This is exactly why I wanted a bookstore.

I just realized that this week will mark 3 months that I’ve been in isolation. A quarter of a year locked in a sort of pause. I’ve left my yard four times in these months, because I’m immunocompromised and I’m afraid of getting sicker. I work at home and write and try to help with the bookstore, but at a distance, or I sneak up there late at night to do small things when I can. Mainly though it’s been our amazing team (Elizabeth, Vicky and Matt) working in shifts to put together furniture and start stocking the shelves and mailing out books and setting up zooms and doing amazing work so that one day when it’s safe we can open our doors for you.

There’s still a lot to be done and so many more books to stock and words to paint on walls and displays to make and tables to assemble and community spaces to create, but this weekend I snuck up to the store and – if you look at it with just the right kind of eyes – it looked like an actual fucking bookshop.


I went through the stacks and saw so many books I already love and so many more I want to read and I may have yelled, “I’M SHOPLIFTING ALL OF THESE” and then Victor glowered at me a little because apparently that’s not how “good business” works.

But as I walked through the store I could imagine what it will be like when it’s fully stocked. When we add murals and signs and possibly some light taxidermy in lovely outfits and a 4 foot pig who we’ve agreed can hang out in the back hall by the bathrooms because not everyone loves him like I do.

“I want to paint little phrases all over the store,” I tell Victor. “Like, over the exit it should say something like, “IT CAN BE DANGEROUS OUT THERE. ARM YOURSELF WITH A GOOD BOOK.”

He tells me that I just want permission to vandalize stuff and that’s partially true but it’s more than that. I hope when Nowhere opens it feels magical to everyone who enters…a true sort of sanctuary that only ever existed to me in bookstores and libraries.

I watch people pass by the store and look inside. They stare at the sign we put up telling them that we aren’t open yet but will be one day soon when it’s safer for everyone. It feels sad. And so I made a new sign…

Don’t strain your eyes. Keep scrolling.

After I posted the new sign I sat in my car and watched people pass by the store. Most didn’t notice the sign and that’s fine. But one man did, and he smiled and then read the sign to the two young children he had with him. And their eyes widened and they cupped their hands around their eyes to look inside. They pointed at shadows and searched for signs of the basilisk. One of them tried to open the door, as her dad laughed. Kids are impossibly brave. Their imaginations are full. For them, magic is always present…adventure is possible….monsters are real, but they can be changed or tamed or vanquished.

And they’re right. We just need to be reminded once in awhile.

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  1. Thank you so much for this. I’m in the process of trying to tame an anxiety dragon whose behavior got a lot worse due to the pandemic.

  2. Oh, I love this bookshop and can’t wait to visit one day. That letter is amazing. I also love that I’ve been reading you long enough that I can envision EXACTLY what light taxidermy should look like. That is a life skill everyone should have, it would make the world a better place. “Arm Yourself With A Good Book” is going to be something I use in a sentence at least once a day from here on!

  3. I love this so much! I read it to my daughter, and she said with a wonerful wide-eyed gasp, “Really? Can we go?” And I can’t wait until I can tell her yes.

  4. This post gives me goosebumps from the thrill of your progress with the store. Beautiful. I wish I lived closer.

  5. This made me cry: “Kids are impossibly brave. Their imaginations are full. For them, magic is always present…adventure is possible….monsters are real, but they can be changed or tamed or vanquished.”

    Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Elizabeth, Vicky and Matt are a great team, and are keeping those of us outside the San Antonio area armed with books by mail. Best of luck finding a new home for the basilisk–I would volunteer to rehome it, but I don’t think my kitties would be happy with a new brother (sister?) of another species.

  7. THE STORE IS BEAUTIFUL! Someday when the doors are open and travel can happen again, I’ll have to make my way down from Alaska because I must experience the magic. Sadly, I don’t speak parseltongue, and I’m not sure Alaska has the best climate for a basilisk, so I can’t really help you there.

  8. This is the best. My aunt used to say a giraffe lived in her basement. When we’d go down there, it had escaped to the backyard (because it was shy of course). It even went upstairs a few times. 🙂

  9. For parents like that you almost need to change the sign often so they can bring their kids around to read it.

  10. Put the pig in front of the store — don’t hide it. Then have BBQ food trucks park outside. mmmmm bacon and books…

  11. I need to summon my inner kid magic more often. I’ve got all her anxiety, thank you for reminding me I also have her strength!

  12. I’ve been feeling a bit petrified myself today, so this was just perfect. (Perhaps the lizard we found in our house over the weekend was actually a Basilisk?) Continued good wishes for your eventual grand opening!

  13. I love that sign. It’s just a small reminder of the wonderful things inside books, and book stores. I would love to visit when you open the shop, but it’s just so far from here. Maybe someday…

  14. you need a statue of a snarly man in the store now – and label him “victim of the basilisk.” And then a certificate either of vanquishing or adoption by Newt Scamander. 🙂 thank you for your whimsy

  15. I love that letter =) and the hopeful tone of being able to re-home a recalcitrant serpent king. I am so excited to see pictures of the store! I can’t wait until I can come see it for myself! Also, what is a bookstore without mild vandalism and not so subtle taxidermy? Answer: It’s a bookstore I don’t want.

  16. Jenny, can you just imagine how many people will come from all over the country, or world when you open? I’m in California and I may try to make the pilgrimage!

  17. I love your bookshop and if lived there I would shop there once you are open. Unfortunately I live much too far away. But what I will do is drive a long way out of my way to go there if I am ever driving through Texas again. thanks for everything you do, Jenny. So much love to you!

  18. I wish I could visit your store one day…. It already looks like magic.
    You brightened my day, thank you. ♥

  19. …and this is exactly why we want you to have a bookstore. I LOVE THIS SIGN. Will a stone statue frozen in horror be added to the store, in memory of that one (foolish) customer? PLEASE?

  20. So wonderful. Your bit about kids and magic made me teary. I need to remember that.

  21. I am so glad to read this post, I was worried at the last few, here is Jenny out to play! Yay!

  22. I will buy the basilisk – just to take him off your Hans. Plus, I love reptiles!

  23. This post made me happy cry! Well, a little sad but mostly happy. When it’s safe and I am able to I am going to embark on a bona fide pilgrimage to Nowhere. It’s a holy place. ❤️❤️❤️

  24. I’ve never been to Texas and absolutely hate the heat/humidity. I’d totes pack my stuff and relocate immediately for the opportunity to work for you in that magical book shop (y’know, when things are a bit less covid-19-y). Booze and Basilisks is now the name of my slow jam band unless you’ve got copyright. x

  25. I love this post, the letter, and everything about it! I love you! I don’t know if you saw my post of the Jenny Lawson facebook fan page, I posted a pic of an awesome 7 foot dragon statue for sale. It is simply awesome and I couldn’t think of a better place for it than with the basilisk in your store. They would be great friends, I am sure!

  26. When the great pause is over, we will emerge & nothing will be quite the same. Even though
    it’s chaotic, messy & a scary, we are going through one of those historical quantum leaps.
    Things are changing for good. And things are changing for the greater good.

  27. I love everything about this except for the part where I live in Ohio and can’t come visit when you finally do open.

  28. I have no idea why my eyes are so watery right now. This makes me so happy for you and the future basilisk foster parent.

  29. That is awesome, but now you have to get a stone statue of someone looking surprised,

  30. I’ve already disappeared into those pix….I am sitting on the floor feeling the magic!!!

  31. I’m crying in the good way.
    I’m glad to have Nowhere to look forward to at the end of all of this.

  32. This made me so happy that now I’m crying. In a good way. I’m very very far away but can’t wait to come to your beautiful magical shoppe of wonders. Thank you for loving books so much and for putting so much heart into creating a space for all your strangelings, no matter where in the world they are.

  33. Your sign is perfect. This bookstore is such a bright spot in these difficult times. I hope I get to visit it one day. (And maybe have my own books grace your shelves.)

  34. I live in PA, but I’m still so excited for you! I wish I lived in TX so I could work there. I’ve always wanted to work in a small independent book store, and this looks so inviting. I’m definitely going to be planning a trip to TX to see this in person and buy ALL THE BOOKS.

  35. As an immuno-compromised individual too, I find myself becoming more afraid than ever before of what’s out there. And now a basilisk is on the loose? Oh my. I may never leave my home again. I can have books delivered to my door, can I not?

  36. OH HAPPY DAY!!! Looks beauteous!!! Great sign 🙂 You are just brilliant 🙂

  37. Can i suggest for quotes:
    Tolkein “On Fairy Tales”
    “The realm of fairy-story is wide and deep and high and filled with many things: all manner of beasts and birds are found there; shoreless seas and stars uncounted”
    And Chesterton “The Red Angel”
    “ Fairy tales are not responsible for producing in children fear…The baby has known the dragon intimately ever since he had an imagination. What the fairy tale provides for him is a St. George to kill the dragon.”

  38. Gods, I love the way your brain works woman! (except, of course, when it is being a dick to you)

  39. I think the store looks amazing from what I can see! I sure hope it won’t be long before you are able to actually open. In the meantime I’ll do some light research on petrifaction! I love your sign for the store! 🙂

  40. I love how you are cultivating this living, breathing place – especially during a pandemic. You keep it safe, you feed it at night, you let it grow. Its like you are a soon-to-be bookstore foster failure. Which is a good thing, I promise! I love that your imagination comes first in the reasons for NoWhere’s privacy. Don’t stop. I’m saving money so I can fly there to feel the magic. Like “Lemoncello’s Library” but way better – it will look different on each of us. Carry on, faithful Captain. We’ll be ready when she pulls into port!

  41. thank you! Both for creating this place and also for telling us about how it’ scoming.

  42. What a great idea with the sign!! I love it. Also, when all of this madness is over, I want to make a road trip to visit the shop. I’ve loved the books so far and I can’t wait to see the bookstore in person. You are amazing, Jenny!

  43. Wait!! You can’t have a bookstore cat?? Or kittens, like Otis and Clementine Bookstore up in Nova Scotia (they work with a cat adoption group- the kittens are a REAL hit!)… what about the cat cafes??? I mean, if ever a bookstore deserved to have cats..well, Nowhere Books is definitely IT. Maybe you could paint a basilisk on the wall, and say it’s the shadow as it disappeared after being vanquished…. can’t wait to come out to TX to see the store. I only have one piece of advice; as to those wonderful books, remember that not everyone can afford a hard cover book; I remember having less $$ and waiting an eternity until a book I wanted came out in paperback so I could afford it. There will be a lot of people with a lot less $$ after this plague….so paperbacks will be welcome as a reading source, if you have space. I think this is going to be an awesome, successful bookstore!!

  44. You are awesome! I know it can he hard for you, and many of us but this little bit of magic you brought to those two little children is wonderful. You always make me smile. Thank you

  45. So cool! Have you been to Garrison Keillor’s Bookstore in St. Paul, MN? It’s got all these great quotes written on the posts, the shelves, the walls, and it is so fun, especially for tourists. I think you definitely need to “vandalize” your bookstore. Remember, this is YOUR store. One of the best things about good indie bookstores is they have a character all their own, and also are an extension of the owner. Tell Victor IT’S GOOD BUSINESS to write on things. You rock, Jenny! Let it roll!

  46. This brought me to happy tears.
    And, if you don’t mark the geographical center of your shop, with a sign that says , “You are in the middle of Nowhere!”, for a selfie stop, I will be gravely disappointed.

  47. Dammit, Jenny! Your conclusion made me cry.

    Here’s to the brave children – may they grow up to be brave adults.

  48. That’s fantastic! You can tell Victor that if you autograph books PRE-READ by YOU and charge a premium for them since they’ll include your DNA – that should be considered a smart business move! Be safe <3

  49. Jenny, please add the novel The Ragged Edge of Night by Olivia Hawker to your shelves. I don’t think I have ever been affected so much by a book before. True events in this story connect to what is happening in our country today, and what courage really means. Love your work, and good luck opening that shop!!! Linda

  50. I am looking forward to the day when you can proclaim Nowhere- NowHere!

  51. I’m HAVING to open my bookstore even though I have lupus — it’s just me there, and I have no choice. It’s open or close forever. So I’m hoping I don’t get COVID and die. (Already had a scare last week, and now I know how the swab feels … negative, though YAY!)

    I’m scared out of my mind, but I’m also excited. Bookstores should exist. My little town needs a bookstore, and I’m it. I hope people come back after me being closed since the start of March. This also marks the first time I’ve been out of the house, out of BED, other than going to the doctor twice in one day, since the first of March. WHY CAN’T I WEAR PAJAMAS TO WORK?!

  52. This post was perfectly timed. My daughter is in desperate need of a good book. So I used your link to buy her Catherine House (which just happens to be her first name as well). We both live on the East Coast, but one of these days once you clear the basilisk we will have to make a mother-daughter journey to Nowhere.

  53. Fueling our imaginations is what is always needed. It helps us enjoy life, it helps us be empathetic. Always a plus.

    Thanks for actually posting the sign – so many are not brave enough. You lead the way.

  54. 1) I laughed at the sign. well done. 2) I’m crying at that last paragraph. Kids are awesome!

  55. Jenny, you are a gift to the world. Thank you for being you, and thank you for sharing your self with the world. You make a difference. Also, Madam Pomfrey should be able to help with the petrification.

  56. Someday, when you are open, and we can fly on planes again, I am going Nowhere. I can’t wait.

  57. So happy you are opening a bookstore! Joined the reading group and can not wait for the first book. Good luck and best wishes on the opening day!

  58. Thank you for giving me something to smile about! I’m currently quarantined due to being exposed to COVID-19 while at the Ortho Surgeon’s office on May 29th! I didn’t find out about it until last Friday the 5th right after my dental appt. I received the voice mail after all the dental and doctor offices had all closed for the weekend at 5 p.m.!!!! I got to stew about it all weekend and couldn’t call anyone until today! I don’t feel sick. I don’t have any symptoms so I doubt I have it! My PCP says just stay home and we will talk to you on Thursday the 11th unless you get sick! I’m doing a telehealth with him as I don’t trust any doctor office now! He will give me the all clear then! I’m not going anywhere unless absolutely necessary after that (like my infusions) and to do surgery on my ankle! I’m so flipping mad right now as I’ve been so careful as I’m a high risk person with bronchiectasis with lupus, sclerderma, sjögrens, arthritis, and several other things things going on. Also thank you for the drawing last week!


  59. I’m glad to see that I wasn’t the only one who cried a little at the ending of this post.

  60. Oh how I love this post!! Brought tears to my eyes when reading the last bit about how magic is always present for kids. So love you as a wonderful human Jenny, and have a visit to your bookstore on my bucket list!! Now you need to create a Basilisk and ‘hide’ him in the store….

  61. Gah! You just made me cry with that last section. Kids are so brave. And we are all kids inside. Much love to you.

  62. After a long day of virtual teacher meetings (like real life staff meetings are not enough torture, and virtual teaching (yes teachers hate it as much as the parents) this was what I needed. I love the bookstore it is looking amazing and Jenny you are doing a great job! Keep it up and thanks for your post.

  63. My wish is that on the days before you officially open, that there is a line throughout San Antonio (6 feet apart of course) like you were debuting a new Star Wars movie or an IPhone. I WILL BE THERE, and I’ll bring treats for the basilisk.

  64. Your bookstore is beautiful! I can already feel the magic and I’m over 1,000 miles away!

  65. You’ll get there soon, Jenny! The bookstore will be AAAMAZZBALLLLS!! I plan on doing a little trip to San Antonio just to visit Nowhere, when it’s all good to go for travel, crossing borders and such. Love the notice. Maybe make a bigger one so people can’t miss it lol

  66. the bookstore is looking wonderful and magical! i live on the other side of the world, but somehow i will get there one day, and i cant wait!

  67. I hope it opens for you soon. Tomorrow I start going back to the office two days a week. IT isn’t really necessary I can work from home just fine but my boss wants to feel like he is in control.

  68. Jenny, I’m with Lisa – “all kinds of wonderful” and I love you, too! Thank you for all you’ve done to help so many of us cope in these strange and terrifying times!

  69. Will Rory, Hamlet von Schnitzel, and Beyonce find a new home in the bookstore?

  70. I wish I lived closer so I could come when you get opened. I always wanted to open a bookstore. It is going to be amazing.

  71. Your sign made me smile and feel happy for the first time in days ❤ thank you and I’m so looking forward to the day that we can safely visit Nowhere.

  72. Waiting for the first collection of short stories set in Nowhere Books to come out, with proceeds going to charity of course. Other than @Neilhimself, who else do you have lined up for the table of contents?

  73. WAAaaaahhhh! and also Halleluia! It looks wonderful and when I’m mended and on the road again, the Riverwalk and Nowhere Bookstore are on my bucket list for San Antonio. Be well, be strong, be happy, love from the mimi

  74. I live about 1200 miles north of the bookstore. Somehow I need a good excuse to visit Hill Country. Closest I need to see the pig 🐷 so obviously this is in my destiny. Oh and of course, you are amazing and much loved. 🥰

  75. Slightly shorter version of your fabulous “it can be dangerous quote” that also references a very beloved and nerdy game- “It’s dangerous to go alone, take this” (simple picture of book below. Just google “it’s dangerous to go alone to see more about the idea. <3

  76. It’s so awesome how big the bookstore is! I was picturing one of those quaint small town ones like in you’ve got mail. Love it 😍

  77. I’ve found that it IS possible to feel love for an entire family over internet. You and your family are among them now! First, it was your books, next your blog, now your bookstore. So fabulous in photos I can’t imagine how it is in person. Love the graffiti you plan! Dooo eeet!

  78. I just bought a pair of socks from They say, “Fight Evil. Read Books.” There are also t-shirts. You could talk to them about Basilisk fighting-related merchandise. They already have a ton of HP stuff.

  79. I wish beyond wishes that I lived close enough to come visit when you finally open. That will be my dream destination for a very long time!

    you should totally have that as a sign in the store! and love the sign about the basilisk.

  81. You are just such an amazing and inspiring person. I never leave your blog or books without a smile, insight and laugh. Thank you for sharing you with the world and to your family for being on this ride with you and for also sharing their lives!

  82. The bookshop is taking shape! It is beautiful! We can’t wait to walk through those doors, grab a drink, and exit with a bag full of books!!!

  83. You may already have it, but if not, may I suggest carrying “Rocket Says Look Up!” by Nathan Bryon in your Children’s Book Section.

  84. That would be an amazing sign, and you could also print it on free bookmarks that go in the book purchased.

  85. I’ve been in isolation since Friday, March 13th. I have asthma and Type One diabetes and Hashimotos and about five other auto immune diseases. It’s actually not been that bad since my job is exhausting and pretty much sucked the life out of me on a daily basis. My job opened back up last week but my doctor says nope, you don’t need to go in yet. This is the longest amount of time that I haven’t worked in my life. I am wondering if maybe I should just retire 🙂
    Then we can go see your bookshop when it opens!

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  87. Please promise me to stay well, because one day I WILL find a way to make it to your continent and visit the store, then spend waaaaaay too much money there! Sending safe hugs and salivating at the pictures.

  88. Augh! Also quarantined and health-comrpromised so now an isolate agoraphobic hermit day walker but OH THE STORE!!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU! It looks amazing already! It just needs some dead things and wall art and other such things and boom it’s done and perfect. 😻 It will happen!

  89. I love this so much I stole it and put in my Facebook feed! You are so keeping me sane in this age of insanity and I very much appreciate it! I knew I could tell you how much I enjoyed my morning taking photos of part of the local turkey vulture flock wandering about on the roof and spires of the Methodist church across from my home. The birds are so glorious in their ugliness, I could watch them all day! I imagine the conversations they must be sharing…yeah, Kevin, but that one is not nearly dead and stinky enough for us, lets go out to the highway and look for roadkill…hopefully, Jenny has left us some! Bwahahahahahahaha!

  90. The store is looking amazing!! Although I live in Northern Illinois, I am going to come and visit this great shop of yours!!! Thank you for everything you do and say!! It helps me, and I’m sure, many others!! LOVE!

  91. My daughter and I will be traveling to you from Florida when you are open and it’s safe for us to travel. We are already saving up for our over the top spending spree there. We can’t wait.
    Btw, I expect the basilisk probably would do well here in Florida but I’m not in the position to take it. My cats would be so very annoyed with us and you NEVER want to live with annoyed cats. :o)

  92. “..monsters are real, but they can be changed or tamed or vanquished.”

    Oh Jenny I cannot even put into proper words how hard this bit of prose hit me. I’m sobbing into my egg sandwich at my reluctant desk set up. My desk misses being a tv stand and I miss being out in my community working towards a mission. Thank you as always for your frankness and I promise to visit Nowhere and not shoplift as soon as we are able.

  93. That is an awesome sign! You need to post a bigger one so more people can notice it and read it! 😁 And I’m sure there’s a cure for petrifaction somewhere in that store!

  94. I wish so very much I could live near your bookstore. It sounds like an awesome place already, and I’m sure if I could go in when it’s ready, I would never want to leave. You could taxidermy me and have me sitting down with an open book in my stiff hands! I love you Jenny!

  95. Love the note on the door. I enjoy stores owned and operated by fun people and I’m sure your customers will appreciate that too! I am in Illinois too, but maybe I can visit the store someday.

  96. I know exactly what you mean. I am immunocompromised also – spent almost 3 months over the past year in a hospital or re-hab unit. It sucks. I’m glad to hear you say it out loud because I am always putting on a happy face for friends and family.

  97. Your basilisk has a home with my jabberwocky and bandersnatch anytime it wants to leave. But you might want to keep it for shoplifters and obnoxiously entitled customers. You could have the petrified annoying customer stand by the door with a sign saying “ this is what happens to shoplifters.” I’m thrilled at the progress your bookstore is making. Can we see more photos?
    Sending lots of love to all my fellow immunocompromised shut ins. I’m starting to get really jealous of all the protestors marching because I can’t join them in the lovely spring weather in crowds of diverse people rallying for a kinder, gentler, more inclusive world.
    I want to be as brave as that child who is willing to risk petrification for the chance to see something wonderful rarely ever seen unscathed.
    Thank you for helping make this world a better place!

  98. I worked in a Chapters store here in Ottawa for almost a decade (like Borders or Barnes&Noble) and this looks more like the home I’d spend all my non-sleeping/working hours in. It’s going to be something very special and I hope someday I get to drive down way south to visit.

  99. I actually caught a glimpse of the basilisk when I snuck a peek inside Nowhere last week. She stopped and briefly glanced at me before diving behind the front desk. I think we bonded in that flash of an moment in time. Or maybe not. She may have been thinking, “oh criminy! Another fucking tourist.” Either way, the bookstore is already creating magical vibes and I can’t wait to go in. In the meantime, I’ll stand outside and soak up the good energy.

  100. Ohmygosh. You HAVE to hide a basilisk around the store now for kids to find, like Trader Joe’s does with Lemmy the Lobster. Please please please! <3

  101. You are beyond awesome. Can’t wait for the store to open. Maybe you could tame the basilisk and work him into your store somehow. Love your brain!

  102. This made me cry but in a good way. I’m also immunocompromised and very asthma-y, so I have not left my property since March 15 so I totally understand how you feel in that respect. I love this note and the story about the man and his kids. That’s amazing. I enjoy seeing pictures of the shop because it allows me to “go” there when I can’t leave the house. You are a lovely human Jenny, never stop being you.

  103. This totally made me cry. I am currently in Charleston but my husband is working in San Antonio and I was like WHHHHAAAAATTTTT?????? when I saw that’s where your store is. I miss my husband and want to visit him soon, but is it terrible that I want to time it with your store being open? I am such a book nerd and I am going through THE SHIT right now and would love to sit in your store and browse your stacks for hours however much it might irritate my husband. I haven’t been able to join your book club yet but how cool would it be to buy them in person in YOUR store? You have given me something to look forward to <3

  104. As my mother-in-law (from SanAntonio) would have said, “You made me tear up.” I can’t wait to head south (from OK) and visit when you are open.

  105. Well, it’s YOUR bookstore, you should be able to paint the walls with any words you want. Well, I suppose family-friendly words. Don’t want to scare people away, or anything.

    I may have to see if we can get to San Antonio when you open. I want to, SO BADLY. The pandemic killed the last bookstore in this part of Phoenix — there is a specialty shop that has collectible and first editions, but real bookstores are hard to find these days….

  106. Stop making me cry all the tears of wonder and happiness and stress and fear and longing ALL AT ONCE!
    PS – I love you. And if I can ever bring myself to get on a plane again I’m coming to visit. And by “visit” I mean “shop,” not stalk you or anything creepy, I promise.

  107. I’m gonna have to stop by the store and fangirl all over the place, after I go to the Alamo to check out the basement. 😉

    @WynterRose75: Girl, THANK YOU SO MUCH, you just changed my life for the better! I’ve been having problems for YEARS now with my lungs being ALWAYS congested, even after 5+ years of quitting cigarettes (Cold turkey, too!). Reading up on COPD, I realized that only about half of the symptoms sounded like me, and my doctor ruled it out, yet here I am every day with the guifenisin pills and the hacking up of the clams. I saw your post, looked up “bronchiectasis”, and I about fell out: it was me, every bit of it! Now I know what to ask my doctor to test for/treat. I’m actually kinda annoyed, if I’m honest; I love my GP (she looks like Gillian Anderson, so I call her Dr. Scully), but damn, once we ruled out COPD, this really should have been next.

    Now I now, and knowing is half the battle! YO JOE!

    Oh, and what the actual slap happy fuck is up with the SPAM up at #112? And there’s been ‘bots lately, too; I guess it’s the price of having Comments open, but I still hate it when it happens on awesome sites like this!


    Storm the Klingon

  108. Thank you. This post made me smile and, in this day and age, I needed a smile in the worst way!

  109. Awesome tiles for the floor too!! I am in the middle of a house renovation and looking at tile designs non-stop and I love the ones in the bookstore!!!

  110. Big lovin to Miss Dorothy Barker, she is simply a darling, like her Mom

  111. I loved San Antonio when we went a couple of years ago, and now I cannot wait to come back. Seriously? A bookstore? With drinks? Nothing could be better, except maybe also serving breakfast food.

    I just finished reading Furiously Happy (btw, I hate that I cannot italicize the title here), the first book of yours I’ve read and why I needed to find your blog. I loved reading about many of the same anxiety episodes I have experienced. My impostor syndrome runs deep — I must have been born with it, and it pervades every part of my life. My favorite line of the book (besides sharing your confusion over a Brazilian blowout) was near the end when you told Victor his life would be easier without you and he replied, “‘It might be easier. But it wouldn’t be better.'” I shared this with my husband, and he reminded me that no one is holding him here.

    Thanks for letting me get a glimpse into your life. It helps. And know that you are not alone.

  112. My daughter and I have always dreamed of opening a bookstore. I will have to live vicariously through you, which is fun, and hope that maybe one day that dream will come true. I had written you when I first stumbled across your blog in desperation for connection with anyone even sort of like me. I have MDD and anxiety with a pinch of PTSD thrown in after my husbands suicide. My daughter has always written and when I read your book you both have a very similar voice and warped sense of humor. Love it!! She suffers from panic attacks that come out of no where and are paralyzing, yet she still works and goes to school. She stopped writing when my husband died 6 years ago, but she is just starting again. Her HS Creative writing teacher asked if he could use her work as examples for his class. She is 22. I also have 3 boys, but no one else seems to have the writing bug, but her Dad did and I am so very greatful she has gained enough strength to find her voice again. I admire you tremendously and am so grateful your voice called out to me and gave me hope.

  113. Love the sign on the door! Been taking time during this pandemic to catch up on some reading and it’s been the best part.

  114. The statue should be surprised and delighted because at least magic came back into the world before that customer turned to stone. New line today I was caught in a rainstorm in a greenhouse at the nursery, with a family whose two small children were terrified by the sound of the rain, until they saw me in my silly mustache mask laughing and saying how much I love the rain when I’m in a safe place. Their terror turned off. .

  115. Love it so much! So much is forgotten after we grow up—the wonder, the amazement, the hope and belief that anything is possible! I wish we could keep believing as adults. What a fantastic world it would be!

  116. What a lovely post! Hey so, I don’t know if you are still taking suggestions for the bookshop but – are you considering putting down some throw rugs? Rugs will add color and pattern; dampen noise, and can delineate spaces. EBay is filled with some beautiful vintage rugs!

  117. Thanks for the sign and story about the kids trying to find the basilisk. I’m having a difficult day and this gave me my first smile of the day.

  118. THANK you for providing some levity. you are very special and you help make the world a better place.

  119. What a wonderful new letter! I’m trying to count the days till you open & I can plan a trip to TX… I just wish I knew how to count these days.


    Genital warts HPV,

    Hepatitis A,B,C,D and E


    Alzheimer’s Disease


    Diabetes, Fibromyalgia and more

  121. Okay as dumb as it is I totally teared up for the dad who stopped and read the sign to their kids. So cute and wholesome and apparently I’m a sappy b****.

  122. OMG I love the reactions of the kids…they are so pure and amazing! I’m in Canada so the chances of me coming down to actually see your shop are slim to none, but I love the photos so far and you should be so fucking proud of yourself!!

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