos (the world is filled with people who think the crunchy ones are the only acceptable option)
    Shakespeare’s plays (the comedies & tragedies) ( I had amazing English teachers and an exceptional theater teacher who all taught me how to look past the “formality” of the language and enjoy the stories and, lord, the rampant naughty innuendos!)
    Brokeback Mountain (it was a huge cultural moment for two big name male stars to portray gay men. It was surreal seeing it in the theater. The cinematography and music are stunning. Most people I talk to about it hate and say it’s “slow & boring”)

  250. Pineapple on pizza, absolutely. Honey on cheese. Brussels sprouts. Steely Dan (apparently I’m the only one…)

  251. LIMA BEANS! Steely Dan, scuba diving with sharks, dark chocolate, sharks in general, Classic Coke, coffee not made at Starbucks.

  252. Every once in a while, I get a whiff of something that smells like amoxicillin tasted like back in the early 80s before it was bubblegum flavored (I had a lot of ear infections) and if they made candy or ice cream in that flavor, I would buy the hell out of it. So that’s maybe my weirdest. I also tend to kind of enjoy filling in forms. And will watch the movie Saved! any time it’s on. And I saw someone further up in the comments is scooping cottage cheese up with Doritos which is genius, but I cannot have Doritos in my house because I’ll just eat the whole bag in one go, so I use pretzels instead.

  253. Double spacing after periods 100%. I like Nickelback, too. Outside of that, I don’t know. I’ve never really thought about how popular my interests are outside of myself. I like cliched romance novels just as much as I like books that are a bit more thought-provoking, but I think that a lot of you also like them too. I like the Star Wars prequels, not as much the original trilogy, but I like them fine. I like the new ones too, despite some issues there too. IDK, but keep liking what you like!

  254. Crossroads (1986 film), Country-Fried Steak with mashed potatoes and gravy (but it has to be done just right, very few restaurants get it right), Bama Apple Butter, I don’t normally watch reality shows, but I may have been the only viewer of a reality show based on Gilligan’s Island (those poor contestants!)

  255. Cottage cheese and Clamato juice. Perhaps this is something that was only ever made in my father’s family. It’s like a cheese

  256. A slice of bologna between 2 slices of white bread. Then add potato chips. Delicious. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team show (and I’m an uber feminist). Jewelry from CVS.
    Wearing off-white hose.

  257. You have to put two spaces after a period. It just looks wrong if you don’t. I also love dreary rainy weather when I’m cozy and in for the night. The smell of burning leaves. And Dirty Dancing, the movie. I miss Patrick Swayze!

  258. dipping my french fries in tartar sauce, mayo is OK too. Dipping them in a Wendy’s Frostee is the best. I also like pickled ring bologna, my husband thinks I am bonkers LOL

  259. Peanut butter and jelly with pickles inside. Sleeping fully dressed (just hop out of bed and you’re ready to go!) The TV series Northern Exposure. Talking to trees. And I’m 62 years old but still get a thrill out of being able to drink directly out of the carton and no one can say squat about it.

  260. I love Teaching middle schoolers, with all their weirdness, daily personality changes, emotions, attitude, and smelliness).
    I also love being busy. I love having enough stress to keep me going (but not so much that it becomes burdensome). I love raisin cookies and white chocolate and processed foods.

  261. Do you all “double space after period haters” know that if (on phone or iPad) you hit space twice at the end of a sentence, it gives you a period and capitalizes the next word?!? Go ahead and try it! You’ll be a believer soon. Go ahead. Try it! You’re welcome. 🤪

  262. Steely Dan, peanut butter and bacon sandwiches (and mixing PB with syrup, then spreading on pancakes is awesome), grits, Southern Comfort, hot tea, paperback books (and their smell), ham and cream cheese pinwheels, and snow.

  263. Smell of sawdust (makes me think of my Dad). Notting Hill (the movie). Disco music. Pineapple sandwiches (sliced canned pineapple, Duke’s mayo, on white bread).

  264. Smell is gasoline, skunks, cigarettes. Dressing on white bread with mayo after Thanksgiving. Burnt popcorn. Left over spaghetti fried in butter, Yoo-hoo. Club soda, fennel tea, liver wurst. Old books, dreary rainy days, the smell of the ground after it rains. Smell of coppertone. I have a bottle of me mother’s old perfume so I can remember how she smelled when I was little – I love the fuck out that perfume. I miss my mom so much. Every now and then I can smell it and I get hint of her, so bittersweet. I love that.

  265. Things I love that others don’t (but you’ve given me hope that I’m not alone!): ALWAYS double space after a period. Proper grammar and punctuation (eschewed here, but I’m learning to be flexible). Hot weather (I live in Dallas and used to live in Phoenix for 8 years). Kale (yes, raw In a salad or puréed in a smoothie). Cilantro.

  266. I totally agree with some of yours “Double spacing after periods. Pineapple on pizza. Syrup on eggs.” I will add: Grease 2. Mayo with my fries. Teaching teens comprehensive sex ed. Wearing a robe and slippers even in the summer. Near the water, but not in it. Tequila straight (no salt, lime, nor chaser). The Amazing Race (have only missed 4 live episodes since it premiered).

  267. Road kill (“how’s the head!!!” that’s the part I want), ear cleaning YouTube videos, Dr. Pimplepopper

  268. Has anyone said peanut butter and banana sandwiches yet? Because I love them (not fried, Elvis!). Sometimes I put jam on them too.

  269. Veggie straws dipped in applesauce, tostitos (the little round white ones) dipped in strawberry yogurt, ripple chips topped with berry jello…oh, and maple syrup on cottage cheese.

  270. Trying to peel the dead skin from a sunburn off in as big of a continuous piece as possible

  271. Some things that I like that others probably don’t: The Twilight novels, fanfiction, and movies, Marvel (Winter Soldier/Black Widow) fanfiction, Star Wars (Rey/Kylo) fanfiction, Monty Python anything, black licorice, eating leaves of lettuce by themselves, eating any kind of onion, pickled beets, picled carrots, pickle juice, burnt baked goods, cold vegetarian pizza (without pineapple), peeling off sunburned skin, the feeling of an airplane taking off, walking alone in the woods, snakes and lizards.

  272. Midsomer Murders (British show), flat Pepsi, the smell of my pug’s head (it smells like grape Kool-Aid), crawling into cold sheets, fries dipped in mayo, watching my favorite movie or reading my favorite book over and over.

  273. I always feel like the only person who likes pineapple on pizza, but I’m so excited to see it on here multiple times. The song “Life in a Northern Town.” The alcoholic beverage Woodchuck. Old John Wayne movies.

  274. A humongous thunderstorm, my cat kneading my head when I’m wakeful during the night, songbirds, modern Christian music, also I have a personal snack no one understands – cracker sandwich consisting of different layers of pb, catsup & cottage cheese

  275. peanut butter-pineapple-egg omlette-cashew pizza; cooked spinach with vinegar; Kinky Friedman

  276. YES to French fries in milkshakes! I get so many looks of “WTF?!” from friends when I dip my fries into my shake.

    I absolutely love scrapple, but so do a ton of people in the Philly area. But outsiders often seem to not like it at all (although I doubt they’ve all tried it).

  277. salt, poured into my hand and eaten plain (yeah the doctors tested me for everything they could think of – i’m just weird).
    how my dog smells (when i’m having anxiety and hug her and bury my face in her fur)
    picking scabs or nail polish or skin after a sunburn
    the smokey smell of your clothes the day after an evening of bonfire
    untangling yarn or fishing line or whatnot
    mindless busy work like filing or shelving books or sorting. i really like sorting.

    and now i’m going to have to try syrup on my eggs and jam on eggs.

  278. Yes on the graveyard picnics which my hubs likes to arrange for me..! The smell of telephone poles, old paperback books, and fresh asphalt. Toast with tahini and onions, curry powder in ketchup, bantam chicken eggs. Watching road work crews at work. Rewatching the same tv shows over and over in rotation…

  279. Tang! I just can’t say no to that bright orange, sweet tangy stuff. Especially love drinking it hot when I have a cold.

  280. HOLY SH*T, Ladies! and here I found that last list most peculiar.

    *for the dainty amongst us

  281. Rocks. Every single one I pick up fascinates me. I love cutting them with my rock saw. Every place I visit I care more about the rocks than anything else. My house and garden are filled with fossils, quartz crystals, petrified wood, thunder eggs, geodes, agates, jasper, and maybe even a couple of loose stones from some Mayan ruins.

  282. Dolls, Shirley Temple movies, Little House on the Praire the TV show, doing my taxes, pineapple on pizza, salami with strawberry jam on sandwiches

  283. Gas Station Nachos with lots of jalapeños…..and canned asparagus with microwave popcorn sprinkled with parmigiana cheese….I’m a nut 🙂

  284. Peanut butter sandwiches with Rolos candies in them. The band Asia (I am a child of the 80s). Oxford commas. Ghost Adventures TV show. TMZ. Reading my horoscope. Excel spreadsheets. Untangling jewelry.

  285. The smell of a fresh box of crayons. Halvah (the marble kind). Everyone says it’s like a mouth full of sand, but I love the crumbly goodness. Gefilte fish with a bit of horseradish. Brussel sprouts. Using the flea comb on my pup and getting fleas off him. I noticed how many of you hating sweaters, but I love this time of year because I can wear big cozy sweaters. Reading real books-hardcover, old, with crispy pages, and the library smell. 💕

  286. Salty black licorice, chili and eggs (scrambled together), peanut butter on onion bagels, peanut butter and banana sandwiches (toasted, of course), lima beans and Easy Cheese (the Kraft cheese in a can with a spray tip) on Ritz Crackers.

  287. Pizza pineapples, pepto bismol and Pokemon Go…if you need another trainer friend my code is 856968674828.

  288. I like pineapple on pizza (only with Canadian bacon), Abba, some Taylor Swift songs, stupid sitcoms, all the new Star Wars movies, and very old sci-fi books nobody has ever heard of. I like working at night and sleeping during the day but that’s frowned upon for some reason. I also absolutely love to sort and organize things.

    Oh and ONE space after periods, which seems to be less popular among people who aren’t editors or graphic designers. 😉

  289. Sand between my toes. Seawater on skin – I don’t rush to rinse it off. The smell of geothermal mud or any geysery thing – yeah, sulphur. Ketchup on eggs. Unsalted butter. Carob.

  290. I also like double spacing after periods and the taste of baby aspirin. Since Thanksgiving is approaching, my non-negotiable dish that my sister refers to as “snot beans” is the original green bean casserole made with canned beans and cream of mushroom soup. Bring it on!!!

  291. As a graphic designer and typographer, I feel it needs to be said for all those that love to double space after periods: The digital font takes care of that little bit of extra space for you, it adds it in automatically. And yes I am old enough to know that it is a holdover from the typewriter (and yes the manual, not electric). And while the digital double space is not necessary, it is fine that you all enjoy it—I’m just trying to educate, not hate. I’m a teacher. It’s what I do. Way to love stuff that others do not!

  292. Pineapple on pizza is not weird! It is a staple here.

    Mustard on Mac & Cheese. Doilies (especially making them). My daughter is mad for olives, they go on everything (black or green, she doesn’t care). One of my sons loves dipping carrots – in whipped cream, chocolate sauce, fruit sauce… It’s hard to think of what’s weird, when you surround yourself with weirdos <3

  293. Untangling cords, the smell of fresh asphalt, guacamole, musicals, chicken gizzards, alka seltzer, jazz, counted cross stitch,…

  294. Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. Opera. Q-tipped cleaned ears—a major no no! But I can’t help myself! It’s a strange satisfaction.

  295. The smell of refineries (think chemical, gas) makes me incredibly nostalgic as I grew up around that industry. It now makes me conflicted!

  296. Yes to the double spacing. Can we also agree that not using the Oxford comma is barbaric?
    I love pineapple on pizza, too. The whole family only started being happy with one pizza when I started ordering Hawaiian.
    Kids Bop, sometimes more than the original artist
    Burnt cheese
    Actually, I also like meat well done, practically burnt, but started ordering medium because I got tired of being looked at like some kind of low class bum
    Dad jokes

  297. Spinach, cooked or raw. Reading. Watching Live PD. Evidently, I also like double space after a period.

  298. Avocados. Star Wars. Tom Hanks. Anything – music, movies, books – that are tearjerkers. What’s the point of that?

  299. Skulls. Of all kinds. The more decorative the better. And not just the trendy sugar skulls. Live the ornately carved ones especially!

  300. I love really bad movies, especially horror. I’d prefer them Rifftraxed, but straight up is also good. I just watched all the Jason/Friday the 13th and Halloween films. And in case that’s not enough for you, I also have a crush on Brad Dourif (mostly from the ’90s). That ought to hold ya.

  301. Bees on asters in September; salt and vinegar chips in a tunafish sandwich on white toast; grape soda with pizza; Trader Joe’s little beef tacos with sweet relish; sweet relish on a big hamburger with cheddar cheese and a half a roasted red pepper, Moxie, the smell of crayola crayons, aspens in the Rockies, teacups with songbirds on them, crystallized ginger dipped in really good dark chocolate, the library and assembled possessions of someone with a really good mind, lumberyards, print shops, artists studios, air shows, fireworks, horse sweat on leather, Oxford commas, proper grammar, poison trivia, gypsy vanner horses, cinnabar red, dark red Oriental carpets, old wooden floors, handpainted leather clogs, thunderstorms, Victorian houses that smell like old spices, original Old Spice, the clang of a halyard on a mast or a flagpole, daisies in a pasture, sunshine through river water, the inside of an old typewriter, miniature teddy bears, old photos of people with their dogs.

  302. Charts. Charts and spreadsheets. And lists. Especially with bullet points or checkboxes or checkboxes that act like bullet points. And, Taylor Swift. And, the smell of my dog’s head.

  303. I love peeling sunburned skin, the taste of carrots and Fritos together, and the sense of trees after all their leaves have dropped as if they worked so hard to grow green and now they get to rest for a season. I also like hiding in fog.

    These love and hate lists are poetry, aren’t they? I would love to see them printed like poetry, with pictures.

  304. Anchovies. The movie “The Jerk.” Mystery Science Theater 3000. The smell of VapoRub. Snakes! Spiders! Jellyfish! Ants and bugs. Folding clothes. Winter — the colder and darker the days, the better. Thunder and lightning, lots of lightning. Being totally alone for at least several days, if not longer. Being awake in the middle of the night. Autopsy shows. Jazz. Gregorian chants. Camembert cheese.

  305. The Twilight books. Gas station hot dogs. Nonstop rainy/overcast weather. Ketchup on mashed potatoes. I’m sure there are more, but I may have to make multiple posts because I’m drawing a blank.

  306. Graham crackers dunked in water. Circus Peanuts. Necco Wafers. Bologna sandwiches. Vienna Sausages. Hamburger Helper. Cephalopods.

  307. Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings…fantasy books that can take me away. Fried spam, staying home a LOT, the smell of new dolls, that plasticy, vinyly smell. Ice in my wtaer in the winter too….and eggnog with fresh ground nutmeg!

  308. Yes! The taste of envelopes and stamps! Country music (I’m English). Black pudding (I’m southern English). Pineapple on pizza (my 11yo and I keep trying to think of foodstuffs which aren’t improved by adding “with pineapple”; so far we’ve come up with coffee, but that’s debatable). Lego Tower. Romance novels.

  309. I am pretty sure more people love these but heck, I need some positivity in my life and what better way to do it then to share some of my favorite things:

    -Scuba diving, and especially the looking up and seeing the sun somewhere high above the surface while being calm underwater
    -The winter, the snow, the cold, the rain. There’s not many things that make me happier than sitting inside with a cup of coffee/tea/hot coco and reading a book while it is abcolutely horrific weather outside. But also walking in the snow is one of my very favorite things to do
    -Swimming, surfing, basically everything to do with water
    -Cleaning the aquarium
    -Hugging my dog, who absolutely loves me but is also a chihuahua and has her own will 😛
    -The first cup of coffee after doing something difficult
    -The act of studying, going to sit somewhere, having all my pens and papers sprawled across the table, a cup of coffee or tea in front of me and just the pure focus I have sometimes, and the learning of new things.
    -People being awesome, seeing people be confident, learning things from people, and growing as a person, seeing others grow, my friends being there for me and realizing I have friends now. Friends that are here for me no matter what, that I can laugh with and cry with and that will still be there however stupid I am sometimes .
    -Listening to music, especially when walking outside in a bad mood, or when in the bus somewhere, or in the car alone because then I can scream along to all my favorite songs
    -Good books (Looking at you here, writers) and good quotes that help me understand my life better and explain my life to others.
    -Being a researcher, being a student, and someday owning a house and simply the fact that I feel like I have a future now. The Great Perhaps.
    -Proving all the mtherfckers wrong that told me to jump in front of a train because it would be better for the world. Growing as a person, and finally becoming who I was all along, but hid because of the world telling me to not be that way. It;s frigging hard, but I am learning and I am so happy to sometimes see the person I long to be creeping up on me and being me and ARGH I AM NOT CRYING RIGHT NOW YOU ARE CRYING.

    These are a few of my favorite things (yes there are more, yes I am crazy, yes I am a nerd, yes I am growing and yes even if you don’t see any positive things now, I’ve been there and am the living proof that things can get better. That hope is a thing that is there for a reason, that we can all learn to live with our fears/depression/anxiety and that living is always the better option. Even if it doesn’t feel like it right now).

  310. Turkey bacon, Flintstone vitamins, Pokémon cards, licorice, beetles, mini Lego figures, the smell of hay and walks in the snow.

  311. The version of Van Halen with Sammy Hagar. He just seems like way more chill fun than David Lee Roth and I liked the music better anyway.

  312. Making forms for mundane tasks, the Movie “Joe Vs. the Volcano,” anything Star Wars, the smell of fresh asphalt and tar, pineapple, olive and mushroom pizza with ranch and barbeque sauces, peanut butter, bacon, and banana sandwiches, and waking up REALLY early on vacation days.

  313. Brussel sprouts, bacon drenched in maple syrup, fries dipped in milkshakes,cheezits with raisins, cream cheese and jelly sandwiches, Pepto Bismol, skulls, and the smell of gasoline.

  314. I’m a huge fan of the Garfunkel and Oates TV show. Many people love their music, but almost no one seems to adore the TV version the way I do.

    And in a combination of love and hate, I can’t stand Fred Armisen or <Portlandia,/i> but I really enjoy hearing him do regional accents. He was on Conan last night and ran through most of the continental U.S. It was hilarious.

  315. The sound of frogs and crickets. The small of hardware, lumber and car parts stores (I’m an oldish lady). Riding a bike. Getting up at 3:30 am for a long walk in the dark. Digging holes, cutting grass, racking leaves. Watching animals play. Finding weird bits of rusted metal and wire and broken glass. Finding weird opening lines in the newspaper. My favorite is, “His name was Rudolph and his owner thinks he was probably stolen by whoever left the monkey tied up in the kitchen.”

  316. And I feel compelled to apologize for the italics fail in comment 469. No matter how many times I proofread, a mistake always creeps in.

  317. Things I love that most people seem to dislike: The smell of fresh dirt, the smell of skunk spray on the highway, making forms (fixing existing or totally new), drinking warm or hot water, butter on saltines, giving my frustration with people a government approved make-over but in a manner where they understand their own stupidity.

  318. Pimple popping videos. Terminator Genisys.
    Wesley Crusher. The final season of Lost.

  319. (Either I live in the same town as commenter 22
    or my favorite bagel place is a chain restaurant
    and I never knew. I like the 605 personally.
    With pizza sauce.)

    I like short rows of words. All the toys.
    I like going to bed at 8pm. “Burnt” pizza.
    Miso soup for breakfast.
    Eating kheer with naan.
    Bad selfies. Bad advertising.
    Outdated maps. The child’s pose in yoga.
    Using emojis every sentence. Flip phones.
    Corded phones. Plastic kid’s wallets.
    Bad taxidermy. Incomplete sentences… but only…
    Short poems (but not especially haikus).
    Ellipses… I freaking love ellipses. Autocorrect.

  320. The Alien franchise (I own copies of all of them), and the smell of methyl methacrylate…that’s bone cement…I’m an OR nurse.

  321. The smell of skunk from a distance (especially on a rainy day, which we have plenty of here in western PA), filling out paperwork, Val Kilmer

  322. Two spaces after a period (unless i’m texting).
    Starting every email with the person I am writing to, like a traditional letter.
    Tracking every U.S. County I have visited.
    Using a trackball (as opposed to a mouse or touchpad)

  323. The few half-popped kernels of popcorn at the bottom of the bowl. They’re so crunchy it rattles your skull a bit when you bite down. I picked this up from my father, who died many years ago, but it always brings fond memories of him. Crunch. Sigh…

  324. Xanadu (movie), peanut butter & pickle sandwiches, tofu, kale, and washing dishes by hand

  325. Diesel fumes, especially when mixed with the smell of cow manure.
    Busy work.
    Going to bed early.
    Diner coffee.
    Making lists.
    Brussels sprouts.

  326. Reading through others comments reminded me of a few more:
    Smuckers natural peanut butter sandwiched between two Chips Ahoy cookies.
    My dad liked peanut butter and Miracle Whip sandwiched with Ritz crackers.
    The smell of tomato plants, as someone else mentioned, because it reminds me of my grandfather’s AMAZING garden. Same grandfather liked warm leftover apple pie and cheddar cheese for breakfast. I mentioned this one day to my five year old, and he suddenly looked very shocked and asked, sadly, “Is that how he died?” Heh heh

  327. i love collecting miniature things. they’re just so tiny!! i’ve found a brand of toy makers that i love that make animal families and houses for them to live in, businesses for them to run, cars to drive, etc and i have started collecting them. they started in 80’s japan and have since started production in america (under a changed name for more appeal to children.) there are few casual adult collectors like myself, but there are some that collect anything they can get their hands on, including vintage original versions of the first families/buildings, etc. an vintage out-of-production business can go for over $400 on ebay! i don’t play dolls with them or anything, they’re just for display, though i keep them out of sight in the bedroom so they’re not seen by guests (i’m not delusional enough to think that i wouldn’t get judgement for it and i prefer to spare my husband any possible embarrassment. he doesn’t share this hobby and is friends/drinking buddies with most of his coworkers, as we’re all pretty young) at the very most i rearrange the furniture and the doll’s positions once or twice a week when my husband’s at work. i just enjoy being able to look at all the miniature things, as i’ve loved collecting miniature things since i was a young child. my ring dish on my bedside table has been replaced by a miniature handcrafted dining room table that my husband gifted me, with the dining chairs and all!!

    i enjoy other things like stuffed animals, cartoon shows/movies, stickers (my house is covered with them), and i like to take every opportunity to customize things when i need something new, so i have a big collection of things that are unexpectedly specific to my or my husband’s interests (ex. dinosaur salt and pepper shakers, big darth vader wax warmers, house slippers that have swans wearing crowns, a chess set modeled after the terra-cotta warriors in china, a kitchen timer shaped like a teddy bear, looseleaf tea steepers that are shaped like umbrellas, a fake plant whose vase is a very small teapot, etc.) our belongings and furniture are a big mix-match of items with no rhyme or reason, and i love it. i understand the appeal of a central theme/color scheme, but every time i open a “better homes and gardens”-esque magazine, all i can think is that i would hate to live in those houses. they look very pretty, but impersonal. my husband couldn’t care less about the style of the house, and he doesn’t mind the fact that i enjoy the cuter things in life.

    i’ve spent too much of my life being too embarrassed to enjoy what i am truly interested in or find joy in because i was afraid of judgement. i’m completely professional, and nobody would ever guess that my house and hobbies look like they were curated by a 10 year old, i never act like a child or anything. i just enjoy things that are considered out of my age range. i don’t mention it to many people aside from family and close friends, and i’m well aware of judgements that can come from enjoying these things, but i’ve stopped being ashamed of my interests. i figure if i “act their age” and am unhappy because i feel like i can no longer do what i enjoy, then it’s more or less a form of self-sabotage. it’s not hurting anybody, it’s my money, so why do i feel like society should dictate my interests??

  328. The movies Xanadu, The Towering Inferno, and Night of the Comet. The taste of baby aspirin. Brussels Sprouts. Burnt anything. Antique photos of dead people.

  329. Things I love that others seem to hate:

    Grape flavored cough syrup
    Cross stitch (crafts in general)
    Organizing things – especially colorful things

  330. Dude, Where’s My Car?, candy corn, cutting the lawn, marshmallow peeps, really hot and humid days, the smell of fresh paint, and organizing anything

  331. Banana and mayo sandwiches, grits, black-eyed peas (the bean), the aroma of fresh tar/ asphalt, the smell of boxwood shrubs

  332. Salad with tuna and french dressing, it’s the only time I’ll eat french dressing. Cheesy action/adventure movies. Dry ramen noodles. The smell of kerosene. Filling out forms at work (but not at the dr office…those irritate the hell out of me).

  333. Pineapple on pizza and Pokemon Go! Yessssss.
    Also Jesus.
    And a good long run in the cold.
    Hot sauce on everything (even pineapple pizza).
    Raw mushrooms (but not cooked ones).
    Popcorn for dinner.
    That little beep when I successfully swipe my ID card the first time.

  334. For sure Taylor Swift. Also minor back pain (I’ve always enjoyed a twinge), the metallic tang of bad quality chocolate, the smell of my dog when she hasn’t bathed in weeks and gets all musty, horror movies and haunted houses, flat pillows, bad storms, well done steak with ketchup (I hate that I share this with the Cheeto but it is what it is), Kid Rock, cheesy young adult and urban fantasy books

  335. The Partridge Family (I still have the albums I bought when it originally aired…yeah, I’m old).
    Kimchi and all other Korean side dishes
    Losing myself while wandering around in a non-linear RPG video game.

  336. Picking ingrown hairs. My dogs feet in my face in the middle of the night. Being alone, especially in silence or quiet. I prefer quiet and my husband is the loudest person alive. Dipping grilled cheese in ketchup. Just ketchup in general- I could eat it with a spoon. Pineapple on pizza! The smell of jet fuel. Grocery shopping.

  337. 80’s Metal aka “Hair Bands”
    Black licorice (NOT Twizzlers)
    Those peanut butter taffy candies in black and orange wrappers you get around Halloween. I couldn’t find any this year and I was so disappointed!
    People who don’t back into diagonal parking spaces
    Mustard on TaterTots
    Homemade split pea soup
    Horror movies
    Horror stories
    “Real” books, not e-books. I want to be able to smell and feel the paper and hear the pages turn, and use my gazillion bookmarks
    Collecting bookmarks

  338. Circus Peanuts, Candy Corn, Tombstone Pepperoni Pizza (cannot tell you why), Mushrooms, Goat Cheese, Horror Comics (but hate horror movies), old movies (The Thin Man is my favorite movie ever & I looooove William Powell & Myrna Loy)

  339. Dogs, every single one of them out there! But especially my 4. My tiny brain damaged Oliver Twist that twirls in circles, little Mavis that’s scared of anything new in her world all people other than me, Gozer that was super hard to train until I learned his language and now he is super cute when trying new things and Sadie who the shelter separated from her pack because she was a bully and didn’t want to adopt out due to her mouthiness and temperament is my helper dog, you should see her in action (she is super smart and was just bored).
    If I could afford more I would take in all the ones left at the shelters that no one wants. I love the odd ones, the ones that have “problems” or stand out in ways that people don’t like. I guess I feel like I relate to them in a way due to my mental and physical health. They just a bit a more understanding, time, patience and love.

  340. I thought of one more: Old dictionaries. I have a small collection, maybe 15 or so, of dictionaries ranging from around 1925 to 1990. I love to see how language has changed over the years.

  341. Typing. Just typing. I wish there were still steno pools. I would so love that job. Just typing all day long. So, so , so, so soothing.

  342. The smell of skunk. Grits. (Ok, if you’re from the south, that one probably isn’t strange, but I’m from the north where most people are all eww, grits!)

  343. Peanut butter and pickle (dill, of course) sandwiches!! I’ve eaten these since I was a kid and they’re awesome! My kids look at me like I have 3 heads when I try to get them to try a bite… 🙂

  344. Hallmark Movies. (And the Hallmark movie knockoffs…) They can be sweet and they can be terrible, but no matter what they’re heartwarming and fun!

  345. ABBA, well made horror movies (no blood and gore), bleu cheese on a burger, Cream of Wheat.

  346. Walking alone in a forest at night. Spiders. Gently petting bumble bees butts (try it, most are very sweet about it). The smell of bleach.