Happy Booksgiving!

Hello, and welcome to the FIFTH YEAR OF BOOKSGIVING!

What is Booksgiving?  It’s pretty much the only holiday I actually enjoy celebrating (other than Halloween).  It’s a day when I give out free copies of my books to people who may need them.  It usually takes place earlier in February but I was in a bit of a depression so I decided to wait until I could breathe again and turns out today is also Random Acts of Kindness Day so it’s almost like my mental illness planned this.

The strange thing about Booksgiving is that very often other people get involved and are like, “I want to buy a book for someone too!” so even if you’re the 26th person asking for a book it is entirely possible some wonderful stranger will gift it to you.

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All you have to do is start a brand new wishlist on Amazon with ONE book on it.  (Just one book, okay?  Otherwise it’s not really fair.  The only exception to the one-book-maximum is if you are also picking one book for your child, which is totally fine.)

Click here for directions on how to create a wishlist and PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW STEP 3 about adding your address to this specific brand-new wishlist because otherwise the person buying it won’t be able to send it.

And if you want to surprise a stranger with a book just click on their link, buy their book, choose their address at checkout (it’ll just give you their town for privacy reasons) and send!  (If it doesn’t give you their address it means they skipped step 3 and didn’t enter their address so just delete that book from your cart and try the next person.)

And if you want to get involved but don’t want to buy or give books then just share in the comments what your favorite book is that everyone should read.  What’s the underrated book that no one knows?  What’s the book you wish you could wipe out of your mind just so you could read it again for the first time?  What’s the book you read as a kid that saved you?  (And if you wrote a book feel free to pimp it out below.)  Discovering new books = fried gold.

(Also, I do realize that it’s a bit ironic I’m doing this on Amazon when I’m about to open my own independent bookstore but I haven’t been able to figure out a good way to do this through Nowhere yet.  Maybe next year.)

SO!  Do you need a copy of Furiously Happy, or Let’s Pretend This Never Happened or You Are Here?  Make a wishlist with the one book you want on it and post it in the comments and I’ll send a copy to the first 25 people who respond with a working wishlist.  And if I can find some extra cash I’ll send some more later.

Happy reading y’all!

PS.  If you aren’t in America leave that in your comment because shipping can be crazy expensive if you aren’t matched up with someone in your country.  🙂


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  1. Let’s Pretend This Never Happened changed my life and Furiously Happy made me feel less alone in my anxiety. I’m eagerly awaiting a copy of You Are Here! Thanks for the laughs!

  2. I don’t want a book. I just want to say a gracious thank you to Annette, who sent me a second or third postcard last week. Thank you so much #bloggesstribe for this beautiful community!

  3. You are Here. The only one I am missing!

    (Leave another comment with your wishlist? 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  4. What if you have a copy already you’re willing to send somebody? Mindy, you don’t seem to have a link – can you post/get me your information somehow?

    (You totally can but just be careful about what you share. You can leave your email in a comment for someone specific to contact you or maybe have them follow you on twitter and DM you? It can get complicated so be careful. 🙂 ` Jenny)

  5. I’d absolutely love a copy but am broke right now trying to pay off credit card debit incurred from getting back on my feet after a break up of decades long relationship.

    (Sending you love. Leave a link to your wishlist? ~ Jenny)

  6. I guess I miss out again this year as I’m not home and cannot set up a list. Congrats to those that get one. Eventually I will get a Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.

  7. You are so amazing for doing this every year! It should be a national holiday.
    I have all of your books (in dead tree and audio versions) so I’ll share this book I’d like.
    I’m trying to be like little house on the prairie and making all my own bread this year, so a bread book would be awesome!
    I’d like to recommend Feed by mira grant, and the whole trilogy.
    Zombie political thriller. It’s SO GOOD.

  8. I was given your let’s pretend it never happened to help get me out of a depressive state and it helped a lot. I reread it a couple of times now. I am so interested in your other books. I hope I get picked. Oh and Fyi my therapists office has the furiously happy mouse pad at the front desk. They also love you!

    (Thanks! Make sure you make a wishlist with the book you want and add it in the comments. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  9. YAAAAAY! Booksgiving!!! Thank you for continuing this tradition!! i love the getting and the giving! This is a new book by a favorite author of mine… he studies those who trust their bodies to do superhuman things..and in this book..he runs races with his donkey!! DONKEYYYYYYYYY!
    He helps me believe i really can make it in this life…

  10. I hope I did this right?
    If not, let’s pretend this never happened …

    (Don’t forget a link to your wishlist. ~ Jenny)

  11. I wrote two books. Bipolar Me is still available (I think) for a short time on Amazon. The sequel, Bipolar Us, is not quite distributed yet, but please watch for it. They are both for general audiences of people with bipolar or friends and loved ones who are bipolar and really not technical at all. If you can’t find the books, my blog is bipolarme.blog, so you can read some of my writing anyway.

  12. Also, I emailed you in an awkward and nervous way!! I don’t know if you got it and I’m so stressed 😂

    (I am literally the worst about opening emails. I have some that are years old. Honestly, I suck at technology. ~ Jenny)

  13. I haven’t read You Are Here yet and I NEED to! Also, Ian not smart enough to add a link to my wishlist…..

    (When it’s done just copy and paste the link inside your comment. ~ Jenny)

  14. Happy booksgiving, it is my favorite book related day of the year! I am in a time of transition moving to a new part-time job to spend more time with my child (who would like to start his own cottage business so I listed a book for him I hope that is ok!) before I blink my eyes and he is graduating from high school. Love and light to everyone who is a part of this conversation, you are all my people!


  15. You are here, is the book I want I bought 2copies as gifts but didn’t get myself one!

    (Then leave a link to your wishlist in your comment. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  16. Your books always pull me out of a low period. Today I’m feeling a bit lower than usually as we had to put down our sweet cat, Zeus, who we have had for 10 years. It was so sudden and I’m really struggling today. Seeing the booksgiving post was definitely a bright spot. I could use the happy distraction of You Are Here. Thank you Jenny for always sharing your hugs and lows. It has helped me be more open about talking about mine.
    Hugs and love to all.

    (Looks like someone beat me to buying the book for you. I’m sending you so much love today. ~ Jenny)

  17. One of my favorite holidays, too! I always treat this as a pay-it-forward holiday. While I ask for a book, I always buy someone a book, too, especially someone who posts late and is really far down the list who might end up getting lost in the shuffle.

    But for me, since I have all of Jenny’s books, it’s time I build out my Carrie Fisher collection — my other mental health/illness author/hero!

  18. Happy Booksgiving everyone! Love that it’s on Kindness Day too. Thanks for previous years, your three wonderful books, and whoever it is sending me anonymous postcards that seem to arrive when I am particularly down. This tribe rocks. I don’t need a book this year…ok, I always need a new book, but I’d rather give back. If someone gets a book from me, you can give next year. Thank you for this great project, Jenny!!!💕

  19. Amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/J05ZHTFVO62I?ref_=wl_share

    This is the only one that I have not read yet. Thanks for the chance

    (Can you make a new wishlist and add your address to it? ~ Jenny)

  20. Jenny, I already have all your books (and calendar, bookbag, tee shirt, etc.) and have gifted copies to my sister. I would like to recommend this book: “Dear Edward” by Ann Napolitano. It’s her first book and is a knock-out; I stayed up all night reading it. It’s sad, touching, hopeful….and one of those books you want to IMMEDIATELY start rereading after you finish it.

  21. So wonderful you do this!! I created a wish list but wasn’t able to copy it here from my phone. I’m sure there’s a way, I have no idea how. 🤦‍♀️

    (Relatable. I always have to have my daughter do it for me. ~ Jenny)

  22. Happy booksgiving everyone. Books are the best and help so much when I’m in a depression. Keep reading weirdlings

  23. I’m way down the list, but I would love to receive a copy of Furiously Happy if someone is able. I can honestly say all of you have made my last year MUCH more bearable from the mail exchange Jenny did in March 2019 and I hope the mail I was able to send out helped in return. Jenny, if you slog through enough comments to see this, I hope you ‘sponsor’ another mail exchange this year!
    I’m choosing Furiously Happy because it was my first book to read of Jenny’s and helped in more ways than I can explain.

    (Yay! And looks like someone already bought your book. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  24. I’m going to shout out the books my friend wrote because they’re amazing. The Man I Love by Suanne Laqueur (her debut) and An Exaltation of Larks. Rich, deep books about how we love each other. Available on Amazon.

  25. I would love to have a copy of you are here https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1LNOJAWXCP0N1/?ref_=lol_ov_le even if not Jenny has saved me from my mind more times than I care to count. I love her and she has changed my life. I no longer feel like I’m the only person in the world who has mental health struggles and sometimes I live vicariously through her and her brave tweets. Thank you Jenny and thank you to this community who helps me feel like I’m understood . I love you all

    (you are so not alone. 🙂 PS. I think you forgot to add your address to your list. ~ Jenny)

  26. I love your big heart – I’m still receiving postcards and they always make me smile 🙂

  27. I have a copy of a book that I owned ages ago and used to knit a Loch Ness monster for my son. Now his sister is asking for a Nessie and I no longer have the book due to having been homeless for several years. I’m in a house again (freezing because of a busted furnace) and have all the supplies I need except the pattern. I’m in SW Michigan. Thanks for reading! Have a great week y’all.


    (Looks like it’s already on the way. Sending you so much love! ~ Jenny)

  28. I had no idea that you do this! I also apparently live under a rock, because I didn’t know about YouAre Here: An Owner’s Manual for Dangerous Minds. I greatly enjoyed the Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and Furiously Happy. Both made me feel like I’m not alone in the mental heath battles that I face. I remember thinking, “This lady is just as complicated mentally as I am, just in different ways!”

    If anyone is inclined to purchase this for me, my wish list is below. My local library does have it, though, so if there are others to choose from, please pass me by…


    (Looks like it’s on the way to you! ~ Jenny)

  29. I’ve love a new copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. I always seem to give my copy away on the bus.

    (Love! Don’t forget to share your wishlist. ~ Jenny)

  30. For those that have missed out on Booksgiving there’s a way to read FREE! Use the App Libby or Hoopla and it will link to your local library and library card. You can check out digital and audio books for free. Or you can sign up for a free trial of Audible. Audible is how I got the most recent Fantastic Strangelings Book Club book, Follow me to Ground, it was too new for the library to have, but I would bet your library has copies of of all of Jenny’s books.
    “Let’s Pretend this Never Happened,” made laugh til I cried and then I cried some more at the end because someone “got me.” I had just been diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis (PSA) it’s like RA but it’s worse and evil twin.
    I hope this info helps someone get a chance to read Jenny’s books, they have saved me in many ways and for that I will be forever grateful. Xoxo

    (Super helpful! ~ Jenny)

  31. I have my own copies, I just need to bring them to the shop (soon! I hope!) and somehow get them signed, or nibbled on by Dorothy or something : )

    (Yay! ~ Jenny)

  32. Caroline wanting a Kindle book – it wouldn’t let me do it that way without your email address.

  33. A book series I’m reading that hasn’t gotten much attention is called Original Syn by Beth Kander. I recommend it to everyone that likes any type of dystopian books.

  34. Booksgiving is my favorite day!! I don’t have time to sit and read these days unfortunately (I do listen to a lot of books though) but I added a book for my mom since she just finished the Discovery of Witches trilogy and thought she could read this during her chemo recovery. And a favorite of my daughter’s that we constantly try to check out at the library but is always taken.


  35. I added a list to get a physical copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. I started work at a public library recently and they don’t have any of your books, and they should. I only own your books digitally.

  36. This is wonderful. I’m a single dad with 4 kids all above the age of 12. They would love something new to read and I would love for them to drop the electronics and read. My middle girl loves Whitney and finds such confidence since her. That book would make her day! 💛 thank you so much for wanting to help get books into people’s hands.


  37. David M #172, did you add your address? I tried to gift you and no address was picked up. 8-(

  38. Two books recommendations: ‘Ahab’s Wife’ by Sena Jeter Naslund, and ‘The Poisonwood Bible’ by Barbara Kingsolver. Those are two of my favorite books of all time.

  39. A couple years ago, I was laid off very unexpectedly and I was extremely confused and at a loss about next steps. I had been working as a book editor, and someone here bought me a couple books I really needed when I just didn’t have the funds for that. The kindness and generosity of this stranger were frankly overwhelming (I cried most of the afternoon after my package arrived).

    While things are better for me now, I’m still underemployed and dealing with the unpredictable and piecemeal nature of freelance writing/editing. I’ve come to realize that technical writing/editing would be a good move for me, but I’ve been putting off getting a book I could really use:


    I’m just putting it out there – I know it’s a pricier book, so I have no expectations. I appreciate Jenny’s blog, all the folks here, and everyone’s willingness to participate in these great virtual events (it gives me hope for the internet, and the card swap – that I think happened last year – was amazing). I have a feeling I’m going to be in a much, much better place next year when Booksgiving comes around again. I hope to spread the joy, hope, and positivity and return the favor then when I’m able.

  40. Happy Booksgiving! What a wonderful idea! I have Jenny’s first two books and LOVE them! I would love to own the third one “You Are Here”, but am currently unemployed so I’m unable to buy it myself. If anyone is on here from Canada that wants to buy a book for someone <3, here is my link. 🙂

  41. I also want to mention Bookshop.org. I have a very small, very new bookstore and I’ve just signed us up with them. It isn’t quite as sophisticated/complex as amazon, but worth looking into.

  42. I would love a copy of You Are Here! There’s also a Sandra Boynton book on my list for my 2 year old because, books. 💜https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1S55P64POXVG2?ref_=wl_share

    (sent both! ~ Jenny)

  43. I think I’m late to the party, but You Are Here would be amazing to own! I’m going to go gift a book right now to someone, yeah! You are wonderful Jenny!

    (don’t forget to include your wishlist! ~ Jenny)

  44. So bummed I didn’t see this in time! I need a new copy of Furiously Happy. I let a friend borrow it and we had a falling out and no longer speak… This book changed my life. At 30, I was finally able to admit to myself (and others) that I suffer from depression. I miss my book greatly…


    (Looks like you forgot to add your address? ~ Jenny)

  45. Yesss! I have a Day Zero project list and giving 4 books for Booksgiving is on it! I’ve been waiting!

  46. So much fun! I look forward to this every year!
    Also, here’s a shameless plug for my own book, Raising Wildflowers – the misadventures of a working mom raising awesome kids. Jenny was my inspiration for writing it!

  47. For those of you that like crime, serial killers, etc this is the last book I read and it’s fantastic! The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America by Erik Larson. I’d be happy to send this one to someone if interested.

    I added a collection by Edgar Allen Poe for my daughter. We are homeschooling and currently working through American Lit for her 11th grade year. She’s been asking for Poe, but i haven’t been able to locate a collection at Goodwill.


  48. BEST HOLIDAY OF THE YEAR! This is so fun! I have always read about this after it has run its course so I am excited to post a list for myself this year! One book for myself and one for my 15 year old teenage daughter! We are both doing some self discovery this year! (p.s. I would love it of my book fairy was an enneagram nerd and wanted to know what the book says about their type!)


  49. I posted in the comments of the FB post so Mindy can dm me there and we could exchange information. 🙂

  50. I hope I did it right! I would love let’s pretend this never happened as I have given all my copies away to those who could use it and now don’t have one for myself. I’m in Canada. Really in a dark place and could use some humour to kick depression’s ass!!!!! Hopefully things are better financially next year and I can treat someone!!!

  51. I’m so happy it’s that time of year again! I’ve added a “Garfield” book to my wish list b/c my kid’s both love him… this would be a fun surprise for them! Thank you, Jenny… this is a wonderful thing you do every year.

    Allyson #141 … You should be getting your book tomorrow! 😉

  52. “What’s the book you wish you could wipe out of your mind just so you could read it again for the first time? ” Give it time. I just reread an entire series of Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe books because I could no longer remember whodunit. It’s awesome. Only now I wish I hadn’t given away all of my Agatha Christie books when i remembered the killer in the first few pages.

  53. I have both of Jenny’s books so I put another of my favorite authors on my list.
    I am in Canada
    Thank you if some one chooses to be generous.

  54. I have all of your books, though they are on loan to my high schooler right now. 🙂

    But I’d love a new book to read. Having a lot of medical things lately and something to distract while in waiting rooms would be great. I’m a single mom on a fixed disability income, so “frivolous” wants for me take a back seat to needed things and kid wants.

    Thank you to anyone who can help! 🙂


  55. I have all of your books, though they are on loan to my high schooler right now. 🙂

    But I’d love a new book to read. Having a lot of medical things lately and something to distract while in waiting rooms would be great. I’m a single mom on a fixed disability income, so “frivolous” wants for me take a back seat to needed things and kid wants.

    Thank you to anyone who can help! 🙂


    (I think this failed to post when I first tried; if I’m wrong and I posted this more than once, I’m so sorry!)

  56. As I (hopefully) come to the end of this stage of my journey, and get ready to start my second career, I would like to ask for … a journal. “The Fox and the Star” is the book I read with my niece, and it’s “our” book. Now her auntie the writer would like to journal her story so that when my little nugget of a niece is old enough to understand, to understand why her auntie has scars, why her auntie has a semi-colon tattoo, she can read how her auntie went through hell, got up, fell down, mourned, got up, and, finally, was reborn.


  57. #226 Emily M — great choice! Your book is on the way. I love the fact that many of us get to both give and receive on Booksgiving!

  58. I just moved myself and my toddler in with my parents last week, leaving my narcissistic husband after 10 years. I have dearly been wanting to read Kristina Kuzmic’s new book. I truly loved Jenny’s books and should reread them in this season.

  59. I’ve given for Booksgiving, this time I’ll make a wish for myself. I am learning how to put myself first, sometimes. Thank you!

  60. Shannon who wanted Peince Lestat, your book should be there by March 2. It was a third party seller.

  61. I self published some original poetry. Only way to get it though is through me. It was therapy.

  62. I would love to re-read Furiously Happy( ha it from the library,( my budget doesn’t include actually buying books!), then send it on to an elderly friend in Texas who has the most excellent potty mouth ever…she’d love it too!

  63. I’m so excited that you are keeping this tradition alive! Your books have been well-loved and well-read in my home. Like last year, I would like to add one for me here, and go back and grab a few for others. I have picked up my love of Steven King lately and trying to fill in the blanks of books I may have missed of his. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into this!


  64. I’m number 172 and I didn’t save when I added the address. All fixed. Thanks to anyone who tried to send a gift

  65. One of the best books I’ve ever read is “Alias Hook” by Lisa Jensen. It’s about Captain Hook and the transformative power of love. You’ll never look at Peter Pan the same way. The book is beautifully written and engaging from the very first page.

  66. How is it possible that someone already purchased the knot tying book for my daughter??? Thank you so much! She loves knots and I ran out of ones to teach her after the square knot ha ha. She is going to flip!

  67. Heather Dawn post 282 I sent one of the books for your daughter. From my 9 year old daughter. I love the book choice! (Sofia Valdez Future Prez) Should arrive by Thursday.

  68. For the first time in many many years, I am in a position at the moment to pay forward the kindnesses I have received from strangers and friends and internet peoples. I love today.
    Thank you to the universe and all the people for all the help I’ve received – even if they didn’t know they helped me in some way, like just to keep going one more step. <3

  69. My husband writes books and they are great in my obviously biased opinion!

    Robert Max Tillsley
    The Last Cruise Ship – SciFi adventure
    The Steel Trap – urban fantasy with ghosts & spies aimed at 8-12 but good for older readers
    Rebyrth – SciFi set it Australia aimed at 10-14 but also able to be enjoyed by adults

    Thanks Jenny for this fabulous book giving idea!

  70. So, I’ve made a goof already (I’m sorry!), so maybe people can learn from my foolishness… I just put my books for my two kids and I onto my “The Book I Really Need List 2019” on Amazon, not thinking it’s the Wish List from last year with my 2020 wish on it, but if you click filter purchased it shows last years books… So I had to make a new list. I’m sorry about that. Looks like someone bought my son’s book, thank you so much! And sorry I flubbed on my first attempt. This link is correct! I left my old one up for transparencies sake.


  71. A L Hoise post 300 Furiously Happy lifeline headed your way. Should arrive by Wednesday. Enjoy!

  72. Michelle Marino, your book should arrive tomorrow!

    I bought someone else’s book, too, but I lost track of whose it was. It’ll be a surprise for both of us!


  73. I added my address to number 203. Duh, never did anything like this before! Exciting!

  74. Anonymous 288, your book should arrive tomorrow 🙂 I hope it will help with your anxiety, know that fellow tribe members are cheering you on from afar!

  75. Amanda B., I can’t find your comment now, but you wanted “The Unnamed Midwife” and it is supposed to be there by Wednesday!

  76. Rissatoo (Post 173) I sent your book! It went “no rush” so it should be there end of this week or beginning of next week. Happy Booksgiving!

  77. Angelicedg, comment 312, I really want to buy that for you, but no address is coming up? If you add it, I will buy!

  78. My favourite holiday!
    Last year someone gifted me a book, but unfortunately it never arrived.
    As i’m still working on dealing with trauma, i decided to put it on my list again this year in hopes of better luck.


    PLEASE NOTE i live in the Netherlands, so postage will be higher.
    If you’d rather send to someone closer to home, I totally understand :).

    Thank you all for being wonderful xx

  79. Rachel R (218/244), the books for you and your daughter should both be there on Wednesday! Excellent choices, I hope you will both enjoy 🙂

  80. I’ve created a Booksgiving Wish List with the one book of yours that I don’t have.
    I also want to say thank you to all the lovely goddesses who have kept my spirits up with their cards and postcards. It’s been really tough with my husband being unemployed, and y’all have made some days just a little brighter. I’m terrible at getting back to people, but I have saved every one and if there is a return address, you will get something from me when we are stable. Xoxo

  81. I didnt realize I need to put email in comments for kindle book. Thank you becomingcliche for posting that ! I fixed it !

  82. Ooh I might be late to the game 🙁 Id love any of them. I did read Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and adored it. I’m going through a hard time right now and your book I read made me laugh out loud.

  83. https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2B0LACN2HOW4T/?ref_=lol_ov_le

    I absolutely love this idea. I’ve been having some health issues that have caused me to stop working so I’m home a lot and use books as a way to distract myself and keep myself from getting too depressed about my current situation. I love this blog and have been following it for years. A friend of mine recently used the picture of Beyoncé the rooster at your front door for my Valentine’s Day card from her. It made me ridiculously happy.

  84. Lesley, #367, Happy Birthday & Happy Booksgiving!! Your book is on its way. Delivery scheduled for Wed.

  85. Can I shamelessly promote my book here? “Circling Butterfly” is what one friend called “Fan Fiction for Opera”. It is the back stories of three characters in Madama Butterfly that you see on stage but never get to know. And it goes on to tell everyone’s stories after (spoiler alert if you don’t know the opera) Butterfly dies. Available on Amazon or Abe Books if you don’t want to support Bezos.

  86. I wore my Nowhere Bookshop tee to chemo today, took a nap, went out for Ramen, THEN while eating my Ben and Jerry’s, I find out it’s Booksgiving! Turned out to be a pretty great day. I’m gonna be just gifting not recieving this year. Off I go! Love your holiday Jenny.

  87. Emily (409), Born a Crime is suuuuuuch a good book, definitely in my top 10. It should be with you on Wednesday! I hope you’ll love it too 🙂

  88. Anonymous 228, I wanted to send your Kindle book, but you don’t have an email address in your comments… can you add it please? Thanks!

  89. I’m not looking to receive for Booksgiving, but I wanted to tell everyone about some great books. I love everything by Neil Gaiman, but my favorite right now is Stardust, which is available as a ebook, a regular book, a illustrated book, or a graphic novel. (The movie adaptation is fun, but as always, the book is better.) I also recommend both the graphic novel series Fables and Saga. Ok, just came here to say all that. Thank you, Jenny, for creating Booksgiving!

  90. It seems I keep messing up. Here is my original post. Address and list is fixed. Thanks everyone for catching it and trying to help the kiddos get their books!

    172 – This is wonderful. I’m a single dad with 4 kids all above the age of 12. They would love something new to read and I would love for them to drop the electronics and read. My middle girl loves Whitney and finds such confidence since her. That book would make her day! 💛 thank you so much for wanting to help get books into people’s hands.


  91. Not asking or giving this year. But do want to plug the book “A Confederacy of Dunces” by John Kennedy Toole. It’s not new, but I can’t stop laughing at the dialogue. Something on nearly every page cracks me up.

  92. Asking for a copy of Furiously Happy for my little sister Mia (11 years old).

    She borrowed my copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and fell in love with your writing. She actually did a book report on it for school (obviously the coolest kid ever) and plans to do her next book report on Furiously Happy. I know she’d love to have her own copy

    Thanks for doing this. Happy books-giving, one and all!


  93. https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/G74BYH8Z871P/?ref_=lol_ov_le
    Not sure if this link will even work cuz I’m kinda bumbling along because I totally forgot the instructions exactly one second after I left the page. Also I know I’m 2000 & late for this but I figured what the heck. I have all 3 of your books and am dying for your next one to come out. I used to collect Stephen King and this is my all time fav of his books and I loaned it to a apparently untrustworthy friend who never returned it, why get made me sad. This is why I no longer loan out stuff btw. This same person was supposed to deliver Girl Scout cookies and is now trying to make me drive a half hour to get them instead. Seems I didn’t learn my lesson….anywho… Happy Booksgiving everyone! Totally best holiday ever!

  94. Wow. So many replies. Not to get too lost into the ether of the internet but I have a book to recommend. “You Deserve a Drink” -Boozy Misadventures and Tales of Debauchery by Mamrie Hart. Easy quick read with chapters/tales readable in or out of order at your own pace. Yes, she’s a youtuber though a hilarious comedian whom like Jenny here let you know you’re not alone in your silly life.

  95. I looked at this blog post before there was a single comment, then my brain fog made me forget all about it.

    I’ve been wanting this book of folktales from around the world since 2016! It’s by a fellow blogger and the stories she’s collected are awesome! https://amzn.to/2u7qKb3

    (Thanks to kind souls, I already have all of Jenny’s books!)

    Thank you! if anyone manages to find and pick me!

  96. Connie. Foster way down in Texas, your book is on the way! I was going to post via the name you have here then couldn’t find you again. Hope it’s ok. Anyway, happy booksgiving! AJ 💕

  97. I love this idea! I don’t need a book, but I wanted to share that ALL book lovers should read The Library Book by Susan Orlean.

  98. I almost missed it this year; I always look forward to this holiday!
    My daughter has the first book in this series, and the third. She would love to have the second book so she could actually read the set.
    I love Charlaine Harris, and I’ve been looking forward to her new book.
    Thanks for considering us!


  99. Favorite book that everyone should read? Original Syn, by Beth Kander. Dystopian. Thought-provoking. Couldn’t put it down.

  100. Please double check your links and addresses!!! I tried to send out several and couldn’t because of incorrect links or missing addresses.

    That being said, it took me a long time to find people to buy books for because so many other people had bought books already. It warms my heart.

  101. I first found Lets Pretend in a small library in a smaller town in AZ where I didnt want to be at all. Then I went back to college and found it there in a small free library on campus. It always seems to come when I need it. Furiously happy always slips thru my fingers as I pass it on to people who equally need it.
    I have 1 fluff book on my lost for me and 2 silly books for my 2 kiddos. Happy booksgiving!


  102. Ok fellow bookbuddies that was so much fun going down the list, trying to find a book wish that hadn’t yet been fulfilled! You are all so awesome. Glad I was able to participate again this year. It warms my heart to see so many people helping people they don’t know. I decided to add a book for myself in case, at this late hour someone has the urge to help me disappear into fantasy for a few hours. Many thanks! AJ

  103. Lindsay, thank you so much!! My daughter is so excited, and I am thrilled as well. I can’t wait to jump in to this book.

  104. Lana1967 Your link is for a kindle book and I can not purchase kindle books On wishlists on my phone. I’m guessing it might be the same for anyone else on mobile. It shows your wishlist and email but is missing the buy button. I hope you’re able to get a book!

  105. I’ve been working through some stuff lately so I just started another re-read (or re-listen rather) of Furiously Happy but I don’t have You Are Here and could really see it helping me through this…weird time I’m going through. I love your books, Jenny, and what’s more, I love listening to you read your books! Thanks for just being you and sharing your sparkle with the world!

    https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1YDH222FB2745?ref_=wl_share (Hopefully I did this right…)

  106. There is a group for independent bookstores to do business online just like Amazon. I can’t remember the title and it may be at work where I’m not but google it, it’s starting to happen now.

  107. Happy Booksgiving! I know I am too late to participate but still wanted to leave a comment. I found You Are Here at a local bookstore and wanted to buy it but have been unemployed for a few months due to an illness doctors can’t (or won’t) diagnose. One day when I am feeling better and actually have spending money I will buy. It since I adore all of your work and appreciate a wonderful coloring book.


  108. Happy Booksgiving! I know I am too late to participate but still wanted to leave a comment. I found You Are Here at a local bookstore and wanted to buy it but have been unemployed for a few months due to an illness doctors can’t (or won’t) diagnose. One day when I am feeling better and actually have spending money I will buy. It since I adore all of your work and appreciate a wonderful coloring book.


  109. Unsurprisingly to anyone know knows me, I’m fashionably late to the party. I honestly look forward to Booksgiving every year, it makes me smile to think of the happiness someone else will get to open up their mail and find a much hoped for book inside. I’ll be back in the morning to hit the wishlists! I’ve got one book for myself and a book for my tween.

    (I’m in Canada for any fellow Canucks looking for a list or anyone who has prime and doesn’t mind shipping to Canada).