This garbage is all of us. But in a good way.

So today I was outside and found this in the backyard:

Turns out it is a junk bug, aka a lacewing larvae of an aphid lion and it is covered in garbage because that camouflages it from the rest of the world. Except that the garbage it’s carrying around? IS THE CORPSES OF ITS ENEMIES.

So basically it’s a goth packrat who just wants to be left alone and really shouldn’t be fucked with and I can’t help but feel that this bug is the perfect mascot for this entire year.

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  1. Yes! This is the official mascot of 2020, it will replace the dumpster fire immediately- a big carrying the corpses of it’s enemies is so much more inspiring. And that’s one of the weirdest sentences I’ve typed this month, which is saying A LOT. Thank you for the goth bug fact I didn’t know I needed today. You rock even more than a lace wig larvae of an aphid Lion, and I sincerely mean it (that needs to be in a greeting card)

  2. exit murder hornet enter lacewing larvae wearing the CORPSES OF ITS ENEMIES… it will put the corpses on its skin or it will get eaten!!!

  3. I’m happy I’m not an aphid! Except, of course, in your analogy, we’re all aphids. So, yeah.

  4. My job forces me to keep track of Lecter dates and days of the week. But at 5 I forget again. But the murder hornets and this Hannibal Lecter bug are keeping me on my toes

  5. You realize that at any second that thing could have morphed and done a big ass jump scare right in your face?! That’s what I was waiting for through the whole video. Not disappointed really, cause I’m still left wondering at what point does it stop putting it’s leftovers on it’s back?

  6. Great mascot! What shall it’s name be? Rona (short for Corona Virus)? J-Money? Judy the Junk Bug who can be friends with Jody your painted pig? So many options.

  7. Sounds about right. Excuse me while I go and collect some camouflage…;)

  8. Fucking A! That is me in a nutshell this year! Bad ass bug paving the way for my psycho ass!

  9. There are all kinds of people, not people in weird places mind you, just people that are seeing weird bugs.
    I live in Georgia. There are all kinds of bugs There are “palm bugs” as big as my hand.
    Carpenter Bees are eroding my porch canopy.
    But, there are no squirrels in my attic.
    I feel “blessed.”

  10. This was the perfect post for today and the lacewing zygote (or whatever it’s officially called) is DEFINITELY the 2020 mascot.

  11. I had to look this bug up, and the first thing I found is this: “Lacewing larvae are tiny when emerging from the egg, but grow to 3/8 of an inch long. They’re known as aphid lions since they voraciously attack aphids by seizing them with large, sucking jaws and inject a paralyzing venom. The hollow jaws then draw out the body fluids of the pest, killing it”. Then they wear them around like hats! I wrote the last bit…

  12. So awesome!! I’m seeing a random insta picture instead of the video of the bug, BUT the post IS PERFECT!!!

  13. imagine you’re an aphid, hanging out sucking dinner, and this huge pile of dead bodies with giant pincer suckers sticking out the front comes barreling straight at you, you’d scream your head off if you had vocal cords and lungs. talk about something to scare the frazz outta you.

  14. Absolute Truth! Perfect mascot for this year of suckiness!

  15. It reminds me of the Junk Lady in “Labyrinth”, but it’s all “OooOh, little aphids, don’t mind me, doot dee do, NOM”.

    I watched this while listening to “Glory Box” by Portishead, and was shocked at how well it totally synched up.


    Your Pal,

    Storm the Klingon

  16. To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women! That is good. ~Conan, The Aphid Lion

  17. Please PLEASE include one of these in your next piece of art work that we can embiggen and color. I need a poster.

  18. Awesome camouflage for dissuading your enemies from eating you, just wear their dead corpses on your body like armor! Bugs may be creepy and scary, but they are also fascinating to me as long as they stay away from me.

  19. Is this the bug version of the junk lady in the movie Labyrinth?

    (I was totally going to make that reference and thought it was too obscure. Obviously I underestimated all of you. ~ Jenny)

  20. It kind of reminds me of the junkyard lady from “Labyrinth” who had all those toys and board games and trash on her back.

  21. I’d like to name it. Punk Love the Junk Bug? Monk Doug? Funky Smug? Crunk Pug? Man. I should stop drinking. Oh wait!! DRUNK UGH THE JUNK BUG!! Gnight!

  22. New fuel for SciFi writers/movies. Haven’t seen an alien monster like that bug. But, maybe soon in a theater near you?

  23. This bug will fuel SciFi writers/movies! Never seen an alien monster like it! But, may be coming to a theater or Steven King book soon!

  24. Dang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mind is blown. And now I have learned something today! I’m recovering from a very scary series of consecutive days so… thank you!

    And my shameless self promotion: I’m unemployed and living in a bad neighborhood so hell yes I will shamelessly promote. And use Mozilla to be shameless because Google will be taking over the world in a sci-fi way faster than goth packrats (happy belated goth day!) or bobcats, sadly, and so I use Mozilla and have to manually past the link:


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