Lovely free gifts from Nowhere!

Five bits of news from Nowhere!


This week the contractors started working on Nowhere Bookshop.

It’s more expensive and will take longer to finish than I imagined but we’ll find a way to make it work and I’m getting slightly more excited than terrified and that feels like a good change.


Not long ago I said that I really wanted postcards for Nowhere Bookshop and then I immediately got overwhelmed and never thought about it again until Victor surprised me with this:

Want one? Of course you do. And if you spend $30 (pre-shipping/tax) at Nowhere we’ll slip one in your package for free!


And (from now until Monday) if you spend $50 (pre shipping/tax) you get a Nowhere sticker and if you spend $100 (pre shipping/tax) you get a nowhere enamel pin. Click here for details.


We were going to try to stock a hoodie but they were all either super expensive or not size inclusive so instead we’re offering a limited raglan shirt with the dreamy Nowhere label:


Yes, there will be a 2020 Bloggess Calendar!  Still working on it though.  But for now, head over to Nowhere.  I’ll see you there.

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  1. Things never seem to go as planned, but I know this bookshop will happen. So many people want you to have success Jenny.

  2. I have already received 7 free calendars from charities I don’t even give money to. Yours is the only one I will buy and hang. I need a shirt for sure, a tote bag (you do Not Need it gollygosh) and a mug cuz I want it. See you when you open <3

  3. Apologies if this has already been asked or announced… is James Garfield happening this year, or on hold because of the bookstore?

    (It is. See the post before this one. ~ Jenny)

  4. Seriously those postcards are AMAZING and I’m so glad you’re stocking them because around here it is hard to find actual post cards anymore! <3
    Also yeah wood floors (a nice weathered look) would have been nice but I sort of dig the tile. Wait ’til you get some cute rugs down here and there.
    I’m hoping to be able to take two long weekends of “vacation” next year and I’m already planning one around your store.

  5. Encouraging you to stock a small amt of larger-size shirts and sweatshirts and hoodies. I many times would be willing to pay more for a 3x or 4x. I have even gone onto a tee shirt creation site and made a version of the popular one everyone had. Their free giveaway tee shirt costs me $40 – but I got it!

    (The hoodies that were size inclusive were really pricey – like $50+ – so we went with the raglan ones. We had to find another distributor to give better choices but in the end we were able to find larger sizes. I know how much it sucks to not be able to get stuff in your size so we’re doing what we can to be inclusive and to show screen printers that we need larger sizes. ~ Jenny)

  6. Will you also be making things with the other logos that were voted on?

    (I think so. We bought several versions from different people so I think we’ll eventually do different things. ~ Jenny)

  7. I’m sure you’re fine, but just in case you’re interested, I illustrated your bookshop logo a little while back for fun. I’m a children’s book illustrator (I did Hoda Kotb’s books) so it might be a bit ‘kidlit’, hah 😆 but just in case, it’s here, and you’d be welcome to it if it helped you in fundraising or similar:

    (THIS IS MAGIC. ~ Jenny)

  8. Glad it’s getting more exciting and less scary. I hope that you can really begin to enjoy it all.

  9. Hi Jenny, Love the Raglans! Is there a sizing chart for them? are they the same as one of the shirts already up there?

  10. I’m tired of the posts about the bookshop. I mean the pleas for money. And yes, I’m a reader.

    (I’m sorry. But the good thing is that I label the posts up at the top so you can skip any that you don’t like. It is something that is important to me though so it will pop up here. I understand if it’s not your cup of tea and it’s totally okay if you aren’t a fan. I still love you. ~ Jenny)

  11. “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. No matter how carefully a project is planned, something may still go wrong with it.” To paraphrase Robert Burns.

  12. I don’t know if this is the place to get a question and get an answer, but I’ll try.

    My wife and I live in Vietnam and will be in the States in June. I have a friend in San Antonio I plan to visit, so really want to come see your new book store. Do you expect it will be open by then?

    (We’re hoping it’ll be open mid February. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  13. OK, my brain works weirdly and I want this bookshop to be even if I never manage to make it there. So I was thinking that is might be cool if I could ‘buy’ a tile from Nowhere. For my payment (how much $$?) you’d grafitti that tile with a cool name personalized artwork stencil. Meaning you draw it once and then just use drawn once stencil for the name letters as well. It would need to be cheap and take little time. Maybe it could say something like one of these? I’m sure we could come up with something way better, just off the top of my head;

    Datdamwuf is wandering in Nowhere
    Datdamwuf forever lost in Nowhere
    Nowhere is home to Datdamwuf
    Datdamwuf says hello from Nowhere
    Datdamwuf lives in Nowhere, find me

    For the last one, you could leave out ‘find me’ and make a list of tiles people “owned”, then have some sort of game out of finding all the ‘claimed’ tiles.

    Another idea is to make a puzzle using the tiles that could be solved. But that would take time and the idea is half formed as to how that would work. Treasure map, book prize, or just the fun of following clues to figure out a story line from one of the books for sale. I’m really tripping on the tiles now but I’ll stop here.

  14. Love the postcard! Victor is so wonderful to surprise you with such a supportive and thoughtful gift.
    I like the tile floor, it’ll be easy to clean and more likely to stand up to all the foot and wheelchair traffic you’ll have.
    I like knowing what you’re currently working on with the store merchandise. It’s part of your life, and it’s part of what your brain is occupied with these days, and it lets us know how we can participate and share your dream.
    Hoodies that are size inclusive, and not too expensive, is it the garment itself, or the printing on it that makes it pricey? I know Hanes and Fruit Of The Loom have bulk order, “put your own graphic on it” merchandise wholesale. Hanes goes up to 5X and they seem to have cheap retail prices on Amazon, so you got to figure they have even cheaper business to business wholesale prices. Regardless, I would pay for a full zip hoodie with your store graphic on it up to $50 if it was a good brand name like Hanes that I know will hold up well over time.
    Keep us posted on your progress, you never know what your fans will come up with for ideas that can help your dream come true…

  15. It’s so exciting, getting to see a magical bookshop coming into existence literally from the floor up! I know what you mean about wood floors, but honestly that tile is pretty awesome, too – and super easy to care for! You can always put down area rugs in reading nooks or along the aisles if you want to dampen the sound of all those feet that are bound to wander in. When you are up and running, you TOTES have to have Erin Morgenstern in for a signing/reading! This shop is gonna be right down her alley, and you guys would be a blast together.

  16. Super excited for you and ditto the comment that it is great that the bookstore is becoming less scary for you and more exciting. Hope to get there one day from Chicago. Look forward to bumping into fellow fans donning the raglan shirt!

  17. You know, “nowhere” can also be read as “now here.” Welcome to the realization of this new adventure.

  18. Thanks for responding to my post above, Jenny. I guess I read your blogs for support with our shared mental illnesses and I haven’t seen much of that in a long time. I also can’t understand how anyone with these diseases can do as much as you do. I don’t have as much support as you do and I really struggle and it seems like you live this life of ease all of a sudden. Maybe I’m just jealous.

    (Oh sweetness. I get it. Remember that you only see the few things I share here and often you are only seeing the few minutes where I have my shit together. I am incredibly lucky to have support and I am very lucky. That’s good to remember and I appreciate you reminding me of that because in real life I often feel like I’m fucking up everything and can only concentrate on the deadlines I’m missing and the debts I’m accruing and all the things that your brain lies to you about. Know that you are not alone. I’m sending you so much love. ~ Jenny)

  19. I love that postcard! I want to travel for days to go to your bookshop and buy that postcard.

  20. Wanted you to know, I adore the tile @ Nowhere. Nothing wrong with wood floors, but this tile has character, life and is absolutely magical. I am happy you’re keeping it! NOWHERE ON!

  21. Love the tile. Elegant, virtually indestructible, and easier to care for than wood floors.

  22. Wow! I’m behind on your news, because…life. But this bookstore looks like it’s going to be fantastic! I also have a bookstore dream, so seeing this makes me wildly happy. Very cool postcards, too.

  23. Am I the only woman in America who thinks that women should wear tank tops instead of tee shirts because tee shirts are built for men and bunch up under our arms because we have to buy the shirts big enough for our busts (which men don’t have)? Am I the only one who perceives that even chubby women look more feminine and attractive with their fat arms sticking out of their tank tops than if they had to buy huge tee shirts with big baggy shoulders that fell down their arms? Even old women with flappy arms! I don’t want to dress like a boy! Just a suggestion; maybe tanks would also be cheaper for you to provide.

  24. Love seeing business from the very beginnings and how the develop. Makes me remember doing this when I opened my costume shop. We painted walls, laid tiles, scoured closing businesses for their fixtures and shelving and built it bit by bit. Can’t wait to see how this turns out 🙂

  25. I ordered my tshirts and signed books today! All for me except one book for a friend. I know this bookshop will be amazing, just like you. Love you oodles and gobs Jenny!!

  26. To be honest, I would order and use a gross of the Greetings from Nowhere postcard. If/when those are available – and as greeting cards or more – look out credit cards! Best wishes to the team!

  27. I love the tile. Glad you decided to keep it. I also agree with Sondra about men’s tees not fitting us ladies well. However, they do make t-shirts in a women’s cut. Some room for the “girls” and flattering sleeves. I did see at least one specifically marked ladies t on the Nowhere site. You looked good modeling it Jenny. I do like tank tops too. Polo shirts, however are the devil.

  28. Could you add gift cards to your online store? I’d like to give some for Christmas.

    (We haven’t figured out how to do that yet. Still working… ~ Jenny)

  29. For no reason at all, Texas has never been on my must-visit list. Nothing against it, and I wouldn’t turn down a trip, but you know, I’ve never had an “I have to go” feeling.

    Texas is now officially on my must-visit list.

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