The creepiest tour of my house

Hey.  This isn’t a real post but I thought you might enjoy.

Recently the Yorkshire Museum had a curator battle where they challenged museums to post the #creepiestobject in their collection on twitter.  And it was fantastic and a million people sent me the thread because they know I LOVE creepy and so I decided to share a quick tour of some of the #CreepiestObjectsInMyHouse. So just click here, select “show this thread” and page down to see the whole thing.  

My favorite thing about this (aside from the responses of people who were clearly not prepared for the amount of bizarre flotsam covering every square inch of my house) were the other people sharing the creepiest things in their houses.  For example:

How is this not a novel?

So today, tell me the creepiest thing in your house.  Or share it on twitter.

Also, no, I have not found the missing doll.  And this is a true story.  I keep it in the guest bedroom closet with all of my cremated pets and a few other dolls that are too unsettling for display and she is gone.  I would have sworn that I shared a video of her before though so maybe you can find that?  I’ve looked though and I can’t find the doll or any images of her.  She’s in a doll bed and you wind her up and she twists around like she’s at an exorcism. I asked Hailey and she was like, “These are the only dolls that have ever been in that closet” so I’m pretty sure it’s somehow possessed Hailey.  Send holy water.


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  1. I have a baggie of hair in my house due to a terrible misunderstanding during my eldest’s first haircut. My Gran had a shrunken head in her house (thank God we found out it wasn’t real years later.)

  2. “I keep it in the guest bedroom closet with all of my cremated pets”
    I keep both my cremated dogs in their pretty rosewood boxes…in a glass curio case in the dining room.
    I figure it’s only morbid if guests KNOW what’s in those two boxes, right?

    (Same. Mine are in black pottery vases so probably people staying with us just think I’m prepared in case they bring flowers.~ Jenny)

  3. I brought home the baby doll I had played with at my great-grandmother’s house when I was little. It was from the 1950s and had eyes that opened when she sat up and closed when she laid down. I loved that baby, and it smelled like the cedar chest where Nanny kept it. When I brought the doll home and showed it to my husband, I sat it up and that was when we discovered that its eyes had gone moldy. She looked like Annabelle. I still have the doll, but I have no idea where my husband hid it.

  4. I saw this—it was hilarious! The creepiest thing I have in my house is a ghost who seems to live in the back two bedrooms. Otherwise, it’s a pretty normal place.

  5. I opened the thread and saw that horrifying mermaid thing and as a wave of panic rose in my throat I realized that I DO NOT like creepy things that are THAT creepy.

  6. Uh, you just gave me a nightmare about dusting your house. I decided that would not be necessary. Layers of dust on these fabulous objects would just make them more creepy.

  7. Pretty sure Haley or Victor threw away your creepy doll and didn’t tell you about it!

  8. That thread is wonderful. I must confess though, that your doll collection does freak me out a bit. I have two dolls, both hand made for me by my mom. Otherwise, lots of antiques, which a friend is convinced is like asking to be haunted, but nothing obviously creepy.

  9. Oh wow! A missing DOLL?! Dolls are so… intensely creepy. I just treat them like equals to be safe. I have two exceptionally creepy porcelain dolls but they’re only allowed to be out at Christmas time because, well, my parents had this “Christmas doll” and she sat on top of the bookshelf at Christmas. But then my hometown flooded in 2007 and she allegedly “drowned”. Or so my dad said. So he bought another “Christmas doll” (and I have no idea why it was essential that a fucking Christmas doll was replaced but… ) and… fine. But then one day I was cleaning out my parents’ basement and… I found the OTHER DOLL. She was in bad shape (flood and all) but… I couldn’t just leave her behind in the dark once I KNEW about her… so I cleaned her up and… my parents died and I inherited all the Christmas stuff and now have… two exceptionally creepy, snotty looking porcelain Christmas dolls staring at me November – December. Sorry. Novella. I hope you… find… or never find… the exorcist doll… omfg… 😬😬😬😬✝✝✝✝✝

  10. So some might consider the fact that I have a table in my living room that is a dedicated memorial table creepy. It started with just a memorial to my cats that have passed, with pictures, their ashes and paw prints. But at this point, it’s pretty full because it now also contains the ashes and paw prints of numerous shelter cats I have loved and cared for throughout my years as a volunteer. So I prefer to see it as my tribute to those who have a place in my heart. I also wear a urn necklace containing the ashes of my beloved cat who passed away in 2019 and let me tell you it’s pretty much a conversation stopper as it freaks people out. But in my opinion, the creepiest thing in my house is in the jewelry box I inhereited from my grandma. I found this little pouch with a note that says “For when the price of gold goes up” and inside I found a bunch of gold pieces WHICH TURNED OUT TO BE FILLINGS. I have no idea whose mouth they came from. Ummmm yeah. It’s been years and I still can’t bring myself to throw them out so they are hiding in a closet in the spare bedroom. Yep.

  11. I have the cremated remains of all of my dogs in the hall closet. My older sister really hopes she goes before I do or else she has to spread them all in Cavanaugh Lake along with my ashes. I have some feathers from my pet budgie who passed away in 1987. I have tooth that was removed from my horse’s mouth during a routine dental. Don’t worry, I cleaned off all the blood and tissue from it.

  12. I used to own an entire dog skeleton that a friend found in the woods, with dessicated skin and ears on the head still. You could pick him up by the neck and he stayed intact. I did an amazing drawing of him surrounded by a circle of lake rocks. Alas, Sammy got left behind at my ex’s house because I forgot him when we divorced. But I have the drawing; it’s life (or death) size!

  13. Do you really have your own Fiji mermaid? (That isn’t judgement, its adoration). I have a friend who is a really gifted artist and he throws the best Halloween parties every year. His house is full of all sorts of grotesque one-of-a-kind creations that change from year to year depending on his party theme. One thing that is always there for Halloween is the mantel covered with his extensive collection of dolls. Clown dolls, bleeding dolls, demonic dolls, serial killer dolls – I think he hits up yard sales all summer long looking for more dolls he can transform for the mantel.

    In my own house? I have three mummified bats – all were given to me. So many dead bugs that were too pretty to get rid of but sit around waiting for me to do something proper with them. I have one of those multi-drawer plastic cabinets meant for random nuts and bolts but which instead are full of the molted exoskeletons of the tarantulas I have had over the years. (None of this is out in the open and readily obvious to anyone who visits my house – just sayin’.) 2 of the bats along with an owl and a flicker are in my extra freezer. Lots of feathers and birds’ nests (not really creepy, per se). And I have a beautiful hand painted secretary (furniture, not person!) that I bought when I bought my house. To this day I haven’t put anything in it or on it. It just sits all pretty like in one of my upstairs rooms. Mostly because I am superstitious and every time I think about putting something in it or even opening it I remember the man at the antique store telling me how his (long dead) mother had painted it herself. What if I put something in there and suddenly and unintentionally invoke something that has been resting peacefully until now? I don’t need that in my life. (No one does.) I’m not saying I necessarily believe in that stuff but at the same time, why push it?

    On a completely different note – love the books, the blog, everything. I only just started reading your blog a few weeks ago so I have been slowly working my way backwards, reading a page or two every day when I need a break from trying to work at home, the negative thoughts in my head, and the world in general. Also – latest book arrived today with extra treat enclosed – THANKS!!!

  14. I have so much creepy in my house .. demon reborn doll. I have a collection of head vases in coffin shelves over my fireplace, i have a haunted dollhouse sitting ontop of the display cabinet full of about 100 trolls in my living room, too. I have a faux gravestone in my backyard with my roomates birthday and real deceased date on it, he just isnt buried there (he is actually on my fireplace mantel, with the heads in his urn) and more …

  15. At the moment a jar of ticks in alcohol that have been removed 3 of my feral cats in the last 3 days. Probably time to flush them, just want to make certain they’re certainly DEAD.

  16. So much love for your collections! Your Haunted House is so beautiful I could spend hours looking through every little perfect item…love the tiny Gilly in the little girl’s arms!

  17. I have a glass box full of doll eyes I got at a junk store and three prosthetic human eyes a student gave me as a teacher gift. His dad made them. None are from dead people. The people just got newer fake eyes. I’ll try to post a picture.

  18. Hmmmm… I have a statue of Cthulhu, skull snow globe, a magnifying glass where the handle is a chicken foot, a picture of a brain in a frame that also stands on chicken feet, a two foot tall Burton inspired statue… I can’t think of the rest off the top of my head. I love your collection.

  19. I’m not sure what the creepiest thing in my house is. The replica plague mask my son made? A bunch of bones made into art? The coyote skull on top of my bookshelf? The dead woodpecker in my freezer? (He died by crashing into the window at work-but it was winter so my usual bone cleaning method wouldn’t work. i’m waiting for the weather to warm up). IDK, after seeing your Twitter posts I think I may need to up my game.

  20. First I was gonna say creepiest thing in our house would be the lizards(s) we get in once in a while; but on second thought, I think Hubs’ guns are the creepiest. (At least lizards eat bugs.)

  21. We have an unknown cat buried in our front yard because my husband thought that it was his cousin’s cat when she lived with us for a year. He saw it on the road hit by a car and it was the right color just the wrong cat.

  22. We have a baby doll referred to as the creepy baby, no one will sleep in the same room as creepy baby, she has to live in my closet.

  23. I have an AWESOME podcast for you. Since you like creepy ,I highly recommend Creepy Caffeine. They are great,and funny and their stories are creepy, and are also true crime. Their names are Whitney and Dani.

  24. If you listen to my husband, the creepiest things in the house are the art dolls I’ve made. He won’t let me display them so they all live in my tiny studio. I don’t find them creepy. The odd thing is, he doesn’t think the Halloween skeleton rat I dressed as The Death of Rats (complete with robe, scythe, and hourglass) is creepy, he thinks it’s cute.

  25. Miss Thing. Can you tweet a close-up of a creepy looking thing in your office that I have always been curious about? It’s a scene under a glass dome, on a black pedestal, I think, and all I’ve been able to make out is a crooked fence and some kind of standing grub or caterpillar thing? I have been curious about it for literally years…thank you!

  26. The creepiest object was a TV that turned itself on at random times day or night staring shortly after my husband’s death in 2008. I swear it must have been my husband’s spirit because he used to have the TV on 24-7. The first time I heard voices at 3 a.m. in the living room I was really spooked. Even the neighbor who let my dogs out while I was at work wondered why the TV turned itself on. This continued over several months. I even called the satellite company to see if they were doing upgrade tests. The person said, “no” and explained that the (old style) TVs weren’t able to do turn themselves on. Shortly after that, I bought a flat-screen and had the old TV taken out of the house.

  27. Two words – Mutter Museum. Come to Philly and I’ll show you. 😉

  28. I have every tooth that’s come out of my head as an adult ( I have 23 crowns from breaky breaky teeth), and all my children’s and grandchildren’s baby teeth (except the one the 8 year old anarchist swallowed) in a small carved soapstone box. I call it our family ossuary which isn’t technically accurate but people aren’t losing a lot of bones. I tell people “You never know when you’re going to need some DNA.” (Yes, there is blood and yes I know it degrades but that’s not the point) I made a fabric rock head with zipper lips (metal that open/close) out of my father-in-law’s old dentures (it has no eyes) It’s awesome. I felted little cats out of our cat’s fur. I asked my oldest grandson what word he would describe me with and he said, “Weird” I love him so much!

  29. My great-grandparents’s wedding photograph. In a giant fancy frame. All during my childhood it lived on my great-aunt’s wall ….. and their eyes followed me around the room! I was TERRIFIED of those strange people!! I dd tried to convince me that they were just my harless great-grandparents, but I knew better! For one thing, that lady was tall and thin, she couldn’t possibly be my short old plump great-gramma

  30. !) Real human skull that was my grandfather’s.(Not his actual skull).
    2) Grandfather clock that sometimes strikes 13 at midnight. (I’m not kidding!)

  31. I have a baggie containing all my childhood teeth, my mom gave them to me once I moved out of the house…thanks mom

  32. I inherited? (no pun intended) several hair weavings. One is a bracelet. People in the 1800’s had a lot of time on their hands and would weave hair from their brushes. The other is a wearable locket of glass with braided/woven hair in it.

  33. Have you ever been to the traveling Oddities & Curiosities Expo? On the one hand, I feel like there’s no way you haven’t heard of it yet, and on the other hand, I’m going to feel really bad if I’m the one that exposes you to it because that means I will be directly responsible when you drop thousands in a single weekend. I’m sure it won’t happen this year, but it would definitely be your kind of thing.

  34. I cannot think of anything creepy in my house! Odd, yes, Eclectic, yes even Strange, but more in the why does she have so many hedgehog figurines strange. But now that I have seen the haunted doll house I would make room in the clutter. Your collection is amazing and a bit terrifying!

  35. Some of my niblings are creeped out by a small glass jar that holds ~20 years worth of my fingernail clippings. Does that count?

  36. When my son was about 3, he got creeped out with this huge bunny decal in his room. He wouldn’t go in his room for his nap, so I put him in our bedroom. While he slept, I took it off the wall, and threw it in the trash. But after a minute. I took it out of the trash and burned it in my backyard. I couldn’t take any chances. He is my only child. Later I told him the bunny had to go away to another house.

  37. I have a striped horse hoof. It’s interesting to see them …. disconnected.

  38. I have photographic evidence of the ghost in my house – and I blame that ghost for any weird stuff that happens in my house. Like the helium balloon one time that was up on the ceiling, and suddenly the string and balloon came STRAIGHT DOWN to the floor in like 2 seconds. And stayed there. And another time one of those little bouncy balls that come with a set of jacks had been on top of the console tv for like a week, and then one day when I’m in the dining room working, I hear bouncing and the ball had apparently rolled off and bounced across the floor. And sometimes both my daughter and I have been in the same room together and we’ll hear a little clattering in another room that sounds like a button hitting the floor, and when we check there’s nothing.
    I’m starting to get pissed though because two days in a row the bananas “fell” off the top of the bread box and got all bruised. 🙂

  39. I live in York and I’m an archaeologist so I’ve seen the Roman hair up close and in person! We have another museum/attraction (Jorvik) where the creepiest things, in my view, are not the skulls or the skeleton but the animatronic Vikings. The most famous object there though is the ginormous Viking Age poo – not creepy, but loads of people find it disturbing.

    My department is centred in a gorgeous historic building that is supposed to have several ghosts, most notably a woman carrying a rose and dressed in a Tudor gown. For several years my office was in a 19th c addition that served as the gymnasium for the school for blind children at that time. We found out that the exercise regime included trapeze work and ever since have been trying to add the sad ghost of a plummeting Victorian child to the roster!

  40. First, when can I move in? We can combine all our creepy and it would be AMAZING!!
    Second, I’m super surprised The Mutter Museum (one day I will make it) didn’t add to the post. And last, The Morbid Anatomy Museum definitely should have added.

  41. Year-round, we have a toy that was once a two-headed dinosaur monster thing, but at some point in the past one head was chopped off and replaced with a smiling Malibu Barbie head that sits on our china cabinet. (Where else?) But at Christmas time only, we get out the Anti-Santy. No one claims to have purchased it and we’ve owned it as long as I can remember. It’s a Santa robot that used to take a few steps toward you then stop and ring his bell, then repeat. His face is pure horror film material. And since having that face walking toward you slowly was just too creepy, we’ve destroyed the battery compartment so that now he just looks at you and silently accuses you of immobilizing him.

  42. My mom thought it would be sweet to make life-sized dolls of herself for her long-distance grandkids so they could sit on “Nana’s lap” and read a book. She even did a couple of those books where you can record yourself reading a story and when the kids turn the pages it’s read to them. Super cute in theory, super creepy in person. I put it in my library when I moved into my big house and every time I opened that door I was shook because THERE WAS A STRANGER IN A CHAIR staring at me, but it was just the Nana Doll. We still have her. One of her arms is missing. And some of her clothes. I need to fix her up, poor old girl.

  43. These stories are amazing! Thank you. I love the clock striking 13, and the TV that kept coming;) on. But just how many of you weirdos have been saving your nail clippings? Not that I’m judging you…;)

  44. If you haven’t been to House on the Rock in Wisconsin, I think it may need to go on your “if I’m ever in the area” list. It’s filled to the brim with just this sort of fascinating oddness.

  45. the creepiest thing in my house is my dog. He steals my wifes panties and eats the crotch out of them. Oh yeah and when I wake up I often find him hovering over me licking my face. He also walks in on me when I am taking a shower. And sometimes he just stares at you when you are eating.

  46. The creepiest in my house? Uncle Arthur, existing only as a question mark on my Stevens family tree chart. He was disowned and relegated to non-existent status after stealing the nest egg left for the care of his widowed mother and much younger brother, sending them back to the UK to live on the kindness of relatives. Then he ran off to fight in the Philippines around the turn of the century and vanished. Until 25 years later when he turned up disembodied at a seance on stage in Long Beach, CA which my father attended. Dad didn’t know he had an uncle Arthur. And he was a skeptic about the paranormal and decided to expose the medium as a charlatan, so he volunteered first. The medium told him his uncle Arthur was present and had something important to tell him. Dad laughed in the medium’s face and walked out feeling he won a round against chicanery. Then he dropped by to see his mother to tell her about the “fake Uncle Arthur ghost” episode. She turned pale and revealed the full story about his father’s dark horse brother, Uncle Arthur. Dad lost his skepticism that day.

  47. Thank You Thank You Thank You! I needed something on the internets that wasn’t about covid! The one on there that could be James Garfield’s cousin tho….

  48. It’s funny what creeps some people out, yet doesn’t phase others. I am the proud owner of a mink that belonged to my grandmother, probably from 1920 ish. It’s a (mostly) whole animal, that’s mouth is a clip. You wear it around your neck, clipping its foot or tail. Very fancy for the time. My kids HATE it. Always have. My mom was so sure they’d love petting it. Nope. I, however, love it!

  49. Definitely you want to visit The House On The Rock museum in WI. I went there twice and the first time when I got to the carousel room I turned around and walked back out and looked at it from the doorway until I felt I could handle going in. Then I sat on the floor and just looked 360* around me and up at the ceiling, and felt completely overwhelmed. Several times throughout the tour of the museum I just kept saying to myself it was like I was stuck in a dream or nightmare. It has the most amazing surreal creepy wonderfulness that is unbelievable outside of a movie. Growing up my best friend and I bought a fashion doll from a thrift shop that we thought was really pretty, but after we got home and were playing with her she made us feel creeped out. Then my friend was scratched by her fingernails while we were playing with her and it left red scratches on her face, so we threw her under my front porch, but we still were creeped out days later, so we pulled her out and re-donated her to the thrift store. I always loved Riley’s believe it or not and Guinness book of world records for creepy stuff. I also saw Holy Land in CT before it fell apart. I love creepy stuff, even if it freaks me out.

    (I’ve always wanted to go there! ~ Jenny)

  50. The creepy stuff doesn’t bother me but the thoughts of dusting your collection?? There’s your nightmare material!

    (Yeah, but dust adds to the creepiness so it totally works. ~ Jenny)

  51. A mason jar with a cicada in it that looks alive….and has looked that way for about 5 years.
    A little box with my daughter’s teeth …because at one point she wrote to the tooth fairy asking for her teeth made into jewelry. The tooth fairy hasn’t had the nerve yet.
    My favorite childhood stuffed animal that is so old its fluff is falling out and its eyes are drawn on with marker and my husband said it looked dead…so, well, when I tried to explain about the Velveteen Rabbit he said “Oh, GREAT, it’s an UNDEAD stuffed animal!” And I had to pack it away because now he made me creeped out too.

  52. To Mandy #16 above — I wonder if your gold fillings and my daughter’s teeth could be combined to make jewelry. Maybe Jenny would relent and put the two of us in touch and I’ll send you money and magically know how to work gold into wire to wrap the teeth … Yeah, there’s problem with this pipe dream… I don’t know how to work gold.

  53. A live snake. His name is Waldo (as in where’s Waldo?). I keep finding shed skin so I know he’s still around. It’s been years.

  54. oh my dear Jenny- you just added soooooooo many things to the list of reasons that I love you and must come visit someday. From One Jen to another– I salute you. (and I am the weirdest and sometimes creepiest thing in my house)

  55. The Creepiest thing in my house is my brother’s Ashes in a Cherry wood Box ! Ever sense he passed last year, Every time someone walks by it sitting in my glass cabinet they say they feel a chill and theses people are the people he didn’t like! I walk by him and I feel a warm feeling, I just wonder if he’s not at peace not being buried? Some days I find myself talking to him he doesn’t talk back to me if he ever does I’m out of here lol. But I find it very creepy when only few people get a chill ?? Really creepy, Becky Mabary in mo. And users name Roseanna banana . Still trying to figure out how to get plugged into the bloggers fam. I did join ?

  56. The creepiest thing that I have in my house is a My Buddy doll from the 1980s.It was our sons doll when he was a toddler. He died ten years ago, and I just can’t bring myself to get rid of the thing.In a way Buddy is comforting because he looks just like my son did when he was little. Our 6 yr old granddaughter carries Buddy with her when she can. Her mom and dad aren’t fans of Buddy, he creeps them out 😄

  57. I think the creepiest thing in my house at the moment may be some alien-like leftovers hiding somewhere in the back of the fridge, possibly having been there since the Civil War.

  58. I used to share a house with a human skull. Someone found it traveling, mailed it to themselves and when they could no longer handle having it around then gave it to a person I lived with. Very happy to no longer live with or have any idea where the skull is because I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.

  59. LOL! The creepiest thing in my house is that I kept a couple of my kids baby teeth, because you know, they’re from my kids. At the time, I thought it would be a memory of that time in their lives when they believed in the tooth fairy, but now, when I look at them, it is kind of creepy. LOL

  60. I have a ‘Newborn Thumbelina’ doll that came in a cradle which she rocked by squirming when you pulled the string in her back. I’ve had her since 1966 and she no longer writhes (thank god), but still managed to make my family shriek when she made an appearance at our Zoom quiz meet up.

  61. I have the complete skull of a crow that I found in my garden, it’s packed in cotton in a beautiful white box. But the thing most people think is creepy is my collection of all of my children’s baby teeth. I really like them. My son brought me home a whole cow skeleton, when he was young, piece by piece! A boy after my own heart. I used to have a cool beaver skull but it’s gone now.

  62. Lately it’s the spider that won’t die. First of he’s huge. I clearly killed him with a piece of exercise equipment, left him for my husband to dispose of, (not touching his grotesqueness) (and yes, he’s a he). He wasn’t there when hubby went to retrieve. What spider outlives a 5 lb dumbbell? Then I drowned him. He was in the basement gardening sink. Guess what…he’s Back! He wants me bad!

  63. Where to begin? looks around I was gifted a real human skeleton that belonged to a health teacher, but that’s stuck in my classroom closet right now. I have an extensive animal ossuary, with skulls ranging from tiny birds to a horse skull. (The beaver skull my dad got from an auction is one of my faves.) I have my son’s and my baby teeth, hair snippets from much of my family including my deceased maternal grandparents, and I have a box full of cat whiskers that must number in the thousands (they make great detail brushes for miniatures). But the weirdest item might be this little yellow cat eraser my son got from a gum machine maybe 7-8 years ago. We discovered you can take it apart and reassemble it into increasingly disturbing configurations. I can’t tell you how much entertainment we got out of that thing…still the best 25 cents I ever spent.

  64. Realizing that I don’t have any graveyard dirt in my house, and it just seems like something one ought to have handy… because when you need it, you don’t have time to drive to a cemetery and dig a hole.

  65. I’m obsessed with Victorian hair jewelry and art and was lucky enough to buy a locket with a lock of hair in it that belonged to the great grandfather of the man that founded Williamsburg, va. Tried to trace the hair but she was never married and had no children.

  66. I have an old mason jar filled with ashes and an old crumbling label that says Uncle Tom’s Ashes. This jar was traded as a christmas gift every year amongst my family. There was an Uncle Tom. These are not his ashes. They are from the Mount St. Helens eruption. However, they look great in my display case and remind me of my Dad and Christmas.

  67. I have three balls of blue yarn that disappeared in my craft/laundry room. The only way I know they ever existed is that I put a photo of them on my stash page on Ravelry.

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