24 years ago this very day

Last week Victor found an old VCR and we watched our wedding video for the first time in 24 years. It seems like it was yesterday. It seems like it was a million years ago.

Today we’ll eat hummus and light sparklers in the backyard and rewatch Hamilton as Hailey and I try (and fail) to not loudly sing along and Victor tries (and fails) to act annoyed with us.

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24 years ago today.

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FYI…James and Jennifer are our legal names. I assure you, this is us even though we both look like we’re 12.

Even in lockdown I’m feeling very lucky today.

Here’s to cake and blind optimism and cake.

And to 24 more with any luck.

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  1. *So much* trouble at our wedding because all my work colleagues know me as ‘Russ’ (my first name) and all my friends know me as ‘Jamie’ (my middle name) and this was the first time the two had collided. So “hi!” to James/Victor/Jennifer/Jenny, and congratulations on 24 years of weird happiness! x x

  2. Happy Anniversary! Here’s to at least another 24 more years of you two lovebirds finding weird things to fight about and making it work for you. 🙂

  3. So charming and sweet. A beautiful couple, and clearly, as time has proven, true soulmates.

  4. You two are completely my #couplegoals, so sweet. Happy Anniversary and best wishes for many many more!

  5. And here’s to many more, and your sharing your joys with all of us! We love you, Jenny and Victor!

  6. Wait, what? Victor’s name is JAMES? Clearly you’ve been hiding things from us. What next? Dorothy Barker is legally Mary Louise Elizabeth Gertrude D’Orleans? I feel betrayed. JK. Happy Anniversary to you amazing people, whatever you call yourselves.

  7. You made such a lovely bride. Congratulations on another year together and wishing you many more to come.

  8. Y’all are so cute and you really do look like you are 12. YaY to 24 and to many, many more. ❤️

  9. Happy Anniversary! At first glance I thought you wrote “today we’ll eat humans…” and I didn’t even think it was odd until I finished the sentence. Ha!

  10. Wishing you many more years together … you got the ‘happy’ formula right. Grateful that you found each other and have created a life that has benefited so many others. Cheers!

  11. Happy anniversary to you both!! Our internet is so slow the photos haven’t downloaded yet but… I’m sure you look like absolute BABIES like the others say and… how weird. It’s all… how did your parents allow two children to marry. But… adorable!!! Sending love to you both!

    And “Happy Independence Day” as my own husband and I just celebrated our lucky thirteenth wedding anniversary and… uh, dark humor anyone?


  12. Victor looking so unknowing as you stand there brandishing a knife. Hey – he’s made it 24 years! Happy anniversary to you both!

  13. I think my husband and I gave each other the same look, because my grandma said she would disown him if he smashed cake in my face.

  14. I too was married 24 yrs ago. I too wore an almost identical dress. I too am happy today. The only difference? I’m happy because I got divorced.

    Much love to you and “James” and here’s to another 24 and beyond.

  15. That was the most beautiful, sweet moment! Thank you for sharing your special day…happy anniversary! 💕

  16. Wishing you both a very happy 24th anniversary! My husband and I celebrate our 32nd on July 22. Due to life threatening health issues for both of us since October, we are happier than ever for this one!

  17. That dress!!!!! That figure!!!! Lovely video, thanks for sharing.

  18. Happy Anniversary Jenny and Victor!

    Hope there are 24 more. At which point I’ll hope for 24 more after that.

    At which point you may ask me to slow my roll a little because that’s a lot of 24s when you think about it.

  19. Congrats and very Happy Anniversary!
    Advice from my 53+ years of marriage (and still married):
    1) Winding up with the right person? It’s all pure luck.
    2) Privately sneer at the married couples who say “We never fight.” If you don’t have a low, miserable-I-hate-you day, how can you have a high, I-can’t believe-I’ve-got-it-so-good day?
    3) The longer you stay married, the older you get. The older you get, the easier it is to say “Damn, I know I’m pissed off at you today but now I can’t remember why.”

  20. I have never seen anyone look more adorable taking a bite of cake as you did when sweet Victor wisely chose not to smear it. Happy Anniversary!!!

  21. Happy anniversary! And Hamilton has become my new July 4 tradition

  22. Congratulations ~ Happy Anniversary with many more to celebrate ~ Love the video, thank you so much for sharing with several thousand of your closest friends (and fans!!!)

  23. Jenny, Jenny, Jenny!!! (And Victor, Victor, Victor!!!)
    Congratulations on your anniversary. You both looked so young…AND NORMAL!!!
    I know what unites us in this tribe is the fact that we think of ourselves as hot messes who can’t ever function like “normal” people, but Jenny, you sure pulled off normal for your wedding. Normal AND adorable!
    I, on the other hand, a person who is NEVER at a loss for words…almost completely lost my voice when it came time for the vows! We’re still married too. I honestly can’t remember how long though. Maybe 20?

  24. Aww… Happy Anniversary!! My husband was James too. We only got 4 anniversaries before he passed away, but I’m grateful for the love. Have a beautiful day, and sing as loud as you want! 💜💜

  25. Happy, happy anniversary! Love the sleeves! (Mine were also huge; married in 1988.)

  26. thank you for sharing! What young kids you and James (JAMES???) were

  27. You looked like you were going to swoon. Either from romance, excitement, sheer terror, or constrictive wedding clothes. Happy Hamilton Day and anniversary!

  28. How wonderful to re-visit that special day through an old video tape! Happiest of anniversaries and may you have many, many more!

  29. Happy anniversary. You both look gorgeous! I also had an off the shoulder wedding dress. And I agree that being locked down with my best friend is more like a reward than a punishment. Here’s to many more happy years!

  30. Congratulations on keeping it together all this time, and through the pandemic too! Now you can say you’ve truly been through the fire. Thank you for sharing your wonderful day. May you have another 24 years just as wonderful as the last 24.

  31. Happy everything, always. You were, and remain, luminously beautiful. Thank you for being here, Jenny.

  32. so young! and very daring of you to wear that incredible dress! you were both beautiful then and are still beautiful now. heres to many many more happy and loving years together!

  33. Mazal tov, Jenny and Victor! That is some majestic hair on Victor. You both look beautiful. To many more happy, healthy years together!

  34. Happy Anniversary! (Sorry I’m late…didn’t see this till Monday)

    Hubs and I celebrated our 21st in February and yeah, we looked like we were just kids too even though he was 23 and I was 20.

    People ask us how we’ve made it so long…well, we’re both stubborn as heck and I always say he’s the fly by the seat of his pants Peter Pan to my neurotic and anxiety-filled Wendy. I keep him grounded and he keeps me from being a little TOO grounded.

  35. Oh my God you two are so adorable! BABIES! BABIES, I say! Happy anniversary. <3

  36. Oh our anniversary was on the 4th as well! 17 years this year.

    Happy belated anniversary 🙂

  37. Oh Jenny, your beautiful happy face shows so much love and makes me cry. I wish you both 24 more years of driving eachother to drink <3

  38. I’m watching this and thinking, “Gosh, maybe Hailey sang at the wedding…” Have lost the ability to use Time in any manner whatsoever.
    So glad the video still played and it’s digitized and safe! Happy 24th Anniversary!

  39. Happy Anniversary! plus extra congratulations that you are in fact happy to have another anniversary!

  40. Oh, and I forgot: in your extremely gorgeous photo, you look like you’re wearing a mini-cake wrist corsage. Now THAT is something we could all use. Just imagine, you’re going around mingling at the reception like a good bride, and getting all hangry, but now you can just munch and keep going! [rushing to patent office]

  41. Well done to get to 24 years of marriage. Even bigger kudos do to it the Covid19 Lockdown.
    Hey you both!

  42. So positive and hopeful. A really pleasant reminder that we have so much to celebrate despite everything… everything else… You are appreciated. Cheers to you and Victor!

  43. you were both adorable. And you still are. only 24 years, eh. The next 24 will pass so fast…we just had our 52 anniversary today, and it surpised me, too.

  44. Those are some serious sleeves sister! Loves me some 1990s. Yay and for us, also ~25 years he is still my favorite partner in crime

  45. Happy Anniversary! It goes super fast and super slow at the same time, doesn’t it? (I’ve been married 17 years.)

    Here’s to 24 more!!! Lots of socially distanced hugs and love to the whole family!

  46. Happy Anniversary! I read the part about your wedding at my brother and sister in law’s wedding (they said I could pick & then were pleased as their officiant said IT WAS THE BEST CHOICE EVER), so really you have a second wedding in October now, just 20 years after. Thanks for all the joy you bring into our lives x

  47. So so fabulous!! Congrats Jenny and Victor!! ❤️❤️❤️

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