I think we could all use a little good news.

This week has been really hard in our house but I’m ending it (the week, I mean) on a very positive note because of you.

I made these ridiculous Furiously Happy raccoon masks as a joke and I said if anyone bought any I’d donate the profits but so many of you have ordered them that as of this morning I’ve been able to give $1,000 to the San Antonio Food Bank (who have really been struggling and can use the help) and all of that is down to you guys.

me wearing a mask with a raccoon face
Honestly, it’s sort of terrifying.

I love y’all so much it hurts a little. But in a good way.


Shit I made in my shop (Named “EIGHT POUNDS OF UNCUT COCAINE” so that your credit card bill will be more interesting.):


This week’s wrap-up is brought to you by M. E. Evans, who wrong a hilarious book you should read. It’s called Naked (in Italy): A Memoir About the Pitfals of La Dolce Vita. Imagine a story about two dysfunctional families and forbidden love. Sort of like Romeo and Juliet if Juliet spent her days at an overpriced art school painting porn star vaginas and Romeo’s mom was obsessed with ironing underwear. Also instead of suicide there’s a poodle. And agoraphobia. You should check it out. And you can get the eBook of Naked (in Italy): A Memoir About the Pitfalls of La Dolce Vita for just $2.99 for a limited time. 

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  1. I need this mask. Desperately. I’m in North Carolina and people suddenly seem to think nothing ever happened and I went to the grocery store yesterday and people may as well have been licking the packets of Twinkies on the end caps of the aisles. Those with masks gave dirty looks to those without; those without rolled their eyes at the mask-wearing snowflakes. In short, this has just gotten STUPID and I need this mask because everything I just wrote would be bypassed and we’d get straight to “what the f…….” and I would be my own sub-group and people would bond again in the face of my oppressive insanity.

  2. Two days later and that bob is back pretending to be stuck for free food!

  3. How the hell did that woman get a Bobcat into her house? That she wasn’t bitten or scratched is amazing. The cat will need therapy. I may need therapy after the Bobcat and Possum in the House stories. Congrats on the cover and on the Rory mask. Both brilliant. Any update on the Pig Placement in the store? I say, add fake eyelashes and some jewelry with a note on how This Pig is not like Other Pigs…Orwellian homage.

  4. I know possums are our “friends” but I think I would have to burn my house down, especially with him staring down at me. Yikes!

  5. I really, really want my mask! How much longer till they ship out?

  6. I just heard from Zazzle that mine are on the way! Squeeeeeeeeeee! SO looking forward to having Rory as part of my PPE kit! I got one for me…I work in our local hospital and we have a nursing facility as part of our campus and I do at least one shift a week there, the residents will LOVE Rory! The second mask goes to my friend who works in the drugstore and who must deal with the public and all that can entail in stupidity sometimes…I will try and send pictures of us both at some point. Perhaps drinking margaritas in her garage as is our social distancing plan!
    You have been part of keeping me from harm and preventing homicide among the ignorant, for that I thank you! Keep hanging in there and to all who are my sisters and brothers in this Jenny universe, for your understanding, for your support, for your embrace of the Strangeling world, I raise my glass and say: Slainte va!

  7. Congrats on the fundraising success! I’m so happy to hear how it’s worked out. You do so much for the general community through this site, and I think that’s freaking amazing! Also, the products in your store that you’ve highlighted will be great to help reinforce social distancing! I should get some when the budget allows. (I know that sounds crazy, but I”m a bit tight right now, so yeah. That’s life, I guess.) On another note, double congratulations on getting the cover for Writers’ Digest! That’s an incredible achievement, and you can be very proud of it!

    Can’t believe the bobcat story, though. A bobcat and a possum inside houses in one set of posts! Different people, I know, but still …

  8. Now we need to see pics from everyone who bought them – that would rock 😁

  9. Sorry your week was so tough. (((Hugz))) Read the completely hilarious article about the gal who found a bobcat stuck in her fence and didn’t know it was a bobcat. Our game camera caught a bobcat walking across our driveway just a few days ago!

  10. Today I learned that Australian possums and American possums are different animals. The more you know!

  11. Hi Jenny,
    I recently ordered 2 of the Rory face coverings and hope you will consider adding a Rory plastic face shield to your Zazzle product line. Zazzle currently offers over 5K versions and maybe Rory is already listed, since they already produce the face covering, but I felt it wouldn’t hurt to request it here.
    Congratulations on making the cover of WD, I do not subscribe, but will buy the May-June issue as soon as I find it for sale in a store. I look forward tor reading it as I have enjoyed your other 3 books. I bet they will receive a bunch of new subscribers because of your inclusion and I am glad it fulfilled your dream. I downloaded your sponsor’s e-book today and look forward to reading it this weekend. Wish it had been available as an Audible book, but couldn’t pass it up for $2.99. I hope your family and everyone enjoys a wonderful, safe Memorial Day weekend. Take care.

  12. Being “Furiously Jenny” again, I see. It’s what you do best, being you. We could all bear to learn a lesson from that.

  13. re: Bobcat…..My sister found a ‘potoroo’ (a small Australian native marsupial) outside looking disorientated, they thought it had been hit by a car. Her three little daughters lovingly fed it vegetables and grass by hand in a little box, trying to help it. There is even a video of them feeding it. They took it to the Veterinarian to get it the medical assistance it needed… and the vet put it down immediately. It was a European rat. For future reference: native marsupial’s tails are not longer than their bodies.

  14. Also…re the possum in the roof… Jenny do you know about Gef the talking Mongoose? I’d be very surprised if you don’t…..

  15. That is hysterical and GOOD for you being able to donate that much $$$.
    FANTASTIC!! You need a medal, really!!!

  16. Jenny, that Rory mask is amazing! Congrats on the Writer’s Digest cover, and thank you for the possum link. This is the weekend reading I needed.

  17. I once brought home a feral domestic cat, and it chased me and my other declawed (before I adopted her) cat all over the apartment trying to kill us. My brother finally came out of his room and threw a trash can over it and we scooped it up and tossed it outside. Thank goodness it didn’t actually bite or scratch anyone. A month later I adopted two stay kittens eating out of a garbage can on the street. I kept adopting or finding homes for stray cats and dogs for years after that, until I became allergic to them later in life. You’d think I’d learn my lesson, but one out of hundreds ain’t too bad. The bobcat was probably very grateful that the human rescued it, and fed it and let it play all over the strange new cave the human called “house” until it got bored and wanted to go home.
    Thank you for the masks and the donations for the food bank. I love the tote bag. I think everyone who is pretending that the virus won’t happen to them and therefore aren’t wearing a mask or staying six feet away are going to be so sorry in about 2-4 weeks. In the meanwhile I’ll do my part in protecting them and everyone else by wearing a mask asking them to back up six feet.
    Sending my Virtual love and hugs to all who need it!

  18. A good friend had a bobcat as a pet when she was a kid. She had hilarious stories about it. They made it wear a diaper inside and it terrified the neighborhood kids. I can’t imagine now ever trying to keep that kind of wild animal as a pet. I don’t know what her parents were thinking!

  19. Your book makes a Cameo appearance in this video. My friend created this! Thought you might like to see it! Enjoy

  20. I love that so many masks were ordered that you were able to donate a sizeable sum of money to the food bank!

  21. Any recs on creating a space for writing? I’m an RN currently on “disability” due to the suicide of my oldest child, best friend, and only daughter. She was 26 and the best human being I’ve ever known. She struggled with anorexia for a couple of years and then severe depression, PMDD, and possibly bipolar II (questionable). You were a guiding light and kindred spirit to her. I have always wanted to write, but have always been too afraid, depressed, etc. She was in a masters program for clinical counseling. I want to honor her by starting to live (get out of a terrible marriage and start being true to myself even though I often feel it’s too late at 49). I don’t want to be here most days and I still have 2 other kids – boys (men) ages 23 and 24 – the youngest lives in SA as a robotics engineer- I often ask him to go by your shop or try to find you for a book signing and he so lovingly tries for me. He lives in Southtown and knows only his co-workers at SWRI (this means little to list, but as a resident of SA you are probably familiar with this huge company. He is a research engineer (and did I mention he is 23?!!). Once I am able to fly and this whole COVID thing is under control, I will fly out from CA to see him. I have not seen him since Christmas and he mourns his sister alone there in Texas.
    I want to set up a writing space so I’m more inclined to daily writing. My family and friends have begged me to write since college (I’m 49 now) and I’ve had every excuse in the book. I have a BA in English Lit and also am an RN. Since my daughter’s death I’ve been incapacitated and cannot imagine returning to my clinical nursing manager position or any other nursing position. I want to work from home. Write, and edit. But I’m also lost and my own pre-existing depression and now grief and COVID have immobilized me to the point I think I might die any day. Any suggestions you may have regarding creating a space in my home (which I share with my husband of 29 years (and am working on a plan to legally separate from) and my daughter’s widower husband (age 30) would be so appreciated. One of my daughter’s favorite quotes we used on her memorial program. You can see her @paigeallyson_ on IG and her memorial FB page Paige Gong (Andrew) – she was the light of my life. I believe writing may be the thing that saves me. I’ve written to you before about her – I apologize if it’s been too much. I need a reason to keep going.
    Thanks for your time, YOU, what you meant to Paige and what you mean to me. She and I were so alike. Awkward weirdos who love you with all our hearts. We talked about you and your work and mental illness daily. I failed to keep her here. Maybe I can help someone else. Otherwise, what is my purpose here now?
    Much love to you,
    Tracey Andrew

    (First off, I am sending so much love and I’m so sorry for your terrible loss. Give yourself time to grieve. Regarding writing, it depends on what feels safe to you. For me I started in journals I’d carry outside so I could be away from everyone and eventually transitioned to turning the dining room into my writing room. The only real requirement is that if feel like a safe space. ~ Jenny)

  22. Excited that I ordered a Rory mask for my wife and I. I can’t wait to surprise her with it!

  23. @traceydandrew Hi Tracey. I feel devastated for you to hear what you’re going through. There are few things in life harder than what you’ve experienced. I applaud your decision to be true to yourself and get out of a difficult marriage, and I’m glad that your sons are such a light in your life. Please do get back into writing. Put everything you’ve got into it, and please don’t give up! You sound like such a wonderful person, and I think the world needs more people like you. It will be a struggle. While I haven’t experienced the same loss as you, I’ve had other, not dissimilar experiences, so I have nothing but empathy for your struggle. Keep going, do whatever you can to make yourself feel better, and stay true to yourself!

    I hope it’s ok that I’ve answered here. I just felt like you could use it, even though I’m a complete stranger to you.

    Also, I hope I’ve replied right. WordPress is being a bit screwy, so I hope this reply goes to you properly. If not, well, I hope you see it anyway! Hugs to you!

  24. Well, apparently *certain* people find this mask “too unsettling” to see me in. Which is a bummer but it does mean I finally know what to put on the lock screen for my laptop. Is there somewhere I can buy a decent quality digital image of Rory to make me giggle and keep out snoops? I didn’t see one in the zazzle shop.

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