I’m bringing lazy back. Yep.

Let me just start by saying that this is a sponsored post but it’s still totally worth reading because I’m giving shit away and I just became a dress designer.

Sort of.

Okay, so you already know how much I love eShakti.  Pretty much every time you ever see me I’m wearing a dress from them and when people on the street say, “I love your dress,” I automatically twirl and say, “AND IT HAS POCKETS” because almost all of their clothes have pockets and pockets are magic.  Victor constantly makes fun of my seemingly involuntary “IT HAS POCKETS” response but I’m pretty sure the same compulsion is what makes him say, “LOOK THERE’S A DOG” every time he sees one, so back off Victor.

(Also, don’t stop telling me that there are dogs.  I’m not complaining.)

So eShakti reached out to me last month to see if I wanted to write about their custom-made clothes and I was like, “Probably not because I don’t ever use the custom-made option” and they were like, “Really?  Because it’s around $10 to have your dress made specifically to your measurements” and I was like, “Yes, but I spend all my $10 on paint brushes I forget to wash out and have to throw away” and they were like, “What is wrong with you?” but then they sent me a dress custom made for me and I was like, “Well, goddammit.  This is awesome.  Now I have to spend an extra $10 every time because I finally know what it feels like to have things fit over my boobs properly.”  So I admitted that they were right and told them that to pay them back I was going to design a dress for them and they were like, “Oh, that’s not necessary” and I was like, “I INSIST” and they got really silent for awhile but probably just because they were so thrilled some rando writer was going to teach them about something they’ve been doing for a million years.  I considered sharing with them my idea for a pocket-smock (smocket?) that is basically like a painting smock but with waterproof pockets I can put my wet paintbrushes into and also a big kangaroo pouch to put a cat in and also the sleeves are flasks filled with vodka.  But then I thought that was best saved for whenever Shark Tank asks me to be on their show and so instead I told them  that we should be bringing glamorous robes and nightgowns back.  BUT AS REAL CLOTHES.

I reminded them about the Sunset Boulevard era when the silver screen stars would wear fancy robes and long night gown/house dresses but they’d wear them around like they were regular clothes so basically you could look fancy as shit but stay in your pajamas all damn day.  Ruffles and giant sleeves and more fabric that you could possibly need.  And see-through enough to look sexy while still hiding pretty much everything, and a flared skirt so you don’t have to suck in your stomach and make it out of chiffon because pet fur doesn’t stick to it and at that point eshakti was like, “OKAY, WE GET IT.  STOP EMAILING US.”  And a week later?  The dress was done.

picture of jenny lawson wearing black eshakti dress

And they liked it enough to actually offer it for sale.  WHAT.  They even let me name it and I suggested “Fancy-Ass Dressing Gown“, “THANKS – IT HAS POCKETS” and “No one can tell you’re a crazy cat lady unless they’re at your house and then it’s probably pretty obvious but at least you look somewhat presentable” but I guess those were too long because in the end they called it, “The Jenny.”  You can order it here if you want one.  And may I suggest you customize it specifically to your measurements?  Because that shit is amazing.

And for those of you who are new to eShakti, here’s the scoop.  They are online so you don’t have to leave the house.  You pick your outfit and then you can customize it to your size or use standard measurements, and you can also make changes to it to make it perfectly yours.  For example, I love a bunch of their sleeveless dresses but I hate my upper arms so I add inset cap sleeves and then they’re perfect.  Or you can change the neckline or the length of the dress to make it exactly what you want.  Most everything comes with pockets but you can have them removed if you’re some kind of monster.

Personally I typically sort the selections by fabric and just buy georgette, chiffon, dupioni, chambray and crepe because cat fur doesn’t stick to them very much.  They have tons of sales and are constantly changing out their selections and it’s super easy to exchange if get something that doesn’t work for you.  They are awesome and I have been singing their praises for years and years.  You really should check them out now.   Let’s bring pajamas for daytime (and breakfast for dinner) back. Also, someone invent one of those long, glamorous cigarette holders like Audrey Hepburn used in Breakfast at Tiffany’s but instead of a cigarette make it filled with refillable pixy stix candy dust.  I will buy a million.  Or at least three.

And as a special thank you for reading this far, eShakti is giving out $50 gift cards to three random people who comment here.  Whoop!  Just leave a comment and if you’re selected you’ll get an email this week with your gift code.

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  1. You look fantastic! Please eShakti randomly give me $50, thanks!

  2. You look MAHvelous! 🙂 ♥

  3. Love your design!!! I have actually been wanting one of those fancy dressing gowns….

  4. “Fancy-ass Dressing Gown” would have been the coolest name for that! But The Jenny is cool, too. And now I have a weird version of “Sexy-Back” stuck in my head.

  5. That’s gorgeous! Good job! And I love the idea of wearing fancy pajamas all day. I wonder if I can wear them at my work. Probably not, because I work for snobby lawyers. But — POCKETS!! (I also wish they’d make your smocket design…)

  6. I’ve been on the fence about eShakti since I first read about them here. But this whole custom measurement thing has me convinced. I’m ready to take the plunge, thanks!

  7. That does look super comfy!

  8. Omg…Im all about that dress. So witchy and magical. I feel like it’s speaking to me through the computer. I hope that’s what I hear, cause I think I’m home alone. Anyway, I love all your dresses, especially the one with all the birds. And especially this one.

  9. I have never tried eShakti, but I have always wanted to so maybe now is my moment!

  10. 10
    Dorothy Dugan

    Love that dress!! Super cute and chic!

  11. this. is. magic. I WANT A JENNY!!!!

  12. 12
    Jen Guernsey

    You should TOTALLY wear that to your bookstore opening!

  13. 13
    Jenny with a B

    The Jenny? 🙂 What an absolutely perfect name! (But I would have insisted on including THANKS – IT HAS POCKETS!

  14. I love the idea of a custom fitted, fancy-ass dressing gown! Sign me up.

  15. Omg! That dress is so cool!

  16. Oh my goodness. I so need a dress with pockets. I love your Sunset Boulevard gown!

  17. I didn’t know a smocket was missing from my life until now but I’m feeling it’s absence acutely! I love that you have a dress named after you now, but I really liked Fancy Ass Dressing Gown, Thanks It Has Pockets or FAD G TIHP – maybe you could design a second one?? I’m going to check this out, I love the idea of a dress that fits correctly everywhere.

    knockingonfortysdoor recently posted Moments Dear and Not So.

  18. Looks awesome! Would love to try eShakti.

    Also, pockets!!

  19. I love this!!! I have always wanted a fancy hollywood dressing gown

  20. I saw eShakti on Facebook and I thought it was genius because I too have boobs and I can never find dresses that fit right. The pockets and “don’t show fur” options are a true bonus.

  21. I saw eShakti on Facebook and I thought it was genius because I too have boobs and I can never find dresses that fit right. The pockets and “don’t show fur” options are a true bonus.

  22. So cool! What if you get a custom made dress that just doesn’t look good on you/you change your mind? Can you return it?

  23. Yay pockets!


  25. You know you’ve “made it” when you get a dress named after you … how cool is that!

    Thanks for the contest, also, would love to try eshakti.

    Elizabeth Parker recently posted GIVEAWAY: Admit-two passes for BLOODSHOT, 3/11 at Emagine Novi {ends 3/8}.

  26. I haven’t worn a dress in so long. I want to start again so will definitely check them out. I love yours.

  27. That dress is gorgeous!!!

  28. Def going to check them out. I am 5’2″ but otherwise have an actual body, so lots of options are far too long! I hope that they can fix that for me!

  29. I also automatically reply with “thanks, it has pockets” because they bring me joy and I am trying to share it with the world!!

  30. I love this idea! Glamorous clothes for the glamour impaired!

  31. I used to wear dresses but when I started working in oil & gas I was told by my supervisor to always wear jeans or slacks, never a dress or skirt. (Actually, he said “dungarees”). I don’t have any everyday dresses anymore. I’d love to give eShakti a try.

  32. eShakti sounds like an awesome option, I never fit into anything because I am the size of a small child rather than a 26-year-old woman… You look stunning!

  33. Gorgeous!

  34. 34
    Angelica Cordero

    I would gladly rock this everywhere. Another hyphenate to add to your profile!

  35. I have always wanted a fancy hollywood dressing gown, it looks lovely!

  36. 36
    Sarah CECIL

    WHAT! This is everything I needed. With pockets! I’ve made approximately 8903 dresses and put them in my eShakti cart already. Ok, I had already done that before this post, some people work out, I mock shop. POCKETS

  37. 37
    Carolina James

    Oh heavens, I am already a whore for eShakti, and foist my referral code on everyone at my office … this will only make me worse!

  38. Dresses are not my thing. But the pockets I totally get. Maybe if I looked at it like the dress is just a vehicle for the pockets, I might consider.

    (They also do pants too, but I just don’t like to wear pants in general so I always focus on the dresses. 🙂 ~Jenny)

    Sherry Cassells recently posted The Ideas of March.

  39. I’ve been wanting to try eShakti for a while – now I have an excuse. And a floofly, flouncy excuse WITH POCKETS!!

  40. I’ve been wanting to try their dresses forever…pick me pick me!

  41. You had me at ‘pockets’!!

  42. This sounds amazing! I’ve seen their ads but hesitated to order because I didn’t know anyone who had, only it turns out I DID know someone, only I didn’t know it. I’d also like the return of the big flowy muumuu or caftan that one wears with metallic sandals with kitten heels to swan about the house.

  43. I now own 7 of their dresses (all with POCKETSSSS) thanks to you, and I love them all so much.

  44. 44
    Mindy Seibert

    Some of your poses are right out if “Sunset Boulevard “! Fabulous.

  45. 45
    Jackie Lorden

    I heard about Eshakti through you! I’ve been buying their dresses for a few years now. I love them. And the custom feature is great.

  46. Whaaatt??? That sounds amazing!

  47. I love eShakti!! And the sleeves on this are AMAZING

  48. I tell EVERYONE when my dress has pockets. Always wanted to try eShakti but I don’t wear dresses often enough.

  49. 49
    Cynthia White

    “The Jenny” . That is so awesome. I have to stop for a moment to cry a little and be so proud of you. And to be so happy that you have designed something fancy to wear when Instacart delivers the groceries. Something that doesn’t scream, yes, I haven’t done laundry, and these are my sweat pants, and yes, I was in bed reading.

    I will investigate, and then upgrade my status from chronically ill person to glamorous 1940s starlet.

  50. Wow that’s gorgeous! Great design and I adore your creative process. Looking forward to shark tank picking up your smocket though.

  51. This is amazing!!!

  52. 52
    Christine VS

    Stylish with pockets? Shut up and take my money!

  53. An eShakti dress is on my wish list!

  54. 54
    Christal Guo

    “The Jenny” looks like something I’d actually wear. It’s flowy and loose. In all in!

  55. 55
    Caroline Boll

    Every dress-wearing person EVER will tell you that their dress has pockets, and Victor should realize that all of us dress-wearing people will consistently tell you that our dresses have pockets when you compliment our dresses. This rule also applies to skirts that have pockets. Also, I LOOOOOOVE your dress!

  56. Love the dress. I want one! Love you, too. But I would never take you away from Victor. You two make me laugh too much to break up!

  57. I love the dressing gown dress! You look amazing!

  58. 58
    Kristen Jarvis

    I have checked out their selection and have yet to make the jump. Their clothes are gorgeous

  59. I am going to go to eShakti’s website right after posting here. I love pockets! And I love you, Jenny! I’m looking forward to your next book (that you write, not the bookclub book because I haven’t even started the February book, though it looks great).

  60. This is so exciting! I’ve been hemming and hawing over committing to an eShakti dress, but a $50 gift certificate would be very pursuasive! I can never find clothes to fit me because of a large bust measurement but a significantly smaller underbust: everything that fits up top makes me look pregnant. And this glamorous dressing gown is divine!

  61. Okay – I’m going to have to try this out. I generally hate wearing dresses because I have a belly and feel like it emphasizes it but based on your description, why not give one a shot.

  62. What an excellent dress (despite the lack of vodka-flask sleeves)! And I can have it customized…I think it’s time for a new fancy-ass dress.

  63. 63
    Heather from Canada

    I remember years ago you telling “us” about E-Shakti and I checked it out and thought it was amazing but haven’t ordered because I’m plus sized working on becoming – sized, so when I get to my happy place I am definitely going to order a custom dress! I absolutely LOVE the dresses you and Hailey wear and they are so classic and gorgeous. Can you tell me where the dresses are made? I think that it may be Asia or China
    , which is why the custom thing is so exciting. Usually a 3XL made in China would possibly fit a cat. They are much smaller there! (the people not the cats, although the cats are probably proportionally smaller also because if a western cat jumps on the lap of a smaller person in China would that be a positive or a negative? More cat for your buck, but possibly too heavy…?)

  64. 64

    I love the idea of customizing a dress. My boobs would be thankful. lol

  65. Your dress is so fancy!!! I love dresses with pockets and I REALLY want to try eShakti. There’s a constellation dress that keeps popping up in my feed I’ve clicked on a million times and just haven’t finished the process. I really need to do that…

  66. The Jenny is amazing! (And the dress is too.) But seriously, I would totally wear that dress, and good to know about the adding sleeves option on others. I don’t like my upper arms either and never go sleeveless.

  67. You did a great job designing this! It looks beautiful on you!

  68. I love eShakti so much!

  69. I work at home so everyday is Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day. I try to remember to get dressed (i.e. change into my yoga pants) on days that I’m expecting deliveries, but sometimes I forget. I’d love to see the look on the UPS driver’s face if I answered the door in The Jenny instead of my usual plaid flannel robe with a ratty old cardigan over it. (Of course, he’d probably just take it in stride. It’s hard to shock UPS drivers. They’ve seen things…)

  70. Gorgeous!! I love EShakti!

  71. I love eshakti and it is all because of you. It’s an addiction and I blame you but in a good way 🙂

  72. I love eShakti. Fab dress!

  73. YES, please and thank you! Sorry, didn’t mean to yell, just got excited…

  74. 74
    Amanda Canan

    Per usual your post made me laugh out loud and smile! You look amazing! Exciting to look into eShakti!

  75. Your description of “fit n flare” is perfection! I’ve always adored the dresses you post, but was on the fence about ponying up the dough for my own. I think this may have pushed me over (the fence)!

  76. I’ve looked at their dresses several times, but have a hard time making life decisions. Like what dress to buy or will the cat where the tiny sweater meant for dogs.

  77. Pockets and DOGS!!! nothing better!

  78. I have always wanted to try this website! Should probably pull the trigger no matter what but a gift card would be bomb!

  79. So ready for your close up. 🙂

  80. I love this dress!! It’s perfection for any fancy event. Do you think they’d make it without sleeves? I’m going to a wedding in Jamaica and I’m afraid the sleeves will be too hot! Either way next fancy event I’m getting “The Jenny”

  81. Oh that is awesome!

  82. 82
    petra dashner

    Love your dresses and can’t wait to try one!

  83. I’m going to have to show this website to my girlfriend. I personally don’t think I’d look very good in dresses, but she absolutely does.

  84. I’ve always wanted to try eshakti. I am a hard person to fit.

  85. Me likey! That dress is actually quite stunning! I love the color and the sleeves. And it would be novel to have things fit properly over my boobs.

  86. I’ve always wanted to try them, but ordering clothes off the internet scares me!

  87. This is amazing!! I’m at a point in my life where I straight refuse to buy clothes without pockets. <3

  88. That’s one fancy ass dressing gown!

  89. 89
    Anastasia Dixon

    The dress is beautiful! Great job, Jenny!

  90. That dress is GORGEOUS. I definitely need to check this website out.

  91. Love these dresses. Stop and look whenever they pop up in my Facebook ads.

  92. 92
    Janet Hooven

    Wow! So glamorous! Love it!

  93. I like the name you chose for the dress, but have to admit that “the Jenny” is way more concise and marketable. What a great business model eShakti has!

  94. I love it!!! (Though I do think they’re a little crazy for not using “sexy ass dressing gown” because it describes it so perfectly! Heading over to check out Eshakti now. Love you Jenny!!!

  95. This is the third time someone has recommended eShakti to me this week! I guess I HAVE to try them.

  96. I adore eShakti! And I adore you!

  97. 97
    Quincie Ingram

    Love it!

  98. How lovely you look. I want a beautiful gown like that,too!

  99. 99
    Amy Halperin

    “The Jenny” really is just so you. Glamorous and just ever so slightly this-lady-might-kill-you. But in a good way.

    Like I said. YOU

  100. 100
    Crystal Burton

    You have opened my eyes to wonderful pocket dresses and I love you for it.

  101. 101
    Laura Leeb

    Awesome dress! Love it. And you’re as hilarious as ever.

  102. Love this so much!! You look amazing and what a cool service!

  103. 103

    That’s amazing! I want to design a dress! I’ve also been dying to try their stuff, but I also still feel like a blob after giving birth a year ago.

  104. I love dresses but I am s7ch a hard person to fit!

  105. Love the dress! And, it has pockets!?!

  106. I always have problems fitting my boobs correctly too, so very excited to try them.

  107. Are the pockets big enough for puppies? I’m staging a dog heist soon.

    (1. Let’s be friends. 2. I used to carry Dorothy Barker in the pockets when she was little. She wouldn’t fit now though. ~ Jenny)

  108. 108
    Heather from Canada

    As a side note, I started writing my comment when there was ONE OTHER COMMENT and by the time I finished there were like 50! Apparently I am too wordy!

  109. 109
    Sara Stephens

    This is AMAZING! I hope I win a card, but honestly, I’m going to be buying from them either way! 🤞🏻

  110. Commenting because I WANT IN!!!

    emilypageart recently posted Tattoo Wrap-up #22.

  111. I want to be your socially awkward neighbor so we can wear fancy-ass dressing gowns together…

  112. 112
    Miranda Jackson

    I am honestly surprised that it took them this long to make a custom dress named after you!

  113. 113
    Wendy Davies

    I love this! Beautiful! eShakti, I’m checking you out!

  114. Love it!! Especially the tips about what’s not a magnet for cat fur! Why have I never considered this? You look beautiful!

  115. EShakti is great. I have some dresses from them as well!

  116. 116

    You are actually the most precious human and I love you.

  117. 117
    Elizabeth Jordan

    I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. And have said before. And probably will ever say, but we’ll leave that open for now.

  118. 118
    Hollie A Ayres

    I love your design, Jenny! Pockets are a must. 🙂

  119. Well, I have never ordered from them. But now I definitely will.

  120. Love it!! Especially the tips about what’s not a magnet for cat fur! Why have I never considered this? You look beautiful! Hi

  121. 121
    Jennifer Whelan

    You look goooorgeous, dahling, simply just gorgeous!

  122. 122
    sara d finnerin

    Yay for mumus! AKA sexy ass dressing gowns.

  123. Love it!! Especially the tips about what’s not a magnet for cat fur! Why have I never considered this?

  124. 124
    Amra Bauder

    Oh my gosh I can’t imagine clothes that are actually made to fit me! And with pockets?! I love it this is awesome!

  125. I love it! But do they make it in I travel the country in an RV and it needs to not only fold into a napkin size but not wrinkle as well? Kidding. About the dress, not he RV. 👗🚍

  126. You did good, I love it.

  127. I would love to win a GC, I always am jealous of the pretty dresses you showcase on here/your instagram and I want one for myself! It’s a bonus that you can customize it (Yaaaaaay!!) and not have to worry about your perfectly normal body fitting into weirdly sized clothes. Would be nice not to stress out about whether or not something’s going to fit 🙂

  128. Commenting! Because I’d love to try them, but I’m always anxious about buying clothes on the internet. And measuring myself, too, I’m anxious about that.

  129. 129
    Julie Waters

    WoW!! This is amazing!!!! Would love to stroll through the park in this !!

  130. I love them too! I hope I might get a random gift card!

  131. Wooo! This is awesome!

  132. And they make great gifts, too. My SO is always happy with them. So I’ll hope to get picked to use the gift card as an actual gift!

  133. 133
    Stefanie Chase

    Thanks, it has POCKETS is an excellent name for a dress (I love me a dress with some pockets). Now I need to go peruse eShakti to see if they have something incredible for my upcoming European vacation next month! “The Jenny” is lovely (as is the inspiration behind the dress)

  134. This is the greatest thing since pockets in dresses.

  135. I need to try it. I’ve put about 30 dresses in my account, but never actually purchased them, because I’m a chicken. A chicken tha wants to look pretty, BUT, if I waste $50 on a dress that looks silly on me, I’ll be sad.

  136. 136
    Kelly M Laney

    Fancy ass dresses FOREVER! I love it! It’s so hard to keep that feminine jive going when you’re in over-alls and mudders. I need a lovely dress to lounge in after I’ve fed the farm animals!

  137. Love this! I’m looking forward to checking them out. Way to fulfill fun random bucket list dreams!!

  138. Ohhh I’ve never tried them! Will have to browse.

  139. I wonder what fabric keeps bird feathers from sticking to you!?

  140. RUFFLES AND POCKETS. SOLD. I’m not into black but otherwise A++++++++ on The Jenny!

  141. Love the dress! Love eshakti!

  142. 142
    Dana Sandersfeld

    Dresses with pockets are the best and a dress that will actually fit proportionally, what?! This is super exciting, thanks for sharing, Jenny!

  143. 143
    Katelynne Pease

    I love pocket dresses but swear I can never find anything that fits me “just right”. I either look like a whale or a larger whale. I have never tried or even heard of EShakti before you mentioned it but if you like it and you are like my spirit animal, I may have to give it a go and check them out.

  144. Methinks that looks like a swell Bookstore Grand Opening Dress! (And if a garment doesn’t have pockets, it simply shouldn’t exist…where would I keep my snacks and Chapstick otherwise?!?)

  145. 145
    Rebecca Lashinski

    OMG I love eshakti so much too! Same about the custom measurements though. Might be fun to try!

  146. Love it!!!

  147. I’ve been wanting to try them out, and love the details you shared. Thanks.

  148. That dress is fantastic!! I have wanted to try them for a long time, but was always nervous about picking a type of fabric. Your comments help immensely!

  149. You look great! Glad that eShakti came through.

  150. 150
    Sara Eddleman

    This is beautiful!

    And YES, I do the exact same thing that you do whenever I get compliments (I pretty much only wear eShakti stuff these days), sometimes even stopping to show people JUST HOW GOOD THE POCKETS are.

  151. Oh. Wow. That is amazing. Now I need to go check out eShakti so I can dream.

  152. Fingers crossed for a gift card!

  153. 153
    Channon Koty

    I love eShatki. I have once dress and definitely regret not getting it customized

  154. That is so beautiful! I live for big gauzy sleeves. I’ve never ordered anything from eShakti but I’ve got a couple weddings to go to this spring so maybe now is the time.

  155. I’ll try wearing dresses designed by you!

  156. This dress is so pretty! I really need one. Totally great for my casual office setting.

  157. I have had people recommend them over and over and now YOU! I guess I will have to use them (for reals, I need a maid of honor dress by September, maybe it’ll be the Jenny!)

  158. Whoa! Awesome!!

  159. 159
    Colleen Andres

    oh my god, I need this dress, I have entered the batwing phase of my life and I think this will be the best costume for today and all the rest of my days.

  160. I always love your dresses!

  161. I haven’t purchased from them yet, but this is a glowing recommendation…with pockets. I’ve had my eye on a few things, but the custom part really sounds amazing.

  162. 162
    Amy Turley

    I’ve seen. I’ve shopped. They are incredible!! Enough said. 🙂

  163. That dress is amazing! I have wanted to try eshatki, but I have been nervous to. Maybe I will now!

  164. I’ve looked at their site a few times, but it seems a little out of my price range. I just found out I am losing the job I have had for almost 22 years, so I probably should get a new dress for the upcoming interviews…dammit, I’m too depressed for this shit. And unable to decide, I’ll go look again…crap, dammit. LOL, Sorry, it’s been a rough week.

  165. 165
    Lisa Kinsley

    Would love to try this!

  166. I’ve always seen them around on the internet, even made up custom dresses but never dove in, now might be the time!

  167. I have always wanted to try Eshakti but was afraid I wouldn’t like the fit or something. I kind of want to give it a go now! (A gift card would make that super easy just sayin’!). Lol

  168. This is great! I’ve been wanting to try them out! I love the customizing options too. Would love to win a gift card. You look great in your dress!

  169. This is amazing. I love the customization option since I have weird short arms.

  170. If I owned “The Jenny”, I might actually consider answering the doorbell once in a while…

  171. Love this! Of course they had me at pockets.

  172. 172
    Tammy Boughner Land

    OMG!! Gorgeous dress! I need to try eShakti!!

  173. You look amazing! And I’m not surprised that you designed such a stunner. YAY for The Jenny!!

  174. I love your design! I’ve been a big ashanti fan forever, especially because I act and it’s easy to customize their clothes to fit different time periods. 30s to 60s are especially easy to match!

  175. I want to make an order….. I had a dress with pockets YEARS ago and it was my Favorite!!!
    Thank you for what you do,…. you touch SO many

  176. Yes please.

  177. You are the reason I tried eShakti, and I love it! Gonna look for that Fancy Ass Dressing Gown!!!

  178. That looks amazing!

  179. 179
    Elizabeth Dickinson

    Love this!

  180. Holy forking shirtballs this dress is incredibly gorgeous!!

  181. Love The Jenny! I would love a gift card too!

  182. That sounds amazing! I’m super short so nothing ever fits me.

  183. That’s so awesome!!! Given that clothes never seem to fit me right, I really should give them a try (especially since you can easily spend $10 on alternates).

  184. Your dress is amazing.

  185. I’m a big fan of eshakti! I’m a part time actor and it’s easy to customize their clothes to fit a number of time periods…with pockets!!! Love your dress design! The sleeves are especially dreamy.

  186. Love The Jenny!! 🙂 This sounds right up my alley – boobs are so hard to fit in properly so to have that AND pockets!! Now to check them out and see if they’ve got Canadian options without costing a fortune… 🙂 Thanks for the tip

  187. 187
    Alicia Watrous

    You are ready for your close-up, Jenny! I am super excited to buy well-made eShakti dresses that I know will have pockets! 💓

  188. 188
    Laura Meredyth Fleisher Howard

    I like your names better, but eShakti is the best. I use them to for all my wedding officiating dresses.

  189. 189
    Ashley Sedlak-Propst

    You just blew my mind with the fact that certain fabrics don’t tend to hold on to pet fur. Now i’m going to pay way more attention to what my clothes are made out of!!!

  190. I love eshakti! I ordered a couple of dresses from them for a trip to France and they were awesome!

  191. I have visited eShakti twice (both times thanks to you, Jenny) even going to far as to put together some combination of elements, but I’ve never actually ordered. I shall go back and peruse. Maybe this time something will inspire me to go and order. Thanks for the inspiration! Plus, this sounds like an incredible company. And I know they offer more than dresses, so… Off I go!

  192. I tried them a looooong time ago but measured myself poorly so the dress I got didn’t fit right and then I keep forgetting, or being unable to choose what dress I want. Or I choose the dress, but can’t decide what options. Or I choose all that, but I’m at work and can’t measure myself. Life is hard.

  193. 193
    Amanda Larson

    Love it! I need to take the plunge and actually order something.

  194. Love the dress! Thanks for having a giveaway 🙂

  195. 195
    Marie Parker

    Omg I need this in my life! I had no idea it existed. I’m trying to find the perfect black cocktail dress to chaperone a prom in and I recently gained weight so nothing fits my weird body right now. I love The Jenny!

  196. 196
    Alicia Sheppard

    So because of you I bought 4 dresses from eShakti and used the custom measurement option but I still had to have them tailored in the chest area when I got them – BUT I LOVE THEM. They ended up being really pricey because of the extra tailoring on each dress but every single time I wear them out somewhere I get compliments and I always tell people they have pockets too. My husband thinks it’s weird that people in casinos and at concerts here in Las Vegas stop me to tell me they like my dress all the time. Anyway, I was just getting ready to order a few more dresses for spring and I am totally going to order The Jenny. I’m going to go to my tailor to get all of my measurements done again just in case something is off with the chest measurement in my eShakti profile first though. I’d like to avoid having to take them in for extra tailoring although it’s still totally worth it if I have to.

  197. That dress is beautiful!! LOVE IT

  198. I have a dedicated eShakti tab open on my browser, but have yet to get one. Your testimony (preach) has committed me. Thanks!

  199. I’ve loved Eshakti for YEARS! I always get tons of complements on my dresses by them. Heck I’m even wearing one as I write this. Glad to see this post give them some much deserved love!

  200. I have a skirt from them that I love. And it has pockets!!!

  201. The dress is gorgeous and you look amazing in it!! And I have been interested in eShakti ever since you first posted about them. P.S. Pockets are definitely the best things ever!!

  202. 202
    Andrea Nelson

    Gorgeous! And the dress looks great too!

  203. Stunning! So cool that you can customize.

  204. I LOVE Eshakti and yes, pockets in dresses are LIFE!

  205. Looks great! I have always wanted to try them but somehow never have. Will definitely look into it for the next time I need a dress.

  206. WOW, that’s awesome. I have a wedding to go to this summer, so I may adjust the length and the sleeves but I love the style!! does it come in other colors?

  207. 207
    Jenny Barucco

    love the pockets!!!!

  208. Oh…Oh…pick me! You get to do the COOLEST stuff. Not jealous at all cause you deserve it all. Much love and thank you for sharing! I love winning things in a most serendipity way.

  209. 209
    Tracey Kelso

    Good thing they’ve got pockets-for the gift-card!
    Jenny-You look fabulous! Thanks for sharing!
    Love THE JENNY!

  210. I LOVE that dress! 💖

  211. 211
    Adrianne C.

    Love to try this!

  212. Wow now I will really give them a try. I looked once before when you wrote about them but now I’m seriously interested

  213. Doesn’t show cat hair? I’m in!!

  214. This is so awesome!! I love that you’ve designed your own dress now. Work it, woman!! =)

    An eShakti gift card would be amazing, but either way I’ll eventually have to buy from them because I love dresses and they are SO HARD TO FIND that aren’t either ‘take out a loan’ expensive or ‘fall apart after one wash, maybe two’ cheap. Your endorsement is enough for me to trust them. Now I just need hubby and I to finish getting back on our feet after medical debt and some other life things… then a-shopping I will go!

  215. Oooh, the dress you designed is lovely! I have two Eshakti dresses from a few years ago (a black shirt dress and a chiffon navy dress with flowers) and they are indeed wonderful and I look at their stuff often but don’t have much of a new dress budget. The shirt dress is their stretch cotton poplin which I highly recommend as a fabric choice! So…fingers crossed!

  216. This is so pretty! I’d wear dresses all the time if they actually fit well and had pockets. 🙂

  217. Damn. I def need that “No one can tell you’re a crazy cat lady unless they’re at your house and then it’s probably pretty obvious but at least you look somewhat presentable” dress. Gawdgeous.

  218. eShakti is the bomb! If ever I need a nice outfit for an event coming up, their site is always my go to shop. What I really LOVE about their clothes is the quality! It’s totally high end, and the standard of quality you don’t really see in clothes much anymore. It’s the little things like the bra strap snaps so your bra never shows. Or the quality of their embroidery. Or the timelessness of the cut. All those things add up and reassure me that when I spend money on their clothes, they’re going to make me look great and last a really long time. <3 eShakti all the way!!!

  219. Love their dresses, will have to add this one too my wish list!

  220. Pockets for snacks!!

  221. I would love to try eShakti. Your dresses always looks so stylish and comfortable and I love that you can custom everything. I just need to stop wavering and try it out some day though.

  222. I just ordered my first eShakti dress because of you Jenny! Can’t wait to get it! POCKETS!!!

  223. Awesome! What a beautiful dress. I’d LOVE a gift certificate. Anxious to try them out. I’ve been snooping on their website. Fun!

  224. I’ve looked at eShakti for years and keep wanting to try it, especially for the custom sizing and the pockets. But when I’ve tried picking something out, I get options overload and aaaaaaaah. (I have a feeling there are people here who’ll understand)

  225. Cute dress! I love that the peasant-y flow-y sleeve is back in style 😁

  226. Love eShakti, and love this dress!

  227. I keep browsing their site, one day I will take the plunge!!

  228. 228
    Corinna L.

    And of course I comment and forget to leave any kind of name :p

  229. This is my comment for the free things. Yay free!

  230. You look amazing! And bonus points for pockets! Love it

  231. Absolutely love random selections. Love to be a part of one someday.

    Seriously though, I’ve heard eShakti is great for dress wearers with non-standard measurements. I’d love to give them a go.

  232. The Jenny is amazing, but very much not my style, sadly. I love the idea of eShakti, but have been overwhelmed at the lack of ability to effectively search or filter by fixed style features. (For example, I like princess seams and no waistband, but have had little luck searching for that, and it’s hard to tell the style on dark colors when scanning the results images (or even the zoomed images on product pages) and I don’t want to click on a bunch of things that don’t meet my actual criteria.) That said, I just found one that I want to try, so post-sponsoring success for you!

  233. Beautiful house gown!!! I just placed my first eShakti order last week so I’m excited to see how they fit, etc. Might have to get a “Jenny” – especially if I win the gift card. 🙂

  234. I have been considering ordering something from eShakti, but I haven’t actually done it yet, so a $50 gift card would be an awesome place to start!

  235. How have I never heard of eShakti?! This service sounds amazing, and I love the dress you helped design. <3

    beckmank recently posted February 2020 Book Wrap Up.

  236. I feel like it’s just human nature to respond “thanks it has pockets!” When someone compliments a dress you’re wearing that does, in fact, have pockets because dresses so rarely do!

    I am all about this dressing-gown-as-clothes look!

    Ali recently posted Just a Little Retrospective.

  237. Ohh! Fun, I could be persuaded to try a dress with a gift card! Heck Yeah!

  238. Yes please! 1. I love the pieces I ordered from eShakti when you mentioned them before 2. My day has been crappy and it’s only 12:55 and a gift card would be a fantastic way to turn that around. 3. That dress is glorious.

  239. Cool! Count me in!

  240. 240
    Jennifer Speed

    “It has pockets!” The best thing ever!

  241. I LOVE ESHAKTI! Lifesaver when your measurements are as random as mine 🙂

  242. 242
    Joan of Egg

    So cool! I’m surprised the Jenny isn’t cat or sloth printed, but hey, there’s always the Jenny 2.0

  243. That’s a cool dress! I’ve always wanted to try them.

  244. This is awesome! Love their clothing, love that dress!

  245. 245
    Seana Gause

    I keep meaning to order from eShakti since the last time you posted, but I haven’t gotten to it yet! Thank you for designing a new dress and letting us all be in on the secret!

  246. 246
    Susan Abenilla-Brown

    I own one of their dresses and love it. I would love to win as right now I need a special deess to fit over the cast on my arm and I desperately need pockets.

  247. 247
    Shalom Black

    Custom designed for my short hourglass-ish figure AND pockets?! Sign me up!!

  248. I’ve never shopped from this site, but need too!

  249. We have been wanting to try them!! My daughter is beyond petite and hard to fit! I’ve always loved the dresses you’ve shown! I’ll check out the Jenny!

  250. Oh my God! I love the Jenny, though your name was better! If only my giant long haired dog wasn’t white. I could wear that. But now I’m definitely going to search for a fabulous dress to wear to my brother’s wedding.

  251. I’ve been in love with the idea of trying them out for ages. Gift card would definitely make this happen.

  252. IT HAS POCKETS! You are the reason I have checked out their website. And now I can customize too? I NEED to get shopping! And “The Jenny”, but maybe with different sleeves, and neckline, and color…

  253. I have always seen the ads for eShakti and been hesitant, but this is a glowing recommendation. Not just because of your words but because of how much you are glowing in your pictures. And pockets?!?! Take my money now.

  254. Yes!!! 💃💃💃

  255. 255

    I love eShakti, and have several of their dresses (with POCKETS). I’d totally buy the Jenny dress if it came in hot pink with a boa trim.

  256. Gorgeous! I love the sleeves!

  257. 257
    Julia Thiel

    Love eShakti, just for the pockets!

  258. This is making me oddly emotional– your dress is stunning, and I love that they let you design it! Maybe they’ll ask you to design another one, this time in red?

  259. 259
    Laura Garnett

    Beautiful dress! Good job!

  260. I’ve never met a dress-wearer who can resist crying “it has pockets!” When their dress does, indeed, have pockets, because it’s so rare!

    I love this dressing-gown-as-clothes look!

    Ali recently posted Just a Little Retrospective.

  261. I just wrote the comment above (Mary Beth) but somehow used the wrong email address? I did a weird hybrid of my personal name at my work account.

  262. 262
    Colleen Marble

    Nice! I’ve ordered from eShakti once before and would like to try them again, with customization. The boobs need it, I think.

  263. 263
    Heather O.

    How have I gone so long not knowing about eShakti!? Pray for my bank account hahaha

  264. I reallly need a pocket dress to go with the cast on the cast on my arm. Love the one I bought from a previous blog about them.

  265. It’s amazing! Definitely get that shit added to your resume…

  266. Ooooooooooh, this is heaven!

  267. 267
    Karrie Comatas

    I love love love eShakti because of your suggestion/code last time! I am up to 5 dresses now!! (although I did just vote on the latest bunch of clothes and i was like, huh- these look like bathrobes what the hell and now I feel like oops I should have read your post first!!!)

  268. i thank you for turning me on to Eshakti! A girl has to have pockets so she can carry spare White Claws around with her!

  269. 269
    Amanda Moon

    I think I could live in The Jenny. Those sleeves! That length!

  270. My entire wardrobe actually is called (by me, I named it) “You’re a Crazy Cat Lady” brought to you by layers layers layers and leggings. And cat hair.

  271. Your dress is amazing, and I think you should absolutely put “fashion designer” on your vita.

  272. Yay! I love the dress. My friends have talked up eShakti for ages – I think this blog tips the scale in terms of finally deciding to try it.
    Also… POCKETS FOREVER. That is all.

  273. That dress is gorgeous! Would love to win a gift certificate as well! <3

  274. I LOVE this design because everyone needs a “oh, hello, officers, I was just lounging innocently in my house – what do you mean my rich husband is dead?!” dress. So great!

  275. 275
    Auntie Dawn

    Pockets! And I don’t have to leave my house? Sign me up!
    Also, The Jenny is gorgeous. Definitely add fashion designer to your CV.

  276. Oh man. I am all about that vintage Hollywood starlet life, but also the I’m having an immune system flare and need soft clothes that only touch my shoulders life at the same time so this is the dress for me! Nice work, Jenny!

  277. Love this dress and my name is Jenny too so now I have to get one!

  278. 278
    Dianne Lintz

    Do they have leggings with pockets? ALL THE CLOTHES NEED POCKETS!

  279. Love random selections. Love to be a part of one someday.

    Seriously though I’ve heard eShakti is a great option for dress wearers with nonstandard sizes.

  280. I have been stalking eshakti for a while now! Your dress is gorgeous

  281. 281
    Erin Fleak

    Would love to have something finally fit my boobs right too! Struggle is real! This dress is gorgeous and so are you!

  282. 282
    Stephanie Anderson

    My Ragdoll cat just said “hold my beer”….cat hair is life, might as well wear a fancy dress. I find pockets are good for lint rollers.

  283. Umm, I feel like my original post never showed up, so I’ll repeat myself at the risk of sounding/looking like an idiot.

    You should ABSOLUTELY add “fashion designer” to your vita. 🙂

  284. Dresses that are like pajamas are my life. I base my whole wardrobe around this level of comfort, and love eShakti and a few other companies for their options! Also, being able to say “It has pockets” makes all of the other ladies at fancy dress events JEALOUS AS HECK. I was the envy of my company party with my eShakti pocketed dress.

  285. eShakti has the best prints- I have a fab wardrobe of cat print dresses and blouses thanks to them! I also love that I can get a maxi dress that doesn’t drag on the floor behind me due to my height. But now that there is a dress called “The Jenny”, I feel contractually obligated, as another Jenny, to thoughtfully consider purchasing it. It is the way.

  286. Love it!!!

  287. 287

    Clothes for full size girls, with pockets! Love it!

  288. This is so awesome! You love marvelous 💜

  289. 289
    Amanda Fortis

    You’re beautiful! That dress is beautiful. I have a dress that I wear, in real life, to my office, that’s actually a bight gown. But like, no one knows so it’s fine. I would LOOOVE eshakti clothes I just know it but money is a thing I do t have a lot of so I tend to not spend a lot on clothes. Someday, or you know, now if I win a gift card 😜

  290. 290
    Elizabeth B

    Your dress is beautiful! And I’ve been meaning to order from eShakti for a while now, so a gift card to help buy one would be awesome. 🙂

  291. Ok, so the custom option really works? Because my boobs are a little out of control and could use the custom space

  292. Totally backing fancy ass dressing gown, mostly because I want to say it every time I wear it lol. Also, just started wearing dresses again for the first time in 20 years so would love that :).

  293. 293
    Cathy Tavangarian

    I recently bought my first garment from eShakti. I used the standard measurements and it was great, but I think next time I’ll go with the custom fit option. A $50 gift credit would help that happen!

  294. Patiently waiting for The Smocket

  295. You look absolutely lovely. A bit damsel in distress (although you would be causing the distress), glamourous old Hollywood and bad ass housewife.

  296. I am all about that vintage movie star Hollywood glamour but combine it with my actual real life “I’m having an immune disorder flare and need clothes that only touch my shoulders and waist” needs…this dress is perfect! Way to go, Jenny!

  297. Yes, please! 🥰

  298. I love “the Jenny” dress! It is very glamorous. And I really want to check out the custom design feature, I never knew anyplace that had that! I’m short, but super curvy/busty and most clothes seem to think people like me don’t exist. 🙁

  299. Oh my gourd I love The Jenny, Jenny, and eshakti! It’s so difficult to find dresses to fit all 6’1″ of me so their custom option is amazing!

  300. 300
    Esther B Jones

    I almost bought something the last time you talked about your love for eShakti and then I chickened out because I hate my body, but I do love me some pockets! Ok, I’ll try customizing a dress. And I just tell people it’s because you made me!

  301. Since I can’t be friends with Jenny IRL (apparently it’s considered “stalking”, whatever) this dress would be the next best thing!

  302. 302

    I love pockets and scared some friends at brunch recently with them. As we were leaving I went to put my hand in my purse and instead it ended up in a pocket in my dress. I shouted “it has pockets.I love surprise pockets.” Everyone was startled and the guys were like WTF is wrong with you and the girls all said “pockets are the best”

  303. 303

    I have personalized a dress so many times on their website and then don’t end up getting it cause there is always something else I deem more necessary to buy at the time. But I love it so much! The pockets! The sleeve choices! The length matching my 28” inseam! Amazing. I think my birthday is the occasion for a new dress. I love your design! So old glamor.

  304. 304
    Betty McArthur

    I love eShakti!!! I ordered a dress for a Mardi Gras Ball and love it so much!! I was sold on the pockets. I was so impressed with the quality that I ordered another dress from them. I can see that I have a new favorite go to for dresses!!!

  305. Yay! I love eshakti! I’m going to have to save up for the Jenny now. LOL

  306. 306
    Rayne M. Coughlin

    okay but how have i never seen you post about this site before?? because as a short fat girl with a Weird Body Shape and a love for dresses this sounds like an actual godsend. also this dress specifically??? a m a z i n g

  307. I’m happy to sing eShakti’s praises too. Several of my favorite work-appropriate but very comfortable dresses are from them.

  308. Love it!!

  309. 309
    Michelle J Schwartz

    Looks great!

  310. We just finished watching a lengthy list of 30’s and 40’s screwball comedies and everyone lead woman had a least one of these dresses that they’d swan around in until they needed to go dress for the club. Quite lovely

  311. What a fantastic dress! And it has pockets!

  312. I Love it!! That might just be the beat dress EVER!! ❤️❤️

  313. I’ve been stalking their site ever since you first mentioned them, but haven’t ordered yet. I need to buy a dress for my son’s (summer casual) wedding and I think I’ll try a dress from them. If it feels like fancy pajamas, all the better!

  314. I want to say thank you for introducing me to eShakti, got my maid of honor dress through them and it fits me awesomely 😀 And now I want more dresses LOL. Dude I never wear dresses and want them now because I love the designs so much LOL

  315. I usually worry more about snag ability than my cat’s shedding. She has dark fur so it really only shows up on light colors (which I almost never wear because with 3 kids spills happen). EShakti is one of my favorite sites to window shop.

  316. Yes please! Me likey!!! A lot a lot! AND IT HAS POCKETS!! Where has eShakti been all my life!

  317. 317
    Brenda Woodard

    WTH wordpress? Comment 302 is me but it didn’t post my name. Not cool WordPress…not cool

  318. Oh that dress is awesome!

  319. 319
    Stacy Stevens

    I absolutely love it!

  320. 320

    You are gorgeous in your FANCY-ASS DRESSING GOWN! I would love a custom made dress. They are magical and beautiful. I window shop on their site all the time.

  321. 321

    It’s a crime when clothing doesn’t have pockets. Can you return/exchange if you’ve had the item customized?

  322. 322
    Mary Murray

    I think the Smocket idea has merit. I also love eshakti’s Galaxy dress.

  323. How fun that now you’re a dress designer, with a dress named after you! And, how generous of eShakti to offer three gift certificates.

  324. This dress looks amazing! Eshakti, please pick me! 😁I’ve been dying to order one of your dresses! 💜

  325. I’ve wanted to try them, but I’m scared because I am terrible at being a girl and I want to look pretty and not dumb and like someone who is wearing something they never wear… so… yeah. Yay.

  326. 326
    Becky A Burns


  327. Eshakti has a perfect dress for my upcoming gala! And guess what!?! IT HAS POCKETS!

  328. Well this is basically the coolest thing ever. And you are stunning. And I love that you want to bring back this style, because I miss it, too!!

  329. I am six feet tall and I only get dresses from eShakti because of the height customization. Never going back to off the rack stuff that’s eight inches too short. LOVE the “Jenny Dress.”

  330. 330
    Kimberli Nelson

    Beautiful! I’d love a dress with pockets!

  331. 331

    I know you’ve been singing their praises for ages but OK I will check them out!!! Two weddings coming up this year….I should branch out and try something that might actually fit me!

  332. I love this! I’ve been meaning to check them out too!

  333. That’s so amazing! I told myself that I would splurge and finally get a dress from eShakti if I hit my weight loss gotten by April.

  334. I love them too! And the Jenny is awesome!!!!

  335. 335
    Amanda Mitchell

    I love eShakti! I can get floor length skirts and dresses that actually fit my super short legs!

  336. 336
    Jowanda CM Campion

    I love pockets! And I love pockets in dresses even better!!

  337. Gorgeous! And what a generous giveaway, thanks.

    I am already madly in love with eShakti for recognizing that women’s preferences and needs can so greatly vary, and for catering to those differences!

  338. Love their concept, plus pockets! Awesome!

  339. oooooooh — that dress is amazeballs & so are you Jenny. PICK ME!!!!!

  340. This will be perfect for me as I’m 4’11” tall, so anytime I try to buy a long dress, I end up having 6 extra inches at the bottom. I then proceed to trip over said excess, and then jerk back up so I don’t look like a fool if any neighbors are looking in my window.

  341. 341
    Sharon Hobson

    Ooh. So pretty! I’d like one.

  342. 342

    Omg, the Jenny! That’s amazeballs!I can hear my husband now. “More Jenny stuff?!! Fine, you’ll just hint about it until I forget and buy it yourself. “

  343. 343
    Katrina Eilender

    That’s so cool!

  344. I was just looking at their site last night…because I need a dress for Friday (guess who hates shopping for dresses). I’d love to try it out!

  345. 345
    Virginia Hogan

    Pockets should be required! Love it

  346. This is amazing. My favorite part is that you have fabric recommendations to avoid pet hair stickage, which is so useful

  347. Yaaaaaas! I would love a gift card, because I always have problems spending money on myself 😅

  348. Ooh pretty! I’ve spent ages browsing eshakti but never bought anything because I am indecisive, and also shipping to New Zealand is usually $$$.

  349. 349

    This is great! And has convinced me to try eShakti. I like you am a sucker for pocket, and like your suggestion of fabrics that cat hair doesn’t stick too.

  350. Pockets. Really, pockets is all one needs to say to sell me. Glamorous pajamas doesn’t hurt either.

  351. I have wanted to try them for a few years, now, but for one reason or another (mainly that I am uncomfortable in dresses) I haven’t. Your nightgown dress thingie looks elegant and I can picture you haunting an ancient manor house in it. ❤️

  352. I don’t even know what most of these are: georgette, chiffon, dupioni, chambray and crepe. I only know crepe in terms of pastries and paper, so I have a lot to learn as I search through. 😀

  353. The Jenny is beautiful! If you figure out your password, you should make this your LinkedIn photo.

  354. I was curious whether this company was legit. Good to see that it is because it sounded too good to be true.

  355. I’ve been wanting a fancy-ass dressing gown for years, ever since I came across the term as a child and asked my mom what it was, and she was never able to satisfactorily explain the difference between a dressing gown and a bathrobe, and then I figured it out years later, but I can never justify the cost, but if they give me $50, that would be different.

  356. I am litterally sitting here in my eShakti dress right now!!! For the record… Yes, spend the $10, it’s amazing!!!

    The Jenny is going right onto my wishlist.

  357. 357
    Jessica HZ

    That is gorgeous. Imagine, a dress the fits, has pockets, is not too expensive. Brain explodes. I need a travel dress that looks professional but packs well, so I am looking for one right now. The selection is pretty amazing.

  358. 358

    Love eShakti! The Jenny Dress is magical.

  359. 359
    Jennifer Weldon Adams

    Here for the pockets!

  360. 360
    Jennifer Pinfold

    Your dress is absolutely beautiful. I’ve always wanted to order a dress from Eshakti but it hasn’t been in my budget. A gift card would be just the ticket.

  361. 361
    Aimee Hutyra

    I don’t really wear too many dresses, because I don’t have a life. If I ever need to go somewhere nice, and have time to plan, I have three or four dresses that I like to drool over. Plus… POCKETS!!!!

  362. 362
    Kelly Jones

    THANKS- IT HAS POCKETS is obviously the best name and biggest selling point of any dress!

  363. I love this! Their dresses are amazing anyway. I tell everyone who has issues finding clynes that fit about them. Off so check out the Jenny.

  364. cripes! how many $50 gift cards are they giving away?!!??!?!?! in for one!

  365. Your dress is gorgeous! Great job creating The Jenny. 😍

  366. 366
    Michelle Murray

    I love dresses so much but dresses that ALL have pockets? Even better!

  367. 367

    Love it! I plan to check them out. Thanks for the info–and, yay pockets!

  368. 368

    Two things Jenny:
    1- I see your upper arms in that dress and they look great!
    2- What? Only a cat tail and no cat?
    Third bonus thing: thanks for the great recommendation!

  369. 369
    Michelle Sanders

    <3 you look great! I’m in for a random 50$, although a specific 50$ for dress shopping is also acceptable. 🙂

  370. Holy crap, I was just musing the other day about how I wish floaty, amazing, silver-screen-goddess lounge wear would make a comeback. This dress is literally perfect. (And I’ve always wanted an eShakti dress to boot!)

  371. 371
    Virginia Cordero Ravelo

    Wooow, The Jenny is ridiculously beautiful ^^

  372. 372
    Patricia Boyd

    I LOVE the dress!!!!!!

  373. I have been looking at eShakti dresses for ages, but have never had the wherewithal to order one (online shopping for clothes is scary). One day I’ll do it!

  374. That dress is fantastic, Jenny! Pockets are the best.

  375. 375
    nancy cooper

    Its beautiful! And I firmly approve of walking around in your pjs all day.

  376. I’ve looked at eShakti but hadn’t tried them yet. Fingers crossed!

  377. 377
    Mariko K Yoshimura

    All I ever wear is dresses and they HAVE to have pockets! I would love to try them out!

  378. I too am a women of taste and would love to have tailored clothes 🙂

  379. I bought a dress form eShakti for a wedding. The BRIDE asked me where I got it from 👏🏼💁🏻‍♀️

  380. I used eShakti to get a very Ms. Frizzle dress with planets on it for my bridal shower! I also prefer “fancy-ass dressing gown” but that’s just me…

  381. It has pockets is my favorite thing to say about a dress. I really want an eShakti dress with pockets. Maybe just a giant pocket I can live inside.

  382. Thanks to your recommendation, I bought several dresses from them!! I love them so much 🥰

  383. 383
    Karen Hambly

    I keep looking at eShakti since I read about them from you. You look great in their dresses.

  384. It is because of YOU that I tried eshakti for an upcoming gala, and I’m anxiously awaiting my new dress. I did not do custom measurements, but assuming my Gala Gown (so fun to say, dahhhhhhhhling) is as amazing as I think it will be, I intend to order more dresses, and use my measurements. This will be especially helpful as I Iose weight, since we all know losing weight means that standard sizes don’t always fit. Anyway, thanks for turning me on to this company, and obviously a $50 gift card would be great towards my “I lost 15 pounds and want to buy something pretty to celebrate that” dress.

  385. So pretty!

  386. 386
    Megan Condry

    I read your entire comparison of Pockets on Pants vs Purses from Furiously Happy, outloud to my practical Hubby, and how the essential male dominated clothing of usefullness is insanely maddening on a daily basis as a chick who loves/NEEDS pockets. He had no snappy comeback. It was delicious..

    (^ v-v ^)

    We ♡ You, and you look Amazing!!

  387. 387
    Heather Blank

    The Jenny is amazeballs totally buying it with my $50

  388. This is amazing!

  389. 389

    Just, Wow! You look wonderful, dah-ling.

    But I’m caught on the “fit over my boobs properly”. Can you maybe turn your design efforts to a good sports bra for those of us who can’t find something that doesn’t make us look like a figurehead on the front of a ship? You know, pushing those waves back with our chests? Helping my husband this morning, and at the top of the ladder I got pinched between two aluminum pieces. Ouch.

    Wonder if you could put pockets in sports bras? For us “do-it-yourself” ladies. Nah, probably not enough room. And it might be hard to explain why you have the indentation of a pair of pliers if you did fall off the ladder.

    Side note – can’t wait for the bookstore opening. Tell those contractors to hurry it up!

  390. Sweet! Pockets are the best!

  391. 391
    Ann Puccetti

    Well, dang! I would like a $50 gift card. I would buy a sleeveless, flouncy, spinny, girlie dress. And I would force people to ogle my ugly upper arms because I am that kind of person.

  392. The other solution to pet hair is to match your clothes to your pet. Bam. Also eShakti is awesome and now I’ll have to measure myself and do the custom thing.

  393. I love “The Jenny!” It is so pretty!! (And look- pockets!)

  394. I bought a customized eShakti dress for a family wedding and it was beautiful! My boyfriend and I were totally overdressed (he wore a suit, but the groom didn’t!) but that made me feel even more special. #pocketsarenotjustformarsupials

  395. 395

    Pockets are essential — I love eShakti for this reason alone, and there are many reasons to love eShakti.

  396. 396
    Janet Marshall

    Awesome dressing gown! And you look so cute in it. 😊 I can’t wait to check out eShakti now!

  397. This is the best!! Beautiful gown and I personally would LOVE to try eShakti!!

  398. Someday I’ll order from EShakti, but I’m terrified of ordering the wrong size! Can’t afford that!

  399. I love their stuff. I am considering buying a new dress for summer since I’ll be super pregnant. Not sure what size to go with though! I will probably wait till I’ve “popped” to buy one.

  400. ❤️

  401. This eShakti concept is brilliant! It sounds like the perfect concept- I’m height petite and width curvy, but every manufacturer on Earth (except eShskti, apparently!) assumes if you are 5’2” then you have narrow hips and are an A cup, so I’ve always had to choose between the petite and size up the number so it will fit around me, or go with the standard and the size number I’m used to, but acknowledge that either hemming (pants) or a cami (under the v-neck, which inevitably comes down to my navel) is in my future. This is truly exciting!

  402. That is gorgeous! Love your design, the name is cool, and I want to buy one as soon as I finish paying for having my house rewired. Or maybe after the plumbing is fixed…
    But I really do want one!!

  403. I love this dress!! I’m obsessed with eshakti; it’s the only place I ever buy clothes anymore.

  404. What?! THANKS – IT HAS POCKETS is the best name for a dress! Of course…that would be the name of all their dresses, I suppose, so I can see why they wanted something more specific.

  405. 405
    JoAnn Stack

    I love their stuff. Like you, I’ve gotta have sleeves. It’s incredible to find something you like and then go Abracadabra! I have added all the things to make it perfect.

  406. 406
    Jennifer K Uhrich

    How gorgeous! I have always admired your dresses, and what an amazing gift it would be to win a gift card!

  407. 407

    I’ve been dying to try their dresses! Fingers crossed for me…

  408. I NEED THE JENNY. And also the dress. <3

    Shannon akaMonty recently posted A quarter of a century. POOF..

  409. Yay for no clinging pet hair! I love the dress!!!!

  410. 410
    Major Bedhead

    Since my double mastectomy, my clothes fit weird, even with prosthetics. I’ve been looking at their site, wanting to order stuff. You’ve pushed me to get out the damned tape measure and take measurements so I can maybe actually have dresses that fit and don’t make me feel more freakish than I already do. Urgh. Like my body image wasn’t fucked up enough before, but now I have a Frankenchest and it horrifies me in ways I can’t describe without getting weepy.

  411. Twirl- thanks-It has pockets!

  412. 412
    Rachelle S

    I cannot tell you how many times I’ve played on the Eshakti.com website, selected dresses, changed the sleeves, hem and neckline and put them in my cart. Then I close the website. I’ve wanted to buy stuff and especially have it custom made to my measurements but I need someone to measure me and I need extra money to buy the dresses (with pockets). Perhaps another day.

  413. I’ve been playing around on their site building a dress for a friend’s upcoming wedding. But I may need The Jenny to flounce around my house in the meantime.

  414. 414
    Betsy Hance

    I would love some new garments!

  415. Awesome!!!

  416. 416
    Laura Nailor

    Pockets!!!!!! And I am totally on board with the smocket because artist life is hard and really being able to carry around my paint brushes would make life so much easier.

  417. What a fantastic idea! I live in pjs and comfy clothes because I work from home. If I do leave the house, I’m usually wearing a dress because it’s the most comfortable thing I can wear. Also, it’s one piece of clothing instead of 3-4 before undergarments so it saves a lot of time and effort. Hell yah to nightgowns I can wear in public.

  418. The Jenny looks fabulous! I have a few amazing dresses from eShakti (all with pockets!!) from before I lost a ton of weight and I love them so much I want to have them adjusted to fit me again. The Jenny may need to be my new dress through – it’s fancy-ass for sure!

  419. You missed the opportunity to say “And get $50 in your POCKET.”

  420. 420
    Joan Dorsey Taylor

    This would be for my 30 something daughter. She is a teacher (poor), a band director, has to stand infront of kids parents. And she is short and needs a custom made top. Genetics did her no favors! But I love her to death!

  421. 421
    Susan Foster

    The dress is gorgeous. I have not tried eshakti yet, but have heard many wonderful things about them. As a shortie (“petite” in nicer terms), building to my measurements would definitely be a benefit,

  422. eShakti always looks fabulous on you!

  423. 423
    Amanda L Silberstein

    I love “The Jenny”! Very glamorous!!

  424. 424
    Carrie S.

    What a great dress! I would love to get a gift card to eshakti to try it out. I would order my ball gown for the Yule ball my library is holding this summer.

  425. Very Katharine Hepburn, I dig it.

    I need to find someone to measure me so I can order from them.

  426. Ah, I’ve been thinking of ordering from eShakti forever and have never gone through with it. Their dresses all look so loverly!

  427. Oooh, I’ve wanted one of their dresses for eons. The Jenny would be a nice one to start with. It looks great on you, and I’d like to have a nice dress for myself! Thanks to you and @eShakti for the opportunity. 🖤

  428. I’ve never had anything tailored to fit me other than me wedding dress. This site sounds awesome!

  429. always wanted to try, maybe i will now – cruising this summer and need a new dress

  430. 430
    Lynnetta Miller

    Holy cow that dress is incredible. I have yet to make a purchase from eShakti, mostly because I’m a procrastinator, and usually when I need a new dress, I need it asap because I failed to plan ahead for the event/gathering that I was invited to even though I knew about for months. But, having $50 to use might just make me place an order for a fun dress just to have on hand for when that next wedding I have to attend comes around.

  431. I”m ready for my close up Mr. DeMIlle…..and Dahling….IT HAS POCKETS! All day PJ’s with pockets and cat pouch??? YES PLEASE.

  432. I’ve wanted to shop there but have been intimidated about taking my own measurements badly and then ending up with an ill-fitting frock. Is it hard to do?

  433. 433
    Susan Andersen

    I need any dress at all that helps me feel cute!

  434. 434
    Amy Becker

    Very nice Miss Sassypants or should I say Miss Sassydress?

  435. 435
    Kathy Gutierrez

    I love them! I bought both my wedding dress and my reception dress from them (both customized). I also got my daughter her reception dress from them!

  436. 436
    Susan Andersen

    I would like ANY dress that makes me feel cute, pockets or not!

  437. 437

    eshakti is awesome! I have several pieces from them, and they’re always so well made, and such good quality.

  438. I can’t believe you hadn’t tried the custom sizing before. It’s pretty much the main reason I checked them out in the first place because my body doesn’t work with normal sizing (I’m short and rectangular shaped), along with the pockets. Just remember to have someone reliable help you with the measurements. My first order was off a little bit because my husband had no idea what he was doing.

  439. I remember looking at eShakti’s stuff when I first read about them on your blog because WHO DOESN’T WANT POCKETS?? But their skirts were a bit more than I had to spend at the time, especially if I got it custom fit (I’m short). Maybe I’ll go have another look. Love The Jenny! Well done!

  440. 440
    Christie Hanna

    Love the dress – you look great! I’ve purchased eShakti dresses before, but never used custom measurements. I think you’re on to something here!

  441. Love you and love eshakti!

  442. Omg! I’ve been dying for an eShakti dress FOREVER!!!

  443. 443
    Shannon Levinsohn

    I have been wanting to try them forever!! That dress looks amazing!

  444. 444

    Loving “The Jenny!” I always see the ads online but ignore them because I’m more of a yoga pants and old t-shirt (even out of the house (whaaaaat?) but I’ll definitely check out eShakti’s site now. Thanks for the recommendation 😊

  445. 445
    Sharon Carpenter

    I love eShatki! Because of you! After hearing you rave about them, I ordered a dress that ended up being the first dress to properly fit my 6’, plus-sized frame. And look pretty! BTW, now that you have a dress bananes after you, you have arrived!

  446. I ordered from them years ago and it took months to arrive but I’d be willing to try again… I’m just not the most patient human…

  447. Ok I have to try this!

  448. That is gorgeous! And pockets!!

  449. Do they have a service where you tell them what you like and they pick stuff out and send it to you like Stitch Fix, because sometimes it’s just too many choices and I just can’t decide so I buy nothing, but I’m mad at Stitch Fix because they sent me an email with a picture of a random sweater on it and I LOVED THAT SWEATER but because I didn’t already have one in a different color that I had bought from a previous Fix, THEY WOULDN’T LET ME BUY IT. Which I thought was incredible rude.

  450. That’s awesome, I’m checking them out now! Thanks for the suggestion

  451. 451
    Elizabeth Deneen

    How fun for you!! I love pockets in dresses too!!! Can’t wait to check out their site!

  452. Dresses with pockets are amazing and everyone needs that kind of positive energy in their lives!

  453. Pockets and sleeves – what more could you ask for?!?

  454. i love dresses with pockets!

    madiann recently posted Anxiety and Avon.

  455. Because of you, I ordered a dress that was on sale in late-February. Then, two days later, I ordered another one at regular price, but with the 30% off coupon for new orders. Turns out sale products aren’t eligible for the 30% off. TBS, I, obviously, haven’t received them yet. Plus, I rarely wear dresses, but have convinced myself I will when it gets hot. Plus, plus, you didn’t mention they offer tops and pants. AND, they have pockets! Thanks for introducing me to them.

  456. 456
    Megan McM

    eshakti is such a good idea. I would love to have a dress from them

  457. Yaaaaay, that is so awesome! Today is my birthday so hopefully that will up my chances, LOL!!

  458. I’ve seen them before and they have the prettiest selection of dresses!!!

  459. 459
    Jessie Hansen

    The only clothes I get complimented on are the ones I make so now I usually just stick to my own sewing machines.

  460. Now I’m going to have to check out eshakti. I never used to wear dresses or skirts, but like the look. I’ve got a few comfy ones I love, but the lack of pockets means I don’t wear them much. This is the option I need!!

  461. 461

    Love the dress! You are multi-talented!

  462. 462
    Heather V

    Well, this whole story is amazing.

  463. 463
    Mary Anne

    I don’t wear dresses much, because I feel like I look “meh” in most of them, but maybe customizable and custom fit would change my mind!

  464. I almost never wear dresses but you make me want to

  465. Supercool! I hardly ever wear dresses but eShakti is seriously tempting me!!

  466. 466
    Jill Leslie

    I have always wanted to try them but just didn’t because price I guess? But I’m also starting to be really conscious about fast fashion and wanting to spend quality money rather than cheap and fast. But also have the classic female problem of – but what if I lose weight first? mentality. Oy vey, so many issues.

  467. Oh, Jenny, it’s gorgeous. And I have a closet full of eShakti; I love them as much as you do.

    BUT… I can’t wear polyester. I just physically can’t. Please, please, please consider asking them to do a version in a natural fabric – cotton, silk, don’t care, don’t care that pet hair will cling to it either.

  468. BEST.AD.EVER 😉

  469. “No one can tell you’re a crazy cat lady unless they’re at your house and then it’s probably pretty obvious but at least you look somewhat presentable” would have been my choice but that’s probably why I don’t design clothes. The Jenny is super cool too. If they ever make something with a pouch big enough to carry a cat around, please please for the love of god let me know immediately. Bonus if it’s big enough to carry more than one cat. Because I totally would. Although if I wear it to my shelter, they would totally have to frisk me every time I leave because it would totally be stuffed with all the cats I’m constantly falling in love with and wanting to take home. Yep, definitely make that pouch big enough for several cats please. Thank you.

  470. 470
    Karen M-A

    Love this old world style, Jenny. Thanks for the nostalgia!!!

  471. Wow – that dress is great! Especially if it has pockets and cat fur doesn’t stick.

  472. 472
    Robyn Volker

    what fun! what if we all got a Jenny and wore them for book club?

  473. Love the dress! I’ve always wanted to try eShakti but I usually buy all my clothes from thrift stores so it seems too extravagant (but with a gift card I could totally justify it). 🙂

  474. 474
    Kendra McKinnon

    You look amazing, Jenny! I love the dress.I keep thinking of buying something from eShakti but been too nervous to pull the trigger.

  475. I love all of this!!

  476. Best dress design and non-naming story ever. 5 stars 😀

  477. 477

    I would loooove to try them.

  478. 478
    Dawn Hyatt

    I love pockets and I never thought about fur not sticking to certain fabrics. GREAT TIP!!

  479. I’ve always wanted to try eShakti because pockets!

  480. 480

    I’ve always loved the elegant lounge wear look. I’m totally up for helping bring that look back!

  481. Beautiful dress! I’ve been perusing eshatki forever! As a petite gal I’m always on the struggle bus for fit. Separately, keep smiling, dreaming, and laughing. You bring us such joy.

  482. 482
    anna king

    I love the idea of bringing fancy dressing gowns and pajamas back into style! I’d love to have a “Jenny”, I will wear it everywhere and tell everyone! Randomly pick me please!

  483. Excited for this post. I’ve seen them on Instagram but needed a legit review. Thanks!

  484. I’m so excited to learn about the custom measurement option! I’m only 5′ so I can never buy clothes online – even the petite options are always too long!

  485. You look so stunning! Please adopt me. 🥰

  486. I have never heard of this before. And you look fabulous!

  487. You’re living the Stevie Nicks dream! 🖤

  488. I’ve been meaning to try them but never have… maybe this is my chance!

  489. 489
    Leigh Ann

    I had been curious but suspicious of eshakti because they just seemed too good to be true. But after you wrote about them last time, Jenny, i took the plunge and bought a couple of dresses and I love them! I still don’t wear dresses enough, but when I do, it’s probably one of those. I’m looking forward to trying some of their pants and blouses, so I sure hope to win a gift card!

  490. Every time I see eshakti ads I think it’s one of those knock off websites because the clothes look too cute and reasonably priced to be true. Therefore I’m extremely happy to read this and discover they are not only actually true but also as good as they look! So thank you and I hope they give you plenty of free things from now on.

  491. I’ve been eyeing that company, but hadn’t actually taken the plunge yet. You have totally convinced me I need to give them a try!

  492. 492

    I legitimately check eShakti once a week and lust after everything but then I’m like “well shit…I don’t have anywhere to wear any of this gorgeous stuff to.” So then I just back out and cry myself to sleep. But maybe now I need to buy The Jenny because the ACTUAL Jenny is my hero (pssst…that’s you) and if I could dress like you, maybe I could channel you and actually write that book I keep wanting to write? Maybe?

  493. I love eShakti! Your dress is great!

  494. Thanks it has pockets is a totally awesome name for a dress. I would order 10 if they were in good colors

  495. The Jenny is gorgeous!

  496. 496

    I’m kinda bummed they didn’t use you as the model on their website though. (and my entire wardrobe is eshakti jersey right now.)

  497. What a gorgeous dress, I would feel so fancy and glam…especially if it actually fit. I think I was scared off by their Canadian shipping rates last time, a $50 giftcard would probably just cover that.

  498. I love eshakti.

  499. 499

    I own one dress from eshakti (sadly just the one as I work in construction) but I love it, IT HAS POCKETS TOO!! I had it made to my measurements, because most off-the-rack dresses look awkward on my long torso. My eshakti dress was very reasonably priced and fit perfectly right out of the box! Would love to order a few more (a girl can only wear so much high viz gear!!)

  500. I’ve always wanted to buy dresses from this site as they’re beautiful. Your dress design is absolutely lovely Jenny 😀

  501. Love it! And I’d love an excuse to acquire a fabulous dress! 🙂 ok, I have nowhere to wear a fabulous dress, but something pretty for spring would be awesome 🙂

    Laurie recently posted END ALZ -- small rectangular pendant --sterling silver --Alzheimer's awareness by IntermezzoDesigns.

  502. 502
    Angela Raff

    It’s a beautiful dress!

  503. This is amazing… I need to restock my closet, I have a bunch of dresses that I can’t wear to work for the foreseeable future because I’m pumping and if I wear them I basically have to get naked. I hate most nursing dresses (I look like I’m still pregnant), and I have no pants because my body shape has completely changed because of pregnancy

  504. 504
    Nicole Allmendinger McKay

    Man, I would love a $50 gift certificate!! Love your pocket dress!

  505. Dear God YES PLEASE. You had me at pockets

  506. I’ve looked at their website a few times. . . sooooo many choices! Love the idea of being able to choose hem length and arm length. I didn’t know you could sort by material. I am legitimately opposed to anything I’m going to have to dry clean because I can’t put it in the dryer. I’ve ruined more garments that way. . . to my dismay.

    As for a random commenter, I’m about as random as they come! Choose me!!

  507. Dresses that fit right over your boobs? Where do I sign???

  508. Oh, to look so lovely.

  509. 509
    Carol Farley

    Amazing! I would love to wear that.

  510. I definitely love your dress. I also would enjoy the gift card from eShatki!

  511. Seriously, one of my FAVORITE places to buy clothes! ❤️❤️❤️

  512. 512
    Laura Chavoen

    You look wonderful! Clicking on the Jenny right now….

  513. I love that dress! I have a skirt from them that I love and just ordered two more. I haven’t tried dresses since the first one that I had to return because I’m too lazy to redo my measurements. And too antisocial to get someone to help me.

  514. 514
    Shannon Kelly

    I’ve come so close to trying eShakti out because you can customize – I love long dresses but I’m short as shit so most maxis are too long. And who doesn’t love pockets? One of these days I’ll pull the trigger.

  515. 515
    Amber L Earley

    I effing love eshakti. Also want all the dresses!

  516. 516
    Jessica Sutphin

    My niece is having a baby and I told her she must name her Vivian Oleander and I will only be buying her these kind of “old hollywood” dresses and robes! And I plan to teach her to only drink her apple juice out of a highball glass!

  517. 517

    Having one dress that I really like would be amazing, and POCKETS!! 🤩

  518. I love all of your dresses and I love how they are so customizable! I’ve been wanting to order one for a while now!

  519. I was waiting in line at a sci-fi con to get a book signed by Jim Butcher and he had to wait on me for a minute because the girl doing prep for him and I were busy talking about eshakti, how great they were, and how so many of their dresses had pockets!!

  520. 520
    Trish Gesswein

    Amazing!!!!! Going to shop now!


  521. 521
    Christy Hartman

    This may finally give me the excuse to actually purchase the cart I always create and then abandon.

  522. A dress that is customized to my boobage AND has pockets? Yes, dahling!

  523. 523

    Love this design! Fancy gown pajama dresses forever <3

  524. Thank you for directing me to a place where I can get AND customize wrap dresses!! They have been my go-to dress for years but are hard to find!

  525. Wow, that’s so cool! And I love the option of customization. I’ll definitely check them out.

    Lynn recently posted London: My Top 5 Places To See.

  526. All of my cutest dresses (including the same on Jonathan Van Ness wore to meet Nancy Pelosi) come from eShakti.

  527. I bought several eShakti dresses in December after your blog convinced me they were the best dresses ever and I was even more blown away by the actual dresses than I thought I would be. Loooooooove this dress company! Now I just need more friends to recommend them to because I think the strangers in my town are getting tired of hearing about my favorite clothing brand!

  528. 528
    Danielle Brueske

    That sounds awesome! If I had $50 I’d definitely check it out 😉

  529. When I saw The Jenny dress photo in your Instagram I immediately thought of old Hollywood glam dressing gowns. Lol I love that I was spot on for the inspiration. I love that YOU came up with this concept! I’ve been toying around with the idea of trying eShakti, I may need to just jump in and order all the pretty pocketed things.

  530. 530
    Anne, Cranky Cat Lady

    I love your dress, it looks like such fun to wear and swirl around in! I’ve heard good things about eshakti, too.

  531. 531
    Christina Lee Cate

    I love eShakti! I’ve bought 3 dresses from them and really love the ability to customize!

  532. 532
    Kristen Imler

    The Jenny is amazing!! I really need to get my act together and order something from this site.

  533. 533
    Olivia Snyder

    eshakti! I would love a 50$ giftcard. Also, pockets in everything. But why not, LONGER POCKETS SO WE CAN FIT THINGS. Like phones, etc. Just saying 😀

  534. This is awesome! I spend most days in my pajamas anyway, and now I can look like I’m dressed even though I’m not, and my neighbors can quit giving me the side-eye when they see me still in my robe at 3pm.

  535. 535

    I love it! And I love their dresses! I wear dresses every single day and it is sooooo worth the extra 10 bucks for the perfect fit.

  536. 536
    Jess Singh

    I’d love to win! I need a witchy dress that’s customized to my measurements!

  537. What a great design! I love an excuse to be fancy and lazy at the same time.

  538. Oh please pick me!

  539. I LOVE POCKETS!!!!

  540. I love wearing dresses — so comfortable and cool in the summer. I only started wearing them in my later 40’s when I no longer cared what people thought about my super pale legs. I wish it hadn’t taken me so long!

    Susan K recently posted First Rule for Making Art.

  541. A few years ago, I bought a dress from Target because it had flamingos. It turned out to be super comfortable and quickly became my favorite work dress. The 4th or 5th time I wore it, I was talking to a coworker when I ran my hand down my side and my finger got caught, causing quite a bit of dismay. There may have been cursing. I went to investigate the hole I was sure meant my favorite dress was a goner and then shouted “IT HAS POCKETS!!!” in my coworker’s face. I was so excited! After a few seconds of stunned silence, she laughed. And laughed at me pretty much every time I wore the dress. Good times.

  542. 542

    I have been looking for a dress like The Jenny! I may finally give eShakti a try.

  543. 543
    Laura Settle

    Yay for pockets and things that fit over boobies! That’s the best of all worlds!

  544. 544

    Amazing! Such a lovely design! Can’t wait for your bookstore to open! A hop skip and a jump from me.

  545. I love their custom fit pants, as I can’t ever find off the rack pants that fit correctly. I’d use the $50 gift card to buy more custom wide leg pants.

  546. 546
    Ingrid Case

    You look maaaahvelous! And I agree. eShakti is great.

  547. 547

    Your dress is similar to one worn by Endora, Samantha Stevens’ mother. I love it!

  548. I have literally never heard of this company before, so I went and checked them out. They make SO MANY cute things!

  549. 549
    Chris Lawrence

    This is an amazing post. I would wear a lot more dresses if they fit over my boobs!!

  550. I’ve admired your eShakti dresses for ages but I’m guessing shipping to New Zealand puts them well out of my price range. Maybe I’ll feel rich sometime….

  551. Why have clothes if they lack pockets? Yay dresses with a purpose!

  552. I love pockets! Hooray!

  553. I like look #3 for your black dress, sexy pose! And you designed a dress?? Or a robe rather?? Nice!!! You are awesome!!

  554. 554
    Rachel Fried

    Yes please!! They just showed up in my Facebook feed and I fell in love with one dress.

  555. Yes–love that! I’ve browsed their site but always thought it would be too depressing to actually measure myself, so waiting for the phone app that can just take some kind of body scan photo thing and send them my measurements without me actually seeing the measurements. Of course on the screen it will say something like, “Wow, you have the same measurements as Mrs. Maisel!” so I’ll still be oblivious but also feel fabulous.

  556. This is so cool! I love The Jenny, why AREN’T dressing gowns more of a thing anymore? Woo!

  557. For years, I kept thinking “Wow, Jenny has such pretty dresses. She looks so nice for someone even more disorganized as I am. I wonder where she gets them…Is it a Texas thing? Do I have to move to Texas to look that nice? I don’t want to move to Texas. I’d have to find another job and job hunting is horrible, I hate it. Plus, I already tricked someone into hiring me, I’m not sure I can do it again.” And then I’d realize I drove past the grocery store, again, and have to loop around the block, again.
    But then, you told us about eShakti, and the wonders that they send to your door. And now all my extra money goes to replacing everything in my closet with eShakti clothes, piece by piece. And when I miss the turn for the movie theater, it’s because I’m too busy telling my friend about all things I own that have pockets, and how I’ll help her measure her thigh, if she wants me to. Which is why no one will go to the movies with me any more.

    So, thank you?

  558. This is so awesome! I have often “window shopped” at eshakti but never purchased due to finances. But I love their stuff, and your design is amazing. 💙

  559. New clothes do not fit into my budget. I would love a dress with pockets. 🙂

  560. 560

    So cute! This is my first time checking out this shop. It’s amazing and I love all of the customization options!

  561. 561
    Gene Black

    I wish they made men’s dress shirts because I can never find one that fits my body AND my oddly thick neck. And sometimes I do want or need to dress up with a tie.

  562. You look amazing! I didn’t even know it was this affordable to have something custom-made this way. I cry nearly every time I go dress-shopping at the mall 🙁 This would be great to try the next time I have an event.

  563. That’s fantastic! The dress looks super comfortable! I should try them out one of these days. I’m a bit wary of buying online clothes with the way sizes & fit vary so much brand to brand. You certainly make me want to give ’em a go!

  564. I have always wanted to try eShakti!

  565. 565
    Diane Tiedemann

    That is amazing! You know you’ve hit the big time when they name a dress after you. I’ve looked but never bought from them. The selection & options are really good, so I should just do ti.

  566. That is amazing. I am going to check out the website!

  567. Shamelessly trying for the gift card because I need some new tops and I’m broke.

  568. Oh, this is so neat! I haven’t ordered from them in a while, but I DO love pockets!

  569. I just ordered a dress from eShakti for my nephew’s wedding. I LOVE eShakti, and I would LOVE the gift card!

    Also: Jenny, when you start selling the Smocket(TM) please let me know; as a fellow painter, the Smocket(TM) sounds amazing.

  570. I love dresses with pockets! Thanks for the tip. I’m off to shop at Eshakti!

  571. My new favorite thing!!! 👏👏👏

  572. 572

    I love eShakti. I also find myself telling everyone about the pockets. They have the option to remove the pockets and I just can’t imagine that anyone actually picks that. The pockets are the best.

  573. Oh my goodness. I love this dress and just went down a rabbit hole on their website. I want them all!!!

  574. 574
    Daphne Lofquist

    Thank you letting me know about eShakti! I’ve seen them advertised but never knew about their actual awesome products!

  575. POCKETS!!!!

  576. I LOVE pockets!!!

  577. I have to buy a dress for my Nephew’s wedding (which I’m in) and just found out my insurance tripled and I pretty much now have to budget for dr visits to pay for my numerous health conditions. So after throwing my phone across the room (after talking to the insurance lady), I’m sitting here bawling. A new fancy dress with pockets would be awesome.

  578. I love the dress you created!!

  579. 579
    Melissa Hunting

    That’s awesome! Thank you!

  580. I LOVE the sleeves on this! And I could use a smocket so badly, but not for paintbrushes, but instead for rocks and other treasures I find on walks!

  581. Oh! I need to check them out! As a tall woman it is impossible to find knee length dresses for myself.

  582. 582
    Rebeca R.

    Wonderful dress, Jenny!
    I heard of Eshakti from you a looooong time ago, so I am glad they are finally recognizing you as one of their biggest advocates!

  583. Just saw that you can put in your upper arm measurements. This could be life changing!

  584. EShakti makes the only – the ONLY – jumpsuit that has ever fit me properly, without even having to customize. Also I just misspelled customize and autocorrect tried to change it to “Elvis tomorrow.” I would be okay with seeing Elvis tomorrow, especially if he came with custom clothes for me. But I’ll stick with EShakti for now. Thanks for introducing me to them Jenny!

  585. Yessssss! My favorite dress ever (that has pockets) was ordered from them.

  586. 586
    erin bruner

    I am short and have been eyeballing their dresses. I just need to spend money on myself without stupid guilt!

  587. I love their stuff, I got a dress for my sister as a christmas gift, and it was the best thing ever. And since I’m in college I’d love to get a discount on something pretty.

  588. I just ordered from eShakti! Love their stuff and since I now need this dress I’m hoping to score the gift card!

  589. 589

    Pockets are the best.

  590. Excellent dress! Good job!
    I have been intrigued by them for a long time, I just haven’t taken the plunge into ordering. It is great to know that the customs work out so well. Thanks for sharing!

  591. 591
    Heather R Taylor

    I freaking love Eshakti. I usually go for the cotton knits though because I need stretchy comfort for my curves.

  592. 592
    Lorri Stoyles

    I have wanted to try them. I guess now is the time.

  593. Lovely! I think that if I’d just seen this dress out in the wild, I would have thought it would be perfect for you!

  594. I’m going to try thus….thanks Jenny!

  595. 595
    Cassie Steger

    I just threw my phone at the wall and I’m sitting here crying because my insurance just tripled. So now I have to literally budget just to see my dr for several life threatening conditions. I also need to buy a dress for a wedding I’m IN in a few months. A fancy pockets dress would be just the thing.

  596. I could totally afford a eShakti dress with a $50 starter credit!! Please pick me!!

  597. 597
    Cassie Steger

    Ack, please ignore comment 595. I thought my original comment got eat eaten so I posted another.

  598. 598
    Cindy deRosier

    Gorgeous! AND IT HAS POCKETS!

  599. I love eshakti! I bought my first one because of your recommendation and 2 more after that! I have one in my cart as I type this, but a gift certificate would be awesome!

  600. You are right. Fancy pajamas as daywear should make a come back.
    Also, POCKETS. Men don’t get it because they never lack for pockets!
    I keep putting stuff in my cart and then talking myself out of it. You’ve convinced me to just do it.

  601. 601
    Rachel Gibson

    I keep buying dresses and hating them so now I have a lot of dresses that I intended to wear but never will. I give them to friends who wear them and they look so cute, but I just look weird in them. I need to try this custom fit thing!

  602. That’s awesome! I was expecting you to say you designed a print pattern for them, because I could totally see some of your coloring book designs tweaked to work as a fabric print, but this is way funnier.

  603. I have one eShakti dress and sadly/happily it no longer fits [I’ve lost a bit of weight]. Obviously I need another now.

    Panya recently posted Photo.

  604. I’ve been wanting to try them for the longest!!

  605. I might just have to splurge for a custom dress, now!

  606. 606
    Stephanie K

    I am super disappointed I can’t buy the “No one can tell you’re a crazy cat lady unless they’re at your house and then it’s probably pretty obvious but at least you look somewhat presentable” but edited just for me to be for dog hair because that’s what I need. Also, I occasionally slip into something more comfortable while I still have people over to my house and then I parade around calling them my “hostess pajamas” because that’s a thing I saw on What Not to Wear once but that lady’s were all elegant and Hollywood glam fancy and mine are literally made of fleece and covered in a penguin print and underneath a stained terrycloth robe. Whatever.

  607. 607
    Melanie Enberg

    I’ve always wanted to try them, but was leary. I’ll need to take another look now.

  608. I might have to splurge on a custom dress, now!

  609. I’d love to try creating something for my post-mastectomy chest!

  610. I’ve ordered once from them, and I think I’m going to have to do it again!

  611. 611

    But Jenny, there’s a “remove pockets” option in customising and that’s against everything you stand for…

  612. 612
    Morgan Tallman

    This is amazing! I definitely need to look into this company now!

  613. 613

    I may just have to order myself a Jenny.

  614. Wow! Pretty dress

  615. 615

    I will have to check this out. Never heard of the website before.
    Its awesome that they did your design

  616. I have had an eshakti (a company I learned about from you, by the way) dress in my cart for the longest time and haven’t pulled the trigger because my wallet is a bit thin these days… crossing my fingers!!

  617. You look amazing & you designed your dress beautifully, Jenny! ❤️

  618. Well for sure I’d order with a gift card! They have glorious things!

  619. I have always been tempted to get a dress, but always chicken out for some reason…. I think this would finally be the push I need…..

  620. You look so glamorous!! Personally I favored The “Thanks – It Has Pockets” but The Jenny works too. Congrats on your new career as a fashion designer! Has Shark Tank come calling yet? Your Pocket Smock is pure gold.

  621. Holy crap that dress is MAGNIFICENT!! I would love to randomly win this $50 gift card.

    Libby recently posted How Do You Choose What Books You Keep?.

  622. This is amazing! Bring back the silver screen 🙂

  623. 623
    Another Jenny on the Block

    I love dressing gowns as day and night wear! Thanks for bringing comfort and glamour and pockets together for cat ladies everywhere.

  624. 624

    The Jenny is beautiful.

  625. Love eshakti! Now I’m going to have to try their custom measurements!

  626. Love it! I’m going on a transatlantic cruise in a couple months and how perfect would your rancy-ass-dressing gown be for that? Just imagine sailing the high seas in the gown, ruffles ruffling, mocktail in hand…
    Also, I totally do that with pockets too. In fact, I said the same thing to someone who complimented my dress not 5 minutes before I read the post. Haha!

  627. 627
    Jamie Raye

    I love eshakti. Haven’t been able to buy something from them yet on amount of money but I love the size inclusiveness and the fact that I can get whatever thing want in my size…and most of them with short or no sleeves because I’m a hot body. I have a list of the ones I’ll buy when I get a windfall. Maybe sooner than I think

  628. Love your design Jenny! I’ve been stalking eShakti because of you and can’t wait to order something soon!

  629. That dress looks awesome on you!

  630. 630
    Letitia Anselme

    Love love love! (Also, gimme gimme! 🤣)

  631. I ordered a couple of dresses the last time you posted and they were too tight in the bust. I’ll have to consider the custom fit option!

  632. 632
    Susan Koppang

    Great story….again…I’ve always wondered about the custom fit option. Sold! I’ll have to try this now! Thanks!

  633. This. Sounds. Awesome. I’d also like to know how it feels to have clothing properly fit my boobs!

  634. Would love to have a dress with pockets 🙂

  635. 635
    Christena F Coonce

    “The Jenny” is so pretty! And only $10 for custom measurements, what?!?!

  636. 636
    Renee Fuentes

    Pockets….snack holes….same diff. Can’t wait to finally try one of their dresses!

  637. 637
    Danielle H

    I have been admiring your dresses and have even browsed their site. But have been too lazy to buy anything. So I have shared the site with my sister who only wears dresses and she fell in love, because pockets!!! A gift card for her 40th birthday would be awesome!!!

  638. Now I want a fancy ass dressing gown. And if they’ll make it in my measurements, it won’t even be dragging on the floor like any other long dress absolutely would be! AND POCKETS!

  639. Hell yes free dresses! Me please!

  640. eShakti is the best! I love the customized hemline option because my torso is super long and my legs are … not. I’ve never tried the customized fit option though, will definitely do that!

    Also, The Jenny and it’s namesake are fab!

  641. THE JENNY is absolutely the best thing since Beyonce!! (LOL)

  642. I’d love, love, love to try them!

  643. 643
    Melissa Beck

    I’ve always wanted to try their dresses since I have a really weird body and nothing fits me!!!

  644. I would love to try one of their dresses!

  645. I’m sure this is just the first in the eventual KKMF clothing line! Stunning!

  646. Gorgeous! I gotta try them!

  647. Gorgeous! Now I want to try them😍

  648. I got a dress from them once and it was amazeballs!

    Julie Lay recently posted Organize Your First Aid Kit and Medicine Cabinet.

  649. Now I know why I always look at nightgown and robes in thrift stores – I want a “Fancy-Ass Dressing Gown”. And I shall find one. Oh yes.

  650. 650
    Amy Smith

    I keep looking at eShakti but never sure if it’s worth it… May need to try it! Thanks Jenny 🙂

  651. How many wint-o-green mints do the pockets hold? I am asking for a friend…

  652. 652
    Lillian Boudreaux

    How pretty! Jenny the writer, illustrator, bookwoman (did you know this is the name for a female bookseller?!), and dress designer. Thanks for creating something so pretty!

  653. I was so inspired the last time you wrote about eShakti, that I’m literally typing this comment while wearing one of the eShakti dresses I already own! I’d love a $50 gift card to buy more, but mainly I just want to let everyone else know that your recommendations are LEGIT!

    Also, POCKETS. ‘Nuff said.

  654. 655
    Vanessa Johnston

    This is amazing! Apparently the secret to celebrities looking awesome all the time is not just being mannequin shaped, but they have every single article of clothing tailored, even jeans and t-shirts.

  655. I plan to order a dress soon. I will be sure to splurge on the custom fit. You look fantastic.

  656. The Jenny is pretty! I love the styling of their models. So many to choose from!

  657. I always love you dresses and have thought about trying eShakti dresses but Sometimes it takes me years to try something new. I’m a scaredy-cat. Especially with clothes. My name is also Jenny so I feel compelled to get a dress with my name in the title.

  658. I have dresses in my closet, but the only two I wear are the ones with pockets. Love the idea of shopping from a company that can make a dress to fit you specifically and include pockets. That is awesome!

  659. Your Fancy-Ass Dressing Gown is SO FANCY! I love it! I’ve been looking at eShakti ever since you mentioned it awhile ago, but the prices were too high for my recent grad budget. I still love them and hope to get one to be my “Fancy-Ass Grown-Up Lady Dress”!

  660. I keep wanting to order from eShakti but when I think about it I’m at work and don’t have a tape measure to customize it. Then when I get home I totally forget what I was going to do UNTIL I think about it again while I’m at work. AND the circle goes around and around!! One of these days and I’ll tell everyone it was Jenny’s idea!!

  661. Thank you, yes, I would definitely like eShakti cash. (but also that is just plain very cool!)

  662. 663
    Heather H

    Dresses with pockets are the absolute best!

  663. I always lurk on their site but I’ve never bit the bullet

  664. 665
    Annie S Diefenbacher-Thies


  665. 666
    Monica Miller

    I love eshakti clothes—they’re pretty and washable and when I go from classroom to classroom to teach in, I have pockets for my keys! I also love that you understand this desire to have a fancy dressing gown. I have one that I made from a vintage Vogue pattern about a decade ago; I am definitely going to check yours out, as it may be time for a new one.

  666. Pockets are awesome. You are awesome. The Jenny dress with pockets?!?!? Way awesome.

  667. It would be so cool to try eshakti – several people I admire (yes, that includes YOU!) are firm supporters. I’ve just been too timid to take the plunge… though the prices seem reasonable to some, they are a bit scary to someone who’s used to Walmart or clearance shopping.

  668. 669
    Linda Mayes

    I have looked at them numerous times and get their e-mails.. I just haven’t bitten the bullet yet… but those pockets are about to get me!! I can’t remember the last time I even owned a dress… must be about 25 years. Hmmmm

  669. Love the dress. I wish I had known about before the wedding I went to last weekend


  671. I’ll do just about anything for a dress with pockets. It makes you want to start a 21st-Century Rational Dress Society.

  672. love it! I wore my eshakti dress when I officiated my best friend’s wedding!

  673. 674
    Paul Carter

    Love your books. My wife needs your dress style help.

  674. 675

    I bought a few (too many) dresses last time you posted about eShakti and I can attest that they are amazing. I went for the custom fit and it was so worth it. I am short waisted and large bosomed and they fit perfectly. Even sitting down. And if you are built like me, you know that the real test is not looking like you are being swallowed by your clothing when sitting. 5 stars 🌟

  675. I have some dresses with pockets, and I always have to point them out. Men don’t understand because they always wear pants that automatically come with pockets, so they take them for granted.

  676. I’d love to try eShakti! Pockets are the best!

  677. 678

    Yes, yes, a million times yes! This is amazing! I’d spend my $50 random card on The Jenny, for sure.

  678. That dress is absolutely stunning and I definitely need to get it.

  679. 680
    Ashlee Fowler

    Ok I think I have to get some dresses. My friends comment bthat I’m always “It has pockets” with dresses too and this sounds perfect!

  680. 681
    Jenni Appleseed

    I love love love eshakti! Sleeves are always an issue for me because my adhd wont let me ignore something digging into my armpit. Lol. You didn’t mention that the pockets they have are like GOOD POCKETS your chapstick aint going nowhere if you stick it in an eshakti pocket. Just remember to remove before washing.

  681. IT’S SO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One of my BFFs is utterly smitten by eShakti and I need to decide which of their awesome dresses to get for myself. I am thinking it’s THIS ONE!

  682. 683
    Tricia Janes

    I have been wanting to try eShakti. A friend and I send cool dress links back and forth and one day I am going to order damnit!

  683. I don’t wear dresses, and I’m never going to make a recommendation for the wife. But I almost did both, because this is the most authentic ad ever written…

  684. Pockets are super fantastic and I’ve been complaining for years about women’s clothes lacking them. Will definitely check eShakti out. Thanks Jenny, you’re awesome. 🙂

  685. Oh that is so cool!! and you look stunning! #pocketsrule

  686. 687
    Gerrie Mooney

    That looks lovely, I have looked at their dresses but my clothes budget is good for walmart clearance and goodwill.

  687. I’ve always wanted to try eshaki, but very hesitant how it would turn out.your dress is beautiful!

  688. 689
    Bonne Holbrook

    I love it! I personally have amassed a lovely collection of jewel tone nighties and robes, because they’re beautiful and comfortable (and pocketed since pockets are essential).
    Thank you for your great blog. I plan to head to the Shakti site next. And of course, I’d love to be gifted with the $50)

  689. So. I’ve never had a dress with pockets. I have been so long without clothing pockets that I don’t even know what to do with pockets. I feel like I’m missing out on something. Dare I go on the road of no return??

  690. 691
    Bethany Mingus

    Its possible that I am a monster who doesn’t care about pockets, but HOT DAMN I love this dress. It is fancy and I want it! 😍

  691. I was JUST looking at their dresses today! I love their ombré star printed dresses.

  692. 693
    Tori Deaux

    I qualify as a random person.. AND I love fancy dressing gowns … AND pockets! But can we please PLEASE make that painting smock?? I need it. But let’s give it glamorous sleeves and what not, too. And maybe a golden-age style billowing hood… glamour you can hide in!

  693. looking for a dress for a family wedding this summer, it would totally help!

  694. 695
    Melissa Frost

    I must own The Jenny!! Pockets! Pockets! Pockets!

  695. I would love to try them out! Pockets!

    The stories behind your clothing choices make them even better, Jenny.

  696. Oooh yay I love looking at their stuff but I’ve been too scared to buy anything because I freak out about spending money on myself and so I’m still wearing the same shirts I wore in college and the maternity pants that I bought when I was pregnant with my almost 13 year old. I would love the be able to buy something for myself guilt free!

  697. I’ve heard so many people saying wonderful things about eShakti but I’ve never tried them myself.

  698. I’ve been looking at buying a dress from them for so long but totes don’t have the money rn. Their stuff is gorgeous tho

  699. You had me at pockets….

  700. 701

    That is an awesome dress! And, I’d love the $50 GC, too!

  701. 702
    Alison Raley

    Love that custom option! The first time a bridesmaid’s dress every came in the mail ready to wear!!

  702. 703

    Beautiful dress!

  703. 704

    Oooh! I don’t usually go for full-length, but The Jenny has won me over. Plus, pockets!!

  704. That dress is perfection! Been wanting to try eShakti – such a great idea!

  705. 706

    So that’s not a dress? Can I wear the Jenny as a dress even though it’s a dressing gown? Thanks – It has pockets is the best name. I haven’t worn a dress in more that 10 years but if I win that will change.

  706. 707

    Love eshakti but have never been brave enough to order anything.

  707. 708
    Caroline R. McNabb

    So glam!

  708. So basically you’re an evil temptress. Now I’m going to want to update my wardrobe with fabulous new custom clothes that fit.

  709. I want to try them, also!!

  710. I love them too! Got my “Going out to a Christmas party dress” from them, customized so I can eat and sit and still walk around.

  711. 712
    Candice Hibbard

    OMG!! I adore eShakti. I have been wearing their dresses for years and I tell as many people as I can about their clothes. Yes to all pockets! And yes to a Smoket with vodka. 😉

  712. I like your style! You look confidently elegant.

  713. 714
    Shannon Lee